Baricitinib as potential treatment for 2019-nCoV acute respiratory disease

⤺ reposted by @AriesAzazel from 习近平的小康生活---就是集中营😱😱😱 The Hubei and Wenzhou people who came down from Ningbo Expressway all lived in the army's unified tent.

Yes highly respected Medical Journal. Estimated that by Jan 25th over 75,000 were infected

In our baseline scenario, we estimated that the basic reproductive number for 2019-nCoV was 2·68 (95% CrI 2·47–2·86) and that 75 815 individuals (95% CrI 37 304–130 330) have been infected in Wuhan as of Jan 25, 2020. The epidemic doubling time was 6·4 days (95% CrI 5·8–7·1). We estimated that in the baseline scenario, Chongqing, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen had imported 461 (95% CrI 227–805), 113 (57–193), 98 (49–168), 111 (56–191), and 80 (40–139) infections from Wuhan, respectively. If the transmissibility of 2019-nCoV were similar everywhere domestically and over time, we inferred that epidemics are already growing exponentially in multiple major cities of China with a lag time behind the Wuhan outbreak of about 1–2 weeks.
Given that 2019-nCoV is no longer contained within Wuhan, other major Chinese cities are probably sustaining localised outbreaks. Large cities overseas with close transport links to China could also become outbreak epicentres, unless substantial public health interventions at both the population and personal levels are implemented immediately. Independent self-sustaining outbreaks in major cities globally could become inevitable because of substantial exportation of presymptomatic cases and in the absence of large-scale public health interventions. Preparedness plans and mitigation interventions should be readied for quick deployment globally.

Because there Bullshit


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中共 国 A large group of people wearing protective clothing in a community in Qingdao

Interesting :thinking:

What does this tell us

Qingdao is part of Shangdong

Is this overly cautious

Or the right amount of caution

Even 1,103 kilometers away

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I understand Hong Kong

And Macau

And even Taiwan

Having Coronavirus

But to be already by the Yellow Sea

South Korea might be next

:taiwan::x: Taiwan imposed a complete ban on entering the country from mainland China, due to the rapid spread of the 2019-nCoV coronavirus.

Posting a batch

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Just raw footage

Barbershop/hair :haircut_man: salon​:barber: wrecked

They want no congregation

:arrow_up:Russians are preparing :arrow_up:

Once again

If you have Family and friends or first responders

Who need to be here

Add them

This is the largest collection of Coronavirus videos

A map of a nuclear :radioactive: attack on WuHan :exploding_head::flushed:

There’s a website that does this

Let’s you set a location and bomb size

And shows the results

Lol a bit morbid

Probably just google Nukemap from this image

I think it’s intended to provide cautionary/research value. Point is, it’s a relief that anyone could have created this, it’s probably not a leaked govt plan

中共 国 【Friends going to Tibet please note】

National Highway 109 Non-Frozen Spring The Tongtian River is closed in both directions, and all the channels into Tibet are completely closed! please be aware! (Live)

full video Qingdao doing drills

Chinese sent this to me

美国公共电视网王牌节目《PBS NewsHour》创始人、主播 Jim Lehrer 上个月过世。他生前写给记者的准则: 1. 只做我自己认为正确的事情。 2. 报道每个新闻事件,都要像它与我自己有关一样。 3. 假定每个新闻事件都有至少两面。 4. 假定观众与我一样聪明、善良。 5. 对我报道的每个人物都作出同样假设。 6. 除非特别需要,不报道人们的私生活。 7. 严格区分新闻和观点,并作出清晰标注。 8. 除非特殊情况,不引用匿名或不具名的消息源。任何情况下都不能发表匿名消息源对他人的攻击。 9. “我做的不是娱乐行业。” Jim Lehrer, founder and anchor of PBS NewsHour’s ace show, PBS NewsHour, passed away last month. The guidelines he wrote to reporters during his lifetime: 1. Only do what I think is right. 2. Report every news event as if it were related to me. 3. Assume that every news event has at least two sides. 4. Assume that the audience is as smart and kind as I am. 5. Make the same assumptions for every person I report. 6. Don’t report on people’s private lives unless specifically needed. 7. Strictly distinguish between news and opinions and clearly label them. 8. Anonymous or unnamed sources are not quoted except in exceptional circumstances. Under no circumstances should anonymous attacks on others be published. 9. “I’m not in the entertainment industry.”

Flight Attendants’ Association calls a strike in support of medical staff, urging government to lockdown all borders with China

The Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Flight Attendants Association appealed to members and the public that a strike doesn’t mean they are clinging to life and fear death, rather it is because they do not want front-line colleagues to bear the great risk of being infected, worrying about work safety everyday.

“Guarding the health of our colleagues, passengers and the people of Hong Kong, the Association, though reluctantly, is calling for a strike, hoping to curb the virus from being transmitted to Hong Kong and to spread the epidemic any further.”

#Feb5 #ChinesePneumonia #GlobalOutbreak #HealthCrisis

Brilliant idea Carrie! Way to alleviate the shortage of masks is not to wear it. But the root of the problem is left unhandled, not to mention you may be infringing the basic rights of your fellow colleagues


Thank you Aries…

So we all agree this is a biological weapon yeah?
Did someone say there have been no people who have contracted it of any other race?

That i dont know yet

Dont know ethnicity of american cases, suposed cases in botswanna

Idk how poppin the asian community is in africa

In Africa there is a huge Chinese population now. They are all up in there.

Mines, resources

Hmmm time will tell

The Chinese own a number of major assets now due to defaulted loan repayment

Like ports


I saw that on the ship in Hong Kong now has Americans and Canadians infected… we are waiting for know the ethnicity but anyhow for me has to be less aggressive in children an other races

Just my opinion