Azazel News #Recap 12/9/2020

  1. Solar storms. Maintain Faraday deploy.

  2. “I have a short memory, but the future cannot be forgotten.” -Matthieu Chedid

  3. NATO Science presents: The Next-Generation Incident Command System.

  4. North Atlantic Council statement on the Afghanistan Peace Negotiations.

  5. James Spann: “Explosive cyclogenesis off the Atlantic coast. Big snows ahead interior New England with lots of wind.”

  6. Connect the dots. Department of Defense: “Breath control. USMC Marines familiarize themselves with breathing through a regulator during helicopter egress training at MCB Hawaii.”

  7. The Washington Post: “In the midst of India’s pandemic, some 500 people suddenly fall ill and it has nothing to do with the coronavirus.”

  8. Reuters: “Farms in South Africa’s Karoo region have been invaded by millions of locusts in an outbreak that threatens to destroy large swathes of crops.”

  9. Chemists re-engineer a psychedelic to treat depression and addiction in rodents. Analog of ibogaine could hold hope for humans.

  10. Panel: Andrew Yang LEADS New Poll For NYC Mayor. Team Rising weighs in on a survey that shows Andrew Yang could be a strong contender in 2021 for New York mayor. [Yooo I’ll give you $1000/mo. Vote for me.]

  11. Enormous X-ray bubbles balloon from the center of the Milky Way. Images from the the eROSITA telescope reveal X-ray–emitting blobs surrounding gamma-ray bubbles.

  12. Deputy Secretary Biegun’s Meetings with Republic of Korea First Vice Foreign Minister Choi and Special Representative for Korean Peninsula Peace and Security Affairs Lee - United States Department of State.

  13. Texit? State representative will file bill to allow Texas to secede from the United States. A Texas state representative from the Hill Country wants to give Texans the ability to vote on secession due to an “out of control” federal government.

  14. Why You Need to Rethink Bugging Out. Planning on Bugging Out when SHTF? The reality is probably a lot different than you think. Find out why you need to rethink your Bug Out plan now.

  15. Renowned test pilot Chuck Yeager dies. Probably his most notable achievement was piloting the Bell X-1 experimental rocket plane, in which he became the first human to fly faster than the speed of sound in 1947.

  16. Vegas Election Odds Overtime: Still No Presidential Payouts. Because President Trump is challenging the results of the 2020 election, most online sportsbooks will not pay out bets until the dispute is resolved.

  17. Theresa May reveals heartbreaking struggle to have children. It’s the first time the Home Secretary has spoken about her battle to conceive but she says the couple had to 'accept the hand they were dealt.’

  18. Major challenges and opportunities in silicon solar module recycling - Tao - 2020 - Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications - Wiley Online Library. The silicon recovered from modules can have different qualities.

  19. Artificial Intelligence Is Now Shockingly Good At Sounding Human. Synthetic voices have become ubiquitous. They feed us directions in the morning, shepherd us through phone calls by day, and broadcast the news on smart speakers at night.

  20. Human ‘stuff’ now outweighs all life on Earth. The mass of buildings and other infrastructure exceeds that of all trees, shrubs, and animals on the planet. The sheer scale of buildings, infrastructure and other anthropogenic objects underscores our impact on the planet.

  21. Disclose TV: “China researchers claim to have achieved “quantum supremacy” with a quantum computer that performs computations that cannot be achieved with classical computation systems, according to a paper recently published in the journal Science.”

  22. Austin expected to testify in House before waiver to lead Pentagon. President-elect Joe Biden’s pick for defense secretary, retired Gen. Lloyd Austin III, will testify before the House Armed Services Committee as a prerequisite for a waiver to serve.

  23. New York Post: “Sasha Obama TikTok dance video deleted after going viral.” [The rich party while the poor lose their jobs because of government mandated shutdowns. No masks. No social distancing. You’re being lied to. They’re laughing at you.]

  24. Camp Gulfport opens doors for ROM operations. With preventing the spread of COVID-19 being a top priority, Headquarters Air Force had to develop a new process to ensure the safety of the service members before deployment into the U.S. Central.

  25. I wanted to see a second season of The Event. So many plotlines left wide open. Still trying to figure out why the billionaire sentinel shot himself and why he was experimenting on those hybrid kids. I think Mandalorian dropped at an opportune time for everyone to fall in love with Grogu and his big black eyes.

  26. So Mexico… NB: “BREAKING With 71 votes in favor, the Senate of México endorsed the President’s initiative to regulate the presence of foreign agents in its territory.” [They didn’t like CienFuegos was captured and foreign agents made investigation for years "without their knowledge.” They always knew about those investigations.]

  27. John Reese: “Donald Trump’s Twitter account will be removed, possibly on Friday, leading to a full-on Blackout by the Social Media companies, causing ten days of darkness. Be prepared by having backup accounts on sites WEGO and MeWe. If you think this event will be small, you are mistaken.” [Making rounds. Let’s see if it becomes true.]

  28. “Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.” - JFK [King Arthur.] “Be alone, that is the secret of invention; be alone, that is when ideas are born.” -Nikola Tesla [Merlin.]

  29. Companies part of group founded by CA governor collectively get nearly $3 million in PPP loans, data shows. “It’s unexpected for a 14 employee organization to get nearly $1 million." At least eight companies partially owned by Gov. Newsom collectively received millions of dollars from the Paycheck Protection Program. [Corrupt motherfucker.]

  30. Jonathan McDowell: “Hey friends at JAXA Hayabusa2, I hope you will mention in your next status update the new perihelion, aphelion and ecliptic inclination of Hayabusa-2 following its Earth encounter. I guess they changed a lot due to the Earth flyby.” [Lol if that Black Goo escaped this is even more hilarious. China Probe. "Houston we have a problem.”]

  31. BTC-e Saga Ends in Prison Time for Founder | Crypto Briefing. Alexander Vinnik, founder of BTC-e, has received five years in prison on money laundering charges according to reports from the Moscow Times. Nobody else seems to be talking about how crazy the BTC-e scandal was. Has anyone read any of the coverage on this…

  32. Disclose TV: “Vatican enters into a “global alliance” with Rothschild, Rockefeller & Ford Foundation, Mastercard, BoA, and others through the new “Council for Inclusive Capitalism” to create a “more inclusive, sustainable and trusted economic system.” [Well this doesn’t sound ominous.] The Pope Blesses Business Plans. A new initiative brings the Vatican and C.E.O.s together. [More communist bullshit.]

  33. Based Patton: “It starts out with shit like this… and then it’s black people are allowed to kill white people and land confiscation.” Bill Melugin: “LA County DA George Gascon has issued a directive to prosecutors that the following misdemeanors will be declined for prosecution, with exemptions. Trespassing, disturbing the peace, driving without license, prostitution, resisting arrest.”

  34. The Nomad Soul: “You either have unwavering & unquestioning faith in the official narrative provided by the government & mainstream media about world events or you’re a radical conspiracy theorist. This is quite literally the level of depth & maturity you get in our society. Make Thought Free Again.” “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.” -F. Scott Fitzgerald

  35. Word of Advice!!! Can’t tell you, but advise all of you to… watch the borders activity closely. Connect the dots. U.S. Navy: “Time to execute. USMC Marines prepare for an air assault as part of exercise Steel Knight/Dawn Blitz 21, off the coast of California. SK/DB 21 affords 1st Marine Division & Expeditionary Strike Group 3 the opportunity to showcase readiness train together. Blue Green Team.” [“Watch The Water.” "Watch The Water.” "Watch The Water.” Yes I did that 3x intentionally.]

  36. Which one of you knows what this is? It’s not on the internet but who can guess what this is? Some type of Ultra sonic weapon? Mobile HAARP platforms, masquerading as radars, can make the hurricanes steerable. "Birdseye X-Band Sea Based Radar.” Looks like some sort of comms equip- my guess is thats its ground penetrating like radar but maybe for sending signals rather than mapping subterranean terrain. Correct, it’s the radar body of the marine-based X-band radar.

  37. Shit’s going down in Pasadena too. This is near JPL. Marian Rudnyk: “FYI: this is happening now for the second day in a row… Note: no winds of any kind to speak of here at all, nor anything else. Outreach of why this is happening yielded nothing so far. City of Monrovia: “We continue to experience technical difficulties with the City’s phone lines. If you have an emergency, dial 911. To reach a staff member, please visit the staff directory and contact us through email.”

  38. FBI warns state, local police about China targeting people on U.S. soil. The warning concerns China’s long-standing policy of reaching beyond its borders to target people it accuses of financial crimes, even if they are permanently living abroad. [Connect the dots.] Brandy Vaughan was known for her public stance against vaccination through Learn the Risk, a nonprofit organization she founded in response to mandatory vaccine laws. She was a former Merck sales representative. [Maintain OpSec.]

  39. Crypto Explorer: “Yesterday I received a text message from NewsMax saying everyone needs to get an Emergency Radio. This just came out today. Now I’m getting scared.” Militia Radio Frequencies. The militia-patriot movement in America has embraced radio communications in a big way. Within the past decade, the methods and communications gear have evolved from basic CB or FRS radios. Emergency Advisory Radio Stations across America. State-by-state list of Travelers Information Stations used for emergency management. [Things are getting tense.]

  40. What’s the video game we need to practice for space repairs? “Hardspace: Shipbreaker. Hardspace: Shipbreaker is a simulation video game developed by Blackbird Interactive and published by Focus Home Interactive. The game was released on Windows via early access in June 2020. In the game, the players explores and dismantles abandoned spacecraft in search for useful materials.” Not necessarily practice. The game is used to measure time and task management. Will it teach me anything valuable? That’s up to you. And the technology is the most accurate representation of life in the fleet. One thing I will tell you, that it is very much used in Legacy Space Force recruitment.

  41. Hyundai to acquire Boston Dynamics for nearly $1B. According to a report from The Korea Economic Daily, Hyundai Motor will acquire Boston Dynamics for $921 million (1 trillion won). [How do you like them apples? I don’t. Not 1 bit. Fuck that company and their stupid ads and stupid robots.] Good Will Hunting 2 : Hunting Season. [Also Boston Dynamic Robots are a Joke compared to the real deal.] Sputnik: “People working at Area 51 experimenting on giant robots for US military, claims ufologist.” [Wasn’t Boston Dynamics purchased by Alphabet/Google a few years back? Probably stripped out the really spicy patents and put it back up on the auction block. But they sold it again because BD had Pentagon contracts. And the Wokies didn’t like that. They prefer to do censorship instead of killer robots.]

  42. CodeMonkeyZ: “Being able to read Chinese lets me quickly trawl through Chinese media for information about our elected politicians. China publishes everything… And for the record, I’m Korean-American - not Chinese. I majored in Chinese literature in college though!” [Mandarin is also in demand in the Projects and Intelligence agencies. Also I admit learning character recognition in Mandarin kept me/us ahead of the MSM by months. Code Monkey does the same thing he’s not even Chinese nor am I.] Regular Languages in 4 Hours (DFA, NFA, Regex, Pumping Lemma, all conversions) - Easy Theory. This is a livestream teaching everything you need to know about regular languages, from the start to the end. We covered DFAs, NFAs, regular expressions, and the pumping lemma (to help prove some languages are not regular). Professor livestreams entire Computer Science course in 12 hours. [Skill up. Regular languages may not be what you think it means.]

  43. Red Viper Kraken Gal: “Umm… should I even bother with the FBI? This is a terroristic threat by a MI House Rep. This is unacceptable!” Melissa Tate: “Democrat Legislature from Michigan Cynthia Wilson has released a video threatening election witnesses. She calls on “soldiers” go after them & “make them pay” She needs to be arrested immediately.” CodeMonkeyZ: “Just Michigan state house rep Cynthia A Johnson casually THREATENING “Trumpers” and calling on her “soldiers” to “do it right… make them pay”. zerohedge: “Michigan Lawmaker Calling For Leftist ‘Soldiers’ To Attack ‘Trumpers’ Stripped Of Committees, Faces Further Disciplinary Action.” [Bye, Felicia. I’ve seen countless people in the democratic party make threats towards Trump supporters and telling their supporters to attack Trump supporters, and I can only laugh every time I see some one say “POTUS incites violence and division!”… The hypocrisy is absurd. So obvious, it’s laughable–except it isn’t because somehow, they believe what they are saying… the lights are on and nobody’s home. She’s a progressive communist, meaning she’s been fed a bag of shit and believes it…the lights aren’t even on with this one.]

  44. zerohedge: “How and When the SCOTUS Will Overturn the Election. Get ready for some fireworks.” POTUS: “We will be INTERVENING in the Texas (plus many other states) case. This is the big one. Our Country needs a victory!” Hans Mahncke: “Finally got a chance to read the Texas lawsuit. This is the real legal kraken, cogent and extremely well-written, with lots of tentacles. They even built in some insurance by making it both about this and future elections. Easily the best case. Amazing how they kept it quiet too.” Ian Miles Cheong: “It’s now up to 17 states. Texas Attorney General files Supreme Court lawsuit against swing states planning to certify for Joe Biden.” Eighteen U.S. states have filed a brief at the U.S. Supreme Court supporting the state of Texas in their lawsuit to overturn the 2020 presidential election results. The Supreme Court is now being petitioned by 18 STATES to ensure the 2020 elections conform to the election laws outlined in The Constitution of the United States. America’s heartland has spoken. Give us our day in court. Election Wizard: “Arizona Joins Texas Election Lawsuit. The Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich announced moments ago via Twitter that his office will support the Texas’ efforts to block the presidential electors in four other states.”

  45. CA is gonna be feeling like this guy for letting Elon get away. Corrupt Red Faction pieces of shit. Greg Schoen: “I wish I had kept my 1,700 BTC @ $0.06 instead of selling them at $0.30, now that they’re $8.00!” Tucker Carlson Tonight: Comedian Adam Carolla is leaving California: “Let’s do this simple thought experiment. I just heard Elon Musk was moving to Texas. So the smartest man on the planet is deciding to move away from the dumbest governor in the United States… What does that say to the rest of us?” “Martian Colonists. What countries did they originate from? In the books, they say that the Martians which colonized Mariner Valley were from Texas and India, but I can’t recall them commenting on any other part of Mars, yet people often claim that whole Mars was colonized just by people from Texas and India. I always assumed that it was colonized by people from all around the Earth and that naturally, the people from similar countries stuck together resulting in places like Mariner Valley. Or did they never comment on any other part of Mars?” All in plain sight. Space X hinting on the Martian Base. Starman: “And they said it was impossible.” [Is Elon with the white hats? Yes. I thought so intuitively. Glad to confirm.]

  46. Nathan Bernard: “Youtube just announced they are removing election fraud conspiracy content, and right-wing Youtubers grifting off election misinformation are not taking the news well.” Jack Posobiec: “YouTube’s reasoning for the new policy is essentially ‘you are not allowed to criticize the government.’” [Trump is directly over the target….] CodeMonkeyZ: “Make no mistake, the rest of Big Tech will be following Youtube’s lead shortly. Eventually Trump’s twitter account will be removed, and a full-on black out by Big Tech will be put into motion. Prepare alternate means of communications now so you aren’t caught off guard.” Disclose Tv: “YouTube to crack down on any new videos alleging Trump lost the 2020 US election because of fraud. Any such videos will be deleted declares the video platform.” [Big tech is panicking. Today Youtube changed its terms of service so that no one can post videos claiming there was election fraud. Do you have the section where it says that? I’m shocked. Thanks, this is so wrong. It’s time for everyone to move off of mainstream media (if they haven’t already). Choose Your Own Reality. Turn to page 23 if you decide to post the video anyway. Turn to page 44 if you choose to write a strongly worded letter to YouTube detailing how YouTube has completely lost touch with reality. Turn to page 875 to fly directly to Mars, do not pass Go, do not collect $200.] zerohedge: “*FACEBOOK SUED BY U.S. AND GROUP OF STATES, FTC SAYS *FTC SUES FACEBOOK FOR ILLEGAL MONOPOLIZATION.” CNBC Now: “FTC and group of 48 states launch antitrust lawsuits against Facebook.” [Seriously go fuck yourself YouTube. You need to be burned down. They definitely need to go. Out stayed their welcome at this point. Ok how many gallons of gasoline to burn down YouTube do we need? These Freedom of Speech hating pieces of shit. 3 gallons, strategically placed. FTC Sues Facebook for Illegal Monopolization. The Federal Trade Commission today sued Facebook, alleging that the company is illegally maintaining its personal social networking monopoly through a years-long course of anticompetitive conduct. [Time to get Zucked, Mark!!! Destroy Big Tech. We had to listen to Russian collusion claims for four fucking years but now we can’t talk about this. Social media interfered with this election and blatant propaganda should have remained illegal. They did nothing about the Russiagate nonsense which is an actual, evidence-free conspiracy theory. But to raise any kind of questions (which there are many valid ones) about U.S. election procedure is subject to immediate removal.]

  47. SECRET MILITARY DOCUMENTS: Trudeau invited Chinese troops to train at Canadian military bases - Rebel News. The fearless source of news, opinion, and activism that you won’t find anywhere else. Disclose TV: “Justin Trudeau invited China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to send its troops for cold-weather training at Canadian military bases in Ontario (via Rebel News).” [LOL. Christ is it me or is Treason in the air all over? Fidel Castro Junior invited Chinese troops for Cold Mountain Weather training in Canada. LOL. When they have all the cold weather training they need since they control Tibet and a border skirmish with India that’s ongoing. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. Those pills are only available to the sane. Fuck this guy. Hey guy, you used to be my friend, buddeh. I’m not worried about killing Chinese, been waiting for that since watching Red Dawn as a kid. But to shoot at Canadians. That’s gonna suck. CCP is installing Military Bases in Canada and the Caribbean they all have mineral mines. Doomsday/Azazel reported it long ago - like what 2-3 months ago? What a fucking embarrassment the press is. October 9th. What a fucking embarrassment NY Times / NPR and CNN truly are.] Disclose TV: “Democrat U.S. House Rep Eric Swalwell is removed from House Intel Committee after spy link to China discovered.” [Traitors, we don’t forget.] Alex Salvi: “Hunter Biden issues an official statement from the Biden transition team stating his taxes are under investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware.” Hunter Biden, Burisma, and Corruption: the impact on US Government Policy and Related Concerns. U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs U.S. Senate Committee on Finance Majority Staff Report. Germany blocks Chinese takeover of satellite firm on security concerns - document. Germany has blocked the takeover of satellite and radar technology firm IMST by a subsidiary of state-controlled missile maker China Aerospace and Industry Group (CASIC) due to national security concerns. [Interesting. Read thread. See how badly American politicians and others are compromised.] WE are the system.: “Crossfire Hurricane was the distraction. Whatever op the FBI had into the Chinese gave them Congress Biden China UN local govt. Sheri Yan worked with Hunter Biden’s Patrick Ho who was bribing high ranking UN officials. She was popped in 2015. Christine Fang cozied up to our intelligence committees and apparently an Ohio mayor. She left the US in 2015 after spying on the US for 4 years. Sheri Yan was arrested by FBI in October 2015. Christine Fang left sometime prior to a June 2015 event she planned to attend. Fang was meeting with a MSS worker at the San Francisco consulate, who was already under surveillance. Who else was reporting to a MSS operative at the San Francisco consulate? Senator Feinstein’s driver. She found out in 2013. If you put all the muhrussia claims side by side with what actually happened with China, you will see a pretty crystal clear distraction op. POLITICO: ‘How Silicon Valley Became a Den of Spies.’ A double agent targeting MSS in San Francisco area starting around March 2015 led to the identification and arrest of Edward Peng. (Fang left around June).”

  48. Richard Tice: “100% PCR false positives found at Cambs Uni last week using their own gold standard lighthouse laboratory, when results were double checked with second test. Govt MUST now accept my treble test challenge with Lateral Flow & independent PCR.” Crimped U.S. dry ice supply complicates rural U.S. vaccine release. DOD Announces COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Plan. Today, the Department of Defense announced its deliberate and phased plan to distribute and administer initial and subsequent allocations of the COVID-19 vaccine. Two NHS workers suffer allergic reaction to Pfizer vaccine. UK regulators have issued a warning that people who have a history of “significant” allergic reactions should not currently receive the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine. [Like bee stings? Think the advice is regarding a history of reactions to medicines, foods or vaccines in the past. As opposed to general allergies. Though a case could likely be argued. The group’s allowed this vaccine seem to be narrowing and narrowing. My understanding is: No under 16s, No pregnant, potentially pregnant or intending to become pregnant. No nursing mothers or people with significant underlying health conditions. But could be others too.] NYC: More than half of NYC firefighters say they will not take a COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available to them in the coming weeks — A survey of 2,053 found that 55 percent said ‘no’ when asked ‘Will you get the COVID-19 Vaccine from Pfizer when the Department makes it available?’ [Shout out to the FDNY for not being Bill Gates sheep. Baaaaa baaaa….] Margaret Keenan reportedly appeared in a CNN video on October 22nd in the same clothes as on December 8th. The same nurse who vaccinated William Shakespeare in Stratford Upon Avon, also vaccinated Margaret Keenan in Coventry, both were in different locations. [ALL THEY DO IS LIE. And they are so sloppy. Where does she appear in the first link? In the video? What is the timestamp? Just watched the whole vid. Don’t see her anywhere.] The drug regulatory agency advises against Pfizer-BioNTech’s COVID19 vaccine for those with a history of severe allergies. 2 NHS personnel (out of hundreds of vaccinated) had a strong allergic reaction to the vaccine. (MHRA). The first woman to receive the corona vaccine yesterday (Dec 8, 2020) was also filmed receiving a shot on October 22, 2020. The same outfit, same nurse, same room, same chair, & same camera angle this is probably a coincidence. “Sure I’ll take the vaccine just mail it to me. My health and safety are too important to show up in person. Just like mail in voting you know, safe, secure and honest. So just mail it to me and I’ll give myself the shot and send then paperwork back saying I’m vaccinated. You all trust me, right?” 4 volunteers develop FACIAL PARALYSIS after taking Pfizer Covid-19 jab, prompting FDA to recommend ‘surveillance for cases’ — RT USA News. Four trial participants who received the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine experienced facial paralysis, according to the Food and Drug Administration. VA to start distributing coronavirus vaccines soon, but at limited sites and in limited numbers. About 73,000 doses are expected to reach 37 VA sites later this month. President Trump’s Executive Order on Ensuring Access to United States Government COVID-19 Vaccines - United States Department of State. On December 8, President Trump issued the Executive Order on Ensuring Access to United States Government COVID-19 Vaccines. As 2020 comes to an end, here’s what we still don’t know about COVID-19. After making fast progress understanding COVID-19, researchers are still in search of answers. zerohedge: “*PFIZER SAYS SOME VACCINE DOCUMENTS ACCESSED IN EMA CYBERATTACK the hackers will have immunity.” [LOL! Equal protection under the law: unvaccinated people don’t have less rights than vaccinated people. I suddenly turned allergic to nuts… wink wink. I’m allergic to a common compound found in vaccines, it’s a shame.] zerohedge: “Russia Warns Citizens Not To Drink Alcohol For Six Weeks After COVID-19 Vaccine.”

  49. I thought I would give everyone an idea of what it’s like to travel from the UK to the island of Fuerta Ventura in the Canaries without masks. My family (me, my wife and 2 kids) left on December 5th and we are now 4 days in. We both have hidden disabilities and had informed the holiday company at the time of booking that we would be unable to wear masks. They were great and said “no problem, we will put notes on the computer and let everyone at the airport know”. All good we thought. So this is how it actually went:- Day 1: Arrive at Bimingham Airport, UK. Whilst in the queue to get on the plane a couple behind start calling us disgusting and ranting that they didn’t want to breathe the same air as us. Security come over and tell them they need to stop it right now and the guard escorted us onto the plane. We then arrive at Fuerta Ventura airport and are immediately stopped by the sanitary team who tell us we need to wear masks. We explain that we are exempt and they incorrectly ask to see our certificates (I checked the law before I flew and there is no requirement to provide a certificate). We argued for a while before they called over the Guarda Civil (they are a bit like the military police). He told us we weren’t allowed in the country, took photos of our passports and said he was reporting us to the authorities. We stood our ground knowing full well that he was bullshitting us and eventually he let us pass through. Not without a warning though. “You will get a lot of trouble!” He said as we went on. (Still on Day 1 ) Next, we got to the hotel to check-in. The receptionists on the desk asked us to wear a mask and once again we had to explain that we were exempt. They said that we needed a certificate and that our badges and lanyards were not enough. I explained that current NHS rules are that surgeries are not allowed to produce mask exemption certificates. I even have a text from my surgery saying that and I showed them. I asked them where I could get a certificate from and they had no answer. It was down to me to figure it out so I decided to go straight down to the local doctor’s clinic and paid for the consultations and tests needed for something official from a doctor. These certificates cost €90 each (€180 in total). It was a lot of money to pay but we thought it was worth it if it would mean the harassment at every place we went to would stop. We showed our certificates to the receptionists and they said that that was perfect and took photocopies of them. Then we headed down to have dinner. The waiter at the restaurant asked us straight away to put our masks on. We explained our situation and he said that we would need to show him our certificates which we didn’t have with us. He let us go through with a warning that we would have to provide some documents on the next day. Day 2: The next day, we went to the local supermarket and we were stopped by the manager who very rudely told us to wear a mask. We said that we were exempt and we showed our certificates. She said they were not valid and then called the police in front of us. At dinner, a waitress asked us to wear a mask, we said we couldn’t and she asked us to wear some kind of identification to show other guests that we are exempt. Day 3: The hotel called the police and when they arrived said there was nothing they could do as we weren’t breaking any rules. We also got stopped in the street by a patrol car and again had to show our papers. Day 4: The hotel has ordered us to leave because their policy is that everyone must wear a mask. We are currently looking for a new place to stay. I hope my story provides valuable insight to the state of change in this part of the world. It doesn’t really feel like much of a holiday yet. 20 more days to go as well!

  50. Manu Gómez: “Mike Pence en route to Kennedy Space Center.” The White House: “Mike Pence: “We’re going back to the Moon—and then we’re going to Mars and beyond.” “Our goal is to go to the Moon sustainably, to learn how to live and work on another world so that ultimately, we can take all of that knowledge on to Mars,” said Jim Bridenstine. Today, we announce who those people will be!” [Why did they send Silver Fox to NASA???] Disclose TV: “We’ve now got an official space “memorandum”. What’s next? Protocol for “first contact” with extraterrestrials? Still, some days left in 2020.” [Meanwhile, at Space Camp. This is incredible. Not really, just theatrics. We’ve truly been in contact since the 1800s.] The President And The Mole People. No doubt U.S. presidents use their position of power to do some strange things, but John Quincy Adams just may win the award for the weirdest appropriation of tax dollars. Believe it or not, John Quincy Adams, our sixth president, authorized an expedition to the center of the earth to search for the mole people who he believed inhabited the bowels of the planet. Here’s the story of the President and the Mole People. President Adams Loved Science and Nature. John Quincy Adams, the son of our second president, John Adams, was interested in science and nature and had a passion for exploration. During his lifetime, scientific exploration was reaching new heights. Lewis and Clark had been commissioned to explore the western frontier and, around the world, adventurers were setting out for uncharted territories in search of the unknown. Adams Believed the Hollow Earth Theory. Although it has been suggested by many historians that John Quincy Adams had the highest I.Q. of any president, he had some deeply-held beliefs that we would scoff at today. One of them was his support of the Hollow Earth Theory. During the 1810s and 1820s, many academics and scientists thought that the Earth was a hollow sphere. Actually, it was theorized that the Earth was made up of a series of concentric layers, each containing its own subterranean world. This world was illuminated by a sun-like heat and light source at the very center of the Earth. Adams Wanted to Meet the Mole People. Life would thrive, 1820s scientists believed in the worlds beneath the Earth’s surface. There would probably be vast natural resources to be found there, as well as subterranean people. Darwin’s theories on evolution were still decades away, but believers of the Hollow Earth Theory, like Adams, assumed that some sort of human-like beings had adapted to the underground lifestyle and that there were communities of mole people. Adams was Influenced by John Cleves Symmes, Jr. During this time, a self-education scientist and ex-soldier named John Cleves Symmes, Jr. was making the rounds across the United States speaking to crowds about his Hollow Earth Theory. The purpose of his lectures wasn’t just to educate his audience. He was trying to recruit “one hundred brave companions,” Since Symmes believed, as other Hollow Earth theorists did, that there were chasms in the ground at the North and South Poles that served as gateways to the center of the Earth, he planned to launch an expedition in Siberia. Symmes Needed Adams and Adams Needed Symmes. Not everyone took Symmes’ theory seriously. In fact, most people laughed at him. It looked as though he wouldn’t be able to raise the support he needed for his expedition to the center of the Earth. But he found a supporter in John Quincy Adams. Adams was a brainy introvert who was more academic than presidential. In the presidential campaign of 1824, Adams was viewed as indecisive and cautious while his opponent, Andrew Jackson was seen as bold, decisive, and authoritative. During the campaign, Adams promised to back Symmes’ expedition. Even though plenty of people scoffed at the idea, they saw the move as proof that Adams did have a backbone. They had a newfound respect for Adams that helped him win the election. Symmes Wanted to Establish Trade with the Mole People. Adams was interested in the thrill of discovery and was curious to see what natural resources would be found beneath the Earth. He was also hoping that the new discovery would be the legacy of his presidency. As for Symmes, he sought to establish trade with the Mole People. No doubt he was hoping to gain profits for himself by establishing trade routes between the surface world and the subterranean one. The Expedition Never Happened. John Quincy Adams only served one term as president and, in that time, he was not able to pull together the support and resources needed to fund Symmes’ journey. When Jackson was elected president, he immediately nixed the project. Despite this failure, Adams’ presidency did see some lasting scientific endeavors. He established the Naval Observatory in Washington D.C. and, more importantly, helped to make sure that the money from the estate of James Smithson went to the establishment of the Smithsonian Institution. So far as we know, no other president has attempted to establish diplomatic ties with the Mole People of middle earth. [Also “Aliens” are just basically Morlocks.] Vice President Mike Pence reveals 18 NASA astronauts for new moon missions. Wednesday’s announcement is expected to include more than a third of NASA’s active astronauts in the Artemis program. A return to the moon is in sight as Vice President Mike Pence revealed on Wednesday the astronauts who will be launching in a few years. A group of 18 astronauts were introduced as part of the Artemis program, roughly more than a third of the entire NASA Astronaut Corps. Artemis is a $28 billion plan to send the first woman to the moon by 2024. [Lol takes 3 to 4 hours to get to the moon, yet they still prefer to do it the old fashioned way. Instantaneously if you visit a “Jump Room.” (Stargate)]

  51. Fireworks starting I think. They (DoD) added a shitload of bots as well. DoD uses really dumb bots. Burnie Burns: “Anyone else been seeing tweets/posts about hearing “loud booms” happening in different places all over the world the last few days? Did a quick search after seeing posts from friends in LA and Austin. Found Wichita, Omaha, Syracuse, Toronto, and Honolulu as well.” New York Post: “New Jersey town rocked by mysterious booms.” Just how many times can people discuss K pop and fireworks over over. How you like that. Ta da da. It’s JSOC fucking with us. Seattle, might actually be gunshots though people up there need help. I say we one day awaken all of the ones we’ve screenshot. Solomon Syndrome For All. SSFA. LOL. Oahu, Hawaii again, not showing up as military but the flightpath gives it away. Commercial flights wouldn’t have any reason to block radar. How close is it to the Navajo Nation? Let me bracket it up, brb. The one in the Bronx. Can you find the nearest address or neighborhood? I bet the correlation is neighborhood with missing children. Closest verifiable report puts it between 60-70 miles west of Navajo Nation. But based on times they were heard it’s probably further. For better reference the fireworks this time actually would make more sense if it were coming from near Peach Springs, near the Grand Canyon Skywalk trails. They are pulling bodies from underground tell the others. Trump’s a bad ass. He’s using the Red Factions COVID19 to clear the tunnels in the Navajo nation. That’s fucking genius. What we should do is map the fireworks / cross reference with missing children. And COVID-19 numbers. Plus Earthquakes. There’s a whole giant thread on our neighborhood page about hearing them. That will then paint the most accurate Deep Underground Military Base. Maybe Newsom and the others want you staying home during the fiercest battles as the Subterranean teams move closer to the inner rings. Inner rings meaning the lower levels of the DUMBs. At about 9pm AZ time. How much longer is the public going to blindly accept the fireworks? Surely the listeners must include at least one or two ex-military who are more likely to correctly identify weapons fire? The veil is powerful. Take notice. Everything Aviation: “Collins Aerospace finishes E-6B communication systems upgrade.” L.E.O. Jort Enthusiast: “USN E-6B Mercury FUNNY43 lit the rocket boosters and went into low earth orbit above northeast Utah.” Low Earth Orbit. Connect the dots. Expand please. Catch me up plz. “Low Earth orbit. Orbit around Earth with an altitude between 160 kilometers and 2,000 kilometers.” Why is a Doomsday plane flying Low Earth Orbit? Ummm. WTF. CANUK78: “Ho! Ho! Ho! USN Boeing E-6B Mercury Over the Gulf of Mexico SANTA04 164410 TACAMO.” It’s doing it again. A Doomsday plane traveling outside the country. Last time this happened was the near miss between 2 satellites in October. Also the Russian Doomsday planes were broken into. Daily Mirror: “Vladimir Putin’s nuclear war ‘Doomsday’ plane ‘infiltrated and robbed’ by thieves.” Bros WTF is going on. Daily Mail Online: “Thieves strike Russia’s nuke-proof ‘Doomsday jet’ flying command centre and steal radio equipment.” Russian E-4B. Did I read that correctly? Yes, but I’ll just check to make sure. The histogram is generated by a script. WTF a fighter jet crash tonight? WisconsinGuard: “An F16 from the 115th Fighter Wing crashed around 8 PM Dec. 8 in Upper Michigan The F16 was on a routine training mission with 1 pilot on board Emergency responders are on scene. The cause of the crash and status of the pilot, are unknown at this time.” Holy shit. Crash site. Listen in. Marquette County Public Safety Dispatch Live Audio Feed. 46.0776636, -86.5544779. We lost a fighter jet tonight. UAP stands for Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. Holy shit they said UAP on the Radio. It seems to be right, but the mental gymnastics involved due to the reports being in UTC, the result in Alaska time and me being in New Zealand Daylight Saving Time drive me nuts. I wrote a script to handle it, but it would be really good if someone in Alaska or western USA could verify. What is UAP? UFO. It’s Mage, Brazil all over. BROS WE SHOT ONE DOWN and they shot one of ours down!!! 71 Park is where it landed. Not in 2020. “Scientists call for serious study of 'unidentified aerial phenomena.’ You don’t have to be an alien truther to be curious about recent UAP events.” NZ’s only fighter jets are privately owned - a Hawker Hunter and one or more De Havilland Vampires that I know of. We were all lined up for a squadron or two of F-16’s and then Glorious Leader of the People’s Democratic Socialist Republic of Aotearoa New Zealand waved her broomstick at the deal. I hope all Red Faction is taken out of power in this lifetime/timeline. Ok thx. No wonder the Doomsday planes are flipping out. Copy the crash coordinates. He said standby. 1005 Jefferson, loud noise complaints. Follow Michigan AV Geeks activity. MLive: “Authorities respond to report of possible military plane crash in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.” Mike Hunt: “Of course there won’t be much information on it. The military tends to keep this stuff quiet due to classified documentation or procedure or whatever. Point being it’s confidential NTK.” What a lazy son of a bitch. Something major is going on. AVGeeks noticed movement at end of November. Also, conveniently Business Insider tweeting. Business Insider: “Since their inception, one of the doomsday planes has stood on alert 24/7.” Why is Business Insider tweeting about the Doomsday planes at 1am? The kids are fucking pissed. AUS. The Courier-Mail: “Air Force grounds jets after pilots parachute to safety after emergency at Amberley RAAF base on Tuesday.” All Australian Fighter jets have been grounded since tonight’s crash in Wisconsin. Here’s the F-16 crash site as a Google map link. Prayers to the family of these soldiers fighting. So Recap. 1 Doomsday plane flying Low Earth Orbit. 1 Doomsday plane leaving the Continental United States. 1 Fighter Jet Crash in Michigan crashing from Wisconsin. UAP said several time during the crash site of the Fighter Jet. 46.0776636, -86.5544779. Search team for the pilot stop ongoing, which I’m pretty sure he’s dead and crispy critter USAF sending clean up crew, clean up team (?) lead by lt. Colonel Dunlap (?) 11 man team, 3 EOD and 1 “special classification officer” (?) Also Australia just grounded all fighter jets. Business Insider tweeting about doomsday planes at 1am in the fucking morning. It’s going to be a long night mates. CodeMonkeyZ: “Rumors of an F16 with live ammunition having crashed earlier this evening in Michigan.” Notice Code Monkey is questioning why is a F-16 flying around with live ammunition. Not Me Nor I: “Absolutely quiet and I am not able to pick up on the Fairchild C-26B that is flying over the crash scene. This plane is well equipped with infrared and other surveillance equipment.” Whats the point if it’s not loaded? lol. Nowhere near a training range. They were hunting for something. Godspeed Maverick Godspeed. Tegan G.: “Listening to the scanner because why not. They just mentioned a pilot ejected 5 miles from site. Sounds like they’re sending search & rescue. Fingers crossed.” Csaba Gulyas: “F16s don’t just fall off the sky. They are either being shot, or being shot…” I hope the pilot’s ok. Ok we beat 4chan. Slow mofos. Ayyyys lmfao. Author and Memphis Poet -R. M Spears: “No fly zone created too.” NOTAM. Download the recordings before Wipeout. Can’t say more but chans are on the money. Godspeed. Oh boy. Conga line. JustListeningAgain: “Hal Turner Radio Show - OMINOUS: U.S. POSITIONING NAVAL VESSELS OFF EAST & WEST COASTS; MASSIVE TROOP MOVEMENTS IN CONUS.” Planes don’t move like this lol. Hello Uncorrelated Targets (UCT). Acquisition Team is probably on site. Have fun Legacy Space Force. Grand Canyon National Park Public Health Update - Grand Canyon National Park (U.S. National Park Service). Back for a bit can’t sleep. “Why is NASA flying in the area with a plane owned by Langley???” “Personal bet is that it was a civil/glowie plane flying under false military id (just like how Epstein did to pass the us borders unbothered) that got shot down by non-glowies air force when failing to provide proper id and this is why they are looking for the pilot: they want to know who the fuck is he really and what were his intent. Probably was marked with live ammo on papers so peoples wouldn’t question the weight change (weight is extremely important when flying planes, worked in an airport and they calculate it to the gram to get the most fuel efficiency), because lets be honest. 1 guy sent alone with a plane full of live ammo for who know where in the middle of the night? Sound like a sloppy cover imo, and it ain’t like false military ID wasn’t a thing if Epstein also used them to pass the borders with his Cessna.” “Ok guys, Air Force vet here, Crew Chief and BSART member… This is all VERY bizarre… If it really was a jet that went down, the ejection seat has multiple transponders and radio beacons on it so the air force knows exactly where he is… it has been hours and they haven’t even sent a helo??? F-16 doing a training mission with live munitions all alone with no wingman? Air force not allowing the local police to search for pilot when he ejected 5 miles from where the jet crashed (clearly not within blast radius of munitions)? Something is not right. I don’t care how remote the area, it shouldn’t take this long. I don’t believe in ayys so it was most likely USAP related craft.” “They just fucking said they are sending in a UAP team WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS GOING ON??? Please someone say they recorded it!!” Since this summer artificial intelligence has been beating fighter pilots. I have seen these helicopters in the year. Maybe a link with the French helicopter who crashed, killing 5-6 people. Thieves target Russia’s nuclear war ‘doomsday’ plane. Radio equipment stolen from Ilyushin-80 aircraft designed to protect Putin and top officials. The kids are not fucking around. “Australia – Defence has grounded 35 Australian warplanes after two crew members were forced to eject from a $75 million jet fighter during an aborted take-off at an air base in Queensland. Investigators are heading to RAAF Base Amberley outside Brisbane to figure out what led to the incident, which has caused damage to the F/A-18F Super Hornet. Defence Minister Linda Reynolds confirmed the two pilots were safe, but said the entire RAAF fleet of Super Hornet and Growler jet fighters was being grounded out of an “abundance of caution”. The Chief of Air Force, Air Marshal Mel Hupfeld, would not put a timeframe on the investigation, or how long the jet fighters would be out of action.” The kids are fucking pissed. “Wisconsin Air National Guard fighter jet crashes in Michigan, fate of pilot unknown. Emergency crews are at the scene of a Wisconsin Air National Guard F-16 Fighting Falcon crash.” Any update with the crash in Michigan? “Search Continues for Wisconsin-Based F-16 Pilot After Michigan Training Crash. Authorities say a Wisconsin-based fighter jet crashed in a national forest in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula while on a training mission and searchers are looking for the pilot, who was the only person aboard.” If they haven’t found a pilot, the F-16 is a cover story, China is truly all over the Canadian border, what the hell, why did a plane from NASA and Langley arrive early morning, rumors are true, Chinese are smuggling ammunition into the inner cities and enabling Lib Left leaders, or it’s kids. Interesting how the results shifted as time passed haha. Because of the metallic smell in the air. You guys figure that one out yet? Also the UAP team is part of Legacy Air Force and they fly around using NASA planes. “United States Air Force Scientific Advisory Board. The United States Air Force Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is a Federal Advisory Committee that provides independent advice on matters of science and technology relating to the Air Force mission.” [Reactions between chemical compounds on the skin and metals such as iron and copper can generate a metallic smell. So maybe related to the crash. I personally think it was gun and ammo running. Guns and ammo narrative fits. What did POTUS do after the Texas arms shipments to Houston was discovered? He kicked the embassy the fuck out. And made all the ammunition manufacturers limit production. That’s why you have ammo firms like Federal with 80 to 100 million dollars in back order. And out of loyalty to POTUS they’ve slowed production down. Could be radiation exposure. I believe there was an elderly man in the vicinity of the crash that was taken to the hospital by ambulance last night with an unspecified “poisoning” according to folks listening to the radio chatter. The MI crash apparently left a “huge” crater according to one law enforcement agent on the ground. MonkeyWerx US: “Not to shoot a hole in the entire “battle” theory currently underway with regard to CONUS; but it seems to me that if “all hands were on deck” domestically, boats wouldn’t be departing to Guam… just saying.” All Hands on Deck. Monkey is right. “Russian police hunt thieves who plundered top secret 'Doomsday Plane.’ Police in Russia said on Wednesday they were searching for thieves who plundered technical equipment from a top-secret military aircraft known as the Doomsday Plane that is designed for use during a nuclear war.” Take notice. Have you noticed MSM is not reporting about the F-16 crash? Media blockage surprisingly worked. If people knew what really happened there would full on set panic. Not sure for how long normies are going to be sheltered. Solomon Syndrome is going to be a serious threat. Luckily I’m not a fucking asshole and taught you colors and factions and awakened you slowly. All in plain sight on what happened last night. Listen to recordings. UAP, NASA and Langley planes. As well as Legacy Space Force showed up. Air Space shut down. I’m neither confirming nor denying. The only thing we can do is say: "Trust me. One day you will understand.” Bryan M. Bowden: “BREAKING NEWS from the New York State UFO Project NYSUFOP. UFO CRASH IN MICHIGAN (Upper) 12/8/20 This is an ongoing investigation. On the news it’s being reported as a downed F16 while on a training mission. However the NYSUFOP has come into information that reports this event is a crashed UAP/UFO in michigan about 22:00:00 on 12/8/20 by an unknown individual in the area. Person left the area because he tasted metal. Person stated: “It smells unique like nothing I’ve smelled. Couldn’t see much, but there was something moving the wreckage around and then we busted out, never saw it but at least the sound of it. Helicopters arrived after a prop plane circled a few times. made it out when police finally showed up later.” Several unknown individuals capture the following via monitoring local scanners: * 6 man army team + 1 spook flying in * ”deploy UAP team” * army arriving in 3hrs * Verizon cellular tower team coming in due to wilderness no signal * massive area blockage. * huge amounts of Government (usually alphabet agencies) and military air traffic * Mentions of highway 13 and 2422 road 5546 * mentioned phone number- 6082454471 * mentioned lt. colonel dunlap * Morse code being used on select channels * Local Police and Fire have been told to stand down and keep far away. Other details: Crash site- lat 46.100239 long 86.570822 lake stevens The Lake.” Sage Nazarov: “A UFO crashed in Michigan last night. metallic taste in the air. local authorities not allowed on site. radio chatter about “craters.” people on site being “hurt” and “poisoned”, need ambulances. ”special designation agents.” ”specialized teams.” 2020 isn’t done with us yet.” Bubba Ganoush: “I’m seeing bits and pieces on this "A UFO, no it was an F-16 crashing in Michigan - strange - could be a troll or real will keep checking.” 4chan: “Some dude made a thread about a UFO crashing in an area and then a few hours later an “f-16 crashed” in the area with LIVE ORDINANCE so they shut the place down and put a huge perimeter and they called in people with thermal imaging and other wild shit and now 12+ hours later there’s still no word on pilot and they’re still recovering and talking about craters and metal and seats and all this other shit. May have shot down a chink drone, there’s word they got some fast ones that we could only recently shoot down that were spreading bioweapons and fires and targeting infrastructure and shit. Since anon found something before it was reported he could have mistake the jet for a UFO or it could be a real UAP or chink drone.” NYSUFOP: “BREAKING NEWS from the New York State UFO Project NYSUFOP. UFO CRASH IN MICHIGAN (Upper) 12/8/20 This is an ongoing investigation. On the news it’s being reported as a downed F16 while on a training mission. However the NYSUFOP has come into information that reports.” Doomsday plane up. West Coast. Aleph: “AE041B E6B TACAMO.” US Strategic Command: “The readiness & credibility of our strategic deterrence force is founded on our warfighters, strategy, and command-&-control network. From cyber to aircraft, having a reliable and secure NC3 enterprise is essential to 21st Century Strategic Deterrence. Combat Ready Force.” Kadena Air Base: “Team Kadena Airmen from the 18 WG and 353 SOG teamed up with HSC85 to participate in a joint decontamination exercise. A first for all the units involved, this exercise allowed for US Air Force personnel to plan and execute critical mission skills alongside the US Navy.” [See what the Navy Firehawks and USAF joint training was a week ago. Connect the dots. Pay attention to their gear.] Nuclear command and control. Nuclear command and control (NC2) is the command and control of nuclear weapons, that is the "activities, processes, and procedures performed by appropriate military commanders and support personnel that, through the chain of command, allow for senior-level decisions… [Once again it’s no accident this is being published. It’s also no accident that at 1am Eastern Time last night Business Insider publishes this tweet. The exact same time the kids crashed in Michigan.] Business Insider: “Since their inception, one of the doomsday planes has stood on alert 24/7.” [As the kids crashed happen in Michigan, 3 other things happened with the Doomsday planes. FUNNY 43 was flying at Low Earth Orbit, meaning so far away from the ground that they could be operational during a Nuclear Attack from a foreign power or Non Biological Entity (yes kids have toys too). SANTA04 at the exact same time FUNNY43 was flying in Low Earth Orbit, SANTA04 was leaving the Continental United States as a precautionary measure. Because we have no idea how pissed off the kids would’ve been in retaliation. All of this has happened in the past 16 hours. Not a peep from the media. Not conspiracy theories. You all have the maps, screenshots, radio calls and hard evidence. In two words: It’s On. LOL Indeed it is. Share. Tell your friends. Awaken them. We seriously came close to Nuclear War last night. Not even a fucking joke. They won’t have a Captain Dickson or Wizards telling them what to do. In the Black World the nickname for small Hyperdimensionals of small Greys are called kids. Doomsday Planes have no reason or business leaving the Continental United States, so when it happens it is a major major fucking red flag that bad shit is afoot.] ASB News / WORLD: “USA’s SpaceX exploded.” [LOL. See? Kids are Fucking pissed!!! That’s how pissed they are. Ok so let’s check in with the Military. Chinese Ghost submarine come get fucked up. Mil stating they are ready for battle.] ScotMilAir: “Tracking 68-10336 Lockheed U-2S SPYPLANE no callsign casually rotating its Squawk as it heads over the Pacific. U2 over Joshua Tree National Park.” [Lines intersection looks awfully close to Roswell, NM lol. Also compare the lines of interaction with our Green Door patch. Lol totally by accident I bet lolol. Same Roswell Area the red star. On both Space Command and Green Door Oath/Initiation patch.] Elon Musk: “Mars, here we come!!” [Sorry, champ. Stay strong, Blue Wizard. Stay strong.] SpaceX test launch ends in fiery explosion, Elon Musk still considers it a win. The company’s Starship prototype was seen exploding upon impact once it landed on the SpaceX test launch livestream. [Fuel based propulsion systems are archaic. We know. Get out of it. Y’all see Kash Patel and Chris Miller were sent back from Asia trip abruptly last night? Not sure if I saw that in here or other threads.] CivMilAir: “7 x B-52 bombers up…” Orion_int: “As Iran’s ballistic missile capability keeps on growing, modeling to scale helps put their arsenal in perspective. Nod to Pataramesh for helping out.” “Boeing B-52 Stratofortress. 1952 strategic bomber aircraft family by Boeing.” Australia – Defence has grounded 35 Australian warplanes after two crew members were forced to eject from a $75 million jet fighter during an aborted take-off at an air base in Queensland. Investigators are heading to RAAF Base Amberley outside Brisbane to figure out what led to the incident, which has caused damage to the F/A-18F Super Hornet. Defence Minister Linda Reynolds confirmed the two pilots were safe, but said the entire RAAF fleet of Super Hornet and Growler jet fighters was being grounded out of an “abundance of caution”. The Chief of Air Force, Air Marshal Mel Hupfeld, would not put a timeframe on the investigation, or how long the jet fighters would be out of action. The Courier-Mail: “Air Force grounds jets after pilots parachute to safety after emergency at Amberley RAAF base on Tuesday.” Is the Solar Storm messing with Avionics and Guidance Systems? If storm is high enough then yes can screw up GPS systems. Only thing i think is weird. Wouldn’t doomsday plane be effected if in low orbit? I actually assume a doomsday plane is hardened off from solar/emp effects. Communications systems and microwave for radars could be also affected by high solar activity. The signal noise increase, therefore the signal to noise in the analog signal will be impacted, therefore the Es/No also. Not sure if that will be the case. Those should be protected for that kind of circumstance. We thought it was happening yesterday, remember? Aleph: “EAM/HFGCS For: Abrim R3STXB - 3JC2UNQLHTE2ZY7YPCFFZQQW ABDUCTION|0041.” CANUK78: “Interesting night so far. - B-52’s crossed the pond - U2 spyplane North of Taiwan.” POTUS brought the U2 plane to come out and play with the other toys. Wow. RESPECT. Things are popping. “Lockheed U-2. The Lockheed U-2, nicknamed “Dragon Lady”, is an American single-jet engine, high altitude reconnaissance aircraft operated by the United States Air Force (USAF) and previously flown by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).” I have to learn how to use that airplane tracking website better. “Russia Signs Deal to Open Naval Base in Sudan. Russia signed an agreement to build a naval base on Sudan’s Red Sea coast, in Moscow’s latest push into Africa as it seeks to renew geopolitical clout.” Shit’s popping. Fireworks. Someone do recon on the locations. Sounds like Tchaikovsky 1812 overture. I sense fuckery. Any ideas on the DC-10 and C-17 that just linked up over Roanoke VA? Strange flight patterns on both… And now they just broke off. Either troops or material. Copy thank you… I just noticed that they converged from different trajectories, flew together for a good 100-150 miles, including some drops off radar and loops right over Blacksburg (toymaker workshop area?) and then broke off… seemed kinda odd. And an Israeli plane just appeared out of nowhere in the Delaware Bay. Seriously. Hmm. Guessing it came from Dover AFb and headed across the pond. Not even a stop in Atlantic City. Because we are taking back the planet.

  52. Fireworks and Subterranean Battles:
    New Zealand
    Bakersfield, CA
    Calabasas, CA
    Los Angeles, CA
    Long Beach, CA
    San Francisco, CA
    Washington, DC
    Oahu, HI
    Kauai, HI
    New Orleans, LA
    Boston, MA
    New Jersey
    Albuquerque, NM
    Las Vegas, NV
    Bronx, NY
    Austin, TX
    Houston, TX
    Seattle, WA
    Kingman, AZ
    Parker, AZ
    Chandler, AZ
    Manitoba, Canada
    Oakland, CA
    Orange County, CA
    Sacramento, CA
    Tallahassee, FL
    Hammond, IN
    Palmview, TX
    San Antonio, TX
    Alexandria, VA

  53. 45 Janets for 2020-12-08, Nevada time (PST):
    0340 N869HH JANET11
    0409 N288DP JANET33
    0437 N869HH JANET22
    0439 N273RH JANET55
    0506 N288DP JANET44
    0508 N319BD JANET77
    0538 N869HH JANET65
    0620 N319BD JANET88
    0631 N273RH JANET24
    0656 N869HH JANET76
    0710 N319BD JANET87
    0714 N654BA N654BA
    0729 N273RH JANET31
    0808 N319BD JANET18
    0823 N869HH JANET75
    0831 N288DP JANET17
    0850 N273RH JANET13
    0907 N319BD JANET41
    0948 N273RH JANET53
    1030 N869HH ANET42
    1049 N662BA N662BA
    1132 N869HH JANET46
    1148 N273RH JANET64
    1253 N273RH JANET47
    1320 N288DP JANET82
    1330 N319BD JANET27
    1352 N869HH JANET34
    1358 N288DP JANET51
    1432 N869HH JANET20
    1446 N273RH JANET74
    1450 N859WP JANET30
    1455 N319BD JANET16
    1523 N288DP JANET62
    1528 N273RH JANET73
    1605 N319BD JANET15
    1623 N869HH JANET48
    1707 N869HH JANET61
    1720 N273RH JANET84
    1727 N319BD JANET26
    1812 N273RH JANET83
    1815 N288DP JANET68
    1822 N869HH JANET72
    1843 N319BD JANET25
    1948 N273RH JANET14
    2019 N319BD JANET36

  54. EAMs per Alaska day:
    2020-11-20 #########
    2020-11-21 ##########
    2020-11-22 ###########
    2020-11-23 ########################
    2020-11-24 ##
    2020-11-25 ###########
    2020-11-26 #
    2020-11-27 #####
    2020-11-28 ##
    2020-11-29 ##
    2020-11-30 #
    2020-12-01 ####
    2020-12-02 ##########
    2020-12-03 #########
    2020-12-04 #########
    2020-12-05 #########
    2020-12-06 #####
    2020-12-07 ##########
    2020-12-08 #################