Azazel News #Recap 11/18/2020

  1. British Hero Who Rescued U.S. Hostages From Terrorists: Trump Made Unplanned Meeting To Thank Me.

  2. NPR: “Trump Launched A Trade War Against China. Don’t Look To Biden To Reverse It.”

  3. Disclose TV: “Smoke rising from COVID-19 hospital in Moscow.”

  4. Florida Stays Open: DeSantis Says No New Shutdowns in the Sunshine State.

  5. House Judiciary GOP: “Call for immediate Congressional investigation into 2020 election.” [About damn time.]

  6. University of Michigan News: “Extremely aggressive’ internet censorship spreads in the world’s democracies.”

  7. Jim Hoft: “Alex Jones Leading Crowd of Trump Supporters Storming Georgia State Capitol.”

  8. A new Japanese invention aimed at single men simulates holding a woman’s hand.

  9. Breaking911: “New York City schools to close starting tomorrow amid rising COVID cases.”

  10. NASA Wanted to Build a Nuclear Plant on the Moon. [LOL. To build a base that’s been around since the 50s.]

  11. Does anyone know if fire goggles would be good protection from tear gas??

  12. Jack Posobiec: “Police are responding to reports of a possible active shooter in Celina, Texas.” [They caught the shooter.]

  13. Not the Bee: “Welcome to the club, Asians! Washington school district reclassifies Asians as white people.” [Anti-meritocracy.]

  14. The Babylon Bee: “Study Finds Connection Between Believing Russia Rigged 2016 Election And Believing 2020 Election Was Foolproof.”

  15. Boy Scouts heads for bankruptcy amid 90,000 sex abuse cases. [Shoutout to my Scoutmasters for not being pieces of shit.]

  16. zerohedge: “The latest IIF debt report is like some apocalyptic, surreal nightmare of what is coming.” Buy Bitcoin if you didn’t hear me the last 10 years.]

  17. You’re herring that right: BBC Today program replaces “fishermen” with “fisher people.” [They came after the Fishermen.]

  18. Disclose TV: “Canada names China, Iran, Russia, North Korea as the main cyber-crime threats for the first time; sees risk to the power supply.”

  19. Foreign Election Involvement: Rudy Giuliani says votes in 28 states were sent to Germany and Spain to be counted by Smartmatic.

  20. Signs of Fraud: Jesse Binnall says there are thousands of instances of voter irregularities in Nevada and believes that Donald Trump won the state.

  21. Sharp rise in children investigated over far-right links - including youngsters under 10. [Kids’ bullshit detectors developing early.]

  22. James Kirkup: “Some women have penises. If you won’t sleep with them you’re transphobic.” [I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.]

  23. There is a video in Italy that claims that if Trump can prove that the election fraud was done with foreign collusion the democratic party could end up disqualified.

  24. State-sponsored actors ‘very likely’ looking to attack electricity supply, says intelligence agency. [Dark Winter here we come. You better have listened to me.]

  25. I am root: “Retired Air Force General blows whistle on CIA vote hacking.” [Is anyone else getting the “this media is not available” message/warning?]

  26. ELINT News: “U.K. to create new space command and artificial intelligence agency.” [Look who else is getting a new agency. Congrats to the Cousins, but seriously clean house already and fuck the Reds.]

  27. Donald J. Trump: “Look at this in Wisconsin! A day AFTER the election, Biden receives a dump of 143,379 votes at 3:42AM, when they learned he was losing badly. This is unbelievable!”

  28. Benny: “Georgia: Boxes and boxes of “perfectly printed off” votes that are “100% Biden” Yes, the people who have demonstrated that they will do anything for power will in fact do anything for power.”

  29. Google and YouTube Will Pay Record $170 Million for Alleged. NOTE: The FTC hosted an IN-PERSON press conference at FTC Headquarters on September 4. [They will be punished more severely soon.]

  30. POTUS: “Look at this in Wisconsin! A day AFTER the election, Biden receives a dump of 143,379 votes at 3:42AM, when they learned he was losing badly. This is unbelievable!”

  31. The Spanish coast guard runs over a smuggling boat at high speed. [Holy fuck! Y’all think that Spanish intel pulled that dude’s vid? Cause I bet that phone had to have been destroyed.]

  32. Is Popeye a Red faction? What are their intentions? No, he’s said before they’re green. There’s plenty of talk of green wizards in here, you can use your search function. No it’s a blue faction - USAP.

  33. Jack Posobiec: “Take note what happened tonight. 2 Republican officials in MI stood up to the machine. Within minutes they were doxxed, threatened, and CNN/Politico labeled them racists. Where does this behavior lead?”

  34. The Paris Review: “We Are Built to Forget. We are designed, scientists realized, not only to remember, but also to forget. The first of the neurotransmitters discovered was named anandamide, Sanskrit for bliss.”

  35. Almost 60 percent of business closures are now permanent, new Yelp data shows. The types of restaurants with the highest closure rates include breakfast and brunch places, sandwich shops, and Mexican restaurants.

  36. Georgia election audit finds 3,039 more uncounted ballots in 2 counties. More than 3,000 uncounted ballots turned up in Georgia as the state is conducting an audit of the 2020 presidential election.

  37. KVIA: “A Las Cruces big-box retailer, a major grocer and a popular restaurant have all been ordered to shut down for two weeks due to Covid-19 outbreaks involving employees, state officials said.”

  38. This lady prayed to Jesus, in the background the road is further cleared with water cannons from peaceful protesters in front of the German Reichstag in Berlin, Germany which participate against a new lockdown law.

  39. Major rockslide near Argaga beach in La Gomera, Canary Islands. A major rockslide took place near Argaga beach in the municipality of Vallehermoso, Canary Islands on November 14, 2020.

  40. I wonder how often non Caucasian people have been recategorized as white, and realized what negative connotation that means in this day and age… Asians throw off the numbers for their “work critical race theory.”

  41. David Shafer: “Biden’s margin of victory in this batch of votes (99.9%) bested Bashar al-Assad’s 2007 margin (97.6%) and Raul Castro’s 2008 margin (99.4%). It matched Kim Jong-il’s 2009 margin (99.9%).”

  42. Gregg Jarrett: “Pennsylvania Mandates Face Masks Be Worn In Private Homes. Democratic leadership across the United States are coming out with mandate upon mandate in alleged attempts to curb the spread of coronavirus.”

  43. EU budget blocked by Hungary and Poland over rule of law issue. [Poland and Hungary are stopping the liberal madness in Brussels coming from Western European countries and it’s a beautiful thing to see.]

  44. All-powerful CDC calls for concentration camps in America, including the invasion of homes and neighborhoods. The mass surrender of individual liberties and property rights in 2020 has emboldened a dangerous merger between power-drunk government officials and public health authoritarians.

  45. Trump Appoints “Climate Deniers” to Top NOAA Positions. The MSM is painting this as a disaster, but perhaps a little dose of reality to go along with agencies bias is exactly what’s needed. [Constructive criticism: this should have been done in 2017.]

  46. Covi-Hoax. We’ve obtained photos of Governor Gavin Newsom at the Napa dinner party he’s in hot water over. The photos call into question just how outdoors the dinner was. A witness who took photos tells us his group was so loud, the sliding doors had to be closed.

  47. Biden’s First Climate Appointment Is A Fossil Fuel Industry Ally. The White House’s liaison to the climate movement will reportedly be Rep. Cedric Richmond — who has raked in big money from the fossil fuel industry while voting to help oil and gas companies.

  48. Michigan Republicans Backtrack After Refusing to Certify Election Results. G.O.P. members of the elections board in Wayne County, which includes Detroit and is heavily Democratic, reversed their decision to hold up approval of Joe Biden’s victory after an outcry.

  49. BNO Newsroom: “Controversy in the Netherlands after it was proposed to make the COVID-19 vaccine indirectly mandatory, which could ban non-vaccinated people from certain public places. PM Rutte says the government will think about it.”

  50. Outrage over gang charges for police protesters in Phoenix. More than a dozen community organizations, legal groups, and faith leaders held a joint press conference Tuesday to denounce the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office’s continued prosecutions against police protesters.

  51. Berlin. The police are using water cannons against the crowd gathered to protest the unconstitutional extension of the closures. Governments around the world are faithfully implementing the agenda of globalization. Governments around the world are dragging humanity into global dictatorship.

  52. Bitcoin Entrepreneur Malcolm CasSelle Dies. CasSelle, who led several blockchain-based projects and invested in multiple Bitcoin ventures, has passed away at age 50. [Why do I feel like this is not just a natural thing? Something feels off with the death. RIP. Because the point of bitcoin is keeping your mouth shut and not being in the public eye.]

  53. Here we go again: Panic buyers across U.S. empty shelves of toilet paper, food and disinfectant as 40 states see record daily increases in cases and 20 states report all-time highs in deaths. Images show stores in Washington, California, Virginia, Indiana and Georgia have all been affected.

  54. Texas county asks residents to cancel holiday gatherings in emergency text message. Harris County, Texas, officials sent out an emergency text to 4.7 million residents Tuesday urging them to forgo Thanksgiving holiday plans and get tested for COVID-19. [THANKSGIVING WILL HAPPEN! COME AND TAKE IT!]

  55. Ian Miles Cheong: “America is a banana republic. These people will get away with threatening election officials. People will make noise and complain but nothing will be done and then people will forget it until it happens again, and again, and again. This is the new normal.” [Holy shit. …with THAT attitude… shit. Someone give Ian a hug.]

  56. Walmart Looking To Remove All Cashiers In Pilot Test As Grocers Move Towards Automation. Walmart is looking to remove all cashiers and standard conveyor belt lines from its stores and is testing a pilot in one of its superstores in Fayetteville, Arkansas in the short term. [No Walmart give me that salty veteran greeter at the front door.]

  57. I agree. We should all stop buying from multinational companies. And buy in local small stores. In the beginning it will be a little more expensive but that will change fast when the small businesses start to sell a lot more there prices will drop. They will hire extra staff. And big companies would die.

  58. Is it abusive or exposure to an alternative timeline of Forbidden History that you all have been denied? I’d say everyone from the Seine to Moskau and beyond is the same but people do not get/are confusing/not told on purpose that they got the same heritage to keep them divided. Just the simple fact of the word Saex, what it was and came from got so fucked up.

  59. POTUS: “In Detroit, there are FAR MORE VOTES THAN PEOPLE. Nothing can be done to cure that giant scam. I win Michigan! The numbers have not improved, it is still 71% out of balance,” stated Wayne County, Michigan, canvassers. “There is widespread irregularities in poll numbers.” There are “more votes than people.” The two harassed patriot canvassers refuse to sign the papers!”

  60. ”The same stable that Jesus said that the biggest problem we had, in the revolutionary war, is because we didn’t have enough airports." - Joe Biden [“The same stable genius (referring to Trump) said the biggest problem we have since the Revolutionary War is that we don’t have enough airports”. Still does NOT make sense. He meant: orange man bad. Trump is the secret orange wizard. No. He was raised blue from the get go.]

  61. Caleb Hull: “Gov. Cuomo just had a mental breakdown when a reporter simply asked a question about whether or not schools are open in NY tomorrow. He literally started screaming at the reporter.” New York Governor Cuomo gets fed up with reporters: “If you’re on the planet, the cases are going up. The question becomes how you’re doing relative to everyone else. And New Yorkers are doing better than everyone else. That is a fact, not your opinion.”

  62. Are you familiar with an app called Google Opinion Rewards? It will send you surveys based on what Google knows about you. It rewards you with change for the survey. It seems like something that is prepping you for social credit scoring. Your answers could potentially get you on a list. A friend of mine sent a survey he received: “How much would you be willing to pay to get to the front of the queue for the new covid-19 vaccine?” [Lol. Rushed Vaccines to Sterilize you. Frickin crazy! Wtf kind of survey is that?!]

  63. Tony Dunn: “Newly-discovered asteroid A10sHcN approached Earth yesterday, passing only a few hundred miles above the South Pacific Ocean. This encounter shortened its orbit, ensuring that this Earth-crosser will make more frequent close approaches.” [JPL say we are in the clear. Already passed. Got saved by few miles. Oh good! I’ll take that one off and add China shooting down a plane in Taiwan. I feel the need to keep balance of all the 2020 fuckery. Still pretty fucking scary, there has never been a year like 2020 for NEO’s.]

  64. Just done watching Midnight Meat Train. Wow. Followed the thread after reading this text. I had thought the same after I saw the movie it was so surreal yet supposedly supposedly to be an entertainment film. I always thought that they’re embedding truths in fictitious stuff and fictional media so that even if people somehow learned about it from somewhere, they probably choose not to believe it because their mind is processing that as being fictional.

  65. Lin Wood: “I have irrefutable evidence that GA local election officials were instructed by state to report original vote totals and NOT report recount totals which are different. These people are corrupt to a point of criminality. They are intentionally engaged in fraud in a federal election.” [Good listen from Lin Wood. Wood is a lawyer who describes himself as “attorney for the damned.”] L Lin Wood on Howie Carr Radio Show – “I am now more confident than ever Trump will Prevail.”

  66. Taiwan Grounds Fleet Of US-Made F-16s After Jet Goes Missing. “Disappeared.” [Godspeed to the new recruits of the Legacy Space Force. Recruitment is being done at such a rapid pace these days!!! What’s coming!!! Who are we fighting this time??? This will be the second Star Wars in less than 100 years. This time it’s too big to hide since humans have Social Media and it’s not the 40s. And we no longer believe what we are told. Distrust and verify. 100%.]

  67. George Soros regrets investment in Palantir, says it wouldn’t happen again. More than two years after he called Google and Facebook a “menace to society,” billionaire investor George Soros is lamenting an investment in data-analytics company Palantir, co-founded by Peter Thiel. [Wow. You guys called it. He’s selling. SFM has sold all shares in the company that it is not legally or contractually obliged to hold and will continue to sell shares as permitted," the statement explained. LOL. Red vs. Blue. FUCK RED. He’s an ass.]

  68. David Douglas: “The nightly explosions downtown (what sound like commercial grade fireworks) are more frequent and troubling. Yet the number of times I see a law enforcement officer patrolling is rare. Is there a plan?” Wess: “DTLA is high key annoying with all these false “end of the world” explosions.” [Lol. If he only knew how “Gears of War” it is in the tunnels. “The operation has been a booming success, sir!” Check on Twitter for explosions or fireworks in all major cities.] Abbey: “Who shootin off fireworks that shit was loud as hell sounded like something exploded.” [Remember Sonic and Lasers kill them if they are cloaked. If not cloaked 5.56 does the job.]

  69. Britons vaccinated against Covid 'may get QR codes on their mobile phones to allow them into football matches.’ The unique codes will be given only to those who have been vaccinated, under the plans being considered by ministers, to signal these individuals can attend large gatherings. [Time to make counterfeit QR Codes, Seamus. Fuck this shit. Ticketmaster and LiveNation are talking about doing the same damn thing. They don’t say it outright in this article, but they already implemented QR code ticket entry last year, and have already employed something called called SmartEvent system, and are saying that will go along with a system that airports, airlines and other places of mass gathering would require for travel. I’m sure they’re already working on the QR code as we speak.]

  70. Here’s the Michigan Election Video Facebook Won’t Let You See - "Goes Against Out Community Standards.” Facebook won’t let you see this video. Good thing we will. [It’s pretty much useless to be on Facebook or any other popular social media, they’re supporting censorship at massive level throughout the world.] Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg brags about working with the US intelligence community to censor speech. [Facepalm. I can’t believe he said all that.] Josh Hawley Uncovers SECRET Facebook Content Monitoring, FB/Google/Twitter collaboration to censor content.

  71. NATO will stop mediating the “technical talks” between Greece and Turkey, and apparently the direct hotline between both countries will also be deactivated. "The red line between Greece and Turkey is dead.” - The red line refers to the direct phone line between Greece, Turkey and NATO that would be active 24/7 to avoid a possible conflict between the two countries. It was one of the measures NATO was proud of proposing as a way to reduce tensions and create a “mechanism” to prevent such conflicts. NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg on twitter: “Discussed NATO’s mission with President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani. We support the Afghanistan peace process & as part of it we’ll continue to adjust our presence. Even with the US reduction, NATO will continue to train, advise & assist the Afghan forces in their fight against international terrorism.”

  72. Jack Posobiec: “Democrat Ned Staebler threatening county officials when he didn’t get his way.” Ned Staebler, a Democrat from Wayne County, threatened and doxxed two republican board members to pressure them to certify the election results. After his coercion tactics, she and another board member changed their votes under duress. Following the “will of the people” does not entail using threats, extortion, doxxing or intimidation to certify what even the Democrats admit are highly flawed election results. That is following the will of the leftist mob. This is proof of coercion and certification fraud. The exact moment Democrat Abraham Aiyash threatened Monica Palmer’s children on zoom. This extortion attempt directly influenced the decision to agree to certify the election fraud in Wayne County. [He should be arrested.]

  73. At a rally in England, the British are chanting and singing: "stick your poison vaccines up your ass.” [LOL. Just saw this one today! Here USA is caught up in a false division and Europe the folks have big balls and don’t take shit and massive stand up against their countries. Only difference they don’t have the equality and freedoms as the USA. And many no guns and deeply controlled via their governments. If folks knew how lucky we are and to take advantage of the opportunity as a free nation. But I do believe so much of covid agenda in USA had purposely manipulated people and used people as their militia to pressure the rest of the masses to conform and obey otherwise you’re evil, wicked etc. But more folks are waking up. Now any day I go out people talk about how this whole thing is bs and are fed up.]

  74. Covid: Mouthwash 'can kill virus in lab in 30 seconds.’ Cardiff scientists say using mouthwash may become part of a daily routine to prevent coronavirus. [I want to buy all the mouthwash I can find. It’s very bad for you. Listerine for example is pure poison. Of course the virus will die (if there would have been a virus in the first place). It also clearly says DON’T SWALLOW!! I promise not to swallow it. No don’t use it! !! It’s banned in countries for that. If they will say jumping off a bridge will kill the “virus” …will you? Lol nope. Good. Do the same with mouthwash please. Ok. That makes sense. Just look at the ingredients. And then compare them with a product to degrease machine parts. You will know why you can’t swallow. That is so scary. Holy moly. My father compared it to tile floor cleaner. I’m going to throw up. Thank you for the warning. Very close, yes. I recommend Propolis.]

  75. Chairman of biotech firm selling Covid tests admits the whole thing is a hoax. Dr. Roger Hodkinson, Chairman of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons committee in Ottawa, CEO of a large private medical laboratory in Edmonton, Alberta and Chairman of a Medical Biotechnology company SELLING THE COVID-19 TEST: "There is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians. This is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspected public. There is absolutely nothing that can be done to contain this virus. This is nothing more than a bad flu season. It’s politics playing medicine and that’s a very dangerous game. “There is no action needed…Masks are utterly useless. There is no evidence whatsoever they are even effective. It is utterly ridiculous seeing these unfortunate, uneducated people walking around like lemmings obeying without any evidence. Social distancing is also useless… [T]he risk of death under 65 is 1 in 300,000…response is utterly ridiculous.” Chain Agorist: “This is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public. There is absolutely nothing that can be done to contain this virus. This is nothing more than a bad flu season. It’s politics playing medicine and that’s a very dangerous game.” Dr. Roger Hodkinson.

  76. Dear American/Trumpist followers, the admin really expects each of you to understand that what’s going on in the US repeats the same playbook as the CIA | US Aid | Soros | Internationalist Think Tanks use in a specific type of event: Color Revolutions. What you are seeing is nothing more than a gigantic, if not the largest, modern PsyOp to remove a Head of State from a Nation through a “Peaceful” Coup, a Color Revolution without the Collapse of the Institutions. Almost all steps have already been started and carried out: Pro-“Democracy” & Pro-Equality Protests; MSM massively Pro-protesters and supporting their narrative; Anti-Government Paramilitary Groups (in the case of US, Anti-Trump) being formed; Prototypes of belligerent states (States within States) being formed; Support from think tanks (i.e. CIA private propaganda) on behalf of “opposition” protesters; An “Democratic Transition Govt” established with diplomatic support from other countries; The fall of the current regime. [Can I ask maybe a silly question? Fall of regime - would that be Trump to Biden and or, because when other regimes fall it’s like President Xi’s family giving up power regime?]

  77. Trump Is Said to Be Preparing to Withdraw Troops From Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia. Facing the end of his time in power, the president is pushing to accelerate withdrawals from counterterrorism conflicts. He campaigned on ending the longstanding wars. “President Trump is expected to order the U.S. military to withdraw thousands of troops from Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia by the time he leaves office in January, using the end of his time in power to significantly pull back American forces from far-flung conflicts around the world. Under a draft order circulating at the Pentagon on Monday, the number of U.S. forces in Afghanistan would be halved from the current deployment of 4,500 troops, officials said. In Iraq, the Pentagon would trim force levels slightly below the 3,000 troops that commanders had previously announced. And in Somalia, virtually all of the more than 700 troops conducting training and counterterrorism missions would leave. Taken together, the cuts reflect Mr. Trump’s longstanding desire to stop shouldering the cost of long-running military engagements against Islamist insurgencies in failed and fragile countries in Africa and the Middle East, a grinding mission that has spread since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.”

  78. Tucker Carlson: The elites want COVID-19 lockdowns to usher in a ‘Great Reset’ and that should terrify you. Archbishop Viganò’s Open Letter to President Trump on GREAT RESET. Here is the official English version of Archbishop Viganò’s open letter to President Trump warning him of Deep State/Deep Church and the Great Reset of 2021. [CONSPIRACY NO LONGER. That’s not from a QAnon. Unlike before, now they’re being open about it. The article “The Great Reset, building future resilience for global risks” was published at the World Economic Forum. On the same day, Trudeau admitted that the Covid is being used for the Grand Reset by throwing open the evil plan on the internet. The globalist leftist NYT newspaper in a damage containment strategy did a story that says: “Reset Global’s baseless conspiracy theory resurfaces again.” That’s how they see us, as idiots.] COVID-19: The Great Reset - by Klaus Schwab & Thierry Malleret - ebook/pdf. COVID-19: The Great Reset (2020), by Klaus Schwab & Thierry Malleret. If you ever wanted to delve in to the minds of full blown psychopaths, this book is for you! [This power grab has pendulum stopping potential.] Lex Luthor, I mean Klaus Schwab, speaks during the July WEF & says there will be a cyber attack which will be much worse than the covidhoax pandemic. Happy Thanksgiving! It’s his xmas gift to humanity! Free stale bread for everyone!! Now everyone can finally be equal! The people in USA that want socialism are so clueless to what it would really lead to. Surprised the Canada Prime Minster does not use this for marketing the Great Reset. Hey guys shut down the world and we will have won victory of Global Warming. Still crazy just how much pollution there is. But alas what most don’t understand is what would be worse being solar minimum and a global reset. Any timeline possible to stop the great reset in Europe?] The UK has always been more totalitarian than most western states, but we will see the entire global system become much more brutal in its suppression of dissent as The Great Reset’s agenda is implemented.

  79. More uncounted votes found in 2 Georgia counties as election audit nears deadline. The total number of uncounted ballots found in the audit of Georgia’s 2020 presidential election has increased to over 3,000 after two more counties say they’ve found discrepancies. Hundreds of uncounted votes were found on memory cards in Walton and Douglas County, Georgia Secretary of State officials said. The total number of uncounted ballots found in the audit of Georgia’s 2020 presidential election has increased to nearly 6,000 after two more counties say they’ve found discrepancies. Tuesday, an additional 284 ballots were found in Walton County, officials say. Board of Elections chair Lori Wood told the Walton Tribune the problem was due to a precinct not uploading votes from one of its two ballot scanners. “We would have discovered it,” Wood said. “Maybe not this week, but we would have discovered it.” On Wednesday, Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling announced that another memory card had been found with 293 ballots on it in Douglas County. Totaled together, the additional votes from both counties included 353 votes for President Donald Trump, 205 votes for former Vice President Joe Biden, and 17 votes for Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen. The adjusted results from two counties came less than a day after the Secretary of State’s Office announced there were 2,755 uncounted votes on a memory card in Fayette County.

  80. The 2020 election took place under a Trump-declared “National Emergency” that set an Election Day trap for the “unauthorized accessing of election and campaign infrastructure.” This story begins with the little-known executive order signed into existence on September 12, 2018, by President Donald J. Trump. That order, available at, is entitled, “Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election.” In that executive order, which almost no one has covered since the day it was signed, President Trump declares a national emergency. That emergency is still in play to this day, and the 2020 election was conducted under this state of emergency, which is a crucial point to understand what’s coming next. Days after it was revealed how 2020 US Elections were rigged by Canadian Crown Agent Dominion Voting Systems through a so-called “glitch”, now GreatGameIndia has found involvement of another dubious foreign company in US Election meddling. The votes cast by Americans were counted by a bankrupted Spanish company Scytl in Spain. Like Dominion Voting Systems, Scytl has a long history of election fraud in various nations including injecting backdoors in its election software. The issue has prompted experts to question why the sensitive job of counting votes was outsourced to a foreign company? How could a bankrupted Spanish company count American votes in Spain? Due to such widespread fraud, the Chairman of the US Federal Election Commission Trey Trainor believes that the 2020 US Presidential Elections is illegitimate. What people are missing in all this is that Trump’s 2018 executive order gives the DOJ the power to seize all assets of individuals and companies that were complicit in aiding or covering up this foreign interference in U.S. elections. The National Emergency order specifically calls for seizure of all assets of entities that have, “directly or indirectly engaged in, sponsored, concealed, or otherwise been complicit in foreign interference in a United States election.” That would, of course, have to include practically every CNN fake news anchor, every Big Tech CEO, every fake news journo-terrorist from NBC News, the NY Times and the Washington Post. They are all complicit in gaslighting America and covering up the massive foreign election interference that just took place. [Kind of wondering how STUPID one has to be to get honeypotted when the honeypotting is announced right out in the open in plain sight? Taste of their own medicine. This is why he was able to send the military in to seize the German servers. All of these moves are crafted to bypass the CIA. Question… Trump recently made an executive order to stop foreign assistance or interference with the elections? That’s literally what I just asked you. LOL. Soon, getting the board ready. Revelation of the method, transmuted. Yea, so it’s clear there was foreign interference when servers in Germany, and other countries, were collecting all the results. No? How could anyone deny that? Wait… so if Twitter is proven to have “interfered with the election” then government has the right to seize their servers? And all info? Correct. I remember Sidney Powell saying everything they’ve uncovered through this election fraud process could ultimately disrupt trillions of dollars and global concerns. Those are some major claims to make on live tv. Also extremely scary as her and the Trump team don’t appear to be backing down. It’s them vs global elite. It truly is. Trump administration vs Globalists.

  81. Dominion employees are deleting their LinkedIn accounts in droves. Most of them are from Serbia and Canada. Dominion server raid was real and raw data showed different results. Trump Recount Committee staffer tells Newsmax the Dominion server raid was real and raw data showed different results. [What do you make of this? John Oliver babbled on about this for like a half hour on his show, even showed someone live hacking the machines in two minutes, and now refuses to cover it. Politico had people on record hacking the machines in under 7. Not a peep. What I make of it, as far as coverage is concerned, is lack of integrity at BEST, but more likely, rampant unhinged corruption.] DOMINION. “To load results from a directory, start by opening your election project in RTR”… This is the second of SIX Dominion Training Videos leaked from a NON-PUBLIC SOURCE. These videos provide more transparency on just how Americans’ votes are being counted. [I echo the question raised here - Why the hell are US ballots being counted overseas?? I again caution everyone not to lay down their guard. The fact that the all out civil war and blood in the streets that both sides were anticipating for months didn’t come to fruition, with a few exceptions, isn’t a reason to breathe a deep sigh of relief. If anything it’s one more opportunity to restock on food and ammo. We are being again being accused of paranoid fearmongering and false-alarm bell ringing (even though the other side was predicting it as well, and are the ones calling for people’s heads, marching through city streets and into the surrounding neighborhoods and suburbs, demanding accountability and repayment from individuals that have never laid eyes on, let alone had words or negative encounters with. The blood will still rain. The war is still coming. It only hasn’t happened on a larger scale yet because the Left thinks they have won, and the perpetrators of the grand illusion think they had gotten away with the biggest bamboozle since Dubya said "Hotdamn Saddam has WMDs.- let’s go get him! Bloodshed has just been delayed a bit. But it’s still on the way.

  82. Department of Defense: “Just this morning I spoke with key leaders in Congress as well as our allies and partners abroad to update them on these plans in light of our shared approach. We went in together. We adjust together. And when the time is right, we will leave together." A/SD Chris Miller.” “I am here today to announce that I have directed the Special Operations civilian leadership to report directly to me, instead of through the current bureaucratic channels.” - A/SD Chris Miller. [It’s on.] Ezra Cohen Watnick explains the DoD change in special ops forces. [Pay Attention to what SecDef and Ezra are truly saying regarding Special Forces. What are they saying? Pretty much if you are a threat to the American People and Democracy they will go after you in the White World. Also saying that the other branches are going to remain Apolitical. But not Special Forces which is being elevated to what hopefully will become the 7th Branch in the Military. Do you think Trump will truthfully win? "New in its intensity, ancient in its origin.” YES!!! That JFK quote says it all. I believe this is part of why we are drawing down troops elsewhere. A “new” battlefront emerging. This is kind of a big deal. If things do go south with the election transition there will be Balkanization and special ops would train locals in modern warfare and supply gear. Connecting the dots. I think he already did. Now it’s just about playing defense and dealing with any threats. Civil unrest is almost guaranteed either way but we must watch out for cyberattacks, food shortages, club-K, etc. These people would rather burn everything down than hand it over. Good. Get ready. You are American. It’s in your blood. Goddamn right.] Special Operations Leader to Report Directly to Acting Defense Secretary. The Defense Department today started the process of elevating special operations forces on par with military departments per authority from the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act, according to the acting defense secretary. Christopher C. Miller directed the assistant secretary of defense for special operations/low-intensity conflict to report directly to him. His announcement was made today to troops at Fort Bragg, N.C. “This reform will immediately improve agility to the department and the command and will enable us to streamline information flow, enhance decision making, and more adaptively and adeptly support our commanders and their superb soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines,” he said. The change is also in line with the National Defense Strategy and will bolster the department’s efforts to remain ahead in the great power competition with Russia and China as well as combating transnational threats, he added. Miller said he hopes that in the future, Congress will elevate the ASD (SO/LIC) position to under secretary of defense. In other remarks, Miller said that yesterday, the president ordered the downsizing of the U.S. force presence in Afghanistan and Iraq by 2,500 troops in each country by Jan. 15, “in a manner that protects our fighting men and women and our hard-earned gains.” He added: “Should any actors underestimate our resolve, or attempt to undermine our efforts, we will not hesitate to restore deterrence and defeat any and all threats.” Ezra Cohen-Watnick, acting under secretary of defense for intelligence and security, who also spoke, noted that President John F. Kennedy predicted the need for special operations forces, which are particularly suited to unconventional warfare. “The global demands for special operations forces, then and now has confirmed President Kennedy’s foresight. And now under the leadership of President [Donald J.] Trump, we are fully realizing President Kennedy’s prescient view of special operations forces,” he said. [Read between the lines.] Christopher C. Miller. American Department of Defense official, acting U.S. Secretary of Defense as of November 2020. [I’ve heard good things from someone who knew him during his service. SpecOps reporting directly to the Defense Secretary who is also a director of the National Counterterrorism Center.] MajorPatriot: “I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that Ezra Cohen-Watnick invokes John F. Kennedy as he takes the helm as civilian chief of SPECIAL OPERATIONS. "This is another type of war, new in its intensity, ancient in its origin.” Folks. It’s happening.” [Digest it.] We Are America: “This is big, this means they are bypassing the entire political machine. I suspect that the emergency broadcast system will be put into play very very soon.” [Interesting the mention of emergency broadcast and warning of our next biggest pandemic being a cyber one. Wondering if there will be any attempts to shut down for total black out coming soon as a possible move. Just been one of my pondering scenarios I have played out in my head of attempts to attack full on cyber. Also I feel the moving troops out of overseas and recruitment happening simultaneously is moving towards building new forces and new direction especially if open eyes comes. Prioritizing where military should move towards in the evolution especially if the veils are lifted and white world can advance.I am definitely rooting for advancing white world and open eyes. And working hard on skills to get through the door. Even my partner is learning trade and skills. Getting youngest family interested in wizard path as well and teaching him to build skills for his future.] oriJONal: “Ezra Cohen-Watnick has been mentioned in 3 Q posts (2057, 2058, 2462). 2 of these posts include articles that refer to Ezra (2058, 2462) BOTH of the links are broken (articles removed). What does Ezra know that has the DS so scared? I get the feeling we’re about to find out!” OnReady: “Ezra Cohen-Watnick just delivered a speech regarding the move to place civilian SpecOps directly underneath the Acting Sec of Defense. Listen closely. 1000 pieces.” This is actually a WHOLE NEW FUCKING BRANCH. Special Forces Branch was created today. Do you understand what this means from an engagement standpoint? Spec ops asset with eyes on a major terrorist calls boss for clearance to take out. His boss calls his boss; his boss calls his boss; glowie boss sees it is his asset and calls off. NOW: Spec ops asset with eyes on a major terrorist, calls this guy. Boss says smoke the motherfucker. Smoked. This is like a big fuck you to the CIA. What does it mean domestically? We shall see. But you see me reporting the Invisible War here. And you see the flights to Guantanamo. Yes, underground and the flights. But don’t who got hauled away. No media report of any kind. Exactly. Lots of CEOs vanished too. Anyway, all I can say is it’s on. Streamlined chain of command for Special Ops… troops called back… the front could be moving here. It was always a possibility that we make our last stand in the States. Bring it. Liberate the world. Wow, that gives me chills. Not out fear so much as an uncanny sense that this is exactly what is about to happen.] The Man McMaster Couldn’t Fire. Thirty-one-year-old Ezra Cohen-Watnick holds the intelligence portfolio on the National Security Council—but almost everything about him is a mystery. “Bros, something is happening. Couple this with the large uptick in military air traffic to and from Guantanamo Bay. Something big is happening.” Greenlight from Ezra.

  83. Ian Miles Cheong: “They are telling you what their plans are and how they plan to rule over you. Believe them.” [New World Order, Training, Compliance. Sorry, Davos cokeheads who went to sleep away Bilderberg Wannabe Camp… you don’t get to tell me what to do. Thanks for playing! Love and puppies! I’m doubling down on learning/stocking I think we’re close to the finale. The narrative that both sides are pushing is starting to converge. I’d wager that whatever is gonna happen does so in the next month. And what do you think about things in Europe, especially in France? Rise up or lay down. I hope we will rise up it begins in France, Germany, Denmark, and other countries. Here’s the thing. People with good hearts WANT to believe it when they’re being fed a line of shit and these NLP-using narcissistic Red assholes know it. So, everything they want to do, they tug on heartstrings by stating the inverse. And it makes people with really good hearts who don’t see the patterns LOVE and DEFEND them. They’re being used. It’s ultimately a very bad case of Stockholm syndrome for otherwise good people with shitty pattern recognition skills. In France, people watch TV channels, radio newspapers which are all run by the same people and are not critical enough of the state. The Minister Delegate in charge of citizenship said that contradicting the head of state was already a step towards terrorism, we have been walking on our heads for too long. In a world where most are taught that rote memorization equals intelligence and are bolstered by being told how smart they are in terms of memorizing and repeating the rhetoric, there is an ego attachment to defining “self” as “intelligent” in terms of repetition. This is ultimately a societal breakdown that pits people who can see patterns against people who either can’t or refuse to because doing so would force them to question everything they’ve ever known. Something as simple as a difference in learning styles is being used to tear us apart. How sad is that? From the dawn of time, unfortunately.]

  84. RVN is true community project like BTC was, they are just now starting to formalize a Ravencoin Foundation and all that - do your own research. Not trying to shill a shitcoin. I think Ravencoin has wings and will eventually fly (no pun intended… ok, pun intended). I’ll check it out. I generally keep only a few types of coins. One of them is DOGE because I own a Shiba Inu. Kek - thank you Sir. After considering what has been said here I moved more into RVN this afternoon (hours ago before you said this) and mostly out of BTC/other cryptos. I believe in the p2p marketplace and it seems RVN offers good technical solution to some of the pain points of the other cryptos. Let’s make a doomsday prepper token that we can use when shit hits the fan, representing supplies and stuff. Seems like a fun way to give me an excuse mess around with RVN token issuing features. The hell. No. It’s done. 64000000000 preppertokens. ARIESCOIN. Lolololololol. I want 1. Too fat! Take off 2 zeros. But give it to Aries so he can ‘buy’ the drink I’m going to make him. See? People want em! Stop. Bitcoin only. Ok cool - I’ll have them ready by tomorrow. All hail Bitcoin. My peers - I’m exhausted tonight. How are you doing. He’s joking. I don’t want a coin. Ever. Stop limits are set! Oh boy. How about Aries85 instead? I jest. Besides everyone knows Aries0° is best. Am I missing something, or is that not the best way to set a trigger to cash out when it drops? Do think BTC is gonna drop back lower than 16k?? It broke the ceiling. Got to 18.2 ish now it’s going back down. At 17.5 ish now. Wonder if it’s just breathing? If you’ve been listening to the news, it’s going to dip during this great reset and it’ll be a good time to buy then, then it’s going to go back up. I think BTC will break 20k. Be cautious at 20 to 22k. Sell off will happen after. Aries said btc correction coming. What’s your thoughts? BTC new highs to the moon, or strong correction price cut in half coming for a while THEN to the moon? Depends on Trump win. Btc will hit new ath then drop abs correct. No stop. I seriously never want a coin. I would not monetize Doomsday over a coin. If anything it would be next generation technology that you are not supposed to have. But not a coin. But we are not there yet.]

  85. Vaccine Whistleblower: New Vaccine Causes Sterility in 97% of Women. [Someone check this out. Nin_Namzu_An_Ki’s research has been tracking this since March. Did you see this one yet? What do you think? Imagine? Didn’t a bunch of women in India become sterilized and then India kicked out foreign vax programs? Unfortunately they were in India. Now the whole world turn. Unfortunately this was my greatest suspicion of this vaccine since day 1. Ultimately it ended up being my secondary worst fear, as my primary concern is even more frightening to me, given that it affects the immune system of the individual by creating a massive overactive auto-immune response, followed by a repeating series of auto-immune “events” in the body. The reason that autoimmune diseases are so difficult to treat is that there are numerous things which can cause “flares”, and the patient is never really quite sure what it is, unless there are on the most stringent elimination diet and have the discipline and willpower of an ascetic monk. Even then, auto-immune flares can be caused by things we have very little control over, barometric pressure even being one. Every time someone with auto-immune disease is introduced to a trigger, the immune response occurs which causes the body to attack itself. In a disease like Lupus for example, the antibodies will start attacking the joints, skin, hair and even organs. In a blood-centric autoimmune disease like ITP, the antibodies attack The blood platelets affecting the ability to clot. If platelets drop too low, spontaneous bleeding can occur within the stomach or brain. A hard cough can break a blood vessel and cause the ITP patient to potentially bleed to death internally before anyone even realizes that there is a thing wrong. (This was what caused the him riches and many COVID patients especially in the early days of the pandemic.) This is why immunosuppressant drugs like prednisone and dexamethasone work and are rapidly given in high dose when a patient is hospitalized with COVID. Drugs like Plaquenil (Hydroxychloriquine) are effective in treating COVID because they help you stop the immune response without fully suppressing the immune system. The damage is most likely gradual, with extent of the damage not being fully realized for 1 - 3 years from injection. Reproductive system damage can obviously take much longer to deduce, since most people are not even aware that they have infertility issues until after months and months of actively trying. After X amount of time actively trying and getting no results, then they begin taking it more seriously, tracking ovulation cycles, checking temperatures, going to the doctor to check things like sperm count and egg viability. All of this takes a great deal of time. And most people are not actively trying to get pregnant and expose themselves, their partner and a potential fetus to a virus by making repeated trips to doctors, labs and hospitals in the middle of a pandemic, unless absolutely necessary. If it happens, great. If the clock is running out and it’s now are never, then sure. But in general it’s not high on the priority list for most couples right now, especially with renewed talk going on of restricting all doctors visits with exception of emergency and COVID testing, and vaccine administration. From talking to a friends who are nurses or medical administrators in Washington state, the only non-emergency and non-COVID related medical clinics that were allowed to remain partially operational during the last shutdown were pediatric clinics which administered vaccines. (Some industrial and sports medicine emergency clinics were left open, most were not, but the first thing that any of these clinics do when someone comes in with a complaint from an occupational or sports injury is check your vaccine immunization record. If you are overdue for a tetanus shot, they will start in on that before they even reach for a bandage or stitch you up. The pediatric clinics were quickly transformed to administer shots in a drive through format. So long story short, it will be a long time before we see the full impact on reproductive health, but you can bet that they will have already come up with some prepared excuse to say that the infertility was caused by a former health issue which regretfully went unnoticed - damage from a STD that “probably cleared up on its own”, a complication during a previous birthing, miscarriage or termination procedure, etc. Knew you’d have it. Thank you! You’re welcome! I hope I’m wrong and they worked it all out. But keep in mind that these folks have been in the population control game for well over a decade now, and Gates, Pfizer and GAVI have partnered up to sterilize women and men the world over for at least a decade that we know of. Which reminds of a research surfaced in 2015 where after the mass vaccination for polio program started in Syria, the cases of polio began to reappear again. This isn’t new… Bill Gates foundation has been testing its medicines and vaccines in few states where it’s working even before all of this started. Apart from that, in the same states and in the areas where they were working diseases spiked rapidly after they left. 3% are safe to use that’s what matters for them. Yes, a similar virus was unleashed in India 2 years ago with similar symptoms.] Nipah virus outbreak in India: What you need to know. The Nipah virus has already claimed 10 lives in the Indian state of Kerala, including a 31 year-old nurse who was treating the infected. DW answers some questions about the deadly disease. [Check this out once if you haven’t heard of it before, luckily it was contained and didn’t spread everywhere.] “Initial symptoms include fever, vomiting and severe headaches, and some patients experience acute respiratory syndrome. These initial symptoms are followed by disorientation, drowsiness and mental confusion. Within one to two days the disease can result in coma and death.” [Could be just a coincidence or something else? Agreed. There’s been a push for this level of pop control for a while. My last visit to my gyn was definitely my last visit to him. He’s been trying to push me to sterilization for years with no medical justification, but during my last appt he actually suggested my significant other get a vasectomy. Just because of why? No reason, he thinks it’s the best thing to do. Needless to say, I won’t be seeing that doctor anymore. At this point, nothing is a coincidence. When you are around the Predator Elite class they consider any and every outbreak to be good. New Aries vaccine has 99% efficacy I heard. It’s called "knowledge.” Testing phase. Common practice for software development. Bill knows it. Precisely what I’ve been thinking while connecting the dots. Yeah, no wonder why they’re using 3rd world countries as testing fields. Any proof/ source/ links/ info for this? Years of doctors on three continents have refused to sterilize me, and refused people close to me, despite medical complications, miscarriages, family history of illnesses, etc, until we would have at least one kid, and also will not do a vasectomy on many men / specifically my partner, in case they get remarried and “change their mind.” … I’m having a very different experience, could you put me in touch with your doctor or ?

  86. Check the birds see if and E4 and E6 are up. One E6 with Transponder on, don’t see anything else. Hmm. I wonder if the others are up, too much EAM activity ATM. Two pilots are under investigation for allegedly altering their flight path to draw a penis in the sky. 13 EAM’s and it’s only 4pm Eastern Time. These two are interesting: There was a really bad fire in this area (north LA) earlier this year. Hust 5 heli’s 3 doing patrol in Fort Bliss. Don’t see any AH-6 but adsb isn’t the best. Interesting that’s Navajo Territory. “Fear 31” did a dive on NYC earlier today. “Fear 32" is up now, looks like he’s following the same path. 1 C-130 over tucson, Descending/ landing at Davis Monthan Airbase. X is location of Tweet. O is a supposed location of D.U.M.B. Rest are commercial/civilian. No blocked flights. Subterranean Troops. That’s overwatch. Subterranean troops killing dark ones in the tunnels you heard fireworks and saw a distraction. Invisible War continues. All flights New Orleans. 3 C30J tanker flying loops near Moss Point. It’s nuts tonight. It’s happening. Two aircraft making circles about 50 miles west of Cincinnati. GODSPEED TO DEFENSE and OFFENSE TONIGHT 11/18/2020. Jagged lines usually mean they’re blocking radar. Any dumbs near here? Another way JSOC is creating distractions is leaving fireworks in bathrooms for kids to find. Instead selling them at a loss and running into trouble with local LEO. That’s actually genius. 47 Janets for 2020-11-17, Nevada time (PST):
    0337 N319BD JANET11
    0411 N273RH JANET33
    0438 N319BD JANET22
    0445 N869HH JANET55
    0509 N273RH JANET44
    0510 N365SR JANET77
    0538 N319BD JAMET65
    0607 N273RH JANET43
    0610 N365SR JANET88
    0614 N869HH JANET24
    0647 N20RA N20RA
    0653 N319BD JANIT76
    0710 N273RH JANET54
    0711 N365SR JANET87
    0730 N869HH JANET31
    0812 N319BD JANET75
    0814 N365SR JANET18
    0827 N273RH JANET17
    0857 N869HH JANET13
    0908 N365SR JANET41
    0954 N869HH JANET53
    1015 N319BD JANET42
    1109 N319BD JANET46
    1149 N869HH JANET64
    1251 N273RH JANET86
    1253 N869HH JANET47
    1259 N859WP WWW203
    1322 N365SR JANET82
    1330 N273RH JANET27
    1353 N319BD JANET34
    1408 N365SR JANET51
    1436 N319BD JANET20
    1451 N273RH JANET16
    1523 N365SR JANET62
    1529 N288DP JANET21
    1529 N288DP JANET21
    1608 N273RH JANET15
    1618 N319BD JANET48
    1621 N365SR JANET37
    1712 N869HH JANET84
    1735 N273RH JANET26
    1805 N869HH JANJT83
    1809 N365SR JANET68
    1822 N319BD JANET72
    1838 N273RH JANET25
    1947 N869HH JANET14
    2019 N273RH JANET36

  87. Today Boeing 737-66N N273RH has used the following callsigns:
    06:07 JANET41
    05:07 JENIT18 (Two typos? Really?)
    04:07 JANET87
    03:12 JANIT88
    02:09 JAMET77
    Either he/she left school too early, or it’s a very bad case of clumsy fingers, or maybe they’re trying to tell us something?(NZDT times.) Lol. Fuckers. They are trying hard to stop us. Bullshit misspellings.

  88. EAMs per UTC day:
    2020-11-01 ####
    2020-11-02 ##########
    2020-11-03 ######
    2020-11-04 ####
    2020-11-05 ####
    2020-11-06 #######
    2020-11-07 #########
    2020-11-08 ####################
    2020-11-09 #############
    2020-11-10 ##############
    2020-11-11 #######
    2020-11-12 #
    2020-11-13 ##################
    2020-11-14 ####
    2020-11-15 #####
    2020-11-16 #############
    2020-11-17 ####
    2020-11-18 ##################

  89. This is an hourly histogram of EAMs based on CST time (UTC-6), not the usual UTC that my daily posts use. I think that for U.S. readers my usual daily EAM post should not be based on UTC days, but instead use some U.S. timezone such as CST or something similar. Suggestions? Comments? Thank you for your inputs. Whatever time zone is best for you. Everyone else, who cares, can convert it or collect the data themselves if they dislike your formatting. Thank you. I use UTC because the EAM radio callsigns change at midnight UTC, and also the EAM posts themselves have timestamps in UTC. But the problem is that when there is a busy day for EAMs somebody will say “Hey look at all the EAMs today!” and in the middle of it all, UTC day ends and my daily post is compiled and posted as being “today’s activity”, but there are still EAMs being transmitted during that U.S. day. Not only would CST/whatever be more relevant for “today” but looking back through previous posts would be more accurate for spotting correlation with political or military events. Unless someone has a better idea I’ll use CST (UTC-6) and see how that goes.
    CST (UTC-6)
    00 #########
    01 ##
    05 #
    07 #
    08 #####
    09 #########
    10 ################
    11 ###########
    12 ##############
    13 #######
    14 ######
    15 ##############
    16 ######
    17 #############
    18 #########
    19 ######
    20 ###
    22 #
    23 #######

  90. Paul Furber:
    The devil went down to Georgia
    He was looking to steal some votes
    He was in a bind
    They were still behind
    Despite all Stacy’s gloats
    He came upon this young man
    Who was typing fit to bust
    And the devil said
    Hey propeller head
    I got a proposition just
    I guess you didn’t know it
    But I’m a fiddler too
    I’ll bet a ballot of gold
    Against your soul
    I can steal more Trump votes than you
    The boy said I’m Smartmatic
    And I accept your terms
    But I’ll take your bet
    And you’re gonna regret
    Going up against all my firms
    Smartie tighten up your code and flip those red votes hard
    The Trumpslide’s loose in Georgia, four more years is on the cards
    And if you win you’ll get this shining ballot made of gold
    But if you lose the devil gets your soul…
    The devil pulled out his fountain pen
    And said I’ll start this game
    And fire flew from his fingertips
    As he forged a maiden name
    Then he threw a bunch of ballots in the trash across the way
    And replaced them with some envelopes that were labelled with “Hubei”
    'Fore long the county totals were leaning slightly blue
    And Smartie smiled at the devil’s wiles. It’s what he wanted too
    But finally he called a halt
    And said you’ve done your best
    But sit down there
    In that Aeron chair
    And let me flip the rest
    Your method works, there is no doubt
    I can see that it is true
    But I click on Joe
    And then click ‘go’
    And I flip the whole state blue.
    The devil bowed his head because he knew that he’d been beat,
    And he laid that golden ballot on the ground at Smartie’s feet
    Smartie didn’t notice, he was deep back in the code,
    Coz flipping states with software is the real mother lode.