Azazel News #Recap 10/15/2020

  1. Tim Pool: “Welcome To Black Mirror motherfuckers Twitter is now blocking A Government website.”

  2. Oliver Darcy: “C-SPAN suspended its political editor Steve Scully indefinitely Thursday after he admitted to lying about his Twitter feed being hacked…”

  3. Time for you all to stop procrastinating and get into bitcoin…it’s unstoppable…and time to get in is running out…

  4. Herald Sun: “Nuclear space junk was on collision course with Australia - but the public never knew about it.” 7/29/2015.

  5. Looks like the National Weather Service radar is down, or not showing anything. All radar sites are displaying the “radar data unavailable.”

  6. 25 Survival Skills for Kids. Could your children survive in an emergency? These are 25 survival skills for kids that they absolutely should know so they can hold their own if necessary.

  7. NWS Jacksonville: “Radar data on the web is temporarily unavailable. But, you can use to view current radar data online until the web issue is resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

  8. Rakesh David: “IF we had a competent government with a spine who actually cares about Canadians, the headline would have been: Government of Canada issues urgent call for Canadians in Hong Kong to return home, mulls expelling Chinese Ambassador over threats.”

  9. Earthquake, Magnitude 4.9 - CENTRAL MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE - 2020 October 16, 00:08:24 UTC. Magnitude: M 4.9, Region: CENTRAL MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE, Date time: 2020-10-16 00:08:24.6 UTC, Location: 8.13 N ; 38.08 W, Depth: 10 km.

  10. Harald: “Updated two graphs, now including September. Looking at average deaths of 20yrs and trend based on data of 20yrs. First looking at average deaths of 20 yrs compared with actual. Only April and May above +.” [Sweden - lowest deaths in three decades.]

  11. SpaceX gets FCC approval to bid in $16 billion rural-broadband auction. Nearly 400 ISPs qualify for auction, with SpaceX as the only LEO satellite ISP. SpaceX is one of the 386 entities that have qualified to bid in a federal auction for rural-broadband funding.

  12. Horvath Attila: “Can start. And if it does, can be messy. Not far from that orbital range is the Iridium constellation. And right in the collision range are the ejected nuclear reactors of the Soviet US-A (“RORSAT”) satellites. So much for “graveyard orbit”. I repeat: nuclear reactors.”

  13. Pilot hospitalized after plane crashes in Puyallup strip shopping center parking lot. The pilot of a small plane crashed Thursday afternoon in the parking lot of a strip shopping center in Puyallup, prompting authorities to close nearby roads while they investigated the incident.

  14. How to Hotwire a Car When the SHTF. The ability to hotwire a car falls into the same category as picking locks. Not so legal during normal times, but it is critical information that could save your life when SHTF. [A Brooklyn/Bronx/Newark coming of age Tradition (kidding) but seriously very useful skill set.]

  15. Please god let’s just all go to Westworld it seems way nicer there… Sorry for the dry humor. We can’t afford to lose our humanity in times of crisis!!! Make no mistake the things happening around you now are shocking and REAL!!! And unfortunately this is just the tip of a very large iceberg. Read everything above digest it. ASK QUESTIONS.

  16. Kamala Harris: “Both the crew member and the staff member were wearing N95 masks at all points they were near me, and our doctors believe that we were not exposed under CDC guidelines. Out of an abundance of caution, I will cancel travel through Sunday and continue to campaign virtually.”

  17. Chanel Rion OAN: “Just saw for myself a behind the scenes look at the Hunter Biden hard drive: Drugs, underage obsessions, power deals… Druggie Hunter makes Anthony Weiner’s down under selfie addiction look normal. Biden Crime Family has a lot of apologizing to do. So does Big Tech. OANN.”

  18. Ursula von der Leyen: “I have just been informed that a member of my front office has tested positive to COVID-19 this morning. I myself have tested negative. However as a precaution I am immediately leaving the European Council to go into self-isolation.” [She left in the middle of a meeting. Did she flee?]

  19. Stripe acquires Nigeria’s Paystack for $200M+ to expand into the African continent. When Stripe announced earlier this year that it had picked up another $600 million in funding, it said one big reason for the funding was to expand its API-based payments services into more geographies. [Nicely done.]

  20. 3d printing is awesome but it goes farther when you use your printer in some form of hybrid manufacturing to create a mold that can be reused multiple times. The final filter you see here is a bake-able air filter made from packed fiberfill adhered between two charcoal filters. [Awesome! Very cool. Thank you both. I have been trying and testing different materials at different temperatures and pressures for months to achieve my goals.]

  21. The US is preparing for a fight with China in the Pacific. Here’s how Army special operators will stay relevant. Army Special Operations Forces have a skill set and years of experience that will be invaluable in the Pacific in both peacetime and in a conflict. [1 of 6 in the series …looking forward to them. Real time scenarios Space Force and USFAB dealing with, among others.]

  22. Christian @ Ice Age Farmer: “Ice Age Farmer Discord has been terminated due to “Spreading Misinformation.” Our gardening, preps, seed saving, canning, alternative construction & greenhouses channels are too much of a threat to the establishment.” [Ice Age Farmer Did Nothing Wrong. Ice age farmer on telegram is still up. Because they are not owned by Big Tech!!! Sweeeet!!]

  23. Meet the Army’s ‘Night Stalkers,’ the special-operations pilots who can fly anything anywhere in the world. The Night Stalkers will take you anywhere in the world whenever you need to be there — plus or minus 30 seconds. [Notice how Business Insider is doing in-depth stories on American Special Forces in past few days.] Here are the weapons and gear that the US military’s top special operators never leave home without. The weapons and gear that US special operators bring on their missions can vary, but whatever they bring with them, it packs a punch.

  24. Jonathan McDowell: “So a more accurate estimate of the potential collision energy, in the centre of mass frame, is 60 plus or minus 5 gigajoules, or about 14 tonnes of TNT equivalent. The main uncertainty is the mass of the CZ-4C third stage, which I have at 2000 plus or minus 500 kg. This corresponds to a kinetic energy per tonne of 107 GJ, or 25 tonnes of TNT equivalent. Each of the sats is about a tonne; I haven’t seen a good value for the CZ-4C-Stage3 mass. In today’s close encounter between the Parus 64 satellite and the Chinese rocket stage, now a little over 9 hours away, the relative velocity of the 2 objects will be 14.66 km/s (52800 km/hr, 32800 mph).”

  25. Bryan Herbert: “If it was them, that would explain why they were S9+40. They were south of Dogbone Lake in the 60s ranges, just over the hill from me. Groom Lake aka Area 51 can be seen in the top left corner.” Tina: “Possibly.” Bryan Herbert: “375.8000 – Someone is flying around R-4808 (Groom Lake) transmitting just a carrier, no background noise. Signal strength at times is S9+40 with the indoor antenna.” Reach Defence: “A very special aircraft for a base that is shrouded with fanatics of alien theory and advance material research. Yes, we are talking about Area 51 or Groom Lake , This aircraft here is Janet, it is used to ferry the workers to and from LV, Nevada.” [Context.] Joe Kleiman: “Apollo astronauts approach Sedan Crater in Area 10 of the Nevada Test Site as part of lunar mission training in 1965. The crater was created by a thermonuclear underground explosion as part of Operation Plowshare in 1962 and is located 12 miles SW of Groom Lake (Area 51).” [In the photo are Dick Gordon, Aldrin, Dave Scott, Neil Armstrong and Rusty Schweickart. This is a heart warming tribute.]

  26. Mexico’s former defense secretary arrested in Los Angeles. Mexico’s top diplomat says the country’s former defense secretary, Gen. Salvador Cienfuegos, has been arrested in Los Angeles. “The corruption is just coming to roost, because individuals who were once untouchable are now getting arrested,” Vigil said. “If they cooperate [with U.S. prosecutors], there are others who are going to be falling.” [Dicey. They’ve also been trying to change the law so that ex-presidents can be prosecuted… nothing has passed yet, but the initiative is there. This is interesting, nonetheless. Guys… I’ve been absent due to labor duties and an increasing paranoia about an upcoming earthquake (looking at signs that point to it, and living in a seismic region). Anyways… I’m alarmed about this. Like really! This doesn’t look normal. Law is there to be able to prosecute ex presidents. What the current president is doing is a populist move to make a poll to ask people if they are OK to follow the law. So just a waste of time and money. They CAN already prosecute them, no need to change any law, or ask anybody about it.

  27. Guess what is most successful group in US, by percentage who are successful? Which nationality? “Why Nigerian Immigrants Are The Most Successful Ethnic Group in the U.S. I was on a flight to Nova Scotia on which I met Chiasoka, a Nigerian international student, living in St. John’s.” “The Most Successful Ethnic Group in the U.S. May Surprise You. Nigerian-Americans are on a path to become one of the most successful immigrant groups in American history.” It’s Nigerians. But Affirmative Action stigma screws them over. “It Isn’t Just Asian Immigrants Who Thrive in the U.S. Skilled foreign workers from anywhere in the world do well in the U.S.” Many liberal establishments campaign hard to stick them in same category as rest of African Americans in US. I’ve worked with Nigerian Engineers they look down on Black Americans more than anyone, it’s all true. Clarence Thomas is the best example of the stigma that Nigerians face today in America. Like I’ve always said Azazelians one of biggest casualties of the extreme affirmative action, is the Women and minorities who are actually legit leaders in STEM. Because we have to work twice as hard to prove it. Class over.

  28. More censorship. BREAKING: YouTube Mega Purge currently underway Many unwanted channels are suspended from the video sharing platform at this time. The list of nuked accounts is growing by the minute. Up to now canceled accounts: Destroying the Illusion; Redpill78; Praying Medic; Joe M; IPOT; X22 Report; Edge of Wonder; SGT Report; Spaceshot76; Woke Societies; Amazing polly; Truth and Art TV; Patriots Soapbox; Dustin Nemos; AndWeKnow; Stroppy Me; JustInformed Talk; Sarah Westall. [I’m pissed mostly that X22 was censored. It’s worse on that list, they are purging all the meta tags also! So anyone trying to upload the content again , ie backed up content is also immediately deleted and the account blocked. All comments are being purged too. Dang. You think if YouTube/Twitter Censors knew they are defending a party accused of Crimes Against Humanity they would censor these channels? You think if YouTube/Twitter Censors knew about the Wizardry colors they would still be defending the (Reds) opposition party? Wow digital civil war. Luckily, most of them have an alternative platform. But this is so messed up. They gonna take down the whole internet soon?]

  29. SPD: Seattle Police Vehicle Set On Fire, Man Arrested. Police said a man brandishing a flaming piece of wood threw it into a patrol SUV while an officer was inside. A man wielding a burning piece of wood set a police vehicle on fire Thursday in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood, according to police. The Seattle Fire Department responded to a car fire near the intersection of John Street and Dexter Avenue North shortly before 1:30 p.m. Several images shared on social media showed a plume of black smoke in the area at that time. Photos captured by local media showed a police SUV with significant burn damage. In an update provided by police two hours later, SPD said an officer was responding to reports of a man brandishing a “flaming piece of lumber” near Denny Park. Once the officer found him, police said, the suspect threw the burning 2-by-2 inside the patrol SUV. Backup officers chased the man into a neighboring parking garage where he was hit with a stun gun and arrested, police said. At some point during the response, investigators believe an officer fired a gun but did not hit the man. The department’s Force Investigation Team was called to the scene to gather evidence and interview witnesses. While officers were apprehending the man, police said the patrol SUV became fully engulfed with flames. Medics took one officer to Harborview Medical Center with burn injuries that were not believed to be life-threatening.

  30. World Travel Index News: “That Asteroid Heading Into Earth’s Orbit May Actually Be an Old Rocket From 1966.” Zero Hedge: “Fears Of “Explosions In Orbit” As Space Junk Crisis Worsens.” [Regarding the Space Junk. There are protocols in place when LEO (Low Earth Orbit) is breached. Every possibility is treated as reality. It might be safe or nothing happens but there is no way to know the outcome hence protocols are followed. It’s bad luck and poor planning. The space junk is old. No one thought it was going to come back to endanger the planet. Back then, space tech was really in its infancy and many things were done without planning. Really bad timing. Now would this kinda be like a rod of god striking down on its target? No. Junk. I understand. A kinetic bombardment or a kinetic orbital strike is the hypothetical act of attacking a planetary surface with an inert projectile from orbit, where the destructive power comes from the kinetic energy of the projectile impacting at very high speeds. So I kinda figured space junk free falling would almost act the same. Depends on the size of the needle. Example. I mean yes it can act like rod of god. Wait better not. Never mind. Lol. Needle goes boom. I just figured giant object free failing seems like rod of god. Not as dense as ROG. Rog is ok but you need to remember that it’s not friendly in a danger close situation. For that you would prefer DEW instead. ROG yes looks cool is cool. But I’d prefer melted truck instead of busted ear drums. I’m not referring to fighting but would space junk slamming into ground be equivalent? Trying to gauge the level of danger tonight. Oh that. Think of it like this. The collision in space is 900km above earth, estimated 14 tonnes TNT… the explosion in Beirut was 500 tonnes TNT equivalent. The risk is not so much the explosive force, it’s the knock on effects of thousands of pieces of debris being hurled into their own orbits, burning off in the atmosphere and otherwise interfering with other satellites. Ah so just buckshotting in space…not gonna really make it to earth. Both. Some burn up entering earth atmosphere, some on own trajectory in Low Earth Orbit until deceleration and orbit falling. Wild.]

  31. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey will be subpoenaed to testify before Congress after censorship scandal. Senator Ted Cruz announced on Thursday that Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, will be subpoenaed to testify before the Senate next week. SV News: “BREAKING: US Senate Judiciary Committee to vote to subpoena Twitter CEO Jack to testify on election meddling & censorship.” Twitter’s massive outage may be over, company says ‘no evidence’ of hack. This is one of Twitter’s more major outages in the past year. [Is Twitter down for you? Just the homepage… if you click in other link it works. I was wondering if it was just me. I don’t get notifications either. Not good. Mine is up but I can’t tweet. Never mind. Actually the notifications are back. Hmm. But it’s still being weird. It’s not fully back up for me yet. If Big Tech fucks the world over due to Asteroid or Nuclear Space Junk. We burn down the Twitter Bunker Mad Max style. Down. Lol. It’s down. I think they’re doing a great job of burning themselves down, to be honest. Jack requires no assistance on that front. True. It’s not fully down - just can’t load tweets. But still we need more than ever the intel. Especially when in Low Earth Orbit shit might be going down. See that spike? People are definitely having problems. My search section still isn’t back. WTF. Notifs are gone again. Seems recovered again. Partially. I can see tweets, but I have no notifications or alerts. I’ll send you a DM with a screenshot. 80 articles saying that it’s down. None saying why. One seems to be pleased as punch that it is. Latest tweets are from an hour ago… a LOT of people wishing for us to get hit. This is why we can’t have nice things. Idk. Kind of gives me red/bot vibes tbh. But maybe people are just -that- over it. A lot of people were already making Giant Meteor 2020 jokes about the election. I think this is more zeitgeist than anything. Gallows humor. Nobody should wish for a asteroid hit. Thoughts are manifestations. I agree completely. Focus on being safe. Emphatically second this notion. Any countdown estimated time window? DMing. Twitter working fine for me. Follow-up- Apparently only the US and Australia experienced Thursday’s Twitter outage. Is there a reasoning for this? Rabbit holes are of course discouraged, however it would be interesting to note in the days ahead any significant news stories coming out of either country with an “on October 15th… occurrence date attached”. “Twitter down: social media platform suffers global outage with users unable to post.” Millions of users left unable to tweet or share stories for more than an hour. "The recent issue was caused by an inadvertent change we made to our internal systems. Twitter should be working for everyone within the next few hours.” - Could they vague that up for us a little more maybe?

  32. Incredible level of deletion going on with flights as well. For all those wishing to know, we concluded at 77 Janets in one day. Yes I kept all the logs prior to the flight app crashing for “system maintenance.“ Guess what wasn’t there when it came back 33 min ago… The flights thing is still worse. They are literally making it so you cannot see, blocked or NA or Janets. Unless you really dig. All Six Doomsday Planes are up. CivMilAir: “6 x US Navy E-6Bs airborne. Probably nothing… Or imminent global annihilation.” INTEL-ROSSIYA GLOBAL: “E-6B MERCURY CELT86 OVER GULF OF MEXICO REG. 163920.” 360°Radar: “Boeing E-6B Mercury.” They never leave America. Never. BlueSky: “USN E-6B MERCURY (3) WELBY85 RUFF07 CELT86 LOCATIONS AT 20:15Z.” Why did a DOOMSDAY PLANE leave America why!!! Isn’t that satellite collision might be happening within the hour? Might have something to do with that? It’s possible. 1 hour 14 minutes from now… I’m having dinner with my child right then. But if we had a bunker we’d be in it… Where is it now? Umm what satellite? Doomsday planes, not to worry. “Shift change at Tinker.” Look up LeoLabs on Twitter. Oo blimey. Is it a big risk? From JPL Wizards watching over us: “The objects are expected to come within 80 feet of each other (±59 feet). The probability of a collision is greater than 10 percent.” It’s amazing how much precautions we (America) are taking just for a probability of a collision. Fuck I was 3 days off this channel. Feeling like a newbie. Same. Taking three hours leaves one a bit behind as well. So true. I tried to escape real reality. Fucking failed badly. Probability of a collision with the earth or each other. It’s too bad Telegram’s distribution channels don’t have a filtering function. So is this collision thing dangerous and when’s it due? I plan to sleep through. Anyone have any updates for Hawaii?! I figure it’s either the very best or worst place to be right now. I’m so very confused. I mean, too many precautions. Qataris fleeing to London. We are under imminent threat, either its war or asteroid impact. Flights to Area 51 have been off the scale. Mass exodus of flights in the EU corridor. Bases are on high alert. Bandwidth across the country is being diverted to special projects. Tsunami alert warnings. Too many variables. Was just coming here to say, apologies if this is redundant info but London is on pretty much total lockdown. No mingling with anyone in or out of the household, not even in your yard wearing a mask. “Coronavirus: Millions to be banned from mixing indoors as London is set to move into Tier 2 lockdown. Tougher restrictions will be introduced for the capital - but no decision has been taken on moving Greater Manchester into Tier 3.” Too many narratives. Government has lots of disinformation out… everyone has been pushed off their loops. Could it not be like coincidences? Too many for that. Is London safe then? But if that collision is about maybe they are just being cautious? “Low Earth Orbit Visualization. A visualization of satellites, debris, and other objects tracked by LeoLabs in low earth orbit.” The clean answer is yes, totally safe, namaste. The truth is nowhere is safe if there’s a land based impact, sea - we would only have massive tsunamis land and could be catastrophic. From what? That collision? “What If an Asteroid Hit the Earth? Would we suffer the same fate as the dinosaurs? What if this football-field-sized space rock didn’t make that turn? What if it kept moving towards us? Would it disintegrate in our atmosphere? If not, how much time would we have to get out of the danger zone?” Jonathan McDowell: “The predicted close approach on Oct 16 involves a Soviet Parus navigation satellite and a Chinese rocket stage. Here is the Parus. It’s a big satellite, about 800 kg, 2 meters in diameter and it has a 17 meter long gravity gradient boom. Here’s my own visualization of the encounter. Kosmos-2004 (red) is heading south towards the pole, CZ-4C-Y4 (purple) is heading north towards the Falklands.” Interesting that MSM are not covering the possible collision. Neither “Trending” in social media. Yeah, I know, but is it imminent? Because as far as I know we often have several near misses a year. It’ll happen one day, but I cant see the government letting it happen. Collision in less than 30 min. As if my day could get fricken worse. Tonight in about 20 minutes… Fudge. 20:56 EST, 17:56 PST. Well I’m pretty sure I already have corona. Where would impact zone be? I’m in a very hilly Wales. Could this unjustified London shutdown be about the elite flying in hoards to go underground there?? Covid isn’t having a second wave anywhere significantly enough for this kind of move, especially now, after the failed death predictions of the first wave, and now WHO has stated shutdowns are the wrong approach. Just stay safe. UK is getting a bashing. The government estimates the rates will triple and be like the death rates of March in weeks. They are planning on doing a 2 week circuit breaker approach. Here is the thing, all the Qataris that left to London were denied entry into New Zealand. That should tell you something. That NZ is sensible and shut their flights? Complete EOD. No live streaming. That gives you an insight how unpredictable this is. Search any social media just for funsies. "Parus 64.” You will come back empty. Even Leo Labs stopped reporting. In Wales we had like 30 infections a day about 3 weeks ago. We got 900 day before yesterday. That’s nuts. Something is so messed up about this Covid pandemic. All flights should be grounded. If there’s impact, the EMP blast will drop everything out of the sky. I was reading all of that exodus info this morning! Wow! What the hell is happening… sucks they get to know while the rest of us have to sit and pray. When the event is in 18 minutes and everything is radio silence. Not to scare anyone just to show you how the inner workings for when we face a bigger threat down the line. Everyone can know, me miette057, hiddeninthegarden and Insider20 keep Feds and Kremlin on their toes. True story. Twitter still has posts about Parus. Open Source Intelligence and Actionable Intelligence. If the collision does happen, surely it will shattered into pieces, like shotgun pellets and/or then takes a few more orbits until it decays and falls to ground, or the ocean. The earth is predominantly water. Yes but one is nuclear. Ah, a game changer. That’s why they are making a big deal about it. I’m not feeding you nothing burgers for space junk. If it all goes tits up, how long till we know about it? Like will the Doppler effect be straight away? Chris B - NSF: “Ladies and Gents! Welcome to tonight’s orbital conjunction bout. In the red corner, from the Soviet Union, we have COSMOS 2004! And in the Blue Corner. The Chinese challenger, CZ-4C R/B! Leeeeeets get ready to (avoid) collision. Remember. If there is a collision, it would come at 00:56:40 UTC, 8:56:40 pm EDT with confirmation coming several minutes later from Leo Labs Space when one of the objects (CZ-4C), or what’s left of it, passes over the Kiwi space radar station in New Zealand.” The “rogue” doomsday plane is close to this area of potential collision… sets timer for 15 minutes So shattered. Wanna go sleep but I’m curious. Nuclear waste sprinkled across the upper hemisphere for a few days afterwards, possibly weeks. Kayhan Space: “We’re monitoring an upcoming conjunction & running an analysis between two objects, Object 1: 36123 (CZ-4C R/B) & Object 2: 19826 (COSMOS 2004). Time of Closest Approach (TCA) 2020-10-16T00:56:41.310 UTC Miss Distance: 424 m Data source: TLE from Space Track Org.” Ah, so we won’t know if it’s gonna be cataclysmic for days? Could be less, depending upon the ballistic trajectory after a possible impact in space. Strange. Trump’s feed went down for 11 min. Wonder why. He stopped mid broadcast… ummmmm. World is safe, scientific community is analyzing the possibility of Kessler Effect. So quiet. Reminds me of the 2013 movie; Gravity. That’s exactly a Kessler. So did it hit? Jonathan McDowell: “…and so now we wait for info from LeoLabs, and possibly 18SPCS. Expecting to hear something one way or the other from LeoLabs within a few hours.” Waiting in real time for confirmation. Do you guys have any idea what’s going on? There are doomsday planes? And Janet planes that never take off? China on our borders? I’m trying to figure it all out. Tyler Gray: “The time of closest approach between Kosmos-2004 and the CZ-4C 3rd stage has come and passed. Now we wait for Leo Labs Space to report back with new information following CZ-4C’s first radar pass over New Zealand. Should be a few more minutes before that occurs.” Fuck. “So, as of right now Parus 64 and CZ-4C R/B have either passed each other at an extremely close distance while traveling 14.66km/s [32,800mph], or Parus 64 and CZ-4C R/B have interacted somehow and there’s now a cloud of hypervelocity satellite wrecka.” Now that the threat passed, Twitter will be back to normal, EOD is lifted, flight paths won’t be shadow banned. A day in the inner works of USAP. BlueSky: “USAF E-4B NIGHTWATCH (DOOMSDAY PLANE) ABNCP 73-1677 JACE15 LANDING AT WRIGHT PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE 19:10Z.” Chris G - NSF: “If I read the orbital plots correctly, the CZ-4C stage should be coming into observation range of LeoLabs’ Kiwi Space Radar station in New Zealand about this time. There is no way to know how long it might take LeoLabs to make a statement about what they’ve observed.” NightSkyWatch: “CZ-4C R/B passing over New Zealand. We should know soon if it’s now a debris field.” Joey Murphy: “The CZ-4C rocket booster is no longer visible to New Zealand. Leo Labs Space has gathered all the data they’re going to get; now we just wait for them to tell us.” We are in the clear. LeoLabs, Inc.: “No indication of collision. CZ-4C R/B passed over LeoLabs Kiwi Space Radar 10 minutes after TCA. Our data shows only a single object as we’d hoped, with no signs of debris. We will follow up in the coming days on Medium with a full in-depth risk assessment of this event!” It should have been world news, instead only a few in the know are aware of what is going on. Twitter used as a News platform is a great way to measure reach. Less than 1k likes in a 7 billions population. Yay♡!!! Think about that. No one has been reporting honestly. And if they do, the other platforms censor them, as we saw last night. That’s why we have to stay on it. The fact that Twitter went out for so many shows they were actively trying to stop the spread of Actionable Intelligence. Most people have no clue what’s up, then they shut ways to get information out to the few who are paying attention. By the time it hits MSM, it’s too late. Also, happy we are in the clear. Whew. I feel like the world is ending everyday. I gotta get off this planet. I will say though, I couldn’t have imagined spending it with a finer group of people. You all are amazing. Agreed. Cheers! Everyone here is exactly this awesome. That goes for you too. Vibing in that frequency. “Pieces of orbiting space junk 'avoid collision.’ There is “no indication of collision” between bits of discarded Russian and Chinese space hardware.” [Well at least some media outlet acknowledged it. After we all figured it out of course.] This is exactly what I was talking about. By the time it hits the mainstream media, it’s too late. Journalism (when done correctly) relies upon confirmation of statements from sources. Intel is probabilistic. If we’re still working within the probability of whether or not something will occur and how it may or may not play out, we can make decisions based on that. If we wait for the media to receive confirmation, the window of time to predict and act is usually over. I am still trying to decondition myself from the habit of hitting a like or love button. But yes, this, exactly. Haha, same here. Feel the same damn way! You guys are my family and I am way more connected to you then the world around me. I left behind the world that I never fit in or fit into because I was always in the future and not about societal constructs and this fake bs reality of what we are sold on being the ultimate life (as I have always been on a path of advancing myself on all levels) Now I actually feel even more amazing and free from the world even more because I found others on the same level as me that actually are about evolutionary trailblazing and advancing ourselves towards a bright future. We are not just ahead of the curve to what ever gets thrown at us in white world. But we can take this time to break free and deprogram and reboot ourselves and slowly adjust to new world views and open to opportunities we can build when doors open and eyes reveal on a larger scales to the masses. And on top of it, political free, drama free, no racism, no bs! I actually took the apolitical shifts here into my entire life even with how to move around others, knowing what goes on a deeper level and just leave be to those not ready and drip feed to those open and willing to open their mind… I actually feel very calm even the world is at high levels. I’m level headed and prepared. Evolving. Advancing. I am very excited for what’s ahead for us for the future. And not afraid of shtf and confident in being able to traverse that and support each other through these times of chaos and of the new dawn I envision ahead of humanity! Like I just previously stated, I am still trying to break that urge of hitting a like or love button on things, but I will state emphatically that I love and agree with everything you have to say. I slip here and there on the apolitical front, but only because I’m so sick of the lies and manipulations spurred by mainstream media bias, and have spent more than a decade trying to expose the actions of one individual in particular involved in the current political Hoopla, and it is neither of the 2 big names in the news cycles. It is really difficult to watch the open assault on journalism, erosion of freedom, and the brazen bamboozling of the people by the media, elected officials, skeevy lobbyists and corporations who see the whole of humanity as a statistical means to an arrogant, self-serving end. But I am grateful to be here amongst you all, learning to look past the distractions of the side show circus, so I can see the main event being set up in the long game. I trust you all to catch me when I fall and to remind me when I go off course. I am as ever, a work in progress. But my intentions are good as I know all of yours to be. I have mountains of respect and oceans of gratitude for you all. Yes yes yes!! Exactly. My current focus is staying in the eye of storm and not be thrown off by the constant attack on freedom, manipulation etc… it’s a practice for sure. But that’s why I love this group. We ground each and refocus the energy. This then reprograms our brain wiring so we eventually shift and orient to a new way of embodiment, orientation and movement through the world. The biggest thing is remembering we got each other’s backs here. We each are growing and evolving and by learning to become not so activated from all the white world bs we can have more time and energy towards prepping and self development especially in new skills for shtf and eyes open. We are actually carving new pathways for different more aligned timelines for ourselves.

  33. Let’s talk about today as an AAR (After Action Review) Post Mortem. Analyze this.
    -The minutes before collision, Doom/Azazel was engaged
    -Not fear mongering but been proactive with Intel
    -And witnessing how info might be suppressed from normal channels in Real Time
    -Don’t get me wrong, sometimes is needed to avoid panic
    -Would you prefer ignorance is bliss or in the know and prepare?
    -The difference is life and death if SHTF (when it happens)
    Another takeaway today in watching you work as a team
    -Twitter was a mess for some but not for others
    -Was very happy seeing you help each other out and sharing information
    -Disruption was by area, the power of Doom is that membership is worldwide
    In the know and prepare. Seeing in real time what happened to twitter, Janet etc was very informative. I cannot check out Twitter search anymore without logging in. This is what life would be like for many of you if you go Through The Green Door in your lifetime. Oh please make it happen! I’m tired of the white world. Could I take my dogs and cats and family? Do they have to be a Swiss knife as well? On you to start the path. It’s happening.

  34. Attached is plane activity globally split by regions some more active. Only 5 Janets. That’s an 80% reduction from yesterday’s mess. What a normal world looks like. Las Vegas current. Region 1 - Australia. Region 2 - The Philippines - all flights inbound to it. Region 3 - the Iran and Saudi Conga line. Region 4 - all blue inbound to UK, something still 100% happening in UK. Los Angeles - Another Busy Night. End Report- 10/16/2020 (2:14am) Est. EAMs per UTC day:
    2020-08-05 #
    2020-08-06 ########
    2020-08-07 #
    2020-08-08 ##
    2020-08-09 #####
    2020-08-10 ######
    2020-08-11 #
    2020-08-13 ############
    2020-08-14 #####
    2020-08-15 #####
    2020-08-16 #########
    2020-08-17 ##
    2020-08-18 ###
    2020-08-19 #################
    2020-08-20 #####################
    2020-08-21 ########
    2020-08-22 #
    2020-08-23 ####
    2020-08-24 ####
    2020-08-26 ###
    2020-08-28 ###########
    2020-08-29 ##
    2020-08-30 #####
    2020-08-31 #
    2020-09-01 ##
    2020-09-02 ###
    2020-09-04 ###
    2020-09-06 ###
    2020-09-07 ###
    2020-09-08 ###
    2020-09-09 ##
    2020-09-10 #####
    2020-09-11 #####################
    2020-09-12 #############
    2020-09-13 ###
    2020-09-14 #
    2020-09-15 #############
    2020-09-16 ##########
    2020-09-17 #############
    2020-09-18 #############
    2020-09-19 ###########
    2020-09-20 ###########
    2020-09-21 ####
    2020-09-22 ##########
    2020-09-23 ####################
    2020-09-24 #######
    2020-09-25 ##############
    2020-09-26 ########
    2020-09-27 ##
    2020-09-28 ######
    2020-09-29 ########
    2020-09-30 #####
    2020-10-01 ###
    2020-10-02 ############
    2020-10-03 ####
    2020-10-04 ################
    2020-10-06 ####
    2020-10-07 ####################
    2020-10-08 #######
    2020-10-09 ###########
    2020-10-10 ##
    2020-10-11 ##########
    2020-10-12 #####
    2020-10-13 ###
    2020-10-15 ########