Azazel News #Recap 12/12/2020

  1. “Freedom is essential. Everything else is negotiable.”

  2. Rep. Jim Jordan: ‘It Seems Like Democrats Get Defensive Briefings; Republicans Get Set Up.”

  3. US House passes bill to tear down judiciary’s paywall. Bill would require judiciary to overhaul PACER site and make it free by 2025.

  4. New rule could allow gas, firing squads for US executions. The Justice Department is quietly amending its execution protocols, no longer requiring federal death sentences to be carried out by lethal injection.

  5. MSM catching up. Seaside Folley: “Vladimir Putin’s ‘doomsday plane’ broken into, robbed of equipment.” Russia launched an intercontinental ballistic missile from a nuclear submarine on Wednesday,. It was part of planned war-game exercises carried out by the the armed forces.

  6. Amanda Golden: “Just before noon at the Freedom Plaza in DC for the “March for Trump.” Crowd is chanting “USA!” and “Stop The Steal” ahead of things officially kicking off. Members of the far-right group Proud Boys can be seen throughout the crowd. Covering today on MSNBC.”

  7. I bet none of this bullshit happens in Mexico or Colombia because the cartels have balls and would not put up with any of this collective shit that harms the population. Can confirm. My Colombian connects say… no masks, no lockdowns/ins… government can’t enforce it, won’t implement it. Some people are wearing masks though, most are not.

  8. Arash Karami: “Wow, Iran executed Rohollah Zam, the operator of a Telegram channel that became popular during recent protests.” Disclose TV: “Iran is putting its air defenses on alert after U.S. B-52 bombers enter the region, threatening that “any incursion into Iranian airspace will be met with an immediate response.”

  9. Sorry - newish to your channel and haven’t figured out the Popeye reference. Any additional info? I know mate - I am perpetually days behind. Weather warfare. Assuming it references mobile HAARP facilities as well? Or some other weapon I am unaware of? The direct energy space weapons possibly? Thanks my friend.

  10. Rare earthquakes detected near Mount Taranaki, New Zealand. Two small earthquakes were registered near New Zealand’s Mount Taranaki this week-- weak and shallow M3.2 on December 8, 2020, and M1.6 on December 11. According to GeoNet, earthquakes near the volcano are considered rare. [Godspeed.]

  11. Violence breaks out at Wistron Corp’s iPhone manufacturing plant near Bengaluru. The iPhone manufacturing plant, run by Taiwan-based tech giant Wistron Corporation at Narsapura (around 60 km from Bengaluru) came under attack on Saturday. [I’m sorry, junior. Guess you won’t be getting that iPhone for Xmas.]

  12. Bitsy423: “Hal Turner Radio Show - TRUCKERS TO BLOCKADE CITIES OVER ELECTION FRAUD; BEGINS IN ATLANTA SATURDAY!” “You can support truckers here: We do not demand president Trump. We demand full audit of every single vote in this country. If audit proved legitimacy of Biden votes, we recognize him as a president. If you decline audit request - you prove that the vote was fraudulent.”

  13. POTUS: “If Biden gets in, nothing will happen to Hunter or Joe. Barr will do nothing, and the new group of partisan killers coming in will quickly kill it all. Same thing with Durham. We caught them cold, spying, treason and more (the hard part), but “Justice” took too long. Will be DOA!” FOX NEWS: There are now currently at least 4 Federal Criminal Investigations into the Biden Family.

  14. POTUS’s tweets are now unable to be upvoted. Literally cannot like or comment on them now. Dorsey will meet his end soon. Now you can like again. Cowboyw2b: “POTUS’ tweet is reminiscent of John Paul Jones quote, “I have not yet begun to fight.” Note timestamp = 8:47. Drop 847 = WATCH the water.” Trump: “ WE HAVE JUST BEGUN TO FIGHT!!!” Quit with the cope and prepare for a Biden presidency friend. With THE attitude! LOL!

  15. EWillHelpYou: “You have long sought action to match the rhetoric. You will find it just ahead. Be Ready.” [Everyone here should have months of food/water by now but….] Hotel3_: “I was just informed from more than one reliable source that this weekend would be a very good time to stock up. Two weeks food, water, meds, essentials. Possibly more if things go south. I am merely relaying credible (IMO) info. I for one will be heading this advice. Please do.”

  16. FOX 5 DC: “Popular snack producer warns of possible cookie shortage ahead of holidays.” Matthew Champion: “Wait, this is real? the Daily Mail wants us to give up on pizza and replace it with… toast and chips?” Michael Govern Ready: “OK. So we invade. No flan left behind. “British food trapped in Europe as port chaos spreads - Food meant for British supermarkets is becoming trapped in Europe as shipping lines refuse to release goods for transport back to the UK.”

  17. George Washington (February 22, 1732– December 14, 1799). OTD 1799: Two days before his death, George Washington composed his last letter, to Alexander Hamilton, his aide-de-camp during the Revolution and later his Secretary of the Treasury. In the letter he urged Hamilton to work for the establishment of a national military academy. Washington wrote that letter at the end of a long, cold day of snow, sleet and rain that he had spent out-of-doors. He remained outside for more than five hours, according to his secretary Tobias Lear, did not change out of his wet clothes or dry his hair when he returned home. Today is December 12th, 2020. Over 221 years ago. That is why we do Army vs Navy today.

  18. FOX 5 Atlanta: “Would you take a COVID-19 vaccine in exchange for another stimulus check? Proposal suggests giving $1500 stimulus checks in exchange for taking COVID vaccine.” [Bring out the guillotine. I agree. Blatant disregard for their constituencies and use of psyops to scare the people into submission. It is a scary thing to be in this unfree America. Critical thinking and individuality is demonized. Hmm. I am here searching for more meaning to this madness. I see a fight against a primal force like ancient men and women fought for meaning against thunderstorms and tornadoes… we fight against this strange feeling that politicians are playing Nintendo, and my emotions and energy are Mario. Taxes make us sheep. This extra psyop nonsense is too far. I just don’t know anymore.]

  19. JP Sears: “One day after Facebook threatens to deplatform me, the CEO and founder of Pearlier reaches out to share appreciation for me being on his platform. I think it’s clear which platform cares about people, freedom, and the first amendment! PS follow me on Parler awakenwithjp. It’s censorship free and welcomes free thought, rather than only what repeats the mainstream/communist narrative. I don’t like communism. I like Parler.” John Matze: “AwakenwithJP, we are all glad to have you hear. Comedy has really come under attack the past few years. First due to political correctness, then due to cancel culture, and now due to politics… Unfortunately, YouTube and the censorship powers are trying to kill comedy. Carry on.” [Not too shabby.] Facebook mistakes historical society for right-wing militia group. The social media company disabled the Facebook accounts of the group’s administrators.

  20. Would all HDs normally stay out of a secured perimeter and leave you alone, or do I need to set traps? This shit is starting to freak me out. Dog acting crazy and not sleeping outside anymore even though she loves snow. Perimeter? What perimeter? Our rules don’t apply to them, unless you had IR perimeter security like they have at the White House or at a Black Site or Area 51. That HD is going to Waltz right on in and do what the fuck he/she wants. And they do because I post the Nukes Top 5 weekly. Keep learning on the capabilities of the technology. None of it’s magic, just vibrations and energy. “X2 (1/5) Movie CLIP - White House Breach (2003) HD.” 23rd Headquarters Special Troops a.k.a "Ghost Army.” I ain’t afraid of no ghost. Ever See ghost videos in which only a hand or head appears? “Star Trek Insurrection - Opening Scene.” “Ant Man & The Wasp Vs Ghost - Fight Scene - ANT MAN AND THE WASP (2018) Movie CLIP HD.” One day I’ll show you how to kill them. “Protocol on Blinding Laser Weapons. Sub-Section of the 1980 Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons.” Yes please.

  21. Andy Ngô: “More footage of the street fights involving BLM-antifa and Trump supporters in Washington DC. Video by James Klug. Large group of BLM protesters marched last night in Columbus, Ohio. All the people arrested at and in the antifa autonomous zone this week had their charges immediately dropped by the district attorney Mike Schmidt. Read my new report co-written with Mia Cathell.” Independent Media PDX: “First fight breaks out between Back the blue / stop the steal protesters and Portland / Washington counter-protesters. Olympia Police are standing by. Unlawful assembly declared.” [Street brawls going to grow each day.] DC: Christian Trump Supporting Couple physically assaulted and maced by Antifa/BLM militants. Tomas Morales: “Proud Boys Marching in DC. BLM/Antifa allegedly throwing bricks.” [It’s getting hot in DC tonight. The police can’t (or won’t) keep them apart. LOL. “Armed” Antifa in Atlanta. Nice hockey pads. And the guns with no Iron Sights lol. They always wear their front plates too low too. A nice evening walk in D.C. Proud Boy captures Antifa knifeman by closing his hoodie straps and punching him. Proud Boys find Antifa who have been attacking people all night and deliver a taste of their own medicine. Ian Smith, because men don’t ask permission and they don’t cower in their homes. Ever wonder why there’s been such a push for eliminating “toxic masculinity”? Men who stand up and fight for their rights are dangerous to tyranny. Paris: they are bricklaying up French Parliament. Lone Attacker With A Knife Is Struck In The Head As Crowd Goes Into Chaos. The Divided and Conquered.

  22. Here’s What Martial Law In The US Would Actually Look Like. There is a virus running rampant in the United States known as the “T-Virus” and the US government has declared Martial Law. But what does that actually mean? It means the military is stepping in and all your movements will be extremely regulated. The Siege – The General’s Speech Announcing Martial Law. The Siege Declaration of Martial Law Scene. What Is Martial Law And How Does It Work? What Is A Coup d’État And How Common Are They? CodeMonkeyZ: “If Trump goes through with his rumored “2018 EO Plan” in a few days, all of Big Tech will be quickly banning and censoring ALL support of the 2018 EO. Now you must establish communications off of Big Tech, otherwise you may quickly find yourself in the dark. It will be BLACK OUT.” Peter Parkour: “I think Trump has access to emergency broadcast… by which he can override all networks. I could be wrong.” CodemonkeyZ: “Collect the phone numbers and email addresses of your online friends. Register for communication sites not under the control of Big Tech. Get acquainted with image boards. Prepare provisions and have IRL back up plans in place.” [He’s right, start collecting. Opsec must be enforced for everyone’s safety.] What Is Martial Law? Martial law is a law declared by the military rather than a police force, fire department, or other civilian government. The types of scenarios when martial law may be used is in response to a rare emergency or crisis. Martial Law Declared? We have gotten asked this question several times over the past few months: “When will martial law be declared?” Jon Faulkner and Chris Weatherman break down the reality of how it’s not possible on a large scale as many people believe.

  23. President Trump getting some love from the crowd at the Army - Navy Game. Jim Hoft: “EPIC! Army-Navy Crowd ERUPTS into Chants of “USA! USA!” as President Trump Steps on Football Field at Game.” First half POTUS spends with coin toss winners. Halftime, POTUS switches and spends the remainder of the game with West Point. POTUS and The Long Gray Line. “The phrase “The Long Gray Line” is used to describe, as a continuum, all graduates and cadets of the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York. Many of the scenes in the film were shot on location at West Point, including the “million dollar view” of the Hudson River near the parade grounds. The film was the last one in which actor Robert Francis appeared before his death at age 25 in an air crash. His rising stardom had reached third billing behind Power and O’Hara at the time of his death.” “The Long Gray Line (1955) ORIGINAL TRAILER [HD 1080p]. The original trailer in high definition of the Long Gray Line directed by John Ford starring Tyrone Power, Maureen O’Hara and Robert Francis.” POTUS could have easily won a nomination to West Point, NYMA (pronounced Neema). New York Military Academy was always a feeder school for future West Pointers. He decided upon a different path in the White and Black World after being taught by his Wizard Uncle John Trump. The misconception and lie we tell the public (White Worlders) is that it was John who reviewed Tesla’s papers. All bullshit. John and Nikola worked together. John would often come into NYC as Nikola did his experiments for they had transformed the New Yorker Hotel into a new and improved Wardenclyffe Tower. The Bankers (JP Morgan) failed Tesla but the Black World did not. The New Yorker has an abandoned underground tunnel. Here is the truth in detail about The New Yorker Hotel. There’s a power plant in the basement. “The New Yorker Hotel was the most advanced hotel in the world technologically when it was built,” says Kinney. It’s 1 million square feet above ground and 200,000 square feet below ground. The Institute of Electrical and Electrical Engineers (IEEE) named the New Yorker Hotel an IEEE Milestone in Electrical Engineering and Computing for having the “largest (DC) generating plant in the United States” when it was built. It was also one of the first cogeneration power plants in the world. There are only a little over one hundred IEEE milestone sites in the world, and the New Yorker Hotel joins the ranks of places like Niagara Falls and Bell Laboratories." "The power plant was installed in 1929 and had enough capacity to provide electrical power for a city of 35,000 people. As such, the hotel remained completely off the power grid for thirty years. High pressure boilers made 180 pound steam, sending it over to a massive eightl cylinder diesel locomotive steam engine that powered the direct current electric generators. Exhaust steam was used for heating and other activities within the building, providing the cogeneration part of the plant. Down in the basement, you can still see the motors, over 200 of them, and a sixty-foot long switchboard, which Kinney refers to as the “Frankenstein board.” Even though JP Morgan abandoned Tesla in his time of need, the US Goverment did not. It swooped in and helped him rebuild Wardenclyffe and provided unlimited funding. “The Tesla Files: Tesla’s Infamous Tower - Full Episode (S1, E3) | History.” Everything is hidden in plain sight. So if you ever visit Manhattan in the 1930s and it looks like it’s about to rain, go visit John and Nikola. They are up there doing ionosphere experiments. These experiments seeded many many black projects in the 50s 60s and 70s. Some you already are aware of Operation Popeye. “Operation Popeye (Project Controlled Weather Popeye / Motorpool / Intermediary-Compatriot) was a military cloud-seeding carried out by the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam War in 1967–1972.” Nikola also demonstrated his laser weapon to Soviet Russia & Nazi Germany because the US a military was uninterested… at first. Smart business man. That’s how you die a billionaire in the 30s. Show and tell. Then let the FOMO do the rest. Next thing you know, you are having visits by the War Department, their tone has changed, and they are asking you, “How many Dynamos will you need, Mister Tesla?”

  24. Covid used as pretext to curtail civil rights around the world, finds report. Free speech, LBGT+ rights and freedoms to peacefully assemble have deteriorated during the pandemic. zerohedge: “This Is Insane": NYC Small Businesses Furious At Indoor Dining Ban After Data Shows Restaurants Account For Only 1.4% Of Covid Cases.” [Don’t worry. They are coming for Mr. Pierced Nipples (Cuomo).] Stacey Rudin: “BOMBSHELL: the paper that unleashed the PCR test (aka “create your own epidemic”) on the world has been retracted pending further review! ⁦Bobby Network:⁩ “Drosten and colleagues failed to prove that PCR testing can identify the SARS-Co-V-2 virus.” Operation Warp Speed Official: First COVID-19 Vaccines to Arrive Monda. The nation’s first vaccines for the COVID-19 virus will be distributed Monday, following the emergency-use authorization by the Food and Drug Administration for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. Within the next 24 hours, vaccines will begin moving from the Pfizer manufacturing facility to the United Parcel Service and FedEx hubs and then will go out to the 636 locations nationwide. Those sites were previously identified by U.S. states and territories. Dr Clare Craig: “There is no evidence of asymptomatic spread Oliver Dowden outside of Chinese propaganda.” “URGENT: Peru suspends testing with Chinese vaccine after volunteer has difficulty moving his legs!” [Good luck on that vaccine.] What Was the Chinese Woman Arrested at Mar-a-Lago Really Up To? A Former Spy Helps Us Figure It Out. Want to know whether she’s a bumbling Chinese spook or an innocent tourist who loves her hi-tech devices? This can help you figure it out. Michael P Senger: “They had to use de novo assembly… Quite simply, the WHO’s statement that Chinese researchers isolated the virus on the 7th January is false." When the scientists are the ones saying there’s a global fraud, it’s time to listen up.” The Chinese city of Dongning is confined after the discovery of a case of COVID19. All transport is stopped and schools are closed. To leave the city, you need a negative COVID19 test dating from the last 24 hours. Kayleigh McEnany: “What we learned this week: It was NEVER “Trump & Russia”; it was ALWAYS “Democrats & China.” China controls Democrat politicians like Eric Swalwell! Hunter Biden IS under federal investigation and Big Media, Big Tech intentionally misled you to help Joe! Unacceptable!” [So what do you think would US do in case of open attack overseas in China? Cause you kinda need a multi prompt attack to distract and bind forces, or is it an all in defense on US soil? The distraction.] CodeMonkeyZ: “I found exactly ZERO active duty four-star officers (generals, admirals, etc) with Chinese CCP official photo ops. Didn’t find anything on active Supreme Court Justices (looked extra hard for Roberts…) Found these from our old pal Ruth though.” Lin Wood: “American Patriots be prepared. Events will unfold quickly over next several days. Listen to Donald Trump. CCP attacked our country with a biological weapon. CCP wants our land to grow food. We shall NEVER let them take it. Pray.” Michael P Senger: “Chinese, European media issue statement on strengthening cooperation" to “jointly help the international community gather strength to overcome the pandemic.” This “China-Europe Media Partnership” was NOT announced in European news.” [More one world communist bullshit. This is a great rundown. Pay attention to what Leigh Dundas is saying here.] “Leigh Dundas - Executive order for election interference. The Executive Order.” 45 days is Dec 18. So we’re looking for a statement by Ratcliffe around Dec 18. “Distribution of misinformation and propaganda.” This includes MSM and SV. Wyatt Law: “I think we’re going to find out what’s known concerning foreign election interference on or about Dec. 18, when the 45 days have lapsed post-election. I refer to Trump’s 2018 exec order.” The DNI report is due 12/18. Ratcliffe did an oped on this… China Is National Security Threat No. 1 - WSJ. “Opinion | China Is National Security Threat No. 1. Resisting Beijing’s attempt to reshape and dominate the world is the challenge of our generation.” So to me, it seems like they took this to mean that GA must oppose GA, PA must oppose PA, MI v MI, WI v WI, and so on. So that seems to be the strategy outlined here in this tweet. And we saw that happen with the TX suit. Some of GA threw in support against the rest of GA. This looks like it was Lin Wood’s strategy in filing as a GA citizen against GA Sec State as well. We’ll see how this plays out. Yeah. Then their army of lawyers would just go back to the lobby/reception and file them individually. Can’t be hard. Looks like that’s the plan. They’re filing within the states against the states themselves now. Okay cool… should be a good plan. Brittany: “It was rejected for procedural not merit. They were instructed to refile and were told exactly how to do it. Article III is treason. I’m 100% certain he will be inaugurated. Don’t forget the EO he signed in Jan 2018. Insurrection Act is next IMO.” Chin up, lads. “Texas sued under Article II but SCOTUS rejected it under Article III. As one door shuts, another opens.” CodeMonkeyZ: “Can anybody explain why Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson is BLOCKING the forensic analysis report of the Dominion voting machines that took place on December 6???” CodeMonkeyZ: ”The 2018 National Emergency Executive Order that Trump signed is similar in power to the National Emergency that Bush signed after 9/11. Trump may think election fraud is just as serious as 9/11 was.” Peter Schultz: “EO 13848 - 45 days is December 18th. That’s when the DNI has to provide Trump with the report.”

  25. Todd Starnes: “At this point, Donald Trump should declassify everything. Everything.” Trump: “I have been doing this. I agree!” [Remember he was raised as a Kid Wizard when he was a cadet at NYMA by his uncle during his weekends at MIT who prepared him for the World. POTUS does not need disclosure he was born into it as a Legacy.] EWillHelpYou: “Amazing pushback out of the usual spots over what I told you yesterday. It reminds me of when the MSM told you it was a crime to look at Wikileaks documents. I didn’t release a link to anything bad whatsoever, just info and an ftp server address. It was in no way shape or form anything illicit (clearly stated in the post), Yet loudly proclaimed are the voices telling you you are being led astray. “There is no Pizzagate.” “There is no Obamagate.” There is no etc etc etc.” To fight the dark, you must turn on the light. Because those who are meant to fight it, have not been. We must not sit idly by and wait for the actions of others to save us. We hope and pray, but in the meantime, we must act. I do not believe ignoring the enemy or their hiding places helps us at all. Therefore, I will continue to expose them and every secret they have until there are none left. I will do this freely, despite every ounce of pushback and hatred from every controlled source of opposition to the truth. Somebody asked me today, how going after Deep State strongholds gets Trump re-elected. I would remind you that we elected Trump to destroy the Deep State, not the other way around. My focus never changes. Do you remember what I told you happens in the end? You rise up. Be wary of personal arguments that wax petty in the grand scheme. Stay focused. United, not divided.” [Confirmed. Seth Rich leaked to WikiLeaks and was assassinated.] Mercury Rising: “The FOIA release tonight containing a subpoena for Seth Rich’s and his brothers devices implies they were the ones who leaked to Wikileaks. Holy shit.” After 4 Years of Stonewalling Corrupt FBI Finally Admits They’re Holding Seth Rich’s Laptop. FBI has completed the initial search identifying approximately 50 cross-reference serials, with attachments totaling over 20,000 pages, in which Seth Rich is mentioned. FBI has also located leads that indicate additional potential records that require further searching. FBI is also currently working on getting the files from Seth Rich’s personal laptop into a format to be reviewed. As you can imagine, there are thousands of files of many types. The goal right now is to describe, generally, the types of files/personal information contained in this computer. CRS Search and Results. In response to Plaintiff’s request dated September 1, 2017, RIDS conducted an index search of the CRS for responsive main and reference file records employing the UNI application of ACS. The FBI searched the subject’s name, “Seth Conrad Rich,” in order to identify files responsive to Plaintiff’s request and subject to the FOIA. The FBI’s searches included a three-way phonetic breakdown5 of the subject’s name. These searches located no main or reference records responsive to Plaintiff’s FOIA request.(9) By letter executed on November 9, 2017, OIP advised Plaintiff it affirmed the FBI’s determination. OIP further advised Plaintiff that to the extent his request sought access to records that would either confirm or deny an individual’s placement on any government watch list, the FBI properly refused to confirm or deny the existence of any such records because their existence is protected from disclosure pursuant to 5 U.S.C. § 552(b)(7)(E). Today’s disclosure from the FBI supports the claim of renowned investigative journalist, who testified in a recent deposition that one of his sources had received information from an FBI report stating that Seth Rich had leaked emails to Wikileaks, requested payment and made copies of the emails as a precautionary measure. “I write in response to your letter dated July 23, 2019 regarding the subpoenas issued from the two cases identified above. The subpoenas seek information regarding whether Seth Rich or his brother, Aaron Rich, played a role in leaking emails from the Democratic National Committee to Wikileaks in 2016. As you are probably aware, Seth Rich’s alleged role in the leaks became a national news story after he was murdered in Washington, D.C. on July 10, 2016. My client, Ed Butowsky has said publicly since 2017 that the Rich brothers (rather than Russian hackers) where responsible for transferring embarrassing emails from the DNC to Wikileaks. Since that time, Mr. Butowsky has been portrayed as a liar and a conspiracy theorist, and he has filed defamation claims against multiple defendants who accused him of fabricating the story about the Rich brothers. These claims are found in Folkenflik and Gottlieb. Mr. Butowsky tells me that he was informed by someone with access to FBI records that the FBI’s Computer Analysis and Response Team (“CART”) took custody of Seth’s electronic devices and downloaded evidence from those devices. He was further told that the evidence included communications between Mr. Rich and Wikileaks. Both the Folkenflik case and the Gottlieb case are centered on the same key question: whether the Rich brothers were responsible for transferring emails to Wikileaks. See Folkenflik Original Complaint.” Hero. RIP.

  26. Anything happening near Halifax? A pair of tankers have been orbiting. Firework right now in Germany in broad daylight near Czech border. False alert, hunting party. Hear a lot of dogs barking now. KTLA: “Officers arrested a man and seized thousands of pounds of fireworks along with illegal firearms in the Florence-Firestone neighborhood of South Los Angeles, police said.” Notice the names on the boxes. The plot thickens. Customization. 3 Doomsday Birds out for a brisk flight. Aviation and Naval Assets: “Something up in Mexico?” Sir Wilson: “EAM swarm happening now!” Last drills before the storm. Someone sweep Twitter look at fireworks; avoid the Pentagon bots. Andy McKay: “Why is someone going nuts with fireworks in Deep Cove tonight?” This was shared a lot on the fireworks sweep tonight. Work together. One of you do fireworks, one of you do explosive or explosions, one of you do gunshots. They cleared a hive this morning. A magnitude 3.3 earthquake was recorded Saturday morning at 11:20 a.m. Pacific time 48 miles from Fortuna in coastal Northern California, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The earthquake occurred 58 miles from Ukiah, 61 miles from Arcata, 61 miles from Eureka and 70 miles from McKinleyville. In the past 10 days, there have been five earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 or greater centered nearby. An average of 234 earthquakes with magnitudes between 3.0 and 4.0 occur per year in California and Nevada, according to a recent three year data sample. It’s rare that you see one of these tactical nukes go over 5.0. Shotspotter would be super valuable - too bad it’s only for law enforcement. I’m heading into explosions. So not much on the explosion front. I did snag two of interest. Love Doctor: “I’m near a military base and hearing explosions, must be artillery training going on right now. Unannounced.”

  27. Underground War:
    Fort Dix, New Jersey
    San Francisco, CA
    Jonesboro, Arkansas
    Austin, Texas
    Clackamas County, OR
    West Lafayette, Indiana
    California (Dead body as well?)
    Pieoria, Illinois
    Washington State

  28. EAMs per Alaska day:
    2020-12-01 ####
    2020-12-02 ##########
    2020-12-03 #########
    2020-12-04 #########
    2020-12-05 #########
    2020-12-06 #####
    2020-12-07 ##########
    2020-12-08 #################
    2020-12-09 ##########
    2020-12-10 ##########
    2020-12-11 #######
    2020-12-13 ######