Azazel News #Recap 11/14/2020

  1. “Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.” -Lao Tzu

  2. Brigitte Gabriel: “Unlike Jeffrey Epstein, Fox News did kill itself!”

  3. DJT Jr.: “70 million pissed off Republicans and not one city burned to the ground.”

  4. Gov. Inslee urges Washington to stay home for Thanksgiving, hints upcoming COVID-19 measures.

  5. The prototype of the SpaceX Starship rocket explodes during the tests for the 3rd time.

  6. Anti-government protest in Frankfurt Germany. Antifa clashing with police.

  7. BBC: “Just letting you know you can say the word 'blackboard’.”

  8. Xinhua Headlines: China province with largest remaining poor population eliminates absolute poverty.

  9. zerohedge: “Election Distraction Has Taken Eyes Off Our Economic Ills.”

  10. Persistent fatigue following SARS-CoV-2 infection is common and independent of severity of initial infection.

  11. The Guardian: “Uber bought itself a law. Here’s why that’s dangerous for struggling drivers like me.”

  12. Newsmax: “Bloomberg reports that Trump is ‘at war’ with Fox News, as he touts Newsmax.”

  13. Rep. Jim Jordan: “Democrats baselessly investigated President Trump for four years. But they can’t take four weeks to ensure election integrity?”

  14. The Privileged Have Entered Their Escape Pods. Technology gave us the dream of a cocooned future. Now we’re living it. [Look at the Tech Elites’ obsession with infantilization.]

  15. Alan Dershowitz: “Trump Will Win Pennsylvania Lawsuit.” Dershowitz, a Hillary Clinton supporter, says the Constitution is on Trump’s side.

  16. The Web of Slime: “Meet Cathi Smothers of Dominion Voting, Premiere Election Solutions, Accuvote and more. Let’s get a journalist to ask HER what is going on.”

  17. Mexico city going into soft-lockdown and adding mandatory contact tracing QR code check points to enter most public indoor spaces.

  18. Austria’s Kurz’s ‘urgent request’: Don’t meet anyone. A curfew was not enough to slow down the virus. [Austria enters lockdown on Tuesday.]

  19. Bidirectional associations between COVID-19 and psychiatric disorder: retrospective cohort studies of 62 354 COVID-19 cases in the USA.

  20. Meanwhile, in NYC. Democrats sent out fake MAGA people to yell racist garbage over a megaphone. He’s black and yelling white supremacy garbage.

  21. Covid-19: politicalization, “corruption,” and suppression of science. When good science is suppressed by the medical-political complex, people die.

  22. Plants can grow quickly or accurately, but not both. New research examines this well-known trade-off in our floral friends.

  23. Offutt’s 55th Wing redundant aircraft are taken out of service. [Underreported. We’re getting ready to show the toys.]

  24. California judge rules Gov. Gavin Newsom overstepped authority with mail ballot order. A tentative ruling allowed Newsom to continue issuing new orders as long as the orders did not change existing law.

  25. DARPA Awards Contract to 5 Companies Under Aerial Combat Evolution Program. This follows the August AlphaDogfight trials which saw an AI system beat a human pilot in a simulated dogfight. [Soft disclosure.]

  26. Top Democrats Raised Concerns About Dominion Voting Technology in 2019. Democrat Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, and Ron Wyden wrote letters in 2019 expressing concern about voting technology.

  27. Daily Caller Journalist, Jorge Ventura, earlier: "Alex Jones speaking to the massive crowd of Trump supporters in front of the Supreme Court. “We declare independence from that communist Chinese agent Joe Biden” says Jones.”

  28. As iconic NYC small businesses die off, the politicians just shrug. Mayor de Blasio and I go to the same barber, but we’ll soon have to stop: After 74 years, Astor Place Hairstylists is closing.

  29. Air Force Wants To Arm Stealth Jets With Laser Cannons By 2025. “By 2021, this lab will be certified to test high-energy laser outfits up to 50 kilowatts and will allow firing of 150-kilowatt class lasers by 2024.”

  30. CNN Says Parler Is A Threat To Democracy Because Of Free Speech. The campaign to ban Parler has begun. CNN admits that free speech is a threat to Democracy because Parler is a platform for free speech.

  31. “Great Reset" Of Capitalism A Threat To Our Way Of Life: Australian Senator. “This so-called reset is absolute rubbish and we should make a stand to play no part in it, to protect Australians and our way of life…”

  32. Release the Kraken: Sidney Powell vows to expose the Silicon Valley and left-wing corporations that are using their power to help Democrats steal the election from Donald Trump.

  33. What’s new at Nishinoshima, a rapidly growing volcanic island in Japan. Nishinoshima is a volcanic island located in the Ogasawara archipelago, south of Tokyo, Japan that had been expanding since its eruption in 2013.

  34. The Weekly Volcanic Activity Report: November 4 - 10, 2020. New activity/unrest was reported for 5 volcanoes from November 4 to 10, 2020. During the same period, ongoing activity was reported for 13 volcanoes.

  35. Solar Flare Activity Intensifies. The action began on Nov 11 when a C2 eruption hurled a CME into space. NOAA analysts are modeling the storm now to see if it might hit Earth.

  36. Michael Mann, 2011: "Aliens Could Attack Earth to End Global Warming.” Mann speculated, with a straight face, that ETTs could be so appalled by our planet-polluting ways that they view us as a threat.

  37. Covid cases in U.S. could be near zero in 6 months, UBS economist says. The latest coronavirus vaccine developments have brightened the outlook for the U.S. economy, UBS economist says.

  38. Higher Elevations of North America set for 6 Feet of New Snow over next 10 days as Arctic Cold Descends. Then, by the final week of November, a dominating cold front looks set to have taken charge – Grand Solar Minimum.

  39. VICTOR JOECKS: Clark County election officials accepted my signature — on 8 ballot envelopes. Clark County election officials accepted my signature on eight ballot return envelopes during the general election.

  40. Fox Anchor Pauses Mid-Segment Over ‘Very Disturbing’ Sign at MAGA Rally. “We’ve just seen a very disturbing sign. It said, ‘Coming for Blacks and Indians first welcome to the New World Order.’”

  41. Marine Corps stands up space unit at Offutt Air Force Base. The Marine Corps activated a new unit called Marine Corps Forces Space Command as a subordinate organization to U.S. Space Command. [SPACE MARINES NOW OFFICIALLY CREATED.]

  42. The Election Fraud is Color Revolution. Dr. E. Michael Jones explains that the current election fraud is a central feature of a color revolution. Dr. Jones has been to Iran several times over the years and has studied in depth what appears to be the first so called color revolution.

  43. Dinesh D’Souza: “Another sign we won this presidential election: Republicans have picked up 12 House seats. Not a single GOP incumbent lost. Trump was quite obviously more popular than these candidates. Now we just have to prove our case!”

  44. MFA Russia: “Putin: In an attempt to stabilize the situation & thwart another round of the arms race, we announced unilateral moratorium on the deployment of intermediate & shorter-range missiles in the APR & other regions, for as long as our US partners refrain from such actions.”

  45. Joe Biden transition official wrote op-ed advocating free speech restrictions. Stengel, an Obama administration alumnus, wrote last year in a Washington Post op-ed that US freedom of speech was too unfettered and that changes must be considered. [This is not the America I know.]

  46. What’s new with China’s manned submersible’s second 10,000-meter dive? China’s latest manned submersible “Fendouzhe,” or “striver,” plunges once again into the Mariana Trench, after its successful descent to a record depth of 10,909 meters on Tuesday.

  47. Al Qaeda’s No. 2, Accused in U.S. Embassy Attacks, Was Killed in Iran. Israeli agents shot Abu Muhammad al-Masri on the streets of Tehran at the behest of the U.S., officials said, but no one — Iran, Al Qaeda, the U.S. or Israel — has publicly acknowledged the killing.

  48. Aviation and Naval Assets: “Ladies and gentlemen… the medical supplies are still coming from China to the US and Canada. Hubei, Wuhan etc… how do we know they are not intentionally contaminating the PPE with corona virus to keep it going??” [Or the “tests,” for that matter. For example, Elon’s Schrodinger’s coronavirus.]

  49. Thanksgiving trips in jeopardy, Mexico City bump + more airline news. In routes news, the COVID-19 surge could reduce demand for holiday trips just as airlines… [Routes: Thanksgiving trips in jeopardy, more Mexico City, Hawaiian, United, AA, SFO, LAX.]

  50. The Hyperloop’s Only Destination is a Capitalist Hellscape. It’s the perfect example of the end-state death-cult capitalism that the American ruling class believes in. [We had Hyperloop in the 50s connecting the Testing Sites in the Southwest.]

  51. Costco selling $17,500 subscription to Wheels Up private jet service. Costco is now selling a 12-month membership to private aviation service Wheels Up for $17,499.99. The price includes a $3,500 Costco Shop Card. [Interesting Costco selling a GTFO of Dodge Jet membership. Wow. Ok that’s huge.

  52. Scott Adams: “Correct me if I am wrong, but 100% of the press and pundits who have NOT personally analyzed the voting data say there are no identified problems while 100% of the people who HAVE analyzed the data see lots of problems. Am I wrong?”

  53. Biden Campaign Operative, Texas State Senator Accused of Mail-in Ballot Fraud. Witnesses allege Texas Sen. Boris Miles and Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis were orchestrating a ballot harvesting scheme with help from Biden campaign official Dallas Jones.

  54. GeoNet raises Alert Level and Aviation Color Code for White Island volcano, New Zealand. Small amounts of volcanic ash are being carried in the stream and gas plume at White Island/Whakaari volcano in New Zealand and deposited on the island’s webcams, GeoNet reported November 13, 2020.

  55. Clif High: “Rumors on deep web that not only are there real whistleblowers from the dev group at Dominion voting systems, but also that the entire code base has been ‘turned over’ (not said to whom) & that Dominion staff is running around shitting all over the floor!”

  56. This is the bottom. If the Freedom and Liberty movement and the Blue, Green and Gold wizards behind them are going to have a breakout from the downtrend this is it. This reminds me of when I set bids for Bitcoin at $3333 because that’s what the higher self I talk to told me to do.

  57. Old Left: “My brother died in the mine. His family received no compensation. My children are hungry. Workers of the world unite.” New Left: “The labor market needs to be permanently oversaturated with foreigners. My brother is a racist. I’m sterilizing myself to focus on my career.”

  58. ZUBY: “Imagine if people got as hyped about their own mental, physical, spiritual, financial and relational development, as they do presidential elections. The world would ACTUALLY become a much better place. Immediately.” [Refocus. Skills are your friend. Clean up your room.]

  59. Tropical Storm “Eta” brings deadly floods to Florida and North Carolina, U.S. Tropical Storm “Eta” made its second landfall in Florida and overall fourth landfall at 09:20 UTC (04:20 LT) on Thursday morning, November 12, 2020, with winds of 85 km/h (50 mph), causing torn off trees and roofs, widespread flooding.

  60. Cuomo Hints of Looming Restrictions Beyond Curfew, Won’t Intervene in NYC School Closures. New COVID restrictions go into effect Friday night across New York state imposing curfews on restaurants and gyms and limiting gatherings in private homes to 10 people, while New York City is preparing to move schools all-remote.

  61. Matt Gaetz: “The 90+ crowd in PA showed one helluva voter reg surge during a pandemic. This is data-driven, circumstantial evidence of ballot laundering. US Attys in PA should be talking to these “new voters” to see if they intended to cast ballots and/or if ballots were voted w/o consent.”

  62. American Airlines is quietly bringing back the 737 Max. Here’s why that’s disturbing. When attention is focused elsewhere, a business can make controversial decisions. But when even your own employees speak out, you may have a problem. Especially when it involves technology and safety.

  63. MarketWatch: “OPINION: We may need climate lockdowns to halt climate change, Mariana Mazzucato writes. that might mean governments limiting private vehicle use, banning consumption of red meat, etc. We must do capitalism differently to avoid that.” [Clowns. You guys every sit back and think… this is seriously real life. Like not a joke on SNL but real life.]

  64. Wastewater COVID-19 Tracking Massachusetts Water Resources Authority. “Test results from MWRA’s pilot study to track wastewater at the Deer Island Treatment Plant for indicators of COVID-19 infection will be posted on this site. Samples are currently taken 3 times a week and data are updated as received by our contract laboratory, Biobot Analytics.”

  65. A Court Ruling in Austria Could Censor the Internet Worldwide. The Austrian Supreme Court has ordered that Facebook remove a post on a global scale. [Clown World continues. There have been similar rulings from other courts, afaik. Remember what I said about government intervention. It fuels innovation for Next Generation Technology. Thank you for reiterating. I was absent for a time - I’ve searched green door and I’m still catching up. I appreciate the direction. Glad you are serious about Blue Wizardry.

  66. Iota expected to strike Central America as a major hurricane. Tropical Storm “Iota” formed in the Central Caribbean at 21:00 UTC on November 13, 2020, as the 30th named storm of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season. National Hurricane Center: “Tropical Storm Iota Advisory 5: Iota Remains Disorganized But Still Expected to Strengthen. Risk of Dangerous Winds, Storm Surge, and Rainfall Impacts In Central America Beginning Monday.”

  67. ‘Never bet against me’: Trump and his allies dig in despite election defeat. Almost a week after Biden was declared the winner, the president is clinging to hopes of a second term despite appearing to hint Friday a new administration would be incoming. [I bet for Trump, and my broker (William Hill) closed my bet as losing, even though their rule states that in case of legal dispute they should have waited for supreme court or official nominee. I’m waiting to see them turning back.]

  68. Elon Musk: “Lab I just spoke to said cov2 PCR detection (N1 & N3 genes) below 30 cycles is reliable & above 40 cycles is not.” The Post Millennial: “Schrödinger’s virus.” Was the COVID-19 Test Meant to Detect a Virus? The Corona Simulation Machine: Why the Inventor of The “Corona Test” Would Have Warned Us Not To Use It To Detect A Virus.“ Scientists are doing an awful lot of damage to the world in the name of helping it. I don’t mind attacking my own fraternity because I am ashamed of it.”

  69. Aircraft over Nebraska: My pics of WC-135C Constant Phoenix (62-3582) over the past 2 years. I will miss her greatly as she was my favorite type of aircraft at Offutt AFB. She has travelled to more than 7 different countries and has flown for more than 40 years. Her Farewell ceremony is tomorrow.” [Good night sweet prince.] Robert Hopkins: “CONSTANT PHOENIX WC-135C 62-3582 had its final landing at KOFF today as COBRA 14. Retirement ceremony on 13 Nov before departing to AMARG. This jet and WC-135W 61-2667 will be replaced by three WC-135Rs following their modification.”

  70. I backed up the Alex Jones show with Tim Pool that has been pulled down by Youtube. With permission of the admins, I can upload it here, if it is of any interest for the group. It’s quite big file: 3.6 gb. Also here. LBRY: Timcast IRL - Alex Jones Talks Lockdowns, The Election With Tim Pool And Michael Malice. Awesome. Lbry website is technically censorable but the apps are not. (And you can Self host the website too.) Torrents anchored to a blockchain.

  71. Ukrainian hacker arrested after allegedly providing bulletproof hosting to Russian security. Mikhail Rytikov, a Ukrainian national, was apprehended in Odessa as part of an operation carried out with help from the U.S. and U.K. [This was actually way worse than Dominion. This was bigger than what’s alleged against Scytl. This was AdBallah. One of the most used platform for launching attacks. Remember Trump said something about servers in UA? Previous election hack campaign was allegedly being run from AdBallah hosting. Will see what happens with this case when Biden comes in, if he comes in. I’ll pass it onto the Russian Channels.

  72. “We’re lucky COVID happened in 2020. Imagine this happened in 2003. Months in your house with a Nokia 3310 playing fucking Snake.” [Black World was generous giving Steve Jobs the Tech Transfer. In 2003 I was connecting to Internet with my mobile, downloading games… Long live the serpent. Oh man, that was your 2003 phone? Lol. Turkish, I was expecting Motorola Razr. Never liked Motorola a lot, but that was a good one too. My dad was using this in 90s.

  73. Hello, I ask you politely if it is true that all the appeals made by President Trump against the victory of Biden have been rejected. In Italy the mainstream continues to give the same news that see loser Trump who refuses to recognize the victory of Biden. They also said that during the supporter’s rally in Washington, Trump greeted them from the car on his way to play golf and that if he pulls too much rope, Pelosi will become president! That’s what the damn Italian media says. Don’t believe Globalist mediation. Thanks, Azazel. I do not believe in the media globalist servants of politicians clowns and traitors, I do not believe them for a very long time. I only wish to have real news from the states and therefore I can only ask confirmation to you. Thanks very much, you have been very kind. I feel quieter. God protect America.

  74. zerohedge: “Lori Lightfoot Tells Chicago: Cancel Thanksgiving, Avoid Family, Days After Hosting Crowded Biden Street Party.” [This hypocrite. Birds of a feather.] Newsom attended French Laundry party with more households than California advises during pandemic. Judge: Newsom overstepped authority with mail-in ballots mandate. Inslee considering new restrictions to stop COVID-19 spread. Gov. Jay Inslee is urging Washington residents to change their plans for Thanksgiving and other holiday gatherings and is considering new restrictions on businesses as cases of COVID-19 continue to climb.[Lol Inslee rehearsing his speech, wearing no mask. As soon as the camera is rolling, he puts the mask on. But someone had to have been in the room to take the picture is him rehearsing without a mask on… Freaking hypocrites. The mask is their go-to “look at me, I’m anti-Trump” prop.]

  75. Serious question. Should my rechargeable battery packs be in my faraday cage? Like my 30000mah one. Yes. Store it at like 40% charge and when you bring it out of storage charge fully before using unless it’s an emergency. I have one inside and one outside. The nicer one is protected but at about 60% charge. (Do as I say not as I do with the 40%.) Why lower charge? The 40 percent charge allows a stable condition even if it means a level of self-discharge. Some reserve charge is necessary to keep a battery and its protection circuit operational during long periods of storage. Too much charge can damage the internal electrode interfaces and just self discharge faster. So always store at about half. Ok time to charge my phones with the devices to pull them down.

  76. Meanwhile, in UK. Police scuffled with anti-lockdown and anti-vaxxer protestors and made dozens of arrests after thousands marched through Bristol and Liverpool city centers today despite warnings they could face fines for breaking coronavirus restrictions. The group Stand Up Bristol gathered with signs in the city this morning, with at least 14 maskless protestors being arrested by police as tensions bubbled over. Avon and Somerset police also said that as well as several people being arrested for failing to comply with the directions of officers, one arrest was also made after an officer was assaulted. Meanwhile in Liverpool 16 people have so far been arrested after hundreds gathered outside St George’s Hall to protest and Merseyside police have issued a dispersal zone in the city centre and the south of Liverpool.

  77. Paul Graham: “Told 11 yo about the existence of finance. I’d willingly answered all his questions about drugs and organized crime and sexual practices, but I found myself reluctant to tell him there were people who made money just from betting whether prices of things would go up or down.” David Wilkinson: “Can you elaborate as to why? I know it’s vogue to hate on finance but efficient price discovery and eliminating misplacing in markets carry huge social benefits (just really tragically indirect ones).” Victor Porras: “Uh, isn’t that exactly what Y combinator does? You decide which founders are most likely to succeed, and then you bet on them. The difference in the public markets is that it’s possible to short a fraud like Wirecard (or WeWork!).” [PG now confirmed full blown commie piece of shit. Fuck Paul Graham. Rich lying fuck.]

  78. The US Military Has Raided And Seized Servers In Germany Tied To The Dominion Election System. People on the ground in Germany report that Scytl, which hosting YOUR elections data Improperly through Spain, was raided by a large US ARMY force & their Servers were Seized in Frankfurt. [Actually I’m happy about that headline. Hopefully a few more Germans realize/believe now we still are occupied and de facto in war with literally the whole world course no peace treaty… if you say that out loud in Germany you are hit with the nazi-club argument, called a ‘Reichsbürger’ and are ridiculed. It would be very good for us when more people just learn and accept that so we as a people could move on in a different direction. If I remember correctly about 2 months ago Yevgeny Fyodorov stated those things in a live interview, so at least if you say it in public now, you can quote him and can not be charged for what you said… we are also very far on the road to communism already.]

  79. Everything you need to know about DIY Solar. The Ultimate Guide to DIY Off-Grid Solar Systems – 01 - Introduction. Hello and welcome to our EPEVER tutorial series. At these tutorials, we learn how to install an off-grid solar system. The Ultimate Guide to DIY Off-Grid Solar Systems - 02 - Solar Off-Grid System Components. In this video, we talk a little bit about the different components of an off-grid solar system including Solar batteries, Solar charge controllers, Solar inverters, DC and ac switches, and wirings. The Ultimate Guide to DIY Off-Grid Solar Systems – 03 - Batteries in solar off-grid systems. In this video common battery types in solar systems and installation tips are discussed. The Ultimate Guide to DIY Off-Grid Solar Systems - 04 - DC switches. In this video, we introduce dc switches employed in solar systems in detail. The Ultimate Guide to DIY Off-Grid Solar Systems - 05 - Charge controllers. In this video, solar charge controller is described. MPPT and PWM controllers are introduced as main types of solar charge controllers, and differences between two, are covered. 06 - What is an inverter and how it works. In this video, we explain what is an inverter and how it works.

  80. Breaking911: “Small Plane Crashes Near San Bernardino, California International Airport: The pilot was reportedly alive & conscious & told authorities a second person was onboard, though authorities later said it seemed that the pilot was the only one aboard.” [Congratulations to the new recruit. Godspeed. Many are called. Few are chosen. I wonder what’s the total number that have been recruited by Legacy Space Force this year. I don’t see how plane crashes are used to take people off world. Really? I remember u explaining it after the Ukraine crash. You don’t understand that it’s a one way ticket? Yeah I do in the sense that once you’re gone you don’t come back. They fake your death. It’s that simple. Those Ukrainian soldiers received posthumous awards and their families were well compensated. Exactly. And after that, we lost Boris. I meant I don’t understand how that works as in how do you get taken off world during a “plane crash”. I’m guessing some sort of black world technology. Boris who? From my understanding, a Russian man who was working with Aries on Azazel News. Hope he is well, wherever he is. They fake the crash, use whatever body at the morgue that has not been claimed by a loved one, put it in a plane that’s controlled remotely. Not that easy to connect the dots on what happens next. They show the process all the time in movies. Even in the 90s from Men In Black to just recently with Tenet. Seems like a lot of headache. Yes but that’s why they are worth it. Best and brightest. Oh yeah I understand now, I thought of it differently. The hell? No. They do the crash and then you go. John F. Kennedy Jr. American magazine publisher and lawyer, son of President John F. Kennedy. Waiitttt are you implying JFK Jr not only is still alive but was taken off world??? I always thought he was assassinated. QAnon rumors saying he’s still alive (and that journalist guy who they say is him, Vincent Fusca I think is his name) but I never really did believe that… Maybe baby.

  81. Pfizer fined for overcharging NHS 2600%. Pfizer fined for 2600% price hike on epilepsy drug. Pfizer bribed Nigerian officials in fatal drug trial. Pfizer pays out to Nigerian families of meningitis drug trial victims. Nigeria sues Pfizer over illegal child rug trials. Pfizer stealing drug secrets. [Pfizer the drug company that is at the front of the miracle vaccine that will save the world. Seem a perfectly ethical company don’t they? Good luck on that first batch of vaccines.] Lawyers and Settlements: “Depo-Provera Osteoporosis FAQ.” Depo-Provera and Contraceptive Risk: A Case Study of Values in Conflict on JSTOR. Carol Levine, Depo-Provera and Contraceptive Risk: A Case Study of Values in Conflict, The Hastings Center Report, Vol. 9, No. 4 (Aug., 1979), pp. 8-11. Forced contraception of Jewish Ethopian women is tip of global iceberg. Lisa Hallgarten: A report claims Israel pressured women to reduce its poor black population. 12 Reasons to Get Angry about the Gates Foundation’s Latest Project to Sterilize Women. Last week, Pfizer Inc., the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) announced an agreement to foist the injectable contraceptive, Sayana. Depo-Provera / Net-En /Norplant / Sayana Press Contraceptive Policy Brief: Lethal Contraceptives Restricted Or Not Sold In Europe & U.S. But Shipped To Africa. Polio outbreaks in Africa caused by mutation of strain in vaccine. New cases of highly infectious disease that should be ‘consigned to the history books’ reported in Nigeria, the DRC, CAR and Angola. Pakistan accused of cover-up over fresh polio outbreak. Source claims government plans secret vaccinations after 12 children fall prey to disease. [I’m confused, why is Trump promoting the Pfizer vaccine, isn’t he helping the bad guys?]

  82. Everyone needs to keep in mind that 2000 took SIX WEEKS to sort out and there was only ONE county in question. This is nationwide with multiple legal issues that need resolving. This isn’t just a contested election. This is a constitutional crisis. And the legal discovery process takes time. Breathe. The rest of this is a lot of flexing. But WATCH the flexing and see it for what it is. People are showing their hands left and right. Most important takeaway on that front: When people show you who they are, BELIEVE THEM. With Red, the rhetoric is most often the inverse of the reality. Watch, see the patterns emerge, but do not allow this to clutter your mind. Mindset is important and you need to stay above this in order to focus and retain clarity. If what you are seeing isn’t actionable for you, once you get the message, hang up the phone. Refocus on what you CAN control. You’ll be exponentially better off. And when AriesAzazel is trying to show you how to read the news actionably to make a living off of what you see - FFS - pay attention. He’s trying to teach you how to fish. LISTEN TO HIM. 2020 is an energetic sine wave. One of the strategies behind a super low trough after a super high crest is to incite demoralization and subsequent unrest in people who take the Red Wizards at their word. Most of the people who feel this way are failing to notice that the inverse of what they were promised is being arranged within the “transition team.” Typical Red. Sit tight. Legal battles take time. When the legal portion of this is over, many will see that the media were pushing a narrative that ran counter to the truth of the situation. Many still will not. With each iteration of this type of activity, more people do see it though. This is why this faction is getting desperate. The window to enact their plan is closing. At the other side of this, yes, there are people who will be massively upset and disillusioned by the outcome who will be incited to action based on those feelings. Luckily, each time it occurs, there are less and less people who still believe it. We’re in for a bumpy ride, unfortunately. Just focus on doing what you can to self-protect. It’s the best use of your time. Thanks for your input. Yes bumpy road ahead regardless how it all plays out. There are no bumpy free alternatives going forward it seems! Stay calm and centered. Low profile and high class.

  83. World’s largest fur auction house will close as demand for animal pelts drops. The world’s largest fur auction house says it will close its doors for good within the next three years, in yet another dramatic setback for this cruel trade that contributes to unnecessary suffering and death. [Was the European mink killings an easy way out of already dying business? As part of Great Reset, EU’s Covid loans are great way to do wonders. All the above and a good Segway into the Second Wave. Time for more targeted and controlled releases. Remember the Factions in China fighting? We had video footage of the Ministry of State Security taking out Red Super Spreaders. When you see the connections, it dawns on you, the whole thing was planned and the world got duped with strategic strain releases. In regards to the Mink, It looks more and more like Covid was engineered to facilitate mail in ballots and avoid in person voting not just in the US but worldwide. Strategically releasing strains to scare world leaders with high mortality. See how tech companies are the ones coming on top as winners. As we enter Dark Winter it’s now going into Stage 2 in order to facilitate The Great Reset. I sense a heaviness to your words and to the overall mood in all the groups tonight, like all of this is wearing a hole in our spirits. Maybe it’s just me. I don’t know what to do but just try to remind everyone that we are extremely lucky, no blessed, to have you AriesAzazel and everyone in the group who is working collectively to teach and inspire. Thank you all. I just felt I needed to say that. That’s all I really offer right now, gratitude and appreciation for everyone here. Yes it seems so, great way to speed their game up… In EU all the new legislations drives EU towards the centralized decision making. Eu’s central banks seems to be waiting results from Chinese state driven Crypto money layer. I believe China is dismantling AliPays and WeChat power over transaction with that Crypto layer. I am not that familiar how exactly China’s Crypto works tough… I feel that 2021 might be bad year for many EU nations banks, probably part of the Great Reset agenda…]

  84. One side of the world says no Covid in 6 months and the other says lockdown. Pay attention to the factions. The Italian government says that we will return to normal only with the vaccine of Gates. According to them the vaccine will be a pass necessary. Attention to this statement. Do you have any idea how many years it takes to make a vaccine? Ask yourself how long it took to develop the polio vaccine. Or tell me when was the Spanish Flu vaccine created. Why do you think the Italians are demonstrating for about 18 days now? You think the Swiss are well armed to stop an invasion from Germany? No. A good vaccine won’t be coming imo. Utopia? Was that disclosure? Is that what you think they’re really planning to do with these fast tracked vax? Yes but what happens when the lower class realizes this? What happens when they realize their jobs are not coming back? Vaccine or no vaccine. It depends. MSM has brainwashed them very well. People still won’t see. Even if it’s in plain sight. Yes, Utopia was disclosure. And in my opinion a the best example of Kid Wizardry schools from the Red Faction side of things. Exactly. Go on Wikipedia and see how many times they have altered facts regarding Spanish Flu vaccines since COVID-19 started. Or check patents about Covid, arranged in 2015. I’ve seen it… I think jobs is what has many people tempered. Too many people are unwilling to risk losing their jobs, money, mortgages. I think for a great many this may be dangerous. Much more difficult to control a populous that isn’t busy trying to take care of their families. At that point - they may fee placated and then betrayed. Nothing left to risk and a family to protect means a massive amount of people angry and unhinged. Desperate. Well yeah, people would renounce freedom for security. Only when someone has nothing left to lose will you see just how far they can go. Freedom and security has to remain in a healthy balance, healthy for everyone.

  85. Nate: “President Trump has arrived at the Million MAGA March.” Joseph A. Camp: “This DC Antifa > oracle_dc < is providing live updates and maps for Antifa to attack participants of the Million MAGA March on Telegram and Twitter.” [Antifa group producing live map of Trump march, to coordinate their attacks.] Heshmat Alavi: “Thousands of U.S. President Donald Trump’s supporters heading to DC.” DC: violence erupts between BLM Antifa & Proud Boys/Trumpsters. DC: overhead view of the massive MAGA crowd. This is giant. Hundreds of Proud Boys and supporters marching on the streets of DC chanting “FUCK ANTIFA” two hours ahead of the Million MAGA March. The MAGA March has filled 1 city block. Between 14th and 13th Streets, NW. The road you see in the middle is 13 1/2 Street. Million MAGA March now on its way to the Capitol. This Telegram account /dcoracle is coordinating protesters to attack the MAGA March in DC. “The marches and crowds in Washington today in support of President Trump were stopped on the highway and prevented from entering Washington by the police.” [Now they literally even censor… the ROADS.] Joseph A. Camp: “Click their map in their bio and expand out a little. You’ll see their supplies icon. This is organized if I ever saw organization. oracle_dc. Side note: they are using a massive block list because lots of ppl reporting they are blocked having never heard of them.” Trump: “ANTIFA SCUM ran for the hills today when they tried attacking the people at the Trump Rally, because those people aggressively fought back. Antifa waited until tonight, when 99% were gone, to attack innocent MAGA People. DC Police, get going — do your job and don’t hold back!!” Anna Khait: “There is still a missing MAGA girl in DC. Getting more information but just confirmed it with Metropolitan Police DC.” Stalemate continues between antifa and MAGAs at Million MAGA March. Riot cops face antifa, and have a barricade set up behind them. Police are focusing their energy on and physically facing towards the leftists. Meanwhile, in DC, Antifa members tell their fellow anti-Trump protesters to “get up” because they’re white and are attracting media attention. Pence, Met With Chants Of ‘Four More Years,’ Replies: ‘That’s The Plan.’ The comment comes as the latest in a string of refusals from Trump administration officials to acknowledge Joe Biden’s clear election victory. [Wait until nightfall in DC tonight and antifa are hiding in the Trump fans. Then we see the “setup” of trump racist and proud boys riot and don’t accept the results.] Disclose TV: “ Multiple Trump supporters hunted and assaulted in Washington D.C. Chaotic scene right now. One knocked out.” I saw a clip on a livestream with a bunch of MAGA hats chanting “fuck Fox” at the rally today - anyone have that?] Arsonist now sets several fires on Freedom Plaza in Washington D.C. Portland: "Proud Boys are marching through the streets of downtown and a corresponding group of Antifa is on the move as well. Both groups are looking to clash with each other.” Jack Pobosiec: “People eating dinner at the Willard. Antifa arrives and shoots incendiary devices at them.” Antifa throwing flashbangs at people dining in DC. I thought she had been shot and that was blood. Apparently she is antifa and stabbed somebody in the back and got knocked out. The spin media are going to love this. Andy Ngô: “BLM-antifa thugs are running around and beating people on the streets in DC. According to Matt Miller, a BLM rioter with a knife got knocked out during a fight. Police has to help the person get up. This was the lead up to the big brawl, Proud Boys were getting hyped and got the location on antifa. Matthew Miller: “Here is a pro Trump marcher taking a knife from an apprehended BLM female protester.” Proud Boys chant “Fox News sucks” followed by “Tucker, Tucker…” [One type of stress is uniform, which means the force applies equally on all sides of a body of rock. The other three types of stress, tension, compression and shear, are non-uniform, or directed, stresses. They are in some tension with those ideas given that Tucker works for Fox.] Savanah Hernandez: “Thousands of Trump supporters sing the “Star Spangled Banner” in unison.” “Your country’s opinion stopped mattering in our country in 1776.” Something tells me BBC won’t be asking Alex Bruesewitz on again anytime soon! Chants of ‘no Trump’ ‘no peace’ ring out from the MAGA crowd who have chased the BLM Antifa thugs out of town. “Let it ring throughout the city of the District of Communism. USA! USA!” Trump supporters rally once again in downtown DC. WOW. Nice to see the tables turn. Without a single one being set on fire or sent crashing into a storefront window mind you.

  86. Army intelligence retrieves voting servers from Scytl in Frankfurt, Germany. Congressman Gohmert. [Lol. United States Army: Special Forces seize a server and it’s a fucking Qanon Conspiracy. Ugh. When M4 Rifle Butt to the head for some of these Red Media motherfuckers? Seems like disinformation from the media tying it to QAnon. There is a congress report from 2019 and they name Dominion software. And the Qsnatch malware exists. Now does the dominion and qsnatch malware connect? That’s the real question. But it’s possible the media would add qanon to distill doubt. So the ball is in play. Army intelligence allied to POTUS? Now that’s the real question. Hope so. Entire Military is Allied with POTUS. Invisible War has been going on for 2 years already. Let me give you an idea how much the Blues and Military back him. How many Presidents have been protected using the Flying Triangle? Black triangle (UFO). Class of UFOs, with certain common features which have reportedly been observed during the 20th and 21st centuries. GEORGE NEWS: “POTUS lands in Miami.” LifeChanger: “There are those two green lights again.” Holy Shit!!! Trump let the Toys out! President-Elect Kraken!: “TR3B? The third light is somehow obscured.” TR-3B Anti-Gravity Spacecrafts. It doesn’t exist officially. It uses highly pressured mercury accelerated by nuclear energy to produce a plasma that creates a field of anti-gravity around the ship. So beautiful. Not jets protecting him but motherfucking TR-3B. Enjoy before they scrub it. Reposting. That was right after the Assassination Attempt. Did I miss this? Yup. Damn for not being in this group since birth. I failed myself. Also, you got me fucked up. A guy I respect today, we were talking and he said, "Don’t pay any attention to the wizards behind the curtain.” I stopped him and go… you know about the factions? Well, he will be joining this group shortly. “Earlier today, An F-16 Fighter Jet Intercepted Plane Over President Trump’s Rally Today In Bullhead City, Arizona.” zerohedge: “Fighter Jet Intercepts “Non-Responsive” Plane Near Trump Rally.” Like 2 weeks ago, I forgot about that. Yes, a Chinese Kamikaze UAV released trying to Kill POTUS and rally attendees. This was Oct 28. Thanks for the clarification. I always expected as much though knew I couldn’t be the only one wondering for sure. It was neutralized F-16 on October 28th. It’s a repost. In Arizona. When he left Arizona the TR-38’s went with him. Awww I missed the TR 38 here in AZ. You wouldn’t see them in the daytime. Was making a point regarding which factions are with POTUS. Scroll up. Never said it was new news.

  87. If Midnight Meat Train is disclosure then we gotta prep for fighting those fucking things and not each other. Americans lack Class 3 licenses. There is a reason in Europe they ban Science Fiction novels dealing with the Subterranean. There is a reason we encourage you to play first person shooters. There is a reason we push action films upon you. Pick a timeline. “You WILL own nothing. You WILL eat bugs. You WILL live in pod housing. You WILL herald the coming of the Great Reset where multinational corporations will decide the correct opinions on race and gender. You WILL be taxed for working in your Pod Home.” Or fight back. Demolition Man - Edgar Friendly Speech. Edgar Friendly: That’s right. You see, according to Cacteau’s plan. I’m the enemy. Because I like to think, I like to read. I’m into freedom of speech, freedom of choice. I’m the kind if guy who would sit in the greasy spoon and think “Gee, should I have the T-bone steak or the big rack of Barbecued spare ribs with the side order of gravy fries?” I want high cholesterol. I want to eat bacon, butter and buckets of cheese alright? I want to smoke a Cuban cigar the size of Cincinnati in a non-smoking section. I wanna run around naked with green jell-o all over my body reading a Playboy magazine. Why? Because maybe I feel the need to, okay pal? I’ve seen the future, you know what it is? It’s made by a 47 year-old virgin in gray pajamas soaking in a bubble bath, drinking a broccoli milkshake and thinking “I’m an Oscar-Meyer Wiener”. You wanna live on top, you gotta live Cacteau’s way. What he wants, when he wants, how he wants. Your other option: come down here, maybe starve to death.” You gotta love how they always preach ideas that they do not intend on adapting themselves. Some leadership. We already are (fighting back), the Divine Hand at play also, by the end we will take this whole world back from their greedy clenches, freedom is our destiny. I’m with you and understand but can’t have calls to violence on the channel at risk of deletion. That’s less than abysmal. Is there any hope for the oppressed in a most vulnerable people? Is there any hope for children such as these? I’ve told you what you must do if you are seeking to go through the Green Door, I even told you what video games the USAF and Legacy Space Force are monitoring. Even told you what programs are doing recruitment for children. CyberPatriot is a national youth cyber education program created in the United States to help direct students toward careers in cybersecurity or other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines. Nothin wrong with staying in the Bubble World as they fuck it over and turn it into Demolition Man Social Credit World. Is there anything you’d recommend if I am rural and we don’t have the bandwidth to support on-line gaming/steam? I do keep getting ads for white hat jr. Would this be beneficial for my children in the same way? Also - the book Ender’s Game. Is it your opinion that this was also disclosure? He was a third and illegal child that they took and watched him play games - only they weren’t games at all. If you are in this channel you are all getting WhiteHatJr advertising and that’s no accident. The Watchers who truly embrace this channel do it intentionally. Video Games have been used for recruitment since the 70s. Who are the Watchers? Grigori? Released one day ago. America’s Elite Counter Terrorism Taskforce - Delta Force. You may have heard of the US’s most elite counter terrorism taskforce before, but you probably aren’t aware all of the insane times that Delta Force has literally saved the day. Released four days ago. Human Sacrifice - Worst Ways To Die. Today’s intense video is going to make you extremely happy you live in the 21st Century. We’re talking about real life human sacrifices ancient tribes made to the Gods. Released six days ago. Mystery Man With No Memory Has Assassins Hunting Him. There is a man following you for day, you have no clue why, but that’s not all you don’t know. In today’s really crazy true story, we are breaking down the mystery of a man with no memory and the secret assassins out to kill him! One week ago. Why You Wouldn’t Survive A Mission To Mars. We already know Elon Musk is hard at work planning the first mission to Mars, the red planet, and closest habitable neighbor for Earth to successfully visit. Eight days ago. Why Vietnam War TUNNEL RAT Job Was so DEADLY. During the Vietnam war, Americans had to adapt to the Viet Cong’s guerrilla and trench warfare styles, and thus the Tunnel Rats were born! Two weeks ago. The Viet Cong Tunnels. By 1965, the Viet Cong had expanded a pre-existing labyrinth of tunnels and underground chambers beneath their villages and the surrounding jungle. They are getting the world ready for revealing the Subterranean Troops. The original Subterranean Troops are Vietnamese Era Tunnel Rats. In the same way Frogmen (Underwater Demolition Teams) evolved into Navy Seals. Other categories of combat arms exist which the public is unaware of. But yes the infographic channel is under Blue Handlers. Can we hope for Open Eyes within our lifetime? Notice the rate they are pumping them out the episodes during a Pandemic. If Trump wins yes, he’s already combining the Legacy Space Force with Public Space Force. If Biden Wins 4 years of Red Nonsense that’s sugar coated like they did in the Obama years, more human trafficking underground and dismantling of the Subterranean Troops. You’ll get ready for War with Iran and the elites hunting down chambers belonging to the Nephilim.

  88. Has anyone been able to find articles that talk about D paying social media influencers cash to endorse D’s in 2020 election? I’m seeking footage of democrats offering big cash payments for paid endorsements by young black male influencers, in October / November of this year. [Important.] From Facebook to TikTok, U.S. political influencers are paid for posts. A voter registration project is compensating Latina mothers for social media posts about climate change, while a political action committee (PAC) is paying eight TikTok influencers for videos to help get the youth vote out for Democrats. [Can you find more?] Politicians Are Turning to Influencers, Just Like Brands Are. As the 2020 presidential race continues, some candidates are turning to social media influencers to spread their messages and garner support for their campaigns. Political Campaigns Turn to Social-Media Influencers to Reach Voters. Political campaigns and advocacy groups are seeking help from the kingpins of the internet: YouTube celebrities, Twitter personalities and Instagram-famous dogs. Social Media Influencers and the 2020 U.S. Election: Paying ‘Regular People’ for Digital Campaign Communication. Voter registration groups tap into influencer power to reach new voters. Denisse Myrick often reminds her Instagram followers to vote. “But this time, I brought some backup,” she said. Myrick is one of several social media influencers who are partnering with voter registration groups to spread the word about voting. Will Political Social Media Influencers Impact This Year’s Election? “Influencers” on social media aren’t just plugging products and building brand awareness. Social media influencers could be crucial to winning the White House in November. “On TikTok, influencers paid by the pro-Biden political action committee The 99 Problems to create content for a new account called the ‘houseof_us,’ with 19,000 followers and 79,000 likes, have not so far used disclaimers like ad or sponsored on the posts.” [Nah, those are all about paid posts. And second one is just about “encouraging people to vote.” I’m talking about celebrity endorsements, from top celebrities and not posts which are obvious and typically have a disclaimer. Talking about likely highly-illegal paid celebrity endorsements. Got it. Like Lady Gaga… I’ll keep digging. Christ the cast of the VIEW has to be one. Keep searching. I’m digging too on my end.] Who Celebrities Are Endorsing In the 2020 Presidential Election. In 2020, celebrities aren’t staying quiet about who they’re voting for in the presidential election. [(Could look at these profiles via social channels to find similar posts…) No I’m looking for illegal as Fuck A-List paid endorsements. I need to know if you are able to find it. The general public. We already have the smoking guns. What about the app “Cameo” never heard of it but apparently you can get paid to crate a “video shout out” that can be sent via text or email? Wait! Let’s research non-profits. I believe they can’t legally support political candidates. Under the Internal Revenue Code, all section 501©(3) organizations are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office.] US election 2020: Will celebrity endorsements help Joe Biden? Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Cardi B all support the Democrat. But will US voters follow suit? Limits on Political Campaigning for 501©(3) Nonprofits. [Hey this is interesting - the Guardian is using the “Biden/Harris win” as a means of soliciting subscriptions. In all my years and associations with various forms of print journalism, I have never encountered anything like this.] ‘The Boys’ creator Eric Kripke reveals who Supernatural’s Dean & Sam would vote for. ‘The Boys’ creator Eric Krpike has a theory about Supernatural’s Dean and Sam and which US Presidential candidate they would have voted for. Jeff Daniels Goes ‘Will McAvoy’ on Trump. He already answered what makes America the greatest country in the world. Here, Jeff Daniels reprises his role as ACN’s “Will McAvoy” from HBO’s “The Newsroom” to answer another question that sets him off. [Remake of a great scene fucking terribly done and insultingly biased. Also, looks like you’ve been hittin the bottle buddy. I’m noticing that all of these big celebrity-driven Biden pushes are coinciding with a new release, ie new single, new album, new movie, new series, new podcast. Cardi B with WAP, the cast and creators of Supernatural with the final episodes, Taylor Swift with a new release. Guns n’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan even did it in conjunction with launching his new podcast “Three Chords and the Truth” on Sirius XM. God bless Alice Cooper for getting it.]

  89. I’ve only taught one other person about the colors. She’s my best friend, and her two kids are brilliant. I bought and was able to share Flight of Dragons. They all loved it as a family. She said her daughter sings the theme now after having seen it. She knows I’m in this group, so I told her that the colors can be applied to the world, and related the Nolan movies. We had a good time relating other movies to colors, but that was about it. To her it was cool, not discounted, but a novelty. For me, learning the colors provided a unifying framework for all of the topics that I have had an interest in throughout my life. From the spirituality and interests in the relation between world religions and historical culture, to the sciences, to the cooking, food and gardening, to even “ghosts” and “ancient aliens,” all of those things paved my way here to DDP and the colors brought all of those interests which I thought were separate together and into focus. In my opinion a hard disclosure seems to be more and more necessary as things develop. Being human nature sticking to things you know is comfortable and as long as this fight behind closed doors continues you will never get the attention needed for a slow drop by drop disclosure which ultimately sets the point for it in the distant future. People are filled up to the rim with bullshit and fear 24/7. But if you would e.g. shut down the whole news bullshit for a week. Get someone long missing but world wide known talking to people like 2h/day for a week you could set a lot of things straight and those who want to listen could be of support just by not complying to the craziness anymore. On the other hand a lot of people would get frightened if you do not present them with a plan of security for their future, so you can not do it until the hidden war is won. There are dozens of good arguments I am too lazy now to write about, but in the end you just can not do it, as much as I would like to just because I am for same chances for everyone and no secret knowledge… part of that of course is selfish too, because I want to get to know more stuff too. The thing is like with parenting. You can not expect your kid to just live up to your/anyones expectations (if you should want that at all) if you are not honest and do not enable them to see the whole picture of why/what but just trick them into doing stuff. I see this a lot at work. Grown up people who build houses, get kids and live responsible lives are treated like kids on their work place and after a while they stop caring, stop doing things they know it would be better, stop being creative because they are forced into doing this and that in a certain way but are not presented the information as to why it is necessary for example. Me: Been living differently to most others my whole live and last 10 years self-sufficient and ‘doomsday ready’ anyways. It was more of a relieve to finally stop searching for arguments and proofs if a certain group is actually bad or good now, because I just accepted there is good and bad in all of them. Before your confirmation I was way more skeptical about everything and labeled whole groups the enemy just because of controversial intel. Plus I have to say if I’d known that back in school I would have gone a different path to be more of a use now and joined military. But I was so fed up with what I already seen back then, that I chose to follow a live segregated from the modern way of life, more like a hermit. Others: Stopped trying to do disclosure/teachings but with the youngest I know after it fucked up all my relationships but with 1 person outside my family. But I got a lot of people to at least have some food, water, medicine and heating/cooking by tricking them into it with news from our government presented at the right time - but hated it to play like that. Family: Partner only needed help in terms of what gear to buy, how to use it etc. and calming words that our daughter will be fine. Spiritually she is full grown gold wizard in my eyes. Daughter is able to speak all she can say in her mother language in another 4 languages, 2 with mother and 2 with me and can do basic math already with a little over 2 years. But that is the way we already did things. She helps in the garden is eager to watch me build machines and stuff. Even did a bird and doghouse with her and she only needs to see things once and remembers them - This group just supported us in what we feel and think is the right thing to do, even when other family members say things like she’s just a kid doesn’t need to do/know things’. So overall yeah, knowing about factions helped, even when we were on the right track without even knowing about it just by how we see the world and what is going on. It is more about the moral support to feel there are likeminded people. Yeah, this connects all the dots in an amazing way I’d have never imagined on my own. You see how everything is tied.

  90. All this is Actionable Intel, try to forecast the next 6 months. For both a Biden Win or Trump Win. What happens if GSM last several years like it did in the 1800s? What happens then? Remember both sides agreed in not discussing the food shortages. What will the behavior of the Mob be like during a Food Shortage? My family will produce food indoors. With or without electricity. And I’m happy to have you among us. You already know I’m more than happy to be here. See it’s standard policy not to discuss GSM with the masses or ELE’s. It was one of the reasons they quietly censored Greenland for the majority of the year. Think of how little this was covered. President Trump Criticizes Virginia Gun Legislation, Says The State Will Have ‘Nobody Guarding’ Potatoes. The remark is the president’s latest criticism of gun control legislation recently passed in the state. Now the Elites from all 4 factions know the truth and what’s coming, but the keep the public fighting amongst themselves. Why? Because they learned the lessons from the last Minimums and the Cholera Riots. Maunder Minimum. The period starting about 1645 and continuing to about 1715 when sunspots were exceedingly rare. Dalton Minimum. The Dalton Minimum was a period of low sunspot count, representing low solar activity, named after the English meteorologist John Dalton, lasting from about 1790 to 1830 or 1796 to 1820, corresponding to the period solar cycle 4 to solar cycle 7. The mob will turn into animals, and thus should be treated as rabid animals. Luckily I’ve canned a lot and have access to good hunting grounds. Already have a couple deer this year. What happened after the Dalton Minimum? Cholera Riots. Historical civil disturbances associated with an outbreak or epidemic of cholera. Biden Presidency or a 2nd Trump Presidency means nothing to the Sun. Remember when I had you test and I asked you why Galileo said, “And yet it moves” or “Albeit it does move” (Italian: E pur si muove or Eppur si muove)? Who remembers testing with us when we asked? Boss: What is the surprising implication of the phrase “Eppur si muove”? (Not the unsurprising literal translation, but the surprising wider implication.) Who remembers this Test Question? Elites and Wizards know the implications very well, do you? I remember, think about it often. That there must be the existence of a “prime mover” something that set it all in motion. Galileo Galilei (1564–1642) in 1633 after being forced to recant his claims that the Earth moves around the Sun, rather than the converse. In this context, the implication of the phrase is: despite his recantation, the Church’s proclamations to the contrary, or any other conviction or doctrine of men, the Earth does, in fact, move (around the Sun, and not vice versa). Galileo Galilei (1564–1642) in 1633 after being forced to recant his claims that the Earth moves around the Sun, rather than the converse. In this context, the implication of the phrase is: despite his recantation, the Church’s proclamations to the contrary, or any other conviction or doctrine of men, the Earth does, in fact, move (around the Sun, and not vice versa). I’m going to tell you what it means. And the implications of that statement. But once again, study the Minima and Study the Cholera Riots. Stay ahead of the curve. Use your time wisely with us. Galileo’s “Eppur si muove” quote is absolutely not talking about himself, is not about him thinking for himself, it’s about something else. Many of you during testing made that error. “In mathematics, a fact is a statement (called a theorem) that can be proven by logical argument from certain axioms and definitions.” Original definition = facts are something that are either true or false, and never can be changed, like math theorems. Observational evidence, alleged reality, etc = all things that can change. Not facts. everything non-physical is subjective vs almost everything non-physical is real. In math, facts exist even if people don’t know they exist. In math “facts” just means that an equation CAN be proved to be true, using some proof. But math’s definition is not limited to just what has been proved, instead anything that ever possibly can be proved. So yes the word “facts” is fucked. One of the oldest hijacked words. Hijacked to mean the complete opposite in 2020. In 2020 no one knows which definition you mean. # 1 tool of the manipulating groups, since the beginning of time by rewriting definitions to their opposite. And it’s being done heavily rewriting racism to mean its opposite, rewriting equality to mean its opposite. (Meritocracy vs Anti-Meritocracy.) In conclusion, facts don’t care about your feelings. What else could Galileo’s “Eppur si muove” mean? Means facts have fuck-all to do with whether humans know them or believe them. Change is the only constant. That’s the point. That was always the point. Realize that you are living in a repeat of cycles. The same individuals calling for Anti-Meritocracy and Anti-STEM, White Men Are Evil, the same ones saying Math is Racist, etc., in 2020. These are the same fucking individuals that during the Cholera Riots would execute Academics in Russia and Germany and England in the 1800s. These are the same individuals during the Spanish Inquisition that would question Galileo. Spanish Inquisition, (1478–1834). The biggest threat will always be civil unrest as we enter the 2020s. Especially from individuals that deny or have warped the meaning of facts. That is another major threat. That’s class for today. Read up on Maunder Minimum, and the Dalton Minimum. And truly understand what facts are and how’s it being manipulated in 2020. Consider all the censorship being done as we speak regarding the election results. Consider the rise of fact checkers and debunkers. When Galileo said “Eppur Si Muove” he literally meant FUCK YOU, YOU CAN DENY IT ALL YOU WANT. BUT ITS A FACT AND THE MATH PROVES IT to the Catholic Church.