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That’s not good


caw take me hooomee caw caw country rooads~

If they ever did that around me, I would drop everything and leave

They do it every plague

Van a cobrar por el examen chile :chile:

#中共國 江西這家「吉為」人工智能公司,開發了這款即使戴口罩也可以人臉識別的硬件,可以說是非常邪惡了,而第一批投入使用的就是工地,為了讓民工們盡快復工,共產黨的邪惡招數層出不窮。

中共 国 江西 This “Jiwei” artificial intelligence company has developed this hardware that can recognize faces even when wearing a mask, which can be said to be very evil, and the first batch to be put into use is construction sites. Resuming work as soon as possible, the Communist Party’s evil tricks are endless.

Someone has to get rich off this misery nothing is free

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Run like hell. Shit that’s same as china videos and what followed in Wuhan was bad

Waaay more birds^ click that link, scroll down through the thread

And how it escaped in CA

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Uh, what? How do birds swarming relate to the virus? Let’s be realistic :pensive: If you can explain the link, then fine, but I’m guessing you might as well point the sky and say “look a dark cloud” or “it’s raining”.

“Why the Corruption of the World
Health Organization (WHO) is
the Biggest Threat to the World’s
Public Health of Our Time”

study from 2015

Too much speculation and distractions

Aries and others can you share the data and history of this.

ugh these paywalls on news sites are unethical as fuck in a crisis like this

CORONAVIRUS PRESSER Texas Governor Greg Abbott is about to receive a briefing on the COVID-19 virus. Via Facebook Live right now.

I stole a couple screenshots, one sec

Also Indian mainstream media: