Azazel News #Recap 9/28/2020

  1. Antarctic blast brings rare September snowfall, unusually cold temperatures to parts of Australia. A strong Antarctic blast swept through parts of South Australia and Victoria on Friday, September 25, 2020, bringing significant snowfall and the coldest September day since 1969 to the city of Ballarat.

  2. Northern lights possible over U.S. this week as strong geomagnetic storms predicted, say scientists. Will you see the aurora borealis this week?

  3. How humanity came to contemplate its possible extinction: a timeline. It is only in the last couple of centuries that we have begun to grasp that our existence might one day cease to exist forever.

  4. Nearly 830,000 affected as Sudan faces ‘unprecedented challenges’ amid worst flood in century. Heavy rains and major floods continue to pose unprecedented challenges in disaster-stricken Sudan where 124 people have died and nearly 830,000 have been affected.

  5. 225,000 affected as third wave of flooding hits Assam, India. At least 225,000 people have been affected in nine districts of Assam, India, as the ongoing third wave of flooding worsens, officials of Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA) reported Sunday, September 27, 2020.

  6. CDC releases guidelines for Thanksgiving, says gatherings should be ‘small.’ As the holiday season quickly approaches, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released guidelines Monday for Thanksgiving.

  7. Morrisons, Aldi and Tesco reinstate rationing as food shortage fears rise. Morrisons, along with supermarket giant Tesco and German discounter Aldi have reinstated its buying restrictions on certain products as food shortage fears rise. Here is a full list of the products that are limited.

  8. French fathers will now get double the paternity leave. “There is no reason it should be just the mother” who takes care of a new baby, said President Macron.

  9. Amazon restricts how rival device makers buy ads on its site. Some makers of smart speakers, video doorbells and other hardware have hit roadblocks buying key ads in search results. Gadgets made by e-commerce giant get the edge. [Competition is for losers. Remember that. Elon knows it, Gates knows it, so did Jobs, Zuckerberg, Bezos too. They all know this rule since day one. Your guidance counselor will not teach you this rule. Don’t compete ever.]

  10. Dreading a dark winter lockdown? Think like a Norwegian. Studies show people living in the Arctic Circle are armed with a mindset that helps combat the long ‘polar night’. It might come in handy for us all.

  11. Desk shortage forces parents, students to get creative at home. Online sales of desks and accessories were up 283% in August from the year before.

  12. National mason jar shortage; relief may come in December. If you’re having a hard time finding mason jars this season, you’re not alone.The United States is currently going through a mason jar shortage.

  13. Manufacturers puzzle over labor shortage amid high unemployment. The unemployment rate in Calhoun County stood at 10.9 percent in July — the 72nd worst rate out of the state’s 83 counties. But Team 1 Plastics in Albion has been unable to fill four open positions at its transparent plastic auto components plant.

  14. No tomato in burgers? Typhoon damages cause tomato supply shortage. Retailers are suffering from a tomato supply shortage, after farmland was damaged by the record-long summer monsoon season and a number of typhoons that hit the country this summer, according to the food industry on Monday.

  15. Why helium-free “vacuum balloons” could save physics research. Helium is crucial for physics research and medical imaging, but consumer usage of helium balloons threatens supply. Could vacuum balloons save the day?

  16. Skills shortage in Ireland: spotlight on Fintech. The emergence of Financial Technologies (Fintech) is changing the world of finance for businesses and consumers alike. While technology and financial services.

  17. Glasgow teacher forced to find work as coronavirus contact tracer amid job shortages.

  18. Some school bus routes cancelled again due to driver shortage. School bus transportation for Catholic and public students is once again cancelled.

  19. ZimChem seeks US$3 million to boost production. Redcliff-based chemical manufacturing company, ZimChem Refineries (Pvt) Limited, says it requires US$3 million for the upgrade of its refinery plant and purchase of raw materials to increase production. ZimChem is operating at 10 percent capacity owing to shortage of raw materials. Acting managing director, Mr Tendai Shoko, said a revival roadmap had been put in place to increase production from 10 percent to 85 percent of capacity.

  20. 5 injured in Idaho sugar beet factory explosion. Five people sustained minor injuries in an explosion at an Idaho sugar beet processing facility Monday morning.

  21. Parts of Route 460 in Giles County still closed after tanker explosion. People who live nearby the explosion say they heard a loud boom.

  22. China’s Social Credit System: It’s both unique and part of a global trend. China’s Social Credit System is meant to improve society while denying citizens their Human Rights.

  23. Food shortages in China might push Xi Jinping to take drastic actions against Taiwan and elsewhere. On top of disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic, torrential rains have caused catastrophic flooding in the Yangtze River basin, Chinas largest agricultural region.

  24. FEMA Administrator touring flood mitigation project at Garden of the Gods. FEMA Administrator Pete Gaynor is in Colorado Springs Monday to take a look at a big flood mitigation project at Garden of the Gods.

  25. Flash flooding in St. Augustine on Sunday, more heavy rain coming. Between 5 and 7′’ of rain fell in about an hour in St. Augustine on Sunday, causing flash flooding and several street closures.

  26. New brain cell-like nanodevices work together to identify mutations in viruses. These systems could potentially overcome computational hurdles faced by current digital technologies.

  27. Bangladesh: 4th phase flood likely to ruin crops. The fourth phase of flood in the northern region may damage large quantities of paddy and winter vegetables, feared farmers and experts.

  28. $160m a year: Sweeping new assessment of NZ’s big flood threat. Scientists have just launched NZ’s first-ever national assessment of flood risk.

  29. SpaceX’s Starlink satellites could make US Army navigation hard to jam. New research shows Elon Musk’s broadband network could be tweaked to work as an alternative to GPS.

  30. Chris: “An Air Force C-17 has completed three missions to Antarctica as of Sept 24 for the 2020-21 Operation Deep Freeze, delivering 151 personnel and 165,000 pounds of cargo to McMurdo Station. Looks cold.”

  31. UTMB Aerospace Medicine: “Greetings from Antarctica! Working with the medical team at McMurdo Station is just one of the many amazing opportunities our aerospace residents get to experience.” [Aerospace and Antarctica in the same paragraph.]

  32. American Earthquakes: “Antarctica: A mild earthquake of magnitude mb=4.7, was registered at 2842 KM NE of McMurdo Station (USA), region of RossIsland. Depth: 10 KM.” [This happened yesterday during the geostorm.]

  33. ASN Aircraft accident Canadair CL-600-1A11 Challenger 600 N100QR Sur del Lago region, Zulia. A Canadair CL-600-1A11 Challenger 600 plane, registered N100QR, was destroyed in a criminal occurrence at Sur del Lago region, Zulia, Venezuela. All crew members survived.

  34. Seems like there’s more airforce activity over Australia than usual, including USAF RCH5E1 headed from Sydney to Pine Gap. Pine Gap is a major joint facility. The gears are turning, the clock is ticking, something is afoot.

  35. Major hospital system hit with cyberattack, potentially largest in U.S. history. Computer systems for Universal Health Services, which has more than 400 locations, primarily in the U.S., began to fail over the weekend.

  36. Blasting the air in front of hypersonic vehicles with lasers could unlock unprecedented speeds. For decades, the DoD has been researching a radical drag reduction technique that involves sheathing a vehicle in directed energy-induced plasma.

  37. US assesses bolstering nuclear warheads as talks with Russia stall. US diplomats are trying to play hardball with Russia in negotiations over whether to extend New START.

  38. New chart reveals military’s vast involvement in Operation Warp Speed. An organizational chart of Operation Warp Speed reveals a structured initiative where military personnel outnumber civilian scientists.

  39. Police report 911 emergency call service outages in multiple states. The extent of the outage was not immediately clear.

  40. Katesbridge records NI’s coldest September night. It was -3.7C in the County Down hamlet making it the coldest place on the island of Ireland.

  41. Japan orders military pilots to report UFO sightings. Despite the Defense Ministry claiming there have been no official reports of military personnel encountering unidentified flying objects, UFO watchers insist that Japan is a hotbed of extraterrestrial activity.

  42. Japan Earthquakes: “3.9 and 2.6 earthquakes hit exactly as forecasted in Mina, Nevada - 24 HOUR California Earthquake Risk - High risk in the Mina, Nevada area.”

  43. RyeBrook Space: “DAILY SDO REPORT 2020-09-29 07:15UT: AR2773 (25); NWQ; Bxo; S | AR# (25); SWQ; Bxo; S | 24h max X-ray flux = A6 | 24h max Kp = Kp5 | Solar wind speed remains high, and further geomagnetic events remain likely.”

  44. Daily Mail Online: “At least five dead and one injured after explosion at a chemical plant near Wuhan.”

  45. SV News: “Massive explosion reported at a restaurant in Wuhan, China; multiple trapped and injured.”

  46. Turkish F-16 shoots down Armenia jet in Armenian airspace.

  47. Massive fire has broken out at a hotel in Novosibirsk, Russia; over 50 firefighting units on scene, injuries unknown.

  48. Spring storm brings snow to New Zealand’s beaches and travel chaos. Temperatures in parts of the country feel minus 20 as ‘significant weather event’ hits.

  49. New radio telescope is going to fly to the far side of the moon to listen to the signals from the early universe. The phrase “silence is golden” is even more important for radio astronomers.

  50. Thick clouds scrub SpaceX launch of 12th operational Starlink mission. This will be the company’s 11th Starlink mission so far in 2020.

  51. The Air Force’s robot pilot returns to the skies. The Air Force Research Laboratory’s ROBOpilot can transform manned aircraft into unmanned systems.

  52. Spangdahlem AB Airmen integrate in joint multinational exercise Astral. As part of joint multinational exercise Astral Knight, a KC-10 Extender refueled multiple Polish and U.S. aircraft while over Polish airspace Sept. 22 and 24.

  53. The Air Force is doing live-fire testing with its new helicopter, the Jolly Green II. The goal of the ground testing was to verify the weapons’ functionality and accuracy and to demonstrate they are safe to employ operationally.

  54. AFRL’s big ambitions for lunar patrol satellites. “We are interested in technologies to support wide area search, narrow field tracking, and autonomous space domain awareness," says CHPS program manager Capt. David Buehler.

  55. In Denver, due to the lack of spectators during the pandemic, the team of the football club Broncos put all the residents of South Park on the fans’ stands.

  56. Rachel Wallace: “Bought a mattress from dreams. Due for delivery on Thursday. Was just contacted today to say due to stock shortage, I am now not going to get my order until the 20th of Nov. They are blaming you. Surely no one should be taking money for orders that can’t be fulfilled.”

  57. the oranckay: “I’d heard that gun sales are up and that there’s a massive shortage of ammunition because Americans stock up in uncertain times, but four aisles in a store in Manteca had this much left in the way of bullets.”

  58. Fauzinator: “Awesome! I went to the grocery store yesterday and all the milk was sold out, meat and produce were 2/3 empty. Not as bad as April, but noticeable.” [Normie in denial.]

  59. “Sister-in-law from Fujian went out to buy vegetables, but when she came back, her house was demolished. The police completely ignored the victim and instead reprimanded the victim. Now the CCP is forcibly demolishing! they don’t care about the people at all!” [She goes out to market by the time she comes back her house is demolished.]

  60. CCP Propaganda. “One of the main forces to liberate Taiwan, the Chinese Rangers of the 82nd Air Assault Division of the PLA.”

  61. ‘We’re at war’: New York City faces a financial abyss. The pandemic has crippled tourism, retail and the culture sector. The damage could last years, and layoffs, service cuts and added debt are all on the table.

  62. New Yorkers report receiving ballots with wrong name, voter addresses. Voters in New York City said they received their mail-in ballots this week but were surprised to find they were printed with the wrong names and voter IDs and included incorrect return labels.

  63. Office 365 outage with roll back failure ends after more than six hours. Microsoft resolves cloud-wide problem involving authentication issues after rolling back a recent change failed to end the outage.

  64. Cyberattack could trigger Article 5 response, NATO deputy secretary warns. “NATO is adapting to security threats in cyberspace despite vulnerabilities exploited in the COVID-19 pandemic, Deputy Secretary Mircea Geoana said on Monday. He noted that NATO will establish a Cyberspace Operations Center as a part of its command structure, adding that a military cyber attack on a country qualifies as a cause for all NATO nations to come to its aid. “We agreed that a cyberattack could trigger Article 5 of our founding treaty, where an attack against one ally is treated as an attack against all,” Geoana told a virtual conference of CYBERSEC, an annual public policy conference sponsored by the Kosciusko Institute of Krakow, Poland."

  65. Unless you work in Astronomy, when was the last time you stepped out of your house and observed the sky? If the grid goes we cannot Google. Humanity advancement was guided since ancient times by the stars. Learn at least to find the north with the stars and to mobilize using them. I bet many don’t understand what a G1 and G2 geomagnetic storms are and that we are experiencing them right now. The term “space weather” refers to the variable conditions on the sun and in space that can influence the performance of technology we use on Earth. All Global Military Forces are having massive radio disruption as we speak.

  66. Flightradar24: “For the third time in two days Flightradar24 is under attack. Our engineers are working to mitigate the attack as quickly as possible and we hope to be back tracking flights soon. We appreciate your patience and apologize for the inconvenience. Updates to follow in thread.” [Strange how July 4, 2020 flights are deleted. “Those damn servers and 3 backups in different countries.“ And now another crash after five Janets and two blocked flights land in Vegas. How odd. Possibly hiding Ark/Dumb locations? 100% hiding the activity underground on 4th. That blocked flight from the other is now gone. Ass covering time. Strange how after I downloaded all those logs yesterday, the server crashed. That’s probably what triggered it.]

  67. Green is what Azerbaijan claimed to have conquered. Be aware that, from what we know, Armenia launched a counter-offensive and captured one or two of the seven villages that were captured, and Azerbaijan conquered more territory. (But not villages?) Therefore, it is not updated. Since the Start of clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Sweden-based OSINT ‘Flightradar24’ has been under heavy DDoS attacks by unknown groups of hackers. FlightRadar24 on Twitter: “For the third time in two days Flightradar24 is under attack. Our engineers are working to mitigate the attack as quickly as possible and we hope to be back tracking flights soon. We appreciate your patience and apologize for the inconvenience. Updates to follow in thread."

  68. Sam Korus: “Tesla is creating and killing the electric vehicle competition. Tesla’s battery day affirms Wright’s Law and spells trouble for the competition. Wright’s Law states that for every cumulative doubling of production costs fall by a fixed percent. This applies beyond batteries, but we will start there. Note the X axis is cumulative kWh not time. That is, time doesn’t guarantee lower costs, increased production does. How did Tesla create the competition? In 2006 almost no one thought EVs would reach price parity with gas powered cars, but Tesla had a plan to drive demand and thus move along the cost decline curve as described by Wright’s Law. On an annual basis it appears like the Model S changed the cost curve, but it’s actually on the same Wright’s Law curve. The Model S demonstrated demand for a form factor that uses orders of magnitude more batteries than an iPhone and so production of batteries ramped. That’s when Tesla created the competition. People saw price parity on the horizon. Had Tesla not made an awesome and compelling electric vehicle, battery prices may not have fallen as quickly because battery production would have been lower. On to big announcement number one: a 56% reduction in $/kWh and 3TWh of production. It’s hard to appreciate on a log/log chart, but ramping to 3TWh from today’s cumulative production base is in line with Wright’s Law and would lower costs by ~56%. This announcement is Tesla taking its destiny and the destiny of EVs into its own hands. It’s not going to let the industry drive costs down. It will do so itself and others will be brought along. Now on to big announcement number two: A $25,000 vehicle in 3 years. Wright’s Law works for vehicle production too. Tesla’s vehicle and battery production ramp should drive costs low enough to make a $25,000 vehicle in three years. Why is this bad for the competition? Generally prices from Wright’s Law can be applied across an entire industry, but Tesla’s speed of iteration and degree of verticalization make leaks and learnings harder to apply to other companies. We believe the auto industry will follow Wright’s Law for battery cost declines, but delayed relative to Tesla. Once Tesla releases a vehicle with the new cell, the reverse engineering race begins. Then the product needs to be scaled. Tesla doesn’t need an infinite lead, just enough time to innovate again. Our research already suggested Tesla was 3-4 years ahead on battery technology, this likely extends that by more. Ultimately it means that other automakers may not reach price parity with gas powered cars until later. This may put ARK’s overall EV forecast in jeopardy, but has profound implications for Tesla’s potential market share and profitability. The crazy part of Battery Day isn’t what was announced. It’s that people still don’t believe it’s possible. Going to discuss this at ARK’s brainstorm tomorrow and add more thoughts in this weeks newsletter. Questions and critiques have been awesome so keep them coming!” Experience curve effects: “In industry, models of the learning or experience curve effect express the relationship between experience producing a good and efficiency of production, ie. efficiency gains that follow investment in the effort. The effect has large implications for effect of market share, which can increase competitive advantage over time due to experience curve effects.”

  69. You think they are covering riots? Some are searching for Club-K nukes hat have been smuggled into the United States. The others are preparing. Notice how we are closing the embassies in Iraq and Afghanistan? POTUS wants our boys home where we will make our last stand to whatever may come. Don’t waste time on politics. Learn skills. Don’t waste time on rabbit holes or Netflix. Since yesterday only one of you has signed up for a HAM Radio test. And one of you is testing today. Remember the Doomsday Dossier published in the UK. Remember this morning me discussing how butane is sold out everywhere. Remember the postings regarding Solar Minimum. Remember all the freak weather we are having. Watch this. Remember it’s 2001 in the basement of the White House that this scene is based upon. Listen carefully. Dick’s Future (2008) HD. It’s not the full version but watch it and you’ll see them mentioning the Deep Freeze of 2020. The Solar Storm knocked one of the NOAA Satellite Databases. NOAA usually white outs the Antarctic views, so they are scrambling to cover up the leaked images of the Bases. About four or five months for typical summer contracts (October thru February) in McMurdo, three and a half months for a summer south pole contract, or thirteen months for winter-over contracts. A winter-over usually starts at the beginning of summer (October-ish) and lasts until the beginning of the next summer. What’s unusual is that they started shipping personnel in September because they expect a brutal summer. I mean remember South Africa and Patagonia. 100,000 animals were lost in Patagonia. Mainstream did not report it. Imagine once it’s reversed in the Northern Hemisphere. The snow has become a drama for ranchers and farm workers. Thousands of animals were buried by the snow, which with the cold turned into ice and killed an enormous number of sheep and goats in Neuquén, Río Negro, Chubut, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego. Desperate, the farmers went out to try to rescue their animals to reduce the losses. The enormous death of sheep drastically reduced the stocks and capital of sheep producers in the area. The videos of these dramatic rescues have gone viral in recent days on social networks. In a clip posted on Twitter, you can see a rural worker with his son digging in the snow to remove the sheep completely covered by snow. Ranchers and laborers do what they can to save the animals, with their bare hands, without tools or protection, moving the frozen snow in search of the sheep. Animals resist the cold, but blocked and without food, they die. A statement from the Argentine Rural Confederations regrets that the return to the harsh Patagonian winters, after a time of great drought, “highlights the terrible infrastructure conditions that dominate that region: routes, roads, sewers, telephone and internet communication services, gas, electricity, which collapse in the face of the phenomenon and complicate the attempts to rescue residents, families, workers and producers, as well as the losses of property in a deterioration process that will be aggravated in the coming weeks.” The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Nation convened an extraordinary meeting of the Federal Agricultural Council (CFA) to discuss actions that help mitigate the heavy damage that they are leaving in the Continue reading … The entry Alert for the storm of snow in Patagonia: animals are dying and there are isolated producers was first published in De Frente Al Campo. The intense snowfalls that are registered in Patagonia not only affected the herds of cows and sheep of the cattle producers of the region, but the guanacos were the victims of the inclement weather that took place throughout the week. pass. In two tweets that went viral over the weekend you can see the animals feeling the severity of the cold and heavy snowfalls that have been manifesting these days. We know because it’s affecting the trade. More intel coming in. Which means produce and meat exports from those countries will be very low. As you can see, in that area temps are the lowest in the last 70 years. 2020 in Patagonia: Cruelest snowfalls in the last 20 years where animals literally freeze to death. Half buried in the snow without being able to move. If you have friends that are ranchers or farmers please share this intel. Remember the Doomsday Documents released by the Sun Newspaper over the weekend. There might be a correlation that we are in for a very harsh winter. Although I’m told yes already. Notice how electric storms are widespread worldwide. MundoPA: “The polar air mass from Antarctica plummeted temperatures in much of the Brazilian territory, as well as in Argentina and Uruguay, and threatens to cause a record cold in several cities until Monday.” Compare to the Doomsday Document by the British Government in which the Sun is doing limited release. The Sun Article I warned you about yesterday with the Doomsday Doctrine is having ripple effects in the UK. ‘Water rationing and food shortages’ if second wave clashes with no-deal Brexit. A leaked document warns ministers to prepare for a ‘worst case scenario’. I’m reposting news from (Argentina) Patagonia / Brazil / South Africa/ (from July 23rd to August) regarding the harshest winter in the southern hemisphere in the past 80 years. Soon the conditions will be flipped and the northern hemisphere will face the harshest winter in the past 80 years. Notice none of this was reported in NY Times/CNN/FOX or NPR (MSM) in general because they constantly fail the public. Leaked document reveals Cabinet’s emergency plans for perfect storm of No Deal Brexit and coronavirus second wave. The Sun is doing limited released and fought tooth and nails but the Lawyers won this round. The full leak has not been released but to the ones in the know it is projecting freezing weather unlike we’ve ever seen before among other things.

  70. Xi Jinping versus the world. Somewhere inside the corridors of Zhonghanhai, the word “transparency” lies limp and lifeless, hopelessly gasping for air. It is a pathetic sight. Straining to cling to any semblance of its former meaning, its injuries are overwhelming. And then, it is too late ― “transparency” has finally succumbed, clubbed to death by the fatal rhetoric of Chairman Xi and his band of storytellers. It is not the first word to have fallen victim to the Chinese Communist Party. Words such as “truth,” “peace,” “sincere,” “responsible,” “cooperation” and “commitment” have also been beaten senseless, or used as battering rams to break down enemy walls. Although nothing like the authentic word, Xi Jinping has invented a new “transparency” which, reconstructed by CCP etymologists, means “We’ve shown you everything we want you to see.” According to this revised version, Xi and the CCP are transparent to a fault. The Webster Dictionary, it seems, is no match for the linguists in Beijing. Their arsenal of words, turned into weapons for the ears of “foreign dogs”, have become a new form of warfare ― one that needs no chemicals, but whose purpose is insidiously to silence the voices of those daring to insist that words have singular meanings. None of us should be surprised at Chairman Xi’s abuse. Reinventing words, or rather truths, has been a hallmark of the Chinese Communist regime since the Cultural Revolution. Xi did not begin the practice, he merely perfected it. CCP narratives have long been constructed like bamboo scaffolding, as flexible as it is strong. Now that bamboo is simply stronger. Now, under eloquent silky attacks from the “Chairman of Everything,” accountability is the new scourge from the West, and avoiding it, is the CCP’s renewed priority. To be fair, Xi Jinping must be given credit for his consistency. After all, has Xi ever indicated he owes anyone an explanation for anything? Whether it is the kidnapping and torture of his own citizens and foreigners, or his “Soylent Green” approach to dealing with ethnic minorities, Xi has always set himself above and beyond the reach of what the gullible call “accountability.” Xi is responsible to himself alone, having made himself a deity lacking nothing except the divine. His ascension is masked in a cloud of ambiguity, just thick enough to hide the bloodied corpses upon which he climbed to reach the summit. Such is the way of tyrants, you may say, but there is a uniqueness to Xi Jinping that lends him a legitimacy few other tyrants have known. The secretive nature of the Chinese government has kept the whole truth of Xi’s phenomenal rise to power protected from public scrutiny. The portrait we have of him is absurdly incomplete, leaving gaping holes now filled with cleverly constructed and almost plausible propaganda. Although we do not know how the once unknown Xi rose, seemingly against rule and logic, to hold unprecedented power in the Chinese Communist Party, we do know that Xi grew up experiencing both the highs and lows of the Cultural Revolution under Mao. At a young age his father, the Communist Revolutionary Leader, Xi Zhongxun, was arrested by Mao’s police for supposedly giving support to a novel that was deemed critical of Mao. Xi was purged several times during his career. In line with the methodology that, ironically, Xi junior further advanced, the family members of the senior Xi were purged as well. Xi Jinping was expelled from Beijing and sent to work as a farmhand in an impoverished rural village. There, while living in a cut-out in a hill, he discovered what it meant to experienced poverty, condemnation and dishonor. One sister was unable to cope with the family’s fall from grace, and hung herself to escape the shame and deprivation of all she had once known. From the scant evidence available, which requires reading between the lines of that which Xi has revealed, it appears that Xi was spurred on rather than defeated by his circumstances. As a young man he re-joined the ranks of the Party faithful, and took his first steps to creating an account which would later position him as a ‘people’s president’ or “Xi Dada.” Paradoxically, his suffering under a regime driven by a personality cult would provide him with both legitimacy among the new elites, and appeal to millions who had suffered themselves.His motivation, it was claimed, was to build the “Chinese Dream” or “the great rejuvenation of the nation.” As soon as power was within his grasp, however, Xi began his own purge, one more surgical than his predecessors. Many high-ranking officials were harshly demoted without evidence of disloyalty; some disappeared altogether. The aim was to establish a hierarchy of leaders that could be manipulated, who had no moral qualms about Xi’s immoral edicts, and no conscience other than the one they were allocated. With a following of puppet leaders, Xi could take a government claiming to represent the interests of the people, and invest himself with every title on offer, and others that previously did not exist. With unchallenged power, Xi changed the Constitution to ensure he was head of the police, head of national security, of the judiciary, the secret services, the military and all economic and social reform. According to Gary Locke, the former American Ambassador to Beijing, “Xi is at the centre of everything” ― and he will remain the center of China’s universe indefinitely. A Beijing editor reported, “He is not afraid of heaven or earth. And he is, as we say, round on the outside and square on the insides. He looks flexible, but inside he is very hard.” Xi believes he is untouchable within the walls of his own kingdom. And while he has demonstrated near genius in the field of strategy and regime-building, his rampant victimization of rivals, his contempt toward elder statesmen, and his attempts to paint human rights-conscious nations as vile and uncivilized, suggests motivations that are as deeply personal as they are maniacal. Whether he is seeking to avenge his father, or seeking revenge for his past, Xi has become the world’s most powerful, dynamic and highly-motivated dictator. But as the self-appointed supreme authority within the Chinese Communist Party, his motivation goes beyond power. Far more than any other world dictator, Xi’s is driven by conquest. He is not satisfied with combating democratic organizations and dismissing other nations’ achievements, he seeks to own them, and too often has done just that. According to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, since Xi Jinping came to power, there have been more cases of stolen intellectual property and technology by the Chinese government than prosecutors around the world can handle. “They’re (the CCP) willing to steal their way up the economic ladder” at the expense of other nation’s economies, stability, and strength. China’s cyber-attacks, theft of technology and intellectual property are “well-orchestrated and well-resourced” and planned at the top level, according to the FBI Director. Intelligence agency reports say that under Xi Jinping, this form of theft has helped to make the CCP rich while robbing nations of billions upon billions of dollars. The World Health Organization has at best a 50-50 chance of surviving this pandemic based on Xi’s alarming influence over the former international and independent agency of the United Nations. Just when Xi bought executive shares in the WHO is still uncertain, but his influence over the director-general during the pandemic has made it possible for Xi to remain in his self-made Olympus, protected from the scrutiny of mere mortals. With regard to the current global health crisis, a leading German epidemiologist wrote, "President Xi’s persistent refusal to allow an independent international investigation into the origins of the virus, is more than a lack of responsibility, it is a declaration of contempt for human life. It is a crime, a crime that cost lives for a nation to say “We own the right to refuse to be investigated, to have the evidence examined. Most every other country in the world would have called for the investigation themselves.” China, under Xi, has answered calls for transparency by handing out lollipops, claiming it as benevolence to a world to which if refused to be accountable. Refusal to act with human decency in the face of a global health crisis is alarming enough, but to this Xi has added childish retaliation toward nations that requested what other nations would offer before being asked. Psychologist professor Jiu Xiao, wrote in a paper profiling China’s President, said, “Though seemingly mild-mannered and tempered, Xi’s decisions and actions are that of a petulant child who is not given what they want. Mature adults respond after considering the factors leading up to a situation, but Xi’s sense of entitlement suggests that his consideration always and only focuses on how things will affect him personally.” Yet despite all that we know about Xi Jinping, many continue to force his cruelty and tyranny through a sieve of acceptance. Perhaps if he had horns rather than an Armani suit, perhaps if he had fangs rather than a Mona Lisa smile, we would be less able to pretend Xi Jinping was not the tyrant that his actions reveal him to be. The desperate citizens of Hong Kong, fighting against a tsunami of evil, do not have the luxury of pretense. The death toll sounded as Beijing passed its National Security stranglehold law. For Xi Jinping, Hong Kong will be yet another conquest he can mark on his belt. In passing this law, the CCP and Xi are not threatening to destroy a governmental system, but the lives and security of Hong Kong’s citizens, citizens who are more skilled than Westerners at interpreting the words that drip like poison from the CCP’s lips. “National security” means “the supremacy and domination of the Xi’s regime.” A law that will “target only certain individuals” means “a law in which everyone is a potential target and anyone can disappear.” Similarly, “foreign interference” means Hong Kong will never again be able to appeal for help from anyone, anywhere. All international NGOs in Hong Kong will work under strict CCP regulation or be expelled. Xi and the CCP will never again have to answer for anything they do to Hong Kong, nor will they have to work under the cover of night. And if Hong Kong collapses either through the resistance of its citizens or through the terror this new law invokes, Xi will not blink an eye. The protestors will be blamed the same way an abusive partner blames their victim. “Look what you made us do” will be Beijing’s response to a Hong Kong that is broken. “We knew what was best for you but you refused to listen”. We make a fatal mistake in believing that Xi will stop with his conquest of Hong Kong. Taiwan will today be considering its options, knowing that if no-one stands in the way of Xi’s malevolent plans, Taiwan will be next. We make a further mistake in believing that economic sanctions alone will curtail Xi’s lust for conquest. He has proven to be a patient man. Xi will wait for an opportune time, as he did with the pandemic, and attack again not caring if Chinese citizens are among the victims. We must, of course, never fight fire with fire. But we should remember that water, so steady and constant, will overcome the fiercest flames. Xi Jinping is not infallible, his regime is not unstoppable, and his power is ultimately based on fear, and the fabricated belief that he rules a government the world cannot do without. As Hong Kong is robbed of its freedom, as minorities groups continue to be persecuted and exterminated, as human rights are unashamedly abused, as nations continue to be threatened and bullied, we must decide on an appropriate and definitive response to the tyranny of Xi Jinping and his regime. We must answer the petitions of those clinging to the hope that we will respond. We must draw a line in the sand and say, “No further.” We must defend those who Xi has disarmed and speak on behalf of those who have been silenced. Xi Jinping must know that, unlike him, we mean what we say.