Azazel News #Recap 10/27/2020

  1. Elites going out of sight, lockdowns, and unusual number of flights going into Area 51. Just keep preparing. Record number of flights into Area 51 and massive censorship over it. Please share the Recaps. Keep your loved ones ahead. Stock your pantry if you haven’t already because it’s going to be a bumpy election ride!

  2. Hurricane “Zeta” makes landfall in Yucatan, heads toward U.S. Gulf Coast.

  3. zerohedge: “Map Shows Arctic Blast Sweeping Across The US.”

  4. While our children are forced to learn woke propaganda, China creates universal soldiers.

  5. Disclose TV: “ US Senators to designate the abuses of the Uyghur minority in China as genocide: reports.”

  6. Ian Miles Cheong: “China is waging fifth generation warfare on the Trump campaign and it has Biden’s support.”

  7. One America News: “Texas governor to deploy National Guard in multiple cities on Election Day.”

  8. ImThatGuy: “Yup they threw a brick through CVS and all the stores in that shopping center are boarding up and closing.”

  9. Disclose TV: “Netherlands considers a ‘total lockdown’ - Prime Minister.”

  10. This makes no sense. Flu cases down 99.995% according to CDC. How is it possible? Has science gone too far?

  11. Record Setting Snow in South Dakota and Iowa. Measurable snows came early this year for parts of South Dakota and Iowa. Record-breaking snows.

  12. SV News: “98 people arrested & 3 missing children found in month-long "Operation Double Impact.” [Good Lord, could they have come up with any better name for it than that??]

  13. Is getting the flu vaccine safe for my pineal gland? Ive been told that we ingest more mercury and aluminum from food than the shot. Ask in Health.

  14. Also… test your equipment. If I was cold or clear headed I wouldn’t have figured it out. Just had small learning curve with getting my 1lb to 20lb tank cord working.

  15. TJ Muehleman: “No big deal you guys – this is just the store fronts in Bellevue (east of downtown Seattle) boarding up their windows in anticipation of next week’s election.”

  16. GEORGE: “How we pull up and the gas station boarding up the windows and my brother gonna say, ‘Damn we was bouta hit y’all up.”

  17. Viper Bubbles: “It’s been reported that businesses are boarding up their windows in Richmond Heights, MO. Why are they doing this?”


  19. ISCResearch: “The Defense Minister of Nagorno-Karabakh was assassinated by an Azerbaijani UAV, the Azerbaijan Ministry of Defense claims.”

  20. Xinjiang Urumqi Railway Station, October 27, 2020. People leave Ürümqi city. They fear the city will be closed again because of the coronavirus back in Xinjiang.

  21. Explosion onboard a Russian oil tanker, vessel sinking. A Russian oil tanker has been rocked by an explosion in the Sea of Azov and is now sinking.

  22. October Snow is falling in Hawaii. Buckle up folks – the winter of 2020-21 across the northern hemisphere is shaping up to be something of a doozy.

  23. Covid: Spain imposes national night-time curfew to curb infections. As well as a night-time curfew, travel between regions can be banned under the emergency measures.

  24. US Space Force Is Getting Its Own NCO Academy. The move to create a separate institution distinguishes Space Force and its warfighting roles from those of the Air Force.

  25. ‘Sleeping giant’ Arctic methane deposits starting to release, scientists find. Exclusive: expedition discovers new source of greenhouse gas off East Siberian coast has been triggered.

  26. Activists Turn Facial Recognition Tools Against the Police. “We’re now approaching the technological threshold where the little guys can do it to the big guys,” one researcher said.

  27. Toxic algae bloom behind massive marine die-off in Russia’s Kamchatka. A toxic algae bloom has been found to be responsible for the massive die-off of marine creatures off Russia’s Kamchatka.

  28. Grand Solar Minimum: “Pink Auroras & a new sunspot AR2778 Solar wind speed: 523.4 km/sec (its picking up) Pink appears when energetic particles descend lower than usual, striking nitrogen molecules below the 100 km level.”

  29. FOURTH! “pre-main-season” Snowfall event buries the Alps under ANOTHER 3-Feet. Official snow stats aren’t usually reported this early into the season, but numbers of 80+cm (nearing 3 feet) were registered Tues morning.

  30. Earliest Oklahoma Ice Storm in Recorded History leaves 300,000 without Power. It was the first time that the NWS issued an ice storm warning in the month of October in Oklahoma – GSM.

  31. NASA Discovers a Rare Metal Asteroid That’s Worth $10,000,000,000,000,000,000. Unlike most asteroids that are either rocky or icy, Psyche is made almost entirely of iron and nickel.

  32. Two years ago, 11 Jewish men and women were murdered while they sat in the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh during Saturday Shabbat services. May their memory be a blessing.

  33. Earth’s biggest telescopes reopen after months of COVID closures. Observational astronomy, largely shutdown since March, is getting back to work thanks to slowly declining COVID-19 cases in Chile and new workplace practices.

  34. Hundreds of All-Time Records Fall Across North America: “This cold weather is not normal!” It’s beginning to look a lot like the GSM across large parts of Canada and the US as winter targets tens of millions of North Americans.

  35. Low Temperature Records Smashed across the Thompson-Okanagan regions of B.C. These new records aren’t just pipping the old marks, they’re wiping the floor with them – Grand Solar Minimum.

  36. Los Angeles Times: “The LAPD received approval Tuesday to begin recording and storing aerial footage of protests and other large gatherings from helicopters. Here’s what we know.”

  37. Riots of 2020 have given the Second Amendment a boost. Riots over George Floyd predictably resulted in billions in property damage, but it is a surprise they have strengthened the argument for gun rights.

  38. ”Killing Freeze" hits Kansas as all-time Cold and Snow Records Fall. Wichita witnessed “the most snow [it] has ever received this early in the season" breaking the all-time record set back in 1905.

  39. Texas governor requests use of El Paso-area military hospital for non-COVID-19 patients as cases surge. The request comes as COVID-19 cases have been surging throughout Texas and the country.

  40. SpaceX prices Starlink satellite internet service at $99 per month, according to e-mail. SpaceX is expanding the beta test of its Starlink satellite internet service, according to emails seen by CNBC, with service priced at $99 a month.

  41. Disclose TV: “Twitter CEO to warn altering social media law may 'collapse how we communicate on the Internet,’ Reuters reports. Dorsey is expected to appear in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on 17 November, just two weeks after Election Day.” [Bets leaning as predicted.]

  42. Things China Doesn’t Want You To Know. Five minutes ago, the water level at the Three Gorges Dam officially reached the dam’s maximum capacity of 175 meters. As of 2:20 pm local time, October 28th, 2020, the water level is 175.00 meters and rising slowly.

  43. Industrial Engineer Irene Quiroz: “We see how the flares of class C and B were given in the AR2778 south pole of the sun. We see map D an X-ray pulse that briefly ironized the upper part of Earth’s atmosphere causing a shortwave radio blackout in these areas. The C-class flares of the AR2778.”

  44. Navy issues safety ‘stand down’ for non-deployed aircraft. The Navy has directed all non-deployed aviation units to “stand down” as of Monday in response to two separate crashes, including one in which two officers were killed.

  45. US Attorney EDNY: “NXIVM founder and leader Keithe Raniere sentenced to 120 years in prison.” [Moron who branded women in his cult. Straight up Red sex cult stuff. Correct. Have you seen the show on Netflix? HBO, you mean. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  46. Watch The Midnight Sky. George Clooney is blue. I thought Clooney was red. What’s the title of the film he stars on that’s a Disney one? Tomorrowland ? I think that’s the name. Very blue like. Now find the other lands you already know of… Dreamland, Sugarland and Tomorrowland. It’s a code.

  47. Earthquake? Probably Not. Shaking In SLC Area Consistent With ‘Atmospheric Source,’ Officials Say. Neither the U of U Seismograph Stations nor the US Geological Survey reported any seismic activity, though UUSS did offer a possible explanation.

  48. Latest coronavirus news: Vaccine is ‘likely to be imperfect’ and ‘might not prevent infection’, warns head of UK task force. The first generation of Covid-19 vaccines “is likely to be imperfect” and “might not work for everyone”, the chair of the UK Vaccine Task force has said.

  49. Daniel Reyes: “Everything I’ve read is “preparing for civil unrest,” not militia invasion. Beverly Hills will be on tactical alert, closing Rodeo against looters. Santa Monica police are on alert and stores are boarding up. I expect false flag operations, but too late for election intimidation.”

  50. Jack Posobiec: “Philly truck attack on police - New COVID wave in Europe - Cuomo and Whitmer refuse to release nursing home numbers - Zuckerberg named in Hunter emails - Boston Herald endorsed Trump Stories you won’t see on CNN today.” [Steel yourselves.]

  51. zerohedge: “RUSSIA’S LAVROV QUARANTINING AFTER COVID-19 EXPOSURE: RIA.” [See where he was yesterday.] Manu Gómez: “Russian Air Force Ilyushin Il-96-300 RSD008 departed Athens Sergei Lavrov now en route to Belgrade Serbia.”

  52. Some early voters want to change their vote after Hunter Biden exposés. Google searches for “change my vote” have spiked over the last several days, and Americans interested in adjusting their ballot are also searching for more information on Hunter Biden. [Prediction markets.]

  53. Amichai Stein: IAEA Rafael Mariano Grossi tells David Rising: Inspectors have confirmed that Iran has started construction on an underground advanced centrifuge assembly facility at Natanz after July’s reported sabotage attack.

  54. Ali: “Nate Silver is nervous. Good sign.” Nate Silver: “People overthink certain things. If Biden’s favored but not certain to win, I think I/we at 538 need to provide quite a bit of coverage about why Biden’s in good shape, while also sometimes discussing the ways that he might lose.”

  55. Noga Tarnopolsky: “Bipartisan legislation introduced to Congress will seek to provide Israel with the Bunker Buster-- the largest non-nuclear bomb in the U.S. arsenal, which Israel has desired for years. The Bunker Buster is for Israel what the F-35 is for the UAE.”

  56. Disclose TV: “FIFA President Infantino tests positive for COVID-19. Russian FM Lavrov goes into self-isolation after contact with a person that contracted COVID-19.” [Another going out of the public sight. Going down below or Off-World. Another elite out of sight.]

  57. Aurora Intel: “Artsakh Defense Minister Jalal Harutyunyans vehicle was hit today by Azerbaijani drones. In accordance with the Artsakh constitution, Jalal has been relieved of duty with Major-General Mikayel Arzumanyan taking his post as Defense Minister.”

  58. Oil falls as COVID-19 case surge stokes demand concerns. Oil extended last week’s losses on Monday, falling nearly 2% as a surge in COVID-19 infections in the United States and Europe prompted concern over crude demand, while the prospect of increased supply also hit sentiment.

  59. Denver Obliterates All-Time Low Temperature Records in weather books dating back 148 years. On each and every October day of the past 148 years, the thermometer in Denver has never failed to reach at least 18F… until yesterday, that is.

  60. Northern Hemisphere Total Snow Mass is ALREADY 300 Gigatons above the 1982-2012 Average. …and that’s BEFORE the inclusion of the recent record volumes of snow witnessed across North America and Russia. Total snow mass for Northern Hemisphere, excluding mountains.

  61. Record Snow Blankets The US - 140 mph gust recorded - Fire and Ice - MSM Silent! - JFK Was Correct! Colorado State Patrol warning about bad road conditions in southern Colorado. 140 mph gust recorded as incredible winds rake California.

  62. National forecast. Zeta has weakened moving over Mexico, but will strengthen again as it makes its way into the Louisiana coast tomorrow. A significant ice and winter storm is happening over the Central and Southern Plains while wildfire danger continues over California.

  63. The Pandemic Turned My Parents Into Day Traders. Dad was thrifty enough to retire in his 50s. Mom’s nest egg was mostly retirement accounts and index funds. Now they’re buying and selling hot stocks in pursuit of quick profits. [Smart.]

  64. Anonyme Citoyen: “IN PROGRESS - Demonstration of taxis against sanitary restrictions in Milan. ALERT - Very high tensions in Rome. The police disperse the demonstrators with water cannons even before the start of the demonstration. Big clashes are underway.”

  65. COVID-19 cases pass 160 in Kashgar amid mass testing. Asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19 rose by 26 to a total of 164 as of 4 pm on Monday in the Kashgar prefecture of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, and no new confirmed cases were detected, the local government said on Monday evening.

  66. Agitated Outsider: “The “local” small businesses and galleries have blood on their hands. Gentrification is not a peaceful process; dehousing people is violence. Eviction is violence. Property damage is not violence: it is revenge.” [As eviction apocalypse nears, the woke have made their plan clear - evictions = society burns.]

  67. Remnants of Hurricane “Epsilon” to bring heavy rain, high waves, and strong winds to UK and Ireland. The remains of Hurricane “Epsilon” are set to bring strong winds and heavy rain to the UK, prompting the Met Office to issue yellow weather warnings across parts of the west of England from Thursday to Friday, October 29 to 30, 2020.

  68. First layer of snow coats Washington’s mountain passes. The first traces of snow have been spotted on Washington’s mountain passes. Footage captured by a Washington State Department of Transportation camera shows a thin layer of snow covering a portion of Sherman Pass.

  69. Millions affected as Typhoon “Molave” hits central Vietnam - the country’s worst storm in 20 years. Typhoon “Molave” made landfall over Quang Nam and Quang Tri provinces in Vietnam’s central region at 04:00 UTC (11:00 LT) on Wednesday, October 28, 2020, with maximum sustained winds of 165 km/h (103 mph).

  70. Significant ground deformation associated with earthquakes on the Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland. The Icelandic Met Office (IMO) is reporting significant ground deformation associated with a series of earthquakes that occurred on the Reykjanes Peninsula, between Fagradalsfjall and Kleifarvatn, from October 16 to 22, 2020.

  71. Jane Burgermeister: “Spain’s doctors have staged 1st national strike in 25 yrs over government Covid decree which says they can be assigned to any hospital or job regardless of speciality, also 1st in line for risky Covid jab as in UK and elsewhere. Rule by decree is anyway as illegal in Spain as everywhere.”

  72. Saksith Saiyasombut: “Some very bizarre scenes during the special parliament session just now when Visarn Techateerawat MP (Pheu Thai Party) cut his arm with a knife in an emotional plea for PM Prayut Chan-o-cha to resign. He’s reportedly now being brought to a hospital. Thai Protests 2020.”

  73. Army fires tank-killing robots armed with Javelin missiles. The U.S. Army will soon operate robots able to destroy enemy armored vehicles with anti-tank missiles, surveil war zones under heavy enemy fire and beam back identified targeting details in seconds due to rapid progress with several new armed robot programs.

  74. Daily Caller: “A federal court authorized a FISA warrant against one of Hunter Biden’s Chinese business partners, court documents show.” [Light a candle for the people who rely on MSM to be informed. They are completely in the dark at the mercy of the censorship. Danger at their doorstep and they don’t even know about it. You can’t save them all.]

  75. More than 100,000 urged to evacuate, 2 firemen injured as new wildfires rapidly spread in Southern California. About 100,000 residents in Southern California were ordered to evacuate on Monday, October 26, 2020, as two rapidly spreading wildfires exploded in Orange County-- the Silverado and Blue Ridge fires.

  76. Edward Ongweso Jr.: “After a programmer made McBroken - a site tracking every broken McDonald’s ice cream machine - a few people use spatial equity tools to analyze the data. They found broken machines were overrepresented in low-income, Black, and Latinx neighborhoods.” [Institutionalized systems of ice cream racism. Ice cream machines are racist.]

  77. Bernie’sTweets: “NZ has set up “quarantine camps” People can be forcibly removed to camps if there is a risk they may infect others in their households. They will be detained without charge, or conviction of any crime, until they agree to a test & it’s negative. What do you think about that?” [Anyone else tired of the jargon? These are internment camps.]

  78. TMZ: “D.C. Buildings, Shops Start Boarding Up Before Election Day.” Protesters are now trying to force their way into the DC Police Headquarters building; clashing with officers at the entrance. Police deploy tear gear to disperse the crowd gathered outside of the DC Police Precinct. [Since DC is Federal territory, wouldn’t Trump have the option to use military without intervening in “State” authority? That has been the issue elsewhere, from what I understand, but in DC it shouldn’t be an issue.]

  79. Disclose TV: “NASA and Europe sign deal to build orbital Moonbase. Construction to begin by 2022.” [Clowns. It’s already built. White Space Programs are always such a fucking joke.] Human Spaceflight: “European astronauts are going Forward To The Moon. A memorandum of understanding signed between NASA and ESA secures three flights for European astronauts to the Artemis Gateway around the Moon – and major opportunities for European industry.”

  80. The Babylon Bee (Satire) - With Moon Water Announcement, Trump Proposes Space Navy. NASA recently announced its discovery of definitive evidence that there is water on the moon. President Donald Trump wasted no time, following up with an announcement of his own. “Water in space means only one thing,” he told the press. [It’s gonna be huge. Big ships. The Bee has its own method of disclosure. I dig it! Finally getting the toys out so next door kids may play with them.]

  81. Remember, Interstellar really happened. We really had astronauts abandoned that died off-world. The Nolan movies are made for them (Black World/Blue Wizards, not for you (Bubble/White World). Imagine being the last of your kind and you make a mistake that affects the whole mission. Humanity is doomed forever. Mistakes are not allowed, you check and double check. Dual control is mandatory to avoid one person screws up the missions.

  82. Jose Manuel Olivares: “At this moment he is standing in the Remote whiskey of the international Simon Bolivar terminal in Vargas state! And they unload boxes, directly to highly escorted Containers. It coincides with the complaint from Special Representative Elliott Abrams from State Dept days ago.” [Seriously why even have Stealth Fighters!!! Why bring them out of retirement? If you have Venezuela smuggling missiles to hit Miami and Key West.

  83. COVID-19 Can Make Patients’ Immune Systems Attack Their Own Bodies, Study Shows. Across the world, immunologists who retooled their labs to join the fight against SARS-CoV-2 are furiously trying to explain why some people get so sick while others recover unscathed. The pace is dizzying, but some clear trends have emerged. [We saw studies hinting at this that were suppressed ages ago, back in the very beginning. Remember - the Nobel laureates were silenced for saying this. We were covering Honjo and Montagnier’s theories back in April, as well as the suppressed Chinese studies showing similarities between Covid and HIV back in March.]

  84. Nicole Perlroth: “Trump’s Campaign website hacked/defaced by someone who is sick of the “fake news spreaded daily” by the president.” [Oh, that’s pathetic. They’ll stop at nothing. You have no idea how much that annoys me, but I’m currently more concerned with the 68 Janets today as of 4:36pm pst. Yes true. But what can they be doing there? How much people can if fit? Or is mostly cargo? 50% personal / 50% cargo. I see. So they must have space for a lot of people. Depends on the plan size to cargo etc etc. Foreigners. Grammar and Orthography analysis points that way. "Coorperation.”] “Hackers left a message that reads like it was written by someone who speaks English as a second language.” [They are getting desperate.]

  85. barely informed with elad: “Another smashed Bank of America. It’s not just because NYC has a bank on every corner that these protesters are mostly choosing bank windows to smash. A bank of America’s windows were smashed and tagged with “death to America” while a black person was still in it! The fire in the background makes the video look more cinematic. Protesters running through Brooklyn streets setting trash on fire before they take off. Here’s the third smashed van I spotted, I’m going to stop posting them but in total I witnessed six. [“Death to America” chant crowds back in NYC.]

  86. Seattle City Council mulls plan that could result in dismissal of many misdemeanor crimes. The Seattle City Council is considering new legislation that would create a legal loophole that would make substance addiction, mental illness or poverty a valid legal defense for nearly all misdemeanor crimes committed in the city. [Oh lovely, look what the Seattle city council is trying to sneak through in a back door vote, legislation which would been prosecution of all misdemeanors for any individual who has any form of addiction or mental illness, including addiction, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, et al. This would have dismissed over 5,000 charges filed and prosecuted in Seattle last year alone, and crime rates are through the roof this year. Unbelievable. Seattle City Council mulls law that could result in dismissal of many misdemeanor crimes.]

  87. Disclose TV: “Bomb threat in Paris. The area around ArcDeTriomphe cordoned off. Ammunitions depot found near Champs De Mars. Heavy deployment of police and counterterrorism forces. Pedestrians discovered a bag full of ammunition near Champ de Mars in Paris. The Brigades for the Repression of Motorized Violent Actions (BRAV-M) is now on the scene to secure the perimeter. President Macron to address the nation of France tomorrow night at 8pm. France now considers a nationwide lockdown as curfews have failed to stop COVID-19.” [Tomorrow Macron will speak. Well if you see how lockdown is going in Italy I really doubt it will go well in France. That’s why I think we can’t do that again in France.] In France. The area around the Eiffel Tower in Paris was briefly evacuated on Tuesday after the discovery of a bag filled with ammunition. The Arcde Triomphe monument was also evacuated following a bomb alert. It is unclear whether there was a link between the two incidents. [Only unemployed and retired people should stay at home.]

  88. SV News: “USC pollster group which predicted 2016 election—releases poll saying President Trump will win re-election. Group known for a methodology to account for the “shy Trump voter” effect.” Are these experimental polling questions pointing to a Trump victory? > News > USC Dornsife. Two new questions added to the USC Dornsife Daybreak Poll this year, reported separately from the main results, predict that the national popular vote for president could be much closer than most polls are predicting.[Prediction markets. Actionable Intel. Social Unrest will be out of bounds. Take as a sample the Twitter reactions to Yesterday’s confirmation. Pennsylvania headed red as fuck. Pennsylvania win = guaranteed win. Stay home, fill your vehicles tank, prepare for blackouts, test radio frequencies. Even on fake news polls, Pennsylvania higher than ever. One way to handle social unrest is shutting down the grid. No power, no lights, no Wifi, no communication. Troops have night vision. Trust fund babies playing revolution are not ready for that. This info is apolitical. It’s Intel to predict outcomes and increase your preparedness level. It gives you an edge when SHTF.

  89. Well, timelines are exploding. Not even 24 hours. Stay indoors. Unless strictly necessarily, avoid going out. This is a Doom scenario. If one doesn’t follows months of preparedness WTH are you doing joining a Doomsday Survivalist Group? Looting everywhere and these are the top trends in Twitter: The Bachelorette, Clare and Chris Harrison, This Is Us, Randall, Hip Hop Awards. L: “And then, the kicker. It shows related queries. Hunter Biden Corruption; Can I change my vote to Trump; Change vote to Trump; Change vote in New Jersey; Change vote in Florida; Can I change my early vote; Change early vote. No wonder the Democrats were pushing people to vote early. They knew what was coming.” You think something happens in next 48 hours? Every day til inauguration. Ugh. Stay safe everybody. I don’t want to plug up the feed so I don’t really want anyone to respond (you can say something in Archaeology if you feel the need to). But I just wanted to take a quick moment to express my extreme gratitude for everyone here in this community. Thank you all for your your tireless efforts and invaluable insights, intel and advice. And an extra special shout out to AriesAzazel and miette057 for bringing me into the fold and to all of the esteemed admins and contributors. Y’all the real MVP. My money is on Doomsday in the Apocalypse Bowl! Much love and respect to you all. Slow Cat Blink

  90. A total of 30 Philadelphia police officers were injured Monday night amid citywide unrest that following a deadly police-involved shooting in West Philadelphia. The tense scenes unfolded outside the 18th Police District near 55th and Pine Streets through the night Monday. According to police, 30 officers are in stable condition and have been treated at local hospitals after most were struck with rocks and bricks as they faced off with demonstrators. A female officer remains in the hospital with a broken leg after police say she was struck by a pickup truck. 10 people were taken into custody and are being held at the 18th District Booking Center after authorities say they were involved in an incident near the district. Those in custody will be processed and released pending future charges for rioting and/or assaults on police. Hannah: “The City of Philadelphia is preparing for “violence” due to the senseless shooting of Walter Wallace, businesses closing early and boarding up. Philadelphia police, let’s stop shooting to kill and you won’t have citizens upset.” CIA-Simulation Warlord : “On 16th and Walnut in Philly the Apple Store has private security popping out and other businesses boarding up at 4 a.m.!” SV News: “Pennsylvania National Guard deploying to Philadelphia—ahead of another night of potential violence, riots & unrest.” Kitty Shackleford: “Walmart. Philadelphia, PA. This needs some Bennie Hill music. This is an absolute shit show. They don’t even care if they leave with the merch they just stole, cars are crashing into each other. What the ever living fuck. Target looks to have been busted into. Police on scene. Absolute destruction. Pretty sure they’re smashing everything up in New York City tonight also. (No visual, just audio that sounds like things being bashed.)” [Widespread looting right now in Philadelphia, PA. Target, Walmart, Foot Locker, everything.] Philadelphia Police: “Alert A large crowd of approx 1000 is looting businesses in the area of Castor and Aramingo. Avoid the area.” [Swarms of 1000 looters. The unstoppable swarms are back.] Preston Phillips: “As widespread looting continues in Philly, this Rite-Aid Pharmacy is now being ransacked.” [Pennsylvania dropping like a rock, now down to 58% Biden. Trade volume at all time high.] Kaylee Greenlee: “Philadelphia police told me they confiscated a “truck full” of firearms from looters.” Breaking911: “Several people have been shot and/or assaulted during unrest tonight in Philadelphia; at least three people are dead.” Someone brought a dolly to steal a washing machine (Philly). [In West Philadelphia born and raised, On the playground is where I spent most of my days, Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool, And all shooting some b-ball outside of the school, When a couple of guys who were up to no good, Started making trouble in my neighborhood, I got in one little fight and my mom got scared, And said "You’re moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air.” Ok thank God I’m not the one who had that song running through my head all day.] Elijah Schaffer: “They were specifically targeting and attacking white people tonight in Philadelphia It was clear, if you were white, you weren’t welcome. That’s why Antifa had their own demonstrations in a separate part of the city. Follow James Klug to show some support for his bravery.”

  91. Joshua Nathaniel Goodson: “Please don’t come destroy DTLA as celebration because your favorite team won a game.” Recon Source LA: “DTLA: LAPD reports that city services have the authority to shut down the south lawn of City Hall “on an emergency basis” [8:14PM].” Adrienne Fitzpatrick: “DTLA don’t know how to act!!” Heraty Law: “Live from DTLA. A sportsball thing happened.” Shelby Talcott: “The Walmart and Five Below are being re-looted after police left the area. People are pulling up in cars, sprinting into stores to loot and zipping back out of the parking lots. Amid the looting, this little strip mall is boarding up. A group of females are standing outside one of the businesses and appear to be protecting it.” Veronica Miracle: “LA County Sheriff’s Deputies in riot gear are already on speaker ordering people to stay on the sidewalk and NOT go into the street.” BroBible: “Fireworks around Los Angeles when the Dodgers won the first World Series in 32 years.” “Dodgers Win World Series. Police are blocking off several streets in the vicinity of Dodger Stadium. Use caution in the area and celebrate safely!” BLACK Lavender: “DTLA about to look like a damn war zone cause I promise you we about to burn some shit down.” Chris&Anita: “LA just went into tactical alert.” Bo Lee / Creative pro: “Friends asking because I live in DTLA lol. Dodgers. ‘How crazy is downtown right now? Long Beach is going nuts cause of the Dodgers. So many fireworks going off.’ ‘I will not go outside.’” Bryan Suits. KFI Los Angeles: “Am I the only LA Looter who’s hitting the Hallmark store and then Big O Tires? Hobby Lobby if I have the time.” LeBron James: “Man can we PLEASE have a parade!!! I know I know we can’t but DAMN I wanna celebrate with our Lakers & Dodgers fans!!! LA is the city of CHAMPIONS!” Kitty Shackleford: “Oh great. There’s a reason to riot tonight. Something about the Dodgers? I’m sure everybody out tonight is a baseball fan. I’m also sure this won’t turn descend into chaos… Oh look. BLM. Totally going to be about baseball tonight. "Dodgers fans.” Tomas Morales: “DTLA: Burns out & confetti for the Dodgers win.” Emily Holshouser: “It popped off downtown so I’m not going anywhere. Fireworks and a crowd assembling at 11th and Flower.” “Large Group Gridlocked Intersection. Police advised that the group has taken over the intersection and all traffic is blocked.” “Celebration Escalating to Violence. Police reported that bottles are rocks are being thrown at officers.” Alex Roltner: “Los Angeles but it’s Dodger related. But, once BLM and Antifa infiltrate and stir shit up then it’ll become police related. There’s already been a few BLM/Antifa people hiding in the crowd in DTLA. They were kicked out of the East LA Groups. Word is Latin Kings are watching them.” Jay Demopoulos: “Dodger fans in downtown LA - looted a FOOD DELIVERY TRUCK!! Not even for themselves, they just threw it all over the street! Fucking losers! This is why sports is wrong!” Mike Rogers: “More from East LA. This guy doing donuts ran over a firework and it lit his car on fire. Road Sage LA overhead all the Dodgers fan reactions in Sky9.” Shane B. Murphy: “Los Angeles: An 18-wheeler semi-truck traveling through the crowd is stopped and looted by the Dodgers fans. Also vandalized. Projectiles and bottles are still being thrown at officers and a large fire has been started. I think it is safe to call this a riot now.” CIA-Simulation Warlord: “Steamer says CVS looted in Los Angeles, cops are opening up with non-lethal.” Emily Holshouser: “People broke windows and graffiti’d an LAPD car with a cop inside.” Jack Murphy: “Hey Mayor Bowser, why aren’t white people allowed in your city?” Police cars in LA Destroyed by Protesters. [Gut feeling: Tunnel fighting tonight with Sub-Troops. Watch the birds to confirm. Anything so we can grab more ground below, away from the Black Hats. Use the championship to gain more ground. Count military birds tonight in DTLA. Last minute boarding up. And here we go…. My guess in an hour the provocateurs will insert themselves in the celebration. Wait what? The Dodgers actually won the World Series?? Ok now I KNOW it’s the Apocalypse. Assholes. Good God I haven’t seen flopping that bad since Vlade Divac played in the NBA. Kobe Chants in LA again!!! Twice in one month!! LA loves you Kobe Bryant!]

  92. The 15 Silicon Valley millionaires spending the most to beat Donald Trump. These tech titans have spent $120 million over the last two years, leading Silicon Valley’s political awakening. Some of the biggest on the list are literal gold diggers: Karla Jurvetson and Connie Ballmer. Most of the rest are clearly campaigning to protect Silicon Valley Big Tech monopolies: Jeff and Erica Lawson, Jeff Skoll, Reid Hoffman, Eric Schmidt, Patty Quillin and Reed Hastings, Jessica Livingston, Michael Moritz, Ken Duda, and Vinod Khosla. And then you’ve got fucking Reid Hoffman, who “spent $4.5 million to create anti-Trump memes.” Teddy Schleifer: “Reid Hoffman drops another $2.7 million on memes to boost Joe Biden, per new filing. Here’s the new independent expenditure by Hoffman for meme 2020. Hoffman has now spent $4.5 million to make these digital ads.” Pepes ready for meme war 2020. The fucking multi-million dollar meme war is real. Meme war 2020. “Sam Bankman-Fried: $5.6 million. Bankman-Fried is one of the most unusual megadonors of the cycle. A 28-year-old cryptocurrency trader who would often sleep in his office overnight on a bean bag, Bankman-Fried, like Moskovitz, identifies as an “effective altruist.” That means he’s trying to use his money for the greatest possible good — which likely has led him to donate to Future Forward.” Most all of them donate for protection that the party provides to the rich, big monopolies, and other elite. D party has evolved, from at least pretending to be the party who’s protecting the interest of the lower and middle class, to the party of protecting the rich and corrupt, while mocking the more rural working class class accusing them all of being racist white trash being rednecks. Sam Bankman-Fried in particular — he’s just trying bringing the D party to avoid ending up Arthur Hayes’ed. “Owners of BitMEX, a Leading Bitcoin Exchange, Face Criminal Charges. BitMEX made itself a haven for hackers and illegal transactions, American prosecutors said. BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes facing jail for AML violations | Modern Consensus. The derivatives exchange’s founder has been charged with violating anti-money-laundering laws by the U.S. Attorney, and sued by that CFTC for the same thing Hayes, along with the Seychelles-based cryptocurrency derivatives exchange’s co-founders.” “He’s trying to use his money for the greatest possible good.” — Give me a fucking break. It’s monopoly & power protection for the elite, along with a few gold diggers mixed in, who do it for pure vanity and attention. Same with Jack Dorsey’s recent massive donations. Purely bribes to maintain their destructive monopolies. Beware the rich who suddenly start dumping money into humanitarian causes, out of the goodness of their heart. Almost always a lie, not the real reason. Almost always something much darker going on. Always. (E.g. see WV’s dramatic shift from D to R.) Big donations to D — never to help the common man, these days. Almost always bribes to protect your investments from being broken up, or protect yourself from going to jail. Guys like Sam Bankman-Fried = just trying to avoid being the next Arthur Hayes. Look at the profilies of the majority of those top SV donors. So many of them leading huge investment funds. VCs giving out of the goodness of their heart? Give me a break! Clearly anti-trust breakup avoidance protection money. Look deeper. Humanitarian stories almost always BS, when it comes to big money. Follow the money.

  93. Soon to be Public Enemy Number One, Jack’s in trouble. Big trouble. As you can sense POTUS will get reelected. And that is causing unrest in many. If you research a lot of packet transferring in databases and Twitter, we have bets he might pull a Durov. Hence the packets transfer. And yes Jack Dorsey went full retard. Analyze it. You are Jack. You have open hearings from Senate and anti trust inquiries. And even with all your efforts, you failed. You are vulnerable. And you became radioactive. No one will touch you or pledge allegiance to you. Forbes: “Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey are gonna have a rotten day as they testify before the Senate.” The Verge: “Jack Dorsey is in for the fight of his life. “The most feared investor in America” has Twitter’s CEO in his sights.” “This is Why Jack Dorsey Will Be Fired & Mark Zuckerberg Won’t. The tactics Elliott Management is using at Twitter to oust Jack Dorsey would never occur at Facebook, thanks to Mark Zuckerberg’s foresight.” Jack’s always been a pussy pawn of the Woke, has no power except the power the woke give him, and the inmates are the real ones running the asylum. “Elliott Management Calls on Twitter to Remove Jack Dorsey as CEO. The activist investor has taken an undisclosed stake in the company and is pressing for change.” Want more proof? Jack Dorsey is leaving USA. The pedophile secret Twitter password protected accounts have been dumped to offsite being held currently at “HostPapa” (appropriate name for pedophiles). NSA also has copies of files. So he has two choices. Stay and get pounded in the ass in Federal Pound me in the ass prison or flee like a bitch. Our bet. All in the realm of possibilities: first bet… will Jack pull a Durov, yes or no? Second bet is where: Russia, China, Singapore, Dubai? FBPE (mostly) in German: “Twitter! The shares of Twitter spike after ultra-neoliberal activist investor Paul Singer (via his company Elliott Mgt.) pushes to replace CEO Jack Dorsey. I hope it won’t work! You would then have to leave Twitter as well as Zuckerberg’s WhatsApp.” Thoughts? Zuck is named in some of the Hunter emails. EXC: Hunter Biden Audio on Chinese Spies and Joe. Exclusive to The National Pulse –Hunter Biden’s audio. Charles Gasparino: Is Amazon chief and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos looking to create a media empire? Investment bankers talking up the possibility of Bezos buying CNN as ATT looks to shed assets amid massive debt load following TimeWarner deal.” Twitter Censors Audio of Detroit Poll Workers Being Trained to Lie to Voters, Destroy Ballots, Stop Challengers. They don’t want this audio being heard by the masses.

  94. Facebook tells academics to stop monitoring its political ads for any rule-breaking… on privacy grounds. Irony overload as social media giant accuses NYU of bulk data collection. Last Friday, Facebook sent a cease-and-desist letter to two NYU researchers (Laura Edelson and Damon McCoy), demanding that they shut down their research into political ads and disinformation on FB’s platform. The researchers (w/ the help of others) are responsible for a browser plug-in called Ad Observer, which allows FB users to voluntarily share very limited and anonymous data about the political ads that FB shows them. You may already know that Facebook itself publishes data about political ads on its platform. but Facebook’s archive is missing a crucial piece of data: FB has consistently refused to publish anything about how the ads are targeted. This data is key, researchers say, to studying the ways in which Facebook’s targeting of political ads may discriminate on the basis of race or other protected characteristics, or may contribute to the polarization of political debate online. The NYU researchers have tried to fill that gap, offering the Ad Observer plug-in to users who want to voluntarily donate the ads they see — along with the limited targeting data FB displays to users. Using the data donated to them, the researchers have conducted essential research and enabled investigations by other researchers who also rely on the data. For example, Ad Observer data was recently relied upon in an investigation into misleading ads on Facebook touting “Trumpcare,” which doesn’t exist. Here’s where things get troubling: Facebook is now trying to shut down the Ad Observer plug-in, saying that it violates Facebook’s terms of service by automating the collection of data that Facebook shows to its users. According to Facebook, Ad Observer compromises the privacy of Facebook’s users, but this is a pretty ridiculous claim. The plug-in’s users voluntarily sign up to donate data about the ads they see, and the plug-in does not share any personally identifying information. As Laura Edelson (one of the NYU researchers) likes to say, Ad Observer enables “citizen science,” by enlisting the support of the public in studying the pathologies of political discourse. It enables user choice. Facebook should embrace this model of independent research on the platform. In fact, at one point it did — specifically praising the work of Laura and Damon during an earlier iteration of their investigations into FB ads. Unfortunately, Facebook has chosen instead to threaten researchers who are trying to study political disinformation, just days before a presidential election awash in lies and distortions. And even more unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Facebook has tried to shut down independent research into the platform. Facebook very obviously wants to control the narrative. It claims to support research into how its platform is affecting society, but its efforts have been glacial and inadequate. If Facebook were truly committed to research into its platform, it would create a safe harbor within its terms of service for research that is manifestly in the public interest and that protects user privacy. We proposed just that two years ago. Facebook declined. Full disclosure: We, Knight Columbia, now represent Damon and Laura in their response to Facebook’s cease-and-desist letter. Here’s our statement on the matter. “Researchers, Knight Institute Condemn Facebook Effort to Squelch Research on Disinformation. Last week, two New York University researchers, Laura Edelson and Damon McCoy, received a letter from Facebook demanding that they discontinue use of a research tool crucial to understanding political ads on the platform. The letter threatens further action if the researchers do not comply by November 30. The Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University is representing Edelson and McCoy in this matter. Edelson and McCoy’s research relies on Ad Observer, a browser plug-in they and others created that allows Facebook users to voluntarily share with the researchers information about the political ads shown to them by the platform. The tool enables researchers and journalists to follow trends in Facebook political advertising in their states via a public-facing site, Ad Observatory. Local reporters from Wisconsin to Utah to Florida and more have used this resource to write stories about the upcoming election. The following can be attributed to Laura Edelson, Ph.D. candidate in computer science at NYU Tandon and the lead researcher behind the NYU Ad Observatory. “Transparency is essential, given the contention and disinformation coursing through our current election cycle. Political ad mis and disinformation is a cybersecurity vulnerability for our democracy. We developed Ad Observatory and the Ad Observer plug in to deliver an essential level of cybersecurity analysis that is otherwise unavailable to the public, and which makes clear who is trying to influence us and why.” The following can be attributed to Professor Damon McCoy, professor of computer science and engineering at the New York University Tandon School of Engineering. “Facebook’s algorithm allows advertisers to target individuals and groups based on information they disclose and data Facebook gathers in the background. Unfortunately, this has enabled certain Facebook advertisers to profile citizens and send them misinformation about candidates and policies that are designed to influence or even suppress their vote. Shutting down a key data source for studying election interference and manipulation—in November, of all months—impedes our efforts to safeguard the democratic process.” The following can be attributed to Alex Abdo, Litigation Director at the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University. “Frankly it’s shocking that Facebook is trying to suppress research into political disinformation in the lead-up to the election. There’s really no question more urgent right now than the question of how Facebook’s decisions are shaping and perhaps distorting political discourse. It would be terrible for democracy if Facebook is allowed to be the gatekeeper to journalism and research about Facebook.” The following can be attributed to Ramya Krishnan, Staff Attorney at the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University. “Independent research is crucial to understanding Facebook and the powerful influence it exerts on our democracy. Journalists and researchers who want to study Facebook shouldn’t be limited to the tools and data that Facebook deigns to make available. Those tools and data are defined by Facebook’s interests—not the public’s.”In 2018, the Knight Institute sent a letter to Facebook requesting that it amend its terms of service to establish a “safe harbor” for public-interest research and journalism on the platform. This safe harbor would permit researchers like Edelson and McCoy to study Facebook’s platform using basic tools of digital investigation, including Ad Observer, whose use might otherwise violate Facebook’s terms of service. In 2019, in the midst of ongoing negotiations between the Knight Institute and Facebook more than 200 researchers signed an open letter in support of the “safe harbor” effort.

  95. They changed the designator then delete records. It’s crafty work but very sloppy since it leaves breadcrumbs. I was tracking 2 c60 at same-time on intercept course. Intercepting that plane you mean? QFZ9970 is back in the air on its way to Venezuela. It’s back in the air. It landed in Espargos like I thought. Because I saw it until there. Mystery plane indeed. Yes it is. It’s gone again. Why is the speed so slow at that altitude? Good question yes. I also noticed. Ditto. I noticed speed and now disappearance too. Big bird to be traveling so slowly. I hear now that it’s normal that he goes off radar in this part of the ocean. I don’t know that. I am not a specialist. Thank you. Nor am I. CNW: “The fact the aircraft has required 2 fueling stops indicates that the aircraft is very heavy. When empty the aircraft can technically fly direct from Tehran to South America. The tracking of the aircraft is now offline. This is normal as there are no receivers to cover that section of the Atlantic. The plane should reappear near Grenada in a few hours if it is flying to Venezuela (which is the most likely destination).” Janets being the Area 51 LV shuttle? Any spec on why? Evergreen Intel: “Getting warmer. QFZ9970 B747-200 EP-FAB (731822). Seems to be consensus among the flight tracking community as well about the Iran>Venezuela theory.” Marcel: “Iran cargo Boeing 747 likely on its way to Venezuela. Collecting more gold? Bringing parts for oil industry.” German: “QFZ9970 Boeing 747-281 Fars air Qeshm (Iranian Revolutionary Nation Guard Air Cargo), known to be used for arms shipments from Iran to Syria, takes off from Tehran, stops in Cape Verde and departs for Venezuela.” FoxNewsIran: “The plane landed in Cape Verde (an island country known as the Green Cape) and will probably be heading to Venezuela QFZ9970 | EP-FAB IRGC GOLD Ballistic Missile IRAN VENEZUELA.” Call signs changed from JANET to JAMET. TAKE NOTICE. Aviation and Naval Assets: “JAMET31/N869HH tracking stopped near Beatty, NV at 08:06AM PDT from McCarran Intl (KLAS).” TITAN25 now at Bahrain. Aviation and Naval Assets: “TITAN25/75-0125 tracking stopped near Bahrain Int’l (BAH / OBBI) at 06:10PM +03 from Muscat.” Manu Gómez: “USAF C32A SAM727 (Pompeo) and E4B TITAN25 (Esper) climbing from Delhi India. NAS Pensacola and Keesler AFB are being evacuated due to Tropical Storm Zeta.” Gerjon: “Iran IRGC-affiliated Qeshm Fars Air EP-FAB heading out of Tunis, Tunisia for a rare flight into European Union? Came in from Tehran last night.” CivMilAir: “Confirmed… Fars Air Qeshm B742 EP-FAB QFZ9970.” Arrecho: “Qeshm Fars Air 747 Cargo / Passenger registration EP-FAB QFZ9970 from Iran, related to arms shipments to Hezbollah and sanctioned for terrorism by OFAC. Now approaching the Caribbean Sea to the Northwest of Barbados in a Southwest direction. Most likely destination: Venezuela.” “Nicolas Maduro, you ordered Iranian Double missiles Cheese Burger? Mc.Khamenei Delivery Arrived. Bon Appetit QFZ9970 Boeing 747-281F From Iran Tehran descending now to Caracas Venezuela.” Plane is about to touch down. No one wants to handle that loaded potato. Let me know if Stealth Fighters blow it out of the sky. Seriously, if we shoot it out of sky, wouldn’t that be a huge world conflict? It will not happen… too late now also to take any actions on this. Was it just me or did the plane disappear just after flying by Caracas? Yes! I chose that it’ll be landing on Venezuela on polling. Aircraft Spots: “QFZ9970 just arrived into Simón Bolívar International Airport (SVMI) in Maiquetía, Venezuela. Long-range missile shipment? Interesting.” Intel Community Fail. No Ninjas to knock evil plane out of the sky to protect Amurica? When I’m Secretary of Defense, I won’t be a pussy. Oh shit. What’s up with EAMs? WTF. 18 EAMs today. Chatter is getting heavy. Aleph א: “USAF / US Army birds that currently pinging over Iraq 2210Z: AE29FA F-15 Eagle (CSMC26) AE61AA [CV22?] (GRYEGL60) AE1292 (90-0162) MC-130H Combat Talon II (ANVIL48) AE2F59 (09-0625) MC-12W Huron ISR (BNCR61) AE29F8 (???) AE60B7 (???)” We are at 61 Janets - its on 3:52pm on west coast. We might break daily record. Evergreen Intel: “A veritable “who’s who” party of military and contractor aircraft spotted off the coast of San Diego, CA, as seen on ADSB exchange. Four different contractors provided ay least 10 different aircraft, as well as a USAF and a USN aircraft. Credit to the spot to Dan for investors.” 8pm West Coast. 75 Janets so far today. Wouldn’t surprise me if there are more than 80 flights into Dreamland today. Evergreen Intel: “To quote a wise man, “getting awfully crowded in my sky.” We Just hit 77 Janets. It’s now 10pm on west coast. Let’s break the daily record. High volume of flights to Area 51. 50% personnel / 50% stock. Would mean some major event about to occur or could be WAR. Interesting times we live in. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we’re all alive for it. October 27th. 22 EAMs in a day. 77 Janets. Riots in 3 cities. I logged 536 days and theres only been a handful over 20 EAMs. This is a big deal. I’d take it to mean that things keep changing. Normally you’d give someone their morning orders and then they follow the plan all day. Six more days. You see a lot of air traffic? A lot of them are landing on ADSB. I think you have a better tracker than I do. Higher than normal. Vegas is totally grounded on mine for commercial. These 4 are still en route to Vegas. I’ll do the final count at midnight west cost - looks like 77. EAMs per UTC day:
    2020-10-01 ###
    2020-10-02 ############
    2020-10-03 ####
    2020-10-04 ################
    2020-10-06 ####
    2020-10-07 ####################
    2020-10-08 #######
    2020-10-09 ###########
    2020-10-10 ##
    2020-10-11 ##########
    2020-10-12 #####
    2020-10-13 ###
    2020-10-15 ########
    2020-10-16 ##
    2020-10-17 ##
    2020-10-18 ##
    2020-10-21 ###
    2020-10-22 #######
    2020-10-23 ########
    2020-10-24 ################
    2020-10-25 ##############
    2020-10-26 #####
    2020-10-27 ####################

  96. Bug Out Bag Supplies List:
    1x Faraday bag

  • 1x Ham radio 2 antenna’s
  • 1x Alexandria on USB
  • 1x crypto wallet
  • 2 flashlights
  • solar power bank
  • Food/water -
    2x beef jerky
    1x Water filter
    1x Water bottle
    2x Purification tabs
    2 Water keys (2 sizes)
    Gerber mutlitool
    Duct tape
    Trauma kit
    Lightweight Thermal Tent
    Change of clothes
    Lots of Ammo
    3x OC spray
    Very good and similar to mine. I also have Passport, Cash, Credit cards and drivers license packed. Maybe you have most of that in your wallet but mine is packed also. You say lots of ammo so I assume you don’t want to specify your gun of choice? I keep my change of clothes in a water proof plastic and some other things also protected from water. Compass is good also. Thermal blanket is good also. Make sure you train with your fire starter since some may not work. A couple of good carbine hooks I also got. I got 2 knifes. One folder and one survival knife (Fallkniven F1). My 2 cents. Alexandria on usb. How much space is needed could any one give me some pointers. I’m late to the game and I want to have a drive full of medical, how to manuals for farming, medicine etc. I would greatly appreciate any type of guidance. The entire thing is probably 140gb by now. Pinned message is a guide on how to export it all.