Australian state law empowers officials to forcibly remove underwear to administer vaccine

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What in the actual fuck?


Holy fuck

These Motherfuckers

Now click this,

Search completely EOD!
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They are scrubbing hard on Twitter

Western Australia. The legislation was recently updated and the section above now appears on page 109 (or 95 depending on what browser you’re using).$FILE/Public%20Health%20Act%202016%20-%20[00-e0-00].pdf?OpenElement

You might read this and wonder, why would the state want to forcibly remove your underwear to administer a vaccine?

Because vaccines are administered via IM (intramuscular injection) and the most practical means for forcibly injecting a person against their will would be to restrain that person in a “face down” position, remove that persons pants/underwear then administer the drug in the glute region. It would be much more difficult to try to inject the drug into an alternative muscle region if the person being injected was resisting.

The point being, before passing this legislation the state has really thought about the easiest way to forcibly inject somebody.

Hello All,

Just to let you know ive been doing hourly backups of Twitter and Flightracker 24
They are really working it now.
new team in shifts information is disappearing within an hour or less.

Next up Flights for the Day

Tuesday 20.pdf

From my assessment

48 Janet’s today and 61 total this week for those keeping score

The flights to Vancouver could be Chinese Elites fleeing to Vancouver or the latter, more Chinese Troops reporting to potential active duty near the border

I’ve flagged area ill keep on it tonight , the number of janets today is very concerning

50 % Personnel and 50% Supplies/cargo etc

They rarely truck in supplies

under that assumption we should see equal or more tomorrow , number of flights in air globally has also increased by 10%, ps as i type this they are already scrubbing janet logs …but i got it all an hour ago…sorry to slow

The moment to panic is when the flights stop :stop_sign: all together

What does a high/low number of Janets imply…? :sweat_smile:


Rich aware folks escaping in their private jets?

No flights going into Area 51 the best and brightest going deep underground while the world goes to shit. You can’t buy yourself a seat :seat: into Area 51

It’s all based on a meritocracy

So when our most secretive military bases keep having the highest recorded number of flights in the history of base

It’s very much a cause of concern

Now I understand, thanks!

Then Twitter under government orders (EOD/End of Day) to scrub Janet flights from search :flashlight: is another cause of concern

Imagine the public finding out that COG/ Continuity of Government is underway.

All of this should be of great concern

Remember Rich Qataris last week fleeing to London because they are not Elite enough to get into New Zealand