Aries So, in Kenya the people say they are bringing in Chinese by the hundreds From Hubei to get back to work.

Aries So, in Kenya the people say they are bringing in Chinese by the hundreds From Hubei to get back to work.

The Kenyans in Nairobi are leaving their apartments and evacuating.


Yesterday on 26th Feb. 2020, a plane full of 239 passengers from China were was allowed to touch down at JKIA. The whole lot of 239 Chinese were cleared and allowed into the country.

The Kenyan government ordered all the 239 Chinese to self quarantine themselves to prevent the spread of the deadly Coronavirus. A message sent to Tycoonews kenya by a person who asked for his identity to be concealed read that:

“I live in Athi river Sidai village estate.we unfortunately have several houses here occupied by Chinese residents who have been a way for quite sometime.Today evening,several people have seen a crowd of chinese people with masks…and some without walking around the estate…many of them…we suspect they are part of the group that arrived from china through chinese airline today.

The residents here are in panic and we have no idea what to do,we have kids and can easily be a big blow to all of us. If this people are supposedly to be on “self quarantine” why are they outside walking around an estate with over 100 houses??This is putting everyone in danger.Can the government or ministry of health do something???”

Kenyans are now afraid that, Coronavirus might start spreading if the government does not take any action.

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Yes use search you’ll see we reported on the few Chinese that were smuggled into Kenya weeks ago, seems that number has risen dramatically


The female vice president in the picture has been infected, and everyone inside may have been infected. Hahahaha

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So… my recommendations as another human being not an md, for covid-19 herbal therapies: elderberry, lomatium, mullein, artemisia annua. (((But aa has horrible side effects, causes violent rages just fyi)))

To the naysayers… So if all this is BS, why plan for “Mass Death Preparedness”???


ps 神要想谁灭亡,必让其疯狂。中共已经疯狂到顶点了,下一步就是灭亡。:pleading_face:

Added: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said at a meeting of the New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Headquarters held on March 27 that starting from March 2, elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools and special schools across the country are required to be temporarily closed, and classes are suspended until the end of the spring break. It ends around April 1.

ps If God wants to perish, he will drive him crazy. The Chinese Communist Party has gone crazy, and the next step is to perish. :pleading_face:

If you do searches on pubmed you’ll see efficacy against coronavirae for all of the above.

下令銷毀樣本禁公開報告 隱瞞真相

Official Media Reveals Hubei Health Commission’s Known Outbreak at the End of December
Order to destroy samples, ban public report, hide truth

这本写于2008年的书,准确地预见了今年的疫情! 多年前看过sylvia 的节目,他能够让活的人给死去的亲人直接对话


作者Sylvia Browne, 一位在国际享有卓著声誉的知名灵媒和心灵治疗师, 已于2013年去世。:scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:

This book, written in 2008, accurately predicted this year’s epidemic! After watching sylvia’s program many years ago, he was able to talk directly to dead loved ones.

Try to translate the original:
"About 2020, a severe pneumonia-like disease will spread across the globe, attacking people’s lungs and bronchial tubes. The treatments known to humans are almost useless. But more inexplicably than the disease itself, it will instantly Disappear. Just as it came suddenly. It will reappear after 10 years and then disappear completely. "

Author Sylvia Browne, a well-known psychic and psychotherapist with an international reputation, died in 2013. :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:

Already this bad, but even this week, WHO 's still sucking CCP D*ck

:red_circle: امارات به لنج های ایرانی اجازه ورود نداد‌/ سرگردانی صدها شناور ایرانی و خدمه در خلیج فارس

:small_blue_diamond:صدها لنج و شناور ایرانی‌ در بیرون از آب‌های بندر دبی‌ در خلیج فارس ناچار به توقف شده اند و از مقامات وزارت خارجه درخواست رسیدگی کرده اند‌. برخی لنج‌ها برای بازگشت نیازمند تهیه برخی اقلام ضروری هستند

:heavy_check_mark: :red_circle: UAE refuses to allow Iranian ships to enter / wander hundreds of Iranian vessels and crew in the Persian Gulf

Hundreds of Iranian boats and boats have been forced to stop off the coast of Dubai in the Persian Gulf and have called on Foreign Ministry officials to investigate. Some pads require some items to return


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ج الب A fun picture of a 6 month old baby with coronary disease!

A 5-month-old Chinese girl who was infected with the coronavirus was discharged from Shanghai Hospital in China after her recovery.
This baby, whose identity was not identified, had been infected with the virus by her grandmother who came from Wuhan to Shanghai.
On February 2, after an examination, it was revealed that the child had a coronary artery disease.
She was hospitalized at Fudan University Children’s Hospital for six weeks without her parents. The child’s parents, who had coronary heart disease, were also treated at another hospital.
شدند They were discharged from the hospital a few days earlier than their child after complete recovery.

Crazy stuff I’ve seen that!

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What does Artemisia Annua do? What is it used for?

now comes the economic effect

Possible quarantine in the port city of Anzali following the widespread outbreak of coronavirus in Guilan province.

Governor’s General Announcement to City People:
Do not leave your home.

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آ Ayatollah Shabiri Zanjani’s sister dies of corona

یت Ayatollah Shabiri’s sister Zanjani dies of coronation by a large body of imitators. Earlier, the head of the office of this authority had died of the disease.

Prohibition of pilgrimage to Najaf and disinfection of the environment

:red_circle: Taking corona test at Tabriz terminal entrance with thermometer

The thermometer seems to touch one’s head, meaning that if someone is newly infected with the coronavirus, because the body temperature is normal, nothing is known and this thermometer can transmit the corona to more people.

رس Corona official statistics in Iran
4/7 today

No provinces are healthy
All provinces had at least coronary artery disease

Quarantine yourself and take health care more seriously than ever before
Close the business by the end of the year and avoid publicly appearing


See the video from the inside of Christ the Daneshvari dedicated to the whole hospital to patients with coronavirus and the nurse who say that those who are hospitalized here have more positive corona.

Where is this in the Middle East?

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It is used for malaria in China and in the United States against Babesiosis a tick borne disease. See article:

Identification of natural compounds with antiviral activities against SARS-associated coronavirus

by S Li · 2005 · Cited by 161 · Related articles

Keywords: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV); Drug screening; Natural … of the extracts, Lycoris radiata, Artemisia annua, Pyrrosia.

For elderberry juice see Antiviral activity of Sambucus FormosanaNakai ethanol extract and related phenolic acid constituents against human coronavirus NL63

Jing Ru Weng, Chen Sheng Lin, Hsueh Chou Lai, Yu Ping Lin, Ching Ying Wang, Yu Chi Tsai, Kun Chang Wu, Su Hua Huang, Cheng Wen Lin


Research output: Contribution to journal › Article


Human coronavirus NL63 (HCoV-NL63), one of the main circulating HCoVs worldwide, causes respiratory tract illnesses like runny nose, cough, bronchiolitis and pneumonia. Recently, a severe respiratory illness outbreak of HCoV-NL63 has been reported in a long-term care facility. Sambucus FormosanaNakai, a species of elderberry, is a traditional medicinal herb with anti-inflammatory and antiviral potential. The study investigated the antiviral activity of Sambucus FormosanaNakai stem ethanol extract and some phenolic acid constituents against HCoV-NL63. The extract was less cytotoxic and concentration-dependently increased anti-HCoV-NL63 activities, including cytopathicity, sub-G1 fraction, virus yield (IC50 = 1.17 μg/ml), plaque formation (IC50 = 4.67 μg/ml) and virus attachment (IC50 = 15.75 μg/ml). Among the phenolic acid constituents in Sambucus FormosanaNakai extract, caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid and gallic acid sustained the anti-HCoV-NL63 activity that was ranked in the following order of virus yield reduction: caffeic acid (IC50 = 3.54 μM) > chlorogenic acid (IC50 = 43.45 μM) > coumaric acid (IC50 = 71.48 μM). Caffeic acid significantly inhibited the replication of HCoV-NL63 in a cell-type independent manner, and specifically blocked virus attachment (IC50 = 8.1 μM). Therefore, the results revealed that Sambucus Formosana Nakai stem ethanol extract displayed the strong anti-HCoV-NL63 potential; caffeic acid could be the vital component with anti-HCoV-NL63 activity. The finding could be helpful for developing antivirals against HCoV-NL63.

Any turkey-syria news?