Azazel News #Recap 12/13/2020

  1. “World War III will be a guerrilla information war, with no division between military and civilian participation." — Marshall McLuhan

  2. DAILY SABAH: “Foreign-backed hackers breach US Treasury, leading to National Security Council meeting at White House.”

  3. Zero Hedge: “Hillary Hates Him & Biden Calls Him A Terrorist" - Aussie MP Urges Trump To Pardon Assange - “poke the deep state in the eye.”

  4. Power Tripping United Airlines Kicks Family Off Of Flight and Bans Them Forever Because Two Year Old Won’t Wear a Mask.

  5. China: EMP Threat. The People’s Republic of China Military Doctrine, Plans and Capabilities for Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack. June 10, 2020. Pdf.

  6. Jack Posobiec: “Joe Biden has an Instagram account for his dogs, and they just posted pictures of them using the President as a chew toy. Unity and Healing!”

  7. Austria: Right-wing extremist network with links to Germany. More than 70 firearms and ammunition in the six-figure range were seized during house searches in Austria.

  8. Naked Yoga videos don’t violate Community Guidelines says YouTube. Thousands of explicit videos showing graphic full frontal nudity labelled “Naked Yoga” apparently don’t violate YouTube Terms of Service.

  9. Autonomie Ouvrière: “This is Class War. India. Karnataka: Protests at iPhone production plant run by Taiwan-based Wistron Corp at Narasapura (in Kolar district) near Bengaluru. Workers allege they have not been paid properly.”

  10. Norman Abramson, Pioneer Behind Wireless Networks, Dies at 88. His ALOHAnet, designed a half-century ago in Hawaii, was a precursor to the technology used in today’s smartphones and home WiFi networks. [Wizard.]

  11. Senator Rand Paul: “James Clapper brazenly lied to Congress denying that the Deep State was spying on all Americans. Snowden simply revealed Clapper’s lies and exposed unconstitutional spying. He deserves a pardon from Donald Trump!”

  12. Elect Conservatives: “Over the weekend Facebook has decided to shadow ban our page for for reason we have no violations on our page with over 85 thousand likes bringing our reach to nearly zero! Have a look for yourself! [Soon, Zuckerberg. Soon.]

  13. Lin Wood: “Our Nation is at a crossroad. Are we a nation of laws or a nation of lawlessness? If US Supreme Court does not stay Electoral College, Donald Trump is bound by his oath to do so by imposing partial martial law. President has duty to make certain our laws are executed.”

  14. New York Post: “NYC UFO sightings in 2020 are up 283% from 2018.” [Timing is impeccable, New York Post. Who is ready for the kids and the other 9 Societies? Also leave them alone. We have 9 Worlds coexisting on one planet - there is room for all of us. Let’s do this. Thank you Aries!]

  15. Water futures set to join likes of gold and oil and trade on Wall Street for first time ever. One high-profile investor who might capitalize on the newly launched water future contracts is Michael Burry of ‘The Big Short.’ In the village of the Sverdlovsk region, water is poured according to the ration card, Russia, 2020. [Get ready for the water cartels.]

  16. 6.8mm NGSW UPDATE from Major Ottmar Project Officer. The 6.8mm NGSW US Army Project Officer gave an update last month. The Next Generation Squad Weapon will replace the M16 and M4 5.56mm weapons. There is a ton of never before seen interviews and footage that we’re going to share with you. [Makes you wonder why we need a more powerful round.]

  17. Scott Greer 6’2” IQ 187 Whitepilled: “Bitchute about to lose everyone who uses it. This is why the “free market” is not a solution to tech censorship. The alternatives either get deplatformed or compromise themselves.” [New platforms built on existing tech cannot ever solve the censorship problem! Generalized blockchain tech is the only viable answer.]

  18. Police shoot gunman who opened fire at Christmas concert at a Manhattan cathedral. SCOOTERCASTER: “After reports of an active shooter on scaffolding near St. John’s cathedral in morningside heights, police shot and apprehended a gunman. There was a Christmas concert happening at the time of the shooting, police have since evacuated the cathedral.”

  19. Sunday Stock Up. What did everyone do this week? Learn a skill? Buy the piece of equipment you wanted? Get more food stored? Try a new workout regimen? 25 lbs more organic millet, handcrank/solar emergency radio, baofeng mk5 all arrived today grounding wire for faraday cage tomorrow… practicing for Ham cert… thanks to all for continued wisdom sharing. Grounding your cage? That’s a good idea!

  20. The biggest fucking ticking time bomb: “U.S. Poised for Wave of Evictions in January as Federal Ban Expires. Many housing-industry executives expect the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s eviction moratorium to be extended. Otherwise, the ramifications could be catastrophic.” [Socialist capitalism at its finest… free money to the banks/corporations… 0 assistance to the citizens. Socialist capitalism?]

  21. This is the reason why we post content from Twitter on Telegram. Call it OSINT 101. "Even in the case a posted tweet is scrubbed/deleted from Twitter platform, a thumbnail of the text or links posted stay on Telegram, that is not the case on website, it will show there that content was deleted.” Go ahead click the link for a deleted tweet… it works! Even when the tweet is gone. Jack Dorsey is a CCP protecting piece of shit. Message content is readable and links work in the case a deleted is posted on Telegram. Another best practice is to screenshot tweet to document timestamp.

  22. Jim Corr: “Freedom Of Information Request To The NHS reveals that NO ONE Without Any Preexisting Medical Conditions Has Died From COVID-19.” [Seamus get the fertilizer.] Tonight, the first shipments of the fake COVID19 DNA altering vaccine arrived in Canada. [Feel bad for the people. If they only knew they are being led off the cliff.] Not the Bee: “Brooklynites: Last night you were about 3 times more likely to be hospitalized due to gunshot wounds than due to contracting Covid in a restaurant.” Germany to go into national lockdown over Christmas to stem surge in Covid-19 cases. Germany will go into a “hard” national lockdown, starting next week and continuing through the Christmas period, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Sunday.

  23. Asteroid 2020 XF4 to flyby Earth at 0.8 LD on December 16. A newly-discovered asteroid designated 2020 XF4 will flyby Earth at a distance of 0.89 LD / 0.00229 AU (342 579 km / 212 868 miles) from the center of our planet on December 16, 2020. Asteroid 2020 XX3 to fly by Earth at 0.1 LD on December 18. A newly-discovered asteroid designated 2020 XX3 will fly by Earth at a distance of 0.15 LD / 0.00038 AU (56 847 km / 35 323 miles) from the center of our planet on December 18, 2020. 2020 XX3 was first observed at Pan-STARRS 1, Haleakala. USA TODAY: “Asteroids aren’t completely random? Mass extinctions of Earth’s land animals follow a cycle, study finds. Widespread extinctions of land-dwelling animals – which include amphibians, reptiles, mammals and birds – follow a cycle of about 27 million years.” A meteor sighted north of the Svalbard archipelago in Norway.

  24. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo accused of sexual harassment by former adviser. Lindsey Boylan, now a candidate for Manhattan Borough president, alleged that Cuomo “sexually harassed” her “for years.” [Nipple Rings is in trouble. Never forget. Red faction is sick. “You Were Never Really Here” was a documentary not just a film. Stick a ball gag in his mouth and you have a masterpiece. Green Wizardry (Vigilante Veteran Pedophile Hunter) vs Red Wizardry (The State). It’s a Red Film but falls under Red vs Green.] Disclosure via Film and Television By Faction Color. [The left begins to eat its own.] Breaking911: “Former Aide To NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Alleges He Sexually Harassed Her For Years: "Many saw it, and watched. I could never anticipate what to expect: would I be grilled on my work (which was very good) or harassed about my looks. Or would it be both in the same conversation? This was the way for years.”

  25. Beware: Ex Military Soldier’s Survival Plan Is “To Hit Preppers” - Ask a Prepper. Editor’s Note: Ex-military who does not have enough money to prep says he’s going to go around and hit preppers who are too weak to defend themselves. [Why OpSec is important.] SERE Survival Kit. My SERE survival kit. The components of the kit coincide with other survival systems and methodologies that seek to preserve life in the field. In addition, it is my belief that the components present opportunities to improvise with materials from the surrounding environment. Pandemic Preparedness Kit. NBC and CBRN. The following kit contains a basic set of supplies for pandemic preparedness measures. 100 Deadly Skills pdf. The Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency pdf. [Are those CBRN filters expiry dates solid? Are they any good past expiry date or just discard? CBRN filters have two expiry dates when not used: expiration in sealed packaging and expiration in unsealed condition. Please look it up. Thanks.]

  26. CodeMonkeyZ: “Did you know that POTUS needs to issue a “Proclamation to disperse” before invoking the powers of the insurrection act? Did you know that measures necessary to guarantee National Security from external threats are not subject to the same limitations?” Lin Wood: “Hey FBI, GBIGA, Brian Kemp GA, Geoff Duncan GA & Ga Sec of State, why are there boxes of GA mail ballots hidden in warehouse in Fulton County, many shipped from Arizona? GA election was a fraud. Do your damn jobs.” NTD: “Michigan To Publish Dominion Forensic Audit. Can a small county in Michigan overturn the election results of the whole country?” Rumble: “ELECTION NIGHT ERRORS - HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? Data scientists uncover and call into question the many errors from election night 2020. What are the questions we should be asking? Did your vote count?” Michigan AG and Sec of State Block Resuts of Forensic Audit of 22 Dominion Machines in Antrim County. Gateway Pundit: “HUGE - “We Have Serious, Serious Foreign Influence with Dominion Voting Machines” - General Flynn Says "We Have Conclusive Evidence of Foreign Influence in US Election Right Now.” General Flynn joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures this morning. This was an EXPLOSIVE INTERVIEW!” Kevin Kiley: “With 800,000 signatures and counting, the remarkable grassroots strength of the recall movement could signal a turning point for California.” [What bothers me the most is when evidence becomes undeniable then Dems will blame Trump for not taking action against foreign interference….]

  27. ELEVEN YEARS AGO TODAY Al Gore Predicted the North Pole Would Be COMPLETELY ICE FREE in Five Years. Gore offered no sympathy for climate deniers: The latest science on melting Arctic ice is evidence “only reckless fools would ignore.” Reuters Science News: “Iceberg A68a has been on a slow journey toward cataclysm. The mass broke from the Antarctic peninsula’s Larsen C ice shelf in July 2017, sliding through the water for over two years.” [Look at the size of these bad boys.] Reuters Graphics: “The iceberg is larger than 66 countries or territories, including Singapore, Luxembourg and Brunei. It’s now headed straight for South Georgia Island, a British overseas territory in the southern Atlantic, where within days it could smash into the remote world teeming with wildlife.” UN secretary general urges all countries to declare climate emergencies. António Guterres tells Climate Ambition Summit more must be done to hit net zero emissions. [Climate Emergency. LOL! They are not planning to set us free again… ever. Good thing you joined the resistance. I mean, Doomsday.] Avoiding a Climate Lockdown | by Mariana Mazzucato - Project Syndicate. The world is approaching a tipping point on climate change, when protecting the future of civilization will require dramatic interventions. [Climate Lockdown is in the pipe. It will just be until we tackle the climate emergency… around year 2050. Here you can read it on the elite’s own media site Project Syndicate.]

  28. Alexa is great. Just started with home automation and it makes me feel like Iron Man with Jarvis. Never forget. The Verge: “America proves too tough for hitchhiking robot after vandals end cross-country trip. It seems the tough streets of Philadelphia were too much for a friendly little robot from Ontario. All the Hitchbot wanted to do was see the United States.” If only he took a cat. Alexa is a hand me down, all the major ships in the fleet have AI like her onboard. Alien being the first film shows it off and gets it right in the 1979 release. My biggest concern with home automation was not able to integrate different brands or level of devices. Alexa got it all from a single headset to my dishwasher. I posted that video to show you that anyone can utilize AI Agents in assisting oneself in having a Monopoly On Violence. It could mean more that just opening a simple drawer. But Alexa or an AI of your own creation can help you secure your household. Soon Unstoppable Technology will exist which will allow you to build your own agents which serve you and you alone, not owned by Google, Amazon, or Apple. In long term, I plan to get an offline automation set based on my coded rules. Im not that deep into Software, but a friend of mine learning about machine learning as well. Maybe I should get some lessons from him. Out there in the yard, all the ships have AI that regulate crew members done to water consumption to task to penalizing crew members via a rating system. Say you want to avoid a shift, the AI’s will notice and award penalties. So you are super go getter. The ship will reward you. Same with underground and underwater bases. Primarily used to keep maintenance crews in order, leaving Science and Military projects to focus on their work. You should. Imagine whatever unholy evil AI agents the Red Factions are working upon to regulate us.

  29. This incident is being scrubbed. FULL KIT LEFT COAST RIGHT WATCH: “So I’m not gonna post video but a security guard tried to ram his car through the crowd at a BLM rally in Long Beach tonight. There’s someone on another megaphone right now behind me saying “we should be proud” if we stood up to the car attacker. Which is a trip. 1/? So this guy gets out of his car after almost ramming people to fight the crowd, screams about how he’s trying to get to work and for some reason the organizers thought they needed to cover for the attacker. The organizers tried to shove everyone away from him while he was still trying to get in a fight and then started trying to shove me and get me to stop filming him. I only stopped after a colleague told one of them “don’t touch me” and the organizer threatened to beat him. So these organizers protected a guy who just attacked their march and attacking journalists trying to hold the attacker accountable. Fuck them. Oh yeah. And then another car attack happened. Okay then there was a bonehead-looking chud with tats in a balcony flipping everyone off. This woman pulled an American flag down from a flag holster and these peace police yanked her to stop her and she almost fell headfirst on the concrete. She caught herself though. After almost seriously injuring this woman they yanked the flag from her and gave it back to the people in the building. Oh cool. After two car attacks they just stopped with forty or so people in the middle of an intersection. Neat. Ok so here’s where the thread broke. We just passed by an unhoused black man. The march largely ignored him while chanting “this is what community looks like.” “We need to bring the fight to each other” someone says over a megaphone as I head back from pissing to the wrap-up in the park. Yeah. Anyways here’s some “we must secure a future for white children”-ass anti-lockdown propaganda someone was putting on cars. Yep. It was bad. Anyways it’s cool how the people who mean mugged and followed me today were Proud Boys but the people who actually laid hands on me were fucking peace police in Long Beach.

  30. Broken Arrow (1996 film). 1996 American action film directed by John Woo. [Cough Michigan Cough. Add to your movie list. Ok. Nice. Empty quiver is the correct term from what I can recall. Broken arrow is different IRL. Broken Arrow refers to the U.S. military’s code word used during the Vietnam War. This call was used only in the direst of tactical situations, when a ground unit was overrun by enemy forces. When “Broken Arrow” was heard on the radio nets, all available aircraft were diverted to provide close air support for the endangered command. Thank you for the clarification. Makes me wonder what the hell really happened in Michigan. Broken Arrow term was used during Vietnam War but with the rise of technology warfare, years ago pivot and it is mainly used as a nuclear accident. Or treason by one of our own. See what A119 sent in the publication it’s on the record. Not guessing, Wikipedia or conspiracy theory. Also notice this is the March 2020 edition. It’s up to date.] What is a broken arrow? The military uses the term “broken arrow” to describe any incident in which a nuclear weapon is lost, stolen or inadvertently detonated. Atomic Heritage Foundation: “Broken Arrow Accidents. The U.S. military uses the term “Broken Arrow” to refer to an accident that involves nuclear weapons or nuclear weapons components.” [I would appreciate a source of when it updated or changed, rather than just denial. Dude he literally uploaded the manual. Facepalm. Thank you for setting the record straight. Ugh. Semantics. The movie is about a weapon that is stolen. Hence empty quiver. Oh for fuck sakes. Who is this joker? LOL. Movie snob. This is why we can’t have nice things. Pinky in the air as they sip. Why can’t we discuss like adults? Ok. I’ll stop. No shit, I’m getting Cambridge / Oxford vibes too. Like seriously - someone provides documentation, and still. Earl Grey with crumpets lol. Aries, I appreciate your existence. It’s a group effort. BEST TEAM EVER!!! Let’s get back to it. And please guys when you are given hardcore evidence by an old timer, don’t be an asshole. It’s literally rule number 1. I 86d Sinnekrev because he wanted to argue on the definition of Broken Arrow and when given hardcore irrefutable evidence instead of just thanking A119 he decided to keep on attacking. Seriously we are at times Weeks to months to years ahead of the general public depending on compartmentalizations. Don’t be a Fucking Asshole!!! We provide you with Intel and most importantly validation so you know you are in the right track but behavior like this eventually leads Azazel/Doomsday becoming an echo chamber. If you only knew who was In the channel, if you want to play with idiots we got plenty at Twitter daily. I have no time for Sweet Valley High bullshit in my channels. Ok let’s get back to the work. Broken Arrow is Blue vs Red. Blue because of the Nukes and the pilots qualify for Maverick status, Red because one of them betrayed the nation and is trying to sell the Nukes. Cough Michigan Cough.]

  31. Another warning from some one close to the Administration. Use as Actionable Intelligence. Lin Wood: “American Patriots be prepared. Events will unfold quickly over next several days. Listen to Donald Trump. CCP attacked our country with a biological weapon. CCP wants our land to grow food. We shall NEVER let them take it. Pray.” [And please remember Newsmax sent out an alert telling everyone to have an Emergency Radio.] Crypto Explorer: “Yesterday I received a text message from NewsMax saying everyone needs to get an Emergency Radio. This just came out today. Now I’m getting scared.” “OMINOUS: US POSITIONING NAVAL VESSELS OFF EAST AND WEST COASTS.” [Use as Actionable Intelligence. Not here to debate sources or fuck around with when it was updated etc etc… merely keep connecting the dots. Hint. Go to Twitter. Type “ready[dot]gov.” Sort by latest. See who is tweeting, especially the last 24 hours. Go look at who is posting, electric companies and municipal governments. Ask yourself the last time something like this happened.] Royal Australian Navy, Royal Canadian Navy, and Royal Canadian Air Force Join U.S. Forces for Fleet Synthetic Training. U.S. military forces partnered with Australian and Canadian military units for a Fleet Synthetic Training – Joint Exercise (FST-J) that began Dec. 3. [CNN / NPR / NY Times won’t report it. They are Red faction, compromised, blackmailed and not serving your best interests. From our friends at GNEWS. Listen to what Guo Wengui is saying.] “Yesterday, the Supreme Court rejected Texas’s lawsuit. It’s a gift from the heavens! I promise to you guys that within 72 hours, you will see a series of actions from President Trump – actions 1, 2, 3, and 4, believe it or not. Thundering actions — it’s called thundering laws. In addition to that, I think – I mean I guess – that he has changed his mind from using years to take down the CCP, within his terms, to something like ASAP. It is as amazing as it is! In English, it means a shorter time, shorter time, shorter time. Do you believe me? Yesterday, when I was chatting with you guys, the world had changed fundamentally. You will be able to verify this within 2 weeks. So it is still the same saying: Shen County and Yang-Gu County, let’s see who will be the last one standing. A roar of the vast sea. Up the torrential waves taking down the CCP. Together are heroes from the world gathering here! (Singing.) Aiya, now I am getting better and better. A laugh from heaven… oh, my, I forgot the word, no way, no way. I need to go get my coffee, no need to donate money to me though. Thanks to my brothers and sisters. Wish you a great weekend.” [Now connect the dots.] THE ENTIRE AUSTRALIAN NAVY HAS JUST BEEN DEPLOYED. Navy’s most advanced warships exercise together for the first time. [Are you starting to understand where the timeline is headed this week? Do you remember what I said about the horrors under the Forbidden City in Beijing? That expeditionary forces will encounter. Do you Remember the Chinese Preppers manual that I translated? Fucking read it!!! Be prepared for this timeline. Be prepared for all scenarios. America will not get out of this unscathed. All the troops were called back from overseas, for we will be making our last stand. Remember what our Chinese counterparts (Chinese Preppers) have said. Even the Chinese Preppers emphasize: “As long as you know more information than others, your chances of survival will be higher than others.” Chinese or Taiwanese? They are right of course but also the more you train and prepare the faster you go into 'mission mode.’] CodeMonkeyZ: “Collect the phone numbers and email addresses of your online friends. Register for communication sites not under the control of Big Tech. Get acquainted with image boards. Prepare provisions and have IRL backup plans.” [Without violating OpSec add ham radio call signs to the list of info you should have of peeps IRL.]

  32. POTUS’s Constitutional Plan. It involves two steps, or two fronts: First the Courts, then the House. The Trump Campaign, RNC, various state GOP Parties, third party organizations, are filing county, state, and federal lawsuits. A Republic, not a Democracy. The primary objective is to strategically get several ballots invalidated. However, a secondary objective is to publicly expose “corruption” in these cities to both STATE reps and US House and Senate Leaders. This is crucial. While keeping the 73 million Trump supporters engaged and working behind the scenes There seems to be success in this, as two polls show 60% of the US now believe “fraud” occurred and only 49% believe Biden won. These polls have a 37-32 D:R bias. -Keep in mind, MSM “calls” are merely “projections” of how a state voted in the popular vote. Strictly speaking, they means nothing. Win, or lose in court, the next step is the GOP State Legislatures (SLs) in PA, MI, WI, AZ and GA. A Republican, not a Democracy. On December 14, 2020, Certified Electors from each state, cast their ballots for the President and VP. What many do not realize is they vote in their home state and their vote is sealed and NOT “counted” until January 6th. Crucial point. Now, the SLs have the Constitutional authority (under Article II, Section 1, Clause 3 and 3 U.S. Code § 2 and § 5) to appoint their own slate of Electors, loyal to President Trump, if they deem their state’s “POPULAR VOTE IS CORRUPTED”. In other words, the State GOP Legislature of Georgia, for example, can “conclude that the popular vote has been corrupted” and appoint a “competing slate” of electors, loyal to President Trump. For example, 20 Biden Electors from PA & 20 for Trump. A Republic, not a Democracy. -The precedent for this is the 1876 Election when SC, LA, FL and (1 EV from OR) each sent competing Democrat and Republican Electoral votes, sealed, to the archivist in D.C. Keep in mind, NOTHING is “counted” yet. Another crucial point. On January 6, the 12th Amendment to the Constitution specifies that the “President of the Senate shall, in the presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the certificates and the votes shall then be counted.” That means that in the case of disputes about competing electoral slates, the President of the Senate—Vice President Pence—would appear to have the ultimate authority to decide which to accept and which to reject. This is supported by 3 U.S. Code § 15. Hence, Trump wins. This is a de facto check on the Electoral College, which few realize because it only happened in 1876. If at that point, nobody gets to 270, the 12th Amendment stipulates, “the House of Representatives shall choose immediately, by ballot, the President. But in choosing the President, the votes shall be taken by states, the representation from each state having one vote.” Currently, Republicans have a state delegation majority with 26 (likely 30 in the new Congress) out of 50. Ergo, Trump wins. President Trump has clearly discussed and been briefed on a strategy to contest the election via Constitutional means, first through the courts and then through House, saying at a Sept. 26 rally in—where else—Pennsylvania: “And I don’t want to end up in the Supreme Court and I don’t want to go back to Congress either, even though we have an advantage if we go back to Congress — does everyone understand that? I think it’s 26 to 22 or something because it’s counted one vote per state, so we actually have an advantage. Oh, they’re going to be thrilled to hear that.” NO clearer indication exists that this was his plan all along. Moreover, Politico reports, “In private, Trump has discussed the possibility of the presidential race being thrown into the House as well, raising the issue with GOP lawmakers, according to Republican sources" such as McConnell, Graham, McCarthy, etc. This would explain Sen. McConnell’s resolute backing of President Trump. It is clear, McConnell, who is shrewd and believes in raw power, knows POTUS is on solid Constitutional ground. With our help, he will hold the GOP Caucus in line. In a contested 2020 election, like the Election of 1876, the Republican Senate and Democratic House would disagree on which electors to accept. This is called a “disputation.” Under the Constitution, there exists no mechanism to resolve a dispute in which the two houses of Congress cannot agree upon a certified set of electors, and there is no Constitutional role for the courts, including the Supreme Court. This is another crucial point. Hence, Trump’s Sept. 26th references to FIRST the COURTS, then the HOUSE (see above). The House and Senate GOP (McCarthy & McConnell) shall argue under the language of the 12th amendment, the President of the Senate—Vice President Mike Pence—has the sole discretion to break a deadlock between the Senate and the House, and to either accept or dismiss disputed electors. Republicans will point to the historical pedigree of the VP’s position, observing that the GOP made the same argument during the election of 1876. Given the language of the Twelfth Amendment, whatever its ambiguity and potential policy objections, there is no other possible single authority to identify for this purpose besides the President of the Senate to act as the arbiter of any disputes and break deadlocks. In fact, within Pence’s powers, he could either accept the competing slates of electors submitted, or dismiss them as disputed, and not have them counted. A reduced total still delivers Trump a victory BECAUSE IT DEPRIVES BIDEN OF 270. This is another crucial point. If 270 is not reached, then under the 12th amend, “the House of Representatives shall “choose immediately”, in this scenario, reelecting President Trump to a second term because, as stated above, the GOP controls the House Delegation majority. So, what we need to do is KEEP CALLING, EMAILING, ORGANIZING, MARCHING, and FORCING the GOP at the State and Federal levels to appoint a Republican slate of electors for President Trump and SUPPORT HIM 1000%. End. In case anyone is wondering about Donald Trump’s plan re competing slates, he just claimed victory in PA again. By doing this, he’s telegraphing to State GOP leaders, in his opinion “the popular vote is corrupted” and they must act. I’m trying to be objective in my analysis. Addendum Trump’s Constitutional Plan (See above): Dec. 14 the Electoral College votes, but on January 6, is when it is “counted”. If one member of the House and one Senator dispute or “object” an electoral vote, or a state slate, both houses withdraw to debate the issue. Now, 3 U.S.C. § 6 says "if there is “controversy” re an election, then the governor must, “as soon as practicable after such determination,” communicate, “under the seal of the State…a certificate of such determination in form and manner as the same shall have been made.” This suggests that, if a governor is ignoring controversy, or a contested election result and not issuing a determination, and communicating it properly, s/he is breaking federal law. I believe this too is where objections re “certified” state electors will arise on Jan 6. For example, the GA, AZ, and PA results, will likely disputed by the Senate ® because the governors of those states are AWOL, ignoring pleases for audits. Thus, their states’ results will be challenged as “unlawfully certified”. This will be resisted by the Dem House. Now, under the Electoral Count Act of 1877, it is unclear if the House accepts a slate and the Senate rejects it, how to move beyond an impasse. What is clear is that tradition holds “The President of the Senate” is the tie breaker. Ergo, Trump wins. Therefore, if disputes are raised over MI, PA, GA, and AZ, for example, and the House (D) & Senate ® are tied, and Pence decides to side with the GOP and throw out the slates (which he would), neither Biden or Trump, could get to 270. The election results are rendered moot. If that occurs, the 12th Amendment CLEARLY says the “US House” delegations would “immediately” choose the president, while the Senate picks the VP. The GOP controls 26 of 50 US House delegations. The House would reelect Trump. The Senate reelects Pence. As I said earlier: we have a contested election. We are headed toward a Constitutional crisis. But POTUS has a Constitutional plan, rooted in federalism, to be reelected.

  33. Everyone shift over to Ramstein Air Base. “From Ramstein Air Base Real World / for KMC AREA Alarm Red MOPP 4 From Ramstein Air Base, REAL WORLD for KMC AREA Alarm Red, MOPP 4 Take immediate action! For further information refer to Airman’s manual. REAL WORLD for KMC AREA1 Acknowledge.” “Ramstein Air Base. What is the KMC? Updated May 15, 2020. The Kaiserslautern Military Community (KMC) is the largest American military community outside the continental United States.” “MOPP gear and how it’s worn. The Liberty Wing is gearing up for an operational readiness inspection. The past few operational readiness exercises have been practice for the real thing.” [Oh shit.] “USAF Standardized Alarm Signals. Alarm Red. Attack is imminent or in progress. Take Cover. Assume MOPP 4 unless otherwise directed.” [MOPP 4 - is air/ground attack imminent? Switch over to Ramstein Air Base on Twitter. Holy fuck. How did we miss this tonight?] The Drive: “Ramstein Air Base In Germany Experiences Potential Incoming Missile Scare. It remains unclear exactly who caused the scare and where the supposed launch emanated from.” [They forgot to tell it was just a drill… I’m not buying false alarms.] Eleventh: “Ramstein Air Base in Germany Experiences Potential Incoming Missile Scare. It remains unclear exactly who caused the scare and where the supposed launch emanated from.” [There is no way a base in Germany would be attacked. Period.] Steve Trimble: “Ramstein is the home of a USAF lab that is leading experiments with expeditionary base defense. Perhaps an experiment went awry?” [How did we miss this? This happened three hours ago. We are slipping. We need to get it together. So the article about Ramstein from The Drive mentions this happening recently.] Russian military shows off nuclear forces with air, land, sea missile launches. The Russian military released a video showing Tu-160 and Tu-95MS bombers firing Kh-101 and Kh-555 cruise missiles, a Delfin-class nuclear-powered submarine launching an R-29RMU Sineva SLBM and an RS-24 Yars ICBM taking off. Russian nuclear submarine salvo-launches 4 ballistic missiles for the first time. Russian nuclear submarine ‘Vladimir Monomakh’ performs a salvo launch of four ballistic ‘Bulava’ missiles during Russian Navy Pacific Fleet drills in the Sea of Okhotsk. Russian nuclear submarine Vladimir Monomakh fired a salute of four Bulava ballistic missiles for the first time at the Chizha training ground from the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. [Okay video released Wednesday by the Russian Defense Ministry. Russians would not hit KMC. It’s still very very odd. Sure is. No. They they want to fuck up Germany they can just switch the power off…] “Attention Team Ramstein, Today, the Ramstein Air Base Command Post was notified via an alert notification system of a real-world missile launch in the European theater. The Command Post followed proper procedure and provided timely and accurate notifications to personnel in the Kaiserslautern Military Community. The missile launch was then assessed to be part of a training exercise and not a threat to the KMC area. The situation is all clear. We’d like to thank our Command Post members for their quick response to ensure our people stay informed so they can take the proper safety precautions.” [Searches spiked.] “United States military nuclear incident terminology.” [More people searching for ‘WWIII’ but nobody is searching for ‘how to survive nuclear fallout’… Learn skills. We will live to fight another day. We did those classes, remember? TTAPS Study and all the What to do Fallout Videos. The world war has already started. Has been for a few months now. From Navy vessels and steel plants to power plants here in the USA to industrial explosions elsewhere, war has already started. The major players are striking points before the war officially starts so they have an advantage. Make no mistake, the big western consumerism party with the movements of feminism, athiesm, progressivism, Marxism, and multiculturalism are over. The world has collapsed under these “isms”. What’s left now is your God, family, and reason. That’s what people will return to or die. When you see these explosions and fires, just remember it’s the engine of war firing up. And for the love of god people have at least a plan to get out of the cities. It’s possible to make it in the suburbs, but if you live in an apartment, you’re interior decorating your own coffin. Have a BUGOUT PLAN.] “How To Survive The First Hour Of A Nuclear Blast / Fallout! DEBUNKED.” “Can You Survive A Nuclear Winter?” “How to Survive A Nuclear Fallout - EPIC HOW TO.” “Can you survive nuclear fallout? - Brooke Buddemeier and Jessica S. Wieder.” “What Happens When a Nuclear Bomb Hits.” “WHAT TO DO IF THERE IS A NUCLEAR EXPLOSION?!” “What if We Nuke a City?” CDC: “Facts about potassium iodide. Information on potassium iodide as possible treatment for internal radioactive contamination. Provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).” SELF: “Do You Need to Keep Potassium Iodide Pills On-Hand in Case of a Nuclear Attack? Deep breaths.” REFINERY29: “Why Did Chernobyl Victims Take Iodine Pills And Should I Take Them?” LiveScience: “Why Did People Take Iodine Pills After Chernobyl Exploded? In the HBO miniseries “Chernobyl,” the Soviet nuclear physicist Ulana Khomyuk (a composite character played by Emily Watson) realizes that there’s been a massive release of radioactive material somewhere nearby and immediately pops an iodine pill.” “How potassium iodide pills can help in a nuclear emergency. People that live, work or study close to a nuclear power stations are often asked to take potassium iodide pills in the event that radiation is accidentally released. So how do they work?” “Belgium: Authorities hand out iodine pills in case of nuclear meltdown. Authorities instructed pharmacies to distribute iodine tablets for free as a precautionary measure against potential nuclear disasters starting on Tuesday, as shown in footage filmed in the Belgian capital of Brussels.” [We try to avoid cities when we travel but just in case we ever find ourselves in the wrong spot we keep these Iosat tablets with our medical supplies. Yup I got some also. If you’re over 40, you probably don’t want to take them. Are things escalating this quick? We have kids that will need them. Can you explain why? Older adults could have a higher risk of side effects from KI. Thanks. Wondering why one would be less likely to develop thyroid cancer in higher age ranges. Did it link to a study on that? I’ll find it. Thanks. Something seems a bit off to me about that. Well, it’s a book, not sure why that’s odd - someones gotta pay for this stuff. It’s from the National Academies of Sciences Engineering and Medicine. Not the book. The claim. Figured out why. Thanks. “When thyroid cancer develops, it usually occurs 20 to 40 years after the radiation exposure. The risk of developing thyroid cancer after radiation therapy depends on the type of radiation used and the dose.” They’re expecting if you are over 40 that you will not live long enough to develop thyroid cancer. Don’t trust it. Unless you have a preexisting thyroid condition, talk to your doctor, but you should consider taking the KI anyway if you still want to live past 60 if you’re in your 40s. FFS. I’ve never seen it contraindicated due to age on any of the biohacking sites. Most encourage Lugol’s, kelp, etc. Keep adequate amount of both particulate and multigas filter in CBRN kit, make sure the multigas filter original packaging is still sealed. Duct tape does wonders in many many situations, keep some around. Antifog spray, if none available lookup how to make one from household dish soap etc. Space blanket/mylar foil could be used as cheap thermal camouflage, but will sometimes appear as suspicious “black hole” in thermal imageries. Mud DOES hides your heat signature from thermal cameras FOR A SHORT TIME. Avoid open space and sky line of sight if possible. In case there is sudden, very intense bright flash of light, and please god have mercy you’re in the shade when you realize it happened. AVOID WINDOWS, SHELTER BEHIND SOLID OBJECT IMMEDIATELY, CLOSE EYES, COVER EARS, OPEN MOUTH WIDE. SHOCKWAVE INCOMING. Exhale all air from lungs. Lay down flat and feet towards blast head opposite. Most nuclear power plants have 90 days worth of fuel for their cooling pumps, assuming it remains operational when SHTF. Plan your route ahead accordingly.] Civil Defense Museum: “Assorted Civil Defense Documents, Audio and Video Files.” “Emergency Preparedness and Civil Defense eBooks.” “Tokyo Metropolitan Government Disaster Prevention Information.”

  34. John Stanley: “This photo was taken Nov 2019 at HK polytechnic University. Now it was proven to be reality. Emergency action needed to save your home. ‘Dear World, CCP will infiltrate your government. Chinese enterprises, money interferes your political stance. China will harvest your home like Xinjiang. BE AWARE OR BE NEXT!” James Perloff: “Bill Gates wants to dim the sun’s light by spraying millions of tons of dust into the stratosphere.” Yes, Bill Gates Said That. Here’s the Proof. Children’s Health Defense. Gates and his minions insist the billionaire never said we’d need digital vaccine passports. But in a June 2020 TED Talk, Gates said exactly that. Someone edited out the statement, but CHD tracked down the original. [Fuck this dude. He is not a Wizard. Always remember this. He is Predator Class Red Faction.] BILL (Not a fucking Doctor) GATES RECOMMENDS 6 MORE MONTHS OF LOCKDOWNS, POSSIBLY INTO 2022. Bill (fuck your livelihood) Gates. [Shut it down forever. We can all become TikTok and Youtube stars… what a joke. Guy made an operating system and is now a doctor thats awesome. BSOD for humanity.] Lin Wood: “CCP & 1000’s of US citizens worked together to try to steal 2020 election at top of ticket & selected down ballot races. Serbia, Canada, Venezuela, Cuba, CIA, George Soros, Bill Gates, Biden, Clinton Foundation & many national state & local officials from both parties involved.” [Red faction, all of them. 52,000 Americans vs 80 Million Republicans. Zhenhua CCP database leak.] Emerald Robinson: “Who are the 52,000 Americans listed in the Zhenhua CCP database leak?” Iain Duncan Smith MP: “China has bought or invested in European assets amounting to at least $318 billion over the past 10 years, including critical infrastructure, resource extraction and high tech companies.” [Well, a lot of them are owned by China already, like Belkin and their whole IOT production line, including cloud.] “CCP Membership leak puts 52,000 US Citizens in the line of fire of National Intelligence as Domestic Enemies. How many do you think we will find in GOP/D/OfficeHolders/State/Corporate in positions of influence such that they are hopelessly compromised??? Beyond that, since we have proof positive of China’s involvement — Biden laptop, server data logs and printed fake ballots, you know the DNI report is going to be positive for interference… It’s going to be bad at a level of folks that you have never heard or seen before. So far the MSM has played you as a fiddle — the cognitive dissonance y’all will experience will be for the ages… “[Another day closer to Open Eyes. Mass arrests coming. Interesting this Intel was just sent in.] “BREAKING: 123 individuals on the CCP list worked on the COVID vaccines of all major pharma houses. Realistically, these vaccines may be long-term weapons of injury. As a professional, I strongly urge NOBODY takes the vaccine until the consequences of all elements in these vaccines is properly vetted.” [Interesting… would need a source on the intel. They are in the room and are an immunology research scientist. Okay, noted with thanks.] Zero Hedge: “If You Thought 2020 Was Bad, Watch What Happens In 2021. Distractions abound, and the reset agenda looms, but I don’t see the globalists coming out of this unscathed. Too many people now know who they are and what they are up to.” Express co UK: “World War 3 news, predictions, date, coming, events.” ABC AU: “The ‘myth’ of the global order exposed by the rise of China. Despite wishing it so, China has not become like the West. It has grown richer, stronger and more authoritarian — and it has not been on the wrong side of history, writes Stan Grant.” NZ Herald: “How China’s trade attack on Australia is backfiring. Recent sanctions have hit Australia hard but also come with a price for China.” NewsComAu: “How China’s trade attack is backfiring. There is no doubt that recent trade attacks from China have hit Australia hard, but the sanctions also come with a price for Beijing, with the nation already experiencing some of the negative impacts.” Sky News Australia: “Major leak ‘exposes’ members and ‘lifts the lid’ on the Chinese Communist Party. A major leak containing a register with the details of nearly two million CCP members has occurred.” Zero Hedge: “Please Have Keys Made": Joe Biden Was Chinese Financier’s “Office Mate” According To Hunter Biden Email. Did Joe get along with Dong? Hunter Biden Subpoenaed Over Burisma, Two Dozen Other Entities. No leaks from this two-year investigation until after the 2020 election?” Epoch Times: “Facebook Fact-Checker Funded by Chinese Money Through TikTok.” Ivan Pentchoukov: “The “leak demonstrates party branches are embedded in some of the world’s biggest companies and even inside government agencies. “Communist party branches have been set up inside western companies, allowing the infiltration of those companies by CCP members.” CodeMonkeyZ: “The leak looks to be preparation for the 2018EO.” Mail Online: “Leaked files expose mass infiltration of UK firms by Chinese Communist Party including AstraZeneca, Rolls Royce, HSBC and Jaguar Land Rover. While there is no evidence that anyone on the party membership list has spied for China, and many sign up to boost their career prospects, experts say it defies credulity.” Project Time. Typhoon Investigations. Intelligence Report. September 29, 2020. [PDF Report on Hunter Biden’s associations with CCP.] A major leak containing a register with the details of nearly two million CCP members has occurred – exposing members who are now working all over the world, while also lifting the lid on how the party operates under Xi Jinping. [Wonder where this list is.] Disclose TV: “Details of an agreement between Switzerland and China that allowed Chinese “spies” to enter Switzerland at Swiss taxpayers’ expense have leaked this week (Guardian).” [Lol. Swiss won’t tolerate this further. Heads will roll.] Disclose TV: “Apparently, the full database - that has been passed to four media organizations - of the 2,000,000 Chinese Communist Party members who infiltrated the world, will reportedly be released to the public shortly. Will Big Tech ramp up the censorship machine again?” [And of course Big Corrupt Tech will censor.] Disclose TV: “Director of National Intelligence DNI Ratcliffe briefed members of the House and Senate intelligence committees “earlier this summer,” about the Chinese Communist Party’s blackmail strategy targeting lawmakers.” [DNI knows how badly all these fuckers have been blackmailed.] MG Show: “Banned Video Exposes Black Lives Matter Ties to the Chinese Communist Party.” Major Patriot: “In case you haven’t noticed, China is our enemy.” [Ok so the pdf only has 8,000 CCP members hmm. Been trying to upload the 2 million CCP list but it’s massive. Here it is.] DNI RATCLIFFE ON CHINA. UPGRADED. [The database itself is VERY REAL & disturbing. It lists the details of Communist Chinese Party members. U.S. media and politicians BURIED this report and largely did NOTHING to raise red flags. This comes amidst an Axios scoop of Chinese spies targeting the Democratic Party.] “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” -Isoroku Yamamoto, Japanese Marshal Admiral. Isoroku Yamamoto (4 April 1884 – 18 April 1943) was a Fleet Admiral and Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) during World War II. He was a graduate of the Imperial Japanese Naval Academy and an alumnus of the U.S. Naval War College and Harvard University. He died during an inspection tour of forward positions in the Solomon Islands when his transport aircraft was ambushed by American P-38 Lightning fighter planes. His death was a major blow to Japanese military morale during World War II. [Military / Law Enforcement / Civilian shooters. It’s funny how Civilians are always the best shooters.] Bad Kitty: “‘Trained Marxist’ Black Lives Matter co-founder, Alicia Garza, is being funded by group linked to the Chinese Communist Party. On a funding page for Black Future Labs, it reveals how it is ‘fiscally sponsored’ by the Chinese group.” Jon Miller: “Despite the virus, US deaths this year are literally no worse than they’ve been for the last 10, and may even be on track to go DOWN. 2010: 2.5M 2011: 2.5M 2012: 2.5M 2013 :2.6M 2014: 2.6M 2015: 2.7M 2016: 2.7M 2017: 2.8M 2018: 2.8M 2019: 2.9M 2020: 2.5M (as of Nov.)”

  35. Michael P Senger: “From Unrestricted Warfare by China’s top strategist: “foundations that were set up by transnational groups and millionaires… These foundations control the media, control subsidies to political organizations, and limit any resistance from authorities.” China 2049, Brookings Institute: “How will China reform its economy as it aspires to become the next economic superpower? It’s clear that China is the world’s next economic superpower.” Classified docs are going to the Think Tanks and they aren’t necessarily working with the president. They might as well be rogue CIA themselves. They’re creating policy. Washington Free Beacon: “Brookings Institution Partnered With Shanghai Policy Center Under Scrutiny for Spying. The Brookings Institution, a prominent Washington, D.C., think tank, partnered with a Shanghai policy center that the FBI has described as a front for China’s intelligence and spy recruitment operations.” Think Tank Watch: “Brookings partnered with Shanghai think tank under scrutiny for spying.” Reuters: “Head of Vatican financial regulator leaves job weeks after police raids. The Vatican said on Monday the head of its financial regulator would leave, weeks after unprecedented police raids on his organization and another key arm of the Catholic Church’s bureaucracy.” James Bulger (Hunter & Michael Lin’s biz partner) is the SON of Politician William Bulger (brother of mob boss Whitey Bulger, and good friends with John Kerry). NYT: “What Hunter Biden Did Was Legal — And That’s the Problem. We need a Washington Corrupt Practices Act to stop political families from self-dealing.” Rocket City Rules: “Are you forgetting the sanctions against Russia, why does he need to bad mouth someone when actions speak LOUDER than words, again, DO YOUR RESEARCH, look at the Brookings website, does someone need to help you. China is the # 1 threat, NOT Russia, but the Dems are in bed w/CCP.” Finews: “Pope and Swiss Enforcer Part Ways. The Swiss enforcer tasked with cleaning up the Vatican’s money dealings is stepping down. His departure comes following scrutiny of a $150 million London real estate deal by the Holy Sea.” Zzrggo: “The BROOKINGS INSTITUTE is a disgrace… It’s backed by the CCP……” OvertheMoonbat: “It was pushed by people who didn’t want the Indo-Pacific pivot. EU-First and NATO-First people in Brookings and Atlantic Council who had mutual interest with CCP, and have been receiving CCP funding (Huawei, etc.). Brookings ties with CCP run especially deep.” Nemesis: “I can afford to donate to NPR but 2020 is the last year I will donate to WLRN & WDET unless NPR stops broadcasting CCP propaganda using sound bites from KNOWN CORRUPTED think tanks like Brookings & Eurasia Grp. If I know, NPR knows who the bribed off “experts” are they use.” IFC: “Military Civil Fusion (MCF) is a key strategy for xixi to take over the world. Why’s the world not doing more? —— MCF, = “military is for civilian use, the civilian is military, and the military and civilian are fused.” US has tried to prevent that by revoking visas - but is this the way forward? Is it too extreme? Collaboration is great, but CCP’s attitude and ambition really cause security concerns the the world.” Boris_Badenoff: “Brookings has been taking money from CCP cutouts for years, roughly corresponding with their pro-China positions. Maybe it’s just coincidence? I am quite familiar with the laws of libel & slander after 25 years in the newspaper biz, thanks. Now bugger off!” Tom Cotton: “The liberal media is swooning over the “A-Team” of “hyper-competent” and “incredibly kind” Obama-Biden alums getting back together. These reporters and pundits were swooning over the same people a decade ago while they presided over absolute chaos abroad. These are the same people who knocked over Libya in 2011, leading to a decade of nightmarish civil war and jihadi terror. A case study in “competence.” While China militarized the South China Sea and openly revealed its ambitions for global dominance, this team wagged their fingers and fretted about the need for Beijing’s cooperation on climate change. As Kerry’s appointment shows, they’ll make the exact same mistake again. The same Obama-Biden experts stood by while ISIS established a caliphate and broadcast beheadings in the Middle East. They famously treated ISIS as the “JV team.” Maybe they were busy at the Aspen Ideas Festival while this situation got out of hand? The Obama-Biden brain trust also negotiated the nuclear deal with Iran. The Islamic Republic got cash up front for its terrorism abroad, in exchange for temporary nuclear restrictions that would’ve begun to sunset right now. The ayatollahs couldn’t believe their luck. This team spent its days toasting CCP officials and arranging Brookings internships for their kids, then seamlessly moved to the private sector to consult for companies shipping jobs from Ohio to Xinjiang. One thing’s for certain: Joe Biden’s Democratic dream team has a lot of fancy titles. They’ve worked in Washington a long time. But credentials are not the same thing as achievement. If this is the A-Team, we need walk-on tryouts immediately.” National Catholic Reporter: “Vatican financial watchdog signs accord with U.S. Treasury Department. In its latest bid to tackle corruption and increase transparency, the Vatican’s financial watchdog has signed a bilateral accord to exchange information with its counterpart in the U.S.” Gerard160: “And how well they abused their privileged to civilized nations world wide. Unleashing death on the entire world. Blood Money only goes so far. The world needs to open the gates of hell on CHINA economically. Brookings “norms”= keep the CCP cash flowing.” Halathor: “Nobody reads the Brookings Institute. Bought and paid for by the CCP anyway.” Preferred Pronoun “Doc” Platts: “Brookings is broken: “The Brookings report did at least disclose who provided support for the research-Support for this publication was generously provided by Huawei. In other words, Brookings praised Huawei’s technology in a report sponsored by Huawei.” Treasury Gov: “Agreement between the United States of America and the Holy See, Acting Also in the Name and on Behalf of the Vatican City State, to Improve International Tax Compliance and to Implement FATCA.” Maula: “This is the CCP’s ‘Cyber Pearl Harbor’ attack on the United States!” US under Biden ‘could reboot Canada-China ties’ by dropping Meng case. Canada’s former foreign minister tells webinar Huawei could be charged in the case instead of its chief financial officer, with release of two Canadians held in China sought. “Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management-John Thornton’s Keynote Speech at the Forum.” Miller Center: ”I want the Brookings Institute safe cleaned out.” President Nixon decided to put together a team, later known as the Plumbers, to gather and leak information about the people he suspected were conspiring against him. He also wanted the team to break into the Brookings Institution.” Anti-Elitist Bacon lover: “BrookingsInst ScottKratz Brookings Institute needs to be Raided by FBI. It’s unreal how this corrupt org has gone on this long. Every one in prison- NOW! Watch what happened at 57:19 in Stranahan’s broadcast: The Backstory : What Both Biden and Trump Got Wrong.” Lee Smith: “Consider context of Danchenko story—Qatar gives $14 mn to Brookings, but no problem even when Brookings head Indyk manages Obama peace process. Danchenko wants to impress Brookings researcher & FBI opens CI investigation re Russian compromise. If FBI isn’t corrupt, it’s obtuse. If FBI is looking at think-tanks for potential areas of compromise, it’s a waste of time. Foreign penetration—Iran, China, Qatar, etc—of DC research ctrs is open & no one, incl FBI, does anything about it. And btw, Danchenko story is BS: it was a pick-up line, not recruitment.” Evelyn4Trump: “Axios safe and secure unless they end up in a ditch, the postal worker throws them in the dumpster, they end up in the trunk of a rental car, the local officials are corrupt, the voter is bribed or coerced etc. yes these are actual and factual scenarios. Brookings = STEELE DOSSIER.” Larry Cluggins: “Unreal, this Judge is another Brookings Institution corrupt lemming. Appointed first by Bill Clinton and then by Obama. Has gone against Trump in every single case he has tried. Judge Randolph Moss. Add him to the DC Cabal list. Hates the 2nd Amendment as well.” Avery1776: “Also Brookings is connected to the corrupt Central Bank in Libya that is controlled by MB.” Dan B: “Baldings World “partnership (Brookings & Shanghai PC) raises questions about potential Chinese espionage activities at the think tank, which employs numerous former government officials and nearly two dozen current foreign policy advisers to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.” Password Hunter02: “John L. Thornton is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Brookings Institute. John Kerry’s wife Teresa Heinz & Diane Chinastein’s hubby Dick Blum r on the Brookings board as well. MSM r complaining what evil Putin & his Russian hackers did to America, now please compare it to China: Here’s What Chinese Actually Stole From U.S… Solar power technology Nuclear power plant technology Inside info of U.S business strategy. China also hacked data enabling the Chinese to outwit U.S regulators. Under Obama, China steals U.S underwater drone in South China Sea as Americans watched. Chinese spies engaged in massive theft of U.S technology from universities, using spies, students,& researchers as collectors… Obama weaken counterintelligence against foreign spies. In 2013, Chinese wind-turbine firmed was charged with stealing U.S trade secrets. NSA Details Chinese Cyber Theft Of F-35 Military Secrets… Chinese hackers pillaged U.S defense contractor works for critical data. Chinese Hackers Allegedly Stole a Boatload of U.S Submarine Warfare Secrets From a Navy Contractor. U.S Steel Says China Is Using Cyber Stealth to Steal Its Secrets. China Stole U.S Weapons Data, include nuclear warheads, the hue trim bombs & other strategic systems that it will use to produce weapons of its own. Chinese National Admits Straling Sensitive Military Program Documents From United Technologies. Instead of Hacking & Stealing, China also bribed dirty politicians to get what it wants: FLASHBACK: Bill Clinton Collected Donations…Then U.S Missile Tech Shipped to China. Breach at Los Alamos: A special report; China Stole neckwear Secrets For Bombs, the Clinton administration downplayed it. Chinese company pledged 2M to Clinton Foundation in 2013.. Billionaire Wang Wenliang is also a delegate to the Chinese Government. His firm owns a strategic port along the border with N.Korea. Don’t let China get away with this! Donald Trump. Chinese Hackers launched a wave of brute-force attacks on internet-connected devices during Trump-Putin collect audio or visual intelligence. FBI Director Christopher Wray Outlines China is Biggest Intelligence Threat.. How many dirty politicians r in the pocket of China? Obama’s Deputy of DHS Alejandro N. Mayorkas & Crooked’s brother Tony Rodham were under investigation of using influence to push the visa application made by the VP of Huawei. Huawei faces new challenge due to Facebook data scandal.. U.S government is worried about Facebook’s agreement with Huawei for sharing personal data of its customers. Huawei was founded by Ren Zhengfei, a former engineer in the People’s Liberation Army. U just caught a big fucking fish, don’t let go. See how China treats the Uighurs? The daughter of ChiCom Spy Head Ren Zhengfei’s daughter got arrested, China prepares to retaliate. My question: Did Crooked’s brother Tony & Obama’s deputy of DHS lobby to get her a visa into America? No, Theresa May, ur GCHQ has been compromised by the ChiComs, u need to expel Huawei the fuq out of ur country. Huawei forced to meet UK 5G Security demand. Japan mulls ban on government purchase of Huawei & ZTE equipment: Proposal to block Chinese tech groups follows arrest of Huawei’s CFO in Canada. Justice Department reportedly preparing to charge Chinese hackers for targeting US companies under the direction of Beijing. Huawei executive Sabrina Meng Wanzhou fraudulently represented company to skirt US & EU sanctions on Iran, court told in bail hearing: She faces multiple charges, each with a sentence of up to 30 years in prison. Why the hell would u need 7 passports if u were not a fucking Spy?! Huawei (company with history of spying on US industry )CFO Meng Wanzhou was charged with conspiracy to defraud multiple finance institutes. China and Iran: 2014. Iran uses China bank to transfer funds to Quds-linked companies: Quds provides arm, aid & training for Hezbollah, Hamas & Shi’ite Muslim militias in Iraq. Beijing picks Kunlun Bank to process billions of in oil payments to Iran. US Launches Crackdown On Chinese Economic Espionage: State-run Chinese company indicted for advanced semiconductor technology theft. This is a test for Justin Trudeau From Canada to prove that he does have a pair. China’s foreign ministry warns Canada of consequence if Huawei CFO not immediately released; Meng Wanzhou was arrested in B.C. last Saturday after extradition request from U.S. Ted Cruz: Huawei is a Communist Party spy agency thinly vieled as a telecom company. Its surveillance networks span the globe & its clients are rogue regimes such as Iran, Syria, North Korea & Cuba. The arrest of Huawei’s CFO Wanzhou Meng in Canada is both an opportunity & a challenge. Another example of how the ChiComs have infiltrated other countries’ schools & institutes. For long time national security’s sake, expel Huawei out of Canada!! Huawei is in partnership with leading Canadian universities as well as companies such as Telus, with whom it is developing 5G networks. Some experts say Canada could suffer retaliation or the cooling of relations with Beijing. Court documents for Huawei CFO. Summary of Facts: According to info obtained by US authorities- Huawei operated Skycom as an official subsidiary to conduct business in Iran. Former employees of Skycom stated that Skycom was not distincted from Huawei. The leadership of Skycom were Huawei employees. Documents showed that Skycom bank accounts were controlled by Huawei employees. “Managing Directors” for Skycom were Huawei employees. Skycom official documents, including several Memoranda of Understanding, bore the Huawei logo. Emails show that Skycom Business was conducted using “Huawei .com” email addressses. An entity Skycom was supposedly “sold” in 2009 was actually also controlled by Huawei until at least till 2014. From 2009 To 2014 Meng & other Huawei representatives repeatedly lied about the nature of the relationship between Huawei & Skycom & the fact that Skycom operated as Huawei’s Iran-based affiliate in order to continue to obtains banking services from multiple financial institutes. The motivation for these misrepresentations stemmed from Huawei’s need to move money out of countries they are subject to US or EU sanctions- such as Iran, Syria, or Sudan- thru the international banking system. Jan 2013. Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou daughter of founder Ren Zhengfei, served on the board of HongKong based Skycom Tech Co Ltd between Feb 2008 & Apr 2009. In late 2010, Skycom’s Office in Tehran offered to sell at lease 1.3M Euros of HP gears to MTC of Iran. US Department Of Justice letter regarding Meng Wanzhou. This Meng Wanzhou’s Vancouver property is Zero-Down. If u let her bail, u’ll never hear about her again! So the equity of Meng Wanzhou’s CAD$15M Vancouver mansion is just a little over CAD$1M. Is she using this property as collateral for bail? STINK TANK-How the Brookings Institute has been paid and played by Huawei. Remember,there are other “scholars” at Brookings whose spouses are paid (a lot) to teach CCP and PLA members English. Fantastic reporting here by Isaac Stone Fish! At the end of Issac’s piece, he provides a link that shows Huawei copyrighting Brooking’s slides. SHOCKINGLY, the link doesn’t work any more. Huawei and the Stink Tank are feverishly engaging in damage control. How can we trust the integrity of anything they have said/written?! Huawei Spy Meng Wanzhou purchased a Vancouver mansion with “0” down payment, which bank gave her the mortgage? Bill Browder’s HSBC! Jul 2013. James Comey HSBC Board Of Directors, a Russian based hedge fund scam. Her $15M mansion is just across the street of the Consulate-General Of People’s Republic Of China in Vancouver. Other property she has used for bail. Exclusive: Brookings has a Huawei problem. Between July 2016 and June 2018, Huawei gave at least $300,000 to Brookings, via FutureWei Technologies, Inc., a U.S.-based subsidiary of the company. In October 2017, Brookings published a report entitled Benefits and Best Practices of Safe City Innovation. The report praised Huawei technology – and was funded by Huawei. Someone I interviewed anonymously, who had spoken at a Huawei conference, says that they were paid $10,000 and flown business class for doing so. “That is the going rate,” they told me. Who else have been funding the Brookings? Qatar, the country funds Al Qaeda, ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah & Muslim Brotherhood!! Isn’t it weird that Wikipedia didn’t mention Huawei? Turns out who’ve been yelling Russia, Russia, Russia r in the pocket of ChiComs! So there’s a John L. Thornton China Center at the Brookings! Thornton is also a member of International Advisory Council Of the Chinese sovereign wealth fund China Investment Corporation. Did he help push One Belt One Road? I know it’s hard but her properties in Vancouver need to be raided ASAP, or all evidence will be destroyed. Dec 9, Police called to attempted break in at Vancouver house linked to Huawei CFO. Thornton retired as President of Goldman Sachs in 2003. He’s been a good friend of China’s No. 2 guy and the bridge between CCP and the Wall St.- there’s a lot dots to connect there. CFR. In 2009, John L. Thornton,who has a China Center in Brookings, became a member of the International Advisory Council of the Chinese Sovereign Wealth Fund China Investment Corporation (CIC). CIC’s management &board reports to the State Council of the People’s Republic Of China. How many at the Brookings’ve been attacking Trump over fake Russia collusion while its members (John L. Thornton & Kerry’s stepson Chris Heinz) r making money together with Putin over Megvii deal? Hunter Biden/Bohai Harvest’s business partner at Megvii - Russia-China Investment Fund (RCIF) was established in June 2012 by 2 government-backed Investment vehicles- • The Russian Direct Investment Fund • China Investment Corporation. Peter Schweizer. RCIF .com. Hunter Biden was accused by his ex wife of pissing away family fund on drugs, alcohol, prostitutes & strip clubs, who in their right mind would invest with such a loser? Unless he got something valuable to sell. June 20, 2019 Hunter Biden Still Active in Chinese- Sponsored Investment Fund Biden remains as a minority stakeholder in the Bohai Harvest, with current investment around $430,000. Hunter is the “DIRECTOR” of BHR Equity Investment Fund Management Company. Not a “small stakeholder”, thought I doubt Hunter knows how to manage anything. People will be shocked once the truth comes out who’s been benefiting from the Chinese Investment. See who Hunter Biden got his $80,000 diamond from? People tied to Ye Jianming are in jail, why isn’t Hunter? TRAIN WRECK- Hunter Biden’s new wife was living with her real estate developer boyfriend of two years before secretly marrying the former president’s son who she’d known for only “10 days.” Mellisa Cohen was living with Bob Mendez up until April of this year & the former couple were continuing to ‘hang out’ into May- then she met Hunter- just weeks after he had called it quits with his late brother Beau’s widow Hallie Biden in April. In case you haven’t seen this gem: Too late to save ur treasonous Iran Nuclear Deal. John Kerry says he is considering running for president in 2020. I bet u 1K Chris Heinz & Devon Archer’s real partner in Rosemont Seneca is Hussein Obama, not Hunter Biden. Hunter charged a certain % of Commission (or whatveryoumightcallit) from Obama. Hunter Biden’s wife SOBs in court as she details the collapse of her marriage: Kathleen accuses Hunter of spending 100s of 1,000s Of marital funds on ‘drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, strip clubs…’ Does he look like a multi-millionaire to you? According to NY Post, Rosemont Seneca & Bank Of China created a $1B investment fund called Bohai Harvest RST(BHR). How much % of Management fees an equity firm usually charges its clients? Has to be at least 10% right? Where had Hunter Biden’s money gone? And don’t forget, private equity firms charge their management fees “Annually”. Biden & Heinz set up Rosemont Seneca in 2009, how much money had it earned since? For all these years who had suddenly got rich, paid $8.1M for a D.C. mansion (overpriced by at least $1M)? If Melissa thought she’s marrying to a gold mine (China’s $1.5B Investment) there’s bad news, Hunter doesn’t own any property, he’s renting a place in DC from a Japanese company. Joe China still has $300K mortgage on his Delaware home. But someone paid $8.1 for a DC mansion. *8.1M, Damn!! Guess who overpaid for Joe Lockhart’s (BJ Clinton’s Press Secretary) DC mansion by at least $1M? Jun 20, 2019 OH MY! Hunter Biden Accused Of Fathering Child “ Bebay Doe”With Arkansas Women While He Was Dating His Dead Brother’s Wife. Last Month- Crack Pipe Found In Hunter Biden’s Rental Car, Just Days Before the 2016 Election- Authorities Declined to Prosecute. Joe Biden Son Hunter Reveals He Dated His Brother’s Widow After a Crack Binge, Details Drink & Drugs Sprees, And Tells How He Called His Dad After Marrying Girl Friend He Knew For Just A Week. Hunter Biden Admits To Taking Diamond Bribe From Shady Chinese Businessman - Media Silent The 2.8-carat diamond was reportedly worth $80,000, & was sent to Hunter in 2016 in exchange for making contacts in the liquified-natural-gas industry in the US. OMFG. You need to arrest Hunter Biden NOW!! The shady Chinese businessman who bribed Hunter with a diamond is the founder of China Energy Fund Committee (CEFC). Ye is under “detention” in China on charges of bribery. Ye’s (who bribed Hunter with a diamond) CEFC China Energy funded a H.K.-based think tank CEFC, an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic & Social Council of the UN. In Nov 2017, the US DOJ accused CEFC of offering $2M bribe to the President of Chad for oil rights. Ye Jianming has been detained in China since March 2018, his protege, former H.K. Secretary Of Home Affairs Patrick Ho, has been Indicted & convicted in the US of bribing the Foreign Minister of Uganda with $500,000. Why is Hunter Biden not in jail yet? Former Head of Organization Backed by Chinese Energy Conglomerate Convicted of International Bribery, Money Laundering Offenses | OPA | Department of Justice. Hong King ex-official Patrick Ho convicted in US over bribery scheme: Ho was convicted by a NY court Weds over a multi-million dollar scheme in Africa on behalf of a top Chinese energy company. “The Arrest by US authorities of one of HongKong’s top former officials Patrick Ho could become the highest profile corruption case involving China’s One Belt One Road Initiative.” Ho had received couple titles at the UN. He was a member of the Secretary-General’s high-level Advisory Group on sustainable transport. He’s also appointed into multi stakeholder Advisory grp of internet governance forum. The Ho led NGO China Energy Fund Committee (CEFC) is based in H.K. & Virginia, US. DOJ complains that some of the briberies were arranged in the halls of the UN. Defund UN!!! Mar 25, 2019 After Tearful Apology, Disgraced Hong Kong Official Patrick Ho Gets 3 Year Sentence & $400,000 Fine In UN (OBOR) Bribery & Money Laundering Case. Former Head Of Organisation Backed Chinese Energy Conglomerate Sentenced To Three Years In Prison For International Bribery And Money Laundering Offenses: Scheme to bribe the President of Chad & the President & Foreign Minister Of Uganda. ChiComs’ use of BGY tactics to invade & colonize the world: Blue- Spying Green- Bribery Yellow- Sexpot. Ho’s partner in crime Sheri Yan, her hubby worked for one of the Five Eyes. Secret ASIO Raid On The ‘Queen’ Of The Chinese-Australia Social Scene Uncovers 1,000s Of Classified Documents. Patrick Ho has been singing like a canary! Former Chinese Diplomat and Head Of U.S. Operations For Chinese Construction Business Convicted Of Engaging In Forced Labor And Related Charges By A Federal Jury. How many Clinton Foundation donors been prosecuted? One of his companies, Rilin Enterprises, donated $2 million to the Clinton Foundation in 2013. That same year, another Wenliang outfit, Dandong Port Co., contributed 120,000 to longtime Clinton ally Terry McAuliffe’s campaign for Virginia governor. Prosecutors said Clinton Foundation donor US Rilin hired Chinese workers who received visa solely to perform construction work at China’s UN mission or other diplomatic facilities. Instead, the company used these workers to do private contracting work. Among the sites was a Long Island mansion owned by Qin Fei, a business associate of Ng Lap Seng, a Macau billionaire Facing US charges of bribing an ex-UN General Assembly President. Which ex President Of UN General Assembly received bribes from Ng Lap Seng? One John Ashe, who died suspiciously the day before he was scheduled to testify against Hillary Clinton! Ng paid millions of to 2 UN ambassadors to clear away red tape so he could build a conference center in Macau that would be the “Geneva Of Asia”. His attorney blamed John Ashe & Dominic Republic Ambassador Francis Lorenzo for abusing their ties with Ng. WTF should US taxpayers foot the bill so the ChiComs could use UN as their BGY (Spying, Bribing, Sexpotting) playground? Mar 2016 Suspended Dominican Republic UN Ambassador Francis Lorenzo Pleads Guilty To Role In Bribery Scheme As Probe Widens. China Syndrome: Rise & Fall of a Clinton Conspirator By 1994, Ng Lap Seng had found a partner in Little Rock restauranteur Charlie Trie. Ng wired over $1M from accounts in Macau & H.K. To Trie’s account, then funneled 100s Of 1,000s to the DNC. The donations won Ng 10 visits to the WH between 1994 & 1996. In 1995, Ng & Trie organized a reception for them Commerce Secretary Ron Brown Hotel Shangri-La In H.K. In 1996, they were seating next to POTUS Clinton at a fundraiser in DC. Clinton Body Bag # ? Apr 4, 1996 Ten Bodies Pulled From The Wreckage Of The US Air Force T-43 That Had Been Carrying US Commerce Secretary Ron Brown & 32 Others The plane crashed in rocky terrain near Velji Dol, Croatia. “The more you know the Clintons, the sooner you will die.” Ron Brown’s confident Nolanda Hill told her story to ex WSJ & WaPo reporter Jack Cashill, writing on the 10th anniversary of Brown’s Likely Assassination. Gen. Ji said: “We really like your president (Clinton). We hope he will be re-elected. I will give you $300,000 US Dollars. You can give it to your president & the Democratic Party.” The sprawling fundraising scandal ultimately led to 22 guilty pleas on various violations. Chinese-Australian Billionaire Involved In UN Bribery Case: The Chair Of AUS’ Intel & SecCom tells parliament Chau Chak Wing has links with China’s Communist Party & conspired to Bribe Ex UN President John Ashe. 2016 90s Scandal returns to haunt the Clintons- Chinese billionaire Ng Lap Seng who made illegal donations to BJ’s re-election campaign faces Congress probed if China was trying to influence the 2016 election after Ng’s arrest by FBI over UN bribery. Billionaire Ng, who was in Federal Court in Manhattan, fled the country to avoid giving Congressional Testimony. Ng’s attorney Hugh Hu Ho, who’s also represented the Chinese Government entities, said he would oppose any efforts by Congress to question his client. Ng was arrested in NY, 2015 & charged with bringing suitcases of cash to the US to bribe UN officials including John Ashs, the former UN General Assembly President. Prosecutors said the scheme also involved Chinese Government Officials. Chinese billionaire Ng Lap Seng, who’d been accused over illegal campaign donation in the 90s, & arrested & convicted of bribing UN Officials. Ng is a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. UN Bribery Scandal Implicates China’s Communist Party’s Jiang Faction: Ng’s UN Bribery scheme also led to the imprisonment of the nephew of Macau’s King of Casino Stanley Ho. It’s All Connected!! Who is Stanley Ho? His daughter Pansy Ho is business partner of Obama pal Jim Murren, Heather’s husband. April 2016: Lame duck Obama announced more key administration posts (?!), one of them was Heather Murren, O’s Member Of Commission On Enhancing National Cybersecurity. Before that, in Dec 2013: Obama appointed Jim Murren (Heather’s husband) to National Infrastructure Advisory Council Council. Murren’d been Chairman/CEO of MGM Resort International since 2008. He is member of board of trustees of Brookings Institute. 2011: MGM China prices $1.5B IPO at top end as sector booms… In the photo r Co-chairman & Executive Director Jim Murren, Chairperson & ED Pansy Ho, CEO & ED Grant Bowie. Who is Pansy Ho? PS is a billionaire businesswoman from Macao, her father is Stanley Ho, founder of Sun Tak Holdings & the Sociedade de Turismo e Devosoes de Macao. Pansy Ho owns 29% of the MGM Grand Macao, an association which has proven controversial for business partner MGM Mirage. Nevada’s Gaming Control Board & Gaming Commission held extensive hearings in Mar 07 in the matters of MGM’s partnership with Ho. Pansy Ho was barred from running game business in New Jersey due to State gaming regulators’ conclusion that her father has extensive ties to organized crime & MGM was ordered to disengage itself from any business association with her. Ho’s father Stanley was also named by the Canadian Government as having link to the King Lok Triad (Chinese Mafia). So Obama hired Jim Murren as his National Infrastructure Adviser with full knowledge that he had worked for a Chinese billionaire who was rejected by Canada & the state of New Jersey due to her deep ties to the mafia Triad! Obama pal Jim Murren’s business Pansy Ho is also a standing committee member of Beijing Municipal Committee of Chinese People’s Political Consultive Conference! A standing committee member of All-China Federation of Jndustry & Commerce. Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Conference. Chinese intelligence Services & Triads Financial Links in Canada. In 1997, POTUS Bill Clinton personally accepted $250,000 from Stanley Ho, a Macao gambling tycoon whom Canadian Police identified as leader of a Chinese triad. 2017: Billion Dollar Vegas Company Tied to Terrorism Organization? MGM CEO Jim Murren is donating shareholder money to CAIR ,which was named by the Justice Department as an “un-indicted co-conspirator to Muslim Terrorism. MGM ( which also owns Mandalay Bay) CEO & Obama pal Jim Murren sends employees a letter explaining why he’s suing Vegas attack victims. WTF?! Pansy Ho’s father Stanley Ho owns 19 casinos in Macao, including Grand Lisboa,Ho has been nicknamed Godfather & King of Gambling. He is also the founder & chairman of Shun Tak Holdings. He’s also invested in Portugal, China & Pyongyang, N. Korea. Stanley Ho’s political ties to China: He’s a Standing Committee member of the 9th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. Mysterious Links Between Macao, N. Korea & Iraq: A few days before the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, Pyongyang offered asylum to Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein saying it would give him a mountain to live on. The unexpected intermediary was Stanley Ho. 2005, U.S. Probes Banks’ North Korea Ties: One of them is Seng Heng Bank Limited, controlled by Stanley Ho. North Korea’s deadly partnership with Iran: Nov 2017, N. Korea’s Kim Yong Nam at the inauguration of Hassan Rouhani, this is not Yong Nam’s 1st trip to Iran, he also visited Iran in 2012 to attend the non-aligned movement’s summit in Tehran. North Korea: Iran’s Pathway to a Nuclear Weapon. Why did lame duck Obama hire Heather Murren into his Commission on Enhacing National Cybersecurity knowing that her hubby Jim’s partner Pansy Ho’s ties to N. Korea & Iran & N. Korea was cyberattacking America? Remember this? Iran Threatened to Name Politicians Who Took Bribes to Pass Nuclear Deal? Many on Twatter have been asking this question: How did the Obama Gang got their kickbacks from the Iran Nuclear Deal? Just my speculation. 2005, U.S. Probes Banks’ North Korea Ties: One of them is Seng Heng Bank Limited, controlled by Stanley Ho. Obama has unusual interest in the casino business, especially when it ties to MGM, Pansy & Stanley Ho. 05/26/16 The Grand Ho Tram Strip inks US$75 mln MOU with Cotec Construction In the wake of United States President Barack Obama’s visit to Vietnam The Grand Ho Tram Strip has signed a MOU. Tony Podesta joined the Board of Directors tied to Ho Tram Strip in Vietnam in September 2016. POTUS’s attorney also accepted invitation and backed out in response to election results. Vietnam’s MGM Grand Ho Tram Resort: What do Wall St money men, an ex MGM hotshot, a former Prime Minister of Canada & an upstart Vancouver Developer in common? A multi-billion Dollar Vietnamese Resort of course. Jetstar Hong Kong announces Pansy Ho (with ties to the Mafia Triad, China, N. Korea, Iran) as Chairman: Pansy is Obama pal Jim Murren’s business partner who also owns MGM Macau. May 2016: Obama ends a decades long U.S. arms embargo on Vietnam. So in May 2016 Obama visited Vietnam. Sept 2016, Tony Podesta joined the Asia Coast Development board, a partner of MGN, Pansy Ho (with deep ties to Triad, Macau, China, N. Korea, Iran). Nov 2010, Jim Murren of MGM traveled to Vietnam with his consultations, designers & construction teams. Jul 2013, The Grand- Ho Tram Strip opened. Dec 2013, Obama appointed Jim Murren to National Infrastructure Advisory Council. Stanley Ho also gave BJ Clinton 250,000. Dan Zhong, Clinton Foundation Donor, Former Chinese Diplomate & Head of US Operations For Chinese Business Sentenced To 190 Months In Prison for Engaging in Forced Labor & Related Charges. Ho’s co-conspirator in bribing U.N. officials, Sheri Yan gets 20 Months In Prison. She was married to an agent of the Five Eyes! FBI, DOJ - when can we see your pre-dawn raid of Hunter Biden’s home? Ho’s partner in crime Sheri Yan, her hubby worked for one of the Five Eyes. Secret ASIO Raid On The ‘Queen’ Of The Chinese-Australia Social Scene Uncovers 1,000s Of Classified Documents. Some Clinton Foundation donors also involved in the UN bribery scheme. And Joe “China” Biden is still running for President! Which ex President Of UN General Assembly received bribes from Ng Lap Seng? One John Ashe, who died suspiciously the day before he was scheduled to testify against Hillary Clinton! According to NYT, Ye Jianming had met Joe Biden’s Family while he was the VP! “This is a guy who courted & maintained networks with the People’s Liberation Army& took the strategy of ‘friends in high places’.” Many who met Ye believe he was the grandson of a famous Chinese military leader Marshal Ye Jianying, a hero of China’s Communist revolution. My friend just reminded me that there’s a possibility that China detains Ye to protect Hunter Biden, hence Joe’s candidacy. OMG! Hunter Biden represented Patrick Ho in the U.N. bribery case? Jul 8, 2019 John Solomon FilesLawsuit To Uncover State Dept Records On Hunter Biden’s Ukraine Contracts And Work In 2017, after leaving the office, Joe Biden bragged about strong-arming the govt of Ukraine to fire its top prosecutor. Never forget, under the Obama & Biden regime, America paid billions of of aid to Ukraine with no strings attacked, China took Ukraine’s rail lines, ferries, ports, a deep sea terminal & Sevastopol sea terminal. Chinese Money Keeps Coal Mines Humming- Obama & Joe Biden killed American coal industry. Hunter Biden & Chris Heinz’s Bohai Harvest invests yuuuuge & controls China’s state-owned Yancoal! Aug 15, 2019 Grassley Invoking ‘Uranium One’, Probes Biden-Linked Sale Of Sensitive Tech Company To China. Hunter Biden’s Bohai Harvest is among the select few that has participated in China’s State-Owned Enterprises pilot reform involving the spinning off of the non-oil busines segments of Sinopec Group into a separate Sinopec Marketing Corp. Hunter Biden’s BHR portfolio, including new investments. Nice, Hunter Biden’s Bohai Harvest has invested in China’s CATL- the world’s 1st & largest provider of electric car batteries. BMW annouced In 2018 that it world buy €4B worth of batteries from CATL. Why would CATL need Hunter’s money? Hunter Biden’s BHR also invests in China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN). In Nov 2015, CGN acquired Malaysia’s 1MBD energy assets. In 2016, DOJ charged CGN with stealing nuclear secrets from the US stretching back almost 2 decades. In Aug 2019, the US Dept of Commerce added CGN (Hunter Biden’s Investment) To its “entity list”, barring US companies from selling products to CGN. Why the hell Hunter’s Investments always involved in stealing US trade/military secret? (AVIC hacked F-22, F-35 intel). Hinkley Point C: Case against Chinese firm CGN (Hunter’s investment) has the feel of a modern spy thriller. According to the indictment, CGN Spy/senior advisor Allen Ho operated from a large mansion in the suburbs of “Wilmington, Delaware.” Had CGN spy Allen Ho been a neighbor of the Bidens in Wilmington, Delaware? Do they know each other? Ho’s effort began in 1997& only ended with his arrest in April 2016. Ho was alleged to recruit 6 nuclear specialists to unlawfully develop special nuke material outside US. Nov 2015 1MBD: Scandal-Hit Malaysia fund seals China deal for power assets- The agreement with CGN hands over a keystone of sovereign-backed 1MBD’s activities to a CCP state buyer. I’ve always said CCP sent Jho Low to raid 1MBD fund & debt-trap Malaysia. In case you haven’t heard of the 1MBD scandal. 1MBD Scandal Reaches Obama’s White House: Frank B. White, a prominent Democratic fundraiser who allegedly took millions in embezzled 1MBD Funds, visited Obama in the WH, along with Malaysian PM Najib Razak, Leonardo Decaprio & Martin Scorsese. People involved in 1MBD scandal- A rapper turned Obama & Clinton Donor (Pras Michel), DNC fundraiser/donor (Frank White), DOJ agent (George Higgenbothem), Tarek/Nawaf Obaid (who gave Mifsud his job in Link Campus), Prince Turki bin Abdullah, Goldman Sachs. How a Member of the Fugees Got Caught Up in Pro-China Lobbying - Mother Jones. And Jamal Khashoggi! What a small world, Hunter Biden & Uncle Joe!! Jamal Khashoggi & Former Malaysian PM Najib Razak. On Jul 3, 2018, Najib was Arrested by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, over how US$10.6M went from 1MBD into his bank account Police seized 1,400 necklaces,567 handbags,423 watches,2,200 rings,1,600 broches worth $273M. Aug 2017 US Nuclear Engineer Allen Ho, Who’d Been Living in Wilmington, Delaware. For Decades, Sentenced To 24 Months In Prison For Helping China’s CGN, Which Hunter Biden Partly Owns, to Illegally Develop Special Nuke Material Outside of US. The Trump administration has put Nazi China’s State-owned CGN (partly owned by Hunter) on sanction list. Here’s more- Hunter Biden’s Chinese portfolio, Trump needs to sanction the hell out of every one of them! Sept 4, 2019 Nazi china mouth piece SCMP confirms Joe Biden son listed as director of china-backed equity firm. Pictures of Hunter Biden have been removed from the website of BHR but role is unchanged. Russia took Crimea right after the wife of Moscow Mayor wired $3.5 million into Hunter Biden’s company account. Feb 14, 2014, Mayor Luzhkov’s wife Yelena Baturina wired $3.5M Rosemont Seneca Thornton LLC bank account. • Feb 18, 2014, Euromaidan Revolution took place. • Mar 18, 2014, Russian President Putin signed treaty of accession with Crimea leaders. May 12, 2014. Hunter Biden joined the Burisma Board. May 13, 2014. Chris Heinz , stepson of Secretary of State John Kerry, who’s Hunter’s business partner at Rosemont Seneca Thornton, emailed to Kerry’s Chief of Staff, to distance himself from the decision. Burisma’s Founder & President Mykola Zlochevsky was Ukraine’s Minister of Natural Resources under pro-Russia PM Victor Yanukovitch, he also served as Deputy Secretary on the National Security & Defense Council. After Yury Luzhkov died in Dec 2019, Putin issued statement praising the Hunter Biden Russian handler’s longtime effort for uniting Crimea with Russia. Luzhkov also sided with Yeltsin during the 1991 attempt by KGB to overthrow reformist Gorbachev. Laundromat: The Russian Banks and Putin’s Cousin The biggest money-laundering op yet uncovered involved Russian Land Bank (RZB), before 2011, RZB was owned by Luzhkov’s wife Baturina who wired $3.5M to Hunter. On Sept 2010, Luzhkov was fired from his post as Mayor of Moscow by Pres. Medvedev over corruption. In 2011, the RZB board with a new set of shareholders led by Alexander Grigoriev ousted Baturina. Grigoriev brought his own team of managers including Putin’s cousin Igor Putin. Putin-tied Russian Direct Investment Fund & Hunter Biden. Also in 2014, After Russia took Crimea. Economic Sanctions Spare Western-Tied Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF). Ex Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, longtime Obama confidante was listed in corporate doc as a fund advisor. Alexander Vindman was working at thé US embassy in Moscow when the wife of former mayor wired $3.5M to Hunter Biden, right before Russia took Crimea. Weird but not weird coincidence: Trump haters General Zwack & Lt. Col Vindman were working at the US embassy in Moscow at the time Hunter Biden was getting 3.5 million from the mayors wife. Court records reveal Devon Archer (Hunter Biden) got a whole lot more than $3.5 million from Oligarch Baturina. Biden’s MUST answer why Russia’s richest female billionaire oligarch paid potentially HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS while Joe was VP. During Joe Biden’s visit to Ukraine on Apr 22, 2014, there were divided opinions in Kazakhstan over Russia’s annexation of Crimea. The same day, Novatus Holding, owned by Kenges Rakishev of Kazhaghstan, wired $142,300 to Hunter’s Rosemont Seneca. The Kazakh govt reportedly shifted position over time. Rakishev is the son-in-law of now-retired Mayor of Astana (capital of Kazakhstan) Imangali Tasmagambetov. Tasmagambetov later served as Kazakh Ambassador to Russia. Kenges Rakishev, Hunter, Joe & Kazakh PM Karim Massimov. BTW, Karim Massimov is the “Fucking Spy Chief” of Kazakhstan. What does he have on the Bidens? “The Kazakh NSC was created in accordance with a law passed by parliament in 1992 which authorized the establishment of an agency to replace the KGB. Its first head, Bulat Baekenov, has worked for the KGB for over 2 decades.” Brookings is a spy hub where the Chinazis buy intel & political influence. David Kramer, fmr Director of State Dept Policy Planning, Brookings. June 28, 2018 Three Convicted In Manhattan Federal Court For The Fraudulent Issuance And Sale Of More Than $60 Million Of Tribal Bonds One of them is Devon Archer, ex aid of John Kerry, business partner of Chris Heinz & Hunter Biden in Rosemont Seneca. Devon Archer, along with Hunter Biden, also sat on the board of one of Ukraine’s largest natural gas company Burisma Holdings. WTF?! Nov 16, 2018 Obama Judge Overturns the Conviction of Devon Archer on Charges That He Helped Run a Scheme To Defraud a Native American Tribe & Multiple Pension Funds- Even his co-conspirator John Galanis has pleaded guilty & sentenced. In 2011, Sen Gillibrand recommended corrupt judge Ronnie Abrams to a judicial vacancy on the US District Court of Southern District Of NY, later formally nominated by Obama. Her husband Greg Andres had served at Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel. Unearthed 2014 pic show Joe Biden & his son Hunter golfing with Devon Archer who served on the Ukraine’s Burisma Board- Later, Archer’s conviction of selling fake bonds would be overturned by Obama appointed (when Joe was VP) Judge Ronnie Abrams. When Ben Tallmadge told us that a 44 appointee dismissed the case against Devon I didn’t catch the part that the judge was Hunter’s old classmate from Yale.”

  36. Jay: “Anyone know if this is a Buff being refueled off the coast of California? I know most, if not all, have hex codes starting with AE58.” [Roosevelt.] USS Theodore Roosevelt searching for sailor who may have gone overboard. Navy crews on Thursday were reportedly searching for a sailor from the USS Theodore Roosevelt who may have gone overboard off the coast of Southern California. [Maybe he was recruited? Ugh I mean, that’s literally one of the worst ways to do it. Also procedure for going overboard is to float on your back. Never swim towards the carrier or destroyer or you will become mince meat after the propellers have their way with you. What’s going on with the Aussies? I’ll take a closer look. For me it was this paragraph: “This significant step not only demonstrates the strong interoperability we have with the United States, but the Royal Australian Navy is the first Navy outside of the US Navy to conduct Cooperative Engagements Capability missiles firings here in Australia." It’s like they’re making the point that not only are they allies, but they’re very close allies. Aviation and Naval Assets: “FBI leaves Fulton County and Kalitta charter arrives. Kalitta is a military contractor charter for cargo and troops.” Relentless Truth: “Lets talk about D.U.M.B.S Underground networks within the planet. Keep in mind this was three decades ago. If you don’t know who Phil Schneider is… I suggest you dig.” Jim Muscle: “More possible shot sounds. I wasn’t sure if it was a gun. But there were no fireworks or party afterwards. Just those 7 shots. I recorded a few.” Top U.S. & World News: “’Loud boom’ heard in southern Tennessee likely a meteor: Kevin Fisher was sitting out by a fire in his backyard on the Walton Ferry peninsula late Saturday when he saw a flash of light followed by a sonorous boom.” Normal Fireworks Don’t make the Electrical Grid Flicker. Jim Muscle: “More air battles in Charlotte.” This guy has a ton of stuff on his threads about helicopters and all sorts of weird stuff happening near him. Definitely sounds like possible bug hot spot. Definitely good to make a list of folks like this person who posts a lot. Seems a little paranoid but then again he’s noticing a lot going on that everyone else wants to pretend is not there. Hope he never never goes beyond posting and stays smart not going out to investigate. But check his other posts about gun shots and night military action. He knows something is up. I always find good stuff reading down the threads. He knows part of the puzzle. I used him primarily on Earthquakes nights in DTLA. Jim Muscle: “At around 8 seconds into the video. There is a small gun shot noise. He fired 3 single shots. I was working when this happened. About 8 seconds into the video. Listen closely for a single shot.” When they use tactical nukes underground. Sounds like he very well may be paranoid and really being messed with based off his posts. I know I was when I was finding out too much and stepping into certain territory that others did not want just every day folks stumbling into. Paranoid or concerned for good reason I mean. If he knew the colors of the factions or where the tunnels are he would understand. Or the more important thing is to prepare and what’s on the edge right now. Black world invisible war battles are almost about to spill into bubble world. We’re so close. People are clueless for the most part. Agreed. From Wizards: Just a hint how bad things are. You know The Getty (Museum) is an underground entrance. Google Getty and see what shows up on News. “John Gilbert Getty, heir to the Getty oil fortune, dead at 52. John Gilbert Getty — an heir to the Getty oil fortune — reportedly died in Texas on Friday. He was 52.:” “Steven D. Kelley Underground City at the Getty Museum. Whistleblower Steven D. Kelley talks about his first hand experience in the firearm and optic RvesvesD industry and how it lead him to deep place underground figuratively and literally in this.” Just like I said, everything is hidden in plain sight. NYT, 1998: “The Getty’s Hidden World of Wizardry; With X-Rays and Spray Booths, Experts Study and Treat Artworks.” So any word about the possible Maine incident or no confirmation of what happened? I mean we have to remember we may not have verification but does not take away from the very real chance they already tried to enter in through Canada. Someone on twitter said China is not likely to nuke us because they want our farm land. So land invasion made more sense. It’s actually a good possibility to consider. Any word yet about Maine? I can’t comment on it. I posted what I’m allowed to post. 2 days ago. Gotcha your answer speaks to me so I’ll make my own mental note. All good. Connecting dots it’s a big part about controlling dumbs. Also what better way but to nuke and destroy entry points into USA from the borders. Ding ding ding!!! My deduction they could only try to move in through the tunnels. Tried and failed. Bam!! I would only go into the tunnels if it was with a Tier 1 team, them fully marked, me unarmed in the center. All of us wearing DragonSkin, me leading. You’re the only 1 I’d trust to pick train and lead a team like that. But we send the robots in first as always. I think an EMP attack is more likely than a nuke attack. Also attacking from the inside. But that’s why there has been the hunt for club Ks. I love and cheer on the troops nightly fighting this good fight. But let’s not forget the ones preparing to defend our nation here when it really revs up. I talked to First sergeant today out of NY he oddly enough was training his men on old surpluses which I found interesting but with National / Reserves and Active all being trained on more than one rifle system of higher caliber. They are all getting ready. All of the countries. Normies / citizens in the bubble world clueless. What’s the most recent update of timelines and possible outplays in this next week based on all newest information? So to me it’s troubling that they are breaking out M1903’s. Including everything else above it as a service rifle. So if a First sergeant is teaching 1903s that means anyone serving is currently being trained on surplus weapons. Meaning previous generation service rifles. So the first target publicly will be… anyone? Guess? What target? Ammunition? Exactly. “Lake City Army Ammunition Plant. U.S. government-owned facility in Independence, MO to manufacture and test small caliber ammunition for the U.S. Army.” Any fireworks near Independence, MO? Working on locations, just a sec. Had to grab a snack. Any previously from your list in Missouri? Five days ago. 11/21, 11/18 Kansas City, MO; 11/26, 11/20 St Louis, MO; 11/19 Washington, MO. How close to Lake City? The target is Lake City Ammunition. I would put money in the prediction markets that if this war goes hot and into the white world they will hit Lake City. JLH: “What in true hell was that thunderous horn sounding in dtla?!” Search DTLA by latest. They are scrubbing. Shit. They’ve scrubbed. That’s all I can find. Shit. Damn you JSOC!!!