Azazel News #Recap 10/8/2020

  1. Social unrest was, is and will be the biggest threat.

  2. Apple orders Telegram to block some Belarus protest channels or else Apple will kick Telegram off of iPhones.

  3. epluribusawesome: “Looks like Nightwatch E-4B is airborne again.”

  4. Look Up: “E-4B Nightwatch GORDO 01 heading West over Wyoming.”

  5. “Gravity" continuous shot. Opening Scene. Space debris hits Explorer.

  6. Last night DTLA experienced a spasm of violence that resulted in tens of thousands of dollars in property loss.

  7. The Justice Department today filed suit against Yale University for race and national origin discrimination.

  8. Finally now it’s clear why they love mail in voting — so that family and friends can peer pressure each other into voting for the opposition. All makes fucking sense now.

  9. CANUK78: “USAF Boeing E-3C Sentry Off the coast of Kuwait WSLR51 80-0137 AWACS. United Nations Mitsubishi CRJ-200LR Departed from #Libya #UNO033P C-FXHC.”

  10. Chilean police throw boy, 16, off bridge during protests. Apparent serious assault is latest in series of alleged human rights abuses by Carabineros.

  11. The Elusive Peril of Space Junk. Millions of human artifacts circle the Earth. Can we clean them up before they cause a disaster?

  12. planes on the net: “As reported by @OffuttSpotter96 #GORDO01 E-4B Nightwatch AACP 75-0125 .”working around #Offutt AFB USAF potn avgeek 01:02.”

  13. RF Dandy: “The only plane for a few thousand square miles out here is an e6b.”

  14. The Air Force pushes off the start of its E-4B ‘Doomsday Plane’ replacement program. Plans to release a request for proposals in 2020 have been delayed.

  15. House: Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Google have “monopoly power,” should be split. Blockbuster report calls for beefing up enforcement and aiming for breakups. [Break these Treasonous Woke pieces of shit up.]

  16. Venezuelans once again fleeing on foot as troubles mount. Eleazar Hernández slept on a sidewalk amid a light drizzle, temperatures that dipped close to freezing and the roar of passing trucks.

  17. NY Times: “America May Need International Intervention. Even Democrats may find it hard to imagine, but the “leader of the free world” would benefit from United Nations oversight.” [The stage is being set for the UN to sweep in. A plan 100 years in the making is beginning to take root.]

  18. Possible DEW? The “Day Cloud Phase” and “RGB-Nighttime MicroPhysics” on the GOES-16 for 09Oct20 00:56:14 UTC you’ll see what, I believe is an echo or shadow of the beam. Except it’s moved west into Louisiana and Arkansas.

  19. ESA: “P120C test in close up: filled with 142 tonnes of solid propellant, this engine burned for 130 seconds (about tonne a second!), delivering a maximum thrust of about 4500 kN in simulating liftoff and the first phase of flight!”

  20. Andy Ngô: “Pro-Trump Jewish anti-lockdown protesters in Brooklyn dance in a circle.” [Secular Jews losing their minds, desperately trying to explain that they’re not the “Pro-Trump” kind of Jews.]

  21. First fake eggs, now fake honey. Analyze both incidents as actionable intel. When the pandemic started we had multiple reports of fake rice. Imagine where China will be a year from now. GSM is real. And it doesn’t give a fuck about your Zodiac sign.

  22. 15 Irrefutable Reasons Why We Might Be Living in a Simulation. Fifteen reasons why we might be living in a simulation, including irrefutable evidence under discussion on the “Are We Living in a Simulation?” and “Glitch in the Matrix” sub-Reddits.

  23. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Trails Challenger Sarah Iannarone by 11 Points, According to DHM Poll. All the Portland-area county and city measures are expected to pass. [Andy Ngô: Portland Mayor ⁦Ted Wheeler⁩ is polling double digits behind the self-described Antifa mayoral candidate.]

  24. SpaceX’s Tesla roadster made its first close approach with Mars. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s Tesla roadster made its first close approach to Mars on Wednesday. along with the dummy mannequin dubbed “Starman.” SpaceX tweeted yesterday that the vehicle came within 5 million miles of the planet.

  25. Iceland’s Most Active Volcano Looks Like It’s Getting Ready to Erupt Again. The ice-covered Grímsvötn volcano on Iceland produced an unusually large and powerful eruption in 2011, sending ash 20 kilometres into the atmosphere, causing the cancellation of about 900 passenger flights.

  26. Lauren Chen: “Yelp is introducing a “Business Accused of Racist Behavior Alert” for businesses. I say we nominate every single business that implements affirmative action hiring or promotes critical race theory for such a warning. China’s government built a social credit system, westerner citizens are building one themselves.”

  27. A spooky spectacle! A 33-storey house is on fire in South Korea. A large-scale fire engulfed a high-rise building in the city of Ulsan. Hundreds of people were evacuated, and dozens of victims are also known. The fire started on the 12th floor, due to the strong wind the fire began to spread very quickly throughout the building. In the South Korean coastal city of Ulsan, a high-rise building with 33 floors burned for hours. At least 88 people have already been taken to hospital with minor injuries․ The fire brigade is looking for possible further victims․

  28. What is the E-6B Airborne Nuclear Missile Launch Commander? While flying, it is an aircraft that extends a 7.6 km behind and sends a strategic ballistic missile launch command to the submarine strategic ballistic missile lurking in the sea, and also issues a launch command with the ICBM launch command and control device on the ground. The fact that this is flying means that it is definitely in combat.

  29. Houston Air Watch: “A different U.S. Navy E-6B Mercury “Control” aircraft is tracking south of Washington, D.C. and the White House. USAF C-17A Globemaster tracking off the coast of Boston. U.S. Navy E-6B Mercury “Control” airborne command post tracking north of Downtown Houston. The E-6B Mercury could be patrolling the Texas coast. It’s now heading back south, southwest of Galveston, Texas.

  30. State officials investigating after cat with COVID-19 dies in Alabama. State officials are investigating after a cat infected with COVID-19 died in Alabama. The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) and the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries (ADAI) announced Thursday that they are investigating the case in Opelika.

  31. Palmer Luckey: “Military operations are managed from the real world. In the future, they will also be managed from a digital world parallel to our own, a simulation fed by millions of sensors and populated by warfighters and synthetic intelligence working side by side.” [Our homie Palmer Luckey going Tony Stark like motherfucker and the Wokies attacking him on Twitter. You can tell who is Black and who is a White World Wokie. Pay attention to the term Underworld. Connect the dots. January, when the pandemic started? And pay attention to the last product Palmer launched. “Ghost 4 Launch. This is “Ghost 4 Launch” by Anduril Industries on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.” He’s been initiated.]

  32. Social Dilemma: It was ok, but pretty much by the time such news makes it to the normies the damage is done. The Social Dilemma is just a rehashing of Chamath Palihapitiyas talking points. But you have to realize is that Elite Silicon Valley parents don’t allow their kids on Social Media. Compare Ad Astra and Ad Nova school. To public education. And private education. You’ll see both are dog shit Compared to Thiel Foundation / Cyberpatriot and Ad Astra schools.

  33. Chris Combs: “Awesome shadowgraph of the turbulent rocket exhaust. I also think this may be capturing waves (circled) generated by the turbulent exhaust structures moving at supersonic speed relative to the ambient air (responsible for rocket “crackle”). RUSSIAN ICBM REENTRY Watch as multiple Russian ICBM reentry vehicles are tested at the Kura Missile Test Range (sans warheads). Moving at hypersonic speed prior to impact, this is definitely not a sight you want to see unless you’re at a test site!”

  34. “Interesting. The story of the last E-6B airborne missile launch commander is particularly interesting." “Countermeasure” = war. The US president and the first lady are infected with the Chinese virus with 45 white house special workers. Mr. Yuen Yuen pointed out that this infection was the work of the Chinese Communist Party, and the United States immediately proposed to deal with it. Analysis: Mr. Trump’s infection accelerates US communist elimination."

  35. Translation: The gunpowder used for 1000 years has not progressed to TNT; Candles that have been burned for 2000 have not progressed to electric lights; I haven’t improved to GPS even after watching the 3000-year compass. Behind this is not the backwardness of technology, It is the ignorance of ideas and the lack of humanistic innovation.” [Chinese engineers getting it done through hardships every day.]

  36. ”Why two military planes used on “The Last Day of the Earth” took off after President Trump’s infection was discovered. A few minutes before President Donald Trump tweeted with his wife Melania on the morning of October 2 that the test for the new coronavirus was positive. Two “Boeing E-6B Mercury” have appeared on the map of public flight data. One of them showed a course off the east coast of the United States, and the other showed a course off the west coast. How will President Trump’s new coronavirus infection be treated? Promising options that can be considered now. Even in the era of the pandemic of the new coronavirus, it is not uncommon to see aircraft on these routes at night. However, the E-6B is not a regular commercial aircraft. It is an aircraft used to convey the launch command of ballistic missiles. Airplane enthusiasts confirmed the takeoff of two E-6Bs after news was reported on October 1 that Trump’s adviser Hope Hicks tested positive for the new coronavirus. I derived the relationship there. Perhaps the takeoffs of the two aircraft were related to Trump’s positive test, and the U.S. Strategic Command was not working to send a deterrent message to the “enemy” during this subtle period. ──. This prediction spread on SNS at once, resulting in increased embarrassment and anxiety about the expected effects of Trump’s test results. Airplane that can control up to ICBM. The E-6B is a very interesting airplane. But in reality, it regularly takes off, flies, and lands as part of the US missile defense system. The E-6B should always be ready to take off immediately. In short, you’re all set. “We have confirmed that the two flights were a pre-planned mission,” said Karen Singer, US Strategic Command Media Operations Officer, on October 2nd in the US version of WIRED. Is answering. “The timing of the president’s announcement of positives is a complete coincidence.” The E-6B, which was modified based on the passenger plane “Boeing 707”, basically receives military orders from the US president and the Secretary of Defense, and is a communication relay made to transmit the orders to US ballistic missile submarines. It’s a station. By using a platform called the Air-launched Ballistic Missile (ALCS), it also has the function of remotely controlling the so-called “Minuteman” of the intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). The E-6B serves as a means of ensuring redundancy in case the terrestrial-based communication system is interrupted. It is also indispensable for establishing LOS (linear distance connection) communication that requires close proximity. The basic mission of the E-6B is known as TACAMO (Take Charge And Move Out: perform the mission and withdraw immediately). “The E-6B is always taking off. I never thought that the E-6B’s takeoff had any profound implications,” said the director of the East Asian Nuclear Nonproliferation Program at Middlebury International Graduate School in Monterey, California. One Jeffrey Lewis says. Its important communication function. The E-6B has some amazing features. One of the most important features is the Very Low Frequency (VLF) communication platform. It is used to communicate with nuclear ballistic missile submarines that dive up to 60 feet below sea level. Stealth submarines need to hide their position and often cannot climb to shallow waters or send buoys to shallow positions for communication. Instead, both communication repeaters and submarines need to be equipped with giant antennas. Still, very low frequency systems have very low latency, low bandwidth, and low throughput, so transmitting small amounts of data can take a long time. The E-6B will also perform a special flight maneuver to send the shortest message to a deep-sea submarine. Specifically, it keeps making a sharp turn for a long time. By swirling around, the antenna is kept hanging vertically and communicates straight into the water. There are other military aircraft capable of very low frequency communication, but this is especially the core mission of the E-6B. Things that the general public cannot think of. The E-6B does not always fly as a US Strategic Command aerial commander. However, its predecessor, the Air Force’s EC-135, was on a mission for more than 29 years from February 3, 1961 to July 24, 1990, with at least one aircraft flying at all times. It’s not flying so constantly now, but preparatory exercises are quite common. “The general public does not usually think about the fact that the United States is poised to use more than 1,000 nuclear weapons within minutes of the order,” said Lewis of the Middlebury International Graduate School. “I wouldn’t expect that, because I don’t think it’s sane. So when something happens, I see the normal readiness and in my heart,” Oh, this is a catastrophe. It must be. Otherwise, the entire army cannot be on such a high alert! ”But it’s not because Trump got sick. It’s normal. If you don’t like it Maybe that should be a problem." [Yahoo and Wired in Japan are telling everyone this is "normal.”]

  37. Attorney General William P. Barr Announces Publication of Cryptocurrency Enforcement Framework. Attorney General William P. Barr announced today the release of “Cryptocurrency: An Enforcement Framework,” a publication produced by the Attorney General’s Cyber-Digital Task Force. The Framework provides a comprehensive overview of the emerging threats and enforcement challenges associated with the increasing prevalence and use of cryptocurrency; details the important relationships that the Department of Justice has built with regulatory and enforcement partners both within the United States government and around the world; and outlines the Department’s response strategies. “Cryptocurrency is a technology that could fundamentally transform how human beings interact, and how we organize society. Ensuring that use of this technology is safe, and does not imperil our public safety or our national security, is vitally important to America and its allies,” said Attorney General Barr. “I am grateful to the Cyber-Digital Task Force for producing this detailed report, which provides a cohesive, first-of-its kind framework for those seeking to understand federal enforcement priorities in this growing space.” “At the FBI, we see first-hand the dangers posed when criminals bend the important technological promise of cryptocurrency to illicit ends," said FBI Director Christopher Wray. “As this Enforcement Framework describes, we see criminals using cryptocurrency to try to prevent us from ‘following the money’ across a wide range of investigations, as well as to trade in illicit goods like criminal tools on the dark web. For example, the cyber criminals behind ransomware attacks often use cryptocurrency to try to hide their true identities when acquiring malware and infrastructure, and receiving ransom payments. The men and women of the FBI are constantly innovating to keep pace with the evolution of criminals’ use of cryptocurrency." “The United States has been enormously successful blocking terrorists, rogue regimes, and their supporters from funding their activity using traditional currencies,” said Task Force member John C. Demers, Assistant Attorney General for the National Security Division. “As the Cryptocurrency Enforcement Framework explains, we will adapt our strategy and tools to 21st century financing, including to combat the use of cryptocurrencies to evade enforcement and harm our national security.” “Cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology present tremendous promise for the future, but it is critical that these important innovations follow the law. The Cryptocurrency Enforcement Framework provides the public with important information intended to help them understand and comply with their obligations under the legal regimes that govern these new and fast-developing technologies,” said Task Force member Brian C. Rabbitt, the acting Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division. “While the Department of Justice and its partners are committed to supporting the advancement of legitimate cryptocurrency technologies and uses, we will not hesitate to enforce the laws that govern these technologies when necessary to protect the public.” Task Force member Beth A. Williams, who serves as Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Policy, lauded the release of the Cryptocurrency Enforcement Framework: “The Department of Justice is committed to protecting the public from current and emerging cyber threats, including those involving cryptocurrency and related technologies. This Framework reflects the Department’s extensive cooperation with domestic and international partners in ensuring that we are adequately addressing these challenges, to the benefit of lawful cryptocurrency users and the public at large.” The Enforcement Framework opens with an introductory essay authored by the Task Force’s chair, Associate Deputy Attorney General Sujit Raman. Then, in Part I, the Framework provides a detailed threat overview, cataloging the three categories into which most illicit uses of cryptocurrency typically fall: (1) financial transactions associated with the commission of crimes; (2) money laundering and the shielding of legitimate activity from tax, reporting, or other legal requirements; and (3) crimes, such as theft, directly implicating the cryptocurrency marketplace itself. Part II explores the various legal and regulatory tools at the government’s disposal to confront the threats posed by cryptocurrency’s illicit uses, and highlights the strong and growing partnership between the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Commodity Futures Commission, and agencies within the Department of the Treasury, among others, to enforce federal law in the cryptocurrency space. Finally, the Enforcement Framework concludes in Part III with a discussion of the ongoing challenges the government faces in cryptocurrency enforcement—particularly with respect to business models (employed by certain cryptocurrency exchanges, platforms, kiosks, and casinos), and to activity (like “mixing” and “tumbling,” “chain hopping,” and certain instances of jurisdictional arbitrage) that may facilitate criminal activity. The Cryptocurrency Enforcement Framework is the second detailed report issued by the Attorney General’s Cyber-Digital Task Force, which was established in February 2018 to answer two basic questions: How is the Department of Justice responding to global cyber threats? And how can federal law enforcement accomplish its mission in this area more effectively? An earlier Task Force report, published in July 2018, canvassed a wide spectrum of cyber threats, ranging from transnational criminal enterprises’ sophisticated cyber-enabled schemes, to malign foreign influence operations, to efforts to compromise our nation’s critical infrastructure, and articulated the Department’s priorities in detecting, deterring, and disrupting cyber threats. Additional Cyber-Digital Task Force members include Andrew E. Lelling, United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts, and two senior FBI executives. Components from across the Department contributed to the Cryptocurrency Enforcement Framework’s drafting. [Bitcoin is valuable because it is unstoppable. Another benefit with cryptocurrencies is that nobody’s allowed to control the supply, so you escape the inflation heavy fiat money we use today. Any forms of crypto used off world? Already happening. From the floor to the moon to Mars to beyond. Framework is being laid out. Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System or is it Bitcoin: A Planetary-to-Planetary Electronic Cash System. What they hope for: Quantum entanglement will allow blockchains all over the galaxy to be in perfect synchronicity. Eventually, schrodinger miners kept at -273 Kelvin will allow all blockchains to remain in every conceivable state simultaneously until someone checks their wallet balance thus triggering a Bose-Einstein condensation into a single blockchain. Ultimately, of course, 4th dimensional probability nodes stored on linked photon agglomerates traveling at light speed will allow transactions to be logged before they even take place. I ask…because someone told me Cardano is a precursor to off world crypto. Interesting. Constantly dollar cost averaging into BTC. “We don’t take Gold Bars to Mars” or to “the floor” (Underwater Bases) always remember this. So…we would need quantum capable phones and computers. No that’s nonsense. Cardano does not achieve unstoppability. How far out are quantum enabled devices? None of them do. For public I mean. 2035. I mean iPads were around in the 1970s. And you just got them in what? 2009? Also depends on the technology transfers and who’s deemed worthy of holding them. This is what I meant. I know this technology is already out there. I see. But this is assuming the 2 world system stays in place. If Open Eyes happens all bets are off. We enter Brave New World territory. But look at the past six months. Keep track on how much disclosure is happening, from batteries to small reactors to new planes. To calls for mini nuclear reactors on the moon. That have already been around since the 50s. I mean of course this is bullshit. “NASA to seek proposals for lunar nuclear power system. NASA and the Department of Energy will seek proposals for industry later this year for the development of a lunar nuclear power system.” But for appearance they have to pretend they are giving the little guy (the public) a chance for input. Versions still around today. Exactly. So why the fuck would you take a rushed vaccination made by a lobbyist who never went to medical school and aligns with Reds. Don’t be super angry with him. I mean he’s the reason you have iPhones. That credit I do give him. He and his mother are responsible for that. You think they used CRT monitors on Solar Warden ships? As they navigate the solar system? No. Unfeasible as fuck. Why do you think he invested in Apple? Besides saving his ass from Congress and anti-trust laws. But it was all done deliberately and Jobs played puppet from iPods to iPhones in a period of less than 10 years. He got tech transfers from Black World and handed them to Jobs. Now society is all fucked up. Because you’ve all been reprogrammed to do it for the gram and right swipe to find your next partners. Instead of doing hard core research with iPhones and working on self improvement and learning skills. That’s the truth. You think Bill Gates only ripped off Douglas Engelbart at Xerox and SRI? No. He’s a habitual when it comes to stealing government technology. And that’s why he will never ever qualify as a Wizard. Not on my watch or current Majestic 12’s watch. Robber Baron is more suitable. Pirates of Silicon Valley indeed. Only one that gets a pass and is a true Wizard is Woz. “Facebook is a social network monopoly that buys, copies or kills competitors, antitrust committee finds.” Of all the things you’ve ever posted, this one exploded my brain. Lol. Basically, thought currency? Consider what StarLink truly is and why the Red Shield. Central Banks are all scared of it. Consider what it means to have humanity no longer divided or conquered but under one currency. Consider what must be done to elevate humanity to a Type 1 civilization. The banks have no choice, it’s happening whether or not they like it! Consider that you are witnessing the act of god right before your eyes. You never change things overnight. One never changes things overnight, you change the establishment by making them less relevant day by day. Till one day they no longer matter.]