Azazel News #Recap 11/7/2020

  1. Disclose TV: “Biden and Trump supporters clash in Olympia.”

  2. The Babylon Bee: “Party Against Fascism Begins Creating Lists Of Undesirables.”

  3. Kitty Shackleford: “Signs of election fraud as seen in African elections: BBC article Vs. 2020.”

  4. Elizabeth Harrington: “Crooked media organizations do not decide elections. Legal votes cast by Americans do.”

  5. zerohedge: “China Leapfrogs US With World’s First 6G Satellite Amid Raging Tech War.”

  6. Josh Caplan: “WSVN: Two injured after shooter fires pellets into crowd of Trump supporters in Fort Lauderdale.”

  7. Downtown Portland businesses targeted by self-described Antifa group in Wednesday night riot.

  8. Elon Musk: “Recruiting ace engineers for Giga Berlin! Will interview in person tomorrow on site.”

  9. Elon Musk: “The Phantom of the Opera Is here… inside your mind.”

  10. Eta strengthening on its way toward Cuba, warnings issued for Cayman Islands, Cuba, Bahamas and Florida.

  11. A light-engine Cessna plane crashed near the village of Tomilino near Moscow. The media reports two people dead.

  12. Benny: “If the media decided when an election was over Al Gore would have been our 43rd President.”

  13. “You didn’t have to be a great electoral wizard to know the Trump wave existed.” - French media

  14. Disclose TV: “Scene outside the White House right now. There are three fences separating President Trump from the crowds.”

  15. Global Times (CCP Media): “China Telecom launched its commercial standalone (SA) deployment of 5G networks on Saturday, taking the lead globally.”

  16. The Only Truth: “The Foreign Minister of Iran “Mohammad Javad Zari” has arrived to Bolivia from Cuba for the tour of Latin America.”

  17. Kyle Marquis: “Yearly reminder: unless you’re over 60, you weren’t promised flying cars. You were promised an oppressive cyberpunk dystopia. Here you go.”

  18. Mercury aircraft were simultaneously in the sky for an unknown reason. These Airplanes are used to transmit orders, especially nuclear fire. (Think Tank).

  19. Disclose TV: “Reminder: The mainstream media does not legitimize or designate a President in the United States. The people, election officials, and the courts do.”

  20. Funny how Covid-19 just vanished. I have a hunch they are waiting until January to announce the second wave. After that the lockdowns, Australia style, will commence.

  21. Large Crowds Fill Streets Around White House Following Election Results. A Citizen user video shows a large crowd cheering and waving flags.

  22. These searches for “election fraud punishment” took place prior to the election. My assumption is people have performed premeditated election fraud and were wondering how much trouble they would be in.

  23. E-News Pakistan: “Chinese President Xi Jinping has said that the US is not aware of the power of the new China, the 17th anniversary of China’s victory in the 1950-53 Korean war has been marked, foreign news agency.”

  24. Denmark Kills 15mil Mink, Setting Stage to End Animal Agriculture. Denmark is set to kill 15 million mink claiming a COVID-19 mutation may interfere with efforts to create a vaccine. Alberta sees H1N2v zoonotic infection.

  25. UK testing every person in Liverpool for virus. The British government announced on Tuesday that everyone in Liverpool will be tested for the novel coronavirus as part of a trial program starting this week.

  26. A helicopter carrying a heart crashed into a Los Angeles hospital helipad yesterday. The pilot was slightly injured and the 2 other people on board were unharmed. The organ was not affected and the transplant could be done.

  27. Guy Benson: “Hearing from multiple sources that House R’s could realistically end up with 210-214 seats when everything shakes out. Truly wild, given projections / expectations.”

  28. FBI: Hackers stole source code from US government agencies and private companies. FBI blames intrusions on improperly configured SonarQube source code management tools.

  29. Remove Google Search results you don’t want people to find. We all have things we’d prefer that strangers didn’t know. What happens when those private facts and photos end up online?

  30. John D: “People were combing through Michigan’s government website looking for dead people who voted and Governor Whitmer ordered the site be shut down immediately. What does that tell you?”

  31. Rep. Matt Gaetz: “A full audit is absolutely necessary. We should get injunctions if necessary. And if I have to do it, I’ll fight on the floor of the House of Representatives to stop the Electoral College from being certified."

  32. Dogs can detect COVID-19 quicker and more accurately than nasal swabs, study finds. Dogs can detect COVID-19 in humans quicker and more accurately than the gold-standard nasal swab, according to a new study.

  33. Andy Ngô: “Surveillance video showing Antifa’s attack on St. Andre Bessette Church in downtown Portland this week. The church provides services to the city’s large homeless population. It has since halted those services due to damage to the building.”

  34. Per Politico, frontrunners for Biden cabinet include: State: Susan Rice AG: Doug Jones HHS: Michelle Lujan Grisham Transport: Eric Garcetti Commerce: Meg Whitman Energy: Ernest Moniz Interior: Tom Udall Agriculture: Heidi Heitkamp VA: Pete Buttigieg.

  35. Trump campaign files new election-related lawsuit in Arizona. President Trump’s reelection campaign said on Saturday that it has filed a lawsuit in Arizona alleging that in-person ballots were improperly rejected in Maricopa County.

  36. We just got a text from AT&T: AT&T FREE MSG: AT&T has been notified of a possible upcoming Public Safety Power Shutoff event in your area, which may already be underway. Work is underway to limit any wireless service interruptions. Southwest US.

  37. NY Daily News: “Gov. Cuomo will deploy National Guard troops to New York airports for COVID-19 enforcement as the infection rate rises to nearly 2% They will make sure arriving travelers have proof of recently testing negative for COVID-19.”

  38. Rumor Control. Mis- and Disinformation can undermine public confidence in the electoral process, as well as in our democracy. A message from the CISA Director. [Does this mean the talk of QFS blockchain dots by Steve Pieczenic is not valid?]

  39. LAURA LOOMER: “American citizens are seeing right before their eyes why they Second Amendment was created. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

  40. Active-Duty Air Force Teams Deploy to Texas as Fort Bliss Declares Public Health Emergency. Three Air Force medical teams are deploying to El Paso, Texas, where area hospitals are overflowing with COVID-19 patients and Army post Fort Bliss has declared a public health emergency.

  41. Mitch McConnell received donations from voting machine company lobbyists before blocking election security bills. “It’s not surprising to me that Mitch McConnell is receiving these campaign contributions, he seems single-handedly to be standing in the way of anything passing in Congress around election security."

  42. Drew Holden: “Thread. With Biden having been declared the winner (for now) by major media outlets, I figured it would be a good time to share some of the people who’ve threatened retribution against Trump supporters. The list is a lot longer than I had anticipated it would be.” ["Truth and Reconciliation Commission.” Witch Hunt Proposed Name.]

  43. Keeping tabs? AOC suggests supporters make list of social media posts from ‘Trump sycophants’ to hold them complicit. One of the most progressive members of Congress asked whether anyone was keeping tabs on “Trump sycophants” posting favorable content of the president on social media.

  44. War Horizon: “Pacific Air Forces commander Gen. Wilsbach says U.S. troops must be ready for conflict with China. Former speaker of the house Bronwyn Bishop says the biggest danger to Australia now is China, because if Biden wins, China will see a weak president in America and will move on Taiwan.”

  45. Coronavirus Mutation Concern Verified by Largest COVID-19 Viral Sequence Analysis in U.S. Argonne computational resources supported the largest comprehensive analysis of COVID-19 genome sequences in the U.S. and helped corroborate growing evidence of a protein mutation.

  46. Another night of protests in NYC: naked fountain dancing and dinner with a show. It was just another night of protests in Manhattan — with one naked reveler dancing in a fountain and wary outdoor diners watching, forks in the air, as a procession of some 300 marchers file

  47. Biden’s Team Steps Up Transition Plans, Mapping Out a White House. With Joe Biden leading in several important battleground states, his advisers and allies have moved rapidly to discuss hiring in critical roles, especially those overseeing the coronavirus response.

  48. James O’Keefe: “Pennsylvania @USPS Whistleblower Richard Hopkins Goes Public; Confirms Federal Investigators Have Spoken With Him About Postmaster Rob Weisenbach’s Order To Backdate Ballots To November 3rd, 2020.”

  49. Aaron Mehta: “The head of the National Nuclear Security Administration has resigned, after months of internal clashes within the Department of Energy. NNSA oversees the modernization and development of all US nuclear warheads.”

  50. Alice: “Just remember, the left is like Scientology. They lull you into the group, tell you not to look at any other information but their own, shame you if you question the narrative, then make your life a living hell if you try to leave.”

  51. Support Richard Hopkins the Erie PA Whistleblower, organized by Richard Hopkins. My name is Richard Hopkins and I currently work for the United State… Richard Hopkins needs your support for Support Richard Hopkins the Erie PA Whistleblower.

  52. Influence of Solar Cycles on Earthquakes. This research inspects possible influence of solar cycles on earthquakes through of statistical analyses. We also discussed the mechanism that would drive the occurrence of increasing of earthquakes during solar maxima.

  53. General Flynn: “There is a legitimate legal battle ensuing across America. Get involved where you can, pray all you can & know the MEDIA is NOT responsible for deciding our elections. We The People are by our great constitution. Let it lead us to a legitimate outcome and not the MainStreamMedia!”

  54. Alessandra: “Twitter is such a responsible “fact-checker” it never censored Chinese Communist Party propaganda agents who falsely accused America or Italy of spreading the virus or the wave of disinformation on its transmission which lead to the death of millions of people across the world.”

  55. T-cell study adds to debate over duration of COVID-19 immunity. A small but key UK study has found that “cellular immunity” to the pandemic SARS-CoV-2 virus is present after six months in people who had mild or asymptomatic COVID-19 - suggesting they might have some level of protection for at least that time.

  56. Disclose TV: “Trump supporters chant “Whose streets? Our streets!” at a faceoff with Black Lives Matter protesters outside the Capitol Building in Lansing.” [Dear god… it’s Dystopian West Side Story… If Trump comes out and starts singing Melania to the tune of Maria, I’M DONE.]

  57. Fact check: DHS did not announce a sting operation using watermarks on ballots to root out fraud. Posts shared on social media claim that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has marked all authentic election ballots with “non-radioactive isotope watermarks” in order to be able to identify fraudulent replica ballots.

  58. Donald J. Trump: “Big press conference today in Philadelphia at Four Seasons Total Landscaping — 11:30am!” Patton Oswalt: “This is not over. For we shall mount our righteous stand at Four Seasons Total Landscaping. Next to Fantasy Island Adult Books. Across the street from the Delaware Valley Cremation Center. Between the fire extinguisher and yellow hose. MAGA.”

  59. Jim Hoft: “Secret Service and DC Fire Investigating Vehicle, Livestreamer Says There Was an Attempted Attack on White House.” [Well the radicals have been saying all along that he WILL leave the office even if they have to carry him out. Very frightening. I hope he and the first lady and Baron are ok. I doubt that they are even there right now to be honest.]

  60. Michigan GOP chairwoman says software glitch tallied thousands of Republican votes as Democrat. President Trump’s supporters are pointing to a small Michigan county as evidence that vote-counting software used in the state may undercut Trump’s number of votes — as the Trump campaign fends off the appearance of inevitable defeat.

  61. ”I Don’t See Them Accepting The Results." Scenes from Election Protests in Maricopa County Arizona. Tensions are running high outside of the Maricopa County Elections office in Phoenix, Ariz. Too many voters; A high turnout in specific areas; Large numbers of invalid votes; More votes than ballot papers issued; Results that don’t match; Delay in announcing results.

  62. US Rebel: “Biden, w/ record low enthusiasm, underperformed across many major cities, compared to 2016. Vote Shift: NYC 201,408 Chicago 260,835 Miami 6,945. But at 4am in the cities Biden needed to steaI 2020? Atlanta 76,518 Detroit 67,630 Milwaukee 28,429 Pittsburgh 29,150.” [Additional independently-verifiable statistical evidence to throw on the pile. They cant cheat like that using their common core math. Stats was too advanced for them.]

  63. I was educating my wife on adrenochrome last night and then I see this recommended… Doctor Sleep by Stephen King. Is this related to it? “In the film, Dan Torrance, now an adult, must protect a young girl with similar powers from a cult known as the True Knot, whose members prey on children to extend their lives." Just find if odd that a film that’s over a year old appears on recommended viewing for us less than 12 hours after our talk about it in the front room. For delicate conversations, I ask that everyone leaves their phone in another room, and I keep a post it in both cameras most of the time. People think I’m a tinfoiler but I don’t care.

  64. Just heard a single loud "firework.” Fireworks were going off here too. Pretty sure fireworks going off everywhere. Just a matter till it turns into a shitstorm later. Friend of mine just reported firework noises in DC as well. I heard booms but didn’t see anything at first…until the mass “finale.” Then I could see the lights over the trees. Police units all over the areas that crowds are gathered at possible arrests of some individuals. But the bad come out sooner or later. Here comes Harris in white on TV. What is going on is bigger and completely not reported. “Weird intensely bright flashes in the sky around DTLA a few minutes ago.” Helicopters crashing at the same time. 74 days to do as much damage to the other faction as you can.

  65. Breaking911: “PRESIDENT TRUMP: “The simple fact is this election is far from over. Joe Biden has not been certified as the winner of any states — Beginning Monday, our campaign will start prosecuting our case in court to ensure election laws are fully upheld and the rightful winner is seated.” [Fuck this shit the reds can’t just decide Biden won because they own the media and big tech. Riots tonight 1000%.] Disclose TV: “Joe Biden declares victory in the 2020 US Election, adds “President-elect” to his Twitter profile.” [Don’t think right wing rioters have the same kind of protection as left wing. Antifa were allowed to riot but if “racist far right extremist” Trump supporters riot I doubt it’ll be the same.] Disclose TV: “ People are running out into the street celebrating in New York City, screaming, honking horns, and drumming on pots.”

  66. Now Benford’s on Wikipedia is under attack. Fuck this clown world. [What do you mean “now?” Wikipedia has been subverted and used like this for literally years. Benford’s Law is now a far right conspiracy theory that is “unreliable” and “DEBUNKED!” THEYRE CHANGING THE WIKIPEDIA ENTRY ON BENFORD’S LAW. They changed it from “Benford’s law has been invoked as evidence of fraud in the 2009 Iranian elections,[34] and also used to analyze other election results.” to “Benford’s law has been invoked as evidence of fraud in the 2009 Iranian elections,[34] and also used to analyze other election results. However, other experts consider Benford’s law problematical or misleading as a statistical indicator of election fraud.” They’re trying to discredit the fucking law right before our eyes. As if a mathematical law on numbers changes depending on the label on the number.

  67. “THERE’S ONLY 2 LOGICAL SCENARIOS: The Biden camp actually CHEATED. Meaning, our electoral system is so beyond fucked that there will never be faith in voting again by more than half the country. That corruption is so deep in America, there is NO stopping it. OR Worse. That Biden ACTUALLY…won. That a pre-senile or senile man, who gropes women and children on video, who can barely stay coherent for 30 minutes, who had no logical policy, who is tied to literal COMMUNISTS in China, who could barely get a crowd the size of a high school basketball game…somehow beat Trump. And beat him so badly he broke popular vote records across the board.” [Got to wonder if Baba Vanga got it right? If Biden wins by a fraud and all of the attempts to correct that fraud fail (though I wouldn’t wish it) he wasn’t elected. If this rhetoric causes the elimination of the only legitimate opposition then there won’t be an opportunity for another democratic vote again. I hope not. But rather strange times.]

  68. Thanks for the heads up on Palantir… I’ll check it out. May be a good company in case for real real 4GW kicks off. What up with Rank and File? How is Brass dealing with it? Besides remaining Apolitical. You’d be surprised how apolitical the military really is. Not just a cute saying. Most people joined for adventure or college money. Some have opinions and they’re all over the spectrum. At top levels probably a different game since some Generals require confirmation from the Senate but I’m nowhere near that level. I’d say overall the military leans right and libertarian. You will be. We shall see how this timeline plays out. If Trump pulls it off, we will get closer to Open Eyes. Nah, getting out next year for business school. Maybe in another life, but in this life it’s time to make a lot of money. A lot. If not Barron Trump and Satoshi will carry on the fight. Come on do the Major pool, go through the door. Fuck money.

  69. President López Obrador did not want to comment on the triumph of Joe Biden. It will not give a position on the winner of the elections in the United States until legal matters regarding the counting of the votes are resolved. Mexican President has not congratulated Biden. Trump is at the Rubicon. But will he cross it? I guess the lawyers will have to do what they do. I voted, that’s all I can do for now other than gain more knowledge and skills. Trump just taunted his enemies by hosting a historic conference in front of one of their money laundering operations. Seems bizarre for a Presidential press conference. In reality, he’s like okay motherfuckers gloves are off. Word on the streets is that the truckers are going on strike in solidarity with Trump. I’ll reach out and try to get some confirmation on that. He said he’s gonna wait until you guys solve every legal issue you need to solve. As far as I know, neither Xi Jingping, nor Erdogan, Putin or Bolsonaro have congratulated him yet. “Unlike other world leaders, Netanyahu is waiting to congratulate Biden. His aides say he is “waiting for the official results.” “So. As of 10:30pm ET the last remaining holdouts are, by my count: Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, and Bolivia. The rest of Latin America has joined in recognizing Joe Biden as U.S. president-elect.” Would be curious to know list of all countries who haven’t congratulated Biden yet… “Four Seasons.” Dark Winter. Think they’ll send out another more lethal strain? If Trump wins yes. Unsure. I think the location choice was to counter the sentiment though. Seems chosen to make a point. Odd location for a conference. Most foreign leaders aren’t calling to congratulate Biden and are specifically saying they are waiting for more information. This is unprecedented. You have to wonder what they know. Time is a flat circle. And people have short memories. Yeap, it was like 45 days before we knew back then. I think it’s also what they don’t know that would cause them to pause. Fascinating considering half the country accused certain foreign leaders of interfering… The appropriate response is for everyone to wait. It’s not done. Waiting is correct.

  70. Let’s recap the potential new timeline. If Trump loses in the court, it’s just the start. Dissent, suppression and witch hunt. Clean your digital footprints. The worst part is rats are jumping ship and leaving POTUS alone. Chatter in diplomatic channels is about POTUS safe passage. Another hint. All forecasts are aiming to Madame President in less than 6 months. Those are my betting markers. A very sad day for the country, What we have witnessed. And as magic COVID will be gone. The strategically release of strains worked. This society is not ready for advancement. You motherfuckers just went backwards. Toys are going back into the Toy Chest. The only ones that could have done something are the Chiefs and they decided not to intervene. The dice were heavy when FBI turned on POTUS. We knew it was over when Dorsey survived and censored even more. That is how democracy was stolen. Being in the Black World, what would you do? Society is not remotely ready. Toys back to the chest. The world is imploding and distracted. In the meantime… “The Pirates of the Gulf of Guinea area are active again today. They approached a vessel at the location shown.” Think about this!!! If there was a virus risk there would be zero tolerance for massive celebration. If people can go out and celebrate then why the systematic effort to impede voting in person? Either way, nothing to do from our end. It’s not our mission. We are tasked to survive, unnoticed preferably. You Americans fucked up. If you choose to fight, fight. If you stay, apologize. Go Black, find the Green Door, have your kids go Black World. Become Wizards and raise Wizards. Get out. Any person with a Red sign, sticker or online opinion is been harvested as we speak. The CCP took over America, see how they control their citizens been replicated here. Social Credit System. If the citizens grow a spine to rebel it is a guaranteed civil war. And many said they will defend country but at the moment of truth they go and hide. See how the rats jumped ship. Prepare for winter. Just because Blue (Red Faction) won the country economy will recover immediately. Remember MSM and Big Tech is compromised. POTUS has been abandoned. We hope Israel might protect him from extradition if needed. If the rats didn’t abandon ship this could be possible. A repeat of 20 years ago, tables turning but so many just conceded defeat. When you see the connections, it dawns on you, the whole thing was planned and the world got duped with strategic strain releases. They don’t even hide it anymore when the hashtag involves worshipping Fauci as a hero.

  71. How it was done in 2016. Fraction Magic - Detailed Vote Rigging Demonstration. A real-time demo of the most devastating election theft mechanism yet found, with context and explanation. 2016. Russian narrative aside, they were able to hack the machines in seven minutes domestically. How to Hack an Election in 7 Minutes. With Russia already meddling in 2016, a ragtag group of obsessive tech experts is warning that stealing the ultimate prize—victory on Nov. 8—would be child’s play. America’s Electronic Voting Machines Are Sitting Ducks. They are old, buggy, and insecure. If someone wanted to mess with the US election, these machines would be an easy way in. 2010. Programmer’s testimony in Senate. Computer Programmer testifies at senate hearing to election voting fraud. “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” -Stalin. 2016: WIRED’s Totally Legit Guide to Rigging a Presidential Election. So you want to rig an election? Follow these many, many, many steps to show how much you hate democracy. 2013: Al Gore: American Democracy Has Been Hacked. Al Gore, Former U.S. Vice President: Special interests have taken over American democracy’s operating system.

  72. This witch-hunt should be of everyone’s concern and the reason for being apolitical. “If you know anyone who supported Trump, please add their names to our database. They will be dealt with in due course, once the appropriate legal framework can be put in place.” Damn are they planning on building gulags for Trump supporters or what lol. Be prepared for crazy unbelievable things that see going to happen, scenarios were forecasted. Whoever saw the signs has a chance to survive. Take notice. Palantir stock is up. Ask yourself this, why the company of the only tech god that supported the actual POTUS is the hot commodity right now? Why everyone is buying? Another hint. One of the Thiel created DoNoPay, 3 days ago Apple was aiming hard to remove it from App Store. “Just got a call from Apple. The DoNotPay App will be removed by them in 5 minutes because “the app is too App Store like.” Each DoNotPayLaw service needs to be a separate app and give 30% to Apple, violating guidelines 3.1.1 and 3.2.2(i) respectively.” Yesterday DoNotPay launched this as an emergency, away of schedule. “Today DoNotPayLaw is launching one of our most requested features. You can now generate burner phone numbers for any service. Protect your privacy, stop robocallers and use it with the free trial credit card!” "Some disasters and power outages could cause wireless sites to lose service temporarily. Verizon is taking actions to mitigate loss of service during such events. For information about how Verizon is preparing our network for disasters and power outages.” “Back in 2017 I embarked on a journey to go build a database of all knowledge. Today, we’re announcing that golden raised $14.5m Series A backed by a16z DCVC TheGigafund Harpoon Ventures and others with pmarca joining the board.” Is Forbidden Knowledge going to be banned or allowed on Golden? “Golden is a place to explore and contribute to knowledge. Our mission is to map all human knowledge. San Francisco, CA.” We have the ability to do many things, it’s the action why I brought it to your attention. I just showed you they released to the masses the ability to create burner phones for everyone’s use. Connect the dots. “DoNotPay’s Latest Subscription Gives You Unlimited Burner Numbers for $3 a Month. DoNotPay, the robot lawyer that works to get you refunds and cancel your trials, has another add-on for a new privacy-focused benefit to its subscription service. Unlimited burner numbers that deactivate after 10 minutes.” Do you really believe AOC and BLM will follow whatever they are told to do?

  73. Here is a prediction: You will see kidnappings and human trafficking go up in 2021. The Reds will be back in power if Trump concedes. Just because the media declared Biden president elect doesn’t mean he actually won. He hasn’t given up yet. Not giving up just sad to see the cycles continue. These bullshit new wars on the horizon in Iran. Blue, Green and Gold are too weak to handle this. They got played big time. If this is what they got then it isn’t enough. Gonna be a long road to the end. At least 3 generations. Probably more. It’s not about Oil. Never was about Oil in Iraq or Afghanistan or terrorism. It’s about a select few wanting Nephilim chambers and Stargates. That’s the fucked up lie they tell the public that it’s about stopping terrorism. In reality a few on the top who want to live forever (more time). Sometimes the truth slips out. Giant of Kandahar. And the Clintons chasing the chambers. Which was recently leaked. A shocking discovery in the FOIA release of State Department emails confirms the claim. An email is discovered “Requesting documents pertaining to the resurrection chamber of Gilgamesh, the location of his body and the location of the buried Nephilim.” Follow this link to the FOIA site, click the first file “Department of State FOIA log 2018.” The email is found on page 470, number F-2019-02110. These Reds just want more time. So of course more wars will happen. Magic/Occult rules the decisions of the ones on the top. That wasn’t the case with Trump. And granted he’s an asshole. He went after the tunnels with the Sub-T troops. Bush had hyper dimensional troops all over Iraq hunting chambers down. Literally Laura Croft teams with the DIA in HD suits. Hunting Sumerian Technology. Sometimes they would run into Djinns and other beings of the 9 societies guarding the Nephilim chambers. That’s when the firefights would get interesting. You can’t kill vapor. They hide the truth about the Giants. But it’s all hidden in plain sight. Prometheus: The Engineer speaks. Is U.S. Government Hiding Red Haired ‘Giant Of Kandahar’? Did US military kill red haired giant in Afghanistan? Belgrade: “REMINDER THE US AIR FORCE HAS GAUDY FUCKING SWORDS THAT HAVE NO REAL EXPLANATION FOR EXISTING.” So it’s pretty fucked up. They awaken them. Recruit. Take their chambers. And they go to the top leaders of Red Faction Black Hats. (Who then “die.”) And reappear centuries from now. History Channel: Alien urinal @ Denver International Airport. MUFON investigator Jeremy Ray recounts the harrowing ordeal of a man trying to use the men’s room at Denver International Airport and stumbling into a top-secret alien urinal. There is Something in the Desert. Afghanistan is no stranger to tales of myths and legends. Over hundreds of years, armies sent to conquer the restless deserts of this war-torn nation have told stories about strange occurrences and encounters with paranormal entities. Their accounts leave us wondering if there is something in the desert. So now you know the truth regarding the Clintons search for a chamber. A chamber (a working one) is more valuable than all the adrenochrome traded on earth in a year. Are med beds based on chamber tech? Yes. But Legacy Space Force when it came to replicating Chamber technology to achieve one beat per minute. Visited Haiti and studied Voodoo Shamans and extensively studied the Zombification process. IDK much about the compounds. But Hypersleep / Med Beds and the Giants (Nephilim) Suspended Animation Chambers are both highly sought by White World Elites. Zombifiaction happens with a cocktail of drugs to in-prison a human being in his body… like permanent sleep paralysis while being able to move. In this state depending on the drugs (virus) administered the patient will become highly suggestible without free will or own though. Is that not what they have been trying to do to the masses… traditionally it was a form of prison without bars. Not to the masses. They were interested in how slow the heart rate becomes due to the toxins from the puffer fish used in these Zombification ceremonies. This creates a desirable state of suspended animation. One heart beat per minute is desirable for deep space exploration and led to the development of CryoSleep/Cryonics. At the Centre de Psychiatric et Neurologie in Port­ au-Prince, Dr. Lamarque Douyon, a Haitian­-born, Canadian-trained psychiatrist, has been systematically investigating all reports of zombies since 1961. Though convinced zombies were real, he had been unable to find a scientific explanation for the phenomenon. He did not believe zombies were people raised from the dead, but that did not make them any less interesting. He speculated that victims were only made to look dead, probably by means of a drug that dramatically slowed metabolism. The victim was buried, dug up within a few hours, and somehow reawakened. The Narcisse case provided Douyon with evidence strong enough to warrant a request for assistance from colleagues in New York. Douyon wanted to find an ethnobotanist, a traditional-medicines expert, who could track down the zombie potion he was sure existed. Aware of the medical potential of a drug that could dramatically lower metabolism, a group organized by the late Dr. Nathan Kline—a New York psychiatrist and pioneer in the field of psychopharmacology—raised the funds necessary to send someone to investigate. The search for that someone led to the Harvard Botanical Museum, one of the world’s foremost institutes of ethnobiology. Its director, Richard Evans Schultes, Jeffrey professor of biology, had spent thirteen years in the tropics studying native medicines. Some of his best­ known work is the investigation of curare, the substance used by the nomadic people of the Amazon to poison their darts. Refined into a powerful muscle relaxant called D-tubocurarine, it is now an essential component of the anesthesia used during almost all surgery. Schultes would have been a natural for the Haitian investigation, but he was too busy. He recommended another Harvard ethnobotanist for the assignment, Wade Davis, a 28-year-old Canadian pursuing a doctorate in biology. Davis grew up in the tall pine forests of British Columbia and entered Harvard in 1971, influenced by a Life magazine story on the student strike of 1969. Before Harvard, the only Americans he had known were draft dodgers, who seemed very exotic. “I used to fight forest fires with them,” Davis says. “Like everybody else, I thought America was where it was at. And I wanted to go to Harvard because of that Life article. When I got there, I realized it wasn’t quite what I had in mind.” Davis took a course from Schultes, and when he decided to go to South America to study plants, he approached his professor for guidance. “He was an extraordinary figure,” Davis remembers. “He was a man who had done it all. He had lived alone for years in the Amazon.” Schultes sent Davis to the rain forest with two letters of introduction and two pieces of advice: wear a pith helmet and try ayahuasca, a powerful hallucinogenic vine. During that expedition and others. Davis proved himself an “outstanding field man,’’ says his mentor. Now, in early 1982, Schultes called him into his office and asked if he had plans for spring break. “I always took to Schultes’s assignments like a plant takes to water,” says Davis, tall and blond, with inquisitive blue eyes. “Whatever Schultes told me to do, I did. His letters of introduction opened up a whole world.” This time the world was Haiti. Davis knew nothing about the Caribbean island—and nothing about African traditions, which serve as Haiti’s cultural basis. He certainly did not believe in zombies. “I thought it was a lark,” he says now. Davis landed in Haiti a week after his conversation with Schultes, armed with a hypothesis about how the zombie drug—if it existed—might be made. Setting out to explore, he discovered a country materially impoverished, but rich in culture and mystery. He was impressed by the cohesion of Haitian society: he found none of the crime, social disorder, and rampant drug and alcohol abuse so common in many of the other Caribbean islands. The cultural wealth and cohesion, he believes, spring from the country’s turbulent history. During the 80s a ton of movies/Soft Disclosure featuring CryoSleep and Zombification as a central theme. Flatliners - Nelson Wright, a medical student, walks onto a beach one day and proclaims “today is a good day to die”. He later convinces four of his medical school classmates—Joe Hurley, David Labraccio, Randy Steckle, and Rachel Manus—to help him discover what lies beyond death. Nelson flatlines for one minute before his classmates resuscitate him. While “dead”, he experiences a sort of afterlife. He sees a vision of a boy he bullied as a child, Billy Mahoney. He merely tells his friends that he cannot describe what he saw, but something is there. The others follow Nelson’s daring feat. Each Vodouist has a different formula in terms of dosage/herbs/etc… So it took many Western trials to harness the right balance/mix of the concoction suitable for Deep Space CryoSleep. Any missions outside/beyond of the Io Moon that have Deep Space Exploration Mission uses the concoction that induces CryoSleep which has its origin from Vodouists in Haiti. They say the only thing faster than light is Human consciousness/thoughts/ideas. This concludes (Med Beds : CryoSleep/ HyperSleep/Suspended Animation/Nephilim/Giants 101/ Voodoo 101 / Chambers 101. They teach all of this to Kid Wizards in Middle School and DIA Officers or anyone involved with securing chambers.

  74. Trump Dumps 3 Agency Leaders In Wake Of Election. Republican Sen. James Inhofe rebuked the Trump administration for pushing out Lisa Gordon-Hagerty, one of three sudden departments of agency leaders in the past 48 hours. [Translation: Gloves are off, get ready for a Big Fucking Earthquake. No more bullshit 4 or 5 Richter scale. Yikes. Remember when the War Started. 2019 Ridgecrest earthquakes. July 4–5, 2019, earthquakes in California. He’s going total war. Remember that big Earthquake in Los Angeles, in DTLA? As the Subterranean Teams were getting deeper into the middle of the lower chambers? Was actually just looking at the DUMB map. And everyone lied about the true count of it on the Richter. He just removed Lisa Gordon-Hagerty. Understand what Trump really did. One of NNSA’s core missions is to ensure the United States maintains a safe, secure, and reliable nuclear stockpile through the application of unparalleled science, technology, engineering, and manufacturing. The Office of Defense Programs carries out NNSA’s mission to maintain and modernize the nuclear stockpile through the Stockpile Stewardship and Management Program. Get ready. So he’s about to blow shit up? Literally? I’m telling you yes. He removed an obstacle. Think about it. I’m the President of the United States. I’m having the Subterranean Troops clear tunnels using tactical nukes doing it. Election happens. There is a dispute in the elections. I’m going to speed up and clear the tunnels as much as I can as fast as I can. Lisa Gordon-Hagerty challenges if I will be President Elect. Refuses my men. It’s now or potentially never I suppose. Acmes to more nukes. That’s the bitch of his timeline. Now or never. Hopefully you understand it now. 74 days. January 20, 2021. And if it’s now gives us a potential for surviving to an after. Never ensures that when the other factions take control it’s never and ever after. Till Inauguration. Now you understand the Treehouse of Horror intro. Now or never. Shit. But how can we help change the timeline? You already are, I mean at most I assume 20% are truly prepared for a major SHTF scenario. Have Faraday Cages. Have downloaded the books in Alexandria. You’ll be ahead of the curve. As for trying to change it only way is to learn skills and go Black World and Through The Green Door. I don’t think we do. I don’t think that is the point. I think that maybe, hopefully, there will be a chance to rebuild, and it won’t be the angry young new generation who, when they aren’t rioting, are standing around in a Trader Joe’s watching a pop-up tutorial on how to use a can opener and warm up a can of soup. It’ll be those of us who know how to make soup from scratch, so to speak.

  75. Vote rigging: How to spot the tell-tale signs. Elizabeth Blunt, who witnessed her first African election in Nigeria in 1979, looks at how to spot the tell-tale signs of possible rigging. [This is why every single African immigrant I have spoken with this year opposes what the left and BLM is doing. I have spoken with people from Senegal, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Eretrea, Somalia, and a few others I can’t even remember right now. They all say they hope that people will vote for Trump. Look up the lesson I did on Nigerians. I recall it. I thought that was extremely enlightening. Also Africans are well educated on Democratic policies. Think about it. Why did they kill Gaddafi? And they know their own history, while paying attention to what’s going on elsewhere, and how their history is being conflated or misrepresented. But let’s break it down. Why do African Nationals embrace Trump? They are well aware and educated of the inaction of the Democratic Presidents when it came to China carving up Africa. They see Trump as the only one left in the World standing up to the Chinese Belt and Road. Because Qadaffi was trying to protect African resources and empower them. His death created a power vacuum which opened the door for extremism. They saw (African Nationals) Gaddafi murdered because he wanted to create an African Central Bank. Yes he wanted to introduce the gold dinar. Think of what an African Central bank backed by Gold would do to the Euro or Dollar. So of course they praise Trump who wants to return to the Gold Standard. Makes total sense. And wants to end Fractional Reserve Banking. To the Democrats (Reds Faction / Red Shield (Rothschild Central Banks). It would end their control of the world. This is not a conspiracy. It’s a fact. Hence Rockefeller’s nastiness and open hostility towards Ivanka Trump in that tweet from earlier today. Removing them does more harm than good. Stems deeper than that. Say I disclosed unstoppable technology. What happens to the ones on top? Seriously consider why Wardenclyffe Tower never saw its true potential in the White World. It’s because the bankers can’t put a meter on it. So look at the usual story they feed you, that Tesla died penniless at the New Yorker Hotel when in reality he succeeded. Wardenclyffe was built (inside the New York Hotel). The Black World came to fruition and we started the wizardry system seeking the best and brightest minds in STEM and leaving the grasp of the elites of the White World. He died a billionaire. That’s the fucking truth the Reds deny you. The Prestige. Yes, both Christopher and Jonathan are Blue Faction. Recruited at 12 and 6. Both saw Flight of Dragons in 1982. All the films are colors of wizardry. So it sounds as if they are trying to wring every penny out of innovation and technology along the way, intentionally holding it back to control the flow of profit, meanwhile realizing new and improved latest and greatest editions of things - cellphones, flat screen TVs, better navigation systems, vaccines, etc, but not things which actually change the world, ie high speed travel, space travel (for the masses), actual cures for disease, etc, so that they can make it seem like “look at all the headway that we’re making!! Now if only we could secure a little extra grant money, or investments…” Meanwhile they’re hoarding the wealth and the R&D funds, as well as the profits, and have the tech locked away already. Am I somewhat on the right track? The New Yorker had such fabulous covers in those days. Yes, but look at what they value. They don’t value gold or resources. They value time, (life extension). Look at what the average American values and listen to the whispers of what they value. As long as the illusion of nation states in the white world is maintained and they are still in charge you’ll get scraps like iPhones and botox. That’s the point I was getting at. Here’s a new phone that can store 3000 more photos than the last one. That should keep you all occupied for a bit. If you need us we’ll be over here not vacationing in space. Not available in AUS. Wonder why - god forbid some of your STEM PHDs figure out how to make weapons just by connecting the dots. Stem PhDs leaves me out. I do like learning about Tesla & am finding this thread interesting. Better get outside & enjoy the arvo now. What is clear from this argument is that both the United States and the rest of the world deserve relief from the dollar standard. The U.S. needs to be able to handle its needs at home and wind down its foreign wars, and the rest of the world needs the security of saving in a money that is not subject to one country’s whims. The world would not be a meaningfully better off if all countries switched to a Euro Standard, or a Yuan Standard, because the problem-also known as the Triffin Dilemma-is one country controlling the money supply of the world. Any country whose money becomes the world’s new reserve currency will find itself in the same bind as the U.S.; torn between domestic and international monetary priorities, and under pressure to spend its money and military might to defend the money abroad. A bitcoin standard may offer the world a better way out. And an alternative choice will always be naysayed and criticized by the PTBs for the threat of choice that it poses. Bitcoin fixes this. Few understand.

  76. The Prophet of the Revolt. Martin Gurri and the ungovernable public. "In short, he predicted the Whole Foods-buying, Zoom-using class that we now take for granted, but who at the time were still an odd bird.” Of course he did. He’s the author of Culture of Narcissism, 30 years before. They act like Lasch didn’t see this coming when your mom was still drinking malts at the pharmacy in a poodle skirt. “And of course, every Brahmin class needs a thick wall to keep out the lower castes. Those are the people who went to community college, speak Southern, and on the rare occasion they travel end up (like Mr. Bean) saying “gracias” at the Louvre.” This type of person would not admit to knowing who Mr. Bean is. “The vast gap remained, and the elites have no wish to cross it – to do so would mean breaking that wall that protects the pure soul of the Brahmin.” And this is exactly WHY he wouldn’t admit to knowing who Mr. Bean is… “Your assertion, developed eloquently and at length, is that elites are no longer able to mediate reality via mass media, therefore convulsing into feckless inertia as a clamorous public picks apart every institutional shortfall.” There wouldn’t be any clamoring if the public felt purpose and self-sufficiency. Instead, they are grasping at ideological straws because they know THIS doesn’t work, but others were prescient enough to leverage that energy into brainwashing them into thinking that something else would - cultural Marxism. It’s not a conclusion they’d have come to on their own. It was injected into the zeitgeist. The unrest was already there. Instead of taking that energy and placing it into creative, constructive outlets as a society, we allowed ourselves to be infiltrated and that energy was subverted into something destructive. Adam Curtis’s The Century of the Self offers a fantastic post mortem in this. It’s in the homework above if you haven’t seen it yet. “Every society is organized around specific ideals and habits of behavior. The institutions of government, information, commerce, even science, are erected on the basis of those ideals and habits. That’s how they attain the authorizing magic of legitimacy. It’s the reason people listen to them.” And not taking up that mantle as an example of creativity and productivity and excellence left a vacuum which was filled by the deliberate injection of the seeds of revolt by those who saw the vacuum as an opportunity. Never would have happened had that cultural vacuum been addressed properly. The initial vibe of new tech was one of creative and scientific utopia. The “information superhighway” discussed in late 90s/early 00s media was revered with wide-eyed hope. It devolved into cat memes and Kardashians. Garbage in, garbage out. Gen X was spirited and tech giddy. But en masse, except for the few who rose up and excelled and were also eventually subverted, they kept hitting recession walls and becoming disheartened. Economic downshifts make for better art because the commentary is deeper and there’s more time to marinate in thought, but that’s about it. Without structure to seek purpose, there is decay. If no purpose is offered, someone else will seize the opportunity to inject one and subvert the tide in their favor. The divisions are filling the purpose vacuum. “As flawed as these narratives were and are–the map was very definitely not the territory–they were coherent worldviews that helped that society navigate reality.” When you can pick and choose what you take in, there is no longer cultural cohesion. Up until the internet, we were all taking in the same tv, news, music, and discussing it together the next day. With the widening span of choices of what to consume, cultural cohesion broke down. This was the rise of the scenester. The problem with scenesterism is there is no longer a shared cultural, the mainstream culture doesn’t cater to the tastes of the scenester, and there’s a breakdown of the wider group narrative. Scenesterism was capitalized and became algos that catered to the individual’s tastes and made everyone have an inflated sense of self-importance without any overarching context or purpose as a member of a group. It was isolating. So then you see the rise of “community-building,” both virtual and IRL, to fill the hole. And what does that create? The modern echo chamber. Zero influx of new ideas. At this point, people were less concerned with message, more concerned with reach. Virality came into play and barely anyone gave a fuck about the content - they just wanted to be SEEN by as many people as possible. Lasch’s worst nightmare come to pass. And he was a McLuhan contemporary - so the two of them predicted that all of this would occur but NOT that one would beget the other. “World War III is a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation.” -Marshall McLuhan. The echo chambers pitted against each other turned into the meme war. And the aggression was seen as an opportunity - again - and so algorithms were used to stoke the divisiveness. And now here we are. The shining glimmer of hope of forming creative, productive likeminded communities via a vision of new tech utopia has been subverted into WWIII. And it only took 25 years. One generation. “At the present time, we are in the first stages of a gigantic transformation from the industrial mode of information and communication to something that doesn’t even have a name yet. It’s an extinction event for the narratives.” The narratives were already extinct. This is the death rattle. “Now reality is messy. Events are unpredictable, and the human response to them rarely matches any ideal. To maintain the authority of the institutions, an explanation must be provided to the public that connects events to the ideal. The moments of defeat are always instructive. George Washington at Valley Forge became a symbol of courage and endurance, and a source of shame to the “summer soldier and the sunshine patriot.” FDR told us that Pearl Harbor was “a day of infamy,” not an episode in which the US Navy was caught with its pants down.” This occurred because our society did not value teaching people HOW to think; it valued teaching people WHAT to think. Now, we have a bunch of parrots reliant upon others for providing analysis because they were only taught rote memorization grasping onto sound bytes that resonate within their own echo chambers for dear life in order to maintain the illusion of self in a world that has equated memorization with intelligence. It is not. But tell people how “smart” they are their entire lives for their ability to memorize other people’s thoughts, and this is the outcome - an ego attachment to being perceived as “intelligent” which has very little substance to back it up. “As I often Tweet, we live in a Rashomon reality where every event, no matter how grand nor mundane nor how well-livestreamed, is interpreted (and judged) in mutually-exclusive ways. Is there a way back to truth? Or a serviceable truth enough to build a national narrative for 300 million people? Or are we doomed to no longer have institutions such as what existed in the Before Times? This is obviously related to question number two, as institutions derive their power to awe and motivate via displays of competence and justice. If we can’t agree on what happened, we’ll never agree on what was a defeat or a victory.” That ship has sailed. There’s no going back. “The purpose of the stories I mentioned before is to meld personal experience with social existence, and in this way make possible the production of shared meaning. The obvious question is why anyone should believe such stories. Well, William James, one of my favorite thinkers, and a psychologist, spoke of a “will to believe.” We are programmed to accept those stories that connect us, and our society, with the cosmic order.” We are post-individualist. The outcome is that people gravitate to narratives that support their individual viewpoints. The scene has become the echo chamber. The narrative that doesn’t resonate within the echo chamber is either abandoned or railed against. The prevailing ideologies were stoked into divisive factions by deliberately playing upon this pattern. We’ve already reached a fever pitch. A new shared narrative will not emerge until the echo chamber battle has played itself out. The prevailing ideologies will set the new shared narrative which will inevitably fall apart and reemerge as a reactionary pendulum swing away from the perceived undesirable parts of whatever came before. This is fundamentally cyclical. The author wants to do a post mortem shift at the crest of the wave. This can’t happen. You’re already in it. The tech utopia Gen X was so hopeful would occur has proven itself a failed experiment because the assumption was that everyone would use it for good. We are human beings - that never happens. We pendulum swing, reacting to what we dislike by overcompensating to game the system to our advantage. And mostly, as a species, we are not self-aware about it. The few who are aware of it are able to control the others and/or protect themselves from being controlled. Lather, rinse, repeat. Barely anyone perceived the dystopian turn all of this would take and it’s much too late in the game to attempt to rewind culture 25 years and act like we are able to try again from that vantage point. It is going to play itself out. And it would anyway. These are growing pains. This is just what we, as humans, do. Until majority self-awareness supersedes our nature, this will keep happening. It’s wishful thinking to dream of a time when it won’t. The best we can do is to be ready when the rebuilding time comes in order to nudge (gently and with care and consideration of the effects of our actions - there is no need to destroy the dial in order to move the needle) what remains into the direction of purpose, merit, productivity, creativity, innovation, and the ability to think for oneself. We do this by proving by example that merit HAS merit. Some will become power hungry, spot holes, note opportunities, and game the system in order to seize them. The only way to hedge for that is by staying ahead of the curve in order to do the same toward our ideals in the opposite direction. Succinctly put, this is the human condition. And it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. “In a Darwinian sense, they are selected for the ability to use words that have no meaning.” This is tricky, so it’s not surprising it’s presented in this way. It’s a partial truth. I would argue that this is specifically a post-modern adaptation and that the language used in order to deliver a resonant message has changed. And it’s not that these words lack meaning - it’s that the most resonant messages in a post-modern world are crafted so that the recipient of the message is supplying and reinforcing the content of that message through their own perception. This is exactly what causes the message to resonate. The meaning is ill-defined by the source intentionally so that when the recipient hears it and interprets it they have space to make their understanding of it specifically their own. Their perspective takes over and because they are the ones creating the meaning within their own minds, they become even more married to the idea because, in essence, their emotional connection to the idea was self-generated. For instance, think of the connection you have to songs. Finding a well written song that resonates specifically with your situation is difficult if the songs are written to be specific. These are more harder to find because the message is so specific. The music that resonates culturally takes a vague idea of a feeling or impression and leaves it vague. When you hear it, you bring yourself to it in order to fill in the gaps. And because you did this, because you injected pieces of your own heart into your subjective understanding of the meaning of that song, it means MORE to you than it would have. And this is even more potent now because we have been trained by algorithms to want everything to cater to us as individuals. This is why pop music in the past 25 years often seems vapid until you realize the intention behind it came from marketing geniuses and top notch producers not necessarily brilliant musicians. When all are present, the added effect upon sales and cultural resonance is staggering. Because of this effect, malleable vague rhetoric is inherently much more resonant. Those who have figured this out are merely utilizing it to their benefit in order to extend their reach. “There is no intellectual progenitor, cogent politics, formal policy program, organized political wing as adjunct to the violent one, nor even a quickly-mutating platform used for propaganda. There’s simply a violent and photogenic rejection of the status quo.” Again, this reflects what I mentioned above. Providing a cogent structure for a post-modern dialogue would limit emotional resonance and therefore stagnate the proliferation of the rhetoric. If the individual is not given the leeway to bring their own perceptions to the ideas to make them their own, they are more likely to reject the ideas outright. This doesn’t lack strategy because it lacks cogency - it IS strategic BY lacking cogency. “There is no Party of Nihilism that can storm to the barricades and conquer power. That’s what makes the second coming of Mussolini such a tough proposition. Nonetheless, we have seen what nihilism looks like at the level of whole societies: it looks like ISIS, which entailed slaughter and destruction on a viral scale. ISIS wasn’t a caliphate or a government of any kind. It was a series of shifting networks of young, web-savvy persons intent on obliterating modern society, including whole populations they happened to dislike.” This completely misses the mark. ISIS was stoked and formed by factions coopting the zeitgeist of the resonant nihilism, transforming the movement into something poised to do the establishment’s bidding. It was the application of useful idiots to stoke a divide and conquer narrative in much the same way Antifa has been stoked and subverted to do the bidding of the likes of Soros without the self-aware knowledge of the participants. The power hungry found a hole, saw an opportunity, and gamed the system, as mentioned before. The only way to combat situations like this is by teaching self-awareness and critical analysis. A shift like that would take several generations in order to take root. There is no short term fix for a cultural movement toward self-awareness. “We can’t even have a civil war, as it’s impossible to draw the lines. How do we reconcile that seismic tension between the intangible borders of our intellects and values with the very tangible borders that define political and economic realities? Is this part of why these revolts haven’t (largely) congealing into effective movements? Is that a tragedy, or is such intello-geographic tension in fact a saving grace preventing Civil War II?” McLuhan already addressed this in 1970. Are these two completely unaware of McLuhan? There will NOT be geographic boundaries in a guerrilla information war. Redefine your concept of war to include 5GW.

  77. Hmmm no EAMs for almost 9 hours. Lots of interesting activity over and around Long Island. Most of them are Piper PA. A Bombardier global 6000 coming from London. Quite a few Bombardier Challenger 300 departed from the Homestead Air Reserve Base in Miami and are heading North west towards Long Island. It’s too quiet. And that makes me nervous like when the Russians are too quiet. Dassault Falcon 2000 coming from Bahamas. EAMs popping off like no tomorrow. EAMs per UTC day:
    2020-10-21 ###
    2020-10-22 #######
    2020-10-23 ########
    2020-10-24 ################
    2020-10-25 ##############
    2020-10-26 #####
    2020-10-27 ####################
    2020-10-28 ############
    2020-10-29 ##
    2020-10-30 #####
    2020-10-31 ####
    2020-11-01 ####
    2020-11-02 ##########
    2020-11-03 ######
    2020-11-04 ####
    2020-11-05 ####
    2020-11-06 #######
    2020-11-07 #########