Azazel News #Recap 11/24/2020

  1. Refugees are starting to realize they are slave labor.

  2. Breaking911: “Oregon Man’s Truck Breaks Down, Is Foiled In Attempt To Steal 108 Rolls Of White Gold.”

  3. zerohedge: “Mississippi Cops Can Now Use Your Ring Doorbell Camera To Live Stream Your Neighborhood.” [Police now have access to Ring Cameras.]

  4. zerohedge: “Rich Americans Scrambling To Buy ‘Golden Passports’ To Second Country.” [Golden Passports are on the rise.]

  5. Iban Ameztoy: “Giant Iceberg A68 getting closer to South Georgia Island CopernicusEU Sentinel1 2020-11-21 A68a HD.” [So…what’s underneath that iceberg!?]

  6. Rapper Snoop Dog helps give out a frozen turkey at the City of Inglewood’s annual Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway during the coronavirus outbreak in Inglewood, California.

  7. Take Notice: Evergreen Intel: “Interesting dance partner. RC-135W Rivet Joint over discrete portions of NE Nevada with unknown contact AE5E50. CORVS55 is RC-135W 62-4132 (AE01CF). As seen only using MLAT/MODE S.”

  8. Scott Peterson, thousands of California inmates carried out ‘staggering’ Covid fraud, officials say. “The fraud is honestly staggering,” a prosecutor said. [Clownifornia, USA continues spinning donuts of stupidity.]

  9. ‘Health passports’ for air travel mean mandatory Covid-19 vaccines cloaked in the illusion of choice. An airline lobbying group has volunteered its service as private-sector enforcer for the Covid vaccine mandates many countries have promised not to enact.

  10. USS John S. McCain challenges Russia’s claims to Peter the Great Bay in Sea of Japan. A guided-missile destroyer based at Yokosuka Naval Base took part in a freedom of navigation operation aimed at challenging Russia’s “excessive maritime claims,” officials said.

  11. Doctors say CDC should warn people the side effects from Covid vaccine shots won’t be 'a walk in the park.’ Doctors urge the CDC to be transparent about the side effects people may experience after getting their first shot of a coronavirus vaccine.

  12. Saikripa: “IA has deployed large diameter Hume reinforced concrete pipes dug in tunnels 2 shelter d troops from enemy attack, freezing T° & snow blizzards 2 pre-empt transgressions w/o being exposed 2 enemy fire. These 6-8 feet pipes allow troops 2 move underground.”

  13. “Oh boy, I sure love being a scientist working on the Apollo program. I wonder why I’ve got so many Argentinian coworkers with German accents.” [Tripping Through Time. Head of NASA rocket design, Plum Island, and many many more. Everyone knows about Operation Paperclip, right?]

  14. Sam Altman: “When you learn that you can learn anything, you are willing to take on anything. And when you learn that you can win with execution speed alone, you are willing to take on anyone. Warning: you can succeed by outsmarting or outworking people, but to really succeed you usually have to do both.” [Words of wisdom.]

  15. Sukhoi Su-57 Felon: “Israeli Air Force pilot, cadet killed in crash in South! The dead were identified as flight instructor, Itay Zaiden, 42, from Kibbutz Shoval, a major in reserves who flew F-16s, and corporal Lihu Ben-Bassa, 19, from Rishon Lezion, who was 4 months into IAF’s training program.” [New Off-World Recruits.]

  16. EPIC. MUST WATCH TILL END. Former Special Forces and Navy SEALs talk about BLM, Leftist Mobs, KyIe, Wisconsin. Remember many Americans are capable on having a MOV (Monopoly On Violence). [We are not to be silent when the innocent are run down. Yes there is a certain point when men who have done great violence on behalf of others and their country are going to get sick of it and start hunting. It’s not a fight to us it’s a hunt.]

  17. Penguin Random House staffers broke down in tears over release of Jordan Peterson book: report. A new report shows inner turmoil that is apparently taking place Penguin Random House Canada over the publisher’s release of a book written by Canadian clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson. [Wokism strikes again? His stuff has changed post drug addiction - seems like he’s following a script. Doesn’t seem the same. Old Jordan better.] Progressives Declare War on Asians, Meritocracy and STEM. Progressives all across America have declared war on Asians, meritocracy, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). [Keep Succeeding!!! Leave them behind! Do not apologize for excellence.]

  18. Breaking911: “As a result of the data breach at Home Depot, intruders obtained the names, payment card numbers, expiration dates and security codes of more than 40 million people.” [Underreported and absolutely unacceptable. The data hacked shows purchases. Imagine mapping generator locations nationwide. I think this is just following up that home depot has to pay out money. As a result of the data breach at Home Depot, intruders obtained the names, payment card numbers, expiration dates and security codes of more than 40 million individuals between April 10, 2014 and September 13, 2014. So I think the hack was in 2014.] Kevin Abosch: “I’ve seen what looks like legit proof of 5000 compromised Parler accounts including DM’s of some well-known figures. Hackers decompiled the app, zero day exploit etc… I wish I could unsee what I’ve seen.” [Parler might have gotten "hacked.” I’m thinking it was a feature tho.]

  19. The Dindu: “Breaking Google to discontinue ‘reverse image search’ service, which will result in mass unemployment in India.” [Tech locking down osint tools. Now they are coming for Open Source Intelligence. [Build redundancy into your research capabilities (AND YOUR BUSINESSES). Never rely on one suite of tools even if one happens to be your preference because you never know if it’ll go under, get politicized, or have some functionality restriction attached to it meant to tie your hands. Never build a business on top of someone else’s platform unless you can survive that part of your business tanking - if they go, YOU go. Look up reverse image search if this affects you. Google is HARDLY the only game in town.] YouTube Deletes Dr. Hodkinson Audio in Telling act of Censorship. Society has taken 10 steps back in 2020. My concern is we won’t regain even half of them during 2021, and beyond. Brace for censorship. Groups are experiencing it here on TG. We are fine. This is not a regular group or channels. That’s for sure. Thank you for all the work you do here to prepare people and educate them. Sharing knowledge is what the dark ones do not do at all.

  20. Wag the Dog (1997). Full Movie. Re/watch Wag the Dog with fresh eyes and relate the tactics used to control public sentiment to what’s happening now. [Seeding false info to MSM (using close/trusted sources to do so) essentially a confidence scheme. Having an unwritten nondisclosure pact (enforced by death e.g. CIA heart attack gun). Use combo of ‘trusted sources’ to control narrative (e.g. media, artists, government officials). Seed ‘viral’ catchy phrases throughout. Enough people in the right positions working in concert can or orchestrate BIG things. The # of people is shockingly small actually. Additionally, the public were made to seem like complacent sheep and the media made to look like they do ZERO other than report sources (not doing ANY fact checking or verifying of their own). SO many parallels to today… Indeed, watch Spider-Man: Far From Home. See if you can decipher it now. Fun fact. Edward Bernays’ nephew is the founder and CEO of Netflix. All a coincidence I’m sure…] Dave Chappelle calls for ‘Chappelle’s Show’ boycott; Netflix removes sketch series. [Respect.]

  21. The Watchers: “Massive floods hit Israel after one of the rainiest days in the country’s history.” Heavy Snowfall Closes 86-km-long Road in Kashmir, Northern India. The snow-laden northern mountains are also causing temperature records to fall in the nation’s capital located to the south. At least 17 fatalities after floods and landslides hit Antioquia, Colombia. At least 17 people have been killed, 12 were injured and more than 10 remain missing after several days of heavy rain caused floods and landslides in northwestern Colombia. Massive floods hit Israel after one of the rainiest days in the country’s history. Dozens of people were rescued in several parts of Israel after exceptionally heavy rains triggered severe flooding from Friday, November 20 through Sunday, November 22, 2020. Tropical Storm “Nivar” expected to cross Tamil Nadu and Puducherry coasts on November 25, India. Tropical Storm “Nivar” formed in the Bay of Bengal on November 24, 2020, prompting the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) to issue cyclone warnings for the coast of Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, and Sri Lanka. Massive wildfire scorches half of Fraser Island - Queensland, Australia. A massive bushfire is burning across Fraser Island off Queensland’s coast, scorching up to 74 km (46 miles) as of November 23, 2020-- it has covered more than half of the 122 km (76 miles) long island since it was first reported in mid-October.

  22. Vikas Lohchab: “India blocks 43 Chinese apps, under Sec 69A of d Inf Tech Act. Action taken based on inputs regarding these apps for engaging in activities prejudicial to India’s sovereignty, integrity, defense, security and public order.” The Avenger: “Ladakh: Indian Army has deployed large diameter Hume reinforced concrete pipes in dug in tunnels to shelter the troops from enemy attack and surprise the adversary. THIS allows troops to easily move underground from one location to other without being exposed to enemy fire.” [What you should be asking is how have they been able to drill so rapidly.] Wen Lii: “Wu shared personal experiences growing up in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, which in the past was considered on the “frontline” of defense against nationalist troops in Taiwan/Matsu. Many similarities exist, including an abundance of bunkers and underground tunnels along the coast.” Eva 郑 عائشة: “Clean underground water supply, 24H hot water shower for border troops along China-India Border - PLA has completed construction of drilled water wells for border posts, 3 at alt 5,000m n 10 at alt 4,000m, w/ the installation of electrical heat tracing system for freeze protection.” [Starting to think this is more than just a regular border dispute between the 2.] COL LAMBA (one man army): “The PLA has built tunnel shelters to house aircraft at Lhasa air base and underground pens to house nuclear ballistic missile submarines in Hainan Islands in South China Sea. India has concrete pipe tunnels as shelters & for movements of troops.” Ummm. WTF. WindTalker: “I’m watching Red Dawn (1984) with my uncle and grandpa. Grandpa keeps saying, “Pay attention. It’s coming.” Captain Jeff W (Starfleet): “Did you see the reboot?” WindTalker: “Yes but it pissed me off that the Chinese forced the producer to make the enemy Korea instead of China. Especially now that China has actually infiltrated. Shit ton of Chinese already on Navajo Rez growing massive pot farms. Feds tried to shut it down but they went underground. Now it appears they’re trafficking women off the Reservation. Not to mention the tens of thousands of troops in Canada.”

  23. Is the downturn still coming? I’d rather wait for hit to hit 13k to buy it up again. That low? It just keeps going up (which is great!) But I recall Aries saying it was gonna go down then bounce back and to buy low so I’m just wondering if the low is still in future or if its past. (I’m aware Aries is NOT a financial advisor.) Keep buying incrementally regardless. If you see it dip, buy more. It’s going to go even higher over time anyway. It won’t matter. But you optimize by taking advantage of the dips. Thanks, that settles it. It will retrace, support at 16.4k ish is good to hold right now, so just buy weekly and watch and learn the waves. Go short now then. I wouldn’t put it out of the realm of possibility that BTC sees a correction, but I see the overall trend as up, so respectfully I disagree on taking profits at this time and prefer to just dollar cost average in more. I might leave some on the table by not being a more active trader, but I’m willing to assume that risk in exchange for negating the risk that I miss out on a bigger upward trend. Granted - I’m not an active trader. I look for Peter Thiel style zero to one long term investments with outsized potential, and I view crypto as one space where this can happen. Word to the wise, this Thanksgiving: SHUT THE FUCK UP about your Bitcoins/Bits. Do not FOMO your parents or grandparents or asshole uncle. Just shut the fuck up about it. Testify! Adding bitcoin to the list of OpSec IRL subjects. Heard. Has anybody an eye on altcoins? Rising dramatically. When do you think the peak is coming? Not yet. Key to find a diamond in the rough in there. Many have already ran. Watch the lower m’cap ones. Pretty much don’t tell anyone anything about what you have or what you’re doing unless they’re on your team and you’re making plans together or you know you’re going to trade with them or partner up with them and you already know everyone plays nice in the sandbox. If there’s any doubt, no matter who they are, keep it to yourself. If you tend to misjudge people and end up disappointed, absolutely keep it to yourself. Also, I would add if the person doesn’t understand what’s happening and hasn’t gone through Solomon yet, keep it to yourself. Use common sense and play it close to the chest. Fools rally atm. Coins annually drop in Feb, don’t they? I need Lambo though. Shitcoins are pumping. Told enough coworkers to get on this train. No that my portfolio is looking nice, I def will shut up. The hate and envy some people get… Ripple: XRP price explodes by 60% - possible reasons and expert opinions. Ripple’s XRP has risen more than 57% in the last 24 hours to a price of $0.73, reaching an all-time high in 2020.

  24. Shortages. Kyyyyyyle: “CocaCola still can’t find any caffeine free coca cola your website says there’s some at a store but the when I went they didn’t have any.” Travis: “Wife went to the grocery store (we are legit outta groceries not some panic buying rube), TP, soup, crackers, flour and bread already empty on the shelves. People are fucking clowns.” Billy: “The toilet paper shelves are empty again at the grocery store. What the hell?” Felita Evans: “Winn Dixie, empty grocery in two loc here, and knightdale, western blvd. Empty poor, no merchandise. Whatsoever, shipment tell city of Raleigh NC Mary, manager.” shu: “Like no garlic??? The GHETTO.” Katie Has Kids: “The grocery store only had the fancy clear bottle orange juice in stock today so I hope that means no one’s entertaining this weekend. And if you are, shame on you for not serving the good stuff when it might be one your guests’ last meals.” Jessika Guse: “What’s not pictured is myself along with about 15 others waiting for ground beef to be restocked at Costco like tigers waiting for their prey… Managed to get one, but just like the beef, other stock at grocery stores are starting to dwindle.” bee⁷: “And the reason I’m asking you guys is because I’m too anxious to go out + I feel like my mom is lying to me about its stock when she goes to buy groceries because she has never approved of buying me lysol.” New Beginning: “I ordered lettuce with my grocery list and they were out of stock!!” holly: “Ordered fennel seeds in my grocery delivery, but the brand I chose was out of stock. Instead of looking at other brands or even somewhat other spices, my shopper suggested cream of tartar as a replacement.” Peace Love & Hockey: “Yep…no turkey tho. Was out of stock when they pulled my grocery order. But really it’s fine. I have some frozen chicken I need to use up.” tabresha (she/her): “ATTN grocery stores. Black people use white corn meal not yellow corn meal. Please stock appropriately.” Szayel: “I ran into a Black family at Walmart while looking for a certain spice. When I realized that the spice wasn’t in stock, I got my other groceries & went to another store. Guess who I ran into again at that other store? The same Black family, who was also looking for a spice.” Poison Ivy: “Been to 3 grocery stores and haven’t been able to find any banana creme pie, has anyone seen some in stock?” Unofficial Soldier’s Heavy Pulse Rifle: “Ordered salad from grocery store (with other groceries) cuz I was feeling crap about McDonald’s and they said it was out of stock after I placed order.” Jay on that fanfic grind: “What do my local grocery stores have against dark roast coffee? Why do they only stock like two brands in low numbers?? Why do they fear good taste?” Moving Pictures: “Boxes of powdered water are flying off the shelves. Grocery stores cannot keep them in stock.” [I didn’t know this was a thing. Had to search for what it was.]

  25. Michael P Senger: “Totalitarianism is a virus. It starts with a single aberrant individual/cell, and pathologically corrupts, replicates, and kills by any available means. Any policy from a totalitarian China, including lockdowns, should be presumed to be advancing this singular goal.” China’s Global Lockdown Propaganda Campaign. Inside the CCP’s use of social media bots and other disinformation tactics to promote its own response to the coronavirus pandemic and attack its critics. Jim Hoft: “Edison May Cut Off Power to Southern California Homes on Thanksgiving to 'Prevent Fires.’” [Power Drain, but what is it powering?] Lord Sumption: Our lives belong to us, not the state. It’s morally wrong for government control freaks to tell us what we can do at Christmas. Not The Bee: “Cuomo calls cops who refuse to enforce Covid holiday restrictions "dictators.” Toronto restaurant opens in defiance of COVID19 lockdown orders. People’s City Council - Los Angeles: “Eric Garcetti says “don’t attend any Thanksgiving gatherings”… meanwhile, Mayor Of LA’s neighbor is seemingly preparing for an outdoor party.” [Rules are for the poor.] Disclose TV: “Lockdown to be eased in France on December 15th. However, a national curfew from 9 pm to 7 am will be imposed after this date, which will be lifted only on the evenings of December 24th and 31st.” Arresting the father because the child had no mask when the officers are not wearing masks. I live in Georgia, this is NUTS and look at the cops they aren’t wearing a mask. TOTALITARIANISM. They arrest me and I am suing for my constitutional rights. 𝕮𝖍𝖎: “Ungood. Percentage of adults living in households not current on rent or mortgage where eviction or foreclosure in the next two months is either very likely or somewhat likely.” [That is not good. Foreclosure/eviction ban was done through CDC and to my knowledge hasn’t been challenged yet. The govt has backed itself into a dangerous corner.] New Mexico governor shuts down grocery stores for two weeks. A dozen grocery stores around the state have been forced to close for two weeks because of a public health order issued by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham at a time when the state’s residents are suffering from record high unemployment and food insecurity, critics say. [Wow. Brutal no? They really want “clean streets.” Pandemic achieves that as a goal. Bet they will hear a ton of fireworks.] Victor Davis Hanson laments New Zealand’s COVID-19 quarantine ‘camps’ as end of personal freedom. Hoover Institution senior fellow Victor Davis Hanson condemned New Zealand’s institution of coronavirus quarantine “camps” on “The Ingraham Angle” Tuesday. [This is insane! NZ has “Quarantine Camps”? Please provide facts to support that claim. Yes, New Zealand does have forced quarantine.] Forced Isolation May Be the Only Way to Stop Resurgence of Virus. Flare-ups from Australia to Japan show the world hasn’t learned an early lesson from the coronavirus crisis: to stop the spread, those with mild or symptom-free coronavirus infections must be forced to isolate, both from their communities and family. [And they voted again for the Prime Minister who enacted the forced quarantine. The article said “Camps”. Quite different to the luxurious hotels that are in fact used. NZ also has fleets of big trucks with water tanks and pumps, and when a fire occurs we similarly stop it spreading and prevent the outbreak from causing more damage. Many other countries have similar policies.] Bill Melugin: “Dr. Barbara Ferrer just recommended to the LA County Board of Supervisors that all public or private gatherings outside of one’s household be prohibited except for outdoor church services and protests, citing rising cases and a fear that hospitals will be overrun. Dr. Ferrer points out that the homeless population is exempted from L.A. County’s curfew of 10pm-5am. Dr. Christina Ghaly says L.A. County has enough physical hospital beds/rooms for a potential surge in hospitalizations, but there are concerns about having enough staffing to handle such a surge. L.A. County Supervisor Janice Hahn says she has never experienced the kind of public blowblack she’s dealing with now after Dr. Ferrer’s decision to restrict outdoor dining at restaurants. Says pubic is losing faith & trust in the decisions the county is making. Supervisor Janice Hahn just asked Dr. Ferrer what evidence she has tying outdoor dining to surge in cases. She defers to Dr. Muntu Davis. He says they are operating off of a CDC study, and that’s the “best information we have.” They have no LA specific numbers. Supervisor Janice Hahn just pressed the Health Department very thoroughly on their numbers/science, and tells them she will oppose their decision to restrict outdoor dining, joining Supervisor Kathryn Barger in opposition. The Health Department had few answers. L.A. County Supervisor Hilda Solis says she agrees with Dr. Ferrer and the Health Department regarding the rising cases and their decision to restrict outdoor dining. So far we have Barger & Hahn opposing, and Solis supporting. L.A. County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl says she supports the decision to restrict outdoor dining at restaurants. Hahn & Barger opposing, Solis & Kuehl supporting. L.A. County Supervisor Kathryn Barger says she is now even more upset that the decision to restrict outdoor dining was made based off of a CDC study, and that L.A. County Public Health hasn’t been tracking it own their own for 7 months. Says this is totally arbitrary. L.A. County Supervisor Kathryn Barger and Supervisor Janice Hahn put forward a motion to reconsider the Health Department’s decision to restrict outdoor dining at restaurants. Supervisor Sheila Kuehl immediately says she will not support the motion. Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas says that because the county is being sued over the restaurant order, he wants to move discussion about it into closed door session out of public eye so they can discuss it with county counsel, then make a decision afterwards. Board is now in closed session.”

  26. EWillHelpYou: “You need to see the bigger picture. Wind your perspective back a ways with me. Let’s start by looking at the voter fraud as absolutely necessary to let happen. If Dominion Voting Systems is shown to be crooked, what happens? If, conclusively, we are able to show the true extent of deceit, what does that mean for the rest of the control mechanisms? When a dam starts to burst, is it hard to stop? Start walking backward through the timeline of fake narratives from the MSM. Russiagate? Obamagate? Pizzagate? What about Julian Assange? What about Epstein? What about the CIA? Mockingbirds rendered SILENT, caught in a giant spiderweb sewn from their own lies. The strong-arm of the real cult exposed. What happens then? Vindication and action suddenly become possible. Real change becomes possible. The system itself becomes changeable. And the corrupt, finally accountable. People Unite. Do not lose sight. Do not lose hope. The Lion rises up, and you with it. Stay The Course.” [“When a dam starts to burst, is it hard to stop?” That’s an interesting analogy to choose… Think that one through. It’s important. You and I and our weird water-based synchronicity, I swear. Lol.] Brennan: “My outspokenness has brought criticism, retaliation by the Trump Administration, & threats by those blinded by Trump’s demagoguery. Yes, it is unusual for a former CIA Director to speak out, but when an autocrat descended upon the White House, silence was not an option for me.” EconChick/IntelChick: “You’re just as stupid about technology as all the other idiots throwing in the towel. I don’t even agree with Sidney on everything. But I know she’s going to school your corrupt ass on how corrupt Dominion is. Sit down, Johnny Boy.” [LOL.] Massimo Messina: “A PUBLIC Sworn affidavit from Russel James Ramsland Jr. Cybersecurity at Allied Security Operations Group llc. Who looked deeply into Dominion Voting Systems in Michigan.” Articia Bomer Witnessed Dems Counting Spoiled Ballots for Biden and Tampering with Machines at Cobo. Articia Bomer Witnessed Dems Counting Spoiled Ballots for Biden and Tampering with Machines at Cobo. Michigan Voter Fraud Witness. “Who controlled the election? The CCP underground factory forged black US election votes!” “You do realize the ink and printing is different than normal.” Jenna Ellis: “NEW: PENNSYLVANIA, ARIZONA, MICHIGAN LEGISLATURES TO HOLD PUBLIC HEARINGS ON 2020 ELECTION. Trump Legal Team Statement.” MAYOR GIULIANI: “IT’S IN EVERYONE’S INTEREST TO HAVE A FULL VETTING OF ELECTION IRREGULARITIES AND FRAUD.” The Donald J. Trump for President Campaign Legal Team today announced that the State Legislatures in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Michigan will hold public hearings on the election beginning tomorrow and next week in an effort to provide confidence that all of the legal votes have been counted and the illegal votes have not been counted in the November 3rd election. The first hearing, held by the Pennsylvania State Senate, will be conducted tomorrow, Wednesday, November 25th, in Gettysburg, PA, where each participating Senator will give a five-minute opening statement followed by testimony from witnesses who have filed affidavits attesting to 2020 election fraud. Tomorrow’s hearing will also feature a presentation from former New York City Mayor and Personal Attorney to President Trump, Rudy Giuliani. On Monday, November 30th, the Arizona legislature will hold their own hearing, followed by the Michigan legislature holding their own hearing on Tuesday, December 1st. Details for both hearings to follow. “It’s in everyone’s interest to have a full vetting of election irregularities and fraud,” said Mayor Giuliani. “And the only way to do this is with public hearings, complete with witnesses, videos, pictures and other evidence of illegalities from the November 3rd election.” “We are pleased that the State Legislatures in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Michigan will be convening hearings to examine the November 3rd presidential election,” added Trump campaign Senior Legal Advisor and Personal Attorney to President Donald J. Trump, Jenna Ellis. “There were serious irregularities, we have proof of fraud in a number of states, and it is important for all Americans to have faith in our electoral process. All we have wanted from the outset is to count every legal vote and discount every illegal vote.” State Legislatures are uniquely qualified and positioned to hold hearings on election irregularities and fraud before electors are chosen. As established in Article 2, Section 1.2 of the United States Constitution, State Legislatures have the sole authority to select their representatives to the Electoral College, providing a critical safeguard against voter fraud and election manipulation. America First: “Secret location in Frankfurt run by the CIA was used to monitor/manipulate elections around the globe. That location had servers and a front company as cover. This location was tied to U.S. elections and was raided by the US military. We can confirm what others cannot.” [Prepare yourself with what’s about to happen. So the German servers. Implications are unfathomable. Assuming the military retrieved them and not the CIA. Early reports were that the “Army” retrieved them. I’m hoping the good guys got them and not the Swamp Cats. That was the first thing out of my mouth - they got bypassed because it hits them the hardest and they’ll try the hardest to cover it up. The second thing that came out of my mouth illustrates why… this is a total house of cards. This resonates WORLDWIDE. This is not an American problem. This is an international shitshow. Any election that that software or comparable software has touched is called into question. The will of the people subverted in dozens of nations. The policies they’ve enacted potentially being rendered illegal or meaningless. Regime changes. Consolidation of power. Any leadership propped up because they have a back room deal to play ball. Political fallout. New regimes popping up to take advantage of the vacuums created. Unrest when the people discover they’ve been duped, sometimes for upward of fifty years. The second Sidney Powell uttered the word “Chavez,” the world as you know it came tumbling down. Actionably, this is yet another hit to our collective normalcy bias. Some will wake up, some will double down, some will lose their goddamn minds. Be ready.] “I’m not kidding. The evidence Trump has is going to shock the entire world to the core and destroy the DNC. OK. So I told you all that I learned through a third hand source that Biden was being prepped to concede. I am not going to give any names, of anyone, because at this point ANYONE giving information is at risk. I will say this. The person I spoke with has a relationship with a pretty important person in the Harris camp, and the person in the Harris camp is scared to tell anyone what is going, they are only telling their spouse… the person I am talking to. Believe this or not. I don’t want pins. I don’t want accolades. I am telling you all this because I believe it to be absolutely true and because I want all of you patriots to not lose hope. That is my only goal. I received a call last night and spoke with the person for fifteen minutes. The Biden camp is being made aware of the level of monitoring that was done on the night of the election and it was not only a sting, but Trump is holding irrefutable evidence that the fraud and cheating happened at the highest levels of the DNC power structure. This is not information that can be scoffed at disproven. They have enough evidence to arrest many people RIGHT NOW, and the mood is grim in the Biden Harris camps. This information may lead to martial law and mass arrests. I am not going to lie and say I know why Trump is hanging on to this information. My own guess is, he is preparing, thus the moves he is making internally. I am not lying and not screwing with you all. The elites of DNC are finished, they will have new leadership within 60 days. Whatever violence and whatever rioting this brings, I fully expect that Trump will use military to control the mayhem this is all going to cause. Stay safe. This is actually coming. Love you patriots.” [Hmm.] GSA transition: “The ascertainment gives an incoming president and his team access to officials at federal agencies and directs the Justice Department to work on security clearances for transition team members and Biden political appointees. It even gives his team access to official government website domains and releases $6.3 million in congressionally appropriated funds to Biden’s transition team and 175,000 square feet of federal office space, including secure areas where Biden and his team can receive sensitive intelligence briefings.” Papa Fox: “Some of you may be wondering why the contents on Hunter’s laptop just got leaked. Well, Section 6 included on the GSA letter forces Biden to disclose conflicts of interest with himself and his team. So basically, Trump has just cornered Biden using the laptop from hell + Section 6. Checkmate bitch.” “Dementia my ass! I’ve always been this dumb!” President-elect Joe Biden, surrounded by his new national security and foreign policy picks: “America is back. Ready to lead the world, not retreat from it.” Mr. Biden, you were elected barely by half of the USA (51%) and not he world. So Kindly Fuck Off. [If at all. And probably not. LOL.] Lin Wood: “It will be important in coming days to know that Biden/Harris was a middle finger to America. Evidence of fraud is pouring in. ENEMY wanted to be caught after demoralizing us. Propaganda saying Donald Trump is planning coup. LIE. He is planning to defend our country. TRUTH.” Randy Quaid: “We’ve lost confidence in the system that elects our leaders. 79 million Americans believe election was rigged, the results fraudulent. We need an in-person-only-paper ballot re-vote, especially in the States where flagrant irregularities have occurred. No accuracy, no democracy!” Breaking911: “In his first post-election interview, Joe Biden indicates he’s open to nominating a Republican to his cabinet and says the Trump administration’s outreach has been “sincere.” [Bets are on Romney and it would explain so much.] Take Notice: Emerald Robinson: “Just talked with a Fox News insider: the panic there is very real. If you support President Trump, you’re dead with management. If you support Joe Biden, you’re dead with your audience.” zerohedge: “Majority Of Republicans Would Support Trump As A 2024 Candidate, New Poll Finds.” [2024 timeline.] Disclose TV: “Trump’s legal team heads to Gettysburg for a public hearing before the PA Senate Committee today.” Rudy Giuliani targeted for disbarment in state bar complaints filed by Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.). Lin Wood: “Destruction of voter fraud evidence TODAY in Cobb County, GA.” US Space Force: “It’s time.’ Iron Mike: “Greenlight.” [Hmmm. Still checking the validity of this account. “It’s Time.” It’s run by analysts, Non Official.] The folks over at Wall Street Vets discovered the magic of Palantir. Hope you are ready for a wild ride the next few days…. Oh shit. “Shredding absentee ballots in Cobb County, Georgia. A citizen named Susan Knox came across people shredding absentee ballots in Cobb County, Georgia on the morning of Friday the 20th of November, one day after they elected to certify.” “A1 Shredding and Recycling. Routine Shredding Services in Metro Atlanta, GA or Miami, FL. A1 Shredding & Recycling offers secure document destruction & shredding services in Metro Atlanta, GA or Miami, FL. Learn more about routine shredding today!” Holy shit. Despite being dated the 21st, was just posted on their FB for the first time a few hours ago. Fucking incredible. Check for yourself, before it all gets taken down. Big leaks and mass purge underway. SHARE. Scott Fishman: “BREAKING! A company called A1 Shredding was hired by Democrat politicians to shred ballots. Luckily, A1 Shredding exposed them. American patriots!” The AZ - abc15 - Data Guru: “The ironic thing about the Greenlee issue today is that all of Arizona’s counties had already certified.” Jim Hoft: “We spoke with a top Trump associate tonight. This is what we were told… repeatedly… “Trump is going to win.” It’s going to be a good couple of weeks ahead.” [Hmm.] How Big Tech bias could shift 15 million votes in 2020 election. Psychologist Robert Epstein tells ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ how social media giants are interfering in the US election. [Shocking. 3 weeks old already, but interesting. Found it on Trump’s Twitter feed & then couldn’t again.]

  27. Faulty DMCA takedowns apparently being successfully used for purge. Kittylists - The other night in Omaha, NE that Antifa copyrighted my account on Twitter for. None of these people hold any official copyrights to this work, and Twitter is allowing copyright trolls to run amok. Jack Posobiec: “Twitter has suspended KittyLists.” Kitty Shackleford. I think youtube just went down. Also, OAN purged from YouTube. zerohedge: “YouTube Suspends Pro-Trump News Network OANN, Completely Demonetizes Channel Over COVID-19 ‘Cure’ Video.” Ian Miles Cheong: “OANN suspended from YouTube for ‘misinformation’ following Democrat complaints.” Democrats are that scared of OAN lol. Wait till they hear about us. Ian Miles Cheong: “Antifa accounts are getting every account that tweets videos that expose Antifa violence suspended.” Joe Biden Campaign Subdomain Down After Hacktivist Defacement. The subdomain, vote [dot] joebiden [dot] com, was part of the official campaign website JoeBiden [dot] com used by the Biden campaign leading up to the 2020 U.S. presidential election. On Nov. 18, the subdomain reportedly began to display a message in Turkish. Lol facist accounts. Shane B. Murphy: “They’ve made a list of ‘fascists’ too… and I’M on it! Lmao.” Still down. Damn, they got it back. Insekt: “Here’s a short, focused list of fashy/problematic accts to consider blocking (even if not in PDX). I repost/delete/revise this occasionally, so best to copy rather than RT. Some have been taken down, but should be noted. Feel free to suggest changes!” “Fashy/problematic” - that might be, hands down, the most unironically cliché thing I have ever seen in my life. So cheeseball. YouTube Suspends Pro-Trump News Network OANN, Completely Demonetizes Channel Over COVID-19 ‘Cure’ Video. “This marks the Google-owned service’s first crackdown against OANN…” I just checked it’s still there and it’s still monetized. OANN reinstated on YouTube. Odd. I was more focused on what was said before that Getty thing (that blue is losing) and posted the “We will win" vid to keep everyone from manifesting bad juju. In the White World things are not looking too good. In the Black World, well… you hear the fireworks every night. And see how much ground is being covered on Twitter. We shall see. 57 days to go. Trump, Miller, Ezra and Erik Prince need to go 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse already on Red if they plan on doing a Hail Mary pass or crossing the Rubicon. What gave it away that he’s red? 1 red dying doesn’t seem like too much in the big picture. Was his death significant? Getty Museum and the bases under it are Black Hat controlled so you tell me. “Steven D. Kelley Underground City at the Getty Museum. Whistleblower Steven D. Kelley talks about his first hand experience in the firearm and optic RvesvesD industry and how it lead him to deep place underground figuratively and literally. In this.” YouTube or whoever scrambled the audio. Tends to happen a lot after it’s posted on here. Remember he was Legacy Red, not some average celebrity. He was 3rd Generation raised in the tunnels, etc. It would be neat if you could map out the fireworks/gunshots/explosions in DTLA to the distance of the Getty Museum. Would give you an idea how deep and massive the DTLA DUMBS are. Then calculate how many go missing in Los Angeles alone in 1 year. Looted artifacts at Getty give it away, since decades ago. True, they pay homage to the Getty Observatory too in Lovecraft Country as well. Idk if you guys realized that. When they have to stay overnight in the Museum to access the tunnels. What gave it away that he’s red? In the picture. Anyone? Look at the background and the tattoos. What gave it away that he’s Red? For me the tattoo on his forearm. And what type of tattoo is it? Looks like satan / lucifer/ devil. Would Blue/Green/Gold have such a tattoo? Correct. Would any self respecting Blue / Green or Gold have a Luciferian tattoo? OF course not. Gigants making sacrifices, maybe? Then where is he in the picture? They purposely picked that picture as a warning to others. Out of all of the pictures that could be used in one’s death, that’s the one that was picked. Those are probably some of the gear they use in rituals. IDK about location. Correct. And what’s that called in a church? Apse/altar in Catholicism? Correct, he’s at an altar. Biggest fear for Reds and Democrats is to be Suicided or taken to Guantanamo at the moment. To my understanding… He’s behind it, where preparations take place. Even if Biden is President the war will continue. It will keep going on. The fireworks will continue. Let’s just say the new Harry Potter books are now in English and not Urdu or Arabic at the Inmate Library. As for the Inmate Hierarchy at Guantanamo, the Celebs and CEO’s are on the bottom of the barrel. They (Terrorists) hear about the Masas Dimas (vampires) and want nothing to do with them. Been there since at least 10/20/2016. Tunnels near here? Not necessarily nearest would be 7 hours away, I find it most interesting that it’s next to Hopi and Navajo territory. But then again I don’t buy the official story of the high number of dead in El Paso or Navajo territory. Would be interesting to see what tractor trailers are being used. To store the “dead” in Navajo Territory. If it’s linked to an Air Force Base. Off-Topic from the monolith. But still I don’t believe in coincidences. Someone told me, it might not be blues going Off-World. But merely the dead from underground cities. That are being touted as COVID19 deaths. Which would make sense. If you look at the World Tunnel Map. I think if that were true, they’d be in full hazmat. Who knows what they have down there that we haven’t been exposed to. Those bodies could be like small pox blankets. See how the world tunnel goes by El Paso then into Navajo Country perfectly. You mentioned the same scenario when I brought up bodies being cleared from the tunnels. Also, the point you made about cremating onsite rather than transport is a solid question as well. Yeah. I wouldn’t chance that, if it were me. Masas diva was def a thing. They are everywhere, Djinns too, as well as the Giants/Nephilim. You know what’s funny about that is djinns you heard about and sometimes shit happens you can’t explain. The Giants were legend and explained why livestock and people would go missing. Big hairy bastards were hungry. Lol. Djinns you can only use lasers. For giants, heavy calibers do the trick. But it’s either recruit them or shoot them, which is sad. Reds only want the chambers. And an abundance of Chambers exist in Iran and used to exist in Iraq. So many artifacts destroyed. This nonsense of oil and WMDs is bullshit. Not necessarily. Army and DIA/CIA have their own Archeological Branch or as they call it “acquisitions.” I’m quite happy to hear that it’s not all lost into time.

  28. Utah monolith has Club of Rome written all over it. Anyone growing up in Red Faction reads The Limits To Growth. From an early age you study it, for in their mind it justifies all the Great Reset bullshit they are trying to do on the noncolors (normies/citizens). The Great Reset is the systemic elimination of the middle class. Your Digital Identity Can Be Used Against You in the Event of a Great Reset. When a sweeping solution to an overly-generalized problem oversteps the boundaries of personal privacy & liberty, the solution poses a greater threat to the people than the problem it proposes to solve. The Limits to Growth (LTG) is a 1972 report on the exponential economic and population growth with a finite supply of resources, studied by computer simulation. Can you redpill me on that. I thought limits of growth and planetary boundaries are legit and good research. Limits of growth is from the 80s. We did not change our path. Now 50 years later 80% of all animals are extinct, the oceans are polluted and overfished etc. What is bad on limits of growth? Their data from the 80s is still quite on point nowadays. We followed the path do not change anything and grow. Memorize your rhetoric like a good little minion. All the dudes into eugenics and sterilization of the masses, read that report like it’s their Bible. Seriously no joke. It’s Bilderberg Predator Class Elite Fanfiction. But when I see the polluted planet or look at our phosphorus reserves or check the burning rainforest I have the feeling it is more than fiction. Without phosphorus there is no life on earth, no fertilizer etc. I have no idea about that. I’m trying to make you aware that an organization has been around since the 60s. If those same people weren’t burning the rainforest, there wouldn’t be an issue. That advocates for depopulation based on computer models. If you don’t see why that’s a problem, then I’m failing as a teacher. How many Organizations exist which worship computer models from the 60s and 70s? Club of Rome. Seriously one of the biggest threats to humanity. And if you look at the Guidestones, you can see exactly how much they’d like to depopulate. Hint: if they consider themselves to be “other,” and they do, it’s absolute xenocide. And again, with the flipping of words and meanings, they describe all opposition as “xenophobic.” “The Phosphorus Paradox. Phosphorus provides the foundation of civilization, even if you don’t recognize it.” If you listen to what they say about the people they don’t like, they’ll tell you exactly who THEY are and what they intend to do. They project it onto everyone else. Also I’m officially telling you the Georgia Guidestones were funded by the Club of Rome. Never encountered somebody saying something about people they do not like. Will check that out and pay more attention. That is new to me. But I know the stones. “Projection (defence mechanism) | Psychology Wiki.” Any thoughts you can share with us on what you think this might be, Aries Azazel? Besides a Club of Rome calling card? I had just watched this not 24 hrs before I saw the strange object in Utah video. Epoch (2001). How does the monolith relate in your opinion? Purely in form? “Obelisk” translates to “schlong of Baal.” Connect the dots. Lol are you serious? Yes. The guidestones were traceable to begin with, albeit tentatively…this, However has just popped up. They tend to do that. LOL. Interesting. I would need to research the location. I have no idea if it’s near any Dumbs. No tracks around the location. I doubt it’s the only one - where are the other three? Would you also describe Stonehenge in this way? They had fertility rituals. Different deities. Same symbols. What they should do is get a GPR unit out there. Well… that’s bound to occur, no? Whether it’s because of the human body or because our iteration on the surface came from the same protoculture… six of one, half dozen of the other. And call NRO to see when it was placed. I’ve read about them and how they’ve used pretty much all the major languages to write on them. But I didn’t know this. There is a ton the public is not supposed to know. Where can I learn more about them stones and this club? DuckDuckGo. But much of this is not on the surface. Pay attention to what I’m about to post. Understand the mentality of the Red Faction and the Club of Rome. Yes, that’s what spooked me the most, when I read about this almost 10 years ago. Hidden in plain sight in Utopia on Amazon Prime. This is the plan. Mass Sterilization in exchange for freedom of movement. This was the plan for the Club of Rome. This is what Gates wants. This is what Fauci wants. This is what Klaus wants. This is what the Bilderberg wants. This is what the World Economic Forum wants. This is what the Red Faction wants. This is what Big Tech and the Mass Media is supporting. Have you watched the series yet??? “What did you do today to earn your place in this crowded world?” Truly understand that “Limits to Growth” gave rise to this mentality, that the Predatory Elites when they are together this is what they discuss amongst themselves. This is what happens at Bilderberg meetings. How to save the world by sterilizing you. All led by reds. You have many names for them. Deep State, Black Hats - it’s all the same mentality. All written in the Georgia Guidestones. All started by the Club of Rome. This is your enemy. As far as I know they did forced sterilization in Peru and China. bill gates with his vaccines anyways paralyzed and sterilized lots of women and kids in India and Africa. Those were just trial runs to get the mixture right. I still do not see the Guidestones connected to the Club of Rome. Any source on that. I know. I wish everyone would be so woke. If you are not a member, you won’t know. Make sense. Sterilization is probably the goal with the vaccination. Hey since you have so much insight, do you think it can work against rhesus negative people? RH- always misses receptors that virus can dock etc. That’s why 10% of Europeans are immune against HIV. You know. We spend a lot of time in this group on all the negativity but never really have a plan on how stand up against it. Together. Didn’t do anything what others were doing. 32 years ago, the Queen’s husband spoke on the topic of reincarnation, and what he would come back as if such a thing existed. He said: “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation.” RH- women can’t even have RH+ embryos. Body’s gonna abort it automatically. It’s like a different species. They’re gonna attack embryos. They need shots to keep it if it at all stays. So they’re hiding lots of stuff with RH-. Lot of dots are connecting for me now, it’s kinda spooky too. It’s a line from Utopia that John Cusack says a bunch of times. Oww okay. That is the mentality you are all up against. It’s wild. We are not too many people only not so well organized and doing quite stupid stuff. They have 30 years till 2050 to save the world. So understand truly what is going on. True! I think some people will be immune against it whatever they try. I am not taking it for sure. I am no guinea pig - they’re mad. “Save” it. It doesn’t need saving. If anything, it needs to be rescued from them. For some who asked what projection, this is a pure example. We could build much better supply chains, waste not so much resources etc. True, not just sterilization other aneurysms and unheard before symptoms reported by doctors in the states where gates have worked through so-called NGOs. Avoid the fake vaccine at all costs. Obviously. Yeah blah blah blah world is overpopulated but then they push mass immigration to Europe. Everything is a paradox. They wanna destroy intelligent nations also to just have slaves. With no better opportunity for mass vaccination. They are so sick and will do anything to achieve this goal that they do ritual sacrifices on top of the Guidestones as we enter the Harvest. So he wasn’t just a oldy babbling? They are Satanists after all… And time is always running against us… Also take care. It’s rare blood you’re always on the watch list. They did many experiments already with that blood. It’s different. You can do research yourself. Maybe use another browser instead of Google. TBH, even 10 years ago, the only reason I took interest in these because Sanskrit is also used. Then I checked out the list of other languages. And it seemed they have used the major ones. It’s revelation of the method. It’s in most languages so you can’t say no one ever warned you. Most probably. What I told you is a look into Red Wizardry and their long term goals. Understand once again in 1972 a computer report named The Limits To Growth lead to this current stage of planning and execution for the masses. So you can roll over be worthy of their Great Reset Society. Or fight back. Maybe it is only an art object with a warning for civilizations in later centuries like the Greek or Egyptian where a guidance for our society. Again with this shit. No. It’s funded by the Club of Rome. That is not my job. Azazel gave humanity Forbidden Knowledge and Weaponry to fight back using Knowledge. It’s all on you to raise an Army. My belief in synchronicity became much stronger now… If you don’t want to hear it from me, fine. Fuck it. Wait for the Netflix or HBO special in 2045 in which they justify their actions. I won’t be around. I’m Blue Wizadry. “Revealing the Method - Esoteric Symbolism as Mind Control - by Jarrod D. Schneider.” Yeahh but knowledge is useless without action. And collective action is key. That’s on you guys. And getting better organized with time in time before time… Right, if all of this is teaching us anything it’s that our lack of coming together has brought us to where we are in the first place. You have the masses fighting Divide and Conquer skirmishes amongst themselves. The people from the Club of Rome don’t look evil in my opinion. But miette057 is maybe right that I’m only projecting my ideals on them. I don’t know. I liked the Limits of Growth and found it a great wakeup call for humanity. When behind the curtains they are planning to sterilize you. I didn’t say you were projecting. That’s not at all what I said. I m sorry. Did not find the post to the Wikipedia article. What I said was, Red = xenocidal. So Red calls YOU xenophobic. And projects THEIR xenophobia ONTO YOU. Anyone else getting that feeling of being watched right now? Mini Series from 2013 UK about an engineered virus that is designed to reduce the population by sterilization. The people doing it are a group called “Corvadt”. Lol we have multiple agencies watching us in here. All is watched over by machines of loving grace. That’s what I always presume, but never let that thought censor my thoughts. I’ve kept a different smartphone only for using the damn internet. Yup. Who cares? “They” are always watching. Hi, “they.” How are you? We’re always being watched. I’m glad I’m not alone with these thoughts. This group gave me my long lost tranquility back. Are you asking them? I have a truck that occasionally follows me when I go running. Yeah. Always waits in the same spot then pulls away when I approach it. What!? Are you sure? How do you know it’s the same truck? Pretty obvious lol. Numbers? Haven’t caught the plate, it’s an older style pickup, like 90s Chevy I think. I was followed by homeland security back in college when I had Egypt and Tunisia stickers on my van an other political stuff. They pinned me in a gas station and ran my plates for like 5 minutes before pulling away and letting me out. They never got out of the car. Is pretty impressive that someone makes a sacrifice at 19 feet from the ground. Just imagine a bunch of cloaked guys in bid ladders. Spooky stuff. Wish we could crowd fund and launch satellite into space just to surveil everyone like that. Btw this is not old? I remember these pictures from 2015 or 2016? I did not say it was recent. I’m merely showing you how depraved this faction is. Also we did a test last night. Regarding the Getty Murder. None of you picked up on it. What faction is he? Yeah but you said harvest. I remember that they appear near Walpurgis night because there were some memes about that. Harvest means different things to the splintered groups in Red. To some it’s the harvesting of Adrenochrome. To others the harvesting of souls. That’ll be fun. We can’t avoid it. We can minimize the risk by using cyber security measures (scroll back on vpn advice) and you can always mindfuck them, either humans of algorithms, which btw is really fun. To others it means decreasing the popular. “Heir to Getty Fortune Dies in Hotel Room at Age 52. John Gilbert Getty was the grandson of oil tycoon J. Paul Getty.” Blue might be losing in the White World but guess what world blue is not losing in. Red for sure. Probably multi generational too. Correct. Djinns. They have a special sense of humor. Bismilah Rahman Rahim. Strong as fuck too. Hamdullilah ya rabbi alamine. They’re amazing. Never let them touch your head while awake. 911 is where all started for me. Ever since then our world has definitely changed. Don’t understand how people think that once a vaccine is achieved we will go “back to normal”. No vaccine is ever going to be achieved and we will not go back to normal. Excellent advice! Thanks! You have them in Mexico too, only you call them El Cuco. Russians call them Babayega. We did this class, no? That’s in disclosure. Only partial. Will look for it. I don’t recall that class… But I’m certain they’re here all over the territory. Very friendly foodies. Also the tiny ones, we call them Aluxes. Big on trading. Excellent on sabotaging until you please them. Mapping local terrain is a pain in the ass. Too many choke points. CQB save me now. Lol. Regarding the Monolith? My own area, but yes with the monolith. I was looking earlier and if it was placed there I’m having a hard time with how. I’m very good with game planning. Mental mapping your own area saves you time in the off chance you have respond to crisis. I’m afraid to ask what will happen. I’m wanting to know what the Sleep Paralysis Entities are. I used to think demons, then vampires, then Watchers, until I realized a Watcher was watching it and scaring it away once. Then I thought spirit form Nephilim. Then possibly Djinn. Now I’m just not sure what to think. Check it in disclosure. Hold on I’ll forward the rest. Ok check it. Thank you very much! The tables have flipped, how delightful! 911 event had too much controlled demolition for it not to be an orchestrated event. A hologram though? I’d have to see more instances to make an informed hypothesis.

  29. Let’s see how the battle is going. Lynn: “Oh, joy. Remember those fireworks/gunshots/car backfirings/whatever the fuck they were that I was hearing last night? They’re back.” [DC.] Taco Shawn: “The explosion in Auburndale was definitely not a firework bc it was one big boom and then nothing else since.” [KY. Fucking hell, you guys keep me all paranoid about fireworks and now I’ve got ground shakers going off here in Laughlin, NV. Good. That’s how you know the fight is ongoing. The deeper the teams go, the bigger the battle. Long as I don’t fall into a sinkhole. I already live in a shit hole. LOL. Poor normies, if they only knew the Truth. The Battle Rages on many are still unaware of the tunnels, The Dark Ones and Sonic Weapons. 56 Days to go. Godspeed to the Subterranean Troops. This timeline depends on it. I’d volunteer any day of the week to do this. God bless each and every warrior who committed to this fight and their families! 44 Janets for 2020-11-24, Nevada time (PST):
    0335 N859WP
    0406 N365SR
    0438 N859WP
    0441 N869HH
    0509 N288DP
    0509 N365SR
    0537 N859WP
    0607 N365SR
    0610 N288DP
    0611 N869HH
    0641 N319BD
    0651 N654BA
    0708 N288DP
    0742 N869HH
    0808 N273RH
    0808 N288DP
    0821 N365SR
    0908 N288DP
    0944 N273RH
    1009 N365SR
    1109 N365SR
    1145 N869HH
    1247 N273RH
    1250 N869HH
    1321 N319BD
    1349 N20RA
    1407 N319BD
    1420 N365SR
    1450 N288DP
    1500 N365SR
    1517 N273RH
    1520 N319BD
    1536 N288DP
    1618 N365SR
    1624 N273RH
    1657 N365SR
    1716 N288DP
    1734 N319BD
    1810 N869HH
    1817 N273RH
    1820 N365SR
    1837 N319BD
    1946 N869HH
    2017 N319BD