Azazel News #Recap 12/8/2020

  1. Tracy Beanz: “Judge Sullivan has FINALLY dismissed the case of Patriot Gen Flynn!!”

  2. zerohedge: “This Is Going To Be The Worst Winter For The US Economy In Modern Times.”

  3. U.S. physicists rally around ambitious plan to build fusion power plant. Plan calls for a subtle but crucial shift toward applied research in Department of Energy fusion program.

  4. New U.S. Embassy in Pristina, Kosovo, Wins Engineering Excellence Grand Award from American Council of Engineering Companies.

  5. Dulcinea. Starting watching this show earlier in the week. Yes, it is very, very clearly hard disclosure. Are you going blue or what?

  6. Offutt Air Force Base lab brings closure to Pearl Harbor families. Only 35 of the 429 sailors and Marines who died on the USS Oklahoma were identified during the war.

  7. Sex Trafficking + Politics. Join Sacha Stone, Human Rights Attorney Leigh Dundas and guests to uncover the behind the scenes agenda that is running the world.

  8. Interview: Nobel chemistry laureate Jennifer Doudna on the promise and peril of the genetic editing revolution - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

  9. Senate confirms Trump nominee to the FCC. On Wednesday, the Senate today voted 49-46 to confirm Nathan Simington to a five-year term at the Federal Communications Commission.

  10. Reuters: “Lawmakers brawled in Democratic Republic of Congo’s parliament following an announcement that President Felix Tshisekedi plans to end an alliance with his predecessor Joseph Kabila.” [Holy shit.]

  11. Rex Chapman: “A fireworks factory in Russia caught fire last night. 2020 — on brand.” The Moscow Times: “A Russian ‘doomsday’ plane capable of surviving nuclear war was broken into and robbed during routine upgrades last week.”

  12. EFFORCE. Energy Efficiency. Reinvented. EFFORCE is the first platform that allows contributors to benefit from the energy savings generated by energy efficiency projects worldwide. [New firm by Woz.]

  13. Update: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. On November 14, 2020, Judge Nicholas George Garaufis of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York issued an opinion regarding the July 28, 2020 memorandum.

  14. ICE removes Russian fugitive convicted in US of $4.5 million wire. ICE’s Enforcement Removal Operations (ERO) officers escorted Stanislav Eduardovich Lisitskiy, 32, to Russia via an ICE Air Operation charter flight.

  15. FBI Warning: ‘Tis the Season for Holiday Scams — FBI. Shoppers looking for a good deal this holiday season should be aware of increasingly aggressive scams designed by criminals to steal money and personal information.

  16. Nomination of IBAN new Board Member, Mr. Franz Wascotte. Born in 1950, Mr. Franz Wascotte, Belgian nationality, studied law, and before he joined an insurance company with main activities in international trade (1974).

  17. Researchers Develop Handheld DNA Sequencer. By pairing a new app called iGenomics with a handheld DNA sequencer, users can easily align and analyze relatively small genomes, like those of viral pathogens.

  18. The Recount: “Trump touting Operation Warp Speed and vaccines: “When America is faced with a challenge, we come through… the numbers should skyrocket downward.” [This vid felt like signaling idk. “Skyrocket downward" is weird.]

  19. DHS Announce Supplemental Guidance for MPP Implementation. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) are releasing supplemental guidance for implementation of the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP).

  20. Rabobank: Prepare For The Roaring 20s? Let’s Consider What Was Actually Going On In The 1920s. The 1920s was a decade of biting deflation, wild inflation, nasty stagflation, and only saw normal inflation in some places at some times. Perhaps the comparison is apt when I think about it like that.

  21. SEC Issues Multiple Whistleblower Awards Totaling Nearly $3 Million. The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced whistleblower awards to five individuals for information provided in three different enforcement actions for combined payments of nearly $3 million.

  22. From pilot to truck driver—airline careers grounded by pandemic. There aren’t dependable numbers for how many pilots have been affected, but union officials and aviation experts say it is already the deepest cull of the profession ever.

  23. Special Tactics Airman to be awarded Air Force Cross. Staff Sgt. Alaxey Germanovich, a Special Tactics combat controller with the 26th Special Tactics Squadron, 24th Special Operations Wing, Air Force Special Operations Command, will be awarded the Air Force Cross.

  24. Chuck Yeager, 1st to break sound barrier, dies at 97. Retired Air Force Brig. Gen. Charles “Chuck” Yeager, the World War II fighter pilot ace and quintessential test pilot who showed he had the “right stuff” when in 1947 he became the first person to fly faster than sound.

  25. Interest in going off grid, being a survivalist growing during the pandemic | CBC News. Interests in living off the grid and engaging in survivalist behaviour such as bush crafting and foraging is on the rise–according to the survivalist community. Psychologist Dr. Simon Sherry say this isn’t as irrational as you might think.

  26. Remember the Special Forces Combat Divers in the tunnels? Now the feds have shown up in Cheyenne Mountain (NORAD). Combat divers with no diving equipment, now the FBI shows up to the scene. [Plate carriers for dive mission? Bless those soldiers fighting off the subterraneans. Ask what are they truly fighting. Rakes and Skinwalkers?]

  27. We need a new international accord to control drone proliferation - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. The Missile Technology Control Regime has not prevented the proliferation of armed drones. The Trump administration’s interpretation of it made things even worse. Will Biden change course?

  28. zerohedge: “New York Sends “Mask Squads” To Enforce Social Distancing In Two Counties.” Breaking911: “NC Gov. Issues New Lockdown Order, Imposes Alcohol Curfew.” Judge Rules That L.A. Officials Acted “Arbitrarily” When Ordering Restaurants Closed Due To Covid-19 Risk, But State Health Order Still Stands.

  29. The edge of our existence: A particle physicist examines the architecture of society - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. In this wide-ranging essay, the author argues that pretending to be above and beyond politics is by itself a political position; in adopting it, one has aligned with the state and sided with the powerful.

  30. A team of Howard University researchers wants to know how disinformation impacts Black people - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Black voters are frequent targets of online disinformation. They were in 2016 when Russia’s Internet Research Agency created fake Black activist profiles in its effort to interfere in that year’s presidential election.

  31. Interview: Siegfried Hecker on remembering history while planning the future of nuclear arms control - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. In this interview, editor John Mecklin asks renowned nuclear policy expert Siegfried Hecker to suggest concrete actions world leaders can take to reduce nuclear risk.

  32. Breaking911: “Clashes Erupt, Arrests Made At Portland Home Where Protesters Try To Prevent Black Family’s Eviction.” zerohedge: “Gundlach: "Oddly a lot of these BLM protests disappeared one week before the election. Makes you wonder what is going on behind the surface.” “Antifa Are Learning The Hard Way.”

  33. Trump campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis has reportedly told associates she has coronavirus. The news comes days after Trump announced that Rudy Giuliani, who is leading the campaign’s legal team, had tested positive for COVID-19. Rudi Giuliani expects to be released from the hospital tomorrow as “all symptoms” of COVID-19 “are gone,” he said in an interview with 77WABCradio.

  34. zerohedge: “Biden Chooses Raytheon Board Member, Retired General Lloyd Austin, As Secretary Of Defense.” [I always confused Brigadier General Leo Brooks and General Lloyd Austin.] Biden is building a team that looks like the people it serves. Sticky Shoe: “Biden’s transition team includes executives from Airbnb, Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, Dell, DropBox, Microsoft’s LinkedIn, Lyft, Stripe, and Uber.” [Donno if that comment is true. Comment is deleted anyway. What a dystopian shitshow.] Rob Schmitt: “Biden didn’t nominate Becerra - his handlers did.”

  35. Jericho was so good, Aries. We binge watched it all. Thx for the tip. Wizards noticed something tonight. During water cooler time we discussed something. Have you noticed all the techie/doomsday shows are cancelled? Utopia, Brave New World, Next, Away, Altered Carbon, The Society, Patriot Act, Emergence but The Bachelor is going 25 seasons strong… and people second guess humanity is not ready for "Open Eyes.” I’ve been ready since I was 9 and read a book called Star Girl by Henry Winterville. I still have that book though it is out of print these days. Winterfield. What skills do you have on the record?

  36. The United States Condemns Venezuela’s Fraudulent Legislative Elections - United States Department of State. On December 6, the illegitimate Maduro regime in Venezuela staged a political farce intended to look like legislative elections. Fortunately, few were fooled. The United States Applauds the Interim Government’s “People’s Vote” - United States Department of State. The Venezuelan people will have the opportunity to voice their opinion of the illegitimate Maduro regime through the Consulta Popular, or People’s Vote.

  37. 2005: The bioterrorist cookbook - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. The chances of a massive bioterrorism attack remain low. It’s the small-scale attacks that warrant real concern. How to protect the world from ultra-targeted biological weapons - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. As genomic technologies develop and converge with AI, machine learning, automation, affective computing, and robotics, they will create the possibility of biological weapons that target particular groups of people, even individuals.

  38. SEC Orders BlueCrest to Pay $170 Million to Harmed Fund Investors. The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced that UK-based investment adviser BlueCrest Capital Management Limited has agreed to pay $170 million to settle charges arising from inadequate disclosures, material misstatements, and misleading omissions concerning its transfer of top traders from its flagship client fund, BlueCrest Capital International (BCI), to a proprietary fund, BSMA Limited, and replacement of those traders with an underperforming algorithm. The SEC will distribute the $170 million to harmed investors.

  39. Paleolithic Humans Deliberately Crossed Ocean to Japanese Islands 35,000 Years Ago: Study. Paleolithic people deliberately crossed the challenging ocean to migrate to the Ryukyu Islands of southwestern Japan. Ancient people may have survived desert droughts by melting ice in lava tubes. Bands of charcoal from fires lit long ago, found in an ice core from a New Mexico cave, correspond to five periods of drought over 800 years. Fossils of New Cynodont Species Found in Brazil. A new genus and species of probainognathian cynodont that roamed our planet during the Triassic period has been identified from two fossilized specimens found in southern Brazil.

  40. Army to fire, suspend officers and enlisted soldiers over violence at Fort Hood. Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy will take administrative action that will remove soldiers from their jobs, and likely trigger investigations that could lead to a wide range of punishments. Bryan Suits. KFI Los Angeles/Seltzer Early Adopter: “The entire 1st Cav command team? That sounds like something they would do. (Bosnia 98-99: “No Goretex jackets over cotton sweats in winter!” Baghdad 2004: “No LED clip lights on uniforms!”) 14 senior Army leaders at Fort Hood fired or suspended.” [Traitors. 14 suspended. I told you, there is a big problem at the bases. They are compromised. Reason why toys were back to the sheds.]

  41. The monolith invasion continues: Silver columns appear in Germany and Spain following other sightings in America, Colombia and Britain. One of the bleak silver columns showed up over the weekend in Sulzbach, Germany, overlooking a field near a shopping centre, while another appeared by a ruined church in Ayllon, Spain. [Banksy is getting on my nerves. When they align the Pillars in the Transformer movie is coming to mind with these. Also this.] “They look like alien artifacts. In part, that’s because they are heavily reminiscent of the monoliths in Stanley Kubrick’s sci-fi classic 2001: A Space Odyssey, where vast black monoliths are deposited by aliens to guide human beings from one stage of evolution to another.” “The pillars are an example of advanced Cybertronian equipment that is related to their Space Bridge technology. They are small by Transformer standards, and resemble spikes. In groups, they are capable of creating a wormhole between two points.”

  42. The greatest tragedy of the 21st Century is all the time wasted on Social Media. Just imagine the Trillions of hours of wasted Human Potential. Which could be better spent on improving oneself and humanity. [I get what you’re saying, but social media can also be used to learn and discover new knowledge, if it wasn’t for social media I prolly wouldn’t have found this group. I’m not telling you to go cold turkey. I’m merely saying make learning new skills a priority in your life. Be like the Wizards. Tiktok dances aren’t a priority… Not Dan Bilzarian or Tiktok dancers or bullshit nonsensical influencers. Tiktok dance routines won’t teach you to stay alive if SHTF. Speaking of… how would you deal with those insist on using ‘philosophy’ here… those who employ… “this is outside of my control” types… Philosophy won’t save you in tunnels or in the open. Or it could be Civil Unrest or others trying to have a Monopoly on Violence against you. Unless your philosophy is Clausewitz. Agreed. However, the Yogananda is strong in this one…

  43. Grand Solar Minimum: “C7-class solar flare from sunspot AR2790 (Dec. 7th). UV radiation from the flare caused a minor shortwave radio blackout over South America. The blast may have hurled a CME toward Earth. Watch for volcanism/EQs & Polar weather changes.” Cold snap brings unseasonal snow to parts of southeast Australia. Unseasonal snow has fallen in Victoria, New South Wales, and Tasmania on December 7, 2020, as the Australian states are gripped by a cold snap after half of the continent sweltered through a record heatwave. Long-duration C7.4 solar flare produces asymmetric full halo CME, impact expected on December 9. A long-duration solar flare measuring C7.4 at its peak erupted from Active Region 2790 – positioned in Earth-striking zone – at 16:32 UTC on December 7, 2020. The event started at 15:46, peaked at 16:32, and ended at 17:33 UTC. [This seems a fairly important episode regarding solar double-tap this week, and a new study suggesting a significantly stronger solar cycle 25 than other models… “Enjoy electricity while you can.”] Inouye Solar Telescope Captures Its First Image of Sunspot. An image of a sunspot captured by NSF’s Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope clearly shows the potential of the telescope and its set of state-of-the-art instruments to revolutionize solar astronomy. An enormous supervolcano may be hiding under Alaskan islands. A geologic game of connect the dots reveals hints that Mount Cleveland, the Aleutians’ most active volcano, may sit on a giant undersea crater. These simple steps can help prevent heat-related fatalities. Deaths and injuries from heat exposure are projected to increase as the climate warms. [Deploy faraday cages if you don’t already.]

  44. What are the chances that they will do a false flag alien event? They have been releading photos to prepare us, but people are like meh murder hornets. One, there are no aliens. Only other species/variations of humanity that live under you. I meant what they would say. Not what we know. Depends, but even when the big show happens. You’ll be ahead of the public. We are 1000s of miles ahead of the public thanks to you and team Azazel. Elon is lurking too. Hey Elon hire me. Waves. They don’t tell me which is his account but he’s here. Thiel too. Uhh can he help me get a neodynum magnet unstuck from my dc motor? I’m fucked lol. LOL. Where is your stone slab? Just hit it with a hammer. Problem solved. I thought you said that Kids from another planet crashed in Mage, Brazil. Do you mean to say that there is no alien life on other planets in the many galaxies above us? Or just on planet Earth there are no aliens atm. I mean to say we created it all, and some are siblings of Earth, one of 9 siblings/societies. Some of them go to College (spread out in the universe) while others Stay on Earth. Best analogy. I thought that there were 100,000s of differently evolving species in our galaxy, some of which are so ancient they predate Earth. Am I wrong? The black goo is said to be extremely old and have taken over a few galaxies in the past. In due time, we will do those classes. Focus on earning skills and getting through the door. Not saying you’re wrong or right. I was truly effected by Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles as an early teen. The gist was that the Martians were always us. Yes but we will get there but I don’t want to do Bible, book of Enoch to explain. In due time. Plus we haven’t even done the 3 wiseman, aka 3 kings, aka 3 wizards, who visited Jesus and what factions they represented, etc. etc.

  45. Department of Energy to Provide $12 Million for Nuclear Data Research. [This is a cheeky little bit of news. Nice.] Trump Administration Again Refuses To Disclose Nuclear Weapons Stockpile Size. Irregular warfare authorities expand in defense budget. The authority is used to support foreign forces, groups or individuals helping U.S. commandos who are engaged in approved irregular warfare operations. Russian State-Sponsored Malicious Cyber Actors Exploit Known Vulnerability. The National Security Agency (NSA) released a Cybersecurity Advisory today detailing how Russian state-sponsored actors have been exploiting a vulnerability in VMware products. The US Navy wants to find ships to kill using aerial drones launched from submarines. Subs would launch aerial drones from underwater to extend their view over the horizon. Iran says US ‘got the message’ on tense exchanges in Persian Gulf after Navy admiral’s remarks. US troop pullouts in Mideast raise fears of Iranian attacks. A senior U.S. military official with knowledge of the region said Monday that Iran may try to take advantage of America’s troop withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan, and the planned departure of the aircraft carrier. Readout of Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher C. Miller’s Meeting. Acting Defense Secretary Christopher C. Miller met with Philippine Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana and Secretary of Foreign Affairs Teodore Locsin in Manila. DOD to Induct New Partners Into Military Spouse Employment Partnership. The Department of Defense Military Spouse Employment Partnership will welcome 86 new partners during a virtual ceremony. Ultra-Low Cost Simulation Program Augmenting Pilot Training. The Joint Immersive Training System — a simulation program that can be installed on ordinary computers and laptops — is currently being used to support pilot training. Appeals court rules for Trump taking military money for wall. The U.S. Supreme Court has already agreed to review a different ruling on the use of military construction funds. OMINOUS: U.S. POSITIONING NAVAL VESSELS OFF EAST & WEST COASTS; MASSIVE TROOP MOVEMENTS IN CONUS. Over the past four days, there have been MASSIVE movements of troops, equipment and supplies WITHIN the continental United States (CONUS).

  46. If you truly want to go through the Door, then put in the fucking work. If you join as military you are capped by branch limit. If you join as a civilian then is up to your skills. Scout those openings and get your foot in the door. Plain programmer, or programmer with Ham Radio License and understands Solar Panels. Plain welder or a welder that understand metals and can harvest discarded items for precious metals. Plain farmer or farmer that understand hydroponics and may rig a warehouse as indoor garden. For kids: “DoD Starbase | Department of Defense Youth Programs.” “CyberPatriot: CyberPatriot is a national youth cyber education program created in the United States to help direct students toward careers in cybersecurity or other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines.” “Civil Air Patrol. Civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force.” The Thiel Fellowship gives $100,000 to young people who want to build new things instead of sitting in a classroom. These are entry level programs in the White World in which the Black World recruits next generation Kid Wizards. If you think the Zuckerbergs of the world did it on their own without being groomed you are wrong. So if you are a parent remember one of the first lessons I’ve taught you: genius in a child is awakened. Could be as simple as answering a question about a cat. “TESLA’S CAT. [Nikola Tesla’s favorite childhood companion] was the family’s black cat, Macak. Macak followed young Nikola everywhere, and they spent many happy hours rolling on the grass. It was Macak the cat who introduced Tesla to electricity on a dry winter evening. “As I stroked Macak’s back,” he recalled, “I saw a miracle that made me speechless with amazement. Macak’s back was a sheet of light and my hand produced a shower of sparks loud enough to be heard all over the house.” Curious, he asked his father what caused the sparks. Puzzled at first, [his father] finally answered, “Well, this is nothing but electricity, the same thing you see through the trees in a storm.” His father’s answer, equating the sparks with lightning, fascinated the young boy. As Tesla continued to stroke Macak, he began to wonder, “Is nature a gigantic cat? If so, who strokes its back? It can only be God,” he concluded. W. Bernard Carlson, Tesla: Inventor of the Electrical Age.” “Is nature a gigantic cat? If so, who strokes its back? It can only be God,” Tesla concluded. Most people are not aware that the Nolan brothers paid tribute to Tesla’s cat Macak in the film The Prestige. Teach your kids about Macak. Carry on the tradition. No question about putting in the work. Question is if there is a deadline? That’s up to you, I mean some feel we are just sitting around waiting for WW3 others feel business as usual after January 20th. Also I have no idea of everyone’s age or current skill set. I’m a beginner, looking for tips and advice in case society shuts down. I have a lot to do. Collecting and storing of foods. Strengthen the security of my house. Would like to get into pickling of food. These are my focuses at this moment. I see. You found the right group. This channel is what we call Main. It is a feed for actionable intelligence. The other groups Aries just posted are the sub-groups of Doomsday where you can dig in on a particular focus, ask questions, and have a feed of related content to continuously learn from. I believe I’ve joined them all. Knowledge is power and it never hurts to learn… especially something that could save my life. You are on your way.

  47. Undocumented Immigrants Are Half as Likely to Be Arrested for Violent Crimes as U.S.-Born Citizens. Some of the most solid evidence to date shows that President Trump’s cornerstone immigration policy was built on a wholly false premise. [An illegal immigrant murdered 4 elderly people in a week in my town last year lol. Scientific America drank the Kool aid hardcore. One would still perhaps refer to its statistical truth though, no? Depends I’m merely stating they’ve gone Woke, the moment they endorsed Biden. Something the magazine has never done. Aka involvement in politics. Imagine what happens to project managers if they become political in the Black World. In desperate times, institutions tend to be demanded for their alignments. They’d lose their security clearances in a heart beat. I would wager that it is a mere preservation tactic. Agreed. But remaining apolitical is more important. To you, I and this group, indeed. My fellow man still has some reading to do. Remember I never try to call him President Trump. I call him POTUS. And my allegiance is to the Constitution. Not to President Trump. If the election was fair and square, I’d promote a peaceful transition of power. But that’s not what happened. If we don’t fight to stop it, we roll over to the Red Faction and hello Wokeism Socialism, hello Anti-Meritocracy and goodbye to what America stood for. In an ideal situation, the next POTUS will not be Trump or Biden it will be someone from the ashes, borning USA like a Phoenix. Trump has baggage from this event, he would go down in history but I do not feel he would be the next “step”. and it cannot be anyone within either party as they stand right now due to deceit, fraud, deception, greed, lust, gluttony and worse. That’s my 2 cents. If that’s the case I’m better fucking off, Off-World. I don’t care if he has baggage, if he won the election. This. I have told everyone that will hear, that I don’t care who defends and fights for the Constitution… just as long as they DO it. He is POTUS. You are thinking with emotions. If he won the election. 100% the correct view, I agree with it. I just said I feel he may well be too tied to a “past” that many through sheer stupid-human emotional attachment would not stand for it. Yet if USA is to evolve even further, honor him and put whomever is necessary to step next. He is POTUS. Yes. As you said. I agree. Humans don’t just switch on / off an emotional attachment though. Many of us have been trained or learned to not get emotionally touched by these things by some of what you and the collective here have show, shared and taught, but many that are going to be “woke” will struggle like mad. Fuck the woke, leave them behind. Learn skills. Go through the door. We have a system. We are fighting for the continued integrity of that system. We are loyal to the Constitution. And the election rightfully belongs to POTUS. End of story. You really think we’d let a wokie in the projects. Fuck no. I want you all to be the smug son of a bitch who has gone through the door and smirks at the bubble worlders and realizes how pathetic their lives are and that’s literally anyone who is in the projects going on/off world. Once you see how petty the divide and conquer is, you won’t look back. You’ll wish you had started years ago. I’m not being a dick. I’m speaking from experience. Better late than never. Just have to lift a little heavier and faster… From when I was a newbie still wet behind the ears being smirked at because bets were being made on how I would handle my Solomon Syndrome. So if your concerned about the Wokies and their feelings you are not ready for the door. Look at how Trump treats the press and he’s a second generation Wizard. Look at how he treats them like children. That’s because they are. And so is 99.9% of the population. So you can use the resources in Doomsday to go through the door or die an old man with regrets. Like I’ve said the illusion is that you all are conditioned to believing it’s the year 2020. You have a library of Wizards of the day at your disposal so you can learn what it is to have the right stuff. So far sadly, not many of the men are stepping up to the plate. It’s the gals in the channels stepping up to the plate. It’s the gals learning ham radio and other certifications so that they will be ready to be tapped on the shoulder. Look at Boris. He’s not coming back. He’s been groomed. And he was recruited due to his attention to detail in Open Source intelligence. No wonder he’s crossed over. I found a local ham radio club today. They have a test in January. Good. Chuck got me into aeronautics. Did a project on him. Chased it. And that’s what my degree is in. Today we will honor Chuck for Wizard of the day, He will be truly missed.

  48. Space Agency Hopes to Gain Industry’s Trust With Proliferated Satellite. The National Defense Space Architecture will include hundreds of satellites in orbit around earth dedicated to gathering targeting and tracking information and instantly transmit it to war fighters. Hubble Images Beautiful Star-Forming Spiral Galaxy: NGC 1792. The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has produced a spectacular image of the starburst spiral galaxy NGC 1792. Newly-discovered asteroid 2020 XK1 flew past Earth at just 0.05 LD. A newly-discovered asteroid designated 2020 XK1 flew past Earth at a very close distance of just 0.05 LD / 0.00014 AU (20 943 km / 13 013 miles) from the center of our planet at 16:15 UTC on December 7, 2020. Hayabusa-2 Returns Samples of Asteroid Ryugu to Earth. On December 6, 2020, JAXA’s Hayabusa-2 spacecraft delivered a landing capsule with samples of material collected from the surface of the near-Earth asteroid (162173) Ryugu to the outback desert of Woomera in South Australia. AFWERX kicks off Accelerate event Dec. 7, launch a universe of opportunity. The inaugural AFWERX Accelerate event, being held virtually, kicks off Dec. 7 at noon EST. SpaceWERX launch announced during AFWERX Accelerate. AFWERX kicked-off its inaugural Accelerate event Dec. 7 with an exciting announcement on the formation of SpaceWERX, a new entity that will focus on technologies for the United States Space Force. Starship | SN8 | High-Altitude Flight Test. As early as Tuesday, December 8, the SpaceX team will make the first attempt of a high-altitude suborbital flight test of Starship serial number 8 (SN8) from our site in Cameron County, Texas. Department of the Air Force moves Physical Fitness Assessments to April. To ensure social distancing practices remain in place during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and to give Airmen and Space Professionals time to prepare, testing was delayed. [The weaker a military force is the easier it is to attack. Smh Lord help us.] Starship Prototype To Fly Up To 8 Miles High. Elon Musk gives the flight a 33 percent chance of a successful landing. The chances of a fireball at the event are quite good. The flight plan is basically very simple: take off, fly high and land controlled. Starship SN8 12.5km Test Flight. SpaceX is attempting to fly Starship SN8 to an altitude of approximately 12.5 kilometers. The launch time is subject to change due to the fluid nature of the testing. The flight should occur sometime between 9 am and 5 pm Central time. Disclose TV: “Launch aborted, Raptor engines failed to fire up.” [Goddamn it.] Former Head of Israel’s Space Program: The Aliens Asked Not To Be Revealed, Humanity Not Yet Ready. Some of us have grown up following the warp flight of Zefram Cochrane, which was witnessed by a Vulcan spaceship. [Are you worthy of Galactic membership? What good makes having a walking encyclopedia of rabbit holes with no skills, by the time all gets disclosed it will be an unending “I told you so”, good you were right, but do you know how to maintain solar panels? No? … NEXT!!! We got it now - skills skills skills no politics no bullshit no racism and merit only.] Elon Musk Explains Why SpaceX Only Hires Americans. [Fuck China.] Elon Musk confirms: 'Yes, I have moved to Texas.’ Elon Musk said Tuesday that while SpaceX and Tesla maintain major operations in California today, he has personally moved to Texas. [Remember in The Expanse when they described A certain family from Texas that truly helped settle Mars. It’s all hidden in plain sight. SpaceX hinting on the Martian Base.] Starman: “And they said it was impossible.” [Everything is hidden in plain sight, our world always has been. Interesting! Thanks for that! “Elon” was actually a title or rank in the novel… check this out….] "The prophetic part of von Braun’s work concerns the autonomous government of Mars. Namely, he proposed that, instead of presidents, rulers of the colony would be appointed the title of “Elon”: “The Martian government was directed by ten men, the leader of whom was elected by universal suffrage for five years and entitled “Elon.” Two houses of Parliament enacted the laws to be administered by the Elon and his cabinet. The Upper House was called the Council of the Elders and was limited to a membership of 60 persons, each being appointed for life by the Elon as vacancies occurred by death.” “In 1952, a German scientist predicted the name “Elon” would be associated with the colonization of Mars.”

  49. Cari Kelemen: “This election isn’t Republican vs. Democrat. It’s China vs. America.” Breaking911: “28 Members of Arizona Legislature Call for the Decertification of the 2020 Election.” Texas Sues Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin at Supreme Court over Election Rules. Texas filed a lawsuit directly with the U.S. Supreme Court before midnight on Monday challenging election results in four other states. Disclose TV: “Pennsylvania has filed its brief (requested by Alito) to the Supreme Court. They basically urge the court not to open pandora’s box even if federal laws of the US constitution have been violated.” Ivan E. Raiklin: “If I were a SCOTUS Justice & 5 or more states are contesting 4 others. I’d say that is very compelling I wonder if the following States Attorneys General will be joining in the case. I think We The People Demand it Who’s with me?! Let’s start with: FL, OH, IN, KY & IA Reason?” Dominion Voting Systems Received $120 Million From 19 States And 133 Local Governments To Provide Election Services (2017-2019). Dominion is the second largest vendor in the non-transparent and entrenched election system industry where three vendors control 88-percent of the market. Rep. Daniel McCarthy Announces Arizona Legislators Invoked Article 2, Section 1 - Meaning Arizona is Officially a Contested Election. Arizona Republicans on Monday called for the decertification of their state’s false election results. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook, and Priscilla Chan, his wife & daughter of Chinese parents who fled to Vietnam, are said to have donated $350 million to a nonprofit that awarded grants to election officials in the United States. [Bad Zuck bad. Suspend the Constitution. Enact Martial Law.] Rhinestone Cowboy: “These “announcements” are designed to hook people into the inevitability of Biden’s win. When do presidents ever announce this before the electoral college has voted??? Note when Trump did…” Disclose TV: “U.S. Supreme Court will hear Texas’ lawsuit against Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin over potential voter fraud. The case was added to the Supreme Court docket today.” Disclose TV: “Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall says “the unconstitutional actions and fraudulent votes in other states not only affect the citizens of those states, they affect the citizens of all states,” in a statement just released.” [Remember the war game in which I had to play the role of Secretary of State for the State of Alabama? This is an interesting move - did it align with your simulation? This will show at the very least - the integrity of the court system to deal with fraud on a national level with a national level response. I can’t say.] USPS Contract Driver and Whistleblower Jesse Morgan Interrogated by FBI - Instead of Investigating Information they Started Harassing his Family. Jim Hoft: “USPS Contract Driver and Whistleblower Jesse Morgan Interrogated by FBI - Instead of Investigating Information they Started Harassing his Family.” Breaking911: “Louisiana Joins Texas, Asks Supreme Court To Overturn Trump’s Losses In Key States.” zerohedge: “Louisiana Joins Texas In Motion Against GA, MI, PA, & WI After SCOTUS Denies Trump Ally’s Bid To Decertify Biden’s PA Win.” Disclose TV: “SCOTUS rejected the Kelly case without any explanation or dissents, probably because, more or less, the same context is covered in the Texas case, but with a wider scope affecting more states.” Praying Medic: “It’s on. The Supreme Court will hear the election case Texas has brought against Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia.” Jim Hoft: “Dominion Took Over Georgia Voting Machines Remotely.” The Washington Post: “Christopher Krebs sues Trump campaign, lawyer Joe diGenova for defamation.” Israel Anderson of IADaily: “Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and South Dakota join Texas’s lawsuit challenging election procedures in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia.” [It’s getting good. Are there any other sources on that? I was hoping today would be the day that the election was over. So sick of all of this.] U.S. Supreme Court gives the states of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin until 3:00pm Thursday to respond to the filing by Texas. [Yeah… we all are tired now but a lot on stake here and we have to be ready and alert. The falling of the first domino is important, because the momentum it gives to all the cases hitting the Supreme Court this week will not be ignored.]

  50. When the lying press tells you that mRNA won’t change your DNA… Elon Musk talks about synthetic mRNA. ‘Route out’ of pandemic: UK gives 1st COVID-19 vaccine doses. A retired British shop clerk has received the first shot in the country’s COVID-19 vaccination program, the start of an unprecedented global immunization effort intended to offer a route out of a pandemic that has killed 1.5 million. “They want the vaccine to appear sketchy, the real depopulation plan. This is just a theory, based on speculation. I hope I am wrong. But, it has been in the back of my mind for a while so I need to get it off my chest. If it were true that the elite wanted to depopulate the earth, then ask yourself, who would they want to remain living, and who they would want to kill? If the vaccine is truly deadly, then they would kill off all of the obedient sheep, and only people skeptical of official narratives (didn’t take the vaccine) would survive. This is a terrible outcome for the elite. To reach their goal of enslaving humanity, here’s what would make more sense… Release a mild virus into the world and blow things way out of proportion. Start taking people’s freedom’s away, creating civil unrest. Everyone is now desperate and angry at each other. Make it obvious to most that the virus is mild. Many people now distrust the official narrative. Release a “mandatory” vaccine that you know most will push back against. The sheep and the desperate will still take it without question. Vaccinate as many sheep as quickly as possible. We are here. Release a more deadly virus, and label it as a mutation of the first. A “second wave”. The vaccine was actually to protect against this. Those who didn’t take the vaccine still think the media is talking about the first mild virus and don’t care. Everyone continues to protest in the streets, attend gatherings, unknowingly spreading the deadly virus. The obedient sheep are safe, and the critical thinkers start dying off. The new narrative is “Thank God you listened to us and took the vaccine, now you must continue to do everything we say”. The elite now have a lower population of non-thinkers that is much easier to control. So what can we do? I’m not advocating you take the vaccine, because this is just a theory and the vaccine could be dangerous. In any case, stay vigilant and away from the masses.” [V for Vendetta. Agreed - this account is similar to the plot for sure. At that point, according to this, you’re either sick/sterilized and obedient with a patent on your altered DNA, you’re dead, or you’re in isolation/hiding. Any way you slice it given this particular assessment of the scenario, “vaccination” is not the best outcome. If the point is enslavement, you’d think having healthy enough workers would be part of the plan. “Enough” being the operative word. Sick and starving enough to be beholden, but well enough to keep plugging away regardless and unquestioning enough to just accept it. Hmm. Unless they switch to technology replacing humans then sick humans just need to maintain machines. Then again it could be robots repairing machines.] “Rushed” 2009/10 Swine Flu Vaccine found to cause Narcolepsy. The link between GSK’s rushed “Pandemrix” vaccine and narcolepsy has now been accepted by governments. Here are answers to 6 burning questions about COVID-19 vaccines. There are still important unknowns about how Pfizer’s vaccine and others will work once they get injected in people around the world. Innovative universal flu vaccine shows promise in first clinical test. Vaccine aims to elicit broadly protective antibodies against the “stalk” of a surface protein on influenza viruses. ‘So many unknowns’: Local doctors—and pharmacies—will still decide who gets COVID-19 vaccines. The federal government may set vaccine priorities, but one leader of a hospital system says she and others on the ground need flexibility to allocate limited doses. ‘Godzilla’ dust storm traced to shaky northern jet stream. Researchers debate whether climate change is to blame for monster African event. Human-sparked wildfires are more destructive than those caused by nature. They burn faster and kill more trees, analysis of California fires reveals. [“As the climate warms…” Clowns. LOL. Is it “climate change” or is it Memorex…?! This article is insane. The narrative is insane. These so called academics should be very ashamed for their pseudo science. But that would get them ridiculed and then they couldn’t publish because they would no longer have any credibility. That would threaten their livelihoods. They should probably just keep parroting what they’re told and keep getting a reliable paycheck, no? The disturbing thing is that these “professors” are educating the young generation in colleges across the country. A simple test, why don’t these professors move to a neighborhood where illegal aliens dominate and then they can tell with their lived experience about crime. And most of them believe every last word they’re saying because they were indoctrinated with the same rhetoric. Jordan Schachtel: “I don’t know about you guys but I’m starting to get the feeling that there’s an ulterior motive in play here… NYT: ’Want Vaccines Fast? Suspend Intellectual Property Rights.’” zerohedge: “Mnuchin Offers $916 Billion COVID Relief Bill To Pelosi (Includes State & Local Funds).”

  51. Far left is up to something suspicious with the porn sites. Mary Margaret Olohan: “Pornhub making huge changes following Nick Kristof’s massively impactful reporting.” Can you guess what the left is doing to Pornhub? Nicholas Kristof: “Pornhub just announced huge changes: a.) allow uploads only from verified users; b.) no downloads; c.) improvements in moderation. Initial take: A great deal depends on how responsibly Pornhub implements these, and it hasn’t earned my trust at all, but these seem significant.” The website basically got its start as an offshore host for copyright violations of legitimately produced porn (not here to moralize on porn or not, just saying) so wonder how that’s gonna go. Am I the only one though who finds it disturbing that their whole front page lately is something about stepmoms or other incest/Oedipus themes? Don’t want Biden videos getting reuploaded. No. Think along what the Wokies have done to big tech, to Uber and Google, etc. - the fucking main thing that they do on all big tech and big media. Oh PH is woke now guys. Hell yes. How do you sensor pr0n on pr0n site? lol. What is the left trying to do to Pornhub? Kick out the founders and take it over. Yes. So…their customer base is mostly men, and they want to push an ideology that if you look at polls is disfavored by majority of men… End state…? Men watch less porn and take more real world action? I think this could backfire on them depending how you war game it. Sorry but no one wants to watch some 300 pound purple haired freak on a porn site if this is the direction we’re headed. Think about it, what could be the true long-term goal of these changes. Speak for yourself. Lol. Agreed, I prefer 400 pound freaks instead. KYC for pron… like crypto. No, they just want to concoct allegations against the founders and have the board boot them out. It’s nothing as intricate as all of that. lol. Gonna go paid site with kyc instead of ad revenue. Makes sense as onlyfans is crushing it. Spying / ransom / manipulation. s monitoring the big thing they’re doing? Or something else In big tech, big media, etc? Are they just monitoring the posts and the news? Pornhub is about to be raided by the left. How do they take control? Think. Aren’t most porn companies based in Cyprus? Is Mindgeek still a thing? Forget about that. I want you to focus on the piracy that’s about to happen. Cut the crypto crap. Usually they get someone to accuse the founders of something metoo-ish and force them to step down. Hypothetically you have an X rated clip you need to share for the good of humanity… can’t share it on youtube… cant share it on Pornhub now? Damn. Creates a trail to track the uploads to specific people so they can use that to manufacture a scandal. What would happen if every video site, every social media site did the same as (a)? What would that look like? What would be the dangers? What would that lead to? No anonymity, no privacy, could track anything back to any target and start a scandal. So what’s the word for this real goal? Epstein style blackmail. It’s what keeps the elites all in line. Atta boy. May one day the stars bless you. Blackmail is a secondary, smaller goal, for rare strategic use. But what’s the bigger goal? BDFL-cancelling. To control every bit and byte, every chunk of data, every piece of information that humans get to see and hear and watch. A monopoly on attention. Let the ‘experts’ choose approved porn, information, the president. Seems like more anti-meritocracy crap. Creeping normality. No. Corporate piracy. Censorship. “New law requiring ID cards to open social media accounts debated in Italy. Proponents say rule would stop web becoming a ‘sewer’ but proposal faces backlash.” “Chinese government forces people to scan their face before they can use internet as surveillance efforts mount. China’s roughly 854 million internet users need to use facial identification in order to apply for new internet or mobile services.” “China enforces real-name registration to regulate online comments. Only those who have their real name and identification information registered will be able to comment on Chinese internet platforms from October.” Control of dissident messaging. Social scoring practices. Censorship. Fucking censorship. The # 1 thing they’ve been doing in big tech and big media. Forcing people to upload IDs in order to submit any content is the first step toward more powerful censorship. First they start with the porn sites, but then it expands to everywhere. Some people had been talking about using the porn sites as an emergency backup plan, if youtube censorship got too bad — Now that option is dead. First they start with the porn sites, under some feel good “think of the children” excuse, but then it expands from there. Soon ID requirements everywhere. Censorship paradise. This is what it’s all leading to. There was a push toward decentralization of social with platforms like diaspora and mastadon but they never caught on. Bennett’s Phylactery: “Anybody who thinks they’re just going after wignats over enwords is in denial. All of the “spicy” accounts I follow are alive & well - this wave is targeting three subjects in particular: the lockdowns, the PRC, & the erection.” Same as Twitter’s anti-spam & anti-profanity filters. Started off being just for reasonable, narrow purposes. Eventually repurposed for evil extreme censorship. Technocracy. The Elites have been running China’s ID tied to gaming profiles and internet access behind the “wall” for decades. That’s all to come over here in the next decade if they win. This is because these open source things don’t do marketing/promoting like their proprietary for-profit alternatives, sort of like how ‘everyone uses Windows and OS X’ nobody uses Linux (even though many many many people use linux/bsd etc). I think that part makes sense - control of the underworld, where, like it or not morally, it’s one of the last free spaces. Interestingly, Parler sort of is leaning this way on the site. Oddly the political right with Trump seems to have more alignment with the underworld than the left, who traditionally owned that space with the message of personal liberty. A lot of the GOP (Republicans) will go down with the Dems. They are all crooked. I’m all for breaking up info monopolies but don’t think Parler is the answer. It’s 100% politics. You need a mix. Culture, arts, etc. Parler is an echo chamber. Won’t sign up there. Too much info. wanted. They might as well offer to help AOC make her little list for her. That doesn’t end well. Twitter is a million echo chambers. Agreed. You only see what you follow. Yes they are sort of isolated echo chambers (sounds redundant). I never thought it was an answer. I thought it was interesting that they want an ID. Parler, Gab… I recommend both. But definitely use a cartoon character name. Never use your real name on the internet etc. But with Gab we got Dissenter, providing comment system for the entire internet (even articles with no comment section). Of course both are flawed as hell, it’s software that needs to go through the ringer. Gab is mastodon btw!!! You can use any StatusNet type app to connect with a gab account. I don’t think Parler does that, but they have a nice mobile app at least. Ok my last msg about gab. LOL. You can see a live updating version of Drudge report type website, based on the comment system of dissenter/gab. The information monopoly was broken and gone forever the second we started consuming more media online than on television. That ended the cohesive national conversation. And that was 25 years ago. Dead and buried. Will never happen again now that we’re used to having so much choice and customization (and the echo chamber is a direct consequence of that). The social media sites can think they have monopolies on information consumption but they’ll never be the Big 3 of 1955 no matter how hard they try. People will decide to go elsewhere because there IS an elsewhere to go, even if it’s less popular/populated. All the censorship is doing is making people who care to exercise their options take those options more seriously. And when your business model is that your users are your product, it’s best to rethink policies that cause mass defections. They’re shooting themselves in the foot. And the reason they are doing it is because they put themselves in a nasty position being beholden to their investors. A great deal of their money comes from China. Oops. Join proof of person blockchain. The most decentralized blockchain. Could steer and control public perception subliminally in a massive way. Only seeing what they want you to see and making normal what they want you to perceive as normal. Alternatively they could just be agents of chaos and remove all free pornography or remove the lot and watch the world burn. Re: pornhub - 230 suspension would make them liable for all sorts of f’d up crimes. Seems like it will be hard for them to exist w/o it. Probably a good thing imo. They will hunt down registered users of “immoral porn” ? This is a better fit for the communist model we see in China - being implemented here. Activities which are deemed immoral will be banned in the future and users on this list -sent for reeducation or body parts harvesting. Who needs lists? We have IMEI numbers on all devices including newer cars. True that - although having people “dob themselves in” could be a first step. Registering uploads and downloads may also cause the platform to go bust. Makes sense…That’s how VHS tapes got so popular and left Beta to the dust. With the Porn industry. Then they moved to the small 3 chip handheld video cameras within a few years the normies were able to buy digital video cameras.

  52. Secretary Pompeo to Deliver Remarks at Georgia Institute of Technology - United States Department of State. Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo will deliver remarks on the China challenge to U.S. national security and academic freedom at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia, at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday. [Is China winning?] CodeMonkeyZ: “On July 12, 2019, GA Gov Kemp met Houston Consul General Li Qiangmin at rumored Chinese spy hub consulate in Houston. On July 29, 2019, GA signs contract for Dominion Voting Machines statewide. Coincidence?” Why is no media talking about the fact that the country with most people in the world has literally no covid19? How Fang Fang the Chinese spy slept with two US mayors and targeted politicians - including one of the youngest members of the House - before slipping out of the US when the FBI came knocking. [Naughty sexy Kung-Fu lady spies are in with the Treason crowd in 2020.] China: It has been reported that Shaxi Farmers Market in Pidu District, Chengdu, was closed and people were prohibited from entering or leaving. Nucleic acid tests were underway on December 7, 2020. [I was expecting this. Right in time to push the vaccine narrative.] Jonathan McDowell: “Gao Fen 14, launched on Dec 6, was the first Chang Zheng 3B mission to sun-sync orbit. Here is its trajectory southbound from the Xichang launch site.” [See anything out of the ordinary? Advanced Spy Sat.] Designations of National People’s Congress Officials Undermining the Autonomy of Hong Kong - United States Department of State. Beijing’s unrelenting assault against Hong Kong’s democratic processes has gutted its Legislative Council, rendering the body a rubber stamp devoid of meaningful opposition. Exclusive: How a suspected Chinese spy gained access to California politics. Christine Fang built connections with up-and-coming California politicians including Eric Swalwell and Ro Khanna. Red alert: Chinese boast of operatives 'inside America’s core circle of power.’ CodeMonkeyZ: “In 2020, the Georgia Department of Economic Development published a “Business Incentives Chinese” document on their official website. The document proudly displays the Chinese domain on it. Was someone bought in 2020?” Password Hunter02: “GA Gov Brian Kemp & Li Qiangmin, Consul General of Chinese Consulate in Houston, which has been shut down by the Trump administration over espionage.” [Chinese money in GA. So many things surfacing that finally will make sense to many. Recall the Chinese embassy burning docs.] Breaking911: “Documents, other materials appear to be burned in courtyard of Consulate General of China in Houston, Texas; police and fire responded but its unclear it they entered property.” [Connect the dots. Georgia politicians are bought and paid for by the Chinese.] Cari Kelemen: “This judge would not allow just 5 days to examine Dominion voting machines. Sorry, but he sounds paid-off to me.” CodeMonkeyZ: “Who is Li Dan? Why is the Georgia Department of Economic Development collaborating with Li Dan? This site is registered to an unlisted person in Beijing via the Alibaba Group’s Aliyun registrar. Why is the Georgia Department of Economic Development collaborating with Beijing? In 2019, the Chinese “DC Think Tank” published a strategy on how to economically subvert US governors with weak local GDP in order to influence US policy. They list 17 “Friendly” Governors (bought?) They list 6 “Tough" Governors (negotiating?) Chinese spies in our top ranks? You don’t say… Maybe there is a document listing some of them? Stay tuned. “Now, I’m going to drop a bomb: Because we had people up there inside America’s core circle of power, we had our old friends,” said Mr. Di, adding that he needed to speak carefully because “I can’t sell out these people.” zerohedge: “WHO Envoy: Life Won’t Return To Normal For At Least 2 Years.” [Warning shot. Pandemic duration forecasted, time to plan how to use that time period wisely. Fucking Red Factions.] Huawei’s Global Advancement of Alternative Internet Protocols - Jamestown. Introduction Huawei, the large international telecommunications company headquartered in Shenzhen, China, made headlines in May 2020 with its development of a “NEW IP Framework.” [ID+a new Internet=the system is shut. and computers will have bots blocking the access to unauthorized protocols. VPN’s are already targeted to be eliminated.] zerohedge: “China’s Cyberspace Administration has ordered the removal of TripAdvisor after receiving user reports that it contained illegal content ranging from pornography to violence and gambling. uh, is there a secret page on Tripadvisor we are not aware of?” The China lockdown, Sun Tzu, and the Art of War by Jon Rappoport. Below you will find a piece I wrote months ago on the grand China deception. First, I want to provide context. If there really were a dangerous virus on the loose in China, NOTHING could have stopped it. We would be seeing huge numbers of deaths in China to this day. Instead, the country has long been back to work, the economy is wide open, and the Chinese regime is looking, with great satisfaction, at Western nations, where its lockdown model has been laid on, wreaking havoc. This is called a clue. As I’ve explained in detail, in other articles, at the time when US and European agencies were first constructing their PCR tests, to detect the virus, they were unable to obtain actual virus. The obvious source would have been China, but China was unable to supply it. The reason? China wasn’t selling a real pandemic to the world. They were selling a fake, in the form of A STORY ABOUT A VIRUS. They had no actual specimens. That is another clue a mile high. All right, here is the long article I wrote months ago. I would, perhaps, change a few items, in view of developments since that time, but aside from minor edits, I’ve left the piece as-is. It indicates how, with collaboration from major actors like Bill Gates, the CDC, the World Health Organization, and the World Economic Forum, the Chinese regime could have pulled off one of the greatest cons in history. Who actually initiated the plot, and who followed suit…these issues could be debated. But the basic pattern remains the same. From April 2020: COVID: THE CHINESE REGIME, SUN TZU AND THE ART OF WAR: In retrospect, it’s obvious that Bill Gates, the World Economic Forum, the UN, and other elite Globalists NEEDED a new pretext for their tyrannical operation, and… They needed to know, YEARS BEFOREHAND, that this pretext would come into play. That pretext was: THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT LOCKDOWN of its own citizens. 50 million of them in three cities. Rapidly expanding to 100 million. Without the Chinese mass lockdown, COVID would have unfolded as Swine Flu and SARS and Zika had unfolded. Small disturbances in a calm lake. I explore the Chinese regime as the major instigator pretending to fumble, bumble, and fawn before the World Health Organization and the CDC. Acceding, as it were, to those “superior” virus hunters, asking them to help figure out what was going on in Wuhan—knowing the WHO/CDC researchers would claim to find a new deadly virus—because they always do. The Chinese regime would then sit back, lock down millions of their own people, knowing the events of the fake pandemic would automatically play out, with the West following suit and locking down their own populations and causing economic havoc and destruction, subverting all basic human values. This could have been what the Chinese regime, in fact, did. Yes. But behind that front, it’s clear a higher level of cooperative planning was alive. The Chinese lockdown was in the cards all along. In the cards for the West, for the whole world. The plan was years in the making. Most people simply do not believe intelligence operations can involve that degree of subtlety. This is a failure which unfortunately opens the door to takeover. My longer-term readers know my findings on the pandemic: an unproven claim of having discovered a new virus; diagnostic tests which are worthless, but open the door to the phony escalation of case numbers; the gathering and corralling of people who have DIFFERENT traditional diseases (and perhaps a few new non-viral conditions) under the meaningless umbrella term, “COVID-19”; the plan to introduce a toxic vaccine as the “solution.” I fully realize there are several possible roles the Chinese regime could be playing in this global crisis. And by crisis, I mean lockdowns and economic devastation. I’m laying out one possible role here. To begin: The Chinese regime’s model of absolute control over its population is fully in line with Rockefeller-type Globalists’ model of control for all of Earth. But the Beijing regime prefers to extend its own formidable Empire. It will cooperate with Globalist elites on certain operations, but only because the benefits accrue to China. In the case of this pandemic illusion, the Chinese government would be pleased to contribute to nations locking down populations and closing out economic activity. Why? Because the result would be significant weakening of those nations—whom the Chinese regime views as opponents or potential satellites. Weakening nations is also the ambition of Globalist elites, to be sure. Flailing countries are easier to take over. Easier to convert to a New Technocracy. A Brave New World. But the Chinese leadership is not a basic Rockefeller partner. The China bosses are for China. If, in the process of playing along with Globalists in this pandemic forgery, the Chinese nation absorbs economic losses, the regime is more than willing to write them off as necessary sacrifices. Temporary. “We bounce back quickly. Other nations are not so fortunate. They don’t have our level of power over their citizenry. They don’t have 1.4 billion people under a moment to moment gun.” The next Chinese-regime idea: “Suppose we could launch the illusion of a pandemic. That would serve us well. In terms of our goals, it would be a success: economic destruction visited on our enemies. As a bonus, we buy bereft governments, more foreign companies, and more foreign land at bargain basement prices.” The next idea: “We could lay out a ‘tempting meal’ for the obsessed virus hunters at the World Health Organization and the CDC. Help them go where they already want to go…” In that regard, let’s travel back to the beginning, where it all started: Wuhan. To the virus hounds from the CDC and WHO, the Chinese government COULD HAVE said: “Yes, we have a little outbreak in Wuhan. Nothing serious, nothing unusual. We have people coming to hospital with flu and pneumonia. About 300,000 people die of pneumonia every year in China, for all sorts of reasons. In Wuhan, the elderly have a major health problem owing to the air quality—pneumonia. We’ve been working very hard to fix that. At one point, we were going to build an incinerator for burning waste in Wuhan, but we discovered the technology would have created more pollution, so we abandoned the idea. We want to come up with a better facility, and we will. We’re sensitive to the needs of our people…” Yes, the Chinese regime could have said that, but they didn’t. Consider an alternative scenario: The Chinese regime DECIDED to tell the Globalist Rockefeller-type CDC/WHO virus hounds exactly what they wanted to hear: “PERHAPS a new virus is on the loose. Please help us figure out what’s going on. We bow before your superior skill…what?’ve found a dangerous new virus? goodness…thank you for discovering it so quickly…” And THEN—and this was the key—the regime suddenly locked down three huge cities and quarantined 50 million people overnight. BANG. THAT was the event that started the global ball rolling. No quarantine of such size had ever been tried before. (In short order, the Hong Kong protests went away, the mainland protests against air pollution in major Chinese cities went away.) The Globalist CDC and WHO drooled with joy, pushed a few buttons, and their whole epidemic PR apparatus swung into action: “THIS ONE IS BIG. LOOK AT WHAT THE CHINESE JUST DID. THEY LOCKED DOWN 50 MILLION PEOPLE. SO IT’S ON. WE CAN DO IT, TOO. IN MANY NATIONS.” Since then, the Chinese economy has taken a hit. The country has been blamed, in some quarters, for spreading a deadly virus all over the globe. To which, of course, the Chinese regime replies: “What? We Chinese have been weakened greatly by the epidemic ourselves…” Fast forward a few months. Who’s taking a hit now? The US, Italy, and many other countries. The US has shut down anything that moves. The US stock market and trading markets all over the world are tanking. Around the world, hundreds of millions of people have been thrown out of work, and untold numbers of small business owners have been driven into bankruptcy. Magic. By “humbly acceding” to the authority and desire of the CDC and WHO—who always say they’ve found ‘a new deadly virus’—the Chinese government has helped engineer, in the freest and craziest and most powerful nation in the world, the USA, a massive lockdown similar to the one now ending in China. Who does all this remind you of? It reminds me of the ancient Chinese general and philosopher, Sun Tzu (6th century BC), who wrote the erudite and wildly popular treatise, The Art of War. Here is a sprinkling of Sun Tzu observations and advices. Read carefully. “All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive…” “If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.” “Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him.” “Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance.” “If your opponent is of choleric temperament, seek to irritate him.” “To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.” “…move swiftly where he [the enemy] does not expect you.” “Speed is the essence of war. Take advantage of the enemy’s unpreparedness; travel by unexpected routes and strike him where he has taken no precautions.” —Getting the picture? Any bells ringing? The Chinese regime: “Yes, Dr. CDC and Dr. WHO, it does appear, as you say, that here in China we have a new virus. You’re the experts. [Thought bubble: ‘You’re always willing to fake the discovery of new viruses.’] We bow to your wisdom. Certainly, we have to contain the virus. If we’ve somehow made a misstep here, we apologize. You’re the leaders in this field. Do what you think best. If alerts to national governments are in order, issue them. We’ll help. Do you think the spread will escalate?” Meanwhile, in typical fashion, CDC and WHO haven’t done, and will never do, the necessary procedures for proving they’ve actually found a new virus (as I’ve described in other articles). The Chinese government watches the epidemic propaganda start to lift off—and suddenly, as I just mentioned, locks down 50 million people for no rational medical reason—thus giving the Globalist CDC and WHO the shocking precedent for a super-con job, a super-story, a super-scenario, a fairy tale about a pandemic, an excuse to enact their own lock downs, across the whole planet. Soon, one leader, who happens to be engaged in a trade battle with China—Trump—is boxed in. Usually arrogant, of choleric temperament, as Sun Tzu characterizes certain leaders, Trump must now dial back his attitude and go along. He believes he can’t buck the medical authorities. He believes he can’t do his usual THIS IS ALL FAKE NEWS punch to the gut. He can’t turn the stock market around by citing economic victories. He can’t talk about winning a trade war against the Chinese government. He’s stifled. Deflated, he has to go on TV, and read from script the measures he’s taking to “stop the spread of the virus.” —As he signs away more trillions of dollars the government doesn’t have. Of course, many people refuse to believe there is a thing called subtlety in strategy, in covert warfare. “The Chinese government couldn’t be so clever.” Really? How about a regime which has a few thousand years of tradition behind it, based on the arts of covert operations? The current smash-and-grab Chinese dictatorship shows one face, but it is not their only face. The Chinese dictatorship gave the CDC and WHO what they fervently wanted: a reason to launch—laid out like a dinner on the table. “Enjoy your meal.” There was a little something extra in the food. Not a virus. Instead, Sun Tzu spices. Imagine a small group of Chinese-government elite professionals looking at reports: “With this fake pandemic operation, we will have MANY enemies we want to subdue. For a moment, let’s look at just one. Trump. We can’t let him reject the lockdowns. If he does, other nations might reject them, too. He believes he’s winning a trade war against us. He is effective along certain domestic fronts. He knows how to rally his supporters. He has great energy. He can inspire enthusiasm from his troops. He promotes a brand of nationalism, which strikes a deep note with many Americans, and which could be dangerous to us. His critics and opponents are, on the whole, ineffective. They’re annoying amateurs. Trump’s self-confidence, arrogance, his tendency to become irritated and lash out…this is what we have to focus on. These are strengths which can also be weaknesses. He will fail to see attacks coming from unexpected sources and directions. He thinks he sees the whole map of threats to his presidency. In this regard, he has limited perspective. He views his potential enemies as blunt aggressors—because he himself is blunt. He sees warfare as open clash, as direct leverage. There is where we have our opportunity. We need a subtle operation that, at first, looks like a peripheral problem or crisis. But when the vise closes quickly, it will be too late. Not only Trump, but the whole of America will be caught in the squeeze play. Of course, in the process, we’ll inflict economic damage on ourselves. ‘We’re victims, too,’ we’ll say. That will be our cover story…” “Oh,” people reply again, “that’s impossible. The Chinese regime couldn’t be that devious. I mean, that plan has too many steps in it. Where’s the firepower? Where are the laser weapons flashing in space, you know, like we see in movies? Without that, there is no war.” Well, when people insist the game has to look like tic-tac-toe with missiles, but the opponent is really playing chess or Go…Iron Man doesn’t come out on top. 2019. Chinese leadership: “Let’s enable our Globalist ‘friends’ to create a false pandemic and bury nations. We’ll only need to make a few moves on the board, and then they’ll do the rest. I suggest we call the operation the Sun Tzu Virus.” Of course, the Chinese regime permits itself the right to exert an occasional PUSH and TWIST. To create torque and help events unfold. In that regard, a few key questions: What country has a huge and lopsided financial arrangement with the Chinese regime? What country has seen the Chinese pour gigantic amounts of money into its government coffers, and buy up its companies? What country is laboring under the undue influence of China? What country’s government might, therefore, take an enormous and dire action under more or less direct orders from Beijing? What country’s head of government SUDDENLY, without warning all its governors, locked down half the nation overnight? What country therefore created a new beachhead for lockdowns? If you’re looking for one country that answers EVERY question, its name is Italy. Once the center of the greatest renaissance since ancient Athens. Now masked and quarantined. And the new beachhead is Europe and the West. One reason I’ve written this article? Given the existence of certain structures in this world—I’m imparting how easy it is to lock down a few billion people inside a reality egg. FREEDOM involves cracking and climbing out of the egg. CODA, June 27, 2020. Over the past few months, we’ve witnessed Western imitations of China—in the form of behavior control. Attitude control. Among these imitations: The shuttering of houses of worship. People in the West are told to load outrageous contact tracing apps on their cell phones, and cooperate with spying against themselves. The infamous Chinese social credit score system (behavior control) is mirrored by the tyrannical notion of “immunity certificates,” which, if approved, would need to be presented by US citizens in order to travel, enter office buildings, schools, etc. The forced premature deaths of the elderly, under the cover of “demise by COVID,” is a straight-out exercise in population control, a device the Chinese government has deployed on its own population. These are not accidents. They are purposeful Chinese-type transformations. At the root of it is the plan to raise up armies of Western citizens who are more than glad to sacrifice what is left of their own minds to a “Higher Altruistic Ideal.” Aka, socialism. Thomas Paine, December, 1776: “THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.” Governments in Beijing and Washington and London might laugh in the face of these words. But they are uneasy. Because they know there is a power in the human soul they cannot understand… —end of China/Sun Tzu article— December, 2020: So now, in the US and Europe and other places, we’re now into our second and third waves of lockdowns. The strategy of economic and associated human destruction has expanded. What began in China—A STORY ABOUT A VIRUS—has taken on a life of its own. Or so it appears. In reality, the wall-to-wall messaging of that story is the continuing driver of the life of this fraud. The messaging and the threat and use of force on the part of governments. But a rebellion is against Police States is rising. The political actors who are making demands and issuing edicts are easy to spot. They keep claiming they’re “following the science.” I’ve spent the last nine months taking that science apart, piece by piece. There is no science. There are blind fools with academic credentials, and active criminals with those credentials. And there is China, where it all started. Where the regime has a passionate hatred of freedom. It now stands as the number one genocidal outlaw government on Earth.”

  53. CivMilAir: “ORDER66 One of the ‘doomsday’ planes. US Navy E-6B Mercury 164387.” Minor fighting tonight underground. Not much seismic activity. Earthquake, Magnitude 5.0 - MYANMAR - 2020 December 08, 05:14:34 UTC. Magnitude: M 5.0, Region: MYANMAR, Date time: 2020-12-08 05:14:34.0 UTC, Location: 22.11 N ; 94.32 E, Depth: 76 km. Aslan’s_Warrior: “Oh, you sneaky Sons Of Bitches… There’s an E-6B Mercury with the callsign… ORDER66 Last week, an E-4B Nightwatch had the same callsign… ORDER66 Stay Frosty Kids… Shit’s about to get real.” When I see a handful of tankers flying and nothing else, it makes me wonder what else is flying and keeping quiet about it. Tyler Kalous: “Not sure this correct or how old it is but some thing I had seen a while back. Gitmo Hath Enlarged Herself.” Cavasinnan: “I heard that Gitmo has contracted the use of several now defunct cruise ships to handle potential overflow.” Google does an overlay, but duckduckgo…. Packed skies. Friends flight is delayed at LAX due to military operations happening in the gulf coast. Interesting… anyone know what’s happening? Overwatch: 300+ Military Aircraft up, 3 E6. 2 E3, 1 B52, 18 C30J, 84 Tex2 (These are typically training in/near Tx), 11 H60’s (Blackhawks). Pretty early in the day for this count isn’t it? Yeah it’s a lot. Every time I refresh numbers go up too. Ships are active too, ARG = Amphibious readiness group. Evergreen Intel: “Shuttling between amphib ships? BULET11 is MH-60S 167880 (AE27A0), as seen on ADSBx. There are several USN amphib ships east of San Clemente Is. on Marine Traffic, including the USS Portland (LPD 27), USS Pearl Harbor (LSD 52) & USS Essex (LHD 2).” How does this mil aircraft/naval vessel activity compare to say 1 yr or 2 yrs ago today? CA Emergency Alert sent to all phones at 12:00 pm PST. Yup just got it. Good more earthquakes. MonkeyWerx US: “Phoenix Air LLC bird N183PA currently inbound to Washington DC from Moscow, Russia. Sure would be interesting to see who gets off this one…” Snowden??? Any fireworks or Earthquakes tonight? I’ve been randomly checking. It seems pretty quiet. Checking again now. 82nd Airborne Division: “A Storm is coming. Combat Ready.” Any birds up tonight? Lot of the airborne units hashtagging combat ready. And FBI was in the tunnels today. LA and Seattle. I think that’s it so far pretty quiet. Side by side the combat divers in Colorado. 7 minutes ago. Calabasas, California. jollydashian: “I’m on Mesa Dr and Broadway and I hearing lots of “fireworks.” Boston… I believe, from the reply. I’m proud you can tell which ones are the DoD bots. Pretending to tweet about fireworks. You’re right. Very quiet tonight. I ran into this searching for booms. “New Jersey town rocked by mysterious booms. A small New Jersey town is being rocked by mysterious booms — prompting a slew of shaken residents to call 911 to report the unsettling sounds.” LizzyLizLiz: “So there is a lot of chatter of booms in the city of Whittier CA and there is evidence something fell from the sky.” Well I guess we’re in Defcon 3 for a reason. What’s the bird situation? Sawyer: “National Guard helicopter circling the airport?” Nice find! Snapped these of NJ about 2 hours ago. I was watching them close tonight. 5 blocked flights over a wilderness area. Another boom and “meteor” last night in Upstate NY. It appears the embedded Youtube video of a security camera has been scrubbed. “Another meteor? More booms heard, fireballs spotted in Upstate NY. The flashes and booms came less than a week after a meteor exploded over Central New York.” Checking latest info. Excellent! A correlation with the birds. Check if any Ospreys. Remember what happened on the 4th of July in NJ. There are a few youtube channels I’ve seen that explain it as “thunder snow” or “skyquakes”. A snowstorm with lighting/thunder is totally normal apparently. I think Popeye and Sub-T are coordinating. It’s Popeye and Sub-T. Remember Trump was educated on Popeye while he was a cadet at NYMA visiting his uncle at MIT. Of course he will have it deployed. In general, pretty busy. California seems to be starting. Richard (Rick) Neill: “Sounds like an Artillery adjust fire mission going on by the house. Boyle Heights sky booms scared the dogs. SMH.” dominica: “Why are fireworks still a thing. Stop.” Justin Rohrlich: “SCOOP: A US missile engineer lost his security clearance over medical marijuana. He then allegedly launched a four-year revenge campaign, leaking military secrets that could now land him in prison for 10 years.” Yikes. Rodney Goode: “Just saw a segment about booms in Mulica Twp, New Jersey… my neighbors and I have been reporting these to the West Orange Police Department for years to no avail or resolution. The usually happen in the middle of the night.” Loranne James: “Are my tweets not showing or are people just not replying? Who is feeling earthquake on the east coast? Pennsylvania, new jersey, New York? Anyone hearing loud unknown booms/explosions?” NJ - BEEF33 is the only one with transponder on now. Hawaii- C30J flying circles near Oahu, and a BE20.