Azazel News #Recap 11/4/2020


  2. They took down the mob with tax forensics. This mob is about to get taken down with voting forensics too.

  3. The Babylon Bee: “Trump Tweet Reading ‘Good Morning, America!’ Labeled As Misinformation.”

  4. It’s now legal to hang out at the park and give away LSD in Oregon.

  5. 23,600 hacked databases have leaked from a defunct ‘data breach index’ site.

  6. Hurricane Eta to recharge over warm waters, then make a run at Cuba and southern Florida.

  7. Ian Miles Cheong: “Oregon just activated the National Guard to deal with widespread Antifa violence.”

  8. Donald J. Trump: “It doesn’t matter who you vote for–it matters who is counting the votes." Be careful of voter fraud!”

  9. BBC News (World): “Russian oligarch nicknamed the ‘Sausage King’ killed in sauna with crossbow.” [Meanwhile in Russia. RIP Sausage King.]

  10. tantum: “I’m running some forensic stats on Milwaukee’s 478 wards. The most common final 2 digits in a ward’s vote total… “00.” [Extremely interesting.]

  11. Ian Miles Cheong: “Deranged activist says “f—k you fascist”, spits on police officer and is promptly arrested in the West Village.”

  12. Bezos sells more than $3 billion worth of Amazon shares. The sales this week bring his total cash out in 2020 to more than $10 billion so far.

  13. Ian Miles Cheong: “I predict a Trump victory. I predicted it yesterday and the week before and the month before. Folks, it’s happening. When Arizona flips red the phoenix will rise. Keep the faith. Hold the line.”

  14. 23,600 hacked databases have leaked from a defunct ‘data breach index’ site. Site archive of Cit0dayin has now leaked on two hacking forums after the service shut down in September.

  15. Danielle Strachman: “Calling all teens! Check out this free online event made specifically for you. I’ll be speaking and sharing tips about getting started as a maker and founder while in high school.”

  16. California just passed a major privacy law that will make it harder for Facebook and Google to track people and gather data. While Prop 24 will be active only in California, it will effectively apply to all of the US because of the state’s huge influence on the tech industry.

  17. I’m not from the US. But I want to get live updates on the ballot counting which are authentic, not biased like in mainstream media like Fox News. So where should I watch? Any website or Youtube/Bitchute channel? Whitehouse switched their channels from Fox to Newsmax.

  18. It puzzles me how most American films show that these types of locks are everywhere. Gosh. Super safe and secure, yeah. Cinematic effect. You can show the person/thing on the other side of the door trying to get in that way. Adds suspense. Not secure in reality (or usually in films either).

  19. Iran shows off new long-range missile system that will “shake” enemy when fired. “Our enemies are facing a decline in power, and with each passing day, the slope of this decline is accelerating," Revolutionary Guard commander Major General Hossein Salami set beside a new missile launch system.

  20. Military Gen-6 Stealth Operator Invisibility Suit. Unlike its predecessors, the Gen 6 Invisibility suit is a full body enclosure. As this suit is airtight, it includes an breathing apparatus with a 4.25 hour capacity. [Add this to your bug out bags. For that price, I’ll make one.]

  21. Question for the group: iPhone or Android? I’m highly considering iPhone for my next purchase just to avoid giving Google more money. At the same time…I feel being reliant on the iPhone app store is a single point of failure possibly, e.g. if they decide at some point to ban Telegram or similar. Android. Don’t sign-in on it & use 3rd party apps. So much more leeway. iPhone will not permit that. Android. Team Android here. Interesting. Noted.

  22. I know everyone is focused on the US election and for a reason. However a heads up for the preppers: Less than an hour ago, I believe, the Danish government has ordered that all the 15-17 million mink in the country are to be destroyed asap. Serious mutations in the C virus in mink has spread to 12 people. They produce 40% of world’s mink fur’s, mostly shipped to Asia. So, mink oil and furs will be good to have for trading. Denmark Will Kill All Farmed Mink, Citing Coronavirus Infections. Government officials said on Wednesday that a mutation in the virus could interfere with vaccine effectiveness in humans.

  23. Why Did the CCP Fifth Plenary Session Tout ‘Combat Readiness’? [Can’t open to read it but we should not get so distracted as it could be in the days weeks to come a perfect time to invade or strike war if our country goes into chaos and civil war… Anyone paying attention to other moves across the world right now? Remember when something is so in your face there is still much more going on behind closed doors. What’s happening other than the toys going in the box and many fleeing to bases and safe zones? What are the other chess moved at play? What else do you need to prepare and be ready? Skills to keep building? Staying grey and hunker down guys. And let’s use this time wisely for intel beyond just the USA elections.]

  24. I noticed military personnel at old and former seemingly abandoned locations in the woods and next to e.g. ‘waterpumping stations’ along motorways in Germany.Plus they announced today unused barracks throughout the country are repurposed for police training right now. Matches with a news story a week ago, where they informed there will be so called corona watchmen, allowed to carry weapons after only 20h of training/instruction, to enforce corona laws. Another issue: Bundeswehr, german military, announced they allow people without german pass and without certain education into the forces. That’s huge and only leads to the conclusion there will be circumstances where the government wants something enforced on the general population and those people will be less troubled to do so?! Seems one should definitely get a set of riot gear and kevlar or s.t…

  25. The man says, “Here is my Biden poster, don’t destroy anything. Be peaceful.” Crowd’s response: "Nobody cares about your white-tailed opinion. Who do you think you are to tell blacks how to protest? it’s White supremacy! Asking people to be peaceful is white supremacy! " Lord have mercy! Jeez! You might wanna rethink about building that wall. Just pulling your leg… ! Things are pretty much the same everywhere. “Divide and conquer” is winning. We’re just chess pawns. So tiresome. The cognitive dissonance is amazing. US citizens are SO lucky to even be able to be out on the streets to protest for months 24 hours a day. This is why Civil War is virtually unavoidable at this point. There is no appeasing the mad liberal mob today. It doesn’t matter how you vote, what you believe in or how open minded you are. Those who are marching only want to destroy. As I’ve been saying, here’s proof that they’ll turn on their own first. And they will find their own destruction. Real sad. Both sides are convinced that the other side is the devil, not a good place for us as a nation regardless of who’s right or wrong. This year I’ve seen a shift from “oh you like this person? thats cool” to "oh you like this person? you are now my enemy.” I take it this is Portland? Both sides have behaved irresponsibly at times, indeed. But one side has been routinely marching through cities destroy homes and businesses, calling people out and attacking them for the color of their skin and demanding that people leave their own homes, the other has not.

  26. Brilliant DIY Off-Grid Water Heater Using a Rocket Stove – No Propane! This is a brilliant DIY hack for creating an off-grid water heater with just a simple handmade rocket stove, water barrel, and copper pipes! No pump! No propane!Improved Rocket Stove - Cinder Blocks EASY! Improved Cinder Block Rocket Stove design! We have been using it on a regular basis and it really works. Easy to make, burns fast and hot, pressure cooks beans quickly. Rocket Stove Pressure Canning. Can you Pressure Cook on a Rocket Stove? Yes you can! Our how to, on Pressure Canning, and a view of our Rocket stove. For step by step directions on how to build yourself a rocket stove look through our video list for the title “Improved Rocket Stove - Cinder Blocks EASY!”

  27. Google Searches For “Liquor Store Near Me” Hits All-Time High Amid Election Anxiety. Understandable. Election Day is over, and it’s now Wednesday morning. No clear winner has emerged yet in an extremely tight presidential race, forcing some Americans to panic search “liquor store near me.” On Tuesday night, Google Trends’ Twitter account published a chart showing a parabolic move of internet searches for liquor stores as Americans sought to alleviate their election anxiety in a race that could take days for official election results to materialize. Many of the searches were in Deleware, Maryland, Tennesse, Georgia, and Colorado. Other related searches included “liquor store open near me,” “liquor store open,” “liquor stores near me,” and “liquor stores” were all in breakout territory. [Liquor and Canada. lol.]

  28. GitHub Source Code Leak. What do Microsoft really think about open-source? Nat Friedman: “Hi folks, I’m the CEO of GitHub. GitHub hasn’t been hacked. We accidentally shipped an un-stripped/obfuscated tarball of our GitHub Enterprise Server source code to some customers a couple of months ago. It shares code with As others have pointed out, much of GitHub is written in Ruby. Git makes it trivial to impersonate unsigned commits, so we recommend people sign their commits and look for the ‘verified’ label on GitHub to ensure that things are as they appear to be. As for repo impersonation – stay tuned, we are going to make it much more obvious when you’re viewing an orphaned commit. In summary: everything is fine, situation normal, the lark is on the wing, the snail is on the thorn, and all’s right with the world.” [Fucking nice!! Down with these woke losers. They deserve it for killing the meritocracy rug.] “The entire source code for the code hosting service used by developers, GitHub, has just been leaked to the public. Some worry this will damage the overall security of GitHub, and this may be true. Commonly, closed-source applications perform “security by obscurity”. This means the source code is hidden, with the intention of concealing security risks. Since Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub in 2018, Microsoft have repeatedly emphasized their “love” for open-source. If you want to roll your own GIT server it’s really easy and runs well even on older RPIs for small groups.” [Or if you want something beefier (more users, more hardware requirements) try gitlab!]

  29. Trump: “We have claimed, for Electoral Vote purposes, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (which won’t allow legal observers) the State of Georgia, and the State of North Carolina, each one of which has a BIG Trump lead. Additionally, we hereby claim the State of Michigan if, in fact… there was a large number of secretly dumped ballots as has been widely reported!” Ian Miles Cheong: “The Trump campaign has released a statement on Wisconsin. The possibility of a recount is high.” New Judicial Watch Study Finds 353 U.S. Counties in 29 States with Voter Registration Rates Exceeding 100%. Probable Election Fraud in PA and WI based on impossibly high 98% and 94% voter turnouts in those two states. [Holy shit! 98% and 94% turnout. No f-ing way!] omg_seabass: “Been working at a poll station in Erie County, PA all morning. A lot of people have already voted today. I’ve thrown out over 100 ballots for Trump already! Pennsylvania gonna turn blue 2020!” [How much you want to bet this ends up as a court evidence exhibit?] The Federalist: “Yes, Democrats Ae Trying To Steal The Election in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.” [Countdown to deplatforming in 3… 2… 1… Saw it on Facebook. Facebook’s been doing it too. Fingers crossed they keep their page. Trump is winning Michigan guys. These are the most recent numbers from Michigan’s website. How come Vegas odds show Biden right now -525 winning? Well I’m officially confused. “Misprinted timing mark.” Matt Finn: “The scene at Detroit’s absentee ballot counting center is growing more heated. The windows now being covered up. Allegations of violations. Sec. of State says she welcomes challenges.” Trump Challengers being ejected from ballot canvassing in Detroit! The Steal is on!! Red Wizardry at work. This person is so clueless what he’s doing. If he only knew what we knew… “Kim Jong Un Announces Military Support for Trump if Biden Refuses Election Results.” But also not surprising at all. Trump did more peace work than any president in recent times. “Trump asks Supreme Court to intervene in PA vote count.” [Kim has always been a good guy. He never wanted to murder his brother (Chinese did). The same brother who taught him about the Chicago Bulls and played NBA Jams at the palace with him. Kim is more American than the public will ever know. Spoke perfect English in Swiss Boarding School. The ones who demonize him are the Red Faction MSM. Kim supporting Trump is a bigger play. If the invasion of China happens, guess what side Kim will be on. I shit you not - American Special Forces and North Koreans fighting side by side. You’ll see it if Trump wins In this timeline. Kim could be as corrupt as the Red and Chinese. But he’s not. He has morals. Most blatant election fraud I’ve ever seen. Lol the election being a sting operation is the icing on the cake. Did the USA ever do an election twice because of fraudulent behavior?] “Special watermarks.” “Machine Identification Code.” David Burney: “Significant censorship implemented across various platforms. Here is a launching point for News and “Red Pill” items. Key links to important information now on alternative platforms. This is a consolidated THREAD of multiple nested topical THREADS. Consider: Dept of Homeland Security controlled “official ballots” production. Dems print extras, not knowing about non-radioactive isotope watermarks on “official ballots”. Military sting operation. After weeding out all counterfeit ballots, Trump landslide confirmed.” [Marked Bills / Marked Ballots in The Dark Knight. Looks like The Prestige is about to be revealed. CA Watermark Notice. Major if true. That the ballots have non-radioactive isotope watermarks.] Robert Barnes: “Another anomaly: how Biden keeps adding an extra 100K votes out of urban areas in swing states that are not voting at all in the Senate race, an anomaly we generally are not seeing in neighboring states. Almost as if 100K swing state voters just vote for Biden, but no one else?” Ian Miles Cheong: “Twitter has banned an account that has been documenting election irregularities. What’s going on?” Mr T 2: “The Belarus election looks legitimate in comparison to what’s going on in Democrat run states.” DHS chief calls on officials in all 50 states to have ‘verifiable’ ballots by 2020 election. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen on Wednesday called on election officials in all 50 states to ensure that ballots used during the 2020 presidential election are able to be audited. Alpha OmegaEnergy: “MASSIVE ELECTION FRAUD You’ve ALL BE SCAMMED! The Whole Thing is a PROJECTION POLL Given to ENTIRE Mainstream Media by ONE COMPANY Working For the Gates Foundation! HOLY SHIT! EdisonResearch THIS IS CRIME!!” Videos are leaking from inside the TCF Center in Detroit showing them cheer as GOP poll watchers are being thrown out as absentee ballot counting is happening, the person filming this was made to delete it, democrat watchers now outnumber republican by 3/1, corruption at the highest level. VIdeo of Trump ballots being burned. Originally posted on Twitter by theo_fletcher but has been deleted. Locked-out Detroit Republican vote challengers furious over lack of access. A crowd has gathered outside the TCF Center in Detroit as election officials informed dozens of Republican vote challengers that they could not reenter the room due to it being over-capacity. Drew Thompson: “Detroit election officials are currently refusing to let the public observe the counting process at the TCF center. They have padlocked the doors. This is a disgrace to the democratic process.” Judicial Watch finds 1.8 million ‘ghost voters’ in 29 states, warns of ‘dirty elections.’ Judicial Watch has released a comparison study of Census Bureau population statistics and state registration data to reveal a notable disparity. jamal james: “The MariCo early vote map has just reached the 400k uncounted votes. Secretary Hobbs confirmed this number on CNN. The 400k will be R+72k.” Stolen Ballots Found Under a Rock On Side Of Road In Glendale, Arizona. Mail Carrier Arrested For Dumping Mail, Including Ballots. Rahul Ghangas: “I’m happy that Biden’s winning, but there’s no denying that there’s definitely something suspicious going on in Wisconsin.” BardsFM: “New Letter from Archbishop Viganò "We have seen the deep state organize itself… to carry out the most colossal electoral fraud in history, in order to ensure the defeat of the man who has opposed the of the New World Order.” Watty Strickland: “There are many people reporting on the high voter turnout in swing states. CO has been using mail-in voting for several years and election officials tout we are a national leader. Current turnout is 78.4% of registered voters. States over that percentage are certainly suspect.” mandy: “My vote and My husbands vote is not counted and we voted Donald Trump and we live in PA. it says they can not find them in their system!!! and it could take up to 3 to 7 days!” Jordan Epperson: “Over 500 mail in ballots for Trump found dumped at Marysville Precinct in Michigan.” Pismo: “Large crowd of protesters now gathering in front of Maricopa County Election center!” Jim Hoft: “What is Going On? Minnesota and Wisconsin BOTH had 89%-90% Turnout – Something That Is Highly Suspect.” Austin Jenkins N3: “Happening now. GOP candidate for governor Loren Culp holding a FB live. Says he won’t concede and announces that he’s out of a job as chief of police in Republic, WA after city council voted to defund the department and, with it, his job. “Feels like a knife in the back.” Briana Whitney: “A look at the growing crowd of hundreds of protesters and Trump supporters outside the Maricopa County Elections Center. Sheriff’s deputies moved us media back inside for safety concerns.” Kitty Shackleford: “They’re chanting “No USA at all” Denver, CO. Tons of damage in Portland tonight. Many windows broken out on local businesses.” Pax Christus: “So this seems to be the way Democrats rig elections. 1) Have deep blue cities with no serious Republican presence create fake mail-in ballots en masse 2) On election night, sit on the harvested ballots until most of the state’s vote is in 3) Release enough fake ballots to win.” The Columbia Bugle: “One of many reasons why the Left is trying to destroy marriage in this country.” Kind_of_forgot_about_it: “All the Karens and Amy Schumers voted for Biden. Least surprising thing about this election.” NeoUnrealist: “202% voter turnout in ward 273 and 274. Are they out of their minds?” Dagny T: “Among the unmarried women, how many have pink/blue/green hair?” Essential Fleccas: “Turns out 118 year old “William Bradley” voted via absentee ballot in Wayne County, Michigan. William Bradley died in 1984. How long has this been going on?” James O’Keefe: “TECH ELECTION MEDDLING. Trendsmap analytics show 56,600+ tweets using Mail Fraud in the last 3 hours while reaching as many as 870 tweets per minute. It remains off the United States Trending Section as well as the US Elections Section of Twitter.” The Election Wizard: “GA GOP files lawsuit to enforce state election laws.” KAGWAR: “…election fraud is real. and it’s happening right now.” How exit polls shifted in 2016 and 2020. We don’t yet know who won the presidency, but we have an idea of how voters changed this cycle. Essential Fleccas: “Need smart computer people with spreadsheets who can cross reference death records with voting records!!” Emili: “How do you get over 100% to vote? You can’t, so you make up the ballots. Lol. Unbelievable. These corrupt people can’t even do simple math.” Tik Tok Is EXPOSING Voter Fraud. Fayette county Pittsburg, pre filled out democrat ballots sent to registered voters + 2 tampered with. Florida man arrested for changing address in voting database for governor Ron Desantis. Florida Election Official foil plot to register 50 dead people as democrats. Thieves steal mail from two USPS trucks in Far south side Chicago. Two men charged in stealing ballots from post office boxes in Light House Point, West Palm Beach. Almost a dozen people in NY busted for plot to conceal identity / shave heads and vote multiple times. Woman arrested in Vanderburgh county for pre checking boxes on 400+ ballots. Butler County, Pennsylvania, loses untold number of mail in ballots. Ballots stolen from mail boxes and discarded on roadsides in Washington town. Group claims 400,000 ballots sent to residents who moved out of state or died in California. Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies now ready in tactical gear inside the elections center to potentially make a move on the protesters and demonstrators outside as the crowd continues to grow. 1:20am in Georgia: Trump: 49.71%, Biden 49.06%. Any event that is extremely rare, beyond the sixth standard deviation in a normal distribution, is known as a six sigma event. The probability of such an event happening would be about [2* 10^(-9)] or twice in a billion. Statsguyphd: “Just shared it in another tweet but here you go. Biden’s first digit frequencies are not only extremely anomalous (1X10^-27th pval) but they are far more anomalous than the other candidate frequencies. Hey…so I checked it for Trump and Biden and I have to say there is an ENORMOUS difference in how much one fails to conform to Benford’s versus the other… Biden first digit frequencies are significant at the 1XE-27th power…” There are still tens of thousands of military absentee ballots yet to be counted. Military and overseas citizens’ ballots are still coming in. Will they make a difference? [If true, it looks like it has an Easter egg in it too. The dye is called “Red PMS.” Lol ReD PMS lol. If there’s a highlight to any of this madness, this would be it. LOL. Orange County, CA, watermarks confirmed. Apparently the numbers we’re seeing are all fake. Let them fake it, the ballots have non-radioactive isotope watermarks. Well the thing here in OR you can just print out ballots (if you work there). Where is the 2020 plan. Understood. Trying to stay apolitical. No clue, above my pay grade. We shall see DHS handle it. WTF with the interference? Big Tech is compromised. This is from OC, what they implemented as far back as 18. So at least parts of CA watermark. That’s verified. Still looking around. Sting operation or someone from a different timeline changing the timeline to keep us going. I’m assuming fraud happened on both sides until proven otherwise. Fraud done by emotional individuals. I would like all real voters and their votes to be count and may the best candidate win. I certainly believe in one more than the other. Fundamentally my neighbors will be the same. I’m going to wake up and take care of my responsibilities. Can we agree; whichever individuals did perpetuate these frauds - if evidence exists - deserve to be punished no matter if it’s my team or yours (note that I’m not saying which team is your team). Most definitely agree. FYI my team is probably unknown in your country. I was on a Webex call today, I logged into the call… yet my picture and account were already logged in… two of me… then the other me signed out… Webex? Congrats on being popular. Webex video conferencing. Verified - watermarks confirmed at CA gov site. Wow everyone got out and voted! Some even out of the grave lol. Supreme court crackdown coming. Worked for Bush. Massive crowds from both sides building, in many cities. Could get legit insane. NYC protestor instagram groups talking about curing ballots in many places. Hmmmm. Sounds exploitable. It would have been more amusing if they waited for all the votes to get in. Then go o wait all these ballots are invalid. Although we must consider how many ballots have been tossed. Who knows maybe there will have to be a reelection? I don’t even know if that’s a thing. I really want the toys to be safe to come out of box, open eyes and all the amazing stuff to happen. This election is corrupt as fuck. Look at demographics of those more likely to vote for you. Try to change society to put as many people as possible into that demographic. 100% that’s exactly what’s happening. Holy Fuck Biden you noobs. Fuckers don’t even know how to cheat. Like seriously - not one ex CIA guy on staff to help you fake the ballots properly? It’s a shame the FBI is so compromised and won’t lift a damn finger to investigate. Holy shit. Age ranges. The ages may be correct. The support skewing to Biden isn’t. German media also preparing the Trump already declared victory too early narrative. Reporting observers did not see any fraud and so on… And here is a bit of a problem I am trying to get straight in my head. I just cannot believe these people are THAT stupid. Or is it something more than that. What has broken in the system to show up all this up. Can’t just be Trump can it?? If so, most of the world has truly underestimated the man. Desperation. When half of America sees your son get a footjob, you get desperate. I struggle to believe it is that simple. The world had changed and will change more because of what has happened over the last couple of days. Time will tell whether it was for good or ill. ‘they’ must have known what was hiding in Bidens cupboard, but still ran him. If they ran any other candidate they would have lost and ALL their dirty little secrets would have stayed safe. So what changed. Can’t believe it was JUST for the power. If so, why now. These numbers are uncozy, fren. Are they nonfren numbers? They want it in the open so its accepted as 'normal.’ The laptop stuff or the corruption stuff?? As both have been going on forever. Just the laptop stuff? Both have been forever… I’m near 60, it’s never changed.

  30. As we’ve said, the Black World factions are in a full blown war. The end of the elections does not put an end to the threat. This is a worldwide chess game with far too many players. To face the threats on the board, we use intel to actively forecast and make preparations for every scenario according to probability. As I see it, you have the following options: You could choose to stay in the bullshit/shitshow that is the White World OR go Black (go through the Green Door). You could choose to quit OR you could choose to keep developing your skills. In a world where information is power, improving your skill set is the only way to retain a leading edge. You could choose to hunker down (remain apolitical) OR join the fight alongside the faction with whom you identify. Remaining apolitical allows you to move freely, to not be labeled or suppressed. Being political could prevent your advancement if you are ever subjected to petty hiring authorities. Would love to do a poll in here! Be grey, hunker down, focus skills and never open the door. Except if it’s the special door. There’s only 1 door we should ever open and it does not offer Wonka golden tickets. We got to actually work for it. That’s why… Per aspera ad astra est merces. Est merces = Latin for comes great reward. Door, Skills, Hunker. Easy choice. Let’s discuss the chatter going around regarding Janet. But first. Poll: “If you were in charge of Black Projects, who would you give access to first.” 146 votes. 89% Elon Musk; 11% John Podesta. Why these two options? I’m going to explain. Both probably have their own Black World projects, Podesta has Red and Elon Blue? No we don’t need funding from the White World. We easily can scoop up an Asteroid worth more than the Earth’s entire economy. From Podesta’s wiki, "Podesta is described as “a longtime advocate for government disclosure of UFO files.” Podesta has supported petitions by some who believe UFOs are alien spacecraft to the government to release files related to the subject. At a 2002 news conference organized by Coalition for Freedom of Information. Podesta stated that, “It is time for the government to declassify records that are more than 25 years old and to provide scientists with data that will assist in determining the real nature of this phenomenon.” So he has seen some in his first life time? LMFAO what! Option B: Elon Musk: “Great differences in technology exist in the world about which even hardcore technologists are unaware. What is simple in one arena is often profound in another.” Option A: “Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair is obsessed with UFOs and aliens. For years, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta has been on an outspoken crusade to declassify government documents about UFOs and the potential for extraterrestrial life.” Which one do you trust? Neither of them lol. Explain. I’m curious. This all leads up to what’s going on with the high volume of flights into Area 51 and a reflection on the elections. Anyone? They are moving evidence? Or preparing it? Didn’t we have a new sound heard today? Disclosure coming up I guess. No not really, Big Tech and Democrats just set you back 500 years if Trump concedes. Keep going, you are on the right track. about what’s happening for the future that is waiting on the other side… At this rate most of you won’t see it. Trump need the evidence to maintain his position if Biden wins? No. He won’t concede though surely. Well the larger chess moves are out of our hands with how it unfolds. I know the right mind set is key. Same goes how many believe bitcoin is worthless. Many may think we are crazy or wasting our time but the key is perseverance if the time comes. Is this related to Israel? No. You were on the right track, with what you said before. Think about the leaps in technology. Under the Trump Administration in the past 4 years. Well if they are moving evidence. Could be to safeguard it. Although moving it through a star gate or of world well that would be a possibility. Neither. I’m in Portugal. Who is Podesta? Never heard of him! They are hoarding toys from the toy box? I mean where else are the stargates? Also underground bases? Are the Toys coming out to play, or going back into the box? Exactly. Think of the record number of flights to Antarctica and Area 51. They go off planet. If they think they could lose their paradise and don’t want open eyes or any entry to black world… Are the toys going back into the box or coming out? Going back into the box for safe keeping in case Biden gets elected. Correct. Why? So many can go Wonka not just to leave earth but also just off the deep end Wonka over lame white world… Biden is not Blue? Big tech have too much red in it? To be in more secure position to plan next moves. They want to protect their assets. No toys for white world. Keep going. Back to sleep nothing to see folks. Are we referring to the 4 groups? Or blue vs red kind of blue? Assuming the 4 factions. Yes keep going. Trump admin has black world ties. Democrats are reds and they want blue tech. Black world can open up with Trump and family having wizards. The Trumps are a blue family. Blues moving toys off world in case Biden gets elected. Blue of course. Because as we have seen with Podesta, they want access. Blues moving toys if Biden gets elected no toys for anyone… push for red control via tech China etc. This world will be set back decades if the toys get removed from this timeline. Good. Keep going. Who really wins the election is the real question. One of the most fascinating things about him is having first access to Tesla’s research. So it’s save world from red control and attempt to take over or war? Trump’s hiding weapons and tech that could be hidden and used for bad. Well then hopefully Trump wins. To further evil control / power? So simple to understand… been a little quiet lately but see the whole big picture at play. Everything is at stake right now. So with this in mind. This war is not about left vs right. Never has been. What do the high record of flights mean? It’s the future lies in our hands the very fate do we become Jetsons or Flintstones. They’re in a hurry to move people/toys off world? Tunnels? Stargate? People are moving assets , people, money, toys, hiding. 500+ flights to Area 51 in the last two weeks suggests they pre planned for the possibility of a loss and have been moving things. Was humanity moving forward or backward under a Trump presidency? Forward 100000%. Correct. Blues are hunkering down making the last stand. No. So if Trump wins, you think we should see flights coming out of Area 51? Once again we observe and do not interfere. Flights have been going both ways. If Biden wins, Blues are closing the toy chest. If the tech falls into the wrong hands, that’s bad. Tech is under precautionary lockdown until white world bullshit is resolved. Why? This world goes back into chaos within 1 year if Biden wins. Plus I don’t think he would be in charge long. What were you saying about timelines. Different timelines exist? Omg never follow the booms or the lights… stay out of the cross fire. I’m sure we’ll see President Harris if Biden wins. Just a puppet, this is not even about Biden vs Trump, it’s all a cover for the real war happening below ground, space and in black world. Time isn’t a straight line. Guys, pay attention. Listening. Hmm Podesta Group have been lobbying for Lockheed Martin. As a precaution the toys are going back into the chest. No one on the Democratic side has clearance. They never give clearances to the Democrats. Also possibly to prevent the bigger invisible war going into white world. People would lose their shit. Due to the fact they are mostly all compromised and blackmailed by the time they are in power. And of course can’t let them see the toys either or a taste of another world. They keep asking questions, pulling FOIA, trying to figure it out. But they do not have access because dangerous. So this explains the high volume of flights into Area 51. Shit’s so real right now. Why is the democrats color then blue when they are red? They cross them on purpose. Open eyes will not happen if Biden wins. But I really can’t say that. Both sides are compromised. The Factions have Democrats and Republicans belonging to a color. Look tech wise photonics have been around for the last 5 years. Not public, except for one pattern document. I do believe that there are way more technology, and that blue wizards are the only way progress is made. I know if Biden wins we are set backwards. Trump must win. He has to do whatever he can to achieve this goal. And another faction belonging to another. There’s a reason Aries keeps showing you Reagan’s journal entry. Did you guys figure it out? The Wizards met with Reagan in his second term, after they knew he could be trusted. Those not trusted scramble for access, get obsessed, pull FOIA, search for documents, and get nothing. They’re not trusted because compromised. The entire Galaxy is colonized. Only the best and brightest leave. Many are called. Few are chosen. Where and how did they get chosen? Some Off-Worlders might be in this room. In school? Now understand what the Blue Wizards are doing. It’s essentially containment. Hence why all the toys are going back into the box. Protect the holy grail of black world toys. Hence anyone involved with Red Wizardry or Blood Magic or Pedophila or Pizzagate is being denied access. Bitcoin will be greatly effected if blue loses. It’s been like this for 1000s of years. So basically cutting them off. In a way, yes. But you can choose to take sides, stay apolitical, hunker down and learn skills, and have a chance at the Green Door. Because they know it will be bad if things don’t go the right way. Yes gotcha 100%. But would big tech not love to support the blues then? Corrupted mostly. Unless blue wizards. Most of tech world has been overtaken. So they stay out of their hands. Compromised. Big Tech has been compromised. Exactly. You have the head of a tech company censoring the President of the United States. I don’t care if you like Donnie or not. Fighting for his life. But realize how much of a threat this is to the Constitution. I hope folks really understand what’s really at risk here right now? Like the big picture! I see it so damn clearly. If Trump wins he is done. He should have remained apolitical and then that would not be a concern. What’s done is done. But I see that this so called push for over throw and civil war is to stop the inauguration and thus push us back to the stone age plus worse agendas. Dorsey is radioactive ATM. If you were a Blue faction aligned VC you’d be worried when one of your CEO’s is going to Hollywood parties and slowly being compromised. What if it was not just about them trying to beat Trump (which is more about the black war than anything else) but rather to move final chess pieces started with coronavirus to collapse the USA and have take over. Going to a normal high school gives you zero chance to join unless you are certified a MENSA Genius. Going to a Magnet or Charter High School tech oriented with Robotic, Coding, Machine Learning Clubs make a difference. Body and mind go together. Think about how so many want to be astronauts but only few have the skills needed. Now these astronauts need support, “Mission Control” the ones that make the magic happens, these are welders, electricians, programmers. A mathematician may calculate the Go No Go Point but a welder, a metallurgist, an electrician, a resin expert built the rocket. Good thing the only 1 kid in our family is interested in this direction. Preparing him to become a blue wizard! If you are a parent, put your kids into Cyberpatriot, make them do WhiteHatJr. Put them into scouting, if you have access to Civil Air Patrol pick that over Scouting. As an Eagle Scout I’m telling you CAP Trumps scouting in the programs. Put them into coding classes at local community college, makers studios are all over the country. Still trying to find my path through the green door. I prefer finding other means with my mad gold meta skills. I was in one of the best high schools in my country and will now go to college in North America. I’m regretting not going into a STEM program (I’m in finance). You talked about programming which is something I’ve always liked, having grown up with computers, but I think it’ll take an exceptional level in coding to be distinguished… We’ve posted blue prints for it, it’s up to you to take the initiative. Never followed the rules in school or society, there’s always back doors especially in the realms of meta. Some truly are doing it Dr. Bess, Black Mamba, Boris etc… Best way to find the path is a no brainer. Go to the career pages at Lockheed, Raytheon, JPL, read every single opening even if is to be a janitor and see what they required. Been working on that. I have been met with closed doors so far, but I refuse to give up on developing skills. Even basic jobs, but the key is you want to want it that bad. That’s why it only takes the best and brightest. But they need folks to run ship too. Others are earning their Red Seals in Welding. Cosmicdoe is kicking ass in her Welding course and on the track to earning her Red Seal. What happened to Boris? I don’t really know who that is, he was a Russian friend helping you run Azazel? Some of you are enlisting or commissioning as officers in the USAF as path the Space Force. Excellent. This is good to know. Watch Flight of Dragons as part of your HW too. Even if Biden wins, this should not deter you from going Black World and finding the Green Door. That was my dream - I did make some calls but alas I’m only a few years too old. As far as being apolitical, I’ve always been that. I have joined a survivalist group that’s going to be conducting field hikes to practice skills. Hiking and camping in wilderness type situations. It’s nothing that will get me any certification of any sort, but it is something important to me to learn and accomplish. You can stay White World raise a family - no shame in that. Or you can keep learning skills. No desire to stay. For me it’s not a question. One of the fucked up thing about American education is everyone feels entitled to a job after earning a Bachelor degree and stop learning. You should strive to be a Swiss Army knife. Look at Peter in Flight of Dragons how well versed he was in all the sciences. What’s that quote again I love? About unlearning and relearning… This. Very true. And so many people with degrees only know how to pass a test. But they have no skills to make it. Look at Cooper in Interstellar. A Fighter Pilot: Astronaut and a Farmer and also an Engineer highjacking Drones. Automating Heavy Farming Machinery. Look at the pilots who were furloughed in the Aviation industry now learning Heavy Machinery. Of course we will recruit them. But time is ticking. The bodies and the brain get older. “Pilot scheme: planes may be grounded but there’s work on Australia’s farms. With the airline industry at a standstill and farmers desperate for workers, aviation staff are finding opportunities in a new field.” “Grounded Pilots Land Jobs In Agriculture. Grounded pilots are literally going back to the land in Australia where they’re finding work driving huge agricultural harvesters.” Then make it count. We provided a massive list of ideas for skills to raise your chances. Learning Ham Radio should have been a gateway to stacking up credentials. So that when you are before the Northrop Gurmman hiring manager or when if deemed worthy Legacy Space Force taps you on the shoulder. You are deemed worthy of going through. Instead of waiting around for another 4 years. And for the latest IPhone. Or manufactured outrage. Which will be shoved down your throats. They hide it in plain sight. Encouraging you to leave and come through. So yes even though Trump was trying to catch up humanity. I’ve focused on gardening, farming, defense & prepping, and started the process for getting my pilot’s license. Currently studying for the Ham radio now, preparing for test. You can sit back as he slowly does it or try to dedicate the time you have left to go through and see how far we’ve truly gone. If I had kids, they would be doing coding classes, Cyberpatriot, civil air patrol over scouting and be a candidate for Thiel Fellowship or the DoD Kid Wizard program. I can’t control the civil unrest or Presidential outcome. Why not? But I can make damn sure they don’t fall into the 9 to 5 trap of the White World with cars that are still 30 mpg. Get them out. Because I’m apolitical. I’m not raising an Army. I was just being sarcastic. You’re doing everything you can to make the world a better place. That much I’m sure of. I hope so. We will see how much time I have left. I’m at 706 hours of flying , past my flight certification and have ham radio certification. Once I get to 1000 hours I’ll be able to apply for a teaching license, I try to go up twice a week. So in 2-3 weeks I’ll be at the set amount of hours. I’d say don’t stop there apply to all Blue Wizard Aeronautical positions and start your Green Door process. We have PHD students washing dishes in Antarctica. That’s how badly some want it. We ended at 81 Janets yesterday. We are at 22 so far today. I’ll have yesterday-today. Report out early tonight. And see the path clearly. 81 flights returning toys. I mean seriously look at how much of a fraud the White World is. You’ve all seen the Laptop from Hell. Wizards know Trump will play ball. He has been brought up by other wizard minded people… grandfather being cool with Tesla, I believe. Last president with this much wizardly eyes on him would have been JFK? Yes or no? I’m also still 184 messages from current. You’ve all seen it suppressed by Big Technology and MSM. Are you truly living in the real world? Or a fucking illusion? Do you truly believe it? Under Trump we will move forward. Under the other we won’t. That’s the simple truth. You decide how much you want to move forward. Not the presidents. You can all sit around and wait for the IPhone 13. Or train to earn your Blue Overalls. I’ll have them. Then from their it’s proving your mettle to go on the Off World path. It’s not looking great for Trump. Everyone knows the media will string it out like this to make it demoralizing for Trump. Unless the surprise fedex delivery arrives with more “whoopsies forgot these” votes, I think it’ll still go to Trump. Too many people look at politicians as saviors. When the truth is the power is within us all along. Hopefully some of you get it. Ask yourself how many new skills have you learned this year. Make a list of the ones you want to learn. Make a list of what type of person you want to be by the start of 2022. Thank you! I watched it previously. I am slowly building my trust in you and Doomsday. Sometimes, nothing can suffice like seeing the assurances I’m looking for come from the source organically. I understand I’m not an easy glass of water to drink down at one gulp. I Solomon Syndrome White Worlders too fast some say. But I rip the bandaid off fast. So they can use the remaining years they have wisely. Particularly when the white worlds is literally designed to keep the populace from reaching the truth. No time to play. Sad thing is when some people realize the truth it may be too late for them. I will do what I can while finding my way. Yes it’s almost like they’ve become demi-gods for some. They can’t save you, only you can save yourself. I don’t get why the constitution or president matters so much. Red doesn’t give a F about either of those as far as i can tell. So we’re the only one playing by the rules? Precisely. I’ve felt this way, in varying degrees, all my life. The white world is patently insane in some ways—with increasing occurrence. There’s no such thing as rules. Only the picture of truth the person with the most influence is able to paint. That’s why I choose to stay neutral. It’s all such a shit show. Actual POTUS is not a politician, he was a business man that decided to run for President. When was the last time that happened? Very true! Today the only one left at work changed to the dumb side of the might, put on a mask and asked me if I’d really believe all the stuff I read about and we had hours of good conversations about the last couple of years… guess he’s pissed he did not bet on the election and got lost in the fearporn MSM is painting. Everyone was a Senator, Governor, VP, Secretary, before becoming POTUS then Eisenhower jumped from military to POTUS. Read between the lines of this fact. Grant as well, Washington was a general. Hoover was a biz guy but sort of political I believe. Think 1944 and one since the Projects been around. With the exception of Eisenhower, Grant and Taft that were soldiers. Then you have Taylor that was a simple soldier and died in office. But in terms of Blackmail which is the currency of the Elites (White World Elites) how many truly had access to the Black Projects? And the OG, Washington, General of the Armed Forces - all the Presidents were politicians or military before becoming POTUS. This is the first time in history a POTUS is not a politician and doesn’t play ball. But also doesn’t know their bag of tricks. Toys are going back to storage as prevention, and for the look of it are not getting out. That’s why all the flights to Area 51 are happening. So black world projects will be kept out of other white world nation hands, but by doing so the US also loses their edge? As the Looks to be headed under a Red president? Only way to join will be via vetted channels if you are still in the age range. Or at First Strike on US Soil and will be survival of the fittest. Whoever is left will be ask to rebuild. 4 E6 up currently. What is the age range? “Military Age Limits For 2020: Do You Meet The Cut Off? See the military age limits for 2020 for each branch of the US military, including the cutoff requirements and age limit for active duty and reserves.” They will make some exceptions if you’re in demand, such as for doctors. But it’s rare. At least according to what I was told. See the timelines: Eisenhower Era and Reagan Era. Reagan was a movie star, then was Governor but he wasn’t a politician by trade. He ran against the establishment. The closest the projects have been out are during Eisenhower, Reagan and Trump. All out in the open and in plain sight. Based on current world events, war is in the air. Can foreign nationals enlist if someone in their family (parents or siblings) is an American citizen? If you join as military you are capped by branch limit. If you join as a civilian then is up to your skills. Scout those openings and get your foot in the door. Plain programmer, or programmer with Ham Radio License and understands Solar Panels. Plain welder or a welder that understands metals and can harvest discarded items for precious metals. Plain farmer or farmer that understands hydroponics and may rig a warehouse as indoor garden. Are you starting to understand what “Made of The Right Stuff” means in recruitment? That’s one way but not the only way in. If Biden wins, no Open Eyes. No Space Force combined with Legacy Space Force. All the Toys go back in the Box until the pedophiles are out of Office. That’s the reality. We will Quarantine Earth. Paedos won’t get out of office possibly forever if they win this one. He’s still our president. He should just go on tv and speak. Twitter is censoring him. They can’t stop him from going on air. That’s not the problem. The problem is you have Big Tech censoring a sitting US President. This is a threat to the Constitution. Wanna see another form of disclosure which went over your heads in the 90s? “Independence Day - Dr. Okun (Brent Spiner) says to the President (Bill Pullman), "As you can imagine, they don’t let us out much.” He’s absolutely correct. Now you understand why the toys are going back in the Box. Janet flights into Dreamland. If he wins Aries is prolly gone and we’ll all get neutralized for knowing too much so meditate or do whatever you gotta do. What we are seeing here is the culmination of four years worth of troubleshooting, rewiring and tweaking the failures of Eric Schmidt’s Groundwork Project, created with the sole intention of handling and redirecting Google search queries to give the public the version of reality they want us to believe, verses actual, verifiable facts. Ex-Google Chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt admitted in 2016 that it was the aim of Project Groundwork to get Hillary Clinton elected by swaying public opinion away from Bernie Sanders. This was achieved in part by the suppression and redirection of information which painted her in a bad light, offering irrelevant responses to search queries which dodged the original question in such a way that it made people think they had received an answer to their question, when in fact, they were never even allowed to ask it. This practice is still being utilized by Google. If you ask a question in a way that makes it look like you support the way they want you to think or vote, then you will see for yourself that you get a much more robust response. The algorithm thinks you are already on board, and it will feed you search results to bolster the desired conclusion it believes you have already arrived so as to cement your stance. Schmidt admitted that his fatal flaw in the 2016 election cycle was underestimating Donald Trump and the reach of his “Make America Great Again” message. This time around, Schmidt hedged his bets by backing a data analytics company that handles big name clients, Civis Analytics, the company who advised - you guessed it - the Biden campaign. This is not just a thinly-disguised hijacking of the U.S. elections, this is a public abduction and assault of the average American’s thought processes and way of formulating an educated and well-rounded opinion. US society is about to face the music. Politicians didn’t stop social media companies influence and censorship. We are about to enter unknown waters. All economic decisions will be reversed. Jobs outsourced again, open borders, defund police. The price will be high. Human to Animal in no time. Stay apolitical, this is why Opsec is mandatory. If you were vocal with friends and family now you have a target in your back. Learn skills, go Black World. Be worthy of the Green Door.

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