Azazel News #Recap 11/26/2020

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

  2. Marseille, France, held anti-lockdown protests today.

  3. “Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.” - Henry David Thoreau

  4. Disclose TV: “Ethiopian government orders the army to start the ground invasion of the capital of Tigray.”

  5. Eyewitness News: “Sinkhole opens up, swallows parked car in Maspeth, Queens.”

  6. NASA astronaut who arrived at the International Space Station last week aboard SpaceX’s Crew Dragon shares footage of the breathtaking view of Earth from above.

  7. StarDewLeaf: “Cute space buns.” [Gamer girl from England was bullied because of the virtual character’s “racist” hairstyle.]

  8. McDonald’s Quietly Removes Happy Meals from Value Menu. There’s something missing on McDonald’s value menu. [Suspicious to me but maybe I’m overthinking it.]

  9. Fugging hell: tired of mockery, Austrian village changes name. Mayor says residents, known as Fuckingers, ‘have had enough of visitors and their bad jokes.’

  10. ALERTA 140: “Maradona QEPD. So the fans entered the Rosada House when the income was cut because Cristina Kirchner had arrived at the wake.”

  11. North Korea has executed a currency dealer in Pyongyang for the rapid drop in the exchange rate, South Korea’s intelligence agency told lawmakers and Yonhap News reported.

  12. Russian Aerospace Forces conducted a successful test of a new anti-ballistic missile system at Kazakhstan’s Sary Shagan testing range, the Russian Defence Ministry said today.

  13. US general describes ‘China threat’ as space race rivalry heats up. US Space Force General John Raymond says America must strengthen ties with allies because space is now a ‘contested domain’.

  14. Meant to post earlier but with holidays. North East Florida had an Emergency Alert around 11:30 this morning. No message, no missing kids, no news reports that I’ve seen. Thoughts? I’m inclined to believe it was either a radio guy F’ed up or a message was sent. It had regular beginning to the Emergency alert then 4 or 5 chirps after.

  15. Clare Wills - Harrison - PCPs are real: “Matt Hancock spends 50,000 of taxpayers money on takeaway from a restaurant that requires a password to order. Can you guess what he bought from Bong Bongs who have now closed after this story. I can. If you don’t know what the heart means look up FBI.” [This is the website … £50k for takeaway… Pizzagate 2020 anyone? Apparently the password is opensesame.]

  16. Only thing I wonder about San Antonio is that’s Air Force basic training also, and after a while it becomes kind of a pride thing where they want to differentiate themselves. Any thoughts on this - move Cyber Command or at least a major cyber unit from Ft. Gordon, GA to the old Fort Ord in the SF Bay Area? May sound nuts at first…but consider that it also could be used as a foothold or stepping off point of sorts. Fort Ord is deactivated and now basically a park. Would cost some money to modernize it and bring it back online but could be done.

  17. Kyiv customs officers confiscated diamonds that passengers tried to smuggle in underwear. Six bags with colorless stones, visually - diamonds, with a total gross weight of 39.2 grams, were found by the Kyiv Customs Service during a personal search of two passengers who arrived by plane from Istanbul via Boryspil Airport. Passengers - a 50-year-old man and a 43-year-old woman from Kyiv, returning to Ukraine from Turkey to choose a simplified channel “green corridor” for customs control. Diamonds were confiscated and their cost will be determined additionally.

  18. Washington School District Says Asians Aren’t ‘Students of Color,’ Now Counted With White Students. [Lol Asians are now white, to much of that High Achievement lol. We live in an Anti-Meritocracy clown world. In other news, KKK has now opened up membership to newly White Asians. All new White Asian KKK recruits please report to Clayton Bigsby for Indoctrination. LOL.] Clayton Bigsby, the World’s Only Black White Supremacist - Chappelle’s Show. A journalist profiles Clayton Bigsby, a prominent white supremacist who doesn’t know that he himself is black. (Contains strong language.)

  19. Southern California Edison cuts power to thousands of homes on Thanksgiving due to wildfire risk. Southern California Edison considering blackouts for more than 88,000 customers to avoid sparking a blaze as Santa Ana winds expected to pick up. [Ask yourselves what they are concealing. Looks to me a coms outage/blackout. Check for fireworks. Lights Out, Goons Out. Maybe.] SoCal Edison power shutoffs have started in SoCal neighborhoods amid fire danger. Southern Edison has begun shutting off power in scattered communities throughout Southern California as strong Santa Ana winds elevate the risk of fire on Thanksgiving Day.

  20. Alberta Enforcement. “If you violate a public health order, you may be subject to a $1000 fine. Additionally, you can be prosecuted for up to $100,000 for a first offense. If you are concerned someone is not following public health orders, you can: remind them that not following order is against the law and puts people at risk; submit a complaint to AHS public health inspectors online or call 1-833-415-9179.” [Emergency notice sent out just now. No meetings from those outside your household etc. Raise an army or fight back.] Sheila Gunn Reid: “Toronto: where being an entrepreneur is illegal.” Lincoln Jay: “Adam Skelly, owner of Adamson Barbecue has been taken away in handcuffs by the police. Protesters and police remain on scene. Reporting for Rebel News Online.” Generalissimo Anna Slatz | 大元帥安娜: “Solidarity with Adam Skelly and the protestors in Etobicoke who were violently arrested and targeted by Toronto police for arranging a peaceful protest against the lockdowns of family businesses like Adam’s.” [Damn Canada getting rowdy. Glad to see it. The revolt is spreading.]

  21. From a Doomsdayer, trying to build an engine. If you are trying to build one, Word of Advice: Check Coral Castle and how Magnets were used. “Coral Castle. Visitor attraction in Leisure City, Florida, USA.” [Few additional advices: Weigh every single coil and tinker till they are exactly the same. Invest the few $ more in calibrated copper wire and save a lot of time. Buy more resistors, capacitors than needed and test everything at room temperature and in heated state. Just because it says x-ohm/farad doesn’t mean they are +/- 0.00. Select only tightest tolerances. Check all magnets, some got production/material errors… can prevent one of them coming off with insane force - not that this happened to a wall in my barn. For the engine builder. Here are some links I had that may help. Good luck! There was another I was looking for that explains the math of the angles in the flywheel based on the numerical riddles carved into the stones on site combined with hidden information on display in a masonic temple in Pennsylvania. It’s part of a youtube series but I am misremembering the name of it. If I come across it, I will post. Another one I forgot. I could imagine there are more than one row used. So I’m talking about circle in circle in circle where it starts to get tricky and a lot of time is needed to tweak it and get the amount of magnets per row right. Plus maybe one needs to switch in different materials than you would commonly think… for the center unit of a multiring attempt I have seen a great work once on YT but can not find it anymore. Dude used sone rare earth disc. Was looking for that a long time. Had it on my old external HD which broke down. Pleeease remember! It’ll come to me in the next few hours. No worries. Remembered. Links to follow… Ancient Knowledge Series. Thanks. No problem.

  22. Have you guys heard about Twetch? It’s like Twitter, but it’s built on the blockchain. Everything you post costs a little Bitcoin, and if someone likes or comments, you get paid. Your posts can’t be censored like Twitter, because each one is uploaded to the blockchain. Twitter must do what it is doing, the only other option is oblivion by legislation. Donald J. Trump: “For purposes of National Security, Section 230 must be immediately terminated!!!” [Fuck Big Tech. POTUS is right.] Microsoft’s Creepy New ‘Productivity Score’ Gamifies Workplace Surveillance. The company’s newest feature is facing heavy criticism for allowing bosses to track how their employees use Microsoft’s suite of tools, such as how frequently they send emails, collaborate in shared documents. Ian Miles Cheong: “Twitter won’t let you read a legal document. Amazing.” Harmeet K. Dhillon: “Goal is something much simpler alleged in the complaint at para. 121: That thousands of specific, identifiable voters, cast ballots after they moved out of state as evidenced in their registration in a national database, and may even have cast votes in their new states also.” [Exactly as we said.] Tired of Shutdowns: “Hey ⁦⁦Twitter⁩ - why is a link to a lawsuit “harmful?” It’s a freaking legal document!” Elon Musk overtakes Bill Gates to become the second-richest person in the world after his net worth rose by $100BILLION in a year - a five-fold increase to a total $127.9bn - after Tesla shares prices soared 500%. Elon Musk added more than $100 billion to his net worth this year to reach $127.9bn. [Gee I wonder what’s going on Off-World that justifies this. And if you think he’s selling that many Tesla’s or launching that many rockets or it’s stock options you are a fool and deserve to stay in the Bubble World. This is the bullshit metrics they (Red Faction) want you to value. Well behaved citizens who care about maintaining a good social credit score. Black Mirror: 15 Million Merits. Black Mirror: Nosedive. This is their bullshit Great Reset.] Robert Reich: “Call me a radical lefty if you’d like, but I refuse to accept a system that enables Jeff Bezos to grow his wealth by $66,000,000,000 in five months - during a pandemic that’s left 40,000,000 Americans on the brink of eviction.” [It’s almost as if we did something during the pandemic that wrecked small businesses and rewarded the Titans of e-commerce. Who could possibly have predicted this outcome?]

  23. The Biden Presidency Already Has Its First Conspiracy Theory: The Great Reset. Joe Biden isn’t president yet. But his incoming White House already has its first conspiracy theory to deal with.It goes by the tag the “Great Reset” and under its construct a wild dystopian future is in store. [They’re trying to debunk the great reset now. Biden vote count is at “80M” now. Lol. Well we know they had dystopian escapes under the surface of the earth. MSM is a joke. What’s not being said that should be: they’re playing defense for a change. Reacting to a narrative instead of setting the narrative. Are they trying to debunk the dark winter also? The great reset is openly espoused as the greatest thing since sliced bread. This is double speak. “We will tell you all about the Great Reset.” Then we will say, “What? That’s a conspiracy.” Feels a lot like more gaslighting and manipulation. 1984 stuff. Tom Winter: “Schumer saying Biden can cancel first $50,000 in student debt via executive order. And will do so in first 100 days. This will change so many lives.” Ben Shapiro: “Those who paid their bills should be outraged. Those who never went to college now subsidizing the degrees of those who went to Wesleyan to major in Social Justice should be outraged. This is a subsidy to the aristocracy. It’s the reverse of progressivism. I want a refund on the hundreds of thousands of dollars I spent on my law school education and my wife’s medical school education. Instead, I pay for that and some Anifa member’s degree in Anti-Racist Dance Theory. Fuck that.” [Il take 50k off my mortgage then. Great Reset should give you all an idea how worthless the Dollar is. AKA buy more Bitcoin. Oh I already know how it’s junk. After the Price correction. You guys think the “exploding” housing market is because American homes are more sought after when the American standard of living keeps going down? Its because every asset and or commodity is traded back against the USD… takes more USD when weak to buy an asset (house) then it did when the dollar was strong. Ez pz economics. Think 08 09? Why did oil explode in price? It wasn’t a shortage…a barrel of oil is and was still 55gal… it was the USD was very weak…so took more USD to buy the same 1 barrel of oil. Joe Biden: “America is back.” Kentucky coffee shop loses license over defying coronavirus order. Kamala Harris, Stacey Abrams among nominees for Time magazine’s 2020 Person of the Year. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris and voting rights advocate Stacey Abrams are among the list of nominees for Time magazine’s Person of the Year distinction for 2020. [FOR WHAT? BAILING LOOTERS OUT?]

  24. Janice Dean: “Justice Barrett Casts Deciding Vote, Gorsuch Destroys Cuomo.” Not the Bee: “We will not comply,” chant NY business owners as they chase off health inspector and sheriff’s deputies harassing them about alleged Covid violations.” JJJ: “I didn’t fight two wars and lose two legs to be told I can’t spend time with my family. As a matter of fact, I did it so YOU could choose how YOU spend your Thanksgiving. Honor sacrifice and tell the commies to shove it.” Jenna Ellis: “Supreme Court rules to protect houses of worship and religious liberty!!! 5-4 opinion. This is a HUGE WIN for the Constitution and our fundamental rights!” StopAntisemites: “Are we living in some sort of weird Twilight Zone?! Antisemite Rick Wiles is donating $15K to the Satmar synagogue that was fined by NY Gov Cuomo for holding a wedding a few weeks ago.” Satmar Headquarters: “THANK YOU! Our Congregation appreciates the gracious gesture of Tru News of donating $15K to pay the harsh fine imposed on our Congregation Yetev Lev D’Satmar by NY Mayor Bill DeBlasio which discriminated against religious freedom and liberties.” [I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!] Dr. Roger Hodkinson on how governments responded to COVID. Dr. Roger Hodkinson offers his informed perspective to Edmonton’s City Council on how governments responded to COVID-19. He has called for the end of restrictions, mask use, testing, and social distancing. He agrees it is time we return to normal. Dr. Roger Hodkinson, CEO of Western Medical Assessments (a covid test producer), has confirmed corona is nothing but a massive media hoax and politics playing medicine. He has stated that corona is just a bad flu; that none of the government measures do anything to stop it, that masks are ridiculous and no evidence exists that proves they work, that tests should be stopped immediately for people that don’t have any symptoms, etc. What has caused a man with such a massive profit motive to continue the narrative to spill the beans? With downtown Seattle ‘a hollow shell,’ businesses in need of holiday goodwill. “We have a downtown that really is just a hollow shell of itself,” Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan said this week—a blunt assessment of the city’s reality during the pandemic. Sacramento And El Dorado County Sheriff’s Will Not Enforce Statewide Curfew. After California officials announced Thursday they were issuing a curfew to limit the spread of the coronavirus, Sacramento and El Dorado counties’ sheriff’s offices said they will not be enforcing it.

  25. SJP: “My fucking doorbell doesn’t work because AWS us-east-1 is having issues.” [Hahahahaha. Ah. Nope. Hahahhahahagaaggagahahahahahhaahahaahahahahahahahahahaha. I wonder if the door locks/security systems broke as well? Soo that means anyone who can pull off a DDOS can prevent you from getting home (the same way the 2016 foreign election servers were DDOSed in prevention of vote manipulation). Gosh, this is so masterful.] People Can’t Vacuum Or Use Their Doorbell Because Amazon’s Cloud Servers Are Down. There is a problem with Amazon Web Services (AWS). And unfortunately, for those who own AWS-dependent vacuums or doorbells, many of the so-called “smart” objects will stop working. [Shout out to the ASW Hackers.] zerohedge: “Mississippi Cops Can Now Use Your Ring Doorbell Camera To Live Stream Your Neighborhood.” [Police now have access to Ring Cameras. Connect the dots. Bazos and Mississippi police choose Red? No, you need to see the bigger picture. This is a move by the Military. They have access to the Ring Cameras already. Why does the military want access to doorbell cameras? Spying on what? To scrub. Scrub what? Evidence of their misuse of force? So they can force us into lockdown and fine or imprison us if we leave our homes?] Ring Doorbell Video - Ghost With see through upper body walks past driveway and disappears. We saw a motion detection video on our Ring the other night…the “person” walks by but his upper body seems transparent! And he is never seen beyond the right tree on the sidewalk, but you can still hear footsteps. Spooky! [No. Nothing White World related. They don’t give a shit about that. Sometimes when Blue Factions are in Hyperdimensional suits (cloaking) the ring pics up radio interference. Ohhhh. So why are they in neighborhoods? The blue? Watch the video. It was scrubbed from the internet because the Blue Faction don’t want the world to have evidence of the existence of HD suits. Ed Snowen already revealed this type of behavior almost 7 years ago to the world. Watch the movie again. Very revealing.

  26. Republican Gov. Phil Scott says Vermont schools will question kids about Thanksgiving plans. Vermont Gov. Phil Scott said Tuesday that school officials will question returning students about whether they attended gatherings with people outside their household during Thanksgiving to determine if they need to quarantine over coronavirus concerns. “Unfortunately, we know some will still get together and schools have asked for help,” the Republican governor tweeted Tuesday. “[The Vermont Agency of Education] will direct schools to ask students or parents if they were part of multi-family gatherings and if the answer is yes, they’ll need to go remote for 14 days or 7 days and a test.” “Maybe you just aren’t worried about getting the virus,” he wrote. “You’re young/healthy, you can work remotely or you just don’t think it’s a big deal. But you never know if you’re going to be the domino that leads to a nursing home outbreak or pushes an entire school to remote learning. Enough of these dominoes put our health care facilities at risk. Protecting our family and friends is in our hands and we all have a role to play. So I’m asking you to help by avoiding getting together with people outside your households and not travel this week.” Mr. Scott is also postponing the start of school sports “until further notice” and is asking businesses to require employees to quarantine if they attend multi-family gatherings over the holidays. The governor said he hopes the policies will act as a “deterrent” to keep people in their own homes. Asked whether he thinks it’s encouraging families to lie about their plans or “tattle” on others, he answered, “If you don’t want your kids to have to transition to remote learning and quarantine for seven days maybe you ought to make other plans,” the Bennington Banner reported. [Orwellian. Democrats have lost their collective fucking minds.] New York Post: “Hey Turkey, Let Us Go Back To School. As DeBlasio admits, ‘I don’t have a plan.’”

  27. Former Pfizer VP: ‘No need for vaccines,’ ‘the pandemic is effectively over.’ Dr. Mike Yeadon, Pfizers former Vice President and Chief Scientist for Allergy & Respiratory, states that the drive for a universal vaccine has the whiff of evil which he will oppose… vigorously. Here’s how to tackle the Covid-19 anti-vaxxers | Will Hanmer-Lloyd. Do not demonise. To optimise the vaccine rollout, all of us must show respect to those who are unsure about inoculations, says behavioural strategist Will Hanmer-Lloyd. [“You try, you die.” With a picture of a syringe with liquid coming out the top instead of "do not consent.” "You try (to inject), you die.” With a picture of a syringe with liquid coming out the top and someone tied up about to receive the shot instead of “do not consent.” Well, I generally prefer the gray man approach… thing is, we must start prepping to resist their strategies to enforce vaccination. Public shaming will be one of them. Bad science (this new and relatively untested thing is safe for millions of people). Real stories from people who were scared and aren’t any longer. Make it legally complicated to opt out. Benefits for opt-in (financial or otherwise). “Experts” to trust in. Shame will be one of the things least used. That will harden resolve. They will sell lifestyles with vaccination. It’ll come as a package. Notice how the wokies have successfully shamed people for a large number of reasons (being white, eating meat, not wanting to have sex with “women with penis” etc.). Everyone I know laughs at that. I don’t see it being successful. Yeah it is stupid. But people are extremely sensitive to being accepted, that’s why fashion works. Which is why going gray/grey is the wrong thing to do. Set trends for your peer group by your example. Show that it’s not acceptable and that such ideas will be mocked. All you have to say is “he doesn’t pass” and then it’s no longer a woman. Perhaps, but that makes you a visible target. I enjoy the grey man technique since it allows you to infiltrate and acquire knowledge that otherwise you wouldn’t. was a pawn who made it behind enemy lines. I transformed into a queen long ago. I’m fine being a visual target. That means you’re in range. This I agree with. With common sense stipulations. You’d be surprised how many agree with us, but just think that they are alone. The media does a fantastic job in demoralizing people and making them feel alone in that regard. I’m not saying you make yourself into a martyr. Know how much the normies can handle. But push the needle however much you can, maybe a little, maybe a lot. You got to be gentle with the normies. Treat it like domesticating a feral cat. Approach them slowly and offer food. True, people feel very lonely nowadays. Not everyone can handle that. Being gray doesn’t mean you’ll agree with them or shut your mouth forever… I rather see it as a tactic. Plus I love the adrenaline rush in undercover ops. Being gray/grey means not sticking out. Going along to get along and not standing up for what you believe because of potential blowback in the future. I will not be going grey/gray. (Also being prepped and not letting it be known.) Ohh okay thank you. To me, being gray means blending in during certain situations with the aim of preserving your life or physical integrity, or acquiring certain information. Then, in a safe context, using that information to your favor and your loved ones. THEN you can be as vocal as you wish. Ahh love that. Resonates. There are only the shadows of threats - (for example list of Trump supporters for re-education or jail) this is the safest time to talk - before camps begin. Before re-education begins. Before hunting some class of Americans begins. (If it ever happens). Stand proud. Being gray means you don’t give anything away. No tells. It does not mean to be a sitting duck or to hoard information. It means that you are elusive and difficult to read… selective about what you share and with whom you share. My $.02.] “They already gave us the shot. They literally just told everyone we were getting flu shots. Sent us to the mess hall. We all lined up and deloused (if you’ve been in you know the procedure, you get a fuck ton of shots). Then the female soldier goes, “All right everyone. We’re giving you the Covid-19 vaccine. Admin info here. Date here. Sign here. Don’t make me say it again,” and she said it politely. Nobody said shit or even acted upset. Dude you’re gonna get so many shots you’ll lose track of them before you leave basic. I’m pretty sure it was the Pfizer vaccine or whatever since it was only one shot but I couldn’t be fucked to read the form: Sgt Lit was barbecuing burgers in the motor pool.” [Hmm.]

  28. Brilliant show. Hidden in plain sight in Utopia on Amazon Prime. This is the plan. Mass Sterilization in exchange for freedom of movement. This was the plan for the Club of Rome. This is what Gates wants. This is what Fauci wants. This is what Klaus wants. This is what the Bilderberg wants. This is what the World Economic Forum wants. This is what the Red Faction wants. This is what Big Tech and the Mass Media is supporting. Mark that plausible. Not plausible, more like the goal all along. Read this report. This is Red Faction’s Bible. “The Limits to Growth (LTG) is a 1972 report on the exponential economic and population growth with a finite supply of resources, studied by computer simulation.” That’s me trying not to connect with it emotionally. Reds swirl around us all. At all times. When you “buy in” you give them power at a spiritual level. But resources aren’t limited. For bubble world they are. Anyone who pledges allegiance to Red has to read that book. It’s 101. Everyone from NBA players to Ministers. The limits of growth or which book? There is a reason I was waiting for this Great Reset nonsense to start. Now vaccines for a stimulus check. We are headed into very Dark Territory. It’s a new dark age. Start with doing more with less and build from there. Correct. That’s why you should all go Blue. Always blue. Yes the report. NBA players? Why? I think it’s a reference to public speaking people. Note MLB players aren’t highly coveted like the Kardashians anymore. I’ve heard radio programs in my area about this “great reset conspiracy” and the host describes it always as “oh its mentioned to refer to a change in the economic system to make everything better for all and more equal, but conspiracy theorists say it’s about a cabala with an agenda. How absurd.” But people are having problems to concentrate on scientific reports. College radio programs and such. Consider the source. They’re part of the herd. They’re the useful idiots at this volunteer run station. That’s the head in the sand mentality. Rise above the background noise or static in the radio and listen for the distant station or patterns in the static. Ok so let’s take a look at one NBA start. Standby. Copy. Now this post was deleted from said NBA players page. Kyrie Irving: “Hermetic Friends, Inc. My light Brothers and Sisters! The age of No More Secrets is upon us. World Peace will be achieved in our life time and be better Effin believe it! Let them have the fabricated bull****. That genuine love and energy spreads all over the world. Eye see all. I AM.” Take not that his command made him delete this posting and it’s no longer on his page. Read it carefully and see how much it matches up to World Economic Forums: Great Reset plans. Here he uses Red Triangles and the all seeing eye, symbolizing he is Red Faction or what you call Illuminati. I like what he is quoted saying. 3d printed GMO pea "meat.” Why is he elevated above the earth? Here he is supporting Beyond Meat in 2019, 1 year before the pandemic and the global push to get the Bubble World to replace meat with lab grown and plant based alternatives. When they are sponsoring him with a lot of money maybe he is only an ad. But then the other posts do not fit in. I don’t care that he’s a low ranking member. What should be acknowledged is how they use celebrities on Instagram and around the world to further their causes. Has he read “The Limits to Growth?” 100%. See how much he’s advocating for this Orwellian, Demolition Man / Westworld Season 3 future? By virtue signaling heavily on Instagram. Like I said, it’s all hidden in plain sight. Yes that is true. I can not believe that he read it. I read it. I do not know. Your point is good. Why are you 100% sure? I don’t care if you believe me or not. Lol he even says Hermetic Friends. I know. I do not question if it is true or not. Only why you are so sure. Limits of growth is not a Paulo Cuelho or another bestselling book. Like reading the fucking book. Or the next books that came out every year. Go get recruited as a red, move up their ranks. Would that help on the way to the green door? No. I ask myself when the limits of growth are that important why we celebrated the last 40 years the biggest party in human history and wasting precious resources. Anyway the celebs/professional players are at the bottom of the Pyramid. The only way to move up is to collect blackmail on others. Kek/lol. Who are up and coming. Multigenerational Reds never have to peacock like Kyrie Irving does. And they never do. As the saying goes, “Wealth is quiet, Rich is loud, Poor is flashy.” So true. And Irving is not quiet at all. Merely a foot soldier. Anyway that’s class on Red Wizardry tonight. Sorry about the interrupt though I guess Schwab fits in the red homework too. Lol Just catching up on last couple of days. Happy Thanksgiving! Correct. Damn I’ve seen the red triangle used else where on socials and just figured I was disconnected with pop culture. Ha! “When the human race learns to read the language of symbolism, a great veil will fall from the eyes of men.” “InnovaFeed and Archer Daniel Midlands have partnered to produce insect-based animal feed. How long it take food them to start making it for everyone and everything. Fast food chains have been touting meat meals that are less meat based. I’ve known for at least 8 years that biotechs have been experimenting with cellular engineering for lab grown meat.” BRIT BONG: “Your tier is not your destiny – every area has the means of escape.” UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson says “the allocation of tiers will be reviewed every 14 days, starting on the 16th December.” [Oh boy. Here comes the caste system. LOL.]

  29. I did sell all my spare bits just last week, great timing for lowering my average price. You have to learn technical analysis and how to read charts. It’s all data and patterns which influence price action and moves. Yes, news “can” move a market. (As we saw with the Covid dumps of stocks and bitcoin) however, most were already at areas of value to begin with. Crypto is a traders market or looong term hold for BTC specifically. As Aries says, use actionable intelligence to make predictions. In this case. “Technical Analysis.” Actionable intelligence comes in many forms. Should we buy XRP? Also I bought Btc At 18.2 - I am just going to hold through the correction. I keep buying bits of Palantir. I’m on that chart analysis topic atm. What would be of interest for me is if you would say a few words on what you see in that chart just to follow your line of thoughts. I think correction then skyrocket. If you compare the major green candles on higher timeframes - from the initial peak in 2017 to the one now, the wick is way longer on the other which indicates there was not as much buying pressure because this major green candle is way more filled out. This is my interpretation. They will learn this the hard way, all Fractional-reserve banking will in time fail. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Any stocks you guys recommend to buy? Amen. I agree with you. That news shared was from October… Why should we not tell others about our BTC? I am taking the advice and I am also curious. Let’s see how low it goes during this correction. As for the Federal Government, once again what makes Bitcoin valuable is that it is unstoppable. It achieved Unstoppability since Day 1. What is clear from this argument is that both the United States and the rest of the world deserve relief from the dollar standard. The U.S. needs to be able to handle its needs at home and wind down its foreign wars, and the rest of the world needs the security of saving in a money that is not subject to one country’s whims. The world would not be a meaningfully better off if all countries switched to a Euro Standard, or a Yuan Standard, because the problem-also known as the Triffin Dilemma-is one country controlling the money supply of the world. Any country whose money becomes the world’s new reserve currency will find itself in the same bind as the U.S.; torn between domestic and international monetary priorities, and under pressure to spend its money and military might to defend the money abroad. A bitcoin standard may offer the world a better way out. Once again, you will not take Gold Bars, or dollars, or Diamonds out there. Bitcoin Anonymity Guide 2019: How to use BTC like a straight up G. I’m new to bitcoin investing but I’m gonna buy the dip. Welcome to the fam! Any questions feel free to ask. Black Friday mode enabled. Where to start… Bitcoin for Dummies, please. How can the world switch to Bitcoin if the fees cost an arm and a leg? That would preclude many from using it would it not? What’s the best platform you know of to grow bitcoin? I use Coinbase but would you say bitcoincoin [dot] com is better? Close friends maybe in general terms but not specific amounts. "Hey I think crypto might do well this year, consider it as part of your portfolio as some friendly advice.” NOT “I have _ worth in crypto” if for no other reason than it isn’t classy. God damn, Coinbase. Lol. “Coinbase and Coinbase Pro broken as Bitcoin drops almost 12%, the sharpest sell-off since months.” zerohedge: “Alternatively, anyone who bought it 5 years ago is now retired.” Fact. Just wait for it to bottom out then buy again. Word to the wise, this Thanksgiving, SHUT THE FUCK UP about your Bitcoin’s/Bits. Do Not FOMO your parents or grandparents or asshole Uncle. Just shut the fuck up about it. I don’t even know how to buy. I don’t know shit about bitcoin or computers. I used to like Roubini. Sad. Had some good points on the 2008 crisis, which is what put me on to him, but that doesn’t just give you license to run your mouth off. Bro he’s in the channel. Would you chill out? LOL. Yes. Do we anticipate another dip after December and “Great Reset”? I’m curious about this too, I’m anticipating late Jan. Buy. I did. I’m buying as much as I can afford. I just talk about my EUNO. BTC to 15,900 get ready to set some buys on this bigger dip. Setting up more buy orders. Good man. Ledger Clients Receive Phishing Scam Emails. During the course of the past week, as the price of Bitcoin continues to rise, Ledger users have reported receiving an “oddly convincing” phishing email.

  30. I can explain this whole election rigging thing in two screenshots that literally anyone can understand… are you ready? Biden Twitter Followers: 20 M. Trump Twitter Followers: 88.8M. Follow me for more recipes for common sense… “5 More Ways Joe Biden Magically Outperformed Election Norms.” This video is a MUST WATCH. Trump is at heroic levels of troll here, higher than ever before (literally higher than ever) and delivers some magic to one never-be-a-woman at a special moment (saving it for a treat for uuu). Timestamp of saying he wont concede: “12m19s.” The Battle for the White House. Concerns raised about election voting systems. Sidney Powell. Fox Business. [Almost as if they wanted to get caught, diversion.] Counterfeit ballots made in China. More Suspicious Elections Absentee Data from Detroit: 36% of Absentee Ballots Returned Were From People Who Were Not Listed as Being Sent an Absentee Ballot. Twitter Now Showing “Unsafe Link” Warning Messages for Sidney Powell’s Website — Blocks Americans from Seeing MASSIVE Voter Fraud. Disclose TV: “Twitter blocks users of its platform from posting links to Sidney Powell’s website where the PA and MI lawsuits were uploaded.” [Flagged as “unsafe” by Twitter. They posted Georgia last night and Michigan.] PIRRO INTERVIEW: Attorney Lin Wood is on the War Path Against Alleged Corruption, “Trouble’s coming AOC’s way too, Stay tuned.” [AOC fucked up.] Governor and Secretary of State in Georgia Took Money From China (To Steal Election from Trump). [Georgia-fag here; what are my options for going after Kemp, legally? I voted for him and no longer have confidence in him or the election in my state because of his actions (along with Brad). Called Kemp’s office and they would not deny that he took Chinese money. +1 404-656-1776. Call Lin Wood’s offices and ask. They’re out of GA.] Lin Wood: “Thanksgiving Eve News! 11th Circuit granted my Emergency Motion for Expedited Review of lawsuit challenging validity of GA election procedure. We The People delivered a historic landslide win for Donald Trump in GA & nationally. We The People will not allow it be stolen.” Pentagon Purges Leading Advisors From Defense Policy Board. It’s unclear why the Trump administration waited until its final months to shake up the influential group of outside experts advising top Pentagon leaders. [He better cross the Rubicon soon. I pray for that too! There is no return! These moves do not look like he is going to concede.] Lynn Moore: “Oh my goodness!! My mom just found a dumped voting machine in a grassy area right by her bar (in Savannah, GA) from Fulton County!!! The feds are on their way! This is about to get crazy!” [You have the entire Universe to gain if he moves forwards and lifts the veil.] Old voting equipment found on the side of the road in Garden City. A man outside the Blueberry Hill Bar and Grill discovered what appears to be some type of voting equipment. It was found off the road in a grassy area. [This is claimed to be an old voting machine from 2018. Interesting.] CNN: “Trump administration removes experts from Defense Policy Board.” Trump administration removes experts from Defense Policy Board. Several high profile members of the Defense Policy Board were removed on Wednesday by the Trump administration, in yet another purge of longstanding foreign policy experts and national security establishment figures in the final days of the Trump era. Trump to reporter: “You’re just a lightweight. Don’t talk to me that way. I’m the President of the United States. Don’t ever talk to the President that way.” Donald Trump says he will leave White House if electoral college votes for Joe Biden. [I was watching that live. Did you see his talk with the troops and the Space Force general thanking the president ardently about making the Space Force a separate entity from the Air Force? Good stuff. Does removal from board also mean no more security clearance and/or protection? Not necessarily. Security clearances last up to 5 years before you have to renew. They most likely lost access to daily reports, etc. Things like that. The following quotes have been pulled from 4Chan/pol threads.] “The Kraken had nothing to do with Sidney Powell. You will begin to understand that tomorrow. The Kraken is gliding over all and no longer has a restraining order. He knows all. And Trump knows all. Let the shit storm start. And by the way fuck Q and fuck Obama.” “Since you are a few hours from kick off let me share what Sidney knows. She knows that Dominion was switching votes, she knows the CIA was switching votes, she knows the corruption in Georgia involved both the Republicans and Democrats. Republicans were bribed months ago to get the Dominion system in and turned a deaf ear as Dominion programmed the system to switch votes from Trump to Biden. She knows money changed hands to prevent mail in ballots from being checked for signature problems. Now here is the kicker. She knows Republicans took a shit pot full of money and she is close to finding out where the money is stashed. What she also knows and probably will not comment on now is the Republicans and Democrats agreed before the election that there would be a runoff for the Senator positions in Georgia and the Republicans would win because the CIA would switch enough votes to keep the Republicans in control of the Senate. The Republicans got a shit pot full of money, particularly the Secretary of State and the Governor. Also they got to be a check on the progressive movement in the Democrat party and that fucking pedophile would have his excuse that he could not do anything. And finally with Trump out of the picture both parties could go back to fucking the American people with glee. A shit pot of Chinese money went to both Democrats and Republicans. Of course the wildcard was that nigger bitch Stacy Adams who went fucking wild and had her pack of feral niggers and Democrats stuff ballots all over Atlanta and she personally trucked in a shipment of over 2000000 ballots to the Fulton County and Dekalb County voting precincts. This dumb bitch did this on her own and is one of the main reasons everyone got fucked. This imbecile did not realize a video was made documenting the unloading of the ballots and they are going to get the dick of justice shoved up their ass. Considering Trump knows 4 million ballots were changed by the CIA Merry Christmas.” “Greetings from the most beautiful place on earth. The women are beautiful, the fishing is fantastic, I have more money than I can spend and well life is good.” “Well ladies Trump has won and we are on the run but you still seem to lack the intelligence to see how this is going to be played out. First Trump has everything he needs to shit on everyone.” “He could fucking care less what the Supreme Court does, the electoral college does or what Congress does. Look for him to do a national address where he lays his cards on the table, announce some major arrests…” “…and simply leave it to the American people to hang the appropriate criminals. Hopefully people’s court and let them sort it all out. Remember Trump thinks outside of the box. He knows where the real power resides.” “And the morons in Washington and the Deep State have forgotten that. So what do you think is going to happen when the American People realize that the CIA switched over 4 million votes in the election?” “Right now over 70% of Republicans think the election was stolen, and 30% of the Democrats believe the election was stolen. Biden will be lucky when this all plays out he is not hanged with the rest.” “Think the French Revolution. E. will be dropping them off of helicopters and Gitmo will be overrun with the thugs and criminals stupid enough to hang around.” “This shit is not over it is just beginning. So well fuck all of them and I am going fishing.” “Trump is gathering the deep state, the media, and the politicians for an ass fucking that will be biblical. Sidney has all the shit from the Pentagon, from Barr and she is the public sword for the hangings.” “Washington will look like Paris after the revolution will heads rolling down most of the major streets.” “They have found the account where Joe and Hunter hid their stash. Over 100 million dollars. You can buy a lot of coke with that. Sadly Hunter will be hiding money up his ass to pay off the prison guards to keep his asshole pristine.” Anon says 'Morning BDA”. “A friend but no. He is still in the game in Washington. Believe he is leaving for South Africa soon. I know a friend of his Terry had a bad case of lead poisoning but seems to have recovered.” Anon: what shall we look for? “A national presentation by the President. Probably in a few weeks after Sidney has shit on everyone in public. She is setting the stage for the third act.” Anon: we don’t believe you any more. “Who really cares. Just wait for the Presidential Address and watch Sidney set the stage. This is wonderful. As you say the salt will be outstanding.” “Nope, we just fucked up. If the niggers and criminals and democrat low lives had just stayed home we had this. Has the enormity of the election fraud sunk in yet? Look the numbers are off the cliff obscene.” Anon wants something to back up these statements. “It is all around you. Just think about it. And what is happening in Africa before Christmas makes this a walk in the park.” Anon asks if the German raid really happened. “Yep. The raid occurred and a few folks I knew have disappeared.” “Not a larp. This shit is so crazy no one could make it up. If you knew what the niggers in Detroit were doing during the election you would lose all faith in mankind. One example they were going in nursing homes and digging up Democrats votes from the invalid and homeless.” “Other niggers were just running wild voting as many times as their nigger Democrat masters would allow them. It was a shit fest for the ages. None of them understand that when 200% of the population votes it looks fishy.” “Believe some of them were trying to figure out how to have their cars vote through the DMV.” Anon wants to know what is going to happen in Africa. “An associate has spoken to that. Probably better not to know. Have a good thanksgiving.” Anon wants to hang all LARPers. “Agree with that. CNN should be burned to the ground and their newscasters hung on national tv.” Anon asks the name of the operation. "Operation black swan. Because this was supposed to be something no one could see coming. Well that turned to shit. "Will Trump start his rightful second term next year? “Yes.” Interesting drop and in line with what CongressAnon told us a couple of weeks ago: You The People will be the ones to deal with the traitors somehow and Dems are going to be begging to be arrested rather than fall in to your hands.” “Hallelujah and thanksgiving. What happened so far around EO 13848 which was issued at September 12, 2018
    Phase 1: 1) She is military lawyer who was born in Durham. 2) Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity May 11, 2017 to January 3, 2018. 3) Executive Order Amendments to the Manual for Courts occurred on March 1, 2018 4) The exact title is “2018 Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States” 5) The military will be able to hire non-military legal experts to help with the tribunals (treason cases). 6) Executive Order 13848 signed September 12, 2018 7) Powell develops a relationship with General Thomas McInerney 8) Even though retired, he was #3 in the Air Force and dedicated to Hammer & Scorecard
    Phase 2: 9) On Election night, Trump and his campaign team assembled in the Eisenhower Building 10) Know what is there? A SCIF facility. 11) Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility. (SCIF) 12) SCIFs are NSA run that is the combination of all data collected from intelligence agencies. 13) They were monitoring the fraud in real-time and the identified traitors.
    Phase 3: 14) CIA removed from briefings. 15) FBI removed from briefings. 16) CIA server farm raided in Europe. 17) CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) Bryan Ware fired 18) DHS Cybersecurity head Christopher Krebs fired. 19) Secretary of Defense Mark Esper fired. 20) Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller consolidating all special forces under him. 21) Gen. Scott Berrier installed as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency on October 2 2020 22) General Flynn pardoned. 23) General Flynn commanded every WET team in this nation and knows where the bodies are buried.
    Phase 4: 24) Her charter is longer than the Dec 14th certification date. 25) That coincides with the 45 day timeframe set up in 13848 26) Soros, Obama, Dominion, Smartmatic, China, Iran, Venezuela are all implicated via lawsuits. 27) Powell lawsuits drop in Michigan and Georgia; China and Iran implicated again. 28) The Trump administration removed globalists and warhawks from the Defense Policy Board on Wednesday including Madeleine Albright, Henry Kissinger, Jane Harman and Eric Cantor
    Glory and Praise to Our God!”

  31. Karachi, India. Multiple reports in UK. Chelmsford, Essex. A couple heli’s up. Neighbors and I am hearing these booms right now too. Go chase them - you have training. Now I hear jets in the sky. The sky is so clear here. A buddy and I are taking out the telescope for the moon instead. But for real it sounds like hard steel slamming into the ground at high speeds. Go see before clean up crew arrives. Check on Twitter. Too late. Ha! What does the air smell like? Hearing lots of fireworks but then it turned into a bunch of gun shots… rifles and shotguns ( far from cities… ). Heavy fireworks activity in Mountain View, CA. It’s Happening.

  32. Underground War. “Fireworks” Reports, 11/26:
    San Luis, Argentina
    Guanajuato, Mexico
    Mexico City, Mexico
    Nuevo Leon, Mexico
    Sinloa, Mexico
    Sonora, Mexico
    Phoenix, AZ
    Scottsdale, AZ
    Hesperia, CA
    Los Angeles, CA
    Oakland, CA
    Sacramento, CA
    San Diego, CA
    Colorado Springs, CO
    Washington, DC
    Orlando, FL
    Atlanta, GA
    Chicago, IL
    New Orleans, LA
    St Paul, MN
    St Louis, MO
    Stanford, NC
    New Jersey
    NYC, NY
    Stanten Island, NY
    West Seneca, NY
    Cleveland, OH
    Portland, OR
    Philadelphia, PA
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Puerto Rico
    Allen, TX
    Houston, TX
    Charlottesville, VA
    Richland, VA
    Milwaukee, WI

  33. EAMs per Alaska day (An ‘Alaska’ day, 0001-2359, covers a U.S. ‘working’ day, whereas a UTC day splits a U.S. working day):
    2020-11-08 ####################
    2020-11-09 #############
    2020-11-10 ##############
    2020-11-11 #######
    2020-11-12 #
    2020-11-13 ##################
    2020-11-14 ####
    2020-11-15 #####
    2020-11-16 #############
    2020-11-17 ####
    2020-11-18 ##################
    2020-11-19 #################################
    2020-11-20 ############
    2020-11-21 ##########
    2020-11-22 ###########
    2020-11-23 ###############
    2020-11-24 ###########
    2020-11-25 #####