Azazel News #Recap 11/27/2020

  1. Wisconsin Woman Charged With Voter Fraud for Submitting Dead Woman’s Ballot.

  2. Qantas CEO gets pied in the face for saying all passengers will need to be vaccinated. [Love this!]

  3. Still time to download Alexandria on external HDD in case of something happening. Current Alexandria is 160GB.

  4. Cuomo calls a sheriff who won’t enforce mask mandate a 'dictator.’ New York Gov. [More language flipping and projection. Clowns.]

  5. Pig guts fly in offal fight over meat imports in Taiwan’s parliament. Opposition party’s ‘disgusting’ protest prompts scuffle in Taipei legislative yuan.

  6. Solar Cycle 25 Releases its first Big CME. The threat of a powerful Earth-facing CME is ever-increasing, particularly given the recent expansion of sunspot AR2786.

  7. French business owners whose livelihoods have been destroyed by the Coronavirus lockdown smash open beer barrels which have gone off as they couldn’t be sold outside the governors office in the city of Bayonne.

  8. The corn market analysis differs VASTLY from all other reports. Business Insider: “Global Corn Market Forecasts Report 2020-2026: Focus on United States, China, Brazil, European Union & Argentina.”

  9. If you are speaking English and you are not white, then you are appropriating my culture. I do not have any problem with that, culture is meant to be shared, how else do we grow as a species???

  10. Scientists find ‘superbolts’ flashing 1 000 brighter than normal lightning. Two new studies show that the brightest lightning events on Earth called “superbolts” can be more than 1 000 times brighter than normal lightning flashes.

  11. Asteroid 2020 WY4 flew past Earth at 0.29 LD. A newly-discovered asteroid designated 2020 WY4 flew past Earth at a distance of 0.29 LD / 0.00075 AU (112 198 km / 69 716 miles) at 03:19 UTC on November 24, 2020.

  12. Thorisy: “Why calling Italianx people “white” is racist, a thread.” Icaru: “I honestly can’t tell what’s satire or not on this hellsite anymore.” [Lol ITALIANX. Clown World continues.]

  13. R number for UK below 1 for first time since August. Scientific advisers to the government estimate the coronavirus epidemic is no longer growing. [Clown world continues.]

  14. If i’m not remembering incorrectly - you said some number of months ago to buy hydroponic stuff if you wanted the ability to grow food no matter the season - stocks are now running out - along with a price increase. Water collection and PVC fittings are fine.

  15. British engineers develop process to turn moon dust into oxygen. British engineers are fine-tuning a process that will be used to extract oxygen from lunar dust leaving behind metal powders that could be 3D printed into cons. [I’m sure you fuckers did.]

  16. Adamson BBQ owner Adam Skelly arrested for running his business. Look at the smile on this King. This guy has more courage than 99% of his countrymen. If they’re going to destroy your business and impoverish you regardless, make it fucking hard on them.

  17. Ron: “While Venezuelans were busy uncovering election fraud from their country’s electronic voting machines, a warehouse storing the machines was burned down. No machines? No digital forensics. Don’t let this happen to US! Impound those machines.” [“Accidents.”]

  18. Hayabusa2 spacecraft carrying pieces of asteroid Ryugu returns to Earth on December 6. Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency’s (JAXA) Hayabusa2 spacecraft is set to return to Earth on December 6, 2020, after a yearlong journey to collect soil samples of asteroid Ryugu.

  19. Lewotolo volcano erupts for the first time since 2012, Indonesia. After eight years of rest with little to no seismic activity, Indonesia’s Lewotolo volcano (locally Ili Lewotolok) erupted on late Thursday, November 26, 2020, sending an ash plume up to 500 m (1 640 feet) above the summit.

  20. Disclose TV: “Astronomers have discovered a series of enormous new sunspots on the side of the sun facing Earth, ahead of a period of what is expected to be increased solar activity. Carrington event, the grand finale of the year 2020?”

  21. Australia’s 2-day Heatwave over-hyped, as December 1st threatens Record Cold and rare Summer Snow. In addition, NZ’s South Island is set for some astonishing Dec totals, with 2.65 feet (80.8 cm) forecast to settle by the end of next week.

  22. Labrador buried in record-breaking, paralyzing snow, Canada. A two-day blizzard that started Monday, November 23, brought record-breaking snow of up to 75 cm (30 inches) to Labrador, Canada, resulting in the closure of roads and offices, canceled flights, and suspended classes.

  23. Congressional Democrats Threaten Big Tech To Censor Americans Or Else. [These idiots are going to get themselves assassinated. Zuckerberg et al? I’m going to put money on some of the Ghoul markets. Big Tech feels immune from 80 Million Americans.]

  24. ’Get Paid To Snitch’ - NYC Bill Proposes Crowdsourcing To Report Illegal Parking. “Maybe start here?" [NYC has a short memory. The last time they tried to implement a snitch line, it was flooded with non-stop bird flips and dick pics until they took it down. But hey… I know… let’s make a snitch line… LOL.]

  25. Very Severe Cyclonic Storm “Nivar” makes landfall in Tamil Nadu, India. Tropical Cyclone “Nivar” made landfall near Marakkanam in Tamil Nadu, some 22 km (13 miles) north of Puducherry, between 23:30 LT on November 25 and 02:30 LT on November 26, 2020 (18:00 - 21:00 UTC, November 25).

  26. Senator Doug Mastriano: “This censorship is unacceptable in America. A nation that I served for most of my adult life… The point of Twitter suspending this personal account is to prevent me from posting to my Senate account— to silence our voice.” [Phd/Colonel/Senator Censorship. Twitter has lost their fucking minds. Twitter=Big Tech criminal.]

  27. NASA astronaut who arrived at the International Space Station last week aboard SpaceX’s Crew Dragon shares footage of the breathtaking view of Earth from above. [Why can’t you see the stars? Are there any photos of stars out the windows of the space station? The Apollo 11 astronauts said they could not see the stars from the moon… wtf? Exposure times. Idk about from the moon….]

  28. Amazon servers fail -> your house no longer works. Build your own Robots and AI. [How can I build my own AI? With mathematica i.e.] Practical Deep Learning for Coders. Deep Learning for Coders with fastai and PyTorch: AI Applications Without a PhD - the book and the course. [If you don’t know how to code in Python or C - learn Python first. Then AI. If you own “smart” products you are a fucking tard.]

  29. Disclose TV: “We’ve recruited 110,000 information volunteers” acting as “digital first-responders” to combat vaccine wrongthink on social media, says Melissa Fleming, who leads global communications for the United Nations.” [Translation: We’ve recruited a 110,000 moron Bubble Worlders who fell for our Divide and Conquer tactics to push our bullshit sterilization agenda. Give me a break! Recruited idgits for pay I’m sure.]

  30. “I’ll tell you how we’re not going to fight communism. We’re not going to transform our fine FBI into a gestapo secret police. We’re not going to try and control what our people say and read and think. We’re not gonna turn the United States into a right wing totalitarian country in order to deal with a left wing totalitarian threat. In short, we’re not gonna end democracy. We’re going to keep the Bill of Rights on the books.” - President Truman

  31. STEVE’s Little Green Cannonballs of Light. Citizen scientists have assisted in yet another new discovery: “STEVE’s little green cannonballs of light”. Citizen scientists discover new, mysterious feature of aurora-like phenomenon STEVE. Citizen scientists have discovered that the aurora-like phenomenon called STEVE or Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement has a new feature-- small, green fence-like lights streaking through the atmosphere at 1 600 km/h.

  32. Leedskalnin. Coral Castle. Thanks for sharing, read about this many years ago. It was said he always worked at night. Alone. From a Doomsdayer, trying to build an engine. If you are trying to build one. Word of Advice. Check Coral Castle and how Magnets were used. Coral Castle. Visitor attraction in Leisure City, Florida, USA. HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT. In the ancient world, this is how vibration and abrasives were used to cut and melt stone. Any of you can replicate this technology. Connect the dots. Once you demonstrate mastery of the concepts used to build Coral Castle, you are ready to master flight. Through hardships, some of you might reach the stars. Kinetic energy. It’s in plain sight. Figure it out.

  33. Elon beat Bezos - perhaps for a chance at Blue Wizardry. So the off world community has rallied behind him $$. They’ve both worked hard on creating monopolies and are worthy of receiving technology transfers. [They’ve both worked hard on creating monopolies and are worthy of receiving technology transfers. The off world needs more *tunneling, asteroid mining and resource gathering AI machinery - Mr Musk is better qualified here. I won’t keep on guessing. ……I need to stop making toys because I can make large things that do that. We shall see, current day MJ12 is very meticulous on Technology Transfer these days. As you see much of the toys are going back in the toy box and they hate China stealing toys.

  34. Jason Osborn: “I’ve called the cops on like 4 houses now cuz I know there’s more than 6 people in the home. Cmon people, be smart now. We’re in a pandemic. Update. Just called in my my 9th house.” [What a fucking asshole. Spoken like true communists… assholes all! I wonder if any of those households will uhh… retaliate. And there’s the rub! I know I would be very tempted… Even though I ought to approach this from a more intelligent POV. Flu numbers at an all-time low, COVID numbers magically going thru the roof. Governors keeping businesses and restaurants open but not churches or synagogues. Neighbors ratting out neighbors to the Gestapo. Marxists marching thru the streets, and Neo Nazi armed Militia chomping at the teeth to shoot em up. Yeah keep pushing it, getting very tired of holding myself back. But alas I’ll be patient just a little while longer. Takes deep breaths* okay I had my moment, sorry y’all.]

  35. EXCLUSIVE: CTV News EDITS CLIP ON CANADA’S DEATH COUNT!! FIND OUT WHAT THEY’RE HIDING!!! - Press For Truth. CTV News edits clip to hide the real death count numbers. Recently CTV News aired a clip that correctly pointed out the number of deaths attributed to Covid-19(84) in long term care facilities. [So I went ski touring yesterday and overheard a nurse talking to another nurse as they were getting ready to go ski touring. He was suppose to be working that day but ended up having off the Covid unit. That day was going to be his first day in the unit. He also mentioned that “when things go disappearing in the hospital not to ask to the other nurses because when [he] did-- all [he] got dirty looks and someone whispered to [him] its all for the covid unit.” He also mentioned to the other nurse (you can tell they don’t work together) that they are keeping the covid unit very secretive. I thought the whole conversation was quite odd. I couldn’t help ease dropping as I was loading up my car.]

  36. Not The Bee: “A few days ago Johns Hopkins published a study saying corona is NBD. They then deleted it. Read it here in its entirety. Johns Hopkins published this study on Sunday which posits that Covid is nowhere near the disaster we’re being told it is.” [Look at this.] “COVID-19 related deaths exceeded deaths from heart diseases. This was highly unusual since heart disease has always prevailed as the leading cause of deaths. However, when taking a closer look at the death numbers, she noted something strange. As Briand compared the number of deaths per cause during that period in 2020 to 2018, she noticed that instead of the expected drastic increase across all causes, there was a significant decrease in deaths due to heart disease. Even more surprising, this sudden decline in deaths is observed for all other causes.” [Seriously…. wtf???] U.S. Influenza Surveillance System: Purpose and Methods | CDC. Overview of Influenza Surveillance in the United States - CDC. What You Should Know for the 2017-2018 Influenza Season. While flu spreads every year, the timing, severity, and length of the season varies from one year to another. Pneumonia and Influenza (P&I) Peak Death Rate, 2017-2018 season: 10.8%. “During the 2017-2018 season, the percentage of deaths attributed to pneumonia and influenza (P&I) was at or above the epidemic threshold for 16 consecutive weeks. During the past five seasons, the average number of weeks this indicator was above threshold was 11 (range of 7 to 15 weeks). Nationally, mortality attributed to P&I exceeded 10.0% for four consecutive weeks, peaking at 10.8% during the week ending January 20, 2018."

  37. I did more digging on YouTube and found some more couple months back prior from the one shared from a year ago and wanted to know your take on them and see if they matched up to cloaking as well or not. This one is 4 weeks ago. “Ghost runs out of cornfield - creepy Ring Doorbell footage.” “Ring Doorbell Footage of GHOST. WATCH UNTIL THE END AND PAY ATTENTION TO THE CAR ON THE FAR RIGHT! My neighbor caught a strange event via her Ring Camera. This occurred on the 13th, during witching hour, in front of my house and car.” This one is 7 months ago. “Ghost caught on my Ring doorbell. So we got this eerie image of what looks like a guy on his phone but he kind of disappears but you can kind of make him out!” I am going based off of posting dates I should say. Yes that’s one. Lol Instructor is going to chew him out. He’s so sloppy. What happens right after the 15s mark? Ok so this one, he’s being sloppy too. He’s checking his tablet and looking at the GPS. Take away should be, is that not only is the suit covered in the cloaking material but they can cloak electronic devices too. The ones that get censored the most are when the ring cameras pick up the operatives talking to Command. Those videos get taken down right away. Remember both factions have hyperdimensional (cloaking) technology. For the Blue faction this is why we want you to stay home, to hunt Dark Ones. For the Red Faction, make Trump look bad and pump fake COVID19 numbers. So both sides use the pandemic. Remember never waste a crisis. So Dark Winter might be essential. Reds Pushing Pandemic Agenda 21 and 2030; Blues using it to clear tunnels, clear hives, and kill Dark Ones.] Jon Ronson on US military 'non-lethal technologies.’ Jon Ronson: Recently a US Air Force report co-written by colonel John Alexander was leaked. It details many “non-lethal technologies” currently in covert development within military labs. Some of them make the gay bomb look positively conventional. [2007. Like I said. Hidden in plain sight.] “There’s the race-specific stink bomb and the chameleon camouflage suit, both of which have apparently never got off the ground because nobody can work out how to invent them, and a special pheromone that “can be used to mark target individuals and then release bees to attack them”. [But these guys are clearly making noise while running. Yeah, and at times when one of them is suited up while you are in traditional modern infantry load out, with no NODS sound is the only way you know one is near. Almost like that movie "Spectral.” Certain movies are used for disclosure, Predator being one of the first. Predator movies are actually based on real life HD2B’s during Vietnam War. Absolutely… Now imagine the movie Get Out! Putting your consciousness in other beings.] Enemy Unknown. When the movie Predator released in 1987, audiences were captivated as they watched an unseen, extra-terrestrial interloper stalk and kill a highly trained team of US special forces. [Also the thing about Dark Ones hunting in War Zones is real. It happens lol, we are not doing sleeves yet so STFU. You got it boss. One more lol. How in MIB 3 where a small choice can have a huge impact on a timeline.

  38. Trump Admin Removes Top Defense Advisors. [Getting spicy. Wtf! Kissinger!? Trump is going hard. He pretty much sealed his marching orders. resignation [dot] info [slash] list.] Not the Bee: “Get a load of these journalists patting themselves on the back for literally just doing their jobs. Big day for White House correspondents! They got President Donald Trump to answer one of their questions! What time does the parade start?” [Idiots.] Number of 2020 voters in Nevada CD3 whose voter registration lists invalid birthdates and unknown sex by year of registration. [Red Operatives sloppy as fuck.] Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll. Pennsylvania official votes. Pennsylvania reports having mailed out 1,823,148 ballots, of which 1,462,302 were returned. yet total mail-in votes number 2,589,242? From where did the extra 2,589,242 - 1,462,302 = 1,126,940 votes come? [Sloppy as fuck Operatives.] Obama: What’s Up With Latinos Voting For A Guy Like Trump Who Says Racist Things About Them? [Here comes Barry trying to guilt trip. Smooth talking schmuck with ears…lol!] POTUS: “Biden can only enter the White House as President if he can prove that his ridiculous “80,000,000 votes” were not fraudulently or illegally obtained. When you see what happened in Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia & Milwaukee, massive voter fraud, he’s got a big unsolvable problem!” Kyle Becker: “KRAKEN. “We’ve got pictures of the check stubs paid to people to ballot harvest.” Uh oh. It looks like Sidney Powell got the RECEIPTS.” [Gulp. 100% please share more info about USA election.] The Election Wizard: “Wizard’s Domino Theory: If one state falls to Trump, others will likely fall too. Getting the first state to flip is the biggest hurdle. Once one state goes, the other state legislatures will have sufficient cover to follow suit.” Kissinger is Bilderberg. Also remember: “Members who were suddenly removed include former Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright and Henry Kissinger, former ranking member of the House Intelligence committee Jane Harman and former House Majority leader Eric Cantor, two of the officials said.” [So translation: Bilderberg BTFO.] Pennsylvania Republican Lawmakers Introduce Resolution Disputing 2020 Election Results. Pennsylvania Republican lawmakers have introduced a resolution intending to dispute the 2020 election results on Friday. BLACK FRIDAY PANIC: CNN Airs Possible Path for Trump 2020 Win. [CNN. Straightforward from here: GOP controls state legislatures in key swing states; Legislatures convinced of fraud; send own/no electors; Biden deprived of 270; State delegations in House re-elect Trump 26-23. “So the outcome would be to re-elect Donald Trump.” “I believe that we will win! Army Navy 2014.” There is actually another way, if Trump can prove Biden AND Harris are unfit for office, then he can legally remain in power. I think that’s the plan with Iran, Biden has announced he will resume pre-Trump relations with the country. However if USA and Iran declare war then he will have a legal case to prove Biden is not fit and so thereby remain in office. When did Azazel become pro-Trump platform? I though we were objective in news? We are pro-Constitution. Pro fact means anti vote fraud. We definitely hit on both sides here. And if Trump cheated I’d be all over him for violating our Electoral Process. 100%. Please show me evidence of mass voter fraud against thousands of counties who reported Biden having the majority. It’s hard to imagine that thousands of individuals who clear and certified county courts and juries to declare everything corrupt. A lot of patriots and both sides of the aisle serve to make sure voting goes through correctly. I just don’t see any serious evidence to suggest that massive voter fraud against Trump has occurred. I’m not saying this sarcastically, I am Seriously trying to ask where the contention is. I’m not here to do your homework. Georgia. Complaint CJ Pearson v. Kemp. Michigan complaint. Sworn testimony is evidence in court. Looking good.] Robert Barnes: “Pennsylvania trial court rules the 2020 election was likely unconstitutional in Pennsylvania, and that gives state legislators power to choose electors.” Dominion server raid was real and raw data showed different results. Trump Recount Committee staffer tells Newsmax the Dominion server raid was real and raw data showed different results. [I can’t… there is absolutely no evidence. Absolute none. Source: CNN, Fox, MSNBC, etc. /Hard fucking sarcasm. He is objective. Trump won with a huge difference. As we all know. It means you are not looking clearly I guess. Wow, you got that totally wrong on who had the majority of counties bro. Check your facts. How massive do you /need/? Pennsylvania sent out 1.8m mail ballots, and had 2.5m returned - can you imagine that ~700k extra votes might have uh…impacted the election? No - what about the Chinese printing ballots and failing to include the transparency watermark? (In Georgia pdf. pages 9, 35, and 100 are the quick reads for watermarks, foreign interference, and likely results.) [Looking good.] Angela Ramirez: “Judges in Pennsylvania have halted the certification of the state’s election results based on claims that mail-in ballots were unconstitutional.” [Explain these odds. Same sort of issue here. This means fraud story is not yet breaking into public consciousness?] Statement From Dominion on Sidney Powell’s Charges - Dominion Voting Systems. [Found in another chan. I have yet to find the referenced article. Can YOU find it? Ok, wow. That EVAPORATED. Like, I’m not talking hard to find… I’m saying without a freaking trace other than the reposts of the image with explanation. That’s not normal. Someone worked HARD to scrub that. And the wayback has been compromised for a longgggg time now, ever since the MIT shill campaign. Good luck finding that again. LOL.] 2015: Smartmatic: “Our CEO introduces Bill Gates to Smartmatic’s efforts to improve elections around the world. At the Global Citizen meeting.”

  39. Top Iranian nuclear scientist assassinated near Tehran, state TV reports. Iran’s top nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh assassinated near Tehran. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, dubbed the “father of the Iranian bomb”, was targeted near the capital Tehran. Iranian source says he is still alive. Top Iranian nuclear scientist assassinated, government says. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh is referred to as Iran’s Robert Oppenheimer, the American scientist who helped father the atomic bomb in 1945. [The meeting Mike/Netanyahu/King makes sense? So Iranian sources say he’s not dead, but everyone else quickly confirmed. Wasn’t it supposed to be a blast? If I think that by the time of the post, the living admission and died in the hospital. Let’s wait. The one in Spanish (Iranian source) was posted 10 min ago. They’re either late or something else is going on… Sniper was what I saw on the boards. I’m from Spain too. Maybe but they could be trying to play it down. They’ve been taking a battering from Israeli provocation since Qassem Suleimanì. Probably.] The head of the Research and Innovation Organization at the Iranian Ministry of Defense was martyred during a terrorist operation. Iran Former Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs Yossi Kuperfser: Fakhri Zadeh is Soleimani’s nuclear program. [Let me get this straight, you are the head of Iran’s SECRET Nuclear Program and you don’t drive around in a bulletproof car or with bodyguards??? No wonder you are dead. That’s exactly what I thought. Mainly that I believe this is the 4th Iranian nuclear scientist that has been murdered. Not much of a SECRET if anyone on a Motorcycle with a Mac 10 or Škorpion vz. 61 can take you out. Body guard got smoked too. It doesn’t make sense. Iranians are clever people, and nuclear is highly strategic. If they only gave him one, and no bulletproof car this is a joke that is Iranian National Security. Big time lol. Not clever enough. Poor bodyguard, what a shitty feeling being him. Solo protecting that asset for Iran. Not bad actually he has been on the hit list since late 90s. They did a good job keeping him safe and his time was up.] Iran’s state TV: The Nissan pickup carried a huge amount of explosives, hidden under a wood cargo. When it exploded, it was so heavy that the car’s door was thrown 200-300 meters away. Then an SUV with armed people has started shooting at Fakhrizadeh’s car. One arrested so far. Very important report by Iran’s state TV. It says in addition to the pickup that was blown up, the armed assassins were riding an SUV which started shooting at Fakhrizadeh from the other side of the road. [Mossad could have been waiting weeks until he was inside a vulnerable vehicle. That was fast.] “A terrorist operation targeting the great nuclear scientist the martyr Mohsen Fakhrizadeh in the Absard region (25 km east of Tehran). The Iranian leadership directs the armed forces to take sensitive and important measures. It has identified three major regional goals and two international goals to discipline the perpetrators of the crime and their mentors, and the punishment for the righteous.” Footage from Iranian Nuclear Scientist assassination. Disclose TV: “Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, an Iranian top nuclear scientist and the man who is described as ‘father of the Iranian bomb’, has been assassinated east of Tehran. Unconfirmed footage from the scene.” UN chief urges restraint after Iranian scientist assassination. [UN sanction me. Sanction me with your Army. Oh wait a minute. You don’t have an Army. I guess you should STFU!!! Go sell some medicine bitches. ROFLMAO! I’ve done that bit at the UN. They don’t find it funny. Why does that not surprise me in the slightest? LOL.] Joe Truzman: “A poster of assassinated Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh and four other Iranian scientists previously killed for their roles in Iran’s nuclear project are beginning to spread online.” Jason Brodsky: “NYT: “…some American officials argued that the death of Mr. Fakhrizadeh…amplifies the chilling message to the country’s other top scientists working on that program: If the well-guarded head cannot be protected, neither can anyone else.” [Nowhere to run to, baby, nowhere to hide. Got nowhere to run to, baby, nowhere to hide. So time make a deal. Here is a “horror” story.] Slaughterbots. In a dystopian world a new form of A.I. weaponry has been created. All these drone bots need is a profile: age, sex, fitness, uniform, and ethnicity. Nuclear is obsolete. Take out your entire enemy virtually risk free. Just characterize him, release the swarm, and rest easy. [I’d like to dedicate this to Iran’s Nuclear Scientist and Democratic Operatives who violated our Election Process.] Nowhere To Run · Martha Reeves & The Vandellas. [They will come for you!!! Election Fraud is Treason. Jesus Christ people really need to use their freaking brains. Even if the scientist survived they would still announce him as dead. Iran was going to announce him as dead regardless of what happened. Like seriously stop believing random bullshit on the internet.

  40. Meanwhile in Wokeland. YouTube: “For Indigenous and Native Americans, the fourth Thursday of November is dedicated to Indigenous history, activism, and resistance. It’s called Unthanksgiving.” “YouTube tweets gifs calling for Thanksgiving to be renamed to Unthanksgiving (?) and then accuses all Americans of living on stolen land. People are calling it racist for implying black people should go back to Africa. Total shitshow.” [The cheeseball Red language flipping/spellcasting is driving me nuts. It’s like living inside of a giant Dad Joke that never lands. If they’re trying to kill us by making us groan to death, they’re doing an excellent job.] ‘Tokenized’: Inside Black Workers’ Struggles at the King of Crypto Start-Ups. Coinbase, the most valuable U.S. cryptocurrency company, has faced many internal complaints about discriminatory treatment. [Jesus Christ. Now the Wokes want to make Crypto Politically Correct. No wonder Satoshi left, because between then crypto scammers and Wokes it’s not worth going Public on Earth. Myth: no one respects us cause we’re black. Reality: no one respects us cause we work in compliance. Telling employees to leave concerns for issues like racial justice at the door. He said that while the company embraced diversity, the staff needed to focus on Coinbase’s mission of profit and advancing cryptocurrencies. They should resign if they did not agree, he said. “We don’t engage here when issues are unrelated to our core mission,” Mr. Armstrong wrote. The importance of creating a “consistent culture” and the value of acting like an “all-star team” instead of a “family.” “Players who don’t contribute or work as a team get cut.” “I was told I don’t have the right brain for this,” she said. “It was constant condescension.” All of the Black workers in the compliance division ended up among the group of 15 who left. He said he took solace in how many Black employees had chosen to stay. In response, one Black employee wrote on Slack that her continued employment should not be “reassuring.” She said that she and many other Black employees were in low-ranking support positions, and that it was hard to leave at a moment of high unemployment in the pandemic, according to a copy of the message seen by The Times. The post got a black heart emoji from 153 other employees. Ms. Milosevich said Coinbase hired a consultant over the summer who did interviews and looked at the company’s history, and found “no evidence of structural bias.” I’d offer a 10k buyout to anyone who didn’t support the crypto mission so long as they walk out the door right now - this affords them the time to search for other work and gets rid of people only there for a paycheck. Yes. Any company worth their salt should do that. Question - do they belong in the Bubble World? Would they make it in my Colorblind Meritocracy Black World? No. Only those who stay - because they believe in the idea (even if wrong and another company surpasses them. As they are willing to stand and build their beliefs) - this is the minimum requirement to stand in a meritocracy. How high an individual could climb is determined by how valuable their ideas potential and how successful the specific implementation - the better the idea the more entrants (competition). It would be hard to make it a meritocracy if you couldn’t hack it at a startup, in a field that seemingly rewards ingenuity. This was the point I was trying to make last night (see DM) but should have stated up front so it wouldn’t be misunderstood. All of this brilliant Woke clowning is coming out of either the San Francisco/Berkeley CA Bay Area, or Seattle/Portland PNW. And it’s just steamrolling everything in sight.] Fresh off the conveyer belt of Marxist college indoctrination, woman lambasts a freedom loving healthy American family for not wearing cloth over their mouths, even the child is laughing at her.

  41. Southern California Edison cuts power to thousands of homes on Thanksgiving due to wildfire risk. Southern California Edison considering blackouts for more than 88,000 customers to avoid sparking a blaze as Santa Ana winds expected to pick up. [Ask yourself what are they concealing. You are Presidente Menem you just started your Presidency the year is 1989, it’s been 7 years since the Falkland War. You start learning about Argentinian Black Projects and Argentinian Wizardry. The next thing you do is peg the Argentinian peso to the United States Dollar. What technology miraculously made it out of the Falkland Wars that will allow you to become a World Super Power but you will still fail due to your nation using compromised CRYPTOAG machines.] Carlos Menem. Argentine politician who was President of Argentina from 1989 to 1999. [Hopefully you connect the dots. Come on, guys. Think this through. Any guesses? What’s wrong with the Electrical Grid in Southern California? What helped Argentina try to become a Superpower? What was the Falkland Wars truly about? Why are Navy Seals using laser guns (dazzlers in the Arctic)? Remember: “All Roads Lead to Argentina.”] Check Out This Sailor Holding A Laser Rifle Aboard The Nuclear Submarine USS Minnesota. The dazzler helps defend submarines when they are at their most vulnerable when traversing tight waterways while surfaced. [Another clue.] The Man Who Did Not Sweat. In an effort to prove that he did not sexually assault a 17-year-old in the 1990s, Prince Andrew offered a bizarre medical explanation. Prince Andrew: I’m innocent because I can’t sweat. Dermatologists: Oh, really? In defending himself from sexual assault allegations, Prince Andrew claimed the presented scenario is false because he couldn’t sweat. [I’ve promised to teach you real World History. The Truth Is Hidden In Plain Sight. “Next time you’re afraid to share ideas remember someone once said in a meeting let’s make a film with a tornado full of sharks.” It can’t be dumber than this… out with it. Don’t be scared. If you get it right the 3 questions I’ve asked. I will tell you about the 3 Wisemen / 3 Wizards that visited Jesus Christ on the day he was born. We will do a 101 on Wizardry of your Holy Bible. Wildfires/wind. Relies on both above ground AND underground infrastructure. Black goo. Huldufolk. In regards to 3, I’ve never had problems with gnomes so no. Also portions of hidden UN charter forbid using weapons on the other societies. But that’s not going so well since you all see the firework reports on Twitter. One is right. Two is right. Three is wrong. Elaborate why Prince Andrew can’t sweat in reference to two. Lasers are good at killing HDs and black hats. Good good.] ‘I had a peculiar medical condition’: Prince Andrew says Falklands War left him unable to perspire - after Virginia Roberts claimed he was ‘sweating profusely’ before they had sex as he ‘plied her with vodka’ when she was 17. [Why would I stick/vaccinate all my troops to prevent them from sweating? “Overdose of adrenaline" from being shot is what Andrew says caused his no-sweating condition. Can’t be smelled as easily. I’m preventing them from sweating meaning clogging up their pores. What was British Armed Forces trying to stop? So they can not be possessed? From what? That goo. Correct. World Wars are never fought over resources. It’s always over technology. Very proud of you two, gifdgawd and Winter. I’m going to set up The Holy Bible Wizardry classes. If you can’t perspire, you cannot smell of odour. Interested. Following. Put the 3 answers in 1 paragraph, Winter. Info: the Bible does not say there were 3 wise men only 3 gifts and they were not there at his birth but after when Jesus was months old that’s why Herod ordered the killing of all boys under 2 years old. There are so many “bibles” each one tells stories as it sees fit and is written by one person or person(s) interpretation. Trust me when I tell you that my upbringing and Bible and education was different then the White World’s. Wildfires/wind. Relies on both above ground and below ground infrastructure. Black goo, World Wars are never fought over resources, they are fought over technology and supremacy. Lasers are good at killing HD2As and HD2Bs. Everything I’ve taught to the students In here, they can attest is not on the surface of the web or in libraries. You’ve peeked my interest. Love studying Scripture and prehistory. Soon. A lot of the miracles In the Bible are weapons from the other societies such as being turned into stone etc. to give an example. No problem. I love your posts. Let’s do it. And did someone say black goo? I’d also go for one on how to get through the Green door. Hey all… new here. I’m just a Cancer watching the world spin. i’ve suddenly found myself longing for the bible after pretending to be an atheist for the last 20 years. I know right? Never thought black goo actually existed. I was thinking maybe a valuable mineral, or perhaps something like an HD portal. I’ve seen, done, and survived too many things not to believe. I’ve always thought that whatever mermaid underwater society is there must really hate humans. Start here to explore paths into the Black World. Literally leave the bullshit behind. Oh my. Nazis worked with black goo to control the folks. Black goo is a repeated theme I keep seeing and it has something to do with the darkness and evil and it’s alive or something but it’s also a repeated theme in movies from my understanding. I watched this really cool video on it one time hopefully I can find it again. And not cool - informative and well made. Prometheus like black goo? So much we don’t know about in the universe. I’m interested. I’m assuming from your self-descriptions about being from the future, from black world, raised differently, being connected to the military, and living on Aries Prima, that you were taken on a USSS 20-and-back program. Especially since you present as a young and hip guy and not 50s or 60s. lso I called the black goo nanobot AI as soon as you brought up Falklands a while back. You did? Take a screenshot. Show me so I can mark it down and put it in the record. I never said nanobot AI. You did. I admit nothing. The Falklands wars were fought for Thule island where Black Goo could be found. I suspect lasers were used to fight off orbs or antarctic Haunebu’s. So they retreived Black Goo AI tech and more? Send/post the screenshot with date. Ok. Got it. November 22. It took me a few tries to get the date in the screenshot. Ok got it, sorry I didn’t catch it the first time. We will cover what Black Goo can do soon. Black goo is used ritualistically by high level Red wizards to boost their IQ into the 300s, enhance physical abilities, and completely remove empathy. While we are on the topic, did the Germans go there and are/were there “ark” for gold and tech? Did Black hat Germans go there with their gold and tech? If all roads leads to Argentina and thinking about gold movement, maybe they have an Doomsday’s Ark there? And about Lasers on Falkland, maybe there is opening and HDs there. No the Ark was discovered in the 80s or late 70s I believe. ut the Ark was then combined with Professor Trump’s ionosphere projects and continuation of Tesla projects before he passed away in 1985. The Ark is a weather machine and makes a bulk of the Popeye projects. Hold on let me check on the Ark. Argentina is necessary for copper and lithium. Also Argentina was a nuclear test area. So yes, the Ark/Weather machine was discovered in 1949 and moved in 1976. Remember that Iran UFO incident? That was the air lift crew for the Ark. It’s now nicely somewhere in America. So why all the gold movement in the Argentina, does the Popeye use gold for something? The Germans developed a lot of tech prior to WW2 but would never use in battle what they didn’t have a counterattack to. Instead all their deadliest tech and weapons were submarined to New Berlin in Neuschwabenland, Antartica for storage. The Ark. Black World 101 (Soft disclosure). Spriggan Trailer HD (1998 Anime). Black World 101 (Hard Disclosure). The CIA Once Looked for Noah’s Ark, Declassified Files Show. 1976 Tehran UFO incident. Radar and visual sighting of a UFO over Tehran, Iran. [Connect the dots. Luckily it’s under Blue Faction control and Majestic kept it under wraps. Also watch Spriggan since it’s Disclosure not just a stupid anime. You shouldn’t worry about HAARP. You should worry about the Ark and other ionosphere projects or Nephilim technologies getting into the wrong hands. Looking at you Haliburton. You lurking fuckers. The takeaway from this mini class is for you to come to the realization that Advanced Technologies have always existed, side by side with the White World. Hidden in plain sight. And behind the curtains. I posted this in Disclosure. Am I on the right track? From what I’ve gleaned: Explosive underground Mole operations compromising below ground electrical grid. Firestorms already compromised the aboveground grid. Argentina harnessed the AI from Black Goo to power supercomputers and human enhancement. They are funded by (useless) gold from legacy nazis which propped up fascism, who also help them with foo fighter tech. Dazzlers don’t cause impacts, which prevents the collapse of antarctic warm ice tunnels, prevents the destruction of retrievable tech from legacy nazi hideouts, and allows effective termination of HD2As (and potential enemy HD2Bs). Fix number three. I’ll take another crack at it: the Dazzlers are for disabling forcefields, hypersuits, and time travel capabilities? Most of those pictures feature time travel suits of some sort.

  42. Bexar County judge, San Antonio mayor issue nightly curfew for Thanksgiving weekend. Fearing that the Thanksgiving weekend will end in a huge spike of COVID-19 cases, Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff and San Antonio Mayor Nirenberg have imposed a curfew, beginning from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. starting Thursday, Nov. 26. Past couple days again hear gun shots go off. But no reports are made and neighbors heard only within close distance not from afar. Didn’t show up on police reports either again. Then around 3:15am last night police patrol but no report again was put up. Yet other locations were marked for patrol but never the area where I hear everything. They did another lockdown too here temporarily from 10pm-5am since Thursday till Monday morning. If reported sorry. Just checking in now. jade harley: “I went to investigate the explosion I heard.” Any fireworks tonight? Puneeth: “Loud explosion heard in Dasappa Layout followed by complete power cut. All residents are outside and have heard sound. Please inspect. 21, 2nd main 2nd Block Dasappa Layout 560016. Ph 8861329156.” Reporterly: “Breaking: Sound of Explosion heard in Kabul. Details to follow.” Thats The Teague Sis: “Literally cannot tell if these pops outside are fireworks or a gun going off. Either way I hope it drives rent prices down.” WhoIsMissMarie: “I really hope that wasn’t gun shots outside my house… but I know damn well people shouldn’t be popping no fireworks right now either.” Le Nam Giang: “rocket…missile…projectile…fire…Gaza…Strip…Israel…army…Ashkelon…Sirens…sound…beer…factory…plant…IDF…Hamas…attack…terrorist…Palestine…fighter…jet…plane…helicopter…chopper…tank…Syria…Lebanon…Micky Rosenfeld…blast…explosion.” Léonard Vincent: “At least one explosion was heard by residents of the Eritrean capital, Asmara on Friday. A local source told me that a “thump, in the distance” sounded in the early evening, confirming that it was an explosion sound similar to that heard two weeks ago.” Unofficial_Events: “UPDATE: Eyewitnesses confirm an explosion and then the sound of a gunfire. Three or four others are said to have been killed in the clashes, who are said to have been terrorists.” Yes - not as many as last Friday night. At least not talked about. If power outages, no Twitter for normies. Katie Horton: “According to my neighborhood FB group, everyone heard what was either Black Friday fireworks or a violent crime. I’m guessing fireworks based on sound & grouping of pops. And lack of lights & sirens 20 mins later. Per said FB group, LCSD News is gonna swing through. If it’s fireworks, (and I’m 99% sure it is) am I allowed to say “I told you so” or “I’m surprised y’all can’t tell the difference out here” or ask one woman directly why she was typing in all caps that there’s a gunman in the neighborhood and her son made eye contact with him. Now if I go missing in the night while taking my dog out, I officially retract all my snarky comments. And go ask the keyboard screaming woman what the guy looked like. (But seriously, Im 99% sure it was fireworks. And yes LCSD just rolled through with spotlights.)” Omg someone saw a Delta Force Operative run by. Nice!!! Get some!!! Godspeed Mole Rats!!! Godspeed!!! CAG just showed up, it’s about to get lit. “The Most Secretive Unit In United States. There are some solid answers on a question about the most secretive unit and some not so solid answers. In order not to drone on, sounding like a broken.” These are the guys that can decimate battalions in their 50’s. Best to take a moment and let them run with it. Lol.