Azazel News #Recap 10/20/2020

  1. Eli Dror: “Report on the major bread shortage in Iran.”

  2. On Tuesday, NASA did something historic by landing a small spacecraft on an asteroid.

  3. At least 90 dead, 32 missing and 5 million affected as more floods and landslides hit central Vietnam.

  4. ISCResearch: “Georgia: A heavily armed man takes clients and employees hostage in a bank in the city of Zugdidi.”

  5. Destroying Civilization With Fake Data. Fake data and superstition are driving mass insanity and government policy.

  6. UK to spend £30m on trials infecting young people to hasten Covid vaccine. London-based hVivo to take part in world’s first coronavirus ‘challenge trials.’

  7. Nigerians gathered at the residence of the Nigerian Ambassador to the United States to continue the End SARS protest.

  8. Reports of a staged coup by the Pakistan Army overthrowing the Sindh Government. There are war planes over Karachi, Pakistan.

  9. Great Falls Smashes Snowfall Record. As did many other towns and cities across Montana and South Dakota over the weekend. The Arctic continues to descend south.

  10. So that means ExpressVPN is out I guess? Laser internet? What fiber? British Virgin Islands so you will have to look up their laws on data, probably ok.

  11. Why Does the U.S. Have Three Electrical Grids? A new investigation argues that the politics is delaying electric grid unification.

  12. Google kills off app that let you check in on loved ones during an emergency. Google Maps assumes the job of another mothballed Google service.

  13. Black Americans march with chants of “we want Trump” and “drain the swamp”, media ignored it and Facebook removed it.

  14. ugh… maybe: “China is publicly acknowledging a food shortage with an anti-food-wasting campaign encouraging people to eat half portions and finish their plates.”

  15. U.S. Naval Institute: “The Navy’s optimized fleet response plan is failing. It is redeploying ships on short notice for no apparent strategic purpose.”

  16. Stars and Stripes: “The USS Ross entered the Barents Sea on Monday, the Navy said. The Russian navy happens to be conducting military drills in the Barents this week.”

  17. U.S. billionaires gained almost $1 trillion in wealth during the pandemic. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos received the biggest boost in personal wealth, with a gain of $90 billion, a study says.

  18. China’s largest ship-building yard in the doldrums. China’s navy has more vessels than that of the United States, but the rate at which it is producing new ships has slipped.

  19. Disclose TV: “Chinese city of #Shenzhen urges people to prepare for an emergency. Just a couple of days ago CCP leader Xi Jinping asked troops to prepare for war.”

  20. Digital ‘health passport’ trials under way to aid reopening of borders. CommonPass aims to create common standard proving a traveller is Covid-free or vaccinated.

  21. Soldiers stealing from the arms room. Not good. Use as actionable intelligence - if elite Army Rangers are stealing Army equipment what do they know that’s coming? Or on the horizon???

  22. ’I Refuse To Work For This Socialist City Council’: Seattle Cops Go Scorched Earth In Exit Interviews. “You could pay me twice what you’re paying me now…" [Seattle Blue exodus continues.]

  23. Even more reason to stay apolitical and maintain OPSEC. Everyone who donated to Donald Trump has been doxxed and many are receiving death threats. This information was already publicly available though the intent is key here.

  24. New surge of Covid-19 cases has states, hospitals scrambling again. The latest surge of Covid-19 cases may actually be worse than the initial emergence of the virus in the spring.

  25. ISCResearch: “What western MSM never will report about what’s going on in France.” Video: “We have managed to take over Paris even faster than the German Army in 1940. It took us just three hours.”

  26. ISCResearch: “Urgent Aegean Sea: A boat of the Turkish Coast Guard “pushes” illegal immigrants to the Greek coast. Erdogan once again playing his dirty game with so-called refugees.”

  27. Poland Strikes $18 Billion Nuclear Power Deal With US. “We are hopeful that the ultimate decisions that are made by Poland… over a period of time will result in them choosing U.S. technology.”

  28. China Economy Grows 4.9% as Rest of World Struggles With Coronavirus. The third-quarter results put China’s economy back toward its pre-coronavirus trajectory half a year after the pandemic gutted it.

  29. Tear gas, water cannons as Czechs protest COVID-19 rules. Czech police said they used tear gas and water cannons at a violent rally held Sunday in Prague against government measures introduced to stem the tide of COVID-19.

  30. U.S. Naval Institute: “Lithium-ion batteries and air-independent propulsion together could improve the submerged endurance and performance of conventional submarines.”

  31. Publication from CCP’s “Global Times”: "PLA’s hypersonic missile to target ‘foreign military intervention’ in reunification-by-force Taiwan operation.” Some more evidence that China plans to invade close U.S. ally Taiwan.

  32. Angels and artillery: a cathedral to Russia’s new national identity. Cathedral of the Armed Forces blends militarism, patriotism and Orthodox Christianity to controversial effect. [This is really fascinating.]

  33. What’s Putin planning? Russia sends warships and jets to Arctic for top-secret military op. Russia has deployed warships and fighter jets to the Arctic for explosive military drills, causing anxiety among Western military observers.

  34. Earthquake, Magnitude 5.0 - TONGA - 2020 October 20, 18:57:55 UTC. Magnitude: mb 5.0, Region: TONGA, Date time: 2020-10-20 18:57:55.2 UTC, Location: 19.36 S ; 174.34 W, Depth: 35 km.

  35. Earthquake, Magnitude 5.8 - TONGA REGION - 2020 October 21, 00:22:33 UTC. Magnitude: M 5.8, Region: TONGA REGION, Date time: 2020-10-21 00:22:33.8 UTC, Location: 19.19 S ; 172.43 W, Depth: 10 km.

  36. Earthquake, Magnitude 4.8 - SICHUAN-GANSU BORDER REG, CHINA - 2020 October 21, 04:04:46 UTC. Magnitude: M 4.8, Region: SICHUAN-GANSU BORDER REG, CHINA, Date time: 2020-10-21 04:04:46.5 UTC.

  37. Earthquake, Magnitude 5.0 - TONGA - 2020 October 20, 18:57:54 UTC. Magnitude: mb 5.0, Region: TONGA, Date time: 2020-10-20 18:57:54.8 UTC, Location: 19.44 S ; 174.12 W, Depth: 35 km.

  38. Good Morning All! Are you on the train yet? Bitcoin is unstoppable… you don’t have to buy a full coin to be part of the future. Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Been in since January 2017. Here’s to another Bull market. 1000% agreeeee.

  39. Project Veritas: “Google Program Manager Confirms Election Interference In Favor of Joe Biden Google search “skewed by owners and drivers of the algorithm” “Plain and simple trying to play god.”

  40. Marines vs. China ― the Corps just put these tactics to the test. This light, quick and powerful operation, alongside close integration with the Navy, is seen as the key for the Marine Corps’ ability to fight China.

  41. ​​Liberal billionaire George Soros has already spent $70 MILLION this election cycle, more than 3X what he spent in 2016. This money is funding down-ballot Dems to help flip state legislatures.

  42. Many Americans Are Now Planning To “Bug Out” Ahead Of Election Day As Authorities Brace For Chaos. Will you be safe where you currently are if the election results cause chaos to erupt in the streets of our major cities?

  43. Dave McGarvie: “M5.6 earthquake. This is a BIG one, even for this part of Iceland! This area has had elevated earthquake activity since mid-July, and magma has been accumulating in the crust.”

  44. Riot of the Rock: “A contact tells me those letters targeting trump houses are real. Friend of theirs has gotten targeted and their flag taken and burned. Everyone needs to be ready.”

  45. SV News: “Man who dangled for 14 hours from Chicago Trump tower demanding President Trump has just escaped a private ambulance, shouting he has a ‘mission to complete.’ [This guy is AWESOME!!! Lmao.]

  46. ALREADY another farm attack in SA. Hot on the heels of the Senekal fiasco.Showing your teeth to a bully, only to back down when push comes to shove, is a sure fire way to get picked on more. Expect an uptake in farm attaches now.

  47. How long can you survive without water? Water is one of the vital ingredients for life on Earth, but what happens to us if you suddenly can’t get this precious liquid? [Concerning that they even published this.]

  48. Automatic Decision-Making Prevents Us Harming Others. People make automatic and efficient decisions when learning to avoid others. When learning to avoid harming themselves, people make become more deliberative.

  49. SpaceX’s Elon Musk thinks there could be alien life in these two spots. Life may not have found life outside of Earth just yet, but if it exists, SpaceX’s Elon Musk thinks there are two likely spots for it.

  50. Disastrous Windows 10 update is reportedly breaking some PCs. Windows 10’s latest update was supposed to fix some big issues - but instead seems to be causing some serious problems. [Knucklehead Killswitch Activated.]

  51. Driver Identified of the Largest Mass Extinction in the History of the Earth. New study provides a comprehensive reconstruction of the Permian-Triassic boundary event. Life on Earth has a long, but also an extremely turbulent history.

  52. Sept.24th Lude’s broadcast: 3 hard drives, provided 3 hard drives to the DOJ of America. Jiang Zemin, Zeng Qinghong, Meng Jianzhu made the move - provided 3 hard drives to the DOJ of America, and another copy to Nancy Pelosi.

  53. India Considers Taiwan Trade Talks as Both Spar With China. Support is growing within India’s government to formally start talks on a trade deal with Taiwan as both democracies see relations with China deteriorate.

  54. Andreas Mountzouroulias: “The Greek Armed Forces on high alert The official photos that the Greek Defence Ministry has released show part of the fleet that has been operating in near the Turkish survey ship Oruc Reis.”

  55. Gun purchases soar in California amid COVID-19, violence concerns: study. An estimated 110,000 people in the Golden State recently purchased firearms and did so because of the global health crisis, including the 47,000 new owners.

  56. Australia Rejoins US, Japan, India In Malabar Naval Exercise As China Flexes Muscle. This Malabar Exercise comes at a time when China’s passive aggression puts it in conflict with Japan, Australia, India and the U.S.

  57. Tracking the grocery supply chain off-grid with ham radio and JS8Call. If we had another hiccup in the food chain as we did in the spring, you’d probably keep up with it via the internet — by monitoring sites like The Prepared, or by checking social media.

  58. Two new peer-reviewed studies are showing a sharp drop in mortality among hospitalized COVID-19 patients. The drop is seen in all groups, including older patients and those with underlying conditions, suggesting that physicians are getting better at helping patients survive their illness.

  59. Reuters Science News: “Both China and Russia have been making increasingly assertive moves in the region. After Secretary of State Pompeo last year said now is ‘America’s moment to stand up as an Arctic nation and for the Arctic’s future,’ military activity is stepping up.”

  60. Strong and shallow M7.5 earthquake hits south of Alaska, tsunami warning in effect. A strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M7.5 hit south of Alaska at 20:54 UTC (12:54 LT) on October 19, 2020. The agency is reporting a depth of 40 km (25 miles).

  61. Stock market boom, new listings mint China billionaires at record pace. China is minting new billionaires at a record pace despite an economy bruised by the coronavirus pandemic, thanks to booming share prices and a spate of new stock listings, according to a list released on Tuesday.

  62. Top military officers cleared to return to Pentagon after quarantine. Top military leaders have been cleared to return to work at the Pentagon after self-isolating following the coronavirus diagnosis of Coast Guard vice commandant Adm.

  63. NBCU Page Program: “BIG NEWS. Applications for the January 2021 cohort open on October 21st! Stay tuned for more details this week!” [For theTV minded. We will need Wizards in TV after Open Eyes.] “NBC page. 1 Year Paid Fellowship With NBC.”

  64. Seth Dillon: “So after a manual review, Facebook says they stand by their decision to pull down this article and demonetize our page. I’m not kidding. They say this article “incites violence.” It’s literally a regurgitated joke from a Monty Python movie!” [Facebook censors Babylon Bee.]

  65. Spain considers curfews to fight new COVID-19 wave. The Spanish government is considering new restrictions, including possible curfews, in hard-hit regions like Madrid to tackle a new wave of Covid-19 cases. [It’s just a matter of hours.]

  66. SV News: “The southern Chinese city of Shenzhen ordered all residents to prepare emergency supplies in 72 categories, such as enough food and water for 72 hours and a fire blanket Beijing and Tianjin, issued similar orders last month.”

  67. This jetpack maker isn’t so sure that’s what’s been spotted over L.A. “There are only a handful of companies working on this type of technology and none of us have heard about anybody doing something like this,” he said. [Once again, DARPA does not need to disclose shit to Feds or FAA.]

  68. NSA warns contractors on China hacks. The National Security Agency released details on 25 existing vulnerabilities that Chinese state-sponsored threat groups are using to try to penetrate defense industrial base networks.

  69. 6 Russian Military Officers Charged in Vast Hacking Campaign. The indictment accuses the six of a string of global cyberattacks that targeted a French presidential election, the Winter Olympics in South Korea and American businesses.

  70. Physicists may have caught the Higgs boson doing a new trick. Higgs boson possibly caught in act of never-before-seen transformation. If the Higgs boson really is decaying into pairs of muons in the Large Hadron Collider, that’s a big deal for particle physics.

  71. U.S. Navy F/A-18E Crashes Near China Lake. Pilot Ejected And In Stable Condition. The Super Hornet was flying a training mission from NAS Lemoore, California. A U.S. Navy F/A-18E has crashed near Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, California, on Oct. 20, 2020.

  72. Breaking Aviation News & Videos: “U.S Navy F/A-18E Super Hornet crashes during routine training flight in California. Pilot taken to medical facility for examination.” [Someone just got promoted to black world maybe. They won’t say how many people were on the plane.]

  73. Conspiracy theorist ordered to pay $875,000 over ‘delusional’ posts targeting Australian MP. Judge says Karen Brewer’s Facebook posts accusing Nationals MP Anne Webster of being in paedophile network were ‘vile’ and ‘wholly indefensible’.

  74. Dr. Fauci has a security detail after death threats and harassment against his family — Fauci said In an interview with 60 Minutes "That’s sad, the very fact that a public health message to save lives triggers such venom and animosity.”

  75. Australian state law empowers officials to forcibly remove underwear to administer vaccine. Law enforcement has the legal power to remove anything (including underwear) that the relevant person is wearing if it’s determined that that person must be vaccinated.

  76. Dail swordsman staging ‘one man rebellion’ sentenced to 200 hours community service. An unemployed teenager was staging a “one man rebellion” against the Government when he charged into the grounds of Leinster house brandishing a sword used in the 1916 Rising, a court heard.

  77. Fake science worshiping religion at an all time high in West, highest in many decades. What do you think, are authorities exploiting this on humans to drive their own agenda or is something simply driving humans to this kind of behavior, like overload of not knowing what to believe anymore?

  78. Patrick Wardle: “An example, two macOS firewalls: LuLu and Little Snitch Despite best efforts (e.g. disabling default rules, creating explicit rules to block, enabling ‘deny mode’), Apple’s App Store appears to be exempt …the firewalls never even see its traffic, and thus cannot block!?”

  79. China’s super rich got $1.5 trillion richer during pandemic. China’s super wealthy have earned a record $1.5 trillion in 2020, more than the past five years combined, as e-commerce and gaming boomed during pandemic lockdowns, an annual rich list said Tuesday.

  80. Bulgarian president must self-isolate after COVID-19 contact. Bulgarian President Rumen Radev will have to self-isolate pending a coronavirus test after coming into contact late last week with a top military officer who later tested positive for COVID-19, the health minister said on Tuesday.

  81. Could We Face Another Round of Grocery Shortages as COVID Cases Spike? As coronavirus cases continue to spike across Massachusetts and the country, it raises an important question — are we going to see shortages of toilet paper and other grocery store staples like we did during the spring surge?

  82. Larry Ellison’s Oracle Started As a CIA Project. Yesterday, Vox somehow managed to write an entire article about the history of Oracle and its founder Larry Ellison without mentioning the CIA even once. Which is pretty astounding, given the fact that Oracle takes its name from a 1977 CIA project codename.

  83. NATO to set up new space center amid China, Russia concerns. NATO plans to create a new space center to help manage satellite communications and the alliance’s military operations. [Shit is getting real if NATO is getting off their ass and taking preemptive action. Gee I can’t imagine we needed a Space Force. Who’s laughing now?]

  84. Wonder why you never hear about POTUS administration’s work to combat human trafficking? Today Trump Admin announced the first Govt. Center For Countering Human Trafficking in the US. They asked if the press had any questions. This is what happened… crickets [Fuck Reds. We Support GWOHT. Stand with the right colors.]

  85. Space-station crew members just found an elusive air leak by watching tea leaves float in microgravity. The cosmonaut Anatoly Ivanishin released some tea leaves to float inside the station, then saw them cluster around a “scratch” in the wall. [That’s some space prepper ingenuity right there. MacGuyver in space.]

  86. Hindu groups seek apology from Kamala Harris’ niece for sharing image depicting aunt as Durga. “Your tweeting a caricature of the feminine divine, Maa Durga, with faces superimposed, deeply aggrieved many Hindus globally," Suhag A Shukla of the Hindu American Foundation said in a tweet on Monday. [These people are trying to start a cult.]

  87. Academic journal asks: Will the last archivist to leave Seattle please turn out the lights? The latest issue of the Journal of Western Archives includes a lengthy article with a snarky nod toward the closure of Seattle’s National Archives. [And when they went for the archives, there were no archivists left to speak up.]

  88. Emergency Food Needs Surge as COVID-19 Continues to Spread. The World Food Program reports food insecurity is increasing worldwide because of the devastating socio-economic impact of COVID-19, with tens of millions of people on the verge of famine. Hunger is on the rise as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage across the world.

  89. Hospitalised COVID-19 patients can have ongoing symptoms for months -study. More than half of COVID-19 patients discharged from hospital still experienced symptoms of breathlessness, fatigue, anxiety and depression for two to three months after their initial infection, according to the findings of a small UK study.

  90. Despite Military Improvements, Chinese Invasion of Taiwan Still ‘Highly Risky’ Says Former Pentagon Official. Xi Jinping’s go hard approach to bringing Taiwan to heel isn’t about to let up, but “it would be highly risky” for China to believe the United States would not intervene if it launched an all-out cross-straits invasion.

  91. “Every time a man sets himself to learn, he has to labor as hard as anyone can, and the limits of his learning are determined by his own nature. Therefore, there is no point in talking about knowledge. Fear of knowledge is natural; all of us experience it, and there is nothing we can do about it. But no matter how frightening learning is, it’s more terrible to think of a man without knowledge.” – Don Juan Matus

  92. What does the supermarket look like? It’s been worse in March/April. But still there are a few things like canned fruits and sometimes corn which are sold out. I also used to buy canned bread every time I visited a ‘E-Center/REWE’ branch (the more expensive stores here, others don’t have as much canned stuff). But there was none in the shelves for the last 2 to 3 weeks.

  93. Sweden Bans Huawei, ZTE From New 5G Infrastructure. Sweden has banned Huawei Technologies Co. and ZTE Corp. from gaining access to its fifth-generation wireless network, adding to the increasing number of European governments forcing local telecom companies to shift away from Chinese suppliers. [Shout out to Peter Thiel and the homies at Rivada Networks.]

  94. In Nigeria, West Africa, army open fire on protesters that are protesting police brutality. This is what Antifa claims they are dealing with in the USA, but this my friends, is the real deal. Crime against humanity ongoing in Nigeria rigth now. Nigeria military is raining bullets on thousands of protesters gathered to protest police Brutality in Lekki Lagos. I can hear voices of unarmed protesters screaming while bullets rain.

  95. John Basham: “It’s Now Official, The Justice Dept’s antitrust suit against Google is now filed in federal court in DC.” Justice Department Hits Google With Antitrust Lawsuit. The Justice Department lawsuit marks the most aggressive U.S. legal challenge to a company’s dominance in the tech sector in more than two decades, with the potential to shake up Silicon Valley and beyond. Justice Department Sues Monopolist Google For Violating Antitrust Laws.

  96. Chris Cavas: Video of a small drone dropping a package onto the ballistic missile submarine USS HENRY M JACKSON SSBN730 in a test near Hawaii on 19 Oct. While weather conditions are ideal, still a feat to maneuver above a moving ship with a bit of wind and a tough landing spot.” Pacific Submarines: “An unmanned aerial vehicle delivered a payload to the Ohio-class ballistic-missile submarine USS Henry M. Jackson (SSBN 730) around the Hawaiian Islands, Oct. 19.”

  97. Next level. Not next level. Yes. But for her at least. For the world absolutely not. She wants to be next level in the White Space Program she will need a PHD in a STEM field. If she wants to be next level in the Black Space Program, she better do a season or 2 in Antarctica, load up on Skill sets (Ham, Heavy Machinery, Solar Panel Repair, etc. etc…) Oh I see. That’s a real target then and actual challenge. Remember Legacy Space Force thinks NASA is a fucking joke compared to themselves. Yes, indeed.

  98. Michael Osterholm, a renowned infectious disease expert, told NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday that “the next six to 12 weeks are going to be the darkest of the entire pandemic” and expressed concern that the U.S. lacks a leading voice to guide the public. “Vaccines will not become available in any meaningful way until early to [the] third quarter of next year. And even then, about half of the U.S. population at this point is skeptical of even taking the vaccine,” said Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota.

  99. The news is waiting until it’s -60 to cover GSM, they should be on trial too imo. They could have been dripping out “be prepared for the worst winter in x years” so people are prepped but not panicked but they cover Kardashians instead. China is setting itself up to be an ant and US is choosing grasshopper as a nation. You can’t save them all. The ones who listen, listen. The ones who want to remain in their bubble world and bubble reality never do well in SHTF scenario.

  100. Chinese Engineers practicing Bridge maneuvers. [Well that makes sense if we are to consider the possibility of Chinese troops mobilizing in Canada and coming in through Washington state. Remember what I said about there being few alternate routes in or out of Western Washington so when one becomes impassable, getting out of cities will be an epic shit show. Everything is surrounded by mountains or bodies of water. These maneuvers would prove useful invasion via inlet or harbors while everyone is stuck on the freeways honking in vain. Wonder if they can carry a modern mbt. Seems just like a pontoon bridge.]

  101. COVID-19: Inslee announces new measures to slow virus spread on college campuses. Gov. Jay Inslee announced expanded measures Tuesday to slow the spread of coronavirus at college residential facilities, including limits on visitors and on the number of people allowed in sleeping rooms. [Meanwhile in the People’s Republic of Washington State, Czar Inslee is warning of possible more drastic measures to “slow the spread”. College campus, dorm, and Greek life has turned into a non-stop Gestapo checkpoint. They’re even mandating how students can eat and sleep.]

  102. 14 days. Observe Mil Opsec, Channels. Politics, QAnon, Maxwell. All those are distractions, A lot of baiting. Ignore it. The real fireworks are about to start. Ignore politics, focus on skills. I can only wonder what exactly will those fireworks be. This is for actionable intel. When we have it, share it. It does no good to debate and I’m just focused on studying lockdown rates, vax mandates, food shortages, troop movements, and getting Ham radio cert plus stocking up and building skills… And learning more from Aries on disclosure, space, tech and science because I’m lacking in those arenas. Focus on skills not on distractions.

  103. Some details on AN-26 crash on Sept 25: The plane was 43 years old, it was manufactured in 1977, they say in the Ministry of Defense. The aircraft was planned to fly for another three years without repairing. [Regarding the dead cadets from the Ukraine, remember many are called, few are chosen. That particular plane has 5000+ total time on airframe which for its age is practically impossible. Meaning either the log book for total time was not accurate or it really never flew much in it’s long life span. Or we used 2 CH-47 Chinook and dropped it on the highway along with the sole survivor Cadet waiting in a nearby van.]

  104. 5 Charts That Show Sweden’s Strategy Worked. The Lockdowns Failed. Government officials in Sweden announced this week that the government expects to maintain its mild restrictions on gatherings “for at least another year” to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Unlike most other European countries and nations around the world, Sweden declined to initiate a nationwide lockdown or mask mandates, opting instead for a policy that restricted large gatherings and relied on social responsibility to slow transmission of the virus. For months, Sweden was criticized for its decision to forego an economic lockdown.

  105. Lawyers: We can’t find parents of 545 kids separated by Trump administration. About two-thirds of the 1,000-plus parents separated from their kids under a 2017 pilot program were deported before a federal judge ordered that they be found. The Illusion: Lawyers say they can’t find the parents of 545 migrant children separated by Trump administration. The Reality: This is because they were being child sex trafficked. The “Lawyers” will never tell you this. Lawyers say they have yet to find the parents of hundreds of migrant children who were separated under the Trump administration.

  106. Shout out to the Gals learning Skills (some are getting their Red Seal Certifications (Welding) some are enlisting, some are leveling up in HAM radio, and some getting ready to cross the Green Door). Very proud of all our Female Wizards!!! Men, step it up. Gals have started Indoor Gardening!!! If you want to help your seedlings form stronger root bases…go get a reptile heating pad, and put that under your starters. It heats the soil and helps the roots form faster…also stick with cloth growing bags because it allows root to air prune ,and doesn’t cause a root bound plant. This is the most comprehensive guide on how to grow microgreens I have ever produced. Follow along as I take you from seed selection and planting ALL the way through the growing process, including some tips on how to harvest, store, and use microgreens in your kitchen.

  107. Regarding the Chinese Prepper Manual that went out in the Mainland. “The former list contains 14 categories, including a flashlight with a manual hand crank generator, which can be used to charge cell phones; a breathing mask; emergency fire escape ladder; enough food and water for 72 hours; first aid kit, medicines, a raincoat that can be used as tent; multifunction scissors, and so on. The latter has 72 categories, which include more tools, as well as one’s ID, passport, property’s ownership license, cash, and an SOS card that is written in English, in case one needs to seek help from foreigners.” [Whats your actual thoughts? This for war? Tgd failing? Asteriod? China issue is major, and already leaked. We’ve known since Oct 13th. A whole week and finally made the news. Connect the dots with activity of birds and bases. Janet, Pendleton, China Lake, Groom Lake. All connected. My money is still on war.

  108. NASA’s OSIRIS-REx: “Time to slew! Over the next 10 minutes, I’ll slowly rotate to point the navigation cameras toward Bennu. I need a good view of Bennu’s landmarks to understand where I am. This navigation technique is called Natural Feature Tracking.” [Happening now. Close approach. TAG (Touch-And-Go) is a remarkable feat for Unclassified Space Projects and is not receiving the coverage it deserves. Live feed in 2 hours.] NASA’s OSIRIS-REx: “For the next ~6 minutes, I’ll move my solar panels into the Y-wing configuration. This positions the panels up and away from the asteroid’s surface so that I can touch down safely.” NASA Live: Official Stream of NASA TV. Direct from America’s space program to YouTube, watch NASA TV live streaming here to get the latest from our exploration of the universe and learn how we discover our home planet.

  109. ”We’re out of Corn" - MSM blames COVID, Science reveals Diminishing Solar Activity is the cause. New scientific paper: “the mean temperature on the Canadian prairies has cooled down by 2C in the last 30 years”. Corn Shortage. It’s Bigger Than You Might Think. Numerous news agencies have been reporting a corn shortage. They’ve limited their dialog to the shortage of canned sweet corn, but canned sweet corn is only a symptom of a much larger corn problem. The Wall Street Journal: “The pandemic made toilet paper and disinfectant wipes scarce. Now canned corn is the latest hard-to-find item at the grocery store.” Eva Close: “Canned corn shortage.” The Takeout: “There’s a canned corn shortage now, on top of all the rest of our troubles.” Y102.5: “There Is A Canned Corn Shortage Due To The Coronavirus Pandemic!” [I have the strangest memory of some people around here mentioning something like this months ago if we didn’t prioritize food production? Can’t be. That’s urgent and in a logical world would provoke more action than we’ve seen. AriesAzazel, you don’t remember anything like that do you? It’s not like you’ve been saying it weekly for months, “Go stock up.”]

  110. SpaceX Mars city: Elon Musk details 1 test its success depends on. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk wants to build a city on Mars, and there’s one key test that will determine whether his plan was a success. Elon wants to build the city on Mars. The SpaceX CEO hopes to complete a settlement on the planet by 2050. The city will be fueled and populated using the currently under-development Starship, designed to transport humans to Mars and back. In an appearance at the Mars Society’s annual conference last week, Musk detailed the “acid test” that will measure his settlement’s success — it also reveals the city’s intended goals. “The acid test, really, is, if the ships from Earth stop coming from any reason, does Mars die out?” Musk told interviewer Robert Zubrin during the livestreamed event. “For any reason. It could be banal, or it could be nuclear armageddon,” he added. [The City has been built for decades. Don’t fall for the Elon PR. Men and Women have sweat blood and tears to build Mars and have died on Mars.]

  111. Ten Individuals Charged in $50 Million Russian Smuggling Scheme. An indictment and a complaint were unsealed today in federal court in Brooklyn variously charging 10 defendants with transportation of stolen property, failure to file export information, illegal exportation of electronic devices and conspiracy to commit these offenses. The defendants allegedly participated in the illegal smuggling of electronic devices, particularly Apple products, from the United States to Russia using couriers, many of whom were current and former employees of Aeroflot Airlines. Akmal Asadov, Sayuz Daibagya, Anton Perevoznikov, Shohruh Saidov, Marat Shadkhin, Kirill Sokhonchuk and Zokir Iskanderov were arrested today and will be arraigned this afternoon via teleconference before United States Magistrate Judge Vera M. Scanlon. Azamat Bobomurodov was arrested in the Northern District of Illinois and will be arraigned in that district later today. Two additional defendants are fugitives.

  112. As we all prepare, don’t forget your fur-babies and their needs. Stock up on dog/cat meds, pet food, extra toys and anything else they might need. Also, my household has already considered the inevitable addition of a pet. You know people will start abandoning their pets once SHTF. An extra well loved guard dog never hurts your security plans.(Yes, I know pets can be shot or give away your location, but were talking about basic deterrents for the first wave of attack.) Sorry to be grim. Are you kidding me? I’ve been stocking up on cat food and litter and I don’t even have a cat anymore. Litter because you can pour it behind your tires to get unstuck from ice or snow, cat food and litter because I know fools will be abandoning their pets and not providing for them. I’m kinda like the Friendly Neighborhood Crazy Cat Lady - sans cat - all the cats in my 'hood acknowledge this and accept me as one of them. Seriously when I go for a walk cats come out to greet me, some even walk with me for a few blocks. When their worthless humans leave them to fend for themselves, they’ll probably seek me out. And I’ll be ready with the nuzzles and the Fancy Feast.

  113. Johnson & Johnson Temporarily Pauses All Dosing in Our Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate Clinical Trials. Despite repeated claims they’re committed to transparency, Johnson & Johnson and the US Food and Drug Administration still aren’t revealing crucial details one week after the pharmaceutical giant’s Covid-19 vaccine trial went on pause. Public health experts have encouraged transparency in the Covid-19 vaccine clinical trials, considering that hundreds of millions of Americans will eventually be asked to roll up their sleeves and take a vaccine. The Johnson & Johnson trial was put on hold October 12 due to a study participant’s “unexplained illness,” according to a company statement last week. Johnson & Johnson voluntarily stopped enrolling study participants while the illness is being reviewed by an independent monitoring board. The company and the FDA declined to answer two questions from CNN: One, whether the study volunteer who became ill received the vaccine or the placebo, and two, if this is the first pause for the trial.

  114. To ensure the quality and reliability of Our World in Data’s COVID-19 testing data, we’ve decided to remove Argentina from our dataset for the time being. The official figures aggregated by the government are not of sufficient quality to correctly reflect the extent of testing. In particular, it has recently emerged (as explained here:…) that many negative tests weren’t being recorded in several provinces, including large ones such as Santa Fe and Córdoba. This biases the positive rate upwards, up to a staggering 75% currently. The government of Argentina announced a few days ago that it would implement a new system to make sure that all tests were being correctly recorded in all provinces. It’s not clear however whether this will also correct the historical data retrospectively. Sadly, this does not mean that the COVID-19 situation isn’t bad in Argentina—it very much is. It initially fared a little better than some of its neighbors (although a lot worse than others), but it is now “catching up” with the terrible death tolls of Bolivia, Chile, and Brazil.

  115. A demonstration dispersed by gunfire in Lagos subject to a total curfew. Several protesters were killed. More than 1,000 demonstrators gathered peacefully on a toll in Lagos, the economic capital of Nigeria, were dispersed Tuesday evening by “numerous” shootings, after the entry into force of a total curfew in an attempt to extinguish a popular movement which continues to expand across the country. Youth protests against police violence have spread to protests against power, and have escalated in several large cities, including Lagos, the economic capital where a curfew has been imposed until further notice. For the past twelve days, thousands of young Nigerians have been pounding the pavement in the big cities of Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa and the continent’s leading economic power. At least 18 people, including two police officers, died in the marches, which had until recently been largely peaceful.

  116. Ireland is first EU country to return to coronavirus lockdown. “Everyone in the country is being asked to stay at home," Prime Minister Micheal Martin said in a national address. Lockdown will take effect at midnight on October 21. Shops that do not sell basic necessities, as well as hairdressers, will have to stop working. Schools and nurseries will also not be closed. People are asked not to leave the house unnecessarily. Companies should transfer employees to teleworking if their field of activity allows. Leaving the house for sports will be allowed no further than 5 km from home. Longer journeys are possible only for work and other urgent reasons, and violations will be punished by fines. Private gatherings in homes or gardens are prohibited. Visiting is possible only to care for loved ones or to express condolences in case of special circumstances in the family. Meetings with people who do not live together are only possible outside, if there are members of no more than two households together, and if it is not further than 5 km from their homes.

  117. Massive fire destroys lobster pound in southern Nova Scotia. Yarmouth County RCMP said in a statement Saturday morning that the fire is considered “suspicious” and an investigation is ongoing. There are worldwide terrorism against food production and storage going on right now. There are too many things happening for it to be a coincidence. I just saw a story about a lobster packer burned down in Canada. In some cases these attacks are being blamed on “white supremacists” when in reality it’s Antifa or Animal Rebellion members who have white skin. No one who cares about their people would burn down their food supply. The people doing this want to bring the world to its knees. If you have the time to look into it check your countries and see if any food processors or related have been hit please.

  118. Western Australia. The legislation was recently updated and the section above now appears on page 109 (or 95 depending on what browser you’re using). You might read this and wonder, why would the state want to forcibly remove your underwear to administer a vaccine? Because vaccines are administered via IM (intramuscular injection) and the most practical means for forcibly injecting a person against their will would be to restrain that person in a “face down” position, remove that persons pants/underwear then administer the drug in the glute region. It would be much more difficult to try to inject the drug into an alternative muscle region if the person being injected was resisting. The point being, before passing this legislation the state has really thought about the easiest way to forcibly inject somebody.

  119. Melting snow reveals 800-year-old mummies in Antarctica. An 800-year-old penguin mummy revealed after snow and ice in Antarctica melted. Ornithologist Steven Emslie made an unexpected discovery when he stumbled across what appeared to be ancient and fresh remains of Adelie penguins at Cape Irizar, Ross Sea, Antarctica, during a research expedition in 2016. “In all the years I have been doing this research in Antarctica, I’ve never seen a site quite like this,” Emslie said in a recent press release. He revealed his findings in a paper published late last month. At the time of discovery, Emslie, an ornithologist at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, was in Antarctica studying ancient penguin remains as part of a funded research project of the National Science Foundation. “I went to Cape Irizar after seeing a reference to old penguin guano that was found there,” Emslie said in an email to AccuWeather. [The analysis if you read between lines, it’s the last flash freeze was 800 years ago, coincidentally during GSM.]

  120. Submarines reported near Bangor Naval Submarine Base in WA. Rare to see submarines in Hood Canal. Yes very rare but remember miette057 what’s happening in Canada. Chinese Troops across the border. Lots of additional activity in the area lately. Fort Lewis as well. BRING IT PLA BITCHES. Chris Cavas: “Super-secret special mission #submarine USS JIMMY CARTER SSN23 headed outbound in the Hood Canal possibly for post-modernization availability sea trials. Based at Bangor, she’s been in overhaul at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard since Aug 2019.” WarshipCam: “USS Jimmy Carter (SSN 23) Seawolf-class attack submarine northbound near the Hood Canal Bridge in Washington heading out for sea trials - October 20, 2020.” Lanny Davis: “1) DEAR RED STATES; WE’RE LEAVING. We’ve decided we’re leaving. We intend to form our own country, we’re taking the other Blue States with us…that includes Hawaii, Oregon, California, New Mexico, Washington, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, and all the Northeast.” William Hillis: “I’m here in Washington State, and we aren’t leaving. If Seattle wants to be a city state, I suppose they can try. I think the U.S. government will take issue with JBLM, the Everett Home Port, Bremerton Naval Shipyard, NAS Whidbey, and Bangor submarine base exiting the country.” Divide and conquer in full effect. Sad to see that.

  121. A gym in Poland is calling itself a ‘Church of the Healthy Body’ in an attempt to stay open during new coronavirus restrictions. The move by Atlantic Sports Fitness in Krakow comes after the country imposed new COVID-19 restrictions in response to a rise in cases. The manager of Atlantic Sports Fitness, Marta Jamróz, wrote in a Saturday Facebook post: “Since fitness classes cannot function … a religious congregation of members are starting today at our club the ‘Church of the Healthy Body.’” Jamróz also referred to the gym’s trainers as “the elder council.” The move came after Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced on Thursday new national restrictions in a tiered “traffic light” system asking people to stay home, according to Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza. [Nicely done. Our Father, lord in temple, I shall be thy name, Thy Swoleness come, Lifts will be done in the temple as at home, Give us today our daily gains and forgive us for our 'mirin as we forgive those who admire us, Lead us not into skipping sets, but into everlasting swoleness. Wheymen. Swole Father who art in the gym, Hallowed be thy gains, Thy PR comes, Thy lifts be done, On the bench as it is in the power rack, Give us this day our daily macros, And forgive us our failed PRs, As we forgive those who curl in the squat rack, And lead us not into laziness, But deliver us from plateaus, For thine is the squat, the dead and the bench, Forever and ever, Wheymen.]

  122. Unusual Low Tide Ecuador. There’s no full moon or wind. The region is under alert as the sea retreated 5 days ago, inexplicably. Alarm in Santa Rosa because the sea dried up more than normal. In the fishing port of Salinas they pray that there are no shipwrecks and no fishing moves away. When the tides do occur, the sea does go down, but not as much as now. Furthermore, it is only three days, this time there are already five," said at noon today, October 20, 2020, Wilmer Pozo, one of the fishermen from Santa Rosa, in Salinas, when they saw how the area where the boats cordon off in this port looked dry. The phenomenon alarmed artisanal fishermen. Some superstitious people fear that something bad may happen in the next few days. “Sometimes, when the sea goes too low, after a few days it gets rough and shipwrecks occur, fishing also moves away ,” said Manuel Borbor, one of those astonished. The artisans, who used small boats from the shore to get to their boats, this time they did it on foot. “Diosito, that is nothing bad, I hope this does not bring serious consequences,” murmured the craftsman Jacinto del Pezo , while he walked to repair a net in one of the fibers. Captaincy of the Port of Salinas, through a press release, reported that this week there is a new period of watering and the sea will remain slightly rough . He asked those who work at sea to be careful. But unlike Santa Rosa, where the sea was collected, in Libertador Bolívar, north of Santa Elena, its residents were alarmed by the strong waves that removed the rocks from the rock that protects the Malecón area. [Tsunami? Like in India… No tsunami and it’s been like this for 5 days already. From what I read, it’s unusual for this to occur in the absence of major wind and/or full moon. I’ve been reading up on tides but haven’t found anything much to explain this. I recall there being another odd event like this a while back, but I can’t at the moment remember where it was…same unusual retreat of water, concerned residents…but not sure anything happened. Darn, trying to retrieve that file from my brain…it got lost in all the random-ware.]

  123. The Disunited States of Oppression: Critical Race Theory infiltrates K-12. Is there any clearer sign of how privileged a society is than the disproportionate amount of time that society spends guilting citizens over how privileged they are? I’ll never forget the first time I encountered “critical race theory” and its overbearing adherents at my alma mater, Oberlin College, in the 1990s. Multicultural studies were all the rage. Higher education officials had torpedoed Western civilization curriculum requirements at prestigious universities nationwide. The ululations of the aggrieved reached a fever pitch as anti-white extremists demanded separate academic departments, dorms, graduation ceremonies and deans in the name of justice and equality. The entire spectacle was as self-indulgent as it was comical. Spoiled white limousine liberals’ children lectured me—a child of Filipino immigrants who came from a Third World country colonized by the Spanish, overtaken by Americans and occupied by the Japanese—for thinking and acting “white” because I opposed race-based affirmative action policies. A miserable feminist student castigated me for using the patriarchal term “exploit” (as in “exploiting an opportunity.”) Wealthy minority progressives—cloistered in their intolerant “safe spaces” on a campus full of entitled brats whose parents forked over $40,000 a year in tuition—whined about being systemically oppressed. The whiners whined all their way through their senior theses to secure their worthless degrees. A large portion of the whiners went on to graduate schools in advanced griping and grousing—and are now ensconced in the ivory tower of critical race theory babble, subsidized by tax dollars at public colleges and universities, venting from on high about how hopelessly downtrodden they are at the hands of the oppressors paying their cushy salaries. [Clown World continues.]

  124. Wayne Allyn Root: “My sources - as high up as it gets - watched videos on Hunter’s laptops TODAY. Just told me point blank… no rumor… they saw Hunter raping and torturing little Chinese children… Chinese government has the same videos… Biden is compromised. Blackmailed. Can NEVER be Prez.” [Still need evidence… but damn. This shit is crae. Agreed. If that much is out, there must be even more. Idk if you saw but Aries told us about some bad rumors regarding Hunter in Chinese channels like a month ago. Still relevant but Aries has had us ahead of the curve on this one. Thanks for the share. Translation: “According to reliable sources, foreign media will explode in a few days. Jiang, Zeng, and Meng took the shot, and three important hard drives were sent to the US Department of Justice. However, the top-secret hard drive was seized by the Biden group of the Justice Department. The strange thing is that the hard drive was acquired by Trump supporters in the Justice Department and passed to President Trump. The extremely pornographic videos and child abuse videos of Hunter Biden were secretly filmed by the CCP. In addition, Xi Wang and Biden’s son signed a secret agreement. After signing the agreement, they gave (Biden’s son) $1 million as a tip, and then another $10 million was given. This agreement involved $4.5 billion interest. The first hard drive, Jiang, Zeng, and Meng gave a copy to the U.S. Department of Justice, and the news also involved Hunter Biden’s Kazakhstan issue, and the corresponding agreement with Ukraine’s Taigas. . The second hard drive involves Xi Wang’s overseas money and corresponding information. Jing waiting for the Ministry of Justice report and major media headlines.” What an insane pile of QAnon shit… stop smoking crack. Qanon has nothing to do with this, we are allied with Guo Wengui always have been since January. I fully support the New Federal State of China. This was never a Qanon issue. Excuse me?? If you haven’t figured out by now, no one here posts anything that doesn’t have ramifications on a national as well global scale. Just because you don’t like the opposing party doesn’t mean that the other one hasn’t been rolling in the muck. I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as the truth of THAT situation. Besides, it’s bigger than politics. Thank you Shera! No I haven’t figured it out. Thanks for your extremely useful clarification. “It’s bigger than politics”… Shall we agree to just ignore each other Shera? Guys please no fighting. You 2 are both awesome. Bigger things to worry about. Sure but I don’t think it’s very helpful or insightful to accuse someone of “smoking crack” because you don’t want to consider the possibility that someone is doing terrible things in the world. But to your other point, yes, shit is most definitely inching ever closer to the fan.] FBI in possession of Hunter Biden’s purported laptop, sources say. The FBI is in possession of the laptop purportedly belonging to Hunter Biden which contained emails revealing his foreign business dealings, including with contacts in Ukraine and China, two senior administration officials told Fox News Tuesday. 3Days3Nights: “If Biden withdrawals as the Dem Nominee before the election, his votes are NOT nullified. The DNC Chair simply convenes a hearing to “choose” their replacement.” [Politics but for Actionable Intelligence: There has been a lot of murmuring about the possibility that any of this rumored Hunter/Joe Biden blackmail material on the laptop (which the feds now have) may force Joe Biden to resign. What then would happen with the votes? And can you imagine the civil unrest if this occurs??? Full Giuliani interview about the laptop and the contents of said laptop that is now in the hands of FBI.]

  125. A reminder from LASD: Don’t give criminals free information about yourself or your family by the way of bumper stickers or decals. Don’t make yourself or your home vulnerable. Criminals are always looking for opportunities, hints, and tools to commit crimes. - LA County Sheriffs. [Oddly, I learned this from Dexter years ago. It never occurred to me until then. I love when the have the family sticker and the edit all the names under each member of the family unit. More families should learn how to be a Gray family. People don’t really do that do they? I’ve never seen …I mean…they don’t come with names. You’d have to put in extra work. “The 3 Rules to Become a Gray Man. There will be times when you need to avoid being noticed to avoid conflict. Being a “Gray Man” helps preventing making an impression which can help you survive.” Unhinged starring Russell Crowe. This movie shows you , why you need to stop trusting in tech like phones for data protection. People keep everything on their phones these days. Also. It takes 4 min to enable a password. For the love of Pete do that. What is a gray family? “13 Easy Skills to Become Invisible. Learning how to navigate in a post SHTF world would be a challenge. Learning 15 easy Gray Man skills could mean the difference between life and death when encountering a dangerous scenario.” Yep they do it. That’s enough reality for today. Where are the good memes? Study cadets. “The Power of the Gray Man: Psychology of SHTF. Being patient is everything when it comes to mastery over your surroundings.” Be a gray family. “How to become the “Gray Man”- Urban Survival- Black Scout Tutorials. In this episode we discuss the Gray Man Concept and its applications. We will also go over do’s and don’ts to become successful at becoming the Gray Man.” “The Gray Man Behavior. Did you ever wonder how Spec-Ops sneak into an urban environment without being noticed, and how you can benefit from this knowledge?” “41 Essential Rules to Become the Gray Man.” “Gray Man Theory: The Art Of Blending Into The Crowd. Learn how to adopt the gray man theory as a way of disappearing into the crowd so you can move unnoticed when disaster strikes.” APPLY TEACHINGS TO ALL FAMILY MEMBERS.]

  126. David Leavitt: “50 Cent can go fuck himself for choosing his personal wealth over the health of the nation…” [Lol!!! Remember kids! Wealth before Health. And 50 is right 62% the fuck. That’s only for folks making over 400k… and they’ve been getting a break for a while- “For the first time in history, US billionaires paid a lower tax rate than the working class last year.” Right right. People don’t deserve to keep the combination of the products of their mind, body, and investment when it’s not taken from others by force or backed by fiat mandate. It’s time to eat the rich (the ones who build business which serve everyone no matter their ideology). It’s this mindset that is the reason my AIs and other items aren’t out in the world making your life better. If I spend almost 30 years of my life learning to and then making something and I could convince 7 billion people they not only want - but they would be willing to pay for. Why should some African warlord government (or any other) get richer and more powerful from my labor and mind. Why would I freely give more into a system where my peers think it’s okay to steal from me because I can produce so much more then they that their need gives them a right to what I exchanged my life to create again and again - something I’d be willing to trade under my own terms. Instead now I guard myself and ideas and don’t engage or produce for the wider world. The things I’m seeing here about the men of the last age are inspiring. How their inventions have been abused (or properly used) has not always been so. Why am I not worthy of keeping the value I produce and why do I get to keep less % of my production the more I produce? Why would I be motivated to produce under such a system. If you starting serving your community 80 hours a week and they willingly paid you for your labors - should you be allowed to keep this or required to give it to those who did not labor besides you nor those who paid you? Are you worthy of keeping the value of your labor; if not - why? You make assumptions. I actually don’t believe in taxation. I was clarifying the cut-off. Sorry for assuming. That makes me an ass.

  127. Daniel Swain: “Extremely dangerous Calwood Fire just north of Boulder, CO, directly affecting WUI right now. I have observed multiple large fire vortices and a large, rotating pyrocumulus column. Wow.” Ben Warwick: “Absolutely heartbreaking images coming out of Boulder County from Copter4 this morning, where the Calwood Fire has already destroyed dozens of homes north of Boulder. Continuing coverage all day on CBS Denver.” Real time data mapping fire and evacuation areas. Boulder Emergency Operations - Public Information Map. Information in this map is compiled using the best available data provided by emergency responders. During an emergency event, information can change rapidly. [A repeat of Cali, and the rest… houses burnt to the ground, but somehow all the trees around are still green, maybe just one or two burnt around the house. So sad. Pets no doubt lost!! Likely, yet haven’t seen any DEW evidence or fire from choppers yet. “Advanced laser weaponry now seen dueling over southern United States. Space Force’s advanced tech.” Crucial info. This guy is good, no BS. Old, we’ve been doing it since the 80s. The Falkland Wars used American lasers on British jets. Thanks. I’m learning. A lot of ground to cover, as you know. “Royal Navy deployed laser weapons during the Falklands War. Despite recent demonstrations by the US Navy, we still think of laser weapons as being things of the future.” “Falklands’ war: UK deployed laser weapon to ‘dazzle’ enemy pilots, say released documents. The United Kingdom deployed a laser weapon during the Falkland Islands 1982 war with Argentina designed to “dazzle” enemy pilots who were attacking British warships, according to secret documents released Wednesday.” “Check Out This Sailor Holding A Laser Rifle Aboard The Nuclear Submarine USS Minnesota. The dazzler helps defend submarines when they are at their most vulnerable when traversing tight waterways while surfaced.” The real reason we are having a Lithium Shortage. Pick out the one word the pilots are saying, regarding military technology that should not exist in 1982. "Those of us who were alive then recall a persistent rumor, even an open secret in defense circles, of laser weapons being used by the Royal Navy during hostilities. The loss of several Argentine fighters was attributed to lasers designed to dazzle pilots, and one instance was put forward where the pilot saw a glaring light before going down. Recently-declassified documents confirm at least part of the story. A letter from then Defence Secretary Michael Heseltine, dated 17 January 1983, states that a medium-power laser weapon was deployed with the task force. The letter states, “You may recall, however, that we developed and deployed with great urgency a naval laser weapon, designed to dazzle low flying Argentine pilots attacking ships, to the Task Force in the South Atlantic. This weapon was not used in action and knowledge of it has been kept to a very restricted circle.” That’s the thing about Falkland Wars it was an Alien War disguised as a Human War. Nothing to do with Land. But of what landed on the island that in order for us to maintain Western Supremacy we could not let the Argentinians get their hands on. “Falklands War ends. After suffering through six weeks of military defeats against Britain’s armed forces, Argentina surrenders to Great Britain, ending the Falklands War.” Bullshit history of the war. Sigh… one day everything may not be whitewashed. Until then, the hunt for the truth remains.]

  128. CBS Los Angeles: “Riverside County has been moved back into the most restrictive purple tier, and businesses have 72 hours to adjust.” [Ok so let’s take a look. Do you understand what’s going on!!! No. Lockdowns everywhere!!! UK, FR, CAN, AUS, NZ, SPA and now Cali. And we are just in October, imagine full force Winter. Make sure you have supplies. Slovenia too. Don’t dwell if the virus is real or not, focus in Government officials shutting down cities and the consequences that will entail. In the short list, social unrest and empty shelves. If you are with Doomsday you should have at least 1 year of supplies already. Netherlands also has a lockdown. Also Bavaria (part of Germany) is discussing if they close borders to the south. Austria will go into lockdown any day now. Some businesses already handed out documents to employees stating they work in systemically relevant jobs. Like mentioned above parts of Germany will follow right behind, they’re already building the storyline for weeks. Any source on that? Italy is bad… we’re looking at curfew from 9pm to 5 am next week. Now it’s from 23 to 5 am. Switzerland had 3500 cases on 9 million citizens only today. The UK had 25,000 cases today. Shit is hitting the fan again. I can answer for him. No. But it’s hugely probable. “Supermarket chains write employee confirmations: is lockdown coming? A reader turned to Wochenblick with an interesting document: The REWE retail chain is said to have distributed confirmations to its employees on Saturday. They can use them to identify themselves to the authorities as workers in the critical infrastructure. The first lockdown began on March 16 in Austria. We received the document on Saturday from an employee of a Lower Austrian branch and have no doubt as to its authenticity. A corresponding request was also sent to the company, but an answer can only be assumed on the next working day. For tomorrow, Monday, Federal Chancellor Kurz has already announced that he will make an announcement. Rumors of a second lockdown have been making the rounds for over a month.” This was leaked. So we are back in March. Not only are we back to March but we are facing a Global Food Shortage and a GSM. “Global report: record Covid cases and new lockdowns across Europe. Parts of Spain and Italy facing restrictions as Ireland set to become first EU country to reimpose national lockdown.” What kind of document did you see? What was the content? Lockdown on the 23rd? “Ireland Goes Into Total Lockdown in Desperate Bid to Save Christmas as Europe’s Second Wave Gathers Force.” “PM confirms Tier 3 lockdown measures for Greater Manchester.” No it just stated same thing Aries posted above. So that authorities would let you pass any checkpoint etc. because the job you work on is necessary for the system to work. Thank you. Very sad to hear that it is starting again. But the narrative in the last weeks was preparing the masses already. Here in Europe. So yes, Europe has paperwork for Essential Workers to go through checkpoints just like America. Any suggestions when does it will start and any idea if they will close borders again? Overall the situation is quite scary. Wanted to stock up on some CBRN filters, just in case my sheepy family or best friend, who is a great outdoorsman but not into my ‘shit’ will need some - nearly sold out everywhere or you just get those mini ones which would last for half an our or so. Same thing with a lot of other survival gear which is imported from the US or China. I’m so glad I’m only waiting for 2 spare solar panels right now and then I’m set for apocalypse. That’s great. Good luck and be safe. My guess is Austria will go first this time and Merkel follows up. So late October or early November. Plus insider info concerning the vaccine topic: One of our clients is Novonordisc and they just pumped up a contract for a product needed for their syringes by another 80 million pieces annually. I am not taking it or alleged Coronavirus vax, no way, no how. Thanks for the intel. I do not care for the vaccine. There won’t be one. Those medical giants always have at least spread out their need on two separate suppliers, makes at least 160 mio more syringes (my guess is they got all 3 world leader suppliers in on that thing = 240 mio pieces on top). There won’t be an actual vaccine, but there will be some form of snake oil that they will be peddling and pushing upon us. True. But it won’t change the situation. They’d have to shoot me, but the talks gone from ‘there will be no forced vaccination to if you don’t you will not be allowed to go to work or shopping’ - so much about no force applied here. I agree with you 100%. It will be a mandate masquerade as a choice to opt out. But if you don’t take it, you can’t travel, go to work, send your kids to school, get medical care, etc. I’m really wondering why there are no lockdowns in China or any info on speaking cases. Are they so good in controlling information or did they managed it so well?

  129. Something is wrong. Check in ASAP. Here. Deploy your Faraday Cages, (aka place Alexandria Library in Faraday Cages and Backup Electronics in Faraday Cage). EAM Radio Silence last 48 hours. Has not happened in over 3 months. Scary, isn’t it? It is. I’m not panicking just alert at the moment. If you dare to check you will notice this hasn’t happened in last 3 months. Implications are. War footing. Check in, find how many flights are going into Vancouver from China. Find how many flights are going into Dreamland. It’s incredible the amount of Janets today. Post Janet logs. Will do. Search when there was a 48 hour period of silence 3 months ago the date is important. Holy crap 498 flights from China to Vancouver. I’m finishing report now. Once again there has been a 48 hour time period of silence with EAM’s (Emergency Action Message) this has not happened in over 3 months and a record number of flights are flying into Area 51 again. Highly Fucking Unusual. No results for nv65. These motherfuckers. Now click this, search completely EOD! Only way to access info is with direct links. “Aviation and Naval Assets. JANET72/N365SR arrived at McCarran Intl (KLAS) at 06:32PM PDT from Desert Rock (NV65) after 0:14 en route.” They are scrubbing hard on Twitter. Just to let you know I’ve been doing hourly backups of Twitter and Flightracker 24. They are really working it now. New team in shifts information is disappearing within an hour or less. Next up Flights for the Day. From my assessment. 48 Janets today and 61 total this week for those keeping score. The flights to Vancouver could be Chinese Elites fleeing to Vancouver or the latter, more Chinese Troops reporting to potential active duty near the border. I’ve flagged area. I’ll keep on it tonight. The number of Janets today is very concerning. 50 % Personnel and 50% Supplies/cargo etc. They rarely truck in supplies. Under that assumption we should see equal or more tomorrow. Number of flights in air globally has also increased by 10%. PS - as I type this they are already scrubbing Janet logs… but I got it all an hour ago… sorry too slow. The moment to panic is when the flights stop all together. What does a high/low number of Janets imply…? SHTF. Rich aware folks escaping in their private jets? No. Flights going into Area 51. The best and brightest going deep underground while the world goes to shit. You can’t buy yourself a seat into Area 51. It’s all based on a meritocracy. So when our most secretive military bases keep having the highest recorded number of flights in the history of base. It’s very much a cause of concern. Now I understand, thanks! Then Twitter under government orders (EOD/End of Day) to scrub Janet flights from search is another cause of concern. Imagine the public finding out that COG/ Continuity of Government is underway. All of this should be of great concern. Remember Rich Qataris last week fleeing to London because they are not Elite enough to get into New Zealand? Wow. Tyler Rogoway: “F-117 Nighthawks make surprise visit to MCAS Miramar in San Diego.” That should tell you everything. As we get closer to “the event,” the crazier it’s going to become. Like Holy Shit a retired Stealth Fighter back in commission. Need all hands on deck things are about to get real … please for the love of sanity people WAKE UP!!! We have recommissioned the F-117. U.S. Northern Command: “Our special operations personnel at SOCNORTH recently deployed to the Arctic Circle to demonstrate their crisis response capabilities during Exercise Trojan Dagger.” North American Aerospace Defense Command: “North American Aerospace Defense Command F-22 fighter aircraft, supported by E-3 airborne warning and control system and KC-135 refueler aircraft, intercepted two Russian Tu-95 bombers escorted by two Su-35 fighter aircraft late Monday evening.” We got asteroids coming anytime soon? Farva Price: “For those that select Naval Aviation, this week, here is an approved career progression flow-chart. Good luck and fly Navy!” Aleph: “2x USN E-6B Mercury up. RUFF07 | AE041C | 164410 From Tinker AFB ADOLP20 | AE0411 | 163919 From Offutt AFB. TACAMO.” Not good. BAⓂA_15: “E4B NIGHT WATCH For Ex. Global Thunder.” Billy: “USAF E-4B NIGHTWATCH (NEABNCP) 75-0125 CLUB22 LOCATION NOTED AT 18:25Z.” No EAMs while they are up. Concerning. Another day tomorrow and judging by the activity on my screens it’s going to be worse than today. Get some rest so you can be at maximum capacity. Please people. Wake up. Wake up. Please look around you. Listen. I try… no one listens. The brainwashing is too strong. Checking now. (Dinner break.) Will go back 3 months and search plus and minus one day, then two days, then 3, etc. Something is up. Ask yourself this. They Broke Secrecy by flying the F117 in the day time. Meaning an entire new generation has been trained on them. And due to time restrictions, they decided to break secrecy and fly in public. Thus a bigger threat is coming. That is bigger than secrecy. You don’t just recommission an old school plane like that without the USAF making a fanfare out of it. Look at all the coverage the Warthog got back on GWOT. The fact that they have brought it back to life with a new generation of pilots should concern Americans. And the fact that they don’t care about hiding it anymore means they are under the gun and pressed for time. When was the last time they recommissioned something that had been decommissioned for a dozen years?? War with China or Aliens. lol. China. They’re not leaving anything for the aliens to do, lol. They are more efficient than aliens haha! And more formulaic. No going off script. How do we know if aliens ever deviate from the plan or not? They just do what they do, perform a little memory wipey wipe, and make everyone think you cray. Yeah bro. Always knew the Replicators from the Stargate series were the next step in Chinese evolution. We call it Claytronics not replicators. Every day in July had one or more EAMs. Now checking June. For them not to do any in 48 hours is concerning. Especially with the F117 news. Gap found: 20200729 0130, 20200630 20200701 1726 1749 1818. Between 0130 29 June and 1726 1 July there were no EAMs. BUT there is a weird message posted in that time period, I’ll forward it here. “Super Hornet Crashes Near China Lake, Pilot in Stable Condition. This post will be updated with additional information as it becomes available. A Navy F/A-18E Super Hornet crashed near Naval Air Station China Lake, Calif., on Tuesday, a service official told USNI News.” “F-117s Make Surprise Visit To Marine Corps Air Station Miramar (Updated). The F-117s have become highly active as of late, but they’ve never staged out of a base like Miramar since their retirement.” 100% correct. They are all in a coma. Very sad to see our own relatives like that. Last time there was EAM Radio Silence was during the week previous to 4th of July threat. (Club-K and Underground/Subterranean Fighting). That week was heavy with unrest nationwide, specially statues and monuments being attacked. The last time statues and monuments where attacked was 3 days prior to 9/11. Buddha statues in Afghanistan? YES. “A giant statue representing Aumism sect founder Gilbert Bourdin falls to its destruction following a controlled explosion in Castellans, southern France, on September 6, 2001. Local authorities had ordered the destruction of the 33-meter high (100-foot) statue built by Bourdin and his followers near the protected natural site around the Verdon Gorge. The statue had been the center of an eight year legal battle over the legitimacy of its building permits.” EAMs per UTC day:
    2020-08-02 #######
    2020-08-03 ###############
    2020-08-04 ###
    2020-08-05 ####
    2020-08-06 ########
    2020-08-07 #
    2020-08-08 ##
    2020-08-09 #####
    2020-08-10 ######
    2020-08-11 #
    2020-08-13 ############
    2020-08-14 #####
    2020-08-15 #####
    2020-08-16 #########
    2020-08-17 ##
    2020-08-18 ###
    2020-08-19 #################
    2020-08-20 #####################
    2020-08-21 ########
    2020-08-22 #
    2020-08-23 ####
    2020-08-24 ####
    2020-08-26 ###
    2020-08-28 ###########
    2020-08-29 ##
    2020-08-30 #####
    2020-08-31 #
    2020-09-01 ##
    2020-09-02 ###
    2020-09-04 ###
    2020-09-06 ###
    2020-09-07 ###
    2020-09-08 ###
    2020-09-09 ##
    2020-09-10 #####
    2020-09-11 #####################
    2020-09-12 #############
    2020-09-13 ###
    2020-09-14 #
    2020-09-15 #############
    2020-09-16 ##########
    2020-09-17 #############
    2020-09-18 #############
    2020-09-19 ###########
    2020-09-20 ###########
    2020-09-21 ####
    2020-09-22 ##########
    2020-09-23 ####################
    2020-09-24 #######
    2020-09-25 ##############
    2020-09-26 ########
    2020-09-27 ##
    2020-09-28 ######
    2020-09-29 ########
    2020-09-30 #####
    2020-10-01 ###
    2020-10-02 ############
    2020-10-03 ####
    2020-10-04 ################
    2020-10-06 ####
    2020-10-07 ####################
    2020-10-08 #######
    2020-10-09 ###########
    2020-10-10 ##
    2020-10-11 ##########
    2020-10-12 #####
    2020-10-13 ###
    2020-10-15 ########
    2020-10-16 ##
    2020-10-17 ##
    2020-10-18 ##