Azazel News #Recap 10/4/2020

  1. Record-breaking California wildfires surpass 4 million acres.

  2. Worst drop EVER: US economy plunges over 31% in second quarter.

  3. In the Chinese city of Chengdu, one of the shopping centers has a huge panel that creates 3D effects.

  4. Blair Brandt: “Should President Trump take strong action to hold China accountable before or after the election?”

  5. Lhasa undergoes air defense alarm test. Free Tibet has received confirmation of a scheduled air defense alarm test in Lhasa.

  6. Josh Wingrove: “National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien says mask-wearing is now mandatory for NSC staff. It had previously been voluntary.”

  7. Chinese general taunts US: Our success against you in Korea 70 years ago serves as a warning to you to stop escalating tensions.

  8. I wonder how many people will accidentally lobotomize themselves by egregiously nasal swabbing to conduct at-home COVID-19 tests?

  9. Seattle police arrested 16 people Saturday night for property destruction, assault, failure to disperse, and rendering criminal assistance after a protest.

  10. Lost Languages Discovered in One of the World’s Oldest Continuously Run Libraries. The centuries-old texts were erased, and then written over, by monks at Saint Catherine’s Monastery in Egypt.

  11. Overwhelmed Indiana food banks call for more food stamps to meet need. Indiana food bank operators call for increased federal funding for food assistance programs to take some pressure off pantries.

  12. Big Companies Are Starting to Swallow the World. The exuberant rebound of large companies while their small competitors struggle will require more vigilant government antitrust action than ever before, an economist says.

  13. M17 Aims To Replace Proprietary Ham Radio Protocols. While M17 might sound like a new kind of automatic rifle (as actually, it is), we were referring to an open source project to create a ham radio transceiver.

  14. Military Bases On The Moon: US Plans To Weaponize The Earth’s Satellite. “A secure, stable, and accessible space domain underpins our nation’s security, prosperity and scientific achievement…" [Tyler, you know damn well we are already on the moon.]

  15. Active duty suicide rates ‘on par’ with civilians, concerns grow for National Guard members in 2020: Pentagon. Over the course of 2019, some 498 active-duty U.S. military members died not on the battlefield or by accident – but by suicide – primarily by the use of a firearm.

  16. Three Gorges Dam update: Water level = 170.12 mts. Inflow =30K m^3/sec. Outflow =15.7K m^3/sec. For the first time, the level has crossed 170 mts limit during rainy season, crushing all the previous records. [Worse than it was in the summer? I wouldn’t be surprised if this is intentional. Yes.]

  17. Rantz: Seattle Schools document say math is oppressive, US government racist. Two plus two may equal four, but if a math student says five, you better not correct them, oppressor! [You can thank the asshats in the Socialist Republic of Seattle for this jackassery.]

  18. Bipartisan action needed to counter Chinese influence. We must stand up to the CCP to protect developing nations from falling into debt traps, ensure international organizations uphold global rules and standards for all countries, and advance freedom.

  19. Hey Spotify, why don’t you focus on paying artists royalties for their intellectual property rights? If there’s anything leftover after paying the light bills, then maybe you can fund the granting of your employees cosmetic wishes. K thanks. Signed - Artists Everywhere.

  20. Jon Ostrower: “The photos released by the WH tonight of the president working at Walter Reed were taken 10 minutes apart at 5:25:59 pm and 5:35:40 pm ET Saturday, according to the EXIF data embedded in both AP wire postings that were shared by the White House this evening.”

  21. UN chief: World is living in ‘shadow of nuclear catastrophe.’ The UN chief told a high-level meeting to commemorate the recent International Day for Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons that progress on ridding the world of nuclear weapons “has stalled and is at risk of backsliding.”

  22. Fearing 2nd Wave, N.Y.C. Will Adopt Restrictions in Hard-Hit Areas. “Today, unfortunately, is not a day for celebration,” the mayor said of rising virus rates. His plan would affect 20 neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens. [In the major democratic cities — the pandemic shutdowns will be allowed to end only when the virus has been eradicated. Guess when the virus will be eradicated.]

  23. About 100k people (according to protesters) came to a rally in Minsk today. A column of many thousands marched through the central streets of Minsk, demanding the release of political prisoners. Tens of thousands more are protesting in the regions. Water cannons and security forces have already started a confrontation.

  24. Tom Jarvis: “Series of buildings spotted near Lhasa in Tibet / China. Surrounded by earth mounds (with small entrance) and resembles munitions stores. Situated in an accessible but isolated steep-sided valley. Any idea what this could be? 29.4428415,90.89255718.” [Fuckers. I bet HH Dalai Lama is in a challenging position.]

  25. Bad news. In China, Dongxing Logistics station in Henan’s Luohe city, more than 4,000 dead dogs, cats, rabbits and other pets were found dead and unattended for a week. The driver of the logistics company simply threw out the load when the receiver refused to accept animals. Rescuers managed to save over 1,000 rabbits, hamsters, dogs and cats.

  26. Prepping for Shortages: “At Walmart… zero whipping cream… even fat free and the lady said no one buys fat free so that’s surprising, also low on Gerber baby food.” “I Instacart our groceries and in Santa Cruz county, CA, the level of substitutions per cart is at least half items in cart now, each time.” “No propane canisters here. I usually order a couple every pickup order at Walmart.” “1lb? We had a ton… and a sporting store did also on Friday. I check those everywhere. You can buy the refiller nozzle off Amazon for cheap and refill them yourself off a 20lb.” “Oh thank you! I have four 20 lb ones for the bbq and have been getting little ones for the camping stove.” “Oh! Get an adapter hose and just take a 20lb with you! Just make sure one side of the line has a regulator. Like my mr buddy heater has a reg on it. So I cant double regulator or it’ll have no pressure.” “I also got this little beasty: Redcamp Wood Burning Camp Stove.” “I have more of a rocket stove model.” “I feel like I might blow something up. This one is supposed to be like a rocket. I might have to modify it. It was cheap but super solid.” “Your camp stove probably has a regulator on it… a weird single circle thing that would be in line of propane flow.” “Yes it does.” “Then it’s already got a regulator. You can buy longer hose… slap a 20lber on.” “Oh sweet. My plan is to use the bbq first unless we have to bug out. Then camping stove. Then my little baby kindle burning stove.”

  27. Video from the recorder: the shelling of Stepanakert. The video shows that the Azerbaijani Armed Forces are firing cluster shells at civilians. Iranian media is reporting that the Iranian Armed Forces are deploying along the Armenia and Azerbaijan border. Armenia vows Russia will intervene militarily in the conflict with Azerbaijan according to bilateral agreements. The Iranian armed forces are deploying a number of tanks on the borders with Azerbaijan and Armenia. The video shows BM-30 Smerch heavy MLRS fired by Azerbaijani Armed Forces.

  28. MAA: “It is time for all members of our profession to acknowledge that mathematics is created by humans and therefore inherently carries human biases. Until this occurs, our community and our students cannot reach full potential." -CMPM “Anti-science Policy and the Censure of Discourse on Race and Racism.” [Math is racist!!! READ THIS WOKE BULLSHIT. The insanity continues to spread, Look at how many pages of replies roasting these fucks. I just watched yesterday’s dark horse podcast, they talked about this. They do an excellent job talking about the difference between language to describe something (intrinsic bias) vs the thing your describing (objective truth). Slowly, people realizing what it is. A nearly unstoppable new religion. Into the dark ages we go. Read This Anti-Math, Anti-Meritocracy Bullshit. Figure out more ways to incorporate math into your daily life… learn new concepts, do it for fun… be a rebel. Brett and Heather are evolutionary biologists from the political left that suddenly found themselves victims of the woke movement, beginning with the Evergreen College (WA) fiasco a few years ago. While they have political ideals that surface in various ways in their podcast, they excel in shaming the “goddamn duopoly” and shining light on the danger of the cult of “woke” and its impact on the scientific disciplines and educational institutions. The timecode that’s pinned in this link deals with the danger of conflating the language used to describe a thing (inherent bias) versus the thing it’s describing (in this case, math, objective, universal truth). If you’re interested in the rest, the beginning of the video dives into catch-22 and the cult of loyalty oaths so presciently described by Joseph Heller. They can try and shovel that horse manure called politics on top of math as much as they like, but math doesn’t care.]

  29. Elderly and Homeless: America’s Next Housing Crisis. Over the next decade, the number of elderly homeless Americans is projected to triple — and that was before Covid-19 hit. In Phoenix, the crisis has already arrived. [I’ve been screaming from the rooftops about this for the past 2 years. In California in particular, seniors and disabled individuals - many of whom are veterans - are being subjected to no-fault evictions. In Sacramento, the wait list for affordable housing or senior living facilities (for both independent and assistant living) is two and a half to five years. When trying to find housing for a family member age 70+ who was forced out of her home of 20 years, I made numerous calls and even flew there multiple times to see if an in-person plea might secure a place on a waitlist. I was told that virtually every senior, disabled or low-income housing facility in both Sacramento and Yolo counties were no longer accepting names to the wait list. One manager of a facility I visited in person told me that many seniors would die while waiting for their name to be called. Seattle spends well over a billion dollars a year on programs and legislature earmarked for fixing the homeless crisis. That is roughly a hundred thousand dollars per homeless person within the city limits. Every year the number of homeless individuals amplifies. Every year promises are made and citizens are taxed to provide low income and affordable housing in California and Washington state. Every year, the numbers increase, and the affordable housing never appears. However high-priced townhouses, condominiums and luxury apartments are constructed on every available scrap of land bigger then a milk crate. Funny how both of these “sanctuary states” want to open the borders, abolish ICE and provide free healthcare and college to undocumented immigrants, as well as low or no interest business loans and home mortgages, but they can’t provide affordable housing for seniors and the disabled.]

  30. Inside the US military’s $223 million “Doomsday Plane.” ‘Doomsday planes’ in US skies after Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis 'a warning to enemies.’ Is Trump on a boat? With a gimbal or stabilized lens it would have to compensate from vertical movement. If this was on a tripod then everything would move and you would not see any movement because all things would be moving all the same. 12 more EAMs since midnight Eastern time. “Its primary mission is serving as a signals relay, where it receives orders from a command plane such as Operation Looking Glass, and verifies and retransmits their Emergency Action Messages (EAMs) to US strategic forces.” Emergency action messages. Startcom uses ultrashort USB radio to communicate launch orders or any kind of messages for that matter (EAMs) and such in case shit. Those e6’s tow a 5 mile long antennas to talk to subs under water. Nutshell of it. The EAM is emergency action messages coded between POTUS & NORAD etc. in the event of an attack, the USA is prepared to retaliate or stand in defense of Liberty. I monitor activity. I promise you although tense, we are NOT at War only defensive condition. A drill I thought at first. Fuck. Not a drill. Too much already in motion from multiple angles. Yeah definitely too much for comfort now. Evergreen Intel: “Is President Trump still planning on traveling? Pair of C-17s on presidential equipment duty out of DC/Andrews currently. 03-3120 (AE119D) 07-7175 (AE146D)” E3 just took off from Tinker. Watched it leave. Also a G5 departed DC at the same time. SAM689 - ANDREWS TO MACDILL. Hmmmm. I wonder who was on that flight. I’ve seen a few flights from MacDill to GITMO recently. [Morning. This really concerns me the EAM. How often did they go out before? Not this frequently. Look, I cannot decipher them. The frequency they’re happening is what concerns me. Anyone who tells you this is routine is a moron. Yeah I doubt the operators even know the meaning, they just deliver it. You have a sitting president bullshitting that he’s at Walter Reed when we all know it’s connected to Site R and Mount Weather. And Emergency Alert Messages being sent out at a high level frequencies. Saw something about “USSS on high alert” just now on Twitter. No link or follow up. Literally just the quoted text by a "no name.” Cataclysm event?! Can’t say for sure, only that we’ve never seen such an uptick. EAM’s are at an all time high. The sky over DC is busy. Surface normal. First layer. Blocked and lots of no call sign. Vegas active. Lots of Janets. Very active skies. Why admit POTUS is sick and move him? What kind of planes are these? Seen crazy stuff happen military wise. Out of state visiting family. This was just straight up strange. As they were in military formation and some of the loudest military planes I’ve heard before. Any thoughts to what planes these are and what’s up? I mean could be nothing but figured to post anyways as very unusual activity during the times we are in. Search it and see if you can find a match! Be good research. A skill we encourage each other to build here. Then report back. There’s a few AF folk on here from the knowledge they’ve shared. They may confirm. People asking a lot of good questions on the MSM press release photo of POTUS. Ok I will. What do you suggest for search terms? C130… fantastic airplane. Hercules Hercules! Where was this? It doesn’t look like nothing.

  31. Site R is the Alternate Joint Communications Center (AJCC) located in Raven Rock mountain [hence the name Site R] just over the Pennsylvania State Line near Waynesboro, Pa. The DISA Site-R Computer Operations staff provides computer services to the NCA, the Joint Staff, the OSD and other DoD agencies through Memorandums of Agreement (MOAs). The facility functions as the disaster recovery site for the JSSC’s GMC and DISA GCC. The various service [Army, Navy and Air Force] Emergency Operations Centers (AFEOC) are also located at Site R. Support is provided 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The facility’s Operations Center, DCS Technical Control Facility, the Northeast Dial Service Assistance Center and Information Center provide planning, installation, operation, and maintenance of over 38 communications systems (switching, transmission, data distribution, visual information, and power generation) that support the various customers of the Alternate Joint Communications Center Site R. The initial concept for the Alternate Joint Communications Center originated in 1948. After the Soviet Union detonated its first nuclear weapon in 1949, a high priority was established for the Joint Command Post to be placed in a protected location with close proximity to Washington, D.C. for swift relocation of the National Command Authorities and the Joint Communications Service. In 1950, President Truman approved Raven Rock Mountain, Pennsylvania, as part of Camp Albert Ritchie, Maryland. This new site was named the Alternate Joint Communications Center (AJCC) Site R (R for Raven Rock). In 1951, construction of the facility began, and in 1953, the AJCC Site R became operational.

  32. The Raven Rock Mountain Complex (RRMC), also known as Site R, is a U.S. military installation with an underground nuclear bunker near Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania, at Raven Rock Mountain that has been called an "underground Pentagon”. The bunker has emergency operations centers for the United States Army, Navy, Air Force and United States Marine Corps. Along with Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center in Virginia and the Cheyenne Mountain Complex in Colorado, it formed the core bunker complexes for the US Continuity of Government plan during the Cold War to survive a nuclear attack. The installation’s largest tenant unit is the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, and RRMC communications are the responsibility of the 114th Signal Battalion. The facility has 38 communications systems, and the Defense Information Systems Agency provides computer services at the complex. Raven Rock Mountain is adjacent to Jacks Mountain on the north while Miney Branch flows west-to-east between them in the Potomac River Watershed. The 1820 Waynesboro-Emmitsburg Turnpike with toll station for the 1787 crossroad was constructed between the mountains, where the Fight at Monterey Gap was conducted after the 1863 Battle of Gettysburg (Stuart’s artillery at Raven Rock Gap shelled Federal troops.) In 1870, copper ore was discovered to the north, and the nearby Fountain Dale Springs House was established in 1874. The scenic area’s mountain recreation facilities to the west included the 1877 Pen Mar Park, the 1878 High Rock Tower, the 1885 Monterey Country Club, and several resorts (e.g., Blue Mountain House, Buena Vista Springs Hotels, & Washington Cliff House). The 1889 Jacks Mountain Tunnel on the Western Extension (Baltimore and Harrisburg Railway) was completed near Raven Rock Mountain, and nearby stations were at Blue Ridge Summit and Charmian. The Army’s 1942 Camp Ritchie was built southwest of the resorts, and a local road was built eastward from Blue Ridge Summit and intersected the north-south Fountaindale-Sabillasville Road (the intersection now provides access to the RRMC main gate.) Planning for a protected Cold War facility near Washington, D.C. began in 1948 for relocation of military National Command Authorities and the Joint Communications Service. The planned deep underground communications center was identified in the original 1950 federal petition to seize the Beard Lot, a 1,500-foot-high, mile-long hill located at Fountaindale and extending east and south along the Waynesboro-Emmitsburg road, The “Declaration of Taking” for “United States of America Versus 1,100 Acres of Land” was filed at the Adams County courthouse on 23 January 1951, and made the government the official owner of the 280-acre tract seized from four properties (17 total properties had been requested by 15 February—some only for temporary use). South of and above the Carson service station on the Sunshine trail, bulldozers began work on 19 January 1951; by 3 February a roadway to the site had been leveled behind a farmhouse; and by 24 February underground work had commenced (40 men working “normally” on that date were only performing above-ground construction). By 26 May the Army had named the landform Raven Rock Mountain (“Raven Rock” is a pillar landform to the north along the mountain range) and listed its elevation as 1,527 feet. By 17 October 1951, there had been two deaths: one due to premature dynamite detonation in the Beard Lot tunnel, and another due to crushing of a power-shovel operator. The S. A. Healy Company was working on the alternate Pentagon in November 1951, when Washington [announced] a cut-back in defense appropriations would affect the installation. On 16 January 1952, the government indicated that when completed, the bunker would have a standby group of approximately 100 personnel. Because of construction damage to the Sunshine Trail, the US said it would rebuild the trail in any fashion the state desired. By 29 March 1952, more than 100 workers were striking from building additional Raven Rock housing at Camp Ritchie, which was to be a supplemental installation for the underground Pentagon at Fountaindale. No work was going on in the Raven Rock (Beard Lot) tunnel at that time. Local travelers having to bypass on the serpentine on the slope between Monterey and Fountaindale grew frustrated during the delay (the incomplete tunnel was derogatorily dubbed “Harry’s Hole,” for President Truman.) By 7 April 1952, United Telephone Company rights of way had been secured for four tracts, including one in Cumberland Township. Easements for three additional private tracts were filed by the government in December 1953 (a 1954 lawsuit against the U.S. by Alfred Holt was seeking $2,000 an acre for his 140-acre woodlot atop the Beard Lot [after] turning down an offer of $2,800 from the government.) A 1952 Army history disclosed Raven Rock information. Three underground buildings were completed in 1953, the year a guard shelter burned on the installation. By April 1954, “Little Pentagon” development had cost $35,000,000. After the 1954 Air Defense Command blockhouse was built at Ent Air Force Base, where the joint 1955 Continental Air Defense Command was activated, in August 1955 OSD approved the automatic activation of Raven Rock’s Alternate Joint Communication Center on declaration of air defense warning or notice of surprise attack (SAC similarly completed a bunker in 1955). The AJCC was equipped with command and control (C2) hardware by the end of 1955. In July 1956 at Raven Rock, a joint War Room Annex was established and was operated by the Air Force, and Raven Rock’s readiness was broadened in April 1957 [for] activation prior to emergency if JCS thought it necessary. By 1959, the services as well as JCS regarded Raven Rock as their primary emergency deployment center. For the Air Force, it served as Headquarters USAF Advanced, capable of receiving the Chief of Staff and key officers. After President Dwight D. Eisenhower expressed concern about nuclear command and control, a 1958 reorganization in National Command Authority relations with the joint commands was implemented. On 1 July 1958 Raven Rock’s USAF facility, ADCC (Blue Ridge Summit), became one of the 33 NORAD Alert Network Number 1 stations (but with receive-only capability as at TAC Headquarters, Sandia Base, and the Presidio at San Francisco.) On 20 October 1960, the JCS instructed the Joint Staff to establish a Joint Alternate Command Element (JACE) for rotating battle staffs to Raven Rock for temporary duty. In November 1960, consoles at the Pentagon’s Joint War Room became operational, and the Raven Rock JACE was activated on 11 July 1961 under USAF Brig. Gen. Willard W. Smith [with the 5] staffs permanently stationed in Washington and an administrative section at Ft. Ritchie —rotations began in October 1961 (Fort Ritchie also had the OSD Defense Emergency Relocation Site.) An expansion project by the Frazier – Davis – McDonald Company was underway in December 1961 at the "little Pentagon”, and bunker personnel were evacuated during a 1962 fire. Pentagon construction to provide an entire JCS center at the Joint War Room opened the National Military Command Center (NMCC) in early October 1962. It was initially considered an interim center until a nearby Deep Underground Command Center (DUCC) could be completed after which Raven Rock would be phased out as superfluous, whichever version [50-man or 300-man DUCC] was chosen, but neither was built - nor were SAC’s similar Deep Underground Support Center or NORAD’s Super Combat Centers. Raven Rock’s joint War Room, USAF ADCC, and other facilities were designated the Alternate National Military Command Center (ANMCC) on 1 October 1962 when the Burroughs SS-416L Control and Warning Support System with the Semi Automatic Ground Environment had been deployed (Back-Up Interceptor Control began at North Bend AFS in December.) The term AJCC remained in use, only [for] the Army-managed communications complex. On 17 October 1962, DOD Directive S-5100.30 conceived the Worldwide Military Command and Control System with five groups of C2 systems: the National Military Command System was the primary group (to serve the President/SECDEF/JCS) and was to contain the Pentagon NMCC, Raven Rock’s ANMCC, 3 NEACP aircraft on 24-hour ground alert, 2 NECPA ships, and interconnecting communications—the Raven Rock bunker was hardened further to about 140 psi blast resistance by 1963 when the Cheyenne Mountain nuclear bunker was being completed for tbd psi. The USAF’s subsequent IBM 473L Command and Control System with AN/FYA-2 Integrated Data Transfer Consoles and Large Panel Display Subsystem had equipment deployed at both the NMCC and ANMCC (a 2nd IBM 1410 computer was installed by 15 December 1966.) The USACC Site R Telecommunications Center was designated in 1976, and the 1977 Alternate National Military Command and Control Center Improvement Program was worked on by the DoD Special Projects Office (later renamed Protective Design Center) for a new deep underground C2 center with >3 mi (4.8 km) of air entrainment tunnels (cancelled in 1979.) After the 2001 September 11 attacks, Vice President Dick Cheney used Raven Rock as a protected site away from President George W. Bush. The Raven Rock Mountain Complex was declared part of the Pentagon Reservation under 10 U.S.C. § 2674(g) and on May 25, 2007, DoD policy declared it is unlawful for any person entering or on the property …"to make any photograph, sketch, picture, drawing, map or graphical representation of the Raven Rock Mountain Complex without first obtaining the necessary permission.” In 1977, the bunker had an Emergency Conference Room, and the Current Action Center was a military intelligence unit (an Air Force general was responsible for overseeing the installation’s communications).

  • In the TV series Jeremiah, Raven Rock is a setting and on Prison Break, Raven Rock is an identified location.
  • The complex has an important role in the 2013 sci-fi movie Oblivion, in which it is the headquarters of an underground resistance movement against an alien invasion.
  • In the Fallout universe, it is home to the Enclave, a post-apocalyptic successor to the U.S. government, on the East Coast in Fallout 3, and referenced in Fallout 76 as having been in contact with the AI at the Whitespring Bunker (the real world Project Greek Island) until communications between them were deliberately cut. Publisher Bethesda also used the name for a location in the Elder Scrolls universe.
  • In the third book of the One Second After series, Raven Rock is referred to as “Site R” and is used by the U.S. government to house highly important citizens and government officials.
  • In the TV series Salvation, Raven Rock is referred to as a site to house government officials in the case of an asteroid collision with earth.
  • In the book series Mitch Rapp, the president and his cabinet are moved to “Site R” multiple times throughout the series.