Azazel News #Recap 12/3/2020

  1. No time for hand holding. If you want to learn, take the initiative. Use the hashtags.

  2. L.A. Sheriff Says He Won’t Enforce Newsom’s Stay-At-Home Order Against Businesses. [YES!!! HERO!!! YES!]

  3. AwakenedOutlaw: “RE: State Dept FOIA Release Today Bill Clinton, Haiti, Philippines, and Smartmatic.”

  4. The dating app Match has released a promotional video in which Satan meets a girl named… “2020.”

  5. You can’t make this up: Man’s wife sells his Playstation 5 after she discovers he lied and said it was an air purifier.

  6. Rocket-launching drone ready to take satellites into orbit. Aevum’s RAVN-X targeting “smallsat” market with 2021 Space Force launch.

  7. Your Consciousness Can CHANGE Your Genetics. Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. shares his revolutionary view of our conscious ability to affect gene expression.

  8. No Problem: “Belgian health minister: Closing shops was a ‘psychological shock’ scare tactic. In reality shopping ‘doesn’t really involve any risk.’”

  9. Edward Snowden: “Mr. President, if you grant only one act of clemency during your time in office, please: free Julian Assange. You alone can save his life.”

  10. US ends era of emotional support animals on planes. Only dogs can qualify as psychological service animals, says the US transportation department.

  11. “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” - Ernest Hemingway. [Fuck your PS5. Go learn skills. Hear hear. That quote is amazing.]

  12. In Germany, a law passed that permits police to enter your home and forcibly test or inject you. Please keep up the fight dear Americans. If you fall this planet will enter into a dark age… Always have MOV (Monopoly On Violence).

  13. Leaked photo from Pentagon UFO task force shows ‘silver cube’ hovering over the Atlantic at 35,000ft - as classified reports reveal concerns ‘aliens’ could be operating beneath the world’s seas. [Looks familiar.]

  14. The withering email that got an ethical AI researcher fired at Google. “Stop writing your documents because it doesn’t make a difference": Timnit Gebru’s final message to her peers.

  15. HOW IT STARTED: Senate Hearing On FBI Investigation In President Trump and Russia. Congressional Oversight in the Face of Executive Branch and Media Suppression: The Case Study of Crossfire Hurricane.

  16. White House fires Pentagon advisory board members in latest purge. The board firings come less than a month after President Donald Trump pushed out Defense Secretary Mark Esper.

  17. In Chechnya, residents named the street after the Chechen who beheaded a French teacher. One of the residents even welded a plate “Street named after Abdullah Anzorov” to the gas pipe.

  18. US House of Representatives passes bill to DECRIMINALIZE cannabis at federal level — RT USA News. The US House of Representatives has passed a bill to decriminalize cannabis at a federal level in an historic first.

  19. Estonia, U.S. Conduct Joint Defensive Cyber Operation. U.S. Cyber Command and Estonian Defense Forces’ cyber command conducted a joint defensive operation to counter malicious cyber actors and strengthen the cyber defense capability of both nations.’

  20. China turns on nuclear-powered ‘artificial sun’ (Update). China successfully powered up its “artificial sun” nuclear fusion reactor for the first time, state media reported Friday, marking a great advance in the country’s nuclear power research capabilities.

  21. Jacomaco: “My coworker almost got kidnapped during her lunch break today in broad daylight like wtf lmao DTLA wild.” [Human Trafficking Is At An All Time High.] One America News: “Texas police rescue dozens of people from human smuggling operation in Houston.”

  22. Police find truck with 38 kg of explosive that would be used in bank robbery in Cametá, PA. A car used by the criminals in the escape was also found during a helicopter overflight in the region. During the crime, one person was killed and another was injured. Nobody was arrested.

  23. Proud Boys vs Antifa, 1863. Same shit, different decade. History repeats itself. Repeatedly. What movie is this, Aries? Everything is cyclical. Until one learns to create rising spirals to ascend. Can I DM you? Sure. Band of Brothers. Thank you.

  24. Charles V Payne: “Firearm Demand Soars to Record High In November the FBI reported 3,626,335 firearm background checks. YTD 35,8 million from 28.4 million last year with a month to go. Cyber Monday background checks +65% 7,700,000 Americans purchased firearms for the first time.”

  25. The Internet of Consciousness! 100th Monkey Syndrome - 100th Monkey Effect - 100th Monkey Theory. What if someone in your family or someone you knew learned to fly a plane, and then all of a sudden you just understood how to fly a plane with out ever having a lesson or even being in an airplane?

  26. Was warned earlier: “This next phase isn’t limited to one world. Spreads to all worlds. Wars of all types coming. Cyberwar, starvation war, economic war, uprising. Be ready.” Keep preparing. If the Wizards warning is for All Worlds, that includes not just other forms of warfare. It also involves the 9 Societies and 9 Worlds.

  27. This holographic photo frame can display iPhone Portrait mode snaps in 3D | AppleInsider. Brooklyn-based startup Looking Glass is crowdfunding a new holographic photo frame that can display depth-mapped iPhone photos in 3D. ["Looking Glass.” The name of the startup highjacked the project name. This is done on purpose to dilute searches.]

  28. USASOC master sergeant identified as one of two found dead at Fort Bragg. Master Sgt. William J. Lavigne II deployed multiple times to Afghanistan and Iraq in support of the Global War on Terrorism while assigned to U.S. Army Special Operations Command. [Makes no sense. I’ll ask around. Either green door or true. It is very vague in this article, “found in a training area,” with no other details. I’m hoping they found the door.]

  29. Bionic Eye Tech Learns Its ABCs. An experiment stimulates monkeys’ brains to generate shape perceptions. A more sophisticated version that moves the technology closer to routine practical use in people has now been built and tested in monkeys. A team led by neuroscientist Pieter Roelfsema, of the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, has demonstrated perception of position, orientation, motion, and letter shapes, in two sighted monkeys.

  30. James O’Keefe: “30 minutes till Project Veritas starts dropping the next batch of CNN Tapes. CNN Exec thinks the United States government would be better off if it were run by the NFL in response to their handling of COVID-19 "If the NFL was running the government, then things would probably be in much better shape than they are… They want the raw tapes? We’ll give them the raw tapes. Be careful what you wish for CNN. Full length and unedited 9am calls start releasing today exclusively on our YouTube channel.” [Having worked for the NFL and the only organization with a pension still, I agree.]

  31. Avonmouth explosion: Four dead in Bristol water works blast. Another person was hurt when a “very loud explosion” was heard from a silo at the site in Bristol. [We had this a couple days ago. Story was a tanker was driven into by a car - BUT the tanker was not on a road that is allowed to take hazardous materials, yet it was…. Oh sorry the articles in France date today. Oh, I was referring to my pictures in comparison haha. Yes, yours is correct. We had a similar style event here in a different area of the UK on Monday! Oh okay! Ahah.]

  32. Disclose TV: “BREAKING - China has conducted “human testing” on soldiers to developing soldiers with “biologically enhanced capabilities,” according to the Director of U.S. National Intelligence John Ratcliffe.” [This is some Nazi experimentation level stuff.] U.S. spy chief: China has done human testing to make super soldiers. U.S. intelligence agencies didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment about whether China seeks super soldiers like those in such films as “Captain America.”

  33. Culture War Criminal: “Cringe Monolith in Atascadero destroyed. Pine Mountain.” [“Let’s destroy the obelisk, Bro.”] Vice: “Racists Destroy California Monolith, Proclaim Christ Superior to Aliens.” Vice: “A group of men shouting ‘Christ is King’ and ‘America First’ destroyed a new monolith and replaced it with a wooden cross.” [Christian Bros vs Club of Rome.] Photographers captured removal of the mysterious Utah monolith. Here’s why it vanished. More clues are surfacing in the case of the Utah monolith that vanished as mysteriously as it had appeared.

  34. “Fortunately, some are born with spiritual immune systems that sooner or later give rejection to the illusory worldview grafted upon them from birth through social conditioning. They begin sensing that something is amiss, and start looking for answers. Inner knowledge and anomalous outer experiences show them a side of reality others are oblivious to, and so begins their journey of awakening. Each step of the journey is made by following the heart instead of following the crowd and by choosing knowledge over the veils of ignorance.” - Henri Bergson

  35. WVW-TV Exclusive: Lt. General Michael Flynn’s First Interview Since President Trump’s Pardon, 11/27. [McInerney confirms all rumors. Frankfurt server seized. Special forces vs CIA, dead soldiers. Hammer/scorecard use. Keeping in mind that this guy is the one that took out Kadhafi, he sounds really fucking pissed and eager to put a bullet in every single election fraud traitor.] Flynn shared message asking Trump to impose ‘martial law.’ The former national security adviser shared an ad on Twitter calling on the US president to ‘suspend the Constitution’ and have the military hold a new election.

  36. The Maxwell Hill account theory still holding strong. Wanna know the truth about Reds? The huge crime leaders aren’t hidden in the shadows, but instead among the most prominent in the front pages of newspapers and social media. For those on the Democrats/Deep State / Black Hat / Red Faction side… “Did Ghislaine Maxwell run one of the biggest Reddit accounts? – Film Daily. Hundreds of Reddit users in 2020 are hopping on board with the theory that Ghislaine Maxwell is indeed maxwellhill. Here’s what we know.” [The left criminals paradoxically love fame and seek it out — instead of hiding. Everything is in plain sight.]

  37. All is in plain sight for anyone to see. Instead of waiting for MSM/Google/FB/Twitter to cloud their information pool, people should learn to research and read daily disclosures on the record. If someone has time on their hands a survival “must” is to learn fast how to navigate the dark web. Look at the FOIA and news releases from NASA, DHS, USCIS, ICE, FBI, CIA, DEA, DIA, DNI, DOD, DOJ, SEC, SEC Filings, NATO, USAF, Space Force, DOS, White House, Senate, House of Representatives, DOC, DARPA, NGA, FAS, Secret Service, Military Times, Sci-News, Science News, Science Mag, and Scientific American. [Are these tied to dark web? No. Ok. Or should we use these links in addition to dark web, 4chan?

  38. Jewish doctor details experience saving COVID-19 patient covered in swastika tattoos. Dr. Nichols MD, who is Jewish, explains how he and his team, a Black nurse and an Asian respiratory therapist worked to treat the man just like they would any other coronavirus patient. [Oh for fuck sakes, I’m so tired of this constant desire for a pat on the back. During WW2, Catholic priests on both sides and combat medics would treat the wounded and administer last rites. This desire constantly to be patted on the back because you are doing your fucking job is ridiculous. You took the Hippocratic Oath, just STFU. You are not the first Jewish Doctor to treat a White Supremacist. Word, even in battle granting someone who hates you last rites or aid is a piece of mercy.]

  39. Thirty-Six Stratagems. The Thirty-Six Stratagems is a Chinese essay used to illustrate a series of stratagems used in politics, war, and civil interaction. BBX - The 36 Stratagems (The Art of War Part 2). This episode of Bold Books and Bones, is about a book that describes 36 Stratagems of deception. It was compiled 1500 years ago in China, but it hasn’t lost its relevance. Thirty Six Strategies Audio Book. The complete 2 hr audio book on the most ruthless strategies ever devised. [Homework. Will help you in achieving MOV (Monopoly on Violence).] Monopoly on violence. Core concept of modern public law, representing a definition of a state. “We see Strategem 15: Life the Tiger Out of The Mountain in the Mandalorian Season 2, ep 1 using a bantha to lure the Krayte Dragon.”

  40. Reb Shalom Ber Sorotzkin, Rosh Yeshivah of Ateres Shlomo dancing earlier tonight at the second Jewish wedding to ever take place in Dubai, UAE. [Realize the significance of this. Watch 6 Underground on Netflix. Partial disclosure. Paying homage to Mossad Hit Team. Pay attention to Las Vegas Hit job they do in the movie. Paying homage to Dubai Assassination.] “Assassination of Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh.” [Lol even has them wearing Tennis gear.] Dramatic Hotel Assassination. 11-member team caught on security cameras carrying out hit on Hamas leader. [10 years ago, Israelis were doing assassinations in Dubai. UAE lost their shit hunting down the Israeli assassins. Now they are doing weddings in Dubai. Reverse Clown World. I call that progress in a way lol.]

  41. Not Fucking Around Coalition’s (NFAC) leader arrested. NFAC is a black nationalist paramilitary organization in the United States. ‘Grandmaster Jay,’ was arrested & accused of pointing a rifle at federal agents during a protest. Official charge is for “assaulting, resisting, or impeding officers or employees.” Charge carries up to 20 year sentence. This is the leader of the NFAC showing off his firearms “knowledge” source. Grandmaster Jay from WANNABE DJ to Wannabe Warlord. This is the guy who has no idea what a bullpup rifle is. [Remember this moron? Lol. “Call this a bullpup because it will knock you tf down.” This guy leads an Armed Black Militia and can’t tell the difference between a Bullpup or Normal AR configuration. Don’t cry.]

  42. New York Post: “Joe Biden says he broke foot tripping after shower when he pulled dog’s tail.” [This lying fuck. Hilarious. Stupid leftard. Probably he was chasing some little child to sniff. Trump easily survives one of the deadliest pandemics in history. Biden breaks his foot while petting a dog. Possibly hiding that ankle monitor we keep hearing whispers about? I doubt he would really need that. He’s not the kind of person who I can imagine fleeing from the US government without being found in 15 minutes. It’s Sleepy Joe we are talking about. When a scammer tells you to your face exactly what he’s going to do — BELIEVE HIM.] Daily Caller: “Joe Biden is asked about his disagreements with Kamala Harris on certain issues: ‘Like I told Barack, if I reach something where there’s a fundamental disagreement we have based on a moral principle, I’ll develop some disease and say I have to resign.’”

  43. Daylight fireball explodes over New York, creating a bright flash, U.S. A bright daylight fireball exploded over northern New York, U.S. at 17:10 UTC on December 2, 2020, creating a bright flash in the middle of the day. Witnesses from parts of upstate New York said the visual event was followed by a sonic boom. ‘Rare’ meteor triggers sonic boom, brilliant flash over Lake Ontario. “To have something so close to a major city, that’s pretty rare,” an expert said. Did you hear that? Loud boom heard and felt across Onondaga, Oswego and Madison Counties. Neighbors from Liverpool to Syracuse are reporting hearing a loud boom that in some cases shook homes across Onondaga County. It’s unclear what caused the sound around 12:15 p. m. [Meteors my ass.] The Hazard to Civilization from Fireballs and Comets. [What do you think it is? sott[dot]net has been all over comets for ages now. One of the rods, going down. The sound you hear is the rod reaching terminal velocity. Tungsten rods from god? It has many names.

  44. Elon Musk: “Watch Demolition Man.” [This is how far ahead we are of the mainstream. I’ve been telling you to watch Demolition Man since March 24th. That’s how far ahead Azazel is from the mainstream and Elon. Stick with me kid. We are the resistance.] “Is he in the channel? Lol. Can I share?” “Yes.” [I wonder which profile is Elon. HI ELON! I LOVE YOU! Your rockets are cool, I hope you get the tech transfer. Agree 100%. Prometheus & Demolition Man, not sure how many hints Doom needs to finally understand the bread crumb trail.] Elon Musk: “Prometheus Unbound.” [Yup. Elon is in the channel. I’ve taught you all about Prometheus and Demolition Man as well on Azazel and The Watchers.] Prometheus Unbound (Shelley). Lyrical drama by Percy Bysshe Shelley. [Even one of my sign offs is of Prometheus. Hi Elon! Hmm. We should do his Blue Wizardry entry soon. Yes, he’s worked hard. I hope they pick him. WE THINK. IT IS. MAKE IT CONTINUE. ALWAYS.] “Are you him? Kinda sus.” “In another timeline.” [Not the First Time I’m accused of being Elon.] The Boring Company: “Tunnel Rave.” [Meanwhile in DTLA. (Guys I want to see the Tunnel Rave when I visit). Reminds me of SMACK nightclub. Think he is trying to tell us something? Is Prometheus about Black goo? Haven’t seen it yet. He’s here. Partially but also regarding the Nephilim. Or what you call Giants/Annunaki. Just watch it. Best thing to do. Go in blind and see and hear for yourself. Will do that. The class on Prometheus is in Disclosure. Search Demolition Man in the search bar, I’ve already been telling you. Since March. That puts us 8 months ahead of the general public.

  45. Tropical Cyclone “Burevi” makes landfall over Sri Lanka, heads toward Tamil Nadu. Tropical Cyclone “Burevi” made landfall over northern Sri Lanka late December 2, 2020 (LT) with maximum sustained winds up to 90 km/h (55 mph) and heavy rain. Major landslide leaves at least 6 people missing in Haines, southeast Alaska. Six people went missing after a massive landslide, among many other smaller ones, hit the community of Haines in southeast Alaska following heavy rains, the Alaska State Troopers reported Wednesday, December 2, 2020. Noctilucent clouds (NLCs) over the South Pole are missing this year. Noctilucent clouds (NLCs) over the South Pole are missing this year, but consider it only the tip of the iceberg, Dr. Tony Phillips of the SpaceWeather said. The Weekly Volcanic Activity Report: November 25 - December 1, 2020. New activity/unrest was reported for 3 volcanoes. Record Cold, Record-Fast Zonal Winds, Missing NLCs, and an Open Ozone Hole: Antarctic Weather has Scientists in a spin. From top to bottom, the Antarctic atmosphere is in a quirky state, writes Dr. Tony Phillips – Grand Solar Minimum. New Study: British Columbia Glaciers are 28-49% Thicker than Computer Models Estimated. “Those models work pretty well in the absence of data, but you don’t really know how thick the ice is until you measure it,” said Pelto. One America News: “Southern Calif. wildfire forces 25K evacuations.” ‘Thundersnow’ hits Edinburgh as residents report loud explosions. Unusually noisy storm over Scottish capital in rare meteorological phenomenon. [Thundersnow = Popeye.] China to expand weather modification program to cover area larger than India. [China trying to replicate Operation Popeye. Good luck, Dragons.]

  46. Paul Graham: “Anyone who’s politically moderate and interested in ideas will be arguing mostly against the left. The right is as wrong as the left, but the left is culturally dominant, so in intellectual questions, a moderate will be right of the median. More importantly, the truth will be right of the median.” Pepe Eth: “Can confirm.” Greg Janik: “Why do you think left is culturally dominant? Data shows otherwise (unless you mean some arbitrary area instead of the entire world).” Ray DelVecchio: “In the US the media and entertainment industry are nearly all left. I used Twitter for sports news and there are almost no conservatives. Now I switched to biz people and it’s nicely balanced perspectives. Still lots of pettiness everywhere though.” Sad Sidorov: “What I find interesting is how the left doesn’t want to admit that the left is culturally dominant… Is it just a blind spot, or worse?” Panta: “If you go online, and casually browse the most prominent social networks and media sites, without seeking anything in particular, majority of opinions you will see are way left from what you might see in real world.” [And then, after having spent years purging his Twitter followers of everyone except for the extreme left, he drops the mother of all triggering bombs on them all — the truth is always on the right. Hah.]

  47. Divided humanity gives rise to all sorts of potentials you’ve never imagined. You’re only betraying your future, not mine. Have faith in yourself or don’t bother waiting for the vaccine to end your lines potential into the future as you’ve already chosen the side of death and there’s no point in waiting any longer. Take your doom and gloom elsewhere - the normies eat that shit up. I wasn’t there 300 years ago… so I’d call that bollocks imo… I assure you its 99.9% to fight now or 99.9% to fail… pick carefully… AI and the NWO ain’t fucking around… they have the 'toys.’ We don’t… Right. No one else can make AIs or robots. It’s an elite club and you ain’t in it. But I am. I come as a warning… take it or leave it. Left in the pile of trash along with all the other baseless assumptions. Like 99.9% fought in the revolution. ‘The most hated person in any room… is the one who tells truths… I’m used to it. You are spitting lies. I care not of any revolution but this one… Then man up and make me a liar… fight for your children ffs! Turn the 99.9%. We don’t prep because we WANT something bad to happen - we do it because it’s the responsible thing to do given the circumstances. The other half of that responsibility is keeping your spirits high. No more doom and gloom, guys. It does nothing for you. Exactly!! I don’t care who is the leader as long as the leader is fighting for our rights, our constitution and the truth! It may do good to wipe some dirt on your face and grip a knife before the rest of your hope leaks out friend. I agree here completely. I don’t need the negative hanging around tearing me down. Conversely, I am also not that person tearing someone else down either. I, myself, cheer the successes of others, I recognize their interests, and understand that those interests might not align with what we learn here but on a larger scale with some other level that might intersect with what we learn here. For instance, I have friends that might have interests in gardening, cooking, computers, etc, and I connect with them there and drip to them because I still hold true to myself while encouraging them to do the same. Threads to break the spell can be a lifeline if they choose to wake.

  48. Head of Pfizer Research: Covid Vaccine is Female Sterilization. The vaccine contains a spike protein (see image) called syncytin-1, vital for the formation of human placenta in women. Chinese vaccine company executives worked in program now targeted by Western intelligence agencies. In August, the NRC announced its collaboration with CanSino had ended because Chinese officials had failed to send CanSino’s vaccine for testing in Canada. Obama, Clinton and Bush pledge to take Covid vaccine on TV to show its safety. Trio’s promise comes as FDA works towards deciding whether to authorize a Covid-19 vaccine. [These assholes. The three not-so-wise men. What a bunch of snake oil salesmen. If anyone thinks they are getting anything other than placebo, I’ve got a lovely Bering Land Bridge for sale.] Russia may start production of Sputnik V vaccine in Egypt and Nigeria. New York Post: “Former presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama willing to take COVID-19 vaccine live on TV.” Tony Shaffer: “Then smoke weed together and go look for hookers after that…” CNN: “Here’s the card you’ll get when you eventually get the Covid-19 vaccine. Everyone will get a card ‘they can put in their wallet that will tell them what they had and when their next dose is due.’ says Dr. Kelly Moore of the Immunization Action Coalition.” [The fucking logic of the red faction. This is somehow ok, but voter ID isn’t. See fake Vaccine Certificates. Why should you get an experimental DNA altering gene therapy for a virus that has a 99,95% survival rate among people who are not obese with diabetes or very old? If masks work why refuse people from public spaces if they don’t want to get vaccinated and want to keep their mask instead? If vaccines are safe why are all vaccine manufacturers being given protection if something goes horribly wrong?] Pfizer given protection from legal action over coronavirus vaccine by UK government. Pfizer’s UK boss refuses to explain why the business needs protection from legal action. Facebook says it will begin removing coronavirus vaccine misinformation. [Wait till they leverage this for anti abortion laws. Menstruation and menopause certificates… Pregnancy tests for international flights…] Would you be willing to get a Covid vaccine in exchange for a $1,500 stimulus check? How one bold proposal would work.] Americans want more stimulus checks. The government wants them to get Covid-19 vaccinations. One former politician has a plan that aims to please both. [Here we go…. Lol. Told you. Vaccines for Stimulus check. You don’t need to bribe people in a real pandemic. People would beg and even fight for a life saving vaccine. They have a different agenda. Question is what will be inside the vaccine? Most likely not a vaccine at all…] “The Pfizer covid vaccine is approved in the UK and begins next week. What Pfizer has NOT provided: The ingredients, The results data, An independently peer-reviewed study! To save you reading the 120-page study design, here’s the summary:
    -The vaccine has NOT been tested on children, pregnant women, people taking medications and individuals with comorbidities. (Yet the plan is for all of the above to receive the vaccine.)
    -Pfizer doesn’t plan to release the results data for independent scrutiny for another 2 years
    -Pfizer did not assess vaccine reactions in all 43,000 participants (just a random subset of 8000)
    -Pfizer only reported severe reactions that occurred in more than 2% (860 people). In other words, if 800 people suffered a severe immune reaction, they did not have to report it because it occurred in less than 2%!!
    -Pfizer will not submit the study for peer-review until they’ve completed their analysis of safety data. Let that sink in – the vaccine is approved and they have not finished analyzing the data!” [Fuck you and your cocktail.] Let’s ask some basic questions about the COVID19 vaccine. Why is the media ignoring reports that at least one of the vaccines could cause HIV? Why is the media ignoring the reports of spinal injury from at least one of the vaccines? Why is the media ignoring the Pfizer and Moderna executives stating that they are not sure the vaccines will even stop the spread of COVID19? Will those who receive the COVID19 vaccines “shed” the disease and get other people sick? Why is the media ignoring the immunity given to vaccine manufacturers in the event you or family are injured? Why are governments considering preventing freedom of movement without proof of vaccination for something with a 99% survival rate?

  49. Winding Up Americans. Today, the objective of the media is not to offer news. It is to create strife… to pit one half of the electorate against the other. In doing so, the ruling elite have the justification to lock down the entire USA under martial law… John Ziegler: “It seems like an underrated story that the president of USA gave what was allegedly his “most important speech” yesterday, it wasn’t on live TV, and got so little coverage that many people (including myself) had absolutely no idea it even happened. Nothing about this is healthy.” [On the termination of Section 230. Integrity over partisanship.] Tulsi Gabbard: “Donald Trump, I fully support you on this. Please don’t back down. The freedom and future of our country is at stake.” Tony Gouveia: “How can Twitter dispute VIDEO EVIDENCE that was only released TODAY? There is nothing to dispute…its video evidence of clear fraud being committed. Twitter is pushing its own, unsubstantiated opinions, as fact. That is a violation of your section 230 protections.” WSJ Editorial Page: “A new study says Twitter’s anti-Trump ‘corrections’ make some people more likely to believe Trump.” Nassim Nicholas Taleb: “Explain to me why you need a study to know that. ‘Information is anti-fragile; it feeds more on attempts to harm it than it does on attempts to promote it.’” European Democracy Action Plan. For democracy to thrive, citizens must be able to freely express their views and choose their political leaders free of malign interference, foreign or domestic. [Meanwhile European Commission made a plan against fake news.] Facebook announced Thursday that it will begin removing misinformation about coronavirus vaccines as the immunizations are poised to be rolled out globally. [Pretty sure they have already been doing this for a while with whatever they term ‘misinformation’. That Plandemic video was removed at the beginning of May.] Mercola, Children’s Health Defense Among Top 5 Sites Targeted as National Security Risk • Children’s Health Defense. British and American intelligence agencies are collaborating to eliminate “anti-vaccine propaganda” from public discussion using sophisticated cyberwarfare tools. [This is from RFK Jr.'s foundation.] Amazon Introduces Social Distance Software at Warehouses, but That Won’t Fix Its Coronavirus Problem. Amazon is debuting a new software that will send its warehouse employees real-time visual cues about their physical proximity to other workers, one of the company’s latest initiatives in response to covid-19. Donald J. Trump: “Very sadly for our Nation, it looks like Senator Jim Inhofe will not be putting the Section 230 termination clause into the Defense Bill. So bad for our National Security and Election Integrity. Last chance to ever get it done. I will VETO! But doesn’t get rid of Big Tech’s windfall, Section 230, a grave threat to National Security. I will VETO!” Craig “Sawman” Sawyer: “Twitter started off by putting crude replies with foul language in the “view more tweets” category to hide them from view. Now Twitter does that to 50-90% of my followers comments, no matter what their content. Sharia Level Censorship.”

  50. The Election Wizard: “BREAKING: Supreme Court sides with California church on COVID restrictions.” HERE WE GO AGAIN: Dem Governor Caught Mingling at Louisiana Country Club Without Mask | Sean Hannity. Democratic Governor of Louisiana John Bel Edwards faced a growing backlash on social media this week after a photo circulated online. Austin mayor was vacationing in Cabo when he said residents ‘need to stay home.’ Disclosure TV: “Los Angeles city citizens are ordered to remain in their homes effective immediately, non-exempt businesses must cease operation, all travel, including by foot or by car, is prohibited.” [Can you confirm? We saw something about that last night, yeah.] Los Angeles mayor orders residents to stay home to avert a 'dreaded scenario.’ The mayor of Los Angeles warned the city was nearing “a devastating tipping point” and ordered residents to stay in their homes and avoid social gatherings. Alice: “The new COVID fines in CA are EXTORTION $500 for simply walking on a street for not wearing a mask. Businesses are now being fined up to $127,000 for an employee not wearing a mask when they stand up to walk to the bathroom? This is EXTORTION using COVID to ROB YOU of everything.” Dave Rubin: “Holy cow this is absolutely spectacular. Kitsons in Los Angeles. We The People are fighting back!” [This is a clothing store?! Savage. It’s like a department store that celebs frequent. So the message will likely spread.] Matt Walsh: “This is Dave Morris, the owner of D&R Daily Grind in Portage, Michigan. He is being fined 1000 dollars a day. If you live anywhere in the vicinity of his restaurant, give him your business. He’s taking a stand and needs our support.” Ilhan Omar: “Cancel rent and mortgage payments.” Breaking911: “BREAKING NEWS: CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR ORDERS ALL RESIDENTS TO STAY AT HOME.” [FUCK YOU. Oh yeah I saw that coming. Gavin Getty-Pelosi is afraid people will start putting 2+2 together and realizing it doesn’t add up to 5. Californians aren’t as stupid as he assumes, they’re just too busy to pay attention most of the time. They will have plenty of that now! I would like to see how many Sheriffs will enforce the order. This ends when people get fed up and start burning politicians’ mansions and shitting in their driveways….] Santelli and Sorkin spar over COVID restrictions. Reuters: “Demand for emergency supplies at British food banks is predicted to increase 61% from October to December. That’s six parcels handed out every minute, and a reminder of how the COVID-19 pandemic has made so many people struggle for money.” Lithuanians Urged To Stockpile Food Amid Reports Of Nuclear Power Incident. Catturd: “Another great day in the Florida Free Zone. No lockdowns. No forced mask mandates. No forced mandatory vaccines. Businesses open. LOVE MY GOVERNOR!!!” [Florida doing it right.]

  51. Official: Over 1,000 Chinese Researchers Have Left US Amid Tech Theft Crackdown. More than 1,000 Chinese researchers have left the United States amid a U.S. crackdown on alleged technology theft, John Demers, the U.S. Justice Department’s top national security official, said Wednesday. [When the toys go away they go away. Lock me up at Area 51 for a long time!!!] Catherine Herridge: “DNI Ratcliffe tells CBS Herridge that China is using blackmail, bribery and covert influence to target members of Congress and make sure “only laws that are favorable to China are passed.” [Warnings of China’s growing cyber-warfare army have been around for years, but few seem to have recognized the huge successes this army has already been achieving. Next war will be a cyber-warfare war. Next war has already begun. We’re in the middle of it, and China has had a massive head start.] Jan Jekielek: “Communist China “used artificial intelligence & big data to identify Americans likely to participate in Antifa & Black Lives Matter protests & then they sent them videos through TikTok on how to riot.” Gordon G. Chang on CCP election interference.” CNN Anchors And Biden Advisers Attended A Major Chinese Communist Conference With Xi Jinping. China’s manipulation of international organizations | ShareAmerica. Chinese Communist Party officials subvert international organizations to support the party’s priorities and evade criticism for China’s human rights abuses. Michael P. Senger: “I struggle tracking the mainstream narrative, but it seems to go like this:
    CCP scientists: Heroes who gave us theoretical genomes
    Xi Jinping: Saint who blessed us with lockdowns
    Local CCP officials: Bad
    COVID: Basically Ebola
    Vax companies: Superheroes
    Skepticism: EVIL.
    Xi Jinping and Bill Gates, a Love Story. Xi and Bill first met in Beijing in May 2012, calling for closer cooperation between the Gates Foundation and its Chinese partners on medical care and technology. Xi and Gates slipped off together for a second meeting in April 2013 at the Boao Forum in Hainan, promising China would deepen its cooperation with the Gates Foundation. Xi met with Gates a third time at the Boao Forum in Hainan in March 2015, exchanging views on public health. Xi and Gates met a fourth time during Xi’s 2015 visit to the Seattle, during which Xi visited Microsoft’s headquarters and announced new collaborations with University of Washington, home of IHME. Gates invited Xi over for dinner during his 2015 visit to Seattle, but Xi ghosted him and Gates had to cancel the catering service. In a 2017 interview, Gates praised Xi, saying “I am impressed with how hard President Xi works… He’s quite amazing in that he’s able to contribute in a number of ways.” In 2019, Gates met with Peng Liyuan, Xi Jinping’s spouse and goodwill ambassador to the World Health Organization, speaking highly of cooperation with the Gates Foundation. Gates has praised China throughout the COVID-19 crisis in contrast to the United States, telling CCN on April 26: “You know, China did a lot of things right at the beginning”. Xi even wrote Gates a thank-you note after Gates committed $100 million to the global pandemic response, especially in China and Africa. Why, you may ask, would the regime with the world’s largest forced-labor force need this money? Great question. In Aug interview, Gates said “freedom” was hindering the pandemic response. China, by contrast, “did a very good job of suppressing the virus,” thanks, in part, to the “typical, fairly authoritarian” approach and “individual rights that were violated.” It’s hard to see what Gates gets out of his relationship with Xi other than a messianic feeling of grandiosity and self-importance. Gates is always the one giving away money. Does he really believe Xi is interested in public health? Morally, does it even matter? And that’s the big problem with liberal elites—they’re special snowflakes. “Concentration camps are bad, sure, but that’s different—Xi would never harm us!” The CCP knows they trust them, and with lockdowns, they’re using them to defraud the world.” William Yang: “The U.S. described a UN meeting on COVID-19 was designed to allow China to spread propaganda, saying the meeting should have been held earlier. ‘I expect them to make a very, very effective propaganda play out of these two days.’ A spokesperson for China’s mission to the United Nations in New York said the U.S. ‘politicization of the issue is not in the interest of the international community.’ Without naming the United States, the spokesperson said: ‘If certain a country insists, it will once again find itself isolated and end in failure. China will strengthen communication and collaboration with other member states and make positive and constructive contributions.’ The senior U.S. official, who spoke to Reuters on the condition of anonymity, underscored the severity of the pandemic: ‘I’m not going to call it a weapon of war, but we have to regard it as a serious threat. It is in fact the threat to international peace and security.’” Ryan Fedasiuk: “Who goes to work for China’s defense industry? In our latest, Emily Weinstein and I mapped talent flows between universities and defense SOEs. We found that U.S. tech companies are indirectly aiding China’s military. In our report for CSET Georgetown, we measured the relationships between elite universities and China’s defense industry by looking at their Graduate Employment Quality Reports. Kudos to Alex Joske and the Australian Strategic Policy Institute for highlighting these sources. We looked at disaggregated employment data for 29 of 45 leading universities—China’s Double First Class universities + those administered by MIIT. Our dataset reflects the career moves of 140,000 Chinese university graduates in 2019. 6,000 took jobs at defense SOEs. We confirmed that defense giants like CASC, CETC, and CSIC disproportionately recruit from seven universities: the Seven Sons of National Defense (国防七子). The Seven Sons produced just 16% of graduates in our dataset, but 72% of those who took jobs at defense SOEs. Then we started looking into the resources available to Chinese universities, investigating documents from the Ministry of Education. MOE frequently “asks” foreign companies to help Chinese universities in research & curriculum development—the price of doing business in China. The Seven Sons benefit from such collaborations, and so does China’s defense industry. At MOE’s behest, American tech companies have built the Seven Sons new lab facilities, trained faculty members, and developed course curricula on quantum computing, AI, and chip design. MOE documents specify that the China-based subsidiaries and joint ventures of Autodesk, Dell, Google, Honeywell, IBM, Intel, Merrill Lynch, Microsoft, National Instruments, Rockwell Automation, Synopsys, Tektronix, and Texas Instruments have partnered with the Seven Sons. This has serious U.S. national security implications. MOE documents indicate Synopsys partnered with the PLA National University of Defense Technology on integrated circuit design. Beijing has tried for decades to source the equipment and knowledge to build advanced ICs. Our report indicates the Seven Sons are responsible for training the next generation of China’s defense industry engineers. More broadly, U.S. tech companies and universities should step up due diligence when engaging with Chinese research institutions. Special thanks to Tai Ming Cheung, Scott W. Harold, and Glenn Tiffert for their reviews. Grateful to many folks at CSET Georgetown, especially the External Affairs team, who made this report possible. As always, my DMs are open for any questions.” Se. Martha Blackburn: “China has a 5,000 year history of cheating and stealing. Some things will never change…” Chen Weihua [China State Affiliated Media): “Bitch.” [It’s real.]

  52. Who had the screencap of the Nevada gov standing in the parking lot hospital? Where did it go tho? I distinctly remember it, but can’t find it now. Same. Was wondering. Thanks! It was retweeted by the President, but has been removed for “violation” on Twitter. NetworkinVegas[dot]com: “Our account was locked for 12 hours & 40+ Tweets have been removed because the Twitter Gestapo Punished us for Trump Retweeting our Tweet - That has been removed as well & link to our story banned! Can’t post the article link!” Ben Margiott: “This is Angie, one of the dozens of COVID-19 patients who has been cared for in the Renown parking garage (which is definitely not fake) Here’s our story on the President’s tweet, quickly condemned by Gov Sisolak.” NetworkinVegas[dot]com: “Media scrambling to disprove our article and tweets after Trump retweeted… Since when is the media allowed to take pics in an infectious disease ward? Where are the masks? Do curtains stop covid? A single “patient” proves what? Just curious, does the Nevada AG office have an official response to violating my constitutional rights? Pretty sure the 2nd and 4th circuit court ruled public officials cannot block constituents on social media! His page is used to discuss public policy, he can’t legally block! If AG is going to continue to bash us on Social media while blocking us from his page, does the Nevada AG office have an official response to violating our constitutional rights? 2nd and 4th circuit court ruled public officials cannot block constituents on social media! Attorney General of Nevada Aaron Ford violates 2nd and 4th Circuit Court Rulings – Actively Blocking Constituents on social media in violation of the rulings so public doesn’t find out about family’s criminal history!” Mindy Robinson: “Nevada’s crooked, 4 time arrested, tax owing Attorney General who probably only won his seat because we used Dominion Voting in 2018, just blocked me on Twitter. It’s ok Aaron Ford… plenty of other Nevadans can tell you to GFY in my place.” NetworkinVegas[dot]com: “Looks Like the Criminal AG Aaron Ford is at it again! Blocking more constituents which is a Clear Violation of the Law! UPDATE: Washoe ICU occupied bed rate goes down yet again, despite claims from Sisolak and Renown health that the hospitals are so full they are using a Parking Garage! ICU Rates only at 52% (most not COVID) – Record Low Rates! FYI - AP is lying! None of them ever reached out to us for a comment! Everything in our tweets and article about the governor is correct! If you’re going to pretend to be fact checkers, don’t lie about pretending to contact us, it never happened! FACT CHECKING the “fact Checkers” Why are they all lying saying they tried to contact us about our story & tweet? Not a single person from the local media or AP reached out to us for comment, instead they tried to smear us setup fake photo ops! We’ve offered to come do a story… interview the nurse. Like usual, when asked for the name of the hospital we never actually get it, guess all those bodies aren’t laying around in the offices after all! When you offer to conduct an interview, agree to send crew to cover story, & then ask the “nurse” what hospital it is that has these dead bodies laying around. Guess you can’t give name of the hospital when your story is BS! Funny how these people never back up their claims! The Truth Hating Gestapo at Twitter has deleted 40+ Tweets from My Account, Deleted my Tweet that President Trump Retweeted, and Locked us out of our account for the last 12 hours, as they allowed Psychos on the left – encouraged by the mainstream media – to send us Threats! FYI – Not a huge fan of how slow it is, but we are on Parler now and I will try to cross-post everything on here over there in case they ban us completely.”

  53. John Alvitre: “25 years Army, A flight medic, A flight surgeon, multiple aviation units in my history and never have I seen that many UH 60s up sequentially unless we were moving spooks… So… it is happening? Time to dust-off the Stetson n Spurs.” [Yes it is happening. As stated before, POTUS is fighting alone, the rats jumped ship. This is not political, it is a forecast that events are out of control and desperate people take desperate measures. Use your time to prepare for worst case scenario.] The Associated Press: “The White House liaison has been banned from Justice Department after trying to pressure staffers for sensitive information about election fraud and other matters so she could relay it to the White House, three people familiar with the matter tell AP.” [Only the people in alternative news channels are questioning events, the rest of the world is going with the flow. If he’s gonna make a move, he needs to do it now. That is the thing, POTUS is his own man. Not even his closest advisors know what he will do. But many bet he might go nuclear any moment. He won’t cross the Rubicon, bet. He may already have with his presser. He’s got to use the system first. And put it ALL on display. Look around the globe. Other world leaders know theft when they see it and have called it accordingly. Only way forward is through the fire. The obstacle is the way. POTUS knows the moment he steps down all bets are off, his opponents will make an example of him to warn any other outliers to attempt an inconvenience Presidency. The Black Projects pledge loyalty to the Constitution. Our mission is to survive, unnoticed preferably. The main problem is Mil is divided and what is been reported around the world might not happen for that very reason. Cross the Rubicon, POTUS.] Daily Mail US: “Flynn calls for Trump to suspend Constitution and declare martial law then order military to hold a re-run election.” Tom Graham: “President Abraham Lincoln declared Martial Law in 1863 and put down dissenters. Thousands were arrested and imprisoned including seated members of the US House of Representatives.” ACTforAmerica: “Should President Trump declare martial law?” [Do IT!!!] JUAN Q SAVIN: “Could we be heading to Martial Law Dec 5th ?? I’m just snowballing… (Opinion) only.” Preliminary Composite of GA Video: “For a more cohesive look. Making a better version, but this will do for a first round.” [Pay Attention to what I’m about to post.] President-Elect JW: “Could this be the lady in purple? Could this be blonde braids?” Josephmh6: “Ruby Freeman. Who’s Shaye?” SomeBitchKnew: “How about that.” Georgia State Farm Arena Appears To Show Poll Workers Staying Behind After Hours, Pulling Out Suitcases With Ballots From Under Tables. [This is HUGE. And video shows that is the woman who directed everyone to leave that night, was same one who had dragged out the table with the illegal ballots at 8am in the first place.] Officials in Georgia Issue Statements on Viral Video of Dominion Worker with USB Drive. Two officials in Georgia have provided statements regarding a video showing a Dominion contractor in the state handling a USB drive while moving between computers. [Tsk, tsk, Ruby and Shaye. Not very good at opsec. I want to see footage who put boxes under black table. It’s not meant for opsec. That is meant for audit and controls. The locked suitcases come from election polling places. They are placed under the table so no one touches them. They are locked suitcases that are tracked and indexed…] Rudy W. Giuliani: “The video tape doesn’t lie. Fulton County Democrats stole the election. It’s now beyond doubt. Go to the tape!” ELECTION 2020: Ballots are counted in crucial Fulton County, Georgia. Right now, ballots are counted in Fulton County, Georgia. Erika C: “They shouldn’t be allowed to have pens if they are just counting!! Or allowed to eat and drink near the ballots. I’ve been a poll worker and we were never allowed to bring food and drinks near the ballots! This is a shit show operation.” Ruby Freeman: “If you are checking at the polls and they happen to write anything on your ballot before they give it to you to put in the voting machine… a letter, a checkmark, a star, an R or a D - any writing of any kind… please request a new ballot. Your ballot could be disqualified if it is written on. Please be on the lookout for this.” Erika C: “She says as she marks ballots.” [Illegally marking the Trump ballots, to get them disqualified or even flipped to Biden.] Lewiselvin: “Watch carefully at 4:15. Some kind of note is being handed over and then seconds later she gives it to the guy standing.” [“Fact checkers” already spinning up BS.] Fact Check: Video From Georgia Does NOT Show Suitcases Filled With Ballots Suspiciously Pulled From Under A Table; Poll Watchers Were NOT Told To Leave | Lead Stories. What’s Up, Ruby?.. BREAKING: Crooked Operative Filmed Pulling Out Suitcases of Ballots in Georgia IS IDENTIFIED. Earlier today Cristina Laila reported on the explosive video that was revealed during the Georgia ballot counting at the State Farm Arena where crooked Democrats pulled out suitcases full of ballots. Judgmental Shoelace: “Not sure if Wandrea Moss is an alias for Shaye or a relative. Wandrea is listed as a relative of Ruby Freeman.” SGTreport: “And now we know exactly where that 12:18AM 23,487 vote batch came from.” Kanekoa: “And this batch shortly after 1 AM was the largest and most anomalous batch in Georgia.” Ian Miles Cheong: “What’s going on in Georgia?” [USB HAND OFF. Georgia prediction markets beginning to react. What is the deadline for rectifying this stolen election? Inauguration day? Something decisive has to happen soon. (I am not a US citizen). It’s a shit show in my opinion. I trust nothing when it comes to a deadline.] President J of Honk Nation: “You want to know how I, a frustrated Biden supporter vote counter, would have hypothetically cheated this election? I would have STUFFED THE LEFTOVER PRIMARY ENVELOPES NEXT TO MY DESK with FRESH ballots for Joe Biden.” [Jesus Fucking Christ how stupid are these spotlight craving Democrats. The EXACT chicks who lead the Georgia ballot stuffing fraud, featured in an article complaining about unfounded accusations of voter fraud, long before they were caught.] Disclosure TV: “Republican Governor Brian Kemp calls for a signature audit after CCTV footage was leaked of hidden ballots being secretly counted.” Grant Stinchfield: “This is a total game changer! Sure looks like ballot stuffing in GA! All caught on camera. Busted!” Jay Fivekiller: “LOL! This is count that was entered into the system while the infamous video was being recorded.” Kanekoa: “BOMBSHELL Edison Analysis - BIDEN takes 98% of a 23,487 vote batch at 12:18AM - Impossible! This analysis corresponds with the Georgia “98% FOR BIDEN” sworn affidavits. Remember the "pristine sheets, no creases, bubble selection perfectly made.” Wandrea Arshaye Moss - Loitering or prowling. Georgia, Mugshot 6042425. Wandrea Arshaye Moss in Georgia DeKalb County arrested for Loitering or prowling. 3/31/1984. [Mugshot of braided woman from GA security footage. Previously arrested for - prostitution.] J: “When they tell you in Georgia they don’t have envelopes to do a signature match, ask them why they have boxes of 2020 signed Primary Envelopes just lining the walls in boxes in their absentee room unsecured 5 months later (from the Freeman video).” Will: “This is where it gets insane though, viral video of man appearing angry counting votes is actually the dude in the video from what I can tell. Same mask and yellow bracelet on his right wrist. It all comes full circle eventually. He appears to be the one the USB is handed to!” Aric Nesbitt: “My wife just sent this video of Detroit election workers cheering every time a migop attorney is removed from the TCF Center, where absentee ballot counting is happening. She says they do this every time they eject a GOP poll watcher & that Dem watchers outnumber GOP 3:1.” ABC News Politics: “NEW: The election department sent the ballot counters at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta home at 10:30 p.m., Regina Waller, the Fulton County public affairs manager for elections, tells ABC News.” “GEORGIA: 2,056 felons illegally voted 66,248 under 18 voted 2,423 weren’t registered at all 1,043 used a PO Box 4,926 voted past the reg. date 10,315 died before the election 395 voted in two states 15,700 moved out of state 40,279 changed county and didn’t re-register to vote.” Trump: “People in GA got caught cold bringing in massive numbers of ballots and putting them in ‘voting’ machines. Great job, Brian Kemp.” Lance Gooden: “We need a decisive resolution to the lingering questions of our election integrity. I sent a letter to Donald Trump asking him to instruct AG Barr to immediately appoint a Special Counsel to investigate the irregularities in the 2020 election.” Sidney Powell at ‘Stop the Steal’: Massive voter fraud exists, money traced back to China | NTD. Sidney Powell said that massive voter fraud exists in the country, and it’s in the DNA of all software in voting systems used across America. She said some algorithms changed votes at a rate of 90% for Biden and 10% for Trump. [Truth! Don’t support the fraudulent GA senate elections.] Team Trump: “Video footage from Georgia shows that poll workers were told to stop counting and leave, while 4 people stayed behind to continue counting ballots in private. WATCH: Video footage from Georgia shows suitcases filled with ballots pulled from under a table AFTER supervisors told poll workers to leave room and 4 people stayed behind to keep counting votes.” John D: “The fact that Dominion Voting Machines are now confirmed to be 100% corrupted and Georgians are being told to once again use them in the Senate run-offs is absolute insanity.” “This Needs Answers”: CCTV Video Of Georgia Poll Workers Sparks Election Fraud Outrage. If this isn’t election fraud, what is it? GEORGIA Ballot counting center video footage shows: Lady telling Republican watchers (and everyone) to leave for the night; A group of 4 or so staying behind; Ballots being PULLED OUT from under a table and counting CONTINUING with no witnesses. [For the normies. Tons of evidence. Literally just click. hereistheevidence[dot]com.] Nevada ‘fraud’: 1,500 ‘dead’ voters, 42,248 voted ‘multiple times,’ RV camps as 'homes.’ The Trump campaign on Wednesday unveiled a tranche of information it plans to present to a Nevada state court Thursday that suggests there were thousands of fraudulent votes cast — possibly enough to overturn Joe Biden’s win there by 33,569 votes. [Dude in the Georgia hearing has prescription bottle of hydroxychloroquine on the stand, served on the USS Carl Vinson.] CodeMonkeyZ: “In September 2019, a document was published that details the 2020 election - so far - to a frightening precision. THIS IS THEIR BATTLE PLAN. Download it. Archive it. Read it. Study it. Only by knowing their strategy can you know how to win. If only we had the exact game plan that was written last year which laid out the exact strategy that is possibly now being used to obstruct the election and ERODE our First Amendment rights… If only we had it…” Loyola University Chicago Law Journal, Volume 51, Issue 2, Winter 2019. Edward B. Foley. Preparing for a Disputed Presidential Election: An Exercise in Election Risk Assessment and Management. “Trump is ahead in the state by 20,000 votes, and he is tweeting, ‘The race is over. Another four years to keep Making America Great Again.’” “Despite Trump’s protestations, the normal process of canvassing election returns continues in Pennsylvania, and updated returns continue to show Trump’s lead slipping away. First, it drops below 15,000. Then 10,000. Then 5,000. As this happens, Trump’s tweets become increasingly incensed - and incendiary. ‘STOP THIS THEFT RIGHT NOW!!!’ ‘DON’T LET THEM STEAL THIS ELECTION FROM YOU!!!’” [Thank you. Also in SSRN.] Preparing for a Disputed Presidential Election: An Exercise in Election Risk Assessment and Management by Edward B. Foley :: SSRN. Intel received. It is up to those who want to know to warrant an investigation: “US troops from Germany are indeed in Slovakia. This is training for what will go down in America starting February 1. Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia secretly working for Biden and is allowing the destruction of all evidence from the election. The same operation is taking place in Nevada, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona. CIA did indeed run the operation in collusion with Biden, Obama, and Clinton operatives within various federal and state organizations. In Skype meeting held between Biden team and General Milley, a pledge was made by the general that secures military support for an orderly Biden transition. Units of the 82nd Airborne and 101st Airmobile divisions now placed on standby for deployment to the DC area to keep GOP from any actions to keep the White House. ANTIFA/BLM now being armed by local FBI offices in DC, Richmond, Baltimore, NYC, Dover, Annapolis, Boston, and Atlanta. FBI has been pivotal in training ANTIFA/BLM since 2014 under the direction of the Obama White House per John Brennan. Look to London as to how Trump supporters will now be dealt with. Civil war coming to America as feds loyal to Democrats begin to institute a reign of terror. Lists are indeed being compiled of Americans seen as loyal to the President and the Constitution. President and loyal Americans are in no way ready for what’s coming. Massive crackdown with wholesale slaughter by leftist federal units with government plus many thousands of deputized former convicts recently released. Intelligence also being collected showing possible invasions of large numbers of Chinese security forces now stationed outside Vancouver. These people all English speaking and will come across the border dressed as the Washington National Guard. These will be the ones tasked with seizing key infrastructure and the assassination of key GOP officials in Portland and Seattle. In Texas the same op will be deployed as tens of thousands of cartel members from south of the border will cross, dressed as law enforcement, to perform same. Cities targeted will be Austin, Dallas, Houston, El Paso, and San Antonio. Mayors of these cities actively colluding. Fix in at the judicial level and in the Governor’s offices of 32 states to make sure Trump gets no hearing. Legislators now being targeted for roundup. This is a coup. It is already moving into the operational phase. Think Viet Cong during the Tet Offensive. Massive violence on the national level. Trump does have support from various Special Forces but units are too small to do much. At best they can get the President to safe areas and provide protection. What happens next depends on the American people. Biden is waging shock assault will cow Americans into compliance. Media key as conservative areas will experience shutdown of all comms and power while liberal areas are flooded with stories accusing Trump of installing a coup. Operatives from more than a dozen American hating countries will attack key utilities and assassinating those considered key leadership types crucial to keeping America safe. Reportage von H. Enr.Y. M. A. Kow - bitte den Namen zusammensetzen, FB gestattet das Posten seines Namens nicht.” [This makes me sick to my stomach. Praying that Trump gets ahead of this.]

  54. MonkeyWerx US: “Ninety One. H-60’s up.” [Winter, cross check the birds with the fireworks. Help Winter, gang. Also post the link after the screenshots. 91 Birds up In the sky, fireworks to start soon. MainiaC: “People legitimately shooting off fireworks in our neighborhood park, really now.” ASH ASH NiLLA: “People doing fireworks.” SEOKJIN LUV BOT: “Remember that period of time this year where everyone’s neighbors were lighting fireworks at a specific time everyday??? What the hell was that?” [Poor little buddy.] Bill Weasley Soft Era: “WHO TF IS SETTING OFF FIREWORKS?” Sagittarius Vibe: “I’ve been seeing fireworks every night like if y’all don’t sit y’all asses down.” Ian: “Fireworks in Decorah tonight.” Gioia: “Why the fireworks??? Why?!?” Thicken Nugget: “They’re shooting off fireworks on my neighborhood… in December. Imma just let them be great. 2020 has been enough of a shit show already.” [That’s it for now… nothing like the hella popping going on in Chicago last night. Decorah, IA is pretty empty. Atlanta, Georgia. 1 H60 blocking radar. Flying slow. Keep watching CA. There’s a reason they did such a heavy handed lockdown. This account is awesome.] Advisory Circular LA: “Aircraft with unknown registration, ICAO ~29802F is circling over Valley Village, Los Angeles at 800 feet, speed 41 MPH, 0.01 miles from Best Western Mikado Hotel.” [Connect the dots. Fires all over DTLA. Fireworks going off everywhere. Lockdown Order for everyone in Los Angeles. This is not a pandemic. We are at WAR.] CBS News: “Thousands flee homes as Bond Fire spreads through Southern California.” [The Invisible War continues. The fighting is fierce tonight.] Surfnbeer: ”Gavin Newsom. Mr. Governor. I have been home since March doing my part to slow the curve. I work at home full time. SDGE just shut off our power last night with no intention of turning it back on until Sunday evening. Over 70k people are without power tonight.” [The teams must be in the inner circles by now (inner circles meaning deeper levels). Also take notice. This is why people must work on their skills. Mishandling equipment has consequences.] bodaciousbrains: “Don’t quote me, but I believe it was at a residence in Modjeska. The power had been shut off by SCE, so the resident was using a heat generator and evidently blew up the house and the canyons. At least it wasn’t arson like October 2007.” [Proper planning is needed to avoid months of freezer prepping going to waste.] Allida Chanier: “SDGE, so are you going to reimburse the families whose food is going to spoil because you think it’s a qenius idea to shut off power during a PANDEMIC???” [I bet from the 3,000 Doom members maybe 1/4 have a generator.] Kat: “Gavin Newsom, if you’re enacting stricter stay at home orders how about you help out the 60000 San Diego County residents without power because of SDG&Eis forcing a shut off. it is 40° out and they have NO PLAN to restore power until Sunday. WE NEED HELP.” [And yes once again the outages are related to the DUMBS and Subterranean teams. Thursday to Sunday. 96 hours with no power. Brainstorm, what to do with a full freezer in this scenario? Open canned goods, corn, pees, beans with the with the liquid also. Throw into a 1 gallon ziplock bag, freeze. Acts as ice plus food. If you are planning to live in a city make sure your home is located within 2 blocks of a Fire or Police Station. During blackouts emergency services are the first to get the power reestablished.] Ethereal bisexual who mostly wore black: “Just heard a loud ass boom and imma pretend like I didn’t hear anything but if I die y’all know what’s up.” [Bring it outside, it’s cold as heck, then sleep by the back door with a loaded gun in my hands. Dry ice… Allow 2½ to 3 pounds of ice per cubic foot of freezer space. A 50-pound block of dry ice should keep food safe in a full 18-cubic-foot freezer for at least two days. Find who sells dry ice now…not when you need it… those 15 mins of googling could be the difference of you getting it or not.] Tim Dillon: “What was the straight line of like 100 flying objects over LA?” [A friend of mine had a few days without power and said he would fire his CO2 fire extinguisher into his freezer from time to time to keep the contents frozen. Something is going on in Oregon tonight. Lots of chatter about helicopters flying low and now a possible UFO sighting??] “In Oregon tonight we have had quite an event with military helicopters flying around. Folks messaging us. Now we have roads blocked off.” Perren Smith: “We got off radar helos out tonight. One just zipped past my house nose straight for PDX. Return flight from 5 something ish earlier in opposite south direction.” [Some say kids are up and about.] Truth In Our Midst: “Local reports of a HUGE UFO being chased by Military Helicopters! Relatively rural area, however many have taken to FB to report what they have seen, experienced about 2 hours ago. 2020. 30-50 miles south of Eugene, Oregon.” Here’s What Those Mysterious Helicopters That Woke Up The Oregon Coast Were Doing. The Night Stalkers, their Air Force tilt-rotor counterparts, and the U.S. Army Rangers have been busy in the Pacific Northwest as of late. Barbados: “The third noise sounds like a plastic bag flapping in the wind but it doesn’t make any noise when the wind is actually blowing. It’s super weird I’m SCAAAAAAAAARED.” Christian Patriot: “Just had 3 Chinook’s head south over Portland about an hour ago in formation, front and back with running lights, middle one no lights - Completely blacked out. Heading back north now one at a time much faster. Perhaps no precious cargo onboard.” [F35 at Nellis AFB squawking 7700.] A magnitude 3.5 earthquake was reported at 2:45 a.m. Friday 11 miles from Clearlake, Calif., according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The earthquake occurred 12 miles from Healdsburg, 17 miles from Windsor, 22 miles from Santa Rosa and 28 miles from Ukiah. In the past 10 days, there have been two earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 or greater centered nearby. An average of 234 earthquakes with magnitudes between 3.0 and 4.0 occur per year in California and Nevada, according to a recent three year data sample. Even if you didn’t feel this small earthquake, you never know when the Big One is going to strike. Ready yourself by following our five-step earthquake preparedness guide and building your own emergency kit. [More tactical nukes being used underground to secure Black Hat base. If Ranger Regiment is conducting exercises that close then expect a brutal and bloody display of savagery.] Evergreen Intel: “This was part of 2nd batch of B-52s from the night of Dec. 2nd/3rd. 61-0039 (AE58B2).”

  55. 46 Janets for 2020-12-03, Nevada time (PST):
    0341 N273RH JANET11
    0409 N859WP JANET33
    0439 N273RH JANET22
    0440 N319BD JANET55
    0505 N859WP JANET44
    0506 N288DP JANET77
    0539 N273RH JANET65
    0610 N288DP JANET88
    0610 N859WP JANET43
    0622 N319BD JANET24
    0635 N365SR JANET31
    0654 N661BA N661BA
    0707 N288DP JANET87
    0719 N859WP JANET54
    0731 N273RH JANET76
    0738 N319BD JANET75
    0815 N288DP JANET18
    0823 N859WP JANET17
    0828 N273RH JANET53
    0909 N288DP JANET41
    1009 N859WP JANET42
    1108 N859WP JANET46
    1145 N319BD JANET64
    1255 N319BD JANET47
    1320 N365SR JANET86
    1409 N365SR JANET27
    1420 N859WP JANET82
    1452 N288DP JANET34
    1457 N859WP JANET51
    1515 N273RH JANET74
    1519 N365SR JANET16
    1535 N288DP JANET73
    1607 N365SR JANET15
    1610 N20RA N20RA
    1614 N319BD JANET48
    1620 N859WP JANET62
    1623 N273RH JANET37
    1707 N859WP JANET61
    1715 N288DP JANET84
    1720 N365SR JANET26
    1810 N273RH JANET68
    1810 N319BD JANET83
    1819 N365SR JANET25
    1821 N859WP JANET72
    1946 N319BD JANET14
    2019 N365SR JANET36

  56. EAMs per Alaska day:
    2020-11-20 #########
    2020-11-21 ##########
    2020-11-22 ###########
    2020-11-23 ########################
    2020-11-24 ##
    2020-11-25 ###########
    2020-11-26 #
    2020-11-27 #####
    2020-11-28 ##
    2020-11-29 ##
    2020-11-30 #
    2020-12-01 ####
    2020-12-02 ##########
    2020-12-03 #########