Because dairy does not agree though pizza is my weaknes.

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I prefer coconut milk. Because dairy does not agree though pizza is my weaknes. Interesting to note the beand PLANET OAT. Although I think someone said one of the fake meat products stock went down. Just an fyi all that soy has endocrine disuptors that mess with hormones and gmo soy is linked to cancer. I learned so much about that stuff. Anyone vegan or vegetarian should at least know if they eat that fake stuff they are litterly poisoning themselves.

Second Coronavirus wave hitting Europe hard now. Notice nothing being done here atm…

who else think travel bans will be made again?

Not to rank on any anti meat folks. But let me tell you 200% health increase. A herbalist and another nutritionist said the same thing takes 7 years at most for anyone going vegetarian or vegan to go downward with health. The fake meat and soy propaganda is insane. And I am sure will be pushed more in the future. Remember soy used to make the cardboard boxes for your cereal. Very yummy.

Is it going on the news? Good timing with all the major protesting escalating. I personally don’t think it’s been as dangerous this summer. But I do wonder if they can release different strans of it including the deadlier one. Anyone else considered this? Personally why I don’t mess around about safety. Because well they released it in the first place so I am always on the defense and prepared.

CAN’T MAKE THIS UP: Twitter Locks TV Host Steve Malzberg’s Account After Linking to Video of Groper Biden for “Violation of Child Sexual Exploitation Policy”


Don’t be this guy, get your license :slight_smile:

I feel called out

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Dunno if anyone else has noticed but after the freezer section of the grocery emptied in the spring, what appeared in it’s place was a massive selection of specifically cauliflower based products

Cauliflower in every freezer section, not just the veggie/health section, no other vegetable products escaped their continent :sunglasses:

Good obersvation


Someone discovered that the propaganda film of the People’s Liberation Army bombing Guam came from three American blockbusters and then pieced together. I don’t know how much money was cheated. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Looks like The Rock

Ha ha notticed that too. But meat more key then frozen veggies for surival for sure. Like tp being people’s first go to.

No all these products are new

Not just what was left

PLA bombing Guam lol :joy: such fools

They’re still around too even after everything is restock

Bill Gates wants us to get off meat :meat_on_bone:

I feel bad for his ambition

I would argue that the skills you learned focusing on vegan cooking could come in very handy. The ingredient replacement skill especially. Things like egg replacement for recipes if there are no eggs, using a store of cashews or white beans if their is no sour cream or dairy, turning a scoop of almond butter into almond “milk” things like that. Focusing on vegan cooking for a while forces you to think about food in a different way, to analyze it’s uses as a component in a recipe and how to sub out different foods as ingredients in its place. It’s a great skill to have for rebuilding imo. Especially because we know meat and dairy were rationed during the World War, and if shtf stores of things like nuts, beans and grains have a much longer shelf life. Also, as supermarket shelves are stripped bare seeing value in various ingredients that others overlook is a huge plus.

And I do mean vegan along the lines of whole food vegan, not the junk food meat replacement crap.

Very good point! I will look into the long term shelf life of best replacements for things like eggs, butter and meat. I do also believe lots of folks overlook grains, rice and beans though. Nuts also have a long shelf life as well. I have yet to look into the best options for freeze dried meat as I did not really consider it so important. But now I am.

Also I have stocked up months worth of vegan protein powder pb and tuna. So those are good for long term shelf life for sources of protein.