Azazel News #Recap 11/23/2020

  1. “Me and my homies woulda been stacking bodies by now.” -George Washington

  2. Increasing the Utility of Cryptocurrency in Digital Commerce. [Big announcement from Paypal today.]

  3. SCIENCE. 1st step: Fuck around. 2nd step: Find out. [It’s science!]

  4. Bloomberg Billionaires Index: Elon Musk overtakes Bill Gates in the ranking of the super-rich.

  5. zerohedge: “Twitter Says It Will Make Biden POTUS, Regardless Of Election Outcome.” [LOL.]

  6. Can’t have guns where I am so I’m picking up compound archery to hunt with. Pretty excited about it all.

  7. Not the Bee: “Outdoor dining during COVID is starting to look suspiciously like indoor dining.” [LOL.]

  8. “CNN SUCKS! CNN SUCKS! CNN SUCKS!" Protesters in Lansing interrupt a live shot on CNN.

  9. This is the America I love. 14-hour wait at new In-N-Out restaurant in Colorado may have led to a brawl.

  10. Orthodox air freshener. With incense. Creates a long lasting scent of spirituality. Cast out evil spirits. Prevents mortal sins.

  11. US Attorney Gives Antifa Pass On Rand Paul Attack After Refusing To Investigate. “They will not pursue an investigation…”

  12. The drone captured the heartbreaking images of a dead whale. Found on the beach, with a tangled rope around its tail.

  13. Trump releases election fraud information to the press. [Lol. Damning. THE BEST!! This is the new Rick-rolled. Why I like this guy so damn much.]

  14. Meanwhile, in DC. Two turkeys from a farm in Walcott, Iowa, have arrived in Washington, D.C. for the annual pardoning ceremony with the President.

  15. Not the Bee: “Want to teach in Illinois? Better get woke fast. This proposal would require teachers to be progressives if they want to keep their licenses.” [Unfuckingbelievable.]

  16. Oregon Gov. asks people to ‘snitch’ on families for holding Thanksgiving parties. The fearless source of news, opinion, and activism that you won’t find anywhere else.

  17. Dutch Osint Guy Nico: “Tip: While I was testing Parler I noticed a that a lot of Parler posts/comments are being shared outside of Parler on third party platforms.”

  18. All Hail Twitter. We’re giving it more importance than it deserves. It’s not mid-2010s Twitter which was its peak. If it wants to be the next MySpace, let them!

  19. What colour wizard is Obama? What do you think? Haha, hypothetical question… RED obviously! Better dead than red.

  20. Same cops that let BLM trash the city arrest a guy for being white after curfew. Take note. Pensions are more valuable than the construction.

  21. Robots Invade the Construction Site. Boosted by advances in sensors and artificial intelligence, a new generation of machines is automating a tech-averse industry.

  22. Breaking911: “Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell in quarantine at federal jail in NYC after possible coronavirus exposure.” [Here we go. Oh she’s a goner.]

  23. The deepest diving pool in the world has been opened in Poland - including shipwrecks and underwater caves. But “Deepspot” won’t hold the record for long. [Blue World training.]

  24. GSA Letter to Biden. [Re-Read it. “Certain resources and Services.” “In the event of a presidential transition.” It then goes on to state that the GSA does not and is not responsible for electing or determining the election.]

  25. 5 More Ways Joe Biden Magically Outperformed Election Norms. Surely the journalist class should be intrigued by the historic implausibility of Joe Biden’s victory. That they are not is curious, to say the least.

  26. Israeli Reports Say Netanyahu Met Saudi Crown Prince. Saudis Deny It. Clashing reports about the meeting, which would be the first between high-level Israeli and Saudi leaders, show how far apart the two countries remain.

  27. Germany agrees ‘historic’ mandatory boardroom quota for women. Government moves to close gender gap by requiring 30% female membership. [Here come the meritocracy-murdering quotas, worldwide.]

  28. Disclose TV: “China plans to launch an unmanned spacecraft to the moon to bring back lunar rocks in the first attempt since the 1970s. Launch window set between 4 am and 5 am Beijing time on Tuesday.”

  29. Amazon lays off staff at Prime Air drone project. Amazon [dot] com Inc said on Thursday it had laid off dozens of staff working on the e-commerce giant’s delivery drone project as part of a reorganization of the team.

  30. Philadelphia City Commissioners: “We just completed signing Philadelphia’s certification of the 2020 Presidential Election.” [PA went 81% Biden and PA spelled Recount as Rec8ount.]

  31. Nick Hudson: “People. You are being played. This is the same stunt the WHO pulled. Failing to find evidence for asymptomatic transmission in the real world they build a model containing it, and then cite that as evidence.”

  32. The headlines from the 1918 pandemic are incredible. The military testing shit on recruits is one of the reasons I’d never join. Awful. All my uncles served and most fought. I’m glad they can’t see this now. I hope.

  33. Lauren Boebert, A Colorado congresswoman-elect and pro-second amendment activist who straps a Glock to her hip, asked Capitol Police to allow her bring her weapon on Capitol grounds when she takes office in January.

  34. Chinese flee northern Ethiopia as civil conflict hits region. Ethiopian ambassador tries to reassure foreign community that investments not at risk and situation will be brought under control.

  35. Greek-American Victoria Stavridou-Coleman announced as new DARPA Director. Victoria Stavridou-Coleman has been appointed as the new director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

  36. Marjorie Taylor Greene: “President Trump’s recount starts tomorrow here in GA. I am now a certified ballot monitor. We will be doing an audit checking signatures and doing a full recount.”

  37. The use of drones to wire high-voltage power lines across the Yellow River in China’s Shaanxi province. [We do this in the US too. Much more cost effective, and saves the lives of countless linemen. I can’t begin to recount the accidents on the big towers.]

  38. Poor Normies. Ground War and Subterranean War is happening and they have no clue. Bao Vo: “Holy shit that was a LOUD ASS explosion! DTLA. Be my eyes and ears, whats going on?” [And I live near Pendleton, and our houses shook today from 20 miles away, and our dogs quivered.]

  39. Ferris State professor who called COVID-19 ‘leftist stunt,’ allegedly tweeted slurs, placed on leave. Physicals professor Thomas Brennan allegedly tweeted racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic slurs, according to Ferris State University.

  40. Statewide mask mandates help businesses stay alive, Utah study finds. A University of Utah study has concluded statewide mask mandates do more to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and help increase consumer spending — more so than fragmented county mandates.

  41. First Responders Unprepared for Electric Vehicle Fires: Report. Sales of passenger electric vehicles around the world jumped from 450,000 in 2015 to 2.1 million in 2019, according to Bloomberg NEF, Bloomberg’s primary research service.

  42. QuintusCurtius: “It’s not weird at all, once you understand CNN’s motivations. They’re trying to smear and discredit DeSantis because he dared to resist the media fear-mongering. This is information war. It has been since March. Most have not grasped this.”

  43. KDKA: “Pa. Health Sec. Dr. Rachel Levine has issued a one-night suspension of alcohol sales starting at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 25, which is the night before the Thanksgiving holiday.” [Fuck These Woke Facist Assholes. I want muh beer.]

  44. Solomon Islands to ban Facebook for the sake of 'national unity.’ The Solomon Islands Government defends its decision to place a temporary ban on Facebook, a move it says is aimed at tackling cyberbullying and online defamation. [Not a bad idea.]

  45. John Kerry: “America will soon have a government that treats the climate crisis as the urgent national security threat it is. I’m proud to partner with the President-elect, our allies, and the young leaders of the climate movement to take on this crisis as the President’s Climate Envoy.”

  46. Donald J. Trump: “What does GSA being allowed to preliminarily work with the Dems have to do with continuing to pursue our various cases on what will go down as the most corrupt election in American political history? We are moving full speed ahead. Will never concede to fake ballots & “Dominion.”

  47. Pfizer, Sinopharm vaccines show promise, virologists call for end to politicization of COVID-19 vaccine. China has given almost a million people experimental Covid vaccine, says company. Sinopharm chairman claims there has not been a single case of infection after inoculation of officials, students and workers heading overseas.

  48. Hans Kristensen: “An F-35A flying at supersonic speed carried out a drop-test of the new B61-12 guided nuclear bomb. The first in a series of tests to certify the F-35A to be capable of delivering the B61-12. Some 480 B61-12s will arm US and NATO aircraft.” [These overpriced pieces of shit.]

  49. Adam Rahuba - Antifa Leader: “Attn: Donald Trump. If you do not concede by Sunday at noon, we will begin to block roads in conservative areas. Your supporters will not be able to go to work or the grocery store to feed their families. We are armed and will retaliate to attempts at vehicular manslaughter.” [From 11/20/2020. ORLY.]

  50. Walmart-exclusive router and others sold on Amazon & eBay contain hidden backdoors to control devices. Walmart-exclusive Jetstream routers and Wavlink routers contain hidden backdoors. The routers are actively being exploited by Mirai malware. [Backdoors everywhere. And you can bet your ass Dominion is no different.]

  51. Paul Brand: “PM confirms national lockdown in England will end on 2nd Dec and won’t be renewed. People can meet outdoor public spaces subject to rule of 6. Shops, gyms, leisure can reopen. BUT, regional restrictions will apply…” [Or so they say.]

  52. Secret Service members asked about protecting soon-to-be-former president Trump full time in Florida: Sources. Agents in Trump’s detail have been asked about relocating to West Palm Beach, Florida, after he exits the White House. [No Rubicon crossing.]

  53. Reinhard Butikofer: “Chinese government extends and enforces its aggressive policy towards Australia. Very good opportunity for democratic countries to a) show solidarity with Aussies and b) make China understand that they will be paying a prize for such behaviour.”

  54. Secret Amazon Reports Expose Company Spying on Labor, Environmental Groups. Leaked documents reveal Amazon’s reliance on Pinkerton operatives to spy on workers and its extensive monitoring of labor unions and social movements. [Ugh. Fucking Pinkerton.]

  55. China to launch moon probe, seeking first lunar rock retrieval since 1970s. China plans to launch an unmanned spacecraft to the moon this week to bring back lunar rocks in the first attempt by any nation to retrieve samples from Earth’s natural satellite since the 1970s.

  56. Dr. Simone Gold: “Lockdowns are the biggest transfer of wealth from small businesses to multinational corporations in world history. Small businesses are the backbone of this nation. They are being bankrupted by policies not backed by medical literature and science. This. Must. Stop.” [How they fuck over America.]

  57. NYC’s ‘1 percent’ totally ‘gun’-ho. The “1 percent” comes in piece. Dozens of New York City’s billionaires, real-estate moguls and Wall Street CEOs are really loaded, according to the NYPD’s gun-permit list obtained by The Post. [Robert DeNiro supposedly paid 100K to get the first NYC concealed carry license.]

  58. Disclose TV: “‘Biden should consider the far-right as grave a security threat as ISIS,’ says Borzou of Independent.” Kirk Acevedo: “I want to live in a country where Colin Kaepernick is seen as a hero and Kyle Rittenhouse is seen as a terrorist.” [Watch out for shit like this. This is how civil wars get started.]

  59. US Navy destroyer entered Russian waters, Russian MoD said. Tensions between Russia and the US are once again increasing, as a warship of the US Navy enters Russian waters. Russian response was immediate with dire warning. After which the US warship had to return to the international waters.

  60. zerohedge: “California Exodus: Silicon Valley Legend Keith Rabois Leaving ‘Massively Improperly Run’ San Francisco.” [Writing is on the wall. In 6 months you will see people becoming experts in opsec to keep their resources hidden. Telegram and the new platforms will be the only safe space to communicate. Surveillance already started. Review latest iOS and social media updates.]

  61. Kyle Bass: “Elon Musk says Tesla’s Chinese rival ‘stole’ Apple’s code - Elon admits the Chinese have stolen Tesla’s intellectual property. What an amazing place to do business.” Gordon G. Chang: “No company can protect its intellectual property in China. Because the theft of that property vitally affects all Americans, it is time for President Trump to impose drastic measures, including forcing companies to leave that country.” Vasu Mogan: “Wait for Joe, Washington will be renamed Mao Tse Tung City.”

  62. Laura Dodsworth: “On 19 Nov there was a coordinated campaign of over 300 tweets, comprised of accounts which look genuine and some which seem to be bots. Who initiated this campaign and who deployed these accounts to push for online censorship?” Dr Harrie Bunker-Smith: “Campaigns like these can psychologically influence people in a variety of ways. Health decisions should always be based on fully informed consent not coercion or psychological manipulation.”

  63. Coyotes found killed, skinned in Santa Teresa. El Paso. A man found piles of what he first thought were dead dogs, out in the desert in Santa Teresa. It turns out, the animals are actually coyotes, according to the Sunland Park Police Department. Police said they were hunted, killed and skinned. [What are your thoughts on this story? How were these creatures killed? Cops assuming killing for fur. It’s in New Mexico. Could it be anything else?]

  64. Mystery Metal Monolith Found By a Flight Crew In The Utah Wilderness. Recent news about the metal monolith that was found in a remote area of Utah. Welcome to 2020. Nothing is out of the question of strangeness this year. A helicopter crew just found a monolith somewhere in the middle of the Utah wilderness. They refuse to say where exactly it is “afraid that people get lost” but go on to hand-wave it away as an art work. [Reminds me of Stanley Kubrick’s Space Odyssey.]

  65. Su-57 and the Hunter UAV in Akhtubinsk. The first prototype demonstrator of the Russian heavy reconnaissance and strike unmanned aerial vehicle S-70 on the Hunter theme at the 929th V.P. Chkalov State Flight Test Center of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in Akhtubinsk. [Russia’s getting new toys for Xmas.] OBCE reported that the newest Russian UAV control complex “Navodchik-2” was spotted 12 km from the front line, near the city of Luhansk.

  66. Paul Graham: “One thing I’ve learned from this election is how rare voter fraud actually is. I assumed it had to exist, just not on a significant scale. But if highly motivated people are chasing it in such small quantities, it must be rarer than I thought.” [What a fucking loser. Lock PG up.] Paul Graham: “Concerned that President Trump’s refusal to accept the election results is hurting the country, more than 100 chief executives plan to ask the administration on Monday to immediately acknowledge Joseph R. Biden Jr. as the winner…"

  67. Tiana Lowe: “Someone please explain to me why a bunch of celebrities with single digit IQs were allowed to hold the AMAs in Los Angeles, but thousands of restaurants are forced to shutdown outdoor dining, leaving millions of Angelenos unemployed again.” [I’m grateful for the AMAs this year for one reason and one reason alone - it meant a return to work for my friends in live event production, catering, video etc, especially glad for a good friend who is a stagehand in the IATSE Local 33 guild and worked in the show last night.]

  68. Fox Business. CDC Thanksgiving Guidelines. Avoid singing and shouting. Keep music levels down. Limit alcohol. [How come these motherfuckers never said a word to BLM / Antifa during the countdown to the Elections? Virus listens to music also but has bad ears.] “Quarantine is when you restrict the movement of sick people. Tyranny is when you restrict the movement of healthy people.” [Amazing that they think anyone is going to obey. Once people start taking a stand against this Tyranny they will stop however we’re getting close to past the point of being able to stop them.]

  69. Catherine Herridge: “Miles Taylor recently revealed he was the anonymous author behind NYTimes Op-Ed, “I am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration.” Hans Mahncke: “So Miles Taylor who sabotaged the Trump administration from the inside also happened to be some sort of FBI source in the General Flynn investigation. What on earth is going on? When will Trump finally put an end to all this crap and just declassify everything with no redactions?” Miles Taylor. CNN Contributor, Co-Founder at Repair, Chief of Staff - Homeland Security, Documentary Producer, National Security Advisor.

  70. She’s right. Americans will form a movement similar to Los Pepes and go after anyone who ruined the Republic or wrecked the country. You will have IRA style insurrectionists. They probably are already born. Can you post the link for this? “Los Pepes. Los Pepes, a name derived from the Spanish phrase “Perseguidos por Pablo Escobar” (“Persecuted by Pablo Escobar”), was a vigilante group composed of enemies of Pablo Escobar.” “Irish Republican Army. Irish republican revolutionary military organisation.” Says it right there. Right Wing Watch [dot] org. Ann Coulter Death Squad brings it up. RWW is a huge site. Ann Coulter: “No, retard, I suggested death squads for the politicians who ruined my country by betraying voters on immigration. That’s my last option.” [Love it.]

  71. The topic of my NourielToday [dot] com broadcast tomorrow Tuesday November 24th at 10am ET will be: What Is The Short Term and Longer Term Outlook for the US Dollar and Its Global Reserve Currency Status? Which Positives and Negatives? What are the cyclical factors weakening the US Dollar in the short run (over the next year)? What factors could strengthen the US Dollar in the short run? What are the long term positives that may keep the US Dollar as the key global currency? What are the negative long term factors that may lead to a decline of the US dollar as the major global currency? For my answers join me live tomorrow Tuesday at 10am ET at NourielToday [dot] com; or watch the replay any time afterwards.

  72. The Century of the Self - Part 1: "Happiness Machines.” The story of the relationship between Sigmund Freud and his American nephew, Edward Bernays. Bernays invented the public relations profession in the 1920s and was the first person to take Freud’s ideas to manipulate the masses. [Link goes to part one of a four part series. Watch all four parts. Extra Credit: Watch the rest of Adam Curtis’s work. Gold because a lot of his work deals with history, relevance, and utilization of psychology. Also will help you to understand the Red threat better through exposure to some of the more covert brainwashing tactics and you’ll be able to think through how to protect yourselves by not falling prey to the mindset.]

  73. Michael P Senger: “BIG: the WEF sponsors a global youth group (cough, Hitler youth) of 10,000 Global Shapers. (This group considers Taiwan a province of Greater China.) The WEF has tasked Global Shapers with helping cities in “adapting to a new normal” and learning from “our friends” in China. Readers may be familiar with the work of one particular WEF Global Shaper: Eric Feigl-Ding. Klaus Schwab, head of WEF, has close China ties. His son, Olivier Schwab, has headed WEF’s Beijing office since 2011. In 2017, Xi PERSONALLY visited the WEF, and per Schwab: "the international community is looking to China to continue its responsive and responsible leadership.” So there you have it: CCP = WEF and WEF = CCP. Not your imagination then that the WEF’s “Great Reset” looks, smells, and quacks like something much older: communism.”

  74. Progressives Declare War on Asians, Meritocracy and STEM - Asian Dawn. November 18, 2020 Progressives all across America have declared war on Asians, meritocracy, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). [Listen to this bullshit.] One African-American parent stated it’s because of Asians hogging up all the spaces “Black people can’t catch up technologically because the ‘stupid Asians’ are keeping black people down out of fear they’d be overtaken.” When one angry Asian-American parent responded “Trust me, you’ll never catch up. If you need to lower-standards to get in, you’ll never beat us,” a near physical fight broke loose. Another Asian parent screamed, “First you blame white people, now you blame us!? Grow up! Study harder or go home!” [Race war is on. First casualty - meritocracy.]

  75. Barak Ravid: “Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu travelled secretly yesterday to the city of Neom in Saudi Arabia and had a trilateral meeting with Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Israeli source tells me. Netanyahu’s office didn’t deny the story.” [Hmm.] Gili Cohen: “Did Netanyahu (probably escorted by the head of the Mossad Yossi Cohen) fly to Saudi Arabia yesterday? A super rare flight intercepted by Avi Scharf took off last night from Israel to Neom in Saudi Arabia, just while Pompeo & MBS were there. PMO in response: No comment.” [Lining up the chess pieces. If Trump us going to do something against Red Faction to stay in power he will need both allies.] Neri Zilber: “Netanyahu and Mossad chief Yossi Cohen flew to Saudi Arabia yesterday, met with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Pompeo, per Israel Army Radio.” [This is Actionable not wasting bullshit time on Soros is Arrested reports. So he wasn’t arrested? For the 4th time, no.]

  76. Apple’s security chief charged with bribery. The company’s head of security is charged with planning to swap iPads for gun permits. [Take notice Patriots and Wizards. Almost like all of these Democrat cities have become brazenly corrupt to the core lately. This needs to stop. A Dark Army truly has conquered America. Long game wise seems that the only solution is breaking the spell people are under and teaching the truth. And though it’s a jagged pill I’ve had trouble accepting, it isn’t possible with most. Some people are just bad, brainwashed or not. Maybe I’m wrong but it sure does seem that way. Why can some of us not tolerate this evil? While others haven’t even noticed? As for the current and pressing situation, I believe there very well may be hidden, soldier-like angels (and not dainty lady angels how they taught us) that will come to our aid. Ones that possess the strength and the fury of a thing even more disgusted by these goings-on than us prepared to knock these criminals into a dimension not seen. And that when we think we have ten of us fighting we will really have a thousand because these forces are here waiting, calling on us and likely saying, Now!] Apple security chief accused of bribing officers with iPads in exchange for concealed gun permits. Apple’s chief security officer allegedly promised to donate 200 iPads worth $70,000 to the Sheriff’s Office in exchange for concealed weapons permits.

  77. Vincent Lee: “Reuters Exclusive: U.S. CLOSE TO DECLARING THAT 89 CHINESE AEROSPACE AND OTHER COMPANIES HAVE MILITARY TIES THAT CAN STOP THEM FROM RECEIVING CERTAIN U.S. EXPORTS – U.S. COMMERCE DEPT DOCUMENT. Reuters: Commercial Aircraft Corp of China Ltd (COMAC), which is spearheading Chinese efforts to compete with Boeing and Airbus, is on the list, as is Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) and 10 of its related entities. Reuters: The export restriction applies to items such as word processing software, scientific equipment like digital oscilloscopes, and aircraft parts and components. For aircraft, the items include everything from brackets for flight control boxes to the engines themselves. Reuters: a former U.S. official who did not want to be identified, said “merely creating a list and populating it is a provocative act.” An aerospace industry source said it could spur China to retaliate. Reuters: Besides the 89 Chinese listings, the draft rule also designates 28 Russian entities, including Irkut, which is also aiming to break into Boeing’s market with its MC-21 jetliner development. Reuters: The 117-company list is “not exhaustive,” the draft rule said, and is considered an “initial tranche.”

  78. ”Pandemic is Over" - Former Pfizer Chief Science Officer Says “Second Wave” Faked On False-Positive COVID Tests. “Were it not for the test data that you get from the TV all the time, you would rightly conclude that the pandemic was over, as nothing much has happened…” [MSM should be burned down for destroying the economy. Look at these numbers.] New York Rt: “Up-to-date values for Rt — the number to watch to measure COVID spread.” [The math checks out. Even NYTimes is confirming it……] Your Coronavirus Test Is Positive. Maybe It Shouldn’t Be. The usual diagnostic tests may simply be too sensitive and too slow to contain the spread of the virus. False Positives in PCR Tests for COVID-19 - ICD10monitor. The prevalence of misinformation coming from the most trusted form of coronavirus test may be more significant than previously thought. [Elon was right.] Beware of False-Positive Results with SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Tests. Letters to the Editor from regarding false-positive results with SARS-CoV-2 antibody tests. Experts: US COVID-19 positivity rate high due to ‘too sensitive’ tests. Up to 90 percent of people tested for COVID-19 in Massachusetts, New York and Nevada in July carried barely any traces of the virus and it could be because today’s tests are ‘too sensitive’, experts say.

  79. Palantir stock up 15% today. Insane. I told all of you to buy it. It will be a top performing stock. Now 20 dollars. Told all of you to get in at 10 to 15. Anyway will continue increasing. I’m not a financial advisor. Blue Wizard driven companies always do well. Also Competition is for losers, Palantir is a monopoly in the making. Wake the Fuck up. Go Woke, Go Broke, Red Pills Pay Bills, Listen to Aries, get Berries. 5 years from now Palantir will be around 500 a share. Big Data is not going away, so stop being a bitch come out and play. Alec Baldwin says no coffee for you unless you buy Palantir stock. And Bitcoin. And learn how to close. And get your damn ham radio license already. How to close? Put That Coffee Down. Disclosure that Aries is going to take your coffee away if you don’t learn to fish. No more coffee for you. 2025 you will regret not buying. LOL. Seriously it’s 2020. If you can’t go on YouTube or Khan Academy to learn how to buy stock you should not be in Doomsday. Or even attempt to apply for career behind the Green Door. No hand holding. Get R Done. No worries did HAM class today. OK proud of you still. But hurry up and set Etrade or Robin Hood account. You pick up any Palantir? Do you think Palantir will dip in January like Bitcoin will, due to Great Reset shenanigans? Long term hold. Also I can’t advise if it will dip or not. What I will tell you is that Thiel is always right. You are watching a monopoly in the making. “Competition is for Losers with Peter Thiel (How to Start a Startup 2014: 5).” A lot. My MAN!!! Zero to One is one of my all time favorite books. I bought PLTR knowing Thiel was involved and researched the company later. Oh cool, data analytics. Same. Make it a long term hold. Forget it even exists for 5 to 10 years. Can’t get any now but I’ll dollar cost average my way in over the next year or so.

  80. John O. Brennan: “For four years, I spoke out vigorously against Donald Trump’s craven dishonesty, corrupt pursuit of personal interests, & trampling of our democratic principles. After serving over three decades in national security, I felt compelled to condemn Trump’s depravity & incompetence. My outspokenness has brought criticism, retaliation by the Trump Administration, & threats by those blinded by Trump’s demagoguery. Yes, it is unusual for a former CIA Director to speak out, but when an autocrat descended upon the White House, silence was not an option for me. I now plan to ignore Trump. I leave his fate to our judicial system, his infamy to history, & his legacy to a trash heap. The national security team of P-E Biden and VP-E Harris has numerous challenges ahead of it & wise national security policies merit strong bipartisan support. And while I will refrain from referencing Donald Trump in Twittersphere again, I will not hesitate to denounce public officials of any political stripe who I believe betray the trust of the American people or engage in unethical, unprincipled, or corrupt activities. I promise.” Jessica BD: ““Progressives” celebrating a literal warhawk whose org has spilled blood across the world (but especially in my region, Latin America) has to be the most 2020 moment ever.” Cole: “Swamp creature doesn’t like his swamp occupied by an outsider.” Sandokan Martinez: “Congratulations. You can invade countries and drop bombs again. Pizza party tonight!” Grandmother: “How are you now worth $30 million dollars? I am curious how so many “public servants” end up multi-millionaires after decades of service.” [Lol you lied to Congress bro. Tell em. They really do think this is a return to normal and that their opposition will consist of nothing more than meek fools whining about "pork barrel spending.” As if we haven’t realized by now that wholesale corruption of the FBI, intelligence agencies, and State Department is more pressing than a couple million so some congressman can get a park new landscaping in his district. When Rubicon? We doing this or what? At this rate? Been wrong before but I’d say 2022. I don’t have any inside special info. Makes sense. Hmm.]

  81. Apple’s head of security indicted in Santa Clara County CCW case. A grand jury has issued a pair of indictments accusing Apple’s head of global security, two high-ranking officials from the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office and a local business owner of exchanging bribes for concealed gun permits. At a press conference today, District Attorney Jeff Rosen announced the charges against Apple’s Chief Security Officer Thomas Moyer, insurance broker Harpreet Chadha, Undersheriff Rick Sung and Capt. James Jensen. Sung—second in rank only to Sheriff Laurie Smith in the sheriff’s office—is accused of deliberately holding back four concealed carry weapons (CCW) permits for Apple’s security team until the Cupertino-based corporation agreed to donate 200 iPads worth about $75,000 to the Sheriff’s Office, Rosen said. Sung and Jensen allegedly worked together to solicit the exchange of CCW permits for the tech donation from Apple. “The donation was pulled back at the 11th hour when our search warrants into this probe began” in August 2019, Rosen said Monday. In another incident, Sung “extracted” a promise from Chadha for $6,000 worth of luxury box suites at a San Jose Sharks game on Valentine’s Day, 2019, before issuing Chadha a CCW permit, Rosen said. “Sheriff Laurie Smith’s family members and some of her biggest supporters held a celebration of her reelection as sheriff in Chadha’s suite,” Rosen said. In a written statement, Rosen said Sung and Jensen “treated CCW licenses as commodities and found willing buyers.” “Bribe seekers should be reported to the District Attorney’s Office, not rewarded with compliance,” he admonished. Moyer, Chadha and other defendants should not have accepted the offered bribes, but should have reported Sung and Jensen to the DA’s office, Rosen added. Attorneys for Moyer and Chadha maintain their clients’ innocence, saying they were collateral damage in an ongoing political rivalry between Rosen and Sheriff Smith. “Tom Moyer is innocent of the charges filed against him,” hie attorney Ed Swanson said. “He did nothing wrong and has acted with the highest integrity throughout his career. We have no doubt that he will be acquitted at trial.”

  82. Elite Australian troops unlawfully killed 39 Afghan civilians amid a culture of ‘blood lust,’ report alleges. Australian elite forces allegedly killed 39 Afghans civilians and prisoners unlawfully in an environment where “blood lust” and “competition killings” were reportedly a norm, according to a long-awaited official report. [Remember this article. Russian media saying that since publishing of this, 9 military men - 8 men and 1 woman - committed suicide. The Australian military has killed Afghans for years in “initiation rites.” The dire truth about the country’s army surfaced after the publication of a report by Justice Major Paul Brenton. He blamed local special forces for 39 killings of unarmed Afghan residents. It turned out that from the mid-2000s they had executed prisoners during the rituals of “baptism in blood.” That is, the first murder in the war. Some of the suspects are still serving, while Brenton does not blame senior management. This tradition came from patrol commanders who had an impeccable reputation. For three weeks after the information appeared, 9 military men - 8 men and 1 woman - committed suicide.] Nine Australian soldiers kill themselves in three weeks after report exposed ‘war crimes’ by SAS troops in Afghanistan. NINE Australian soldiers have killed themselves over three weeks after a bombshell report exposed alleged war crimes by some SAS troops in Afghanistan. Classified documents allege that some Austral… [Holy shit. First of all, fuck Google for hiding this.] Nine Australian soldiers take their own lives amid reports of alleged war crimes. From 40 veterans in 2019, at least 56 veterans committed suicide this year alone. The most recent suicide took place last Thursday. In just three weeks, nine Australian soldiers have taken their own lives in the wake of damning reports of alleged war crimes they committed while deployed in Afghanistan. An edited version of the report was released on Thursday, after a four-year inquiry uncovered unlawful killings that took place outside of battle. One female and eight male soldiers aged between 20 and 50 were reported to have taken their own lives in the past three weeks. This many soldiers brought to the edge of committing suicide in such a short space of time is considered to be a bizarre situation in recent Australian military history. The stress of the inquiry is believed to have played a contributory factor in some of the suicides which had brought into light evidence of 39 murders by Australian Special Forces. [That’s like 9 Navy Seals killing themselves due to War Crimes. Ok just. Look at this, look how much they are trying to cover it up. It was in Incognito mode. But still. Something to think about. I just replicated your results without being incognito. Use duckduckgo in incognito mode.]

  83. An update! From behind the curtain. Standby. From the Wizards: Big things are happening. I doubt you will ever see the 10 days of darkness. Which is a shame. POTUS has been abandoned. The last man standing. We can only hope. Biden had a call earlier with the King of Jordan. It went Peachy they said. Things will go south soon and the toys are going to be protected. Enough tech has been stolen from us. The hidden tech is the only thing that gives this country an edge. It’s our last card. But many at the research level sold their soul. This is the reason why so many universities are pissed. Too many wokes had access to projects at the universities with Chinese stealing research. Very few universities now had any meaningful technology. All toys are now locked up (AREA 51). Just a hint how bad things are. You know The Getty (Museum) is an underground entrance. Google Getty and see what shows up on News. “John Gilbert Getty, heir to the Getty oil fortune, dead at 52. John Gilbert Getty — an heir to the Getty oil fortune — reportedly died in Texas on Friday. He was 52.” “John Gilbert Getty, the grandson of oil tycoon J. Paul Getty, has died. “With a heavy heart, Gordon Getty announces the death of his son, John Gilbert Getty,” a spokesperson for his father composer Gordon Getty said in a statement provided to PEOPLE.” Supposedly died Friday reported Monday. Full 72 hours blackout until it hit the news. “Steven D. Kelley Underground City at the Getty Museum. Whistleblower Steven D. Kelley talks about his first hand experience in the firearm and optic RvesvesD industry and how it lead him to deep place underground figuratively and literally. In this.” “The New York Times, 1998. The Getty’s Hidden World of Wizardry; With X-Rays and Spray Booths, Experts Study and Treat Artworks.” Just like I said, everything is hidden in plain sight. So take a look what’s going on. “President-elect Joe Biden spoke with Jordan’s king Abdullah II.” Pompeo is meeting with Saudis and Mosad at the same time Biden calling King of Jordan, major things happening in the Middle East. Which is no good. “King of Jordan becomes first Arab leader to speak with President-elect Biden. President-elect Joe Biden on Monday spoke with King Abdullah II of Jordan, making Abdullah the first Arab leader to speak with Biden following the former vice president’s election this month.” Check this out. Let’s see how long until this is removed. PoliticalArtsFarm: “2017 DR. ERIC COOMER EXPLAINS HOW TO ALTER VOTES IN THE DOMINION VOTING SYSTEM. THIS SEEMS ABSOLUTELY RIPE FOR FRAUD. “Don’t worry about the election, Trump’s not gonna win. I made f**king sure of that!” - Dr. Eric Coomer VP of US Engineering for US Dominion Voting Company.” VP of Dominion on video confirming fraud and even with this proof POTUS is left alone and GSA initiated transition of power. Now you understand which faction is winning and why toys are locked. sad day for Blue Wizards. Fuck this timeline. These people are sick. Regarding Getty, He was a lost soul who inherited family drama. But had been raised at the compound got them access to hidden specs. Whoever targeted him I hope gets captured. They scrubbed the audio on the video. So obviously he was telling the truth. This is so upsetting. We are doomed. Do you want to be right? With that attitude, you will be. Imagine the future you want. Feel it and have faith in it. No wonder Newsom went into “Covid Quarantine”. Someone is taking out the Elites. They were raised as brothers practically. Remember what I mentioned a few weeks ago about the 4 families that have run California for decades? The Getty’s owed the Newsoms for taking one of theirs in decades ago, so Gavin informally became a Getty and was raised by them when his parents divorced. “Gavin Newsom’s keeping it all in the family. As Gavin Newson becomes governor of California, he’s writing a new chapter in the saga of four intertwined San Francisco families.”

  84. Governor Cuomo says Law Enforcement officers who refuse to enforce his Unconstitutional COVID-19 laws are “Dictators.” [LOL. Hah… loads of self awareness there. This fucker needs to be put in jail immediately. Typical upside down 1984 world… he’s calling the Police Dictators that refuse to implement HIS Dictator rules??? WTF???] NY: Governor Andrew Cuomo said today that he may host his 89-year-old mother Matilda for Thanksgiving — after spending the last two weeks lecturing New Yorkers about staying home for the holiday and telling their loved ones to do the same because of the coronavirus pandemic. [Also won an Emmy. Because he’s an actor following a script. Yup. I love how they rub it in our faces.] Andrew Cuomo” “New York State is announcing new and modified micro-cluster zones. These zones take effect WEDNESDAY (11/25) for businesses and THURSDAY (11/26) for schools. Thread. Yellow Zone -Restaurants close at 10pm -Businesses open -Weekly testing at schools. Orange Zone -Outdoor dining + takeout -High-risk, nonessential businesses close -Schools go remote. Red Zone -Takeout/delivery only -Nonessential businesses close -Schools go remote. Here is the updated map for the Staten Island (Richmond County) cluster. The cluster has a Yellow Zone and an Orange Zone. Here is the map for the Manhattan (New York County) cluster. The cluster is a Yellow Zone. Here are the maps for the Great Neck (left) and Massapequa Park (right) clusters in Nassau County. They are both Yellow Zones. Here are the maps for the Riverhead (left) and Hampton Bays (right) clusters in Suffolk County. They are both Yellow Zones. Here is the updated map for the Onondaga County cluster. There is a Yellow Zone and a new Orange Zone in Syracuse and its surrounding areas. Here is the updated map for the Monroe County cluster. There is a Yellow Zone and a new Orange Zone in Rochester and its surrounding areas.” Matt: “Here is a tweet. You’re a driving factor behind everyone leaving NY.” Hillary Stone: “Have fun living in a red zone if you don’t already. I wish the rest of the nation catches onto this platform. It would help out everyone in the long run.” ConstanceJustice: “No… You can stay locked down in Cuomo’s dictatorship dystopia… Most Americans would like to remain free…” Gary Weingarten: “Pathetic, hurting non-spreading businesses!” Neutral Terminator: “Cluster cluster cluster Emmy cluster cluster cluster.” Donna Sulligan: “You and DeBlazio destroyed New York. I hope you’re proud of yourself.” Ryan Chapman: “What do you have to say about this? What data do you have to support schools going remote? Why won’t you answer that question? Better yet why aren’t members of the media asking that question?” bprice1665: “Sir King, may I eat a donut? What color pants can I wear?” [Do they not see that this is engineered to purposefully create tension between the clusters when people go from one cluster into another to eat or do laundry? And having “red zones” that aren’t in effect yet is foreshadowing to declaring areas “red zones” later on in order to lock them down because by then everyone will have gotten used to the idea? How do they not see that they are frogs being slowly boiled to death? If you’re in NYC, get out NOW before you can’t. Election Nov 3. People took the streets to celebrate at blue states. 2 weeks later same states lockdown over rise of covid cases. You can’t make up this madness. °writes script° Okay. Next, we are going to tell the normies aliens are actually real. This is all strategic of course. At geopolitics nothing is left to chance. One may think they really want to provoke civil unrest. Bets here are leaning to game over after GSA, justifying decision of toys back to the chest. (Toys returned to Area 51). Go Black (Go Through The Green Door) leave this bullshit behind. I encourage you to go Black. If you are too old, raise your kids to go through the door. You have all the tools you need in here. Either way not good. If we cross the Rubicon there will be unrest, if we don’t liberties are gone and policies removed 4 years ago will be reinstated. Jobs will be ship out and economy downfall will cause civil unrest.]

  85. Jeff Carlson: “The Small World of Voting Machine Certification. An understaffed tiny federal agency and 2 private testing labs responsible for certification of nation’s voting systems. A deeper look into the certification process used for the machines reveals that the main certification agency in the US, the EAC, maintains an unexpectedly small staff, and one of its chief employees is a former executive of Dominion Voting Systems. Furthermore it appears the bulk—if not all—of the testing of the election equipment is conducted by only two companies, Pro V&V and SLI Compliance. Pro V&V was used by Georgia’s SoS Raffensperger to do an “audit” of a random sample of machines. In May 2019, as the agency was preparing for the 2020 election, it announced the departure of Ryan Macias, who had served as EAC’s acting director of testing and certification. This left only one full-time staff member dedicated to overseeing the certification process. On May 21, 2019 the EAC announced it was adding two individuals to its voting certification program - including Jessica Bowers, recently the Director of Certification for Dominion Voting Systems and a 10-year veteran with the firm. “It was not immediately clear how the EAC might mitigate any potential conflicts of interest that could arise with hiring Bowers, the former director of certification at Dominion Voting Systems, onto the EAC program.” On the EAC website, there are seven Voting System Test Laboratories (VSTL) listed. However, only two of these testing labs, Pro V&V and SLI Compliance are listed on the page as accredited, as the others are listed as having their accreditation expired. From early 2017 on, these two companies are the only testing labs to have provided voting system certification according to a listing of certifications by the EAC. Despite being responsible for the testing and data used in the certification of entire voting systems, Pro V&V has only a single office listed, located in a business suite, that is supported by a surprisingly crude and sparse website. Pro V&V, like Dominion Voting and Smartmatic, is a member of CISA’s Sector Coordinating Council, the same council that recently issued the joint statement on the 2020 presidential election. The other primary testing lab, SLI Compliance, is also a member of the same council. In response to recent allegations of potential problems with the integrity of Dominion’s voting machines used in the Nov. 3 election, Pro V&V has been repeatedly cited as an authority in denying these allegations, including the recount in Georgia. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger issued a statement announcing the completion of the state’s voting machine audit which claimed “Pro V&V found no evidence of the machines being tampered.” The statement was widely cited by media organizations. It appears Pro V&V only verified that “the only software or firmware on the components was certified for use” by the SoS Office. The headline of the release appears to have been more important than the actual functions performed by Pro V&V. During pre-election testing of Dominion’s systems in Georgia in late September 2020, election officials discovered a problem with the display for the U.S. Senate race, finding that under certain circumstances, not all of the candidates’ names fit on a single screen. Dominion submitted a software fix to Pro V&V for evaluation. On Oct 1, Dr. Eric Coomer told the Court he believed the software change “was de minimis,” but stated that Dominion did not make that determination but instead “submit that change to an accredited laboratory…" Dr. Coomer was asked if he knew whom at Pro V&V was performing the software testing. Coomer said he did not and noted “I don’t know the makeup of Pro V&V’s employees.” Both companies are members of the same CISA council. This statement from Coomer seems particularly odd given that only three employees of Pro V&V have been located in reviewed documents; Jack Cobb, Michael Walker and Wendy Owens. Owens and Walker performed the 3 recent testings for Certification of Dominion’s Democracy Suite. On Oct. 2, 2020, a letter from Wendy Owens of Pro V&V was sent confirming “that this version of the ICX software corrected the issue.” The letter concluded with a recommendation from Pro V&V that the software change to Dominion’s systems be “deemed as de minimis.” On Oct. 3, a declaration from Dr. J. Alex Halderman was filed that refuted the procedures of Pro V&V’s testing, noting that the “report makes clear that Pro V&V performed only cursory testing of this new software." On October 11, 2020, Judge Amy Totenberg issued a ruling noting that “Despite the profound issues raised by the Plaintiffs, the Court cannot jump off the legal edge and potentially trigger major disruption in the legally established state primary process”. The Judge noted that Jack Cobb, the Director of Pro V&V “plainly indicated that he actually claims no specialized knowledge or background in cybersecurity engineering and did not himself perform any security risk analysis of the BMD [Ballot Marking Device] system.” Instead, the Judge noted, “State Defendants relied on Dr. Coomer’s testimony, to address – based on his professional experience – some of the significant cybersecurity issues raised by Plaintiffs.”

  86. Sylvia: “Here we go again! Beverly Center Target, Toilet Paper Aisle.” Lori Lassen: “Same in Salem, Oregon. Unfuckingbelievable.” Dave: “Do people really think they’re going to shit that much more during a lock down?” Isabelle Richards: “If everyone bakes again, that’s a lot of fiber.” Sarah: “Same in Phoenix area.” Angela VenturaWooten: “but what for???” Amy Brewer: “Same thing going on in Kansas City.” Moo Moo: “In KC go to Dollar Tree they have plenty of toilet paper and bleach.” Strick13: “You’ll need a roll a wipe if you use Dollar tree TP. Just sayin’.” Talia C: “Target on USC’s campus is sneakily stocked up!” himynameisaldo: “Thanks for the heads up.” zee zee: “Knowing that jersey about to be next (again), seeing this is giving me mild ptsd.” esb: “Denver West SuperTarget is empty.” Politics is Personal: “Go to Westminster. Fully stocked yesterday.” ure_too_close: “LA tip: You can always get 2 rolls at the liquor store. It’s not 2 ply but it works.” Sharon Hales Photography: “I haven’t been able to get paper towels or toilet paper at my Target(s) at all this year. It’s insane.” Peggy D: “Same in PA.” GODSchild: “I check other stores, as well as on line. Thus far I’m able to purchase when I need it in NJ.” VOTE: “I feel like now is a good time to get a bidet?” Say no to fascism: “I’m just baffled that people already ran out of TP after stocking up with a 5 year supply only months ago. What are y’all doing in the bathroom?” Bex: “Same in va smh.” Rachel: “I think it’s Target in general. Ours is constantly out of stock of cleaning supplies, but also random things like spices, eggs, and specific brands of shelf-stable goods. Ours is next door to a Lidl and Shoppers, so it’s baffling.” Sammy Saiyavongsa: “Nobody want that Angel Soft even in a pandemic LMAO.” Heather STAY HOME Winters: “Didn’t people realize how unnecessary this was the first time???” Rebecca Theodore-Vachon: “My brother said “toilet paper gone but the vitamin section is still stocked.” LOL!” WARR3NOWAT3RS: “It’s not what you think. Store employees are stockpiling merchandise and having resellers come and buy everything. I’ve seen it happen in Walmart, Target, etc. I don’t know how this isn’t more commonly reported. It’s like retailers are complicit.” AFROZILLA: “What’s the antibacterial soap aisle looking like bc it was stocked through the first wave of the panny and I’ll tell you h-what…” Drew: “Someone busted my car window last week because they saw some toilet paper in my trunk.” Emily Peck: “It was the same in South Portland, Maine today. SMH.” Victoria Mikulan: “Pittsburgh (cranberry) Walmart was cleaned out of paper towels yesterday. Also, oddly enough, in the ice cream aisle the middle section was completely empty. No idea what was going on there. Today, a target I went to had no 20 oz regular Cokes in the coolers. Very odd.” Kids R Evil: “They must be shitting their brains out cause thats the only way to explain where the common sense went.” [LMFAO. Explain something to me… you see your stores are all out of paper. Several hundred people chime in and say their stores are out too. Why is the first thought that people are actually buying it and not that the stores are out, the stores are intentionally creating a demand, the stores are complicit in making it look like this is a thing again, the employees are making off with the goods, there is a supply chain nightmare afoot, and/or we get a lot of TP from China/Canada and it’s just not going to come?! Pattern recognition FAIL. On top of this… notice what most of the screen names have in common… “stay home.” “Say no to fascism.” Again… pattern recognition FAIL. They can’t even figure out TOILET PAPER. They are going to LOSE THEIR MINDS. As far as I’m concerned, everyone in this room already has a monopoly on brain power. This is the “competition?” There is no competition. Competition is for losers who can’t find toilet paper. While everyone else was busy bitching they couldn’t find any, I altered my search terms. Bingo. Big box delivered. Called friends, told them I have extra. They had extra too. Because they have brains in their heads. It’s frustrating to watch people fail at thinking their way out of a wet paper bag.]

  87. The link Between Dominion, Sequoia, Smartmatic, and the CCP - GNEWS. The constant behind all these corporate reorganization transaction and acquisitions has been the software in the vote counting software and the connection to the CCP. [Can anyone successfully share this on Twitter? It’s what got Powell a 12 hour ban. I just tried. Not even the full url but with a space to fool the basic domain searching bot Twitter has and still got banned. Tried. And got banned. Even just a screenshot? Okay so that means they run text recognition on the posted pictures. Yup. Sorry about your account. Thank you for the data point. Next up is making a url redirect and posting that in a screenshot (to see if they actually trace each pictures content) and if that works posting the shortened url directly to see if that gets banned. Does anyone have an account they are willing to potentially get locked down for 12 hours? If you do and but don’t have a url shortener - let me know. Or please respond with whatever Twitter does. I would but banned (again). No worries. It’s my honour to proof that Twitter is evil. Read the article that got Sidney Powell banned on Twitter for 12 hours. Twitter took it down immediately because it’s the Federation’s website and the article implicates the CCP. The same time this happened, there was reiteration from the Trump team that Sidney is not ON the Trump team. This was to make sure that her comments are not seen as an act of war. Hence why she has been declared an Independent Lawyer from Trump. She’s still working. She’s in GA now. But they likely had to put some distance there to avoid an international diplomatic incident. That’s the closest a tweet has ever gotten to making WWIII go hot. And it WASN’T Trump tweeting. We’re already being told no matter if we’re Five Eyes or Ten Eyes, they’re going to pluck all our eyes out. We’re already there. So this could have been the straw the broke the camel’s back in terms of no longer maintaining some outward sense of diplomacy that convinces normies nothing is wrong. In fact, as far as wars go, this is the most passive aggressive shitshow I have ever seen since the French gave all their silk vests to their help to make the British look like a bunch of butlers. Agreed.] re5iGaM: Sidney Powell is registered as a MILITARY LAWYER and is the only one who can prosecute TREASON at a TRIBUNAL!” November 23, 2020 The Marshall Report BOOM.” Hal Turner Radio Show: Governor and Secretary of State in Georgia Took Money From China (To Steal Election from Trump). Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp and the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger both allegedly took money from Communist China, perhaps to intentionally THROW or STEAL the November 3 Election in that state, to Joe Biden. According to very high level sources from my years working National Security Intelligence with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, the feds have PROOF of the payments to both Kemp and Raffensperger. The Trump election legal team forced the President to WAIT before revealing this, until both Kemp and Raffensperger CERTIFIED the Election results. The Marshall Report: “Sidney Powell is registered as a MILITARY LAWYER and is the only one who can prosecute TREASON at a TRIBUNAL!” So don’t let spin doctors and fake media tell you lies about the woman who is bringing down the giants in the swamp! And there are a great number of them, more than anyone could have imagined…” [I heard there are prisoner barges at Gitmo. You guys heard anything like that? BBC News: “China warns Five Eyes Western alliance risks having “their eyes plucked out” over Hong Kong criticism.” “CCP STALINISTS ARE WARNING IF YOU DON’T OBEY THEY WILL PLUCK YOUR EYES OUT.”

  88. Michael P Senger: “EVERYTHING IS FAKE An open letter to Xi Jinping. When your VP visited Wuhan, your oppressed citizens shouted “fake, fake, everything is fake!” I’ve identified irregularities in your pandemic response that lend weight to their protest. ‘Fake, Fake’: senior Chinese leader heckled by residents on visit to coronavirus city. Sun Chunlan was visiting Wuhan when residents apparently criticised efforts to combat virus. Videos posted online showed Sun and a delegation walking along the grounds while residents appeared to shout from their apartment windows, “fake, fake,” “it’s all fake,” as well as “we protest”. Some could be heard yelling, “formalism,” a term that has employed frequently recently to criticise ineffective measures taken by government representatives for the sake of appearances. Fake alarm. 27 quarantined in Wuhan due to viral pneumonia: 1/1/2020. Fake public health response. China’s Troubling Vision for the Future of Public Health. Why Beijing’s Model Must Not Become the World’s. Fake hospitals. Chinese State Media Spread A False Image Of A Hospital For Coronavirus Patients In Wuhan. The photo actually shows an apartment building. Fake leaked videos. Fake rules. Fake hero. Global Times: “Chinese doctor Li Wenliang, one of the eight whistleblowers who tried o warn other medics of the coronavirus outbreak but were reprimanded by local police, dies of coronavirus on Thursday in Wuhan, Global Times has learned. Fake WHO director. WHO praises China’s response to coronavirus, will reconvene expert committee to assess global threat. Fake public health victory. The US intelligence community has reportedly concluded that China intentionally misrepresented its coronavirus numbers. Fake infection data. Coronavirus: It’s time to get real about the misleading data. There is no doubt about it: The numbers are just not right. Whether diagnosed cases, deaths, projections, much of the data you see about the coronavirus is misleading — it’s just a matter of how far off the numbers really are. How the data on coronavirus is presented and discussed is a serious problem, as efforts to contain the pandemic — and support for those efforts — are based on the math of transmission. Far-reaching public policy decisions are made based not only on data but on public demands as shaped by the data presented to the public. The public needs to know the truth to have confidence in those policy decisions — even if the truth means that there is a great deal of uncertainty which will not be resolved for some time. Fake WHO report. 1Report of the WHO-China Joint Mission on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). Fake WHO China representative. Video: Top WHO doctor Bruce Aylward ends video call after journalist asks about Taiwan’s status. Fake WHO advice. ‘Copy China’s response to COVID-19,’ WHO expert urges rest of the world. Countries around the world need to follow China’s example when fighting and preparing for COVID-19, a top World Health Organization (WHO) expert said on Tuesday upon returning from the epicenter of the outbreak. Fake friendship. Fake cooperation. Italy Coronavirus Lockdown ‘Not Enough,’ Says China, Healthcare Staff Stop Counting Bodies. Chinese medical experts are dispensing advice to Italy in the hopes of helping them deal with the coronavirus that has ravaged Italy the past few weeks. The first bit of advice was that the European country was “not strict enough” in their handling of the health crisis. It has gotten so bad in Italy that one nurse said they have stopped counting the bodies. Milan, Italy, was the site of a press conference held on Thursday where Chinese Red Cross Vice President Sun Shuopeng said that conditions in Northern Italy are “…similar to what we experienced two months ago in Wuhan, China, the epicenter of COVID-19." He continued, "In the city of Wuhan after one month since the adoption of the lockdown policy, we see a decreasing trend from the peak of the disease. Here in Milan, the hardest-hit area by COVID-19, there isn’t a very strict lockdown: public transportation is still working, and people are still moving around, you’re still having dinners and parties in the hotels and you’re not wearing masks. We need every citizen to be involved in the fight of COVID-19 and follow this policy.” Then he added that Italians should stop all “economic activities and cut the mobility of people” imploring that everyone should just remain at home. At first glance, this is like a cat advising a dog to quit barking and wagging its tail to get fed but a deeper look reveals how the two cultures have been intertwined since the 13th-century travels of Marco Polo. Fake pandemic assistance. Chinese Company Suspected of Spying on U.S. Citizens Donates Police Drones to 22 States. Chinese company Da Jiang Innovations, the world’s largest maker of drones, has donated drones to 43 law enforcement agencies operating in 22 U.S. states to enforce social distancing rules. Police in Elizabeth, N.J., for example, are using the drones to surveil residents in places where patrol cars can’t easily reach, such as spaces between buildings and back yards. “If these drones save one life, it is clearly worth the activity and the information that the drones are sending,” Elizabeth mayor Chris Bollwage told MSNBC. In 2017, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security warned in a memo that DJI was “selectively targeting government and privately owned entities within these sectors to expand its ability to collect and exploit sensitive U.S. data.” The Interior Department in 2019 grounded its entire fleet of DJI-manufactured drones, which had been used to surveil U.S. land, due to concerns that China was using the drones to gather data on critical U.S. infrastructure. DJI has asserted that concerns about its drones are groundless. Fake ventilators. The UK bought 250 ventilators from China. British doctors warn some Chinese ventilators could kill if used in hospitals. Exclusive: “We believe that if used, significant patient harm, including death, is likely,” British doctors said in a letter. Fake humanitarianism. Hu Xijin: “Sweden will not test people with mild symptoms. UK and Germany tried to build a “herd immunity”, which will expose many people to the risk of death. These countries are unwilling to invest more resources in epidemic control. What about human rights? What about humanitarianism?” Fake concern. Hua Chunying: “If this 7-year-old girl has the common sense, why some adults don’t?” Fake hope. After 102 Days COVID-Free, New Zealand’s Resurgence Highlights the Difficulties of Returning to Normal Life. Fake epidemiologists. Eric Ding: “In Dr. Fauci We Trust.” Fake models. Report 7: Estimating infection prevalence in Wuhan City from repatriation flights WHO Collaborating Centre for Infectious Disease Modelling MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease AnalysisAbdul Latif Jameel Institute for Disease and Emergency Analytics (J-IDEA)Imperial College London. Since the end of January 2020, in response to the growing COVID-19 epidemic, 55 countries have repatriated over 8000 citizens from Wuhan City, China. In addition to quarantine measures for returning citizens, many countries implemented PCR screening to test for infection regardless of symptoms. These flights therefore give estimates of infection prevalence in Wuhan over time. Between 30th January and 1st February (close to the peak of the epidemic in Wuhan), infection prevalence was 0.87%(95% CI: 0.32% -1.89%). As countries now start to repatriate citizens from Iran and northern Italy, information from repatriated citizens could help inform the level of response necessary to help control the outbreaks unfolding in newly affected areas. Fake modelers. Yaneer Bar-Yam: “Speculations about the problems in China with data are projections.” Fake professors. Harvard University Professor and Two Chinese Nationals Charged in Three Separate China Related Cases. The Department of Justice announced today that the Chair of Harvard University’s Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department and two Chinese nationals have been charged in connection with aiding the People’s Republic of China. Dr. Charles Lieber, 60, Chair of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University, was arrested this morning and charged by criminal complaint with one count of making a materially false, fictitious and fraudulent statement. Lieber will appear this afternoon before Magistrate Judge Marianne B. Bowler in federal court in Boston, Massachusetts. Yanqing Ye, 29, a Chinese national, was charged in an indictment today with one count each of visa fraud, making false statements, acting as an agent of a foreign government and conspiracy. Ye is currently in China. Zaosong Zheng, 30, a Chinese national, was arrested on Dec. 10, 2019, at Boston’s Logan International Airport and charged by criminal complaint with attempting to smuggle 21 vials of biological research to China. On Jan. 21, 2020, Zheng was indicted on one count of smuggling goods from the United States and one count of making false, fictitious or fraudulent statements. He has been detained since Dec. 30, 2019. Fake economics. Policy for the COVID-19 Crisis - IGM Forum. Fake ethics. Coronavirus pandemic 'will cause famine of biblical proportions.’ Governments must act now to stop 265 million starving, warns World Food Programme boss. Fake scientists. Fifty-four scientists have lost their jobs as a result of NIH probe into foreign ties. Some 54 scientists have resigned or been fired as a result of an ongoing investigation by the National Institutes of Health into the failure of NIH grantees to disclose financial ties to foreign governments. For 93% of the 189 scientists whom NIH has investigated to date, China was the source of their undisclosed support. The new numbers come from Michael Lauer, NIH’s head of extramural research. Lauer had previously provided some information on the scope of NIH’s investigation, which had targeted 189 scientists at 87 institutions. But his presentation today to a senior advisory panel offered by far the most detailed breakout of an effort NIH launched in August 2018 that has roiled the U.S. biomedical community, and resulted in criminal charges against some prominent researchers, including Charles Lieber, chair of Harvard University’s department of chemistry and chemical biology. “It’s not what we had hoped, and it’s not a fun task,” NIH Director Francis Collins said in characterizing the ongoing investigation. He called the data “sobering.” Fake pandemic plans. Event 201: The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. The exercise illustrated areas where public/private partnerships will be necessary during the response to a severe pandemic in order to diminish large-scale economic and societal consequences. In recent years, the world has seen a growing number of epidemic events, amounting to approximately 200 events annually. These events are increasing, and they are disruptive to health, economies, and society. Managing these events already strains global capacity, even absent a pandemic threat. Experts agree that it is only a matter of time before one of these epidemics becomes global—a pandemic with potentially catastrophic consequences. A severe pandemic, which becomes “Event 201,” would require reliable cooperation among several industries, national governments, and key international institutions. Fake pandemic. COVID-19: PANDEMIC. PROFIT. FALLOUT. The information in this report is intended to facilitate discussion and a more rigorous examination and challenge of the Australian government’s Covid-19 mitigation policies. PART ONE: PANDEMIC. The novel coronavirus ‘Covid-19’ has been deemed a highly infectious pathogen and an international public health risk. The unprecedented international response has resulted in economic devastation and the virtual house arrest of billions of people. I discuss concerns surrounding the irregularities of initial diagnosis and testing procedures. There appears to be an absence of any “gold standard” test, or control groups to assess accuracy of diagnostics. Instead, without external validation, “emergency approval” has been granted by the WHO and national health authorities. Regulators like Australia’s TGA acknowledge possible inaccuracies - saying there is a possibility of false positives AND false negatives, but do not state the prevalence to which this is to be expected. Regardless, the WHO and governments are pushing wide-scale, mass genetic testing. I explore the data used in informing the Covid-19 policy response. Data which governments are relying on can be traced back to dubious sources, including social media and local news reports. International health authorities are engaging in irregular Covid-19 death attribution. Some hospitals are allegedly financially incentivised to declare Covid-19 cases. The modelling used for international policy is based on unpublished, unverified 13 year old code. Australian modellers have appear to have deep financial ties to pharmaceutical companies and conflicted global power structures such as the Gates Foundation and Gavi (Vaccine Alliance). I examine the dark possibility of the Covid-19 ‘plandemic’ - involving a series of high profile pandemic scenarios involving the military, G20 members and global organisations like the World Economic Forum and the Gates Foundation. These ‘plandemic’ scenarios have deeply unsettling parallels to the current Covid-19 outbreak. I note one of the key advisors to the Australian government’s Covid-19 response was a member of one of these high level ‘plandemic’ panels, which involved the World Economic Forum, the Gates Foundation and organisations tied to the US military. I intend to pose the question - how many coincidences are required before we begin to consider a causal agent? I outline the relationships of Australian government organisations and vaccine manufacturers, and the troubling timelines of their Covid-19 vaccine development - which appear to have pre-empted the current crisis. I examine the ‘unprecedented, unchecked’ powers given to Health Minister Greg Hunt and Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy under the Biosecurity Act 2015, and Minister Hunt’s history as an apparent ‘friend of Big Pharma’. PART TWO: PROFIT. I examine the pervasive influence of Big Pharma over the Australian government, concluding that “Big Pharma is gaming the government” and using the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme to siphon off billions from Australian taxpayers. Vaccines are a highly lucrative product - given their mass market potential and eligibility for taxpayer funded rebates. I note the grotesque conflicts of interest in Australia’s drug regulators, advisors, researchers and inventors. The “regulatory capture” by pharmaceutical companies is deeply concerning - given that in the response to Covid-19, all options - including mass mandatory vaccination - appear to be on the table. I conduct a case study of “regulatory capture”, showing evidence of a former Prime Minister who personally profited from ‘medically coercive’ legislation passed under his government. I examine the role of organisations and people playing an instrumental role in the Australian government’s Covid-19 response, including the Doherty Institute. I demonstrate serious implications of potential financial conflicts of interest. Modellers recommending the draconian lockdown of Australia, which has resulted in economic devastation and societal ruin, appear financially incentivised to keep lockdown in place until their own vaccines are ready for manufacture. I explore the relationship between the Australian media and pharmaceutical companies, with sensationalist media stories acting as an advertising funnel to drug companies, including the garnering of Australian children for profitable clinical drug trials. I draw parallels to the media’s current obsessive coverage of Covid-19, and the lack of balanced reporting. A case study of the 2009 Swine Flu Pandemic reveals a European Parliamentary inquiry determined that WHO manipulated information to fraudulently declare a pandemic, activating lucrative ‘sleeping contracts’ with pharmaceutical companies. It is also revealed that the Australian Department of Health misrepresented statistical data to alarm the public about swine flu, although this was unjustified. The government ordered vaccines prepared before there was any evidence that swine flu was more serious than other strains of flu. I examine the Imperialist ‘pharmaceutical colonialism’ of the Gates Foundation, an organisation which is highly influential in determining global health policy. The World Health Organisation’s International Health Regulations are legally binding, with Australia as a signatory. The Gates Foundation operates under a banner of philanthropy, but their deep financial ties to biotech and pharmaceutical companies show evidence of their true purpose - to facilitate the transfer of vast swathes of public money to drug companies. The Gates Foundation also profits as one of the world’s largest investors in biotech and pharmaceutical/vaccine companies. I reference numerous examples of deeply unethical and predatory practices of the Gates Foundation- revealing their claim of ‘philanthropy’ to be an abomination. These examples include an Indian parliamentary Inquiry which found the Foundation was partnering with drug companies to conduct illegal medical experimentation on tens of thousands of children. State-funded Australian organisations are now partnering one of these companies to develop a Covid-19 vaccine. I expose a disturbing revelation - the Australian government is collaborating with the Gates foundation to commit public funding to projects which increase poverty and starvation in developing nations, to the obscene profit of biotech companies. PART THREE: FALLOUT. I explore Western world leaders, including Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who appear adamant that “life will not go back to what it was” until there is a Covid-19 vaccine. The proposal of ‘digital vaccine certificates’ to prove immunity is gaining traction, an idea originally proposed by the Gates Foundation and Gates-funded Gavi (Vaccine Alliance). Particularly concerning is the global drive to ‘fast-track’ Covid-19 vaccines approval to a matter of months rather than years. Especially given that many of these are RNA/DNA ‘experimental vaccines’, which involve directly injecting genetic material into people. These types of vaccines have never been approved for human use before. I examine the conflicts of interest surrounding the Victorian government’s extreme policing response to the ‘pandemic’ and officials’ stated intention to mandate a Covid-19 vaccine. I expose the State government’s history of alliance with pharmaceutical companies and the State’s apparent financial incentive to legislate mandatory vaccination. I expose the financial devastation of lockdown policy, and Covid-19 legislation that favours the rich. The swift rise of the international Bio-Surveillance State appears coordinated, with leaders of the movement also involved in the high-level “plandemic preparedness” exercises. I examine the new partnerships between Big Tech and governments, involving companies with deep ties to intelligence agencies. Tracking, big data and genetic surveillance is being rapidly pushed by government, military and intelligence organisations to ‘combat Covid-19’, enabling ‘structural reforms’ that the public would not have accepted without the pandemic narrative. I discuss the plethora of international human rights violations conducted under the guise of ‘fighting Covid-19’ and conclude that the sweeping power re-allocation may have forever altered the relationship between citizen and state. Fake emergency. Fake testing. Lies, Damned Lies and Health Statistics – the Deadly Danger of False Positives. Fake death counts. CDC: 94% of Covid-19 deaths had underlying medical conditions. Fake medical journals. This wave of anti-China feeling masks the west’s own Covid-19 failures. The threat of coronavirus should kindle global cooperation, not a new cold war. Fake medical studies. RETRACTED: Hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine with or without a macrolide for treatment of COVID-19: a multinational registry analysis. Fake medical rejections. M Gabriela M Gomez: “Some relevant knowledge is not being communicated widely because science journals refuse to publish it. Our most recent preprint estimating relatively low herd immunity thresholds has just been rejected. The top reason was: A Marm Kilpatrick: ‘Did you read my thread? mlipsitch suggested 20-60% of pop would get infected despite R0 being 2.5 or 3 b/c of this heterogeneity in Feb/Mar. Some may have been ignoring this but definitely not those of us who work on this for a living.’” Fake Tweets. Fake Facebook ads. China floods Facebook with undeclared coronavirus propaganda ads blaming Trump. Exclusive: State news outlets have bought numerous ads extolling China’s response to the pandemic and attacking the mistakes of the US. Fake constituents. Fake citizens. Fake executives. “I’ve found multiple blatant attempts by foreign national governments to abuse our platform on vast scales to mislead their own citizenry, and caused international news on multiple occasions. I have personally made decisions that affected national presidents without oversight, and taken action to enforce against so many prominent politicians globally that I’ve lost count.” “I Have Blood on My Hands”: A Whistleblower Says Facebook Ignored Global Political Manipulation. Facebook ignored or was slow to act on evidence that fake accounts on its platform have been undermining elections and political affairs around the world, according to an explosive memo sent by a recently fired Facebook employee and obtained by BuzzFeed News. The 6,600-word memo, written by former Facebook data scientist Sophie Zhang, is filled with concrete examples of heads of government and political parties in Azerbaijan and Honduras using fake accounts or misrepresenting themselves to sway public opinion. In countries including India, Ukraine, Spain, Brazil, Bolivia, and Ecuador, she found evidence of coordinated campaigns of varying sizes to boost or hinder political candidates or outcomes, though she did not always conclude who was behind them. “In the three years I’ve spent at Facebook, I’ve found multiple blatant attempts by foreign national governments to abuse our platform on vast scales to mislead their own citizenry, and caused international news on multiple occasions,” wrote Zhang, who declined to talk to BuzzFeed News. Her LinkedIn profile said she “worked as the data scientist for the Facebook Site Integrity fake engagement team” and dealt with “bots influencing elections and the like.” Fake apps. Is TikTok Spying On You For China? The relentless pressure on TikTok ramped up further this week, with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo again claiming user data is sent to China. “It’s not possible to have your personal information flow across a Chinese server,” he warned during a British media interview, without that data “ending up in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party,” which he characterized as an “evil empire.” TikTok is firmly in the sights of the Trump administration, and they’re not letting up. But now, as TikTok continues to deny U.S. accusations of data mishandling, of it bowing to pressure from Beijing, a new report from the cyber experts at ProtonMail has called those denials into question. “Beware,” it warns, “the social media giant not only collects troves of personal data on you, but also cooperates with the CCP, extending China’s surveillance and censorship reach beyond its borders.” Fake entrepreneurs. Zoom Founder Eric Yuan is a Silicon Valley-based Chinese American billionaire, but his ties with CCP are too damn strong. Fake companies. Zoom shuts accounts of activists holding Tiananmen Square and Hong Kong events. Three campaigners accuse US firm of disrupting their access to platform to placate China. Three prominent human rights activists have accused Zoom of disrupting or shutting down their accounts because they were linked to events to mark the anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen massacre or were to discuss China’s measures to exert control over Hong Kong. Lee Cheuk Yan, a veteran activist with the Hong Kong Alliance, which organises the city’s annual Tiananmen Square vigil, said his account was shut down in May before he was to host a Zoom event on an extradition bill that caused mass anti-government protests in Hong Kong last year. Lee said he purchased a subscription to the platform in an effort to get access, but his account remained blocked. “I demanded an answer from Zoom but so far they haven’t given me an answer,” Lee told the Guardian. “It’s very unusual that a consumer can’t reopen their account. So the only explanation is that it’s politically motivated.” Fake governors. Daniel Andrews hits back on China deals. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has slammed the Morrison government’s plans to terminate agreements with foreign powers, which specifically target China, saying the move will further hamper his state’s economic recovery. Sources confirmed on Thursday that Victoria’s memorandum of understanding over China’s Belt and Road Initiative will be one of the first to be terminated under the new powers. Fake health secretaries. Matt Hancock: “I’m in China this week to look at collaborating with our Chinese counterparts to harness the power of tech and innovation in healthcare.” Fake health directors. Hua Chunying: “China’s Fauci Dr. Zhong Nanshan was awarded Medal of the Republic for his outstanding fight against COVID-19. He was the first to warn of human-to-human transmission. We are so sad to learn Dr. Fauci got harassment, even death threats.” Fake philanthropists. Bill Gates: Millions more will die in this pandemic, and ‘freedom’ hinders the disappointing U.S. response. Fake journalists. Fake news. MSNBC: “215 million Americans would need to be infected with the coronavirus to reach herd immunity, a strategy Pres. Trump has said would make the virus “go away.” This strategy would result in 6,385,500 deaths based on the current US fatality rate of 2.97%.” Fake fact checkers. YouTube’s Political Censorship. The company suddenly removes an interview with Trump’s virus adviser. Fake martyr. Tracy Beanz: “Well, this is interesting. From the documents in the Floyd case- the defense is asking for any and all files pertaining to Floyd’s cooperation as an informant for the Minneapolis police or FBI. State of Minnesota. County of Hennepin. State of Minnesota vs. J. Alexander Kueng. Notice of Motion and Motion for Disclosure. Also, to the government in Minnesota- it probably isn’t wise to either lie about witnesses on scene having to watch Floyd die, or not know that he DID NOT die on scene, when the autopsy report is on the docket and states he died at 9:25 PM that evening. Just Sayin.” Fake protests. As U.S. Injustices Rage, China’s Condemnation Reeks of Cynicism. Beijing is no ally to those fighting for justice—it’s simply defending its own injustices. Fake science. Over 1,000 health professionals sign a letter saying, Don’t shut down protests using coronavirus concerns as an excuse. Fake lab. Experts debunk fringe theory linking China’s coronavirus to weapons research. Some of the speculation has centered on a virology institute in Wuhan, the city where the outbreak began. One fringe theory holds that the disaster could be the accidental result of biological weapons research. Fake research. Coronavirus was not genetically engineered in a Wuhan lab, says expert. Scientist shoots down social media claims that have been circulating widely. Fake CIA agents. Former CIA Officer Arrested and Charged with Espionage. Alexander Yuk Ching Ma, 67, a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officer, was arrested on Aug. 14, 2020, on a charge that he conspired with a relative of his who also was a former CIA officer to communicate classified information up to the Top Secret level to intelligence officials of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The Criminal Complaint containing the charge was unsealed this morning. Assistant Attorney General for National Security John C. Demers, U.S. Attorney for the District of Hawaii Kenji M. Price, Assistant Director of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division Alan E. Kohler Jr., and Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Honolulu Field Office Eli S. Miranda made the announcement. “The trail of Chinese espionage is long and, sadly, strewn with former American intelligence officers who betrayed their colleagues, their country and its liberal democratic values to support an authoritarian communist regime,” said Assistant Attorney General for National Security John C. Demers. “This betrayal is never worth it. Whether immediately, or many years after they thought they got away with it, we will find these traitors and we will bring them to justice. To the Chinese intelligence services, these individuals are expendable. To us, they are sad but urgent reminders of the need to stay vigilant.” Fake China experts. Richard N. Haass: “Sec Pompeo doesn’t speak of China but of the “Chinese Communist Party,” as if there is a China apart from the Party. This is meant to antagonize and make diplomacy impossible-quite a stance for America’s chief diplomat to take, unless his goal is to ensure diplomacy fails.” Fake intelligence investigations. Senger: “Exactly! What’s the point of an intelligence report that took 6 months to prepare, if all it does is parrot what China’s state-run propaganda has been saying since February?” General Robert Spalding: “Bingo.” Fake whistleblowers. The ‘Whistleblower’ Who Told Tucker Carlson COVID-19 Is a Chinese Bioweapon May Be Playing a Very Devious Game. Fake training centers. Xinjiang’s vocational training centers: Helping victims of extremism get a new life. Fake medicine. Fake quarantine. ‘Absolutely No Mercy’: Leaked Files Expose How China Organized Mass Detentions of Muslims. More than 400 pages of internal Chinese documents provide an unprecedented inside look at the crackdown on ethnic minorities in the Xinjiang region. Fake laws. The world must not let China steamroll Hong Kong. Fake treaties. UK says China’s security law is serious violation of Hong Kong treaty. The United Kingdom said China’s imposition of a security law on Hong Kong was a “clear and serious” violation of the 1984 Joint Declaration and that London would offer around 3 million residents of the former colony a path to British citizenship. Fake term limits. ‘Dictator for life’: Xi Jinping’s power grab condemned as step towards tyranny. Experts and activists react to ‘bombshell’ decision to scrap two-term limit that was designed to guard against Mao-style personality cult in China. Fake government. China officials run for cover as Xi Jinping prepares another brutal purge. Rival Youth League sends coded messages to prepare for the coming storm.”

  89. Manu Gómez: “USAF RC-135W Rivet Joint ZONE35 heading off the coast of Venezuela.” Breaking Aviation News & Videos. British Airways 747 catches fire whilst parked at Castellón Airport in Spain. No injuries reported. Qantas CEO: “U.S. passengers will be required to prove vaccination for COVID-19 before boarding international flights and potentially domestic as well.” If people just stop flying with them they’ll go under. Not unlike “get woke, go broke.” “The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.” - Princess Leia Organa. 17 EAMs. Underground war. Reports of “fireworks” 11/23 so far:
    London, UK
    Wales UK
    Rosario, Argentina
    Santiago, Chile
    Jalisco, Mexico
    Mexico City, Mexico
    Puebla, Mexico
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    Tamalpas, Mexico
    Maldonado, Uruguay
    San Francisco, CA
    Denver, CO
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    NYC, NY

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    2020-11-23 ###############

  91. 36 Janets for 2020-11-23, Nevada time (PST):
    0337 N273RH
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