At this point in time, you're more likely to have the regular flu.

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At this point in time, you’re more likely to have the regular flu.
Hang in there and let us know how it went.

They give me the results right know and is not pneumonia :partying_face: thanks!!! :kissing_heart:

Why do they need to be an inseparable duo?
If people are wearing the half face respirator with goggles, would that not work?

But just for share the difference between what they say and what they do

Phew :slightly_smiling_face: That’s great news.

Did the healthcare workers wear masks? Probably not, lol.

And it’s really terrible use mask when you can’t breath well and cough… headache for sure!!! :triumph: poor people :worried:

They don’t


welp i meant breathing protection and eye protection

Diamond princess stats: 542 infected of 2404 tested = 22.5% infected as of last night.

621 now

I’m looking for how many tested

But 621 not with all the results

Clever man

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