Belarus has shutdown borders,

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Belarus has shutdown borders,

Russia and Belarus has placed military on Polish Border / Ukrainian Border and Lithuanian Border

Most Americans are still asleep :sleeping: on what’s coming

The Europeans are not

Take the #GoodwillChallenge.

Go check out your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, or locally owned and operated thrift store to hunt down SHTF supplies.

See what you can find to put your upcycling skills to the test. Can you repurpose what you find?

This will be an important skill to cultivate in the event of an emergency or a supply chain collapse.

Take the challenge and practice now while you have time.

People in Hurricane areas know this too well

You might have a generator but you hook it for some lights and the fridge. If its really powerful maybe AC or fans, but the little electric appliances cannot be used

Things like pressure cooker that can be place over charcoal

Cast irons, mason jars, hunting knifes

:ukraine::us: Starship Troopers: US Air Force CV-22 Osprey converters are involved in the United Efforts 2020 exercise in the Lviv region of Ukraine
Servicemen of the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, together with soldiers of American special forces, worked out a parachute-free landing from the CV-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft of the USAF
#USA #Ukraine #NATO

:ukraine::us: Звездный десант: aэродром под Львовом принимает в гости американские конвертопланы Bell V-22 Osprey — в рамках многонациональных военных учений “Объединенные усилия-2020”.
Военнослужащие Сил специальных операций ВС Украины совместно с бойцами американского спецназа отработали беспарашютное десантирование с борта конвертопланов CV-22 Osprey ВВС США
#США #Украина #НАТО

Not surprising
Half of NATO is in the Ukraine :grin:

Azazel News #Recap 9/20/2020

  1. NASA and FEMA prepare for Sept 20 asteroid impact in California, off coast: documents reveal. The question we must now ask is: will the drill go live? Actual asteroid to make its close approach to Earth on Sept 20. NASA and FEMA conduct asteroid impact emergency planning exercise. What would we do if we discovered a large asteroid on course to impact Earth? NowThis: “NASA and the ESA are teaming up to explore how to potentially redirect a hypothetical asteroid headed to Earth. The ESA spacecraft Hera which will launch alongside NASA’s DART (Double Asteroid Redirect Test) on a collision course with a real asteroid in 2021, as a test.” The Time Machine: “Alexander travels to 2037, when the accidental destruction of the Moon by the lunar colonists’ demolition team has begun rendering the Earth virtually uninhabitable. While restarting the time machine, he is knocked unconscious and travels to the year 802,701 before reawakening.” Two asteroids set to cross Earth’s orbit just hours apart as another Great Pyramid-sized space rock barrels our way. Two 100-meter-wide asteroids are set to cross Earth’s orbit within hours of each other in the coming days as another space rock, the size of ancient Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza, careens towards our planet. Space Initiatives: “From my colleague Daniel Bamberger The small asteroid 2020 SO will be a temporary satellite of Earth from October 2020 till May 2021. It will complete two full orbits before departing into a heliocentric orbit again. 2020 SO is estimated to be 6-15 meters in diameter.”

  2. ICIJ: FinCEN Files: An ICIJ investigation reveals the role of global banks in industrial-scale money laundering — and the bloodshed and suffering that flow in its wake. NWO Broadcasting Corp: “The ICIJ ( International Consortium of Investigative Journalists ) has produced the infamous Panama Papers and Paradise Papers Like its parent body the ICIJ is also funded by Ford Foundation and Open Society Foundation (Soros/Rothschild).” ICIJ: “NEW: Together with Buzz Feed News and 108 other media organizations we reveal the FinCENFiles – our latest cross-border investigation. Using super secretive bank documents and months of reporting, we expose how banks fail to stop dirty money flows.” “Meet ICIJ’s supporters - ICIJ. Here at ICIJ we give our work away for free. But cross-border investigative journalism is among the most expensive and riskiest in the world.” BBC News: “All you need to know about FinCEN documents leak. Revelations in secret files shows how major banks have helped move dirty money around the world.” Secret documents show how criminals use famous banks to finance terror and death, and the government doesn’t stop it. Thousands of secret “suspicious activity reports” offer a never-before-seen picture of corruption and complicity — and how the government lets it flourish. The FinCENFiles investigation reveals how drug war profits, money embezzled from developing countries, and savings stolen in a Ponzi scheme were allowed to flow in and out of these financial institutions despite warnings. [Connect the dots. “ICIJ is not publishing the totality of the leak, and will not divulge raw documents or personal information en masse.” Good and bad thing, especially under the elections it could be bad. They could ruin their or someone else’s agenda.]

  3. CNN: “Most recent US elections have had an international event as the October Surprise. This one may be no different. The 2020 election may provide yet another ‘October surprise’ to rock the boat.”

  4. Darknet market vendor identified via fingerprints in photo posted. Dream vendor “Canna_Bars” sentenced to prison. A judge in a California court sentenced Jose Robert Porras III to five years and 10 months in federal prison for distributing a controlled substance and illegally possessing firearms.

  5. Shoppers post images of supermarket shelves ‘stripped bare’ and delivery slots start selling out amid fears of second wave of panic buying.

  6. The PLA Air Force has posted on its official WeChat a video “God of War Xian H-6K missile carrier” showing a future missile attack on a US military base in Guam.

  7. The newest Chinese military icebreaker of project 272, built at the shipyard Bohai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Company, Ltd. (BSHIC) in Huludao. The icebreaker is equipped with a large airstrip capable of receiving heavy helicopters of Z-8 type. Rare footage of a Chinese modernized strategic nuclear submarine with Type 094 ICBMs going on combat patrols at sea.

  8. China for the first time demonstrated launch of a supersonic anti-ship missile YJ-18 from a destroyer of O52D project of PLA Navy. Its design is similar to the Russian 3M54-T Caliber-NK (NATO code SS-N-27A ‘Sizzler’). Missiles 3M-54E ((SS-N-27B ‘Sizzler’, or Club-S) have a three-stage design - an accelerator, a rocket and a supersonic nose with a warhead, as a weapon of eight submarines of project 636M (delivered by Russia in 2004-2006 years). Firing range of YJ-18 anti-ship missiles can be 290 nautical miles, or 537 km.

  9. In official account of GAIC (Guizhou Aviation industry Group) on social network weibo, congratulations are received on the first successful landing on aircraft carrier of carrier-based version of Chinese Guizhou JL-9G combat trainer— carrier-based modification of JL-9 combat trainer developed by Guizhou at based on Guizhou JJ-7 (copy of Soviet MiG-21U). The first independent flights of first group of ten female cadets of the PLA Air Force Academy of Army Aviation took place.

  10. For the first time, China practiced massive missile strike on aircraft carrier group of US Navy almost month ago. On August 26, China launched DF-21D two-stage solid-propellant ballistic anti-ship missiles with a maximum range of 1,500 km and DF-26 ballistic missiles with maximum range of 4,000 km from Qinghai and Zhejiang provinces at target in South China Sea. On the same day, more than 40 warships of Northern Fleet of PLA Navy simultaneously put out to sea from Qingdao and Lushun naval bases.

  11. At the end of August, a presentation video of a new Chinese high-precision 7.62 mm sniper rifle, developed by the Chinese company Jianshe Group for the PLA special forces and the People’s Armed Police of China, was published. At the end of August, China also demonstrated a new amphibious reconnaissance vehicle with radar, designed to search, detect and identify moving ground targets, suppress detected targets and protect the crew. Target radar detection range: man - 5 km, tank - 15 km. The recognition range of the “tank” target by the optical-electronic system is 4.5-6 km. September 1 from Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company Ltd. (DSIC, part of the state corporation China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation) in Dalian, the second Chinese aircraft carrier, Shandong, went to sea. China Flying Dragon Aviation made its first commercial flight on the Heihe-Mohe-Jagdaki route on upgraded Harbin Y-12F light turboprop 19-seater aircraft, demonstrated at the Moscow Air Show. Compared to its predecessor Y12E, it received a new wing, an enlarged fuselage, retractable landing gear, modern avionics, and more powerful RT6A-65B engines.

  12. “Enforced! After the National Day, the soldiers mobilized in the wartime of the motherland, the following personnel must serve! Violators are regarded as illegal and go straight to Beijing. Yesterday, the national wartime mobilization of soldiers, the following personnel must serve! Our Constitution stipulates that it is the sacred duty of every citizen of the People’s Republic of my country to defend the motherland and resist aggression. If the state issues a mobilization order, the people’s governments from the central to the provincial, municipal, county, and township levels, as well as military agencies at all levels, must mobilize quickly. For the mobilization of soldiers in wartime, the following personnel must be in place immediately. 1. Soldiers in active service stop retiring from active service and are on vacation. Soldiers visiting relatives must return immediately. 2. Reserve personnel and national defense students are ready to be recruited into service at any time.” [China perhaps just started the Draft. Imagine invading Beijing with the Marines - oh man the horrors the world will find out about what’s under the Forbidden City. You guys will see, if the invasion happens and the United States Military takes over Beijing the world will learn about the horrors underground underneath the Forbidden City.

  13. Global Times: “PLA Friday drills not warning, but rehearsal for Taiwan takeover: Global Times editorial. The Taiwan Straits is by no means a place that separatists can act recklessly. If Taiwan authorities try, they will definitely be met with the mainland’s military solutions.” [China does not hide that the PLA military exercises in the Taiwan Strait are not a warning, but a rehearsal for the capture.]

  14. At the junction of Shunyi and Tongzhou in Beijing, there were multiple huge explosions in the early morning of today (19th). The fire illuminates the sky, and thick smoke billows straight into the sky. Many local people were awakened by the explosion, and a large number of netizens posted messages on Weibo, saying that there were more than 100 fire trucks rushing to help and helicopters hovering in the air. However, almost all related posts were deleted, and the official emphasized that there were no casualties.

  15. Someone discovered that the propaganda film of the People’s Liberation Army bombing Guam came from three American blockbusters and then pieced together. I don’t know how much money was cheated.

  16. Today it was leaked that North Korea has delivered the Mullahs in Tehran with new missile technology. More soon.

  17. In Eastern Europe problems with Telegram began again. The failures in Telegram are explained quite simply - another large-scale military exercise with presence of PLA military began in Russia and Belarus today. The strategic command-staff exercises Kavkaz-2020 began in Russia today in the Southern Military District, which will last on September 26. In addition to 80 thousand soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces, military units from China, Belarus, Pakistan, Armenia and Myanmar are participating in the exercises.

  18. The joint exercises of Belarusian and Russian Armed Forces Slavic Brotherhood-2020 continue on the Brestsky training ground, which will last until September 25. The joint tactical exercises “Slavic Brotherhood-2020” with the participation of the paratroopers of the Pskov airborne forces of Russia and Special Operations Forces of Belarusian Armed Forces started on September 17, but today Lukashenko suddenly made a decision to hold the second stage of exercises from September 22 to 25. This was reported by Ministry of Defense of Belarus. Perhaps Lukashenko’s decision is related to the United Efforts 2020 exercise taking place in southern Ukraine, in which take part servicemen of the elite special forces Pathfinders and SAS of the British Armed Forces. The United Efforts goals are the practical performance of tasks in a multinational environment according to NATO standards and procedures.

  19. As usual, not without incidents - KAMAZ of RF Armed Forces caught fire at one of the test sites.

  20. Meanwhile, in Germany, international Combined Resolve XIV maneuvers continue, during which unit of Special Operations Forces of Ukrainian AF received the task of finding and destroying the enemy’s air defense systems. Ukrainians supported the allies with fire and “destroyed” the AH-64 Apache helicopter, one enemy infantry fighting vehicle, HMMWV and up to 10 soldiers, “losing” 2 of their infantry fighting vehicles and 7 military personnel.

  21. Russia ran out of money even for the military-industrial complex. Samara Rocket Plant Progress (TsSKB-Progress) intends to cut 400 people in the fall. This was announced by the CEO Dmitry Baranov. It is planned to reduce another 2,000 workers out of 16,700 people working at the enterprise in the near future. Putin no longer has money to buy the loyalty of elites. Roscosmos, due to funding cuts, will not be able to implement the project to develop the Angara heavy launch vehicle with a third stage on hydrogen engines. The same Samara Rocket and Space Center Progress, where reductions are currently underway, should participate in its creation. Funding for the federal space program until 2025 has been cut by 150 billion rubles. According to Rogozin, funding below one trillion four hundred billion can lead to a complete degradation of the industry. [Another reason Putin needs a war to keep his Keys of Power happy. To refill the treasure chest.]

  22. Esper downplays Russia’s threat: not a challenge in the future. Esper’s deriding comments – akin to those that have infuriated Vladimir Putin the past – come amid a new Pentagon shift to focus primarily on China. The Secretary of Defense on Wednesday dismissed Russia as unable to present persistent dangers to the U.S., marking a notable shift in the Pentagon’s view of the global threats for which it must prepare. “China has a vast population, its resources, the vast dynamism of its economy,” Defense Secretary Mark Esper said at an event organized by the RAND Corporation in California, “very different from Russia in terms of demographics.” We see Russia as a challenge right now, but in the future, less so."

  23. FBI chief says Russia is trying to interfere in election to undermine Biden. FBI Director Christopher Wray on Thursday said that Russian agents were trying to undermine Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in the lead-up to the November election.

  24. Vaccination of the population has begun in full swing in Russia. Actors, singers, directors and other celebrities act as propaganda for this event. At one such vaccination, something went wrong and the star of Russian cinema and singer Mikhail Boyarsky fainted.

  25. Video of raging fires in Magadan emerges. This video is living proof of what the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Magadan Region calls “the situation under control.” This is how forest fires look, which, according to rescuers, pose practically no threat. The fire began to spread this morning in one of the districts of the region, so far, according to local residents, it has not been possible to cope with it. Did not have time to extinguish the fires in Rostov region, as in Magadan broke out seven fires at once. Fires are burning in the area of the villages of Sokol and Ultar, forests are also burning on Nyukle, where, according to Izvestia, residents of the coast of the Magadan Region prefer to rest. While fires are raging in Magadan, snow has already fallen in the Tomponsky ulus of Yakutia on September 17. And this weekend the first snow fell also in the Arkhangelsk, Kirov regions, the Komi Republic and Uzbekistan.

  26. More than 100 servicemen of the 16th Airborne Assault Brigade of the British Armed Forces within framework of the first stage of the United Efforts 2020 landed from C-130 aircraft in the Nikolaev region of Ukraine. Exercises are a signal to Russia and are designed to provide support to Kiev amid the war in Donbas and difficult situation in Belarus. Military transport aircraft C-130 of the Royal Air Force, Il-76MD and An-26 of the Air Force of Ukraine were involved in landing.

  27. On September 9, a fire broke out in the very center of capital of Armenia, Yerevan. The fire is actively spreading and threatening the unique repository of ancient manuscripts of Matenadaran. Matenadaran Institute of Ancient Manuscripts is a research center, one of the largest repositories of manuscripts in the world. As of 2015, Matenadaran funds numbered over 17,000 ancient manuscripts and over 100,000 old archival documents. [When ancient manuscripts burn, it’s always very strange.]

  28. In Gomel, there was a skirmish with punishers. Participants of the Justice March walk along Independence Avenue towards the President’s residence. Meanwhile, in the Belarusian Brest, the Gestapo were given pepper spray.

  29. Swiss explorer Mike Horn and Norwegian Borge Uslan nearly died conquering an iceberg in Arctic.

  30. Baltic Sea ferry runs aground in Finnish waters, no injuries. Finnish authorities say a Baltic Sea passenger ferry with nearly 300 people has run aground in the Aland Islands archipelago between Finland and Sweden without injuries.

  31. Massive protests against government quarantine measures due to COVID-2019 took place in London on Saturday.

  32. The power grab we have all been warning about will happen in a matter of weeks. The Battle of Scotland is about to begin. On the sixth anniversary of the Independence referendum Sir Keir Starmer leader of the Worker’s Party deigned to visit the Scottish colony. Unlike his predecessor Corbyn it is unlikely Starmer travelled in second class alongside any of the proletariat.

  33. BC NDP election hopeful calling on party to apply gender mandate, block Nathan Cullen from consideration. Annita McPhee, an Indigenous advocate who served three terms as president of the Tahltan Central Government has filed NDP nomination paperwork in the northern B.C. riding of Stikine. [Anti-egalitarian gender quotas sweeping across the western world.]

  34. A package containing the poison ricin and addressed to Trump intercepted by law enforcement. Two tests were done to confirm the presence of ricin. A US law enforcement official told CNN that investigators are looking into the possibility the ricin package sent to Trump came from Canada. The ricin package for Donald Trump is positioned as an attempt to assassinate the President of US. Woman suspected of sending a letter containing the poison ricin to President Donald Trump was arrested as she tried to enter the US from Canada at a border crossing in New York state, a US law enforcement official said. She was carrying a firearm. [How can they not recall the recent ricin scandal in Czech Republic, where Russian spies tried to poison three high-ranking officials with ricin? In Czech Republic, Russian diplomats tried to poison three high-ranking Czech officials with ricin for demolishing a monument to Soviet Marshal Konev.]

  35. A DARPA-funded implantable biochip to detect COVID-19 could hit markets by 2021. An experimental new vaccine claims to be able to change human DNA and could be deployed against COVID-19 by 2021 through a biochip implant. [Chips already exist since the 80s developed by SIEMENS. This article has a lot of things wrong with it in regards to Canadians working with DARPA since it would require an American Security Clearance. Not saying the research does not exist but just jurisdiction of it is confusing and not explained well. Check JHAPL this would be up their alley and they are funded by DARPA for more info on such a chip.]

  36. Trump’s WeChat curbs halted by judge on free speech concerns. The Trump administration’s curbs on WeChat were put on hold by a judge, upending an effort to halt use of the Chinese-owned app in the U.S.

  37. Trump ‘blesses’ deal valuing TikTok At $60 billion as ByteDance keeps ‘secret sauce.’ That would be an “interesting win”, as one Twitter user points out - though Bloomberg says nothing is set in stone yet.

  38. Inventor of waterproof fabric Gore-Tex dies aged 83. Robert W. Gore’s invention has been used in space suits, guitar strings and waterproof jackets. [This man is like a Patron Saint to all Western Allied Infantry. Tragic. His contributions will always be remembered when I use any fluoropolymers products. It’s Everywhere!]

  39. Spotify employees demanding editorial oversight over Joe Rogan. A group of Spotify staffers are now reportedly pushing to introduce direct editing oversight over The Joe Rogan Experience. Spotify is reportedly fighting with employees about hosting episodes of Joe Rogan’s podcast that some consider transphobic. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek addressed employee concerns about “The Joe Rogan Experience” in an all-hands meeting on Wednesday, sources told Vice.

  40. Twitter locks TV host Steve Malzberg’s account after linking to video of Groper Biden for "Violation of Child Sexual Exploitation Policy.” You can’t make this up – Twitter freezes RT Host Steve Malzberg from platform for sharing video of Joe Biden touching children by claiming it is a “Violation of Child Sexual Exploitation Policy.”

  41. Record-breaking donations pour in from the left after Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death. Democrats brace for a nomination\u00a0fight ahead of the presidential election and look to build momentum for a Senate takeover.

  42. Bride whose wedding RBG officiated is getting blamed RBG’s death. After Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on Friday, it wasn’t long before people recalled she officiated a wedding not even three weeks ago.

  43. Education Department opens investigation into Princeton University after president deems racism ‘embedded’ in the school. The Department of Education has informed Princeton University that it is under investigation following the school president’s declaration that racism was “embedded” in the institution. Princeton faces Education Department investigation after university president says racism is ‘embedded’ in the school. The Education Department is investigating Princeton after the school’s president wrote a letter about the school’s “systemic racism.” ‘I’m a racist’: professors open up meeting with apparent acts of verbal self-flagellation. Northwestern University Law School allegedly had a town hall meeting where faculty and other attendees announced themselves as racists. Stephen McIntyre: “Zaid Jilani a Columbia organization confessed to racism the other day. Perhaps Columbia should receive a similar letter.” Zaid Jilani: “In response to the President of Princeton declaring the school to be racist, the Department of Education will investigate (educations that racially discriminate violate the 1964 Civil Rights Act).” [Academia is getting retarded again. Like really retarded. It’s Woke Professors like this, at Princeton and Columbia getting the Institution in trouble. This is how the Anti-Meritocracy circle of life continues and kids get indoctrinated by this rhetoric Freshmen year. No wonder you have vegans branding themselves for Instagram to make a statement on Animal Cruelty. As well as essays telling Lesbians to give trans cock a chance, and if you don’t, you are “transphobic.” This is a god damn cult. These professors/students are too retarded to achieve critical thinking and not worthy of going through the Green Door. The point I’m saying is something is very off in Academia. In which Anti-meritocracy values from Critical Race Theory and Multiculturalism is poisoning many on campus. This hinders humanity’s advancement. Watch Thiel’s predictions from The Diversity Myth - all came true. So did Yuri Bezmenov’s predictions.]

  44. Omaha bar owner charged for killing rioter who attacked him and his business has committed suicide. A Nebraska bar owner that killed a rioter who was attacking him and his business has committed suicide, a friend of Jake Gardner has confirmed to The Gateway Pundit.

  45. NYT: “A secret recording reveals oil executives’ private views on climate change. At a meeting last year, industry leaders contradicted public claims that emissions of climate-warming methane are under control.”

  46. Young Houston doctor dies after fighting for her life in ICU with COVID-19. A Houston doctor died early Saturday after fighting for her life in an intensive care unit since becoming infected with COVID-19 in July, according to a statement from her family.

  47. Chicago postal workers threaten to stop delivering mail after multiple employees shot on the job. United States Postal workers who deliver mail in some of Chicago’s more violent neighborhoods are threatening to halt their services after a mail carrier was shot in the city’s South Side earlier this month.

  48. Old Glory TB-25N Mitchell Bomber crash landing in California (s/n 44-28938, r/n N7946C). A restored WWII-era B-25 Mitchell Bomber crash landed in a field near Stockton, California. Three people were in the aircraft during the crash. Two were hospitalized with minor injuries, one walked away. The cause of the crash is under investigation. [Concerning that this plane was analog and still crashed.]

  49. Was the judge who struck down CA’s magazine law a ‘Rooftop Korean’? Well, this would be pretty awesome if true. Let’s go back to this ruling which is one of the biggest in recent memory. Ken Lee, the judge on the 9th circuit who wrote the majority opinion striking down California’s magazine ban, was one of the Roof Koreans. My man. [The OG Rooftop Korean.]

  50. Desert communities told to evacuate as winds stoke flames in Junpier Hills. Strong winds stoked a wildfire burning for nearly two weeks in mountains northeast of Los Angeles, prompting authorities to issue new evacuation orders for desert.

  51. Portland protests resume after wildfire hiatus with Ginsburg vigil, more vandalism. Portland: BLM Antifa smashed stores and interrogated drivers outside the police station last night. Six accused of starting Oregon blazes amid devastating wildfire season. At least six men in Oregon have been accused of intentionally setting blazes during the state’s devastating wildfire season, according to a report. Mayor Ted Wheeler: “I’m confirming today that Portland Police abided by my order banning the use of tear gas for crowd control during a protest Friday night in the South Waterfront neighborhood.” Andy Ngô: “Not a single arrest overnight (19–20 Sept.) in Portland as a large mob of BLM-antifa marched through downtown, smashing up businesses. They then held a street dance party in front of central precinct to celebrate how there were no cops. Observation: A lot of mainstream, public figures and intellectuals are calling for arson attacks and violent riots. They sound indistinguishable from antifa.” [Intentionally causing the state to burn in a mega forest fire to score points for the anti-egalitarianism wealth redistribution movement. Inciting arson attacks, to score points for the anti-egalitarianism wealth redistribution movement. All part of the same anti-egalitarianism wealth redistribution movement.]

  52. BLM activist swarms a white couple eating dinner in DC for simply recording their protest She accuses him of being racist for recording and proceeds to comment on the size of his … “I bet your dick is tiny.”

  53. Ben Beddoes: “FREEZE WARNING now in effect for Eastern Grant, Hardy, Shenandoah and Page County from 2-10 AM Everyone else still under FROST ADVISORY now from 2-10 AM Freezing conditions will likely kill crops, a frost can save plants if they are covered. Here’s an update on overnight lows.” NWS Baltimore-Washington: “The Frost Advisory has been expanded to include portions of northern Maryland and along and near the Blue Ridge Mountains. A Freeze Warning has been issued for portions of northern VA, western MD and the eastern Panhandle of WV.” Derek Bowen: “Freeze Warning in effect. The end of the growing season is upon us a month early. Our first frost typically in mid to late October. Bring plants in or cover them up with something.” IEMBot ALY: “ALY continues Freeze Warning valid at Sep 21, 1:00 AM EDT for Western Greene, Western Ulster [NY] till Sep 21, 8:00 AM EDT.”

  54. ABC7 News: “’SMOKENADO’: Video from the Bobcat Fire in Southern California shows a tornado of smoke twisting in the air near Big Pines in LA County. The fire has burned nearly 100,000 acres and remains at 15% contained.”

  55. Since the first fears of the pandemic emerged in the U.S. in early March, businesses across the nation have endured six months of uncertainty. Yet, businesses are adapting and proving their resilience through lockdowns, reopenings, a summer surge in virus cases, new ways of doing business such as outdoor dining, new mask wearing rules and backlash from anti-mask patrons, as well as milestones such as the return to school. Even in the wake of increased closures we’re seeing businesses effectively transition to new operating models while keeping their employees and consumers safe. Yelp closure data shows that businesses providing home, local and professional services have been able to withstand the effects of the pandemic particularly well. But despite bright spots in some sectors, restaurants and retail continue to struggle and total closures nationwide have started to increase. The last Yelp Economic Average showed a decreasing number of overall closures, 132,580 in total. As of August 31, 163,735 total U.S. businesses on Yelp have closed since the beginning of the pandemic (observed as March 1), a 23% increase since July 10. In the wake of COVID-19 cases increasing and local restrictions continuing to change in many states we’re seeing both permanent and temporary closures rise across the nation, with 60% of those closed businesses not reopening (97,966 permanently closed). Some business sectors have been able to weather the COVID-19 storm particularly well. In general, professional services and solo proprietors as a whole have been able to maintain a relatively low fraction of closures since March 1. This group includes lawyers, real estate agents, architects, and accountants – all with only two to three out of every thousand businesses closed, as of August 31. Health related businesses in particular have been able to maintain a low rate of closures – orthopedists, internal medicine, hospitals, physicians, family doctors and OB/GYNs all have less than three closures out of every thousand businesses. Yelp’s closure data also shows that demand for home, local and automotive services has remained robust with a far lower rate of closures compared to restaurants and retail. Towing companies, plumbers and contractors in particular have maintained a low rate of closures, with only six to seven out of every thousand businesses closed. In fact, the share of consumer interest in home and local services is up 24% between March 1 and August 31, relative to all categories on Yelp, compared to the same time last year. The restaurant industry continues to be among the most impacted with an increasing number of closures – totalling 32,109 closures as of August 31, with 19,590 of these business closures indicated to be permanent (61%). Breakfast and brunch restaurants, burger joints, sandwich shops, dessert places and Mexican restaurants are among the types of restaurants with the highest rate of business closures. Foods that work well for delivery and takeout have been able to keep their closure rates lower than others, including pizza places, delis, food trucks, bakeries and coffee shops. Meanwhile, bars and nightlife, an industry 6X smaller than restaurants, has endured an especially high closure rate, with an increasing percentage of closures being permanent.

As of the end of August there were 6,451 total business closures, of which 3,499 were permanently closed (54%). The share of permanent closures within bars and nightlife have increased by 10% since our Economic Average Report in July. Retail and shopping follows closely behind restaurants with 30,374 total business closures, 17,503 of which are permanent (58%). Similar to bars and nightlife, the share of permanent closures increased by 10% since July. Both men and women’s clothing, as well as home decor, have the highest rate of business closures. The beauty industry has seen a 22% increase in closures since July, totalling 16,585 closures. Of all closed businesses in the beauty industry 7,002 won’t reopen (42%), a significant 43% increase since July when we reported that 4,897 of all closures in the beauty industry were permanent. Similarly the fitness industry has endured a 23% increase in closures since July, with 6,024 total closures, 2,616 of which are permanently closed. Even as the pandemic spreads nationally, geographically Yelp data shows business closure rates vary across the country. Bigger states and metros with higher rents and more stringent local operations for small businesses throughout the last six months have felt a greater toll. So have businesses more closely linked to physical locations that require crowds of consumers to attain profitability. Meanwhile, smaller cities and solo operations that can do their work one-on-one or virtually have proven better positioned to stay in business. For the states with widespread business closures, the economic struggle appears to be closely coupled with unemployment rates. Hawaii, California, and Nevada have the highest rate of total closures and permanent closures – they’re also the three states with the highest unemployment rates, and among the biggest states for tourism. Meanwhile, West Virginia and the Dakotas have the lowest closure rates. The states with the most closures are home to the hardest-hit metros: Las Vegas in Nevada, Honolulu in Hawaii, and several of the largest California urban areas all are among the metro areas with the highest total closure and permanent closure rates (San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles and others), with roughly 20 businesses per thousand temporarily or permanently closing their doors since March 1. Larger metros with far fewer closures tend to be in the East, including Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, all with closure rates below 10 per thousand.

Eurofighter Typhoon of German Air Force escorted by Il-20, Su-27 and Su-35 Russian Aerospace Forces today

Colonel-General Andrei Serdyukov, Commander of the Russian Airborne Forces, arrived in Belarus today

Dubya Dubya 3

:ukraine: Kiev is shrouded in poisonous smog
The cause was a fire at the landfill that occurred on the eve of September 20. The fire covered an area of 500 sq.m.
Residents were advised to stay at home, and children were allowed not to go to school
#Ukraine #Kiev #fire

:ukraine: Киев окутал ядовитый смог
Причиной стал пожар на свалке, произошедший накануне, 20 сентября. Огонь охватил площадь 500 кв.м.
Жителям рекомендовали остаться дома, а детям разрешили не идти в школу
#Украина #Киев #пожар


Buy classico pasta sauce and dig these out of the trash every chance you can get. They’ll serve your family for a lifetime or more as a pressure canning jar. If there’s a ball canning jar shortage this might be one of the only ways to get canning jars.

I been putting my salt in these jars

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