Been prepared for over 3 years

Been prepared for over 3 years

⤺ reposted by @RoWoJo76 from Bull shit. That’s like basically the Wuhan evacuees, first infections and diamond princess cases. They are not reporting community spread yet to avoid panic

:flushed: now that is a nice collection​:+1:t2:

Yes, a bunch of people are getting us put on lists now do to chatter and their memberships to other groups, my advice change the profile pics and group name at least 10-20 times and leave on something innocuous. Lock down this chat and this chatter. Esp if this number is connected to your personal stuff online.

Bit extreme

let them come get me

logo right there

Aries i id dm you

It’s childish

And no valuable or actionable intelligence


All real-time intelligence in the good FB groups is censored now




Location: Changfeng Community, Qiaokou District, Wuhan

Incident: The masses complained that the community sold the donated vegetables at a high price.

Comment: A crowd finds the community, and the staff responds “Get off with Lao Tzu”
A group of people went to the community, and the staff responded “Don’t gather, don’t gather”

Can’t have the sheep leave the pasture and see life outside the wire/garden

For certain

@Montblanccc have you seen this video due the rounds on Filipino Social Media

網路流傳 菲律賓開始排華了,中國開的就掃場

Internet spread The Philippines has begun Chinese exclusion, and China opened the field

It’s like a bad episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm

I bet they (CCP) won’t try that Hug :hugs: Me I’m from WuHan nonsense now

This moron already has blood on his hand and refuses to declare us being in a pandemic

As for Facebook and the other tech companies that went along with The World Health Organization and CDC they should not be let off the hook when it’s all said and down

Smoke em.

Evil anyways

He had already blood on his hands the moment when he let the ccp handle it by themselves

I don’t know if it’s posted yet:

What sparked me to be worried was actually this video I saw on YouTube.
Now my husband and I are getting ready for the pandemic happening now even so it’s not being declared a pandemic.

Yes people here do not like Chinese but our government treats them like royalty

Simona how are you? :pray: How is situation in your town? :crossed_fingers:

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