Azazel News #Recap 10/31/2020

  1. As we move towards Election Day: “Someone asked me, ‘Aren’t you worried about the state of the world?’ I allowed myself to breathe and then I said, ‘What is most important is not to allow your anxiety about what happens in the world to fill your heart. If your heart is filled with anxiety, you will get sick and you will not be able to help.’” - Thich Nhat Hanh

  2. Seismic Swarms and Sulfur Smells At Kīlauea Volcano.

  3. 3 fires in Dallas; 2 buildings evacuated.

  4. LAPD in search for people smashing store fronts.

  5. Largest Hail Ever as Civilization Timeline Re-Written Again.

  6. Calling it now. Prediction: El Paso will be Ground Zero for Super-strain or Dark Winter.

  7. Weekly reminder that Paul Graham is an absolute retard when it comes to statistics, and always has been.

  8. Get ready for the big switch. 2016 repeat. Hope you listened and learned about the Prediction Markets.

  9. San Francisco curbs virus but once-vibrant downtown is empty.

  10. Chicago: businesses around the country are boarding up to prepare for next week.

  11. Daniel Taylor: “Boaz Walmart shelves empty of ammo.”

  12. Deb: “You can’t even find ammo in Arizona. The shelves have been empty for months.”

  13. Tomas Morales: “My liberal uncle despises Newsom for not reopening most businesses here.”

  14. Prepping Pappa: “Walmart with empty gun and ammunition shelves Charles Town WV.”

  15. Chris Evans: “The only black we have is injured. We need him on the front lines!!!”

  16. Boston Receives 3X More Snow Than Ever Before In Recorded History - Earthquake Recovery Continues.

  17. Earthquake M 5.1 Costa Rica 2020-11-02 05:01:09.8 UTC. Location: 10.02 N ; 84.08 W. Depth: 86 km.

  18. Johnson & Johnson to test coronavirus vaccine in children. The company plans to test the vaccine on people aged 12 to 18.

  19. COVID-19 Antibodies May Last Longer Than Researchers Thought. A study found antibodies against COVID-19 in recovered patients up to five months after their infection.

  20. Study says high rate of symptomless COVID-19 infection among grocery store workers. A new study finds grocery store workers also have alarming rates of infection.

  21. Mark Zuckerberg just told Congress to upend the internet. “People of all political persuasions are unhappy with the status quo."

  22. Clashes intensify tonight in Rome as Italians rise up against Conte and his socialist government’s draconian lockdown rules.

  23. UK PM Borris Johnson announced a national lockdown over Britain from this upcoming Thursday, schools and worship places will stay open.

  24. Seattle Police Dept.: “People in the group have started breaking windows and have set a small fire. The group has passed 13/Cherry.”

  25. Google’s Project Zero discloses Windows 0day that’s been under active exploit. Security flaw lets attackers escape sandboxes designed to contain malicious code.

  26. Kitty Shackleford: “Another broken window. Christian Science Reading Room Building. Last clip and this one are from Common Sense Conservative YT, link above.”

  27. Huge spider assumed extinct in Britain discovered on MoD training site. Described as ‘gorgeous’ by the man who found it, the great fox-spider has not been seen since 1993.

  28. Shooting near the Greek church in Lyon. According to preliminary data, at least one person was injured. The shooter went on the run, the area was cordoned off by the police.

  29. Andy Ngô: “BLM-antifa rioters stole flags from the Washington State Patrol building in Vancouver, Wash. and lit them on fire. They chant about burning every precinct to the ground.”

  30. Entertainment workers protest as Merkel announces German lockdown. “It is very clear we must act, and now,” said German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as she laid out plans for a temporary national lockdown in November.

  31. Take notice. Taiwan is under rapid mobilization. Fuzhou Railway Station is a railway station on the Taiwan Railways Administration West Coast line located in Banqiao District, New Taipei, Taiwan.

  32. BNO News: “Man wearing medieval clothes and armed with a bladed weapon causes ‘multiple victims’ near provincial parliament in Quebec City, police say.” Quebec City: Police are going nuts trying to find the swordsman.

  33. Walmart closes west El Paso Sam’s Club for disinfection due to Covid-19 spread concerns. A west El Paso Sam’s Club store was abruptly closed Saturday due to apparent concerns about the the spread of Covid-19.

  34. Exxon to Slash 14,000 Jobs Worldwide as Oil Demand Drops. Exxon Mobil will lay off an estimated 14,000 workers, about 15% of its global workforce, including 1,900 workers in the U.S., the company announced Thursday.

  35. Take note, especially if you or your loved ones are in California. This jives with the preparation reports we saw coming from the City of Beverly Hills. Stock up, stay in, be careful.

  36. Colorado survivalist camp with bunkers, weapons and guard towers prepared for post-election turmoil. A survivalist community in southern Colorado is gearing up for the worst come Election Day.

  37. As French hunker down for second Covid-19 lockdown, the new rules explained. On Friday, France began its second lockdown in just seven months in a nationwide effort to curb the country’s renewed surge in Covid-19 cases.

  38. A groundbreaking genetic screening tool for human organoids. Many of the fundamental principles in biology and essentially all pathways regulating development were identified in so-called genetics screens.

  39. Colorado’s Historic October Cold Turns Deadly. Mainstream institutions, particularly the media, have made it their mission to demonize heat, but history shows us this stance makes no sense.

  40. Heather Newburn: “Walmart supposedly reversed this today but we were in Walmart in small southern city tonight and there were no guns, ammo, cell phones, tablets or things such as that to be seen. Displays were empty.”

  41. Temporarily closed for self discovery: “I’m just saying… guns and ammo been FLYING off the shelves, back order for months, stores completely empty… and guess who buying more than the majority?”

  42. Biden Team Cancels Texas Event After Highway ‘Ambush’ by MAGA Cavalry. Dozens of pickup trucks, many with Trump flags, surrounded a Biden campaign bus as it traveled from San Antonio to Austin.

  43. Trump Camp Uses Online Gimmick to Fuel Donations Into December. The Trump campaign is now automatically checking a box to create recurring weekly donations from supporters until mid-December.

  44. Andy Ngô: “BLM-antifa protesters from Portland march through a residential area of Vancouver, Wash. & shine lights into people’s home. They chant for the “mother f—kers” to wake up.”

  45. Dramatic Reading of the Bitcoin Whitepaper. A Dramatic Reading of Bitcoin’s Whitepaper with music, animation and a little bit of humor to help newbies and HODLers alike learn what started it all.

  46. Kitty Shackleford: “Louisville, KY BLM is trying to fight people at a restaurant they came across and were throwing things at the patrons who were trying to enjoy themselves in the outdoor dining area.”

  47. Sean Connery: James Bond actor dies aged 90. He was the first to bring James Bond to the big screen and played the role seven times. James Bond Sean Connery Tribute. [Noooooooooooooo!!! Oh my god, 2020. STOP.]

  48. Serj Tankian discusses “high probability of genocide of Armenians” in new interview. Serj Tankian has discussed the ongoing instability in the Republic of Artsakh, saying there is a “high probability of genocide of Armenians”.

  49. France locking down, UK locking down, round 2 of lockdowns here we come. Governments are sending in the ratting dogs to kill off the last of the survivors, with those survivors being the small businesses. Belgium also this evening.

  50. ‘Every City Is Preparing For It’: Here’s What Police Are Doing Ahead Of Possible Election Unrest. Police departments are set to cancel days off, prepare tactical response teams and gather intelligence about possible election unrest as Nov. 3 approaches.

  51. Cerno: “Hey Gavin Newsom, We went trick or treating. Because FUCK YOU. Your kid’s private school is open while others are closed. Your winery was kept open. You are truly evil - an aspiring fascist. (I never said that about Obama.) You are just legitimately scum of the planet.”

  52. A new spin on atoms gives scientists a closer look at quantum weirdness. When atoms get extremely close, they develop intriguing interactions that could be harnessed to create new generations of computing and other technologies.

  53. The local farmers in Thailand pulled out the teeth of the monkeys and forced them to pick coconuts. Costco announced that it would stop importing coconut products from Thailand in order to fight against the abuse and exploitation of animals. [Monkey slavery is real.]

  54. Dillon Thomas: “THE TP…AGAIN?! Shelves across Colorado are once again emptying of toilet paper… the unexplainable currency of COVID-19 Shoppers in the Denver metro area have reported a shortage again… and now it’s impacting stores in Northern Colorado as well. (This is Windsor).”

  55. Will of Terrell: “I went to see the empty ammo shelves today in Dallas. It is historical. They are almost entirely empty. Only the practice bullets are available, and only a couple boxes of those. Be safe on and after the election, everyone.”

  56. but spooky: “I know very well about the ammo shortage :(. That’s why I was asking, like were the shelves empty because they’re not stocking, or because everyone bought it all Looked it up, they don’t sell handgun ammo anymore.”

  57. Artificial intelligence model detects asymptomatic COVID-19 infections through cellphone-recorded coughs. Asymptomatic people who are infected with COVID-19 exhibit, by definition, no discernible physical symptoms of the disease.

  58. KC2LVII: “Yesterday, I went to 4 gun stores. All of the stores were packed. People buying guns, like lotto tickets. Not a liberal in sight. Also, wanted to buy more ammo. Ammo shelves empty. I guess everybody in my area, all of the sudden decided, at the same time to go hunting.”

  59. Death toll jumps to 230 after Typhoon “Molave” strikes central Vietnam. At least 230 people have lost their lives in flood and landslide events due to severe weather in central Vietnam this month, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said Friday, October 30, 2020.

  60. Early-season snow and freezing temperatures hit Mexico’s Chihuahua. The first snowfall of the season has arrived in Chihuahua, Mexico, on October 27, 2020, accompanied by rains and below-freezing temperatures as low as -8 °C (17.6 °F).

  61. The rumors that the Ammunition companies are under orders to stop manufacturing are 100% due to an executive order. Ran this morning for an item for the wife… went past ammo, 100% gone. I have more than enough… and enough 22lr to barter with. But just looking.

  62. South Korea reports 83 deaths among people given flu jabs amid safety concerns with government vaccination program. South Korea has reported that 83 people have died after receiving flu shots, a week after Seoul said it would probe its mass vaccination program.

  63. A Rare Hybrid of a Comet And an Asteroid Is Showing Off Its Cometary Traits. Centaurs are rare celestial objects that can combine some of the different features of asteroids and comets. They’re basically rocky in nature, like asteroids, but can also throw out clouds of dust and gas as their exteriors vaporize, like comets.

  64. More than 40 dead or missing after landslide hits San Salvador volcano, El Salvador. A large landslide triggered by heavy rains hit the northeastern flank of the San Salvador volcano in El Salvador late October 29 (LT), 2020. The slide hit the village of Los Angelitos on the slopes of the volcano, burying 60 homes and damaging 75.

  65. Meanwhile, in China. An unidentified flying object has been reported in Tongliao, the prefecture-level city of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Nocturnal re-entry was reported on October 31 (like the previous video) but this time in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province (Aka Northwestern Manchuria). China Blue.

  66. Governor Cuomo announced that New York State is now requiring travelers from non-neighboring states to get tested for COVID-19 before and after arrival, but quarantine could be cut to just four days if both results are negative. Gov. Cuomo announces mandatory COVID-19 testing for out-of-state travelers.

  67. Fact Checks and Context for Wayback Machine Pages - Internet Archive Blogs. Fact checking organizations and origin websites sometimes have information about pages archived in the Wayback Machine. The Internet Archive has started to surface some of these annotations for Wayback Machine users. [Woke fucks.]

  68. All Synagogues & Jewish Schools In Nice Closed On Fears Of Islamic Terror Attacks. The 2015 Charlie Hebdo massacre ended siege at a kosher supermarket where 4 Jewish shoppers were murdered… [This is what, the 5th terrorist attack in France this week? Second one today. Fifth in two weeks.]

  69. Nate Silver: “I’m sure assholes like you would give “my profession” a hard time in pursuit of whatever vainglorious angle you’re trying to play. But 10% things happen 10% of the time and empirically based on our forecasts that’s exactly how often they do happen.” Nathan J Robinson: “Can we agree then that if he does win, you and those in your profession are useless and should be ignored?”

  70. Unless electronics are disabled with an EMP. And even if your electronics were safe inside a Faraday, the receivers likely weren’t. That said, I may or may not own BTC myself… Just saying that everyone should also be keeping a stash of some fiat crap, some valuables (gold, silver, jewelry) and MANY items of value to trade!! Value being usefulness for survival, not pretty to look at like gold/jewels. FWIW.

  71. That Guy Over There: “Nate: I give Trump a 2% chance of winning. Trump wins. Nate: See I predicted Trump would win. Libs: Nate is so smart.” xman_11530: “Like the weatherman who calls for a 70% chance of rain and when it doesn’t rain he says, “See, I was right!” zero profit: “Nate Silver never apologizes for being wrong. He doubles down on it. He is a true cold blooded Democrat.” Weather Vane: “Late deciders breaking hard for Trump. This is a national trend.”

  72. Honeywell fires up the H1, its second-generation quantum computer. Pharma giant Merck and shipper DHL are interested in using the powerful machine. Honeywell, a surprise new entrant into quantum computers, is one of a several companies hoping to revolutionize computing. Tech giants IBM, Google, Intel and Microsoft also have serious quantum computing programs, and startups such as Rigetti Computing and IonQ are in the fray with their own machines. [Disclosure.]

  73. Illegal Halloween party with nearly 400 people shut down by deputies in NYC. At least nine people whom officials described as the party organizers were charged with multiple misdemeanors and health violations, officials said. NYC SHERIFF: 10/31/20 @ 0100HRS: Deputy Sheriffs shut down illegal bar/party inside warehouse at 23 Meadow Street, Brooklyn: 387+ people violation of emergency orders, 9 organizers charged with multiple misdemeanors, Administrative Code, Health Code & Alcoholic Beverage Control Law offenses.”

  74. Barrett, Raymond highlight Space Force’s achievements, path forward. Department of the Air Force Secretary, Barbara M. Barrett, offered an upbeat assessment Oct. 28 of the Space Force’s development while also describing in stark terms how the shifting security. As SF approaches end of first year of operation emphasis will shift to integrating the forces of its partners and declassifying hidden technologies to deter adversaries. “It’s time for us to take a new look at what we classify,” Barrett said. “We don’t deter people from their negative behavior if they don’t know what our capabilities are. We reveal to deter, and conceal to win.”

  75. New York Times advocates repealing California’s constitutional ban on racial discrimination: Californians, Vote Yes on Prop 16. Banning any consideration of race, gender or ethnicity in public university admissions and public contracting was a mistake with big consequences. Top donors in support of legalizing discrimination in California. Big tech - (Steve Balmer and his wife) legalizing discrimination so they can get away with hiring even more cheap H1Bs and firing expensive Americans. Teachers unions - legalizing discrimination so they can get away with eliminating the last few men who are teachers. ACLU - because they went crazy woke. Follow the money.

  76. Are you still going dark/bunker around Election time? No. Never. What are the conditions for the ending of your mission here? More so asking for our own preparedness without a cohesive central backbone. Hmmm. I might have asked a sensitive question. Forget it. 999 weeks after the 9/11 attacks in 2001: US Election Day 2020. I’ll be around. Remember the channels are all training with no hand holding, to have you focus on skill sets and what happens after disclosure. The Sky is not the limit. Consider us as guidance counselors. I’m not here for money. But betterment of mankind. Are the channels going off after election day? No. Thanks. I won’t abandon you guys. We will still be up. We are still a super small group. Rather we be exclusive. Imagine we were as big as the Russian rooms or Iranian rooms. 100k deep. It would be a mess. Hahahaha for sure. The rules are quite clear here and people are calm. That’s great.

  77. WOW. Tucker goes after another Fox News Reporter! Tucker Carlson Tonight: Media Collusion is the True Threat to Democracy. Reporters are supposed to be tough on people with power. That’s why we have journalism: to keep a close eye on those who have outsized influence over our lives. The people we should watch carefully would include business moguls, the intel agencies, prominent academics and cultural figures, military leaders and, most obviously, our politicians. The rest of us can’t really know what the people in charge are doing. A reporter’s job is to find out. So in the end, the real threat to America isn’t too many nasty questions from reporters. It’s the opposite. The real threat is collusion. When journalists strike secret alliances with the very people they’re supposed to be holding accountable, the country loses. Lies go unchallenged. Democracy can’t function. That’s what is happening now. Journalists like Carlson and Greenwald are putting protecting the fourth estate first. Heroic in the current climate. Respect. Seaman and Johnstone got ousted from their rags for reporting honestly four years ago and had to go independent to counter, ask difficult questions, and continue to work. We saw strong pushes for honest reporting from people like Whitney Webb emerge from this, all in the shadow of throwing Assange down a hole somewhere. I wish more journalists had this kind of courage and integrity. Now that the writing is on the wall, perhaps more courageous voices will emerge. Fingers crossed. Gaby Weber is doing extraordinary work. But her stuff is mostly in German. Good. We need voices in many languages. Speaking of which, RIP Udo Ulfkotte.

  78. Gulf States show interest to purchase Israeli-made air defense missile systems. Gulf States could be interested to purchase military equipment from Israel including the Iron Dome, a mobile all-weather air defense missile system. Weapons Diplomacy. Recently, US President Donald Trump said that there are up to 10 countries that he expects to soon normalize relations with Israel. United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Sudan have now opened diplomatic relations with Israel. The Times of Israel reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced in October 2020 that Israel would not oppose the US sale of “certain weapon systems” to the United Arab Emirates. Citing the Israeli Newspaper website, several Gulf States have expressed initial interest in buying air defense missile defense systems from Israel as the Iron Dome, as well as actual military equipment to defend oil installations against missile attack.

  79. Bridget Phetasy: “Everyone thinks they’re some fucking hero. The Resistance. Antifa. MAGA. NeverTrumpers. Everyone is a hero in their own personal battle of good vs. evil. And no one thinks they’re evil. We’re all pieces of shit. We are spoiled American fatasses and people are still starving.” The Babylon Bee: “Man Who Agrees With The Media, Universities, Corporations, And Hollywood Thinks He’s Part Of The Resistance.” [She’s right too.] WFP Chief warns of grave dangers of economic impact of Coronavirus as millions are pushed further into hunger. [Hope you are aware that both sides agreed to not talk about the incoming good shortages during the debates on purpose for the candidate who wins will have to deal with it.] ‘Instead of Coronavirus, the Hunger Will Kill Us.’ A Global Food Crisis Looms. The world has never faced a hunger emergency like this, experts say. It could double the number of people facing acute hunger to 265 million by the end of this year. Virus-linked hunger tied to 10,000 child deaths each month. The lean season is coming for Burkina Faso’s children. World Bank, UN, Harvard Warn COVID-19 Lockdowns Leading To Global Starvation. Cure worse than the disease? 30 MILLION face starvation as Covid-19 economic shutdown hurts most vulnerable, UN food chief warns.

  80. Rare Halloween ‘blue moon’ will light up the sky tonight. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, such an event occurring on Halloween only happens every 18 to 19 years. Halloween will be extra spooky this year with a full moon set to close out the month. The second full moon of October is the Hunter’s Blue Moon and will appear on Oct. 31, Halloween night. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, such an event occurring on Halloween only happens every 18 to 19 years. Since it is the second full moon of the month, it takes on the name “Blue Moon.” It will not be blue in color as the name suggests. “Some folks believe that this full moon was called the Hunter’s Moon because it signaled the time to go hunting in preparation for winter,” the almanac noted. Typically, there are only 12 full moons in a given year, but 2020 will have 13 with two in the month of October. The first full moon of the month was the Harvest Moon, and it light up the sky on Oct. 1. The Hunter’s Blue Moon will peak at 10:51 a.m. on Halloween morning and will appear full during the night as well. But enjoy the creepy full moon on Halloween while it lasts. The next full moon on Halloween will not happen until 2039. [Red Black Mass will be happening tonight.]

  81. A handful of friends IG accounts were disabled last night. Anyone else seeing more censorship on FB and IG yesterday? Yeah they shadow banned people with IG and algorithms when scrolling don’t tend to show certain accounts posts stories etc. You’re the product. If it bothers you, vote by removing your content. No product, no relevance. Dead in the water. Sorry, clowns. Game over. Article on Joe and Hunter Biden Censored By The Intercept. An attempt to assess the importance of the known evidence, and a critique of media lies to protect their favored candidate, could not be published at The Intercept. According to public information on Twitter, the top three institutional shareholders of Twitter are: Pilot Investment 10.33%, BlackRock Group 6.60%, Morgan Stanley Investment Management Company 5.86%, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey only holds 2.3 % Of equity, its right to speak is relatively weak. Twitter’s left-leaning is more from institutional major shareholders; in contrast, Zuckerberg holds 368 million shares of more than 12% of the equity in Facebook, and Facebook is left-leaning More from Xiaozha himself! Jesus Fucking Christ. CENSORSHIP!!! Must be destroyed. YouTube: “Using technology to more consistently apply age restrictions. Yoday, we’re announcing a continuation of these efforts to live up to our regulatory obligations around the world and to provide age-appropriate experiences when people come to YouTube.” European youth about to learn the pains of big tech censorship, the hard way. Important: From tomorrow a ‘Conservative’ government has legally obliged the quango Ofcom to oversee what you are allowed to watch or say on video channels like YouTube, BitChute etc. This is not primarily illegal content but content that may “impair your physical, mental or moral development”. If it sounds like a Communist policy, it’s probably because it is. You may wonder why the media have been silent on the subject. Good job giving up your rights to the EU. “Censorship-driven Spotify employees internally flagged the the recent Alex Jones Joe Rogan episode. A small number of Spotify employees are outraged.” Knew it was no “accident.” Fucking knew it. More importantly, check into the ownership of the companies that own the most Twitter stock. You’re going to see a lot of CCP involvement that directly explains the censorship pushes we’re seeing. Big Tech is beholden to its investors and the revenue it gains from ad spend. We looked into this back in March/April. The money trail is all public record, right out in the open.

  82. Watch the Boeing commercial. Look what’s happened. “The Future Is Built Here. At Boeing, we are building the future. One where we connect, protect, explore and inspire the world. A future that’s here today.” They took the Mars base out of it. Compare the two. Burn/save the original with the Martian base (Aries Prime) in 52 seconds. It’s been removed from the original version on YouTube. Holy shit. That is crazy. Why edit that out. I mean I get why. But why put it in at all? Just a teaser? Maybe it’s only removed in US? Greenland started in cinema on 29th October here in some countries in Europe… but now lockdowns… I think it went to buyable online now. I see it also in video. 51-52 it’s there in both. Greenland will now be available to audiences on digital platforms starting December 18, and 48-hour rentals will be offered for $19.99. You can see Greenland on telegram. Not best quality but works. Yeah we all watched it as a group. I must be losing my mind. It’s back now. You’re cracking. We need to keep watching it. May remove it in future. No, I’m with a witness and it was not there an hour ago. I don’t doubt it was removed. I’ll continue to monitor it. It’s back but it was not there an hour ago. We just keep watching it see if it leaves again. IDK creepy Mandela effect. I find it just as odd its there vs not. Like at all. Never mind. I’ll post some news soon.

  83. Time for a small class. “The Mob Is Coming For You.
    Our society is transforming from an orderly republic into a wild and radical democracy.” The constitution of the Roman Republic was designed as a corrective to democracy. Specifically, it was hoping to protect against the excesses of Athenian-style direct democracy. About twice a month in Athens, citizens voted into law almost anything they wished. About six to seven thousand citizens would squeeze into a hillside amphitheater known as the Pnyx and were swayed by demagogues (“people leaders”) into voting for or against whatever the cause de jour was. Our term “democracy” comes from the Greek dêmos-kratos, which means “people-power.” In furor at a rebellion, for example, Athenians once voted to kill all of the adult male subjects of the island of Lesbos—only to repent the next day and vote again to execute just some, hoping that their second messenger ship rowed fast enough across the Aegean to catch the first bearing the original death sentence. In a fit of pique, the popular court voted to execute the philosopher Socrates, fine the statesman Pericles, and ostracize the general Aristides. Being successful, popular, rich, or controversial always proved to be a career liability in a democracy like the one that ruled Athens. The Romans knew enough about mercurial ancient Athens to appreciate that they did not want a radical democracy. Instead, they sought to take away absolute power from the people and redistribute it within a “mixed” government. When has direct democracy ever been tried? When has direct democracy ever gotten anything wrong? Surprisingly - few are aware that these historical events exist at all. Overly-direct democracy — Murderer of Socrates. Murderer of Silicon Valley. What’s next?

  84. Portland Police: Members of the group have also thrown projectiles at police and pepper sprayed community member bystanders. To those marching on NE 11th Ave and through the Lloyd District: This has been declared a riot.” [Who’s sleeping with the police scanner on tonight? This gal.] Andy Ngô: “Antifa are smashing businesses one-by-one down the street in northeast Portland. NLG Portland are there to help them as “legal observers.” The militants are attacking and threatening people they see recording them in action. More businesses smashed out by antifa in northeast Portland tonight. Antifa rioters try to make a street blockade to slow police during their anti-capitalism Halloween riot in northeast Portland. More destruction of businesses at the pre-planned and advertised Portland antifa riot against capitalism. A look at some of the masked antifa rioters in Portland tonight as they escape from police. They smashed up businesses across northeast Portland in a planned Halloween riot against capitalism. Antifa rioters break out the windows of a nonprofit bank in northeast Portland during their anti-capitalism riot. This is what happened to those who tried to record antifa’s riot in Portland. They get assaulted. Notice how the NLG Portland “legal observers” watch and do nothing. Portland Police made few or no arrests so far tonight as a mob of antifa rioters made good on a promise to attack the community. Eyewitness says what he saw as the mob of antifa black bloc descended on northeast Portland tonight for their anti-capitalism Halloween riot.” [The prediction was right. The groups are openly advertising their looting sprees. Carrying them out. And then police arresting no one.]

  85. National security nightmare of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop containing phone numbers for the Clintons, Secret Service officers and most of the Obama cabinet plus his sex and drug addictions - all secured by the password Hunter02. [Mainstream coverage starting.] Know Your Meme: “Hunter2 refers to a password an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) user by the name of AzureDiamond was tricked into giving away. It is often used as a fake password or username, both by various users and in comics or other media.” In GWOHT News: Did Ghislaine Maxwell run one of the biggest Reddit accounts? Hundreds of Reddit users in 2020 are hopping on board with the theory that Ghislaine Maxwell is indeed maxwellhill. Here’s what we know. [4 months later, still not a single additional post since the arrest. Birthdays line up, absences line up, everything perfectly lines up. Why did maxwellhill use her name as her username? Why did Hunter use his name as his password? Why did prolific cons like Ryan Kennedy use variations of the same name across his numerous fake personas? That’s just what they always do. Turns out to be incredibly common. Almost like they want to be caught. Like they get off by knowing they getting away with stuff in the open.] Then there’s this: Th3_R0pe_D4nce: “From what I’ve read and come to understand, CIA operatives were often chosen because of their celebrity or socialite status. That sort of “cover” afforded them the opportunity to attend very exclusive events, to be traveling constantly across country lines and so on. Apparently there’s evidence that Harry Houdini was an intelligence agent, and that the entire Laurel Canyon music scene of the 60s-70s was an intelligence program for the purpose of influencing youth culture.” Alleged Laptop Leaker Claims China Offered Mulan Star Liu Yifei To Hunter Biden As “Sex Bribe” - Bounding Into Comics. A purported leaker has alleged that the Chinese government offered Mulan star Liu-Yifei to the former Vice President’s son as a “sex-bribe”.

  86. Monkeywerx US. Observation of Hope. GWOHT update. Over the past 3 years I have been monitoring air traffic relative to US Military operations as it relates to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and XPL Honduras (past 12 months) and several other locations. While watching the aircraft arrival activity, the following observations have been made: There is a pattern and tempo as it relates to aircraft type and arrivals; There are about 5 locations I believe people are being detained, processed and tried for crimes; The crimes based on DoJ press releases, are for sex and human trafficking, drug smuggling, RICO act violations, and crimes against children. Like you, I have been anticipating and with great frustration I am highly disappointed we have yet to see anyone significant go to jail such as HRC, Comey, Obama, Biden, etc. as I do believe these people, as well as a SEA of others, are HEAVILY involved in the above as it is where they are likely get their funding. I also believe that our government agencies are highly involved. If you have read my blog on The Five Star Trust, you can see that since the mid 1940’s our CIA has been running drugs globally to fund their black operations off the books. We saw this with Air America, the Flying Tigers and Evergreen operations. I have personally known guys who worked for the DEA who flew Cessnas out of Miami to New Jersey back in the day loaded full of drugs - all cleared through the agency. They were registered as a student at one the of the universities and got their paychecks through a concrete company. In both cases, they did not attend or work for either one - it was all cover. That is our government at work folks - like it or not. Back to the air traffic and arrests… I mentioned 5 prison locations as these are where I have seen the patterns take place: Guantanamo Bay Cuba - Per the National Defense Act (NDA) - Military aircraft cannot be used to transport prisoners - it will be charters (which we have seen); XPL Honduras - The same rules for prisoner transport do not apply here - this location was new as the study was funded in the NDA - Q1 2020; San Juan Puerto Rico - MDC Guaynabo - this prison is know for holding people awaiting trial; Fort Worth JRB Prison - Previously an all women’s high security prison, has since been renovated to accommodate both males and females; Santa Cruz Islands (Spain) - There are a remote set of islands off the coast of Spain - I believe this may be another location. Flight confirmation. For GTMO - We have seen about 15-20 “out of sequence” charters arrive over the past 3 years. Several of them, have aligned to some type of news drop around individuals including Epstein, Maxwell, RGB, Bush Sr, McCain, Snowden, and Assange to name a few. There have been commercial charter flights coming from the military bases (more so recently) that would indicate either Grand Jury or Legal Eagle arrivals - these are in addition to troop arrivals - such as the United, Sun Country and Delta charters. According to the court docket calendar - everything has been cancelled. This means that if a trial is taking place, it is classified and not being shown. Santa Cruz Islands (Spain) and we have been seeing US Navy 737 NavAir flights coming from there to Norfolk a lot lately. Keep in mind that Norfolk is the home of NCIS. My gut tells me that is another one of our prison locations. XPL Honduras and Puerto Rico - We have seen the MAGMA Spec Ops birds go between Puerto Rica, Columbia, Miami a multitude of times. My belief is that these guys are moving prisoners. Just a few days ago I watched a Ranger55 callsign (Marines) go from Camp Lejeune NC to XPL Honduras. Note that it will be the 2nd Battalion US Marines who are going to stand ground at the White House and Washington DC next week (bet money on that). Coincidence that the Marines are showing up at a US Air Force base and prison location a week before the election? Probably not. Fort Worth Texas - We watched flights in recent months with callsign Cactus coming to and from the same locations shown in the DoJ press releases. Again, prisoner transports? These are not large aircraft; but small ones (BE20’s and the like). This leads me to the who in terms of arrests as I believe what we are seeing for the most part are the deep states boots on the ground. The gangs, the thugs, the pedophiles, etc. I think if it is treason or crimes against humanity and they are not US Citizens, they are either sent to XPL Honduras, Puerto Rico (for holding and awaiting trial), or the Santa Cruz Islands, Spain in which they are tried, convicted and executed. If they are US Citizens, I think those are the out of sequence charter flights we are seeing arrive at the Spa (GTMO). Now think about this, there are people who have just disappeared from the public eye - GW Bush, Huma, Podesta(s), Weiner, Lynch, Yates, Holder, Brennan, Clapper, Hunter… to name a few. Where are they? Out of the 15-20 out of sequence flights to the spa I have seen, I can account for a handful in which their timing coincides with big news about them (Epstein, Maxwell, RGB, Bush Sr. Snowden and Assange); but what about the other 15 or so aircraft? Simply unknowns. So, are arrests taking place, absolutely. It’s just not the names we want to see yet. It will all come out eventually, and I think we will get the opportunity to see the BIG names if POTUS hold the seat for another 4 years. God Bless. Monkey out.

  87. By promoting fraudulent data, aggressively deploying disinformation, and flexing its institutional clout, Beijing transformed the snake oil of lockdowns into “science,” crippling rival economies, expanding its influence, and sowing authoritarian values. China’s Global Lockdown Propaganda Campaign. Inside the CCP’s use of social media bots and other disinformation tactics to promote its own response to the coronavirus pandemic and attack its critics. In the words of Simon Leys, paraphrasing the great sinologist László Ladány, even the most mendacious propaganda must necessarily entertain some relation to truth. In Wuhan in late December, Dr. Li Wenliang warned his friends that a new SARS-like illness had begun spreading rapidly. Li’s message inadvertently went viral on Chinese social media, causing widespread panic and anger at the Chinese Communist Party. On Jan. 7, Xi Jinping informed his inner circle that the situation in Wuhan would require their personal supervision. Two weeks later, Xi personally authorized the lockdown of Hubei province based on his philosophy of fangkong, the same hybrid of health and security policy that inspired the reeducation and “quarantine” of over 1 million Uighur Muslims “infected with extremism” in Xinjiang. The World Health Organization’s representative in China noted that “trying to contain a city of 11 million people is new to science … The lockdown of 11 million people is unprecedented in public health history, so it is certainly not a recommendation the WHO has made.” The CCP confined 57 million Hubei residents to their homes. At the time, human rights observers expressed concerns. As one expert told The New York Times, “the shutdown would almost certainly lead to human rights violations and would be patently unconstitutional in the United States.” Regardless, on Jan. 29, WHO Director Tedros Adhanom said he was “very impressed and encouraged by the president [Xi Jinping]’s detailed knowledge of the outbreak” and the next day praised China for “setting a new standard for outbreak response.” Yet only six days in, the lockdown—“unprecedented in public health history”—had produced no results, so Tedros was praising human rights abuses with nothing to show for them. International COVID-19 hysteria began around Jan. 23, when “leaked” videos from Wuhan began flooding international social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube—all of which are blocked in China—allegedly showing the horrors of Wuhan’s epidemic and the seriousness of its lockdown. Viral videos claimed to show residents spontaneously collapsing in the streets in scenes likened to the movie Zombieland and the show The Walking Dead. One video purportedly showed a SWAT team catching a man with a butterfly net for removing his mask. But in hindsight, this crisis theater is somewhat comical; in the infamous video, the “spontaneously collapsing” man extends his arms to catch himself. Official Chinese accounts widely shared an image of a hospital wing supposedly constructed in one day, but which actually showed an apartment 600 miles away. Images of Li Wenliang on a ventilator, sometimes holding his identification card, were released and widely displayed by top news outlets around the world. In a viral tweet on Jan. 25, an epidemiologist with little background in infectious disease wrote, “HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, the new coronavirus is a 3.8!!! How bad is that reproductive R0 value? It is thermonuclear pandemic level bad.” This was the first of a months long series of dubious, widely shared tweets by the previously unknown Eric Feigl-Ding, prompting a prominent Harvard colleague to denounce him as a “charlatan.” And then—success! Beginning in February, the CCP reported an exponential decline in coronavirus cases, until March 19 when they announced their lockdown had eliminated domestic cases entirely. In its Feb. 24 report, the WHO waxed rhapsodic about China’s triumph. “China’s uncompromising and rigorous use of non-pharmaceutical measures to contain transmission of the COVID-19 virus in multiple settings provides vital lessons for the global response” (emphasis added). Scientists quickly began drafting plans in many languages to imitate China’s lockdowns. The New York Times immediately cited WHO’s report, forming a pro-lockdown stance it has clung to for months with surprisingly little introspection: “China ‘took one of the most ancient strategies and rolled out one of the most ambitious, agile and aggressive disease-containment efforts in history.’” On Feb. 26, WHO’s Bruce Aylward of Canada—who later disconnected a live interview when asked to acknowledge Taiwan—put it bluntly: “Copy China’s response to COVID-19.” In April, Canada’s parliament summoned Aylward for questioning, but the WHO has forbidden him from testifying. Within China, the CCP has long paid hundreds of thousands of social media propagandists and also pays for posts on an a la carte basis, totaling hundreds of millions of propaganda comments each year. More recently, these activities have gone global and escalated dramatically during the coronavirus pandemic. Social media companies have proven somewhat unserious about the gravity of the problem. When the State Department provided a sample of 250,000 accounts likely involved in coronavirus disinformation, Twitter refused to take action. These activities affect countries with little say in social media governance; a recent study found thousands of inauthentic accounts still promoting Serbian-Chinese friendship after Twitter deleted thousands of others. A former Facebook employee wrote “I have blood on my hands” due to the company’s routinely discounting malicious political activity despite its “disproportionate impact.” On March 9, Italy, the first major European country to sign onto Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative, took the WHO’s advice and became the first country outside China to lock down. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte had long advocated closer ties with China. Chinese experts arrived in Italy on March 12 and two days later advised a tighter lockdown: “There are still too many people and behaviors on the street to improve.” On March 19, they repeated that Italy’s lockdown was “not strict enough,” saying: “Here in Milan, the hardest hit area by COVID-19, there isn’t a very strict lockdown … We need every citizen to be involved in the fight of COVID-19 and follow this policy.” Italy was simultaneously bombarded with Chinese disinformation. From March 11 to 23, roughly 46% of tweets with the hashtag #forzaCinaeItalia (Go China, go Italy) and 37% of those with the hashtag #grazieCina (thank you China) came from bots. While analysts typically focus on finding as many inauthentic accounts as possible, the purpose of the following discussion is different—using simple investigatory methods to evince the intent behind Beijing’s disinformation, which appears to be far more insidious than analysts have recognized. Social media and analytics companies generally only detect obvious automated activity, while fake, personally managed accounts can be created with ease. This works out well for the CCP, which has always preferred the human touch. On March 12, Twitter user @manisha_kataki posted a video showing Chinese workers disinfecting streets, apparently admiring China’s strategy: “At this rate, China will be back in action very soon, may be much faster than the world expects.” As The New York Times’ Paul Mozur noted, this tweet was not shocking, funny, or newsworthy, yet it was shared hundreds of thousands of times. This caught the attention of Israeli company Next Dim, which flagged the activity as likely state-sponsored. The collages shown here contain a tiny sample of the thousands of suspicious quote-tweets of @manisha_kataki’s video using many languages and dialects to complain in nearly identical terms about being told to “wash their hands” and denigrating other governments in contrast to China’s full lockdowns. Other suspicious quote-tweets of @manisha_kataki’s video explicitly implore leaders to copy China and lock down cities and countries. Many of these same accounts also frequently discuss racial divisions. Later in 2020, they show strong support for Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests, especially those surrounding the death of George Floyd. Racial justice is an issue of real concern to many citizens, both in America and throughout the world. But knowing that the CCP supported these protests, it’s worth pondering the likelihood that the frugal Xi would not be spending billions of dollars per year on foreign propaganda—and stepping up those activities—if he weren’t seeing results. Some of these accounts are surely legitimate, but taken together they demonstrate conspicuous similarity that strongly suggests scripted, state-sponsored activity. Twitter responded to Mozur’s article by deleting 170,000 accounts, but at the time of this writing many of the suspect accounts are still active, and a search for hundreds of similar examples can be easily repeated with one click. As more countries shut down, some suspicious online activity took a darker turn. When South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem famously refused to issue a statewide lockdown, suspicious accounts began filling her Twitter feed with abuse and graphic language to pressure her to do so. Upon closer examination, two of the accounts hurl similar abuse at governors thousands of miles apart. This abuse of anti-lockdown governors continued for some time. When Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, the first governor to end his state’s lockdown, honored late Rep. John Lewis, his Twitter feed was stormed with conspicuous, vulgar language that often invoked his anti-lockdown stance. Some CCP propagandists are identifiable by their advocacy for China’s policies and human rights abuses. The following user, @AmerLiberal, appears to be a model CCP propaganda account, showing strong support for China’s human rights abuses—including in Xinjiang and Hong Kong—and antipathy for China’s key rivals, India and the United States. The account strongly supports global lockdowns. Though much of the CCP’s pro-lockdown influence was surreptitious, its overall stance in support of global lockdowns was explicit. In a video posted by China’s official spokesperson, a 7-year-old girl recites the importance of strict social distancing among children. In March, Chinese state media began describing the strategy of “herd immunity”—allowing the coronavirus to spread among the young and healthy—as a violation of “human rights,” an Orwellian formulation given that lockdowns are essentially a blanket suspension of rights. Sweden’s skepticism toward the CCP predates COVID-19. In January, Beijing threatened Swedish trade ties over an award given to Gui Minhai, a Swedish publisher detained in China. Sweden did not back down and later refused to follow China’s lockdown model, opting for a herd immunity strategy. Thus, Sweden became a prime target of a Chinese campaign portraying it as weak against the COVID threat. In the words of China’s state-run Global Times: “Chinese analysts and netizens doubt herd immunity and called it a violation of human rights, citing high mortality in the country compared to other Northern European countries. “So-called human rights, democracy, freedom are heading in the wrong direction in Sweden, and countries that are extremely irresponsible do not deserve to be China’s friend…” Initially, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also opted for herd immunity. But on March 13, suspicious accounts began storming his Twitter feed and likening his plan to genocide. This language almost never appears in Johnson’s feed before March 12, and several of the accounts were hardly active before then. Britain locked down on March 23. Xi Jinping has frequently stressed global cooperation to fight COVID-19. In turn, the world has started to look more like China. Localities introduced tip lines to report lockdown violations and countries unveiled new fleets of surveillance drones; Chinese company DJI donated drones to 22 U.S. states to help enforce social distancing rules. Speaking through official channels, the CCP has avoided literally telling other governments to “lock down.” Rather, the CCP has shamed governments for not locking down and relentlessly advertised its “pandemic response” (which, of course, means lockdowns). In March, Chinese state media bought numerous Facebook ads extolling China’s pandemic response; all of them ran without Facebook’s required political disclaimer. On July 7, FBI Director Christopher Wray disclosed that the CCP specifically approached local politicians to endorse its pandemic response: “[W]e have heard from federal, state, and even local officials that Chinese diplomats are aggressively urging support for China’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis. Yes, this is happening at both the federal and state levels. Not that long ago, we had a state senator who was recently even asked to introduce a resolution supporting China’s response to the pandemic.” For decades, the CCP has co-opted scientists through its unparalleled overseas influence network, the United Front Work Department, which expanded dramatically under Xi. In June, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced that 189 of its grantees had received undisclosed funding from foreign governments. In 93% of cases, including that of Charles Lieber, chair of Harvard’s chemistry department, the undisclosed funding came from China. Likewise, the National Science Foundation, a smaller organization, reported 16–20 cases of undisclosed foreign financial ties; all but two were with China. In a May interview for China Central Television, Richard Horton, editor-in-chief of the esteemed medical journal The Lancet, emphatically praised China’s lockdowns, saying: “It was not only the right thing to do, but it also showed other countries how they should respond in the face of such an acute threat. So, I think we have a great deal to thank China for …” Horton’s praise is telling in light of the infamous retraction of a Lancet study on hydroxochloroquine and reports that promising journal articles on herd immunity have gone unpublished. In August, Horton doubled down in a full-throated piece that had surprisingly little to do with health: “The “century of humiliation,” when China was dominated by a colonially-minded west and Japan, only came to an end with the Communist victory in the civil war in 1949 … Every contemporary Chinese leader, including Xi Jinping, has seen their task as protecting the territorial security won by Mao and the economic security achieved by Deng.” The CCP has shaped scientific narratives by consistently promoting the falsehood that “China controlled the virus.” Of course, “China controlled the virus” is a baldfaced lie. China expelled journalists in March and its infection data is manifestly forged; U.S. intelligence has confirmed China’s data is intentionally misrepresented. Nonetheless, China’s fake numbers have been paramount in scientific discourse. By demanding elite publications repeat the Orwellian lie that “China controlled the virus,” the CCP has normalized that lie for Western elites to repeat themselves, exploiting China’s fastidiously managed reputation and the fact that most Westerners do not yet know it as an untrustworthy, totalitarian state. The fact that Chinese state media so widely shared a particularly credulous New Yorker article by Peter Hessler about China’s coronavirus response did not escape China expert Geremie Barmé, who cautioned its author that it reminded him of “another American journalist, a man who reported from another authoritarian country nearly a century ago … Walter Duranty …” Within China, the CCP has pretended to believe its own lies only at its own convenience, reserving the right to use COVID-19 as a pretext for unrelated authoritarian whims—demolishing retirement homes, detaining dissidents and reporters, expanding mass surveillance, canceling Hong Kong’s Tiananmen Square vigil and postponing its elections for one year. In Xinjiang, where over 1 million Uighurs are imprisoned, lockdowns have gone on since January and have involved widespread hunger, forced medication, acidic disinfectant sprays, shackled residents, screams of protest from balconies, crowded “quarantine” cells, and outright disappearances. The most benign possible explanation for the CCP’s campaign for global lockdowns is that the party aggressively promoted the same lie internationally as domestically—that lockdowns worked. For party members, when Wuhan locked down it likely went without saying that the lockdown would “eliminate” coronavirus; if Xi willed it to be true, then it must be so. This is the totalitarian pathology that George Orwell called “double-think.” But the fact that authoritarian regimes always lie does not give them a right to spread deadly lies to the rest of the world, especially by clandestine means. And then there’s the possibility that by shutting down the world, Xi Jinping, who vaulted through the ranks of the party, quotes ancient Chinese scholars, has mastered debts and derivatives, studies complexity science, and envisions a socialist future with China at its center, knew exactly what he was doing.

  88. TOTAL WAR is coming to America after Biden is DEFEATED on Nov. 3rd; prepare for every worst case scenario you’ve ever imagined. Thursday, October 29, 2020 by: Mike Adams. [Idk, doesn’t seem like a reputable news source. It’s poorly written too. By the time a story hits the mainstream media and is “verified,” it’s too late. Journalism (when done correctly) relies upon confirmation of statements from sources. Intel is probabilistic. If we’re still working within the probability of whether or not something will occur/has occurred and how it may or may not play out, we can make educated decisions based on that. If we wait for the mainstream media to receive confirmation, the window of time to predict and act is usually over. If we waited on confirmation from mainstream media whether we should prep, we’d be sunk. Same applies here. And in this case, waiting for media mouthpiece “experts” to determine your positions for you is tantamount to suicide.]

  89. What’s it looking like in Vegas? Will check one sec. I was just thinking about that. And looking for the Janet flights on October 11th. I cannot find them. Scrubbed. They actively erase the traces on Twitter. They don’t want White Worlders knowing. Got some info about Janets coming into Mexico that day, weird activity going on. I wanted to check but it’s all gone. Hmmmm… we will find out sooner or later. Vegas Live Now. Janet Count 33 so far. When the planes and EAMs stop, we’re all going to be tested, but believe in yourselves. we got this! Fuck the red timeline. VERY BUSY in LA. We are up to 65 Janets. FYI all. We ended the day on 79 Janets. I’ll give you a weekend report Sunday 3am. Please be safe. If you’re looking for something specific, go back to 10/11 and look for the flight report. We may or may not have been using the Flight Report hashtag by then so cross reference the words flight report also on that day. He probably published whatever it is you’re looking for. He’s done a badass job of backing it up before it gets wiped each day! EAMs per UTC day:
    2020-10-10 ##
    2020-10-11 ##########
    2020-10-12 #####
    2020-10-13 ###
    2020-10-15 ########
    2020-10-16 ##
    2020-10-17 ##
    2020-10-18 ##
    2020-10-21 ###
    2020-10-22 #######
    2020-10-23 ########
    2020-10-24 ################
    2020-10-25 ##############
    2020-10-26 #####
    2020-10-27 ####################
    2020-10-28 ############
    2020-10-29 ##
    2020-10-30 #####
    2020-10-31 ####