Azazel News #Recap 10/28/2020

  1. Hurricane Zeta is getting close to landfall.

  2. Anti-Covid protests in Argentina.

  3. Armed police in Romania enforce masks on public transport.

  4. London has fallen… video walk through of a dead London in mid-day.

  5. Chinese factory / company team forced to slap themselves to reach sales target.

  6. Turkish kamikaze quadcopters Kargu used by the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan.

  7. Disclose TV: “Germany to declare a national health emergency according to the DPA.”

  8. Any of you guys own a CM-6M mask? I have one but I’m having some difficulties setting up the second filter.

  9. Not the Bee: “A recent study has determined that a majority of college undergrads are complete morons.”

  10. Volunteer Dies During AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Trial. A volunteer has died in Brazil during trial of COVID-19 vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University.

  11. Elon Musk’s SpaceX says it will ‘make its own laws on Mars.’ ‘No Earth-based government has authority or sovereignty over Martian activities,’ SpaceX claims.

  12. Why this Air Force squadron is like the Night’s Watch from 'Game of Thrones.’ Cold dark places, mysterious enemies … what are we waiting for? [It’s coming.]

  13. In New York, an arsonist set fire to the house in which the cat remained. The animal had to jump out of the window, but he survived.

  14. PT News Network: “Would this be considered voter intimidation? BLM protesters enter a polling station in Los Angeles chanting (the label is incorrect).”

  15. Translation from Chinese: Supermarkets are relatively capable of carrying risks and have begun to close down. Guangzhou Junhe, the supermarket closed down.

  16. UK man orders COVID-19 test online, doesn’t touch the swab to anything, sends it back to the lab, and the next week he gets a positive result for COVID-19.

  17. Tonight, in Vienne, the Turks are leading a punitive expedition in search of Armenians in the city. They meet and attack a crew of the national police.

  18. Naples, where the Italian uprising originated, is going strong in their 6th day of protests against Conte’s government’s lockdown measures.

  19. Earthquake. M 5.3. Easter Island Region. 2020-10-28 22:08:08:08.5 UTC. Location: 22.77 S; 111.78 W. Depth: 10 km.

  20. Earthquake, Magnitude 5.7 - SOUTH SHETLAND ISLANDS - 2020 October 29, 07:02:49 UTC. Location: 62.28 S ; 58.21 W, Depth: 10 km.

  21. Earthquake, Magnitude 5.2 - TAJIKISTAN - 2020 October 29, 09:32:44 UTC, Location: 37.63 N ; 71.82 E, Depth: 56 km.

  22. J: “We are living in a spy thriller. We also now cannot trust any shipping company with important documents. Including but not limited to: ballots. Vote. In. Person.”

  23. Clashes erupt in Palermo as Italians protest across the nation against Conte’s government forcing businesses to close and people to stay home because of Coronavirus.

  24. Space Force General David D. Thompson, Vice Chief of Space Operations, tested positive Oct. 28 for COVID-19. [More and more Blues and Military/Government/CEO’s are going out of sight.]

  25. Kazakhstan national company Kazakh Tourism made the phrase “Very nice!” from the movie “Borat” an advertising slogan to attract tourists to the country. [If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.]

  26. A tall underwater reef with a height of more than 500 meters was discovered in Australia. Such reefs have not been found off the northeastern coast of Australia since the 19th century.

  27. SV News: “Multiple US hospitals have been hit with a “coordinated” cyberattack—days before election. FBI, HHS & Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity Agency warn of more possible attacks.”

  28. ’Expensive lesson to learn’: Hawaiian tourists struggle with negative test, mask mandates. There’s trouble in paradise: The state of Hawaii and the tourists it’s welcoming in are each navigating some rough waters right now.

  29. China going through agrarian crisis, using border disputes to divert attention: Report. Economists noticed an interesting trend of China inking back-to-back deals on food grains and food products with multiple nations across the world.

  30. Election Night - SNL. All (Vanessa Bayer, Aidy Bryant, Beck Bennett, Cecily Strong) but two friends (Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock) are surprised by Donald Trump’s victory while watching the election results roll in.

  31. White House science office says Trump ended COVID-19 pandemic as US hits record cases. The White House science office listed “ending the COVID-19 pandemic” as the top accomplishment of President Trump’s first term, even as the U.S.

  32. “You get used to it. I don’t even see the news anymore. All I see is false flag psyop bullshit.” [You should all feel like this by now if you are with me. Fucking hell, this is the most relatable thing I’ve seen all year. And then your family and friends never catch on lol.]

  33. Hate crime bill: Hate talk in homes ‘must be prosecuted.’ Conversations over the dinner table that incite hatred must be prosecuted under Scotland’s hate crime law, the justice secretary has said. Journalists and theatre directors should also face the courts. [1984? That you playa?]

  34. Over 80% of Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients Have Vitamin D Deficiency, Study Finds. Over 80 percent of 200 COVID-19 patients in a hospital in Spain have vitamin D deficiency, according to a new study published in the Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.

  35. zerohedge: “A Lot Of Hoarding" - Americans Race To Supermarkets As Second Wave Arrives.” [I’d like to remind you that both sides have agreed not to talk about Food Shortages until after the election. Use this as Actionable Intelligence.]

  36. Translation from Chinese: “On October 28th, a cold chain turned sideways, and the dumping was full of rancid meat, including dead piglets. Comment: How much rancid meat that has not been overturned has flowed into the market? At the people’s table?”

  37. Nationwide strike launched after Poland abortion ruling. People across Poland are vowing to stay off their jobs as part of a nationwide strike called to protest a top court ruling that bans abortions in cases of congenitally damaged fetuses.

  38. China launches three military spy satellites. Three mysterious payloads widely believed to be signals intelligence satellites for the Chinese military rocketed into orbit on top of a Long March 2C booster Monday from a launch base in southwestern China.

  39. Study helps explain why motivation to learn declines with age. MIT neuroscientists have identified a brain circuit critical for learning to make decisions that require evaluating the cost or reward of an action. They showed this circuit is negatively affected by aging and in Huntington’s disease.

  40. DC: police hit with fireworks thrown by BLM Antifa. There are also “peaceful” demonstrations in the metropolitan area of Columbia. Riots rock Washington, DC, after Black Lives Matter protests. Multiple police officers injured after rioter throws massive firework(s) at police line in Washington D.C.

  41. In Kharkiv, Ukraine police were checking subway passengers on whether they have masks. Those who had a mask on their chins were politely asked to put it on, and those who did not have one at all were less fortunate: they were taken out of the transport.

  42. Sputnik V vaccine participants tested positive for coronavirus. The Gamaleya Center suggested that those who received not the drug itself, but a placebo, could get infected, this will be announced in November. There were no health complaints from those who participated in the first vaccine trials in the summer.

  43. Translation from Chinese: On October 27, Hefei, Anhui, a fashionable woman led a man to kneel in the street, and passers-by stopped to watch. The patrol police approached and asked the man to stand up. Only the man stood up until the woman spoke. The man claimed that he was a boyfriend and girlfriend.

  44. Things China Doesn’t Want You To Know. Five minutes ago, the water level at the Three Gorges Dam officially reached the dam’s maximum capacity of 175 meters. As of 2:20 pm local time, October 28th, 2020, the water level is 175.00 meters and rising slowly. [Someone check the prediction market on TGD.]

  45. Concerned Canadian: “Just left my local gun shop, apparently they are getting multiple calls daily from Americans trying to buy ammo and primers. Must be a heck of a shortage down there. Get out and stock up everyone while we can! I would assume we are going to see our supply dry up soon.”

  46. COVID-19 outbreak declared at frozen fruit plant in Abbotsford. Five employees at a frozen fruit processing plant in the Fraser Valley have tested positive for COVID-19, Fraser Health announced Friday. [Expect more food processing centers getting shut down again, further crippling the supply chains.]

  47. Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka: “Sorry Mr. Secretary Pompeo, we’re busy promoting China-Sri Lanka friendship and cooperation, not interested in your Alien Vs Predator game invitation. The US can play two roles at the same time as always.” [That verbiage is NOT accidental. So, uh, President Trump, is that Space Force ready yet??]

  48. The Post Millennial: Oregon’s public health authority had their MD dress up like a clown and announce COVID deaths. Andy Ngô: “A senior Oregon health official wears a clown costume while announcing the daily death toll from coronavirus.” [Literally Clown World. WTF is going on… Halloween costume at work, likely. Piss poor optics. Same thing happened in Argentina in August. Don’t forget this clown. “Chicago’s Mayor Is At It Again, This Time Dressed As 'Rona Destroyer.’”]

  49. The Australian woman chased the hijackers of her Tesla after learning about the theft through the application. The woman tracked down the criminals by geolocating the car, at the same time mocking them - she slowed down the car remotely, rolled down the windows and turned on the horn. In the end, the hijackers abandoned Tesla and the owner removed their license plate. They were soon detained.

  50. Spy agency ducks questions about ‘back doors’ in tech products. The U.S. National Security Agency is rebuffing efforts by a leading Congressional critic to determine whether it is continuing to place so-called back doors into commercial technology products, in a controversial practice that critics say damages both U.S. industry and national security. [Anyone else find it odd that Reuters is covering Vault 7 four years too late?]

  51. ”2068" --Massive Asteroid Apophis on Path for Earth Impact. Sixty Six million years ago a 14-kilometer long, Mount-Everest sized asteroid blasted a hole in the ground, when at the moment of impact, “the top of it might have still towered more than a mile above the cruising altitude of a 747.” [I’ll blast it out of the sky with my AK-47. We will be safe.]

  52. NASA’s Crew-1 commander to be sworn into U.S. Space Force from the International Space Station. Air Force Col. Michael “Hopper” Hopkins, commander of NASA’s SpaceX Crew-1 mission, will be commissioned into the U.S. Space Force. [Public Space Force. Real Deal Legacy Space Force (Solar Warden). Remember the Legacy Space Force aka AFSAB (Air Force Scientific Advisory Board) has done Nuclear Fusion and Mining since the 50s on the Moon.]

  53. Coronavirus: Germany to impose one-month partial lockdown. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced tough new measures from Monday, November 2, in an attempt to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. But will the German people be compliant? [Funny how all of these EU lockdowns just so happen to be centered around the day/week before the American election….]

  54. A man from New York City was waiting for a bus recently when he fell into a hole that brought him another terrible surprise - a swarm of mice. Leonard Shoulders, 33, had a broken arm and leg after being swallowed by the 3.6 to 4.5 meter crater on a sidewalk in the Bronx. “He couldn’t move, and the mice were crawling over him,” explained the brother. “He didn’t scream, because he didn’t want the mice to get into his mouth.

  55. The Russian Orthodox Church showed the project of a new church at Moscow State University. A temple for 1,000 people will be built on Vernadsky Avenue. The project of the Church of Cyril and Methodius at Moscow State University was developed by the architect Dmitry Pshenichnikov. This was reported on the website of the Russian Orthodox Church. The press service of Moscow State University stated that more than 200 employees and students had asked the rector of the university and the patriarch to build a temple.

  56. Security Blueprints of Many Companies Leaked in Hack of Swedish Firm Gunnebo. In March 2020, KrebsOnSecurity alerted Swedish security giant Gunnebo Group that hackers had broken into its network and sold the access to a criminal group which specializes in deploying ransomware. In August, Gunnebo said it had successfully thwarted a ransomware attack, but this week it emerged that the intruders stole and published online tens of thousands of sensitive documents — including schematics of client bank vaults and surveillance systems. [If you have a Safe Room / Bunker in Sweden you’ve been compromised.]

  57. The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) exposed the scheme of illegal import to Ukraine of S-125 anti-aircraft missile systems, which were then exported abroad. The criminals exposed by the Security Service of Ukraine imported equipment allegedly for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But these anti-aircraft missile systems did not reach the Ukrainian army. The imported equipment was stored on the territory of one of the enterprises in Kyiv region. The attackers managed to re-export some of their weapons abroad. The detected equipment is currently under arrest. The cost of three anti-aircraft missile systems is over 110 million hryvnias (3 870 838 USD).

  58. NY State Assembly Bill A99. Relates to the removal of cases, contacts and carriers of communicable diseases that are potentially dangerous to the public health. [Translation NY State will try to force vaccinate you or you’ll be subject to medical detention. Long forgotten is this thing called the Original Constitution… the first one, preserving our rights, freedoms, liberties, and self-government! Now replaced with corporatism and lawless politicians, statutory “law”, and loss of the Republic where that Constitutional Law prevails. People don’t have a clue, and they’ll go along with this because they’ll believe “it’s the law”. Very sad times ahead!]

  59. Starship Troopers (1997): “In the distant future high school kids are encouraged to become citizens by joining the military. What they don’t know is that they’ll soon be engaged in a full scale war against a planet of alien insects. The fight is on to ensure the safety of humanity.” Identify the factions (colors) of the Black World within the four main characters of Starship Troopers. Remember: Blue Wizardry: Space and Water; Gold Wizardry: Spirit, Dimensions; Green Wizardry: Surface, Subsurface; Red Wizardry: Fuck Red.

  60. Wade Davis: The Wayfinders - Why Ancient Wisdom Matters In the Modern World. Presenting at a plenary session of the 2013 Climate, Mind, & Behavior Symposium, anthropologist Wade Davis illuminates the need to embrace and celebrate the cultural and intellectual diversity that constitutes the totality of human experience, especially when considering fundamental questions of how we are to relate to our environment. To learn more about the Garrison Institute’s Climate, Mind & Behavior Initiative.

  61. People are posting what they looted for sale on Craigslist. No understand, people are starving. They should not loot but things are hard for many. Correct, but on the other hand it shows how “smart” they are, posting what they robbed …idiots. Oh yes that party is stupid at least send the merchandise to a cousin in NYC or someone out of town. I see. That’s why it’s kind of a big deal if you connect the dots.

  62. Translation from Chinese: “Some non-governmental poverty alleviation or love actions are posed for photography, but many are real. Some secretly-concealed foreign propaganda campaigners said with ulterior motives, “It’s all in a pose.” The goal is that everyone should not help each other, not spontaneously organized by the people, and return to the evil organizations of the Red Cross and the government. We must guard against non-governmental poses, and more importantly, we must be vigilant, criticize, and expose government shows.” [In China, citizens are being rewarded for good behavior (social credit ranking) with bags of rice and cooking oil.]

  63. Financial Times: “French President Emmanuel Macron has announced a new, one-month nationwide lockdown to try to curb a rapid rise in coronavirus infections and hospitalizations, warning that the ‘second wave’ would 'probably be harder and more murderous than the first.’” Macron orders France back into Covid-19 lockdown amid surge in cases. [So France is back in confinement. schools remain open and people have to work. They are asking all small non essential businesses to close (restaurants, bars, small shops…) It seems like if you go outside, you’ll need justification again… People are fleeing Paris to go to the countryside and some people are now talking about a revolution. The French are good at starting those.]

  64. Russian media slams NASA for discovering water on Moon; here’s why. US space agency NASA recently made an announcement when it told the world that the SOFIA has confirmed, for the first time, water on the sunlit surface of the Moon. What happened next? The Sputnik in its report alleged that “if NASA scientists had read a bit more work from their Soviet colleagues, they might have realized that the Soviet Union’s Luna 24 probe made this discovery in 1976.” “The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) dispatched dozens of probes to various objects in outer space, including the moon and Venus, making major contributions to humanity’s knowledge of the solar system. However, their work was often ill-read by Western scientists,” stated the media report.

  65. Shane B. Murphy: “Philadelphia. More looting. Dollar General store being looted now. Also a Rite Aid. 16th and Jackson for a group of ten juveniles ‘stoning people.’ (Can’t find any video.)” ChesterBelloc: “CVS getting swarmed Sunoco hit on 22nd and Oregon.” Explosions/bombs in Philly. It’s getting serious. They blew up an ATM in Philadelphia. Kitty Shackleford: “One of the explosions in Philadelphia tonight was a ticket kiosk at a train station. People said the explosion shook their houses in the nearby area. Rioters are carrying around explosives now. I think it’s time to arrest the people who are allowing this to happen.” Philadelphia police discover van loaded with explosives, suspicious equipment. An investigation is underway in Philadelphia after police find explosives and other suspicious cargo inside a van at Logan Circle on Wednesday night. The Vietnam Baptist Church in Philadelphia was burned during BLM rioting.

  66. A disturbing and dangerous ice storm is occurring in Oklahoma, with ice storm warnings on the map and more than 300,000 people without power. The “tree butchery” has been reported in Oklahoma City, where vegetation and power lines have collapsed under the weight of increasing frost. Even another half inch of freezing rain - rain that freezes on contact with the surface - is possible as more waves move through the affected regions on Wednesday. The time of year, when the trees are still fully leafed and the vegetation is a little green, means that the ice event is even more disturbing, since there is more surface area on the trees where the ice can accumulate. This allows more weight to accumulate, making it easier for branches and branches to collapse.

  67. As homeless encampment at Seattle’s Carkeek Park grows, so does concerns about pollution. Carkeek Park, located in Seattle’s Broadview neighborhood, is home to various plant and animal species, but is also the site of a growing homeless population. [The Woke Joke that is Seattle. Now remember, Jay Inslee pledged that he became president (or as we all know what he was really angling for, a key cabinet position in a Harris/Biden administration), he would ensure that the rest of the nation was just as clean and environmentally responsible as Seattle and Washington State. Actionable because the rest of the country needs to fight tooth and nail to keep the rest of the country from turning into the wasteland that Seattle has become.]

  68. From October 28, a general “mask regime” is introduced on the territory of Russia. Russians must wear masks in crowded places, public transport, taxis and elevators. Place of mass stay of people - where more than 50 people can gather at the same time. Also, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs are prohibited from organizing entertainment and entertainment events from 23:00 to 06:00. Source: Portal for the publication of legal acts of the Russian Federation. The Ministry of Health has banned doctors from speaking publicly about the coronavirus epidemic in Russia. Now they have to coordinate all their comments with the ministry’s press service. The ban applies to heads of institutions and chief freelance specialists.

  69. Warm Springs - Georgia Biden supporter rushes the Trump supporter. Armed Biden supporter confronts the armed Trump supporter. [The divided and conquered. Oh the peace-loving left, how far you have fallen. We see a generation of kids who never learned discipline and respect who have turned into adults who think they can still bully and threaten until they get their way. Boy are their minds really going to explode if they ever do get their way and the Socialists make them line up for forced vaccinations, forced quarantine facilities, forced labor camps, forced identity tattoos or chips. Socialists will do what they always do, eat their own first, so at least the rest of us will get a chance to get a last laugh in as the sick realization finally sets in their throbbing skulls. May their screams drown out the sounds of freedom fighters chiseling a hole through the back of the prison wall for common sense to escape through. Dear me… yes, very sad road ahead! The idiots always ruin it for the rest of us!]

  70. ’Sleeping giant’ Arctic methane deposits starting to release, scientists find. Exclusive: expedition discovers new source of greenhouse gas off East Siberian coast has been triggered. A research team made a disturbing discovery off the coast of Siberia. Scientists say frozen methane deposits in the Arctic Ocean began to be released after determining that methane levels on the ocean’s surface were four to eight times higher than expected. Akademik Keldysh’s 60-member team believes they are the first to confirm observationally that methane release is already occurring over a wide area of the slope some 600 km off the coast. At six monitoring points in a hillside area 150 km long and 10 km wide, they saw clouds of bubbles released from sediment. At a location on the hillside of the Laptev Sea, at a depth of about 300 meters, they found methane concentrations of up to 1,600 nanomoles per liter, which is 400 times greater than would be expected if the sea and atmosphere were in balance.

  71. Free beer: a German pub has figured out how to get customers’ personal data. Berg brewery in Baden-Württemberg gives 0.5 liters of free beer on their next visit to every guest who provides their full details when visiting the pub. “This postcard is used for the necessary corona registration. When the deadline has expired, we will return your address data to you by sending this postcard ”, the good piece reads:“ This card with the ‘Berg postmark’ is then a voucher for a free beer 0.5 l - on your next visit! By filling out the form, we confirm that the specified persons come from a maximum of two households, ”write those responsible on their card. The whole action is intended to ensure that people enter their correct data so that all restaurant guests can be contacted in the event of a corona emergency. The data will be properly destroyed after four weeks. Bars and restaurants in Germany are required to collect personal data from visitors in order to be able to track the spread of COVID-19. Markus Schneider: “My brother has just sent this to me. That’s awesome. Great advertising and all people give real contact information.”

  72. Three dead in knife attack in French church, woman beheaded. The attack comes while France is still reeling from the beheading earlier this month of French middle school teacher Samuel Paty in Paris by a man of Chechen origin. [Watch MSM refuse to report on it here. This is horrendous. France has a huge problem on its hands and I don’t know what they are going to do to quell it. MSM should have it soon. This is big for France… NYT is now reporting on this. “A man armed with a knife tried to attack police officers in Avignon this morning. The security forces responded by opening fire. The assailant succumbed to his injuries.” The day is not finished… it is Al Mawlid today.] “EMBASSY OF FRANCE IN SAUDI ARABIA. Freedoms Equality Fraternities. PRESS RELEASE. Riyad, le 29/10/2020. ATTACK ON THE CONSULATE GENERAL OF FRANCE IN DJEDDAH. The Consulate General of France in Jeddah was the object, this morning, of a knife attack which targeted a security guard, employee of a security company. The assailant was apprehended by Saudi law enforcement immediately after the attack. The vigilante has been transferred to the hospital and his life is not in danger. The French Embassy strongly condemns this attack against a diplomatic hold that nothing can justify. It assures the victim of its full support and expresses its confidence in the Saudi authorities to shed light on this attack and ensure the security of the French rights of way and community in the country. We call on our compatriots in Saudi Arabia to exercise maximum vigilance.” ISCResearch: “A protest takes place in front of the French Embassy in Moscow. People shouting; “Allahu Akbar!” An Afghan armed with a knife of about thirty centimeters was arrested in the street in Lyon. It is in this street that a bomb attack had left 13 people injured in 2019. Fortunately, the man did not kill anybody. [Hard time to be French.]

  73. GEORGENEWS ORG: “POTUS lands in Miami.” [Holy Shit!!! Trump let the toys out!] HappyGoLuckyGal: “There are those two green lights again.” Trump Chump: “TR3B? The third light is somehow obscured.” TR-3B Anti-Gravity Spacecrafts. It doesn’t exist officially. It uses highly pressured mercury accelerated by nuclear energy to produce a plasma that creates a field of anti-gravity around the ship. [Not jets protecting him but motherfucking TR-3B. Enjoy before they scrub it. Secret Service is not taking any chances.] Fighter jet intercepts plane, deployed flares at President Trump event in Arizona. A fighter jet intercepted a plane during President Trump’s rally in Bullhead City on Wednesday afternoon. Earlier today, An F-16 Fighter Jet Intercepted Plane Over President Trump’s Rally Today In Bullhead City, Arizona. zerohedge: “Fighter Jet Intercepts “Non-Responsive” Plane Near Trump Rally.” Some considered this to be first strike. It has been reclassified as a warning. North American Aerospace Defense Command: “At approx. 1400 MDT, NORAD F-16 aircraft investigated a general aviation aircraft that was not in communication with ATC and entered the Temporary Flight Restriction area surrounding Bullhead City, AZ without proper clearance. The violating aircraft was non-responsive to initial intercept procedures, but established radio communications after NORAD aircraft deployed signal flares. The aircraft was escorted out of the restricted area by the NORAD aircraft without further incident.” Tom Fulton: “Was this what was caught on tv during the Trump rally? Saw a fighter in a tight turn dispensing flares.” Disclose TV: “F-16 jets intercepted an aircraft flying near one of President Trump’s rallies in Arizona today, deploying flares in order to get the civilian aircraft to depart the restricted airspace (NORAD).” [Stay Frosty. Unknown Aircraft tried to target POTUS. There was an attempt today on POTUS. “Non-Responsive.” Mostly peaceful attempt. And not a peep in the MSM. Also pay attention to who posted the picture. George News. Once run/owned by JFK Jr. I hope he’s back.]

  74. More people betting on Trump to win presidency than Biden in final weeks of election race. In the past month, 57.54 percent of all wagers placed back the president, according to a betting odds comparison site. 2020 Presidential Election Sets Betting Records, $1B in Wagers Possible. The November 3 presidential election between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden is the most bet US election in Betfair history. Prediction Markets. Rankings/Views Oct-27-2020. [Going to cross $1 billion bet. Hope you got in early in the prediction markets. I gave you all the information. If PredictIt is a realistic view of people’s choice, we’re in trouble! You still don’t get it. Economist now giving Biden 97% chance of winning. Wow. Talk about magical thinking. I say civil unrest before the election. Wow. That’s telling. Eight of the top ten are Fox and Carlson has been covering the laptop story. Maddow and O’Donnell together do not have the numbers to match Carlson. This is really interesting. Proof of Shy Tory effect in play. Checked Nielsen just now and this tracks. According to Nielsen, the only thing beating out Carlson and Hannity on cable is NFL. To be expected. It’s football. But get this… In primetime Nielsens the Trump Townhall and Vice Pres and the People numbers BEAT OUT FOOTBALL. That’s remarkably unusual. In ratings, with few exceptions, football tends to remain king. While they each trounced football in the Nielsens, Trump’s ratings topped Biden’s. Biden’s viewership seems higher than Trump’s. Algo secret sauce afoot here. Would need to deep dive further.]

  75. Tucker Carlson: “Damning Hunter Biden documents suddenly vanish.” [Red Faction/Wizards are panicking.] Senate Committee Successfully Verifies All Bobulinski Materials Reviewed To Date. The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee has been successful verifying materials from Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner Tony Bobulinski. Hunter Biden Pictures of Himself Disrobed and Exposed With Certain Minor — Joe Biden Is Lying. Disclaimer: We spoke with our attorney on the explosive nature of this post and delayed its publication. There are more photos of the certain minor in question but we decided not to include them in this report due to legal concerns. Text messages, videos and pictures were recently discovered on Hunter Biden’s laptop that put Hunter and the Biden family in very compromising situations. Perhaps the most disturbing revelations in the many files on the Hunter Biden laptop is the family’s actions surrounding Hunter’s inappropriate and possibly criminal behavior with a certain minor. These texts paint a horrible picture of what is going on behind closed doors in the Biden family. More importantly they reveal how the Biden family looked the other way and defended Hunter when they found out he may have been acting criminally with a certain minor. Today we have uncovered pictures that back up the texts. Joe Biden told a reporter just two days ago that the controversy with his son Hunter “was a hell of a lie!” The Biden household has many secrets. Some secrets involved Hunter and a minor. Why was this hidden from the public or from the police? Was this because it would tarnish Joe’s political image? Most importantly, is the child safe now? This is not Russian disinformation. It’s coming from the Biden nuclear family. There are no records that any of this was brought to the attention of the police by the Biden family. [Guess Natalie Biden seems to be verified in sexual acts with Hunter, or so they claim based off photos, birth marks, geolocation etc. It that more appropriate for Disclosure? Not a peep on MSM.]

  76. Trump: “It’s amazing. Twitter refuses to allow any mention of the Biden corruption story which was carried so well on Tucker Carlson last night. It’s the biggest story and Big Tech, together with the Lamestream Media, isn’t allowing a word to be said about it.” Twitter, Facebook and Google CEOs testify before Senate on Section 230. Expected live at 10 a.m. ET on Wed., Oct. 28: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Alphabet Inc., Google CEO Sundar Pichai will testify before the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation committee. “Who the Hell Elected You!” WOW! Sen. Cruz RIPS Jack Dorsey over Censorship of Conservative Content. This was an amazing exchange! “Who the Hell Elected You!” - WOW! Sen. Ted Cruz RIPS Jack Dorsey for Censorship of NY Post’s Biden Reports. Ted Cruz blasts Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey, who the hell elected you? And put you in charge of what the media are allowed to report, and what the American people are allowed to hear. Dan Bongino: “The best part of today’s hearing by far.” Abigail Marone: “Jack Dorsey of Twitter just told Senator Cruz that anyone could now share the NY Post’s bombshell stories on Twitter. Dorsey is lying. Twitter is STILL blocking the URL for the NY Post story about the Biden’s foreign corruption & China dealings.” Ted Cruz: “What Jack told the Senate, under oath, is false. I just tried to tweet the NY Post story alleging Biden’s CCP corruption. Still blocked. 18 USC 1621 makes it a felony to lie under oath to the Senate.” Ted Cruz: “An hour ago you couldn’t tweet this NY Post story. Now you can.” Axios: “Ted Cruz and Jack Dorsey clash at a Senate hearing after the Twitter CEO says his platform does not have the ability to influence elections.” Trump Jr.: “That’s a ridiculous statement. Millions of people get their news from Twitter and if Twitter is suppressing some of the biggest news of the day not allowing it to trend and locking out conservative accounts of course they are able to influence elections.” Trump: “Why isn’t Twitter trending Biden corruption? It’s the biggest and most credible story anywhere in the world. Fake Trending!!!” “Jack Dorsey: Holocaust Denials Not ‘Misinformation’ Under Twitter Policy. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said Wednesday that under Twitter’s policy, Holocaust denials are not considered misinformation.” Herbert West Retweeter: “Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey faces tough questions over his claims that Twitter can cure Tsarevich Alexei’s hemophilia.” [Now some lie about AMP links …but it’s clearly not an AMP link.] Twitter Comms: “People may have had trouble Tweeting in this specific instance because the article shared included an Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) link. Since multiple URLs can redirect to the same article, we fixed this specific use case. You should now have no issues.” The Babylon Bee: “Jack Dorsey Hires Homeless Man Off Streets Of San Francisco To Fill In For Him At Hearings.” Dorsey Just Lied To Congress And Claimed Twitter Never Censored President Donald Trump. “We have not censored the U.S. president,” Jack Dorsey said. “We do not take down the tweets but we add context around it.” Ian Miles Cheong: “Twitch has banned all protest/riot streams and coverage. The revolution will not be livestreamed.” Joe Biden derides game dev ‘creeps’ who ‘teach you how to kill.’ Former US Vice President and current Presidential hopeful, Joe Biden, became the latest politician to make his disdain for video games plain — not unusual by itself, but in the middle of a campaign is probably the wrong time to do it. [Seriously. Fuck Dorsey. This is why the Elitist PTBs hate [Trump] so. He exposes all their plots and schemes, exposes the media’s complacency as accessory before, after and during the fact, blows up their plans in real time, and then live tweets it. With all that $$$ he can afford some beard conditioner. Lol. Someone give him Erica Kiosk’s phone number. Looks like he’s planning to audition for ZZTop when this whole Twitter CEO gig doesn’t work out. It’s Halloween prep. He’s waiting for his pan flute and goat leg pants from Amazon. Oh I thought he was just trying to blend in with the rest of the homeless population of San Francisco so they would accept him as their Messiah. If he can’t get a cult following there, he could always try for a seat on the Seattle City Council. Those jackasses will follow any lunatic whose eyes glaze over with rights-grab-glee after putting a positive PR spin on constitutional infringement. Prepper groups on Facebook are censoring people’s comments. They are not allowing people talk about anything aside from natural disasters in forms of basically water, wind, etc. Censorship is everywhere. Rasputin reference. Comments are gold. Damn censorship is the way to confirm what we know is true and coming down the pike. Solar Minimum. Next thing they will further bury all the weather happenings. Fires are a great distraction from the early winter and what’s to come. So called global warming, most around me think this. Clueless to DEW, Popeye, solar minimum. Just clueless. Hopefully the preppers find their way to some Telegram groups. And glad I left and found you all in February when they kept nuking all China videos and being censored and messed with because I was on FB. I don’t waste my time on social media. Crazy thing this is where most get their news and education from. Is it just me or does it seem like Dorsey is either somewhere with no natural light or perhaps in a prison? Similar thought when I saw the Adderall meme Aries posted. I thought that the pupils are more likely constricted because there’s a harsh light on him and that beige back wall looks blown out. Interesting. Anyone know the paint match code for Gitmo? (I’m kidding. But if one of you actually knows this… I’m not going to be surprised.) This entire election cycle has been one huge media swindle in favor of the Left. I hope everyone can see it now. It should be clear to anyone capable of linear thought, but so many are too stubborn and sullen to admit that it was the Socialist-infiltrated Democrats and the Billionaire Technocratic Elite that were the real Big Bad and Colluding all along. Use Your Collusion. Sorry if that sounds too political. I’m not trying to be pro-right, anti-left. It would piss me off just as much if the media were manipulating it the other direction. I’m against the media manipulation and the witch-hunts meant to distract from the real corruption and evil plots to enslave the whole of humanity. First they came for the gamers.]

  77. Joe Rogan Experience # 1555 - Alex Jones & Tim Dillon. Tim Dillon is a standup comedian, actor, and host of the Tim Dillon Show. Alex Jones is a filmmaker, writer, and host of the Alex Jones Show. @ The Tim Dillon Show. Spotify Is Defending Alex Jones’ Appearance On “The Joe Rogan Experience.” In a leaked email, an executive said, “We are not going to ban specific individuals from being guests on other people’s shows.” Joe Rogan: “The conspiracy about the show with the conspiracy theorist… The episode that was uploaded to Spotify had some cache issues, and it wasn’t working correctly on some devices so the engineers had Jamie reupload it with the same date, thinking it would fix the problem but still play for everyone like it was never missing. Didn’t quite work out perfect, which led to my phone getting hit up by people thinking it was removed. It works for me now, but some folks are still having trouble seeing it. They’re working on it. It IS however fucking classic and amazing that this glitch only shows up in the Alex Jones episode.” [Who’s controlling him? Joe Rogan wouldn’t let Alex Jones talk for 5 seconds without interrupting him and forcing Jamie to look up every single thing Alex would say it was the shittiest podcast I’ve ever seen and further proof that Joe Rogan is an annoying cunt who people only watch for his guests. JOE ROGAN WEARS EAR PIECE ON THE SHOW - LADY VOICE SAYS “RELAX WE’RE HERE” # 2. Needs more Eddie Bravo. Edgy knows. This one brings up a good point about rabbit holes, towards the end of it (last 20 min) Alex was like… “You know, I’ve been telling people for 26 years and I’m done. I’m gonna die from a heart attack, I’m unhealthy, I’m stressed.” Joe knows a lot less than Alex but who do you think is gonna be better equipped for SHTF. Someone who knows everything or someone who’s in good shape and can hunt? I mean Alex has a tank lol. I’m more pissed off at the censorship. Play to your strengths, shore up your weaknesses, and hope for the best. At the top of the podcast Alex compliments Joe for moving. Apparently they’re now in the same area. I figured Joe was simply showing AJ is right and AJ speaks in hyperbole and out of context. I thought Joe was re-introducing AJ to the internet. I’m excited for their election coverage. Trump was in Vegas last night I believe. Cameras are weird tho. Fingers crossed that Rogan interviews Trump. Remember - that’s the temporal marker in the predictive linguistics data set that sets that entire word cloud in motion and was seen via other means as well - super interesting that most in gold circles concur that that event is basically the kick off for Open Eyes. It keeps coming up (which is the entire basis for how it’s measured - the concept is hitting an emotional fever pitch within the zeitgeist). And if you think about it, it makes total sense: Joe would simply say, “Come on, bro, tell me about the aliens, Mr. President…” and he’s so naturally disarming that POTUS would probably at least drop a hint… in front of millions. Every time someone mentions it, I end up holding my breath… Actionable piece: If you see the event come across the markets, I have a strong sense it’s quite likely to occur. Too many people are requesting it at this point. Seems like more of an eventuality than a mere possibility at this point. Keep an eye on it. Spotify has purged the episode. Get a better ear piece, morons. Still up on YouTube. I watched the last 20-30 mins of the show to hear the woman’s voice come through the ear piece. It’s my first time tuning in so I don’t understand what the implication is. Who was she?]

  78. More coverup nonsense from the Ukrainians: "The release of the flaps by the crew during the approach to the 38-degree position was the third dangerous factor. The untimely transfer of the aircraft to the descent and the erroneous construction of the descent trajectory, the attempt to reach the glide path as soon as possible instead of descending to the beginning of the runway, was the fourth dangerous factor. factor "- he explained. The Deputy Prime Minister pointed out that, given the additional thrust of the third engine on the right wing wing and the flaps extended by 38 degrees, the asymmetric increase in the thrust of the AI-24VT right engine led to an extremely difficult flight situation. UA “The artificial creation of an asymmetry of thrust by the power plant was the fifth dangerous factor that significantly worsened the flight conditions,” he added. Urusky stressed that from 20 hours 44 minutes 5 seconds on board the aircraft an emergency situation arose and developed. "Non-elimination of slip is the sixth dangerous factor that led to the transition at 20 hours 44 minutes 32 seconds from an emergency to a catastrophic situation. At 20 hours 44 minutes 49 seconds at a speed of 100 km per hour with a roll angle of 75 degrees and a pitch angle of 26 degrees, the plane collided with the ground . According to a rough estimate, the overload in the center of mass of the aircraft at the moment of impact was 12 units, “he said. On the fact of the plane crash, criminal proceedings were started under Article 416 (violation of the rules of flights and preparation for them, resulting in a catastrophe and serious consequences) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. A commission of the Ministry of Defense for the technical investigation of the plane crash and a government commission headed by Deputy Prime Minister Oleg Urusky began work. On October 23, Urusky said that the commission had established the causes of the plane crash. “The technical problems that took place were superimposed on the human factor, plus systemic and serious violations in the organization of flights to ensure flight safety, the development of relevant documents regulating the implementation of training flights,” he said at a briefing. On the same day, Major General Oleksandr Turinsky, by order of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, was removed from his duties as the head of the Kharkov National University of the Air Force (KNUVS) until the final official establishment of all the circumstances and causes of the plane crash. Urusky named a number of factors that led to the crash of the An-26 aircraft with cadets near Chuguev. “The first dangerous factor that provoked the event, which later led to the crash of the aircraft, was the failure of the PRT-24 system from the left engine control system, which at 20 hours 36 minutes 5 seconds resulted in a special situation,” the Minister for Strategic industries of Ukraine Oleg Urusky at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on Wednesday. Urusky noted that after the establishment of horizontal flight, the crew did not equalize the thrust of the left and right engines, which became the second dangerous factor that influenced the development of a special situation.

  79. Jack Posobiec: “Philadelphia police discover van loaded with explosives, suspicious equipment. Propane tanks, torches and possible dynamite sticks recovered.” Conceal or Reveal? Managing Clandestine Military Capabilities in Peacetime Competition. [All of these censoring accidents are no accident. It’s the classic military tactic: Stage a mock attack, which tricks the adversary to reveal their clandestine capabilities and specific countermeasures; then, you can use these observations to far better perform your real attack, later on. Radical left bombings about to make a comeback for first time in many decades. Cycles repeat. Slowly ramping up the explosions.] Tomas Morales: “Washington D.C.- BLM thugs throw a mortar firework at police & then laugh about it.” [Preparing for something much bigger.] “District Attorney Krasner to Donald Trump: Leave Philly Alone.” [All facilitated by the local governments and legal systems.] “Philadelphia police discover van loaded with explosives, suspicious equipment. An investigation is underway in Philadelphia after police find explosives and other suspicious cargo inside a van at Logan Circle on Wednesday night.” [On top of all that, church burnings all around the world.] Kitty Shackleford: “A Vietnamese Baptist church was burned in Philadelphia last night. The Pastor says they poured a chemical accelerant on the roof and set fire to the building. Video of the aftermath of the fire. (video from Baptist Resource Network FB.” [Poland, Chile, Argentina, Philadelphia. Going to be a fucking circus.]

  80. We are up to 43 Janets today. As of 4pm pst. Show me the last map you posted. Flight Report in 30 min. 60 Janets today. Most airports are very quiet. Aviation and Naval Assets: “TITAN25/75-0125 arrived at Aqaba Int’l (King Hussein Int’l) (AQJ / OJAQ) at 10:21AM EEST from Bahrain Int’l (BAH / OBBI) after 2:23 en route.” EAMs per UTC day:
    2020-10-01 ###
    2020-10-02 ############
    2020-10-03 ####
    2020-10-04 ################
    2020-10-06 ####
    2020-10-07 ####################
    2020-10-08 #######
    2020-10-09 ###########
    2020-10-10 ##
    2020-10-11 ##########
    2020-10-12 #####
    2020-10-13 ###
    2020-10-15 ########
    2020-10-16 ##
    2020-10-17 ##
    2020-10-18 ##
    2020-10-21 ###
    2020-10-22 #######
    2020-10-23 ########
    2020-10-24 ################
    2020-10-25 ##############
    2020-10-26 #####
    2020-10-27 ####################
    2020-10-28 ############