Azazel News #Recap 10/12/2020

  1. Boeing’s Space Force satellite clears major design review.

  2. Luxury cruise ships are being sold for scrap metal.

  3. Look for a 4-7X Increase in Food Prices Moving Forward.

  4. Make no mistake, your primary weapon is not your gun - it’s your body.

  5. Mason jar shortage is because of more pandemic cooking and canning.

  6. Grand Solar Minimum: Early snow falls in parts of Northern China.

  7. Zoom and gloom: The transition to remote work is welcome. But it will be painful.

  8. Russia began to issue 25-ruble coins dedicated to medical workers working in conditions of coronavirus.

  9. Farmers in Austria, who are in (home) quarantine, are not allowed to go into their barns and to their animals.

  10. Grounded airline planes turned into pop-up restaurants sell out in 30 minutes. As revenues plunge during the pandemic.

  11. In Shakhty (Rostov Region), a city market is on fire. The work week didn’t go well from the start.

  12. How to type 3x faster. How I’ve built a tool that increased my typing speed 3x, changed how I plan projects, and helped me develop a growth mindset.

  13. On this day in 1960, Otoya Yamaguchi became a savior of Japan by publicly executing Inejiro Asanuma using a traditional yoroi-doshi. Otoya was only 17 years old.

  14. 2020 Had the Warmest September on Record, Data Shows. The analysis, by European scientists, kept this year on track to be one of the five hottest in recorded history.

  15. Dumbos of the dump: Heart-breaking images show elephant herd eating garbage at Sri Lankan refuse facility - where they accidentally consume plastic while foraging for food.

  16. How did ancient cities weather crises? As the current pandemic makes us ponder the future of cities, a book examines past rises and falls.

  17. 71 gunmen were killed in clashes between Afghan government forces and the Taliban in two areas of Helmand province.

  18. How We Institutionalized Incompetence. And so we face the ultimate irony: ‘bailing-out-everything’ destroys the entire rotten system.

  19. A Ridiculously Huge New Solar Farm Just Came Online in China. The site is connected to an 800 kilovolt power line that will run 1,587 kilometers to the east across Qinghai, Gansu, Shaanxi, and Henan provinces.

  20. US faces monkey shortage for COVID-19 research. COVID-19 vaccines typically get tested in monkeys before being given to humans, but now, those primates are in short supply. [The Great 2020 Monkey Shortage.]

  21. Ryan: ‘Farmers will have to cut herds but will get better prices.’ Government launches Climate Action Bill which enshrines 2050 targets in law. [It’s here. It’s coming. Thanks, Red Wizards, for fucking us over.]

  22. Black hole kills star by ‘spaghettification’ as telescopes watch. Telescopes have captured the rare light flash from a dying star as it was ripped apart by a supermassive black hole.

  23. Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett’s opening statement concluded the first of four scheduled days of confirmation hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

  24. Chinese kids want to be astronauts while American kids want to be YouTubers. Neil Armstrong may have been replaced by PewDiePie in the US but children in China are still looking to the actual stars.

  25. Twitter, Facebook will censor election-related posts. As the CEOs of Facebook and Twitter face subpoenas to testify before Congress on November 2, the tech giants have instituted censorship policies never seen before.

  26. Multi-billion dollar Nike kicks popular Bronx sporting goods store to the curb after a half-century. [Fuck Nike. Seriously. If you were a Boy Scout / Eagle Scout in NYC Frank Bees was kinda like Mecca as a kid.]

  27. WHO backflips on virus stance by condemning lockdowns. The World Health Organization has backflipped on its original COVID-19 stance after calling for world leaders to stop locking down their countries and economies.

  28. A Plan to Fix the US Bike Shortage. Demand for bikes has soared in the pandemic. To spur production, the US should adopt the industrial policies from the Asian countries it relies on.

  29. Thousands of farmed minks have died from COVID-19 in Utah. Nearly 10,000 minks have died across several farms in Utah due to COVID-19 in a matter of weeks, a state official said.

  30. Coronavirus stays on banknotes, phone screens for four weeks. SARS-CoV-2 was detected on smooth surfaces such as the glass found on mobile phone screens and plastic banknotes after 28 days at room temperature.

  31. Volcanic Upticks in Iceland and Russia have Scientists Concerned: "this is an anomaly.” Most climate-cooling volcanic eruptions of the past correlate with low solar activity. Prepare for the COLD.

  32. Auroras without a Solar Storm: Sign o’ the Times. No sunspots. No solar flares. No CMEs. No gust of solar wind. In short, there was no reason to expect an outburst of auroras on Oct 11.

  33. Game 5 Of The NBA Finals Gets Atrocious TV Ratings. Game five of the NBA Finals had bad TV ratings Friday night when the Heat beat the Lakers. The game had 5.7 million total viewers on ABC in the early numbers. [Go Woke, go broke.]

  34. List of Historical Temperature Extremes by U.S. State shows no sign of Global Warming. If AGW was a thing then it would show up in the temperature records. Spoiler: it doesn’t, and a discussion on why follows the list.

  35. Australian scientists have found that Covid can live on stainless steel, glass, smartphones and banknotes for 28 days. It seems that money laundering will be necessary in the literal sense.

  36. Packages of cocaine got washed up at Borssele beach. On Tuesday, several hundred packages were washed up the beach. Police said it contained cocaine. The beach and the surrounding area have therefore been cordoned off.

  37. Tourist Returns ‘Cursed’ Stolen Artifacts To Pompeii After 15 Years Bad Luck. A tourist who stole ancient objects from the archeological site of Pompeii in southern Italy has returned them saying they “bring bad luck”.

  38. Soldiers Won’t Have to Pass Army Combat Fitness Test to Graduate Initial Training. The COVID-19 outbreak forced Army leaders to pause all fitness testing in late March to prevent the spread of the virus. [Clown World continues.]

  39. The deputy minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus announced his readiness to use military weapons against the protesters, if necessary - because of the “radicalization” of the protests. [Bastards willing to open fire on Babushkas.]

  40. Anti Ad Ad Club Pays TikTokers For Takedowns Of Facebook, Palantir, Tesla And More. The masters of sociological dysfunction over at MSCHF latest project is the Anti Ad Ad Club, centered on TikTok, as much as it is the destructive weight of political capitalism TikTok finds itself under.

  41. It is national policy to kill polar bears on sight in Iceland. Polar bears are not native to Iceland, but have been known to drift across on ice from Greenland, as they are inevitably hungry after their sea voyage, and a danger to residents and livestock.

  42. Martial Arts for Girls. 100% China has leg up in this regard. Their martial arts is cultural legacy so it’s integrated into education system. Thus millions of Chinese already know combat skills and confidence in their bodies by teenage years.

  43. Trump tests negative for COVID-19 on consecutive days, doctor says. President Trump has tested negative for COVID-19 on an antigen test, his doctor said Monday as the president jetted off to Florida for his first campaign rally since being diagnosed with the virus.

  44. 2,500 TONS of Poisonous Rice Found in China’s National Stockpile. 2,500 tons of rice contaminated with Cadmium were found in their national stockpile – the CCP has jailed several for up to 5 years in connection with the poisoned supplies.

  45. Reuters: Argentines protest against Alberto Fernandez’s government. Sectors opposed to the government once again convened to protest against the quarantine, the displacement of the three judges who were investigating Cristina Kirchner, the tightening of the dollar stocks.

  46. Natural disasters have doubled due to climate change, says UN. Almost twice as many natural disasters have been reported in the last two decades compared to the preceding 20 years, with climate change the main cause of this rise, according to the UNDRR.

  47. Severe floods in Southeast Asia claim at least 28 lives. Heavy rains and floods since the beginning of the month have left at least 28 people dead and hundreds of thousands affected in Southeast Asian countries of Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam.

  48. Wildfires rage across South America, causing 'total destruction.’ Wildfires have been tearing through parts of South America this year, particularly Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay, causing ‘total destruction’ in some parts of the continent.

  49. Marek’s Take: Will LEO satellite systems be able to bridge the digital divide? This new group of LEO satellite systems will have more efficient antennas and less expensive components but that might not be enough to ensure long-term success.

  50. Tesla: Learn the truth, he never died penniless. He succeeded and rebuilt Wardenclyffe inside the New Yorker Hotel hidden in plain sight. The New Yorker has an abandoned underground tunnel. Here is the truth in detail about The New Yorker Hotel. Everything is all hidden in plain sight. Go back and learn the truth.

  51. WHO chief calls herd immunity approach to COVID-19 'simply unethical.’ The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) called the herd immunity approach that some officials are taking for the COVID-19 pandemic “simply unethical” on Monday. [Dude, STFU. You have your head in China’s CCP asses.]

  52. Prefab was supposed to fix the construction industry’s biggest problems. Why isn’t it everywhere? The Canadian company Bone Structure can produce zero net energy homes months faster than a traditional builder. But its challenges highlight the difficulty of disrupting the entrenched construction industry.

  53. Crops will ‘rot in the ground’ without offshore fruit pickers coming into NZ, Auckland grower says. New Zealand is blocking harvest workers from entering the country (despite sports players coming in from around the world) – and crops are rotting on the ground, promising increases in food prices.

  54. In the city of Nikolaev, Ukraine, the locals filmed a person who climbed the cable from one house to another without clothes and high rise equipment insurance. This is not the first time the naked Spider-Man has been noticed, but the street hero hasn’t yet announced his goals. [The floor is lava.]

  55. Drone footage captures devastation caused by back-to-back hurricanes Delta and Laura as hundreds flee their flooded Louisiana homes. Aerial images and footage shows the devastation of Hurricane Delta after it passed over Louisiana, leaving homes that were destroyed by Hurricane Laura, surrounded by floodwaters.

  56. Tesla gets progressive with Bitcoin ATMs at factories, claims report. Note: In a recent post on Twitter, CEO Elon Musk has noted that he does not believe the report of Bitcoin ATMs in Tesla’s factories is accurate. Tesla, being as forward-thinking as ever, now has Bitcoin ATMs at the Fremont Factory and Gigafactory Nevada.

  57. An unknown green goo fills the Moskva River in the center of Moscow. Local residents filmed a stream of poisonous liquid flowing from a sewer hole on Prechistinskaya embankment. It is not known whether these substances can harm the flora of the Moscow River, and whether it exists, but the Emergencies Ministry is already working on the spot.

  58. NASA Television Coverage Set for Space Station Crew Launch Aboard Soyuz. A trio of space travelers is poised to launch to the International Space Station from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on Wednesday, Oct. 14. The Soyuz rocket that will launch three Expedition 64 crewmates to the station on Wednesday rolled out to its launch pad in Kazakhstan.

  59. Germany significantly increases military spending. More and more money is going toward the world’s militaries, with the US and China leading the way. But no other top-spending country has increased its military expenditure year-over-year as much as Germany. In Germany, spending rose by 10% to $49.3 billion — the largest defense budget increase among the world’s top 15 states when it comes to military expenditures.

  60. Beatified millennial: Pope sets late tech whiz on path to sainthood. Carlo Acutis helped spread Catholic teaching online before his death aged 15 in 2006. [Not exactly AI in a strict sense of the term, but it is a pretty powerful indication of society’s worship of technology, and now religious sanctioned embrace of technology in a world in which religion was once at odds with science.]

  61. “The protests took place mainly in Minsk, became organized and very radical. In this regard, law enforcement officers and servicemen of the internal troops will not leave the streets and will use special means and weapons if necessary,” says First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Belarus Gennady Kazakevich. In the photo: on October 11, a security officer points a shotgun at a radical protester armed with an umbrella. Russian Mercenaries once again pretending to be Belarusian Security/Police.

  62. In Azerbaijan’s Capitol city of Baku, billboards are displaying recent MoD footage of their drone strikes on Armenian forces. [This is some Hunger Games type shit. Analyze implications of Countries broadcasting their best drone strike kills against a neighboring country. America had Drone capabilities in the Early 90s and heavily used during GWOT. It took Armenia and Azerbaijan less than 20 years to have the same capabilities. Technology Transfers are not always good and not always bad for humanity (White World). Are they doing it to normalize and justify it?]

  63. Crypto Cruise Ship ‘Satoshi’ to Make Panama Bay Home. The Crypto Cruise Ship called Satoshi is gearing up to set sail from the Mediterranean to Panama, where it will drop anchor and call the bay its home. The ship has 777 cabins that will be auctioned off as condos. [Here’s a silly question. How can you name a ship “Satoshi” saying it’s a Bitcoin cruise ship but not have your scale in BTC? Instead of saying prices start at 25k-50k, wouldn’t it be more logical to say we start prices at 2.1 btc to 5 btc? Just saying.]

  64. How the Pandemic Has Increased Hunger And Made the World Food Program’s Nobel Prize-Winning Work Essential in 2020. The agency expects the number of people suffering acute hunger to double in 2020. “Earlier this year the agency warned that the number of people facing acute food insecurity is likely to double from 135 million to 265 million in 2020, in large part because of the COVID-19 pandemic.” [I’ve gotten several notices from our food delivery services and spring water delivery that prices will beginning increasing with min order going up starting this month.]

  65. Salafi terrorists on the borders of northwestern Iran: In a video released today by Free Syrian Army personnel and Syrian soldiers and mercenaries in Karbach, and a number of Salafists who speak Arabic alongside a sign on the border. The sign reads in Russian and Armenian: You have arrived at the border area, you must have identification and a passport. “We are here,” said one of the terrorists. “The other side is Armenia and another says the other side is Iran.” The terrorists in this video, are members of Sultan Murad’s gang and are dressed as Azerbaijani border guards.

  66. Roscosmos plans to spend 4.2 billion rubles for the development of a space nuclear tug that can fly to the planets of the solar system. This was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the materials of state purchases. It is planned to develop a preliminary design for the creation of a space complex with a transport and energy module based on a nuclear power plant as part of the development work “Nuclon”, follows from the documents. In July, Roscosmos CEO Dmitry Rogozin announced that Russia was developing a nuclear space engine to send heavy ships to distant planets of the solar system and beyond. Prior to that, in May, he called the prospects of the nuclear tug being created “gigantic”.

  67. Ice Age Farmer: Agricultural Terror: New Zealand Blocks Farmworkers, Leaves Crops to Rot. Attacks on our food supply continue at all levels: New Zealand has blocked farmworkers from entering, leaving crops to rot. Biden advocates mandatory COVID19 testing for farms, processing plants, and grocery stores, ensuring more shutdown of the food supply. Vandals hang bolts from corn, ruining thousands of acres of silage and potentially killing thousands of cattle in a “willful, specific act to harm livestock.” A massive – and full – grain elevator in Marengo has burned to the ground. Christian breaks down the latest sabotage on our food supply chain.

  68. In Tajikistan, incumbent President Emomali Rahmon wins the presidential election. He has ruled the country for 28 years. 90% of the votes were officially cast for him. In addition to Rahmon, four other candidates from the Communist, Socialist, Agrarian Parties and the Party of Economic Reforms ran in the election. They received from 1% to 3% of the vote. Emomali Rahmon has won all presidential elections in Tajikistan since 1994, before leading the country for two years as head of Tajikistan’s Verkhovna Rada. In terms of the number of years in power (if you take into account the leadership of the Verkhovna Rada), Rahmon is even ahead of the self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, who has led the country for 26 years. Meanwhile, [anti-protest] machinery has arrived to Dushanbe and security measures were tightened so that potential supporters would not overdo with the president’s congratulations.

  69. By the way guys, I have been prepping for the past couple months & have racked up a lot of flour, water, rice, olive oil, & sugar. I haven’t really been picking up too much canned food. Does anyone have a good list of foods to have if food shortages do hit? I’ve noticed some things have been leaking out into the MSM & want to be completely prepped before the masses start to realize what’s going on. Youtube has a lot of decent videos. Truly you stock what you’ll eat. Record what your household eats/drinks for a week then average it. Then multiply it by 52 for a year supply or whatever you can afford. It’s a different number for everyone. If you can try to build in a calorie deficit so that you don’t draw attention. If everyone is scraping by and you’re gaining weight it makes you stand out.

  70. Upcoming Grand Solar Minimum Could Wipe Out Global Warming for Decades. Unknown to most people except those with an interest in solar science, the sun is about to shut down. Well, not completely – we’ll still have plenty of sunlight and heat, but the small dark blotches on the sun’s surface called sunspots, visible in the figure below, are on the verge of disappearing. According to some climate scientists, this heralds a prolonged cold stretch of maybe 35 years starting in 2020, despite global warming. How could that happen? Because sunspots, which are caused by magnetic turbulence in the sun’s interior, signal subtle changes in solar output or activity – changes that can have a significant effect on the earth’s climate. Together with the sun’s heat and light, the monthly or yearly number of sunspots goes up and down during the approximately 11-year solar cycle. For several decades now, the maximum number of sunspots seen in a cycle has been declining. The need for extra heating in both hemispheres would come at a time when it’s likely that much of our heating capacity, supplied largely by fossil fuels, will have been eliminated in the name of combating climate change.

  71. Singing in a silent spring: Birds respond to a half-century soundscape reversion during the COVID-19 shutdown. Actions taken to control the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic have conspicuously reduced motor vehicle traffic, potentially alleviating auditory pressures on animals that rely on sound for survival and reproduction. Here we evaluate whether a common songbird responsively exploited newly emptied acoustic space by comparing soundscapes and songs across the San Francisco Bay Area prior to and during the recent statewide shutdown. We show that noise levels in urban areas were dramatically lower during the shutdown, characteristic of traffic in the mid-1950s. We also show that birds responded by producing higher performance songs at lower amplitudes, effectively maximizing communication distance and salience. These findings illustrate that behavioral traits can change rapidly in response to newly favorable conditions, indicating an inherent resilience to long-standing anthropogenic pressures like noise pollution. [The birbs always know.]

  72. Hell video from the bottom of Los Angeles. The police shot two pit bulls and wounded another after the animals attacked a man who was trying to protect his dog. The man was taken to hospital for treatment of wounds and multiple dog bites. [Jesus Fucking Christ. Man that is horrible… But why is his pants around his ankles… And people, instead of finding a way to help, immediately pull out their phone to record it. Hopefully it was them that called the police. The pants could have almost been there from the start and it wouldn’t matter. This isn’t the first incident of hungry dogs attacking. Just the first on video. The people who will not do the responsible thing and put them up for adoption or put them down just let them go. This could become much more frequent and as such could be important. Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David knew what they were doing when the last episode of Seinfeld was about Good Samaritan Laws aka (People just filming and not helping). TWO people holding two pit bulls apart who are trying to kill each other is NOT EASY - and it’s terrifying - let alone three pits attacking a tiny dog and just one person trying to break it up. Holy hell. Poor guy. Poor puppy.]

  73. I can’t really blame them. They have the white worlds best technology telling them how to feel, what’s true, and what to do about it. Human brain doesn’t stand a chance against a computer that’s trained to fuck with it. From an evolutionary perspective we’ve never needed to build up a defense to something like that, so we’re sitting ducks. The biggest problem right now to me is that the events of this year read like a facebook timeline. Every video or event that happens seems like it’s built to capture attention and trigger emotional responses for the longest period of time possible, much like advertisements. When public interest in that wanes they push out something new to keep people hooked. AI probably controls 90% of the news this year. It’s sad to see so many people consumed by the constant feed of information. They will be absolutely blindsided when it’s all in the open. That’s a really good perspective & I understand exactly what you mean by that. Wish I had an answer for what to do about it though. It’s like watching a slomo train crash.

  74. U.S. military researchers are asking industry to develop a new class of computer-generated design models with embedded machine-learning algorithms to help engineers develop and train artificial intelligence (AI) systems more quickly and accurately than they can today. Officials of the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in Arlington, Va., issued a solicitation on Thursday (DARPA-PA-20-02-04) for the Ditto: Intelligent Auto-Generation and Composition of Surrogate Models project. Modern machine learning algorithms have proven to be excellent mathematical stand-ins for real-world functions, yet suffer from two key drawbacks: lack of meta-cognition, and lack of composability, DARPA researchers explain. Machine learning algorithms today store and incorporate new information solely by training on additional data; these models have no knowledge of what real-world functions or systems they represent. Furthermore, these machine learning models typically are trained and deployed in isolation.

  75. Zero Hedge: 7 Predictions: How 2020 Comes To An End. “The Marxists are desperate, so the fighting will be like nothing the country has ever seen before. I predict we’ll see horrific things happening in our cities and on our streets, and traditional media (read: Marxist-friendly media) will be spewing twisted truths and lies about everything listed above. And we can’t forget that social media giants favor the Marxists in this revolution, so they will be squelching debate in whatever ways they can. The final months of 2020 will be an emotional roller coaster, but in the end, I predict Trump prevails. It’s not going to be pretty, and many who are now thinking life will return to normal after November 3 will be sadly mistaken. They will be wondering what happened to the country they once knew. Whether the Democrats implode or not after all this happens remains to be seen, but it is my prayer that when the dust settles, all the Marxists plotters and schemers be exposed and truth will be recognized as truth. And then … maybe then … Trump can get on with his promise to drain the entire swamp.”

  76. Three Russian doctors have mysteriously fallen out of hospital windows in Russia over the past two weeks, heightening public attention to the working conditions for doctors and medical professionals amid the coronavirus pandemic. Russia reported today +10,102 new cases and +95 new deaths. Three Russian doctors treating the coronavirus have recently fallen from windows. According to Russian media, Dr. Aleksandr Shulepov is in critical condition after falling from a window. The incident happened following a video he made in which he complained about working while sick with COVID-19. Russian Doctors Take a Break to Enjoy Base Jumping Amid Crisis. Third Russian doctor plunges from Covid hospital window: Medic, 37, is now fighting for life… just days after warning of PPE shortages and being forced to work despite being infected. [Russian Doctors leaning to option 4 “Silencing rogue personnel” all 3 complained. What a joke! How many Russian Doctors fell out of windows this year? (Assassinated) by the Kremlin. May 5. That’s one of the values of Azazel / Doomsday it’s a Depository and the timelines can’t be edited.]

  77. The media learned about the timing of the nuclear deal between the United States and Russia. US President Donald Trump intends to conclude an agreement on strategic offensive weapons (start) with Russia in the last days before the US presidential election, scheduled for November 3. This is reported by the publication Axios, citing a source familiar with Moscow and Washington’s negotiations. The source said the Trump administration believes it has reached an agreement in principle with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the nuclear deal. Axios claims that the head of the Russian Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev, and US National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien in Geneva on October 2 allowed us to talk about the extension of Start in the coming weeks. This meeting gave a “boost” to the talks between Moscow and Washington. As a result, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov has planned a trip to Helsinki, where he is to meet with Trump’s arms control envoy, Marshall Billingslea. The publication notes that Trump’s plans to conclude a nuclear deal with Putin before the presidential election came as a surprise to senior Republicans and White House staff. The Treaty between Russia and the United States on measures for further reduction and limitation of strategic offensive arms (Start-3) entered into force in 2011. It expires in February 2021.

  78. Extremely rare lightning ‘red goblin’ photographed in the night sky. Stephan Hummel is the researcher and photographer who took this breathtaking and rare photo. It shows a red goblin, a rare red lightning bolt that is very difficult to see with the naked eye due to global light pollution. There are not many places left in the world where you can see red goblins or similar phenomena with the naked eye. “Light pollution is a global problem, even in very remote areas. The communities that live around our observatory have installed lighting, the light of which is directed onto the ground and does not shine into the night sky - this is the only way we can see these very pale objects in the sky. " A goblin, also known as a sprite, is a special type of lightning that hits a cloud above a cloud cover up to a height of 100 kilometers during a thunderstorm. Red goblins or red sprites are a special goblin shape that can be seen reddish in the sky. Numerous short branches are typical of these lightning bolts. They usually occur at altitudes around 75 kilometers and can be up to 20 kilometers long. So-called Druden, Elves or in English Elves are another rare phenomenon that often occur together with red goblins. These are ring-shaped lightning bolts with a radius of up to 500 kilometers. In addition to the red goblins and the druids, there are also so-called blue jets. These are also goblin-class lightning bolts that occur at a height of around 40 kilometers. All three types of lightning are becoming increasingly difficult to observe from Earth as light pollution on Earth increases from year to year. Only from space, for example from the International Space Station, can these particularly rare and spectacular lightning bolts still be observed in full force.

  79. How Microsoft went from “Linux is a cancer.” to “Microsoft Loves Linux.” It’s been a long, strange trip but it’s always driven by two motives: Making good products and money. [First of all this article is bullshit right off the bat! In 2001 then Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer declared “Linux is a cancer.” Fast forward to 2014, and newly-minted Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said, “Microsoft loves Linux.” How did that happen!? Let’s take a deep look. Now let’s dig in to what’s really going on. Microsoft is trying a different approach with Linux. It’s called “The Fucking you while smiling to your face approach.” Do any of you remember Microsoft’s most famous motto??? “Embrace, extend, and extinguish.” Let’s really dig into what’s happening. This anti-meritocracy, anti-BDFL, anti-white male bullshit has been coming for Linux, and the rest of open source, for a while now. Case in point: “Now Intel signs up to open-source code of conduct after Torvalds’ Linux hiatus. Intel joins the code of conduct that’s challenging open source’s faith in meritocracy.” They got Linus with the “white male” = bad bullshit. And it’s only been accelerating since then, and with more and more races now all considered white (Asian Americans). This Embrace, Extend and Extinguish strategy that Big Tech is doing by backing these anti-Meritocracy anti-white movements are pure fucking evil. Exactly the reason that Linus Torvalds, the creator of Git, refused to ever allow Linux to be moved to Github. This is what you’re really supporting, when you support the women in code / science / women in tech initiatives. Fronts for honeypotting bullshit. 90% of them. Well proven. Here is what Big Tech is doing: They’ve cancelled all the BDFLs. “Richard Stallman, author of the GNU manifesto, resigns from the Free Software Foundation. Richard Stallman has resigned from MIT and the Free Software Foundation following controversial remarks about the victims of Jeffery Epstein.” Fucking all of the absolute greats of all time many that had been BDFLs that had been reining for 30+ years, hugely loved, hugely influential. Look at the dates on these cancellations 30+ years without any trouble, then suddenly all cancelled within a short time. The war against “old white men”, and diversity quotas is all part of this same BDFL-cancelling power grab too. Anti-meritocracy, anti “old white men”, diversity quotas — all part of the same toolbox for eliminating highly-proven and widely-loved BDFLs, so hostile forces can take over and profit from it. So with this in mind ask yourself why Satoshi went underground. To avoid all this bullshit from happening to him. All the brightest minds are retrieving from the public life. Access to the inner circles is vetted and everyone uses pseudonyms and maintain OPSEC; if a member violates or disclose info shared in the circle get an insta ban with no recourse. Imagine acquainted with the likes of Linus or Stallman, shared a convo with your girlfriend, she posts in social media for clout. Your career is over. Not only you are out of the circle, you are now in the untrusted black list, no one will hire or share anything with you. “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.” – Albert Einstein. I ask you - do you guys know who Linus Torvalds, Stallman, Guido Van Rossom, or Antirez are and what’s happening to them? “’Linusgate’ Leaked: Over 250 Messages About Code of Conduct Complaints Against Linus Torvalds. Debian ‘canceling’ the founder of Linux is no “small potatoes”; and considering the reason (or what this is done for; an expression of an opinion) we probably should be alarmed about ramifications for free speech.” All the biggest greats in tech ever, all cancelled by the woke, which are all funded by the worst big tech monopolies like Microsoft and Intel. Clear evidence that the woke war is heavily funded on run by the worst of big tech. Wanna know who runs the biggest Woke/BLM channels on Telegram? All Microsoft or former Microsoft employees. If that’s not sedition against the United States, I don’t know what is. So we have this fuck head cancelling our beloved BDFL’s because they go against his Vaccinated Demolition Man / Season 3 of Westworld future. Meanwhile the Department of Justice not doing fuck all to stop it. Terrorist Acts don’t get open court. Keep it up, AMIR. Remember Amir? Google Amir Omidi and see his place of employment, Software Developer at Microsoft. Research at University of Mohagheh Ardibili, Iran. Wide in the open. "Trust but Verify.” Live by it. Soon we all will be white males. “More Hispanics Declaring Themselves White. Racial identification on federal census forms points to a changing self-perception among Latinos in the United States.” “Intel Invests $300 Million to Improve Its Workplace Diversity. At CES 2015, Intel announced it would invest $300 million on internal diversity initiatives at the company.” “What’s wrong with Intel, and how to fix it: Former principal engineer unloads. The principal engineer who worked on CPUs from the Pentium III to Core i7 says Intel has lost focus, and it’s “lucky” AMD can’t make enough CPUs to do more damage.” Go Woke, go broke. Big Tech is a threat to National Security. Burn these Woke motherfuckers to the ground and break them up already. Class dismissed. Also I’m a Person of Color, it’s 2020, and I have to add this, but I’m not dumb enough to fall for Divide and Conquer politics and embrace a Colorblind Meritocracy like Dr. King truly wanted. I can’t see him anymore and NOT think “Knucklehead.” This is permanently etched into my brain now. Thanks, Elon Musk. Same. Lol. “Bill Gates: Don’t call Trump’s coronavirus antibodies treatment a ‘cure.’ Billionaire Bill Gates says it is “inappropriate” to refer to the experimental coronavirus antibody treatment given to President Donald Trump as a “cure.” Fuck it. Let’s just rewrite history. Apollo 13: The Dark Side of The Moon. Apollo 13 was the seventh crewed mission in the Apollo space program and the third meant to land on the Moon. Woke strike again!!! Checkmate, white people. I wonder who will play Black Hitler someday. “Kanye West: People look at me like I’m Hitler.”]

  80. Interesting. Why are Canard airplanes flying around Los Angeles? 9/23, 9/25, and 10/2 had over 15 Janet flights in the air and many many blocked Na/NA flights. Take notice. This is not normal. On the days in which a high volume of Emergency Alarm Messages are going out a High Volume of Janet planes are flying into Area 51 and on the exact same days. I think they are get the hell out of dodge planes. As if in a moments notice you needed to leave DTLA due to an asteroid strike in the Pacific and a tidal wave was coming you won’t be fleeing in a G5 or G6 or the last 737 out of LA. You need a craft with minimum runway for take off. You need ideally to NOT to be in a city, but if you do need to be in a city, have a helipad and readily available helicopters or a new uber-taxi. What is the minimum runway for a Canard? 3500-4000ft / 1066-1220m. Yes but let’s say you are an initiated tech elite trying to GTFO. Wouldn’t you choose a Canard? Depends how fast. I’d probably use a helicopter. Has more range on full tank. Plus requires zero runway. I can collapse a mini one into a garage and take off within mins. Regardless to whatever option you’re using, you have to have an EMP protected housing for it! You have to have a drop spot ready in advance. That’s if you’re in a city, which, for at least till August 2021, I would avoid at all costs. Keep digging. I’m still mystified why they are in LA today. Dig far enough, I won’t have to leave - I could be fully insulated underground! Humor sorry. I’ll keep digging. I’ve found 3 tests today from 7am. Very odd. More and more odd flights in the sky as we approach the “October Surprise.“ See if anything is on Twitter. They sent it to me for a reason. I’ll check. I’m checking movie productions also. Could be a shoot of some kind. Or testing air taxi service route. Or mapping. The pattern does suggest overlapping mapping. Post NBA game air traffic? No. I’m looking at different planes now. Janet took off at exact time the canard was in air, same time exactly - two planes - blocked - took off from DC to NYC. Same time, one earthquake in Ferry, Alaska. Everything seems unrelated on the surface. This is why you have to dig. Then the patterns you think meant nothing actually do have meaning. How many Janets do we have? 37 or so? How many canards were flying? Janet in total around 60. But in air at any given time, 10-12. Today, three total. If that’s the case 50% is cargo and 50% is personnel. Makes you wonder how deep they are going underground. And why. Ark would be the first thing that comes to mind. Second would be “Gate.” Can you compare 2015 and 2010 frequency of flights? That will take a few hours I’ll do that tonight. And get back to you in morning on that. Here’s a website that tracks official global flights. As you can see, 2010 and 2015 are only a few points off.
    2005 Total Janets - 493
    2010 Total Janets - 615
    2015 Total Janets - 1029
    2020 Janets so far - 2834
    Which is NOT NORMAL!!! I’m only on Janets. I’m just now starting the blocked flight logs. I’ll keep updating as I go, but the Janet activity is very odd. Flights are landing as I type this. Last arrival scheduled for 3:15am EST. This is ridiculous. They have Janets arriving at 4:27 AM. What the hell is going on at Area 51 to require 3 sets of rotating staff? Anomaly Lj60 log shows last flight on Feb 26, 2020, and yet here it is operating today in DC. Last 10 flights, same airplane. Strange that its prime path is between Vietnam and Korea and now it’s sitting and flying around Baltimore and not in any flight logs.

EAMs per UTC day:
2020-08-05 #
2020-08-06 ########
2020-08-07 #
2020-08-08 ##
2020-08-09 #####
2020-08-10 ######
2020-08-11 #
2020-08-13 ############
2020-08-14 #####
2020-08-15 #####
2020-08-16 #########
2020-08-17 ##
2020-08-18 ###
2020-08-19 #################
2020-08-20 #####################
2020-08-21 ########
2020-08-22 #
2020-08-23 ####
2020-08-24 ####
2020-08-26 ###
2020-08-28 ###########
2020-08-29 ##
2020-08-30 #####
2020-08-31 #
2020-09-01 ##
2020-09-02 ###
2020-09-04 ###
2020-09-06 ###
2020-09-07 ###
2020-09-08 ###
2020-09-09 ##
2020-09-10 #####
2020-09-11 #####################
2020-09-12 #############
2020-09-13 ###
2020-09-14 #
2020-09-15 #############
2020-09-16 ##########
2020-09-17 #############
2020-09-18 #############
2020-09-19 ###########
2020-09-20 ###########
2020-09-21 ####
2020-09-22 ##########
2020-09-23 ####################
2020-09-24 #######
2020-09-25 ##############
2020-09-26 ########
2020-09-27 ##
2020-09-28 ######
2020-09-29 ########
2020-09-30 #####
2020-10-01 ###
2020-10-02 ############
2020-10-03 ####
2020-10-04 ################
2020-10-06 ####
2020-10-07 ####################
2020-10-08 #######
2020-10-09 ###########
2020-10-10 ##
2020-10-11 ##########
2020-10-12 #####