Azazel News #Recap 9/29/2020

  1. China has started Draft/Mobilization procedures. We are keeping our eyes on the Chinese channels seeing if more talk of mobilizations appears. [So I’ve been on your channel for months now and the things you have shared have been outstanding in terms of preparation, for that I say thank you. I wanted to chime in now because of the information you shared about China initiating its draft proceedings. The other day I was listening to the radio (USA) and heard an ad for how to join the US Selective Service (draft). I can honestly say I’ve never heard an ad like that on the radio before. Can anyone else attest to this? Is this unusual? It struck me as odd but maybe I’m just paying more attention now. Not sure, but thought I would share.]

  2. China’s too-big-to-fail real estate giant averts liquidity crisis. “The agreement solves the core issue of Evergrande, which is liquidity concern"

  3. China stands ready to work with Argentina and the international community to firmly support the World Health Organization (WHO) to play a leadership role in the fight against COVID-19, and achieve a complete victory over the pandemic… [Post coming from an Iranian source. Well they did open a Chinese Radar Station in Argentina.]

  4. The Director of National Intelligence of the United States has just declassified a document stating that before the 2016 election, Hillary had planned a framing conspiracy to bind Trump to the Russia scandal, linking Trump and Russian hackers with Putin, and Obama-bye. The government is fully aware of it! According to the handwritten notes, Brennan, the head of the CIA at the time, introduced to Obama Clinton’s proposal to approve an attack on Trump in the 2016 election. This kind of thing is equivalent to 10 times more than Watergate. General Spalding asked angrily on Twitter: What happened in this country?

  5. U.S. expected to sue Google next week as DOJ seeks support from states. The U.S. Justice Department is expected to sue Alphabet’s Google as soon as next week, and is currently urging state attorneys general to sign onto the lawsuit, according to three sources familiar with the process.

  6. PA Governor Tom Wolf & Rep. Wendy Ullman: “Masks are Political Theater" (Hot Mic). [Security theater: measures intended to provide a feeling of security while doing little or nothing to achieve it.]

  7. The Spectator Index: “Large explosion in Paris of unknown cause. The large blast heard in Paris was caused by a jet breaking the sound barrier.”

  8. Tesco sets 300% sales target for plant-based alternatives to meat. In UK first, supermarket’s five-year commitment aims to offer more sustainable options. [Just like Demolition Man.]

  9. Another climate scientist with impeccable credentials breaks ranks: "Our models are Mickey-Mouse mockeries of the real world.”

  10. Last week’s torrential rain storm makes for hours-long ‘quake’ on Mt. St. Helens.

  11. September snow falls near Rome. The Lazio region and greater Rome area experienced a rare snow fall in September over the weekend, with rough seas off the coast to the west of the capital.

  12. Out-of-season snow blankets both hemispheres. The worst hit nations include NZ, Australia, the US, and France–with the latter reporting 6,000 sheep have been trapped by 2m snowdrifts.

  13. Skye Auroras: “23:56 : YELLOW ALERT : Minor geomagnetic substorm in progress.”

  14. Steve Nordahl - NS3L: “Well this explains everything… Bands have been in really bad shape with this Geomagnetic storm over the last 32 hours… Hopefully HF will come back alive… Look at that “A” index 24 should be 10… It was 32 a few hours ago… At least the SFI went up… Steve”

  15. NASA “climate prophet" James Hansen said the Arctic would be “free of summer ice" by 2018. Following his 1988 Congressional testimony on AGW, climate scientist J. Hansen continued his prophesies into the 2000s–despite his growing list of fails.

  16. Airbus signs $350 million contract to build CRISTAL ice-monitoring satellite for EU. The European Space Agency signed a 300-million-euro ($352 million) contract with Airbus Defense and Space on Sept. 21 to develop an ice-monitoring satellite for European Union’s Earth-observing Copernicus program.

  17. Microsoft launches new cloud-based satellite control platform. Satellites are a lynchpin of our modern life, even if they do their work behind (above?) the scenes.

  18. Elon Musk: “Great differences in technology exist in the world about which even hardcore technologists are unaware.”

  19. Elon Musk says he won’t take coronavirus vaccine, calls Bill Gates a ‘knucklehead.’ ”Everybody dies," quipped Musk. “This is a no-win situation. It has diminished my faith in humanity, this whole thing… The irrationality of people in general,” Musk said. He also decried lockdowns across the globe and in the US in particular, having previously referred to them as “unethical” and “de facto house arrest.” Musk said widespread lockdowns were a mistake and only at-risk people should quarantine “until the storm passes.” Musk also took aim at Bill Gates, highlighting that his fellow billionaire’s criticisms of lockdown skeptics are unfounded and misplaced in Musk’s case. “Gates said something about me not knowing what I was doing. It’s like, hey, knucklehead, we actually make the vaccine machines for CureVac, that company you’re invested in,” Musk explained, referring to the fact that Tesla manufacturers machines for CureVac. The entrepreneur also noted that he works closely with the Harvard epidemiology team which is currently working on Covid-19 antibody studies. [Remember, Elon is a blue wizard. Gates is not a wizard. He’s just a lobbyist for the reds.

  20. Elon Musk says he likely will take Starlink satellite internet service public in 'several years.’ SpaceX CEO Elon Musk reiterated the likelihood his private space company will likely IPO its Starlink satellite internet service.

  21. Washington emergency responders first to use SpaceX’s Starlink internet in the field: 'It’s amazing.’ SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet network has been used in the field by Washington state emergency responders in recent weeks.

  22. The US Military wants access to SpaceX’s satellite constellation. Army officials want to upgrade SpaceX’s Starlink satellites to serve as a navigational network more precise and secure than GPS.

  23. The U.S. Army has big plans for electronic warfare. A program helps bring together different options for defending against enemy EW attacks.

  24. Congress wants a ‘Manhattan Project’ for military artificial intelligence. A bipartisan congressional report calls for the DoD to get more serious about the race to acquire artificial intelligence.

  25. Kepler launches first internally produced satellites. Kepler Communications launched Sept. 28 the first two satellites built in its own facility as it ramps up its constellation deployment.

  26. The Air Force’s robot pilot returns to the skies. The Air Force Research Laboratory’s ROBOpilot can transform manned aircraft into unmanned systems.

  27. Yes, U.S. RC-135s have used bogus hex codes to transmit a false identity. But it’s not to fool China or other enemies. The U.S. Air Force intelligence aircraft have been using fake Mode-S codes, but this doesn’t give any real operational advantage. It just fuels some crazy conspiracy theory.

  28. After measuring radiation on the moon for the first time, scientists say a lunar base should be built underground to protect astronauts. Astronauts didn’t measure how much radiation they were exposed on the moon. New data show the doses are 200 times higher than on Earth. High radiation on moon means lunar bases should be buried for safety. [AKA DUMBs.]

  29. Johnson targets skills after COVID reveals shortage. Britain will give adults the chance to learn new skills, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday, in an effort to boost productivity and aid a recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Britain will give adults the chance to learn new skills, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday, in an effort to boost productivity and aid a recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Johnson said the crisis has exposed shortages of crucial skills and economic weaknesses as he announced measures including free courses for adults without qualifications.

  30. Venezuela sees its first Blockstream Bitcoin satellite node. “Users can’t afford to be cut off from the Bitcoin network.”

  31. Armenian Military Portal: "Artsakh Defense Army has published a video showing the losses of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces in manpower.”

  32. Observer IL: “Hezbollah Missile Factory location in Jnah neighborhood in Beirut, Lebanon, per Israel PM Netanyahu during UNGA speech. On September 18th (9 days before the clashes/war), Azerbaijan issued a NOTAM closing its airspace indefinitely above Tovuz, Ganja and Gindarah.”

  33. Steve Herman: “An F-16 from Turkey has shot down an Su-25 of Armenia, according to a spokesperson for Armenia MOD Team.”

  34. Status-6: “Another video of Azerbaijani TOS-1A Solntsepek heavy thermobaric MLRS targeting the Armenian positions in Karabakh.”

  35. Ragıp Soylu: “Turkey is ready to help Azerbaijan “fully take back its occupied lands” of Nagorno-Karabakh from Armenia, says senior Erdogan administration official.”

  36. ELINT News: “Azerbaijan MoD shows video of 4 suicide drone attacks on 4 Armenian tanks & 1 artillery piece.” [Those are skystrikers. I wonder if we could see a harpy and/or harop video.]

  37. everlasting: “Azerbaijani army destroyed 6 Armenian tanks with the HAROP drones direction of Jabrail district.” [Harop would be a waste for tanks. Targeting image seems like skystriker btw. This one is harop.]

  38. Samir: “geolocation of Azeri TOS-1 firing from Həsənqaya.”

  39. Zaes: “FlyDubai airliner flying over the conflict zone between Armenia and Azerbaijan.” [The difference between Armenians and Azeris, when you defend your country, when you have a historical identity, you stand firmly on the ground.]

  40. Two military aircraft collide in Riverside County, forcing one pilot to eject. A fighter jet and a military transport plane collided mid-air during a refueling operation Tuesday afternoon in the eastern Coachella Valley, resulting in the pilot of the fighter jet parachuting to safety.

  41. Discernment: “DoomsDay” Plane (Farm71).”

  42. BlueSky: “RAF P-8A POSEIDON ZP802 16:35Z.”

  43. No callsign: “2020.9.29 07:59 KST 2x US Army RC-12X No callsign(91-00517,AE1209) ROGUE38(92-13125,AE10E3).”

  44. Evergreen Intel: “B-52H looks to be getting a top off from a pair of KC-46 tankers currently over Nebraska. All seen using MLAT via ADSB exchange. The BUFF is 61-0039 (AE58B2) The tankers are: 18-46040 (AE5F93) 17-46028 (AE5E09). A callsign I have never seen before. FELL22 is a KC-135R tanker reg. 63-8000, ICAO AE0671. Took off out of MacDill AFB.”

  45. The result of an emergency landing of a KC-130J tanker in a field near El Centro airbase in California after a collision with an F-35B Lightning II fighter of the United States Marine Corps. [At least it wasn’t birds this time - another “bird.”] Evergreen Intel: “I’m trying to size up whether those marks are from wires or it’s own rotor?” [BIRD MY ASS!! They got layered 3x by the kids!]

  46. Larry Van Horn: “US Navy Tacamo broadcast at 18.07 kHz? It might be as I have some flying around this part of the neighborhood. Screengrab of 16 kHz to 24 kHz European based VLF military stations sending messages to their submarine fleet. With exception of the RDL Russian on 18.1 kHz looks like all are Stanag 4724 digital transmissions. 15.980 kHz GQD Brit Navy Anthorn with UKSUB broadcast Stanag 4724 MSK 200/100. Russian Military Supreme High Command (Verkhovnoe glavnokomandovanie–VGK) BEE 50/75 F1B T600 36-50/50/200 messages on 18.1 kHz (multiple locations). JXN NATO/Norweigan Navy up in their 2 hours 1600-1800 UTC transmission block. Stanag 4724 digital transmission MSK 200Bd/100Hz.”

  47. MilAirAssets: “My friend Metal1957 Dave posted this. CONUS TACAMO on 11175 repeating 3 x EAM and standing by for traffic. Call sign something SPOT HALLOW OIL on 11175 with 30 character EAM ED3GVX preamble.” Aleph א: “Most be west coast, cause I heard nothing, cs sounds correct (it’s deep-cut).” Rod Dillman: “When I was in TACAMO (EC-130Q’s). We used VLF to talk to submarines using long wire trailing antennae. E-4B nightwatch up in the MidWest Airspace out of Offutt AFB.”

  48. Aleph: “11175 is a mess at the moment. EAMs blocking EAMs, EAMs blocking SkyMaster. What a day! SkyMaster @ 2156, inaudible as EAMs are blocking them. PENCE-21 calls SkyMaster @ 2121z.”

  49. sdfbarrenky: “USAF military aircraft moving fast approx 45K ft over KY after EAM approx 1630-6GMT more pics to follow. (Third aircraft in this video).”

  50. Cyber Diver: “TACAMO E-6B (164407/SEED-42) from Tinker AFB over Gulf of Mexico. 29 SEP 2020 20:00z TACAMOs activity over ConUS.”

  51. Stetson Payne: “Keep your eyes up and you never know what you might see cruising over Tulsa on a bluebird afternoon. An E-4B Nightwatch (Doomsday Plane) moving in to take on gas from a KC-135 headed north.”

  52. planes on the net: “FLASH22 E-4B Nightwatch AACP 73-1677 USAF potn avgeek 20:41.”

  53. CANUK78: “USN Boeing E-6B Mercury Departed from Offutt AFB, Nebraska currently over Kansas SEED42 164407 TACAMO.”

  54. Flightradar24: “That’s correct. Due to the outage our statistics for the past few days may not reflect the actual number of active flights.” [All Doomsday and Nightwatch are in the air. Something is going on. This morning SEED42 was flying around the gulf but now we have 4 up. E6 aircraft. 2 tanker planes damn near on top of each other flying just north of AC. 2 circling Cleveland also. This is wild thanks. Aircraft count: 100 birds, 11 blackhawks, 3 E-6 mercury. Invisible rages on. Post map of Mil Birds. Why around Egin base near the Gulf is it so busy? Just because of the base? Ports Cities were used to smuggle in Club-K Warheads. Remember some of the Ports were owned and operated by Chinese companies until POTUS forced them to sell of their holdings back to American companies. From what I see near Cleveland isn’t super crowded. POTUS debate in Ohio. Looks like all airspace is closed. The f35 has bumped into a KC-130J during a refueling exercise (air to air) resulting in the crash of the F35. The KC130j landed safely. In Cleveland not Columbus. One sec still closed. Still all grounded. Wow. Look at this guy. Sniffer. 100%.

  55. MonkeyWerx: “Bring in the sniffer. In recent days there have been postings and articles written about a helicopter owned by the Department of Energy (DoE) flying around Washington DC.”

  56. POTUS: “We caught them. We caught all of them.” [Stay tuned.]

  57. Eliza Shapiro: “Really alarming news - NYC’s test positivity rate is over 3 percent today - tripled in the last few days. If we are at over 3 percent for the next 7 days all public schools will automatically close. This is a big deal.” [New York City is never really going to open up again.]

  58. Military Police out on the streets of Cleveland, Ohio, ahead of tonight’s high profile presidential debate. National Guard rolling through in the blocks surrounding tonight’s Presidential Debate in Cleveland.

  59. Several episodes of Adult Swim’s ‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force’ and ‘The Boondocks’ have been “permanently retired due to cultural sensitivities.”

  60. People are still not grasping forecasted events. Solar panels, alternative fuel sources should be in everyones list to stockpile. When the world realizes it, the TP apocalypse will dwarf to propane, butane shortages. What good makes having a walking encyclopedia of rabbit holes with no skills, by the time all gets disclosed it will be an unending “I told you so”, good you were right, but do you know how to maintain solar panels? No? … NEXT!!!

  61. Important not to be confused. Wokeness is not a really political party, though the political parties will make use of it. Just like Christianity is not really a political party, though the political parties will make use of it. It’s a religion that pretends not to be a religion, and is the most rapidly spreading religion there is right now. Much like Scientology, don’t let its obviously retarded and fake beliefs cause you to assume it’s harmless and will immediately fizzle out. This thing is powerful, well funded, and spreading fast. We’ve seen this before nothing new these Anti-meritocracy movements. “From the Cholera Riots to the Coronavirus Revolts. The more punitive the approach to public health, the fiercer the backlash.” Filling the power gap left by the spread of western secularism, which was going to be filled by another religion no matter what, which no science or logic could ever fill, but rather only another religion could ever fill. “Why tsarist-era Russians rioted during mass epidemics. In the past Russians didn’t understand why quarantine was vital during mass epidemics, and often protested fiercely against them, only making the situation worse.” Read all the above and recognize the signs for 2020 and draw a hypothesis for the next 6 months. This is nothing new, the cycles are being repeated. Prediction: Killing the big tech monopolies = breaking off the city’s well pump handle. Big tech monopolies are what’s feeding the wokeness disease. Unfortunate to destroy the well that the city depends on, but it’s the only way. Wokeness is a religion for the non-religious. Exactly copying nearly everything of traditional religions. Even censoring swear words out of wokeness. “F-Words in Linux Kernel Code Replaced with “Hug”? To comply with the new code of conduct, a developer from Intel proposes to replace F-words in the Linux kernel code with “hug.” Because “feelings” and “inclusivity.” Question is, does it continue to get more strict? And if so, where does it end? Took big hits in 2015 and 2018, easy to track, and legit (meritocratic) early guys aren’t no pussy fucks about political correctness. Cannot underestimate the power of religions, and the woke have harnessed it for their needs. Dark Ages here we come. The part that always surprises people, is how popular these anti-science / anti-intellectual uprisings end up being — But you have to realize that actual scientists (Wizards) are a tiny minority portion of society, a minority that is far more successful than most, and a minority that’s already speaking against some of what the uprising is saying — and in these uprisings, tiny successful minorities that are clashing with the poor majority get crushed. intellectual purges & rejection of scientific approach has happened during many uprisings, and it always starts out in a mostly innocent looking way. Science has the power to prove things as true or false = science is the enemy of radical ideology.