Azazel News #Recap 11/12/2020

  1. Zuckerberg defends not suspending ex-Trump aide Bannon from Facebook: recording.

  2. zerohedge: “Russia Set To Establish Naval Logistics Base In Sudan.”

  3. zerohedge: “$61 Million Of Meth Seized At Texas Border Crossings Amid Cartel Crime Wave.”

  4. Breaking911: “Two dead after small plane hits power line near airport in Rockwall, Texas - FAA.”

  5. Breaking911: “Plane Crashes Into Los Angeles Neighborhood.”

  6. Gruesome pictures show Denmark dumping 17m minks into mass graves amid Covid-19 outbreak mirror.

  7. Pfizer CEO sells $5.6mn of stock on record surge the day he praised Covid-19 vaccine’s 90% effectiveness, denies insider trading.

  8. AOC Security: “Keep an eye on #HongKong. Approx 1900 infections, mostly among kindergarteners. And this is NOT COVID-19.”

  9. Grassley’s Letter To DOJ: Hunter, James Biden’s Actions ‘Potentially Make Them Agents Of The Chinese Government.’

  10. Ongoing ammo shortage due to several factors, gun sellers say. Gun sellers say there is a list of factors contributing to the shortage in what’s being called a “snowball effect.”

  11. The Darkest Winter. This message is for anyone who has concerns about the upcoming U.S. elections, the potential for chaos and civil unrest, or those who fear what a “second wave” of Covid-19 could mean for the future of humanity.

  12. Pilot killed in fiery crash near Pacoima home while approaching Whiteman Airport. A small plane crashed near a home while approaching Whiteman Airport in Pacoima late Thursday morning, killing the pilot.

  13. “Catastrophic Collisions" - NASA Warns About New 5G Satellite Constellation. “This would equate to four maneuvers and 40 active planning activities on any given day.”

  14. More than half of Honduras’ banana production destroyed by Tropical Storm "Eta.” Honduras’ banana sector has been hit particularly hard by Tropical Storm “Eta” after it lashed Central America last week.

  15. ELINT News: “ IRGC Aerospace Forces Deputy Commander Seyyed Majid Mousavi says Iran possesses intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capability, original footage below was censored by Iran’s State TV.”

  16. Republican Sen. James Lankford: I’ll Step in if Trump Keeps Freezing Biden Transition Team Out. Oklahoma’s Sen. James Lankford is losing patience with president’s outright refusal to cooperate with Joe Biden’s transition team.

  17. James Woods: “This woman is calling every Trump voter a “Nazi.” As Arizona’s Secretary of State, she will be in charge of any recount. Should she not recuse herself after vocally dismissing half the electorate in her state?”

  18. U.S. Unemployment Claims Slip but Hold at High Levels. Jobless claims remained high last week, but slipped to 709,000—their lowest level since March—suggesting some workers are finding jobs even as virus cases climb.

  19. MSM blames the East’s Heat on “Climate Change” while ignoring the West’s Dominating Cold. The globalists are running the show. And thanks to their efforts, the ‘bigger picture’ will never reach the eyes of the masses.

  20. Giuliani: 650,000 Votes Were Counted Unlawfully In Philadelphia And Pittsburgh. “What’s being said in the mass media, that we have no evidence, is a complete, absolute lie, just like they’ve been lying for years…”

  21. Covid-19: Pandemic Shatters More Records in U.S., as States and Cities Tighten Restrictions. Eight days after the U.S. hit 100,000 cases in a day for the first time, the number topped 160,000 on Thursday. Dr. Anthony Fauci called on the country to “double down” on precautions.

  22. Research suggests water is naturally occurring on all rocky planets. A new study published recently in Science Advances suggests that water may be naturally occurring on planets and does not require an external source like water-rich asteroids.

  23. Typhoon “Vamco” strikes the Philippines, leaving a massive trail of destruction. Typhoon “Vamco” – known locally as the Ulysses – struck the Philippines on November 11, 2020, with maximum sustained winds of 155 km/h (96 mph) and gusts to 205 km/h (127 mph).

  24. The Pope urged believers to pray for the safety of artificial intelligence. [Sorry Pope I have other plans for AI. He’s insane in my opinion. As a leader he can’t even pick a side. Lol. He is a pawn. It’s not the white pope that runs the world. It’s the Grey and Black ones.]

  25. 2020 Election: Dark Winter, Great Reset. “You’ll Own Nothing!” Christian announces the clear winner of the 2020 US Elections: the technocrats and their plan for a Dark Winter of lock downs and food shortages, enabling their Great Reset to roll forward into global “Happytalism.”

  26. Computer Scientists Achieve ‘Crown Jewel’ of Cryptography. A cryptographic master tool called indistinguishability obfuscation has for years seemed too good to be true. Three researchers have figured out that it can work.

  27. Lake Tahoe sets its 3rd Record Low in a Week as Unprecedented November Cold lingers in the West. Regardless of the li(n)e we’re all expected to tow, real world observations refuse to play along with the enforced narrative.

  28. Underground Economy. It’s one of the worst kept secrets in Seattle–a thriving underground economy in the city’s homeless encampments. While critics say most of the goods are stolen or illegal, the people living there say they’ve created a business opportunity for survival.

  29. Evidence suggests several state Senate candidates were plants funded by dark money. The race for a state senate seat is going to a recount, with the candidates separated by just 31 votes, but there is a lot more to this intriguing political race.

  30. An updated daily front page of The New York Times as artwork on your wall. As a news junkie, tech journalist and founder of an online news platform called Blendle, I love a good old front page of a newspaper. [Clown world continues.]

  31. Record cold and snow engulf California and Nevada, U.S. Back-to-back cold fronts brought record temperatures and heavy snow to California beginning Friday, November 6, 2020, after months of hot weather and wildfires in the state. Single-day snowfall records were also broken in several areas in Nevada.

  32. Trump: “Now 73,000,000 legal votes! I am pleased to announce that I have given my full support and endorsement to Ronna McDaniel to continue heading the Republican National Committee (RNC). With 72 MILLION votes, we received more votes than any sitting President in U.S. history - and we will win!”

  33. In Germany. Police arrested Sea-Watch 3 Captain Carola Rackete and several other people on Thursday as they continued clearing climate activists from the Dannenrod Forest near Homberg for the second consecutive day, as protesters sought to block the construction of a motorway in the area.

  34. Americas Heroes: “Every American who lived in a communist country like Poland or Eastern Europe or elsewhere knows exactly what’s going on! All my family dealt with this crap for 50 Years in Poland! We’re dealing with Commies here and the brutal malicious crap they do! Fight Back or we lose all.”

  35. The “Green New Meal” agenda is in full swing, as McDonald’s new “McPlant” and Purina’s insect-based dog food signal that multinational companies are using social engineering to push Fake Food to the masses – and world governments are complicit, with the UK mulling a “Meat Carbon Tax” just as predicted by Soros’ Food Chain Reaction Game. All of this was seen in predictive programming for decades, but is arriving now.

  36. Robin Monotti Graziadei: “ITALY: The anti lockdown pitchforks are coming, citizens are now protesting right under a politician’s home, asking them to face the people. GENOVA, WEF Occupied ITALY. Day 18 of anti lockdown protests in the Big Lockdown House. Protesters lay siege to local administration building. Police remove helmets in solidarity. When the Police & Army take protesters side it’s Game Over for lockdown.”

  37. Tucker Carlson Tonight: Yes, Dead People Did Vote. You’d be pressed to find anyone who’s got a bad word to say about Deborah Jean Christiansen. She’s been well known in her community for years as a bird watcher, an avid gardener, and a committed fan of the Georgia Bulldogs. Those who knew her were sad when she died last May. They may be surprised to learn that, even after her death, Deborah Jean Christiansen still managed to register to vote and then cast a ballot.

  38. Both Barron and X Æ A-12 will be raised in the Kid Wizardry program. Barron already speaks 5 languages. And Elon already has his own school training next generation kid Wizards. “Astra Nova School, Following Elon Musk’s Ad Astra School Experiment, Leads the Future of Education. Astra Nova School students learn critical thinking, robotics, and solve problems through live team games with students from around the world.” “Inside Elon Musk’s Ad Astra School Where Grades and Traditional Classes Don’t Exist. But they do learn about flamethrowers and evil robots.”

  39. Jennifer Zeng: “Outrageous! UK Government Alleged to Have Asked BBC Not to Air Segment on Organ Harvesting in China.” Beijing Fears Esper’s Exit Raises Risk Of Military Action & 'Accidents.’ Chinese analysts warn of “possible military adventures” related to Taiwan… [Lol. China is afraid of Miller.] Cathy He: “Trump issues exec order banning US investments in Chinese companies owned or controlled by the Chinese military. To take effect on Jan. 11, 2021 Sec. of defense to determine firms owned or controlled by Chinese military.” [So his new Sec of Defense has started work already.] Beijing Biden Promises to Start Wars and Sell us out to China if Actually Elected.

  40. Cryptology 101: A possible answer has arisen to the cryptic Tweet from Trump a few weeks back with the word “welI” intentionally spelled using an uppercase i. Guess who showed Donnie cryptology. John Trump. We will do a class on this code, it’s not American in nature. It was used as a distress signal by German Operatives during WW2 in Latin America after being captured by OSS officers. How significant is this resignation? Several are already gone at DOD. Trump is crossing the Rubicon. “The lion cannot protect himself from traps, and the fox cannot defend himself from wolves. One must therefore be a fox to recognize traps, and a lion to frighten wolves.” - Niccolò Machiavelli. He wants only loyalists.

  41. Disclosure video from “February 29, 1956.” What’s the title of this clip? I’m wondering if the original might be in the Prelinger archives. I’d like to check that it’s real. It would be easy to cut a voice over track and limit the highs and lows to make it sound authentic. I am looking into it myself I found it on Instagram. I can send you the link/video DM if you are there. DM me the link in TG privately and please mind opsec. But yes, I’d like to take a look. Thank you. The other aspect that’s bothering me is the lack of an affected Transatlantic accent. It was pretty much the staple during that era. Checked the date. 56 was a leap year. So that part checks out. Let me know what you find.

  42. Barbara Starr: “US military fatalities just increased by one in Sinai helo crash today. Now 6 US service members killed. Fact: not one word from Pentagon, State or WH. Six Americans died today in service of the Constitution, the country and peace. May their memories be a blessing.” [More and more are going Off-World to fight. We are entering a second Star Wars. Wonder why no word. Toast to Boris. Footage from 1952. During the First Star Wars after Legacy Space Force caught up, after the events of Operation High Jump. The best and brightest Blue and Green and Gold Wizards are being recruited. Earth Born and Off-World.]

  43. Pretend you a multigenerational Red Wizard. You know you are about to lose, so you fake it, use all the blackmail material you have to keep the media from pushing the Biden Win, and use the operatives to push the mail in ballots with already compromised Poll Workers. The goal is not to win the election, but to create an uprising with the left once SCOTUS overturns the fake elections results. Thus the boards still on windows and wall around white house. How close are they to finishing that? That’s up to Logistics staff at the White House. Remember the work must go on no matter that the Clown World is going on.

  44. In Ukraine, Cherkasy, a girl gave birth under a tree after she was not allowed to enter the hospital due to COVID-19. The husband of the woman in labor said that they were not admitted either in the regional maternity hospital or in the regional hospital, citing covid. When the girl was in labor right under the walls of the hospital, the guy spread her jacket on the ground and kept in touch with the attending physician by phone. The doctors left the hospital itself and took the girl away only when the doctor who arrived independently took delivery. Later, hospital workers accused the couple of mixing everything up and going to the wrong department. And the fact that none of the doctors wanted to help the young mother was simply explained: the doctors did not have time, because they put on medical protection for a long time. Only in Ukraine is such partner childbirth possible.

  45. Does Soros own Parler? No. Disinfo was put out by Fox. John Matze, friends, employees, and two investors (Dan Bongino and Jeffrey Wernick) own Parler. Parler has not been sold. SamanthaMarika: “Fox News photo of George Soros owning Parler was NOT real. Fox News being the enemy of the people IS real.” [You’re onto something with this even if this was propagandized. If any of you decide to go on Parler, make sure you stay anonymous. There’s a possibility it could be harvested to make AOC’s “list” or some similar “list.” Think like they do in order to protect yourselves. What’s the first thing you’d want to do if you’re making some kind of “retribution” hit list? You’d want to watch the mass exodus and harvest the data of all of the Facebook defectors. BE CAREFUL. Soros doesn’t have to own it. He could hire a hacker to “own” it.]

  46. MyFriendlyE Account Suspended. Ezra for President 2024. MyFriendlyE: “DECLAS COMING. IN FULL. I work quickly. Enjoy their panic.” [Lol. Ezra you rascal.] Ezra Cohen-Watnick. Former Senior Director for Intelligence Programs for the United States National Security Council. [Lol. He’s serious too. No joke. I’m glad. Get it done. They don’t want anyone to see. Good thing for Telegram. And some other unstoppable technology soon to come out. Agreed. And as much as that would be splodey-headed suckage all around to have to deal with all of that Solomon disillusionment… FFS… rip the bandaid off already. Does he have a channel? Are you able to discuss this further Aries? ATM, no.] “Military wary that shakeup could upend its apolitical nature. The words spoken by America’s top military officer carried a familiar ring, but in the midst of a chaotic week at the Pentagon, they were particularly poignant. “We are unique among militaries," said Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff."

  47. Trump hired Bernie Karik to investigate fraud in PA. Bernie subcontracted to a superb PI (friend of a friend of mine) who has 25 people on staff… there is so much fraud they had to drop all of their other normal PI work. Here is what my buddy told me today - “They are waiting for all counting to be done before making arrests. Most likely PA Sec of State will be led out in handcuffs. Alito’s order to keep ballots separate was violated also. Whistleblowers coming out of the woodwork, so much that the PI and his staff had to drop all other cases to keep up. Fraudsters were bad at covering their tracks. The more they discovered, the more it led to discovering even more fraud. Probably over 1 million votes in PA will be thrown out. Not even a partisan judge can ignore this.” [From DC insider. Information is the new oil and we are motherfucking Rockfeller.]

  48. BLM co-founder sends message to Biden: 'We want something for our vote.’ Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors requested a meeting with President-elect Joe Biden to discuss the movement’s agenda and lay out expectations for the incoming administration. [BLM and Antifa now want Treasure lol. Did they really think they would become a Key of Power? I give it until January or February when BLM and Antifa realize Red Faction/Democrats/Black Hats used them as Cannon Fodder. Oh this didn’t get out from under the brick wizard at all. If Antifa brick-pummels his house(s), I have to say that that would be poetic justice, considering… Karma’s a bitch. There was an interview with a woman a long while back. She said they wanted change and were prepared to burn the system down. I remember thinking - if Biden is elected, they will turn on them too when they don’t get what they want.] “If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it.” “BLM leader: we’ll “burn” the system down if U.S. won’t give us what we want.” “I don’t condone nor do I condemn rioting," Hawk Newsome, chairman of Black Lives Matter of Greater New York, said Wednesday. “I’m just telling you what I observe.”

  49. A Bitcoin Mining Pool Is Deliberately Censoring Transactions. The Blockseer Mining Pool will only process specific Bitcoin transactions. But critics fear this is a dangerous path to go down. You can’t control ideologues from controlling the miners any more than old school libertarian Tech companies could prevent infiltration by the wokies. Unless a solution is found I bet this is what has the best chance of destroying Bitcoin. It works on Superpowers like NATO countries and the USA so why not Bitcoin? It may never be completely censored but those who value freedom will be pushed to the margins like with social media and Telegram. Assuming they can get a majority hash power. As well as enough mind share to convince people to just accept it. The crypto Catchup – the last chance to get the life you want - London Real. Most readers probably know Teeka Tiwari for his early calls on Bitcoin and Apple as well as his recent success with his 5 Coins to 5 Million promotion. There is this event in 11 hours from now, where Brian Rose will interview the investment analyst and former hedge fund manager Teeka Tiwari, since he’s predicting soon a huge move on the crypto markets. It’s free and it will be online. Teeka is an odd one as his Palm Beach Confidential was full of paid pump projects. And many people got burnt chasing his calls 2017-2019. Listen to what he says but it’s not always “true.” Rich Dad, Poor Dad Kiyosaki is a better teacher. I think you are right. I’m watching the introductory video and he speaks about a sort of "countdown code,” but he’s probably referring to the halfening. Plus he’s pushing some altcoin with this "code,” which I don’t trust at all. I watched his calls wreck people chasing them from the newsletter. He is clever and probably has some “good” but a lot are “pay me $15k and I’ll get my research team to add it to my picks.” You are absolutely right. The more I listen to the trailer video, the more I’m convinced he’s a fraud. I remove the link.

  50. YouTube down due to DDoS Cyber Attack. YouTube streaming witnessed a 1-hour downtime in the early hours of Wednesday. So, people in many countries including Europe, US, Asia Pacific, and South America couldn’t stream their favorite videos due to the disruption. Reports are now in that a team of hacktivists named ‘The Ghost Squad Hackers’ was responsible for the downtime caused on the Google-owned Youtube servers. They disclosed to the world by self-boasting about the disruption on Twitter this morning without providing valid proof to their claim. Google has so far remained tight-lipped on the disruption. But said that it was working on resolving the issue. Readers of Cybersecurity Insiders have to notify a fact over here that the Ghost Squad Hackers have a history of cyber attacking the servers of CNN previously. They are also known to deface many other Afghan websites in 2016- including Bank of Israel and the website owned by Israeli Prime Minister. As their preferred tactic is to launch distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS), security analysts suggest that the same cyber warfare tactic might have been used by them to disrupt YouTube last night. Some of the Twitter users reported that services such as YouTube, YouTube TV, and YouTube Music were down for them for almost two hours last night. They said that the homepage of YouTube was either showing no videos or displayed a network error when being accessed via the mobile app. Interview with a hacker: S1ege from Ghost Squad Hackers. Ghost Squad Hackers has emerged as one of the world’s most influential indie hacking teams. S1ege, the group’s ‘administrator,’ explains his tactics, how the group works, and the ethics of hacking.

  51. How The Mainstream Media Can Manipulate Viewers Using Only Chyrons. On Monday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) gave a speech on the Senate floor during which he stated that President Trump was not only well within his rights to take legal action pertaining to the election, but that Republicans were not going to be lectured on the idea of concession. “Let’s not have any lectures, no lectures about how the president should immediately, cheerfully accept preliminary election results from the same characters who just spent four years refusing to accept the validity of the last election,” McConnell stated. “And who insinuated that this one would be illegitimate, too, if they lost again. Only if they lost. So, let’s have no lectures on this subject from that contingent.” During McConnell’s speech, I was at the gym, watching both CNN and Fox News. I often compare and contrast the coverage of the two networks as I run on the treadmill because the TV screens are on display right next to each other in a long row of screens. It’s easy to spot bias when watching CNN or Fox News. These networks are, after all, targeted to certain audiences. CNN is friendly to the Left, while Fox News — though not broadly fond of President Trump — is generally friendly to the Republican Party. One can see bias when Don Lemon chokes up over Joe Biden’s media-declared victory. One can also see bias in Chris Cuomo’s coverage of his brother, Governor Andrew Cuomo, and his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in the state of New York. Fox News, too, has biases. Something that’s worth being aware of — and is much more subtle than choking up when your favored candidate is declared the winner or laughing with your brother as elderly residents of the state that he governs die in droves due to his incompetence — are the chyrons. A chyron, for the uninitiated, is defined by Merriam-Webster as “a caption superimposed over usually the lower part of a video image.” Basically, when a story is being spoken about by anchors or pundits, the text at the bottom of the screen that summarizes the topic of discussion is known as the chyron. As Sen. McConnell spoke on Monday, the chyron on Fox News’ screen read: “Sen. McConnell: President Trump is within his rights to look into irregularities.” The chyron on CNN’s screen read: “McConnell: Trump ‘within his rights’ to wage legal fight.” At first glance, one may not notice any substantive difference between the two — but there’s a stark contrast on display. Fox News, which is favorable to Republicans, places an official title before McConnell’s name (Sen), and it uses relatively neutral language, specifically, words that summarized the senator’s remarks pertaining to Trump’s ongoing and impending legal challenges. CNN did not insert a title before Sen. McConnell’s name, and they placed quotation marks around a portion of the language used (“within his rights”). Quotation marks, when used in this way, can serve to isolate what an individual is saying in order to make it appear as though it is separate or divergent from an otherwise established consensus. Moreover, and perhaps most egregious, CNN used the phrase “wage legal fight.” The word “wage” is, for many, associated with warfare, and war is universally viewed on a gut level as negative and destructive. The word “fight” is, of course, often viewed negatively as well. Viewers of CNN may not have any idea that they are being subtly manipulated by the simple words used to describe what’s happening on the screen — but they are. It’s a layman’s psyop, “aimed at influencing” someone’s “state of mind,” per Merriam-Webster’s definition of the term. And the influence being exerted is in support of a narrative that the legacy press continues to craft in the days following the election, which is this: Joe Biden won, anyone who challenges that idea is outside the mainstream consensus, and those with questions need to shut up and get in line. This may appear insignificant, but in aggregate, these layman’s psyops all contribute to a larger structure. A chyron may be the cement holding a single brick in place, but with it, the structure — the narrative — is just that much stronger.

  52. Prof Luke O’Neill: Unvaccinated could be “excluded” from travel. Trinity Professor Luke O’Neill has said that although not all citizens will be forced to accept a Covid-19 vaccine, international travel might only be allowed for those who have been vaccinated. [Flu Vaccine is 40% effective and it’s been around since 1945 so you mean to tell me in 11 months they’ve developed a vaccine that’s 90% effective? In 11 months? It’s not about the Vaccines. When did the 1918 Spanish Flu virus finally get eradicated? Never. And now for Covid-19 and the supposed vaccine, the prediction markets saying 45% chance of the FDA even approving one in the next 18 months. 44% chance of longer or never. Try to fully grasp what it means, if the reality is that the answer is never. A real vaccine is never coming. Vaccine is coming never. What’s going to happen, when much of the country, especially the cities, with their sizable lower-class populations that are nearly all jobless now — are too paralyzed with fear to reopen and bring those jobs back. Waiting on a vaccine to come. But they slowly begin to realize that a vaccine is coming about as quickly as the Spanish flu vaccine came never. What’s going to happen as reality slowly hits — and the vast majority of the country is nowhere near herd immunity. About as legit as the thousands of companies that have promised that they’ve just about solved nuclear fusion power plants — for the past 6 decades. Consider that the government has openly and clearly said that they’re happy to throw billions, if not trillions, at many vaccines that will fail.] Doubts greet $1.2 billion bet by United States on a coronavirus vaccine by October. Operation Warp Speed’s funding of AstraZeneca is intended to deliver a COVID-19 vaccine by October, although some call that timeline unrealistic. [Big pharma is being paid billions simply to persuade the world that they have a viable vaccine candidate — even if they know very well that their approach is a guaranteed failure, they get the money no matter how badly it fails — and that’s exactly what they’re doing Paid billions to lie, and big pharma is more than happy to. So what happens when reality slowly hits, lower-class unemployment continues to explode, but the cities are too paralyzed to risk losing even a fraction of a percent of their population, all while everyone can plainly see the richest getting even richer? What happens, where there are 9 societies who will do almost anything to avoid even 1% of their population dying, but there’s also 1 society who will happily lose 5% of their population for the chance at invading and economically enslaving the others? Dark times ahead, when reality slowly begins to hit.] Pfizer CEO sells $5.6mn of stock on record surge the day he praised Covid-19 vaccine’s 90% effectiveness, denies insider trading. [If he (Pzier CEO) truly had a vaccine why sell stock now ask yourself that. Truly think, connect the dots and look beyond the bullshit and deception.]

  53. For context, when Obama ran for re-election, he lost 4 million voters. When Trump ran for re-election, he gained at least 10 Million new voters. The CEO of ATT is involved with Dominion and is besties with Soros. All Intel aims to SHTF soon. Pre-Election Concerns Over Dominion Voting Systems Highlighted in GA Lawsuit. Federal Election Commission Chairman Drops Bombshell: ‘This… The top boss of all federal election officials, Trey Trainor, has confirmed that in his professional opinion, “there has not been transparency in the election” and “this election is illegitimate.” Trey Trainor to Newsmax TV: Voter Fraud Is Taking Place. Chair of the Federal Election Commission Trey Trainor believes voter fraud is taking place in states still counting ballots. Chair of the Federal Election Commission Trey Trainor believes voter fraud is taking place in states still counting ballots. During a Friday appearance on Newsmax TV’s “National Report,” Trainor said locations not granting observers access to watch the ballot counting process could be involved in voter fraud. “I do believe that there is voter fraud taking place in these places,” he said. “Otherwise they would allow the observers to go in.” Despite winning a court order, which allows the Trump campaign to send observers to watch ballot counting in Pennsylvania from six feet away, Trainor said ballot watchers “have not been allowed into the polling locations in a meaningful way.” He said when observers have been permitted to watch, the goalpost has been moved away from the six feet required by the court order. “They have not been allowed that meaningful access,” he said, adding there has not been transparency in the election. “Our whole political system is based upon transparency to avoid the appearance of corruption,” he said pointing out that Pennsylvania and other states are not conducting counting in a transparent manner. “State law allows those observers to be in there,” he said, adding if the law isn’t being followed then this election is “illegitimate.” He said the lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign are “very valid allegations” that need to be “fully vetted” by the court system. He predicts some of the legal challenges will likely end up in the Supreme Court. Trump: ““REPORT: DOMINION DELETED 2.7 MILLION TRUMP VOTES NATIONWIDE. DATA ANALYSIS FINDS 221,000 PENNSYLVANIA VOTES SWITCHED FROM PRESIDENT TRUMP TO BIDEN. 941,000 TRUMP VOTES DELETED. STATES USING DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS SWITCHED 435,000 VOTES FROM TRUMP TO BIDEN.” Madison Gesiotto: “What do we know about Dominion?” Trump: “It attempted to alter our election and got caught?” So the CEO of AT&T which owns CNN is also the founder of the firm that owns Dominion. "William Earl Kennard (born January 19, 1957) is an American attorney who served as the U.S. Ambassador to the European Union (2009–13) and chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (1997–2001). He was nominated as ambassador to the EU by President Barack Obama in August 2009 and confirmed by the U.S. Senate in November. Prior to this appointment, Kennard was Managing Director of the global private equity firm the Carlyle Group. He was also chairman of the FCC after being appointed by President Bill Clinton in November 1997, serving from November 3, 1997 to January 19, 2001. He is also an advisor for the transatlantic think-tank European Horizons.” Robert Patrick Lewis: “Do you understand yet how they knew exactly which states needed crooked Dominion machines & poll staff chock full of corruption to steal votes in specific states? They knew the polls they showed the public were fake, and their accurate internals showed a Trump landslide coming.” I love that the software is called “Dominion.” Hidden in plain sight. How many foreign elections did the US use it on? Judge Rules Pennsylvania Ballots Without Proof of Voter ID Can’t be Counted. Kyle Becker: “Pennsylvania. State statute forbids destruction of ballot envelopes prior to two years. That illegal act throws into question auditing; thus, it could be argued, those votes cannot be certified. (There are 100K suspect mail-in ballot dates, per the state’s official database.)” "More than 20,000 absentee ballots in Pennsylvania have impossible return dates and another more than 80,000 have return dates that raise questions, according to a researcher’s analysis of the state’s voter database. Over 51,000 ballots were marked as returned just a day after they were sent out—an extraordinary speed, given U.S. Postal Service (USPS) delivery times, while nearly 35,000 were returned on the same day they were mailed out. Another more than 23,000 have a return date earlier than the sent date. More than 9,000 have no sent date. The analysis of the publicly available data was conducted by a data researcher who submitted it first to the Chinese-language edition of The Epoch Times. The researcher, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said he consulted about the matter with several USPS field engineers, who said the return dates shown in the database are “impossible.” Zerohedge: “Maricopa County AZ GOP Chair Resigns After Failing To Certify Dominion Voting Machines. “100% unacceptable…” David J Harris Jr: “IT experts find 300,000 votes that are questionable in Pennsylvania.” U. S. President-Elect Tara: “Pennsylvania: Google Trends for “Election fraud punishment” - Pennsylvania, Past 7 days.” Take your country back: “28 states Dominion software affects 28 states: Pennsylvania Michigan Georgia Arizona Virginia Wisconsin Alaska Nevada Minnesota Illinois Iowa Missouri Ohio New York Vermont New Hampshire New Jersey Tennessee Florida Louisiana Texas Colorado Kansas New Mexico Utah CA MA & WA.” Benford’s law applied to PA by forensic accountant. Clif High: “What do you want to bet that these trainee auditors are going to be trained in Benford’s Law??” [Sixth graders get it… come on, grown ass adults. Catch up. I don’t know if it’s political exactly. As an American in general, I feel like making fun of him mercilessly for resurrecting the dead to vote for him en masse in a way that puts George Romero to shame is my right. We’re having to pay how much to undo what he did? What he did isn’t a joke… but the way he did it… man… how stupid are they?! I can find more videos of dumb humans poking animals if the joke voter is too close to reality. How many days does it take man to devolve into beast? Keep pushing for your idea of the “correct side” and you will continue to be mocked. I have my beliefs but I’m not here claiming my side is “right or correct”. I believe if your ideology wins more of my fellow man will act like dependent beasts. But I’m not here saying you are wrong; first. I’m responding to your direct attempt to “shape” thought. Who are you and what have you created that has improved my life - if you haven’t what good is your opinion on how I should live? You wouldn’t like it if I spent my time here trying to convert the undecided to Trump. If you want to play tit for tat - my sticks are bigger. Let’s go. Otherwise leave this place for what it is. Jokes and actionable intelligence. Not - this is how we should think about xxx event. Just that xxx event happened. And, honestly, it’s gallows humor (which is also gallows humor - I’ve gone gallowsception) - this sucks and we are flat out coping by laughing. We need LESS psyops in this world. We need honest, transparent elections. We need the freedom to speak our minds without being put on some self-righteous hit list. This is silly. Moving on. Well put. Meh; I’m just making sure I’m on the list because I will handle whatever’s thrown; if it comes to that. I’d rather it not. I’ll not be chasing someone I believe is a moron to show them daylight or break into their neighborhood. Why is it so hard to have open source election software. Like wtf?! +1,000,000,000. Generally I only count as one vote. But this time I’m not sure what happened. I won’t be. If he won fair and square, fine. Bless. But he didn’t. He cheated our system. And this is further stoking the unrest on purpose and it pisses me off. That was one of their alibis or defenses… need to crack open the software but it’s iLleGaL due to copyright laws (its proprietary software). Because then they can’t cheat. Or we’d already have blockchain voting. Even if he won fair and square if random homes are still continuing to be attacked (they are) - that’s my priority. And I’d rather be higher up on the list than random Trump voters despite the fact that I never gave him even $1. By next time, I’d be surprised if we don’t have blockchain voting. But this was laid out as a honeypot to catch domestic tampering. And guess what… shrug. The EO was worded for foreign tampering because it was already known that the software company is international. This is all public knowledge. They’re a Canadian company. But they also have offices in Colorado.] UGQTTRUMPED: “Voting Software Company WHISTLEBLOWERS Come Forward; Claim Their Software Changed 38 MILLION Votes - Stole Election.” 2020 President Election - Live Results | RealClearPolitics. Please, do you know if this source is reliable? The numbers at the top have stayed the same despite Alaska being declared for the GOP and they didn’t remove the counts for the contested states. Not exactly. It’s misleading. Philadelphia has destroyed all ballot envelopes. This will make it impossible to identify bare votes and votes that arrive after the election. This will also make it difficult to detect fraud in the audit. Military control may be imperative. Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai: “As you slept, outsourced your lives to politicians, stopped learning math & engineering, THEY created software voting systems w unverifiable INPUTS & OUTPUTS - no voter ids, no receipts, no transparency to deliver you SELECTIONS, NOT ELECTIONS. Get educated or be enslaved. Dear Donald Trump, Demand the ballot images in Michigan. The ballot images are the digital photos of every BALLOT that was scanned. This will provide you with evidence of what took place. Call me if you need help. Ask any State Election Director if their voting system software has a “feature” - a “Weighted Race” feature - that allows votes to be multiplied by a “weight”? If so, why? Starting in 2002, such a DOCUMENTED feature was introduced into the software. Mathematics is how God reveals truth. It’s a skill you need to get 4 degrees at MIT. My team has uncovered - without equivocation - a clear & undeniable pattern in Michigan.” CodeMonkeyZ: “Look in the “C:\path\to\project\NotCastImages” folder on all the ICC hardware for ambiguous ballots. Arizona had a lot of issues with sharpie markers. The ICC hardware might have marked such ballots as ambiguous. Ambiguous ballots are not counted, but are saved to a folder. Pennsylvania Department of State requested a function from Dominion Voting Software to allow local “Operators” with access to “totally blank ballots” to examine, RE-MARK IF NEEDED and allowed, and then re-scan into the tabulator.” New USPS Whistleblower in Philly suburb Elkins Park Details Orders To Stop Delivering Pro-Trump Mail. OANN Journalist, Jack Posobiec: “Today’s PA court ruling is significant not because of the amount of ballots it affects but because it sets the legal precedent that PA’s Secretary of State did not have statutory authority to override election law. Neither did PA Supreme Court. Only legislature.” Dominion Voting Systems: Toronto based Dominion Voting was rejected by Texas Secretary of State in 2019 for major flaws in their software. Why was it used this election in 6 battleground states and 22 others? Because he won in a fucking landslide.

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