Azazel News #Recap 11/8/2020

  1. So let’s recap. I know most of the intel is for demands of a recount and exposing the coup. You have truckers planning a strike. Mass censorship by Big Tech regarding election fraud and corruption. Upcoming rallies are coming and betrayal to POTUS being exposed. What happens next? Do not ignore the resignation of NNSA head Lisa Gordon-Hagerty. Remember what I said. Biden’s future war with Iran has nothing to do with Oil or Nuclear Weapons. They want the suspended animation chambers of Irem. Red Faction will do anything for the chambers of the Djinns and Nephilim. To extend their lifetimes.

  2. Election night coverage is being taken down by MSM.

  3. CVGHM warns major eruption may be imminent at Merapi volcano, Indonesia.

  4. Rising costs of glass risk shortage as China accelerates on solar power.

  5. SpaceX may soon start offering Starlink’s satellite internet service to Canadians.

  6. Sand for beach replenishment projects in SC and Southeast is becoming scarcer.

  7. AI and ML Leads the Trend in Technologies that will Fill the Cybersecurity Skills Gaps.

  8. Bag Talk: “Brazil, Slovenia, Poland and Hungary refuse to acknowledge Joe Biden as President-Elect.”

  9. Cali-Conservative: “Hearing from troops that they wouldn’t feel safe serving under Joe Biden or Kamala.”

  10. Eta strengthening on its way toward Cuba, warnings issued for Cayman Islands, Cuba, Bahamas and Florida.

  11. The Election Wizard: “Former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt explains that some 200,000 ballots in Clark County were not verified by a human.”

  12. Jeopardy! is saddened to share that Alex Trebek passed away peacefully at home early this morning, surrounded by family and friends. Thank you, Alex.

  13. World’s First 6G Satellite Sent Into Orbit by China. China has sent a 6G satellite while 5G isn’t implemented fully yet, but why exactly?

  14. SpaceX successfully places GPS III satellite into orbit. SpaceX has been forced to scrub some of its launches recently due to weather and other issues with equipment.

  15. Climate Update. Bob Hoye. Fads in climate studies are always evolving. Researchers have to make a living, after all. “Climate change” once meant global cooling.

  16. Tom Graham: “If I were any of these Democrat officials involved in this colossal election fraud, I would be seeking asylum in a non-extradition country immediately.”

  17. Breaking911: “At least 2 people have been shot at the ‘Circus Circus’ hotel & casino on the Las Vegas Strip; cops looking for suspects.”

  18. Clashes With Police, Cities Empty Out As Greece Plunged Into 2nd Lockdown. Police vow to hand out stiff fines for violating stringent COVID-19 lockdown rules.

  19. Lebanese News: “The sounds of explosions heard and will be heard tonight between 9-11 PM are part of an IDF drill in the occupied Golan Heights. The sounds will be loud.”

  20. New Self-Healing Wearable Electronic Device Becomes One With Your Skin. The new material could revolutionize wearables.

  21. JPMorgan Says Institutions Ditching Gold ETFs for Bitcoin. There’s more demand for Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust than all gold ETFs combined, according to JPMorgan.

  22. Interview with Source on Electronic Vote Fraud. Host L Todd Wood reveals the mechanics behind the electronic vote steal operation in an interview with powerful source.

  23. With hay in short supply, Portage Vale woman travels to P.E.I. to keep goats fed. A hay shortage on New Brunswick has forced one goat owner to travel to P.E.I. for feed.

  24. Large Corporations Aren’t Going to Save the Real GNU/Linux Community Because That’s Not Their Goal (They Just Want to Dominate Everything). [Remember what we said the Old Microsoft Motto was: “Embrace, Extend, Extinguish.”]

  25. Abraham López: “Who asked for proof? Here is the signed affidavit from Erie, Pennsylvania USPS Whistleblower Richard Hopkins that is now in the hands of Lindsey Graham and the Senate Judiciary Committee.”

  26. Chicken exports banned to meet domestic demand. Iranian Industry, Mining, and Trade Ministry’s Market Regulation Headquarters has released a decree to ban the exports of chicken as domestic markets are facing shortage.

  27. Japanese Scientists Create Mind Control Tech for Gundam Robot. Japanese scientists have created a device that allows the user to control Gundam robots with mind control, just like in the anime.

  28. Awakened Truth 24/7: “Hunter Biden, currently under federal FBI investigation, is on stage with Joe Biden. The sheer arrogance of these people is disgusting but not surprising.”

  29. What happens if a president-elect dies before inauguration?It may seem morbid, but considering Biden’s age and the pandemic, it’s worth clarifying what would happen if a president-elect were to die before taking office.

  30. Massive Crowds Gathered Across San Francisco After Election Results. Police have requested additional units to assist with clearing the crowd from the roadway on the corner of 18th St and Castro St.

  31. Don’t Forget LBJ’s Election Theft. The mainstream pro-Biden media is poking fun at Donald Trump’s suggestion that there could be fraud involved in the post-election receipt of mail-in ballots.

  32. Michelle Malkin: “REMINDER: The top two grant recipients of helloctcl money (Zuckerberg/Google/Omidyar) to boost mail-in/absentee/ballot harvesting were Philadelphia ($10 million) and Detroit ($3.5 million). CONNECT THE DOTS.”

  33. Shearing industry cuts blamed on poor conditions, not COVID-19. NSW shearing contractors and woolgrowers say Australia’s shearer shortage existed long before COVID-19 border closures highlighted the crisis.

  34. What Day of the Dead tells us about the Aztec philosophy of happiness. Day of the Dead rituals help people connect with their ancestors, which the Aztecs believed was key to well-being.

  35. Mail-in ballots were part of a plot to deny Lincoln reelection in 1864. Then, in 1864, the most elaborate election conspiracy in America’s brief history was discovered before it could corrupt the vote.

  36. James Woods: “And just like that the rioting and looting has ceased overnight. And now half the country that pummeled America like a battered wife is telling her to put on sunglasses, hide her black eye, be a good girl, and ‘come together as one.’ Her answer? ‘Go fuck yourself.’”

  37. Farmers demand rationalization of sugarcane, wheat support prices. The Sindh Abadgar Ittehad, a farmers’ lobbying group, has announced a protest demonstration against the government fixed support price of the sugarcane.

  38. How Did the ‘Secret’ Sykes-Picot Agreement Become Public? Soon after coming to power, the Bolsheviks printed the text in Pravda—not the last time the Russians would play spoiler to Western efforts to control events in Syria and Iraq.

  39. Air Force medical teams sent to El Paso to assist three area hospitals with COVID-19 efforts. The U.S. Department of Defense has deployed three U.S. Air Force medical teams to help with El Paso’s COVID-19 response, according to Gov. Greg Abbott’s office.

  40. Off the Wall: Your Produce is Growing in Aisle 5. Vertical Farming Has Arrived. Instead of questioning where your produce comes from, imagine this: The vegetables you buy to make your fresh salad are hand-picked from their root on a wall.

  41. Ocean monitoring satellite launch from Vandenberg AFB delayed until Nov. 21. A new ocean monitoring satellite has been rescheduled for launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base on Nov. 21, more than a week after its original liftoff date.

  42. Allum Bokhari: “Reminder. Six months before the election, Google switched off traffic to BreitbartNews on searches about Joe Biden. The traffic did not decline gradually. It went to ZERO overnight, and stayed there. The people at Google are ELECTION STEALERS.”

  43. Israeli satellite operator Spacecom joins CABSAT Virtual as exhibitor. Spacecom will showcase its satellite-based solutions such as e-Learning and e-Medicine, which promise to meet the demands of remote communities and digital villages.

  44. The message is clear: We must manage our resources better. Wildfires this summer destroyed communities, businesses, and our food producers. We have a tough road to recovery ahead. The fires send a message loud and clear to manage our resources before it’s too late.

  45. Drought planning hinges on demand management, reaching an agreement could be challenging. With increased demand for water and frequent droughts, demand management may be key to ensuring everyone has enough. Reaching agreements can be hard.

  46. 10 ways a Biden win rattles Israel, Palestinians, Middle East – analysis. US policy in the Middle East will likely undergo dramatic changes if Donald Trump is out of the White House. [According to the polls, most Israelis supported Trump. We will be feeling it unfortunately.]

  47. Greg Kelly: “Everything you’re seeing tonight is an illusion. There is no President Elect.” [Fox is hedging their bets. Predicting that a Trump loss should it happen will be the return of the neocons and that populist nationalism was just an aberation. They are wrong.]

  48. Virgin Galactic prepares to transition to operations. Virgin Galactic is ready to begin a final series of test flights of SpaceShipTwo as the company attempts to begin commercial operations in 2021. [Well the timing certainly couldn’t be any better.]

  49. Benny: “Joe Biden did everything in his power to slander Clarence Thomas & destroy his career. Thomas is now firmly in control of the Supreme Court majority. He is the new de-facto Chief Justice. 2020 election will most likely be decided at the Supreme Court. Biden, meet your master.”

  50. Supreme Court Moments in History: Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill. From the NewsHour’s video vault, watch a 1991 report on the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Clarence Thomas and the testimony of Anita Hill, who accused the judge of sexual harassment while working with him at the Department of Education.

  51. Kurt Schlichter: “Some people are depressed. I’m exhilarated. I’m surrounded by people who are 100% dedicated to counting every legal vote and ensuring the election is fair. We’re not going to waver. We’re not going to be gaslighted. We are going to do our duty as citizens to ensure it’s fair.”

  52. This data expert helped Trump win. Now he’s built a machine to take him down. Former Facebook employee James Barnes is part of a team that’s tapping big data to nudge critical voters to the polls—amid intense efforts to keep them home. Ex-Facebook Data Experts Spent $75M on Targeted Anti-Trump Ads. [And he failed.]

  53. John Scott-Railton: “BREAKING: Austrian press reporting EU Council of Ministers have an ‘almost complete’ resolution on the table to ban end to end encryption on apps like whatsapp & signalapp. Waiting on further reporting.” [What does that mean to Telegram? So now I know the reason for the terror in Vienna. Means to start using burner phones or the thought police will come and wag their fingers at you.]

  54. India’s PSLV rocket lifts off with radar imaging satellite. Sriharikota: India on Saturday successfully placed into orbit one more eye in the sky—a radar imaging earth observation satellite EOS-01 (Earth Observation Satellite, formerly RISAT-2BR2)—and nine other foreign satellites in a text book style.

  55. How Russians lost their own 2nd Amendment: The right to bear arms. Packing heat in the country is no easy task. You need to pass a strict background check and only then can you own a hunting rifle or pneumatic gun. Things were different when the tsars ruled over the land though: Every man and his dog owned a weapon.

  56. In KY, people are mass purchasing again in fear of future lockdowns. [Two hours after opening. Figured opening rush. I’ll be attending my local Walmart today actually as I do almost every Sunday just to see what stock levels look like. When ours was built maybe 12 years ago… it was 3rd biggest in state. I mean its big, I mention that because i feel that’ll help give my store a little more “juice” in the supply chain and we should be stocked better. I could be way off on that.]

  57. Elon Musk wants to rate journalists. He’d call his site 'Pravda.’ Elon Musk accused the media of being dishonest and floated the possibility of building a service to rate the credibility of specific journalists and news outlets. [Well it’s better than putting them on a “list”. ABC News journalists get a F-. This was the highlight of election night for me: (and when I say highlight I mean they really ought to turn the lights out and go home. Forever.) Openly anti-Trump Jonathan Karl of ABC News just stated on air that “the fact that Trump could get new voters in the state of Texas was simply astonishing”. Lol. Um has he heard of Texas?? Clearly he doesn’t remember the Alamo.]

  58. FBI Investigating Hunter Biden for Money Laundering: Report. The FBI opened an investigation into Hunter Biden and associates in 2019 on suspicion of money laundering, a Justice Department official told Sinclair Broadcasting.The criminal investigation is ongoing, the DOJ official said. DOJ official confirms FBI 2019 criminal investigation into Hunter Biden, still active. A justice department official has confirmed to Sinclair Broadcast Group that the FBI opened up a criminal investigation into Hunter Biden and his associates back in 2019, focused on allegations of money-laundering.

  59. Benjamin Netanyahu: “Congratulations Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Joe, we’ve had a long & warm personal relationship for nearly 40 years, and I know you as a great friend of Israel. I look forward to working with both of you to further strengthen the special alliance between the U.S. and Israel.” [Fucking POS. Netanyahu is a traitor to everyone who isn’t himself. He and his wife are the worst things to happen to that country. I’m sure Rabin would agree if he were alive. Trump unfollowed Netanyahu on twitter after yesterday’s tweet lol. Funny how the only tweet the media doesn’t censor, is the one saying that the media is shit. If Trump wins this whole thing, see a wave of National-Populist coups around the world is the minimum that we would want as revenge for the betrayal of every single country who were quick to congratulate Biden instead of waiting for the process to end.]

  60. Agent57: Outperforming the Human Atari Benchmark. The Atari57 suite of games is a long-standing benchmark to gauge agent performance across a wide range of tasks. We’ve developed Agent57, the first deep reinforcement learning agent to obtain a score that is above the human baseline on all 57 Atari 2600 games. 2010: Breakthrough of supervised deep learning. No unsupervised pre-training. The rest is history. 10 years ago, the breakthrough that gave birth to the modern AI wave. Both were born at the same time, but one has had exponential compounding advancements. While the other hasn’t advanced for shit. Today we have AI 10000x better than what we had back then. But for blockchain - Still hardly anything other than Bitcoin that is useful or used by anyone at all. So you’ve got to ask yourself why that is. Really, why. Bitcoin succeed at being unstoppable from day 1. Yet no one has come close. Why did AI immediately continue on an exponential compounding path, while crypto stayed stagnant and fumbling around.

  61. Tommy Robinson: “Currently Arizona, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin have all been called by the media as Biden wins. The total of those states in EC votes are 41 and there is a total of just 80k votes difference for all 3. When North Carolina is called for Trump he is in 229. How many dead voters, illegal ballots after Election Day and miss counted computer glitches are in those 3 states with just 80k difference? If there were more than 80k then they would be corrected to Trump just like the county in Michigan. That would give Biden 249 and Trump a 270 win. Now you can see why media and big tech are pushing Biden has won and let’s move on. ‘Software glitch’ on voting counter managed to count 6,000 Trump votes as Biden votes in a small county in Michigan which only had 17,000 voters. That glitch produced a 12k swing in favour of Biden. When found and corrected the county flipped to Trump. The same software is used in all counties in Michigan and used in the battleground states that decide the election. Anyone else suspect that this ‘software glitch’ is what caused hundreds of thousands of Biden only votes to be registered after election night when Trump was winning by massive margins…”

  62. Pepé: “Never forget that almost the entire Western world is three days of trucker strikes away from going hungry.” VeryKimmy: “Through Nov truckers, nurses & all trump supporters and are going to lay down their jobs and go on strike. They plan to stop the food flow, the medication flow and the hospitals from having anybody help anybody that are suffering from Covid. Jobs for all!” GULAG INMATE 4886: “Wow, apparently Truckers are going on strike across the nation in response to the mass voter fraud that occurred in the presidential election. Get Ready!” Wheels and Walls: “How about a huge Truckers strike and police strike on the same day. Unannounced. Just walk off the job.” Truck drivers threaten to strike, crippling grocery supply chain. As the country heads into a third coronavirus wave, and potentially more lockdowns, food companies are ramping up production to avoid the grocery shortages Americans encountered this spring.” [More of what likely won’t be shown on news or most of social media. I BELIEVE ON PURPOSE, to incite the civil war and escalate so there is no return. Also if Truckers go on strike on top of the called increase spike of Covid-19 and people already panic buying for both lockdowns and possible chaos over elections. The last thing they will show is the escalation of division and war along with the panic shopping across the nation. Stay grey and remember nuke all history and anything through texts, social media. Fb messaging to keep out of the cross fires. Anyone hear about this? Another star? My phone is having issues loading some stuff. But if this is true why and more so if true why now?Imagine the truckers go on strike plus riots in cities and mass panic buying when they realize no more food may come and their families will starve!? This alone could tip everything into chaos really fast. That’s what I see as one of the crucial things to not lose sight of. The food industry, farming industry is already in shortage and crippled. Already panic buying for Covid and now panic buying for possible chaos and war over elections and massive division in the nation. The situation just with the truckers on strike could accelerate everything quickly. Imagine how the sleeping masses already crippled by the economy being crushed, joblessness, hungry, angry, fearful, all time high drugs, alcohol, abuse, suicide, mental illness. Worry how to keep their family fed and safe… Then no more food for the whole nation just from a truck strike. People will go crazy when their food is taken away. Let’s not forget no more shipments of alcohol either. They’ll be knocking on their neighbors doors or result to violence or stealing / robbery in order to feed themselves and their loved ones. NEVER OPEN THE DOOR! NEVER SHARE WHAT YOU HAVE! OPSEC ALWAYS! STAY GREY!]

  63. The Time Tunnel (2006). Unaired 2002 attempt to relaunch Irwin Allen’s original series “The Time Tunnel”. In this version, a secret Dept. of Energy project to create “hot fusion” instead creates a “storm” in time. It takes the scientists four hours (240 minutes) to lock down one end of the storm, while the other is still randomly sweeping across the time stream. When they leave their bunker, the scientists discover that the “two-forty” (the 240 minutes the storm was out of control), caused random changes to the fabric of history, and only they know the true history of the world. Now the scientists must send teams back through the time tunnel to correct major errors the storm created. DOE employee Doug Phillips is recruited into the group because of his particular knowledge of a World War 2 battle, where the Time Tunnel team must go in order to stop an outbreak of the Black Plague. [Less than an hour, watch it. Do not focus on the time travel, pay attention to the logistics. Department of Energy controls budgets of dark sites as Groom Lake. Filmed 15 years ago. Under orders assigned to Department of Energy Attaché. If you don’t have time with the first 10 minutes will suffice what under orders means. Pay attention to the toys and don’t forget, filmed 2005, released unaired pilot 2006. 15 years ago. 5 years before the iPhone was released to the masses. Pay close attention to the analysts and Mission Control. Connect the dots. Remember all the Weather/Radar anomalies. Remember the Astoria Borealis. Compare Time Tunnel to Tenet. It’s all training guys. Did you guys notice the injections that allow for instant translation and neurological feedback from 2 timelines? Once again you just got iPhones in 2006. This was filmed in 2005. We’ve shown you the implant technology before. Some of you remember it as PlayStation 9. Consider that you are all learning this as a mercy. Location is Groom Lake NV65 home of Janet. Devices were GPS, Camera and Translator. Mission Control monitored the same analytics per traveller now installed in any smartphone. The operation is in a DUMB. Multi-Agency Collaboration. If you noticed CIA was in control of project breaches. Not much has changed since then. Compare it to TENET / Mr. Robot and Westworld. “Mandela Effect” gets a new meaning after watching the video.]

  64. Two courses of action I can’t figure out, assuming a Biden win. Antifa gets crushed by local Dem mayors with “Chicago style” tactics now that they’ve outlived their purpose to antagonize Trump, and to avoid continued riots being an issue for Biden. Or the left wing tries to overreach and continues to use Antifa as a way to go after enemies. This strategy is favored by AOC and others with their “enemies list” they’ve been posting about. Which one do you guys think? Maybe they stop funding them and they just go away just like BLM did after last election? Yes and no…I understand funding and organization from Podesta and Soros but there is organic support (NOT an endorsement, I fully condemn them, just an observation). Take away funding and you will not see them anymore. The antifa psyop was there to make hell for Trump and now they are not needed anymore. They will come back when needed again. My views of course. Thanks. Good find. That is how I remembered it also… It’s literally money laundering since most money the BLM raises they donated to Biden this time… I wonder if China could donate to BLM and BLM donates to Biden for President? Would it be legal? And thus the 2022 Republican minority outreach campaign, featuring Lil Pump and Lil Wayne (lmao I seriously can’t believe I’m saying this) was born. "Hey BLM, remember how the DNC abandoned you? Join us.” They are not done using them yet. How do you think they will react when the rug pull happens… Done for now until they need them again… If Trump is back, all hell will brake lose of course! Seriously though, this is how big city US politics works: Nominate a center-left corporatist Podesta type; Nominate a hyper woke far left candidate; Business community and middle class reluctantly gets behind 1 to avoid 2. If the right wanted to shake things up in cities, may want to explore some unconventional alliances with option 2. I could be wrong, but I predict this course of action may be on the table. Exactly! This is where they need them the most. Remember the lesson on the KEYS? MAKE THE KEYS HAPPY! China does not need to invade from Canada right now. Think about what are the real purposes of antifa, blm and extremist organizations and people in the USA. Create chaos, destruction and topple the empires and of course being paid well, living like kings and surely promised high seats. Little do they know they can be annihilated very quickly. Once their mission is complete. They will be expired… USA is being attacked from within our own country (big tech, media, social media, government, culture, education, the sciences, math, all of it). I agree and very well put. Stay grey folks… Low profile. I know 1 FB engineer (friend of a friend), not on the content side. Said lots of internal debate and argument. There’s a pro-free speech faction and a pro-woke censorship faction. I predict we may see the rise of new platforms and a 3rd faction, which is a pro-right wing censorship faction, I.e. deplatforming woke views. Whether or not any of that is a good thing or contributes to civil discourse… I just work here. Just predicting what I see. Would be good to see who here knows how to truly nuke fb messages and social media. I know there was a post for deleting google history. I think this would be a good lesson if someone can repost how to secure phoned and computers as well as nuking everything as well. Delete every post/like/photo you can. end up with basically empty profile. then change profile pic to something from thispersondoesnotexistcom and change name to something very far from yours. Wait a few weeks and then delete. Wait is because we want fb to archive backup including your fake name/pic. Perfect idea! Yes love this. Going to enjoy part of today as it’s super nice out. Been like a drill sergeant with my whole family to do final ground work. Basically have to be like this with my parents to get stocked up again this week. I will not be going out this upcoming weekend at all. I basically was like ok folks this may be the last chance. I get the eye rolls then remind them how I have always kept them way ahead of the curve. Then they go ok yes we shall go along with you lol. Love them and also know I have to be the one taking charge to protect them and have them set. Mom got a text from my uncle at least. He said the end is coming be ready and said I love you to her. So glad my uncle gets it. I have a suspicion he’s a big time prepper. And fully loaded if you get my drift. I keep thinking what if it never was about having Biden win (which is actually the REDS winning) what if they wanted to set up fraud on purpose further assault the minds of the people with mind control, gas lighting literally a war on the perception of people. So then if Trump would not back down and Biden was going to lose it would cause the manufactured zombies/ wolves/ army of the woke as well as antifa / BLM which is about taking down the government to literally become like minions or pawns to incite civil war on purpose to take down the government? I’d love discussion around this and play out possible scenarios either by us in the group and or admins. We go to put our minds together and analyze to get way ahead of the curve. We already know the various SHTF scenarios. But now we need to really deepen into taking these moments to get everything in final order. Help each other to do the final preparations and really stay on top of things. Because the election fraud in some ways I feel like easy to get lost in. And while people are caught in the fraud issues chess pieces are being played out in black world and white world. As well as many dominoes falling and timelines accelerating being pushed. I truly wish such a ‘gas lighting’ was true, as it would imply a group of people could actually work together to pull that off, and that would demonstrate a group even inside a government could actually work together.

  65. The media can’t call it, they’re out of their mind thinking they can declare it, this is a coup and fraud, all eyes worldwide on it, this will change a lot however it goes. Congratulations to the USA people, you have eaten the red big apple with poison. If I understand correctly, Republicans hold the more states than dems in electoral college and reps are obligated to give their vote to rep, while dems to a dem. I genuinely don’t think Biden nor Kamala will take office. This is just another coup attempt that will end with failure and further revealing of corruption, fun times, clean up necessary. If Trump wins, North Koreans will fight side by side with American Special Forces. I want this future as we go forward into Chinese territory. Yeah. I know the elites aren’t fond of N Korea because it is one of the few countries in which a central bank (owned by them) has not yet been installed. One of the last places in the world they don’t control the monetary supply. Also… we’ve hit record highs for the last five days and voting and protesting will be labeled super spreader events… food shortages also… and any false flag may mean that yes… it is a likely possibility. Mexico’s leader stands with Trump; Israel’s leader abandons him. This timeline, I tell you. When wealth no longer matters, the ultra-rich need new techniques to barter with men’s souls. A few of those techniques are life-extension technologies, ultra-advanced science, the ability to take drugs with no side effects (drug addiction, de-naturing peptide enzymes only for the elite). And then there’s unlimited child sex with any girl you choose from a catalog. A pedo can pick out any child he likes and they will be taken and never found again. That’s where true child abduction began, and it has evolved into a huge enterprise. This is how Epstein got leverage over his associates. Yeah they’re with the Reds. Mossad is into that stuff. I thought maybe there’d be some good since Trump seemed close to them, even going as far as recognizing Jerusalem as the capital. SCOTUS being more on the conservative side, if it ends up to them to decide the outcome, I think it has way more odds of being in favor of Trump than Biden. I see the heads of states of India and Ukraine have congratulated Biden. I think it’s hilarious (but also maniacally devious) how she changed the pronunciation of her name to sound softer and more effeminate after she got nominated as Biden’s VP running mate. All tv journalists are taught to speak with Standard American (or Standard English) dialect designated to be devoid of regional dialect or accent for standard broadcasting. All journalists are taught the proper way to both spell and pronounce the names of any important public figures in politics, entertainment, religious figureheads, business, finance and industry moguls, etc. I’ve been paying close attention to the career of Kamala Harris for nearly the entirety of the 20 years she was active in the legal system and politics of California. Her name was ALWAYS pronounced Kam-uh-luh - Kam pronounced like cam in camera. Now suddenly it’s Kom-mah-la - Komma like in Comma, alternating with Kuh-mah-la, Kuh like in “Come on, man!” This was her effort to soften her image from being an opportunistic homewrecker who slept with men to advance her career, and who later sent innocent black men and women to prison on the basis of evidence from a tainted crime lab, and blocked the release evidence which could have freed men from death row. A prime example of gaslighting and media manipulation right down to even the most minute and seemingly innocuous detail. AMLO is an experienced smart politician but very loyal to his own values, Mexicans know extremely well how a voter fraud looks like and the tremendous damage it does so when the whole country decided to end the systemic corruption hurting the country he was the one who got the votes, that’s the main reason he won the presidency so he would lose respect in front of his voters if he would back up a dirty maneuver like the one being done in American elections, in the other hand nobody really knows how this is going to end so he’s just being extra careful and keeping a neutral position. Mexico has a long standing tradition of not messing around with other countries’ internal affairs, which I find very healthy. Now, from my perspective, AMLO is following it, but at the same time must be afraid to open his mouth and declare Biden as a winner and screw up possible relationships with Trump is he is recognized president after legal battle. Mexico could be a world power if they cleaned up corruption and cracked down on crime. Lots of natural resources, deep water seaports, next door neighbor is a superpower.

  66. The Mystery of Ballot Box 13. Dan Balz, 1990. For the past 40 years, the story of Box 13 in tiny Alice, Texas, has stood as one of the great mysteries and richest tales in American politics. It is the story of how Lyndon Johnson stole the 1948 election and then how he sealed his theft with a brilliant manipulation of the judicial system and the state Democratic political organization. This ground has been plowed before, but never as thoroughly as by Robert A. Caro in the second volume in his massive biography of Johnson. Caro has found no dramatic, new smoking gun in his investigation of Johnson’s 87-vote victory, but he has added some important facts to the historical record. More impressively, he has masterfully spliced together events that were playing out in courtrooms, hotel ballrooms and political backrooms to create a gripping narrative that has the intensity and drama of an international thriller. Unfortunately that isn’t enough for Caro. He concludes that Johnson didn’t just steal the election but pulled off a heist of historic proportions, far greater than anyone has recognized until now. Here he’s stretching things. Caro’s distaste for Johnson, his infatuation with Johnson’s opponent and his personal revulsion for the political bossism and corruption in south Texas color his interpretation of the facts and ultimately distort his rendering of history. First the story. With his political life on the line, Johnson runs 70,000 votes behind Coke Stevenson, a popular former Texas governor, in the 1948 Democratic primary, but forces Stevenson into a runoff. On the morning after the runoff, the Texas election bureau shows Stevenson leading Johnson by 854 votes. There follow several days of recounts, corrections and phony vote-shifting, but by mid-day on the Friday after the runoff, Stevenson still leads by more than 150 votes. Then miraculously comes the report that in Box 13 in Alice, in the heart of the machine of boss George Parr, an additional 200 Johnson votes have been discovered. He is the winner by 87 votes out of nearly 1 million cast. Stevenson, understanding the ways of the Rio Grande Valley in south Texas, goes to investigate, taking with him Frank Hamer, a legendary Texas Ranger who led the posse that captured and killed Bonnie and Clyde. In Alice they discover signs of fraud: The last 202 names on the rolls in Box 13 were written in a different color ink; the new names were listed in alphabetical order; the handwriting was identical; some of the new voters claim they never voted. But Johnson, having lost the 1941 Senate race by being outstolen, is determined to preserve his victory. His lawyers find a friendly judge in Austin to issue an injunction preventing the Jim Wells County (Alice) Democratic organization from scratching out those 202 new votes and putting Stevenson back on top. The legal ploy designed as a means of delay gives Johnson the time he needs to win certification as the winner by the state Democratic executive committee (on a one-vote margin). Stevenson counters by finding a friendly federal judge, who issues an injunction preventing Johnson’s name from going on the ballot and orders an investigation into vote fraud in south Texas. Time – and the explosive investigations – become Johnson’s new obstacles. The candidate calls in his old friend Abe Fortas, who sizes up the situation and lays out a bold and risky legal strategy, designed to move the case through the appeals court and quickly to the Supreme Court. As Johnson’s lawyers scramble through their appeals, investigators in south Texas are closing in on the truth of what happened. Finally Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black rules that the federal government has no right to interfere in a state election, stopping the vote-fraud investigation dead and assuring Johnson’s election. Like others who have dug into the record, Caro is unable to answer a central question: Did Johnson himself go to south Texas and cut a deal with George Parr that resulted in the extra votes in Box 13? He concludes it is possible but not provable. Failing that, he sets out to build his case that Johnson won the '48 race with “tens of thousands” of bought or stolen votes. Johnson, he writes, “received a 35,000-vote plurality from areas {south Texas} in which the voting pattern was dramatically out of keeping with the normal patterns in a democracy.” But not out of keeping with the normal patterns of south Texas, where bloc voting and boss-control were endemic and well known. The flaw in Caro’s biography is his insistence on interpreting Johnson’s actions in the worst possible light and Johnson’s opponents in the best possible light. When Johnson goes judge-shopping, it’s devious; when Stevenson does it, it’s legitimate. When Johnson gets bloc votes, he’s bought or stolen them; when Stevenson get them, it’s because the bosses have no choice. Caro makes much of Johnson’s margins in south Texas (in Duval County, his margin was 4,622-40), but he either overlooks or discounts the similar voting patterns in earlier elections, including ones involving Stevenson. In 1942, Stevenson carried Duval with 2,836 votes. His five opponents got 77. In another celebrated contest, one candidate won the primary in a south Texas county by 3,000-5, then got into an argument with the county boss and lost the runoff by the exact same margin. Coke Stevenson, who as governor never challenged this corruption in south Texas, must have factored these realities into his own plan for winning in 1948. Caro’s failure to come to terms with political realities of south Texas four decades ago doesn’t absolve Johnson of his theft. But an otherwise stunning job of research, reporting and storytelling is flawed by the author’s willingness to exaggerate the sins of his subject. Dan Balz, a staff reporter for the National section of The Washington Post, is the paper’s former Southwest correspondent based in Texas. Dan Balz is chief correspondent at The Washington Post. He joined The Post in 1978 and has been involved in political coverage as a reporter or editor throughout his career. Before coming to The Post, he worked at National Journal magazine as a reporter and an editor and at the Philadelphia Inquirer. He is the author of several books, including two bestsellers. He was born in Freeport, Ill., graduated from the University of Illinois and served in the U.S. Army. He is married and has one adult son. He is a regular panelist on PBS’s “Washington Week” and is a frequent guest on the Sunday morning talk shows and other public affairs programs.

  67. Expounding on this in here specifically, personally this was exactly when I first began to disconnect from the news media. I had MSM Solomon to an extreme degree back in 2000. To the point of feeling like I was going to choke on my food if it was on while we were eating. I would ask people to enter rooms before me if we were eating there and make sure the channels were changed. They were fine with doing this - it fully necessary. This is how bad it was. Luckily the transition only lasted a few months. And this was just before 9/11, the switch to HD as the broadcasting standard, and the implementation of 1000 feeds and tickers all over the screen. I left it behind when we were still in 4:3 format. And I wonder if that shift happened for many at the exact same time… The thing with being disconnected from the media… one begins to make - at first - healthier, more objective choices about media consumption. If something feels heavy-handed, you check out. You start to see where your strings are being pulled… there’s this sort of Call Out The Fuckery stage that goes along with that. If you then immerse yourself in it and study it from the detached state… you start reading people, inflections, body language, cuts, angles, music tone, shot juxtaposition… you start to understand the exact grammar and how it is used to manipulate you. Past that point, it becomes difficult to watch it at all. But if you do watch, you’re doing it from this place of detached analysis where it’s extremely hard to have any sort of emotional reaction to it. There’s no tug at the heartstrings. You’ve broken the spell and you’re able to take the messaging apart and see what makes it tick. If you delve further, you learn to manipulate it. You learn how to splice phonemes together to make new words. You learn that jump cuts manufacture anxiety. You learn that flipping the 180 in a fight scene creates disorientation which adds to suspense. You learn that a laugh track can make things that aren’t funny - and shouldn’t ever be - hilarious. You learn that altering the tone of the music alters the tone of the entire piece. You learn that what I’m doing right now, by repeating the words “you learn that” over and over again… this creates an hypnotic rhythm that could potentially lull you into accepting what I am saying without questioning it. This is spellcasting. Why do you think Reds sought to gain control of the media? Let’s do a class on media manipulation. The only way to inoculate yourselves is to immerse, understand, and then fully resist any further immersion. A practical example of resisting immersion - if you’re feeling compelled to binge watch a series, you never stop at the end of the episode. (I use the word “compel” for a reason - you are being compelled. It’s a trick.) The cliffhanger is put here on purpose so you will automatically begin to watch the next one. You subvert this effect by finding a boring spot mid-episode and pausing there. This will cure your binge watching. I never take anything in in one sitting unless I am at a movie theater and have consciously chosen to do so. I will pause what I’m watching, get up, walk around, do other things in between, do other things during… consuming media with me for others can be trying if they don’t know what I’m doing so I tend to be choosy about who I watch things with. Back when I watched network television, I’d flip channels and watch several things at once. No immersion, no emotional effect. But the repetition I spoke of earlier - this is the main way that thought control is enacted via the news. Let’s take a look at some videos exposing Operation Mockingbird. First, some clips from the hearing in 1975: “CIA Operation Mockingbird, Intelligence Committee Hearings 1975. Sig Mickelson CBS president speaks.” “Operation Mockingbird. Do you read newspapers? Or perhaps do you prefer reading things online? Maybe reading isn’t your medium, how about watching the news? Because all of us, at one point or another has consumed media.” “The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” - William Colby. Correction. This is a partial truth. The Red Wizardry faction within the CIA does. Looking at any branch or agency as carrying a cohesive agenda will only bite you in the ass because you’re not seeing the full picture. This is when people get nutty and start pulling out the red string. The truth is that Red Wizardry has infiltrated every aspect of our lives and they subvert the agendas of the institutions they infiltrate. As soon as you understand this, you can put the red string away. It’s no longer necessary. If you see the fuckery emerge in the mix, you already know exactly where it is coming from. No more rabbit holes. It’s just Red messaging. Adam Curtis in Century of the Self discussed Bernays at length. But Bernays is just one example of Red Wizardry’s media and public relations influence. Now let’s look at how it works in practice in the news media itself… Stories are released from on high that must be read verbatim in all local news markets. Watch: “Operation Mockingbird Fake News.” AriesAzazel has touched on the Messiah program a bit with you in Main and Disclosure by reviewing the work of directors and producers like the Nolan brothers and Joss Whedon, as well as the Sony hack that brought a lot of this activity out into the open. This will explain some of that internal operating structure a bit further: “Covert operations: How the CIA works with Hollywood - Listening Post (Feature). The Weinstein story was suppressed by Hollywood, using its legal and financial muscle to keep a lid on it - until now. But there are also power centers in the US government that can dictate to Hollywood: the Pentagon and the CIA.” This doesn’t just happen on American soil. EU news media was systematically infiltrated as well. In this clip from 2016, veteran journalist Dr. Udo Ulfkotte explains his experiences with being approached and bribed by the CIA to put forward specific messaging whenever tapped to do so. He put out a book in German detailing his experiences called Gekaufte Journalisten. He was doing interviews to support the drop of his book in the English language. In 2017, the year that book was supposed to drop in English, Ulfkotte was suicided. “Operation Mockingbird 2.0. A German Journalist reveals how the CIA is controlling the media.” Here, you can see that the book was slated to drop in English in May 2017. It never did. Ulfkotte died in January 2017. “Journalists for Hire: How the CIA Buys the News: Ulfkotte Ph.D Ph.D., Dr. Udo.” I know many of you watched Social Dilemma. As a primer for understanding algo fuckery at a high level, it’s a great first look at how you are being manipulated to fuel the divide and conquer agenda. And if you’re not already well-versed in how data harvesting is weaponized against you, again, this is a great place to start. (If you have advanced technical and digital marketing knowledge, you can probably skip it. You already know how this works. But if you want to show someone who has never been exposed to a breakdown of these ideas or has a bit of knowledge but never did an active deep dive into the subject, I highly recommend it.) But let’s remember what many of us have told you about the elites and their social media usage. They don’t use it much. They don’t allow their children to use it at all. Besides the obvious fact that their children’s posts could be harvested for blackmail material or they might be targeted by strangers with other nefarious agendas, either merely because they are children or to find some way to get at their parents, there are other more universally relatable reasons why social media is disallowed. Jaron Lanier, the inventor of VR, gets into that succinctly here: “Why you should delete your social media accounts. Jaron Lanier is considered one of the fathers of virtual reality and a veteran of Silicon Valley.” The key thing to keep in mind is that if you are using an app that advertises to you and controls your behaviors in a fashion that spikes your dopamine levels, you and the actions you take are the products being sold to advertisers. So, at a basic level, this is how it works. On a deeper level, it’s not only advertisers who are utilizing the tech to move the needle of your actions and opinions. Lobbyist and other various social agenda groups hire people to go online and argue with others all day long to control narratives on public posts. Algorithms are spiked to keep you in constant conflict, not just so that you will keep returning for the dopamine hit you’re receiving from the argument, but also to keep everyone at odds with one another. When we can’t perceive the true enemy (Red Wizardry), we are exponentially easier to control. When we think the enemy is each other, this destroys the fabric of society. When this is taken to its most illogical conclusion, we have the threat of civil war as we see it right now with literally EVERYONE thinking their own personal version of algorithm-manipulated reality is “correct” and that everyone else is WRONG. This goes back to the homework from a couple days ago. These tools are so powerful that we went from hopes and ideas of a digital utopia to a full on dystopian nightmare in ONE generation. That’s all it took - one generation for Orwell and Huxley to be rolling in their graves at the way we’ve handled things. To further illustrate the point Aries keeps making about the Nolans, there’s a third brother, Matthew, who you never hear about. It’s because he doesn’t make movies and television like the other two. He’s a trained assassin. “Batman Director’s Brother Sentenced. Matthew Nolan will serve the rest of his sentence, then head to Costa Rica for trial.” Simply cutting the cord does not immerse you in it to the point of understanding the hold it has. It’s necessary shadow work. If you just detach, something else will draw you in. If you understand it fully, you can see it coming next time and have a chance to identify the threat. Walking away from it doesn’t provide the same knowledge that using it as a crucible does. Back to that Alan Watts quote again… “Once you get the message, hang up the phone.”

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