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yes, we had a source that that went Dark, on Friday they checked in at 400k then on Saturday they checked in at 411k then stated they would go dark for fear of retaliation and to prepare and take care of their loved ones

this was from the mainland

as of Saturday we are no longer in contact with the source

What’s the fb group link

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Director TUIT
Producer ARES
DP & Audio Chinese Citizens
Catering Telegram app
Screenwriter TUIT
Editor TUIT
Date of Production: 2020-02-11
Join Us:



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This hour of unedited footage from Wuhan and affected cities, filmed by citizens, shows the reality of the Coronavirus/nCoV/COVID19 outbreak and government response. Some of the worst aspects of human nature are documented for the purposes of awareness and preparation. The footage increases in intensity from start to finish and there are no trigger warnings. This is not the flu.



actually it’s perfect


Technically 48 minutes

It’s very intuned with our core message

That being the sharing of Forbidden Knowldege

Maybe 100-120 clips