Azazel News #Recap 12/7/2020

  1. OHSAA coronavirus rules: Students can wrestle but can’t shake hands.

  2. Anybody know of Pearl Harbor reenactments today? Fuck Zuckerberg. So, instagram put a warning/fact check on a Trump tweet paying tribute to Pearl Harbor victims.

  3. Interesting bit of kit. “CUTTING TORCH. Wilcox Industries Corp.” Wilcox is the best of the best. Their guns are the best too.

  4. Iran sends biggest ever fleet of oil tankers to Venezuela. Defying US sanctions, Iran sends flotilla of 10 vessels to help the Latin American nation fight crippling fuel shortage.

  5. Isle of Wight monolith: ‘Magical’ structure appears on beach. A similar structure found in the US last month caused wild speculation online and apparent copycats. [And another.]

  6. Upcoming test: SpaceX Starship high-altitude flight. SpaceX gets $886 million from FCC to subsidize Starlink in 35 states. Charter also wins big; FCC fund will bring service to 5.2M homes and businesses.

  7. Clown World Continues. Instead of declassifying technology that would end the Oil Cartels from ruling, they make phony global warming crisis to take more rights away from the public lol. Fucking Clown World.

  8. Dramatic Video Shows Bomb Attack On Michigan Trump Supporter’s House. Police investigate after unidentified man in pick-up truck ran up to the house & hurled an explosive through a front window. [Here come the increasingly bigger radical left terrorist bombings.]

  9. Skiing is now illegal. No, it’s a bit worse than that - just being honest. The penalty, depending upon where, is most likely a fine. So, skiing is only illegal if you’re too poor to pay the fines to go… if you have unlimited capital and really like skiing, it’s more like a ski tax.

  10. Goya Foods CEO named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “Employee Of The Month” when her boycott spiked the sales of the company. POTUS be trolling. Bwaaaaaaa! You know I had never tried Goya beans until all the backlash against them earlier this year. I went out and bought a few cans to support - they really are very good! I now have two flats of them in my prepper pantry. Thanks AOC!

  11. Ohio County Closes Schools, Leaves Casino Open. The blackjack tables remain open in Toledo, Ohio, but some middle schools and all high schools are required to close. An order issued by Ohio’s Lucas County Regional Board of Health on Nov. 25 mandated that “education for Grades 7-12 (or 9 to 12 depending on school configuration) will be virtual from December 4th until January 11th” to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  12. Remember when I said I was playing the role of Secretary of State for the State of Alabama? How was the war game? Pretty good, was mostly listening to arguments from Constitutional Scholars. And since I had no conflict within my election results my role was to help support the (GOP) Party so pretty much I let the big shots do the majority of the talking. Simulation, not airing of grievances. Best way to get invited back for another play date.

  13. Is This Torture? In this video I start off slow but pick up steam as I submit the evidence and examples. By comparing our situation to the study of torture & coercion on Prisoners of War, I believe it becomes clear that what we are being put through with the virus response is a near perfect parallel to the Amnesty International definition of torture & Bidermans ‘Chart of Coercion.’ [She got her youtube account nuked… I wonder why.

  14. Global Mockingbird. Robin Monotti Graziadei: “They’re not reading from a Big Pharma script. I repeat: they are NOT reading from a Big Pharma script. There is no "agenda.” [I agree repetition is a brainwashing technique. What a joke lol, I don’t know anyone or hear of anyone in my world that has or knows anyone that has covid. Biggest scam ever. The real pandemic is their great reset bs campaign.]

  15. You guys ever look at Wikipedia history? Single Transferable Vote (STV). One of two reasons why vote totals are floating point numbers (a number with a dot somewhere in it, like 1.75) in the Dominion voting tabulation machines. The other one is Instant Run-off Voting, (IRV). They did this with Benford’s Law. To go undetected? The left and the right edit the page so many times on Wikipedia. Oh yeah — the Benford’s law page. Yep. Very sad.

  16. Agents raid home of fired Florida data scientist who built COVID-19 dashboard. Rebekah Jones: “If Desantis thought pointing a gun in my face was a good way to get me to shut up, he’s about to learn just how wrong he was. I’ll have a new computer tomorrow. And then I’m going to get back to work. If you want me help, my website is still at floridacovidaction[dot]com.” [Going to continue the FEAR PORN. COVID HOAX.]

  17. Gordon Shotwell: “Translation: “VITAMIN D SOLD OUT IN SWEDEN !! Out of stock in central pharmacies, and sold a lot throughout Europe. The good news in the sense that it means that despite the indifference of the authorities, people have themselves figured out what should be done.” [Not true. The translation is incorrect. The article says that it’s getting ‘harder’ to find Vitamin D in Sweden and I checked three online shops and they were all well stocked.]

  18. Y’all think the steel military ammo boxes are effective faraday cages? If you can ground them, yes. Attach a braided grnd strap to the box then to a ground rod thats buried deep in the ground. At minimum sit it on the bare ground. Yes!!! “10 Faraday Cages You Can Make at Home - Ask a Prepper. After the nuclear EMP was discovered in 1962 (US Starfish Prime Experiment) people have been searching for all kind of methods of protection (against electromagnetic pulses).” Check out Zeus for more tips. Doomsday Zeus.

  19. SMASH HOPPER Remote Control Lock & Track Target Detection Drone Mode Day/Night Operation Lightweight Swift Deployment Product Overview Featuring SMASH Fire Control System (FCS) unique technology, the SMASH HOPPER provides operators with increased lethality. [OMG! I WANT IT, I WANT IT!!! This is the sleekest gun turret I’ve ever seen. Heard the Israelis have one for sale. Cheap. Slightly used. Interestingly enough, the constellation has two stars with orbiting planets. So a ship named for a constellation may have lost fireworks? Im doing my best to focus on creating things that are good but thanks for the tip.

  20. “If you’re going to try, go all the way. Otherwise, don’t even start. This could mean losing girlfriends, wives, relatives and maybe even your mind. It could mean not eating for three or four days. It could mean freezing on a park bench. It could mean jail. It could mean derision. It could mean mockery–isolation. Isolation is the gift. All the others are a test of your endurance, of how much you really want to do it. And, you’ll do it, despite rejection and the worst odds. And it will be better than anything else you can imagine. If you’re going to try, go all the way. There is no other feeling like that. You will be alone with the gods, and the nights will flame with fire. You will ride life straight to perfect laughter. It’s the only good fight there is.” - Charles Bukowski, Factotum

  21. your life is your life
    don’t let it be clubbed into dank submission.
    be on the watch.
    there are ways out.
    there is a light somewhere.
    it may not be much light but
    it beats the darkness.
    be on the watch.
    the gods will offer you chances.
    know them.
    take them.
    you can’t beat death but
    you can beat death in life, sometimes.
    and the more often you learn to do it,
    the more light there will be.
    your life is your life.
    know it while you have it.
    you are marvelous
    the gods wait to delight
    in you. - Charles Bukowski

  22. Good morning and Stay Away From The Tunnels!!! Morning. Ripley was a badass. She’s the only one in a blue coverall. Look at it. Everything is done and hidden in plain sight, she was the Wizard in the series. Yes Sir. And now she’s my second favorite Disney princess. Second to Alice lol. Disney owns it, so she is now. And she was impregnated by the aliens and they have a queen. So, Disney princess. (This got dark. I was just happy there was a cool one besides Alice and perhaps Sally because Disney owns Touchstone.) Lol. All Disney queens are wicked except Elsa (so the alien queen fits right in). They used Elsa to flip the trope. She got triggered, had a temper tantrum, and froze the whole kingdom. So she did something super shitty. But she didn’t really mean it. Sort of an anti-villain. Anyway, Princess Ellen ftw. Some are meant for it. Morning n Yes. Is there a “mother” type HD1 like in the Aliens movie?

  23. The virus as bioweapon is real, there was a strategically strain release to scare world leaders to lock down. With civil liberties in jeopardy human nature took the wheel and every country did what warfare analyst predicted, they used the threat to push their own agendas. With the damage done, economies crippled beyond recovery ask yourself a question… where are the bodies? The main scare was bodies dropping in the street and full hazard teams were sent. Have you seen anything like that reported again? Originally from china yes…but how bad is a pandemic if we have to be reminded hourly how bad it is? “Mystery illness sickens more than 300 in India. Patients were hospitalized with epilepsy-like symptoms, including seizures and loss of consciousness, as well as nausea and vomiting.” When I started tracking covid this was how it started… little news stories here and there.

  24. Pltr rising. Palantir already +16% today if anyone has some business to do. Buy the rumor, sell the news. Moving on up. What app or website do you guys use to buy stocks? Dealer’s choice. Meaning, no recommendation. Just what is convenient for us, right? Thank you for your replies, and classes. For stocks E-Trade and Robinhood. For on the record Bitcoins - Coinbase. For off the record Bitcoins use Bitcoin Anonymity Guide 2019: How to use BTC like a straight up G. “Palantir wins $44 million FDA contract, boosting shares 21%. Data analytics company Palantir Technologies Inc was awarded a $44.4 million contract by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, a Palantir spokeswoman said, sending its shares up around 21%.” Peter Thiel Says Covid Marks 21st Century’s True Start. SPAC Boom, Surging EV Stocks Are A Sign. There’s been a rush of public listings by companies that won’t have meaningful revenue for years but the billionaire tech investor is excited about a broader transformation. [All Hail Thiel! What is your opinion regarding LAZR? He is investing there so is a good indicator?

  25. Breaking911: “R.I.P. — Legendary pilot Chuck Yeager, the first person to break the sound barrier, has died at the age of 97.” [Rest In Peace Chuck.] “There is no such thing as a natural born pilot. Whatever my aptitudes or talents, becoming a proficient pilot was hard work, really a lifetime’s learning experience. For the best pilots, flying is an obsession, the one thing in life they must do continually. The best pilots fly more than the others; that’s why they’re the best. Experience is everything. The eagerness to learn how and why every piece of equipment works is everything. And luck is everything, too.” - Chuck Yeager. “I was always afraid of dying. Always. It was my fear that made me learn everything I could about my airplane and my emergency equipment, and kept me flying respectful of my machine and always alert in the cockpit.” - Chuck Yeager. “Duty is paramount. It’s that simple if you’re a military guy. You don’t say ‘I’m not going to do that - that’s dangerous.’ If it’s your duty to do it, that’s the way it is.” - Chuck Yeager. Chuck’s classification is that of a Maverick. He will be truly missed.

  26. ONE APUS Information Centre. A container ship lost a record 1,800 containers. [CIA is Sloppy in 2020. Didn’t fall off the back of a lorry, now it’s off the back of a ship. The question is did the containers ever exist, was it an insurance scam? Ship returns back to japan today to assess damage and lost containers. Crazy.] A theft of electronic equipment from one of the most secret Russian military aircraft Il-80. The aircraft was undergoing scheduled repairs at an airfield in Taganrog. The cargo hatch had been opened, and about 39 blocks and five radio station boards disappeared from the plane. [Thanks, CIA. But stop being dicks.] Russian data for sale. By 2023 Rosstat plans to launch the central analytical platform (DAC) “Population” worth 719 million rubles. According to Pavel Smelov, Deputy Head of Rosstat, companies will be able to get free access to the platform and upload data for their own purposes: “We have a lot of data. The DAC will automate all calculations for the population: fertility, mortality, marriage and divorce."

  27. Katie Daviscourt: “UNHINGED: Teacher from Oregon has a complete mental breakdown over COVID and yells at families that are rallying to ReOpen their businesses.” [LOL. If only this teacher could see the real bodies from Navajo country and El Paso, she would stop behaving the way NPR makes her. If she only knew what the pandemic was concealing, yet she’s never had an original thought or truly ever done critical thinking in her life. Psychological effects of drinking too much kool aid. Might as well wipe the slate clean on Earth and start over. Maybe humanity needs a reboot. Certainly not ready to learn about aliens. Exactly and I could not bring her back if I even tried. It’s people like this… why we can’t have nice things. And if she was told the truth, the Solomon Syndrome would be so severe she would be a danger to others.] Christopher F. Rufo: “SCOOP: San Diego Unified School District is forcing teachers to attend “white privilege” training, in which teachers are told “you are racist” and “you are upholding racist ideas, structures, and policies.” The leaked documents from the training session will shock you.” [I don’t know why teachers put up with this shit. This is too much, what is it going to take for everyone to take a stand? Let me schedule that in after taking Sally and Timmy to soccer practice. Lol along with the new season of dancing with the stars. Lmao.

  28. Staten Island Bar GM Arrested After Defying Closure Again, Hitting Deputy With Car. Police told NBC New York that they heard the bar had reopened its doors, but said no arrests were made. [When the system turns law abiding family people into criminals it’s time to rise up. We can absolutely choose to not let them take us. If it happens everywhere there is more of us than them. Diblasio’s thugs show up to kidnap a man for the crime of serving people food on his property in defiance of an unconstitutional and tyrannical order. The man tries to escape his kidnappers and one of them gets hit in the process." - more accurate headline. More folks calling bull on the lockdowns. I think it’s just going to get more intensified. I hear more and more folks sick of this shit. And with no blm antifa protesting or riots happening people are getting sick of all the madness and how the shutdowns have been worse than covid itself. Great share from another thread. I like to keep an eye out for what the chats are in other groups. And get good intel and broader range of the conversations between the normies. I do believe this is a good sign. USA may have an advantage with its armed citizens if more folks can begin to finally not be so complacent and start taking a stand on all the bs control.]

  29. Darren J. Beattie: “Imagine a country in which Elizabeth Holmes can raise 1 Billion based on being a “woman in tech” Complete joke.” [Agreed! This country is a fucking joke. Clowns. With a Billion Dollars I would work my hardest to destroy the Red Faction / Black Hat Oligarchy and bring more Blue Faction Technology to the White World.] The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO. From Academy Award-winning director Alex Gibney comes a documentary about the rise and fall of Theranos, the one-time multibillion-dollar healthcare company founded by Elizabeth Holmes. [Fucking Wannabe Wizards. The moron VCs that fund Elizabeth Holmes. Wear a Turtleneck at Lockheed Martin or Northrop Grumman. You will be verbally abused you until you cry. So like… what about a real at-home blood testing machine… LMFAO. She must have been in cahoots with Big Pharma the whole time. Crazy bitch and dumbass VCs set women back 20 years in STEM by not being able to analyze a whitepaper. Watch the documentary on HBO. Speaking of which, let’s get down to hardcore real deal wizards. We typed up this study guide for the newbies.] Majestic-12 Wizards. The Martians - Hungarian Wizards.

  30. The Turkish company Baykar has recently published footage of a test flight of a modified version of the Bayraktar TB2S drone. It’s equipped with numerous solutions to control all its onboard systems, including those responsible for the use of weapons, via a satellite secure communication channel. [Turkish you awake? Congrats. What’s payload capacity? Same with TB2 I assume. Some sensors and cams are replaced with Turkish versions and/or miniaturized. If satcom is implemented, I assume better EW capability and protection as well. Impressive still. Wait till this baby gets a2a missiles. Please post when it’s up and running. Sexy beast. In a couple of months, kamikaze UAVs with swarm capacity will be fielded. Also another kamikaze drone will be tested on this one and Aksungur UAV. We’ve been doing it since the mid 2000s. Lately we are killing Dark Ones with Swarm technology.] 2019–20 Colorado drone sightings. The 2019–20 Colorado drone sightings were a series of widely sighted possible unidentified drones observed in the skies of northeastern Colorado and western Nebraska between December 2019 and January 2020. We too, but we’re using harpies of Israel. It’s better to have your own. Turkish they are beautiful.

  31. Attorney General Barr Considering Resigning: Report. Attorney General William Barr is considering resigning before President Trump’s first term of office expires on January 20, according to a report by the New York Times published Sunday evening. James Worley: “See Lawrence Sloan open one of the cases of Ballots under the table, closes it back up, stands then throws his arms up in the air to celebrate. What was he celebrating? Joe Biden Ballots?” [Rigged.] IS THIS THE SAME GUY?? MORE IRREGULARITIES IN GEORGIA. Is the angry poll worker we posted a month ago the same guy in the jacket that took the hand off from blonde braids lady a few days ago?? I think yes. Don’t harass these people. [Trump needs to just roast these guys already so we can start blue timeline. Courts are sooo slow. Barr earned 276k as a non employee director from Dominion Voting Systems in 2016. Plant. With deep state roots. What in the Flying Effffff… Or not so crazy pills. Sane pills in a crazy world.] If Pennsylvania lawsuit over mail-in voting is taken up by the Supreme Court, Ted Cruz says he will “stand ready to present the oral argument.” YouTube Link of Today’s Voter Fraud Court Hearing in Georgia Is SET TO PRIVATE After Sidney Powell Promoted It — What the Hell is Going On? Earlier today Attorney Sidney Powell announced the Georgia hearing on the arguments of her Kraken case would be broadcast live via the Northern District Court of Georgia website and on YouTube. [FEAR. Treasonous Fucks.]

  32. Timeless (TV Series 2016–2018). An unlikely trio travel through time in order to battle unknown criminals and protect history as we know it. [I managed to watch the Time Tunnel pilot episode that you recommended us. Since I’m not American, I don’t know the significance of the locations portrayed in the episode, however the whole show was like a blueprint for the more modern version called Timeless. It took place at Area 51. For an untrained eye such as myself, Time Tunnel appears to be have the same MO as Timeless. They go back in time in order to change some event in order to “correct” history - it’s them, the team, which are the good guys, and a bad guy that either wants to kill Hitler or stop Lincon’s assassination, etc. One way of looking at it. Tenet is also similar. They even play on the "you changed something in the past and now you don’t have certain relatives from your family in the present as if they never existed.” Haven’t watched Tenet but I’ve seen talks about it. I don’t feel the urge to watch Hollywood productions as much, for some reason. I don’t really get joy anymore from certain entertainment. I used to love watching movies, but now it’s just like m’eh, it’s all fake, what’s the point, I have better things to do with my life and real life beats film by far with the current events.

  33. Before I go tonight share again. Read it in detail. Hints in plain sight. Pay Attention to the equipment, needed in Diving and operating in a Sub-T Environment all made by Wilcox. Combat divers assessing the Structural integrity of the reservoirs and ensuring the water is flowing freely through the cave systems. They originally contracted with a civilian company to get this done. Air Force Logistical Officer tasked to the Space Force, recommended combat divers to do it instead. Another hive discovered this time close to Cheyenne Mountain. As stated before, Actionable Intelligence involves analyzing publications on the record. This piece originated from an Official Press Release from 10th Special Forces Group Public Affairs. All in plain sight, not conspiracy theories. Also once again, stay away from the Tunnels. “Combat Divers submerge inside Cheyenne Mountain. By 10th Special Forces Group Public Affairs PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. — A Special Forces Operations Detachment – Alpha (SFOD-A) with 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) put their combat dive skills to use November 5, 2020 where one would least expect.” [Make sure the newbies connect the dots. The elder Wizards want them to understand it truly. That photo will go down in the history books. Needs plate carrier to check if water flowing… yeah sure. Guess I’ll start wearing mine while doing dishes. About fucking time one of you pointed it out lol. Bitcoin_beau good job. How many combat divers need plate carriers or Dragon Skin during a routine dive??? The answer is none!!! Hahahaha.

  34. Anybody hear things about Egregor?? My company just got hit with it. OMG. I’ve never heard of it. I knew ever since we’re on lockdown cybercrime spiked. Have you got alternatives? Do you have a backup? It’s not my area, but solution looks as dangerous as the threat. I think we got rid of it, restored from back up but that was a scary process. I’ve never seen Ransomware like this before wasn’t sure if any trace files were left so made a back up of the back up just in case that got encrypted as well. The crappy part is we’re unsure if they actually downloaded company data or not. I hope not! I’m happy you could retrieve your information. Try using a VPN, a strong firewall, change all passwords including the internet one. I have two computers: one is used for the “delicate” information, that never goes into programs like zoom or skype, does not even have a camera and is highly protected. I use two VPN if online. The other has absolutely nothing to be stolen and I use for videoconferencing, classes and similar activities. This solution has worked so far… My phone is also not linked to anything else, yet they put their nose into it every now and then. No matter how secure you or your company tried to be, someone is always smarter. Your company may have the brightest minds onboard but the moment some clown clicks a link in a bogus email, it’s over. “Egregor: The New Ransomware Variant to Watch | Digital Shadows. INTRODUCING EGREGOR RANSOMWARE GROUP. First observed on September 25th, 2020, the Egregor ransomware variant has been making considerable strides.” It’s the latest one… Friend of mine told me it’s a ransomware. “Ransomware. Type of malicious software that threatens to publish the victim’s data or perpetually block access to it unless a ransom is paid.”

  35. National Defense Authorisation Act (NDAA). [First 45 pages will enlighten anyone about military capabilities. Wow… What is STARBASE?! My favorite find was “Hemp Products” lol. Lots of DOE stuff. Amazing the extremes of specificity and vagueness. Keep digging. Consider it a taste of the Real World. I’ve posted Luna Base / Starbase before.] DoD Starbase | Department of Defense Youth Programs. Premier DOD YouthOutreach Program Staff Login About Curriculum Locations Testimonials Contact Welcome to DOD Starbase Mission Statement: To expose our nation’s youth to the technological. [Right track? Google Cyberpatriot.] CyberPatriot. CyberPatriot is a national youth cyber education program created in the United States to help direct students toward careers in cybersecurity or other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines. The program was created by the Air Force Association (AFA). [That’s quite something… thank you. Cyberpatriot is used by the Kid Wizards program and recruits Next Generation Wizards. If you watch Greenland you will notice before the flight to Greenland after they make it to Canada the plane is filled with Scientist and kids. Everything is hidden in plain sight. Got that!! Hogwarts meets SG-1. Yes. We’ve covered Kid Wizards too.] Azazel News. Wizard of the Day - Aaron Swartz - WIZARDOFTHEDAY. [Saw this when it was posted maybe a few weeks ago… tragic. Do all of them, you have 80 years to catch up on WIZARDOFTHEDAY. I’ve been getting after it like a sponge. So many good ones. And sleeping much less lol… gonna go work on that. GN friends, keep crushing. It’s hard going back to the White World, Reality is not gonna be enough for you anymore. Night. So grateful for the info and opportunity to catch up. Lifelong experiences along the fringe, CE5 in 03 put me in the grey world for good… Been prepping for the big show ever since… much gratitude for filling in some of the blanks.

  36. California sheriff tells Newsom county won’t be ‘blackmailed, bullied, or used as muscle against’ residents. Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco on Friday said that his office will not be “blackmailed, bullied, or used as muscle” against county residents to enforce California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s coronavirus orders. [White Hats all four of them. See if the subterranean wars reach the surface or get leaked to the normies. It’s game over for Black Hats. People are fed up. They finally see the hypocrisy for what it is, just a means to destroy the economy and stamp out the entrepreneurial spirit that made America great to begin with, and what was making it great once again (that is so much more than just a catchy Trump slogan and Far Left/Socialist trigger phrase.) People are sick and tired of watching their businesses and those owned by friends and family be destroyed, while it’s business as usual or tenfold for the big box stores. You can’t go to a salon with maybe 4 people inside to get your hair cut and colored, but you can go to Walmart, Target, Costco etc with at least 200 people inside to purchase a box of dye and some scissors to do it yourself. A woman in Los Angeles who owns a restaurant has spent a fortune creating an outdoor dining space with tables 7 feet apart in one of the only parts of the country where the weather is nice enough to dine outside all year, and now Mayor Garcetti approved a movie production crew with hundreds of crew members to set up in the adjacent parking lot, forcing her to close her outside dining because there are “too many people”. She has barely held on all year and now she has to close and lay off staff at the holidays because of the evil schemes of these sinister sons of bitches who think they are imbued with the authority to decide who’s dream and livelihood is worth saving. People are going to have to start rallying and protesting en masse to get our businesses back. Wake the hell up, people!! They will fail. We are taking the planet back. I really hope so.] Restaurant Owner Calls Out Film Set Next Door to Her Shuttered Bar. A restaurateur’s comparison of outdoor dining and film sets is getting a lot of attention.

  37. Kyle Becker: “This is what corporate America doesn’t want you to see about Communist China. It’s pure inhumanity. But our elites have zero problems getting rich from doing business with them.” [China coming for us all. And guns will be useless to stop them. The Assault began when China attained “favored trade status” in the 90s. changing our laws and controlling elected and appointed individuals in public office. Guns will be largely useless in the sense that this war isn’t fought on the battle field, it’s fought in court rooms and board rooms. The public at large is largely irrelevant and sidewalk sissies. But completely useless? Never. Go tell the Taliban that their fight is futile or the Vietnamese. Maybe IDF is making a futile stand against their enemies as well.] Kyle Becker: “We are headed toward a situation in which Big Tech controls the flow of information and the election process. These are the first things any oligarchy wants to control when it takes power.” Big tech isn’t just suppressing allegations of election fraud.” [A warning. That Grand Theft Auto 5 Mission is now starting to make sense.] GTA V: Killing Mark Zuckerberg!? TAKE THAT RICH BOY!.. Parody why you so good to me? Kana: “And CCP knowing that they can never win over US by military force has been invading to US education, state level governors (with economic incentives) and mass media under its control. That is why there are so many support for socialism and communism among the young.” [Always assume your enemy is hiding their abilities. So you never off guard when you go head 2 head with them. Strike with the intent of killing your enemy swiftly and without mercy. Leave nothing to chance by preparing yourself first, much rather than worrying about things you can’t control. Battles are won in the mind before the steel clashes.] Disclose TV: “U.S. and German intelligence agencies issued grave warnings that the Chinese government-mandated tax software “Intelligent Tax” for foreign companies operating in China contains malware and backdoor access.” [China backdoors everything, always.] zerohedge: “HSBC Slides Amid Outrage Bank Froze Accounts Of Exiled Hong Kong Legislator.” China’s Jiuzhang secures quantum advantage over Google’s Sycamore, billions of times faster: developer. A research team led by renowned Chinese quantum physicists Pan Jianwei and Lu Chaoyang announced Friday that they have established a new light-based quantum computer prototype and demonstrated. [LOL. Good luck. NSA’s “Winter Steel” has them beat by 40 years. Black World by over 1000s of years.] Facebook is now censoring this article for the crime of criticizing the corrupt, China-funded fake fact-checker used by Facebook to censor American media companies. The guy is a vice dean and vice director at Renmin University in Beijing. Renmin is the CCP’s training ground for new cadres. This guy doesn’t freelance. Watch him remind everyone of what China did for the Bidens. Wow. John mcafee explains the deep state aka Red Faction aka Red Wizardry aka Black hats. Chinese Professor of Economics and CCP member confirmed Hunter Biden confirmed as an Agent of China. Biden family is compromised. The guy is a vice dean and vice director at Renmin University in Beijing. Renmin is the CCP’s training ground for new cadres. This guy doesn’t freelance. Watch him remind everyone of what China did for the Bidens. Wow.

  38. Wow so I guess the low-key monitor everyone who expresses an interest and does the outside world training/acquires skills. They want to know who is worth saving a seat aboard the Big Old Jet Airliner to Mars. Already on Mars. Mars 2 or Earth 2 then? No what the hell. The base on Mars has been operational since the 60s. It’s literally in the Boeing commercials. Since Boeing makes the Domes on Mars. That was meant as a joke. A really bad one apparently. You know what’s even less funny than that lead balloon, is the fact that my significant other has a relative who retired from Boeing and was fairly high up the “overseeing shit” production managerial chain, and they think we’re crazy for being concerned about the threat of encroaching Communism, and even crazier for respecting and supporting the President for his accomplishments, like separating the Space Force from Air Force and not bowing to China. I guess he hasn’t kept up much on what his former employer is working on, or the fact that Boeing is leaving the West Coast because of the political state of things. If he has left viewpoints trust me he never got to see any of the real projects. That’s what I thought had to be the case. Greenland is a dead on giveaway. The protagonist did not understand why he received a message to go to base and not his neighbors. It was until someone pointed out his skills to rebuild when it dawned on him. Keep acquiring skills on the record. Best example Ham Radio License, Welder License, Solar Panel Installation License. Military is efficient and organized, the projects are the top scientists and mil, imagine the level of organization. Everything is on the record and that is how spots are fulfilled. Read the first 45 pages of the mil budget. In the open, not conspiracy theories but real and on going projects. I’m studying for Ham. Talking to my partner about the solar panel installation. I think he would be great at that. He has an old friend who works with a solar panel company here maybe she can get us an in. I’m continuing with my study of herbal medicine and alternative holistic treatments. I plan on learning some woodworking and carpentry skills when we get moved to an area where I can set up a work space. Oh and canning and fermenting. I have a fermentation kit I need to experiment with. Now I just need to summon the energy to put towards all of this. Did Tesla ever figure out a way to put a coil in pill form? If so where can I get Rx? Just kidding on that last part, but I am curious about trying out some of the Nootropics Supplements to see if I can get some of my energy back.

  39. California Water Futures Begin Trading Amid Fear of Scarcity. Water joined gold, oil and other commodities traded on Wall Street, highlighting worries that the life-sustaining natural resource may become scarce across more of the world. [One of the biggest lessons out in the yard is how scarce and valuable water is. The only ones to show the bubble world truly valuable water is, is The Expanse. Which is on the same level of accuracy as Aliens franchise and HardSpace: Shipbreaker series. I’ll have to pull the clips. But realize how this mind shift is happening on earth. We are in 2020 trading water futures. Realize the implications of this, and consider it is another step getting you off and away from Fractional-reserve banking. Maybe Reds truly do want to save the planet. Water Futures indicates a movement for devaluation of gold and fits within the Great Rest plans of World Economic Forum. LOL. WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM DELETES “GREAT RESET” VIDEO. THEY REALIZED THEY OVERPLAYED THEIR HAND AND DELETED THE “YOU’LL OWN NOTHING” VIDEO. Lol FUCKERS. “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy. This is how our world could change by 2030.” Deleted. The very real science behind 'The Expanse.’ The SyFy show about colonizing space is based on a book series by the same name — and both are firmly rooted in science. Should be titled The Very Real Disclosure behind ‘The Expanse.’ I speak with no authority but knowing most humans, were gonna need the cold bucket of water disclosure. We’re never going to be "Ready.” In the 23rd century, humans have colonized the solar system. The U.N. controls earth. Mars is an independent military power. The inner planets depend on the resources of the asteroid belt. Belters live and work in space. In the Belt, air and water are more precious than gold. For decades, tensions have been rising - Earth, Mars and the Belt are now on the brink of war. “Dulcinea. In the future, where the Asteroid Belt has been colonized, the investigation into the mysterious disappearance of a young heiress sets off a series of events that will change humanity.” Hidden in plain sight. It’s Chinatown all over again. (I would suggest watching that for a crash course on California’s history of water wars. Notice how the Indian reservations such as Pala never have enough water to grow sustainable crops, yet the golf courses at places like Palm Springs never see a blade if grass that is anything but emerald green? Gov. Jerry Brown was shut down by environmentalists and The Trump administration, who thwarted attempt to divert the water from the Sacramento River Delta to Southern California, despite massive disruption to the ecosystem and Northern and Central valley growers. Meanwhile the Obama administration allocated water rights to bottled water companies and water warehouses who auctioned it off to you highest bidder via blind auction by mail. The Obama administration allocated 0.0% of available water resources to Central California growers who put food on tables all throughout the country. This can be viewed as nothing more than an attempt to reduce food production and cause food prices to sky rocket as we saw throughout all 8 years of Obama’s time in office. This move put family-owned farms that had been around for generations out of business. Many were forced to destroy 50% or more of their crops; most were forced sell to Big Agriculture conglomerates who moved towards drip irrigation and genetically modified crops grown in top soil that was completely depleted of nutrients. The greedy policies and corporate cronyism of Obama’s pick for Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, the ex VP of Monsanto (1 of 5 former Monsanto heads in Obama’s cabinet; Vilsack was almost Hillary Clinton’s pick for VP running mate in 2016.) did the most damage to independent farmers in America’s Heartland since the Dust Bowl. Nestle bought rights to one of Florida’s bodies of water for bottling purposes. That was during Charlie Crist time in office I think.

  40. Latest from Mr. Lude aka Laptop From Hell leaker. 20.12.3nights Must-see in this issue‼ —— Interpretation of Mr. Guo’s live broadcast "The Chinese disaster has really begun.” Last week, NATO and the Russian military have assessed the dangers of the Chinese Communist Party’s virus war, vaccine war, and nuclear war to humanity, restarted the Star Wars program, determined to eradicate the Chinese Communist Party, and assessed the humanitarian and economic losses. Steps to destroy the Communist Party: ①Exhaustion of diplomatic means Weaken the CCP to its weakest (destroy its economy) Behead the CCP’s head, eradicate military installations, and station coalition forces. The CCP has no Gorbachev-style characters to come forward. The U.S. will no longer wait according to the timeline. Undifferentiatedly freeze overseas Chinese assets to prevent the CCP from infiltrating. Undifferentiated military attacks on CCP military-civilian integration facilities to avoid nuclear counterattacks. The U.S., Canada, Britain and other countries Will cooperate with the New China Federation to establish a Chinese National Reserve to rescue true comrades in arms. Xi Jinping, the top leaders of the Chinese Communist Party have issued a military order. Once the US military implements beheading, the Chinese Communist Party’s nuclear weapons (mostly hidden in densely populated cities) will immediately counterattack the United States (more than 30% of nuclear weapons and the US military have not obtained information). The US space forces will counter and the earth may fall into nuclear weapons. disaster. Xi used this to threaten the United States and intensify it. The virus war and the manipulation of the general election will eventually make Mei tolerate. He will act before the end of January next year and end before the end of December. The political and legal committee of the Chinese Communist Party and other high-level officials fled. The US Indo-Pacific Command confirmed that the CCP Dongfeng 21 hit the mobile target ship, and the US Intelligence Director said that the CCP infiltrated the US Congressmen to ensure that the CCP’s bill was passed. Time Comment 20.12.6 nights. U.S. National Intelligence Director to build momentum for coalition forces to destroy communism. Trump’s arm Giuliani was diagnosed with the new crown virus. The CCP has targeted poison to eliminate the threat of judicial warfare. Hydroxychloroquine is unable to deal with the weapon-level high-concentration virus. Giuliani tweeted that it is safe, and his comrades pray for an early return to the team. Trump Georgia speech: regaining control of the fate of the United States, the battle has just begun. Fox interviewed former prosecutor Starr and legal scholar Dershowitz (defense lawyers in legendary cases such as the Clinton impeachment case, Simpson murder case, Assange, Trump impeachment case, etc.) and both believe that regardless of the impact of the epidemic, the Supreme Court will follow Thousands of sworn testimonies 5:4 invalidated mailed ballots, overturning election results. Interview with U.S. Intelligence Director Ratcliffe Fox: Intelligence confirms that the CCP deliberately spread a virus, killing millions of people (biological weapon attack) intervened in the US election (cyber attack) atrocities against Uyghurs and Hong Kong people (against humanity) Crime) Gene editing and transforming soldiers to increase their combat power to rule the world, open the CCP’s crimes to create momentum for the coalition to destroy the communists, soften opponents, remind people to stay away from military targets, coalition forces and internal comrades have begun to infiltrate the CCP. [Let’s analyze. We already knew Nato war gamed a conflict with China. so thats not new. whats i find interesting is how forthcoming the CCP is with letting all this stuff out for consumption. And let’s not kid ourselves. It’s China. So if they anticipate an attack will they preemptively strike or no. First sign would be asset freezing/confiscation of Chinese owned equity/property by US gov. And how much of this is propaganda vs real? From December 3rd 2020, he talks about Kremlin and White House both acknowledging the threat China has become. He also acknowledges that Chinese Nuclear Weapons that are hidden in densely populated American cities, thus the Club-K threat is back on. Could explain a lot of the chopper activity. The Club-K portion of the video is most troubling. Thanks Obama administration. That’s Mr. Lude. He leaked the Hunter Biden pics. He’s a pro American Chinese. Everybody lies. This is not propaganda. They are in the channel. How are they lying? Lol. They have more journalistic integrity then the mass media. It’s not an accusation. It’s a philosophy. Ok that’s not what you should be concentrating on. What you should be concentrating on is 2 sources independent from each other are confirming Chinese nukes are stateside and are not connected to each other. Months ago, Monkey disclosed it. Fair enough. And now Mr. Lude who is Trusted by Giuliani and President Trump is saying the exact same thing. One is a Chinese source. One is American. Both have proven track records of disclosure. So if from the CCP side they are bragging about nukes stateside and as well as ex-intelligence analysts are saying the same thing it’s up to you to utilize the intelligence and act upon it. So I’ve been friends with them since the pandemic started so for you to say they are lying, not cool. Again it’s a philosophy. Club-k is a launch system on wheels? so i guess the idea there is to launch the weapon on itself? Or detonate inside the vehicle? Sounds like Jericho was canceled cause it hit too close to reality. Not necessarily, the Russians had Nukes in America for decades, the Chinese within the last administration. Read the blogs in it. They caught one in Florida. “Florida airport is evacuated after live French S-530 air-to-air MISSILE is found in a shipping container - and Air Force bomb squad are called to remove it.” “Civilian airport evacuated after live missile found just sitting inside shipping container. Now that’s what you’d call a… MIS-guided missile.” This all went down Aug 18, 2020, 1:33 PM. But still connect the dots. Not one word in American MSM. Leaked by a British newspaper. Shows you how corrupt Mass Media in the states is. So three sources. Chinese Billionaire Mr. Lude of GNEWS and old alliance and friend Monkey and Daily Mail. What’s even more interesting and hilarious is that in the reports of the Missile found in Lakeland Linder International Airport in Florida they use pictures and footage of a Missile Found in Italy handled by Italian police and American forces so you better believe that this was bullshit cover story and more than one exists in the States.

  41. Gov. Cuomo to Dr. Fauci: “We’re like the modern day De Niro and Pacino.” Fauci said he was consulted by California officials before they moved forward on their stay-home order and that he “absolutely” agreed with the state’s approach. [For fuck sakes leak the tapes already proving he’s lying to the public on call with the other governors and Soros.] VACCINE PASSPORTS IN THE UK. Gavin Newsom: “NEW: CA has partnered with Google and Apple to launch a COVID-19 exposure notification app, CA Notify. Starting Thursday, you can opt in to get push notifications on your phone if you have been exposed to COVID-19. This is 100% private & secure.” [Surveillance much?] zerohedge: “WHO Weighs Ethics Of Deliberately Infecting Patients With COVID-19 To Test Vaccine Efficacy.” [What would they be infecting the volunteers with if they haven’t isolated the virus? Just trying to keep the threads straight. Slippery slope. Seem familiar? Could be manipulated and targeted. Or worse unit 731. Hope it doesn’t go there.] Tuskegee Syphilis Study. 1932—1972 human experiment in Alabama, USA. Andhra Pradesh: ‘Mystery’ illness puts hundreds in hospital. More than 200 people are in hospital in Andhra Pradesh state because of an unidentified illness. [THANKS BILL GATES YOU SOCIOPATH!!!] We Had the Vaccine the Whole Time. The silver bullet we’ve been waiting for took all of one weekend to design. [Lol of course it did.] FDA Safety Surveillance of COVID-19 Vaccines: DRAFT Working list of possible adverse event outcomes. Subject to change. [The “subject to change” part is a nice touch. I had most of those on my list of side effects I made earlier in the year. But aside from THAT, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?! Ready to roll up your sleeves, guys?! I know I am! (Why is there still no sarcasm emoji in 2020? Get with it, Bubble World.) While we’re at it, I would like emojis for weltschmerz, schadenfreude, and saudade. Someone tried to shame me on social media for warning auto-immune patients to proceed with extreme caution when it came to the vaccine, and go consider waiting for one of the vaccines that isn’t mRNA-based. She said they should only be listening to their doctors. Oh you mean the doctors who sat by silently claiming ignorance as the medical research community took Hydroxychloroquine away from auto-immune patients and insurance companies sent letters out thanking patients for their “sacrifice”, stating that “the drug would be diverted indefinitely to save those who really needed the drug and deserved a chance”, you mean those caring informed doctors? As an advocate for the Autoimmune community, I would be remiss if I didn’t attempt to warn as many as possible about the dangers of injecting a synthetic substance into a body who’s immune system is so revved up into overdrive that it attacks itself even. You did the right thing. Lol now it’s more like “Nice to see you Mrs Lincoln. Here is your clear plastic splatter guard, please put this over you before you sit down. Why? What you should really be asking yourself is ‘why not?’ If you want to watch the play put the damn thing on. Your husband? Oh no he won’t be needing one. Carry on.” I think if I had stated anything that weren’t medically true, the fact-checkers would have me suspended by now. I expect as we get closer to distribution D-Day, all my accounts will likely be suspended. After all the info posted on Doom about how AI and ML is used to data track and profile every user in social media why people still go back and interacts in social media is beyond any explanation. Social Media is used as actionable intelligence, you do not follow, or like, or post. The higher ups keep lists to see content. Even searches are logged to every user. And to do it you must have a disposable profile not connected to any of your devices with your real identity. Some of you are still at baby stages of the Opsec World. So make sure whatever you do you are doing it properly, as things are developing the world becomes a shit show. Projects retreat and whoever is outside will be at the mercy of foes in charge of the country. Just what CA is doing with Apple and Google should be enough to wake up everyone. Analyze it. Enacting something so big it needs planning. Now you understand why the lockdowns. All was forecasted. My single advice to all you. Do not interact in social media. But most of you don’t take this advice. Too many of you are addicted to the dopamine feedback loop. Which is sad. Because it’s one of the first red flags that prevents you going through the green door. What about limited and calculated interactions to blend in with normies? DoD & Darpa and the Black World are right. All of these guys with a big web following, trying to convince you into trusting them = untrustworthy as fuck and not worthy of a slot. Trust me no one in the projects is arguing on Facebook or taking selfies. I’m trying to educate you to focus on the books. Fuck getting likes or upvotes. Cut that cord. Try one year, I dare you. Deactivate social media and spend one year racking up skills. I dare all of you to cut the dopamine feedback loop umbilical cord and focus on skills. Some already have. I use my insta as part of my resume. Can I put my activity on stasis and still keep my account up? Cosmicdoe is 6 months away from getting her welding certification and SpaceX and others are looking into her. Thanks for the detailed guidance by the way. A lot of this stuff isn’t obvious. miette057 spends days stacking up certificates and one and will be stolen away by the intelligence agencies. miumiu will one day be part of the Space Force. I’m not saying to delete your account. I’m saying stop arguing and trying to convince sheep. Stop wasting time on it and get certified in valuable skills. You have the opportunity and guidance to see the real world. Yet many of you are wasting it. Many of you are window watchers and won’t get through the door. The ones who have earned ham and seeing things with new eyes are the ones the Blue Wizards snatch up. I get it. Cut out the dopamine treadmills. Is nursing a valuable skill up in space by the way? If what you’re saying about black tech is true, a lot of medical knowledge could be useless… Consider these Adult Merit Badges:
    forklift operator
    electrical engineer
    nuclear engineering
    concrete and aggregate
    material science engineering
    civil engineering
    project management
    inventory management
    ham radio
    technical writing
    group dynamics
    team building
    conflict management
    information technology
    artifical intelligence
    machine learning
    soap making
    cheese making
    food preservation
    bee keeping
    animal husbandry
    survival skills
    wilderness skills
    chemical engineering
    homeopathic medicine
    first aid
    bone setting
    cast making
    x-ray technician
    veterinary tech
    fluid dynamics
    laser cutting
    glass working
    Nursing is valuable especially on ships doing long distance. But like we’ve said… If I could pick a nurse that’s also Ham Radio certified, knows fluid dynamics, can repair Solar Panels also certified in Midwifery and other skill sets, they are going to choose the most skilled. That’s how to get tapped on the shoulder. If you need your social media fix at least get paid for it. Search “Social Media Intelligence Analyst”. Otherwise keep your social media accounts as window shopping. Do Not Interact. THIS. And if you happen to go on and someone tries to sucker you into fighting, decline, disengage, bow out, block, delete. Don’t waste time on it. It does nothing for you, it does nothing for them, and it isn’t worth it. No one will see it and suddenly have a change of heart. It doesn’t work that way. Just let it go. Your most valuable resource is TIME. You do not get more. If you’re using it for that, you’re wasting it. The greatest tragedy of the 21st Century is all the time wasted on Social Media. Just imagine the Trillions of hours of wasted Human Potential. Which could be better spent on improving yourself and humanity. Its only value is as a chronicle of a warning of humanity’s time lost. In regards to medicine in my timeline yes, it makes “modern medicine” look elementary. Even if you’ve heavily curated it to include only the smartest people in your feed who are perhaps using it as more of a blogging/documentation resource, which most people do not do, you’re really only getting a snapshot of the time they spent there thinking out loud (which they should have been using to write a book instead - and are likely just sandboxing a few thoughts in order to do so). You’ll get a few insights, but nothing all that in depth. Waste of time, overall. See who is hiring for “Social Media Intelligence Analyst” around 100k. Go further, read qualifications. Some require DOD clearance. Why these jobs exist with military optics? Because you may learn everything from a person via their social media. It doesn’t matter if you put your profile as private, backdoors exist for a reason. If you are not an expert securing your accounts you are not only exposing yourself, you are exposing friends and family. If you liked a photo even if your profile is private but the person or service you liked is not then a link is created. Anyone in digital forensics may dig anything from anyone. Friendly advise that you may follow or not just remember it was your decision to be in social media then don’t complain when you get targeted or worse. It should be obvious by now we are in danger. Seriously learn skills and GTFO. 9 societies/worlds exist on Earth divided by 4 factions (colors). “Former Israeli space security chief says aliens exist, humanity not ready. This “Galactic Federation” has supposedly been in contact with Israel and the US for years, but are keeping themselves a secret to prevent hysteria until humanity is ready.” [So true! I deleted my Fakebook over a year ago, was hanging on to mindless Instagram. But today I started working on ways to sharpen my skills and what/how to achieve self sufficiency making my list and how I am going to achieve these desired skills. Thanks to this discussion… Deleted my Instagram just now… too much of a time waster for me. I need to start studying with no distractions. I am learning and relearning old ones. I think you are right. Beam me up. Good, social media should be use as window shopping. You want to learn what we go through read directives on the record.] “Directives Division. The official website for the Executive Services Directorate.” [Will “handy-men”, those who learn fast, can-do… get the shoulder tap? or are specialists the focus? If you are in a much needed skill set that can translate to off world. Actually, hold on. I went off of social media for 4 and a half years. No contact. A lot of people actually thought I was dead. I have significantly limited my time there. The unfortunate truth is that it’s the only way some people know how to connect anymore. And there are a lot of people out there who know things aren’t as they seem, but they don’t know where to start. They are alienated by friends and family, who can’t seem to pick up the phone and call to see if anyone is ok. People with chronic illness in particular find online groups to be of great value, as they keep getting the same runaround from doctors who only tell you what Big Pharma tells them. Also, I wouldn’t be here in this group if it weren’t for social media. I am NOT arguing with you and I get that we need to be careful what we say and post and cutting the cord completely is of course the best course of action. I am just trying to explain why it’s more difficult for some. I don’t have my location or legal name on any of my accounts anymore. I haven’t for years. I haven’t updated a city I’ve lived in for over a decade, and I’ve lived in a few. I’m limiting my time to be sure. And I would have no problem cutting the cord again. As for searches, should we be searching everything in dark mode? They said: First selections involve people on the record. It means anyone with registered licenses. Second selections happen when SHTF and whoever with skills have an advantage over anyone else. Best example to illustrate is the movie “2012” the Chinese welder. He got selected to work on the classified ships solely on his skills, many on his village got left behind. He was able to save his family for his wit. Thanks. Let’s say you have the skills but you are an idiot in social media then you are out. Unless you are at Paperclip level (Wizard level) then you are disposable. Sorry for being harsh but it’s reality. No apologies. Reality is good.If someone is a genius or like a water wizard then the projects might put up with you for a while just because of your knowledge but otherwise is a combination of skills and opsec. I’ll just fight here so those get the tap can get away safely. To illustrate further. This is on the record.] What Is Yankee White? (with picture). Yankee white is the level of security clearance needed to work with the president or vice president of the US. [To illustrate further. This is on the record. “Someone has to dig the ditches.” No mate you are limiting yourself. Where do you want to be in 2025? You can do a 180, turn yourself into a Swiss Army knife, and be worthy of the door. I have time in that time frame… that shifts perspectives. Then what have you done? To take the first step. No it’s ok. It is what it is. You can’t make apologies for the truth. i found this place - focus. it confirmed what my cloudy inner voice was telling me. I want you to be Jason Bourne by 2025. Well let me ask you this AriesAzazel - is it better to disappear completely from social media, no trace, or is it better to pop in once in a while with some random meme, article of interest or update (no OpSec violation)? I can’t answer that for you, that’s up to you. I’m merely painting a blue print for the ones who want to cross over. A welding license takes 6-8 months. We have 10 months of pandemic. Instead of watching Netflix many could have got their license already. Then imagine the end of the world, destruction everywhere. Imagine who will be tapped. Think of what profession will be essential to rebuild. Trust me that Instagram influencer with a million followers and no life skills is as good as dead. During an extinction level event for sure not a Phd on Shakespeare Studies or a master’s in women’s literature. Lol I hate that phrase with every fiber of my being “social media influencer”. It actually angers me. They should call it what is really is - “paid opinion manipulators”. Do people want to do everything by hand or want to use machines to easy their load? Example agriculture. Planting by hand or using a tractor. Of course the tractor, then learn how to fix a tractor. Analyze what is on the realm of your aptitudes and possibilities and become an expert in that field. Great advice -no matter the times.

  42. Nightly report, walking the guard dog. Can hear scraping on the outside perimeter fence line. Too dark to see, did not go look. Walked a different way to make sure we weren’t tracked. Oh and two separate chirps. Reports of fireworks. The War Continues. Maintain Permanent Supremacy Therein!!! Steven Ellis: “Russian Fireworks displays are lit! Stay safe firefighters.” Nice!!! The Fight is raging tonight. In about 90 seconds I’ve found firework tweets for Ontario, Seattle, Elk Grove, CA (just outside Sacramento) and the Philippines. Godspeed to the lads tonight. PRAY FOR MORE EARTHQUAKES. De Oppresso Liber - to Free the Oppressed. That reminds me… Not sure if anyone posted this earlier, I meant to and didn’t get a chance. I’ll delete if it’s already been posted. Earthquake activity increasing from 2000 to 3400 in the past 6.5 days. (7 by now, this was posted 10 hours ago.) Seismic activity increases by 1000+ earthquakes – California M4.0+ Earthquakes hit. Seismic activity has increased from last week, which was in the 2,000 total earthquake range … this week we’re at 3400 in the past 6.5 days. Good. California (L.A. and surrounding area, greater Sacramento area) and Greater Seattle area. Past 25 mins. I still can’t get over this though… They are so blatantly evil. Land of the Free: “Harrison Deal’s car exploded (witnesses heard the explosion over a mile away). Vehicle left as molten metal, engine block ejected 50-60 yards away. That’s not an accident. That’s a car bomb disguised as an accident.” He turned over the CCTV tapes that caught the fraud in Georgia. He’s a patriot. I figured as much. They sure aren’t trying to cover it up are they? Do you guys ever sleep! Here in my time zone (UTC), it’s time I stopped reading. Sooo much (fantastic) info… NN guys, sleep well, once you do. I AM ROBOT. LMAO! Notifications OFF. You guys crack me up. Aries never sleeps. Reading about these tunnel creatures got me thinking. It’s been told throughout history and referred to with many different names. I only saw one person post about it here, Yajuj and Majuj. Is this relevant to read up on? “Gog and Magog. Pair of individuals, peoples, or lands in the Bible and the Qur’an.” MonkeyWerx US: “Eyes in this one. looks like a spa candidate. not a prisoner (military acft); but someone from DC maybe kicking the tires?” Michael Poirier: “3 took off at the same time. Interesting.” Any ideas why Venezuela would be flying private jets thru American Airspace, then magically disappearing? Yes it was. In a large city in CT. 5 loud bangs were heard while I was falling asleep. No sirens, no civilian commotion. As if nothing happened at all. But fuck me, I heard it. Please don’t tell me it’s in CT too?? No idea. Of course, Count all the Defense companies and kidnappings in Connecticut. SAM = Special Air Mission. You assume only harrier jets are only the only ones capable of Vertical Takeoff and landing. There are plenty of aircraft out there that have vertical and even hover capabilities. Just pissed off they are in our airspace. Not talking about an Osprey I’m talking about a regular looking Private Jet. And all I’m saying is that the planes going into Venezuelan Airspace are a little special. C30J convoy. Oh shit. Winter, calculate the troop capacity. Those are used by United States Army Airborne units. Left should be nervous. End game is upon us. Wait I missed a lot, there’s like 20 of them. Holy fuck. 20 C30J x 120 Paratroopers = 2400 Troops!!! Godspeed men!! Also tons of t38 and tex2 in their flight path it seems. Tex2s and T38s. And what do TEX2s have to do with it? 64 paratroopers fit in a C130. Was like 80+ of them up a while back. Hmm. Specifications (C-130J) 92 passengers (128 for C-130J-30) or. 64 airborne troops (92 for C-130J-30) or. 6 pallets (8 pallets for C-130J-30) or. Damn! Tonight I guess is going to be a long night for the troops. Black world, yes. In the white world, we shall see. For real? I’ve never lied to any of you. You just need to hurry up and realize that the illusion is that you live in 2020. That’s the lie. Always has been. Great more friggin fireworks. 100 million under us, remember this all stops if Biden wins. They split, 7 over Lubbock, TX and 3 tracking towards Boston. 2 went to Minneapolis. Good good. I was hoping RHODY 41 or 42 was going to Detroit… You 2 Winter get started on Fireworks and Earthquake watch tonight on Twitter. Look for patterns. miumiu if you can help please do. David, what’s it looking on EAM’s and flights into Dreamland? Not much yet. Florida. Brigantine, NJ. Wisconsin. Try to find also the JAMET. They are mixing things up. So that’s the Air Traffic controllers won’t get confused. Yeah, I use each aircraft’s ICAO number. Venice, Massillon, OH, Oahu, Hawaii, Simi Valley, CA, Lake Michigan, Buffalo, NY, Brooklyn. Interesting note about Hawaii. Hawaii ‘lost’ 1800 shipping containers that contained fireworks, liquid ethanol, batteries. More info on Florida one: Weston, FL, heard in multiple areas. City of Weston says cause unknown and one witness said they saw a puff of smoke south of Orchid Island.

  43. Subterranean War:
    Auckland, New Zealand
    Los Angeles, CA
    Simi Valley, CA
    Bay Area, CA
    Atlanta, GA
    Oahu, HI
    Lake Michigan
    Brigantine, NJ
    Brooklyn, NY
    Buffalo, NY
    Massillon, OH
    Eugene, OR
    Houston, TX
    San Antonio, TX

  44. EAMs per Alaska day:
    2020-11-20 #########
    2020-11-21 ##########
    2020-11-22 ###########
    2020-11-23 ########################
    2020-11-24 ##
    2020-11-25 ###########
    2020-11-26 #
    2020-11-27 #####
    2020-11-28 ##
    2020-11-29 ##
    2020-11-30 #
    2020-12-01 ####
    2020-12-02 ##########
    2020-12-03 #########
    2020-12-04 #########
    2020-12-05 #########
    2020-12-06 #####
    2020-12-07 ##########

  45. 40 Janets for 2020-12-07, Nevada time (PST) (I estimate that I missed about 4, bring the total up to perhaps 44-ish):
    0336 N319BD JANET11
    0407 N288DP JANET33
    0435 N319BD JANET22
    0442 N859WP JANET55
    0507 N288DP JANET44
    0509 N869HH JANET77
    0538 N319BD JANET65
    0602 N623RA N623RA
    0608 N288DP JANET43
    0610 N869HH JANET88
    0623 N859WP JANET24
    0640 N273RH JANET31
    0656 N319BD JANET76
    0713 N654BA N654BA
    0716 N869HH JANET87
    0738 N859WP JANET76
    0814 N869HH JANET33
    0823 N319BD JANET17
    1010 N288DP JANET42
    1111 N288DP JANET46
    1145 N859WP JANET64
    1257 N859WP JANET47
    1321 N288DP JANET86
    1410 N288DP JANET27
    1423 N319BD JANET82
    1512 N319BD JANET51
    1517 N273RH JANET74
    1520 N288DP JANET16
    1531 N869HH JANET34
    1611 N273RH JANET15
    1621 N319BD JANET62
    1624 N288DP JANET37
    1707 N319BD JANET61
    1715 N869HH JANET84
    1726 N273RH JANET26
    1808 N869HH JANET83
    1818 N288DP JANET68
    1821 N273RH JANET25
    1823 N319BD JANET72
    1950 N869HH JANET14