Azazel News #Recap 9/27/2020

  1. Zero Hedge: 1971: The Year That Changed Everything. The year 1971 saw the trajectories of nearly every major trend relative to our way of life shift massively. That year is such a noticeable inflection point in so many data sets, that an intriguing website has been created to drive the point home. The website is a parade of data series visually showing how the world changed that year. Be it income… the cost of living… political polarization… the divorce rate… and a kitchen sink’s worth of other statistics — from the national debt to deficit spending, childhood obesity, the incarceration rate, energy use per capita — pretty much all aspects of life as we know it changed materially and permanently in the early 1970s. This week’s guest experts, Ben Prentice and Collin, founders of, explain how virtually all of these changes are a direct or indirect result of the monetary system “breaking” that year with the Nixon Shock and the end of the Bretton Woods System.

  2. Argentina Study Supports Ivermectin for COVID-19. Argentina’s largest newspaper, Clarin, reported on September 23 about positive results in an ivermectin study, including reduced viral loads, in a study conducted in that nation.

  3. The following below is unusual weather and radar patterns out of Thailand sent in by a Doomsdayer in the Bangkok. Similar activity also taking place in Hong Kong. Both anomalies happened earlier in August in the Midwest / Australia and Mexico. Notice the lightning similar to the storms in Minnesota and Iowa during the Derechos that affected much of the corn crop. Another oddity - fireworks. Why waste fireworks during a thunderstorm? Might fireworks be a connection to the unusual weather and radar activity? Locals are trying to say the fireworks are because of World Tourism Day. I wonder if it’s Popeye related. The same unusual weather patterns in Mexico and Australia are showing up in Texas. The same unusual weather patterns in Mexico and Australia are showing up in Texas and other states. Shout out to the Popeye Operatives doing their thang. First Mexico now Australia. Strange anomaly happening in Mexico. We are not saying we know what it is. We are just connecting dots at the moment and recognizing patterns.

  4. DARPA laser version of EMDrive has a test result better than commercial ion drive. If we could have a space drive that did not use fuel then we could accelerate for decades using a nuclear power source. This would allow a spacecraft with a tiny amount of propulsion to accelerate to near light speed. DARPA has been funding the Nascent Light-Matter Interactions (NLM) project for about three years. This project is looking for functional variations of the super controversial EMDrive. EMDrive was first created twenty years ago and claimed that a conical copper device bounced magnetic radiation in the chamber to generate propulsion without using fuel. The goal of NLM is to integrate emerging phenomena with fundamental models that can describe and predict new functionality. These models will provide design tools and delineate the performance limits of new engineered light-matter interactions. Important applications to be addressed in the program include synthesizing new material structures for sources, non-reciprocal behavior, parametric phenomena, limiters, electromagnetic drives, and energy harvesting. The DARPA NLM project is currently funded until May 2021. Mike McCulloch is the current DARPA EmDrive project leader.

  5. Out-of-work pilots retrain as machinery operators for WA grain harvest. International airline pilots are being retrained to operate harvest machinery as COVID-19 grounds flights and keeps farm workers from where they are needed. [Out of work airline pilots retrained for harvest machinery. Sounds like the first part of Interstellar. The most valuable lesson from these pilots is their ability to adapt and overcome. They are not illiterate In the 21st Century.]

  6. The Aviationist: “Icarus Aerospace Continues Development Of Anti-Submarine Warfare Capability For Their Wasp-M Aircraft.”

  7. Aircraft Spots: “Tenax Aerospace CL-600 Maritime Patrol Aircraft N9191 callsign GQ548 operating over the Yellow Sea.”

  8. Rupprecht A: “Does anyone have more info on the new NRIST Z-5B? A new unmanned helicopter drone carrying the designation Z-5 B/H was displayed at 6th China Military Intelligent Technology and Equipment Expo that opened on September 22 in Beijing.”

  9. ISCResearch: “Azerbaijani UAVs targeted positions of Armenian Armed Forces with aerial assaults. According to preliminary data, 16 Armenian soldiers were killed, more than 100 wounded - Deputy Defense Minister of Armenia.” Shushan Stepanyan: “Destruction of assaulting Azerbaijani tanks and manpower.” "According to preliminary data, the Armenian side has 16 killed and more than one hundred wounded,” says Artur Sargsyan, Deputy Defense Minister of the Republic of Artsakh. Exploratorem: “Armenian helicopter shot down by Azerbaijan Army amid escalation btwn both militaries. 7 dead while injured soldiers are moved to Stepanakert for medical aid. Azerbaijani army is using all rockets in its arsenal including Smerch, Kasirga, Polonez, etc. They have completely liberated Murovdag from occupation. A large Armenian garrison is under siege in Aghdara.” Manu Gómez: “2x Turkish UAVS (TB2´s most probably) currently near Armenia.” CNW: “Armenian Ministry of Defense has released footage of 2 Azerbaijani T-72 tanks being hit with munitions. There has been heavy fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenia on the border this morning.” Babak Taghvaee: “Supported by Turkey, Azerbaijan has just started a war against Armenia in-order to occupy Artsakh/Nagorno Karabakh. For now, Azerbaijan has lost a Mi-8 transport helicopter, a Mi-24 heavy attack helicopter, 3 UAVs & over 20 Syrian mercenaries!” George Mastropavlos: “Video recorded moments ago shows pick-up trucks filled with Syrian mercenaries (Turkish backed & Al Qaeda affiliated Hamza division) on their way to Nagorno Karabakh to help Azerbaijan in the war against Armenia.” Azerbaijani Mi-8 falling to the ground after an Armenian SAM missile hit the helicopter. Fighting between sworn enemies Armenia and Azerbaijan resumed earlier on Sunday, with each country blaming the other for starting hostilities over Nagorno-Karabakh. Armenia said Azerbaijan’s forces shelled the breakaway region and inflicted civilian casualties, while Baku accused Armenian troops of hitting military and civilian targets as well. Meanwhile, Nagorno-Karabakh – a predominantly Armenian-populated region that fought a war of independence against Azerbaijan in the 1990s – has declared martial law and issued a total conscription call for all men older than 18.Russia’s foreign ministry, a mediator in decades of conflict between majority Christian Armenia and mainly Muslim Azerbaijan, urged both sides to cease fire immediately and hold talks. The two countries have long been at odds over Nagorno-Karabakh, which broke away from Azerbaijan in a conflict that broke out as the Soviet Union collapsed. [Rumors are Israel sending Azerbaijan weapons & ammo over Turkish aerospace. Also some Turkish drones circling over Mount Ararat.]

  10. Explosion kills 7 in Syria’s Hasakah. Seven civilians were killed on Saturday by a car bomb explosion in Syria’s northeastern province of Hasakah, state news agency SANA reported.

  11. Five terrorists killed in explosion while planning attack in Iraq. At least five terrorists preparing an attack in Iraq died while trying to mount an explosive device on a vehicle, Iraqi security forces said in a statement obtained by Sputnik. The vehicle exploded in the town of Rutba in Iraq’s western Al Anbar province, at a hiding spot of the Islamic State terrorist group (IS, outlawed in Russia), the security forces said. “As a result, five terrorists who were mounting the explosive device were killed,” the statement from the Iraqi security forces says. A week ago, Iraqi media reported that security forces had foiled a series of terrorist attacks across the country and detained one of the IS ringleaders. The Iraqi authorities announced the country’s full liberation from IS in late 2017. However, government forces continue operations against separate terrorist cells that remain dormant in certain parts of the country.

  12. Peter Voinovich: “Last of the Serbian Air Force operational MiG-21UM crashed yesterday on a routine visual weather recon mission. Both pilots died. “16185” was one of the last UM’s produced in 1986.”

  13. Stabbing attack in Saint Denis, north of Paris, France. At least one police officer stabbed—attacker gunned down.

  14. Five dead in fire caused by gas canister explosion in North Sumatra. A family of five was killed in a fire that engulfed their four-story house on Jl. Panyabungan in Pematang Siantar, North Sumatra, on Saturday night.

  15. No Internet, no problem. Venezuela gets Bitcoin satellite node. “We started in Venezuela because of the obvious connectivity problems and Cryptobuyer is always looking for a way to be resilient to these kinds of problems by anticipating any possible contingency.”

  16. Action-Zealandia activists took part in a banner drop on the weekend raising awareness for political prisoner Kyle Rittenhouse. [Interesting overseas support for Kyle from Bulgaria now New Zealand. Kyle Rittenhouse’s attorneys release new video. We posted the video on September 23rd across all platforms - it is a narrated video of night supposedly created by the lawyers.] The legal team have faced obstacles on all major Big Tech platforms. “Facebook has scrubbed Rittenhouse’s name from search, removed posts that support him, blocked links to his fundraising campaign, threatened to ban users that show video of Rittenhouse helping protestors, and even branded the shooting a “mass murder.” Twitter has temporarily locked the accounts of two of Rittenhouse’s defense lawyers, Lin Wood and John Pierce, shadowbanned Wood, and removed several tweets that support Rittenhouse. Payments company Discover has also blocked donations to GiveSendGo, a Christian site that’s hosting a Rittenhouse fundraising campaign, and fundraising platform GoFundMe shut down a Rittenhouse fundraising campaign while amplifying the campaigns of those who were shot.” Facebook’s Rittenhouse Mistake: The speech blackout for his defense threatens due process. Facebook is blocking searches for the name of Kenosha shooter. Facebook censors Christian crowdfunding site raising money for Kyle Rittenhouse. Big Tech waging war on conservatives while hosting violent extremists. GoFundMe removed the fundraiser for Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old who was charged with murder after killing two men in Kenosha.

  17. Video shows NYPD charge at, arrest protesters amid outdoor diners in NYC. “People were just chilling and listening to music. Then a squad of policemen came up and broke it up,” one witness said. Green Angel CBD NYC on Instagram: “Chaos on the streets of NYC. Cops locked up more than a dozen Black Lives Matter protesters.” Orthodox Jews hit back at de Blasio: Protester calls health officials ‘Nazis’ and ‘liars’ while religious leaders say residents are ‘listening to Trump over the mayor’ after NYC warned neighborhoods face another lockdown over COVID spikes. Maskless protester shuts down NYC Health Department’s COVID-19 press conference. Heshy Tischler, a local community activist, screamed at the head of the city’s public hospital system, Dr. Mitchell Katz, and refused to put on a mask or keep six feet away. Rebecca Fishbein: “I’m at 10th and Hudson. Dozens of cops just charged at pedestrians.” [Happened right in front a bunch of the so called blue checkmarks of twitter. i.e. cute young white far left journalist chicks, who literally have the Twitter blue checkmark who video taped it.]

  18. Avoid another seed shortage by saving yours. “The more you spend time with your plants, the more you develop a relationship with them,” says Owen Taylor, founder of Truelove Seeds.

  19. Canning supplies shortage real, but there are solutions. The pandemic-related trend that saw more people trying their hand at home gardening this summer may have led to a bountiful harvest of fresh produce, but it’s left some scrambling to find canning supplies as they try to save the last of their colorful crops to enjoy during the grayer days of winter. “Canning supplies are in short supply everywhere,” said Brandon Pennell, manager at Midland Farm & Home Supply in Jacksonville. “We have people ask for lids all the time. … Everybody grew a garden this year.” When canning, clean Mason jars free of nicks can be reused. But seals and lids should to be new to provide the seal necessary to keep food safe for longer-term storage. It’s also not a good idea to buy more than you expect to need for one year, according to the National Center for Home Food Preservation, meaning stockpiling doesn’t work. “We’ve had a lot of canning goods for a while,” Pennell said. “Everybody waited until the last minute to get (what they needed) and we sold out.”

  20. Worried about more shortages, grocery stores are stockpiling goods. Grocery stores across the United States are stocking up on products to avoid shortages during a second wave of coronavirus.

  21. South Africa and mental health drugs shortage: does it feed new “shadow epidemics”? At the end of August, they registered that almost half of the most commonly used drugs to treat mental health illness in some areas of South Africa were out of stock.

  22. 100,000 mt of rice to be imported to prevent ‘artificial shortage’. Most visited website in Sri Lanka.

  23. Maharashtra sugar factories asked to cut down output, focus on ethanol. A top sugar federation in Maharashtra is encouraging factories to cut down on production of the sweetener in view of its surplus stock and instead focus on ethanol production.

  24. Dreading a dark winter lockdown? Think like a Norwegian. Studies show people living in the Arctic Circle are armed with a mindset that helps combat the long ‘polar night’. It might come in handy for us all.