Azazel News #Recap 11/20/2020

  1. Disclose TV: “Wisconsin recount is underway.”

  2. Queues in front of food shops. Here’s the new normal. Turin, Italy.

  3. Jack Posobiec: “The State Dept sure had some issues with Smartmatic and Venezuela. What happened?”

  4. Green Door is exempt from the Bubble World bullshit you guys are dealing with in Clown World.

  5. Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election.

  6. Dave Chappelle Discusses the Philosophical Implications of COVD, Lockdowns.

  7. President Trump Delivers Remarks on Delivering Lower Prescription Drug Prices for All Americans.

  8. The Babylon Bee: “Democrats Push To Keep Schools Closed So Kids Will Be Dumb Enough To Accept Socialism.”

  9. Not the Bee: “Bill Gates says social media app Parler is great "If you want Holocaust denial.” [Fuck Bill Gates.]

  10. Law enforcement continue to arrive at Mayfair Mall in Wisconsin where an active shooter is still at large, multiple casualties.

  11. Proposed rule to require teachers in Illinois promote 'progressive views.’ [Well well…. What was once a considered a fake conspiracy, cannot be anymore.]

  12. The Babylon Bee: ‘We Must Cancel Thanksgiving,’ Says CDC Scientist Who Looks Suspiciously Like A Turkey In A Lab Coat.”

  13. Lin Wood: “Cobb County, GA Patriots, check with Sheriff & Police Departments & demand full investigation of possible obstruction of justice & evidence destruction today.”

  14. China has one of the largest and most diverse missile arsenals of any country in the world. And that arsenal is growing. Thank god it’s all shit.

  15. Lin Wood: “Looks to me like they may be destroying election documents in Cobb County, GA. What do you think? Fight Back Against Election Crimes.”

  16. California’s hypocritical Gov. Gavin Newsom at his outrageous Napa dinner extravaganza: Loud, obnoxious, no masks, maybe not even outdoors!

  17. The Hill: “MOMENTS AGO: Kayleigh McEnany ends briefing, tells reporter asking question: “I don’t call on activists.”

  18. Kitty Shackleford: “Anti-lockdown/curfew protest at Mayor Garcetti’s house in Los Angeles tonight. Payback is a bitch.”

  19. Disclose TV: “Georgia secretary of state issues a CORRECTION, saying certification of its general election results is still underway.”

  20. SoftBank CEO Says He Doesn’t Understand Bitcoin, and Watching the Price Fluctuate Was 'Distracting My Focus On My Own Business.’

  21. James O’Keefe: “Never forget that a current Google employee was caught on undercover video claiming that the tech giant was “playing god” in the search results to favor.”

  22. New York Post: “Scientists splice human genes into monkey brains to make them bigger, smarter.” [I’ve seen this movie. What could possibly go wrong? Cant we just ban vivisection already…

  23. Grow-your-own human steaks meal kit is not ‘technically’ cannibalism, makers say. The saying “you are what you eat” may soon become a lot more literal. [Demolition Man was a blueprint not a Sci-Fi movie.]

  24. NYC Bars & Restaurants Now Have A 10pm Curfew - New York. All establishments with a state liquor license, including bars and restaurants, must close at 10pm starting Friday, November 13th.

  25. Josh Caplan: “INDEPENDENT UK: Researchers from Tel Aviv University and Shamir Medical Center claim successfully reversed biological aging process in group of elderly adults.” [Med beds?]

  26. Dominion Voting Systems shared office is INCUBATOR for radical left-wing organizations. The fearless source of news, opinion, and activism that you won’t find anywhere else.

  27. Polymarket - The Global Information Markets Platform. [Don’t use Polymarket for prediction markets. Absolute shitshow by some of these markets. FTX & Polymarkets are now both on my shitlist.]

  28. Over 100 people takeover supermarket parking lot for dangerous parties. On Halloween night, a large group gathered for a “donut party” in a Cypress supermarket parking lot.

  29. Why Georgia’s Unscientific Recount ‘Horrified’ Experts. Observers, including the inventor of the auditing process used by the state, were skeptical of a measure seemingly aimed at placating the GOP.

  30. Reports of ‘active shooter’ situation at Wauwatosa, Wisconsin shopping mall, police and ambulances on the scene. He was in color on election day. Probably a rabbit hole but something happened.

  31. Hope the link I sent about plans to build readiness centers in Texas helps. Checking for other states but it explains the BS they told about making them in response to COVID. Huge operational budget. Technically started in 2016.

  32. Japan Coast Guard and JMSDF Planning to Use UAVs for Ocean Surveillance. On October 29, 2020, the Japan Coast Guard (JCG) demonstrated the General Atomics’ MQ-9B SeaGuardian capabilities to local media.

  33. Bill Gates and his “Final Solution.” Good luck finding this anywhere. This was edited out of the original video on the late show’s official channel. [Just save it offline for later. Bill Gates Final Solution to Sterilize you.]

  34. Cyberpunk 2077 — Official Gameplay Trailer. In this world, consumed by neverending conflict, sometimes only an outsider will get the job done. And that’s you. [All the technology in the game is already in existence.]

  35. Can COVID-19 Damage Your Teeth And Mouth? Here’s What You Should Know. Experts explain what could be happening to coronavirus survivors who have reported oral symptoms such as tooth loss, discoloration and more.

  36. Are Covid Patients Gasping ‘It Isn’t Real’ As They Die? An ER nurse’s anecdote of deranged denialism went viral. But when the media caught wind of the story, reporters didn’t do their jobs.

  37. Two Years Alone in the Wilderness | Escape the City to Build Off Grid Log Cabin. One man leaves the city life behind to build a cheap off grid log cabin and homestead in the Canadian wilderness.

  38. La Jolla Country Day’s Head of School issues “apology” for forcing student to remove MAGA Hat. Krahn is replying to KUSI’s story titled, "Prestigious La Jolla Country Day School tells student to remove ‘offensive’ MAGA hat.

  39. Jack Murphy: “Matt Braynard’s team has found material levels of fraud in key election states. The rush to certify results from states with known election violations like this would nullify millions of votes that were legally cast by individual voters.”

  40. Dominion Eric Coomer Taped Saying To ANTIFA " Don’t Worry Trump Won’t Win We Fixed That.” From gateway pundit: Joe Ottman. Dominion part of ANTIFA. [Apparently, Cooper of Dominion sociopath who hates American values. This whole story is getting more interesting.]

  41. California gives Tesla ‘essential workforce’ exemption from new Covid-19 health orders. The California Department of Public Health says Limited Stay at Home Order does not apply to Tesla employees who are now deemed essential workers.

  42. Watchdog Fights Back as Facebook Attempts to Shut Down Research. In response to Facebook’s attempt to shut down a New York University research project that has been collecting data about the social media corporation’s ad-targeting practices, progressive advocacy.

  43. ”If they have nothing to hide, why are they hiding from us?" PA House State Govt. Cte. scheduled a hearing with Dominion only for the voting systems company to BACK OUT. “Dominion Voting Systems has hung you out to dry and slapped you in your faces.”

  44. In Vladivostok, literally everything froze - trees, wires and people. More than 600 houses were left without electricity, motorists knocked ice out of cars with hammers, and one person died from icing. There have been no such cataclysms in the region for 30 years.

  45. More New Yorkers Voted for Donald Trump in 2020 Than in 2016. The Republican president received tens of thousands more votes in New York City in the 2020 presidential election than in 2016, and some of his largest gains came from the South Bronx.

  46. Miss Michigan: “Circuit Courts have been Reassigned Effective November 20, 2020, ordered pursuant to Title 28, United States Code, Section 42. Look who is in charge of MI, WI, PA, and GA: MI - Brett M. Kavanaugh WI - Amy Coney Barrett PA - Samuel A. Alito GA - Clarence Thomas.”

  47. Gates Foundation Initiative Claims to ‘Empower’ Small Farmers, But Will Actually Enrich Corporations • Children’s Health Defense. Gates Ag One is designed to increase small farmers’ reliance on chemicals and Big Tech, which will make farmers and their communities poorer and worsen global warming.

  48. Paul Graham: “If we ever undertake multi-generation trips to distant stars, the initial crew will be optimistic enthusiasts, but their grandchildren will have reverted to the mean and will curse their grandparents for consigning them to live and die aboard a spaceship.” [Lol. Looks like PG is leaving us.]

  49. Greg Price: “CNN put a South Dakota nurse on the air who claimed she saw many covid patients grasping “it isn’t real” as they died. Wired called a number of hospitals in the same area and asked if they had experienced anything similar. They all said no.” [All they do is lie, it’s all they know how to do. And fuck CNN for running such bullshit.]

  50. Pentagon announces six finalists as locations for US Space Command headquarters. The Pentagon has narrowed its choices on the permanent headquarters location for U.S. Space Command to six finalists, Air Force officials announced Thursday. A final decision is expected in early 2021. [Bullshit Public Space Force still trying to find a home. Clown World continues.]

  51. Ian Miles Cheong: “The UK has banned hugs.” [See what the strategy is, that they wear you down with such bullshit that you well beg for the vaccine. Now you can’t do that in America. Because you have 700 Million guns in private hands. It’s a misconception that the biggest contracts for Arms manufacturers are the United States Military. The reality - it’s the American Public. Should be interesting.]

  52. Thomas Shugart: “Here’s some fresh imagery (dtd 10/13/2020) from the shipyard where China is building its first full-size, home-designed supercarrier (pictured in upper half). Shown here in comparison with the latest under-construction US CVN (USS John F. Kennedy, pictured in 2018, lower).” [Not bad China, building up the Naval Forces. Not gonna hate, very impressed. But if you cross the line, it’s on.]

  53. UN Announces Biometric Digital ID Wallet. Recently the United Nations had some big announcements that went largely unnoticed, including the rollout of a biometric digital wallet. [They’re unashamedly rolling out the Global Government. They will effectively microchip the global population like cattle. If you don’t take the poison sterilization Bill Gates vaccine, they’ll bar you from travel or work and make you a prisoner in your own home.]

  54. Michael P Gibson: “That was then, this is now. Dec 1951, Congress authorizes the construction of the first nuclear-powered submarine. The Nautilis is christened on 21 January 1954. The Watts Bar Nuclear Plant’s construction began in 1973, reactor 1 completed in 1996 & no. 2 completed in 2015.” [Read Between The Lines. Black World - White World. The first Astronauts were Submariners, not Pilots. Never forget that!!!]

  55. Not the Bee: “German police raid popular lockdown protester’s property and arrest him during YouTube live stream.” [Thinking is illegal in the NWO. He isn’t a popular protester he is doctor who happen to be participating in every day activities outside as a protest regarding lockdown rules and they raided his home and treated him as if he was a terrorist or some extremist.]

  56. We’re to the point where we need to start teaching more Forbidden Knowledge. The problem is that everyone’s first reaction is, “Oooh, I wanna go exploring in the ancient tunnels!” And I have to explain to all of you that this is difficult even for Special Forces, let alone some schmuck with hubris and a flashlight. If you want to be Morlock food, THAT’S how you become Morlock food. Go ahead Aries! I’ll appreciate it. I promise I do not want to go explore tunnels if not ready.

  57. Coronavirus update San Antonio, Nov. 19: Officials report 483 new COVID-19 cases, 2 new virus-related deaths. San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg reported an increase of 483 new COVID-19 cases and two new virus-related deaths during today’s briefing. [Everyone in the county got emergency text alert about this about 10 minutes ago. Keeps going like this I’m sure they will lockdown Texas hotspots. It’s actually 943 cases now, not 483. My bad 936 cases as of 11/20/2020.

  58. International Emmy Awards: “Gov. Andrew M Cuomo of NY will receive the International Emmy Founders Award in recognition of his leadership during the Covid-19 pandemic and his masterful use of TV to inform and calm people around the world. The Emmy will be presented to Gov. Cuomo on Nov 23.” [They are so out of touch with reality that they think this he deserves an award for his incompetence. Shiiiit show! Is that the booby prize or the Darwin award?! Lol.]

  59. PM statement to the House on the Integrated Review: 19 November 2020. Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a statement to the House of Commons on the Integrated Review. I am increasing defense spending by £24.1 billion over the next four years. That’s £16.5 billion more than our manifesto commitment - raising it as a share of GDP to at least 2.2 percent, exceeding our NATO pledge, and investing £190 billion over the next four years, more than any other European country and more than any other NATO ally, except the United States.

  60. Armed man holds several hostages in Tbilisi, Georgia, in what is an ongoing situation. The hostage-taker in Tbilisi demands lower credit rates and a ban on gambling. According to preliminary information, Levan Z. (the name of the criminal) broke into the microfinance organization drunk. And even managed to go live on Facebook. Locals came to the invader’s profile, asked him to surrender and sent him to do something useful - for example, work. Judging by Levan’s Facebook, he works for the construction company Wood House. Some strange reincarnation of Stalin.

  61. German Secretary of State Threatens “Military Intervention” if Trump Refuses to Leave Office. Secretary of State Heiko Maas demands compliance with the "rules of democracy.” “We will help militarily, if Trump refuses to leave the Office.” Write this behind your American ears: There is no fucking with us. [Check out the big man on campus. German Secretary of State wants to wear Big Boy Pants. PLEASE, I beg you little gnome Maas, send troops to a us base and let us get over with this bullshit ‘Democratic Republic IN Germany’! I mean WTF. How stupid do you have to be to threaten USA/Russia if you are the ones who are set in the occupied territory by them to manage the territory?!]

  62. I have a question if someone can pls assist guide - just wish to understand on how to prep. Assume there’s a global cyber incident - as most have shifted to online payments and card payment less cash etc. Two/ three week no internet or some cyber outage. How to prep and what essentials should we look to for 1months worth? Maybe we can compile a doc or something? Thank you. A lot of resources here. Have you tried the search function? Thanks - I assumed it be broad so how can best use search keyword? Okay - thanks - I will explore more. Good luck! Also, check out the other channel Alexandria. I accidentally had auto download on or something - when I checked my files I had gigabytes of survival manuals on my phone.

  63. Lloyds Bank: “Watch as our iconic black horse gallops alongside the many faces of Britain. By the side of a nation that stands together.” [Not sure if linked by Lloyds is again pushing adverts everywhere and are now actually calling out the elephant in the room - the black horse? Haha, do you know where and when this horses actually come from? Brit colonial times shit, combined with interbreeding Arab horses bought/gifted at first to gain advantage on the battlefield and followed by endless human breeding selection to get the best of the best of the best. So more a signal of Brits always fucking with nature to their desired outcome, than anything else. Like the Tudor rose, beautiful but can’t reproduce and such stuff.]

  64. YouTube will Start Putting Ads NON-MONETIZED Videos… While Not Paying The Creators… NEW YouTube Monetization Update Starting Nov 18, 2020. YouTube will Start Putting Ads on Non-Monetized Videos but not paying Creators who aren’t in the YouTube Partner Program. [Remember what we said the Old Microsoft Motto was Embrace, Extend, Extinguish. Now look what Google is doing to content creators.] “Paul Maritz also explained to Intel representatives that Microsoft’s response to the browser threat was to “embrace, extend, extinguish”; in other words, Microsoft planned to “embrace” existing Internet standards, “extend” them in incompatible ways, and thereby “extinguish” competitors.” [Big Tech once again shows its claws.]

  65. Star Nations News: “Chinese Reporting on TR-3B Spacecraft.” [Dig in. Holy Bat Balls! Shit I’m not near my tablet or laptop, can anyone throw it in a translator? I like when they fire up the engine and redshift. Weird I didn’t see any fins on these.] TR-3B Anti-Gravity Spacecrafts. It doesn’t exist officially. It uses highly pressured mercury accelerated by nuclear energy to produce a plasma that creates a field of anti-gravity around the ship. TR-3B Secret Plane | Top-Secret US Air Force Black Triangle. TR-3B has the ASTRA code name. The first operational tactical recognition flight was in the early 1990s. The triangular aerospace nuclear platform was under the Top Secret and was developed in the AURORA Program money from the "Black Budget.” [Perfect plane for President to be on when shtf.]

  66. Ok I have to ask, and this may not be the right time but I’m taking a page out of The Donald POTUS’ Playbook, who knows what’s going to happen, it could be now or never so skip to it Skippy (I being Skippy and this being be skipping…) The Nephilim/Giants & Watchers/Aliens. Are the Nephilim in fact the hybrid offspring of human mortals and Watchers ie Angels/Aliens? Or are they Interdimensional beings or something else all together? Are Nephilim still being created today, or are we dealing with an ancient species just trying to exist/preserve their numbers? Are there both good and bad Watchers and Nephilim trying to help and hurt us? I know that is kind of a lot to ask at once. I am most grateful for what (and when, if anything) you can tell us. If Biden wins I’ll tell you. Oh man that’s jacked up! Don’t make me root for Uncle Touchy! Lol. The world may never know. Good that means you are very sure Trump will win.

  67. Abyss and Leviathan. But Leviathan ignore the stupid monster. The script is disclosure. There is another one to that just came out. It’s Lovecraftian but the science of the structural integrity of the base is accurate. The inspiration was the director’s grandfather who was an underwater cinematographer for the US Navy (Black Projects). William Eubank. Abyss was made by James Cameron so he was trying to hit all the colors. Blue Wizardry being Space/Undersea and the Highest Mountains. Sigourney Weaver hit all the colors. In Aliens trilogy she plays a Blue Wizard as Ripley in her last role on Marvels Defenders she plays Alexandra who is a Red Wizard and immortal. I need to look up the yellow and green roles again. Oh that’s right. Avatar she plays a Gold Wizard since they transfer consciousness to the Na’vi. And Ghostbusters she plays a Green Wizard because it deals with ghost and Hyperdimensionals. Shit I think she’s the only actress in modern time to hit all 4 colors. Also with anyone in Hollywood dealing with the production of content dealing with the 4 factions/colors of Wizardry they have a special classification for them. It’s called Messiah. So in reality it’s never that “Simpsons did it.” Or all these directors make it up. It’s that they are all Red Pilled as they are coming up.

  68. Yesterday I watched Gaddafi’s famous UN speech. Not only did they kill him because he refuse a central bank in Libya, they killed him because he tried to warn us about COVID! “Perhaps influenza H1N1 was a virus created in a laboratory that got out of control originally being meant as a weapon. Today there is swine flu. Perhaps tomorrow there will be fish flu, because sometimes we produce viruses by controlling them. It is a commercial business. Capitalist companies produce viruses so that they can generate and sell vaccinations. This is very shameful and poor ethics. Vaccinations and medicine should not be sold. In the Green Book I maintain that medicines should not be sold or subject to commercialization. Medicines should be free of charge and vaccinations given to free to children. but capitalist companies produce viruses and vaccinations and want to make a profit. Why are they not free of charge? We should give them free of charge and not sell them. The entire world should strive to protect our people. Create and manufacture vaccinations and give them free to children and women, and not profit by them.” It gets better, look at the smear campaign the media ran on him. Look familiar? He stayed on Trump’s estate the day he gave the speech. He was kicked out of two places before finally being able to set-up his tent there. Gaddafi fucking knew, and tried to warn us, that’s why they had him killed. Think about it he was an enemy of theirs for 20+ years for trying to nationalize Libya’s oil. They put sanctions on him but never tried to over throw him. He makes a speech about viruses being made for profit at the UN and within a year his country has armed rebels and Obama/Clinton are shooting at him with drones. “23 Sep 2009 Muammar Gaddafi speech at United Nations General Assembly. Speech of the Libyan Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution Muammar Gaddafi.”

  69. Hi! Rejoined after a short hiatus from all social media. Needed a break. Just caught up on all the messages and info. It got me wondering: I know several people in the Army and Special Ops. With the military getting every vaccine known to man - do y’all think they’ll be giving the Covid vaccine to the military and especially Special Ops, or will they simply get like a saline solution? If the vaccine will cause such damage, would they sacrifice these soldiers? Most likely already have it, as well as Subterranean vaccines. And all of them are microchipped. Met a green beret on a Himalayan tour years ago and he told me a story about him actually being there without knowledge of his commander and someone else from the unit is running around with his GPS device cause they had like 2 weeks to train before a mission and he wanted to do a mountain tour instead. Most likely former 10th Mountain Division. That’s smart, he’s building up his cardiovascular system for a certain high altitude mission. Dunno told me a few of his missions, no details but still interesting. The man was a BEAST and I was very happy to hold up with him the 3 days we did travel together! But when it came down to drinking I got smashed. Mhm, I had more of a feeling he was thinking about leaving it behind. When speaking about his missions, jungle he said was the worst of all environments, he got that look in his eyes saying he is fed up with loosing teammates. If he’s real, he would not be disclosing. Not even my classmates on a drunken reunion would disclose shit like that to each other. He did not tell stories, just like to which climate zones he went and how to handle this and that. Not what he did there etc. And general stuff why he did choose which gear etc.

  70. Decipher. Also I don’t like this was done on a day with 33 EAM’s. Go to bunkers? Hide? Taken out/down. It’s something bad. Yes. Hmm. Which thread? Black and white means you don’t get injected with poison? The club signal? I don’t like it. Also remember this happened today. Amir Tsarfati: “Sydney Powell basically said today that the Dominion machines executives are tied to Soros and the Clintons. These people are now on the run and they closed their offices which they shared with Soros Foundation in Toronto.” What do you guys think? The only other phrase I can think of is “going dark” - hiding. Just r/conspiracy actually. No context. There is a Signal that has been sent by the Elite across Twitter. Hello! Is anyone paying attention—voter fraud to the max…and the Dominions are running scared…LMAO! I just hope Trump is in a very safe location right now. Hmm…last chance to signal allegiance to Satan and the NWO sadly. It’s very bad. I reckon we gonna see some clintoncides. Hmm… no I’m not bullish on anything positive at all. Meh. I don’t get that feeling. And if something does happen you know to calmly work to overcome the issues facing you. There are millions of us willing to work together and rebuild even from the worst case issues. Don’t submit to anything that would violate your body and defend your life - with force if needed. Document happenings and ask for help - and redress. We have a 1 in 7.5 billion chance to win… and that will take all 7.5 billion people to unite and awaken… and the mass aren’t waking up. So fucking weird. It took 40% of the population for the American Revolution. At that time almost 100% of families grew their own foods in some form. Today with automation it can take almost no farmers. (Sad). With automation a small force could multiply their power exponentially relative to their technology. Look at what you have in your hand. How much does the military spend? Personal photos are black and white like a funeral pic. Which is why you live in a prison camp with forced organ transplants. Ha. No. Most in the military are good honorable people who have families they deeply care for who live stateside. Rule of law. Or being told to go underground. Frankly, the whole system from top-down is already communistic and controlled, the culture has been completely changed beyond recognition, and to think any help from anywhere but heaven is going to come is very, very wishful thinking, and at this point it’s dangerous wishful thinking. Get right with Christ, now. Not later, now. Yes… b&w is death related. Person in black = go after Trump? Background in black = go after the everything/everyone? No idea but I hate this. Reminds me of how American spies would signal to each other they needed to meet at their secret place to talk during the Revolutionary War - one of them would hang a quilt on a clothesline outside their house. I think the black and white photos mean they are voting on something or signaling which escape plan they are using to get out of this mess. They are setting the stage for their disappearance, set their forever profile pic? Ok we’re speaking of it in terms of black and white, but the pictures actually look more like they are printed in grayscale to me. Could it be a signal to one of the Greys? Meh, not worried. I feel like your manufacturing game and mine are at different levels. Yes!! When I was young a lot of immigrant refugees settled in my hometown. They were all protected by the CIA and used back home and over here both before and after the war that were involved in. I swear someone was always sitting on the porch with an old metal washtub washing and hanging a quilt or other brightly colored fabric out on the line. Every single time you went by. Now I’m old but I’m grew up with washing machine in the home, I’m not “scrubbing your wash on a washboard old”, lol. I always thought this was peculiar, but didn’t understand why until I recently learned more about their involvement with the CIA and weapons/drug trafficking with other countries that I realized they were sending messages or signaling about shipments/pickups/drop-offs. Biden didn’t get the memo. Could this be a hack of people they are picking up? Teigen is saying Thursday is now. Ten days of darkness. All these people were picked up. Dark too light. I just checked Tom Hanks, Lady Gaga, Lebron James, Alyssa Milano, Kamala and Biden. All showing backgrounds in color. Hanks is grey. Weird it looked all black when I went on a couple minutes ago, now it looks like this. Yeah it’s a rabbit hole. WakeUpAmerica: “Check out the “elite” scumbags all changed their profile pics to black and white…MANY of them just changed them. Hermetic occult symbolism. Unity. Ritualistic.” Kareem Banks: “I guess this could be sheer coincidence. but why have o many celebrities, politicians and media figures suddenly changed their profile pics or header pics to black and white? Seems quite coordinated to me and a signal of some sort.” Isaac Kappy: “If you look at ALL “celebrities”, athletes, and politicians reading the EXACT SAME SCRIPT saying the EXACT SAME THING the ENTIRE YEAR and don’t think they are up to somethin very evil then I pray that you find God real quick. There is only good and evil as clear as black and white.” Could be like a video game. Black and white picture = eliminated, black and white header = detained? Alternatively it could be a signal that they are going dark on social media, direct secure coms only or complete coms blackout. Cdn_4Trump: “Is it possible that as each of these people get arrested then somebody in Trump’s team or whatever is changing it on Twitter themselves not the people that got arrested somebody else changing those pictures.” American Woman: “OK SO WAIT!!! I just realized something! So, Warnuse/lawnuse always posted pics (like above) and put their charge with a pic of them IN BLACK AND WHITE???” TheQuietOne: “People are taking note of the black and white profile images, mostly of celebrities and politicians…initially it looked like all swamp rats… So why does Pompeo have it too? I don’t think these things are coincidental, there’s something up with it…but what….” CourtDog: “Cher and Ellen, yikes. With just a little hint of blue… and yellow, or maybe that’s gold.” Essential Service Detroit 17: “Don’t know if you’ve covered why they are all doing this now…thought I try to dig a bit with Black and White symbolism. Here’s some potential stuff…” Something’s fishy… 0bama changed his profile pic from full color to black and white… the 0bama Foundation logo also used to be color but now is black and white :thinking: HiIlary’s cover photo…… Speakerofthishouse: “This explains a lot of big powerful people changing profile pics to black and white.” “Coincidentally, all these Democrats, who suddenly just changed their profile pictures to black and white, they were the same folks that were looking for Gumbo before.” the one in black: “Perhaps not a green light per say, but more of a vote. Black and white cover picture means one course of action, while B&W profile picture means another. Maybe continue the cover story or just bring the coup upfront, respectively?” Amber: “everyone better change your profile for BE to black and white.” Derp. Could it be support for Biden and a trap for Republicans to become unhinged on twitter looking for a conspiracy? Its me. I’m unhinged. Also something keeps ringing in my head. Next Friday is Black Friday…when most businesses would go into the “black” traditionally and start making a profit. I noticed the protest on Saturday and Black Friday keeps ringing in my head. Maybe it has something to do with BLM support or a color revolution. Or maybe its a Biden Birthday Bonanza. B&W profile pics are likely the latest in a SJW campaign. Eyes front. I think maybe it could be just another virtue signaling tactic as it doesn’t takes much to edit and update a profile picture… Speaking of “virtue signaling”, I wonder how many politicians will be lining up to get 1st round of vaccines? “They have been rounded up and sent to Gitmo. B&W signifies they have been brought from darkness to light and their misdeeds are about to get full exposure. Patriots are in control.” Patriots haven’t been in control for at least 50 years, if not longer. If you live in America, you are all living in a communist dictatorship that is in fact a worse form of communism than even the Chinese suffer under. The Chinese have more small businesses than we do, they have protections for their citizens against foreigners, and they are more patriotic than us by leaps and bounds. We are losing our small businesses, we have no protections against foreigners, and if you are even just a little bit too patriotic for America, you will be doxxed and attacked for it. Our schools teach our kids that our country is evil and should be destroyed, the government at all levels protects criminals and jails political prisoners, and the family unit is DEAD. You are a living manchurian candidate, and all of the people you know and love are too. They are trained to react to certain words a certain way, and they do not understand why. You have been brainwashed to a level that has completely corrupted your mental and physical health and you still yet don’t have a clue how bad it’s gotten. The only help that is coming is Christ Jesus, and you had better be praying that you are counted in the book of the living. NEWS: Former President Obama’s new memoir, “A Promised Land,” is on pace to become the bestselling presidential memoir in modern history, outstripping the first-day sales of wife Michelle Obama’s own bestselling memoir — “A Promised Land” set a first-day sales record for Penguin Random House with nearly 890,000 copies sold, The Associated Press reported Wednesday. Hmmm could explain Twitter mystery. I thought earlier that black/white header meant maybe ran out of adrenochrome supply and black/white picture meant withdrawn or withdrawing? Then add on both in black and white meant fully off of it and also out of supply? Colours are wavelengths reflected by objects to the human eye. White is pure light and black is the absence of light. In many cultures, these two non-colours are associated with life and death rituals. For essential questions about identity, the opposites black and white are often chosen. In Marinus Boezem’s (*1934) installation ‘The absence of the artist’(1970), as well as in the oeuvre of the late Anna Verwey-Verschuure (1935-1980), black and white are used to address themes such as identity, presence and absence. Argentinian conceptual artist Jorge Baldessari (*1931) makes optimal use of the contrast between black and white in his embroidered poem ‘Tools’ (1994-95), a conversation with the divine creator who expelled mankind from paradise. In the more abstract works by Lam de Wolf (*1949) and Elke Lutgerink (*1982), black and white appear as both each other’s opposites and continuum. Gray background is the default background for anyone who is using Twitter and never bothered to set any cover picture. I’ve taken multiple screenshots and extracted their HTML colour codes and verified with all the all account(s) whose screenshot you’ve posted above, and also with the once which were posted way too before. In other words, if someone hasn’t changed or put up a cover picture on twitter ever since they’re using it, it will be of that colour by default. And it seems more grey if you’re using the night mode/grey background. Yes, but all have removed in solidarity. Or changed their backgrounds for a grey / black one instead. They all HAD images prior to yesterday. The plot thickens. So this is just them virtue signaling. In support of the ex POTUS. You’re right though. They’re changed after 18th. Add Sam’s Club and Walmart to this color switch. Went to run errands this afternoon and both of these stores have been repainted to a two-tone, light-dark gray. Must have been done in a day this past week cause I am there at least once a week. They might carry the book. But this is lame. Like a 40 year old IT guy wearing a members only jacket in the 90s lame. Maybe NYC Publicist and Marketing firms being lame as usual. My pronouns are F-22 raptors and 76 mustangs. My pronoun is Your Highness, how about this? My pronouns are “catch me outside, how bout dat.” With or without mask? I hope you guys figured out that this black and white image thing was a publicity stunt for Obama’s book drop. I see you all panicking above. Just thought I should tell you so you all stop having a coronary.

  71. Pfizer/BioNTech to seek emergency vaccine approval in US Friday. “An emergency use authorization request for the Covid-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech was expected to be filed with the FDA on Friday, the US government and BioNTech’s co-founder said. This type of Food and Drug Administration authorization is temporary or conditional and is granted in response to an emergency situation such as a pandemic. “Pfizer’s partner BioNTech has announced that tomorrow they intend to file for emergency use authorization at the FDA,” health secretary Alex Azar told a press conference Thursday in Washington. BioNTech co-founder Ugur Sahin earlier told AFP in a Zoom interview: “The documents will be finalized today and tomorrow and submitted to the FDA.” The FDA did not say how long it would take to review the data on vaccine efficacy and safety, the two main criteria. The scientific head of the US operation to develop a vaccine, Moncef Slaoui said Monday that the green light would probably come in December – a timeframe echoed by Sahin. He told AFP there is a chance they could receive the green light from the US “this year,” and even starting delivering the vaccine by December.” [We need to have a “dark web” survival guide. If you guys find any dark web resources for “willing” doctors please share with the group. They will make it impossible to live without the vax I’m afraid. Apologies if I missed today, but mandatory vaccines is quite literally an executive order away and personally I think social enforcement of the order would come first. Does anyone have any ideas on you could get certified w/o really taking it? I know how I’m going to do that. But what works for me might not work for you. I make silicone stuff and if it comes to it will make an arm cast outer layer that makes me look ripped. Bitcoin does not yet pay my bills. Seems like the near future will require some sort of mandatory id, forced vaccine during a pandemic is an easy way to implement. Hope it gets delayed if this coup fails in the next 2 months, but preparing for the worst. Hopefully there is a long list of exemptions. Anyone with auto-immune issues should automatically be able to opt out I’m thinking. (If they can’t then that is absolute irrefutable proof that the vaccine is only meant as a means of population control, since it’s going to throw everyone who takes it into a series of auto-immune response “events”. Trump said not closing. Biden said closing. The nurses look for veins… hope you are an artisan! Could you rephrase? Good to hear. I have a personal doc, but who knows how this gets implemented. Exemption doesn’t certify though. Would be a black mark on an otherwise gray person. Trump says we will not close down the country for the virus and the vaccine will be available and optional. Source: I watched his rally livestream. Biden says we need to close down to curb spread. Source: I watched his basement livestream. 11 years old can get vaccinated at schools without parental consent.

  72. Here are two from the same SoCal tweeter. Interesting intersection of fireworks and hidden agendas of a different kind. Busy day at work, can’t join the firework finders tn… Scotland. Oh I know what she’s taking about. She heard this. it’s good to be winning. Several more from the same area talking about it. Steven: “Erm. Close Encounters of the Third Kind. What the heck was that all aboutnin Clydebank . Was going on for about 10 minutes.” This guy got it on video. Go listen! Oh that doesn’t sound like a Rod of God. Hmm. Holy crap! Is that the Last Days trumpet/shofar? No it’s a rod flying down. WOW. Authorities are saying it was a “malfunctioning emergency horn” from a ship that was docked nearby. As the kids say in California, Yeah…No! Nothing to see here. Go back to bed. I mean if the Brits have rods, more power to them. Respect. 13 EAM’s today so far. Tonight I don’t want us tracking the war underneath entirely. I want you guys to look into how many are missing. In places which are hearing fireworks. A ban on fireworks is currently being discussed in Germany. I checked Twitter, but you can only find tweets about the ban. What is the situation in the former Nazi empire? There should be very large tunnel systems. What’s really going on in Rammstein? Go take a look. You have to wonder where the fireworks in Germany are coming from? Legally they are only sold for a few days leading up to Sylvester, New Years Eve. Endured four long years in that country. I hear them outside of Boston. On and off lately. We cross reference with air traffic control maps of military planes and helos. That’s when you know a battle is happening near by. Atlanta was lit last night. Happening in Dortmund: 21:39 fireworks are now burned. Residents are enthusiastic… but no idea if it’s a protest because of the ban. London. YT: Simply Sophie: “I honestly cannot tell the difference between gunshots and fireworks. I hear a noise from my window and just hope for the latter.” Brooklyn!!! There is a ban on fireworks in Belgium until end of January. Talk to me. Where is the battle tonight? For funsies go on Twitter search fireworks to find the nearest Subterranean Troops. Been working and driving. Hold up. I’ll be at a computer soon. The Emancipation of BB: “WTF why these fireworks going off at midnight like bombs off Baghdad? Fireworks night was a fortnight ago and Diwali last weekend? They sounds pretty industrious.” Yvette Rox: “But why are there fireworks scaring all the dogs right now?? what are we celebrating???” So we are using Popeye and Fireworks to cover up the tunnel clearing. That’s a new fact. Should we tell them the truth? Yes please. Dafuq is up with that? Anything to do with the choppers flying? Yes. Underground warfare was not always the idea. But hot dang did we give the Tali the scare of their lives in caves. Yeah go ahead and hide, we’ll come looking for you. Dark, NV, or no NV. Smell them out, and use that. I feel bad for Bubble Worlders. Michael Ip: “I just heard about 9 gunshots outside my apartment then a car screeching its tires on Flatbush & Caton. Anyone else hear that?” Bro are you exploring caves/tunnels. So far we have El Paso, and Houston. Hope you are fast and can shoot moving targets at close range at least be at Tier 1 level. If you are going to explore tunnels. Just come from a long line of Tunnel Hounds and Savages. one might say. Ok papa be careful mi hijo. Like I said, JSOC sells the fireworks at a loss so kids light fireworks. And as they are clearing the tunnels they use Sonic weapons. That sounds similar to fireworks. They don’t use regular firearms underground. If they hit a gas line, boom. So the first generation of Rats learned that the hard way. This generation of Rats use lasers and Sonic weapons. Check Out This Sailor Holding A Laser Rifle Aboard The Nuclear Submarine USS Minnesota. The dazzler helps defend submarines when they are at their most vulnerable when traversing tight waterways while surfaced. Ask yourself why that Navy Seal has a Dazzler in the Arctic and not an M4 or HKMP5. It’s because the Bullets are less effective when you try killing these motherfuckers while they are cloaked. People near me are hearing a lot of booms right now. Some hearing helicopters but I cant find anything on twitter…they are checking flights atm. Alright but what are they doing, are they shooting at things? If so how come we hear about the noise but not about the fatalities? A safe house stocked up with fireworks. Ok, this is interesting. When given the order on nights of operations they set off fireworks. Nightstalkers. They won’t be on Air Traffic Control. “160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne). The 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne), abbreviated as 160th SOAR (A), is a special operations force of the United States Army that provides helicopter aviation support.” The fighting is happening all over the US? Yes. Globally. And if Biden wins, it all stops. These motherfuckers will go back to the treaty. And allow the 850,000 to 1 million vanish each year. Worldwide. So literally, the soul of humanity is at stake. If Red Wizards win they will defang you (take your guns) with their bullshit agenda. That’s why the media is fighting so hard. That’s why babies are being kidnapped in broad daylight in NYC. Out of the 9 societies, humans are at war with two. Fuck Reds and their Moloch Worshipping ways. Keep going guys. Don’t stop. “Peterborough residents call for tighter control over fireworks as noise causes issues for pets and young children. Peterborough residents have called for tighter controls on when fireworks can be set off.” Guys in black SUV’s selling fireworks at a loss. After the Hyperdimensionals leave the nest as the Subterranean Teams are hitting it hard they escape using hidden hatches and the birds (Armed DARPA Drones) are above waiting to finish them off using infrared. “Surveillance Plane Joins Intensifying Hunt For Mystery Drones Over Colorado And Nebraska (Updated). After meeting with various agencies, the FAA launched a task force to identify the origins of the drone formations seen above Colorado and Nebraska.”
    Ontario, Canada
    Bedfordshire, UK
    Farnborough, UK
    London, UK
    West Midlands, UK
    Cork, Ireland
    South Africa
    Cologne, Germany
    Tucson, AZ
    Fresno, CA
    Denver, CO
    Orlando, FL
    Atlanta, GA
    Chicago, IL
    Indianapolis, IN
    New Orleans, LA
    Shreveport, LA
    Dorchester, MA
    Woodhaven, MI
    Washington, MO
    Brooklyn, NY
    New York
    Cleveland, OH
    Latrobe, PA
    Philadelphia, PA
    Dallas, TX
    El Paso, TX
    Nashville, TN
    Blacksburg, VA
    Tacoma, WA
    Kitsap, WA
    Vancouver, Canada
    Delhi, India
    Hyderabad, India
    Birmingham, UK
    Blackpool, UK
    Phoenix, AZ
    Anaheim, CA
    Orange County, CA
    San Bernardino, CA
    Washington, DC
    Reno County, KS
    Boston, MA
    Detroit, MI
    Taylor, MI
    St Louis, MO
    NYC, NY
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Philadelphia, PA
    South Carolina
    Houston, TX
    Tacoma, WA

  73. 44 Janets for 2020-11-19
    Nevada time (PST)
    Today not only saw a huge number of EAMs but also 3 Beech King Airs which are also JANET aircraft.
    Normally they only make about one flight per week.
    0339 N365SR
    0412 N319BD
    0438 N365SR
    0442 N869HH
    0509 N288DP
    0511 N319BD
    0541 N365SR
    0611 N319BD
    0614 N869HH
    0616 N288DP
    0636 N273RH
    0652 N20RA <---- Beech
    0712 N288DP
    0713 N319BD
    0741 N869HH
    0813 N288DP
    0826 N319BD
    0905 N288DP
    0948 N859WP
    0953 N365SR
    1012 N319BD
    1111 N319BD
    1147 N869HH
    1242 N623RA <— Beech
    1251 N869HH
    1321 N273RH
    1337 N654BA <— Beech
    1408 N273RH
    1435 N319BD
    1450 N288DP
    1516 N365SR
    1521 N273RH
    1534 N288DP
    1611 N273RH
    1615 N869HH
    1620 N319BD
    1622 N365SR
    1704 N319BD
    1716 N288DP
    1739 N273RH
    1805 N365SR
    1808 N869HH
    1818 N319BD
    1839 N273RH