Azazel News #Recap 11/25/2020

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Guys, please travel safely. [Appreciate it!]

  2. There is “something” near the Earth! Gina Maria Colvin Hill: “There’s “something” near.” [When Invasion?]

  3. Magne-Flo: “News: In pictures: massive fire breaks out at Leith Docks after ‘explosion’ at Shawcor plant - Edinburgh Live.”

  4. Sicily asks Cuba to send medics as Italy fights second Covid wave. Request made to embassy in Cuba as island struggles with shortage of doctors and nurses.

  5. Take Shelter quote video. [miette057 - interesting especially since we covered the film Take Shelter (the clip of Michael Shannon is from the film) in the Meta group…]

  6. JFK in Trauma Room One: A Witness Remembers. At just 25, Joe Goldstrich, MD, was the youngest member of the Kennedy treatment team. [Remember our King Arthur.]

  7. Amazon Web Services outage stymies businesses. Outages at Amazon Web Services’ northern Virginia datacenters left customers scrambling Wednesday to get their computing systems and web services working.

  8. NASA Space Place: “Calling all K-12 parents and educators! Encourage your students to join NASA STEM’s Artemis Moon Pod Essay Contest. Entries are due Dec. 17 and winners get to see a launch in person!”

  9. Recap. [I tell them. Maybe they see it now. No one likes being used. They’ll wake up too. I always say go home where you belong w your people. It just works better. Some of them are fine individuals.]

  10. Emerald Robinson: “Just talked with a Fox News insider: the panic there is very real. If you support President Trump, you’re dead with management. If you support Joe Biden, you’re dead with your audience.” [Who’s the most important? Next they’ll rig the viewer numbers.]

  11. Diego Maradona has died at the age of 60. Tributes are pouring in for the legendary Argentine footballer, who is widely considered one of the greatest players of all time. Maradona died at his home in Argentina after suffering a heart attack, according to his lawyers. [Pics of him with young girls have surfaced…

  12. Modi pitches for greater technology access to developing countries. Modi highlighted the work India is doing to cut down emissions, eliminate waste and to regenerate natural systems including the pursuit of cleaner sources of energy such as gas and renewables. [Translation: We Want More Blue Wizards.]

  13. Peace, I think you nailed it with Club of Rome… this new obelisk is exactly 1515.50 miles to Guidestones on Google Earth and given my other research that’s likely not random, numerical signature there… given that stones are numerically tied in like patterns to other grid points (cleos needle NY 666 miles), fits a pattern. [Or I was at the meeting.]

  14. Massive Asteroid Labeled By NASA As Hazardous Headed For Earth This Week. A massive asteroid the size of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge will pass within 4,302,775 km of Earth. The asteroid is also believed to be the same height as the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa of Dubai, which is over 800m high. [Again. Wtf. Why hide 29 Trillion dollars if they can’t use the Guardian Satellites or Solar Warden Fleet to stop this from happening?]

  15. Self-educated people cannot be fooled by institutionalized propaganda. “Truth is treason in the empire of lies.” - Ron Paul. “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.” - Carl Sagan

  16. Donald J. Trump: “It is my Great Honor to announce that General Michael T. Flynn has been granted a Full Pardon. Congratulations to Gen Flynn and his wonderful family, I know you will now have a truly fantastic Thanksgiving!” [Trump granted a full pardon to 3 star general Flynn. This is big. Awesome. So stoked. Pardoned on Drinksgiving. Bet the ol boy ties one on. Yay Trump! Thank you for your internal strength and ability to carry on in the face of extreme adversity.]

  17. They can’t even figure out TOILET PAPER. They are going to LOSE THEIR MINDS. As far as I’m concerned, everyone in this room already has a monopoly on brain power. This is the “competition?” There is no competition. Competition is for losers who can’t find toilet paper. *Quickly opens a teespring account so I can print t-shirts, hoodies, coffee cups and bumper stickers with this on it. (Special discount if you buy 4 coffee cups.) LOL. Print it ON toilet paper and sell it at a premium. That’s a four-cup rabbit hole. LOL.

  18. Los Angeles to shut off water and power to homes hosting large parties or gatherings. The announcement comes hours after the city introduced a motion to increase penalties for property owners who hold large house parties in violation of public health orders. [So, riddle me how lack of water BENEFITS public health? They played their hand too fast. The lookie loos aren’t even making SENSE anymore. Clownifornia is trying to poise itself to be the capital of the People’s Socialist Idiocracy. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes! Clowns.]

  19. Amazon pulls ANOTHER book of Covid-19 dissident Berenson - and turns his title into a bestseller. NY Times journalist-turned-Covid-19 skeptic Alex Berenson briefly had his latest anti-lockdown book pulled from Amazon along with its electronic version. By the time it returned, it was a top-10 bestseller on Apple Books. First the paperback and then the electronic edition of “Unreported Truths about Covid-19 and Lockdowns – Part 3: Masks” were removed from Amazon on Tuesday, Berenson revealed in a series of tweets that same day. Streisand effect. A phenomenon whereby an attempt to hide, remove, or censor a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely, usually facilitated by the Internet.

  20. The Air Force’s ‘rods from god’ could hit with the force of a nuclear weapon - with no fallout. What they didn’t count on was the US Air Force’s most simple weapon ever: a tungsten rod that could hit a city with the explosive power of an intercontinental ballistic missile. During the Vietnam War, the US used what it called “Lazy Dog” bombs. There were simply solid steel pieces, less than 2 inches long, fitted with fins. There was no explosive: They were simply dropped by the hundreds from planes flying above Vietnam. [Fact!!! Thought this was a laser!? I have many toys. Nope. Just a rod launched at above terminal velocity, I believe. Didn’t China loose a chem plant to one of these a few years back?]

  21. “It’s all a game, we’re in the Matrix.” - Last words of tech CEO before she was found dead. Parents of the tech CEO who was found dead say their daughter suffered a bizarre psychotic episode before disappearing. They told authorities that their daughter had a bizarre behavior in her last phone calls. Among the strange things she said was this phrase: “it’s all a game, we’re in the matrix”. Erin Valenti was a successful tech CEO. And she never had any mental problems. In her family, there was no precedent for mental illness. Unfortunately, Erin Valenti was found dead on the backseat of the rented car, in a residential street in San Jose’s quiet Almaden neighborhood. [It’s been one year. Also this is a perfect modern case of Solomon Syndrome. This is awakening gone wrong. Her handlers really fucked up. As well another reason I never overloaded you.]

  22. Delaware Computer Repair Shop Behind Hunter Biden’s Laptop Closes Shop After Receiving Death Threats. The media will do anything to cover up and make excuses for the Biden Family. 2019: There is absolutely no evidence that Hunter Biden did anything illegal. 2020: The evidence that what Hunter Biden did was illegal is…Russian disinformation? [And you know who is behind these threats… the Clintons are known as body bag masters… but the Rockefellers are even more notorious. Lol! Lol. Um. No. A blind computer repair man. Bro seriously. Don’t you realize what’s going on? Tell me more… Perhaps we are looking at this from different perspectives? Ok…I know that stuff…so perhaps, I am too low in my understanding of actual retributions… very possible… I’m a flower child from the 50’s.]

  23. How The Once Elusive Dream Of Laser Weapons Suddenly Became A Reality. One of Lockheed Martin’s top directed energy minds explains how breakthroughs in communications and industrial tech made laser weapons possible. [LOL. Newbies catching up after 45 years. Never fall for the bullshit narrative if the Bubble World. Get out!!!Go beyond the wire, leave the Castle, enter the garden.] Royal Navy deployed laser weapons during the Falklands War. Despite recent demonstrations by the US Navy, we still think of laser weapons as being things of the future. [Real History and the Real World is hidden in plain sight. Pay attention when the pilot says “Vaporized.”] Footage of a Tense Aerial Battle During the Falklands War. It’s 10 weeks into the Falklands War, and two British Harriers find themselves protecting damaged ships. Suddenly, Argentine Skyhawks appear on the horizon and a fight ensues.]

  24. Great Reset Dialogues. Six leaders discuss why we must reform the social contract after COVID-19. John Kerry. [Well well well… who we got here. The only element in that screenshot that doesn’t bother me is that 2.9k of people hit the dislike button. The Great Reset vs The Great Rebellion. Round One. FIGHT!] No more Chinese counties on poverty list: report. The last nine impoverished counties, all in southwest China’s Guizhou Province, have eliminated absolute poverty, said the provincial government. The last nine impoverished counties, all in southwest China’s Guizhou Province, have eliminated absolute poverty, said the provincial government. The average annual net income of impoverished people in these nine counties has risen to 11,487 yuan (US$1,740), well above the 4,000-yuan national poverty line set this year. [Hmm. Very Great Resetish. It’s happening worldwide and not just America.] This man hides from security cameras in Beijing: it’s not crime, it’s art. Can you walk down a street in a Chinese city and not get caught on a surveillance camera? One artist tried to do exactly that, to magnify the country’s problem with invasion of privacy. Surveillance in China: artist who hides from security cameras in Beijing wants to highlight invasions of privacy.

  25. In my world, animals have always played a role in signaling to others what specialty you are a part of. Example: Underwater Demolition Teams are represented by Frogs. After WWII these frogmen became seals. Hence Navy Seals. In Vietnam soldiers specializing in Subterranean/Tunnel Warfare are represented by Rats hence Tunnel Rats. Some units in present day that are clearing tunnels from the Dark Ones call themselves Moles, after The Naked Mole Rats. Now In Electronic Warfare the Crow represents anyone part of Electronic Warfare and Signal Intelligence. The name “Old Crows” emerged from the first use of electronic warfare in World War II to disrupt Axis communications and radars. Allied equipment and operators were known by the code name “Raven”. Common jargon changed the name to “Crows” and those engaged in the profession became known as "Old Crows.” To learn more about becoming a Crow check out cross [dot] org. Becoming a Crow is a great way to enter the green door. If you have HAM Radio Certification even more so. You are already the perfect candidate to becoming a Crow. Look into the Association of Old Crows and find out how to get your foot in the door. “Association of Old Crows. Electronic warfare professional organization.”

  26. Pay attention. AntifaWatch: “RAM NYC (Antifa) is calling for a “Week of action” from Dec 3-10th to avenge Michael Reinoehl - who they lie about, calling his stalking and murder of Jay Danielson self defense. They use an image of pedophile Kenneth Deberry sucker punching a Trump supporter as promo material.” The Base: “Avenge Michael Reinoehl - Week of Action Dec 3-10th From RAM NYC. Take action to help us honor a fallen comrade and to draw attention to an extrajudicial assassination by the US regime.” “Stop honoring Nazi colonizers.” Overnight, Antifa defaced Ulysses S. Grant High School in Portland in a direct action. Grant was the general who led the Union Army in the Civil War. “Portland’s Black BLM Activists Say They’re Done with ‘White’ Antifa, Want ‘Separation.’” [Grab the popcorn.] Seattle businesses suffer millions in property damages in wake of George Floyd protests. Damage from civil unrest following the death of George Floyd could top a record $2 billion nationwide. In Seattle, the price tag for the property damage since May amounts to millions of dollars for small mom-and-pop shops as well as big retailers. [Cost of Survival: Seattle small biz tackle pandemic and property damage from civil unrest.]

  27. Palantir up to $29.05/share. Would you look at that? Go Woke, Go Broke, Red Pills Pay Bills. Listen to Aries, get Berries. Hope you listened. What happened with all the cryptocurrency? Massive downfall… is this the correction Aries was telling us? This is what we said, yes. You have to retrace to shake and let it breathe. Btc already corrected back up 1400 from the low. Watch us wait a couple days and then move again. No selling? I’m not. It’s a longer term play with anything in crypto. Thanks. Got in panic mode. Hodl! Crypto correction comes because of this news. “Upcoming suspension of cryptocurrencies. In response to the FCA’s policy statement on cryptocurrencies: "PS20/10: Prohibiting the sale to retail clients of investment products that reference cryptoassets.” After a long conference call this mainly will affect early adaptors, 2015 hodl-ers who cannot prove anymore how they got their crypto assets. Everyone that got in cryptos with still existing exchanges doesn’t have to worry too much and should just keep track of what is going on. Only matters if you wish to cash out more than capital gains allowance or taxable income anyhow. No one should need to withdraw more than like £12k a year with a secondary income anyhow. News Wire: “NYT planning to publish a negative story about Coinbase. The story will allege that several Black employees had negative experiences at Coinbase over the last few years. The story will likely imply that Black employees were discriminated against during this process; this is false.” U.S. Treasury May Crack Down on Bitcoin Self-Custody: Coinbase CEO. Coinbase chief executive Brian Armstrong commented on rumors of an alleged plan by the U.S. Treasury to crack down on self-custody. Untrue. Bitcoin Correction-was the result of hitting the 1st measured move of the parabolic run we’ve been in. Move has 0 to do with the news and everything to do with profit taking at an area of value.

  28. Joe Biden urges nation to ‘forgo family traditions’ on Thanksgiving. A Thanksgiving like no other: Thousands of desperate Texans wait in line at drive-thru food bank in hope of getting one of the 7,000 frozen turkeys ahead of the holiday. Thousands of cars form lines to collect food in Texas. Thousands of people lined up for groceries at a food bank distribution event in Dallas, Texas, this weekend, with organizers saying the Covid-19 pandemic has increased need in the city. Oregon: Thanksgiving is illegal while crack is legal. Does this mean Crack is no longer wack? Only in Oregon. They decriminalized it. Can’t Thanksgiving but can give away free LSD at the park. Hah! Never say never… never say die… walk away from my window Biden. You represent death and mediocrity. Fuck Oregon! Actually, that state is already fucked.] Federal Judge: Kentucky’s Governor Cannot Shut Down Christian Schools. Governors take heat for violating their own coronavirus restrictions. Several top Democrats have come under criticism in recent days for violating the coronavirus restrictions they imposed on their own states and cities in hopes of curbing the spread of the pandemic. Governor Mike Parson: “The holidays are coming, and as the Governor of the State of Missouri, I am not going to mandate who goes in the front door of your home. Government has no business going through the front door of your homes to decide how many members of your family are there, how many are not.” Melbourne teenager is choked unconscious and thrown to the floor like a rag doll by hotel security, for not wearing a mask. [Fat fuck needs to spend some time in jail for this. Wtf?! Why so many of this kind of news comes from Australia? I’m bout to stack packing on weight… get to the 400+ club and let them escort me out lol. An armed society is a polite society. Sure champion.] More New Wearable COVID Tech That Constantly Tracks and Zaps People. Experts continue to warn about the privacy risks and violations associated with this. Nevertheless, more wearables are being introduced. [LOL. I can’t wait for the Rebellion to take out anyone who took part in this agenda.] China has not only “exported” coronavirus drama to the world – but continues to export its high technology, including that which is supposed to help fight the pandemic and control the population. In his address during this past weekend to a G20 summit, Chinese President Xi Jinping offered other countries a piece of citizen-tracking tech that is widely deployed in his own, and is supposedly credited with helping curb the epidemic there. Reclaim the Net: “China offers to share its coronavirus citizen surveillance tech with the world. No thanks.” After warnings to avoid travel, Denver Mayor Hancock flies to visit family for Thanksgiving. Denver Mayor Michael has told people to avoid travel in order to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, which is at record levels in the city. [Lol bet Red Faction will be giving him a black eye for violating the Agenda.]

  29. Bill Gates predicts when the next pandemic will arrive. Covid-19 vaccines developed by Pfizer and BioNTech are awaiting FDA approval but the tech billionaire warns that another virus is inevitable. [This mofo… There you have it. Knucklehead lays out the timeline and the projected permanent cuts to business and travel. Like he has any authority. But be prepared to see tweets and statements from Jackhole and Fuckwhistle (Dorsey and Zuckerberg) reiterating the same in the coming days and weeks. This article is from just over a week ago. I’m going to have to look for comments from them mimicking the same numbers. We need a new Magna Carta. Instead of forcing a king to sign it we need big tech to sign it.] Edward Snowden on the Dangers of Silicon Valley Censorship - System Update with Glenn Greenwald. Jack Posobiec: “Twitter has suspended COL Doug Mastriano after leading the PA Senate Hearing today about election fraud.” [So now Twitter is banning the senators who spoke at the hearing today.Red controlled area and the seat of Big Tech? Yes plus the Chinese bribing every California politician does not help. Look at what they did. They destroyed the economy now these 40 Million individuals will be the first to sign up for The Great Reset. Mark my words.] 30-40 Million People in America Could Be Evicted from Their Homes by the End of 2020. New research shows that without significant federal intervention, the COVID-19 housing crisis will result in widespread evictions and an increase in homelessness. [Makes one understand “Cathy Don’t Go” even better. Dangerous times we are living in. Insane. This is 2009. 1989. “Knucklehead, Jackhole, and Fuckwhistle.” I just got done cooking and I’m over here giggling like a moron. Breed no evil, tweet no evil, share no evil.] Derek Utley: “Donald Trump should sign an executive order freezing all Federal spending with big tech. They should not get a penny of taxpayer dollars.” EU to Allow Companies Access to Private Data to Boost Innovation. The European Union has proposed new rules to allow companies access to public and personal data, an effort to compete with U.S. and Asian giants and encourage innovation in areas like climate change and health. [Big Tech Censorship Here We Come.]

  30. Former Pfizer VP: ‘No need for vaccines,’ ‘the pandemic is effectively over.’ Dr. Mike Yeadon, Pfizers former Vice President and Chief Scientist for Allergy & Respiratory, states that the drive for a universal vaccine has the whiff of evil which he will oppose … vigorously. Sanford Health CEO Kelby Krabbenhoft departs after he said he wouldn’t wear a mask. Ginkgo Bioworks To Expand Biosecurity and Pandemic Response Platform with $1.1B Federal Loan. Approved for up to $1.1B in support from the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation to accelerate vaccine manufacturing and COVID-19 testing infrastructure. [Ahem. miette057 - the government just loaned Ginkgo Bioworks $1 billion dollars for creation of Rapid Covid saliva testing. Onto this since, what? March? I feel like we had everything in March. It’s all just now being confirmed. I started digging into them around February, but it was probably early March before the whole picture started to reveal itself. I knew about Pfizer and the eugenics campaign against Africans in Israel for a few years, it was on a whim that I decided to see if I could tie Gates to it. Boy howdy could I ever. You were digging up his damage in India and other parts of Africa. It all fits together like the world’s creepiest jigsaw puzzle.] Disclose TV: “U.S. doctors urge the CDC to warn Americans that the first COVID-19 vaccine doses could leave them “feeling unwell” - to make sure they follow up for the second injection.” [I’m a peaceful guy. The attempt to force something into my body against my will (or otherwise threaten my life) will be met with an incredibly swift and extremely violent response in the form of self defense. “A vaccine stimulus is the shot in the arm our country needs.” [Lol. Get sterilized, get paid. Gates, Fauci and Klaus are nuts. Kinda like this guy. Hidden in plain sight in Utopia on Amazon Prime. This is the plan. Mass Sterilization in exchange for freedom of movement. This was the plan for the Club of Rome. This is what Gates wants. This is what Fauci wants. This is what Klaus wants. This is what the Bilderberg wants. This is what the World Economic Forum wants. This is what the Red Faction wants. This is what Big Tech and the Mass Media is supporting.] Boris Johnson Says Anti-Vaxxers Are ‘Wrong’ But Confirms COVID Vaccine Won’t Be Compulsory. The Prime Minister has urged everyone to get a vaccine for the coronavirus as ’soon as it is available’. During a Downing Street news conference yesterday, Boris Johnson said that while vaccination would not be compulsory, the anti-vaccination campaigners are ‘wrong’. ‘I totally reject the propaganda of the anti-vaxxers. They are wrong,’ he said. ‘Vulnerable people who need a vaccine should definitely get a vaccine … everybody should get a vaccine,’ he added. [Not a movie. It’s a series on Amazon called “Utopia.” It’s a remake of the original that was on channel 4 many years ago.] “I sexually identify as a KUKA Industrial Robot.” - Klaus Schwab. [Math adds up.]

  31. Vandenberg No Longer Considered for Space Force Headquarters. Vandenberg Air Force Base (VAFB) is officially out of the running for the U.S. Space Command Headquarters. [Pay attention. The six candidate locations. The six locations include Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico; Offutt AFB, Nebraska; Patrick AFB, Florida; Peterson AFB, Colorado; Port San Antonio, Texas; and Redstone Army Airfield, Alabama. Why was California eliminated? CA is going crazy, no way something that important may be at the hands of shady politicians. So no way in hell will the Wizards set up shop in corrupt California. My Bets on FL, TX, AL. NM, CO unlikely. There is a lot of chatter about a 6 Star General being reinstated at the Pentagon. GENERAL OF THE ARMIES. There have only been two six-star “generals of the armies.” The first man promoted to it was John J. Pershing in 1919 in honor of his leadership during World War I. There were proposals to promote five-star general Douglas MacArthur to the rank from 1945 through his death in 1964, though those efforts failed. Later, in 1976, an accomplished three-star general named George Washington (yes, that one) was posthumously promoted by Congress to the rank of “General of the Armies of the United States,” with the note that he shall “have rank and precedence over all other grades of the Army, past or present.” The following Americans have been promoted to five-star rank:
    Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy - 15 December 1944
    General of the Army George Marshall - 16 December 1944
    Fleet Admiral Ernest King - 17 December 1944
    General of the Army Douglas MacArthur - 18 December 1944
    Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz - 19 December 1944
    General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower - 20 December 1944
    General of the Army & Air Force Henry H. Arnold - 21 December 1944 & 7 May 1949
    Fleet Admiral William Halsey, Jr. - 11 December 1945
    General of the Army Omar Bradley - 20 September 1950
    General of the Armies George Washington - 4 July 1976, with an effective appointment date of 4 July 1776.
    Jacksonville, FL is slated for a space port and Camden Cty GA is vying for some sort of space thing as well. Yeah I learned of this recently my mind worked out that they don’t want to be on a coastline. The direction of action that needs their attention is up :point_up: and down​:point_down:, sky and earth, above and below. They don’t need the distractions coming in by water on the from either side. (Or the access by water.) For that reason, I eliminated Florida from the list also. My money would be on AL, NE, TX or CO. Gut says Alabama.]

  32. Covid Combat Fatigue: ‘I Would Come Home With Tears in My Eyes.’ Doctors and nurses on the front lines are running on empty, under increasing duress as the pandemic surges and hospitals are overrun with patients. [If this was true why are they being laid off??? Doctors and Nurses Are Running on Empty. Without giving too much away via opsec. Medical workers at this time are not overworked. Far from it. Many are refused “leave” but at busy with standard “lists” and non-covid predicaments, Especially in the UK. It’s a cute puff piece. We’ve had doctors who are members of Doomsday laid off due to the inactivity at hospitals. Exactly. My wife stands to lose 20+ days of holiday this year as not allowed to take it for fear of causing “understaffing” but there is no covid rush. We are under “bedded” for this time of the year compared to the last 10 years ACROSS the WHOLE OF THE UK. I understand but remember maintain OpSec. “I work i.a. also in an intensive care unit in northern Germany. We have 8 beds, 6 of which are ventilation places, which cannot actually be operated with the available staff (nursing staff). Often you have to turn a blind eye when it comes to the number of staff required in an intensive care unit. (Patient / nurse / shift <2.5) One floor below in the isolation ward there have been 6 more ventilation beds since April. … at least that’s what they say. The door is locked, I don’t know anyone who has seen it, and the 12 or so intensive care nurses you would need for the 6 beds would have probably starved to death behind this door by now. It is annoying to get patients requiring intensive care through the emergency services, who cannot actually be adequately cared for. You cannot communicate to the outside that the capacities are being used to full capacity. Formally, they are not. Ultimately, we will take care of the patients who come to us, despite and not thanks to our management. A few weeks ago she turned our large isolation ward (the “green” area for suspected cases) into a geriatric rehabilitation ward. The premises can be used more lucratively (this is how it was even justified). We are currently unable to adequately isolate ventilated Covid cases. It’s not an opinion, it’s a fact. To change this would mean suspending elective operations and thus a source of income, since spatial renovations would have to be carried out in the intensive care unit. Then you lose bed capacity through locks that you need for 90 year old hips and so on. A sister clinic, which had previously taken over the patients requiring ventilation, stopped working together on a Saturday by telephone, also in order not to endanger their elective program. If it gets hairy, everyone is next to himself. The recommendation that staff caring for Covid patients should not come into contact with other non-infected people or staff from other departments cannot logically be implemented without deploying more staff. This is not wanted. For reasons of cost, overtime has to be reduced and not accumulated. I prefer e.g. in the isolation ward (yes, those with the proven infected), drink my coffee there and then actually go to all other wards, including the maternity ward, to care for my patients. For reasons of cost, corona tests are not carried out regularly on the staff, although this is required (except for proven contact category I (see RKI) in which case we are actually tested). Last week I carried out quick tests on all staff with a cold in my work environment (all contact persons category III). I see a real chance of getting problems, after all, a test costs a frightening 6 € to buy. But it was worth it to me. It’s just not fun doing my job right now. That frustrates my colleagues and me. Many are now fleeing to doctors’ offices in the medium term or reporting sick. If we didn’t all have such a strange sense of duty to the patients and remaining colleagues, even though we are just simple employees at the end of the day, we would all be thrown out. Retired doctors are currently being recruited for the vaccination centers. Would I like my father to do something like this instead of practicing social distancing at home?“ - Report by anon from Germany. “Already in July it became apparent that a few intensive care beds probably only exist for accounting purposes.” ‘The federal government paid and continues to pay daily flat rates to the hospitals for intensive care beds that have been kept free. Oh oh so that’s it! Well that explains a lot of course. However, the number of usable intensive care beds has been falling continuously since October.” “(Time series tab, third graphic from above). In addition to a lack of staff due to quarantine, I also regrettably consider too many beds reported by some hospital operators to be conceivable. Such a bluff would have worked well in summer with few sick people, but autumn and winter want to be seen. And a couple of clinics have made themselves honest. Or it wasn’t even a bluff but - is there a comparative to incompetence?” “There are enough intensive care beds, but not the staff.” “The number of operational intensive care beds included not only the existing beds and ventilators, but also the staff required for treatment. This is missing, but the existing beds are not operational without staff.” They set up a corona emergency hospital in Berlin. Are they hoping that staff will settle there by themselves, as in Dungeon Keeper?“ “By the way, temporary workers work in intensive care units in Germany. I am an intensive care nurse at a temporary employment agency. If you haven’t looked so far because you didn’t want to know the details for fear that they might be terrible, then you have assessed the situation completely correctly. Here is his answer to how he deals with the risk of infection: Well: it’s my job. Before that, I had dealt with sick and contagious patients. For example those with tuberculosis or resistant germs. The only difference now is that before that there was always sufficient protective equipment and personnel available. Oh come on, who needs protective equipment and personnel! This is only about a pandemic with immunocompromised patients in the intensive care unit. Nothing can happen there. Therefore, infected carers are allowed to continue working. What concerns me more than the risk of infection: Still no new concepts have been presented. There is no incentive to take up the nursing profession now. But on the contrary. Instead, even infected nurses and doctors should continue to work. Great plan. If someone dies, that was God’s plan, wasn’t it? After all, the hospital made a lot of trouble with the last few days before death. Hey, wait, if we already have an intensive care nurse on the line, we can ask him what to think of the occupancy statistics that go around there and look like there’s still air!Some of the intensive care beds that are always reported there - in truth, they are not beds in intensive care units. These are emergency beds. Provisional ventilation places. At other stations, in other rooms. He then says: it may be that they have a ventilator or not. In any case, the staff is not trained to deal with intensive care patients and suddenly has to do things that they have never done before. Oh, and: you have to work in shifts. Yes, but at least there are still beds free! 1!! Well… When I say that, for example, we have 25 Covid patients in our intensive care unit - the response I often get is “Really, just?”. Many are not even aware of the situation. The intensive care units were already full before Corona. There were maybe one or two beds free. But not anymore. It’s good that we clarified that. OK, but politics has that under control. I mean, they set the course, didn’t they? At least get informed? For example, I have already been able to speak to Sahra Wagenknecht. She showed interest, listened to me for an hour and a half, and she still does. We are still in contact now, she asks how I am, my colleagues. Personally, not through third parties. I think that’s really great. Mr. Spahn has not yet responded to my inquiries. Yes, well, Spahn is also … uh … well he will also have other advisors. Expert advisors. From pharmaceutical companies or something. Update: Bayerischer Rundfunk takes a similar approach. The intensive care staff also criticized the fact that the DIVI’s intensive care register, which lists free intensive care beds, does not record the presence of dialysis machines. Smaller hospitals in particular often have no or only a few options for artificial blood washing. Every third corona intensive care patient needs this kidney replacement procedure. “The number of beds is wrong.” / “There capacities were reported that sprang from the imagination. They have been de-registered with the emergency services, but available beds at DIVI.” / “The other day someone was in the recovery room for two days and our reporting system said that intensive care beds were free.” Anonymized quotes from conversations with intensive care staff. The DIVI confirms the reports from the intensive care staff. In the BR interview, her spokesman, Professor Christian Karagiannidis, admits that there are individual clinics in which, among other things, managing directors pretend that a higher number of beds should be reported than is actually available.” [Wow. Well that’s FULL for the foot then.]

  33. Assuming the military retrieved the servers and not the CIA. early reports were that the “Army” retrieved them. I’m hoping the good guys got them and not the Swamp Cats. Asked and Aries replied when this broke about a week ago. Was advised the good guys. I’m paraphrasing. Hope it was, wouldn’t expect the clowns to break in and steal their own stuff, never mind let the word get out. Aries: Entire Military is Allied with POTUS. Invisible War has been going on for 2 years already. A large percentage is “woke” and just as bloated as the federal government that writes their checks. Don’t underestimate that. Well versed in the ways of the “establishment” And MIC. What’s scary about that server is unless it’s under Trump’s chair, it’s in the wind. I get that, that’s why I asked the question. Wouldn’t be the first time something just disappeared into the ether. Time will tell, we’re not directly in that part of the game (as far as I know), just spectators hoping our team wins the day. Sidney Powell: “Happy Kraken Day.” […is it kraken day yet? Apparently, it’s kraken day… LOL.] “Wikileaks: Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed.” [Agreed. I have a feeling Palantir’s been using it. Just a hunch. But they were supposedly doing “covid tracking,” which I’m thinking may have been more like “covid tracking tracking.” And that was one of the four Dominions. Hmmmmm—I’m not seeing this on Parler. Seems shopped. Maybe I’m wrong…Anyone else have insight? I didn’t see it on Parler either. Also, those accounts on Parler are fan made, not hers. Do you guys know what name was finally chosen for the new NHL hockey expansion team in Seattle?? “Coming Next Year to the N.H.L.: The Seattle Kraken. The team’s new name and logo reference a mythical sea monster that has taken on popular appeal in recent years. It is already being met with cheers. The Kraken will face off for the first time in the 2021-22 season, playing at the former home of the N.B.A.'s Seattle SuperSonics, still most familiar as Key Arena, but now named Climate Pledge Arena. That name was chosen by Amazon, which is redeveloping it and hopes to power it exclusively by renewable energy. Jul 23, 2020.” Oooh. Seattle’s regretting that in hindsight… awkward! LOL. Hearing is live. Dem’s have been caught. This is insane levels.] RSBN TV RSBNetwork: “LIVE: Pennsylvania State Legislature Holds Public Hearing on 2020 Election.” [I listened to the opening. Sounded insane. Had to go back to work. How are the witnesses? Naval generals serving counter intelligence and having their own Companies in the USA now “retired” from duty, have called loads of insane things like 30 usb drives disappearing or 80000 postal votes just vanishing. 1.2million pen votes could have been fraudulent… The number of actual req mail in ballots vs received vs votes made too was. JUST ON MACHINE VOTING. Not postal in that county… wow. The watchers in these states were all military trained counter operatives it seems. It literally seems like a setup and caught it all. LIVE: Pennsylvania State Legislature Holds Public Hearing on 2020 Election. Wednesday, November 25, 2020: At the request of Senator Doug Mastriano (R-Adams/Cumberland/Franklin/York), the Senate Majority Policy Committee is holding a public hearing Wednesday to discuss 2020 election issues and irregularities. Judge blocked certification.] 2013: US Spy Agency Boasts ‘Nothing Is Beyond Our Reach’ With New Logo. The secretive National Reconnaissance Office releases a new logo that has a lot of people talking. The Election Wizard: “A PA judge has blocked the commonwealth’s efforts to certify the 2020 election results.” Full video: Trump and Giuliani participate in hearing on voter fraud in Pennsylvania (Nov. 25). The First: “RudyGiuliani: Of the 600K votes added during curious “spikes” in PA, how many went to Biden? Witness: “I think our figures were about 570-some-odd-thousand.” "And how much for Trump? Witness: “I think it was a little over 3,200.” crowd erupts in gasps, laughter” [Senator just repeated that 1.8m were sent out and 2.5m mail in ballots were counted. 682,477 ghost ballots. Governor and SoS are now hiding elections from Republican legislators. COPE. 1.8M mail in ballots sent out. 2.5M mail in ballots counted in vote. Suspicious. I sense fuckery.] PA State Senator Dave Argall: “We have still received an enormous amount of information today.” "There is no doubt in my mind that we will pass legislation in the House and Senate based on what we have learned today.” President Trump calls into PA election hearing: “This was an election that we won easily. We won it by a lot… This election was rigged… This election has to be turned around because we won Pennsylvania by a lot and we won all of these swing states by a lot.” [Has any president EVER come out and said fraud has occurred and had evidence to back it up also?] Jim Hoft: “In Arizona There Were 35,000 Votes Given to Every Democrat Candidate Just to Start the Voting Off” — Sidney Powell Drops a MOAB on AZ DEMOCRATS — COULD FLIP STATE!” Judge blocks certification of Pennsylvania election results. Lin Wood: “20/20 is not year 3rd party bad actors planned to overthrow duly elected President at ballot box. They knew they would be caught red-handed. They were. Too obvious. They have other plans. Donald Trump is ready. Patriots are ready. Watch for whites of their Communist eyes. “Weather permitting, people across most locations on our planet will catch at least one of the lunar eclipses falling on . . . Nov. 29-30.” “And I will shew wonders in the heavens & in the earth, blood, & fire, & pillars of smoke.” - Joel 2:30 “The sun shall be turned into darkness, & the moon into blood, before the great & the terrible day of the LORD come.” - Joel 2:31 Pray for ALL. Do Patriots want to see TRUTH exposed about Bill Gates, George Soros & “the John Roberts” on Epstein flight logs or is just me? As we approach Thanksgiving 20/20, 80+M Patriots waiting to give thanks for indictments opening these gates: EpsteinPedoGate, DurhamRussiaGate, WeinerLapTopGate, HunterLapTopGate, HillaryGate, CommunistElectionTheftGate REVEAL EVERY LIE REVEAL EVERY CRIME LOCK ALL UP!” Cari Kelemen: “In Pennsylvania, 1.8 million mail-in ballots went out, and 2.5 million came back in.” “Election officials in various counties and municipalities also failed to enforce residency requirements, filled in missing information on absentee ballots, and willfully violated other explicit provisions of Wisconsin’s election code. The cities and counties where these violations occurred were among the six jurisdictions with reliably left-leaning populations that together received in excess of $6 million from the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), a left-leaning organization funded by $350 million donated by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Receipt of this funding was itself a violation of state law, jurisdictions that did not receive CTCL monies, on the other hand, generally followed state laws.” Big tech <-> election fraud connection, that we all knew existed, gets deeper. Murray: “Phill Kline, former Kansas Attorney General & current Director of the Amistad Project: “We already have suits in 6 states, but we’re filing more based on this new data. A series of decisions at the local level, funded & encouraged by the flow of $350M of Mark Zuckerburg.” Amistad Project Files Litigation Calling More Than 150,000 Wisconsin Ballots into Question. [Terrible things that have been happening in US big tech -> horrible things that have been happening in the legal and political systems -> They’re all part of the same bigger thing.] The Washington Times: “Pennsylvania state judge sides with GOP, halting election certification.” Trump: “Big news!” Ali: “Sidney Powell says she will file before midnight EST. Ready?” Sidney Powell: “The Kraken was just released on Georgia. Complaint being uploaded. Exhibits to follow. Also Release The Kraken in Michigan.” “THE KRAKEN HAS BEEN RELEASED - SIDNEY’S GA LAWSUIT HAS BEEN FORMALLY FILED. THIS IS NOT A DRILL SHE’S SUING THE GOVERNOR OF GEORGIA AND OTHERS.” WATERMARKS ARE REAL. “Another affiant testified about the use of different paper for ballots, that would constitute fraud stating: ‘I noticed that almost all of the ballots I reviewed were for Biden. Many batches went 100% for Biden. I also observed that the watermark on at least 3 ballots were solid gray instead of transparent, leading me to believe the ballot was counterfeit. I challenged this and the Elections Director said it was a legitimate ballot and was due to the use of different printers. Many ballots had markings for Biden only, and no markings on the rest of the ballot.’” I’m still reading the whole thing. Interesting stuff on multiple pages. I really hope this does something. Bubble world is so broken/fake/corrupt. While the Black World is a Type 2 break away civilization. This isn’t the real one? It’s full of spelling mistakes so would not have been approved and there is no case number on it. That must be the draft? Great read so far though. Big. Interesting new acronym. “MEGA. Make Executions Great Again.”

  34. Let’s see how the battle is doing tonight. Yes, sir. CIA Officer Killed in Combat in Somalia. Not many tonight. Reddit is a pretty good source too I’ll check those next time. There’s a sub for every city so it makes location easy. There’s been a lot of “unusual” firework activity reports over the last few days, specifically from those 4 countries. I’m not saying 9 Societies isn’t present in Latin America. They sure as hell are active in Mexico and Central America. I just have no idea who’s in charge of Latin American operations. We do have a Space Force base in Brazil and we all remember the crash in Brazil. “Alcântara Launch Center. The Alcântara Launch Center (Portuguese: Centro de Lançamento de Alcântara, CLA) is a satellite launching facility of the Brazilian Space Agency in the city of Alcântara, located on Brazil’s northern Atlantic coast.” Space Force took lead for the recovery of the crash while Brazilian Military Police to charge of the site. But like I said before all roads lead to Argentina. Please do keep up with Latin America. The thing is that we do use a lot of fireworks and as Catholics, everyday there is a saint to be celebrated. Neighborhood churches are usually devoted to a saint so there is always a pretext for fireworks, and not even the beautiful ones, but the ones that just make noise. Many of us know how to distinguish fireworks from gunshots since early age. So, when following traces, I’d look more for underground noises, cause if you look for “cuetes” or “balacera” you’ll just get a taste of everyday life. miumiu is covering Latin America. And yes, there’s a lot of HD activity going on. And doing a great job I think. This Weeks Nukes video had 2 entries from Mexico. Did you see it? “5 GHOST Videos That Are Pretty DANG SCARY Y’ALL. Top 5 SCARY videos of GHOSTS caught on camera, including a paranormal investigation into a crazy haunted house with SHOCKING paranormal activity.” Yeah I saw it, a school and a cemetery. Check out aliens/ ufo / ovnis over Popocatépetl volcano you’ll be amazed. Sometimes I spend the night looking at the streaming. Weird things happen almost everyday, and specially when there have been earthquakes or volcanic activity. Mainly between 3 and 5 am local time. “Volcán Popocatépetl En Vivo | Vista Tlamacas, Estado de México. Webcam en vivo 24/7 patrocinada por CENAPRED.” “Supuesto OVNI pasa por el Popocatépetl. Supuesto Ovni pasa por el Popocatépetl. Nuevamente un objeto extraño viaja por la boca del Popocatépetl.” “Los Avistamientos OVNI Más Espectaculares En El Popocatépetl Y En Colima. Carlos Clemente, investigador del fenómeno OVNI desde hace 23 años, nos presenta evidencia impresioante captada en el volcán de fuego de Colima y el Popocatépetl.” And so on… many cigar shaped objects. Sometimes a big light that appears to be “absorbed” by the volcano. Also huge rods and dark shades crawling into the crater. It’s fascinating. Go visit. (Kidding.) Glorious! Well I have. But lately access is controlled by the army cause volcano activity is becoming dangerous. When I visited (volcano was calmed) I was very spooked, lots of HD4 and HD2A… at that time I didn’t know this classification. Locals believe the volcano itself protects them, so they’re used to weird things happening and believe that if you “please” the mountain (throw offerings at the crater) there will be no problem. Some try their best to sneak out of army’s sight and approach the crater. Some think the volcano can turn into a man called Gregorio Popocatépetl. Hmm. Any unusual Helicopter Activity? I understand what you are saying, and if it wasn’t for people explicitly saying “this is unusual” in their tweets, then I would agree. (You can look at the report I posted 2 days ago for more evidence of what I mean.) I’m not saying it is or isn’t related to the war, but it is definitely data that exists and is showing a pattern, so I think it should at least be looked at. Definitely! All data is relevant, I’m just stressing the context could make it make it a bit more difficult to discern in Latin America. All military (3 up). All heli’s are non-mil except this h60 (blackhawk) over Indiana. Can you go back to daytime? For example, if I hear unusual firework activity in my neighborhood I check out if there are any religious festivities going on, if so, I relax (not my dogs though). If there are no discernible on-the-ground gunshots and no justifiable festivities I start to get paranoid. If there is underground shakes or noises then I start to really worry. And no, people don’t GAF about covid and still do their thing. Large fireworks display in Mexico city to "celebrate Disneyplus.” [Hmm.]

  35. 11/25
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Bahia Blanca, Argentina
    Valparaiso, Chile
    Guanajuato, Mexico
    Mexico City, Mexico
    San Luis Potosí, Mexico
    Sonora, Mexico
    Tabasco, Mexico
    Montevideo, Uruguay
    Los Angeles, CA
    Sacramento, CA
    San Bernardino, CA
    San Francisco, CA
    Miami, FL
    Atlanta, GA
    Chicago, IL
    Newark, NJ
    New Jersey
    NYC, NY (Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn)
    Boston, MA
    Philadelphia, PA
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Milwaukee, WI

  36. EAMs per UTC day:
    2020-11-08 ####################
    2020-11-09 #############
    2020-11-10 ##############
    2020-11-11 #######
    2020-11-12 #
    2020-11-13 ##################
    2020-11-14 ####
    2020-11-15 #####
    2020-11-16 #############
    2020-11-17 ####
    2020-11-18 ##################
    2020-11-19 #################################
    2020-11-20 ############
    2020-11-21 ##########
    2020-11-22 ###########
    2020-11-23 ###############
    2020-11-24 ###########
    2020-11-25 #####

  37. 29 Janets for 2020-11-25, Nevada time (PST). I probably missed 2 or 3 but that still makes the total below the usual average of around 40.
    0440 N869HH JANET55
    0511 N288DP JANET77
    0540 N319BD JAMET65
    0608 N365SR JANET43
    0610 N288DP JANET88
    0636 N859WP JANET31
    0654 N319BD JANET76
    0708 N365SR JANET54
    0710 N288DP JANET87
    0808 N319BD JANET53
    0810 N288DP JANET18
    0822 N365SR JANET17
    0907 N288DP JANET41
    0922 N273RH JANET19
    1007 N365SR JANET42
    1106 N365SR JANET46
    1134 N273RH JANET29
    1138 N869HH JANET64
    1221 N859WP JANET86
    1250 N869HH JANET47
    1319 N365SR JANET82
    1353 N288DP JANET34
    1358 N365SR JANET51
    1408 N319BD JANET74
    1507 N859WP JANET15
    1509 N869HH JANET48
    1518 N365SR JANET62
    1522 N319BD JANET37
    1559 N365SR JANET61