Australian toilet paper shortage

Australian toilet paper shortage

⤺ reposted by @Gift_from_god from In Henan, the grandmother suspected of having the new coronavirus and was afraid to spread it to her family. So tried to commit suicide

but why toilet paper

Because very important

St. Peter’s Square completely empty at 1:40 today, Rome time

The Vatican has just announced: St. Peter’s Basilica will be closed until April 3

for what

for shitting, what else?

How much do these people poop?! I could probabaly make a couple rolls last months haha

Try live for 1-2day without toilet paper

yes have you heard of water

Forced Quarantine

How about… if water service stopped

I know, but seriously some people grabbed like 40 rolls!

You should consider every possible scenario

if the water stops then toilet paper or toiletry items will be the least of your concern

They are preparing if Mandatory Quarantine happens

How far behind are you guys

How soon in US ??

1 month before its everywhere in the US

Nice drive around Rome

No then will it be your first concern. You don’t need water and can dispose them into a hole in the garden.

Ok. Well Ive got plenty.