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“Nobody believes you anyway” yep. :expressionless: lol

Also take notice

@frontalassault1 Twitter account banned

Frontal Assault


They observed Pakistan and China OSINT.

Many accounts that reported the plane that crashed in Taiwan have been shut down

:airplane: #Air_crashes
:cn::taiwan: According to jewishpress reports and numerous Indian tweets, Taiwan’s Patriot air defense shot down today by Chinese Su-35S fighter (according to other sources, J-10) in Guangxi province, 6 km north-west of Guilin Qifenglin air base; pilot ejected

According to Russian avia.pro, PLA Air Force fighter flew next to American warships in Taiwan area, which used electronic warfare against it, due to which aircraft’s global positioning systems were violated, and Chinese pilot invaded PRC airspace for 28 seconds

Taiwanese Ministry of Defense published official denial, which disappeared from government website minutes after publication. The site itself also unavailable at the moment
Nicola Smith, Asia correspondent for The Telegraph, copied a message from the Taiwan Ministry of Defense on Twitter

There is no official statement from China


:arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up: So if you reported this crash on Twitter check if you still have control of your Twitter account

Yeah and even with the narrative that it was a glitch, the videos don’t lie and damage is front center.

The closest we get to November more social unrest will spread.

Clear signs of shortage.

Use this time to resupply.

Get boardgames in case the grid goes and you need to entertain younglings.

I mean look I even have pictures of the pilot that crashed in Taiwan :taiwan:, CCP is super embarrassed


Current same location as last night

Does that mean a plate is shifting

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