Azazel News #Reacp 12/4/2020

  1. Matt Taibbi: Don’t Trust The News. If you feel you can’t trust the news anymore, you have good reason…

  2. Breaking911: “House votes to federally decriminalize marijuana, Bill now goes to the Senate.”

  3. Deputy Secretary General addresses the NATO Web Conference on Modular Design.

  4. NATO Deputy Secretary General spoke on the importance of partnership with Colombia.

  5. America sold $175 billion in weapons abroad in FY20. The total is an increase over the previous year.

  6. Foreign Ministers address NATO 2030, Afghanistan, Russia, security in the Black Sea region, and the rise of China.

  7. World War II veteran beats COVID-19, marks 104th birthday. He beat the Nazis and COVID.

  8. Trump orders most American troops to leave Somalia. AFRICOM says they are redeploying elsewhere in region.

  9. Dr. Simone Gold: “We are officially announcing a lockdown protest in Los Angeles. When: Sunday 12/6/20 Time: 6pm.”

  10. 75% of Russians consider it right to cancel traditional New Year’s events amid the coronavirus pandemic.

  11. China becomes second nation to plant flag on the Moon. [The fuck, this is such disrespect!!! Fuck these assholes. This is like Space Force the show. I cant even.]

  12. DHS Issues Detention Order on Cotton Products Made by Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Using Prison Labor.

  13. In-flight emergency forces B-52 to divert to Fairford during bomber mission to Europe. The second BUFF flew on to train with Greek and Norwegian F-16s.

  14. Veterans unemployment up in November as national jobless rate falls. About 552,000 veterans looking for work last month were unable to find jobs.

  15. Never forget when Project Veritas caught up with CNN President Jeff Zucker last year following the explosive Expose CNN tapes recorded by insider.

  16. A criminal case was opened in Moscow over the sale of fake certificates of the absence of COVID-19. They were sold for 2500 rubles (~34 USD).

  17. Deputy Assistant Attorney General for the National Security Division. Over the last few years, a conventional wisdom has developed about the arc of FARA enforcement.

  18. How To Buy Ex-Military & Government Equipment & Vehicles At Very Low Prices. Are you interested in some ex-government and ex-military vehicles and equipment?

  19. China bans encryption exports – including quantum and key management tech. And don’t you dare try to get a fax machine into the Middle Kingdom. [These CCP bastards.]

  20. Congress hits fast-forward to field new capability to counter drone threats. Congress wants the new joint counter-small drone office to work faster to get after an enduring capability.

  21. Bill Announcement | The White House. On Friday, December 4, 2020, the President signed into law: H.R. 835, the “Rodchenkov Anti-Doping Act of 2019.”

  22. Another 712,000 Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week on a seasonally adjusted basis, according to the Labor Department, as the job market recovery continues to slow.

  23. As Mediazona found out, from April to November in Russia, at least twice as many people died on beds for COVID-19 patients as recorded in the official statistics for the entire time of the pandemic.

  24. Bank workers could get COVID vaccines before most Americans. Bank workers could receive a COVID-19 vaccine before those over 65 and other adults with medical issues. [They can have it.]

  25. We read the paper that forced Timnit Gebru out of Google. Here’s what it says. The company’s star ethics researcher highlighted the risks of large language models, which are key to Google’s business.

  26. The Air Force wanted to mothball more than 100 planes in its inventory. Here’s what Congress says it will permit. Lawmakers saved the A-10 and the RQ-4 Global Hawk (again).

  27. Movie Children of Men (2006) talks about the world going sterile after flu pandemic. Movie takes place in 2027. Earn skills, go through the door. Avoid all the bullshit the normies will have to face.

  28. This Week in Operation Warp Speed - Dec. 4, 2020. This is a compilation of initiatives, actions and accomplishments across Operation Warp Speed’s primary efforts in the past week.

  29. Sanctioning Turkey over the S-400 would be mandatory in new defense bill. The NDAA would mandates sanctions on Turkey for its acquisition of the S-400 air missile defense system.

  30. DoD deputy CIO Ranks heads back to CIA | Federal News Network. Peter Ranks, the deputy chief information officer for information enterprise at the Defense Department, will work on the C2E cloud program run by the CIA.

  31. Space Cockpit a new way to visualize space operations. On Nov. 11, the United States Space Force surpassed another milestone when it marked the one-year operational anniversary of the Space Cockpit.

  32. This New 80-Foot Drone Is Now the World’s Largest Unmanned Aircraft. Aevum’s epic 80-foot drone, Ravn X, is now the world’s largest Unmanned Aircraft (UAS) by mass, tipping the scales at nearly 28 tons.

  33. Officials Describe How Arms Sales Benefit the U.S., Partners. Officials announced the fiscal year 2020 arms transfer figures and other Defense and State Department security assistance and cooperation accomplishments and statistics.

  34. Amid new Marine Corps LSD problem, DoD changes force-wide drug test policy. The Pentagon has authorized the testing of troops for LSD following problems found in the Marine Corps, a Marine spokesman tells Marine Corps Times.

  35. DAF looks to sponsor USSF members for Udacity Nanodegree. The U.S. Space Force Chief Technology and Innovation Office and the Department of the Air Force Digital University team are looking to sponsor USSF members, both military and civilian, from any career.

  36. NGA reimagines sign-language interpreting to keep its workforce safe during a global pandemic | National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. A look into NGA’s sign-language interpreting program during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  37. Maryland Man Pleads Guilty to Submitting False Claim to Steal Funds. A Maryland man pleaded guilty today to filing a false claim for his role in a scheme to divert hundreds of thousands of dollars in State Department funds to his own use.

  38. President Donald J. Trump to Award the Medal of Freedom to Dan Gable | The White House. On Monday, President Donald J. Trump will award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Danny Mack Gable. [Dan Gable was nasty beast as a coach and wrestler an American hero. Legend.]

  39. Consume Less. Create More. It’s More Fun. Big corporations use marketing to trick us into thinking that the solution to all our problems lies in buying more of their stuff. The real solution is often the exact opposite: it consists in consuming less, not more.

  40. Trump’s latest veto threat over defense bill takes aim at Republican ally. President Trump has doubled down on his threat to veto the annual defense policy bill with a pair of late-night tweets that called out the Republican Senate Armed Services Committee chairman.

  41. NASA Confirms New SIMPLEx Mission Small Satellite to Blaze Trails Studying Lunar Surface. Producing maps to locate ice or water trapped in rock at the Moon’s surface, Lunar Trailblazer will help support NASA’s efforts to establish a sustainable presence on the Moon.

  42. New Data Confirm 2020 SO to Be the Upper Centaur Rocket Booster From the 1960’s. The object, discovered in September by astronomers searching for near-Earth asteroids, garnered interest in the planetary science community due to its size and unusual orbit.

  43. Copious MQ: “CORN backwards is NROC National Reconnaissance Operations Center Current operations for time-sensitive space-borne intelligence reporting for the United States Intelligence Community (USIC). It was created in response to 9_11 Is that a wizard/warlock?”

  44. Meanwhile, in Italy. Italian conservatives are calling for PM Conte to resign, shouting “Liberty! Liberty!” in open protest against COVID19 restrictions. Travel restriction will be tightened starting 21 December, with many regions even restricting Christmas Midnight Mass.

  45. Google Workers Mobilize Against Firing of Top Black Female Executive. The firing follows a series of internal battles about how the tech company handles diversity and inclusion. [Lol. Looks like Google is putting a stop to Wokeism. Google is like the rest of these dictate, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

  46. New RTT initiative creates combat ready F-16 crew chiefs, saves time. After completing technical training at Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas, F-16 crew chiefs will now proceed directly to their first duty station to attend Right Time Training with the 372nd Training.

  47. Lost Hunter Solo Survival Challenge (NO Food, NO Water, NO Shelter) | Knife, Saw, 22 Long Rifle. I test my survival skills in the Canadian forest to survive with just the things I carry in my small backpack. I’ll survive with just a knife, saw, and my 22 long rifle. [I remember this Merit Badge and FTX.]

  48. Secretary Michael R. Pompeo At the IISS Manama Dialogue - United States Department of State. SECRETARY POMPEO: Thank you so much. Thanks, John, and thanks for that introduction and the thoughtful words at the beginning of your remarks.

  49. U.S. Commends Slovenia for Designating Hizballah - United States Department of State. This week, Slovenia designated Hizballah in its entirety as a terrorist organization, rejecting the false distinction between Hizballah’s political and military wings.

  50. An0maly: “1.) Government locks down citizens like slaves & prisoners 2.) Millions permanently lose their dream job or business 3.) Republicans green-light cheap foreign labor 4.) Federal judge green lights DACA 5.) Lockdowns continue America is under attack. The betrayal is bipartisan.”

  51. Jake Coco: “Bar owner in Los Angeles CA is livid to see that mayor Garcetti has approved an outdoor dining area for a movie company directly across from her outdoor dining area (which was shut down).” Donald Trump Jr.: “It’s like these politicians are trying to destroy all small businesses. Ridiculous!!!” [Uprising is coming.]

  52. Justice Department Files Complaint to Stop Distribution of Unapproved, Misbranded, and Adulterated “Poly-MVA” Products. The United States filed a civil complaint to stop a California company from distributing unapproved and misbranded drugs and adulterated animal drugs, the Department of Justice announced today.

  53. US Navy Awards Big Contract To Europe’s Biggest Defense Contractor – BAE Systems. The largest defense contractor in Europe, BAE Systems, has been awarded a $94 million contract to supply advanced technology to the US Navy assisting in the development of various unmanned aerial systems.

  54. Remarks by Vice President Pence in a Roundtable Discussion on Vaccine Distribution | Atlanta, GA | The White House. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Atlanta, Georgia 12:31 P.M. [What’s your take on OWS and Trump administration? A sting operation? I’ll post a zoom call about it later. Looking forward to it.]

  55. Adolf Hitler wins election in Namibia: Politician named after Nazi leader sweeps to victory but promises 'I’m not striving for world domination.’ Adolf Hitler Uunona was elected with 85 per cent of the vote in the regional election in Namibia, a former German colony which still has a small German-speaking community. [He’s Back!!!]

  56. 6 day Survival (NO FOOD / Knife & paracord Only) in RAINSTORM: Shelter & Fire Making. The Reality of Survival. Taking you through the experience of 6 Day Autumn Survival with Knife & Paracord Only! We start just 2 hours before dawn… Soon we get to deal with serious rain lasting for days… Shelter & Fire making is key.

  57. G7++ Friends of the Gulf of Guinea Virtual Plenary - United States Department of State. The United States and Gabon hosted the 2020 G7++ Friends of the Gulf of Guinea (FoGG) Virtual Plenary from December 1 to 3, offering participants an opportunity to discuss key initiatives to encourage maritime security in the coastal waters of West and Central Africa.

  58. BBX - The 36 Stratagems (The Art of War Part 2). This episode of Bold Books and Bones, is about a book that describes 36 Stratagems of deception. It was compiled 1500 years ago in China, but it hasn’t lost its relevance. [This is a fantastic intro. I wasn’t sure where “monopoly on violence” was going or really sure what it meant.]

  59. Secretary General: NATO must continue to adapt. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Thursday (3 December 2020) thanked a group of experts for a new report outlining their suggestions for the Secretary General’s NATO 2030 initiative on how to bolster NATO’s political cohesion and ability to face new security challenges.

  60. Pre-trial detention centers and colonies are to be moved outside Russian cities. According to the head of the Ministry of Justice in order to “remove the reality associated with deprivation of freedom from our people and from our cities.” Moving pre-trial detention centers and colonies outside the cities will complicate the operation of the facilities themselves and affect the realization of the rights of people in them.

  61. New Wartime Series. Homework. Red Wizardry. “Depraved Doctors of the Third Reich | Part One. During a period of several years through the early 1940s, tens of thousands of innocent children and concentration camp prisoners were involuntarily subjected to horrific medical experiments – all of which were carried out with the fanatical compliance of German physicians.”

  62. How To Survive The Purge. The night is finally here, once a year all crime is legal, including murder. Welcome to the Purge! So you think you have what it takes to survive the night of total mayhem? We bet you’d be roadkill within the first hour. Here is the only way you have any chance at surviving the Purge! You’d better watch, your life depends on it! [YT Channel run by wizards just put this out.]

  63. Deputy Secretary General Geoana addresses the European Defence Agency Annual Conference. Speaking at the European Defence Agency Annual Conference on 4 December, the NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoana said that sustaining European defence is very important for NATO because European defence is “inextricably linked to transatlantic defence”.

  64. Navy Seal in name only and being groomed by Red Faction. Dan Crenshaw: “Lin Wood is a Democrat that wants Republicans to self-destruct. Just because he wears a MAGA hat does not mean he shares a single value with you. He just wants your donations for his legal fees. He’s a grifter.” Lauren Witzke: “Dan Crenshaw sold America out on the 2nd Amendment and immigration, then handed our historical monuments over to the mob.”

  65. SEC Announces Office Focused on Innovation and Financial Technology. FinHub Specialized Unit to Becomes Stand-Alone Office. The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced that the SEC’s Strategic Hub for Innovation and Financial Technology, commonly referred to as FinHub, will become a stand-alone office. Valerie A. Szczepanik will continue to lead FinHub as its first director and will report directly to the SEC Chairman.

  66. SEC Charges The Cheesecake Factory For Misleading COVID-19 Disclosures. The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced settled charges against The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated for making misleading disclosures about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on its business operations and financial condition. The action is the SEC’s first charging a public company for misleading investors about the financial effects of the pandemic.

  67. Ryan Fournier: “While Seattle is defunding the police in exchange for social workers, one was just stabbed to death while trying to de-escalate a situation.” Seattle Social Worker Stabbed and Killed by Client While City Defunds Police. [They shouldn’t be defunding shit. They’re going to be sorry to have defunded the police when there’s no resistance force when their city gets infiltrated first being closest to Vancouver. Oh wait. My bad. That was the goal all along……]

  68. Robotaxi on public roads in Shenzhen. Residents of Shenzhen will see truly driverless cars on the road starting Thursday. AutoX, a four-year-old startup backed by Alibaba, MediaTek and Shanghai Motors, is deploying a fleet of 25 unmanned vehicles in downtown Shenzhen, marking the first time any autonomous driving car in China tests on public roads without safety drivers or remote operators. The cars, meant as robotaxis, are not yet open to the public, an AutoX spokesperson told TechCrunch.

  69. Energy Department Awards $2 Million to American-Made Solar Prize Competitors. Today, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced the winners of the American-Made Solar Prize Round 3 and the 20 semifinalist teams selected to advance to the next phase of Round 4. Through the Solar Prize, DOE works to bring hardware technology innovations to market faster and to bolster American competitiveness in solar hardware manufacturing.

  70. SEC Modernizes Framework for Fund Valuation Practices. The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced that it voted to adopt a new rule that establishes an updated regulatory framework for fund valuation practices. The rule is designed to clarify how fund boards of directors can satisfy their valuation obligations in light of market developments, including an increase in the variety of asset classes held by funds and an increase in both the volume and type of data used in valuation determinations.

  71. The Department of State Breaks Ground on New U.S. Consulate General in Mérida, Mexico - United States Department of State. Highlighting the enduring friendship between the United States and Mexico and the importance of our bilateral partnership, U.S. Consul General Courtney Beale broke ground today for the new Consulate General campus in Mérida. Attendees at the ceremony marking this milestone included Yucatán Governor Mauricio Vila, Mérida Mayor Renan Barrera, and representatives from the states of Quintana Roo and Campeche.

  72. I can see why [Time Tunnel] was canceled. Go back to the Mysterious Anomalies. Connect the dots. Anomaly appears in Bangkok again. From a Doomsdayer in Thailand, Sent in at 7am Eastern Time. More Radar anomalies out of Bangkok. The Weather Anomalies happening over Thailand. Started in Mexico on September 4th. Then reappeared in Australia September 6th. Then again in Texas and Middle America on September 7th. Now the anomaly has reappeared in Thailand in the past 24 hours. Do you understand now what’s going on? 2 conflicting timelines at war with each other. But yes, if you can see why it’s canceled, consider yourself ahead of the curve. I can definitely see why it was cancelled. It’s too bad, it was a really good series. FOX just cancelled NeXt. That one was giving way too much away about the over-reliance on technology and AI performing updates to infinitely improve it’s capabilities until human safeguards and killswitches become useless.

  73. CIA Seeks Innovation, and Partnerships, with New Federal Lab. Developing science and technology solutions in support of CIA’s mission. The Central Intelligence Agency has official launched CIA Labs , a federal laboratory and in-house research and development arm, which brings CIA officers together with the private sector and academia to research and develop science and technology solutions in support of CIA’s mission. CIA Labs joins the community of more than 300 U.S. federal labs and establishes CIA as a research partner for other labs, academia, and industry in disciplines spanning from artificial intelligence and biotechnology to quantum computing and advanced materials and manufacturing. The federal lab mechanism also enables officers to obtain patents and licenses for intellectual property they develop while working at the Agency and provides internship and externship opportunities. [I saw this in the works. Is this further faction splitting because they aren’t getting the toys?]

  74. Ethical AI, Essential for the IC. Narrowing the gap between data collection and decision making is a top priority for the Intelligence Community, but the pace at which data is generated is increasing exponentially—and the IC workforce available to analyze the data is not. Artificial intelligence provides powerful tools to execute this mission, but also brings new challenges.That makes it even more important that the IC to implement AI in a manner that is both ethical and consistent with our values. Which is to say that AI is about much more than technology. The IC must ensure that technological changes do not change our commitment to protecting privacy and civil liberties in the course of our work.That’s why our data scientists, privacy and civil liberties officers and other key stakeholders worked together to develop the Principles of AI Ethics for the Intelligence Community as well as a framework to ensure that these principles are incorporated into our design and use of this technology. This framework is a living document, and we’re eager for your feedback on how we can continue to expand and refine it to keep pace with this rapidly evolving technology.

  75. Voices from DARPA. Episode 36: The Hypersonic Materialist. In this episode of the Voices from DARPA podcast, William (Bill) Carter, a program manager since 2018 in the agency’s Defense Sciences Office, recounts his scientific journey. It began with childhood wonder amidst star-blazoned New Mexico skies and high-school summer jobs at Los Alamos National Laboratory, and has taken him now, literally, to leading edges of materials science and engineering. His portfolio of programs at DARPA aims to deliver materials that increase the practical range of hypersonic vehicles by breaking the “heat barrier,” that is, by taming the extreme heat flows on surfaces of hypersonic weapons and vehicles; thermoelectric materials and systems for quiet, portable power generation in contested areas; and nanoscale-engineered materials suitable for such jobs as replacing tendons and printing electronics as easily as laser-printing a photograph. Says Carter, “I have absolutely unbounded optimism about the potential for science to solve today’s most important problems and I think materials science can contribute.

  76. DARPA Looks to Light up Integrated Photonics with Chip-Scale Laser Development. Agency announces performer teams selected for LUMOS program. First demonstrated sixty years ago, the laser has become an essential technology in today’s world. It has transformed diverse fields including communications, sensing, manufacturing, and medicine. More recently, innovations in integrated photonics have allowed the miniaturization of key optical components and the ability to arrange several elements on a single silicon chip. When combined with lasers, these photonic integrated circuits (PICs) have the potential to replace large and costly optical systems with chip-scale solutions. However, due to differences in the properties of the materials that compose them, lasers and PICs are difficult to combine onto the same platform, limiting the benefits of integration and preventing broad technology impact. To address this challenge, DARPA developed the Lasers for Universal Microscale Optical Systems (LUMOS) program, which aims to bring high-performance lasers to advanced photonics platforms. As highlighted in the recent program kick-off meeting, LUMOS will address several commercial and defense applications by directing efforts across three distinct Technical Areas.

  77. Coast Guard Honors Crime-Busting Codebreaker Elizebeth Friedman. Elizebeth Friedman, an original member of the NSA/CSS Cryptologic Hall of Honor and known as one of America’s first female cryptanalysts, was recently honored by the U.S. Coast Guard. The Prohibition laws of the 1920s forbade the importation of alcoholic beverages, and the Coast Guard was given the near-impossible task of stopping smuggling along thousands of miles of U.S. coastline. Coast Guard intelligence officials began exploiting communications used by criminal gangs to arrange delivery of their contraband, but found many of the messages were protected by sophisticated encryption systems. In response, they hired Ms. Friedman. And they did so with good reason, because a few years earlier, during World War I, Ms. Friedman and her husband William had worked closely together to develop many of the principles of modern cryptology and trained American military personnel for wartime service. During prohibition, Ms. Friedman was a crucial part of the Coast Guard’s effort to enforce the ban on liquor. Her efforts helped decode about 12,000 coded messages between the so-called rum runners and smugglers, which resulted in 650 criminal prosecutions. As part of it’s recognition, the Coast Guard announced it will name a Legend-Class National Security Cutter in honor of Ms. Friedman.

  78. You ever see that book Wernher Von Braun (Nazi rocket inventor) wrote? A Sci fi fiction novel about a man named Elon bringing humanity to Mars? Yes, I have. I’ve also seen a book about a certain Kid Wizard named Baron Trump. “I am reading through Baron Trump. There’s fucking intel in here. Taking a break. But WTF. He goes to Agartha or some similar thing…? I can see why people drew all sorts of conclusions from this, considering John Trump, “ad astra,” and some Agartha-like place…? Don and Baron Trump. This is batshit.” miette057, thanks for in-depth look into Baron Trump’s Marvellous Underground Journey. You’re welcome! Interesting! Thanks for that! “Elon” was actually a title or rank in the novel… check this out… "The prophetic part of von Braun’s work concerns the autonomous government of Mars. Namely, he proposed that, instead of presidents, rulers of the colony would be appointed the title of “Elon”: “The Martian government was directed by ten men, the leader of whom was elected by universal suffrage for five years and entitled “Elon.” Two houses of Parliament enacted the laws to be administered by the Elon and his cabinet. The Upper House was called the Council of the Elders and was limited to a membership of 60 persons, each being appointed for life by the Elon as vacancies occurred by death.” “In 1952, a German scientist predicted the name “Elon” would be associated with the colonization of Mars. The South African-born billionaire businessman and engineer Elon Musk is one of the world’s leading innovators in space travel.”

  79. All they do is lie. Noah Blum: “I’m not saying it’s impossible that this had to give CPR to at least three different men with big swastika tattoos on their chests and SS insignia on their arms. I just wonder why he never mentioned that it had happened to him before while relaying this story. So this is the Nov 30 incident. Older guy. Swastika on chest. SS insignia on arms. June 25, 2019 - story about giving chest compressions to a guy with a swastika tattoo and SS insignia “just the other day.” May 2, 2019 - story about giving chest compressions to a guy with a swastika tattoo back in medical school. So this is incident # 3. February 10, 2019 - another guy with a swastika tattoo on his chest. Unless his “just the other day” in late June refers to early February, this is incident # 4. Is this guy lying or embellishing or relaying an old story as though it were new or adjusting a real anecdote to fit current arguments? I don’t know. I laid out the stuff I saw while looking this up. Make up your own minds. Related piece about how it’s always worth looking into what people say even if what they’re saying is met with widespread praise and love. In fact stories like that often deserve MORE scrutiny, not less.” Taylor Nichols is a fucking liar. This guy is the “Raiders of the Lost Ark” Doctor of treating 4 Nazis or is it 5? Or is it 4 Nazis and 1 COVID19 Nazi??? ALL THEY DO IS LIE!!! Fuck the Left. And fuck you Dr. Taylor Nichols you fucking liar. If you are going to go on National Television to lie about doing your fucking job and upholding the Hippocratic Oath over Nazis, at least clean up your bullshit Twitter Account.

  80. BlacktivismSource: “You have no idea, we have people digging hard currently. Take note of the MC-12W’s flight path and time. Callsigns put them with 224th Bn/116th Bn- special op surveillance+remote split operation drone strikes. Please share, still digging.” [Where you all at with this theory?] Julian’s Rum: “Molten remains of the “car crash” that killed Harrison Deal (Loeffler staffer/Kemp’s daughter’s bf).” HelpingSheeple: “If you look at a lot of the people involved in the Olof Palme assassination (see Ole Dammegard’s work), many had backgrounds in car explosion assassinations. 30yrs ago (pre red scarf suicides), car explosions were a common assassination technique, especially in Europe/mEast.” Red Pill Crusade: “Reading this reminds me of: Malta car bomb kills journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia in a rental vehicle, as she was driving away from her home. A blogger whose investigations focused on corruption, was described as a ‘one-woman WikiLeaks.’” Bill Mitchell: “Georgia election officials are warning a judge who has blocked them from wiping clean Dominion voting machines that continuing to do so will have ‘grave and serious consequences.’ I’m sorry, but what grave and serious consequences could they be talking about other than jail time for themselves? This whole thing becomes more preposterous by the moment.” [The Balls of Red Factions to threaten Federal Judges. QRD on GA election fraud and Harrison Deal’s death: Georgia Gov Brian Kemp opposes election audit & all is well; Kemp reverses stance & asks for audit last night; only called signature audit BC video came out proving fraud; then this happens this AM… Kemp’s long time friend & daughter’s boyfriend killed in fiery crash; message received; archive. This one is so easy to dismiss as conspiracy, but wait there’s more. Car’s Electronics Can Be Taken Over Remotely as early as 2010/2011 and we know that car crashes are a widely used method of containment used by Reds. Also of note: Congressman Jim Jordan’s nephew Eli Stickley died in a car crash (2018) while Jim was investigating Rod Rosenstein & Clinton Crime Family. My gut feeling, is that there is no such thing as coincidence. They also scanned the same stack of ballots THREE times in a row. Not at all. Add them to the CBC. Body count of you know who. Kemp calls for signature audits, then his daughter’s BF dies in the car accident. And people still believe both events are unrelated and pure coincidence. Sometimes we wonder. Let it all go to hell. We will rebuild with the survivors. Make sure to brush your skills up constantly. One side is willing to sacrifice children. Are they expecting a reversal in Kemp’s decision or signaling to others…? I know what we are up against. What if you’re an agent collecting us? Demons personified. Just always thinking. Or an Angel. It’s crazy, right? I don’t really follow Bitcoin closely or look at the price daily. Learned the hard way in the early days 2011 running an exchange it will drive you insane. I run a trading groups but it’s my passion. I live for it. When we start collapsing Central Banks. “List of central banks. Wikimedia list article.” And Elon has finished StarLink. That’s when the true fun begins.] Aftermath of crash claiming member of Kelly Loeffler’s campaign team. [Agreed, Aries Azazel, and sad he didn’t heed Flynn’s warning. RIP Harrison Deal. I feel terrible for Kemp’s daughter. The way this was done and the way people who would ever do such a thing think… Kemp’s daughter was the secondary target. This was done to affect Koeffler and Kemp in one shot but also to emotionally cripple Lucy Kemp as her grief progresses. This was absolutely vicious. I do want to project this particular move out a step further on the board though because there was another potential secondary target and it matters. Who does demonizing onboard computers by highlighting the fact that they are hackable hurt? And we just saw this recall hit all the media outlets about hacking a fob. So pay attention to this a step out because my gut says not JUST a red move, but a red move meant to give more than one opponent a nastygram in one fell swoop.] A Bluetooth attack can steal a Tesla Model X in 90 seconds. Tesla is introducing a patch for the vulnerabilities after a researcher demonstrated problems in the car’s key fob.

  81. ODNI Releases Annual Intelligence Community Transparency Report. Today, consistent with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (FISA), as amended (codified in 50 U.S.C. § 1873(b)), and the Intelligence Community’s (IC) Principles of Intelligence Transparency, we are releasing our seventh annual Statistical Transparency Report Regarding Use of National Security Authorities presenting statistics on how often the government uses certain national security authorities. Providing these statistics allows for an additional way to track the use of FISA authorities, National Security Letters (NSLs), and the dissemination of information within the government when required. The statistics also add further context regarding the IC’s rigorous and multi-layered oversight framework that safeguards the privacy of United States persons’ information and non-U.S. persons’ information acquired pursuant to these national security authorities. This report goes beyond the government’s statutory duty of releasing statistics by further providing the public with detailed explanations as to how the IC uses its national security authorities. “While secrecy is necessary for many aspects of intelligence, it is our obligation to provide the public with appropriate and effective transparency to allow individuals to make their own judgments on how the Intelligence Community uses the authorities that have been granted by the American people,” said Ben Huebner, Chief, ODNI Civil Liberties, Privacy, and Transparency Office. “We are therefore pleased to publish our seventh annual statistical transparency report. More than a list of figures, this report provides explanations and context regarding how the Intelligence Community uses key authorities. As with past reports, the information contained in today’s report will allow the public to continue a fact-based discussion on how we achieve both national security and the protection of our privacy and our liberty.”

  82. Harrison Deal Dead: Kelly Loeffler’s Staffer Dies in Car Crash. Harrison Deal, who worked as Kelly Loeffler’s field staffer died in a car crash on December 4, 2020. GA Senator Kelly Loeffler’s staffer was dating GA Gov Brian Kemp’s daughter… who was killed in a car accident today. [Interesting timing on this.] U.S. Imposes Sanctions on People’s Republic of China Officials Engaged in Coercive Influence Activities - United States Department of State. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has long sought to spread Marxist-Leninist ideology and exert its influence all over the world. [Sounds a lot like the Clintons body trail. Oh BITCH.] President-Elect Eagle: “Kelly Loeffler owns stock in Dominion? So she bought her votes. Been saying it for weeks. The GOP is on the steal. No elections, runoff or otherwise, should be held until fraud…” Lin Wood: “Are you kidding me? Kelly Loeffler bought $5-25M of Dominion stock on 3/13/20, 7 days before GA Sec of State made backroom deal with Dems to change absentee ballots without approval of legislature? Is Kelly a Communist buddy due to husband’s NYSE ownership? We must drain GA swamp.” [Yeah I straight off that his death was no accident.] Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh Dies After Being Locked Inside Burning Storage Shed. The mystery deepens into the fiery death of former Zappos CEO and Tony Hsieh. The 46-year-old billionaire died from smoke inhalation during a house fire in Connecticut. Investigators say Hsieh was locked inside a storage shed. [Bill Barr is on Dominion’s payroll! OMG!!! Dominion Energy owns the ballot voting software patent rights, and is listed as a PAC, so it is the same company. Dominion Voting Systems must be a wholly owned subsidiary. Et tu, Bill?!]

  83. Reports of the assassination of the Israeli Mossad commander Fahmi Hinawi, southeast of Tel Aviv, Israel by unknown persons. [Here they said he died… Formally. Some say is an Iranian fake… two overlapping narratives so far. Two narratives, one is an Iranian Fake - the man is known to the police, yet not a Mossad partisan. Also a high rank at Mossad died this week. The man was a constructor. From Lod.] “Information about the assassination of Fahmi Hinavi, 45 years old, a senior member of the Mossad in Israel, Tel Aviv Israel denies, they say, that the news was fabricated from sources that mourn the death of the Iranian scientist Fakhri Zadeh.” [Hey there, You should take down fake news when it’s fake, otherwise you’re part of the problem. And just as bad as main stream media. Leave it up because we discussed that there’s an issue with it. It’s fine. Others will have questions about it and they need to be able to search for the info. Yeah, I think that leaving it up as known variable makes it easer - we see it, we question, we now know it’s fake, that’s part of the dataset. Knowing fake is fake is as important as knowing real is real, because both those equations === true. So hit was not real? Conflicting stories. Two narratives. Naturally. Will be a big vol Monday if the Israelis respond.] UPDATE FROM ISRAEL: Picture from the assassination of an Mossad commander in Tel Aviv tonight. The car was attacked with several gunshots.

  84. Ian Lyne: “Thread. EVERYONE needs to hear this! Potential, VERY SERIOUS Coronavirus vaccine dangers! ‘When you get the vaccine, it appears you have an antibody response, but when you encounter the wild virus, you become much sicker!’ Wow, this really brings it home . . . ‘The people rushing to take these experimental, never before approved for human use, not properly safety tested mRNA vaccines, are literally human guinea pigs, volunteering to be experimented on.’” [This is worth researching more and could be what the 2nd more deadly virus is that Bill Gates was talking about. Please let me know the legitimacy of this 2 part video. Also let’s make sure it’s downloaded, saved and reshared if it’s legitimate. He saids the vaccine and results of those that have vaccine that get exposed to the wild strains could set up higher rate of severe covid and death of covid wiping out much of the earth’s population. Please tell me if this is fake. Must be fake then? Or take to disclosure if not the right place? Because if this is true the vaccine may really be about depopulation based on what this 2 part video is saying. And also curious if there is more video as well discussing this. I know the media does a great job by showing Europe as “actively protesting”, but this is not the real case. People are protesting only so much. Reality is, the masses here are as well as brain-dead. period. Damn that’s lame! I really was inspired by Europe. Being like wtf is wrong with the folks here in the USA!! Wonder why they paint them taking rise against the government? Americans are not told what the protesting Euros are doing. What’s your personal real life experience of what’s been going on on Europe where you live (while keeping opsec)? Feel free to expand on this. (Admins can move to private dms too) don’t want to litter chat at all. Americans are spoon fed nuggets of people protesting but leave any reason why, vague. Americans are force fed social justice movements and are told very clearly why.]

  85. Portland law expert says employers could make coronavirus vaccine mandatory. Although a potential coronavirus vaccine is still expected to be months away from widespread availability, a local law expert is already predicting some legal trouble once it arrives. Namely, in whether or not employers will require workers to take it. FOX 5 Atlanta: “Would you take a COVID-19 vaccine in exchange for another stimulus check?” [Bring out the guillotine. Not a chance. It’s going to be forced on to everyone no matter what, soon it’ll be you can’t travel, go to work or access health care unless you’re vaccinated. We’re all fucked. That’s if we allow it. Boycott every fucking business that pulls this shit. Damn straight! Strikes across the nation. Walk outs too. With THAT attitude. No one’s forcing me to do shit. Hate it for them. Exactly this. As in not directly force but by other means unless you’re prepared to live the rest of your life without going to work or doing certain things. Hope you’ve got a lot of money saved. That begs the question that one accepts their terms. I do not. I don’t consent to that. It seems most here do not. See, the thing about screwing you over in this particular way - and most of the ways they concoct to do it, to be honest - it that they require you to lay down and take it. Decide not to. There are way more of us. This is why they spend so much time and money manufacturing your consent. Because if we don’t allow them to screw us quietly, they can’t screw us. The answer is simple: Do not consent. Exactly. I believe first needs to be a higher uprising to the lockdowns and destruction of small businesses. Then when they virus shows it’s self not as deadly. Imagine how much of the United States now is more sanitary, keeping the at risk and elderly set up for protesting them for supervision cautionary measures to not get sick. Then with actual real treatment of folks getting Covid. Where will be all the overflowing hospitals and dying people? They won’t be able to spin numbers anymore. As it stands most Americans are pissed because they stretched out the pandemic into the summer with no major death count. Only pushing an increase of Covid numbers. Plus the hypocrisy of what can be allowed and not allowed. Anything supporting the leftist agenda of violent BLM/Antifa led protests and riots allowed. But no peaceful protests against lockdowns allowed. Elite and corporations can run their businesses and Amazon going strong. But small businesses have shut downs and people are losing their businesses and jobs left, destroying middle class and sink ship for the poor. Elite can enjoy their gatherings, go to the gym, get a hair cut whatever they want to do with no rules. Folks get spied on and have fines and have fear campaigns to stop family gatherings. People could not go to their loved ones funerals but they can have a huge funeral for George Floyd with mass amount of people plus mass gatherings around the country. Religious Gatherings trying to shut down. The Jewish Communities they tried to shut them down. All around me the normies are getting more and more pissed and more folks are believing less in the false narratives and all of this mass amount of control and that the destruction has been worse from the lockdowns from the virus itself. My thing is why is Europe so much more vocal and on the streets by the masses as USA acts like docile sheep especially considering we have gun rights and so much more freedom. The only thing I can think of is they redirected the George Floyd BLM Incident to push people’s anger as well a chaos to focus on this rather than the lockdowns and so diverted the masses away from what we should have been fighting and protesting. So the incident served many functions and goals. One being redirect protests and outrage away from the lockdowns and towards the larger goals hidden within the longterm strategy of Cultural Marxism and Socialism. And how do we wake folks up enough so they actually gather together to use their voice and go to the streets? If this is not the right area to share I can take it to another group. But I feel there needs to be a push to the normies to wake up and take action. Because they become the consenus for the rest of the people. If they are the majority who goes along with the agenda and also pushes everyone else to go along as well. Maybe they are not ready for what we all have learned. But they need to wake up enough to see what’s being secretly pushed for these bigger agendas in white world. Because they are marching society towards its own demise. United States needs to wake up!!These fuckers! Thank God that I don’t need their pittance of a stimulus check. Gold, silver, bitcoin. I will find a way to sustain myself if it comes to it. Hopefully USA gets smart. Violence towards dissent in Europe but at least they are uniting in resistance. Not on our watch. They want us to act like sheep and go along. Or force fear and even mass shaming from society to pressure us into submission. I hate to sound overly aggressive but at some point the people need to start going to these people’s (Soros, Rothschild, Gates) homes with pitchforks and torches and hanging them in the middle of the town square. They will take as much as we allow them to take. They need to feel intimidated. All they are doing right now is clinking their champagne glasses as they watch the madness they orchestrated unfold. The folks protesting in USA got pushed to support the agenda (problem reaction solution). Europe actually has taken action to protest in Europe against governments.] San Francisco to Join Bay Area Counties to Preemptively Adopt California’s Regional Stay at Home Order in an Effort to Contain COVID-19 Surge | Office of the Mayor. [FFS! ALERT SF: To slow COVID infections & hospitalizations, SF joins the Bay Area Regional Stay Home Order as of 12/6 at 10pm.]

  86. Pravda Pereira: “Facebook is being sued by the DOJ for discriminating against hiring American Workers and Traitor Senator Mike Lee passes S.386 when Millions of Americans are Unemployed!” U.S. Tech Workers: “Thread: The DOJ case against Facebook alleging FB was intentionally creating a hiring system to deny qualified Americans from learning about available jobs so that their H-1B workers could get Green Cards exposes the skilled-immigration scam. Sen Mike Lee’s S386 rewards this. FB & their lobbying arm FWDus like to claim there’s a shortage & they can’t find qualified Americans so they have to resort to using the H-1B program to bring in foreigners. If there were clearly no qualified Americans, why would FB need to cheat the hiring process? If there are clearly no qualified Americans, why would FB deliberately want to rig the hiring system to ensure no Americans would apply for these jobs? This suggests they clearly knew there were qualified Americans out there. They just did not want to hire them. Why does FB not want to hire Americans for software engineering positions that pay a salary of around $156K a year? Because FB wants engineers that won’t run away to other competing companies like Apple & Google (See Apple/Google labor collusion lawsuit). Thus, the H-1B visa provides the perfect tool for FB to ensure they can keep a software worker INDENTURED unable to freely switch employers because the worker’s H-1B is tied to FB & also wants to remain loyal for eventual Green Card sponsorship down the line. The H-1B visa does NOT require employers to prove they first tried hiring Americans. But the Employment-Based Green Card does. So FB had to find ways to deny qualified Americans so their compliant H-1Bs could get GCs. EVERY company is doing this. Not just FB. Immigration lawyers are the ones that assist companies like FB to disqualify qualified American workers. The Programmer’s Guild has an infamous video of immigration lawyers coaching employers on how to disqualify qualified American candidates. FB is a top PERM (Green Card) applicant & a top H-1B employer. In FY19, it was the # 6 PERM applicant (see below) and # 9 H-1B employer. The DOJ lawsuit shows that the labor certification process (PERM) – the primary mechanism to protect US workers - is a complete sham! We know this scam goes beyond FB. USDOL OIG report even says that the labor certification process is a total joke. The USDOL is essentially entrusting employers like FB to advertise the jobs to Americans. When you give employers this control, what incentive do they have to follow the rule? “We advertised the job & couldn’t find Americans”. You just have to take their word. So how does this tie to Sen Mike Lee’s S386? Those waiting in line for their Employment-Based Green Cards have never undergone any genuine labor market test. They never went through it for H-1B (or L-1 or OPT) & the process for PERM was a sham as we have explained here. Because most of these employers are just as guilty as FB in deliberately finding ways to reject qualified Americans, most of these H-1B candidates for Green Cards should not be deserving of them. Lee’s S386 rewards this sham system. Why is FB & their lobbying arm FWD[dot]us lobbying to get Sen Mike Lee’s passed? Well, they supported the original version of the bill without certain amendments. They just wanted country caps to be removed so it would create a train wreck in the system. If S386 were to pass, it would create even larger backlogs for everyone. This would then force congress to have no choice but to INCREASE the number of Green Cards available each year. More Green Cards means FB gets to entice more new eager H-1B workers to come work for them.”

  87. Video of voter fraud. “There is no evidence of voter fraud.” - DoJ. Ali: “BOOM: House and Senate Republicans Issue Letters Calling on Congress to Dispute PA’s Electors, Law Enforcement to Review 2020 Election.” NWO voter fraud compilation. Disclose TV: “Georgia senate runoffs: Kelly Loeffler’s staffer just died in an accident. Loeffler did not appear at a rally in Savannah with Vice President Pence.” Trump: “Thank you to Senate President Karen Fann and House Speaker Russell Bowers - and all, for what you are doing in Arizona. A fast check of signatures will easily give us the state. Votes against have been reduced to a very small number!” New Video Raising Questions About Election Fraud Allegations. Bernard B. Kerik: “Michigan State Judge orders forensic inspection of Antrim County election machines, and prohibits the destructions of evidence relating to the 2020 election.” Amuse: “President Trump’s legal team will be at the Supreme Court in seven minutes. Take a moment to pray for them, the president, and our nation.” [Was on a call with Dr. Jerome Corsi, today who is advising Trump Lawyers. He’s a good source on what’s going on in DC and is an expert on Constitutional Law. Will post Zoom call later. Rumor on the street is Supreme Court can’t wait for the election fraud to reach them.] “Jerome Corsi. American conservative author.” “My patriot friends: If you are not tracking Jerome Corsi in his daily presentations regarding the constitutional issues with regard to this election, you should be. I have been breathing his daily interviews. Here is one from today. Thanks to my dear pal, Mark Victor Hansen, a long time friend of Jerome, we have arranged a Zoom call with Corsi on Friday at 1:30 PST for my group of Patriots.” [Uncle Clarence has been waiting for decade!!!] Attorney Bill Price Under Investigation For Encouraging People To Vote In Georgia. [So is Biden going to be chosen by the electoral college or what? I thought that the toys were all being put back in the chest in anticipation for it.] ViKtoriia: “Ruby the suitcase vote lady. She apparently has a history of…let me check notes…FRAUD!” Dr. Shiva: “The 3 questions ANY LAWYER serious about fighting election fraud must ask: 1) Where are ballot images? 2) Why do Sec. of State DESTROY ballot images? 3) Why has DOJ William Barr NOT indicted those who destroyed ballot images that must be retained for 22 months per 52 USC 20701? [Seriously, indictments should be rolling out like checks on payday.] CLEAR Evidence of Fraud Before Georgia Senate Committee 12_3_20. Watch “CLEAR Evidence of Fraud Before Georgia Senate Committee 12_3_20” on Streamable. [This is what panic looks like. It’s like they all have the same training lol. Remember Podesta saying Pizzagate was debunked?] Dr. Corsi Files a Petition with SCOTUS on Election, Petitions Supreme Court for Judicial Review By Jerome R. Corsi, Ph. D. Yesterday, I filed a petition with the Supreme Court asking for judicial review of the 2020 presidential election. Dr. Jerome Corsi: “Yesterday, Thursday, Dec 3, I filed a Petition with SCOTUS asking for Judicial Review of the Failed Election. Read the petition here on CorsiNation website. Filed with Justice Alito.”

  88. Which Government Agency is responsible for Technology Transfers? To the White World? Department of Energy. Because of Nikola Tesla files went to DOE. Start keeping an eye on Department of Energy. You will noticed there is not a per se news section on their site. You must dig using publications. DOE is in charge of the black budget. And Manhattan Project / Project Montauk were DOE. Yes. Oppenheimer was DOE. So was Trump’s uncle and mentor. DOE is in charge of toys development via energy projects. They are also in charge of Technology Transfers. When you break it down, It all goes down to power aka energy. The DOE is the most powerful Agency on the Planet in both Worlds and among the 4 factions. Anyone who thinks otherwise is still living behind the veil and in for a rude awakening once Open Eyes commences in a 2nd Trump Presidency. And yes the implants are real. Once even parodied in the original PlayStation 9 commercial in 1999. Neuralink is the cover, for mass adoption that Blue Wizard Elon is doing on behalf of our beloved Blue Faction in regards to neural implants with the White World. Within your lifetime you will make the choice to enhance or not. The factions and choosing which sides matter. Lesson on 101 on Dept of Energy done for now. Correct. Both Wizards were with the DOE. So is it good to go the Elon way or just refuse them both? Watch Time Tunnel. It’s the best White World exposure of the chips. Doing it now. I watched Jericho & Greenland. How did you like it, what did you learn? Did you learn what to do and not to do? From Jericho, first there was the blast, then came the blackout, I don’t like it that they romanticize it for TV and put it love stories and what not, as for Greenland, I’m not sure where the planes that took off went, if they went to the bunkers or they had suicide pilots in them, so I’m not sure if I should get on that plane but my take from it was not to disclose medical info (the child) regardless of the situation. I’m sorry, I’m still new to this whole thing so everything you guys say and post here is like Chinese for me. Oh I’ve seen the first two episodes of Japan is Sinking as well. And for the BOLD seeking to see how far mankind has truly reached, for the ones truly ready to go through hardships and need be die in this world and leave it all behind. Take the first step. That depends if you are offered a seat or considered essential in an Extinction Level Event only 1% of the population would be offered an Essential Personnel status. As for the planes they either went to Greenland : Alaska : Colorado : Mount Weather : Argentina : Norway or Antarctica. Dept of “everything.” Ditto. Lol. So that would be Norway or Antartica for us Europeans? And yes, I figured that the common folk would not be invited on a plane. I just wish my mind would work better in understanding the happenings in the world but it’s a bit difficult to rewire your brain in the midst of it all. What’s your long term goal. Elon doesn’t sound mandatory but bill gates does. Which matches with your long term goal. Ima watch this thing too. DOE: “Our Mission. The mission of the Energy Department is to ensure America’s security and prosperity by addressing its energy, environmental and nuclear challenges through transformative science and technology solutions." The DOE was created to govern policies regarding the nation’s nuclear weapons program, naval reactor production, energy-related supervision, and domestic energy production. “The DOE/NNSA has federal responsibility for the design, testing and production of all nuclear weapons.” Keyword “All.” Which means if any branch wants to play they must ask for DOE’s ok. Pay attention to this. POTUS appoints DOE: Secretary, Deputy Secretary, 3 Under Secretaries, 7 Assistant Secretaries. No chance of appointing friends at the DOE chain of command. “The department is under the control and supervision of a United States Secretary of Energy, a political appointee of the President of the United States. The Energy Secretary is assisted in managing the department by a United States Deputy Secretary of Energy, also appointed by the president, who assumes the duties of the secretary in his absence. The department also has three under secretaries, each appointed by the president, who oversee the major areas of the department’s work. The president also appoints seven officials with the rank of Assistant Secretary of Energy who have line management responsibility for major organizational elements of the Department.” Is MJ12 up for re-election? I think that adds up. It shows you how the projects work. Every appointee is handpicked by POTUS. The most important department doesn’t leave leadership to chance. If POTUS wins again. They do a lot in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Which is also where SpaceX launched their rockets from.

  89. Wilderness Training from the CIA Archives. A lot has changed since the CIA was founded in 1947. Sweeping advancements in technology, a new and evolving threat landscape, and the nuances of an increasingly globalized world mean that the CIA of today looks remarkably different from the CIA of yesteryear. CIA’s headquarters in Langley, Virginia, was built in 1952, predating the Internet, the personal computer, and yes, even the microwave oven. And while the CIA has evolved tremendously over the years, there are certain elements of our mission that are, for lack of a better word, timeless. In 1951, CIA instructors developed “Introduction to Survival,” a course meant to prepare Agency officers with the skills needed not only to survive—but thrive—in wilderness conditions. Documents declassified in August of 2000 include a nearly 300-page course manual that guided students through the core principles of wilderness survival, including parachute jumping, ground navigation, hunting and stalking techniques, fire building, personal hygiene, first aid and much, much more. “It cannot be too strongly impressed on all personnel,” the manual says, “that what they are learning in this course is for their own personal benefit and to provide them with as much knowledge as possible so that if they are ever forced down in uninhabited regions, they will be able to exist until help arrives.” The course acts as a self-described “personal insurance policy” that officers should avail themselves of; if only to be prepared should the worst happen. You may not have the time to peruse this 300-page document, so we’ve done the leg work for you. After combing through every page of the 1951 “Introduction to Survival” manual, here are our key takeaways, should you ever be stuck in the wild, “three hundred miles from the nearest habitation with nothing except what is on your back.” Be aware that these key takeaways generally revolve around the ‘soft’ skills of wilderness survival. Those interested in the ‘hard’ skills should explore the original document in its entirety, where there are very useful tips on building shelters, hunting, fishing, land navigation and all manners of wilderness survival skills. Be Patient. “A novice will view the landscape from the top of a hill with what he considers is care and interest and then say, ‘let’s go.’ The experienced man will clean his binoculars, settle down comfortable and start surveying the surrounding countryside carefully.” Patience truly is a virtue, one that will pay dividends – as it turns out – in wilderness survival situations. This seems to be a reoccurring theme throughout the survival manual, where instructors tout methodical movement and intentional action as key to a successful outcome. From choosing the most favorable route to civilization, to stalking game and fishing, to constructing a dependable raft, diligent and meticulous planning will define the true survivalist. Be Observant. “Careful and intelligent observation will train you to interpret correctly the things you see, whether they are distant landmarks or a broken twig at your feet.” The development of acute observational skills is essential to the toolkit of every survivalist, according to the manual. Land navigation, wild game hunting, and campsite selection can all be improved with intelligent observation. Observational skills can be especially important, in the case of the CIA officers for which this training was intended, if traveling in hostile territory. “Where populations are unfriendly,” the manual notes, “it will be necessary to travel at night.” Don’t be a Jerk. “Some men who are forced to live under crowded conditions, such as that to be experienced in snow houses become irritable and ‘get on each other’s nerves.’ The feeling of animosity among two or more men can destroy the efficiency of a whole part to a greater degree than illness of physical injury.” It may seem an obvious one, but when forced into a trying situation and treacherous conditions, maintaining your reputation as an agreeable travel companion may not rank very high on the priority list. Not sure exactly how to stay on good terms with your compadres? Luckily, the survival manual has given us a concise, but foolproof list of ‘do nots’:

  • Uncleanliness while handling food
  • Dirty or ill-smelling clothing
  • Occupying more than a rightful amount of space in the shelter
  • Slackness on the job so that others are forced to do more than their share
  • Eating more than the right share of an allowed food ration
  • Constant complaining
    So, in short, don’t be a jerk. It could save your life. Practice Your Skills. “Trail-walking practices develop progressively and instinctively with time, and a clear mind will register observations and form deductions almost subconsciously.”
    This course, as we mentioned earlier, was described to students as a ‘personal insurance policy’ against death in a wilderness survival situation. Just like a car insurance policy, if you don’t “pay” your policy— or in this case, practice the skills you need—you can’t expect coverage in the event of an accident. In nearly every section of the course, the instructors implore students to practice the skills learned. By practicing land navigation, shelter building and fire building, we can commit the skill to muscle-memory so that when they are called-upon in a real-life situation we are prepared to survive. Take Care of Your Gear. “In survival you are on your own as far as your clothing is concerned. There is no re-supply and what you have must last you until the emergency is over. Learn now how to wear properly and care for your clothing.” The proper cleaning, protection and general maintenance of clothing and gear are among the top concerns of the adept wilderness survivalist. It is a theme routinely discussed throughout this manual, whether the instructor is discussing clothing care and maintenance, proper cleaning and protection of weapons, methods to clean and sanitize cooking and eating utensils or proper packing to ensure your gear remains dry. When traveling in the wilderness with limited resources at your disposal, it is important to care for all of your gear so that it can properly care for you. Stay Clean. “Most of us have a tendency, when relieved of civilized environment and the social requirements of civilization, to relax and show complete disregard in our daily cleanliness habits.” It’s easy, in an emergency situation, to preoccupy our thoughts with an escape plan. So easy, in fact, that we might lose sight of those things which are essential to survival, paramount among them being cleanliness. Personal hygiene, campsite and clothing cleanliness are all important to sustained survival in the wilderness. Any number of infections and diseases can spread through unwashed clothing, skin or cooking utensils. So, if possible, prioritize a regular personal hygiene routine. Stay Calm. “More important than any specific thing I can tell you to do, or not to do in a certain situation, is to emphasize the necessity of your remaining calm and using your common sense. If each of you do this, you will properly evaluate each condition with the environment and situation present and know better what to do at the time than I could possibly hope to inform you.” This key takeaway needs no explanation: The calm person is least likely to make a hasty decision. They are the least likely to bite off more than they can chew. Their approach is more likely to be thoughtful, rational and methodical, and is the most likely to yield a positive result. It is sometimes difficult to maintain composure when the odds are stacked against you, but doing so is sure to pay off in the long term.
    Preparedness has always—and continues to be—a core element of the intelligence officer’s toolkit. Our analysts prepare briefings for policymakers that anticipate the many possible outcomes from a given scenario. Operations officers, when meeting with sources, take great care in developing primary, secondary and even tertiary plans to adequately defend the secrecy of their meetings. As intelligence officers, we are trained to think of every possible eventuality, and to prepare a thoughtful and considered response. That fact was as true in 1951 as it is today.
  1. NGA Tearline: Project Wosan - A Look Into Kim Jong Un’s Approach to Construction. GEOINT analysis show construction spikes in May 2019 after an April 2019 visit from Kim Jong Un. What is NGA Tearline? NGA is partnering with expert private groups to grow public-facing, authoritative open source intelligence on various strategic and humanitarian intelligence topics that tend to be under-reported within long-form format. This authoritative open source content will be cited for internal purposes and it will grow public trust by increasing transparency around shared public-private interest in various strategic and humanitarian intelligence topics that are fit for public consumption. Throughout his tenure, Kim Jong Un has shown a preference for being hands-on for high priority projects, whether overseeing multiple missile tests or guiding the course of major construction projects, to ensure his goals are accomplished. The development of the Wonsan-Kalma Coastal Tourism Area reflects this emerging pattern of Kim’s leadership. Given the current political environment and ongoing pandemic, Kim’s attention may not return to Wonsan in the near term. In fact, Voice of Korea recently reported that builders from the beach resort have been diverted to help with flood damage rehabilitation efforts in Phangyo County of the Kangwon Province, presumably slowing resort construction efforts even further for the time being. NGA Tearline: Geolocating Growth of Suspect “Boarding” Facilities in Xinjiang China. In this second Tearline report, RAND used NGA-funded commercial imagery and public Google Earth layers to identify 55 additional suspect facilities in Yutian (Keriya) County suspected of housing young children. The construction of these facilities coincided with a publicly stated policy to build “boarding schools” in Xinjiang. Western researchers and press allege that Xinjiang authorities are using repurposed and newly built schools to board Uyghur youth as part of a policy of intergenerational separation. GEOINT analysis shows steady construction progress in both 2017 and 2019 of suspect facilities in southern Xinjiang. NGA Tearline: Sustainability of China’s Overseas Special Economic Zones. China’s economic diplomacy has encouraged the use of special economic zones (SEZs) abroad. These areas of specialized regulation and incentives are aimed at attracting foreign investment. However, China’s emphasis on SEZs to promote quick economic growth has raised questions about whether China is sacrificing sustainable development for speed. Evaluating the impact of SEZ development on land, water and air using satellite imagery, we identify examples of where zones appear to be succeeding or struggling to preserve and protect their local environmental conditions. Through imagery, we can identify subtle changes in the environment and apparent violations of sustainability principles in some Chinese SEZs, including dumping and landfills. GEOINT is also valuable for mapping local infrastructure around current or future zones to predict the environmental areas of greatest need. Social sustainability revolves around how the zone treats its workers and the surrounding community. We observed variation in the provision of housing, training facilities and quality of infrastructure supporting workers’ commutes. Imagery can provide insight into the level of support a zone provides for its workers, but often leaves unanswered questions. Contextual research about how these facilities are being used is important to providing a balanced assessment. Despite significant strides in implementing domestic regulation to curb environmental degradation, the Zambia-China Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone (ZCCZ) is an example of gaps that exist in China’s sustainability practices overseas. This article analyzes the shortcomings China has yet to overcome in upholding its commitment to environmental standards within its SEZ in Zambia’s mining sector. NGA Tearline: ‘Re-Education’ Policies Fuel Explosive Growth in Preschools in Western China. China’s detention since 2017 of more than one million ethnic Turkic Muslim adults in its northwestern province of Xinjiang has been widely reported and accepted at face value as a matter of US policy, but the fate of the children separated from their parents as a result of these policies has received less coverage. Twenty facilities that imagery analysis, press and professional journals suggest house Uighur children have been identified in this first study of geolocating China’s detention infrastructure targeting Uighurs and other Muslim minority groups. NGA Tearline: The Ice Curtain - Kola Peninsula. GEOINT analysis shows steady construction and modernization activity. GEOINT analysis shows mostly slow construction and modernization progress at Severomorsk-1 Air base – upgrades at Severomorsk-1 Air base increases Russia’s operational readiness, presence, and capabilities in the northwest Arctic region, improving domain awareness and operational capacity around the Kola Peninsula. Further upgrades would expand operational capacity towards the GIUK-N Gap. However, GEOINT analysis shows slow construction progress. New Missile Storage Facility at Okolnaya Submarine Support Base – GEOINT analysis confirms Russian public declarations to expand the storage facilities at Okolnaya submarine support base and Gadzhiyevo submarine base.Expanded maritime assets add to Russia’s “defense in depth” of the Kola peninsula while stealthier submarines enhance the regime’s survivability and challenge NATO’s sea lanes of communication in the North Atlantic. NGA Tearline: North Korea’s Hydroelectric Power. The Paektusan Hero Youth Power Stations. North Korea’s northeastern provinces, especially Ryanggang Province, play an important role in the country’s hydropower development plans. The Paektusan power station project was designed to provide uninterrupted electrical power to this area, where the recently opened showcase city of Samjiyon is situated, to fuel its success. GEOINT analysis shows concerted efforts to complete the Paektusan Hero Youth Power stations to provide power to Samjiyon City while older, underperforming dams in the northeastern provinces may be being repurposed. NGA Releases 2020 Update to the World Magnetic Model. If you use GPS or have ever flown on a plane, you’ve relied on data from the WMM. The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, in partnership with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the British Geological Survey has released their 2020 update to the World Magnetic Model. While you may not know it by name, you probably benefit from the WMM every day since it’s part of what helps your phone know exactly where you are (or where your phone is when you’ve lost it). But the WMM has even bigger implications for navigation in challenging parts of the globe. WMM is the standard model used by the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.K. Ministry of Defence, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the International Hydrographic Organization, for navigation, attitude and heading referencing systems using the geomagnetic field. It is also used widely in civilian navigation and heading systems. That means that ships, planes, submarines and more all rely on its accurate measurements for safe passage in areas where traditional compasses become unreliable, which is a bigger problem than you might think.

  2. Recent US Senate Floor Activity
    Thursday, December 3, 2020
    The President pro tempore called the Senate to order at 10 a.m., the Chaplain offered a prayer, and the President pro tempore led the Senate in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America.
    The Journal
    Pursuant to the order of yesterday, the Journal of the proceedings of the Senate was deemed approved to date.
    Certain Procedures Dispensed With
    Pursuant to the order of yesterday, the morning hour being deemed expired, and the times for the recognition of the two leaders being reserved.
    Transaction of Morning Business
    The following transactions of morning business occurred on today.
    Legislative Business (Thursday, December 3)
    H.R. 473 (Rep. Neguse): A bill to authorize the Every Word We Utter Monument to establish a commemorative work in the District of Columbia and its environs, and for other purposes.
    – Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources discharged by Unanimous Consent.
    – Passed Senate without amendment by Unanimous Consent.
    H.R. 2246 (Rep. Guest): A bill to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 201 West Cherokee Street in Brookhaven, Mississippi, as the “Deputy Donald William Durr, Corporal Zach Moak, and Patrolman James White Memorial Post Office Building”.
    – Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs discharged by Unanimous Consent.
    – Passed Senate without amendment by Unanimous Consent.
    H.R. 2454 (Rep. Johnson): A bill to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 123 East Sharpfish Street in Rosebud, South Dakota, as the “Ben Reifel Post Office Building”.
    – Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs discharged by Unanimous Consent.
    – Passed Senate without amendment by Unanimous Consent.
    H.R. 2969 (Rep. Soto): A bill to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 1401 1st Street North in Winter Haven, Florida, as the “Althea Margaret Daily Mills Post Office Building”.
    – Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs discharged by Unanimous Consent.
    – Passed Senate without amendment by Unanimous Consent.
    H.R. 3005 (Rep. Peters): A bill to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 13308 Midland Road in Poway, California, as the “Ray Chavez Post Office Building”.
    – Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs discharged by Unanimous Consent.
    – Passed Senate without amendment by Unanimous Consent.
    H.R. 3275 (Rep. Joyce): A bill to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 340 Wetmore Avenue in Grand River, Ohio, as the “Lance Corporal Andy ‘Ace’ Nowacki Post Office”.
    – Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs discharged by Unanimous Consent.
    – Passed Senate without amendment by Unanimous Consent.
    H.R. 3680 (Rep. Kustoff): To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 415 North Main Street in Henning, Tennessee, as the “Paula Croom Robinson and Judy Spray Memorial Post Office Building”.
    – Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs discharged by Unanimous Consent.
    – Passed Senate without amendment by Unanimous Consent.
    H.R. 3847 (Rep. McEachin): A bill to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 117 West Poythress Street in Hopewell, Virginia, as the “Reverend Curtis West Harris Post Office Building”.
    – Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs discharged by Unanimous Consent.
    – Passed Senate without amendment by Unanimous Consent.
    H.R. 3870 (Rep. Espaillat): A bill to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 511 West 165th Street in New York, New York, as the “Normandia Maldonado Post Office Building”.
    – Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs discharged by Unanimous Consent.
    – Passed Senate without amendment by Unanimous Consent.
    H.R. 4034 (Rep. Kilmer): A bill to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 602 Pacific Avenue in Bremerton, Washington, as the “John Henry Turpin Post Office Building”.
    – Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs discharged by Unanimous Consent.
    – Passed Senate without amendment by Unanimous Consent.
    H.R. 4200 (Rep. Tipton): A bill to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 321 South 1st Street in Montrose, Colorado , as the “Sergeant David Kinterknecht Post Office”.
    – Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs discharged by Unanimous Consent.
    – Passed Senate without amendment by Unanimous Consent.
    H.R. 4279 (Rep. Keller): A bill to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 445 Main Street in Laceyville, Pennsylvania, as the “Melinda Gene Piccotti Post Office”.
    – Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs discharged by Unanimous Consent.
    – Passed Senate without amendment by Unanimous Consent.
    H.R. 4672 (Rep. Khanna): A bill to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 21701 Stevens Creek Boulevard in Cupertino , California, as the “Petty Officer 2nd Class (SEAL) Matthew G. Axelson Post Office Building”.
    – Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs discharged by Unanimous Consent.
    – Passed Senate without amendment by Unanimous Consent.
    H.R. 4725 (Rep. Lamborn): A bill to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 8585 Criterion Drive in Colorado Springs, Colorado, as the “Chaplain (Capt.) Dale Goetz Memorial Post Office Building”.
    – Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs discharged by Unanimous Consent.
    – Passed Senate without amendment by Unanimous Consent.
    H.R. 4785 (Rep. Hurd): A bill to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 1305 U.S. Highway 90 West in Castroville, Texas, as the “Lance Corporal Rhonald Dain Rairdan Post Office”.
    – Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs discharged by Unanimous Consent.
    – Passed Senate without amendment by Unanimous Consent.
    H.R. 4875 (Rep. Gonzalez): A bill to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 2201 E. Maple Street in North Canton, Ohio , as the “Lance Cpl. Stacy ‘Annie’ Dryden Post Office”.
    – Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs discharged by Unanimous Consent.
    – Passed Senate without amendment by Unanimous Consent.
    H.R. 4971 (Rep. Wexton): A bill to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 15 East Market Street in Leesburg, Virginia, as the “Norman Duncan Post Office Building”.
    – Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs discharged by Unanimous Consent.
    – Passed Senate without amendment by Unanimous Consent.
    H.R. 4975 (Rep. Spanberger): A bill to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 1201 Sycamore Square Drive in Midlothian, Virginia, as the “Dorothy Braden Bruce Post Office Building”.
    – Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs discharged by Unanimous Consent.
    – Passed Senate without amendment by Unanimous Consent.
    H.R. 5062 (Rep. Demings): A bill to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 9930 Conroy Windermere Road in Windermere, Florida, as the “Officer Robert German Post Office Building”.
    – Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs discharged by Unanimous Consent.
    – Passed Senate without amendment by Unanimous Consent.
    H.R. 5307 (Rep. Sewell): To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 115 Nicol Avenue in Thomasville, Alabama, as the “Postmaster Robert Ingram Post Office”.
    – Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs discharged by Unanimous Consent.
    – Passed Senate without amendment by Unanimous Consent.
    H.R. 5317 (Rep. Fletcher): A bill to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 315 Addicks Howell Road in Houston, Texas, as the “Deputy Sandeep Singh Dhaliwal Post Office Building”.
    – Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs discharged by Unanimous Consent.
    – Passed Senate without amendment by Unanimous Consent.
    H.R. 5954 (Rep. Slotkin): A bill to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 108 West Maple Street in Holly, Michigan, as the “Holly Veterans Memorial Post Office”.
    – Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs discharged by Unanimous Consent.
    – Passed Senate without amendment by Unanimous Consent.
    H.R. 6395 (Rep. Smith): To authorize appropriations for fiscal year 2021 for military activities of the Department of Defense, for military construction, and for defense activities of the Department of Energy, to prescribe military personnel strengths for such fiscal year, and for other purposes.
    – Conference papers: Senate report and manager’s statement held at the desk in Senate.
    H.Con.Res. 125 (Rep. Clay): A concurrent resolution directing the Clerk of the House of Representatives to make a correction in the enrollment of H.R. 1830.
    – Received in the Senate, considered, and agreed to without amendment by Unanimous Consent.
    S. 4409 (Sen. Durbin): A bill to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 303 East Mississippi Avenue in Elwood, Illinois, as the “Lawrence M. ‘Larry’ Walsh Sr. Post Office”.
    – Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs discharged by Unanimous Consent.
    – Passed Senate without amendment by Unanimous Consent.
    S. 4684 (Sen. Enzi): A bill to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 440 Arapahoe Street in Thermopolis, Wyoming, as the “Robert L. Brown Post Office”.
    – Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs discharged by Unanimous Consent.
    – Passed Senate without amendment by Unanimous Consent.
    S.Res. 791 (Sen. Coons): A resolution designating November 2020 as “National College Application Month”.
    – Submitted in the Senate, considered, and agreed to without amendment and with a preamble by Voice Vote.
    S.Res. 792 (Sen. McConnell): A resolution to authorize representation by the Senate Legal Counsel in the case of Chad Michael Frein v. Dianne Feinstein.
    – Submitted in the Senate, considered, and agreed to without amendment and with a preamble by Unanimous Consent.
    S.Res. 793 (Sen. Rubio): A resolution remembering the December 6, 2019, terrorist attack at Naval Air Station Pensacola and commemorating those who lost their lives, and those who were injured, in the line of duty.
    – Submitted in the Senate, considered, and agreed to without amendment and with a preamble by Unanimous Consent.
    Executive Business (Thursday, December 3)
    PN1246: Lanny Erdos, of Ohio, to be Director of the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement
    – Considered by Senate.
    – Confirmed by the Senate by Voice Vote.
    PN1384: Stephen Sidney Schwartz, of Virginia, to be a Judge of the United States Court of Federal Claims for a term of fifteen years
    – Motion to proceed to executive session to consideration of nomination agreed to in Senate by Voice Vote.
    – Cloture motion presented in Senate.
    – By unanimous consent agreement, debate 12/7/2020.
    PN1423: Christopher Waller, of Minnesota, to be a Member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System for a term of fourteen years from February 1, 2016
    – Considered by Senate.
    – Confirmed by the Senate by Yea-Nay Vote. 48 - 47. Record Vote Number: 251
    PN1913: Liam P. Hardy, of Virginia, to be a Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces for the term of fifteen years to expire on the date prescribed by law
    – Cloture invoked in Senate by Yea-Nay Vote. 61 - 34. Record Vote Number: 252
    – Considered by Senate.
    – Confirmed by the Senate by Yea-Nay Vote. 59 - 34. Record Vote Number: 253
    PN2239: Nathan A. Simington, of Virginia, to be a Member of the Federal Communications Commission for a term of five years from July 1, 2019
    – Motion to proceed to executive session to consideration of nomination agreed to in Senate by Voice Vote.
    – Cloture motion presented in Senate.
    By unanimous consent, on the request of Mr. Blunt, at 5:09 p.m., the Senate adjourned, under its order of today, until 3 p.m. on Monday, December 7, 2020.

  3. E-4B Nightwatch flying. The fun started about an hour ago in all these spots: Lakewood, CA; NYC; Brooklyn, NY; Copenhagen, Denmark; Lots of reports near Austin, TX. EMSC: “Map of felt reports received so far following the earthquake M3.7 in Southern California 45 min ago. Estimated population in the felt area: 1.2 millions inhabitants.” The War Continues. Winter, where are the birds? Blocking radar = jagged flightpath. Watching explorers (1985). This movie is nuts lol. I’m surprised they allow it. One of the kids is German too lmao. I can post more when it’s done. About 40 min left. It’s how we recruit. Compare it to Rick and Morty and you’ll start to understand the first half of the film is disclosure, second half fantasy. Look for birds in Long Beach. Long Beach Post: “If you’re hearing tons of fireworks tonight, that would be the Lakewood’s holiday fireworks show. The city had a big show planned and paid for for July 3, but it had to be postponed. The show tonight is 3 coordinated shows in different parts of the city.” AGAIN!!! Damn Neighbors firing off Fireworks in December. Was that a gunshot or fireworks? Find the Green Door. A LIFETIME OF SILENCE BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR. It’s not fireworks. Stay Away From The Fireworks. Stay out of the tunnels. LOL i had the ‘Predators’ soundtrack playing when this popped up… scared the hell out of me. Damn french horns. Yes. Please - dear god - stay away, stay out, stay safe. If you haven’t listened to this yet, please do. Understand the intensity of the training the troops complete to even think about going down there. It’s no joke. Respect. “A Talk With The US Army’s Underground Warfare Expert - Modern War Institute. In this episode of MWI’s Urban Warfare Project Podcast, John Spencer is joined by retired Sgt. Maj. Joe Vega. He works for the US Army’s Asymmetric Warfare Group.” Ok… i’m listening now.

  4. 38 Janets for 2020-12-04, Nevada time (PST):
    0340 N273RH JANET11
    0407 N859WP JANET33
    0436 N273RH JANET22
    0442 N319BD JANET55
    0504 N859WP JANET44
    0510 N288DP JANET77
    0538 N273RH JANET65
    0607 N859WP JANET43
    0620 N288DP JANET88
    0622 N319BD JANET24
    0638 N365SR JANET31
    0656 N273RH JANET76
    0709 N288DP JANET87
    0709 N859WP JANET54
    0738 N319BD JANET75
    0808 N273RH JANET53
    0809 N288DP JANET18
    0823 N859WP JANET17
    0906 N20RA N20RA
    0910 N288DP JANET41
    0956 N654BA N654BA
    1014 N859WP JANET42
    1113 N859WP JANET46
    1142 N319BD JANET64
    1251 N319BD JANET47
    1322 N365SR JANET86
    1409 N365SR JANET27
    1424 N288DP JANET82
    1507 N273RH JANET74
    1521 N859WP JANET82
    1607 N859WP JANET15
    1608 N319BD JANET48
    1620 N273RH JANET37
    1621 N365SR JANET62
    1701 N365SR JANET61
    1735 N859WP JANET26
    1812 N273RH JANET68
    1818 N365SR JANET72

  5. EAMs per Alaska day:
    2020-11-20 #########
    2020-11-21 ##########
    2020-11-22 ###########
    2020-11-23 ########################
    2020-11-24 ##
    2020-11-25 ###########
    2020-11-26 #
    2020-11-27 #####
    2020-11-28 ##
    2020-11-29 ##
    2020-11-30 #
    2020-12-01 ####
    2020-12-02 ##########
    2020-12-03 #########
    2020-12-04 #########