Azazel News #Recap 11/1/2020

  1. Emma Graney: “Reuters is distributing flak jackets, helmets and gas masks to its reporters covering the US election. “Our concern about the safety of journalists in the US is unprecedentedly high,” says Reuters boss.”

  2. Lockdown 2.0 in Belgium, customers strip toilet paper shelves once again. Wtf is wrong with these people?

  3. Claims of 96 Miles of Trump Supporters in Arizona. Use for Prediction Market.

  4. SV News: “ Large explosion reported at a warehouse in Southern Moscow, Russia.”

  5. Disclose TV: “Massive Islamist march on its way to siege the French Embassy in Bangladesh’s capital city Dhaka.”

  6. Disneyland Paris is already setting closure dates in advance of a third wave of Covid. That hasn’t yet happened.

  7. Not the Bee: “Watch: Kamala introduced as “the next president of the United States” at campaign stop.”

  8. The Babylon Bee: “Antifa Celebrates Halloween With Fun Evening Of Brick-Or-Beating.”

  9. The Babylon Bee: “Business Owners Boarding Up In Case Party Of Love And Tolerance Loses.”

  10. Pismo: “And it starts! BLM/Antifa/Democrat THUGS blocking polls & intimidating voters in North Carolina!!”

  11. Not the Bee: “A team of the top linguistic scholars on Earth would not be able to decipher what the heck Biden was trying to say here.”

  12. Disclose TV: “Rival drug gangs with automatic weapons exchange fire in Montpellier, France. Military and police units dispatched to the scene.”

  13. Trump supporters gather in Beverly Hills | ABC7 Los Angeles. Supporters of President Donald Trump gathered for a rally in Beverly Hills.

  14. Two children killed in oil pipeline explosion in southern Iraq. Saturday’s blast follows an attack on an oil pipeline earlier in the week in the north.

  15. Anyone have the official operation Lockstep pdf? Not that easy to find on search engines these days. Found it, page 18 if anyone wants to see it.

  16. Breaking911: “’OPERATION FIND OUR CHILDREN’: 33 MISSING KIDS FOUND IN VIRGINIA.” [Missed this one yesterday. I think thats 3-4 this week.]

  17. Kashiwagi: “Privileging elite interpretation of unfalsifiable “polling data” over results of an actual election is the inevitable consequence of credentialist scientism.”

  18. Australia storms: catastrophe declared in Queensland over $50m hail damage. Cars make up 60% of the claims but roofs, skylights and solar panels were damaged too.

  19. Yaakov Pollak VOTE: “Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge in New York at a complete standstill.” [Politicians renaming bridges after themselves lol.]

  20. Donald J. Trump: “Being restored immediately. Facebook stated that they made an “enforcement error”. Thank you!” [Everything big tech does is an “accident.”]

  21. Mr T 2: “The revolt is coming. The threat of violence from the Democrat left is real, America. The Democrat left is becoming a domestic terror threat. They’re basically modern day brownshirts.”

  22. So Much for the “Strawman” of Lockdowns. “Similar returns to lockdown are being actively discussed at the national level across Europe, and on a regional basis in the United States.

  23. Three shot in Kansas confrontation over Trump yard signs. Three people were shot in Kansas over the weekend as a result of a dispute over political yard signs, The Topeka Capital-Journal reported. [Remove yard signs.]

  24. Boris Johnson announces four-week national Covid lockdown in England. Restrictions in place from midnight on Thursday are needed to tackle coronavirus spread, PM says.

  25. The Babylon Bee: “Wait, hold on. We’re retracting our retraction.” [Space Navy. Lol. Soon, my friends.] U.S. Navy: “To infinite-sea and beyond. NASA: There’s water on the moon. NAVY: Say no more.”

  26. Hunger Hits Colombian Families Who Used to Eat Three Meals a Day. Millions of Colombians can no longer afford to feed themselves properly after lockdown measures devastated the economy.

  27. China Launches supposed rocket to destroy Asteroid 2018 VP1 and lost control of it and later NASA sent one for the same mission since it is possible that it represents a danger to the earth at the beginning of November.

  28. Expert on Trump Win: Prepare for Thousands to Storm White House. An expert said federal officials should be prepared for violent mobs on the streets of Washington, DC, that could attempt to attack. [Doubt it.]

  29. Add vitamin D to bread and milk to help fight Covid, urge scientists. Widespread deficiency shows current guidance on supplements is failing. [Vitamin D is finally getting mainstream coverage.]

  30. Anyone else feel weird how Trump and Biden won’t let the “long dark winter” comment go? I know about the meaning behind it. But odd they keep referencing it. Trump just said it like 4 times in NC.

  31. British Military Prepares for Climate-Fueled Resource Shortages. The UK military expects 3.5 degrees of warming, and will weigh going to war simply to ensure its ability to go to war (by stabilizing access to critical resources).

  32. 4 Reasons Why WHO Won’t Admit Coronavirus Is Airborne. Why is the World Health Organization refusing to acknowledge the role of aerosol transmission in the spread of Covid-19?

  33. About 17% of COVID-19 Survivors Retest Positive on Follow-Up. A big question remains: Are those patients who met WHO recovery criteria and then retest positive still contagious?

  34. ‘Covid Toes’, Rashes, And Hives: New Research Underpins Covid-19’s Long-Term Skin Impact. Researchers have identified a set of skin complaints following Covid-19 infection.

  35. Americans go to the polls as US suffers worst week for coronavirus infections. Stakes at the polls are ‘life and death’, epidemiologists say, but responses to the pandemic divide sharply on political lines.

  36. David: “There’s a new lockdown starting tomorrow A lot of people are out to buy things and there is a special sunday opening in some parts of Belgium This was at a IKEA yesterday. (pics HLN).”

  37. Souglas Scraperton: “Just saw fifty+ trucks and cars with Trump flags, American, Confederate and many other flags go buy in Vermont. I’ve never seen this in 2016 especially in Vermont. Kinda makes ya wonder on who’s leading.” [Even Vermont.]

  38. I’m telling you all, there is just a weird vibe out there where we are. People are hunkering down. The shelves are getting thin. Get as much done as you can tomorrow and Tuesday day time. After that it’s anyone’s guess. Be safe everybody. Toilet paper. Get the damn toilet paper. If you can.

  39. Andrew Sullivan: “Why would a vice presidential candidate seemingly endorse full-on Marxism days before a general election? Does she believe government should enforce equality of outcome for everyone? Seriously?” [Goodbye egalitarianism. Egalitarianism shot dead.]

  40. CSSEGISandData/COVID-19. Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases, provided by JHU CSSE - CSSEGISandData/COVID-19. “US is handling Covid so terribly compared to paradise Europe.”

  41. Andy Ngô: “150 far-left extremist students from Northwestern U rioted in Evanston, Ill. They called for abolishing police & attacked responding officers by throwing bricks & firework explosives. They shined powerful lasers to blind cops.”

  42. Biden Struggles To Remember When He Started His Presidential Campaign. 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden struggled to remember when he started his presidential campaign, when Biden spoke in Philadelphia, PA on 11/01/2020.

  43. Tech Workers Take to the Mountains, Bringing Silicon Valley With Them. The diaspora of tech talent is apparent in towns around the Rockies, where wealth and business activity are rising, along with property prices and wage competition. [Meanwhile in Dark Valley.]

  44. Series 4, Part 5D, Which side of the Earth will get the Nova, which side gets the dust shell. Video series 4, Part 5D, covers two subjects: The Mythologies Showing which Side of the Earth Saw the Last Nova. Cosmic Ray Fission Tracks Proving which side Saw the Last Nova.

  45. KlimaZen: “Brussels´s airport was surprised by a stampede of travelers today. Belgium goes into Lockdown. One lockdown measure: prolonged holidays for the kids. Families took the chance and booked last minute flights to sunny spots (Greece, Italy, Canaries…)”

  46. The Last Word: “Walmart reverses decision to remove guns and ammo from store shelves.” [Just because they are not on the shelves does not mean it’s in the back. And I doubt Walmart managers have a FFL To move or transport Firearms.]

  47. Geoff Bennett: “The White House on lockdown: A federal law enforcement source tells NBC that beginning tomorrow, crews will build a “non-scalable” fence to secure the WH complex, Ellipse and Lafayette Square. 250 National Guardsmen have been put on standby, reporting to Metro Police officials.”

  48. “Businesses in many big cities are boarding up their windows. Not because of weather but because of the behavior they already see from Trump supporters. Now stop and let that sink in. Because they are afraid of an election. I’m nearly 50. My parents are 86. None of us has ever lived through boarding up windows during an election.” [What syndrome is that?]

  49. 9 people charged with misdemeanors for holding over 300-person Halloween party in NYC. Nine people were charged with misdemeanors and health violations after police shut down a Halloween party in New York City that had close to 400 people in attendance. New York Post: “NYC sheriffs shut down illegal Halloween warehouse party in the Bronx.”

  50. Protesters against COVID-19 restrictions clash with police in Spanish cities. Spain’s prime minister on Saturday condemned a series of violent protests in cities across the country against restrictions imposed to curb the surge of COVID-19 after a six-month state of emergency came into effect this week.

  51. Take notice. “Not the United States of America. The country is more divided than ever. That this was not always the case came at a price. How do authors explain the development? And is rapprochement still possible?” [Multiple media in Europe push the narrative that US is ‘not united’. I wonder is there a common source and inspiration for these articles.]

  52. Erdogan thinks Turkey is clearly at war with Europe over religion, says his government made security plans to protect Turks and Muslims in Europe against what he calls darker and insidious plans and a total attack on Islam. [We have a problem too. Even worse, opposition is no different. Given the chance, they would go equally corrupt in matter of days.]

  53. I did something unconstitutional today. I’m not sure how to fix it and I think lll be doing it again tomorrow. Article I, Section 8, Clause 5, the Constitution delegates to Congress the power “[t]o coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin”, and in Article I, Section 10, Clause 1 imposes upon the States the duty not to “make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts. I used this fed produced dyed cotton “paper” for payment of debts today. With all this talk of gold and precious metals… and mass printing. I’m concerned. Yeah, I agree man.

  54. Maria Viti: “Bryan Campbell calling for the “elimination” of Trump supporters en masse. You know in the name of democracy of course.” [goes to power panel Flips 50A 240v breaker. Rather cocky thing to say when there is the 50% chance the election doesn’t go their way, no? Agreed. But posting for intel to get a measure of election night. 50% If you believe the polling Joe has it in the bag. My lying eyes see millions of Biden supporters with their signs and cars driving in trains tens of miles long. Odds are tightening up.]

  55. Bloomberg: The Central Bank of the Russian Federation is preparing for a big gold sale - for the first time in 13 years. Central banks began to sell gold, using almost record prices for the precious metal to soften the blow from the coronavirus pandemic. According to a report from the World Gold Council, cited by Bloomberg, net sales in the third quarter were 12.1 tonnes of bullion, up from a purchase of 141.9 tonnes a year earlier. Uzbekistan and Turkey were the first to sell gold, while the Russian central bank also announced the first sale in 13 years.

  56. The World’s Best Bureaucrat. As Fed chair during the pandemic, Jerome Powell has done something almost unimaginable in Washington: a good job. The Winner. No matter what happens on election day count on Fed Chairman Jerome Powell as the stabilizing force for the economy and the markets. A. Pompliano: “You should always be suspicious when the Fed Chairman is conducting a PR campaign. What does he know that we don’t?” [I dislike Pompliano but he’s right on the money with this one. It must be one hell of a shitstorm coming when an unelected bureaucrat needs a PR campaign.]

  57. Things China Doesn’t Want You To Know: “The collateral damage of China’s coronavirus is widespread. The people of Nigeria had enough problems before they were forced to lockdown and starve while their government withheld food. At least 69 people have died in the streets of Nigeria this month. There are coronavirus outbreaks in Xinjiang and Sichuan provinces. Video shows authorities at Beijing West Railway Station intercepting inbound travelers and forcing them into quarantine at their own expense. How long will the CCP try to hide this? Beijing October 30, 2020.”

  58. Maiaforus: “The current Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal approved material to be taught in elementary school that includes showing sexual positions to fourth graders.” Check out the lesson plan. Linda Patriot, Lover of Yahshua: “It’s more than sex positions, it’s pornography. In California, I was at Conf. they think this is exactly what grooms kids to be molested at earlier ages. It’s extremely dangerous & I’m afraid to have Superintendent, Chris Reykdahl around children; frankly!”

  59. Something for the group. SGAmmo. …Just in case you need a shit ton of 9mm, for reasons. Good deal on Israeli-made ammo. SIG Sauer has some on their website also, higher prices. Otherwise…good luck finding it elsewhere online from a non-shit tier brand, because I can’t. Normally I go with Federal or Speer ammo but can’t find it anywhere, and not willing to get bargain basement Russian/Chinese crap. What’s your Election Week forecast for the Northeast? Crisis and civil war. As far as who wins or stuff like mass riots? The latter, anticlimactic probably. Some will be upset, but that’s nothing new for 2020. My prediction, take it for what it’s worth, and feel free to disagree. National Guard viewpoint. I hope it’s anticlimactic. Been too busy with my own unit’s training cycle to pay much attention TBH. That’s good, thanks. We appreciate the anticlimactic prediction.

  60. Growing numbers of ‘newly hungry’ forced to use UK food banks. Bonny Downs community association in East Ham, London, which reported lengthy queues forming outside its food bank an hour before opening time. It gave out food parcels to 4,000 people between April and June, compared with 622 in the first three months of the year. The Beaumont Leys food bank in Leicester, which went from providing food to 40 families before the pandemic to 500 a week since March. The NewStarts food bank in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, said demand had risen by 700% over the same period. Dartmoor Community Kitchen Hub in Devon, which said only 20 of the 130 people it had helped since March had previously needed charity food aid, “mostly people going without food to pay rent, bills and debts”.

  61. Trump Supporters Spend Weekend Clogging America’s Highways. Cars and trucks carrying Trump 2020 flags swamped freeways from New Jersey to Texas on Sunday as supporters posted Trump Train videos on Twitter. TRUTHSERUM4ALL: “You are cordially invited to the LAST Trump Train before the ELECTION in San Antonio Texas TODAY from 1pm-6pm at Cowboys Dance Hall!” Michael Ferguson: “Trump Train at the Cowboy’s Dance Hall in San Antonio, Texas. Rolling out soon.” [Cops called over an hour ago and the news broadcasted it for 5 mins then went dark… and stopped broadcasting live the cowboy dance hall SA Texas. Update? Still no update and all news stations in San Antonio did same thing when trying to broadcast. Now they just post news articles. I’m assuming won’t hear about anything till tomorrow. Hate the news stations in San Antonio Texas. What about tweets or posts from people at the event? I checked and it was just about the Trump trains. Nothing else populated about cops showing up.

  62. 80% of Russia is Buried in Snow. Record early snow doesn’t fit the AGW narrative, and that’s exactly why this news won’t be covered by the MSM. [Remember I mentioned that any countries mostly above the 45th parallel may end up acting out of desperation when they realize that the GSM data show they will not be able to grow food? Keep this in mind as GSM, protests, unrest, and military actions progress. Ventusky satellite images show that the snow cover in Russia is still in progress. European regions haven’t been touched yet, including both core cities, Moscow & St-Petersburg. Afaik the only region ahead of ‘snowy’ schedule is Khanty-Mansiysk region so far. Record breaking low temps just about everywhere. It’s happening. Be especially cognizant if you are near or above the 45. It will impact you hardest.

  63. SV News: “INSANE: Man calmly plays a piano as chaotic anti-lockdown demonstrations unfold around him in Barcelona, Spain.” [Reminds me of the band on the Titanic. This guy is amazing. It’s even funnier if you know what he’s playing. It’s Eternal Flame by The Bangles. DYING. Right. Lol. If someone showed me this clip a year ago, six months ago, five years ago, I wouldn’t believe my eyes. Art in the time of madness. You better believe it, sister. That made me sad actually. Where is a “We Are the World” or a “Hands Across America” type event when we need it? Now I legit caught myself humming eternal flame in the kitchen… ok I’m done. Star-studded propaganda with high production value to make you feel good that your “awareness” is making a difference while people are still starving or dying of disease. Profits benefit the warlords who steal the rice drops at gun point. This is the reverse of that. A commentary on the absurd. If we have to have either, I prefer the latter.]

  64. This comes from the top. The Presidential Alert System, aka NIMS (National Incident Management System) falls under FEMA, which falls under the Department of Homeland Security. The National Incident Management System (NIMS) is a standardized approach to incident management developed by the United States Department of Homeland Security. The National Incident Management System (NIMS) guides all levels of government, nongovernmental organizations and the private sector to work together to prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond to and recover from incidents. NIMS provides stakeholders across the whole community with the shared vocabulary, systems and processes to successfully deliver the capabilities described in the National Preparedness System. NIMS defines operational systems that guide how personnel work together during incidents. Portrayed in "Greenland.” Tested in 2018. NIMS in action.

  65. If technology is released that shows precious metals are abundant and within reach among the stars, why even value it? Why do you think articles like this are being released? Consider strategically what’s being done. The great economic reset starts now? Who will be the top powerful ruler, any country or a person? Oh my mind burnt out. Don’t worry about that just keep buying Bitcoin. Trust Satoshi. Trust his plan. Bitcoin—-it’s unstoppable… there is no right time or wrong time to buy… think of Bitcoin as a train. It’s on a track… blockchain is that track… it’s moving along currently the stop is 13,734.92. In about 2 years from now the stop will be 256,876,90 so is this the right platform to board from…??? Eliminate cost… stop looking at it as a thing you’re converting… and look at hold and accumulate… If you’re going to buy BTC or any crypto for that matter. Make sure you store it in a hard wallet. Not on Coinbase or the other major E-wallets. Why? In case of EMP. Grid can go down. The underlying blockchain is secure. The place holding the data is vulnerable. Hold off on that for a bit. Why hold off? No way. Here gold’s much more valuable. People’s still far away from BitCoin, even not know what it is. I’ll be learning it.

  66. Facebook Purge Is Here, Pro-Trump Groups Wiped Out, Twitter Suppressing Trump Votes. [Facebook is the enemy of the people. I’m banned for 28 more days. I was banned (6th time) for posting non US news. I’m banned until I link my fb to Google, so, that’s permanent as far as I’m concerned. Wait I hadn’t heard that one before. Wtf. Yeah because my account is based on Gmail I either have to get codes from five people I don’t know IRL or just link in the Google OAUTH (with extra ToS).] Comedian mocks those saying free speech is under threat from censorship. Facebook deletes his fan page. Comedian deletes tweet mocking free speech. SirStevoTimothy: “The last two days I’ve been pilloried. My work dissected. My intent examined. Every sentence scrutinized. Every topic I covered appraised. Some sections grouping me in with far right thought, others with some far leftist agenda. I’m just me doing what I feel is right. I will always lambast as an equal opportunities satirist. My aims are always from the heart. I’ve covered topics in my sketches most Irish comedians run from but I will always continue to do so. I firmly believe if you have a platform you should use it to provoke thought.” Chris Jones: “People would appreciate you more if you’d stop fuckin moaning you’ve lost your girlfriend you’ve lost your youtube channel your act is over so fuckin what!!.. people are dying out there people are starving buck up lad.” Lighten up Francis.

  67. “World War III is a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation.” - Marshall McLuhan [As most of us are “veterans” of GMWI and now that we’re firmly in the midst of fighting GMWII, my favorite new, strange hobby has become scrolling back to December 2019/January 2020 to look at all of the memes that say what a GREAT YEAR 2020 is going to be! The BEST year EVER! ….and I laugh… sigh…. But then you start to notice the memes that come after that and how they’re all basically saying “I made plans and then 2020 got in the way,” “how weird is 2020,” “was that on your 2020 bingo card,” and you start to realize how much the zeitgeist has been manipulated via these memes to seed us in order to EXPECT AND ACCEPT ANYTHING…. If you think about this, you can see where this would be a viable strategy for both sides. First, if I am trained to accept anything at all as part of the “new normal” narrative, I will be more docile about accepting things that would have made me balk or flinch or resist in the past. Second, if I am trained to accept anything at all as a part of the “dear god how weird is 2020 anyway” narrative, I might not focus on the fact that I was lied to as much as I might be thankful for the heads up as I try desperately to ease myself into wrapping my head around the confirmed existence of things that go bump in the night. Be careful which memes you push. And analyze which ones make you laugh and why. Laughter is your nervous system’s reaction to discrepancies - it’s the pause you take as your mind attempts to resolve them. Humor has a way of softening a blow, breaking the ice, making difficult conversations possible. Laugh… but be cognizant of what others are attempting to make you think and feel. This is actionable intel too.]

  68. Uh might be a really dumb question but miette057 - my cell phone… is time taken via phone carrier or internally? Like if I Faraday cage my phone at night… would alarm still work? Test it, set an alarm for 2 min. I feel all these waves flying around inside my house are gonna cause issues eventually as its never been long term tested. So not only will my phone be EMP safe for extra 8ish hours a day but also maybe give my brain a break. Gonna start unplugging wifi at night. If I’m not mistaken, your phone should keep time internally. It would only use the network to sync. For example, your phone doesn’t lose time in airplane mode. Turn off phone. Take battery out and put in your Faraday. Don’t want your phone on looking for service (that kills battery quick). I’ll be off grid tuned to the radio… been driving into little town for cell phone service but can easily just stay out there if shit really hits fan, ha. I’d airplane mode it. True. Yeah some are difficult to take battery out. Your phone keeps time by connection and internally. Connected, it’s more accurate to the millisecond. In airplane mode, the phone uses its internal circuitry to keep time which is not as accurate and will become less accurate as the battery power begins to decrease. It will get out of sync over time using the network to update when connected. Exactly. This is a better answer. I didn’t see yours when I started typing. Same. Lol. Thank you. You’re welcome. What I would do is pick up an old school analog wind-up alarm clock with a bell. They make them small, portable. Then you don’t have to worry about it if you’re putting up your phone for the night but still want an alarm. Nothing’s going to mess with a wind-up clock.

  69. Thel ‘Vadam: “Ammo shortages are killing me rn. Is everyone preparing for the apocalypse next yr or something? Like I’m just trying to go to the range w my friends man.” Sassy Gigi: “My city is buying ammo.” [Hmm this might be another reason why ammo is out of stock. Authorities preparing for Election Day.] Mr. Bojanglez: “I’m a Pennsylvanian that has already loaded up on Ammo. I’m done fucking around.” Taneyse: “Really think it’s finna be some shit in a few days. Ammo is sold out everywhere. This election is beyond deeper than what we think.” Pass The Weeb: “It’s a good thing ammo is expensive right now because I took inventory and want more but shouldn’t spend more money on ammo.” CGX47275ILLUSTRATIONS: “Buy some guns and ammo and this wouldn’t be a problem by yourself or everyone else for that matter.” […and encouraging one another to load up on ammo. This is an unstoppable wave. Like a giant magnifying glass, 2020 Covid crisis has shown to all the world what all kinds of totalitarian regimes can do to their citizens. Therefore everyone who now has financial means to protect themselves, will do so, and most of them are whipped up with panic and loss of direction.] Ammo shelves empty everywhere for NYSE:OLN by Cbnyc. Nothing like Riots and election to spark Ammo sales Beat for sure. Ms. Anonymous: “Ammo is sold out so….” Trade Alerts, Trade Ideas and Crypto: “Trading Ideas: Ammo shelves empty saw for myself.” KC2LVII: “Yesterday, I went to 4 gun stores. All of the stores were packed. People buying guns, like lotto tickets. Not a liberal insight. Also, wanted to buy more ammo. Ammo shelves empty. I guess everybody in my area, all of the sudden decided, at the same time to go hunting.”

  70. Several Muslim countries are calling for a boycott of French products. Empty shelves where French products were displayed, supermarkets in Kuwait. Via Reuters. French boycott in Saudi Arabia. [What would Hedge Fund managers do knowing this intelligence? Short that. Loreal is not that big on Middle East (3%) but there are other French companies who operate there. How many French companies are being removed from shelves? You make a list. Get the Arabic translation. Then check/search for Intel. I hope not L’Occitane. Cannot find better quality %100 refined shea butter under other brands. Many. Very very good. There was a boycott list around somewhere after Erdoğan’s comment on that. Turk can you find the complete list? Let me dig. Danone, Tefal, Total Lubricants, Cartier, Loreal, Kiri, Activia, SEB, Peugeuot, Dior, Garnier, President, Danone, Moulinex, Citroen, Lancome, Chloe, Evian, BIC, Renault, Yves Saint Laurant, Chanel, Babybel, Perrier, Gauloises, Louis Vuitton, Nina Ricci, Doux, Alcatel, EIF, Lacoste, Givenchy, Lu, Capgemini, Accoribis, Novotel, SocieteGenerale. Now cross reference which are listed on the market. Looks like there are many lists for boycott. Turkish which ones are you shorting. Funny thing is they included secularism… This week? Sodhexo. Lol. LVMH KKR HERMÈS. Well, i did not see some of Danone products in my delivery apps. Hmm. Now the question is - is this a long term ban/boycott? French, what do you think? Tefal shops seems to have a low stock during last week. Agreed. That’s one of them. List of stocks in CAC40 French market. Checked two apps. Most of these aren’t listed. Unless there’s a parent company they’re under? Agreed I feel it will just be a show of force for solidarity but fade away in time. Not much market movement. I mean until I see a container of French Luxury good being turned away at port I’m not satisfied that any real market movements will happen. I think there won’t and can’t be a ‘direct’ ban or turn down of goods. They can not afford this!!! Just this will be silent with probably more killings and abuse. Yeah, not too many public ones. Renault might be the biggest there? French autos are among the highest selling cars in Turkey, which is the eighth-biggest market for Renault. The French carmaker has one of its largest production centers in Bursa, Turkey with an annual production capacity of nearly 400,000 cars and more than 900,000 engines. The plant employs more than 6,000 people. Renault sold nearly 50,000 vehicles in the first six months of this year. Talks still going on with French and Turkish governments for co-production of Aster-30/Samp-T. Keep an eye on the French stocks this week and keep us updated if you see any serious movement. Also everyone who has openly supported the French President is in danger now. Ksenia Sobchak has received threats that they want to have her head cut off. The radicals were outraged that she supported French President Macron. Note: Ksenia Sobchak is a Russian politician, journalist, show woman and TV presenter. Renault in Bursa alone produces jobs for other industries (catering, insurance et.) BTW Renault is also default choice for most of state departments. It will be long I think, France is attacked by an ideology. but geopolitically speaking the states will stop supporting the boycott soon. But the ideology among the groups of people concerned will always be and a weak boycott will persist. What for the third wave… these groups have less money since the first wave.

  71. Nate Silver Hedges Big: Pennsylvania Loss Would Make Biden Underdog. Why isn’t he 50 points ahead? [Nate Silver doesn’t know shit. Nate Silver. “Trust the Experts.” “And I’m the only expert.” Here is why Nate Silver is a fucking fail. “STATISTICAL PARADISES AND PARADOXES IN BIG DATA (I): LAW OF LARGE POPULATIONS, BIG DATA PARADOX, AND THE 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION - BY XIAO-LI MENG.” Finally someone else pointing out the bullshit that the Wizards were talking about long ago. Speaking of Pennsylvania … Pittsburgh Post-Gazette endorsed Trump for President this weekend. Their first Republican endorsement since 1972 (Richard Nixon). “The man and the record. Donald Trump is not Churchill, to be sure, but he gets things done.” Central Limit Theorem is BS, i.e. so often so horribly applied and mis-taught, that schools do more harm than good by teaching it at all. “Which one should we trust more, a 5% survey sample or an 80% administrative dataset?“ SAMPLE SIZE MEANS NOTHING COMPARED TO SAMPLING METHOD QUALITY. Election polling is bullshit and wrong as fuck. “Big Data are subject to a Big Data Paradox: the more the data, the surer we fool ourselves.” “The larger the state’s voter populations, the further away the actual Trump vote shares from the usual 95% confidence intervals based on the sample proportions.” “Which one should we trust more, a 5% survey sample or an 80% administrative dataset?“ i.e. “How could so many people be wrong?” = Absolute retardation, you idiots, slap some sense into yourself, obviously. Sample size SURE AS FUCK IS NOT THE PRIMARY WAY TO DETERMINE ESTIMATE QUALITY. FUCKING GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT. Sampling method quality is primary driver of estimate quality. NOT SAMPLE SIZE. i.e. estimates created from tiny sample sizes with good sampling method absolutely destroy estimates created from vastly larger sample sizes and poor sampling methods. Practically nothing even within the grey band that it’s supposed to be in, in the garbage traditional methods. Hilarious. Regarding the prediction markets. At least some of you got in at better than the current predictit odds.] “Here’s Proof Some Pollsters Are Putting A Thumb On The Scale. It’s time to stop worrying about outliers and start worrying about inliers. Earlier this year, my colleague Harry Enten documented evidence of pollster “herding…” Before 538 became a total fraud. “The Polls Aren’t Skewed. We’ve reached that stage of the campaign. The back-to-school commercials are on the air, and the “unskewing” of polls has begun.” After 538 became a total fraud. “We have proof that the polls are frauds.” -> “Polls aren’t frauds.” Convenient Illusion—> Painful Reality. “The Polls Were Skewed Toward Democrats. For much of this election cycle, Democrats complained the polls were biased against them.” “Trump Can Still Win, But The Polls Would Have To Be Off By Way More Than In 2016. To borrow from Cook Political Report’s Dave Wasserman, “I’ve seen enough.” No, I don’t know who’s going to win the election.” NOV. 5, 2014 “The Polls Were Skewed Toward Democrats.” OCT. 31, 2020 “There’s no way that polls could be so skewed.“ “Clown World continues. Seriously 538 are total clowns. The Polls Are All Right. With the 2018 midterm elections approaching, we’ve updated FiveThirtyEight’s pollster ratings for the first time since the 2016 presidential primaries.” NOV. 5, 2014 “The Polls Were Skewed Toward Democrats.” MAY 30, 2018 “The polls are accurate.“ Reminds me of the saying “Lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Building up a decent reputation — then cashing out on it as total frauds. Classic exit attack. What motivates bandwagon voting behavior: Altruism or a desire to win? Bandwagon, Underdog, or Projection? “Psychological desire to simply support a winner.” “He knew that people like to vote for the winner.” Huge number of people are absolute conformist pussies. Just want to vote for whoever they think will win, to make themselves feel good about having voted for the winner. Socrates was right. Voters are idiots, in the most pathetic way possible. This is why the woke universities like Columbia publish these obviously horrible lies. Because pathetic pussies are afraid to vote differently than how they think everyone else is voting. Reminds me of “white world colors.” Only a certain percentage of the population is going to think “yellow.” Majority are concerned with people pleasing or maintaining authority/alignment with authority, not questioning the status quo to uncover the truth. “And yet it moves…” Sigh. Watch this prediction be dead wrong. Lesson is to recognize the cycles. Recognize the timelines. Cycles repeat, repeatedly. And if PA wins, it’s all over, practically guaranteed POTUS win. Silver tries to come off as unbiased but he sucks at it. I went through the questions and made a list only for things that had high odds 30/70 or better. After this I researched each state. Of the good payouts I mapped out which states are blue but had a red incumbent and which states are red but had a blue incumbent. I settled on Georgia-06 as Georgia is historically solidly red and it is known that off presidential election years less people turn out. 06 has a Population of: 699,103. However McBath (blue - incumbent in red state and elected in a non presidential election year) only got 160.1k votes and her competition only got 156.8k votes. Less than half voted. Going thru the data there are more voters in Ga-06 for presidential elections than for local elections. About 10k more and they historically vote red. This is enough to eat the difference from the last election. As such I’m making a bet. Don’t copy me. Look at the data. There are numerous other options - some that might be more appealing. Smart. Thank you sir. It was more meant to be a repeatable model of how another could look the data. I took inspiration from the way the group posted about how to take insight from the protesting of French goods. Obviously every year will not be the Middle East protesting the French or a blue incumbent in red Georgia.

  72. ‘Shock’ after German parliament leader dies during broadcast recording. Thomas Oppermann, the vice-president of the German parliament died suddenly at 66 after collapsing while recording a broadcast television segment. The sudden and “untimely” death of a leading German politician during a recording of a broadcast television programme has left the country’s political sphere in shock. Ohoven dies in a car accident. How high is the probability that exactly one of the veeeeery FEW high tier people who are against lockdown decisions suddenly dies in an accident ??? 0%? 1.5%? Michaela C. Paeffgen: “Strange ‘coincidence’… How likely is it for one outspoken opponent to harsh lockdown restrictions to be silenced now in a car accident? Mario Ohoven was a voice for Germany’s mid- & small sized companies.” Thomas Oppermann: Leading German politician dies at 66. Bundestag Vice President Thomas Oppermann has died suddenly after collapsing shortly before a TV broadcast. Colleagues from across the political spectrum have expressed their shock. Middle class President Mario Ohoven killed in traffic accident. So you have Mario Ohoven and Thomas Oppermann dead. Both opposed German Lockdown. The timing is too fucking suspicious to just be a coincidence. How many German politics died this year? Probably less than all the doctors falling out of windows and being Suicided. Who are the doctors? “THIRD Russian doctor plunges from Covid hospital window: Medic, 37, is now fighting for life… just days after warning of PPE shortages and being forced to work despite being infected.” “On night of May 1 to 2 Alexander Borisovich Shulepov fell from the second floor of the Novousmansky central district hospital and received serious injuries. Now he is in serious condition in intensive care with fracture of the base of the skull. On April 23, Shulepov, together with his colleague ambulance paramedic Alexander Kosyakin, recorded a video about the lack of PPE, and also reported he had coronavirus confirmed, but superiors didn’t remove him from shift.” “Top E.R. Doctor Who Treated Virus Patients Dies by Suicide. “She tried to do her job, and it killed her,” said the father of Dr. Lorna M. Breen, who worked at a Manhattan hospital hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak.” “German state finance minister Thomas Schäfer found dead. Police suspect Thomas Schäfer died by suicide after his body was found on train tracks near Wiesbaden. He was the finance minister for the state of Hesse, where Germany’s financial center Frankfurt lies.” Mr Schaefer, a close ally of Chancellor Angela Merkel, had been Hesse’s finance chief for 10 years. I remember his death back then. “A local politician in Germany died after he was struck by lightning Saturday while taking a bathroom break as a severe storm slammed the region. The incident happened around 9:20 p.m. at a garden party in the village of Höhnstedt, about 120 miles southwest of Berlin. “To our knowledge, this has been the worst incident of the storm so far,” police spokesman Ralf Karlstedt told local newspaper Mitteldeutsche Zeitung. The politician, identified by local news outlets as 44-year-old Nico K., belonged to the Christian Democratic Union of Germany party. He was a member of the local council and wanted to move into the district council, according to Bild.” “The satirist and journalist Herbert Feuerstein died at the age of 83. Was a German journalist, comedian and entertainer of Austrian descent. He was known as a publisher of the pardon satire magazine, as the editor of the German version of Mad, and for comedy work on television, especially as partner to Harald Schmidt in shows such as Schmidteinander. "I’m dead and at some point you will be too, then we’ll be even.” “Unlike other right-wing SPD politicians such as Gerhard Schröder and Olaf Scholz, who began their careers with anti-capitalist phrases in the party’s Young Socialists, Clement never made a secret of his right-wing views. Inside the SPD Clement won the support of figures such as its former federal chairman Willy Brandt and later Johannes Rau, premier of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) and subsequent president of Germany, with whose family he maintained a close friendship.” “Theologian Eberhard Schockenhoff dies after an accident. “It was a tragic accident,” said his brother, the lawyer Martin Schockenhoff of the Ludwigsburg newspaper. His brother was at home and had visitors when he fell. But even immediate help could not save Eberhard Schockenhoff. The chairman of the Bishops’ Conference, Bishop Georg Bätzing, highlighted Schockenhoff’s “visionary power in his theological research and speeches as well as his remarkable analytical brilliance” on Sunday. ZdK President Thomas Sternberg expressed “high appreciation and heartfelt thanks”. The 67-year-old Freiburg professor died on Saturday in Freiburg as a result of an accident. Schockenhoff, who had long been a member of the German Ethics Council, was one of the most renowned German theologians.” So hmm. A pattern is showing up. German Politicians/ Union Leaders and Church leaders against the Agenda have passed away. More to come. Used DuckDuckGo for this again!!! WTF Google?! “Inner church mediator. Schockenhoff was an important mediator and contact person within the church. For example, he was committed to a sexual ethic that is oriented towards the various realities of life and does not focus on rigid norms. Schockenhoff also played a central role in the current deliberations on the future of church and pastoral care in Germany, the Synodal Way discussion process. Eberhard Schockenhoff grew up with three brothers. His brother Martin is a lawyer and is also heavily involved in the reform movement of the Catholic Church. His brother Andreas Schockenhoff was a member of the CDU Bundestag and scored targets in 2011 when he made his alcoholic illness public. He died in 2014 as a result of a heart attack.” “The long-time Federal Minister of Labor Norbert Blüm (CDU) died on the night of April 24th, as the CDU workers’ wing announced. Blüm was 84 years old. He was Federal Minister for Labor and Social Affairs during the entire period in office of the Christian-Liberal coalition under Chancellor Helmut Kohl (CDU). Blüm was a member of the Bundestag from 1972 to 1981 and from 1983 to 2002. One of his most important areas of activity during his tenure as minister was pension policy - his saying “Pension is safe” is particularly memorable. In recent years, Blüm made headlines for his commitment to refugees. He warned that Europe would have to declare “moral bankruptcy” because of the refugee policy.” “Germany’s ex-Labor Minister Norbert Blüm dies. An ally of Helmut Kohl, Blüm will be remembered for defending Germany’s pension with his words: “Pensions are secure.” It is said he was ill as well. “Hesse’s Finance Minister Thomas Schäfer (March 28). The body of the Hessian finance minister Thomas Schäfer (CDU) was discovered in Hochheim in the Main-Taunus district on an ICE route, the police said. “Due to the overall circumstances,” the investigators assumed a suicide, it said in a press release. The doctor of law was traded as a possible successor to Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU) if he did not run again in the state elections in 2023.” He wasn’t so old actually. 54 only. “The Hessian Finance Minister Thomas Schäfer (CDU) is dead. His body was found on a railway line on Saturday. The investigators assume a suicide. State politics reacted in shock. The body of Finance Minister Schäfer (CDU) found on the ICE route on Saturday. Investigators assume suicide. Background unclear. Schäfer was 54 years old, leaves behind a wife and two children. Hessian Prime Minister Bouffier (CDU): "We are all shocked.” Ok so more than a handful Germans. WHat’s even more fucked up is that Google is hiding all of this. And I had to use DuckDuckGo. Merkel does not fuck around. Interesting. It seems that’s all - I mean, at least for more prominent people. Also, this one is interesting. Found only one article on him but still. “He was a German journalist and book author. From 1990 to 1996 he worked for Spiegel TV and reported there mainly on the wars in the Balkan region. From February 2018 until his death he was a freelance Africa correspondent for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung . He last wrote from Cape Town in South Africa . His photos of the Darfur conflict were shown in 2007 at the 2nd Photo Festival Mannheim, Ludwigshafen, Heidelberg. Thielke wrote numerous books on contemporary history , countries such as Kenya , Sudan and the Philippines and the football player Stan Libuda. His book Eine Liebe in Auschwitz, which made it onto the Spiegel bestseller list , contains elements of journalistic reportage, historical documentation, political reports and the biographical novel. Among other things, he published an article in the political blog Axis des Guten [18] until 2017 and an article in the debate magazine The European in 2010 , wrote two articles for magazines such as Stern and in 2014 and 2016 two articles for Weltwoche and produced television documentaries. Thielke was married and the father of two children. He was found dead in bed on the night of October 29 on a research trip.” Another suspicious German death. Regarding all the German deaths under mysterious circumstances involving Journalists / Union Leaders / Party Leaders / Religious leaders that I posted in Main, note that some of the above results were found via DuckDuckGo as Google failed to provide actionable links as for some of the above mentioned deaths. First page and/or few next pages - unrelated stuff or the same article cross-post. All hidden by Google. The invisible war continues. This is incredibly fucked up. “Global demand for food to soar 80 per cent by 2100, scientists warn. Growing populations of taller, heavier people mean we are going to require much more food. Professor Stephan Klasen and doctoral student Lutz Depenbusch investigated how rapid changes recorded in the Netherlands and in Mexico could provide a benchmark for changing patterns around the world. In Mexico BMIs have risen sharply, while in the Netherlands, average heights have increased. Dutch men now have an average height of 183cm (6ft), an increase of 13.1cm between 1914 and 2014. “The developments in these countries are very pronounced,” said Dr Depenbusch, “but they do represent a realistic scenario.” If global food production does not meet this increased need, the researchers fear this problem will not be controlled by a corresponding decrease in BMI. While richer people will be able to maintain their eating habits, the poor would suffer greatly from higher prices due to increased demand.” “The first business trip after many months of restraint enforced by the pandemic was to be his last. She led Thilo Thielke from Cape Town to Tanzania. He wanted to report on the presidential election in the country. Like many other correspondents whose reporting area includes not only the country in which they are based, it pushed him out again. He was fond of traveling, and so he waited impatiently for the corona restrictions to be relaxed. He was torn from life on this trip to East Africa.” After a day of research and discussions with politicians, Thielke was found dead in bed on Thursday night. Professor Stephan Klasen is now dead, he was 54 and suffering from amyothrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Actually it’s a pretty bad thing but Stephen Hawking lived with it for like 50 years after diagnosing. Ok he may have just been dead of an illness. But still super weird. “Stephan Johannes Klasen was a German development economist and professor of economics at the Georg August University in Göttingen. He was also director of the Ibero-America Institute for Economic Research and founder of the Courant Research Center “Poverty, Inequality, and Growth in Developing and Transition Countries”. He was a member of the UN Committee on Development Policy, President of the European Development Research Network and a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for the 5th assessment report. Klasen was ranked 43rd in the Handelsblatt ranking of the most research-oriented economists (as of 2019).” From DuckDuckGo: “Poverty, Inequality and Migration in Latin Amerika on JSTOR.”

  73. We are at 16 Janets so far - it’s now 2:48pm on a SUNDAY on the west coast! Think about that. 7 a day is normal. Full update at 3am EST for the weekend. I’m surprised he didn’t cover up that outbreak too. He left the state. WTF. Seriously. “Governor Gavin Newsom has left the state.” Tedros is self-quarantining. Bunker Watch 2020. Deploy Faraday Cages and Copies of Alexandria. Remember politics do not effect/affect Area 51 and yet the volume of planes continues. This is not a conspiracy but a fact and well documented. They are hunkering down - both White World and Black World and all sides of the colors/factions. Aleph: “Once more: USAF E-11A BACN (Battlefield Airborne Communications Node) 11-9001 | AE4D27 CS BLKWF13 2317Z.” “E-11A Pilots Died Flying An Aircraft From A Fleet So Small None Are In The U.S. For Training. All of the individuals who fly these highly specialized planes, all of which are forward-deployed in Afghanistan, volunteer for the job.” Watch the birds. Evergreen Intel: “So… 2 out of 3 remaining E-11As coming and going from al Dhafra? BLKWLF callsign typically seen over Afghanistan. Weather in the region is supposed to be in the 70s all week. Strange.” CivMilAir: “Strange to see them around the UAE / Persian Gulf, yep. See my last tweet… Maybe my cynical mind, knowing Trump wants every last vote / headline.” In the case of an EMP attack, it’ll be easy to blame failures in electricity and communications on riots. On Trump supporters, on Antifa, on BLM angry crowds, on a vicious cat, or whatever suits them best. Perhaps no one would even bother to try to explain and they’ll just “sit and watch” while we kill each other. Blocked plane from UTAH to Vegas this map is current. Denver Airport received more than 9 times the average amount of flights in the month of October than in previous 3 months. Full weekend Flight report at 3am est. Dilyana Gaytandzhieva: “At least 150 private military contractors have been transported to Europe on Pentagon-chartered flights over the last weeks, including from Benghazi, Libya via Malta to Sofia, Bulgaria.” US deploys private military contractors from Libya to Europe. At least 150 private military contractors have been transported to Europe on Pentagon-chartered flights over the last weeks, according to information and flight data analyzed by Arms Watch. Erdogan or something else? What’s a Janet? They’re called JAMETs now. Thanks! Flights that go into Area 51. The flights are routine, what’s not routine is the number per day which are concerning. Thus A. they are either hunkering down, for a SHTF event 1. Asteroid 2. War; B. Stargate; C. Off-World. Do you really think it’s the aliens? Reptiles? The underground bunkers? No. Just another form of humanity that’s separate from us. Watchers and Nephilim. My train of thought has been shifting from war to Stargate the more I consider the Janet on Steroids activity. Think more of the plot of “Time Machine” which was disclosure for what you call Aliens. Eloi (Humans). Morlocks (What White World calls Aliens). There is a reason both Time Machine and Journey to The Center of The Earth are banned in Europe. Overall you all live on a planet with 9 different societies. All the illegal fireworks sold at a lost by white sellers this summer was a Cover for clearing the Tunnels at night. Too many go searching the catacombs. There’s a third breed, but I’m not going to get into Red Wizardry. How many go missing a year and it’s all kept quiet? Too many. The top map shows mysterious cases of people vanishing without a trace. The bottom map shows America’s largest cave systems. So if that’s the case, where are the corpses? Watch “Flight of Dragons” again and pay attention to the scene in the forest at night in which they are trying to sleep but get saved by the Lycan (Werewolf). It’s all hidden in plain sight. I remember than scene. All of them got crazy with something going into their minds and cannot control until the werewolf attacked the leader. Do you refer to that one? Yes, but see it as an allegory of what happens in the forest where people go missing or what you guys call abductions. Got it. I’ll see it again. Also remember the Knight in the film represent Special Forces. The same year the film came out. Knight’s Armament Company. Knight was created. Green Wizardry. Asteroid headed near Earth the day before Election Day. Scientists say they recently spotted an asteroid expected to zoom uncomfortably close to earth on the day before Election Day. "2018 VP1.” Search Twitter by latest. News mostly in other language than English. Yeah I’m stressing this too… No major outlet reporting. This is the one announced by Neil DeGrasse Tyson and later backtracked. Taz Dare News: ”2018 VP1 Nov 2nd 2020, is another notable near earth object to enter our skies today, as these close approaches are becoming more frequent.” Zero likes or retweets. “No Major Outlet Reporting.” Yet could explain Janet flights. We will see… let’s see if 2021 is weirder than 2020. Same scenario we faced in June. No we will see, they’ve killed people in the past just for repeating this. What do you mean? It’s loading. The civilizations that disappeared? Atlantis, the Mayans like that? A great wipe of humanity? Sorry for the questions. No. 2018 is going to pass Earth at 11:33 am UTC; 06:33 am EST; 03:33 am PST. The greys. Thank you. Low chance of impact. ~.5%. Anyone release likely impact zone map? It’s funny that they started selling these bumper stickers in 2016 shortly before the last election, then immediately changed the date to 2020 and started selling them before anyone could even form an educated opinion about the current administration. (Not that it was ever given a chance.) Steven M. Tilley: “2018 VP1 is a "daddy long legs.” There maybe an unknown black mamba out there.” asmacarthur: “Will a country or entity with the capability try and effect a “proof of concept” by intercepting/shooting at/using a “laser” weapon on 2018 VP1? Would they announce this in advance?” Walter R.Guevara Day: “Asteroide 2018VP1 estará a 419,124 km. de la Tierra el 02 de Noviembre. Muy cerca, quizás impacte con una velocidad de 40555 km/hr.” Daddy long legs are venomous but not deadly to man. A black mamba is deadly from a drop. Implications. Interesting. Fucked up that no one in MSM is covering it. Yet remember this. The Governor of California has left California. And the head of the WHO has left his position. Connect the dots. That little bitch. I’m not shocked. He’s part of the 4 CA Elite/Mob families that have ruining the state for decades. Not intel. Now why would a Democratic Governor leave his state two days before election when Antifa has been tearing apart both Los Angeles and San Francisco? “Asteroid 2018 VP1 Close to The Asteroid 2018 VP1, an NEA of the Apollo family, will pass November close to Earth on the 2nd of 11:33 hours UT Earth at 1.09 times the distance from Earth to the Moon (DL), about 418,996 kilometers, without danger to our planet. Due to uncertainty in its characteristics, Near Earth Asteroid-NEA, the closest possible approach of the asteroid has an impact probability of 1 in 193. Also due to its size, if it entered the atmosphere, it would most likely disintegrate. Relative speed * Estimated size 9.71 km / s 1 m-4 m “vocho”, used in the Chilangos taxis discovery, average 4 meters It happened on November 3, 2018 in length. the Monte Palomar Observatory, as part of the Zwicky Transient Facility Survey (ZTF). Next Zoom More observations are required to calculate the next zoom. Its Venus 2013VP1 Moon Earth Mars Mercury Sun translation period around the Sun is 2.0 years. "It refers to the speed with respect to the Earth at the moment of closest approach. There are no more approaches on this date.” Let’s see if we get lucky again. “Asteroid (2018 VP1) Close Approach Impact Risk Countdown. As the US election gets near so does Asteroid 2018 VP1. Asteroid (2018 VP1) was discovered in 2018 and was listed on the sentry Earth impact monitoring list. Even though the asteroid is small it does have the potential to impact Earth.” Whenever you say something like this, the voice of Ed Bloom from Big Fish crosses my mind: “People needn’t worry so much. It’s not my time yet. This is not how I go.” I’m not sure if that’s gallows humor or a statement of fact, but porque no los dos? “The Apollo class was categorized as an Asteroid. A school bus or smaller in size. It will pass 419,130 ​​km of the Earth in 2020. Classified as Near Earth Asteroid (NEA). Not a Potentially Dangerous Object.” And the state capitol Sacramento as well, although it gets little coverage across the country. It’s Intel in that they’ve been coordinating to control the food supply coming out of California, and withholding water rights to CA farmers forcing crop destruction which affects the food chain for the whole nation. As the well as the protections they have given to PG&E exempting them from liability from the fires they cause. It is also how they are getting away with cutting power to millions of citizens, which they will no doubt do before a potential impact or invasion to keep folks from warning the rest of the country. When a NEA is in close approach, there are measures taken in case of disaster. All orbits are calculations based on probability. NEA are unpredictable. So we have no clue how this can go. Same activity happened in June. 5 hours 44 minutes. We are here to connect the dots and stay ahead of the curve. So let’s recap. Elites going underground. Unprecedented number flights going into Area 51. Qataris fleeing Qatar headed to London. Gold in Argentina moved out of Buenos Aires. What else? Public space force. Oh yes the Lockdown in El Paso and a Judge as well as others trying to gain access to Fort Bliss due to the bunkers underneath the Base and massive lockdowns across Europe. Then we have the tsunami alarms in WA state from last month. Are you following so far? Probabilities. Chances to get in a car accident 1 in 366. Chances to get hit by Asteroid 2018 VP1 1 in 193. We prepare in case of "if.” So far you should all be ahead of everyone in your families and friends circle but you should have also prepared them. Some of you more prepared than others: Ham Radio License and Months of food stocked up. We might get lucky again, but protocols are followed in case things do not go as expected. And hopefully we live another day and move on to the next threat: Civil Unrest. This is what life is like for the ones Behind The Green Door. Flight Report will be out at 2am for the weekend. TY. And how many people here have been in a car accident? There is one other person physically in the room with me right now. 100% of the room can say they’ve been in a car accident. This. This is an inevitably. Most anyone capable of a semi-rational train of thought should have no trouble arriving at this conclusion. I wonder if tonight we finally get the NEO text alert on our phones. After Nov 3rd elections and unrest we move on to the next threat, another asteroid on Nov 7th. 2020 is full of surprises. “Asteroid bigger than St Paul’s Cathedral to collide with Earth’s orbit next week. NASA is tracking Asteroid 2020 TGI, which is expected to whizz by on Saturday November 7, and estimated to be potentially bigger than St Paul’s Cathedral at 79m to 180m.” Ok this new multi pinning is going to be a pain in the ass. Check NASA Twitter, not a single mention in the last 48 hours. So both NASA and ESA warned about 2018 VP1. Now 5 hours away. Not a fucking peep. NASA is expecting something bigger after this and not telling. Not even to dismiss threat. Now repeat exercise with ESA, same results. And this my friend is what analysts do. Open Source Intel (OSINT). Information it is widely available for everyone. Information is Power. NASA and ESA warned and tracked about 2018 VP1 in January. Now 5 hours away not a fucking word. Yet Governor Newsom is missing and the head of The WHO now has COVID19 and is out of sight. This is how the ones in charge fuck you over. And this is why we are named Azazel. Everyone in Power is bunkering down tonight. Nothing happens? Great. Onto the net threat. Civil unrest during the election. Evergreen Intel: “I can already feel the weight of regret for posting this. C-32B/B757 delivery service 99-6143 (AE0446) out of Coronado/San Diego. Callsign: ANON.” Area 51 is at capacity. These are leaving San Diego. JB Wiese: “USAF Special Operations Boeing C-32B flight out of Naval Base Coronado heading east over Texas. At times associated with Foreign Emergency Support Teams FEST AE0446 99-6143.” Rain or Shine, Antifa has already put the word out that they’re gathering at noon on Portland on Nov 4 and raining hell unlike ever before for “as long as it takes”. They and other militant Socialist-leaning groups have openly vowed that Trump WILL be leaving the office by force if necessary. Multiple groups have stated that they will drag him out by their own hands. Oh shit. Those are Navy Seal Teams from San Diego. They got them out of San Diego. Wow. That’s something. Seal Team and Air Force Special Operations team evacuated from San Diego, California. Ok that’s pretty much a big deal. Like holy shit. Am in San Diego. Patiently waiting to see if we get that NEO astroid impact alert. 3:33am very specific time and numerology wise it definitely has my attention. We will have a repeat of June scenario, I doubt we will get hit but protocols are followed nevertheless. Watching the birds gives you an insight of how preparations are done. A NEO always carries a small chance to become ELE independently of the size because every asteroid is different, some have metal core, some diamond. Always a guess. None of you are sleeping tonight if I’m going to stay awake. I’m up. Was also reading about the moon’s gravitational effects on NEOs having the ability to throw a wrench in predictions as well. Up tonight. Someone keep an eye on Twitter. Someone on the birds. Make it a group effort. I won’t be around forever. I’ll be up until about 4ish PST then trying to get a little sleep so I can go pick up my firearm in the AM ( and hopefully get some practice in at the range. I’ll periodically check Twitter feeds. Orbit diagram: Not terrifying at all (sarcasm). Steven M. Tilley: “Here is something to think about when one sees videos on 2018 VP1. There are 4750.568 minutes of uncertainty( 3 days 07 hours 11 minutes) in the close-approach time. 2018 VP1 could be early, late, poorly time. The Earth will be on time. A monte Carlo simulation(noise 0.25) for the SMALL(2 M) 2018 VP1 showing 175 virtual impactors out 163482 virtual asteroids(~00.11%). Each red dot is where one virtual impactor hits the Earth atmosphere. This was done with Find_Orb.” “Sentry: Earth Impact Monitoring. NASA’s Near-Earth Object (NEO) web-site. Data related to Earth impact risk, close-approaches, and much more.” Of course nowhere near New Zealand. “About the Asteroid That Will Destroy Earth Right Before Election Day… Spoiler: You’ll still be able to vote on November 3.” Even Boris warned us before his departure. I miss Boris. Hi, wherever you are! I hope it’s awesome! “Asteroid ‘Attack’: Scientists Prepare for Possible Space Rock Collision. August 5, 2020: Potentially dangerous Asteroids 2011 ES4 and 2018 VP1 are approaching Earth at a close distance, with projected possible impact dates of Sept. 1 and Nov. 2.” What channel? Crazy. “The Apollo class was categorized as an Asteroid. A school bus or smaller in size. It will pass 419,130 ​​km of the Earth in 2020. Classified as Near Earth Asteroid (NEA).” “As the US election gets near so does Asteroid 2018 VP1. Asteroid (2018 VP1) was discovered in 2018 and was listed on the sentry Earth impact monitoring list. Even though the asteroid is small it does have the potential to impact Earth.” Close Approach to Earth: 11:33 am UTC; 06:33 am EST; 03:33 am PST. Close Approach to Moon: 09:45 pm UTC; 04:45 pm EST; 01:45 pm PST. SHIELDS UP! This motherfucker. Nevada. Gavin Newsom: “Decency. Grace. Empathy. Dignity. They’re all on the ballot. Great to be in Nevada today. Now let’s go win this thing.” He’s in Nevada close to Area 51. What a douche. What a dickwad. I’m going to take a guess and say this is his plan sitting in Reno. Here is a live feed from Vegas currently. It just took off from Reno. Pretty fast plane. Guess where the blue line is? Lol. Right on target. Should disappear soon. PS the flight log isn’t there. We are watching a non-existent plane live. Now when I click the plane I can’t get a path. Any sec now it’s going to vanish. And just like that, no more plane. Vp1 1 in 240 chance. I heard less. I read that it will miss us by a mile or about 382,000 km to be more exact. That’s the same bullshit they said in Greenland. Either way record number of flights into Area 51. And he’s there. Connect the dots. Don’t forget I said it was training and I meant it. The Wizards meant it. Go watch it already. Thanks for the reminder. Wanted to wait until release in December for better audio and video. But to get the messages I will watch it later. You fucked yourself over by doing that. Made it clear to ignore the shit quality. And to learn from it when we did the group watch. Explained why it was banned. For months. 520am on the East Coast. 1 hour and 23 minutes for flyby. Flight reduction 2023 planes in air that’s almost 40% reduction in last 2 hours. FYI above USA reduction. Looking at EU now. Traffic in EU is normal. Well guess less than an hour. Disclose TV: “White House to go on lockdown today. A non-scalable fence will encircle the entire complex perimeter in preparation for election day and mass protests and rioting that may follow.” Odd timing. Brace yourselves. Almost as if an asteroid is an hour away. "Winter AHEM Election day is coming.” Sigh. Even though I’m not there, SHTF will reach Europe in no time… France and Turkey are indeed having a full on tug of war over too many things at once. Top this with the elections, general unrest, another wave of lockdowns and widespread unemployment and businesses’ failures… et voilá. Dinner’s ready! And as Leonidas said, “We’ll be dining in hell.” Nickel-iron will crater 1000’. 10 minutes to fly by. We’ll see it. We should be ok. Good night. MonkeyWerx US: “GTMO 2.0 SITREP- Interesting timing here, we have two Delta Air Lines charters headed from DC to The Spa today. The docket isn’t showing anything nor is the news for public hearings, etc. Troops maybe? They just usually don’t come out of DC…”
    EAMs per UTC day:
    2020-10-10 ##
    2020-10-11 ##########
    2020-10-12 #####
    2020-10-13 ###
    2020-10-15 ########
    2020-10-16 ##
    2020-10-17 ##
    2020-10-18 ##
    2020-10-21 ###
    2020-10-22 #######
    2020-10-23 ########
    2020-10-24 ################
    2020-10-25 ##############
    2020-10-26 #####
    2020-10-27 ####################
    2020-10-28 ############
    2020-10-29 ##
    2020-10-30 #####
    2020-10-31 ####
    2020-11-01 ####