Azazel News #Recap 11/21/2020

  1. Any updates on the Twitter grey profile pics? Either Obama’s new book or a code.

  2. Matt Bruenig: Damn south Texas Latinos really did go wild for Trump.”

  3. Stay out of tunnels. Don’t need to tell me twice. I was all set after you mentioned chest plasma.

  4. The British government’s first disaster of 2021? A food shortage.

  5. Shaun Stackhouse: “There’s a TP shortage again, and no one is more upset than Beavis.”

  6. This is not besieged Leningrad. This is today’s Vladivostok… Christ, he froze to death.

  7. DON DADA: “Can we talk about the fact that we don’t gat pork ribs the meat Industry is facing a serious shortage.”

  8. Anduena: “Nothing is worse than finally finding a beautiful dress and it being out of stock.”

  9. Watching the Last Days: “Food shortage that we’ve never seen! First carne asada now this.”

  10. German teen believes she is Sophie Scholl. Security dude can not handle her ignorance and quits his job.

  11. Beijing hybrid wheat to ensure Pakistan’s food security: Chinese expert - China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

  12. Charles Stewart: “Store Shelves Empty Across The Southland As Panic Buying Returns – CBS Los Angeles.”

  13. Ash: “The 5 lb or less turkey shortage is a real issue. :frowning: I don’t need a 15lb butterball to feed two people.”

  14. John-Carlos Estrada: “Almost empty shelves in the toilet paper & paper towel aisle at the Allandale H‑E‑B.”

  15. KHOU 11 News Houston: “Toilet paper limits, empty shelves are back as coronavirus surges.”

  16. Sandy Kimple: “\Empty shelves again in Merritt Island Fl, Brevard Co. God help us!”

  17. Naief Yehya: “Are we back in panic mode? Empty shelves. We’re really bad at the whole pandemic thing.”

  18. CTV News Vancouver Island: “There’s a shortage of winter tires, and you may be able to guess why.”

  19. Andy Ngô: “No arrests made as a marauding mob of 50 antifa vandalized and smashed businesses along a busy street in Portland.”

  20. IBM Apologizes For Firing Computer Pioneer For Being Transgender…52 Years Later. IBM apologizes for firing computer pioneer over 50 years ago.

  21. Disclose TV: “Meanwhile, protesters in Guatemala pull out a Guillotine and demanding President Giammattei’s head, while the congress building burns.”

  22. Kathy: “When will the Alex 9 drawers be back in stock online?? They’ve been out of stock for months. Your customer service is shocking btw.”

  23. Buffalo, New York Business Owners Stand Up to Cuomo Lockdown Orders; Chase Out Sheriff & Health Dept who tried to shutdown meeting of owners trying to survive.

  24. Donald J. Trump: “Big voter fraud information coming out concerning Georgia. Stay tuned!” [Interesting that this tweet didn’t get the Twatter election tag.]

  25. sεαη: “This is the ‘pump’ and dump on GA. They moved votes from Trump to Biden or Third Party, and then looted the Third Party and gave the votes to Biden.”

  26. Ian Hyland: “According to Sky News, there’s going to be a mistletoe shortage this Christmas. Honestly, it’s just one thing after another.”

  27. WritingNaturally: “Can’t find my dogs canned food anymore. They ay it may be a tin shortage. Better not be a meat shortage in which dogs come 2nd.”

  28. The Babylon Bee: “Joseph Stalin To Receive International Emmy For His Outstanding Hunger Relief Efforts.” [Fuck you, Cuomo.]

  29. The Babylon Bee: “Biden Forgets To Put On Clothes, Media Praises His Majestic Outfit.” [The Office of the President Elect has no clothes.]

  30. Bea: “Hey Tiggy ! Mom got out to da grocery to get creamed corn for corn pudding on Turkey Day and der a shortage she was told. Panic shopping. Wot you up to?”

  31. Jack Posobiec: “Wikipedia editors remove all mention of Rodney Reed’s past crimes and DNA evidence.” [Wtf. Now Wikipedia is denying facts.]

  32. dāvin: “I don’t understand. Is there like a national yeast shortage? Because every time I go to the grocery store I can never find yeast.”

  33. Juanita Hernández-Caudron, LCSW: “First toilet paper. Then yeast. Now there is a shortage of chess boards. Y’all are really impressionable.”

  34. Adam Crigler: “Facebook. Joe Biden is just a politician again.” [Get ready. Good news. Uh-oh. Here comes the 57/57 drop. I knew something was about to happen.]

  35. Food Shortages Hit China: There Is “not … enough fresh food to go around.” China even has an anti-food-wasting campaign going on across the country right this minute.

  36. CBS News: “Thousands of cars lined up to collect food in Dallas, Texas, over the weekend, stretching as far as the eye can see.” [The number of angry anti-Trump comments….]

  37. Dutch journalist gatecrashes EU defense video conference. Daniel Verlaan joined the meeting after the Dutch defense minister posted login details on Twitter. [The Defense Minister is a Clown.]

  38. Travis Norvell: “I don’t mean to ruin your weekend and all but IKEA is out of frozen waffles and they have no idea when they will be in stock again!” Rohan at home: “Aww the meatballs were out of stock.”

  39. Burnie: “You don’t seem to sell tunnocksuk tea cakes anymore since moving to M&S, is that right? Tunnocks don’t even come up as an option anymore or show as ‘out of stock’. If so, why?”

  40. The first of two satellites in a billion-dollar NASA-European project to precisely measure rising sea levels, streaked into orbit from California Saturday atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

  41. Maeves Child: “I’ve heard there’s a serious shortage of small turkeys because everybody wants a small one this year. So I just decided to go with chicken because it tastes better anyways.”

  42. Destructive EF-3 tornado and severe hailstorm leave 6 people dead in South Africa. At least 6 fatalities have been confirmed while dozens of properties have been damaged or destroyed after severe storms.

  43. Minnesota National Guard to Send Soldiers to Guantanamo Bay. About 150 Minnesota National Guard soldiers from a military police unit are deploying to Guantanamo Bay to provide security.

  44. Italian Police Used a Lamborghini Huracán to Transport a Donor Kidney 300 Miles in Two Hours. Italian Police employed one of its Lamborghini Huracáns to transport a donor kidney 300 miles in two hours earlier this month.

  45. Marcos 2 - the reckoning: “Now for something more serious: Amapá, an entire state in north brazil, is in blackout for weeks now. food has decayed and water is in shortage, mostly in poorer areas.”

  46. Rachel: “I had to grocery shop for work today. Shelves empty of things like flour, canned food, meat. Workers said the panic buying happened over the weekend. STOP IT PEOPLE!”

  47. Minnesota National Guard to Send Soldiers to Guantanamo Bay. About 150 Minnesota National Guard soldiers from a military police unit are deploying to Guantanamo Bay to provide security.

  48. Ian Miles Cheong: “The nurse’s story seemed like bullshit from the onset but how many of you clowns shared that story because her lies tugged at your bleeding liberal heartstrings?” [Fake Nurse Story.]

  49. KABUPATEN FAKFAK: “It was very sad to see more than 70 parrots put in bottles and found 10 dead, this incident happened in our area in Fakfak District, West Papua Province, Indonesia.”

  50. Charlotte Whitten: “I was in a Macy’s this week. Needed a duvet and w/ no cards in parking lot, thought quick an easy experience. It was, but so depressing. Empty shelves, huge markdowns.”

  51. Aunty Janet: “Arla has now responded, saying it’s likely there’ll be a butter shortage while British farmers catch up & they may not be able to close the gap. Same point must apply to lots of other foods - govt is dangerously negligent.”

  52. CBS New York: “Unprecedented demand and COVID shutdowns are causing a nationwide appliance shortage, but a small retailer on Long Island is bucking the trend. GusoffTV reports.”

  53. This afternoon in Bergamo the “Monopoly Bergamo” was released for the relaunch of the city after the Covid emergency. This is the queue at the Alle Valli shopping center in Seriate (Bg). I would say that there is nothing more to add.

  54. Pres-Elect Vic: “There was a shortage again one month ago in Québec at Costco and Walmart but now it’s ok again. No trouble finding food (meat, milk, pastas, etc.) I don’t understand people, as a survivalist and as a citizen…”

  55. Novembery Screenname: “I had already moved all my monitors to my apartment, wondering if I was making people worry by clearing my desk. I went to the grocery store to find shelves empty. A lady and I took photos of the aisles. “I’m doing the same thing, this is like a movie.”

  56. ഡേവിന്ദർ ആനന്ദ് D K ANAND: “Germany has fallen. Their government passed a law REMOVING their Constitutional Rights. Police can now enter their homes for any reason. They have lost the right to assemble. It looks like hundreds of thousands are protesting in Berlin.”

  57. Apple is lobbying against a bill aimed at stopping forced labor in China. Apple wants to water down key provisions of the bill, which would hold U.S. companies accountable for using Uighur forced labor, according to two congressional staffers.

  58. Anne Sparaco: “The hrfoodbank says donations are down 30% this time of year when it’s usually seeing an increase. Why the combination of the pandemic and the upcoming holidays are keeping some of these shelves empty on 13NewsNow at Noon.”

  59. ELIZABETH ALVAREZ: “It’s Saturday -Partial stay-at-home order starts tonight -Did you hear, there is a soda shortage among some other items!?!? -Drive-in concerts at The Del Mar Fairgrounds still going on -Sam the Cooking Guy with ideas on what to do with turkey leftovers.”

  60. Very bright, slow-moving fireball recorded over central Europe. A very bright, slow-moving fireball was recorded over central Europe at 03:46 UTC on November 19, 2020. The event lasted some 18 seconds before the object disintegrated.

  61. Dr Mark Porter: “Phones swamped this morning following Matt Hancock announcing over 50s flu campaign. A) would nice to have been warned first B) we have no stock and C) we have been told we can’t order yet D) we have no idea when stocks will arrive.”

  62. This Latina Wants to Storm the Brunches: “We can’t. One coworker got fired because she was going through a food shortage and she tried to steal a chicken that was already thrown away. She begged for her job but they still let her go.”

  63. Joe Moretz: “Wow Best Buy, your curbside ordering process is awful. Why would you let a customer order something that’s in stock, find out it’s not, then only give them the option of canceling the order and being screwed out of their money for 10 days while they wait for a refund???”

  64. Stephen 3.5%: “Came out of M&S in Ayr after finding empty shelves. Staff member told me it’s been crazy from lunchtime onwards. Came out dazed to see Police Scotland with camera crew filming the arrest of Santa Claus being bundled into the back of a police car. Sums up 2020 nicely!”

  65. Lin Wood: “I have irrefutable evidence that GA local election officials were instructed by state to report original vote totals & NOT report recount totals which are different. These people are corrupt to point of criminality. They are intentionally engaged in fraud in a federal election.”

  66. Maple Tammy Dappa: “We have looked at Poultry, over 1.2m metric tons of poultry meat is smuggled into Nigeria to meet supply shortage. We have looked at fish, beef, and many others. There is over 7.5m kg demand for snails annually and supply is not anywhere close to meeting up.”

  67. Earthquake swarm with magnitudes up to 6.0 near King George Island, Antarctica. Dozens of earthquakes have been registered just south of the King George Island, South Shetland Islands, Antarctica over the past 30 days, with magnitudes ranging from 4.7 to 6.0.

  68. Church patriarch dies from Covid-19 after leading open-casket funeral of bishop killed by the virus. The head of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Irinej, died in a Belgrade hospital on Friday after contracting coronavirus, according to a statement from the church.

  69. Velocity Yellow: “Can confirm my local Costco is out of TP and paper towels, as is Target and the grocery store. They all had stock last week (though mostly under “limit 1” restrictions) and this week it’s all empty shelves. I hope it’s all replenished quicker this time around.”

  70. A crowd of demonstrators have gathered at the home if LA Mayor Eric Garcetti to protest against new lockdown restrictions in the city. [Lol. It’s the thing I both love and hate about L.A. Whatever is going on there will be a great big gathering to contend with it.]

  71. PhillyChitChat: “Answer to readers about Wegman’s & food shortage: I think people are just preparing not to go out and that is why food is disappearing from the shelves. Also before with restrictions they had to wait in line, now it’s cold out. No one wants to wait in line when it’s cold.”

  72. Northwest Territories to suffer “colder-than-average winter,” warns Environment and Climate Change Canada. "People should be aware of colder-than-average (temps) with more snow than average and should definitely prepare,” warns meteorologist Lang.

  73. Alexis Milan: “Kick Down and Li Chee have just completed a historic merger positioning itself as the #1 fine dining establishment in the country but due to a shortage of chicken, cattle and all fresh produce they’re cooking and selling Mennonites, the other other other white meat.”

  74. Marine Forces Space Command (MARFORSPACE) | Twitter. The latest Tweets from Marine Forces Space Command (MARFORSPACE). Marine Corps Forces Space Command provides space operational support to the FMF while building a convergence capability to increase warfighter lethality. Earth, mostly.

  75. Walmart to again start monitoring, limiting number of customers in stores nationwide in response to COVID-19 pandemic. Starting Saturday, Walmart locations nationwide will monitor and limit how many customers can enter a single store at one time, per several media reports. [Limiting lol. For fuck sakes call it rationing. Fucking Liberal Arts marketing coordinators.]

  76. Texas County Goes Blue for the First Time Since 1964 After Hiring former Executive with Smartmatic as Elections Administrator. This year Tarrant County turned blue for the first time since the 1960s. Heider Garcia is the Tarrant County Elections Administrator. He was hired in 2018. He previously worked for Smartmatic for 12 years.

  77. FEC Chairman: Trump campaign bringing ‘legitimate accusations’ of election fraud to court. The “massive amounts of affidavits that we see in these cases show that there was in fact fraud that took place,” said FEC Chairman Trey Trainor. “And the other side really needs to answer these questions.” [I cant wait for the TDS 2020.]

  78. Pyramids, stolen tech, what could go wrong? Lol San Antonio had the same thing happen I think last month or two months ago. They just scattered so the cops couldn’t catch them all. Here’s a fun one for everyone. I’m trying to doze off and I hear a screech. New drainage tunnel was just built near by.

  79. State of emergency in the Russian Far East after destructive unseasonal ice storm collapses all key infrastructure systems. Several people froze to death and over 150 000 were left without electricity, water, and heating in the Russian Far East after a destructive unseasonal ice storm hit the region on November 18, 2020.

  80. Sidney Powell just dropped a bomb on Newsmax. She just said that there is an insider in DOJ that was on a phone call with AOC and Bernie Sanders along with over 100 people teaching them how to commit SABOTAGE in their government positions. [Everyone knows that absolutely nothing will be done about it.] Photo of Erik Prince. [ORLY?! Erik Prince is coming to town, he knows if you been bad or good.]

  81. Donald J. Trump: “The Media is just as corrupt as the Election itself!” [Random point. Trump’s last couple of election based fraud or corruption tweets haven’t been fact checked by Twitter. This one too.] “Big voter fraud information coming out concerning Georgia. Stay tuned!” [When you put people in Guantanamo for treason the bullshit stops right away.]

  82. A one on one special about Subterranean warfare with Maj. (Ret) John Spencer and CSM (Ret) Joe Vega on the sidelines of the inaugural Subterranean Challenges in War and Peace conference. [Take notice how they avoid certain topics regarding the real reason for Subterranean Warfare Operations, They can blame North Korea etc for future operations etc. but we all know the truth.]

  83. ”Finally a new supermarket, we just had the dilemma of choosing which supermarket to use for our purchases". The reaction of the Valori Comuni association to the news of the last go-ahead granted by the Municipality to Coop Ceramica for the construction of a new commercial space between Viale Marconi and the railway tracks is ironic. “The shopkeepers in the center will be happy - it is the provocation of the civics - who focus on quality and courtesy of service, since they cannot compete with large distribution where the prices are set by the purchasing offices of the chains”. According to the association Valori Comuni, present at the administrative offices in support of Andrea Longhi’s candidacy for mayor, the picture is in fact clear: “This is how the little ones are encouraged to close”.

  84. Joe Biden: “Here’s the deal: Because President Trump refuses to concede and is delaying the transition, we have to fund it ourselves and need your help. If you’re able, chip in to fund the Biden-Harris transition.” [Wonder why they need private money now? Why don’t Democrats fund the transition? Where did allll this money go? Not to mention the money funneled through BLM through ActBlue? I believe that money and the BLM money goes to Democrats and they did funnel it to Biden. Now Biden needs more public money so is he now on his own? Did Democrats abandon him? I wouldn’t doubt it. The legal fees are going to be huuuuuge. What impact might cause to S&P500 when Trump is confirmed winner?

  85. The Italian media are a machine to fabricate lies at an industrial pace. the narrative is all pro-Biden and bent to the left. I ask you every time to have a confirmation on the reality of the situation. Thank you. BBBC reported the same thing. The secretary of state had to offer a quick correction that the counting hadn’t been confirmed. Reason why Brexit isn’t happening. Our media is the same. They only give news that fits their agenda. Trump’s lawyers are just now filling court cases. Most of the cases that had been filed had not been filed by trumps team. Also, the way our voting systen works here is that our electoral college finalizes who is president and that does not happen until December.

  86. Trust me we need more Kyle Rittenhouses. If the Left and Blue Checkmarks only knew what was going on in the tunnels and why “fireworks” are going off in November. Guarantee you that none of these liberal 2nd Amendment motherfuckers would last 20 feet after encountering a sentry. And Kyle is not even white he’s a a Proud American and Latin. ELIJAH SCHAFFER: “The #enosha riot shooter, Kyle Rittenhouse (17), accused of being a “white supremacist” after shooting 3 people Is actually listed as “Hispanic” on unsealed court records regarding a traffic violation on 08/04/20 He was cited for going 20-24mph over the speed limit.” Gears of War was never a video game, HALO was never a video game, Doom was never a video game. It was always training on behalf of the White Hats.

  87. Hanwha Systems displayed a mock-up of its personal air vehicle, Butterfly, at DX Korea 2020. Hanwha Corporation unveiled two types of anti-drone laser weapons at DX Korea 2020. South Korean police officers pass by an HR-Sherpa unmanned ground vehicle on display in Busan, South Korea. Multi-purpose unmanned ground vehicle of Hanwha Defense. Hanwha is kicking ass in 2020!!! The Redback IFV these little Korean tanks will replace Australian medium size tanks in 2021. [Turkish are you awake! Are you in Korea this weekend? Unfortunately not. This reminded me aselsan korhan. 30mm on top? I think the 30mm upgrade to Strykers that 2nd Cav has been doing makes a lot of sense. When in doubt, have a really big gun that can chew up armor.]

  88. Save the Children exists to help every child reach their potential. In more than 100 countries, we help children stay safe, healthy and keep learning. We lead the way on tackling big problems like pneumonia, hunger and protecting children in war, while making sure each child’s unique needs are cared for. We know we can’t do this alone. Together with children, partners and supporters, we work to help every child become whoever they want to be. [Bastard smugglers.] Charitable organization Save the Children: in 2019, 426 million children are living in armed conflict zones. This is 11 million more than in 2018. Since 2005, more than 250,000 violations against children have been verified in the UN’s annual reports on the situation of children in armed conflict. Of these, 106,000 (42%) related to the killing and maiming of children. Since 2010, the equivalent of 25 children a day have been killed or maimed in conflict. The number of children living in high-intensity conflicts in 2019 rose by 2% from 2018 to stand at 160 million. A total of 426 million children were found to be living in conflict zones overall in 2019 – the second highest total ever recorded. The number of children living in close proximity to the most intense conflict zones rose significantly – up from 4 million to 9 million in 2018–19. Explosive weapons accounted for 3,842 (37%) of the 10,294 incidents of killing and maiming of children in 2019 – with the proportion much higher in Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen. [Political issue is more interesting one than this. The heart and mind of men is devastated by evil and selfishness and helpless creatures like children and animals, are the first victims.

  89. The President and the Mole People. No doubt U.S. presidents use their position of power to do some strange things, but John Quincy Adams just may win the award for the weirdest appropriation of tax dollars. Believe it or not, John Quincy Adams, our sixth president, authorized an expedition to the center of the earth to search for the mole people who he believed inhabited the bowels of the planet. Here’s the story of the President and the Mole People. [Midnight Meat Train / The Descent / Gears of War / Skinwalkers / Mole People / Rakes / HG Wells “A Time Machine” / Jules Verne “Journey To The Center of The Earth” / Pizzagate / Cormac McCarthy “The Road” / GWOHT (Global War On Human Trafficking). It’s All True. Connect The Dots. I want you to analyze the true meaning of this scene in Falling Down. by the time D-FENSE has had enough of the bullshit of the White World he is dressed in Black Overalls after becoming a BLACK HAT and is trying to use a M72 LAW to destroy a Construction Site. Notice that the child is better trained in ARMS then William “D-Fens” Foster simply by playing video games. This is a commentary on how the FACTIONS agreed upon the proliferation of Video Games to always have a populace ready to take ARMS. Notice that the heat seeking round went underground the tunnel before reaching its target. This is symbolic of the future Subterranean Wars the current 90s generation is facing in the 2020’s. Everything is hidden in plan site. Remember this was filmed in 1993, and we were preparing the 90s Generation early on for this Invisible War. And we see it again in Mars Attacks. The theme in which the Proliferation of video games to create have a well armed population. Once again we see this time 2 African American children taking up arms with no hesitation to fight back. Both scenes are Black World and give a hint to the horror humanity faces beneath our very own feet. Not Aliens. Literally they’ve been underneath us for 100,000s of years. Anyway the point is as a recruitment technique Video Games have always been used upon the masses for a SHTF scenario for decades. And to find next generation Wizards. Seriously think why we always pushed action movies on all of you and FP shooters Seriously think about it, some of you have never had Military Training yet you know more about weapons and pushing buttons for weapon systems then someone who lived 100 years ago. The Nintendo Generation are all late 30s and early 40s and now GWOT veterans and GWOHT commanders. The Xbox/PlayStation Generation is now in late 20s and serving under the Nintendo generation and all Captains and Lieutenants. The current Nintendo Switch generation is in a squad (enlisted or a fresh Butter Bar) doing combat support and going up in the ranks, they hear the stories of the tunnels and want in on the fight. It literally is a multigenerational war for the ones in the tunnels.

  90. SHOCKING!! Ukraine press expose Biden. This is now a serious matter of criminality. [Just a little question on gun prices. If Biden is announcing that there will be a gun buyback and that registering unregistered guns will be free - and since manufacturing for home proposes is fine so long as you don’t sell(then it’s illegal). Assuming one can 3d print guns & make barrels at home you likely can turn a profit. Anyone know how much they will pay for a semiautomatic? 3 steps: Government announced buyback; Make shit plastic guns; Profit; Buy more real guns. Fuck this buyback. I’ll make a plastic injection mold and do em in mass. I would make special shit plastic guns to sell into the government buyback program only if profitable. Gun buybacks are a scam. You know who benefits from them? Pawn shop owners, gun dealers etc. They go to them and sell cheap Saturday Night Specials. Totally a scam and I wouldn’t ever sell them a real gun. Something plastic slightly better than a nerf gun that WILL blowback/shatter after it reaches a particular number of uses. Just enough to meet the minimum criteria to profit off of another shit government. What’s the word for that? When good intentions are exploited? Gun buybacks aren’t good intentioned. No. What’s the word when individuals exploit a loophole in the system? It’s not a loophole. It has happened during every government buyback program. If it’s a working gun it’s a working gun. Forget about the Guns. The British government used to offer an award for dead cobras. Thinking it would decrease the population instead people started breeding cobras for income and the program was scrapped. Same as the gun buy back program. What’s the word for these results? Is there a specific economic word for something counterintuitive? “Perverse incentive. Incentive that has an unintended and undesirable result that is contrary to the intentions of its designers.” Intent should be measured by the actions. Their actions are to spend money on snakes (historical) and so people realized there was a ready market for cheap snakes - and this started making snakes in bulk instead of working hard to find snakes. I only see incentive. Otherwise they wouldn’t include unregistered guns.]

  91. Johnheretohelp: “I’m hearing some disturbing things now. The Dems/DS intend to “Take” the election. They know they can’t win, they know the vast public opinion is against them. So they intend to just take it, claim they won. They do not have access like they did when Obama was in power. Their control over the fraudulent voting mechanisms, satellites, rigged voting machines, mail in voting, etc. Is Much less than in 2016/18. Pres.Trump is doing a great job at cutting off their schemes. So they intend to just “take the election”. On election Day and night if their comrades in the mainstream media are going to report that they won. They are just going to flat-out report incorrect numbers to solidify in everyone’s mind that the Dems won. They will use every means of illegal voting scams to back this up. They intend to intimidate and destroy Republican votes anywhere they possibly can. They want to rush their “newly elected” people into office with very fast local swearing in ceremonies. Just like Obama’s BS. “Office of the president elect" stunt. They will officially Not acknowledge any results that doesn’t benefit them and challenge anything else they can. And they will support and encourage riding as a means to enforce their newly elected officials. They also intend to declare the presidential election for themselves, with the MSM backing it up on every channel 24/7. And they will lead a massive march, protest, riot. To the White House to remove President Trump. If he would not be removed they intend to have their president address the nation from Congress. And their president will run the country from Congress. The MSM will not allow President Trump any air time and will block everything possible from being communicated from the rightful president. This is bad. The riots, the taking over of police stations, shutting down and ceiling off federal buildings, this is their practice run for what happens the day after the election. The riots have quieted down right now but that is by design. Untold millions are flowing into these groups and they are stockpiling right now. Round two is coming, bigger, more violent, more focused, and able to hold out for months. They are being directed and supported by hostile foreign governments and leftover Deep State players within our own government. They do not care if the economy is crashed, if people are out of work, they welcome the violence. They want the violence, that is part of their plan. If there is a great deal of violence their new president or ask foreign Govs to help establish order. I have also heard but they will not declare a vice presidential running mate for Biden, at least not officially, because if things go their way and they have him as their phony president Nancy Pelosi will be announced after the election as the vice president. They cannot win, they do not care about any of us or the country, they have shown how they welcomed, promote and celebrate violence against us. they know that prosecution’s are about to start and after another four years of President Trump’s successes. They will be in prison and their party destroyed forever. They are fighting for their survival and the law does not apply to them. I’ve gotten this from several sources now. Supplies online MRE, survival food, are being bought out, so they can last for months. It is extremely well-financed well-planned and directed by hostile foreign and internal actors. What we had hoped and prayed mightily would never happen, could be just a few weeks away. Defend yourselves and your loved ones, support the president and those that support him and our country, protect a document your vote, be as prepared as possible for a couple weeks surrounding the election. Hold your Oath in Mind, Keep the LORD within your heart, and Pray with all of us that their plans fail. Ok, some questions have popped up. The Deep State controls over half the court system in this country. They have compromised a large portion of other judges. They control the media, the internet, and most means of modern communication. They can shut it down if they want. They want Covid-19, riots, whatever the case may be, they want everyone lockdown at home until after they attempt to take the government. That’s why they refuse to open schools. There are numerous DS supporters within the military/ Intel community who will help them take over, issue contradicting orders and statements. All designed to delay and confuse until their plans take effect. They anticipate a reaction, they welcome the violence. They want President Trump to enact martial law, they will then say the fraudulent president has taken the White House hostage and is holding our country hostage. It is already racist and illegal to defend Ourselves, it will only get worse closer to the election and immediately afterwards if they attempt any of this. They want us quiet, cut off from communications, afraid to act, locked in our homes and weakened. until they say it’s safe to come out into their brave New world that they control 100% of everything. Ultimately they cannot/will not succeed. I’m thinking of the damage they will cause if they try. They hate us, President Trump, and the country, and don’t care if it’s destroyed on any level. The destruction weakens the US in the eyes of the world and they consider it a victory. Ok, when is enough enough? The order has been given today. The riots, destruction, and violence we see daily on the news is becoming more focused, Antifa/BLM have been issued orders for the upcoming election. These orders have come through the Balt/DC branches. Orders have been given to these street-level terrorists to interfere with the upcoming Election. The orders given include, destruction and arson of known polling places in advance of voting times. The surveillance of known polling places to surveil polling judges. They want pictures of the judges and tag numbers. They intend to find their home addresses. [See whole thread. Look at the date. July 21, 2020. Do you want me to become a fascist leader? This is how you create one. Also.] Johnheretohelp: “I would like to tell you a story. The title of the story is, “How To Steal an Election in Maryland”. The villain in this story decided that he was the most important person in the world, and although he was responsible for an entire state, he abused his position, re-wrote laws, changed policies, by exploiting people’s fears over covid-19. All so that he could manipulate an election and gain the support he needed to run for president. I will call this villain Harry Logan. Harry Logan, being a Republican, thinks that the public will be tired of President Trump after another 4 years. Harry Logan is hoping that President Trump lost the 2020 election, he has worked against him for the last 4 years and is publicly doing so now. So this is Harry Logan’s time to shine. Harry Logan had made deals with long time and important Democrats in the state of Maryland. People who guaranteed him Democratic support in his run in 2024. And he watched his support dwindle when the person who had promised this support passed away. So, Harry Logan made a deal with all the incumbent congressman in Maryland. I will change the law and guarantee you will be reelected in exchange for your support. And every incumbent running in Maryland, five of the seven districts, won because of mail in voting. And without naming names let’s just say two of these involved Congressional type people have confirmed this independently of each other. Bragged about it even. Here’s what he changed, using covid as an excuse. This affected not only congressional seats but the presidential election as well. For the most part Maryland turned red except between Baltimore and DC where the majority of the fraud took place. Do you see the fix? A tenfold jump in mail in ballots for Democrats. Maryland went old school like they have every election for decades. Phony ballots, counting the same ballot multiple times, switching ballots from Trump to Biden. Curing. Paying homeless people 2 dollars for stolen ballots, the currency of choice on the street for a brief time. USPS workers bringing by whole cases of ballots. Maryland didn’t use the high-tech algorithms and percentages like the rest of the country, not too much of an extent. Maryland already had their fraud monster in place and they cranked it up again. It was so bad they were sitting down with phone books picking names out and saying they voted for the Democrats. They counted untold amounts of votes that said “Sample” in big letters across them. These are obviously been printed out online. There were stacks of ballots with only Democrat names on them and the signature was just an “ink line” drawn across the bottom. I hope every candidate in Maryland contests their loss in this election. It is very obvious the fix was in l, the deals were made, and the motive is clear, Harry Logan wants to be president, but is trying to distance himself from president Trump. You want the evidence, sworn statements, no problem. There have already been threats about exposing this . So if you want those things you can have them, but the stakes are high. Remove, on average, the phony 100k “votes” that were manipulated, from each candidate then look at the totals. Remove 1 million from Biden and look at the totals. That’s right “Harry” lock down the state even more. Make it nearly impossible to investigate your voting fraud. Keep your grip tight! Until “after the storm” as you call it. (He’s referring to Trump fighting his "loss.”)

  92. In the Black World who is/was King Arthur? If Merlin was Tesla, who was King Arthur? Tomorrow is a very important day in American History. Who is King Arthur? JFK. Camelot. Yes. “JFK. King Of Camelot. Music: “Camelot” by Lerner and Loewe (Richard Harris and Vanessa Redgrave).” King Arthur is John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Pay attention to what is happening this week. Let’s dive in. There is a reason why Ezra is quoting JFK. “I will splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds.” -JFK. Ezra Cohen-Watnick, in his recent speech regarding changes in the DOD that would have civilian SpecOps reporting directly to A/SecDef Miller, quoted JFK: “This is another type of war, new in its intensity, ancient in its origin–war by guerrillas, subversives, insurgents, assassins, war by ambush instead of by combat; by infiltration, instead of aggression, seeking victory by eroding and exhausting the enemy instead of engaging him. It is a form of warfare uniquely adapted to what has been strangely called “wars of liberation,” to undermine the efforts of new and poor countries to maintain the freedom that they have finally achieved. It preys on economic unrest and ethnic conflicts. It requires in those situations where we must counter it, and these are the kinds of challenges that will be before us in the next decade if freedom is to be saved, a whole new kind of strategy, a wholly different kind of force, and therefore a new and wholly different kind of military training.” The 57th Memorandum gives DOD control over foreign ops instead of CIA. NATIONAL SECURITY ACTION MEMORANDA [NSAM]: NSAM 57, RESPONSIBILITY FOR PARAMILITARY OPERATIONS. Collection: Papers of John F. Kennedy. Presidential Papers. National Security Files. Tomorrow, 11/22/2020, is the 57th anniversary of JFK’s assassination. This lines up a bit too perfectly. Something is going to happen tomorrow. CIA stands to lose the most from the exposure of Dominion and other similar software. It exposes election tampering and regime change actions in foreign countries. Reread this. This was 1963. Look at the points he outlines. We are living in the exact world he projected. There are so many threads to pull. But the current conversation revolves around election security. “Subversion instead of elections.” “It requires a change in outlook, a change in tactics, a change in missions–by the government, by the people, by every businessman or labor leader, and by every newspaper. For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed. It conducts the Cold War, in short, with a war-time discipline no democracy would ever hope or wish to match.” -JFK. “There’s a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman, and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot.” -JFK “Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.” -JFK. “The highly talked about WikiLeaks Vault 7 has been released. Among the many revelations is the CIA Vault 7 Year Zero decryption passphrase quoted after President John F. Kennedy. On March 7, WikiLeaks posted on twitter the decrypted passphrase for the CIA Vault 7 leak. The team revealed that the password is, “I will splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the wind.” This was a quote credited to the late President John F. Kennedy. The same quote was handed to a Times journalist in the 1960s by one of Kennedy’s administration official. It was later published in the New York Times on April 25, 1966. The video below mentions the JFK quote at the 2:50-mark. The entire video focuses on Samuel Halpern talking over JFK’s relationship with the Central Intelligence Agency. Halpern was among those who were tasked to launch an investigation into the assassination of the late President John F. Kennedy. According to Harpen, CIA, as an institution is not at all evil, however, the institution is highly idiosyncratic.” Try to forecast what is about to happen. In both White World and Black World. The two are going to merge. “THEY KNOW EVERYTHING. I’M SORRY.” -George H.W. Bush. “The order allowed the Secretary to issue silver certificates, if any were needed, during the transition period under President Kennedy’s plan to eliminate Silver Certificates and use Federal Reserve Notes.” Also just to set the record straight, Jimmy Carter did not get one. Yes. Reread this. This was 1963. Look at the points he outlines. We are living in the exact world he projected. There are so many threads to pull. But the current conversation revolves around election security. “Subversion instead of elections.” Twitter has signaled that it will hand the “POTUS” account – reserved for the sitting US president – to Joe Biden, despite no winner being formally declared and regardless of whether Donald Trump concedes. Treason much? Hope we cross the Rubicon soon. Last Week Tonight: “Hello to all our new viewers who’ve encountered our 2019 segment on voting machines through conservative media using it to push Trump’s voter-fraud claims! First: sorry we swear so much! But second: the way people are using that segment is horseshit!” More Evidence of the Fraudulent Elections. Here Is The Evidence: “Crowdsourcing Evidence For Journalists.” Voter Fraud: John Oliver Told Me Not To Trust The Election Not Fox News. The election security depends on who won. John Oliver told me voter fraud is possible. Andrew Bostom: “Miami Herald warning on Smartmatic 3/29/2006: “Software engineers with links to the Leftist, anti-American regime of Hugo Chavez are in charge of programming electronic voting machines that will soon power U.S. elections.” This is CryptoAG level shit. Might take decades for all govt docs to finally get declassified. But definitely looking like some CryptoAG type shit. B/c the methods used will still be applied to secure elections going forward? (And impact foreign elections.) Do any of you understand the core of the CryptoAG scandal? And this isn’t just about our country. This is about the election security of every single other country that this touched. So this becomes an international conversation about whether or not leaders obtained their power fairly. Someone had keys to the cryptographic kingdom. Dominion wasn’t just about dominating elections. Belarus was the canary in the coal mine. Those countries that Powell has come out and said we know this fraud was done in these countries with the same machines. How stable is their leadership/power now? Chavez used it to maintain power and now Maduro is doing the same, Powell said. She also mentioned Argentina. I believe she said the voting system was exported to many countries for profit and power (my paraphrase). Correct. It was developed by a team working for Chavez. Anyone else find it ironic that a socialist country created something and then exported it for profit? Venezuela was running people over with tanks in the streets… It was contracted out to Dominion. Dominion must have retained the rights to their software and repurposed it. Yes. If only it was something mutually beneficial like their energy and labor instead of corruption. This was a Canadian company building fraudulent software with the Venezuelan government as a client. Dominion has multiple partners - had servers in Spain and Germany and it’s confirmed someone raided german ones and that other of their offices have been abandoned. Venezuela was the pilot project and then they repurposed the software for use in other countries’ elections. The office that was abandoned was the Dominion office in Toronto which shared space with the Tides Foundation (Soros). The Tides Foundation funnels money to the BLM Support Fund. Smartmatic is part of Dominion. Scytl housed the servers in Germany. But they’re a Spanish company. Smartmatic was the original name of the software when it was developed for Venezuela as a client. Dominion is the company. “Dominion is the name of the company involved in the recent U.S. elections. Its name is associated with irregularities due to the failure of its electronic systems, whose technology was purchased from Smartmatic through its subsidiary Sequoia.” Dominion repurposed Smartmatic for other elections. “Sidney Powell cites substantial ‘evidence’ on Dominion Voting, Venezuela ties.” So far this is Germany, Venezuela, Spain, Canada, Britain, Cuba, Argentina, and China. Am I leaving anyone out? (And that’s just the Dominion/Smartmatic part of this. It doesn’t address the other software utilized in other districts.) Nor the non voting aspects of dominion(global) like power plants. PA judge tossed Trump’s case saying it looked like a lawsuit put together by a first year law student with zero evidence. Part of me thinks Trump’s legal team is doing this on purpose to hide their hand and get to the Supreme Court ASAP. There was infrastructure/logistics, energy, voting, and covid tracking. “CIA controlled global encryption company for decades, says report. Swiss government orders inquiry after revelations Crypto AG was owned and operated by US and German intelligence.” Covid tracking I assume is cover for tracking people. Otherwise speaks for itself. It has for 10+ years… so did you notice now? It comes clear why the new special forces bypassing chain of command to E. So, where Palantir was supposedly tracking covid, I think they were actually tracking covid tracking. No I’m pissed they are hiding facts regarding criminal matters. I think there’s something major planned with that change in command. They implemented JFK’s memorandum 57. It was basically this shift verbatim. “The US says Huawei has been spying through ‘back doors’ designed for law enforcement — which is what the US has been pressuring tech companies to do for years.” I know they cited the reason as wanting to make spec ops “more agile” but I don’t buy that shit for a minute. “Using Huawei tech opens door to spying, censorship, say U.S. officials. The closest U.S. ally, Britain, disagrees with U.S. warnings that any use of Huawei technology exposes a country to digital espionage.” More agile is correct but it’s euphemistic. The point was to bypass three letters. Good point. The civilian emphasis is interesting. If worldwide regime change operations are exposed, they have the most to lose. Leigh Dundas mentioned the other night that potential thousands of people are facing arrest and the military is well aware of the impending insanity should trump continue. No one in our government would be performing those arrests except perhaps special ops where they could operate out of the purview if the media. So this would be to bypass obstacles and cover ups. The media would frame it immediately as a fascistic takeover and demand foreign intervention. They already have. Correct, but thousands in handcuffs would be the picture porn they’d want for their front pages. Watch how MSM/big tech paints this as “chaos.” Lol. “‘Having Cohen-Watnick and Patel move up is worrisome,’ said Doug London, a retired senior CIA operations officer.” “’The long knives are out’: The Pentagon purge may be less about a Trump plan than end-of-presidency chaos and revenge.” They’re probably not entirely wrong. “Clipper chip. Chipset that was developed and promoted by the NSA.” This was predicted in 2016. I think the line was (and I’m paraphrasing), “Any thread you pull on has the potential to unravel the entire system.” “Skipjack (cipher). Block cipher.” Same old scheme used for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Governments creating security products or weapons, that have intentional vulnerabilities — and then selling them to other countries. Often also selling them domestically, to avoid suspicion, like Clipper / Slipjack. Same story with Huawei and their remotely-exploitable routers and 5g gear. Dominion is looking like yet another, in that long list of CIA-backdoored gear. Which is what the Vault 7 drop, quoting JFK in the password, was exposing. Many will say that government-backdoored equipment is unbelievable. Because many (normies/left) are low-information morons. The full list of government-backdoored equipment over the decades could fill books. And those are just the fully proven cases that we already know about. And these are the built in backdoors not flaws in systems. They still didn’t believe it after Vault 7 and PRISM. And if they did, they decided not to care because they “have nothing to hide.” Which is NOT the point. Just because I don’t have anything to hide doesn’t mean I lose the right to privacy. There’s a reason the teaser campaign for Vault 7 was riddled with images of Stasi East Germany. We were being given a heads up that this is where we are headed if we don’t stop it. My dad used to say Huawei would be a trouble in 2010s. During 90s… But like I said, something is coming that will put an end to these vulnerabilities. I agree with him completely. In the US, HR 4444 was the beginning of the end. The history of specialized hardware, like that list above, is plagued with intentional backdoors and hidden exploits. Simply far too easy to hide backdoors in silicon — Ask anyone in the chip engineering business knows very well. Then there’s also the public perception battle. Scott Adams: “Democrats are employing some excellent brainwashing technique to defend the election as fair. Here are some of their tricks. 1. “Refuses to concede” is making you think past the sale that Trump’s legal challenges will fail. This is their main persuasion trick. continued…” The Jews living in Germany didn’t believe. Everyone I know who thinks critically is geared/gearing up and ready to rumble if attacked. Agreed. The feel is 1939 all over again. More like ww1. Pandemic overlapping war. 1915. Seeing it requires pattern recognition skills, not reliance upon rote memorization of rhetoric. And cognitive dissonance can subvert pattern recognition. Autodidacts are typically not indoctrinated. This is one of the reasons why we keep urging everyone to self-teach. So you retain the ability to think critically. Minds of the normies captured by Stockholm syndrome must be freed. Maybe 1916 instead of 1915 with 1917 being like our 2021. This just makes me question how people died back then. I know there were famines around that time - Irish famine and holodomor surrounded the ww1 time period. This will happen in waves. This is why we had Shy Tory effect and a greater number of votes for Trump during the second election. A lot of people saw it when “Epstein didn’t kill himself.” Many will see it this time around when the media is proven to have put forward a false narrative. Many others, due to cognitive dissonance, will double down. This war is a covert one, so many still haven’t realized it is happening. It’s a combination of both scenarios. GSM and pandemic mixed with a social threat no one in the mainstream will cop to. JFK called it seven years before McLuhan, but they were both on the same page. “World War III is a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation.” - Marshall McLuhan. …so if I/we teach people how to think critically that’s a good thing. That’s always a good thing. It just takes generations to take root. That gives renewed importance to some stuff that has been on my back burner. Couldn’t agree more! the rhythm of the universe is cyclical like a heartbeat, our path is a spiral, as we go up moving through time the same points of the circle reoccur creating appearance of similarity to past events, while in fact being the very same lessons to be acquired yet again by new generations… I digress big time tho. Just as the voter fraud will awaken many, so has the COVID hoax, thus it is just a matter of time before humanity will snap out of the bad dream and begin co creating reality consciously. Glenn Greenwald: “NBC News is a huge corporate conglomerate that has always existed to disseminate US Govt, CIA and corporate propaganda. Does your employment there ever make you think that your self-conception as a brave, intrepid journalist confronting corrupt power centers might be a fraud? LOL. The notion that you can’t point out NBC’s long-standing role in spouting CIA propaganda without “endangering” their employees is manipulative bullshit. They hired John Brennan, Ken Dilanian & every other operative puked up by the security state. People already know. If you don’t want to be a news outlet globally notorious for disseminating propaganda in partnership with CIA, don’t hire the ex-Director of CIA to “deliver the news,” or people like this who are notorious for serving the Agency. One of the most revealing Trump-era moments is when Chuck Schumer went on Maddow in 2017 & warned Trump: don’t criticize or confront the CIA, or they’ll try to destroy you. He was right: they did. They’re who is demanding Snowden & Assange be persecuted.” Planting trees you know you’ll never sit in the shade of is important work. Adam Housley: “There is/was a clandestine location in Frankfurt run by CIA used to monitor/manipulate elections around globe. 2.That location did have servers & a front company as cover. 3.I cannot confirm the location was tied to U.S. elections. 4. One source says raided, 2 don’t know.” There is going to be massive Solomon in waves. It’s good that all of you are ahead of that so you’re not having a meltdown at the same time everyone else is. We’re very lucky to have understood all of this well ahead of time. Mockingbird. To be fair their employees would be in danger if everyone in America knew the extent of the criminality and how they had been taken for a ride, used, and abused. Or not the employees. The ones directing it. Many are placed in those positions intentionally as assets or converted to assets once they’ve been hired on by the media. Oh come on - you expect me to believe that?! I mean we all know Anderson Cooper has years of journalistic experience and no agency ties. LOL! Is it luck or is it maybe destiny? Many of us have seen through the illusions casted from a very young age. Internet has been very helpful in finding out we’re not the only ones who do, but as the saying goes “there are those who see, those who see when they’re shown and those who do not see”. Individually, yes, we’re lucky, but collectively it is but what has always been destined, as those who see show those who can see as together we move upward on the spiral pathway of Earth through time. Yes he has and they’ve killed him for it… I’m not familiar with McLuhan, I’ll need to look him up. I see both points. And honestly, you’re here now. So you have to decide what to do with that. Start with his book Understanding Media. It might be in Alexandria, actually. Check there first. Interesting title. The extensions of man. I always considered that to be politics. “In Dominion’s “solicitation” to the State of Colorado, They boasted about their “Team Members” having worked in Venezuela. CodeMonkeyZ was looking for people who understood their “Network Configuration”…well, how about DOMINION’S NETWORK ARCHITECT - RONALD MORALE.” Hahahaha, yes! You’re right! Now, I’m excited! What a time to be alive for! It’s what you make of it, for sure! Well, we can add Mongolia to the list. Anyone have archived copies of that huge list of LinkedIn people who removed dominion? Would be interesting to see what other places they worked besides Mongolia, Cuba, Argentina, China, Britain, Canada, Spain, Venezuela. It was posted above. Let me see if I can find it. Dominion employees are deleting their LinkedIn accounts in droves. Most of them are from Serbia and Canada. I had one from another chan but it’s too low res and doesn’t show the rest of their profiles. Add Serbia? Yeah this looks pretty low res. Germany, Venezuela, Spain, Canada, Britain, Cuba, Argentina, China, Mongolia, Serbia. The medium is the message. European media writing pro-US stories under CIA pressure - German journo. German journalist and editor Udo Ulfkotte says he was forced to publish the works of intelligence agents under his own name, adding that noncompliance ran the risk of being fired. This is a good few years old, couldn’t find the original, RT has rereleased it since. RIP. EU news media was systematically infiltrated as well. Dr. Udo Ulfkotte explained his experiences with being approached and bribed by the CIA to put forward specific messaging whenever tapped to do so. He put out a book in German detailing his experiences called Gekaufte Journalisten. He was doing interviews to support the drop of his book in the English language. In 2017, the year that book was supposed to drop in English, Ulfkotte was allegedly suicided. Here, you can see that the book was slated to drop in English in May 2017. It never did. Ulfkotte died in January 2017. Journalists for Hire: How the CIA Buys the News: Ulfkotte Ph.D Ph.D., Dr. Udo. In his interviews, he predicted that he would be suicided. He said better him than anyone else because he didn’t have family. His sacrifice shall not be invaine! , we the free people of the world thank you for your service Dr. Udo Ulfkotte and may you rest in peace. Why’s everybody always laughing at me? Is it my face? /s. You are kidding right? 100. Ahh ok. When I talk to relatives and friends in Belgium about what’s happening in the world, I realize that not covid 19 is the world problem but Stockholm syndrome is a much bigger problem! So sad to see. “Vanderbilt oligarch heir Anderson Cooper worked at CIA in college | The Grayzone. CNN and 60 Minutes host Anderson Cooper, a heir of the billionaire oligarch Vanderbilt family, worked in CIA headquarters for two summers when in college.” I got it haha no problem here. How are you going to free them? I’ve broken my immediate families’ conditioning except for my sister and a few friends. Well I live in the Philippines and have not so much contact with them. Just my parents I talk daily to . And a kept about 6 friends. The rest showed their true colours and are useless. TOTALLY being sarcastic. “Phd course in homemade primers" is what I would be looking up right now if I was in the 3rd world. Gosh this has been a long week. Hope you all are doing well. Normies suffer from Stockholm syndrome in a disturbing size.

  93. Sidney Powell: The Kraken Has Been RELEASED. Something huge is going down in Washington D.C. and across the nation, regarding the massive, treasonous vote theft and election fraud carried out by the Democrat party in collusion with communist China. We previously reported that Trump had replaced Mark Esper as Secretary of Defense, and he’s been cleaning house at the DoD, replacing swamp creatures with patriots who will defend America. Simultaneously, Trump attorney Sidney Powell says the Kraken has been released. “You’re just beginning to see the signs,” she explains in a tweet. “The Kraken was released several days ago. You’re just beginning to see the signs.” -Sidney Powell. What is the Kraken, exactly? We don’t know for sure, but there was an explosion in military air traffic over the last two days that has been documented by Monkey Werx (see below). Multiple sources have confirmed with us that a unit of the DoD did carry out a raid on Scytl servers in Frankfurt, Germany, gaining possession of irrefutable proof of treasonous vote rigging by the CIA. We also have President Trump cleaning house at the DoD, removing not just Mark Esper but also removing and replacing many other officials, creating a pro-America contingent inside the Pentagon that could conceivably carry out mass arrest orders against domestic traitors (i.e. Democrats who tried to steal the election by conspiring with foreign enemies). Here’s the latest interview from Sidney Powell as she joins Lou Dobbs on the Fox Business network. Here, she explains how the Democrats are caught red handed trying to steal the election. Breaking: Latest Update From Sidney Powell. We also have a video from Monkey Werx from last night, detailing the astonishing number of military aircraft in the air (over 1,000) yesterday and last night, including at least one flight from Washington D.C. to GITMO. Monkey Werx, an expert in monitoring air traffic patterns as a precursor to major political events, explained that he believed “airborne rendition” was likely taking place, which means treasonous actors are put onto airplanes and interrogated either mid-air or at various black sites across the country. This is likely being used to interrogate and flip many high-level sources who are now realizing they either need to testify as witnesses for the government or end up in prison for life (or worse). Monkey Were Overwatch GTMO SITREP. This X22 Report episode explains that the deep state took the bait and fell right into Trump’s trap. Trump has all the evidence against them that’s needed to take them down and defend America: Ep. 2329B - The Patriots Have It All, Bait Taken. Attorney Lin Wood is also confident that the deep state will be defeated and that Biden will go to prison. Here’s the interview: Deep State Will Be Defeated by Attorney Lin Wood. Here’s the full transcript of the Howie Carr / Lin Wood interview:
    Howie Carr: This morning I woke up and I was looking over the tweets, and I saw a tweet from L. Linwood. He’s a famous lawyer. We can get into some of the cases, he has had Nicholas Sandmann for instance, from Covington Catholic. He was involved in the Richard Jewell case while back. I think he represents Kyle Rittenhouse now and the Kenosha shooter who defended himself. He’s working on the campaign on the challenges, and he put out a tweet at 2:35 this morning. “Time now to rest, comfortable in my belief that Donald Trump won a historic landslide victory across nation on November 3rd.Be patient. Biden will never be president of our nation.To the contrary, Biden, along with many others, will be an inmate.Be patient.Trust Trump”. Joining us now is Lin wood. Thank you for that encouraging tweet. That really improved my mood, and I’m sure hundreds of thousands, if not millions of other people this morning Linwood.
    L. Linwood: Well, thank you Howie, and it’s a pleasure to speak with you. That tweet was at 2:35 AM, and that not only speaks to I think the time and effort that I’ve been putting into this, but really it reflects almost round the clock efforts by members of the legal profession and ordinary people.People of this country that are determined, and not only uncover the truth but to expose the truth. When all is known, I am 100% confident that Donald Trump will be present in United States for four more years, and I’m just as confident that Joe Biden and the people like him that they’ve been trying to steal this election, and committed crimes for years. They’re gonna all go to jail.
    Howie Carr: What leads you to be so optimistic? I mean, there’s still time, but we’re coming up to the dates of the voter certification deadline start at about nine or 10 days from now. As you know it’s so hard to prove a ballot fraud, especially when they’ve been mingling the bad ballots with the good ballots to make it impossible for the law abiding part of the population to do anything about this. Why are you confident? What leads you to think we’re going to win?
    L. Linwood: I believe in we, the people. This was a well-planned, probably almost for two decades, attack to overthrow our government. What was it well done in the sense of trying to hide the fault? Sure, but it was too massive.
    Donald Trump surprised even the enemy by the wide margins in which he won and the key states they had targeted to steal. In the middle of the night, they started having to produce tens of thousands, in some cases, hundreds of thousands of fake paper ballots, they had shut that up with COVID. Will this be resolved by the courts? Yes, but I don’t believe that it necessarily has to be resolved by the courts before the people in this country fully recognized by the irrefutable evidence that Joe Biden is illegitimate. His folks were fraudulent. He tried to steal this election and he failed. The people of this country will actually do what the people in this country are supposed to do. The people will decide who the next president of United States will be. It will be confirmed by the courts in terms of the legality of the frog, but between now, and when all these deadlines come to pass. The evidence that will be put out over time will convince any fair-minded and objective American, even many who did not support Trump, that there was a concerted calculated effort to steal our government and our freedom. Then the process, the record will show that they themselves killed many people in this country. These people are despicable. They’re criminals going forward. I’m confident there will be no more corruption in the White House. Donald Trump’s going to drain the swamp, stay tuned.
    Howie Carr: Now, are you working in a specific state or you just working onthe overall strategy?
    L. Linwood: I’m working specifically on a lawsuit that’ll be filed in Georgia, where the Georgia election will have to be deemed unlawful and void because the Democrats got the secretary of state in Georgia to enter into a consent settlement and litigation in March of this year, where the secretary of state substantively changed the rules of the election as they related to the absentee ballots. The law doesn’t allow the secretary of state to do that. It has to be done in a federal election by the state legislature.
    Howie Carr: Right, like in Pennsylvania.
    L. Linwood: Just like in Pennsylvania, just along the same legal grounds as Justice Alito ruled when he separated the ballots. The state of Georgia will ultimately have to have the governor order, I believe, we’ll have to have the order, the government order, a special session of the legislature.
    They will recognize that the election was unlawful and illegal, that it is likely impossible without it taking a considerable length of time to show the level of the fraud and the real vote count. So that under those circumstances, the legislature will select and elect the electors. Those electors from the state of Georgia will vote for Donald J. Trump.
    Howie Carr: That’s the easiest way, and that’s the constitutional way to resolve this massive fraud, but do you – Linwood, do you really think the legislators in Georgia and the other States, all of which basically are, except for Nevada, are controlled by Republicans in both branches. Do you really think the legislators have the wholeness to do that?
    L. Linwood: Well, legislators or politicians, and most of these state politicians, they have to run for office within a couple of years. Whether they have the kahunas to do it or not, too many of them are in government because they want power, influence, and money. They’ll probably want to stay there. If they want to stay there, they’re going to follow the will of the people. The will of the people and this election was overwhelmingly to re-elect Donald J. Trump,President United States. I am confident that President Trump won a historic landslide election. What you hear now in the media, it’s a lie. The media has been lying to this country as a propaganda tool for the people that were trying to overthrow our government for years. They groomed us, they played us, but you fooled us once, okay, you’re not going to fool the people of this country twice. We know what they’ve done now. They’ve been called in time. A lot of people are going to go to jail Howie.
    Howie Carr: Rudy Giuliani said today to Steve Bannon, that they have three whistleblowers from one of these software companies, that were supposedly involved in this on a multi-state level that have already come forward. Is that true, as far as you know?
    L. Linwood: Well, I know that there are whistleblowers. I think there’s probably going to be much more than three, but I can tell you that the evidence is going to be undisputed. That the Dominion voting machines were originally in Venezuela, paid for back Cuban money, and then found their way into this country in business relationships tied to George Soros and to the Clinton foundation. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out who’s behind the effort to overthrow our government. It’s the global elitist. It’s the criminals like the Clinton crime family and the country is going to find out there’s been a heavy involvement by China. We’re going to go through some difficult days and weeks ahead, but we’re going to prevail. Freedom’s going to reign, but it’s going to be difficult. When it’s over, things in this country are going to return to the days of when we lived a fruitful life and we’d get rid of all the swamp, this swamp creatures who have used our government, used our taxpayers money to stick it in their own pockets. Like Joe Biden, like Bill Clinton, like Hillary Clinton, like Barack Obama.
    Howie Carr: Can this all be accomplished though, by December 14th when the electoral college meets.
    L. Linwood: Listen, the timing of all of this, I don’t know anything about. I’m sure this will proceed on the timing that our president sets forth. I would like to think that over the next several days, that we’ll learn increasingly more about the evidence that establishes the crimes that have been committed. That within a period of time, reasonable period of time, the evidence is going to have mounted up to a point where the people know what happened today will accept that it was a fault, a theft of our election, and then the people will demand justice and accountability. We’ve been waiting for that from the Jeffrey Epstein matter. We’ve been waiting for it from the John Durham matter. We’ve been waiting for it from the Hunter Biden laptop, Anthony Weiner laptop. We’ve been waiting for it now for the election theft and fraud. All of these things are going to be revealed. Every lie, Howie, every lie with time will be revealed.
    Howie Carr: I just hope it’s in time. I just hope there’s enough time to get everything out. There’s already polls out there run by the same people who said Joe Biden was going to win in a landslide that say over half the people in the country already believe that this was a fraudulent election but the mainstream media…
    L. Linwood: Yeah, those numbers will grow. Those numbers will grow.
    Howie Carr: The mainstream media, the people you’ve been suing, God bless you for doing it. They’re going to say, “Oh, it’s over. It’s over. What these guys — Linwood, and Howie Carr, and everybody who’s listening and watching them. They’re conspiracy theorists”.
    L. Linwood: Well, “its conspiracy theorist”, I’ve heard that phrase. I know what it was developed to do.To demean people who tell the truth, people who connect the dots. Don’t forget that one of the major corporates is one of the most corrupt organizations in the world, the CIA.Trust me, they’ve been in trying to corrupt this country since the 1950s. President Eisenhower said, when he gave his last speech to the country before John F. Kennedy was inaugurated, that the greatest threat to this country was not external, it was internal. It was the military-industrial complex. When that’s uncovered, there’s going to be a lot of people in the CIA and the national security agencies. They’re going to be in jail too. Let me give you some really, really, really good news. All of these corrupt people in the media that have served for money as the propaganda too, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, The Washington Post, New York Times, Atlantic Mother Jones, you named the list. They going to be destroyed too, because they will have no credibility at all. The days of watching the mainstream media are over because they’re going to be revealed as liars and they fell for it, but they didn’t really fall for it, they were part of it. They’re all going down Howie, we’re going to have a new day in America.
    Howie Carr: I hope so Linwood, but listen, we’re out of time but keep putting out those tweets in the early morning hours, something to cheer everybody up, who’s on.
    L. Linwood: I want everybody to feel better about this because it’s all going to end good, trust me.
    Howie Carr: All right Linwood, will you represent re Richard Hopkins, that postal carrier in Erie Pennsylvania. I think he wants to sue the Washington Post for making up that story about him today.
    L. Linwood: Well, I mean, he has to come to me. I don’t know that my practice would allow me, but I have a fight back foundation.

  94. Hearing fireworks 10:25 pm Mesa, AZ. How close? Sounds like behind on the canal behind 300 yards maybe but no air craft noise. Quiet for now no more fireworks. 11:58pm more fireworks back by trees by the canal multiple bangs going off. 300 year away. They are produced in Poland and China and have plenty of sand inside so they are pretty silent and harmless. Every year there is virtue signaling how bad they are for the environment how they frighten birds and I kid you not how they traumatize refugees. Federal republic of clowns. I guess helicopters are not in demand in Italy. Interesting how we keep hearing UK come up but thought it was POTUS sending them in? Or is Boris actually on side too? Dude…we’ve been hearing weird noises like that all week. The last loud screech we heard sounded like a dinosaur. I’ve stopped letting my kids play outside in our yard after dark even though we live in a nice suburban neighborhood. We’ve been on edge here. My neighbors have heard it on the other side of my neighborhood as well. Strange times, but if they start pouring out at least it’s a target rich environment. Lol jk nervous laughter. E6 airborne without callsign. Hopefully that’s a glitch. They are, go search for recent fireworks on Twitter. Fuck em up Green Wizards. Do it for King Arthur. Matt: “Someone just let off a firework that sounded like a bomb down the street. Wtf?! It’s gone midnight you cock wombles!!” These are the ones in the tunnels and hyperdimensionals suits chasing the HD2A’s. “Life Underground: US Army Subterranean Operations. Subterranean operations involving the use of tunnels and underground facilities pose growing challenges to the U.S. military, a new Army manual indicates.” [Brush up.] GIVE’EM HELL BOY’Z!!! Remo Williams: “There is some kind of tunnel here but I do not know how to get into it.” Tunnel clearing, uninvited guests from off world. No that’s a misconception. Humanity assumes they have no genetic relative below the surface. HG Wells “Time Machine” and “Journey To The Center of the Earth” both had it right. Both books banned in several European countries. Dark Ones are even depicted in “Flight of Dragons.” Then what is it??? Humanity is one of 9 societies on the planet and 4 factions exist among the 9. Remember if Open Eyes happens these fuckers are done, and no longer in power. Will we know it … if Open Eyes happens? Everyone will - that’s the idea. Ok. I am looking forward to it. Just wonder if it will be obvious? or just another thing people fight about in disbelief. lol. The World will know. All I’m going to say. But we need to keep fighting for the Trump Timeline. Biden Timeline you repeat the Obama Era, aligning with the Chinese and welcome the Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. Human Trafficking goes back up. Get to eat meat on special occasions, ton of detrimental socialist reforms will be enacted. There is a reason Black World never trusted Democratic Presidencies. Didn’t get to present evidence? Doesn’t seem like much of a loss. Smart JSOC, get the firefighters and police in one part of town, while shit goes down on the other side. They usually in their society discourage the use of cloaking in the daytime, but look closely. You can’t see the arm reach out and grab the dog but that’s what happened. Tonight’s Subterranean Battles - 11/21/2020
    Edinburgh, Scotland
    Los Angeles, CA
    Tucson, AZ
    Dublin City, Ireland
    Kansas City, MO
    Indianapolis, IN

  95. EAMs per UTC day:
    2020-11-01 ####
    2020-11-02 ##########
    2020-11-03 ######
    2020-11-04 ####
    2020-11-05 ####
    2020-11-06 #######
    2020-11-07 #########
    2020-11-08 ####################
    2020-11-09 #############
    2020-11-10 ##############
    2020-11-11 #######
    2020-11-12 #
    2020-11-13 ##################
    2020-11-14 ####
    2020-11-15 #####
    2020-11-16 #############
    2020-11-17 ####
    2020-11-18 ##################
    2020-11-19 #################################
    2020-11-20 ############

  96. 42 Janets for 2020-11-20, Nevada time (PST):
    0340 N319BD
    0409 N273RH
    0437 N319BD
    0439 N869HH
    0505 N273RH
    0508 N288DP
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    0606 N288DP
    0610 N273RH
    0614 N869HH
    0656 N319BD
    0707 N273RH
    0709 N288DP
    0725 N365SR
    0745 N869HH
    0809 N288DP
    0821 N273RH
    0941 N288DP
    0954 N319BD
    0959 N623RA
    1009 N273RH
    1108 N273RH
    1148 N869HH
    1258 N869HH
    1409 N365SR
    1421 N288DP
    1518 N319BD
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    1525 N288DP
    1609 N365SR
    1609 N869HH
    1621 N273RH
    1625 N319BD
    1712 N273RH
    1718 N288DP
    1718 N365SR
    1809 N869HH
    1837 N365SR
    1854 N273RH
    1910 N319BD
    2125 N869HH
    2211 N365SR