Azazel News #Recap 11/3/2020

  1. Toast to the homies we’ve lost. We miss you, Boris. Wish you were here with us tonight.

  2. Upcoming Threats. Remember: Both parties decided not to discuss Food Shortages, the one who wins inherits the problem; Credible Threats to London; More Civil Unrest; Grand Solar Minimum; Dark Winter.

  3. DHS: Social media a ‘grave threat’ to national security.

  4. Trudeau promises military intervention if Trump refuses to leave office.

  5. In both Michigan & Wisconsin Trump is leading, while in Nevada Biden wins with a 5% difference.

  6. zerohedge: “French Airstrikes Kill Over 50 Islamic Fighters In Mali Following Paris & Nice Attacks.”

  7. Iranian source (in Spanish) says democrats keep majority in both chambers.

  8. Intel Slava: “Piles of bricks being discovered in Chicago and many other cities.”

  9. Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia say they won’t be announcing the winner tonight. Too many mail-in votes.

  10. The Independent: “Biden’s lead vanishes in four swing states.”

  11. AP Politics: “Republican Eric Holcomb wins reelection for governor in Indiana. Trump wins Kentucky.”

  12. CNN Breaking News: “CNN PROJECTION: Donald Trump wins Indiana.”

  13. Jared Kushner: “Israel will make peace with more countries in Trump’s second term.”

  14. Henry Rodgers: “Department of Forensic Sciences taking photos of the car and the street corners.”

  15. Comfortably Numb Chump: “You ever notice bookstores are never covered up?”

  16. Sally Kohn: “Four years ago, I used my dog’s Xanax the night of the election. Now I have my own. Happy 2020!”

  17. Trump has surpassed his vote totals in Harris County by almost 100,000 votes.

  18. BNO News: “QAnon believer Marjorie Taylor Greene ® elected to the US House of Representatives.”

  19. North Dakota state legislative candidate who died of COVID-19 wins election.

  20. WISCONSIN: Trump 1,477,771 51.2% (+3.9); Biden 1,366,961 47.3%. 2,888,335 votes counted. Estimated 86.3% - 99% in.

  21. PENNSYLVANIA: Trump 2,807,917 56.6% (+14.4); Biden 2,095,895 42.2%; 4,963,819 votes counted. Estimated 71.0% - 84.0% in.

  22. NORTH CAROLINA: Trump 2,732,084 50.1% (+1.4); Biden 2,655,383 48.7%; Jorgensen 47,215 0.9%; Hawkins 11,825 0.2%; 5,453,888 votes counted. Estimated >95% in.

  23. Maria Viti: “Any other candidate would have been able to declare victory tonight. Instead they forced Trump to declare war. It’s on bitches!”

  24. Whatever The Election Outcome, We Can Revolt Against Politicians, The Media, & Their String-Pullers By Uniting. We’re living in a nation divided.

  25. The Babylon Bee: “Democrats Buying Weapons In Record Numbers To Protect Themselves From Democrats.” [Facts. Lol.]

  26. Ian Miles Cheong: “Vegas bookmakers just officially switched to favor Trump. They were previously going for Biden.”

  27. ISIS claims responsibility for yesterday’s terror attack in Vienna, Austria, that left 4 dead, 22 wounded, several in critical condition.

  28. USACE HQ: “Eat safe food after a power outage. Unopened, full freezers will keep food safe for 48 hours during power outage; 24 hours if half-full.”

  29. Disclose TV: “Central rail station in Utrecht evacuated and all trains stopped due to a possible ‘terror threat’, police look for a suspect.”

  30. Catherine Hadro: “AP reports that Louisiana has passed Amendment 1, which establishes there is no constitutional right to an abortion.”

  31. Paul Mueller: “AP calls Kentucky with its 8 electoral votes for Donald J. Trump and Vermont with its 3 electoral votes for Joe Biden.”

  32. BLM protesters refusing to comply with orders from MPD officers to clear the area so an illegally parked demonstration vehicle can move.

  33. Two Epstein victims drop their cases against his estate, Ghislaine Maxwell. [They didn’t comment. Thinking settlement may have been contingent upon NDA.]

  34. The Senate will remain in Republican hands. Joni Ernst of Iowa is projected to win, denying Democrats full control of both chambers of Congress.

  35. 2020 Election: Trump Blasts Vote-Count Delays As “Fraud On The American Public.” “This is a fraud on the American public, this is an embarrassment to our country… We’ll be going to the U.S. Supreme Court…”

  36. Chatter of shooting of an office in Vegas. Multiple fatalities reported after an officer-involved shooting near Las Vegas, Nevada. Four Killed, 1 injured in shooting involving Henderson Police, NV.

  37. Matt Smith: “Milwaukee’s 169,000+ absentee ballots en route to county election officials.” [Of these absentees Biden took 150k at 4am when he was down roughly 110k. Statistical impossibility.]

  38. vic, anguish of libs: “Fraud in Wisconsin ! Here’s the proof! More ballots cast than voters!” Recounts being called it seems and many absentee ballots in a few states are being called out.

  39. Whitney Webb: “May be a good idea to review the “simulations” of the Transition Integrity Project, which has considerable ties to numerous “new organizations” and gamed out the creation of chaos for multiple election day scenarios.”

  40. Fox projects Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader from Kentucky, as winner of a race in which donors poured millions of dollars into his Democratic opponent’s campaign. Over $50 million was spent on this race.

  41. The Economist: “If early results show that the polls are wrong in Florida, Virginia and North Carolina, they are likely to be wrong in other battleground states with similar demographics.”

  42. WMAL News: “FOX News is reporting the Postal Service has failed to meet the deadline to sweep facilities for undelivered mail-in ballots. The USPS said that some 300,000 ballots lacked a delivery scan.”

  43. All the celebrities considering leaving the country if Trump is reelected. Bruce Springsteen and Ricky Martin are among the celebrities who are vowing to leave the country if Donald Trump is reelected president.

  44. Huawei’s Global VP of Corporate Communications Dies Suddenly in China. Huawei’s Vice President of Corporate Communications, Irish businessman Joe Kelly, passed away suddenly at the age of 55.

  45. Record Smashing Snow and Ice Storms cause “Havoc” in Alaska and the Yukon. Environment Canada meteorologist: I’ve “never quite seen a storm like this … It’s right out of the ballpark.”

  46. $1B of Bitcoin from Silk Road wallet moves for first time since 2015. An anonymous crypto user has transferred more than 69K BTC from an address associated with the Silk Road darknet market, which shut down in 2013.

  47. CDC says people sick with COVID-19 can break quarantine to vote in-person. Coronavirus patients can break quarantine Tuesday to vote in person, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has confirmed.

  48. I don’t think winning is the goal. Red just wants to burn everything down/ set the stage for the black sun, the Lee family, and the swamp to step in. "Bring order from chaos,” as the freemasons say. Lol.

  49. Most detailed and complete record yet of Earth’s last magnetic reversal. A team of researchers from Japan made the most detailed and complete record to date of Earth’s last magnetic reversal that took place about 773 000 years ago.

  50. Philadelphia Police have closed down the streets to vehicular traffic surrounding city hall in Center City. Philadelphia has stopped counting mail-in ballots for the night — a move that could skew Tuesday night’s preliminary results in Pennsylvania toward President Trump.

  51. Lesson from the Wizard. What was the true original goal of P2P & bitcoin? Uncensorability — always has been and always will be. At the time when it’s most critical, suddenly we see the difference, between fake blockchain tech, and legit. Legit is not censorable.

  52. The Election Wizard: “Biden is running about 6 points BEHIND Hillary in Milwaukee County. That is devastating if it holds.” [Anyone else catch that this tweet says “BEHIND Hillary?” I wonder which timelines the Election Wizard is teetering between… OOF.]

  53. Ian Miles Cheong: “The Chinese Yuan is completely tanking. They expected a Biden victory. They will not get it.” “The Flippening.” ANTIFA and BLM are gonna pack the biggest tantrum we’ve ever seen. They are small potatoes. Saying Chinese think the tariffs are here to stay. Fuck you, CCP.

  54. Senator Lindsay Graham, a close Trump ally, comfortably survived a deep-pocketed attempt by Democrats to unseat him, preserving one of six endangered GOP Senate seats. Democrat Jaime Harrison raised eyepopping sums — the most in Senate history — but lost by about 12 points.

  55. ‘Catastrophic’ hailstorm and a month’s worth of rain in an hour slam Queensland, Australia. A catastrophe has been declared in Queensland after severe thunderstorms, tennis ball-sized hail, and flash flooding pounded the state’s southeast on October 31, 2020.

  56. National defense forces given order to “start military offensive against TPLF”: PM Abiy Ahmed. Civil war breaks out in Ethiopia as the PM, Abiy Ahmed, officially declares war against one of Ethiopia’s regional states. A military offensive has been initiated and internet has been shut off across the region.

  57. Storm Aiden brings high waves and heavy rains to UK and Ireland. Storm Aiden hit the UK and Ireland on Saturday, October 31, 2020, bringing high waves, strong winds, and heavy downpours. As a result of the severe weather, seacrafts capsized or broke down, prompting the rescue of several people on board.

  58. See these red shirts that Chavez always wore? They’re bulletproof. Made by a tailor known as The Armani of Bullet Proof Clothing. His name is Miguel Caballero. Simply the best in Kevlar clothing. Fuck it. He’s dead. I’ll share. Naomi Campbell? What?! Red. Makes sense but it’s just a weird combo. Honey pots. When you have them, you use them.

  59. MonkeyWerx US: “This is textbook on what NOT to do for security. What do you think happens to that building when those vehicles are set on fire? And do you think those New Years Eve barriers are going to stop rioters?! Seriously. SMH. Watch for the thugs to start assembling… that is all pre staged and will be an indicator that they know it’s over.”

  60. EYES ON ANONS. VOTER MACHINES DOWN NATIONWIDE. (((Too many links to copypasta))). Mike Coudrey: “Elections workers are now claiming voter machines are down in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Worker says voters can fill out a ballot and they will scan it later when the machines are back up.”

  61. AriesAzazel, do you even sleep?? Serious question!! How do you do it, I wake up and you are here still or again. LMAO. Who said I’m human? Don’t scare me. LMAO. Aries go brrrrrrrrrrr. LOL. You even write back. That’s making it even funnier. Dun dun dunnn. Tell me the secret formula how to stay awake all day. I need it.

  62. Gaga is such a shill. Last time she tried to escape she ended up catatonic giving strange interviews about having multiple personalities and then doing naked ritual in the woods to reprove herself. That ship has sailed. She’s Satanic so makes sense she’s with Biden. I mean, she was fucking his son and underaged people soooo…

  63. FBI is concerned about disinformation from bad actors in the coming days. “If we don’t know who the president is for a couple days, they expect and anticipate that we will see foreign nations and others try to stoke disinformation and chaos and undermine the democracy,” Thomas said. Thomas also noted that voting Tuesday was orderly, saying that law enforcement was grateful that there was not violence at the polls.

  64. Moon patrols could be a future reality for Space Force. U.S. military space activities today are confined to Earth orbit. As NASA begins to establish a permanent presence at the moon and works with the private sector to develop a cislunar economy, the military foresees playing a role protecting those interests. [Also Moon Patrol is lame. It’s pretty much being part of the US Coast Guards on Earth.]

  65. MI5 moves UK Terrorism threat level to “SEVERE.” Terrorist Attack in Vienna, Austria. Terrorist announced a second attack in real time on Twitter. Copycatting 2015 November Terrorist attack. Snow for London, England Tomorrow? The UK is set to celebrate its coldest “Bonfire Night” for years–even flurries of rare early-Nov snow could fall as far south as London. [Remember, London has a credible Terrorist Threat and snow storm tomorrow. Please be safe Cousins.]

  66. Pam Keith: “81% of US boys are circumcised at birth. Why not do a reversible vasectomy at the same time? Then men can have the procedure reversed when they prove they want a child and can pay for it. NO MORE UNWANTED PREGNANCIES NO MORE ABORTIONS. No more freedom, but why be picky?” [Vote D for Dick Chopping. Vasectomies till you earn it. What a creeper! That’s not up to you, lady.]

  67. Paul Sperry: “Obama’s OFA partner Indivisible has organized more than 500 protests across the country for Nov. 4 in the event Trump wins tonight. Records reveal the analyst who will run Fox News election decision desk is a registered Democrat who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 & gave Democrats more than $4,000, including $1,525 for Obama. Arnon Mishkin will announce states for Biden or Trump on election night.”

  68. Translation from Chinese: “Biden just came out to speak, saying that there will be no results tonight and neither he nor Trump can announce the election. Since the result didn’t come out, why did you come out so early to speak? It is because he knows that he will lose the vote count tonight, but he will never admit defeat! Moreover, it takes many days to announce the results of the general election first, and it must be planned. What a rascal!”

  69. Obama Killed a 16-Year-Old American in Yemen. Trump Just Killed His 8-Year-Old Sister. The war on terror framework continues to savage the world’s poorest civilians. [The only thing you can really count on form any member of the political class on the face on this planet same as any criminal member. If they feel it is with in their best interests to kill you there will be little to no hesitation on their end in that decision making process.]

  70. Here are some of the issues Americans are facing at polling sites on Election Day. Americans who woke early on Election Day to cast their votes have faced delays and other complications caused by malfunctioning voting machines across the country, according to various reports. There is a poll worker in Erie, PA named Sebastian Machado who has admitted on Instagram that he is purposefully throwing away pro-Trump ballots. [I hope this is going to be addressed by the relevant authorities.]

  71. Texas Governor, Greg Abbott: “Texas DID stay Red. Thanks to all the volunteers & candidates who worked so hard to make this happen. Every statewide race and the Texas House and Senate remain Republican. God Bless Texas.” Lol!! Openly anti-Trump Jonathan Karl of ABC News just stated on air that “the fact that Trump could get new voters in the state of Texas was simply astonishing”. Lol. Um has he heard of Texas?? Clearly he doesn’t remember the Alamo.

  72. Reds Are Getting Desperate. NYT: “The role of declaring the winner of a presidential election in the U.S. falls to the news media. The broadcast networks and cable news outlets have vowed to be prudent. Here’s how it will work.” Michelle Malkin: “Enemy of the people.” NYT article: “Here’s how the news media will report the election results.” [Tweet was removed. NY Times deleted their bullshit tweet. It does not fall on the News Media.] Post Millennial: “ NYT Tweets Election Disinformation About Declaring the Winner on Election Day.”

  73. President Trump speaks on election results: “I think we should know what happens on the night… You can’t have these things delayed for many days and maybe weeks. You can’t do that. The whole world is waiting… a lot of bad things happen with ballots.” Video: “You can laugh, but what you are missing is that a weird coalition of Americans exists that might make a win possible. When you have the Amish, rappers, Orthodox Jews, Hispanics, suburban moms, etc. all for Trump, that is a truly unusual and possibly winning combination.” “Here comes the ‘Amish for Trump’ from Fredericksburg Holmes County, Ohio! I’ve seen it all now!”

  74. The Election Wizard: “Arizona GOP chairwoman Kelli Ward says the numbers in Arizona are mostly early votes and she believes Fox News will be embarrassed by calling the race for Biden.” 2020 Election: Trump camp calls on Fox News to retract Arizona call for Biden. Arnon Mishkin – the Fox election decision desk chief analyst who called Arizona prematurely for Biden and potentially suppressed Trump votes in Nevada – is a registered Dem who voted for Hillary & shelled out $4,000+ for Obama & Dems, according to FEC & voting records.

  75. Exponential uptick in Google searches for moving to Canada. Canada said no. Anecdotally, I know people who moved to Canada, Spain, Turkey, Mexico, and Bahamas after Trump’s first win. The Canada person works in US and just crosses border to live so it’s not a real move imho. It’s like 2004 all over again when Bush won and Americans crashed the “How can I Apply for Canadian citizenship?” website. My point here was just to point out people say they’ll do something extreme and then don’t because it would take effort and action to do so. People are often lazy when it comes to follow through. That’s for sure.

  76. Gateway Pundit: CNN Is Walking Back Virginia After Calling it For Trump! "FOX News called Virginia for Joe Biden immediately after the polls closed earlier tonight. But CNN is still not calling the state for Biden. CNN is now reporting President Trump is ahead in VIRGINIA! Kelly 6%: “There you have it!!! Even though Fairfax was at 99.59% reporting, with only 200k votes, miraculously that last 0.41% accounted for 500k votes. And that, my friends, is how you steal an election in Virginia!!!” Julie Carey: “Strike that. Just learned there was an error in reporting in Fairfax County. It will mean subtracting about 100K from the Biden total there. The Board of Elections site has not been corrected yet.”

  77. Regarding the Zoom Coup call: These are the people who make up most of the FBI and other security services in the USA. Whenever you see a citizen being unfairly investigated or prosecuted for a crime due to their political beliefs, it’s these people doing it. Everyone gets picked on in high school, most people grow into adults and eventually leave childish things behind. These are the people who are still mad about getting picked on, in emotional and psychological arrested development, using state power to punish citizens who fit the idea of a person who might have picked on them in school. We are living inside the revenge fantasies of people who sought power with the singular goal of abusing it.

  78. Vocal supporters signaling defeat. Arne Duncan: “We have a long, long way to go. But this reality hurts: White identity trumps facts. White identity trumps science. I am so sorry…” Denise Zadeh: “I am so disgusted and disappointed in so many of my fellow Americans tonight, yet again. I was hoping that the experiential learners would have realized Trump has nothing positive to offer, yet… here we are again.” Wondering how influencers are handling it. Silicon Valley is radio silence and scrubbing personal social media. Lol. It’s all backed up. Reason Silicon Valley is scrubbing and radio silent. Board of Directors and stocks tanking. Reminiscences of an American Capitalist: “Election Losers so far: Lady Gaga Jack Dorsey Fox News NY Times Nate Silver Jim Comey Frank Luntz Bruce Springsteen Michael Keaton Nancy Pelosi Jamele Hill.”

  79. NYPD promises not to spare the looters. “I would appeal to anyone who wants to cause violence and pogroms - do not even try. We know who you are. And you will be arrested,” - said the head of the police department of the city Terence Monahan. “People will be arrested if they destroy property, rob shops. If they attack anyone, they will be arrested,” said the head of the patrol service, Juanita Holmes. Charles W: “In Brooklyn, NY - polling locations (In areas with HUGE GOP turnout!) machines are “Broken” and people are being told to leave their ballots with poll workers and “when they are back up they will be scanned in later” THIS. IS. INSANITY!” NYPD looking hungry for Antifa. NYC. NYPD preparing for tonight. This is under the approach to the Triboro and the Train bridges.

  80. Florida National Guard spotted moving assets as Gov. prepares deployment. Florida update (3PM EST): Rep: 4,041,888 (+157,090); Dem: 3,884,798; NPA/Other: 2,432,650; Total: 10,359,336. Report: Florida GOP Reduces Democrat Lead to 6k in Under 3 Hours. Florida Republicans reduced the Democrats’ advantage to roughly 6,000 ballots cast in the first two and a half hours of voting in the state. au ng: “FL 4:40pm update. R Lead is now at 170k, excluding some counties (listed below graph). It should be in 230k-270k range when all counties report. Trump’s win margin is expected to be around 4 points.” The Election Wizard: “Republicans are gaining in Florida at a rate of about 14k votes per hour. If this rate continues, they should lead Democrats by over 200,000 votes by the close of polls.” [Love that Blue Wizard culture is becoming stronger each day.] They finally called FL but not a shocker.

  81. The City of Chicago has just began raising several of the bridges that access the core of the city. This bridge is located near Trump Tower with Chicago DOT crews standing by. City side they were raising that one this week. Others are still open but trying to limit millennium park protestors from getting to Trump tower. City is boarded up otherwise. [Guys stay inside. Don’t learn anymore knowledge. Just watch the programming on the TV. Please the overlords. /s. Only those who regurgitate the script are intelligent. Anyone who thinks for themselves is dumb. You don’t want to be dumb do you? If you’re dumb people might laugh at you. Make sure you vote for …what’s my line again? Stay inside for reprogramming… I mean your favorite show.] Chicago Police officers, including the Mounted Unit, are out across the city ensuring the safety of everyone on Election night.

  82. BOSS_HawG: “Joe Biden introduces his granddaughter by saying, “This is my son, Beau Biden.” … “This is my granddaughter, Natalie. No wait, no wait. We got the wrong one…” [How could anyone expect this man to last 4 years? It won’t let me post this video. The hell with that. Fuck censorship. Hmm. He’s from Scranton. What are the stats on wins/losses when the candidate did not capture their own home state(s)? Screen recorded? Lol. Fuckery. One of the reasons they don’t let the channel grow. Ever notice that none of the American channels are anywhere near the numbers of the Russian channels or Iranian channels? In the 100,000+.] “The Democratic candidate for the White House, Joe Biden, committed a series of lapses today, announcing to his supporters that he was going to introduce them to his son Beau, now deceased, and later said that he wanted to announce his daughter Natalie, but pointing to another of his granddaughters.”

  83. Seattle Protest Network: “LIVE Seattle Protest Network: Protests, Demonstrations, and Marches across the US.” Seattle Police Dept: Group is moving west on Denny Wy. Public safety warning has been given. Seattle students and workers given a ‘flex day’ to be sad if Trump wins. Seattle area employees and students have been told by employers and school administrators to take the day after election day off as a “flex day” in preparation for a Trump victory. 2020 election results: Inslee wins third term, sex ed measure passes. Gov. Jay Inslee’s attempt to win a third term and an effort to repeal a statewide sex-education requirement for public schools topped Washington state’s general election ballot. [I can not believe that Inslee is declaring victory. There were lines to drop ballots off in WA state all day. Look at this. Inslee calling the win for a third term as governor even though WA state has only had 58% of the votes counted.] Washington Is Experiencing a Run on Weed Ahead of Election Night. Infused edibles are the treat of choice for election night nerves. [Lol. I guess this is actionable to those that partake.] Seattle police arrest 8 people after election night marches. Seattle police arrested eight people Tuesday night for pedestrian interference, obstruction, assault on an officer, reckless driving, and criminal mischief.”

  84. Calm before the storm (Washington D.C. outside the White House). People gather in front of the White House during US presidential election night. People are gathering at the Black Lives Matter Plaza, in front of the White House in Washington DC on Tuesday November 3, on the occasion of the 59th US presidential election. Megan Palin: “Snipers keep watch from the White House roof over growing crowds below.” Zach: “INCREASINGLY DANGEROUS PROTEST: Protesters shouting threats toward the president are now marching southward on E Executive Ave NW towards The White House. This is an increasingly dangerous situation that we are monitoring.” Mikey Smith: “Large group turning from 14th street onto K towards the White House. Chanting “no justice no peace.” Andy Ngô: “Antifa in Washington DC are assaulting people with cameras. “Walk away or it gets worse.” Douglas Murray: “These ‘Antifa’ activists are getting ready for violence. Huddling / preparing right now by the White House. They are trying to intimidate anyone who notices what they’re doing. Which may be why the media is looking the other way.” Ian Miles Cheong: “Antifa is completely losing their minds in Washington DC.” Another fight in DC. BLM protester goes after members of the press. Blaze TV Journalist, Elijah Schaffer: "A lone Trump supporter in Washington DC waves his flag.” "DC: “Fck Trump. Fck Biden. No more presidents.” About 150 black block Antifa begin marching through the streets lead by an umbrella squad. They have gas masks, weapons and some have shields.” Good job, Soros. You lost control of BLM/Antifa tonight. DC before midnight sharply escalated the situation with protesters.

  85. LAPD HQ: “The LAPD has declared a citywide tactical alert to ensure sufficient resources to address any incidents that may arise as a result of Election Day activities, but is not a result of any specific incident.” Bill Melugin: “Local anarchist groups also circulating this for tomorrow. They plan to protest regardless of which candidate wins.” Historic Core: “DTLA there are multiple demonstrations scheduled for today - 7 AM – 8 PM at #StaplesCenter (1111 S Figueroa St), 2 PM - 11 PM at Pershing Square (532 S Olive St), 4 PM on the 110 Freeway 7th St Overpass, 4 PM at #LosAngeles City Hall (200 N Spring St).” Bill Melugin: “Hearing/seeing traffic of several demonstrations planned in downtown LA this afternoon/evening. Here is a flier for one of them, which is being organized by “Refuse Fascism LA” at Pershing Square.” Effective today, November 3rd, 55.07 LAMC has been amended to include laser pointers or laser-style devices to the list of prohibited items while attending or participating in any public demonstration, rally, protest, picket line or public assembly. A violation is a misdemeanor. Melody: “And now explosions again.” Shane B. Murphy: “Just in from LAPD: ‘Due to a large and unruly crowd the LAPD has declined an unlawful assembly and issued a dispersal order.’ LAPD form lines and prepare to disperse the crowd and make arrests.” “STAPLES center right now. Holy shit.” “Protesters Heading Toward Freeway. Fire units and CHP are also staging at the I-10 off ramp nearby.” “Large Group Gathered in Downtown Los Angeles. The address reported for this incident has changed to Flower St & W 18th St.” Reports of windows already being smashed out in downtown Los Angeles, and large police presence. Now that polls are closed in County of LA, poll workers provide secured ballot boxes to Deputies. These boxes will be transported via patrol vehicles to various heliports throughout. Zach: “LOS ANGELES: Large police convoy headed into downtown at this time! Stay safe!” Indesist: “Report of shots fired at Olive & Washington where LAPD officers are actively attempting to disperse a crowd of demonstrators.” Jintak Han: “I hear a lot of booms across DTLA…” Here we go again. Christ how deep are the tunnels?

  86. When will the presidential election outcome be called?PredictIt tests your knowledge of political and financial events by letting you make and trade predictions. Nate Silver: “The one thing I’ll say is that there’s just not really that much you can tell without knowing who people voted for. Starting to fall down the Florida election day turnout rabbit hole. Already went for a run so I think I’d just better go and play some FIFA or something.” [Nate Silver. You clown. Sit down, Nate. Your shill is showing. 3 hours until polls close. I ran the calculations and that means only 2 years left before results are posted. LOL. Checks already cleared for his big bribes. His reputation has already gone to shit. Bet he could care less what happens now lol. Deep down, he knows better than anyone. His dumbass followers who actually believed him are in for the biggest surprise.] ⒿⒹⒽ: “Bringing my replies over to my timeline, thogge asks a good question: why are betting markets so different than polls? And because betting markets have skin in the game, are they a better predictor?” FiveThirtyEight: “The rightward tilt of the Electoral College can be defined by how tipping-point states vote compared with the nation.” What’s Nate Silver doing? Dinesh D’Souza: “What are Nate Silver, Frank Luntz and all these other professional scam-artists going to do after today?” Robert C. Cahaly: “Please see below our final projection map for the 2020 Election. NOTE: We are projecting a Trump win in PA but this projection is based on absentee ballots with verified postmarks and matching voter signatures.” “This is wild. Live Betting Odds per betonline_ag Biden -145 Trump +125.” Popular vote so far: Trump 47,290,093; Biden 44,463,163. I spotted this stack of special election edition publications in a clearance bin about 2 hours ago while doing a last last minute “calm before the storm” prepping expedition. **Note the military magazine cover to the right. Headline is partially obscured by the zip tie holding the clearance sign in place, but it reads “PUTIN MOVES EAST”. 3AM EST: Trump by the numbers: +345k in PA (Trump team said would win by 350k); +350k in OH; +242k in MI; +24k in WI; +400k in FL, +430k in TX; +400k in GA; +160k in VA. But, yeah, let’s just not call them, or something. Eli Dourado: “OK, folks, here it is: The absolute best place to track the election tonight is on my site. All data refresh every 2 minutes. You get an electoral map, a state-by-state Monte Carlo simulation, and lots of sortable tables. Go ahead, melt my servers.” D bullshitting, stalling. Big T won, 100%. Trump has won this election. Pure and simple…

  87. Anyone any good at finding things deep online? American Blackout…released in 2013 by Nat Geo. Will be incredibly happy if we can locate. Even if I gotta pay to watch. I get real nervous when shit is scrubbed from internet… like the mentioned video. “Watch American Blackout Online | Putlocker. What if the Doomsday Preppers were right all along? Hacking into urban infrastructures isn’t science fiction anymore - it’s in the news every day.” Send me your address (don’t) so I can send you a letter with a kiss print on it, so I can kiss you. Thank you so much. Opsec violation. There was no offer of milkshakes. What video is that BB? Stand by. No rush. I still owe you rad readings. “American Blackout | National Geographic. A cyber-attack takes down the grid and leaves millions of ordinary people without electricity. Follow the first-hand stories of five different groups stranded in the darkness as their desperate scenarios unfold. What happens when the lights go out?” Saw someone post about it on on twitter while fishing on runescape. So I went looking for it to AFK fish to it and I can’t find it and he found it for me. Makes me suspect when things are wiped from internet. Thanks for the Intel. Will watch. Only made it 41mins in and fell asleep(will continue tonight),highly highly recommend you guys watch. Especially with above talk. Will watch perhaps I’ll have to while I eat. Timelines accelerating and need to focus on skills and prep. I believe this film will produce a lot of “oh yeah I need that” conversation in your head. I’ll give it a watch here in a few mins. The only way through is to rise up through this because the push and they will not stop is civil war. So Greenland prepares folks also for when SHTF however it looks get real smart because you and your family’s life’s depend on it. Let me know what you guys think of that video. About to watch it now. You can share it to the Archaeology group if you want. I figure this week all of our shovels, sifters, brushes and loupes will become Swiss Army knives, lol. We need every tool and workspace not specifically designated to become multi-use to give us all a heads up.

  88. Bitchute is down… silenced? Damn. Wow. This is incredibly fucked up. Didn’t Aries send a screenshot from 4chan about some guy working for Cloudfare seeing the internet would go black? Yes. Guess this is it. On Election Day! FISHY. Twitter already killing accounts. Can’t kill me baby, I’m unstoppable. Hell yeah, brother. BitChute: “It looks like we’ve been deplatformed or some critical infrastructure that has taken the site offline. We’re trying to speak to people and find out more before saying more than that. So far we have received some very general account termination emails.” Just build your own platforms bro. Fuck our Corona Unmasked documentaries!!! Both of our documentaries are nuked. Bitchute should have told everybody they did not have their own platform before people spent a lot of time setting up their channels and uploading videos. You’ve got backups though right!? “British Lawyers, Activists Seek to Dismantle Racist, Antisemitic YouTube Alternative Website.” This is why the freedom platform by Rose is going to work for him. UK video channel Bitchute hosting antisemitic and hate filled output. UK Lawyers for Israel has written to service providers of Bitchute, a website that hosts violent, racist, and harmful videos, urging them to terminate their relationship with the organization. Bitchute is back up. 4chan is now having server connection problems. MFW the Cloudflare insider turns out to be right and they take the Internet down and initiate the next phase. Is this the 10 days of darkness all the Q people talk about? Could just mean too many users also. Lesson for entrepreneurs just starting out. These are lessons people learn the hard way, so pay attention. Do not register your company in a country with “hate speech” laws on the books. Retain the agency for yourselves and your users to speak your own minds. Do not base your business around the health, security, and goodwill of anyone else’s platform(s) because you can blink, your presence/services will be gone, and you will have zero recourse. Good points. In business you need to be in a bit of control… Not hand it over to somebody else or sit in the lap of somebody else. Correct. Don’t leave your fate in someone else’s hands. Be a driver in life not a passenger. +1.

  89. Atlanta, Georgia. “An officer approached me when I got to the Icebox. He took a photo of me, my vehicle, and my tag. I asked if he wanted to know why I was there. He said, ‘I don’t need an explanation. We have just received a lot of threats to this area. You happen to look suspicious, and I’m just doing my job.’” [Just precautions. Never happens. This is way amplified. Would not matter if he was white or black. Remember what I said, many heist will happen tonight after the the winner is announced. They are taking precautions. Home Depot CCTV is doing the same for people buying rape kits / burglary kits in cash. I never said I thought it had anything to do with race. It’s just a response to something that doesn’t ordinarily occur. Heightened. Hypervigilant. Taking the temperature. Oh I agree. I bet insurance companies are behind this push and Homeland Security. Seems likely. I don’t understand this. What is a rape kit and what is a burglary kit? And why pay cash? Please excuse my ignorance. Crowbar, black gloves, face mask, etc etc. Another example of things the cashiers look for are material used for making Meth. You pay cash so it’s not linked to a credit card and it’s anonymous. CBS News reporting a pipe has broken in State Farm arena in Georgia where absentee ballots are being counted so counting has stopped. They’re saying it could be a day or two before they finish.] Emilie Ikeda: “Well it looks like Georgia’s late night of ballot processing will be even later, after a pipe burst at State Farm Arena. Officials say none of the absentee ballots were damaged.”

  90. “Bipartisan” Washington Insiders Reveal Their Plan for Chaos if Trump Wins the Election. The Uniparty’s “war games.” Members of the TIP met in June to conduct four “war games” that simulated “a dark 11 weeks between Election Day and Inauguration Day” in which “Trump and his Republican allies used every apparatus of government — the Postal Service, state lawmakers, the Justice Department, federal agents, and the military — to hold onto power, and Democrats took to the courts and the streets to try to stop it,” according to a report from The Boston Globe. However, one of those simulations, which examined what would transpire between Election Day and Inauguration Day in the event of a “clear Trump win,” shows that the TIP simulated not only how Republicans could use every option at their disposal to “hold onto power”, but also how Democrats could do so if the 2020 election result is not in their favor. Dark Winter = “Dark 11 weeks”? Apolitical in posting this. Yeah I got no idea what’s happening now. This is going to be another Bush v. Gore 2000 shitshow. This article I have found to me plus watching the last several months play out and also understanding the play games of overthrowing governments is where I see beyond the division of left vs right and more so what’s been a clear intent and driving under current of mission to collapse the US government. I wonder if they knew trump would win and it was never about getting rid of him but rather the slow elusive take over that has been pushing over the last several months. Look at what was shared from YURI. What has already played out in other countries. And it just shows to see the replays and the war games election simulation played out in these groups for 2020 USA election. This article I do believe is key and what led me to see how crucial it could be as real intel to dissect and analyze for preparing ourselves for what’s ahead was the key phrase: 11 DARK WEEKS. Perhaps the Dark Winter was not just about bioterrorism but also a promise of just that 11 weeks. Which leads me to believe China may sit to wait with the intention for USA to fall, or be ready when war comes. So my biggest bet is not alien invasion, asteroids but rather the biggest push for civil war and to destroy the government through this year leading to elections and afterwards. I think you may be right. Read that article. It just clicked so much like one of those crucial puzzle pieces that then the picture becomes way more clearer to see what’s happening. Then imagine this has all been a guise of slow take down of it all and all the while a shit show distraction until it’s too late when folks wake up. I just looked up to find the clip of dark winter from Joe Biden but found this… John B Wells 11:11: “Watch for “Darkness is Coming” Biden’s Dark Winter???” CCP warning darkness 100s times worse than 911. Connect the dots…]

  91. This is bad. Dorsey’s still doing this shit even after the recent problems he faced. Twitter suspended Sv News- they had a poll running and 95% of their respondents said trump although I’m not sure if thats the reason for the suspend. They also posted something about record breaking numbers in FL. Nick Donnelly: “Twitter is taking down sites that are reporting President Donald Trump winning in battleground states.” Not trying to be a hater but how reliable are these Twitter claims? I want to see something from a Secretary of State official site. “ISCResearch Twitter / Account Suspended.” Motherfuckers. All Open Source Intelligence Twitter Accounts that were suspended showed malfunctioning voting machines. Why is that? Yep Blue is panicking. Jerusalem Post: “Twitter bans several right-wing news accounts posting about elections.” DeAnna Lorraine’s account is down. The balls on Dorsey. Lol. Big Tech you are going Down. You treasonous fucks. To me the elections do not matter, what matters is the Constitution and to defend it all costs. You all saw Big Tech undermine it and believe me Silicon Valley will pay for it. This. 1000000%. Don’t like it, Dorsey? Should have moved to China. Lol. He’s Knucklehead’s slightly less doofy but equally morally bankrupt cousin, Jackhole. Oh god. This is forever now. The Asinine Adventures of Knucklehead and Jackhole. I think I need to create a graphic novel. Who can illustrate? I can’t draw to save my life but I wholeheartedly endorse the endeavor. Maybe it can become a recurring Babylon Bee feature. BRING BIG TECH DOWN. Trump: “We are up BIG, but they are trying to STEAL the Election. We will never let them do it. Votes cannot be cast after the Polls are closed!” Censored. Fuck Jack. Twitter has censored Trump’s tweet implying that the Democrats are trying to steal the election. “Twitter wants to protect the people from statements they believe are harmful on election night to Americans. It’s like George Orwell’s 1984 or the movie Atlas Shrugged. It’s just plain un-American. But who really believes the B.S. being dished by Twitter. One of those statements they ensured to flag was made by President Donald Trump in the early morning Wednesday and it’s very evident that CEO Jack Dorsey and his censorship committee are watching the commander in chief closely. It’s politics Twitter. I think we’re old enough to make our own decision about what we read and hear from the President. Twitter isn’t a publisher and should stop behaving as one or it should lose its protections under section 230.” Facebook said Trump announced victory “prematurely” and that it will remind on its platforms: the vote count is still ongoing. 1234 I declare a Big Tech War 5678 I use Erik Prince to set things straight. At the risk of pissing off everybody and putting a toe dangerously close crossing the apolitical/political line, I fail to see how the result of the elections doesn’t matter, when we have had Big Tech and bought and paid for media waging a war against the truth for 4+ years in order to disparage one candidate in favor of another party (not even candidate, literally didn’t even matter who, in fact it was their slogan, VoteBlueNoMatterWho). And the only reason they are favoring said party is that they have agreed to prop up and usher in the Rule of Technocracy, in exchange for the assist of a high tech boosters club to bolster their evil agenda. These politicians really should be forced to wear patches like NASCAR drivers or PBR bull riders, so we know who they really ride/race or die for.

  92. Daily Caller: “Portland Declares State Of Emergency Ahead Of Election Results.” [YouTube is taking down livestreams. Protest livestreams? Nit picking a bit but that’s a stock photo of the Pennsylvania National Guard. 56th SBCT, 28 ID.] Voters pass Measure 110, Oregon becomes 1st US state to decriminalize hard drugs. Voters passed Measure 110, our political analyst says, making Oregon the first state in the nation to decriminalize possession of small amounts of hard drugs and expanding treatment. Oregon becomes first state to legalize psychedelic mushrooms. Oregon will become the first state in the country to legalize psilocybin with the passage of Measure 109. [We also just gave the okay for possession of all drugs… kind of pissed TBH. Big meth and heroin are problems here. Can we just transfer the Wall to Portland? I mean they already have the bricks sitting there in a pile. Let all those entitled hipsters learn what it’s like to use bricks to actually build something up instead of destroying it. Legit if Oregon, California and Washington want to be their own government and people. Leave and enjoy the gift of socialism and communism. Then convince them to build the wall. They will then rejoice in not letting anyone in. But then they will be crying when they can’t escape. (Never wish harm but legit folks are so ignorant that they are leading themselves to the damn slaughter house and their utopia will be hell). I’ve been worried about a threat of civil war since shortly after the last election ended. I’ve been saying for over over 3 years that there will be blood in the streets following the election, regardless of who wins. I’m shocked at how many people are genuinely shocked that we don’t have the results yet. That’s another thing I’ve been trying to warn people about ever since COVID was still just a vague rumor coming out of Chinese wet markets, something about bats. I think there is a legitimate possibility that we won’t have a decided election by inauguration day and we see Madam Interim President Pelosi take power on January 20th. Ever find your ammo you were seeking? Well whatever is coming I do believe that Joe Biden, Tech Worls and the News Outlets warnings of a Dark Winter is coming. And people are too foolish to see they are failing right into the biggest trojan horse. Another reason for staying apolitical. Otherwise you’ll be in the frontlines of war and most likely not survive the dark winter. We should all use the rest of the time wisely right now. Yes I did. Although you still can’t find 30-30 ammo for Winchesters around here. We were able to order some thought, and got some 9mm as well. Bingo. Glad you did. If you pay attention and connect the dots, they always reveal their plans in advance. That article above sealed the deal for real. It just put the final pieces. Just like Covid-19 simulation last year in October that the us elections simulation again starting last year and looking at all the damn players involved many of which prominent players and organizations have a history of overthrowing governments and fucking the people with replacement of control systems. Well it’s right there in our faces and clear as day to see the whole game playing out. Exactly! I think that people are being lulled into a false sense of security with this whole “well see? All that rioting they promised never occurred. We can all just get along, really we can.” Everyone is still holding their breath and crossing their fingers. Once the rest of the votes are counted and the media/Technocratic Elite meddling is exposed, all that Fake Moral Outrage we’ve had to suffer through for the past four years from the Cancel Culture will turn into absolute Molten Lava Bubbling Over rage, and it will attempt to destroy anything or anyone in it’s path. My bet is that they don’t care if Trump wins (I think they know he will) what instead they are doing is messing with people’s perception of reality. Gaslighting is a term used in regards to narcissists who abuse their victim and play head games with them. They make their victims go crazy then point the finger and sit back and watch it all play out. So this could be strategically done to have the population believe that Biden did indeed win and then the people go into chaos and riots to tear down the entire government. Even the recent video chants about not caring about Biden or Trump and them wanting to rip the whole government is very telling. EU is also pushing for more centralized decision-making and waiting results of Chinas new centralized money policy, where transaction are logged by government(their versio of digitalized money/crypto) they are taking more power away on Ali-pay and wechat. Coronavirus indeed was a big way to destroy economies and push for electronic cashless society which is a different agenda and focus of bitcoin. I need to learn more. I have heard some of it. But articles are always great to refresh and understand the deeper aspects at play here. What I found interesting is much of Europe is protesting their government and the insane control measures of their people along with Australia. But also they don’t have the same rights and many no guns to protect themselves. Because they were tricked into giving up gun rights. As well as more takeover of police being a government influence for more control of the people. Not from my peers. Most of them know not what they support. Their ignorance may not keep them safe from Biden and his policies but they will keep them safe from me. I have no malice but towards those that committed fraud. The rest just have a different view for how to best live in the world. They all are following playbook, we are just on a different page now on EU versus US. USA instead I am amazed at how ignorant folks are to see the massive trojan horse before their eyes. It’s 9/11 on a global scale, which gave rise to the formation or expanded reach of the Department of Homeland Security, TSA, Patriot Act, etc. It’s what the Skull and Bones bunch refer to as a Death of the King ritual, which traces back to ancient Egypt and the Babylonian empire. JFK assassination was another example of it in modern history of the last century. I’m still trying to wrap my head around this BS. You’d think the braintrusts in Oregon would look around at Seattle and California and think “hmm ok well that’s a good example of what NOT to do…” But no. They’re more like “Let’s do that but on steroids! And legalize those too while we’re at it.” I mean. That means every non heroin user is going to run out and buy heroin tomorrow? Right. That’s how this works, right? /s. I am extremely familiar with the term “gaslighting”. The the go to modus operandi of Narcissists and Psychic Vampires everywhere. As much as I don’t support it’s use - if someone isn’t hurting anyone (besides themselves) and they aren’t stealing to pay for their interests. Who am I to get in their way? No, but it means everyone who is using or selling isn’t gotten help or stopped from committing other crimes that usually accompanies addiction. If they are committing other crimes how does that come into play with a legal action? Someone gets drunk today (legal) and next week robs a bank. They are Different but problems. Likely unrelated. I don’t think it’s a big deal to let someone slide for having a gram of coke or some mushrooms on them that they want to use to enhance their night. But drugs like meth and heroin rarely stay in the “occasional usage” range. Anyone who has ever spent time around someone with a serious methamphetamine or heroin addiction knows that those around them always end up getting hurt, robbed, stolen from, beat up etc. And then they will go to jail. That’s already a crime. Non drug users also commit abuses of people in their lives. I have saved one of my friends lives by calling 911…he was overdosing a few years ago in ATL. He uses because of the state of the world and has no hope for his future. He works professionally. Pays his taxes. I thought it was the most pathetic shit ever. If it was regulated he would continue using and continue going to work (as he does now with it illegal) but without the fear that the next time he will die. (He has made peace with this. I haven’t.) Go spend a couple weeks with some methheads or junkies and then come back to discuss how your stance on this may or may not have changed. Sorry, not trying to be argumentative, but I’ve seen how these open air drug usage policies have helped destroy once great cities. Watch the Seattle Is Dying documentary, and the companion documentaries San Francisco is Dying and Paradise Lost - Homelessness in L.A. Pay close attention to the fellow named Travis Berge in the Seattle is Dying doc, he came to Seattle specifically for it’s open air drug use policies. Then do a quick search to find out what recently became of him. “Seattle is Dying. KOMO Anchor Eric Johnson takes an in-depth look at the impact the drug and homelessness problem is having on our city and possible solutions in “Seattle is Dying,” a news documentary that aired on KOMO-TV in March, 2019.” I agree it’s bad. I agree he’s going to kill himself. It’s what he wants. There are a lot of people I have cared for very much and tried to help who are in the ground because of drugs. I am not unsympathetic to the plight of substance abusers and don’t feel that they should be criminalized for their disease. I am simply opposed to policies which will make it easier to create addicts. And I’ve seen how the legalization argument backfired when I voted for it to be passed in California. Huge mistake! I’m not. I’m big for bodily autonomy. Everyone is educated about the risks and it’s still a big problem today with it entirely illegal. The only way things can get any better is via regulation and to do that it must be decriminalized. We will respectfully agree to disagree again. There are other fish to catch, debone, gut, batter and fry.]

  93. Thank you. So these messages you are posting - are they being sent now? Yes we report EAMs in real time. Got it. Thank you! Which cipher can decode these? Sorry, I missed this part in the chat. You can’t. You are a civilian. Only the recipient of the message can decode them. We’re just tracking the frequency of the messages. Gotcha. Thanks guys! OK, listen up. For funsies. Remember how DC got cleaned up with cool toys? Worth watching the birds near Eagle Nest tonight. Screenshots suggested before EOD or censorship wipe out. Watch the nest. Watch the Air above the White House tonight. Ok. Birds in LA inbound. Julie Miller: “Well about 40 minutes ago, this is what was flying over our place in Valencia CA, heading towards DTLA….” There’s so much going on in the skies. I’ll post an update cut into sectors focused on capital cities around USA within the hour. Realsdf: “Approx 1500 & 1555 -6GMT over South Central KY both US Military aircraft heading NNW.” 48 Janets and counting. Israel is on high alert again, unknown aircraft entered Tel-Aviv airspace at 3:07am. Janet Number 62 inbound Las Vegas 6:24pm. Manu Gómez: “BlackHawk’s/Lakota’s/Chinook’s currently active over CONUS.” Flight report will be done tomorrow night. We ended at 81 Janets for the day. EAMs per UTC day:
    2020-10-10 ##
    2020-10-11 ##########
    2020-10-12 #####
    2020-10-13 ###
    2020-10-15 ########
    2020-10-16 ##
    2020-10-17 ##
    2020-10-18 ##
    2020-10-21 ###
    2020-10-22 #######
    2020-10-23 ########
    2020-10-24 ################
    2020-10-25 ##############
    2020-10-26 #####
    2020-10-27 ####################
    2020-10-28 ############
    2020-10-29 ##
    2020-10-30 #####
    2020-10-31 ####
    2020-11-01 ####
    2020-11-02 ##########
    2020-11-03 ######