Article in Norwegian, but I guess you'll find a way to translate.

Article in Norwegian, but I guess you’ll find a way to translate.
A doctor in communicable deceases says he believes the real number of infected people in Norway is around 10-100 times higher than the official numbers show.

Could he be right?

⤺ reposted by @AriesAzazel from 🇺🇸 US President Donald Trump signs $8.3 billion emergency package to combat coronavirus.


South Korea has test over a hundred thousand people. Catching it early might cut down the death rate.

They are doing such great work to screen.

Notice their level of PPE. They still don’t get it.

:us: 21 people on board the Grand Princess cruise ship off San Francisco test positive for coronavirus, Pence says.

Out of the 21, 19 are crew and staff and the other two are passengers.

I dunno… I mean they should take more precautions but full facial exposure and hands covers 95% of the risk, I mean sure they could get it on their hands and skin and then touch it later I guess if that’s what you’re implying?