As Election Nears, Twitter Makes It Harder to Mindlessly Retweet | PCMag

As Election Nears, Twitter Makes It Harder to Mindlessly Retweet | PCMag

⤺ reposted by @debirman from Matthew Doloff is nowhere to be seen on twitter trends this morning instead space invaders n Pinkerton 🤷🏻‍♀️

I really want out of politics

everything is so fucking politizied

You’re not the only one. I’m so tired of it. I just want to be left alone.

Azazel News #Recap 10/11/2020

  1. Lightning knocks Washington state ferry out of service.

  2. Meanwhile, Sweden remains vaccinated against insanity.

  3. Lebanon hit by chicken shortage as butchers blame cartels amid economic crisis.

  4. Martin Davies: “Food inflation U.K. v Ireland…look at from late 2016 on. OECD. Incredible.”

  5. FJ: “Azerbaijani suicide drone strike on what appears to be an Armenian 36D6 radar.”

  6. Interesting visualization: the movement of all satellites on the earth in 1 hour (acceleration 240 times).

  7. World’s biggest Arctic expedition brings back 1000 ice samples to predict climate change.

  8. Omni Off-Grid, Omni’s giant battery to charge all kinds of devices.

  9. Lakers fans clash with police near the Staples center in Los Angeles, California—police dispersing crowds.

  10. The abandoned fishing village of Oktyabrsky in Kamchatka. Would you like an apartment with a sea view?

  11. Protesting oppression while wearing weaves made from Chinese concentration camp inmates…

  12. Automation, the Cloud, and AI can and will take exponentially more jobs away than any immigrants could.

  13. To the HAM RADIO OPERATORS IN MEXICO: Please contact me regarding U.S. has a reciprocal license agreement with Mexico, according to the ARRL website.

  14. In St. Petersburg, a biker decided to jump across the drawbridge, but did not manage to do it. He fell into the Neva river and did not survive.

  15. Inside the strange new world of being a deepfake actor. There’s an art to being a performer whose face will never be seen.

  16. SpaceX’s next astronaut launch for NASA delayed until November. NASA wants SpaceX to fully investigate the issue that caused a last-second launch abort on Oct. 2.

  17. Which Cities Have The Highest Risk Of A Housing Bubble?Two German cities, Munich and Frankfurt, were found to have the highest risk of a housing bubble developing.

  18. Gordon G. Chang: “China is short of food, energy, and money. So why do we continue to supply it with food, energy, and money while it continues to assault our society?”

  19. Corporate cyber risks heightened by Covid, warns ex-NSA head. Boom in attacks as remote working and financial distress make companies more vulnerable.

  20. Covid-19 - AI cameras monitor social distancing. In the UK, a traffic surveillance system with more than 1,000 cameras has been adapted to monitor Covid-19 measures.

  21. Scientists gave a pregnant tiger shark an ultrasound and captured the unborn cubs on video. 20 sharks were counted in the belly of the 4-meter animal.

  22. In Jiamusi, Heilongjiang, the rice has not been confiscated and the water has frozen. London Occupied Area. [Interesting that the Chinese consider this an Occupation.]

  23. Translation: “In such a powerful country, why do single mothers abandon and kill their children because they can’t raise them? Fan maggots come out to answer!”

  24. News from Oct 10: A few hours ago, a bombardier challenger 604 from Ben Gurion landed at Dubai Airport after entering Iranian airspace and crossing the two Iranian islands of Farwar and Siri.

  25. School board is under fire for allowing BLM and Marxist ideologies to enter the classroom. Sarasota County, FL. [Make sure your Kid Wizard has a good filter!!! Don’t let this Divide and Conquer nonsense take hold of them.]

  26. Belarus: security officials in Minsk began detaining participants in the Sunday March of Pride and journalists. The Internet does not work in the city again and military machinery has been noticed.

  27. Taiwan academics told to identify as Chinese in journal. One of the world’s largest academic publishers has been accused of bowing to Beijing after Taiwanese scientists had their papers rejected for refusing to be called Chinese.

  28. Simulation predicts 400% increase in food prices by 2030. A food shortage simulation predicted that between 2020 and 2030 two major food crises would occur, and prices would rise 400% of the long-term average.

  29. Translation: “The CCP has derailed China and will never be able to integrate with the world! This alternative purpose is to always maintain this slavery system and serve the privileged class!”

  30. Translation: “Qingdao Kangju Apartment, which has been in a closed community, found 12 people infected with the new crown in Qingdao. It is said that they came from the hospital.”

  31. Uzbekistan: A large fire broke out in a shopping center in Uchtepa district. As a result of the fire in the shopping center “Uchtepa Outlet Center”, the interior and roof of the complex were damaged in an area of 1,500 square meters.

  32. This is how airports in Moscow time look like. People stand in a huge queue for 2 hours to take a COVID test. The coronavirus will definitely not work here in a crowded airport with a 2 hour wait. (Sarcasm)

  33. 7 million Nigerians, 13 states to experience food shortage. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has said that about seven million Nigerians will experience food shortage between June and August 2020.

  34. Plan Your Route Privately: DuckDuckGo Now Has Driving & Walking Directions. We’re excited to announce a big step forward with the introduction of route-planning directions on DuckDuckGo Search – private, as always.

  35. The Island That Humans Can’t Conquer. A faraway island in Alaska has had its share of visitors, but none can remain for long on its shores. [St. Matthew Island is said to be the most remote place in Alaska.]

  36. Boeing and US Space Force developing advanced communication satellites. Boeing and the US Space Force have completed the first major engineering design review of a new generation of military communication satellites.

  37. Sloan Dickey Denver7: “According to a source at the Denver Department of Excise and Licensing, Matthew Dolloff, the shooter arrested on Sat. after the dueling rallies, has never been licensed as a security guard or to carry a gun on a security job. Both are required in Denver. Details at 5.”

  38. Mystery Deepens Around Unmanned Spy Boat Washed Up In Scotland. The unmanned vessel washed up in Scotland last week does not belong to the Royal Navy. But it may have been on an intelligence-gathering mission for someone else, along with a second craft found last year.

  39. Curfew in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The military for the first two days at the posts warned citizens about the action of the state of emergency. ATTENTION: Now the traffic at the entrances to Bishkek will be completely stopped. Penalties will be applied to violators.

  40. Supporter at right-wing ‘Patriot Rally’ shot dead after macing a TV security guard at Denver protest. The incident, which was captured on camera by a photojournalist at the scene. Police said the security guard had no affiliation with Antifa.

  41. NASA to Provide Coverage of 71st International Astronautical Congress. NASA will broadcast key events, including an Artemis program update, of the 71st International Astronautical Congress (IAC), which takes place virtually Oct. 12 - Oct. 14.

  42. NASA Administrator to Announce New Space Tech Public-Private Partnerships. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine will give a keynote address at the virtual fall Lunar Surface Innovation Consortium meeting at 11:45 a.m. EDT Wednesday, Oct. 14.

  43. Israel and Hamas said to reach agreement for 6-month ceasefire. According to report, deal brokered by Mossad head, COGAT includes $100 million from Qatar to Gaza terror group; local leaders in Israel’s south angered by lack of long-term quiet.

  44. Amid Pandemic, Small Business Owners Respond With Meaningful Transformation; Remain Resilient, PNC Survey Shows. Substantial number of business owners make transformations to workforce, business processes, procedures and technology.

  45. France Warns No Brexit Deal Better Than Bad One on Fisheries. France is sharpening its tone on fishing rights, warning that while an agreement with the U.K. is an integral part of any post-Brexit trade accord, its proposals have fallen short.

  46. Trump was about to say, “My Great Uncle.” Remember Trump is not an ordinary President he was mentored / groomed by a Blue Wizard at a very young age into the Black World just like his son Barron is currently being groomed (already speaks 5 languages).

  47. Local food banks prep as nationwide food shortage looms. Food banks like Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina are doing whatever they can to feed families in our community – from seeking donations to packing food boxes for local organizations to distribute.

  48. Protests in Belarus day infinity. Security forces again violently disperse and detain people. Anti-government actions are taking place in Minsk today. The security forces violently disperse the protesters and even the journalists of several Belarusian media have been detained.

  49. The Pentagon has funneled $7.4 billion in surplus military gear to police forces that don’t want or need it. Since 1990, the Defense Department has funneled more than $7.4 billion in excess military gear to nearly 8,000 federal and state law enforcement agencies across the United States.

  50. Searches of certain planes are blocked on Twitter or is Twitter taking the tweets/accounts down? I was able to search for RCH7E1 the other day and it brought up tweets from Air Assets. Now they don’t show up. So what does that tell you on why they are covering up RCH7E1? Hmm… the plot thickens.

  51. How Did People Have Conversations Back Before Tech Oligarchs Were There To Police Them? …people just talked to each other. Sometimes what people said was true, sometimes it was false… but at no time did anyone think they needed a team of billionaires and government agents to jump in and police their conversations for them.

  52. Waymo, Google’s driverless company, has officially opened driverless taxi services to the public and currently only operates in the Phoenix area. Below is a video of a ride taken by passengers, without a driver, driving automatically on the highway at night. You can feel it, it’s really uncomfortable.

  53. As Election Nears, Twitter Makes It Harder to Mindlessly Retweet. On Election Day, Twitter will also flag tweets that prematurely announce election victories with a misinformation label, and refer users who see the content to its official election page. [I really want out of politics. Everything is so fucking politicized.]

  54. Physicists Build Circuit That Generates Clean, Limitless Power From Graphene. Researchers harnessed the atomic motion of graphene to generate an electrical current that could lead to a chip to replace batteries. “A team of University of Arkansas physicists has successfully developed a circuit capable of capturing graphene’s thermal motion and converting it into an electrical current.”

  55. A New Theory On Time Indicates Present And Future Exist Simultaneously. The box Universe theory describes “now” as an arbitrary place in time and states that the past, the future and the present all exist simultaneously. [Past, present, and future all exist within the same ‘space’ and that means we can change the past, as well as the future, even if it appears like they are not occurring right now. The implications of this, when we individually and collectively apply this, are MASSIVE.]

  56. Storing canned food. There are limits to how long food quality can be preserved. [Do you guys think this is still ok to eat? I keep cans in my garage in a big cabinet. Hell yeah. I saw a dude on YouTube eating cans from the 50s. lol. Ok. Cool. I thought maybe since I keep them in a garage they’re bad. Guess I’ll do the smell test as well when I open them. I’m sure it’s fine. Yes. As long as no air got in. Seems like a normal can. Never dropped etc.]

  57. Chinese military stages island invasion drill during Taiwan’s ‘Double Tenth’ holiday. The People’s Liberation Army held a large-scale exercise that simulated the invasion of an island during Taiwan’s Double Tenth holiday, Chinese state media has reported. The drill included new units such as drones, special forces and airborne troops, and saw forces moving from multiple locations in the coastal provinces of Guangdong and Fujian, some of them by night, state broadcaster CCTV reported.

  58. The North Wollo Zone Habru Woreda is losing control of the desert locusts, according to the Woreda Agriculture Office. North-Wollo-Zone-Habru-Woreda Bahir Dar: September 29, 2013 (ABMD) Farmers in the area have also said, “Stop the damage. Strengthen defense in areas where it has not happened, ”he said. Even if they are supported, they are begging for help in harvesting the crop, even if the crop is completely destroyed. Last year, a locust swarm in some parts of eastern Amhara posed a threat to local farmers. September 6.

  59. Stop buying Swan brand rice noodles. There are two kinds of Swan brand rice noodles in Hong Kong market. The transparent package of Thai rice noodles is made of rice and water, but the white packaged Chinese rice noodles contain several chemicals, including thickeners and emulsifiers. Can these chemicals be eaten in the mouth? too frightening! The movement to stop buying Chinese goods is being carried out around the world. Hong Kong people know the place of origin when shopping, and don’t let inferior Chinese goods earn you a cent.

  60. Creedence Clearwater Revival: Bad Moon Rising. Green River. [Listen carefully, compare to 2020. Released in 1969. Think of Popeye Operators. Think of the tunnels. Think of why they want you to stay inside. This song was released in 1969 -50 = 1919 Spanish Flu. You add 50 years to 1969 you get 2019. COVID19. What happens in 1919/1969/2019 that will also happen in 2069? Connect the dots. Midnight Meattrain. The Descent. The Outsider on HBO. Everything is hidden in plain sight.

  61. If it continues like this, there will be an additional 100,000 corona infections within a month. It took just under seven months before the 100,000th corona infection was established in the Netherlands. It takes less than a month to double that number. If the current number of positive tests per day continues, the 200,000th positive test in the Netherlands will be a fact in the course of next week. The counter now stands at 168,280 confirmed cases.

  62. Azerbaijan says shelling by Armenian forces on the country’s second largest city Ganja has left seven people dead, one day after a ceasefire between the two sides had been due to take effect. Despite the ceasefire between Azerbaijan and Armenia, both sides are launching rocket and missile attacks on each other’s cities. Azerbaijan repeatedly fired at the city of Khan Kennedy, the capital of the Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Republic (Artsak), tonight the Armenian army fired a ballistic missile at Ganja, the second largest city in Azerbaijan.

  63. KAMIL: “You dumb motherfuckers really thought all this shit was to go to Mars.” Futurism: “SpaceX is promising the Pentagon one-hour weapon delivery around the globe.” [LOL Liberals once again afraid of Defense!!! DEFEND THE HOMELAND! (USA, USA, USA.) Also we are already on Mars and you are not invited KAMIL. The exclusionists on Mars already have a picture of KAMIL with a line drawn through it. All the door guys are on alert not to let him in. Lol I wonder if soy makes people more hostile, or just stupid to the point of anger? Man boobs. I mean that there’s that, but you would think that they would at least be like calm the fuck down KAMIL and go stroke your own tits. I guess it doesn’t work like that though.

  64. Translation: “Video by: (restaurant) staff briefing, saying that fat and lean beef, are just beef flavored not real meat (fake beef).” China: Production of artificial honey from three components: fruit syrup, colorizer, flavor. Real local honey is practically absent on the market. CCP FAKE EGGS. Things are getting so bad in China that Counterfeit eggs are being sold in markets. [Let’s recap. Fake eggs, fake honey, fake beef, as well as fake rice have hit the Chinese markets. Keep food prepping. KEEP PREPARING GUYS, EVEN START CONSIDERING STORING FOOD IN MULTIPLE LOCATIONS. Just because you are not seeing this America or Western Europe does not mean this can’t happen. Everything has a ripple effect.

  65. WHO backflips on virus stance by condemning lockdowns. The World Health Organization has backflipped on its original COVID-19 stance after calling for world leaders to stop locking down their countries and economies. [CDC and WHO can’t make their minds up. But… "trust the science.” If one is encouraged to blindly “trust” science and one is discouraged from any and all attempts to “verify” science… what one is dealing with is not likely to be science at all; it’s just propaganda parading around wearing science like a Halloween costume. There are most likely competing interests behind the scenes and narratives change… Yes, the messages are inconsistent. And that tends to denote strategy or lack thereof.]

  66. 5G: Do you think you’d hear about it if they did get cancer from it? There’s a higher incidence of cancer in the military. What the cause is is debatable. “5G, Mitochondria & Coronavirus - A Tale of Depolarization. 5G millimeter wave technology cause membrane depolarization exacerbating permeabilization by COVID-19 Wuhan coronavirus leading to increased virulence.” “Membrane permeabilization can be the direct cause of depolarization, leading to apoptosis. The successful invasion by coronavirus envelope proteins as a result of membrane integrity already severely compromised from constant exposure to EMR is analogous to the role of the Trojan Horse in the fall of Troy.”

  67. Catholic Priest Caught and Arrested for Having a Threesome on Church Altar. Rev. Travis Clark was arrested for obscenity last week after he was caught having group sex with two women, including an adult film actress/dominatrix. A 37-year-old priest was arrested on suspicion of having sadomasochistic sex with two women at the altar of a church in Louisiana, United States. The arrest came after Travis Clark was reported by a parishioner. According to the local website KLFY, court documents revealed that a person passed by and saw the lights of the Catholic church on, while peering out the window he saw the half-naked priest on the altar and the two women with corsets and erotic toys in hand. A tripod camera was in place to film the scene. The police were called and arrested the three for having sex in a public place. The women were identified as Melissa Cheng, 23, and Mindy Dixon, 41, a porn actress and Dominatrix. It is worth remembering that Travis replaced another priest who resigned his post after confessing to having raped a minor in 2013.

  68. BeachMilk: “I can’t make up my mind whether this is crazy or desperately sad. This is a Prom dance in the age of the global COVID scam! Society has entered self-destruction mode.” [Might find this interesting. As it shows it’s truly breaking down.] “Anybody else having trouble paying for things? I can’t find a job, at the moment. It’s getting harder and harder every day for me. I need to pay my student loans and I have no money in my bank.” [Compare the thread you found with this chart. All you need to show people is this chart when they say, “You dumb for prepping.” I’m crying and laughing so hard that I can’t tell which tears are from laughter and which are getting sadness anymore. This is a Covid-era prom where everyone is dancing back-to-back. I think they finally figured out how to deal with that overpopulation problem. There is no way that this generation of idiots will figure out how to contribute to the gene pool. Thanks human race and a gazillion years of evolution since we flopped out of the primordial ooze. It’s been real. #TheEndIsNigh #HumanityIsDoomed]

  69. In recent weeks, the U.S. military has mounted an operation to temporarily disrupt what is described as the world’s largest botnet — one used also to drop ransomware, which officials say is one of the top threats to the 2020 election, the Washington post reported. U.S. Cyber Command’s campaign against the Trickbot botnet, an army of at least 1 million hijacked computers run by Russian-speaking criminals, is not expected to permanently dismantle the network, said four U.S. officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the matter’s sensitivity. But it is one way to distract them at least for a while as they seek to restore operations. The effort is part of what Gen. Paul Nakasone, the head of Cyber Command, calls “persistent engagement,” or the imposition of cumulative costs on an adversary by keeping them constantly engaged.

  70. Today’s level of violence by Lukashenko’s lackeys towards the protesters reminded many of the events of August 9-12. In this regard, we want to remind you how in those days the garbage was treated with the captive Belarusians. Among them were not only protesters, but also random people who found themselves in the wrong place and at the wrong time. We are sure you have heard many such stories. We are publishing a video filmed from the paddy wagon during the “hot” phase of the confrontation. On it, the detainees are chased through the “corridor” - a special Lukashi ritual, when cops line up and beat people leaving the police van. And they do it with obvious sadistic delight. Just look into their eyes and faces. We would like to remind you that all the fanatics of the “corridors” are still at large. And Lukashenko and his gang still deny the use of torture in relation to the detainees.

  71. Amazon has just invented a new payment system - AMAZON ONE - payment made through the palm of your hand. The fast, convenient, contactless way to use your palm to pay at a store, present a loyalty card, enter a venue, or badge into work. Enter, identify, and pay with Amazon One. Amazon unveils new products, including a home security drone. Amazon introduced several new products today, including a home security drone and an online gaming service, called Luna. The company also unveiled a new car security system that will be an option on Tesla automobiles and updated a number of other products.[Cough mark of the beast cough. AMAZON AKA FUCK YOU WE ARE DOING THE DYSTOPIAN THING IF YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. 2001. Demolition Man. Westworld. The future is not always written. Or is it? Wasn’t there an episode of Black Mirror or Electric Dreams like this as well? There’s a post-apocalyptic military encampment fighting against AI drones gone rogue - the hub of some worldwide Amazon analog developed these drones that took their programming to its most illogical ironic conclusion and subsequently destroyed most of humanity. Can’t remember which series that was from….]

  72. Asteroid headed near Earth the day before Election Day. Scientists say they recently spotted an asteroid expected to zoom uncomfortably close to earth on the day before Election Day. Scientists say an asteroid is expected to zoom uncomfortably close to Earth on the day before Election Day. The celestial object, known as 2018 VP1, is expected to buzz Earth on November 2, according to the Center for Near Objects Studies at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. According to NASA, 2018 VP1 is a very small asteroid whose orbit crosses the orbit of Earth. Computer simulations have not indicated any imminent likelihood of a collision. It orbits the sun every 731 days and is roughly comparable in size to a school bus or smaller. The space agency says that “based on 21 observations spanning 12.968 days," there is just a 0.41% chance of the asteroid entering Earth’s atmosphere. If it does enter the atmosphere, they say that it will disintegrate due to its extremely small size.

  73. Sold Dutch defense weapons to broker via controversial deal. Defense has sold hundreds of weapons to a broker in a controversial deal. This has emerged from research by research collective SPIT and RTL Nieuws. Some of the weapons are now offered on a website in Malta. Experts and MPs are critical and fear that Dutch defense weapons could fall into the wrong hands. Confidential documents, in the hands of freelance journalist Dieuwertje Kuijpers, show that Defense sold a batch of weapons to a private individual in May and June. This includes 800 semi-automatic weapons of the MP5 type, worth 168,000 euros. In addition, a batch of small arms, Glocks, was also sold. The buyer is a Dutch company with which the Defense organization does business more often and is run by former defense employees. According to the Ministry of Defense, the buyer is a Dutch company, a ‘trusted supplier’. The sale is ‘a routine sale’ of weapons that are ‘surplus or surplus’, a spokesman said.

  74. Lately, it is difficult to turn on the news, go online and even have a conversation without talking about the scary, negative and very dark events that happen in the world. But even with all of this going on, it is important that we show each other light and act with compassion. FOCUS ON SKILLS. Not rabbit holes or politics. There’s been a drop in Ham Radio. What’s going on guys? GET IT FUCKING TOGETHER. I WON’T ALWAYS BE AROUND. Get your shit together, get it all together and put it in a back pack, all your shit, so it’s together. And if you gotta take it somewhere, take it somewhere, you know, take it to the shit store and sell it, or put it in the shit museum. But, you know, get your shit together and get your HAM radio license already… DO WE NEED TO WATCH GREENLAND AGAIN?

  75. 68 photos as Seattle Antifa agitators disrupt pro-police rally. Seattle Antifa, agitators, and Black Lives Matter activists disrupted a peaceful pro-police rally in Seattle. The intent was clear: to stifle speech they don’t like. [Fighting fascism with fascism continues in Seattle. Lee Keltman was a veteran who designed cowboy hats. Interesting the shooter was a Ham Radio operator. Matthew Doloff is nowhere to be seen on Twitter trends this morning. Instead, space invaders in Pinkerton. So interesting how the Shooter who is affiliated with Antifa is being protected by FAKE NEWS GODS. Very fucked up. Censorship 2020 continues. If they have to hide a murder so that Biden is not associated with the Alt left then the prediction markets might be right in that they will lose again. “ANTIFA Is Compiling Lists Of “Fascist” Businesses For Yelp’s New "Racist Behavior Alerts.” “Businesses are going to be coerced into supporting certain groups to avoid being targeted. It’s tantamount to extortion…” BRB going on Yelp: Empanada Mama is Racist!!! LOL. Yeah basically in Seattle and Portland, if you do not have a BLM sign in your window, you will be on “the list” and targeted for exclusion. Which is ironic since these cities are supposed to be the motherships of "inclusiveness.” And yet #FartingBigfoot was trending under “politics.” When you Google this phrase (because of course I had to), the first thing that comes up is called “Gassquatch.” Can we just NOT? I mean, collectively. Can we not?! Last time I checked, we were trying to have a civilization here… grabs towel, walks outside, hails Vogon ship]

  76. Government Documents Think Surprise EMP Attack is Possible. U.S. infrastructure effects begin at 9:00. EMP. Why don’t we talk about electromagnetic pulse risks more? Recent U.S. government documents see an attack as not only possible, but the first choice of countries like Iran, Russia, China and North Korea. So much so that an Executive Order in 2019 tasked the Departments of Homeland Security and Energy to assess options to increase “resilience” before and after an attack. CIA officials think even a moderate sized nuclear weapon detonated at the right altitude above the center of the U.S. could knock out power for most of the country. With no power, food, water, gasoline and telecommunications networks have a likelihood of failing. A Federal Energy Regulatory Commission report suggests that if just 9 of 55,000 substations in key locations were destroyed and one transformer manufacturer was disabled, the entire U.S. grid “would be down for at least 18 months, probably longer." In 2013, an anonymous attack on a Silicon Valley substation knocked out the facility for 27 days — an PG&E official called it a “dress rehearsal.” So, what scenarios have been delivered to Congress deemed more likely to occur than others? And how would an EMP propagate through the U.S. grid? It’s [redacted] is taking a look in today’s episode, and be sure to share with everyone you know. Don’t be afraid, but be aware. [This has been a big subject on all the FB groups all weekend.]

  77. Bought 40 lbs of rice. How should I store it? Vacuum seal it, with an oxygen absorber inside. First pour it into a paper bag or ziplock bag so the oxygen absorber doesn’t touch the food and then ideally store the vacuum sealed food in the freezer. That’s what I think would be longest storage life. Also split it into 5 pound or 2 cup servings for each vacuum sealed amount. I ended up putting it into a five gallon bucket in side a Mylar Ziploc bag with an oxygen packet. Five gallon bucket with a lid. Toss it in freezer for 3 days…let it thaw for 24 hours… do it again. This mimicking act of winter to spring and if bugs in the rice it’ll kill them before you long store it…nothing like needing ur food when your fragile minded already and see bugs in it. Wow thanks!!! Another thing…you ever try to eat 40 lb of rice flavored rice? Get some spices. I didn’t know this but now I do. I already zipped it up in Mylar I found. Its only weevil…wont hurt you at all to eat them…they also float so they will be suspended in the water prior to boiling. So should I open all my bags of rice and freeze them and do that process and then re vacuum seal them. Omg so much double work. No just toss the 40 lb bag in. If you already sealed… it’s ok. Just either skim weevils off…and or B. Eat them. Your rice isn’t 100% infested just extra precaution. I’m so glad I found this forum. Thanks for your help. I think stuff is going to get worse. I’ve already had a bit of food stored but with Covid I went thru some of my stock pile so I’m rebuilding it and buying more long term bulk stuff like rice. I have 40 lbs of rice but I don’t know how much I’ll need. How long will 40 lbs last. Yeah I agree. Worse comes to worse…you have $x amount of money tied up in food, that you eat then replace rest your life… a SHTF situation doesn’t have to be worldwide…it can your own personal family SHTF so keep that in mind. Being prepared is a lifestyle change not just for short term. I personally believe i sleep better knowing if anything happens my family could bug in and be logistically sound for 9 months. That is only for you to answer. Are you only one pulling from food sources? Time of stress you eat more. A rough estimate for an average adult is typically 20 pounds of rice per month per person. But how do u preserve spices? Do you keep in refrigerator? As a general rule, whole spices will stay fresh for about 4 years, ground spices for about 2 to 3 years and dried herbs for 1 to 3 years. Shit that’s not very much then. Go to YouTube and research ‘prepping’. Lots of free info out there! Also ask questions here… a lot of us will fill you in. What truly made this country great? People genuinely helping people. Notice further we go from that the worse things seem to get? Glad I found you. My other groups aren’t focused on prepping. Do I need to do the “winter->spring” before the vacuum sealing (using ball mason jars)? What i did with some of them was: washing the jars, boiled them 15 minutes and oven at 100 F for 10 minutes to dry all water. Wait 30 mins so temperature is reduced in mason jars to avoid crystal to break due to temperature change. Then I just fill them with rice and vacuum. Shall I do something else? I was thinking to do same with beans and lentils. Ok so I read all the time that keeping food in a garage is a no go but my garage is the only place I have to store food. I have a big black double door cabinet I keep my canned food in and a container full of pasta in individual Ziploc bags with Oxy packs in them. I have pulled pasta out and cooked it after about two years of being I there and it was fine. I put my rice in a Ziploc Mylar with a 2000cc Oxy pack in it and sealed that in a 5 gal bucket and lid. It should be ok in my garage I think. I mean if I lose power is the same as my garage lol. Toss a bluetooth thermostat so u can monitor temps. If not huge swings should be ok. Isn’t that method just sterilizing jar? Your house I assume maintains a more constant temp than your garage is the only thing. Well.

Luckily my garage has a floor above it so the roof isn’t right there. I’ve been in there in the middle of summer and it’s not as hot as other garages I’ve had with just a roof over them. But it definitely gets close to 90 deg in the summer. Yes, a video for this was shared here. “How to Sterilize Jars for Oven Canning Dry Goods & Vacuum Sealing.” Thats making sure jar is free from contaminant not food. You’re probably fine. As I said you can eat weevils and or skim them off the water. They won’t make you sick.

  1. Back to the conversation from last night - the prediction market and the stock market are two different things. Aries was merely using the stock market as an example to teach you how to think about it. That’s the only clue I’m giving you - he wants you to think it through for yourselves! Good luck! What site is giving the best odds? It’s not gambling when you know what’s going to happen. He wants everyone to research it and figure that out too! Yes indeed. One of my favorite discussions yet! I’d like to know the average age of folks who use prediction market like predictit as opposed to those who know the stock market. Just a thought. The concept Aries brought up is meaty goodness and quite a lot to digest. Definitely can change perspectives about things thinking like elite wizards instead of being force fed garbage from the mainstream. Actionable intel… If anyone knows a trustworthy stock app, please dm me. I realize even if I just have a tiny bit to invest, better than to just spend it- especially now, when the only thing I truly love spending money on- travel- is pretty impossible. How much is a tiny bit? And if you don’t have that much, I wouldn’t gamble it in stocks. How much is a tiny bit? And if you don’t have that much, I wouldn’t gamble it in stocks. I had this same question but have realized I can’t afford to gamble with my “tiny” bit. But if someone provides you a good app pls DM me too. I would like to inspect. Robin Hood is easy. Not available in Canada. "Robinhood is not available in Canada at this time. In a Tweet some years back they mentioned they may come to Canada in the future, but the company is currently only licensed to sell securities within the US.Jun 2, 2020.” More Actionable Intel for Prediction Markets: No one shows up for Joe and Kamala’s event in Arizona. Donald J. Trump: “NateSilver538 ‘The Trump 2016 Victory was the most shocking political development of my lifetime.’ That’s only because you got it so wrong. This time there is far more ENTHUSIASM even than 2016. Winning many States much more easily than people understand. BIG CROWDS!!!” Nate Silver is either a total sellout like PG has become lately, or a complete idiot. Lol. POTUS is 100% right about Nate. “Joe Biden is polling better than any challenger since 1936.” They just can’t help themselves. Lol. PredictIt: “A chart comparing the 2016 & 2020 presidential election prediction markets: Current 2020 forecast: JoeBiden - 67% realDonaldTrump - 37%” But according to NBC lol: “Republicans risk losing Texas, Florida & Arizona state races. This year, there are 86 legislative chambers in 44 states on the ballot. And the outcome of those races will have huge implications for redistricting.” Ooo where is giving these odds? 2016/2020 almost identical. Perhaps some people already know the outcome and are willing to bet on it? What happened Oct 2016? HAHAHAHA! THE CHINESE COVERING PREDICTION MARKETS! LOVE IT!!! CATCH UP GUYS! “The gap between Biden and Trump continues to widen. At present, Biden’s advantage is the biggest challenger in the United States since the polls began in 1936, even surpassing Clinton in 1992. Among the 14 battlefield states, Trump is only left to lead in Texas and Georgia. These two former crimson states have now become battlefield states. Biden’s winning rate in the gaming market reached a record 70%. Chuan fans, who firmly believe that Trump will win, will soon bet and get rich.”

  2. Five Janets today for Sunday. Tomorrow we should be back to the usual 10+. Seeing a lot of flight activity in DTLA (Lakers won) plus thousands of Armenian Americans, allies march to Turkish consulate in Beverly Hills to decry violence in Nagorno-Karabakh. So these above explain the higher than normal activity. CHP (California highway patrol) also has CHP air operations as seen in photo posted on this thread tonight that CHP air command is still in flight. Flights over DC: None. Some major quakes today internationally as posted on this thread. Lots of hidden things going under ground. 10 EAMs today. EAMs per UTC day:
    2020-08-05 #
    2020-08-06 ########
    2020-08-07 #
    2020-08-08 ##
    2020-08-09 #####
    2020-08-10 ######
    2020-08-11 #
    2020-08-13 ############
    2020-08-14 #####
    2020-08-15 #####
    2020-08-16 #########
    2020-08-17 ##
    2020-08-18 ###
    2020-08-19 #################
    2020-08-20 #####################
    2020-08-21 ########
    2020-08-22 #
    2020-08-23 ####
    2020-08-24 ####
    2020-08-26 ###
    2020-08-28 ###########
    2020-08-29 ##
    2020-08-30 #####
    2020-08-31 #
    2020-09-01 ##
    2020-09-02 ###
    2020-09-04 ###
    2020-09-06 ###
    2020-09-07 ###
    2020-09-08 ###
    2020-09-09 ##
    2020-09-10 #####
    2020-09-11 #####################
    2020-09-12 #############
    2020-09-13 ###
    2020-09-14 #
    2020-09-15 #############
    2020-09-16 ##########
    2020-09-17 #############
    2020-09-18 #############
    2020-09-19 ###########
    2020-09-20 ###########
    2020-09-21 ####
    2020-09-22 ##########
    2020-09-23 ####################
    2020-09-24 #######
    2020-09-25 ##############
    2020-09-26 ########
    2020-09-27 ##
    2020-09-28 ######
    2020-09-29 ########
    2020-09-30 #####
    2020-10-01 ###
    2020-10-02 ############
    2020-10-03 ####
    2020-10-04 ################
    2020-10-06 ####
    2020-10-07 ####################
    2020-10-08 #######
    2020-10-09 ###########
    2020-10-10 ##
    2020-10-11 ##########

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Mason jar shortage is because of more pandemic cooking and canning - CNN

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