Azazel News #Recap 10/6/2020

  1. Trucking fleets prep for potential severe driver shortage.

  2. SpaceX: “Watch Falcon 9 launch 60 Starlink satellites.”

  3. New York Post: “Three huge asteroids will skim past Earth tomorrow.”

  4. U.S. faces shortage of up to 8 billion meals in next 12 months, leading food bank says.

  5. OctoberReignz: “Asteroids Close-Approach 2020-Oct-05, 6, & 7 (2020 RV2) (2020 RR2) (2020 RK2) (2019 SB6).”

  6. ThomasInLaJolla: “Notable plane in the air - Boeing E-8C Joint STARS.”

  7. George Papadopoulos: “We want indictments and Wray fired, right?!”

  8. Snoopy: “Everything is just PEACHY in SC, E-8C Joint STARS, PEACH99, 93-1097.”

  9. Energy companies brace for Hurricane Delta impact, begin rig evacuations.

  10. Sputnik: “Russian emergencies ministry warns of possible volcanic eruption in Kamchatka.”

  11. “Pac-Man" coronavirus masks could make dining out more safe.

  12. Gasoline shortages in Sudan. Egypt sends two planes carrying manufactured bakeries to flood-stricken Sudan.

  13. CivMilAir: “Out from Nellis AFB. National Nuclear Security Administration B734 N990ST.”

  14. 4min audio file: Collision USMC KC-130J Hercules tanker-transport and an F-35B Lightning II fighter credits.

  15. Siemens Gamesa helps to ease Pakistan’s power shortages via wind turbines for eight wind farms in one year.

  16. MonkeyWerx US: “Let me try that one more time. AF2 and Nightwatch up for those who were asking. All normal.”

  17. A billboard hanging on the streets of Brazil, showing that all of religions are united and fighting together the coronavirus.

  18. JustEnoughHeshy: “HESHY Tischler From The Just Enough HESHY Show Dancing in the streets of Crown Heights.”

  19. Reddit blasted as the late Aaron Swartz is omitted from the founders page. Swartz was a big supporter of free speech.

  20. SkyScanWorld: “RAIDER61 USAF E8C Joint Stars Based at Robins AFB Georgia.” [RAIDER61, PEACH99, KOMODO4…in the last 12 hours.]

  21. SolarDrivenClimate: “Finally divulged - Central Greenland now holds the record for extreme cold in entire Northern Hemisphere.”

  22. ‘Long Covid’: Why are some people not recovering? Why is coronavirus leaving some people with long-term health problems including fatigue?

  23. Tasmanian Devils reintroduced into Australian wild. Its thought the mammals, classified as endangered, were wiped out on the mainland by dingoes.

  24. Manu Gómez: “US Army (Lasai) CL-600 ARTEMIS N488CR ISR mission over Georgia.” Zaes: “Current location, doing racetracks in Georgia on the Armenia border.”

  25. Belgian Navy: “The frigate F930 Leopold I is currently deployed within SNMG1 which is taking part in the Joint Warrior exercise.”

  26. Dutchsinse: “Caught while live streaming today!!! 10/04/2020 – DEW Directed Energy Weapon beams into NEW MADRID SEISMIC ZONE as 1,100F temps flare up.”

  27. CNW: “Training/Activation of the Rapid Reaction units at Fuerte Paramacay. Paratroopers and Milicia are involved with the unit. Venezuela.”

  28. Global shortage of key Covid drug leads to NHS rationing. Pressure mounts on manufacturer to allow other companies to supply remdesivir.

  29. The Clock Is Ticking on America’s ‘Feral Swine Bomb.’ Wild pigs are running rampant—and doing billions of dollars of damage each year.

  30. George Papadopoulos: “The Department of Justice announced an 11AM press conference tomorrow on a “Matter of National Security.”

  31. Top US Food Bank Warns Of Nationwide “Meal Shortages” In Next 12 Months. Feeding America said it could face a deficit of "10 billion pound shortfall between now and June of 2021.

  32. 8-foot fence to be built around Georgia State Capitol. The fence will allow the Georgia Army National Guard to withdraw some of the two dozen or so troops who have been assisting with nighttime security at the Capitol.

  33. Los Angeles Times: “Damage reported after downtown L.A. protest that targeted LAPD headquarters.” [Media is not reporting this. Attention only on POTUS and elections. Widespread across cities and even foreign soil.]

  34. Translation: “Most of Suihua in Heilongjiang are in this situation. I am worried about the increase in production. What should I do if I can’t eat enough food? Is it better to eat five meals a day or five tons?”

  35. Top military leaders quarantining after Coast Guard admiral tests positive. The list of senior military officers in quarantine is extensive and includes the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

  36. Elon Musk: “Once these satellites reach their target position, we will be able to roll out a fairly wide public beta in northern US & hopefully southern Canada. Other countries to follow as soon as we receive regulatory approval.”

  37. Astronomers say the red planet will be unusually close to the Earth on Tuesday. It will continue to be very bright throughout the month. It won’t be this close again until 2035. [Too bad you can’t see the Domes.]

  38. Hundreds of families at a Sukkos program in Cancun Mexico are heading home after Cancun is expected to get hit by a Catagory 5 hurricane. The families were supposed to stay there till after Sukkos.

  39. SpaceX receives contract to build missile tracking satellites for the Defense Department. The satellites are meant to be the first part of the Space Development Agency’s Tracking Layer.

  40. AFP news agency: “Trump checks out of hospital after four days of emergency treatment for Covid-19, pulling off his mask the moment he reaches the White House and vows to quickly get back on the campaign trail.”

  41. Air Force delays moving forward with e-4b doomsday plane replacement effort. The service said it recently classified its Survivable Airborne Operations Center, or SAOC, Weapon System program.

  42. Rantz: Parents livid as school’s BLM presentation teaches kids they’re racist. Parents are upset that Skyline HS gave students a one-sided presentation promoting Black Lives Matter in an effort to create social justice activists.

  43. HMS Queen Elizabeth: “A NATO force to be reckoned with is now assembled in the North Sea. This is Carrier Strike, this is 5th Gen power projection - headed by the Strike Carrier and the Carrier Strike Group. Let the games begin…”

  44. China ramps up a war of words, warning the U.S. of its red lines. As the United States and Taiwan draw closer, state propaganda is sending the message that China will go to war if necessary.

  45. If China loses a future war, entropy could be imminent. What happens if China engages in a great power conflict and loses? Will the Chinese Communist Party’s control over the society survive a horrifying defeat?

  46. Watch this C-17 crew experience sinister-looking St. Elmo’s fire. The phenomenon occurs when electricity in the air causes it to glow in a very eerie way around parts of an aircraft.

  47. China says it’s ‘militarily and morally ready for war’ after 11,000 US troops hold massive drills in Guam. China has warned it’s “ready for war” after 11,000 US troops were sent to Guam for massive military drills.

  48. The Navy is about to sail with its next big leap in shipboard electronic warfare systems. SEWIP Block III will introduce new electronic attack capabilities and other enhancements as the Navy prepares to defend its ships in a high-end fight.

  49. Air Force C-17 launched a pallet of mock cruise missiles during recent arsenal plane test. The test was part of a larger set of experiments centered on improving the service’s communications and data-sharing networks.

  50. Poo~Pourri launches bidet to 'combat the great toilet paper shortage of 2020.’ The Addison-based brand known for before-you-go spray is launching the Poo-Pourri Bidet to transform toilets to bidets in less than 15 minutes.

  51. US Insulin prices 8 times higher than in other nations. Insulin list prices in the United States have increased dramatically over the past decade, with per person insulin spending doubling between 2012 and 2016.

  52. With supply tight, Las Vegas home prices hit all-time high. The median sale price of existing homes in the Las Vegas area grew to record high $337,250 in September, an increase of 9% from September of last year.

  53. Tex T Rex: “Please tell me we have at least one E-6 TACAMO up in the air. I feel so unsafe with cic sick, joint chiefs in quarantine, Lordy.” [Media reporting brass got Covid, Pentagon Chief specifically.]

  54. NASA is testing the first of its new moonwalking spacesuits. What will astronauts wear on the big day when they step foot on the moon as the first humans to do so in more than 50 years?

  55. Aureon Energy Ltd. has updated the SAFIRE video on the home page of the website with new footage to emphasize the commercial application of the SAFIRE PROJECT experiment as a nuclear plasma reactor.

  56. Surviving The End: A study of encounters with post-apocalyptic evil and survival strategies in Matheson’s I am Legend, McCarthy’s The Road, and Kirkman’s The Walking Dead: Compendium One.

  57. E-8C Joint Stars: “MissionThe E-8C Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System, or Joint STARS, is an airborne battle management, command and control, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance platform.”

  58. Middle school student achieved nuclear fusion in his family playroom. Hours before his 13th birthday, Jackson Oswalt fused together two deuterium atoms using a reactor he had built and operated in the playroom of his family home in Memphis, Tennessee.

  59. VirtualAstro: “Red Planet Mars is at its closest to Earth. It won’t get this close again for another 15 years in 2035. You can see it in the east now and it will get higher and more southerly as the evening moves on. Look for an incredibly bright reddish orange star like object.”

  60. u wish: “My dad flew in TACAMO when I was a kid. He said the hardest part of the job was not knowing if these messages were real or just training. He knew every time he got on that plane, the world might be a different place when he landed.”

  61. Translation: “China’s rocket technology has broken through again, and the accuracy is unmatched! !Very beautiful original projectile recovery technology, landing with an almost perfect posture, with an error of less than 3 meters from the launch point.”

  62. Lockheed Martin: “The “reverse vacuum” TAGSAM on OSIRISREx was invented by our engineer who used a plastic cup, air compressor, and gravel driveway to conduct the first test. The system will be used to collect a sample from asteroid Bennu.”

  63. Work Begins On Starlink-Like Constellation Of Small Hypersonic Missile-Tracking Satellites. The Pentagon’s grand space strategy envisions a shift from larger, expensive satellites to massive constellations of smaller, easier to replace ones.

  64. A 60 second Short Film made during quarantine. A Short Film with a "choose your own adventure’’ meets crowdsourcing call to action. Made by a father and son during the Covid quarantine, the film is about a space boy traveling far through space.

  65. Hootsuite employee fired after speaking out about company’s ICE deal. A Hootsuite employee who publicly criticized the company’s decision to work with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has lost her job. [Go woke, go broke.]

  66. NYPD Unable To Break Up Orthodox Dance Party In Crown Heights. NYPD officers attempted to disperse a massive street celebration in Crown Heights on Monday night, prompting indifference and hostility from ultra-Orthodox revelers.

  67. Eric Snitil: “Zooming in on the center of #Delta looks like a slice of a cut tree. Note the rings radiating from the center. Those “rings” are gravity waves, the result of intense upward motion that reverberate like that of tossing a pebble in a pond. Delta is one mean hurricane.”

  68. US astronaut potentially exposed to Covid-19 by Russian official. US-Russia space relations strained by secrecy surrounding the Covid-19 death of a Russian space official whose pre-launch close contact with a US astronaut potentially exposed the American to the virus.

  69. NHS faces drug shortages as Brexit stockpile used in Covid crisis. NHS Provider in England said Brexit could conjure ‘perfect storm’ of problems in winter. [Look how they’re hinting again at problems in the winter in Britain. Remember the Doomsday Dossier?]

  70. California governor’s office tells diners to wear masks 'in between bites.’ The office of California Gov. Gavin Newsom has told residents in the Golden State that if they go out to eat, they should be wearing a mask “in between bites” to protect themselves from COVID-19.

  71. ST: “This could be future of conflict if Azerbaijan manages to take over big portion of Nagorno-Karabakh. Population is hostile and whole conventional scenario will shift towards sub-conventional warfare. Perfect terrain (Caucasus) for guerrilla warfare.”

  72. Gerjon: “This morning United States Air Force RC-135U Combat Sent reg. 64-14849 (AE01D5, HOOCH09) is patrolling the Mediterranean coast just north of Libya, using mishex 89FF8C. It is unknown whether it flew over continental Libya at any point today, or remained over sea.”

  73. How California wildfires are driving energy storage beyond lithium-ion. When California is on fire, it needs batteries that can keep a home, a hospital, a fire station, a community center running longer than the four-hour standard of lithium-ion.

  74. Russian surfers say mystery ocean pollution is poisoning them and killing animals. Images on social media show masses of sea life washed up on the beaches of Kamchatka, and water tests found high levels of oil products and other compounds.

  75. NASA renames faraway ice world after Nazi-link backlash. Ultima Thule, the farthest cosmic body ever visited by a spacecraft, has been renamed Arrokoth, or “sky” in the Native American Powhatan language, following a backlash over the previous name’s Nazi connotations.

  76. Mexico bucks Latin America trend as inflation doubles amid virus. Nowhere in Latin America has inflation accelerated so much since the pandemic hit as in Mexico, where supply chain problems and a weaker currency are offsetting the price impact of plunging consumption.

  77. Winston-Salem surgeon addresses mask shortage by launching a company. A Winston-Salem surgeon found a solution to the mask shortage impacting his practice during the COVID pandemic --start an NC-based company to make them at a reasonable price.

  78. Depleted national stockpile contributed to COVID PPE shortage. “America’s Medical Supply Crisis,” a new documentary from FRONTLINE, The Associated Press and the Global Reporting Centre, examines missed opportunities to fend off a deadly PPE shortage.

  79. Remote learning isn’t new: Radio instruction in the 1937 polio epidemic. This isn’t the first time America’s schoolchildren have studied remotely – and Chicago’s 1937 ‘radio school’ experiment shows how technology can fill the gap during a crisis.

  80. Naveed Ahmad: “RU sent a transport plane today, possibly with mercenaries and military wherewithal. Reinforcement and deployment of Russian troops will complicate the situation further as NATO chief is already visiting Ankara. Iran model of mercenaries comes with plausible deniability for Putin.”

  81. The Nobel Prize in Physics 2020 was divided, one half awarded to Roger Penrose “for the discovery that black hole formation is a robust prediction of the general theory of relativity”, the other half jointly to Reinhard Genzel and Andrea Ghez “for the discovery of a supermassive compact object at the centre of our galaxy”.

  82. 5 things to know about a COVID vaccine: It won’t be a ‘magic wand.’ “Even if you have the vaccine, that doesn’t mean you can ship it out. There are multiple, multiple steps, and all of them have to work,” said Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, a vice provost at the University of Pennsylvania who has warned of potential shortages.

  83. Translation: “What a painful comprehension… This is a chat given to me by a Twitter friend of mine in Shenzhen. After permission, I posted it. 1. You can’t empathize without being there! Since Xi Jinping came to power, I appealed to everyone that those who can emigrate should be as early as possible! 2. The city of Shenzhen, without me knowing its status, even the bank controls the withdrawal of the account amount! How far is the financial crisis? How to solve? Inflation! 3. Now quickly cross the border to Hong Kong to buy gold.”

  84. To meet demand and avoid shortage, trucking industry looks to train younger recruits - teenagers. According to a study by the American Transportation Research Institute, the share of younger truck drivers has been decreasing, leaving the industry more reliant than ever on the 45- to 54-year-old age group.

  85. U.S. Central Command: “The Combined Air Operations Center CAOC synchronizes and coordinates the Air Power military operations in the CENTCOM area of responsibility. The Combined Air Operations Center CAOC synchronizes and coordinates the Air Power military operations in the CENTCOM area of responsibility.”

  86. The pandemic and extreme weather have disrupted agricultural supply chains, leaving food prices sharply higher in countries as diverse as Yemen, Sudan, Mexico and South Korea. The United Nations warned in June that the world is on the brink of its worst food crisis in 50 years. [More fresh food shortage intel in China and the world.]

  87. MaTT FLaMMaBLe: “I think the fact that nuke sniffer planes are up and broadcasting their positions loud and clear shows how seriously this is be taken by the continuity of government team. All jokes aside, what an immensely scary time for the United States of America. We have a president sick, a nation divided, a plunging stock market, and early warning nuke sniffer planes sitting off of the DC coast. God help us all.”

  88. China’s mealtime appeal amid food supply worries: Don’t take more than you can eat. On the surface, China’s campaign to encourage mealtime thrift has been a cheerful affair, with soldiers, factory workers and schoolchildren shown polishing their plates clean of food. But behind the drive is a harsh reality. China does not have enough fresh food to go around — and neither does much of the world.

  89. MARFOOGLE NEWS (OFFICIAL): “This Is Getting Scary. “Purely coincidental” that 2 Doomsday Planes flying around? Which normally one has the president and the other is a decoy.” sdfbarrenky: “A few months ago we had approx 4/5 up at one time, plus AWAC Nuke sniffer Stratcom often deploys several during crises including domestic. E-6B captain has the authority to launch #nuclear retaliation of Pentagon is no longer able to lead the military due to nuclear war.”

  90. Draintheswamp2020: “Order66 E-4B up. Starwars experts please correct me if wrong but… Order 66 initiated the cue for the entire army of clone troopers to kill their Jedi commanders and other Jedi they find……” [That’s right a Boeing E-4 Advanced Airborne Command Post (AACP) with the call sign Order66. Stock up on medicine. Have enough supplies for 6 months at least. Seems like we are entering Act 3.]

  91. Tom Jarvis: “37.25299855,79.85007665 Xinjiang very interesting complex with two secure detention centers (guard towers) and buildings matching profile of education facilities possibly linked to Uighur oppression. This site has undergone a number of expansions with leftmost detention centre appearing 2011-2013 and right detention centre appearing round 2019.” Evergreen Intel: “I wanted to add something I noticed, Tom. If you check out the portion on the right of your photo marked “High Security Detention,” there are 7 guard posts with viewports facing INWARD. In my estimation, this is most definitely a prison of some kind.”

  92. Donald J. Trump: “I have fully authorized the total Declassification of any & all documents pertaining to the single greatest political CRIME in American History, the Russia Hoax. Likewise, the Hillary Clinton Email Scandal. No redactions!” [Politics, but the issues are the ramifications of politics wars seized by foreign agents. CoG has been discussed heavily the last 48 hours. People assume CoG is POTUS and forgets it applies to Judicial and Senate too. CoG depends of what happens, remember we do not control the reactions, we can only forecast scenarios and prepare for all of them.]

  93. Telstra joins the CLARA consortium. CLARA, Telstra, Telstra Purple, Consolidated Land and Rail Australia, High Speed Rail, Smart Cities, new cities. [Interesting how the areas decimated by fires in NSW Australia coincide with where the fast rail is going. How a little country town called Deniliquin NSW (lucky to be be 2,000 people) has a huge area of 5G in place since start this year. Well blow my tin foil hat off!!! No one wanted to believe it at the end of last year. Dang my tinfoil magically turned into an Akubra hat. Well dang. Major sponsor is Microsoft. Who would have guessed. Our prime minister Scott Morrison announced the fast tracking of the fast rail about 2 months back, to stimulate the economy.]

  94. It took several million years for Arrokothn to acquire its bizarre, pancake-flat shape. The trans-Neptunian object Arrokoth, also known as Ultima Thule, which NASA’s space probe New Horizons passed on New Year’s Day 2019, may have changed its shape significantly in the first 100 million years since its formation. In today’s issue of the journal Nature Astronomy, researchers led by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research (MPS) suggest that the current shape of Arrokoth, which resembles a flattened snowman, could be of evolutionary origin due to volatile outgassing. Their calculations help to understand what the current state of bodies from the edge of the Solar System may teach us about their original properties.

  95. Delta strengthens into a hurricane, forecast to make landfall along the central Gulf Coast. Tropical Storm “Delta” strengthened into a hurricane at 00:00 UTC on Tuesday, October 6, 2020, becoming the 9th hurricane of the 2020 Atlantic season. Intel Turtle: “Delta expected to become a Cat 4 Hurricane. Currently at Cat 2 strength. Keep an eye on this storm.” Eric Holthaus: “Hurricane Delta is now a Category 2 hurricane and continues to rapidly intensify. It’s now likely to be a Category 4 when it reaches landfall near Cancun, Mexico later today – and a Category 3 or 4 when it reaches Louisiana on Friday. This is a catastrophic hurricane.” National Hurricane Center: “1120 AM EDT UPDATE: NOAA Hurricane Hunter aircraft report that Hurricane Delta has rapidly strengthened into a dangerous category 4 hurricane, with maximum sustained winds of 130 mph.”

  96. Aleph EAMs: Mainsail TC @ 1243z. PWCE7J - WDBLTQWZVJMCIP3KJZXLOTTR. ANTIDOTE 1613z. PWCE7J - WDBLTQWZVJMCIP3KJZXLOTTR. ANTIDOTE 1631z. PWLKEP - RRABQFVU3ZSX44LZLYRBJVKQ. ANTIDOTE 2251z. Message of 42 characters follows: D6TA2G -J2GEGYX2TDU4BDWWFO4WWFIRVLS6OYFEBX6F. ANTIDOTE 2345z. PW772F - MZ6IHWVGRZQCFAX4UMK7OAL2. LANDLADY 0002z. Fox2, Fox2 USN E-6B Mercury #AE0418 / 164406 QUOTE34 Up. TACAMO. D6AQY5 - RKHSMPAXJUI4KCNPOKII2SVX. LANDLADY 0040z. D66VEQ - SPYXHVPRWVQCQYJIBMQH4DFL. LANDLADY 0052z. PW56UX - L5UUSC3QQSUXGBXGPCQXCVNI. LANDLADY 0121z. PWIMDO - HLTM62WOZOHZY3HQ2ANT3DCO. LANDLADY 0236z. [Keep counting the EAM’s. Anyone who says this is normal is a fucking moron. Even if your loved ones don’t support your beliefs, make sure to give them a code word when SHTF that they must return home ASAP. If things get dicey, shelter in place, monitor TG, but most importantly, keep your HAM up. Media got a hold of the Aviation geeks. This caused a major headache. Keep stocking up. The algorithms were scrambled. Only way to find info for civvies is during the first minutes of a tweet been posted. If it’s something really important for you, screenshot and add link otherwise future searches by keyword won’t show up. Pay attention. All references were scrubbed. Let me show you, search for Janet on twitter. Search “NV65” last tweet showing it is 09/25. They don’t want the public aware of how many out the ordinary flights going into Dreamland (Area 51) to hide in the bunkers. Keep stocking up. CoG entails chaos. Chaos and panic are the source of casualties. Noticed a few twitter accounts that don’t have any posts from before 9/12 also. They hid stuff from last month or older. Trump’s twitter is hidden before 9/12. Follow all the OSINT Aviation geeks. Is the only way atm. Does civil tracking of birds threaten national security? Couldn’t enemies just look at civil US twitter and TG posts??? Depends, after Gaddafi died first thing SAD did was clean and take out the warlords hoarding Surface to Air Missiles. Civilians tracking birds is not a threat. It keeps you ahead of the curve. Recognizing patterns is not a threat either. You are humans you are supposed to recognize patterns. What caused the mass hysteria and why Twitter was scrubbing was the panic of the Doomsday planes being in the air 20 minutes before POTUS announced his COVID19 status. Either way if you believe that narrative something else is going on behind the scenes. Just because I don’t report on the Sniffers or the fact that they told Monkey to stop it as well does not mean the search has stopped or that Club-K is already stateside. Flight tracker apps mostly. Or the aviation geeks on Twitter.

  97. This is Hollywood right now. Recon teams are assessing and forecasting damages, Looting last night were on empty stores. People attacked stores boarded up and got empty handed, nothing to take from them. No one is reporting it on MSM. If you can, try to avoid going shopping before the announcement if you want to avoid panic buying I’m being told. Look for the list of high rank officials reporting been out of the public eye, that is “where are the CEO’s” government edition. (Underground). Shit even Police Frequency got the leak. He’s going silent. No reason for the most popular cop telegram channel to go incognito when maybe the biggest Dept of Justice announcement is tomorrow. Hmm. I might watch Greenland again tonight. Proven that after watching it several times you identify key behaviors you didn’t notice before. Goes for all of you! Our Wizard Guardians encourage multiple viewings. Let me give you one key behavior no one has commented in Doom. When the wife is taken to the senior officer and tries to plead her case, the officer said her own family wasn’t selected. That team is fully aware they are going to die and still are manning their posts guaranteeing the survival of the rebuild team. Even the Chinese Preppers emphasize: “As long as you know more information than others, your chances of survival will be higher than others." What can department of justice announce that will be very important? That part was not instructed to me or I have been told yet. What was emphasized to me was to keep watching the Sky (Air Traffic Control) and connected dots regarding absences and Continuity of Government procedures. You would be amazed who’s in the group from Billionaires to truckers to nurses to doctors to single moms. We take all the intel and do our best to paint a picture. Announcement of department of defense would be more scary or do I see that wrong? Does not matter which department. The biggest threat at the moment is Social Unrest.

  98. MonkeyWerx US: “In looking at the POTUS video where we had motion consistent to that of an acft flying, I took a shot of the AF1 cabinets (before they were renovated by Trump) and did an overlay to see if they matched, then scaled him as best as I could given the angle. Seems plausible.” “Are those ash trays?” “Could be. This was an older AF1 pic. They would likely maintain the cabinet structure and just update the cabinets themselves if they were doing an update.” “Coasters.” “I’m also a photographer and the video appears to be that of someone using a phone and bracing their elbows tightly to their torso. The motion is the person breathing. Also, the audio is local to the phone. There would be a high level of background noise on an aircraft. Sorry.” “So here is the same room with the same cabinets and a better few of the table he is sitting at. Not the same as AF1.” “On top of that if your overlay was accurate the AF1 emblem would show up in the pic with white cabinets.” “Unless it was removed for the shot; and I wasn’t implying it was the same table. Just the same room area which has been made over. Just floating the idea out there.” “But that table in your shot would be bolted to the floor, the table in the picture I show is a free standing office or home table. Also the pic I used you can see the door jams on left and right. Not possible on AF1.” “Well, actually that aircraft def has door jams. lot’s of them. go dig around on the interior pics of AF1. also note, there is no AF1 sign in this photo where the guy is standing. as for things being bolted down, they would do the same for that round table as they do the big one.” “Seriously. Where is the door jam in AF1? It is to the left of the head of the long table. But if you insist on ignoring the obvious info you have before you then great be fake news.” “Why are you getting salty? I was just showing you one of many as you said it didn’t have them. Have you done many aircraft interior overhauls in your life? I have. Many of them…” “Really then where is there space for a room that large that has the look of an office like that. Better than that tell me which carrier has that particular looking room in it. Reason I am ticked is because people are pushing a narrative on less than full info. Fake news. Let me ask you this, is it better to claim he was in hiding thus that can be used as poor leadership giving that ammo to the opposition or is it better he was seriously ill and beat it in short order with meds that are readily available thus showing CV is no worse than the flu?” “I like you going against the grain on this one. Sure a lot will troll you for it, but keep thinking outside the box.” “All good. Just trying to apply my aerospace background and knowledge to what I am seeing… I have done a few aircraft cabin overhauls in my life and the fact the cabinet doors match up certainly makes a case for it.” “It was most definitely moving.” “Just let it be. Potus did not ask us to second guess his actions :slight_smile: Not meaning to be that bitch but it is ok whatever it is. Looked like motion to me too but Potus knows what he is doing without us dissecting things.” “My thoughts exactly. It’s a ‘need to know’ thing. I only need to know he’s safe and well.” “People are trying to say that because of observable motion in his Walter Reed video. A lot of folks sayin he was on a ship some saying AF1 and not really at Walter Reed, meaning he was in some kind of hiding.” “Backgrounds are important. And Hope Hicks was in that background despite not being seen for about a year. Then 45 tweets something about her being so friendly and huggy especially around the military men. I think she was sent in w a poison of some kind and Trump knows. JMO.” “The problem is that table in AF1 does not match up to the on in video with the white cabinets.” “There is no denying everything was moving.” “Is it possible he could have been on a submarine or ship instead?” “Saw a strange aircraft yesterday at dusk, so couldn’t get any markings or id. It looked like a modern goonie bird. Big hammerhead looking nose. It was heading to Barksdale Air Force Base.” “The B52s have been doing touch and goes for the last 3 days out of Barksdale. They bank right over our house. I love to see them.” “I agree and love that you did this! My tweets the last week, have been expressing to Patriots that same thought, but to be at ease, bc our POTUS is safe. Between clues and Intel… I believe you’ve hit a bullseye! As far as drowning out background noise, that’s easily done.” “Continuity of government was uncovered a few weeks ago. Now top military leaders are going into quarantine. Iran is planning to do a first strike on America, there’s Chinese soldiers on our Canadian and Mexico borders, not to mention over a million UN peacekeepers already here.” “You have been listening to Dave Hodges too much…” “Its not just him I don’t listen to him very much. Steve Quayle and a few others are saying the same things and I’ve seen video evidence of them in Canada not to mention all the Canadians thats talking about it.” “Gotcha. Well, NOTHING would surprise me. NYTs just did an op-ed about something similar (the use of a foreign mil to remove POTUS).” “That’s their plan. Cause a civil war and activate the UN an i think there’s over 700,000 just from China here not to mention Russia and other countries or all the sleepers that’ll be activated.” “Anyone analyze the ambient background noise from that video? I can hear some chatter from a female outside of the room and it does sound like airplane noise. If you speed up the video, you’ll see the camera go up and down in motion.” “Is he on ADS-B? I got an aircraft a BE20 callsign GTMO844 but the transponder went off just after my post.” “The GTMO callsign is the base commander bird.” “B742 Callsign Trust 17 (Que).” “Good find!” “Trust 17 landed near Dayton.” “I totally agree! People were saying a boat. The movement of the note pad did not mimic a boat’s motion. Also the background sound resembles a plane much more than a boat. Great info!”