be careful what you wish for. September will have its surprises.

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be careful what you wish for. September will have its surprises.

i thought is was October surprise

sept/oct surprises… all the way to the election basically.

Border conflict between India and China started again

Indian Defense Ministry announced a new clash with Chinese military in the border region of Ladakh

In response, Chinese Foreign Ministry said that they had nothing to do with it

:fire::united_arab_emirates: A powerful explosion occurred in a fast-food restaurant in Abu Dhabi, evacuation of residents began
Roads are temporarily closed

:united_arab_emirates: В ресторане быстрого питания в Абу-Даби произошел мощный взрыв, началась эвакуация жителей
Все дороги временно перекрыты

Meanwhile in Russia :joy: :bear:

25 Survival Skills You Will Need In A Serious Jam

Top 10 Best Mil-Spec Tactical Gear For Survival

Blm marching gang terrorizing people having dinner

This is how Trump is going to win. :arrow_up:

It would still be a riot.


Makes sense why they gave the job to Trevor Noah now, this was all planned years, years in advanced.

In another universe Bill Burr is The Host of The Daily Show, a man loved by all.

and he’s married to a Black Wife so don’t try to play the race card Comdey Central. It should of been Bill.


:airplane: — BREAKING: Israeli plane on first commercial passenger flight to the UAE just entered Saudi Arabia airspace. This is the first time an Israeli plane is flying over Saudi airspace.

Them 2 have come a long way

Joe Biden Meditating,


If you’re someone who purchases bulk nuts, grains, etc. Just know that those bins are probably rarely cleaned, and even when they are “cleaned”, odds are they were just rinsed out/wiped down to look clean.
I used to be a bulk buyer at Whole Foods Market and when I took over our bulk department had no cleaning logs or sanitizing procedure. The bins had moths/insect colonies and mold in them. Our store was opened nearly 5 years prior.

Winter looks ‘cold and snowy’ with some ‘crazy in-between,’ Farmers’ Almanac claims

H-1B Visa Denials Continue To Mount For Companies

L.A. Won’t Reopen Indoor Retail Near Term, Even If New Rules Allow It – Deadline


Guys buy Electric Heaters now

Winter is coming

Butane cans are disappearing from shelves in Cali

Remember the Doomsday Dossier which we warned about before it was published

Remember no official reports have yet to be published from the Derecho that took place in Iowa

Keep stocking up, have 1 year good go for 2, have 2 go for 4

In the lighter side


Opportunity :arrow_up:

In regards to Butane,
Military started buying up in April
Military Families in May

Main reason is supply chain
With winter at our door its going to be a shit show.

No propane, butane, heating lamps, patio lamps.

Next time you go to a store to look for butane just for funsies

Complete shortage or limited inventory and winter is not here yet

Meme it

Go forth and meme

If we need to be concerned about heat what are your best suggestions for washing clothes without electricity. Also do you think it’s key to store large containers of water? I have tons of water but was wondering if it’s important to have big barrels of water and what direction to go for storage and keeping it clean.

The Workshop is being written up

We will address that soon

Yes memes are a perfect way. I shall look into making some fun later. Call it extra bonus hw points.

Thank you. Heat and water are key. And I am definitely going to do an inventory run about the propane etc. I was actually shocked to see the livestream of folks going tl get gas before hurricane Laura. And they could only get $3 or $4 woth of gas. I was like shit. It’s one thing to learn this but when you see that even the gas being gone at the gas pumps it puts into reality. Definitely telling my parents not to see their wood stove. And going ro stock up wood for us for fireplace. Look into an outdoor fire pit (though can’t use if too dangerous) And stock up on ways to cook our food. I don’t know why it did not click together about the cooking in my preparation. But now it’s my game plan this week. And also finally look into some small solar options for light and powering up things we need. I mean generators are good for storms but not efficient for shtf deal or chaos and country losing it’s shit. Not safe and then storage issues for the gas. Loud as well if you want to be low key. And I just imagine the bs of someone trying to steal the damn thing or going to our place to raid us because they figure if we have a generator that we must have food. But then that makes me realize the priority to stored foods. And why there was an emphasis on dry meats etc. Now I need to rethink some of my plans.

Escort details Ryanair flight :point_down:

Not to sell their wood stove

:uk::austria: Eurofighter Typhoon RAF fighters from Coningsby AFB were raised to accompany Ryan Air flight from Vienna following security reports on the evening of 30 August
Alert at flight #FR7364 triggered due to suspicious objects discovered in a lavatory
:kuwait::it:Two men were detained by special forces on the ground on suspicion of terrorism after plane landed at London’s Stansted Airport, Essex. One of them - 34-year-old Kuwaiti citizen, second - 48-year-old Italian citizen.

:uk::austria: Истребители Eurofighter Typhoon Королевских ВВС с авиабазы “Конингсби” были подняты на сопровождение рейса авиакомпании Ryan Air из Вены после сообщений об угрозе безопасности вечером 30 августа
Предупреждение на рейсе #FR7364 сработало из-за подозрительных предметов, обнаруженных в туалете
:kuwait::it:Двое мужчин были задержаны бойцами спецназа на земле по подозрению в терроризме после приземления самолёта в лондонском аэропорту Станстед, Эссекс. Один из них - 34-летний гражданин Кувейта, второй - 48-летний гражданин Италии

@AriesAzazel our place does not allow for wood stoves. But my brother can easily set one up if shtf. Do you think it will come this winter for the need of wood stove? If so we can definitely get one from a family member and keep here with extra supplies and set up to instal if it becomes the only way to heat the house. Then I need to make sure I have a way to cook food (some could be cooked on stove) Perhaps some on burners if I have enough fuel but might be better waiting till spring when we would use the wood stove less. Which means I need to look at options for baking bread with out an oven. And definitely the way to power us up for our food and various house needs for small amounts of electricity.

Also is the only way to leave earth through the tech realm? I would love to know what other fields are there to look into? Though I am hoping my META will be some how useful to get me through the door. That recent article with the rocket made me realize something about that magizine the Economist I believe. Some of the elite get off earth. Some end up going back to the earth (never get to leave) people are oblivious and dealing with apocolypse events. Some ignorant like the child will perish and/or lose their shit. Since cats represent wisdom, intuition and extremely smart they represent even the animals are more prepared then the ignorant masses. And the mom with the legs crossed towards child yet has this look to her. Almost as if those of us that are wake and prepared can’t save everyone. In regards those that remain ignorant and thus we know they will suffer much worse fates.

Time really is running out. I knew it before but now I get why my life took a huge movement in what I felt was away from my bigger plans but this is about me being given a green light to actually making it through this whole ordeal and now find a way through this and even if I am lucky with perseverance can make it through the green door.