Azazel News #Recap 10/1/2020

  1. Trump and First Lady test positive for Covid-19. The announcement comes shortly after the president said he and the first lady were in the “quarantine process” following senior aide Hope Hicks’ positive test. Donald J. Trump: “Tonight, FLOTUS and I tested positive for COVID-19. We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will get through this TOGETHER!” [Secret Service fucked up.]

  2. 30 minutes before Trump’s COVID-19 announcement, E-6B Mercury doomsday planes took off the east coast near DC to deter foreign adversaries in the case of WWIII breaks out. Part of continuity protocols. Tim Hogan: “There’s an E-6B Mercury off the east coast near DC. I looked because I would expect them to pop up if he tests positive. It’s a message to the small group of adversaries with SLBMs and ICBMs.” Christiaan Triebert: “And here’s the flight data for that other E6A Mercury, EA0415. It was publicly tracked on 18 out of the past 31 days. (That’s 4 more days than I initially mentioned; I’m sleepy. H/t Amstelsam and Bill Dedman for making me properly fact-check these flights btw.)” Janet taking off now, 1am Vegas time. I’m tracking it, and DC flights. Unusual amount of UPS flights (more than normal). They might be a cover. Interesting flight path at 1am private plane. HudsonRiverBoredom: “Did anyone see the E-6B at 1500ft over the Hudson last night at about 22:45? Callsign DONKY64.” BlueSky: “USAF E-11A BACN 11-9355 VELCRO4 USN E-6B MERCURY 163920 DONKY78 LOCATIONS NOTED AT 21:25Z.” BaⓂa: “E4B FLASH_22 made a standard flight from Offutt air base to Robins air base. The second E4B [GORDO_16] from Offutt air base is flying in the Great Lakes region. On the radio, he called himself [GORDO_14].” [TAKE NOTICE WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON. I’ve never seen a Doomsday plane fly this close to the White House. Pay Attention on Twitter : Tacamo, E-6A, E-6B, Nightwatch, and The same for "Constant Phoenix.” So active looks like they are adding extra planes. Normies are waking up. That time they probably knew already the result of the test results, deciding to sent a strong sign to potential enemies that they are ready to strike back in case of attack. How many times do flights go into Area 51 at 1am? Not many. Something is happening. I’ve never seen it… until now. WiFi is also glitching across country for small bursts. My computer keeps restarting. Looks like they are flooding the lines… the bandwidth is off the chart not only you. Most of everything is down. Recommend switch to mesh for now and use double VPN. Service Disruption Across the Boards. Markets are going to be next. Seriously WTF. Looks like a sweep or mapping plane that’s the only thing that explains the Crossover. History last 20 flights. This plane must have serious next generation Ground Penetrating Radar. US GOV SENDS SIGNAL TO NUCLEAR ARMED STATES THEY WILL LAUNCH NUCLEAR INTERCONTINENTAL BALLISTIC MISSILES. MULTIPLE E6B CURRENTLY IN THE AIR. VERY LONG SKYKING MESSAGES. Another flight going into Area 51 at 2am. This never happens.]

  3. Trump’s Twitter message of his sickness is flooded with Satanic death spells.

  4. Rumors Maxwell is back in Israel and will be announced dead on Friday. [IDK. Sounds strange.]

  5. Rare Earth-grazing meteoroid recorded over Europe. A rare Earth-grazing meteoroid was spotted around 03:53 UTC on September 22, 2020 above northern Germany and the Netherlands, getting as low as 91 km (56 miles) above the surface – which is far below any orbiting satellites - before bouncing back into space. The object was recorded by the cameras belonging to the Global Meteor Network – a decentralized scientific project made up of amateur astronomers and citizen scientists around the planet. In comparison to the thousands of meteors we observe in a year, earth grazers happen just a handful of times per year, the European Space Agency reports.

  6. US stock futures tumble further as Trump tests positive for Covid-19, virus fears back on Wall Street. The Dow slumped 1.7 percent and the broader S&P 500 shed 1.6 percent, while the safe haven yen rose against the dollar. Futures for the S&P 500 slid 1.21% by early afternoon in Asia, while Treasury yields also fell.

  7. Founders and executives of off-shore cryptocurrency derivatives.

  8. CoinDesk: “Prosecutors with SDNY News charged Crypto Hayes and BitMEX’s leadership with violating the Bank Secrecy Act, and arrested co-founder Samuel Reed.”

  9. Microsoft Outlook was down worldwide for four hours. The outage is affecting desktop, mobile, and web.

  10. Amazon reports over 19,000, or 1.44%, of U.S. frontline employees had COVID-19. Inc on Thursday said more than 19,000 of its U.S. frontline workers contracted the coronavirus this year, or 1.44% of the total, a disclosure sought by labor advocates who have criticized the COVID-19 response of the world’s largest online retailer. Some staff, elected officials and unions in recent months have said Amazon put employees’ health at risk by keeping warehouses open during the pandemic. Amazon said its rate of infection was 42% lower than expected when considering the virus’ spread in the general population. Amazon in a blog post here encouraged other businesses to report comparable figures. It said it will expand virus testing to 50,000 U.S. employees per day by November through internally built capacity.

  11. The disclosure by Amazon offers a rare look at the disease’s impact on a big U.S. employer. Amazon has kept facilities open to meet a surge in demand from shoppers stuck at home, adding temperature checks, social distancing software and other safety procedures.

  12. Plastic straws and cotton buds banned in England. Businesses can no longer sell or supply the single-use items as part of efforts to reduce pollution.

  13. Safety precautions for debate include on-site rapid COVID-19 testing, two Secret Service checkpoints. To attend the first 2020 presidential debate, audience members must have an invitation, wear a face mask, prove they tested negative for COVID-19, and go through multiple Secret Service security checkpoints. [Ok, I might be mistaken, but I thought everyone agreed to get tested prior to the debate. All in attendance had to be rapid tested to be admitted, so shouldn’t Trump, Biden, Chris Matthews, Melania, Jill and all of the secret service and camera crew be tested as well? I’m not trying to conspiratorial about how they got it, I am just seriously questioning the accuracy of these tests.]

  14. Coronavirus vaccine trial subjects report extreme exhaustion, shortness of breath, day-long headaches and shaking so violently that one of them cracked a tooth.

  15. How some cities ‘flattened the curve’ during the 1918 flu pandemic. Social distancing isn’t a new idea—it saved thousands of American lives during the last great pandemic. Here’s how it worked.

  16. After laptops and USB devices used to program voting machines were stolen this week from a Philadelphia elections storage warehouse, an investigative reporter easily walked right into the voting machine storage unit, “no security”.

  17. We learn faster when we aren’t told what choices to make. The way we decide may even give insight into delusional thinking.

  18. The betting markets are betting big on Biden. According to current polling, Biden is hardly a gamble at the moment. Bettors on Predictit are responding, favoring the former veep by 21 points.

  19. Information about action outcomes differentially affects learning from self-determined versus imposed choices. We know from past research that humans tend to learn more from good news than from bad news.

  20. California rolls out diversity quotas for corporate boards. Gov. Gavin Newsom signed legislation that will require the boards of publicly traded companies based in the state to have at least one racially, ethnically or otherwise diverse director by 2021.

  21. Media groups condemn Burlington protesters burning newspapers. Two organizations on Tuesday criticized the protesters’ actions at a racial justice demonstration last week in Burlington.

  22. How Black Lives Matter protesters occupied a park, captivated a city — and got some of what they wanted. On a Thursday evening in early September, hundreds of white girls carrying cardboard signs milled around in Burlington’s Battery Park, waiting to be told what to do. [No critical thinking at all, just told what to do like good little drones.]

  23. Michael Tracey: “As someone who spent two months covering the aftermath of the most widespread riots in at least 50 years, this never-ending fixation with illusory organized “white supremacist” groups couldn’t be more absurd. It’s 99% a media invention totally disconnected from reality.” [I’ve yet to meet one in my decades of existence and yet the media makes it seem like they are lurking behind every corner. Divide and conquer.]

  24. Critical race theory is a classic Communist divide-and-conquer tactic. Rather than serve help heal the nation, critical race theory has proven to be poisonous to liberty, true community, and our common humanity.

  25. California becomes first state to mandate female board directors. California became the first state to require companies based within its borders to put female directors on their boards, adding to pressure on boardrooms across the country to give more women a seat at the table. [Feminism = not about equality. Feminism = not about feminism. More women in ___ = radical takeover. Religion of man hating power grab. Always has been.]

  26. Professor uses ‘feminist buzzwords’ to get entire passage from Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ published in academic journal. Dr. Boghossian and his colleagues said they were stunned by how easily the joke papers were published in what he described as 'grievance studies.’

  27. The Army rolls out a new weapon: strategic napping. Because fatigue can corrode mission performance, a new physical training manual tells soldiers to grab 40 winks when they can, part of a new holistic approach to health in the ranks.

  28. China uses presidential debate to attack America, promote global authoritarianism. “America has no choice but to come to some kind of way to live peacefully with China…”

  29. Ub24News: “Satellite images show China’s camouflage and deception tactics.”

  30. NASA: “NASA Hubble watched a star explode into oblivion. At its peak, the supernova burst was 5 billion times as bright as the Sun.”

  31. Northrop Grumman: “We have scrubbed tonight’s Antares launch attempt after receiving off-nominal data from ground support equipment. Stay tuned for the time of the next launch attempt.” Intl. Space Station: “Pending a resolution to the cause of tonight’s scrub, the launch of Northrop Grumman’s Cygnus space freighter to the station has been rescheduled for Friday at 9:16pm ET from NASA Wallops.”

  32. NIDIS Drought gov: “Drought Monitor 9/29: Exceptional Drought (D4), the highest level, is taking hold after another dry week in the West and Plains. 6 states have D4, including AZ, CO, NM, NV, TX, UT Drought 2020’s Footprint: 35.8% of USA, the most since Oct 2013.”

  33. NWS Weather Prediction Center: “We are gearing up for winter 2020-2021 and have a few new product updates to share. The Winter Storm Severity Index is now operational and can be found on our homepage. The Experimental Winter Storm Outlook will also be available this season with a few new changes/additions.”

  34. National Weather Service: “Excessive heat, and fire weather threats continue for portions of CA. Gusty winds in the North/Central Plains will keep fire weather threats elevated. Heavy rain in Florida may cause flash flooding. A powerful storm will bring high winds, and heavy rain to south-central AK.”

  35. 3 dead, nearly 100 000 evacuate as two massive wildfires explode in Northern California. At least 3 people lost their lives while almost 100 000 have fled their homes as two out-of-control wildfires continue to rage in Northern California.

  36. King Arthur & Excalibur: “OscarsWild1 RuleByLogic (and 48 others) And NASA and NOAA both said Zharkova was wrong and no GSM… until NOAA started releasing data that said there was.”


  38. Exposing Crimes against Humanity & Planet Earth: “Zharkova’s models have run at a 97% accuracy & now suggest a Super Grand Solar Minimum is on the cards beginning 2020. Grand Solar Minimums are prolonged periods of reduced solar activity & in the past have gone hand-in-hand with times of global cooling.”

  39. There was the "hours-long earthquake” that was not actually an earthquake, but a massive debris flow measured by a seismograph atop Mount St Helen’s a few days ago.

  40. VolcanoYT EWS: “Earthquake 25.82 miles of Tanjung Bantenan - Indonesia - 4.2M - depth 66km - 02/10/2020 02:42:46 UTC.”

  41. Every Earthquake: “USGS reports a M1.98 earthquake, 3km NNE of Pinnacles, CA on 10/2/20 @ 2:58:11 UTC.”

  42. Every Earthquake: “USGS reports a M2.9 earthquake, 2 km SE of Yauco, Puerto Rico on 10/2/20 @ 2:32:09 UTC.”

  43. Every Earthquake: “USGS reports a M2.05 earthquake, 10 km ENE of Pāhala, Hawaii on 10/2/20 @ 2:45:53 UTC.”

  44. Global Earthquake Observatory 2020: “Earthquakes are expected M 5.2 - TAIWAN MagnitudeMw 5.2 RegionTAIWAN Date time2020-10-2. 02:17:38.8 UTC Location24.74 N ; 121.98 E Depth10 km Distances57 km SE of Taipei, Taiwan 23 km E of Yilan, Taiwan.”

  45. Grand Solar Minimum: “6.0-magnitude earthquake hits off Papua New Guinea. Massive sandstorm engulfs Konya, Turkey.”

  46. Earthquake Alerts: “2.5 magnitude earthquake. 25 km from China Lake Acres, CA, United States.”

  47. Large earthquake swarm continues in So Cal desert region. During this swarm, the probability of larger earthquakes in the region “is significantly greater than usual,” according to the USGS. Earthquake Forecast for the Westmorland Swarm beginning Sept. 30, 2020. Screenshot of Latest Earthquakes (as of the evening of September 30, 2020) showing the Westmoreland Earthquake Swarm beginning Sep 30, 2020. Earthquakes are shown as circles with the most recent in red. EarthquakePrediction: “DANGEROUS swarm of 131 earthquakes hitting near the Salton Sea (including 5.1 and 4.4 and 4.0 quakes) - 40 HOUR WARNING: 6.0 to 6.5 earthquake is likely in the San Francisco Bay or near the Salton Sea during the next 40 hours.” Justice RBG: “So Cal earthquakes at Salton Sea at 158/813. That’s 813 total quakes, with 158 over 2.5M, in just 25 hours.” flwrphile: “More than 600 earthquakes strike small California town in swarm around Salton Sea.” USGS Earthquakes: “An earthquake swarm has kicked off southwest of the Salton Sea today, producing 240 earthquakes as of 8pm Pacific. The largest earlier this evening was M4.9. So what does this mean? We’ve put together some scenarios to explain what could happen next.” GottaBee: “Anyone know if the swarm of earthquakes in SoCal Salton Sea is a natural phenomenon as is being reported by USGA? Or connected to Dumbs?” [Godspeed!!! Give them hell down there!! Give them hell!! The Fighting is ongoing and fierce.]

  48. According to the USGS, 1 of 3 possible scenarios will occur in California in the next 7 days: Scenario 1: Continued earthquake swarm on and off the San Andreas and Imperial faultlines between Oct 1-8 no greater than magnitude 5.4. 90% probability of this outcome occurring. Scenario 2: A magnitude 5.5 - 6.9 earthquake could strike. Likelihood of this outcome = 10%. Scenario 3: A magnitude 7 or higher quake. Odds of this outcome occurring at any given time - 1 in 3000. Odds of a 7+ occurring in the next 7 days - 1 in 300. [Scenario 4: Subterranean Teams putting in that work.]

  49. Sukhoi Su-57 Felon: “A USMC F-35B Lightning II fighter jet caught in video crash on September 29 near Lake Salton Sea in California, which collided in the air while refueling with a KC-130J Super Hercules tanker, also a USMC. The pilot ejected, although he received minor injuries.”

  50. Philos4r: “SpaceX has provided Washington’s Emergency Management department access to Starlink satellite internet service in a bid to support the state’s emergency response to dangerous wildfires.” [I’ve got $50 riding on Gov. Inslee refusing to use it on Gates’ orders since Gates is trying to having a measuring contest with Musk. (Trying and failing.) I have another $50 saying that Inslee will erroneously claim that the satellite will harm the resident Puget Sound orca population. The orca are his favorite scapegoats, or scapewhales I suppose.]

  51. Electroverse: “INCREDIBLE” POLAR BLAST SET TO ENVELOPE THE ENTIRE AUSTRALIAN CONTINENT I can’t quite believe what the latest GFS run is kicking out - the model, now in the reliable time-frame, is forecasting multiple bands of nation spanning “pinks” beginning this w/e. US BRACING FOR FIFTH ARCTIC OUTBREAK OF THE SEASON AS GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM INTENSIFIES I think it’s the fifth outbreak – I’ve lost count. Regardless though, the US (and much of North America as a whole) is set for yet another blast of early-season cold. ATLANTA SUFFERS COLDEST END TO SEPT IN OVER 40 YEARS Science once understood the basic mechanisms involved in the onset of global cooling -such as those visible again now- but as they clash with today’s dogma (AGW) they’ve conventionally been forgotten.”

  52. Europe Weather: “Latest update of Europe pressure patterns and front (synoptic map), satellite image, temperatures and lightning activity.”

  53. ‘Jerusalem is our city,’ Turkey’s Erdogan declares. Addressing lawmakers in Ankara, Turkish president says the Palestinian people have lived in the capital ‘for thousands of years’

  54. Status-6: “US Department of Defense official told Sky News Arabia that reports about transport of hundreds of mercenaries between Turkey and Azerbaijan ‘are proven and correct.’ A US Defense Department official to Sky News Arabia: Turkey and Russia send mercenaries and weapons to escalate the conflict in the Nagorno-Karabakh region between Azerbaijan and Armenia. NATO announced Greece and Turkey set up military hotline to avoid incidents in the East Med.”

  55. Shushan Stepanyan: “Artillery battles of various intensity are presently raging on along the entire frontline. The initiative on the military front is in the hands of the Armenian Armed Forces․ Еnemy firе positions are being suppressed.”

  56. Scott Morgan: “Iranian air defense shot down an Azerbaijani fighter jet, sources claims.”

  57. Macron claims Syrian fighters operating in Nagorno-Karabakh. French president says he has evidence proving claim, which he describes as ‘grave development’.

  58. Police investigate discovery of half a million euros in cash in a Paris cellar. French police are investigating the mysterious discovery of over half a million euros in cash found in a suitcase in a locked cellar beneath a Paris apartment.

  59. Jay: “Circling an aircraft crash? Sounds like they may have rescued the ejected crew.”

  60. Black Hawk helicopter crashes in Imperial County, California. A military aircraft has crashed in Imperial County in southwestern California. It’s not known what type of plane was involved in the crash however.

  61. CWBChicago: “Incredible video released by @ChicagoCOPA tonight. Police confront man wanted for stabbing a citizen nearby. Man clearly has large knife, overcomes effect of Tazer and charges sergeant with knife.”

  62. Stripe will pay workers $20,000 to leave New York and San Francisco - but here’s the catch. Stripe, the fast-growing fintech payments company, has an interesting deal for its employees. They could be paid $20,000 to relocate from high-priced cities to lower-cost locations. Sounds good, right? Here’s the catch—the workers who take up the offer will have to take a 10% cut to their compensation.

  63. Security Service of Ukraine shut down another pro-Russian “bot farm”, which was distributing fakes before the elections. The criminals were exposed by cyber specialists of the Security Service of Ukraine. The organizers set up a whole scheme and posted on social networks propaganda materials from the Russian Federation and the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic”. All the organizers who are on the territory of our country, have been identified by the officers of the Security Service of Ukraine. During searches in Kyiv and Donetsk region, law enforcement officers found and confiscated computer equipment with specialized software and telecom equipment installed. In particular, 4 GSM gateways with a capacity of 32 channels each, 4 SIM banks with a capacity of 128 and 32 channels and 6 VoIP gateways with a capacity of 32 channels. 8,000 SIM cards were also confiscated. Right now the version is being checked concerning the involvement in the “bot farm” of special services and intelligence of the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic” and Russia.

  64. This idiotic meme is going around social media with little fist emojis to denote support. If Antifa isn’t an organization, then why does it have chapters? And a uniform? And organized gatherings? How do they all know to show up and attack businesses and residences at once? Does one show up and then all the rest of the hive mind know to act in unison? Is there like a Batshitcrazy signal beamed into the sky that alerts the violent little twits to respond to a community destruction in progress? I get that they’re all hive-minded, brainless zombies just looking to devour and destroy, but I highly doubt they are this intuitive. No, somebody is teaching these depraved individuals to turn their self-loathing outwards and encouraging them to lash out at all around them. Some powerful individuals hell-bent on destroying society are organizing, directing, recruiting, planning training, paying, renting busses, vans and u-hauls for, and providing weapons to a bunch of mentally unstable, LARPing anarchist revolutionaries. Just like “more women in ____” or “feminism”, or “BLM” many will say that they just mean the literal english meaning of the words. Not even close to being true, for any of them. Radicals constantly saying that the meaning of words evolves, when they’re redefining racism to mean that you can only be racist against black people, but then pretend it’s impossible when it comes to the names of these groups.