Azazel News #Recap 11/9/2020

  1. Have Faith Azazel, Have Faith Doomsday!!! Go Green!!! Go Blue!!! Go Gold!!!

  2. Hold on have faith. I’m not feeding you a bunch of Q bullshit. We started out as an Actionable Intelligence group. Just remember everything you learned.

  3. Brigitte Gabriel: “Fox News now projects it has lost most of its viewers.”

  4. Democrat Vernon Jones Exposes His Own Party in Georgia for Election Fraud.

  5. The Babylon Bee: “In Victory Speech, Biden Assures Americans Elections Were 'Mostly Legitimate.’”

  6. The Babylon Bee: “Study Finds Connection Between Getting Your Way And Calling For Unity.”

  7. The Independent: “Deafening silence from China, Russia and Turkey leaves Biden with plenty to ponder.”

  8. Tropical Storm “Eta” makes landfall in Florida after leaving more than 235 dead in Central America.

  9. The Babylon Bee: “Study Finds Connection Between Getting Your Way And Calling For Unity.”

  10. ZDNet: “FBI: Hackers stole source code from US government agencies and private companies.”

  11. BNO News: “At least 50 people beheaded in attack on villages in northern Mozambique.”

  12. Stonehenge Druids Pledge Sacrifice To Try To Stop Tunnel. Stonehenge Druids in England are planning to lie in front of bulldozers to prevent the new Stonehenge bypass tunnel.

  13. Hank Oslo: “NPR just explicitly said that “White people as a group as morally bankrupt” based on Trump’s 55% white vote share. That’s a direct quote.”

  14. Metal scaffolding being put up around the White House tonight as crews prepare to build a bigger wall around the property.

  15. Magenta Pixie: “Those who come forward to congratulate the illusory King, step out of the shadows and expose themselves to the world as to who they truly are.”

  16. The Digital Nomads Did Not Prepare for This. They moved to exotic locales to work through the pandemic in style. But now tax trouble, breakups and Covid guilt are setting in.

  17. Trump: “The threshold identification of Ballots is turning out to be even bigger than originally anticipated. A very large number of Ballots are impacted. Stay tuned!”

  18. EU GIVES GREEN LIGHT TO TRIGGER $4 BILLION TARIFF STRIKE ON US - BBG. Tariffs will come into effect from tomorrow Tuesday.

  19. Jim Hoft: “BREAKING HUGE: Another System ''Glitch" Captured Live on CNN on Election Night - 20,000 Votes Swapped from Trump to Biden.”

  20. A helicopter crashes during landing on a hospital rooftop in Los Angeles yesterday, no injuries were reported. [A helicopter which was carrying a heart for transplant…]

  21. Senator Rand Paul: “Your government sent 1.1 million dead people stimulus checks. Wonder how many of these folks also voted absentee?”

  22. Georgia Election Official: “We are going to find that people did illegally vote. That’s going to happen. There are going to be double voters…That will be found.”

  23. CERN is offering a free quantum computing course online. Developers who want to understand the complicated new field of computing can tune in for free weekly lectures.

  24. Ian Miles Cheong: “Betfair now has Trump’s odds of winning at 9/1. It’s down from 27/1 slightly over a day ago. People are betting hard on Trump’s victory.”

  25. Social media firms to crack down on Covid-19 vaccine disinformation. Major social media platforms have agreed to step up efforts to limit the spread of disinformation about any Covid-19 vaccine.

  26. Dirt Poor: Have Fruits and Vegetables Become Less Nutritious? Because of soil depletion, crops grown decades ago were much richer in vitamins and minerals than the varieties most of us get today.

  27. Las Vegas suffers Coldest November 8th in Recorded History, breaking 1946’s Benchmark. The modern “Eddy” Grand Solar Minimum is intensifying, and there is NOTHING to suggest it will be any different to the last. Prepare.

  28. 100-year-old Cold Records smashed in Reno, Nevada. And looking ahead, feet of Nov snow are forecast for California, Utah, Colorado, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and Washington this weekend.

  29. Major Eruption Imminent at Merapi Volcano, Indonesia - Evacuation Orders Issued. After powerful eruptions in March and June, Merapi started stirring again in October with both seismicity and deformation increasing.

  30. The Pentagon’s Plans To Network EVERYTHING: Faist. The military sees huge potential in tiny electronics to revolutionize warfare with swarms of expendable, interconnected drones.

  31. Tropical Storm “Etau” nears Vietnam, landfall expected on November 10. Tropical Storm “Etau” formed on November 9, 2020, in the South China Sea as the 21st named storm of the 2020 Pacific typhoon season.

  32. Matt Finn: “Election fraud lawsuit was filed in Detroit with affidavits alleging backdating ballots, no matching signatures. It includes an affidavit from a city employee claiming she was asked to backdate ballots.”

  33. Russia: three soldiers killed in a shooting at a military base. Three soldiers were killed Monday in a shooting at an army base in Russia, by a soldier who is on the run, the army said as quoted by Russian news agencies.

  34. 72 percent of Detroit’s absentee ballot counts were incorrect, County Board of Canvassers said. Wayne County Board of Canvassaers said 72 percent of Detroit’s absentee ballot counts were inaccurate.

  35. Timothy Burke: “Sandra Smith, off-air, reacts to her colleague Trace Gallagher indulging a nutjob who denies the outcome of the election even after Fox News had called it for Joe Biden.”

  36. Lockheed Martin to build mid-range missile prototype for US Army. Lockheed Martin will build the U.S. Army’s mid-range missile using technology already resident in the U.S. military inventory.

  37. US Senate Majority Leader McConnell does not acknowledge Biden as President-elect. President Trump is 100% within his rights to look into possible irregularities in last weeks’s U.S. election.

  38. Covid vaccine: First ‘milestone’ vaccine offers 90% protection. The vaccine is a “significant step” forward for getting life back to normal, but challenges remain. [Vaccines take years. Study it.]

  39. The real winner of Election 2020 is the Great Reset. Our time as free and autonomous individuals living in a free and autonomous nation is rapidly running out. The boxes in which we can move independently are getting smaller and smaller.

  40. Twitter is working to expand the use of its “misinformation” labels in misleading tweets. The company has developed a new feature, not yet published, that would display a “misleading information” label when a user tries to “Like” a tweet that has been labeled as incorrect information.

  41. Fox News lost 8.5 million followers on Facebook. FoxNews left in its editorial line, and the impact was felt immediately. After a succession of audience ratings that were twice that of its competitors, Fox News last Saturday was behind them all. Virtually all of the latest Fox News videos are negative. The reports became propaganda for the Democratic party. The number of subscribers fell to 6.66 M.

  42. Students Have To Jump Through Absurd Hoops To Use Exam Monitoring Software. Using hand mirrors and making 3D room scans are among the bizarre instructions students must follow while using software like ProctorU and Respondus.

  43. Will in UT: “Biden would want an honest election too I assume. He should be in full support of a clear and legal recount. Show unity by showing support. If he was confident that he was the winner, he should have ZERO issue with a recount.”

  44. Jennifer Franco: “Attorney General William Barr has authorized federal prosecutors to pursue “substantial allegations” of voting irregularities before the 2020 presidential election is certified.” [Club FED if you took part in voter fraud.]

  45. Severe floods hit southern Andalusia after a month’s worth of heavy rain falls in a day, Spain. Major floods hit parts of southern Andalusia, Spain, on Thursday, November 5, 2020, resulting in damage, blocked roads, trapped residents, and a derailed train.

  46. Cuomo to deploy National Guard troops to N.Y. airports for COVID-19 enforcement as infection rate rises. The forthcoming National Guard deployment came as New York’s COVID-19 infection rate ticked up to 1.9%., Cuomo told reporters on a conference call.

  47. New Zealand TV News shows Trump playing golf today, I suspect he’s got something up his sleeve … such as the watermarked ballot scheme we’ve read about. Trump might just be bidin’ his time (sorry) waiting for all the ducks to align?

  48. Andy Ngô: “For all of you f—ng journalists, for all of you white liberals who have been celebrating, getting drunk off your asses about Biden winning this election, you are all a bunch of f—ng fools!” BLM-antifa group tries to crash Biden party outside White House.”

  49. Only the richest ancient Athenians paid taxes – and they bragged about it. In ancient Athens, the richest people paid taxes to support what the residents considered the salvation of the city. These taxes earned them social and political clout more valuable than money.

  50. A Cosmic Kink: New Feature Found in Energy Spectrum of Universe’s Most Powerful Particles. Particles smaller than an atom hurtle through the universe nearly at the speed of light, blasted into space from something, somewhere, in the cosmos.

  51. 2020 Election: Dark Winter, Great Reset. “You’ll Own Nothing!” Christian announces the clear winner of the 2020 US Elections: the technocrats and their plan for a Dark Winter of lock downs and food shortages, enabling their Great Reset to roll forward into global “Happytalism.”

  52. Biometric smart cards and civic digital identity apps to redefine wallets. The advance of biometric smart cards for digital identity and payments, and their eventual replacement by apps in the former case, is the top theme of the week’s biometrics news.

  53. Do you know exactly what data an internet company stores? Do you know who has access to your marital status? Or knows your employment status? To illustrate this, Clario has created a list of data points that some well known websites store. A good lesson in terms of OpSec.

  54. Doug Collins to lead Trump recount effort in Georgia. Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) will lead a recount effort for President Trump’s reelection campaign in Georgia, where President-elect Joe Biden holds a razor-thin lead as ballots continue to be counted.

  55. The former CEO of Google has applied to become a citizen of Cyprus. Eric Schmidt is effectively buying a passport that he can use to enter the European Union. [Lol. It’s coming. If he had confidence in a Biden Presidency he would not do this.]

  56. When Remote Work doesn’t cut it. The COVID-19 crisis, while disrupting the global world unlike anything before, has opened up an unexpected window to remote work. Nearly all major1tech2 giants3 have4 allowed their workers to do home office.

  57. 132,000 ballots in Georgia likely ineligible. An announcement was made on Twitter that 132,000 ballots in Fulton County, GA a likely ineligible and will be thrown out. Joe Biden leads the state by just 10,000 votes. According to Kyle Becker, these votes are “highly likely ineligible to vote and have moved,” per source.

  58. McDonald’s is adding plant-based burgers to the menu. McDonald’s is getting into plant-based burgers. The fast-food giant told USA Today that it will be unveiling plant-based food options in 2021, which, somewhat unsurprisingly, will be called “McPlant.” [Soylent Green is People!!!]

  59. The Election Wizard: “ICYMI: About 13,400 absentee ballots in a predominantly Republican county in Wisconsin experienced a “technical glitch.” A small mark on the bottom of the ballot was missing which prevented the ballot from being read. Officials were forced to duplicate the ballots by hand.”

  60. Census takers say they were told to enter false information. Two census takers told The Associated Press that their supervisors pressured them to enter false information into a computer system about homes they had not visited so they could close cases during the waning days of the once-a-decade national headcount.

  61. Stocks Surge on Biden Victory, Promising News on a COVID-19 Vaccine. Global markets were already ahead when Pfizer delivered news its vaccine is proving 90% effective in trials. “GLOBAL STOCK MARKETS soared early Monday, with futures of the Dow Jones Industrial Average posting gains of more than 1,400 points.”

  62. Nouriel Roubini Recognizes Bitcoin as Store of Value. Nobel-winning economist Nouriel Roubini has seemingly warmed up to Bitcoin, claiming that it could serve as a partial store of value. [Professor welcome to the club. Glad you are coming around. Doctor Doom was one of our first members - very happy he’s warming up to Bitcoin!]

  63. FRAUD: “Infected” Mink Strewn in Streets as Denmark Plans to Kill Pets. As Danish politicians promise to kill off HOUSE PETS due to a new mutation of COVID-19, officials are killing millions mink – and you will NOT believe how they are disposing of these bodies infected with the “most dangerous pandemic ever.”

  64. Republican Philadelphia official responsible for vote counting says office getting death threats. The Republican city commissioner in Philadelphia whose office is responsible for counting votes in the city, said his staff has been receiving death threats since the count began there last week.


  66. Trump Adviser Leading Post-Election Legal Fight Has Coronavirus. David Bossie, an outside adviser to Donald Trump who is leading his post-election fight over vote counts, has tested positive for coronavirus, according to people familiar with the matter, the latest in a series of cases among the president’s circle. [Crazy that you need to go into hiding to uphold something like an election.]

  67. Moscow police have been ordered to detain and bring to police departments people who wave flags of Turkey, Armenia or Azerbaijan from the windows of cars. According to sources, not only drivers with flags sticking out of their cars will be detained, but also all people inside. The same order is valid on the territory of St. Petersburg - and until further notice. All detainees will be checked against the registration bases.

  68. WIRED: “The IRS finally tracked down the hacker who stole more than $1 billion in bitcoin from the dark web drug bazaar Silk Road. Identified as “Individual X,” they had been sitting on the cryptocurrency goldmine for more than seven years.” [Every Big Tech CEO is salivating over it, they can’t wait to make a bid once the coins go on the auction block. You have to buy all the coins at once.]

  69. Jim Hoft: “Michigan AG Dana Nessel Sends Cease and Desist Order to Journalist Demanding He Erase His Detroit Leaks Video Showing Voter Fraud Training - OR FACE CRIMINAL PROSECUTION.” [Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.]

  70. I want to bring up a point regarding Fake Science Worshippers. Fake science worshiping religion at an all time high in west, highest in many decades. One side blindly trusts all authorities, who claim to be backed by science. Other side blindly trusts no authorities, no matter if they claim to be backed by science. It’s funny how so many of these Fake Science Worshippers are choosing to ignore Benford’s Law and Statistics that prove fraud.

  71. “Dems shot themselves in the foot bc making everyone do mail-in ballots actually makes it easier to catch mail-in ballot fraud. Bc all of the ballots go through the postal system, they get shuffled like a deck of cards, so we expect reported ballot return to be extremely UNIFORM in terms of D vs R ratio, but to drift slightly towards R over time bc some of those ballots travel farther. This pattern proves fraud and is a verifiable timestamp of when each fraudulent action occurred.” (But in those states, it is not.)

  72. NASA Rocket Engines May Include Large-Scale 3D Printing. NASA’s Rapid Analysis and Manufacturing Propulsion Technology project, or RAMPT, is advancing development of an additive manufacturing technique to 3D print rocket engine parts using metal powder and lasers. The method, called blown powder directed energy deposition, could bring down costs and lead times for producing large, complex engine components like nozzles and combustion chambers.

  73. Rare EAST COAST USA EARTHQUAKE – Massachusetts M4.0. The plate is in motion along the edge of the North American craton. First a near M4.0 along the craton edge in Colorado (at a pumping operation), and then a M4.0 on the East coast edge of the craton in Massachusetts. This happened before in 2011. [Wait what? Ok this must be underground war if anything… That’s what I’m wondering. He said it’s in MA but near where there were recently some methane explosions near RI. Other option is what they were doing impacted the plates in Mass/RI.

  74. Joe Biden Kicks Off Transition Focused on Coronavirus. President-elect Joe Biden is starting the first week of his transition focused on the coronavirus pandemic, as both political parties weigh how to handle potential distribution of a vaccine in light of positive news from Pfizer and partner BioNTech. [There we go with that allusion to a “dark winter ahead”. Also note the frequent references of “Unity”. Almost like we are talking about a one world globalist order or something… Dark winter seems to imply the grid going down. They go out of their way to use this term… prepare fam. Or literal blackout in the way of people being able to have a voice. Censorship=blackout.]

  75. [Election hacking has] been child’s play since the advent of the first voting machines circa 2002. Seems like every year there is a news story about some school-age kid who was able to hack a voting machine. They used to be be a Phil Donahue show segment on YouTube where a woman downloaded the source code for the original voting machines and let a programming instructor look at it. He said that if any of his students handed in such work, he would absolutely spank the hell out of them.

  76. Fireball caught over the East Coast on Nov 8. The AMS received more than 210 reports so far about a fireball event that occurred over Connecticut on November 8th, 2020 around 19:22 EST (November 9th, 02:22 Universal Time). Heads up guys this is potentially a big deal. Dutchsinse reported yesterday that there was a rare swarm of earth quakes on the East Coast, a 4.0 in Massachusetts and several earthquakes in Rhode Island which were the result of methane explosions. Now a fireball in the sky?? What is really going on??

  77. Biden says he’s had intel briefings, warns of vote meddling. Joe Biden said he has receiving intelligence briefings and warned that Russia, China and others were attempting to undermine the November election. [Why was Biden already receiving CIA briefings as far back as late May? If the FBI and CIA are already giving Biden transition of power briefings, how much risk does that put the country and current administration in, should the election fraud be exposed and any recounts tabulated to show that Trump is the true winner? Will Biden have been clued in to anything that he can go on and blab to China or any other foreign power who could use anything against us?]

  78. Walz hints at more targeted COVID-19 lockdown measures. Walz said he would be speaking with lawmakers about his plans and would be unveiling at least some of them on Tuesday. The targeted restrictions might be needed in places where young adults are gathering and spreading the virus, he said. “Malcolm said the state is testing a mobile device app that identifies when someone who is infected has spent 15 minutes within 6 feet of another person — which is considered a moderate risk for viral transmission. The app could alert people who test positive for COVID-19 to all of their close contacts and give them the option of texting those contacts anonymously to notify them of their viral exposures.”

  79. Russian president Vladimir Putin will not be congratulating President-elect Joe Biden for his election win until the “official vote count” is in and “legal processes” are resolved, his spokesman said Monday. Putin has remained mum on the issue since Biden clinched the presidency on Saturday, four days after the Nov. 3 election, clearing the threshold of 270 Electoral College votes needed for the win. “We think it appropriate to wait for the official vote count,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters. “I want to remind you that President Putin repeatedly said he will respect the choice of the American people.” Asked why Putin had congratulated President Trump soon after he had won the Electoral College and beaten Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016, Peskov said there was an obvious difference this time.

  80. What are the chances - if the Harris/Biden presidency becomes a reality - that the Space Force could be dismantled and completely undone? Could this actually happen?? Not dismantled. See that’s the lie. We’ve had a Space Force since the 40’s. What’s happening when Trump created the Space Force was he was combining Legacy Space Force with the newly created Space Force. In a way like a Parent raises a child. The Space Force won’t be dismantled. What’s nonsense is the pettiness going on in the Space Force as they struggle to create their Identity among the White World. NASA is known as the White Space Program. The Black Space Program was always the Legacy Space Force aka AFSAB (Air Force Scientific Advisory Board) which has done Nuclear Fusion and Mining since the 50s on the Moon. Settled Mars. Bases on the Asteroid Belts. Bases on Io and interstellar travel.

  81. Fox News ratings crashed on Saturday to record lows behind CNN and MSNBC. Before the election, Fox constantly dominated CNN and MSNBC by more than double in viewership. The public knows betrayal. Keep track of how much Trump has disclosed to the Global Population. From the Department of Energy calling for mini nuclear reactors on the moon. To Diamond Batteries. On the past 4 years we’ve advanced more technologies than the Obama administration. This is not an accident, as well as the creation of the Public Space Force, slowly being combined with the Legacy Space Force. New Kind of Superconductivity Discovered: Researchers Demonstrate a Superconductor Previously Thought Impossible. Superconductivity is a phenomenon where an electric circuit loses its resistance and becomes extremely efficient under certain conditions.

  82. Irem: A Lost City of Giants, Djinn or Nephilim? (Documentary). Is there evidence of a lost city of ancient giants hidden beneath The Empty Quarter bordering Saudi Arabia and Oman. And could this city be linked to the ‘Works of the Old Men’, mysterious geoglyphs found in Jordan? [Remember what I said. Biden’s future war with Iran has nothing to do with Oil or Nuclear Weapons. They want the suspended animation chambers of Irem. Red Faction will do anything for the chambers of the Djinns and Nephilim to extend their lifetimes.] “A shocking discovery in the FOIA release of State Department emails confirms the claim. An email is discovered “Requesting documents pertaining to the resurrection chamber of Gilgamesh, the location of his body and the location of the buried Nephilim.” Follow this link to the FOIA site, click the first file “Department of State FOIA log 2018.” The email is found on page 470, number F-2019-02110.”

  83. ”But what about those people in the monkey lab? They believed this spacecraft was for their payloads. And they will never find out they are just a cover for the CORONA program." Fight Club was directed by David Fincher. One of the most popular lines uttered by Tyler Durden is “Like a monkey ready to be shot into space. Ready to sacrifice himself for the greater good.” These 2 lines have always been a reference to The CORONA Project. Truly understand the meaning of it. You have the White Space Program believing they are sending Monkeys to study Gravity on Primates. When in reality that monkey will be sacrificed for the greater good, that greater good being Russian Satellite Photos of Russian Military Bases. All done for Actionable Intelligence all hidden in plain sight. Fascinating article and account of the door. I also found it interesting that although mol had been cancelled in 69, that the author had never met an astronaut in the program until 16 years later. Because the White Space Program is a fucking joke. It certainly drives the point you have been making home. Raise your kids to Go Black. Never let them fall into the Bubble (White) World System. 4 years for a Bachelor then a shit 9 to 5 for the next 20 years.

  84. Physicists Circumvent 178-Year Old Theory to Cancel Magnetic Fields. The ability to cancel magnetic fields has benefits in quantum technology, biomedicine, and neurology. A team of scientists including two physicists at the University of Sussex has found a way to circumvent a 178-year old theory which means they can effectively cancel magnetic fields at a distance. They are the first to be able to do so in a way that has practical benefits. The work is hoped to have a wide variety of applications. For example, patients with neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s might in the future receive a more accurate diagnosis. With the ability to cancel out ‘noisy’ external magnetic fields, doctors using magnetic field scanners will be able to see more accurately what is happening in the brain. The study “Tailoring magnetic fields in inaccessible regions” is published in Physical Review Letters. It is an international collaboration between Dr. Mark Bason and Jordi Prat-Camps at the University of Sussex, and Rosa Mach-Batlle and Nuria Del-Valle from the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and other institutions. “Earnshaw’s Theorem” from 1842 limits the ability to shape magnetic fields. The team were able to calculate an innovative way to circumvent this theory in order to effectively cancel other magnetic fields which can confuse readings in experiments.

  85. Austrian press reporting EU Council of Ministers have an ‘almost complete’ resolution on the table to ban end to end encryption on apps like Whatsapp and Signalapp. [The governments stopped their war against file sharing, which they very easily could have won, and let those centralized sites live with the shitty centralized old fashioned tech working fine, there was zero reason to make an unstoppable alternative. Governments killed advancement in p2p tech simply by not killing the shitty centralized alternatives and letting those shitty centralized alternatives convince regular dumbass people that they’re decentralized, when they’re not whatsoever. Bittorrent sites are literally just shitty web 1.0 websites, that’s it, and you take those down, auto-block a few domain names, and force other countries to do the same like US easily can, and regular people would be completely fucked. Governments going after the centralized bullshit could be the best thing that could happen for innovation. So let them ban or compromise end to end encryption. Something better will come along. And you are guaranteed you’ll know what it is first. Perfect forward secrecy and end-to-end encryption are very low level mathematics… I don’t see them banning that outright. The methodology is not important, just the drive towards innovation that’s how society advances. So let the EU do it. Something else is around the corner. Learn what’s about to happen by learning form the past cycles. Government stopping the war on file sharing, led many to be duped on what real decentralized file sharing is due to the fact after the DOJ stopped chasing it developers where no longer interested in finishing the last part of the puzzle which was true decentralized p2p file sharing among file sharing. These are things that very few know, or are completely wrong about. What kills new tech is when the enemy lets shitty tech live. So if they want to ban it. Fine. Let them. Next generation innovation in end to end Encryption will make the current technology look like child’s play. Same as the military often does, when they compromise enemy communication channels, they can very easily shut them down, but they don’t, they very often intentionally let them live. So if they want to pat themselves on the back for killing End to End. Good. Fuck em. Let them do it. From Flintstone to Jetsons in a matter of weeks for the masses with new innovations and methodology for Encryption.

  86. Trump fires Secretary of Defense Mark Esper. President Trump on Monday said he fired Secretary of Defense Mark Esper. President Trump tweets firing of Defense Secretary Mark Esper. President Trump announced on Twitter Monday that he has fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper and will replace him with an acting secretary. Trump: “Chris [Miller] will do a great job. Mark Esper has been terminated. I would like to thank him for his service.” Esper, on his way out, says he was no yes man. Defense Secretary Mark Esper called Military Times for a lengthy discussion of his time in office. [Lisa Gordon, now Mark Esper. Trump is preparing something… Mark Esper seems to be a paper soldier anyway.] “I bet. Esper was read in on Q. Esper confirmed Q is WH op to the Biden team after press declared Biden winner. Esper fired for briefing Biden team. Press called CM asking if he worked for the US gov.” Julian’s Rum: “Did Code Monkey pass the ball to Christopher Miller (DoD)? Code Monkey resigned as 8kun admin on 11.3. An hour ago he was bombarded by journalists. Minutes after that, Trump announced Esper’s termination from the DoD. Remember when we learned that 11.11.18 was linked to a DoD IP address? Esper can’t stop free flow of info now. Panic.” [This is Q thoughts from some Twitter users I know, however something feels near on the mark with his assumptions.] Big Papa Miller is in Control. Mr. Miller was raised in Iowa City, Iowa and is a retired U.S. Army officer. He was commissioned as an Infantry officer in 1987 through R.O.T.C. with a Bachelor of Arts in History from the George Washington University. Mr. Miller began his military career as an enlisted Infantryman in the Army Reserve in 1983 and also served in the District of Columbia National Guard as a Military Policeman. In 1993, he transferred to Special Forces and served in numerous command and staff positions within the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne).

  87. There’s a stark reason why America’s 1.8 million long-haul truck drivers can’t strike. Trucking is powered by 1.8 million long-haul drivers, who move around 71% of America’s freight. But striking isn’t accessible to them. Teamsters Strike Shuts Down 22 Trucking Firms. In the first nationwide trucking strike in 15 years, the Teamsters shut down 22 large trucking companies Wednesday, forcing customers to scramble for available carriers and raising fears of serious disruptions to commerce if the walkout continues. [Has there ever been a trucker strike before in America for any other reason? If yes, how bad were its consequences? No food and massive panic riots when people can’t get food, especially their booze and coffee. Best be ready. One trucker even said how will you all get your gas? Truckers strike it will shut the whole country down. But if it’s only one day, I don’t think shops… etc receive daily deliveries. Or do they? Or the strike begins on the 29th and lasts for an undetermined period of time. When you think about it, logistics really is the backbone of a function economy. If everything stops moving to where it’s supposed to be, well the whole economy stops. Also why ham radio, alternative cooking, heating your house, light etc is key. And remember when chaos breaks fully by the masses never open your door. And never disclose because people will get desperate and if they know you’re prepared. It will be real quick that your life is at stake. Still reflecting about how to go about alliances. I think it would be better if I was way way out in the country side. In 1970, a nationwide trucker strike went on for more than a month, dealing a serious economic blow in cities like Chicago and St. Louis. In Cleveland, Ohio, the impacts even became one of domestic security as rock-throwing protesters drew 3,000 National Guardsmen to the city. Ok wow thank you. This will send a message then…]

  88. Erik Prince Recruits Ex-Spies to Help Infiltrate Liberal Groups. Mr. Prince, a contractor close to the Trump administration, contacted veteran spies for operations by Project Veritas, the conservative group known for conducting stings on news organizations and other groups. [Since June 17th I’ve said it. Anyone who committed Voter Fraud is fucked, they had the locations under surveillance for months. God I can’t wait for a Delta Team to go in. Who remembers the Chinese Embassy in Texas when they were burning papers in the courtyard? Burning draft copy of ballots. Whoever is running the riots in California is trying to get the Operatives out. Reposting the Chinese Nationals that rioted and coverup by California Democrats. My favorite Erik Prince interview is the Vanity Fair one in which he watches Taken with his daughter and tells them how many people he would kill if anyone fucks with them.] “The common denominator is a relentless intensity that seems to have no Off switch. Seated in the back of a Boeing 777 en route to Afghanistan, Prince leafs through Defense News while the film Taken beams from the in-flight entertainment system. In the movie, Liam Neeson plays a retired C.I.A. officer who mounts an aggressive rescue effort after his daughter is kidnapped in Paris. Neeson’s character warns his daughter’s captors: “If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don’t have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills . . . skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you [don’t] let my daughter go now . . . I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.” Prince comments, “I used that movie as a teaching tool for my girls.” (The father of seven, Prince remarried after his first wife died of cancer in 2003.) “I wanted them to understand the dangers out there. And I wanted them to know how I would respond.”

  89. A Time To Heal. This slogan was specifically chosen. The left and specifically NPCs controlled by interactive internet activities have been experiencing emotional burnout since 2016. These are highly anxious people who are conflict avoidant and have been doing everything to pretend things are ok since the sky started falling with the election of Donald Trump. In addition, many of them are very burnt out by the violence exhibited by Antifa. The true instigators need to remoralize and justify their "resistance.” The right choosing to actively turn down peace allows them to rationalize further conflict, even as they actively work to erode democracy in America. They gonna heal them with vaccines or what? Not necessarily. The vaccines are a lie. When you see the connections, it dawns on you, the whole thing was planned and the world got duped with strategic strain releases. Ask yourself what year did they develop the vaccine for the Spanish Flu? Like they triggered people with Floyd’s I can’t breathe. All people can’t breathe with the masks so they got triple mad of the can’t breathe about criminal Floyd. They should be honest and just say shit’s getting started. Big pharma is being paid billions simply to persuade the world that they have a viable vaccine candidate — even if they know very well that their approach is a guaranteed failure, they get the money no matter how badly it fails — and that’s exactly what they’re doing. Paid billions to lie, and big pharma is more than happy. So what happens when reality slowly hits, lower-class unemployment continues to explode, but the cities are too paralyzed to risk losing even a fraction of a percent of their population, all while everyone can plainly see the richest getting even richer? What happens, where there are 9 societies who will do almost anything to avoid even 1% of their population dying, but there’s also 1 society who will happily lose 5% of their population for the chance at invading and economically enslaving the others? Dark times ahead, when reality slowly begins to hit. Time to Heal is a lie. Great observation. A coordinated psyop that is backed up by antifa and BLM stop destroying the country and on surface it will look like the country is calming down but it’s really just the funding for BLM and Antifa that stopped.

  90. Chris Langan: “Those who control the world banking system made it clear that they hold America in bondage and contempt and intend to subjugate its majority to involuntary, unelected, technocratic “global governance”. Again: We cannot allow fascisto-communist oligarchs and their political vermin / street-scum golems to steal this very important presidential election. So if your future means anything to you, prepare to fight! You need to prepare to fight for the lives of you, your family, and your countrymen. The people now enslaving you are absolutely evil and understand only one language: force. This is not a popularity contest from which you can turn away in petulance. Protecting the citizens of the United States, the US Constitution, and the integrity of the electoral system is still in your job description. Your job has just begun. Humanity is facing an emergency in the form of impending enslavement by the parasitic moral and intellectual mediocrities we know as the hereditary rich. Now, where’s the human worth and dignity in that? It’s easy to be a winning parasite when you have all the money, all the corporations, all the media, and all the politicians in your pocket. You simply lie over and over to your host until he’s totally befuddled and vacates his mental premises. Then you just move right in. The only way the parasites can finalize their fraud is by occupying the top of the political power structure, where they can begin to forcibly implement the anti-American, anti-Constitutional agenda to which they have openly admitted. It would be the inception of their insectile World-Hive, the most destructive and disgusting abomination in history, the terminal triumph of deceit. It would be the end of your legacy, your genetic lineage, and quite possibly the entire planet. Some elements of the Republican Party, the party of monopoly supercapitalism, capitulation, and cuckoldry, are now treasonously pressuring the President to roll over for what may well be the most glaring and destructive election fraud in history. The parasites have now “projected” themselves as the winners of this election. That’s illegitimate and unacceptable. Disregard the fraudulent self-validation of the frauds who own and control the fraudulent channels over which such nonsense is propagated. The election fraud situation is analogous to a criminal breaking into an old lady’s home, locking the door, murdering her, and then walking out. Yell “Stop, killer!”, and what does he say? “Hey, how could you possibly know it was me who killed her? The @#$%ing door was locked.” Meet the corporate fascists for whom the Democratic Party functions as a tool to exert absolute control over the masses for whom they can barely conceal their hatred and contempt. The so-called Democratic party may as well retitle itself accordingly. If the parasites don’t succeed in consolidating their ill-gotten gains, they may have to start paying for their sins right here in the physical world. Accordingly, they have decided on preemptive action. The parasites conjure the money, they own the media, they dominate academia. The deep state and legal systems are crawling with them. Lying and fraud are no problem for them - that’s what they do, and that’s what they are. “Democratic” politicians, like their “conservative” counterparts, figured out where the money and power are - not with the American majority any more, but with the oligarchy, whose fortunes automatically swell like blimps under their own rules. Spend enough time and money telling people how good bullshit tastes, and after a while they’ll be spreading it on crackers and eating it for lunch. Money is no problem when there’s a planet at stake - the oligarchs will pay any price to destabilize the existing power structure and divide, conquer, and rule the world. The Enemy is determined and implacable. Message to President Trump: This was inevitable. The parasites had to try to steal the election. After all, their own criminal, pedophilic, fascisto-communist futures were at stake…” [This man (Chris Langan) has a 210 IQ. he is known as one of the smartest men in America.]

  91. The following information is provided via an anonymous data scientist and another anonymous individual who wrote a script to scrape the national ballot counting time series data of off the NYTimes website. This is based on their proprietary “Edison” data source which would ordinarily be impossible to access for people outside the press. I suggest that everyone back up both of these files, bc this is an extremely important data source, and we cant risk anyone taking it down. What we are looking at will be time series analysis and you will see that it is extremely difficult to create convincing synthetic times series data. By looking at the times series logs of the ballot counting process for the entire country, we can very easily spot fraud. One of the first things noticed while exploring the dataset is that there seems to be an obvious pattern in the ratio of new Biden ballots to new Trump ballots. As we can see on this log-log plot, for many of the counting progress updates, we see an almost constant ratio of Biden to Trump. It’s such a regular pattern that we can actually fit a linear regression model to it with near-perfect accuracy, barring some outliers. How could this be possible? Is this a telltale sign of fraud? Surprisingly, as it will be shown, the answer is no! This is actually expected behavior. Also, we can use this weird pattern in the ballot counting to spot fraud! Here is the same pattern for Florida. We see this linear pattern again and again and again and again all over the country. What appears to be happening is that points on the straight line are actually mail in votes. The reason they’re so homogeneous across with respect to the ratio of Biden vs Trump votes is that they get randomly shuffled in the mail… like a deck of cards. Since the ballots are randomly mixed together during transport, spanning areas occupied by multiple voting demographics, we can expect the ratio of mail-in Biden ballots to mail-in Trump ballots will remain relatively constant over time… and across different reporting updates. Let’s dig a little deeper into this: Here is a plot of the same Florida voting data, but this time it’s the ratio of Biden to Trump ballots, versus time. What we see is that the initial ballot reportings are very noisy and “random”. The initial reporting represents in-person voting. These vote reports have such large variation bc in-person voting happens across different geographic areas that have different political alignments. We can see this same pattern of noisy in-person voting, followed by homogeneous mail-in reporting in almost all cases. What we see in almost all examples across the country is that the ratio of mail-in Dem to Rep ballots is very consistent across time, but with the notable drift from Dem to slightly more Rep. This slight drift from D to R mail-ins occurs again and again, and is likely due to outlying rural areas having more R votes. These outlying areas take longer to ship their ballots to the polling centers. Now we’re getting into the really good stuff. When we see mail-in ballot counting where there isn’t relatively stable ratios of D and R ballots that slightly drift R, we have an anomaly! Anomalies themselves are not necessarily fraud, but they can help us spot fraud more easily. Now let’s look at some anomalies: This is the Wisconsin vote counting history log. Again, on the Y axis we have the ratio of D to R ballots in reporting batch, and on the X axis we have reporting time. Around 4am there, there is a marked shift in the ratio of D to R mail-in ballots. Based on other posts in this thread, this should not happen. This is an anomaly, and while anomalies are not always fraud, often they may point to fraud. So what happened just before 3am CST in Wisconsin? This did! Around 3am Wisconsin time, a fresh batch of 169k new absentee ballots arrived. They were supposed to stop accepting new ballots, but eh, whatever I guess. By 4am the D to R ratio was all thrown out of whack. That is because these ballots were not sampled from the real Wisconsin voter population, and they were not randomized in the mail sorting system with the other ballots. They inherently have a different D to R signature… than the rest of the ballots quite possibly bc additional ballots were added to the batch, either through backdating or ballot manufacturing or software tampering. This of this being kind of analogous to carbon-14 dating, but for ballot batch authenticity. Let’s look at another anomaly: Here is Pennsylvania’s vote counting history. For the first part of the vote counting process, we see the same pattern for mail-in ballots that we’ve seen in every other state in the country, which is relatively stable D to R ratio that gradually drifts R as more ballots… come in from rural outlying areas. But then as counting continues, the D to R ratio in mail-in ballots inexplicably begin “increasing”. Again, this should not happen, and it is observed almost nowhere else in the country, because all of the ballots are randomly shuffled… in the mail system and should be homogeneous during counting. The only exceptions to this are other suspect states that also have anomalies. Again, this is evidence of ballot backdating, manufacturing of software tampering. Let’s look at another anomaly: In Georgia we see pretty much the same story as Pennsylvania: increasing fractions of mail-in D ballots over time even though it defies logic and we see this pattern no where else in the country. In Michigan, we see a combination of Wisconsin strangeness, together with the GA/PA weirdness. We see both signs of contaminated ballot dumping, and ballot ratios drifting toward dems when they should not be. Virginia: Now in fairness, VA is the only state out of the 50 that has anomalies but has not had accusations of voter fraud, yet. I think this is the exception that proves the rule. Yet to figure out what causes this anomalous shift, but here it is so no one accuses me of holding it back. Let’s wrap this up: It appears Dems shot themselves in the foot bc making everyone do mail-in ballots actually makes it easier to catch mail-in ballot fraud. Bc all of the ballots go through the postal system, they get shuffled like a deck of cards, so we expect reported… ballot return to be extremely UNIFORM in terms of D vs R ratio, but to drift slightly towards R over time bc some of those ballots travel farther. This pattern proves fraud and is a verifiable timestamp of when each fraudulent action occurred. Please disseminate as necessary. Good luck. Stay safe. Be kind to your neighbors.

  92. EAMs per UTC day:
    2020-10-21 ###
    2020-10-22 #######
    2020-10-23 ########
    2020-10-24 ################
    2020-10-25 ##############
    2020-10-26 #####
    2020-10-27 ####################
    2020-10-28 ############
    2020-10-29 ##
    2020-10-30 #####
    2020-10-31 ####
    2020-11-01 ####
    2020-11-02 ##########
    2020-11-03 ######
    2020-11-04 ####
    2020-11-05 ####
    2020-11-06 #######
    2020-11-07 #########
    2020-11-08 ####################
    2020-11-09 #############